Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï (2020) - full transcript

Fabrice went to the supermarket without his store's loyalty card. This serious misconduct forces him to go into hiding, as both police and media hunt him down.

Hop it's gone.

I made you a shopping list.


Is here.

While eating again.

It's cool.



You forgot the list again.


you pick me up late
afternoon but yes of course.

I am


You want more.

At the house of.

One hundred
eighty six not too big.


You're afraid of losing sight of me.

See you soon.

Very well.

It's only temporary.

That's thirty seven

Euros and fifty cents

you have your loyalty card.

Yes of course.


Until the day where.

I got it.

I'm sorry I think I
forgot in my other pants.

A problem come back.

Monsieur does not
have his loyalty card.

Please follow me sir.

Yes if I have it I forgot

it in my other pants.

Yes of course
and coincidentally.

You changed your
pants just today.

Well yes I was alone.

To listen to Monsieur, we

stop playing the mariole.

You follow me please.


realize that we surprised him.

I'm not a frozen bandit.

Calm down.

Put down, however, and
everything will be fine.

I tell you that I forgot it in

my other pants sir listen.

Don't make me roll backwards.


Don't approach.

The term.

To notify the police.

Pierre and Martine hello thank
you for answering our questions.

As a neighbor of the fugitive would
you say it's total misunderstanding.

Ah yes the total


would you say
there is stupor too.

Oh yes stupor yes.

Would you say that you feel a
growing climate of insecurity?

Oh yes.

We feel a growing
climate of insecurity

with a form of fed up
on your part, I imagine.

Ah yes a form of fed up yes a.


I didn't say how about you.


Is it.

We are not going to.

Search apart from me.







In the sofa.


Consider going to see.





What went through your mind.

I don't understand.

This morning

I changed my pants.

How to get my loyalty card.

My phone must have rang.

No excuses.

The settings info

I have rarely seen.

One please.

You can tell her that
her daddy looks cool.

Madam I will ask you please.


This forum is yours.

Your husband is that.


To all.

The suspect went back
home I repeat the suspect went

back home and must be not
far away we keep an eye out.

And you, Mrs

I'm going to ask you delicately
to put this leek on the ground.

Very well.

I get up without a sudden gesture.

The suspect was seen fleeing in an
orange vehicle the world of cinema has

been in turmoil since witnesses
reportedly recognized Fabrice the actor of

comedy law enforcement paid tribute
to the courage of the security guards

claimed to have forgotten him in
his other pants so when they said.

Fifty meters away

turn left.

Turn left.

Two hundred meters

take the second exit

by a pass.

A hundred meters away.

Take the second exit.


The central police station what.

I said.


Central police station.

Please turn around

and surrender to the police


I'll have to take
drastic measures


Driver's refusal to comply.

Stopping the vehicle seated facing

vehicle stop.

Arab dressed.

Of the vehicle.


Here, Roselyne.

It's good.

Thanks Severine.

Some tweets.

If you need to talk
we're here you know.

If it's true.

Experience you had there

now you have to try to forget
and for that there is time.

Ted I should go to the
fish market for a while.


We don't follow that Roseline.

You must stay strong.


Hair color you can leave a

message I will call you back.




Fabrice please call
me back it's urgent

hello i always

answered in summary you can
leave me a message I will call you back.

Yes Céline is still Fabrice there
listening to his accounts you don't

remind me what it was super
important when I still wanted to say that.

I build more


in any case to
excel in the frame.

Of a relation case number chaos
then it is zero six ten the erosions.

Call me back don't hesitate.


I'm fine, I can't reach you.

I can't talk too loud
I'm in projection.

Listen, it's good that
you pick up because

what I have to say is a bit tricky,
we won't be able to work with you

anymore, well that has nothing to do
with what's going on at the moment.

You see what I told
you by dint of doing

comedies although
it happens one day.

Listen to me in your place
I would take a few days off.


well yes now

and never an ideal
moment Fabrice.

But we are in our zone.

I don't know how to be

in lozère.

Lozere is perfect

no one will find you there.

Social media right now is.

Ok but wait wait Céline



He has a record Fabrice
the guy on the run.

To put your kitchen stuff.





Can help.

You say that because I look like
a repressed homosexual, that's it.

But not at all

because I'm kidding.

I'm sending the suspect's
port to forensic science.

No need, we know who
the suspect is, there are

plenty of witnesses who
saw him at the supermarket.


It's Fabrice

comedian in humorous films.

I'll tell them what

now forensic science.


