Za duzy na bajki (2022) - full transcript

In Waldek's life, filled mainly with computer games, there is a real earthquake. During her absence, mum stays under the care of a crazy and unpredictable aunt, who introduces discipline that has been alien to him so far and imposes new duties. But although an extraordinary relative gives Waldek a real survival camp, the boy also receives the most valuable life lesson from her.



I'm Waldi.

Mighty Waldemar the First.

I am an athlete.

I mean, an e-athlete.

Feeling antsy?

Chill out, Waldi.

Come on, they're waiting for us.


We're about to start
the next round of the tournament.

In the right corner,
the team that needs no introduction.

A round of applause for VIPs!

They're facing a debutante team,
the Three Kings!

I can see that we're missing two players
from the Three Kings team.

We're waiting for Waldek Banaś
and Staszek Lebioda.

Gentlemen, are you there?

Well done. Awesome. Good.

Let's move on.

-Watch out!
-One is here.

Got it.

Hey, cover me.



An excellent play by the VIPs.

The match is over. 1-0 for the VIPs.

He's going to cry.

This is Staszek. My homie.

We have the same priorities in life.

But half a year ago,
his hormones went bonkers.

He's looking for a girlfriend.

How was the competition?

My mom.


She totally doesn't get gaming.

Just some silly amateur games.

But she loves me
and supports my e-sports career.

You'll show them next month.

At a serious tournament.
Not some… lousy one. Hop in.



Three Kings!

It's XXXL. This one's for you.

Mighty Waldi the First.

Brave Stanisław the First!



This is for you!

Next to him, Staszek and I are noobs.


Rudy is a mega pro.

He's not that excited.

He will be,
when we wear them at the tournament.

And not just any tournament.

Dang, Waldi!

Imagine the hordes of fans and groupies!


Your aunt is coming. It has to be tidy.

You already vacuumed an hour ago!

-Go, Waldi!
-Come on, Waldek!

-Waldek, keep going! Faster!
-You can do it!



Wanna play tonight?

Don't know.

My mom's Aunt Mariolka is coming today.

The one, you know…

I don't envy you.

We can play at night.

Come here!

What was that? Look.
The traffic lights are still not working.

It's extremely dangerous here.

A kid walking alone from school could…

…could at any moment
get hit by speeding trucks,

at the same time fall down a manhole
in the middle of the road

and drown in a sea of poo.

-Will you ever let him walk alone?
-When they fix the damn lights.

-Hello, darling!

You don't look bad at all.

What a beauty!

Kłodzko is so far away from here.
I traveled 500 kilometers nonstop.

But people are just terrible drivers.
Absolutely terrible.

The better the car, the worse the driver.

Besides, there are roadworks everywhere.

They're either painting lines,
trimming trees, or tidying something up.

As if they couldn't do it at night
when normal, decent people sleep.

Instead, they do it during the day,
when everyone is in a hurry.

I could say a few things
about my mom's auntie,

but somehow I don't have the energy.

I'm having a nervous breakdown.

Walduś, your auntie's here!

I wouldn't have guessed.

Hello, sweetie.

A bit on the plump side, are we?

A bit on the crazy side, are we?

Hello, buddy.

The place is spotless, Tereska.
As if you're expecting the parish priest.

Is that all you do? Just clean?

Well, to be honest,
your home… feels a bit lifeless.

Oh, sorry. My bad.


I don't think I can handle this mentally.

Which one goes in the fridge?

Have I ever told you about my old poodle
who lost all his teeth?

Not yet.

Well, he loved candy, you know.

So, of course, he lost all his teeth.
Upper and lower.

He couldn't eat, so he died. Poor thing.

So then I could go on a trip with my…


Because I… belong to a club.

We travel a lot. So we went to Turkey, to…

Does Walduś have rheumatism
in his hands or something?

Is he unable to pour it himself?

She's crazy, isn't she?

What normal person would do that?

Tomorrow, you're dusting off your bike.
Do you have a girlfriend yet?

But I have a room ready for you!
The bed is made.