Don't know when you're going to tell
them it's no longer worth doing the tests.

According to that.

I invent something.

It's good.



Yes hello ma'am.

Yes, that was to let
you know that there are

young people from
sensitive neighborhoods

who have fun sending
leeks everywhere.

So here it is if you receive a

leek it does not come from us

that's thank you very
much madam sending.

A map.


To repair.

But you Florence who had twice
shared the poster with Fabrice

doomed you

from your colleague.

Go slowly to the
gasoline if you want it the

police and the justice
of our country do its

work and let's not
have double standards.

Two weights, two measures


So you go you

and all your profession
to support your colleague.

Who we are I always remember

without news a tea party

was a little early to
talk about a concerted

action I mean the charges
are serious anyway.

Not go faster than the music

faster than music.


So no solidarity in sight.

Look far away there.

A lone hitchhiker.

what are we doing

we take it we crush it.

I have.



Thanks, that's nice.


How are you.

I won the facts.

And for what purpose.

I waited waited.

Excuse me but

would you mind

singing with us because.

It's a bit like the dynamics
of going on vacation there.


I'm waiting to leave for a week.

I don't know the song.

It's stopping.

Not the song lyrics.


But don't you fear
that we will stigmatize

the community of
actors as a whole.

You know I have always remembered
this sentence that my grandmother repeated.

The stones do not
always have the same.


Richelle wet.

You are a respected film critic


with Fabrice what type of
actor are we dealing with.

Look, it looks like
we're here with a

representative from
the comedy industry.

humor i.e.

clarified for our
viewers who for the

most part come
from working classes.

And don't understand
half of what they say.

Well, it's a current of actors

inspired by everyday situations.

and deforms them in
such a way as to relax

the legs in some
cases make them smile

falling on their
festive I imagine

Yes or no.

Saying knees.

This could explain

in part.

Why he forgot his
loyalty card in his

other pants yes you
don't have what I said

but we could all the
same suppose it but.

You absolutely don't
know if we're going to

listen to Fabienne's very
moving statement again.

France's most wanted
fugitive Fabrice's wife.

And then we'll come back to the

set to see if some
of you circle around.


if you listen to us.

I beg you

go to the competent authorities

the evidence.

And the testimonies

are overwhelming.

And I can only be in solidarity
with the forces of order.

At the same time

flees Fabrice then.

I will make sure
that Gérard, our

son, can grow up with the image.

That you have
always been for man.

Me there is no coincidence.

It's all crystal clear.


Who says loyalty card.


Who says adultery crime life.

So air.

Utility says.





Who say you say.

It's that simple.

It heats up very quickly.

Will talk about it.

Time I want to make a trade.

That's for sure.

Saconnex is good
for advancement.

Unless they have moved
to the peri-urban zone.

By car.

It would be amazing.

Good evening.


I do not know.

No the problem is not the case.


No no it's not like that.

The eyebrows are thicker.


Then the lips look thinner.



No, no glasses.

I the.


So much because.

What I feel flowing.

He's my favorite actor.

I don't trust well played.

I stop.


This is for the after sequence.

But so.

You told her.

Show one franc per open fly pass

a militant act for
you I said despair

Hello Florence.


It's frank.

Tell me what is
this story about.

Support for Fabrice.

Returned the press
campaign the platform in the

logitech world the news
channels on a loop it is.

Why am I not in the loop myself.

It's the same at
every competition.

What I'm not doing enough

entry is your children.


It's okay.

Hmm yeah.

Thank you when
we mile end please.

Foyer de Fabrice have no

ok okay so he knows about it.

Look in your spam.

In any case

If you need me.

You can count on me.

Besides, we could perhaps
imagine a joint action no.

French cinema finally reunited

all tendencies.

Left right.



What are you thinking of the Just.

I don't know but I was like

maybe we could

do something new.

Something that marks and

that comes out
of the ordinary no.

A self-immolation.

I a coffee.





Needs a hell of a mess in the
work on the western section.

No work on the western section.


you must

then perhaps confused with.


The only card.

We have it.


That he who.

It's a little nightmare yes

we act we can't.

Is called a quartering.

In the middle Ages

he submitted.

Horrible there were
men everywhere.

You see who died.

If the flute is brave,

it is quite possible.

She fears.

Ah thank you stop
no but it was to

tell you that I did
not want to take you


I'm quite individualistic
and I prefer to stay alone

and listen to my music
quietly rather than hire a

conversation with
someone I don't know.


Of course we think
it happens to me too.

Go have a nice day.

So the children

who can explain to me what is


No not you malek yes play.

Tolerance is acceptance.

Even if they are not like us.

As dad will say.

Exactly like the
father of Gerard

the fugitive we
are talking about.

Is it

but like us Gérard's dad.

He's not Gérard's dad like us,
okay, but should we reject him?

however no.

And so now who can tell
me what discrimination is.

Yes she is.

Discrimination when we

judge these people like no other

just like Gérard's

dad, for example.

Who can tell me now
what democracy is



How did we get here.

Has man become so inhuman.

To reject one of his own.

Because it is different.

What is all this for.

A moment of inattention.

Because that's the meaning of life
to always be aware of what we are.

The responsibility that entails.

Is this the end of recklessness.

What am I going
to do with my city.


Maybe I deserved it all.

Because one day or another we

pay for our faults
it is inevitable.

No one can escape
the relentless machine

which has become his destiny.

Neither you.

Neither you nor you the big one.

We are all in the same boat.

We have just learned that Franck
actor seen several times alongside

Fabrice has set himself on
fire in support of his colleague

Martin brossard you are there.

Yes indeed then it is
a classic immolation

the comedian posted
himself this morning in the

middle of this place on
which I stand at the moment

and he set himself on
fire with a lighter he had

borrowed from an honest
passer-by on his way to work.

Hello commissioner come get me.


it is the prefect
who sends us to

take you back to
service exceptionally



But this time he said I
promise it's the last time.

The last time I was
already the last.

Yeah but then he must
have promised that we're

really sorry but it's
because you're the last

retired commissioner
still active, it's my luck.

I can finish my beer of
course commissioner.


Good week-end.

We're going to start all over again.

You have received the
lab results for the leek.

Result is leek.

We received them.

Do that Antoine
you told me not to.

Do it and he told
me it's not worth it

because we already
know who it is.

Right away.


it's true you told me that.

So if I tell you to fuck off
that is to say let's do it you do

Having it already is irrelevant.

Because the staplers already
it will be stapled Broadway.

It's funny because I
see the relationship

very well now, I
don't see anything.


not the witness is ready.


You die.

Story of a serious little one

you lost the stapler
again in Angola.

This is.

Thanks to him.

Just be.


To roll backwards.

We have to stretch on the ground.

Turn the neck to one side and
pass the legs to the other side.

In this way we turn

through the shoulder.

What will not hurt

in the head.

Thank you for coming so quickly.

Our testimony will
be precious to us

it's normal.

I warn you.

Not terrible cheek
upside down because I

haven't seen lots of
funny people like you.

They didn't all

come out in full.


Suggest something
a tea a coffee not

and I would like a
small glass of water.


My heart.


Of great quality

we have.

Started this stream.

Everything is fine everything is fine.

You know I have
nothing against you.

Just here to try to
understand a bit.


Usually you are

two to do that.

I have.

Ordered understaffed.

Forgotten make understood angry.


Like I told you on the phone, I'm
not going to be able to keep your son.

I listened to the
radio again this

morning, we're
talking about that.

It's true.

Parents of students are afraid
that the presence of your son

don't give them ideas.

You have to understand them.

Excuse me.

Yes hello.


Oh that's fun.


No, because I'm
currently working on it.


Very well.

Have a good day.

But the exclusion
would be final.




And then final.



Without transition we talk
about Fabrice the comedy

actor who is still actively
sought by the police.

The Minister of the Interior assures
that he is doing everything to find him.

During his meeting in Lyon he

asked the French I quote not to

give in to a psychosis

that has no place to be

excuse me darling.

You have it for a long time.

Until eight thirty five.

Ah okay so where every night it's
the same what exactly at dinner time

while still untraceable.


Little hit every night on the horizon,
we also learn that Henry, Fabrice's

new film, will be released as planned
despite the growing number of requests.

ban filed by various

non-profit organizations.

Henry is a weird title.

Why do you say that.

Upside down.

It's a long way.



Who says nothing says nothing.


That all d.

Sore throat.

Sore throats.

Deep throats.

deepthroat said seiya

who said he said sullen.

And who says sullen says.


Not all the demonstrators
arrived early this morning in front of

this cinema and without preventing
spectators from entering the room

they took them to task in a
sometimes violent way among these

demonstrators the collective we
walk on the head came to show their

discontent so what.

Because we are a comedy actor

you can forget your loyalty
card in your other pants one day.

And release a new movie
with impunity the next day.

Thermal media recovery.