I mean,
I have prepared everything in case…

Yes, there's more than a year's worth
of junk food stocked up in your fridge.

It's just that I don't intend
to stay here that long.

I have my own life.

I have plans, you know.

You have plans too, right?

Pump, pump, pump out the bilge

There are pumps everywhere
But we need more hands on deck

A tsunami is coming, we need to hurry

It's raining heavily
So let's man the pumps…



Would you rather go to Grandpa?

-Can I take my PC?

No, it's countryside.

Then I don't really have a choice.
You know my life priorities.


Yes, I know.

Auntie promised she'd let you practice.

I told her about the tournament,
moola, and groupies.

Want me to tell you a story?

I'll get tested and be back. Okay?

Tested? Nothing else?

Sleep well.



-We let you win!
-Yeah, right.

So you wouldn't cry, noobs.

Wasp, Mosquito, stop being embarrassing.

Three Kings, congratulations.


And the winner is Mighty Waldi the First!

Mighty, bedtime!

Why can't she get tested
by our doctor at the local clinic?

That would've been better for both of us.

I wouldn't have to stay with this psycho.

I feel like I'm being sucked
into a black hole,

or like I'm falling into an abyss.

An abyss of despair.

"Healthy soy milk gnocchi"?

I'm not gonna eat that.

I want crispy skin chicken.

The first pancake is always spoiled.

Well, we've lowered the bar.

But the most important thing
is that you made it yourself.

Excuse me.

Walduś! The dishes won't wash themselves.

It's greasy.

The flat looks really sterile.
It needs some… We should… Definitely.

Walduś! Bike!

Auntie, I'm an e-athlete.
This is my priority.



My team and I are preparing
for a big tournament.

Besides, cycling makes my muscles sore.

One must be doing something,
not doing nothing.

Things won't be your way, you crazy woman!

I'm telling Mom.

You'll see. I'm gonna tell Mom everything.



Keep going!

Keep going!

Come on. She's crazy.

Walduś! Keep going!


How are you, love?


I'm coming back to Waldek.

What do you mean?

It's pointless for me to be here.

What are you saying?

You have to stay there, understand?

Do it for him.

He's not in harm's way.
I'm taking good care of him.


I'm here.

You're very brave, honey.

Thank you, Auntie.


We're not giving up!

Hello! Sir!

Don't worry about it! Just leave it there!

We'll bring it upstairs later! Ourselves!

We'll carry it up!

Thank you!



Beautiful. Be careful!
It's really wonderful.

Walduś, be careful!

Was this the last one?

That's wack.

What was that?

Nothing. It was just my thoughts speaking.

I mean, my inner voice.

You've moved a bit, take a quick shower,
change your clothes, and off to school.

Go to school by myself?

I can give you a piggyback ride.

That's just too much.
Walking to school by myself?

Cool shirt.

Getting dressed by myself?

It's too much for me.

Crossing the road by myself too?

What's up?

Hi, Staszek.

And that's how you roll, bro.
Not holding your mommy's hand. Come on.

But you kinda look like a twit.

What's up, Waldi?

Check out that chick!

Hey there, foxes!

You gotta problem, kid?


Isn't she a bit aggressive?

Aren't you a bit of a jerk?

It sucks. With my nutjob aunt around,
I have no time for myself.

No time to follow my dreams
and spread my wings.

I mean, gaming.

Dude, are you a man or not?

Stand up to her.

I thought you ate it on that bike,
chubby klutz.

Come on.

I am Mighty Waldi the First,
and you won't treat me like this!

I thought it was enough riding for today.

-Hi there, handsome.

So? A session with Rudy soon?
The Insects want a rematch.



When are you coming back?

You don't have enough vitamins
in your body?

So come back home
and eat more fruit and veggies.

But Mom, Aunt is mentally unstable!

I mean…

She's not acting "as usual."
She's now worse than how she usually is.


Waldi? Come on, man. Are you kidding me?

Is there a fire? There's a fire!

Scary, wasn't it?

He who laughs, laughs…

Yeah, he laughs.

…will have the last laugh.

-Because of you, I missed the game.
-Hold on a minute. Your auntie is good.