John kerry a real

killer I love with Hugo.

You know that
these days I prefer

stay here

but why.

Because with
this prowling actor.

Imagine that Tina.

Leave those crates in a basement

putting things in
your buttocks but

what as an object.

I personaly do not know.

Perrier bottles for example.


From two to five.


Small ones.

Thirty-three centilitres.

You scare me.

Same analysis five.

You imagine.




The fugitive was spotted
in a village in Lozère.

Only that we warn
the guys on the spot.

There is one among you
who talks loser nothing.

I have a friend
who went to college.

Talked to each other loser

nothing no it was
science college.

Thanks to.

Disruption of the Algerian.

I have family to quimp.


You could tell.

The fugitive is in your
sector, you take over.

I should give.

The fugitive in your area.

Take over.


Commissioner side that.

Are you bored to make

the phone call since.

I did not understand anything.

Get out something.


It's good.

You did a test.

During my sultan.

Connected to his search.

Also a heart brain.

I know it's difficult.

Sultan is dead and
employed for seven years.

You accept it.

To eat.

If a bro.

Just moved a bit.

It's a conspiracy on that.



Away will sing


You recognized enchanted

it's very nice of you to
have agreed to meet me.



As you know I was chosen to
play the role of your husband.

In the film that will be
adapted from these events.

Since I couldn't meet him, I
thought that maybe you could give me

a few keys.

I'm not sure I can
be of help to you.

do you have any
news from Fabrice.

Always not.

His home charger.

When I met him.

I always forgot it's Clear
that's interesting for me.

Follow me.

You want a little bit of this

football mania I note I note.

I do not mind

thank you.

He always forgot his
means always what.

Go well.


You know.

I never judge the
characters I ever play.

Had nothing to fear.

However, I need to understand.

Attached acts for example
you would do exactly the same.

You would make a super Nazi.

Everyone says it.

Thanks Fabien.

Sophie allibert.


Sophie Guy alibert
you're at college

André bourvil in
eighty five eighty six.

My indeed but if we are
together in fourth Fabrice.


But if I always had a v-neck sweater with
a brown undershirt underneath that made

a big face and brown
sweatpants that hug

the thighs with a
chic little elastic band

which passes under the soles
of the feet so that will not go.

And you, you haven't had fun crossing the yard
with your girlfriend Sandrine fresh or doing

back and forth

you walk slowly side
by side high making sure

that your steps are
regulated to the millimeter

it was like a ballet

I could have spent
hours watching this.

I thought it was super ripe for
me to cross the yard like that

talking in the middle
of all these people who

were running and fighting
and playing football.

Half I was making scenarios

and then I imagined that you
were talking to him about me.

You told him that.

That you couldn't look at me.

Because otherwise everyone would
understand that you were in love with me.

But you wanted that
to remain a secret, a

secret between Sandrine
Frémeaux and you.

That's why you
never looked at me.

And I repeat to you mentally
that if you could look at me

the others would see nothing.

Because I spent my days in class

looking at you from
three-quarters back.

That's why the day

where m basset asked me about the
year of the beginning of the fifth republic

I answered something
that had nothing to do.

Because in fact I had not
listened to the question.

Because I who speak

I was thinking of you.

And I imagined you
kissing me behind

the fir trees with
your eyes closing.

So it's crazy because
you see even today we

would ask the year of
the beginning of the fifth


I wouldn't know what to say it's

when you say it's
a date I'll never do.

Because She is parasitized for

life by this image
of you kissing me.

Behind the fir trees.

With closing eyes.

I remember.

It's true.

This is

a sport that had
trouble climbing the rope

and Philippe Gomez

had gone down jogging.

And we had seen the heart stop and
all the humans had died of laughter.

Yeah here it is.



Cost steps forward.

I'm an actor but I make movies.


You are known.

Because did not
TV with my husband.

It's a choice for us.

We don't read either, we live in a
big house near Marie-Claire that

my husband and I
have finished paying due

to our uncomfortable
financial situation.

You have time to
come and have a drink.

Yes yes and pleasure.

I'll call you back.




So little.






It's love at first
sight, it seems.

No, but it's true.

This photo.

On the cover of every magazine.

Started it all.

It's love at first sight

looks like no.

We said to ourselves.

With Benjamin.

If it's in the newspaper.

It is that it is true.

But of course Lugo
was only a bit obligated.

To love each other.



I feel like it's love at
first sight for both of them.


And you Benjamin
then you see and you.


you Benjamin do
you think it will last


I hope so, in any
case, I love this role.