She even covered you with a bathrobe.


Make your…

Mighty Waldi the First, stand up to her!

…breakfast yourself.

Don't be a loser.


This sadistic woman makes me cycle
a hundred hours per day.

My joints are overloaded.

Oh, no you don't.

She also makes me dust, do the shopping,
fold my clothes, and clean the toilet.

You get that, Mom? Clean the toilet!

And she's starving me.

I'll pour hot water over my tea.

You need hot water
for tea to brew and turn into tea.

There. The aroma. The hue. The taste!

Don't laugh because it's not funny!

I'm not kidding.

She's abusing me mentally.

When you lose weight,
we'll buy a smaller size.

Got a swimming cap?

Never mind, I'll lend you mine.

We're going swimming on Saturday.
We'll take Staszek.

This really isn't funny. Bye!

You were almost
on your way down the drain.

Wanna play after school?

I texted Rudy too.

He was really mad at you
for making him look foolish.

I mean, you looked so sweet
in your pink bathrobe.

He'll get over it. Facts.

It happens to everyone.

In Mom's bathrobe.

At midnight.

Text Rudy that we're playing at midnight.

If that noob doesn't fall asleep by then.

Hey, what's up?


My new channel is out.

I've hung out with noobs,
the Three Kings, for a while.

But I've just joined a more pro team.

I'll be playing with them
in the grand tournament.

Wanna see how to win?

Follow my channel, link below. Peace out!

He did it just because you nodded off?

As my old man would put it,
"You acted like a nincompoop and a loser."

Facts, but--

So it's my fault?

It's not mine!

She's completely lost touch with reality.

She's not a suitable person
to care for a child.

She poses a real threat to me.

I am in danger.

What should I do?

Call the police?

Run away?

But where to? To whom?

WARD 2 - ROOM 004

What are you doing here?

I'm here to see my mom, Teresa Banaś.

-She's here for tests.
-Who did you come with?

With that man.

Hey! Stop!


Where have you been, boy?

I didn't see you on the way to school
so I thought you fell into depression.

Right back at ya.

Boys! Enough. Stop it!

Too much gaming.

Right back at ya.



Yes, he is at home. Why?

He was at the hospital?

At the hosp-- But why? Ah, yes!

Listen. We were passing by the hospital,
and he insisted that--

Tereska, don't be silly.

He just wanted…

to see the building at night, you know?

He wanted to see
the hospital building at night.

Okay, bye.

No offense,
but I'd never buy such a lame story.

Walduś! Either go to school
or at least get on your bike.


One can't just stand there and do nothing.

One must do things.

One must act.

One has to keep moving,
to avoid thinking and worrying.

Ma'am, if you didn't work him so hard,
maybe he wouldn't have fallen asleep.

As my old man would put it,
"He's been working like a horse."

Maybe if he wasn't,
we'd still have a team and… Whatever.

My new team has already registered
for the tournament.

In my old team, the Three Kings,
there's this sweet, cute kid, that like…

That's about you.

…thinks he's better.

Not helping, ma'am.

Sometimes you have to choose
between better and worse.

I chose what was better.
What would you choose?

Compete without him.

We must have three players,
and we need a super pro.

Aren't there enough fish in the sea?

Find a different player.

Walduś, you can skip school today,
but you're going cycling.

A bit of real sport will be good for you…
and for your head.

I'm flying over water…

Go around the square.

Work those legs.


I skipped school too.

Obviously with great regret.

Okay, she can't see us. Let's go.

Come on!

Come on, Waldi.

I can play with you, peeps. No problem.

But the--

But the tournament?
Maybe in eight, ten years.

I'll have more free time
when my kids grow up.


Hi. Are you recruiting for Three Kings?
I'd like to--

A girl on our team?
I'm not playing with chicks.

But she's beautiful.

As my old man would put it,
your mustache has started to grow.

Justyna, what have you done
to the keyboard?

Justyna, my keyboard's not working!


When I found out about these tryouts,
I thought, "Why not"?

I've always wanted to be in movies.

Hi, boys.


Hi, boys.

Well, gentlemen.
Mom will be back from work soon.

Darn it!

I've been cycling for a long time.

Where's my bike?

Maybe… I left it somewhere else?

The constant physical exertion
must have caused

precipitation of magnesium
and brain acidification.

Everything in my brain
got fermented and mixed up.

What am I going to tell my aunt? What?

And on the 12th kilometer,
when I got a cramp in my toes,

you know, from exhaustion,
magnesium precipitated from my body.

I stopped and watched a flock of birds
flying across the sky.

It was a beautiful sight.

And then, suddenly,

a puppy in the canal!

Black and white. And he was squealing.

I extended a branch to him.

He grabbed it with his teeth.
He still had teeth.

They hadn't rotted yet.

And then…

There were three of them.

I hit the first one like this.

I went for the other one, like this…

And I got the third one
with a roundhouse kick.

Luckily, it ended well.

But they stole my bike.

They stole it as I was rescuing the puppy.

Walduś, I am very proud of you.

Don't worry about the bike.

It looks like the thief took it for a spin

and then left it
outside Staszek's building.

I brought it back when I went for a run.


You know…

A puppy…

I'm sorry.




Your mom told me to give this to you.

Although I don't understand
why she wants to poison her own child,

given the current situation,
I've decided to give it to you.

She says that she's been calling you.

But you decline her calls.

I know.

It's because you're scared, right?

It's Mom.

Walduś, talk to her.

Maybe the truth--

I don't want to know the truth.

Mom chooses to lie,
so I choose not to know the truth.

And everyone is happy.

-I want Mom to come back home, that's all.

And I don't want to talk to you.

"I want, I don't want."
Life doesn't work this way.

But you can always try
to cut your fear in half, you know?

In half?

Nonsense. Fear? In half?

So? Are we talking? Playing?

I'm fed up with these childish Insects.

I want to enter the tournament,
but not with them.

I want to play with gamers
who know how to behave.

So? Are you recruiting or not?

I think a tryout won't be necessary.

No, it's not necessary.

Because, sir… You're good, sir.

So if you want, you can join us, sir.

If you think we know how to behave, sir.

We'll see about that.
I have to get to know you. In real life.

Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.
in front of your apartment building.

Sir, how do you know where we live?

You've pinned your location.

But um…

We're going swimming tomorrow morning.
Staszek's coming too.


Okay then. Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.
in front of your apartment building.

Meet me at 5:00 p.m. or never.


What if he's a kidnapper?

-For the love of gals. You're paranoid.
-What gals?

We need some protection.


Hello, Auntie?

I'd like to go running tomorrow
at 5:00 p.m.

And… could you stand by the window
and time me with your stopwatch?

Oh… okay. Sure. Bye.

We have backup.


Lift the bench up!

Apparently some doofus
got stuck in the changing room.

I thought it was you.

Okay, Walduś, take that cap off.

Let's start.

Faster! Move your legs!

Walduś, waterslide.

Go on, Walduś. You can do it.



I'll count you down.

-And… when I say, "Go," you'll go.






-Maybe he clogged it?
-Maybe you should clog your mouth.


I stayed here for too long, and I somehow…

I didn't see you.

How could she not see me?

-Oh, that's okay.

I'd like to apologize, miss.

I mean, apologize to… you.

Because I bumped into… you.

So I apologize… to you.

She's so beautiful.

She's laughing at me.

But her laugh is so lovely.
Anyone could laugh at me like that.

What's up? I'm Staszek.
And this is Waldemar.

Waldemar? Sounds like an uncle's name.

You know, an uncle who goes like,
"Oh my! You've grown so much, young lady."

"Got a boyfriend yet?"

She is so tiny.
You just want to take care of her.

Are you okay?

And she's funny too.

I'm gonna marry her.



Delfina… what a beautiful name…

-Hey! Why are you kicking me?
-I want her to be my girlfriend.

Delfina? Did she give you her number?


What are you going to do?

I don't know.

Should I say to her,
"I want you to be my girlfriend"?

It sounds okay, doesn't it?