Fabienne is a woman.


Who doesn't like it, which

makes it even more exceptional.

Slipping into the role of
her husband was easy.

And then Ben precisely

and how.

You familiarize

yourself with familiarity.

How do you plan to
prepare for your role?

As per usual.

In total immersion.

And you Gerard.

You're happy to have a new dad.

My little piece of cabbage.

My son.


Jean-Pierre, I present
to you Fabien, he is a

college friend
that I bumped into

will enchant Fabien.

Hold on.

Well, I knew a Fabien a.

But he was from Tarbes.


That tells you nothing.

No no I don't see.

A big.



But if his mother
ran a clothing store.

No no I'm sorry I can't.

Must not say that
you are from Tarbes.

I don't think I ever
mentioned forgiveness.

I suggest that we take a
drink to compensate for an

atmosphere that is a little
difficult to take downright.

Go on.



Jean-Pierre is an engineer in
exothermics of macromolecular bonds by

thermosetting polymerization
and crystallization an

isotherm in a cryo-biological
environment within you.

More exactly, these engineers in

exotherm of
macromolecular bonds.

By thermosetting
polymerization and crystallization

an isotherm in a
cryoprotective medium.


My darlings you always

have to devalue yourself

but it's true.

But if now it's

of a year is written to
the protector look at me.



Just that he writes to
the protector nothing.


By their coach.


Ain't risk like that.



That you devalue yourself.


This is devaluing.


More than that.





Ha ha.




And you make movies.


And what kind of movie.

Look, I mostly do comedy movies.

Coach a lot of people
who don't mind, it's us.


For me everyone.

Even his existence
as he sees fit.

If we still vote
socialist in my heart.

You can also tell him that here

we are in an eco-responsible
House exactly so we are not the type

to judge such and such on
what makes the profession

no kind of importance
to us we even

have a friend who
makes African jewelry

you can only tell him.

And you know when I told you that
Jean-Pierre was an exothermic engineer for

macro molecular houses by
thermosetting polymerization.

Using an isotherm in a
cryo-biological medium.

It's absolutely not to make you
uncomfortable cryo protector.


These protective crimes have

an I say what biological cryo.

You know.

I cried myself too
much, you are wrong.

You will do.



What happens when you're wrong.

We have.



This is the impulse.





We're going to change that.

Who goes to the rich.

The House is surrounded
by police during this change

of students in disguised
hypokhâgne for hazing.


You are in hypokhâgne.

I don't say



You are the one looking.

What did you do.

Make a denim jacket
with the sleeves rolled

up that's it no no
not at all my angel

I actually go shopping.

I did not have my loyalty card.

No, but I forgot it in my other

pants, you dare
vomit, top quality.


I don't know what
he's holding back.

Coming from sustainable
agriculture immediately on

site we find Martin brossard
Martin what we know one

little more than it is.

Listen to laetitia no when i'm talking
to you we don't know what's going on

it could very well
be a hostage taking.

But we have no
information in this direction

for the moment and if
hostage taking there was

there is no indication at the moment
of the number of hostages involved

Martin could there be
children among the hostages?

Listen to laetitia nothing allows
us to affirm at this stage that

there will be children among the
hostages but if this were the case

some of them could very
well suffer from chronic asthma

or diabetes in which case he would
require urgent medical attention.

The situation would be worrying the
parents that we would not imagine very

shocked would then be immediately placed
in a psychological cell thank you Martin

we will meet you later
for further guesses.

As luck would have it,
he's a comic film actor.

No but wait.

How can you say such a thing


It's second degree because
for you all the actors of comic

films necessarily forget their
loyalty cards in the red pants

hello disgusting cliche.

Amandine doesn't caricature
your father, he didn't say that.

I'm just saying that's it.

By dint of fucking laxity put
a big facho in fact Amandine

we don't leave like that

your father don't give a fuck

I can no longer
live with old people

when all that interests
you and your little


I put on different
colored shoelaces to

express my rejection
of this rotten society

serious if it is to end up like

you I prefer to
tell you right away.

What did I say wrong.

Fabrice prepares the body

in you everything will be fine.

Go to jail.

I just want my
wife and son back.




It promises.

Reports present.

To the.


to slut.

I just forgot my loyalty card.

I don't pass.

And it's my son
my balavoine battle.

It's perfect.

I love it worth it.

He's right boss,
that's the singer.

The more your fight the
chorus it is super hard to sing.

This is.


Yes it's super hard

we were singing completely windy.

It's true that you
sing out of tune.



Of which you know that at home

caution is great I have no solution
here I'm going to run away I'm going to run

Through the forest
with a bit of luck I

reach the Cantal
border before daybreak.

Have followed.


It's crazy how long life is

from where several
small paths start

depending on the path you take.

You arrive elsewhere than where you would
have arrived if you had taken another path.

You do not find.


Take good care of Jean-Pierre.

It gave me moderate
pleasure to know you.



You slap well and so


Chief chief chief I

think it is necessary

stop counting he's gone that

the low.




The boys.

It'll be OK.


run and get arnica granules from

to all.

Of them.

It makes.


When you

want at sir and madam


You are good at Mr. and Mrs.

hello there.

We put it where.

In the bedroom.

How much floor.

Facing the window.

Of them.

One hundred and eighty you are
not afraid to lose sight of yourself.

When you say that.

No nothing.

Near from here.

Without membership card.

Store request.

Everyone is spreading.

That you doubt it.

You're just a human cadet.

A human as a limit.

In order to.

May you be free
as skin as yours.

Hold on tight.

Your brush.


A membership card


Nowadays nothing.


asks himself.

if you are fine

are you well Fabrice.


Humans like the others.


next to the apostle.

Because you know.



Suffering every day.



Actor studio people.



Good evening simple sings.








I miss you so much.

I see you say to Gerard.

How I regret all those uno
parts I refused to do with him.

You will receive
that after twelve

games I was a little fed up but.

Today I tell myself that I

should have been more patient.

So yes.

Maybe we're being too selfish.

We need a good lesson.

Excuse me sir but

you got the wrong number.

On the other hand for
the uno I am a bit like.


Am like that.

Not quite us.


But neck kisses
are more on our side.


It's perfect.


Fabienne your details
are so precious to me.

You're welcome.

If it can help you.

On the other hand, I would like
us to revise Love in the Shower.

Not to the point on that.


yet I have the impression
that we hips are very

perfectionist and I don't
want to miss anything.

It smells on the screen.


It's not okay.


It's just that you're trying
so hard, it's very touching.


But there's no mass and it's me

excuse work.

You camp a Fabrice
crying out for truth.

It's even very disturbing.

It's just that it's not quite.

My Fabrice.

We will get there.

We are going to work.

It's interesting what
you're going to tell me.

My Fabrice is killing you.






Excuse me.

Could you please speak
a little louder ma'am.



That makes you thirty
seven Euros and fifty cents.

You have the loyalty card.

Yes of course and.

There I had my wallet.

I looked in my wallet.

So we weren't looking for it.

No sorry I think I forgot
it in my other pants.

I have learned.


To act.

Ha ha ha ha.

Well we continue.

No but I have it I forgot it in
my other pants but yes of course.

As if by chance.

And you have changed puppets.

Until today oh yes because

it's great.

Tandem is not going at all.

It's me.

Oh yes you.

I'm sorry but you
play very badly.

And play badly.

Oh yes.

You are.

There you can't
help her a little bit

because it's painful
I'm fine here but

I'm not his job

either think but.

We can.

Make it simple.


I hear.

No but I have it I forgot it
in my other pants of course.

As if by chance.

I was coming.

If it happens

a ball that is.


but you must not look at it, you must forget
it, there is no one, it's the two of us.


Come on let's try it

Go for it.

But yes of course
but yes of course

but yes of course
yes of course but

of course by chance.

As if by chance.

But yes of course
coincidentally a super.

You changed your
pants, I'm going to change.

I'm going to change pants.

just today

Just today.

Just today.

To listen to how I do it.

Just today.

That's what I did no no no

no no.

Listen to me carefully.

Just today.

Just today.


it's good here we go.

We have it.

Searched immediately
otherwise he will he will lose it.

But yes of course.

As if by chance.

You changed your pants.

Just today.

But here's congratulations.

And so that's when I caught the

leek that would have
married a story too.




Look for.

You stop if you want of course.

Don't approach because

otherwise don't play dumb

the support.

I have to endure.

I don't fool around.

See her.


Because good.

That's right.

Don't be stupid,
the soup is enough.


Reconstruction then today.

They really take
us for naïve people.


Why do you say that.

What day are we here.


Who says Thursday says.


Who says I tell him.



Everything in fact.

First witness.


He waving like this.

I have a guy.

Maybe it was more serious

that I was at six o'clock.

I had proposed humiliation.

I'm sorry to say but

he remembered no words.