It sounds more like a demand.

She's perfect for me, you know.
She's the girl I want.

-Darn it! That's her!

"Meet me outside your apartment
at 5:00 p.m. or never."

We're meeting Ant at 5:00 p.m., right?

That's wack.

I don't like mixing
business with pleasure.

But in this case, I could bend the rules.

I'll make an exception.

It's one minute to five. We're good.

What if Ant comes first?

That's even better.

Delfina will see how we work.
Chicks dig business and stuff.


Bro, you've got to chill.
You won't get far if you act like this.

You got recruited to my team. I'm Ant.

You're Ant?

Walduś! Are you running or not, sunshine?

That's my neighbor. She's a bit crazy.

I sometimes do her shopping
and… take care of her.

Walduś! Are you running or not?

You're a woman?

Dude, I'm not playing with a girl!

A chick in the Kings? Are you kidding me?

Delfina! Ant!

Jeez, bro!

Did I just witness some sort of a date?

Why did you need me with the stopwatch?

And why are you--

-Do you want to talk?

Why don't we do something together
to take your mind off of it?


I am Mighty Waldi.

I will get through this test of endurance.

I will not give up.

Okay, I give up.


I told your crazy mother to chill,

but she had to come see
if I feed you enough chocolate.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
It wasn't right.

I think we need to talk, huh?

I'll make you a cup of tea.


These were not just regular tests.

I'm in the middle of treatment.

You don't believe I can, do you?

Let me.

-He can do--


Auntie got me a new,
smaller pair of shorts?

Great. Just great.

She can't even let a man cheer up a bit,

bring some sweetness to his life.

She interferes in every aspect of my life.

My emotional life too.

Even with shorts.

Crazy woman.

Your mom looks great.
It's a pity she's back at the hospital.

But did she have to walk you to school?

I'll teach her when she gets back.



She's not upset?

She probably came… to see me.

We'll have five kids.

Well, this is a cool spot.


Stop showing off
and apologize to me, jerk.

A "chick"? Seriously?

I mean… I don't even know what to say.

Your friend knows how to behave. Do you?

Just say, "I'm sorry, miss."
In a normal way.

And kiss the lady's hand.

Yuck! Okay. Apology accepted.

Here's the registration form.
You have to fill it out.

Welcome to Three Kings, Queen Delfina.

You'll make me puke.

Have you seen too many adventure movies?

She's made of dreams.
My wishes and dreams.

Come in.

Last participant… Staszek.

Surname. Lebida?
That's what your diploma says, right?


Your handwriting is beautiful.

Beautiful, indeed.

Stop it.

Okay. So now your parents' signatures.

I'm not sure about my mom today because…

…like a goose I would fly away…

Is that your crazy neighbor?

She waters our plants.

She's my aunt.

…if I had wings like a goose

I would follow

Jasiek to Silesia

I'm flying over the grove
I'm flying over the water…

She's gonna mess you up.

I'm looking--


I'm Ant.


Ma'am, I don't know what you're doing,
but I'd like to try.

You can join me anytime.

But we have
to take care of something first.

To enter the tournament,
Waldek needs permission from a parent.

But an aunt's signature should do.

Where do I sign?


-Here you go.
-Thank you.

I'm taking you on a trip tomorrow.
With the boys.

The roads will be empty.

Because it's 4:00 a.m.

It's 8:00 a.m. Stop whining.
Girls don't like that. Right, Ant?

By the way, what's your real name?


You're right to use a nickname.

As if you parents didn't harm you
with your name, Mariolka.

Are you sending the entry form today?

We'll own that tournament!

The prize is a trip to Germany.

I've never been abroad.

We're gonna do it, man. We will!

Is this one okay?

It's okay.

You're taking care of her, huh?

Kids, time for warm-up. And one, and two!

And one, and two!

Ma'am, have you done this before?

Not that I'm against the elderly,
and I'm not trying to discriminate.

But this cable could jerk you quite a bit.
It could rip your arm off.

Just think, ma'am. Life without an arm?


Okay, let's go!


Walduś, bend your knees,
stretch your arms, and jump on the water.