That's it, it's design.

It's not complicated though.

Because of individuals like this gentleman
that I can no longer dine that my husband

is in the country of human rights which
radiates throughout the world by its culture.

Couldn't we make an
exception for artists?

Master we are listening to you.

I repeat it firmly.

It is not possible to balance
the two scales of justice.

As the sister-in-law of
one of the victims said

the candles will no longer
be blown out on the birthday.

Just to remember.

What is perpetuity?

It is a figment of
the mind a concept.

At the end of which twenty

two years to break everything.

The accused here.


He chopped off heads

so much.

He raped.

So this is where I

am a poet is in no

way comparable.

With the sounding and stumbling

perpetuity of the
families of the victims.

Will not be mistaken
charming folder.

Yes the what.

Loyalty for you you tell
me nothing I miss you a lot.

The accused here present,

ladies and
gentlemen of the jury.

He's a beleaguered man

a fugitive the reluctant
heroes of social networks.

The truth is that he is

an actor in need of fame.


excuse me

gentleman in the back there.

me yes you

we can know why you don't put

a name but that's because I

haven't heard the last word but.

Can you repeat the last word
for sir I didn't hear the last word.

In need of fame.



And you.

As the trial draws to a close.

What is your view
of this affair, what

analysis do you do.

For my part, I believe from the beginning
that this unfortunate story is clear.

And directly attributable

to an overly lax security
policy of a government adrift.


I join my thumb

and my index finger to
give weight to my point.

You may be joining
your thumb and forefinger

but I

I paste all rights.

With both my hands.

Listen you don't have a monopoly on all
the fingers of the two glued hands look.

Please please.

Refocus if you want the debate.

On the now my chin in a
slightly asymmetrical posture.


Look good you think.



I understand your encounters.

Hmmm hmm I'll join you.


Benjamins and four fours.

Four two three.

Two Three by
Benjamin Television.

So it's seven-thirty

that morning.

And as the sun begins to
illuminate the sky with its rays.

My client stands up.

Then go wake up her son.

Little Gerard

eight years.

You have trouble waking up.

Yes, ladies and
gentlemen of the jury.

Gerard is a bit grumpy.

Like often on Thursdays when
he knows he has to go swimming.

Pool he hates

since one of his classmates
put his head under water.

So when my client still

manages to get him out of bed.

It's already seven fifty two.

The time has therefore ladies
and gentlemen of the jury.

Already damn shot.

Excuse me.

What can I tell you about.

Intervene well.


Am sorry you could sue.

My client would
like to go to court.



That you agree.

We're listening to you.

That's the way then

when I got used.

That morning when I noticed.


Sweet whipped cream.



With a nice voice please.

You too are an actor.

That morning when I got dressed,
my pants were there the night before.

I almost put it on.

I swear I almost put.


I have to be frank with you.

Is with myself.

My lawyer started.

To tell you about this
tragic morning as if it were.

The urgency that had made me commit
the irreparable but it is not the urgency.

Don't have to.


The day before I had already
taken my son to school.

In front of the school we.

Meet parents, we
socialize, we'll have a coffee

and no, we are not talking
about children's drawings or

shows, we are talking about
politics, ecology, football.

And yes I plead guilty.

I generally have a great time.

But no he was not.

Particularly dirty these pants

not particularly
dirty these pants.

I work

excuse me.

I see a spectator like you.

Would you like to continue.

I told him that these pants
weren't particularly dirty, I

was just afraid that people
would notice that I was wearing

already the same the day before.

So often then.

Put on clean pants was one.

Terrible mistake.

I admit it.

Because on the one hand no
one noticed anything at the cafe.

Because in a rush I

put on yesterday's pants.

In the machine.

At that time I was unaware

that my loyalty card was still in
the pocket of those damn pants.

And even if I would
have noticed it impossible

to go back impossible to
stop this damn machine.

Because in fact when you run
the program the door is blocked.

So this morning this

brown ballet loyalty card.


It would be over a thousand rpm.

This loyalty card.




They present my
destroyed self-esteem.

Bruised vanity.

And the loss of
the love of my life.

I'm done.


Accused stand up.

At the question.

Is the accused guilty of having forgotten
his loyalty card in his other pants.

The court answered yes.


The courtyard.

convict the accused


Next to.

Get out of the trial.

It was very good.

Oh yeah I worked suddenly
I noted a lot of things,

however I think for
the scene of the arrest.


the one where Fabrice hurts his
knee and all the cops fall on us.

Knee pain, I can

see, no, I don't feel

knee pain we have already
seen in diminishes film.

While neck pain.

That's something
we've never seen.

That I could play and
give you amazing things.

In any case, if
someone has heard

something, my client
and I are interested.

Thanks a lot.

Please please.

Chief on.

What does it do with the kitchen.

I would like to know.

Protect released.

To condemn a what.

I wasn't far but frankly
I didn't hear anything.

Me it seems to me to have heard it is
nevertheless not too serious at a time.

I'm like

I am Dorian.

Thierry is the number
of the previous you.

Perhaps more directly but

it's not good but I

don't have his number.

I have it.

I have pistachio and her husband.


go ahead.

What do I say.

Wait I do.

Answering machine.

Yes hello here the officer in charge of
the accused whose trial has just ended.

It turns out that we have a little
doubt about the verdict we don't have.


Constipation must release
the individual or replace it.

Prison so if you
could remind us.

Fairly quickly would be ideal.

So that.


Your turn.

Well you know what.

Until she calls us
back, we'll let you go.

Parking if it was
possible not to go too far.


It would suit us because if we
had to go and pick you up it might.

Francis you release our emotions.

Go on.

Son and



How are you.


We're going to eat.

Go on.






Weather report.

I'm here.

To Theo.



Very well.






The figures but how.


For standing.

I'm here now I'm the container.


I have

says my mother with all this

mess now we're
going to call her.

We will succeed.




Benjamin it's really over.


don't know what got into
me with this guy it was

so desperate i would
have walked away with it.

I can't get a drink of

wine but I don't feel it

this line it's like being in

a first time what stop

laughing who took your text and

you can match it to prague
excuse me but i'm sorry but even

psychologically it's not Fair
She's not like that average but of

course She's like that I know her
I assure you that She's like that.

No, I don't see it like
that, okay, it's twenty

centuries of patriarchy,
you project your

Arcade it's okay calm down

it's not going a bit
strong patriarchy.

The back breaks a little, ma'am wait,
she's a modern heroine okay, fabienne, a

resistance fighter, ok, doesn't have the
same weapons as men, that's it, it's true

but in the end it's her

who, except Fabrice, agrees

it's a Fabienne Lucie-Aubrac

a Germaine tillion was scared
Germaine tillion anything is Fabrice.

Fabrice the pillar of the

group is not the engine

he is the one who decides
all this is the reason thank you.

You know the time I spent my
immersion with the real Fabienne.

All the time and the work all that
cost me arms and we calm down.

And we resume.

It's really over with Benjamin.

But I don't know
what got into me with

this guy I was so
desperate his part with

just anyone doesn't make
anyone Benjamin anyway.


you see another


That was take it
as a fresh start.

We'll go where you want.

When you want.



The son you have just seen was
presented to you in twenty four.


It was produced by Thibault gaz

and Mattias Weber.

It was an Apollo Films Orange Studio
and France Trois Cinéma co-production.

A co-production with panache

production and the film company.

With the participation

of France Télévisions

finer channel and more


In association with sg
image two thousand eighteen.

One the movies.


the hangings five.

And the participation of
you will live and proximus.

With the support of the

Occitania region in partnership

with the cea elfie.

And with the

support of the seine

and from the sky it is


In the role of Fabrice you were
able to enjoy Jean-Paul Rouve.

Julie Depardieu played Fabienne.

And rmc Lydia was Benjamin.

With the friendly participation of
Julie gayet in the role of Florence.

As well as that of Yolande
Moreau in that of the commissioner.

The script, the adaptation and the dialogues
were written by François de Amiens and

Jean-Luc and I.

Adapted from the comic.

From fabcaro published by Editions

six feet Under ground.

The original music was composed
and performed by yuki sec.

In a film by François de haïr.


Told me to go.

Stand in line.


I picked flowers.

I waited before.

The comforts.

I'm coming.


His heart of two words.

Store words.

Everyone responds.

That you doubt it.

That a human that.

A human like


May you be free like
mud like the apostle.

With sweet children's eyes.

Because we have the same.

Every day of the week.

Emergency physician or actors.


Let's just be a singer.

Or the greatest.



think of you.

hang on


Any brush.

The wall.

Without membership card.




if you are fine

are you well Fabrice.





of them quote.

Because we are.



The week.

People say our actions.



Singer single console.

The biggest.



Consumer society.

The society rather camps.

We won't let her go.


Tell yourself well.



Until the end.



Hang on.

Hang on.


You have to go back there.

A triple.