You can do it. Come on. Just try it!


You'll try again in a minute.

Stachu, your turn.

Well done! Good job!

They're talking and talking.

Nah, I'm being paranoid.

Nothing will happen between them.
Delfina values intelligence.

But… what's going on?

Did he fart or something?

Oh, thanks.

Mighty Waldi the First.

It's now or never.

Don't chicken out! Do it!

Hey! Darn it!

Are you gonna ask me
to be your girlfriend too?

Are you two insane?
I don't want a boyfriend.

"Too"? What does she mean?

Staszek, you crossed the line.


No worries, Walduś. I'm not sleeping.


Could you stop calling me "Walduś"
and call me "Waldek" instead?


Good night, Auntie.

Good night, Waldek.

Come on!



Maybe that's her.



My beloved sunshine!

Let me take it, Mom.

-Isn't it too heavy for you?
-No, it's okay.


Can we go see Grandpa?

Without your PC?

What Grandpa? You can't even--

Let's go this weekend.
It'll do me good too.

Come on, son. Why are you packing these?

What is this? Where did you get it from?

Teresa, he knows how to pack.

Yeah, I can see that.
He'd look ridiculous.

So he'd look ridiculous. So what?

What difference does it make
if he looks ridiculous or not?

What's important is
that he chose and packed it himself.

And that's gratitude.

-Hi, Waldi!

It's time to say goodbye.

How come?

Well… mission complete.

You're not going to Grandpa with us?


Who needs me there?

I do.


I think I'm gonna cry.

They're fixing the lights.


Why didn't you call me or something?

Going on vacation?

Just for a few days.

Call me when you get back, okay?

From Staszek. For keeps.


I thought I'd give you a lift.

Hop in.

My grandpa.

The tough guy.

But not really.

Did you have to bring her? Did you?

He really misses Grandma.

No, Walduś!

Let's greet each other like grown men.
With a handshake. Hi.


Did you know that your grandma, Helenka,

was much smarter and a lot prettier
than her crazy sister, Mariolka?

And she was completely sane.

But they looked very much alike.

Both beautiful.

Two really beautiful women. Hi!


Do you have to be so colorful? Like…

You look like a parrot, you know?

Walduś! Tomorrow, we'll go to the pond.

It's teeming with fish.
We'll have a barbecue, huh?

Yup, as always.

You're wasting away, Walduś.

When I was your age, I was so skinny
that all my pants were hanging loose.


You dyed your hair! It looks nice.

Thank you. Hi, Dad.


Your pajamas!

Why are you sneezing so much?

I'm allergic to grass, Grandpa.

Allergic? Back in the day,
there were no such things as allergies.

I remember

how Helenka and I

in the freshly cut grass…

We would lie down

and read books.

By Sienkiewicz.

Do you know The Trilogy?

The Deluge, With Fire and Sword,
and Fire in the Steppe?

Kraszewski's An Ancient Tale.

Rodziewiczówna's Dewajtis.

Kossak-Szczucka's An expected guest.
Do you know this one?

Tell me, Walduś…

How are things?
You know, the most important stuff?

Are you in love?

A bit.


Tell me about it. Come on, son.

There's not much to tell.

As it happens, she's not.

Tough luck.

I've never had a type.

But if I did, she'd be precisely my type.

She's perfect.

Tell me, Walduś.

When you first met her,
did you talk nonsense?

Like a complete idiot?


Well then, you're smitten.

But you know what?

This is not the last time
you'll feel this way.

I'll never find a girl as perfect as her.

Wait! Of course not. Come here.

Don't get upset with me over nothing.

I didn't say anything bad.

So tell me…

Do you have any buddies?

A best friend?

He lied to me.

Ah, well. You see, that's how it is.

We constantly have to choose
between the truth and lies.

Is that a bird?

Let's go see what it is.

Give me a hand.


Walduś, you'll find another girl.

And as for your buddy,
if he's worthy of your time… Is he?

Then forgive him, you know.

Listen, Waldek.

There are three types of lies.

The first type…

stems from fear.

Is that his case?

The second type stems out of stupidity.

But, you can forgive a fool one as well.

Can't blame a fool for being foolish.

Is that his case?


What about the third type?

The third type of lie, Walduś…

stems from love.

This one hurts the liar the most.

And I have to tell you

that one day, you'll lie too.

But remember.

Follow your heart.

Only your heart.

You know about the grass!
Gone for so long!

He has an allergy!

Tereska, stop overreacting. He's fine.

Oh really?

"He's fine." In the shower!
Wash all these allergens off.

Tereska! He turned red
because we were talking about women.


About women…

My dear Helenka…


Have you lost your mind? Get down.

Okay, I'm coming.

I wanted to show you
some treasures in the attic,

but your overprotective mom
chased me away.

She scolds me just like my Helenka.

Clearly the women of this family
have bossing around in their blood.

-Mom, I'd really like to.
-Here, swallow this.

Okay, I'll go with you.
Grandpa's not feeling great today.

Grandpa's not feeling great today.


Won't your delicate boy
sneeze his head off up in the attic?

-I'm coming!

A little bit more. Keep pulling. Wait.

Who's this?

It's your grandma Helenka.
Look how beautiful she was.

-Is that Grandpa?

When he was my age? He's as fat as me.

He told me he was skinny.

I guess his memory is not the best.

That's Auntie!

She was a parachuter?

Yes. But she stopped jumping
after your grandma died.


They were great sisters. The best.

My mom was always worried about Mariolka
and her crazy ideas, you know.

When she used to watch her jump,

she'd joke that it was
going to make her heart stop.

-And then, one day--
-It did.

Auntie can't forgive herself.
She thinks it's her fault.

But it's not her fault.

No. Of course not, honey.

What's inside here?

Wow! My pigtails!

My mom cut them off!

You wanted a trendy hairstyle?

Nope, I had head lice.

Seriously. I came back from summer camp
with a head full of lice.

I must've been seven or eight years old.

You went to summer camp alone
when you were eight?

Sure I did.


Look at this lovely little crucian.

We'll leave it on for a bit longer.

And this whale? Just look at it!

Let's turn it over.

And the little roach too.

And here we have a little carp.

Check out this beautiful carp.


All right.

Time for a puff.

Grandpa must smoke, or he will choke!

Oh no. No smoking.
Definitely not in front of Waldek.

What happened to your hand?

-Something bit me.
-Show me.

Of course.

Now she's treating
her own father like a child.



They've got to be kidding. Both of them.

Frog? Where?

I'm going to sleep.
The allergy pills are making me drowsy.

-Night night!
-Good night.

Good night!

-What frog?
-There, see?

Good evening. Teresa Banaś.

I'm calling to confirm my appointment.


Okay, thank you. Goodbye.

Waldek, could you go and fetch--

Waldek, can you go get…

Mom's lying again,
and you keep covering up for her.

Do you really think
that Grandpa can't see anything?

Give her time.
She'll tell him in her own time.

Even if it will… no longer be necessary.

Could you go to the village
and get some eggs from Ms. Wandzia?

It's the yellow house next to the church.

I know.

Hi there, doggie! Hello!

Calm down!
His school route is longer than this.

-In the city, with plenty of cars--
-He doesn't walk alone.

Oh my! So he was being serious.
You walk him to school.

The whole week I was there,
he walked on his own.

Who gave you the right, Auntie?

I left my child in your care.

We agreed on this!

-He has to be independent in case--
-In case of what?

Well? In case of what?

I'm not going to do your job for you.

You understand?

You're the one who will raise him.

But Teresa, relax.

He's a smart kid.

He understands a lot.


Thank you.

Bye, Dad.

-We'll be back soon. I'll take time off.

What's wrong?

We'll be back in two weeks at the latest.

I'll call you.

The one in your pocket is for you.

And this envelope
is for the butterfly ray, you know.

You're a big boy now, right?


Yes. And you're no longer deaf…

nor blind, right?

No, I'm not.

Take care of your mom.

He didn't notice, it worked.

It's good I didn't tell him.

He'd only worry.

The third type of lie, Walduś…
stems from love.

Sure, you were right, Mom.

The third type of lie…

Seat belts.

…hurts the liar the most.


-Hi, Staszek.

Hi. I was just passing by. What's up?

Wanna play today? My mom made Jell-O.

I'm cutting down on sugar.
But I wouldn't mind playing.

Okay. I'll get the suitcase. Go.

And about that thing…

-Can we not talk about it?

But in my opinion,
you could at least apologize.

I'm sorry, but…

I didn't think that someone like Delfina
would be interested in someone like you.


You can add another one. Okay. And now…



Come with me, Mom.

Waldek, leave us alone.

You leave us, Auntie.

I'm sorry, honey.
I'm just a bit scared of these tests.

And I wonder if my body
will react well to the medication.

The worst thing is to be scared all alone.
You have to cut your fear in half.

I'm taking half of your fear
away from you.

-No, I don't want you to be scared--
-I've already taken a half from you.

Now go get changed.

Everything will be okay.

-Bye, Waldek.
-Bye, Auntie.

Okay, see you in the evening.

Call me if you need me.
I'll have my phone on all the time. Okay?

Sure, Mom.

Take care, love. Bye.

One must be doing something,
not doing nothing.


Auntie Mariolka called me.

She said you're in need of some gaming.

It looks like she's right.

Staszek, let's not play tonight.

The most important thing is for my mom to…

That my mom…

It's a shame that
this summer nothing special will--

Wanna know what special things
I usually do in the summer?


But at least you're doing "nothing"
with your dad, right?

But you have your mom, aunt, grandpa.

And me.

Plus, we're in the tournament!

You sent the entry form ages ago.
They should have replied by now.

And here comes a lie. Out of fear.

Don't be scared.

When they come back,
you'll see that everything will be okay.

Don't ring. They're probably sleeping.

Sorry, I dozed off.

It's okay, don't worry. Thank you.

I'm gonna go now.


You're a wonderful friend.




The doctor checked my test results
and said that…

it should be okay.

What does it mean "it should be okay"?

That everything's going
in the right direction.

I'd tell you the truth

but… that's all I know.

Sometimes… something starts

and we know that it's the beginning.

Then it ends and… the end is also obvious.

But sometimes there are things
we know very little about.

I'd like to know.

Because you're a big boy now.

Grandpa is big too.

So Staszek has proven himself?

-This is delicious!
-It is.

How did you take it out of the hot oven?


Oh dear.

You go first.

"Your application has been accepted."
"We invite you to the tournament."


But I threw the entry form out!

-But, Mom…


No discussion.
You're going to that tournament.

End of story.

That's what I want!

From Grandpa.


"Colorful birds…

must fly."

After fierce battles and beautiful fights,
the last minutes of waiting.

We're checking the scores,
adding up the points, and…

Congrats. That was a hard-fought battle.

We've reached the end
of Xtreme Robot Master Finals!

I have to say that although

my difficult friendship
with not-so-easygoing Staszek

has been put to a great test…

Just to remind you,
the top three teams will go to Germany,

and they will represent us
at the biggest gaming event in Cologne!

These teams are…


The second team…

And even though I met
the woman of my dreams, Delfina…

-Crazy Ponies! Join me on the stage!

And then I met
the second woman of my dreams…

And who knows,
maybe it will work out with her?


If I were her, I'd hit on you.

The last few weeks haven't been easy.

And the last team…

A lot of cool, good,
and important things happened.

…going with us to Germany…

But it was also the time of fear,
which was no fairy tale.

But what's important
is that I wasn't all alone.

Join us on the stage!

How are you? High five!

Round of applause!


These teams are going to Germany!

-There will be chaperones, right?

-Without the parents?

Make some noise!

Well done, Waldek!


Come on!


That's right!

Way to go!

You did great!


I'm lucky to be surrounded
by people I love,

including my overprotective mom and her,

my crazy, best-in-the-world aunt.

I share my sorrows and fears
with them and with my friends.

But I also share with them my happiness.

Subtitle translation by: Maja Konkolewska