Za Marksa... (2012) - full transcript

The film is about a clash between soviet-bred workers and wild realities of Russian capitalism. The plot is based on a real story of today's crisis when production owners sort out their problems by means of cutting workers' wages which are already low.


Anatoliy Osmolovskiy,
Andrey Silbestrov, Gleb Aleinikov


a Svetlana Baskova film


Federal Act on Trade Unions,
their rights and guarantees.

5. Trade unions shall be independent
of executive bodies,

local authorities,
employers, and political parties.




Viktor Nikolaevich SERGACHEV

Aleksandr KOVALEV

- Hello, everyone!
- Hello!

Uncle Kolya, hi.

You'll have apples and pears.
Whatever you want.

Let's get in, little by little

- The weather is not very...
- Never mind.

We'll warm up at the factory.


We're going now.

Getting on the bus...
We're on our way.

Everyone here?

- What's up, Uncle Kolya?
- What?

What? Nothing.

I saw a TV program.
It was about...

- Who?
- Wild animals.

They talked about bison.

- And?
- It was a show about bison.

- There are few of them left. And...
- Who?

We have to be aware of this problem.

- Few what?
- Bison.

They are almost extinct.
And they are on the Red List.

- On the Red List?
- For quite a while.

We should put you on the Red List,
as “threatened species”.

They are going extinct.

- There are only 8 of them left.
- And?

- 8?
- But why 8? There were only two.

- Two of whom?
- A male and a female.

Here we go again.
A male and a female.

Yesterday I came by our store.
The door was closed.

Guess who I saw there?
Our Uncle Kolya.

Said he needed an overall
but was there for two hours.

A male and a female.
You, old bison!

Showing her your Red List, right?

- Just 8 of them left.
- Yeah, sure, 8 of them.

- You can't take them to a hospital.
- No, you can't.

- Hello everyone.
- Hi.

Hey there. Hi.

Hi. Let me sit here.

What's up?

I wanted to have a word with you.

We set up an independent labor union
at the factory.

- Independent of whom?
- Of the management.

Independent labor unions
will never exist.

I know, nobody believes
In anything anymore.

I know managers come
to the workshops.

They ask you to agree to pay cuts.

Allegedly the only way
to survive the crisis.

But we know
there are state subsidies.

- For whom?
- The factory. To save jobs.

- They want to rip us off again?
- Exactly!

On our backs, that is.

- So do not sign these papers.
- Not sign them?

They have no right
to cut your salary

and they won't dare fire you.
That's my information.

Ok. See you later.

The ecology is lousy.

- Hi.
- Hi. What happened?

What the hell is going on?
They move us to a three-day week!

- That's outrageous!
- I know. We'll try to do something.

- We must do something.
- What's the point?

- We have to unite, you know?
- Okay, you unite us.

There are guys to turn to.

- You unite us! We'll follow you.
- Ok. We'll talk later.

It's all crap.

- Hi guys.
- Hi there.

- May I?
- Sure.

Wait a second, Uncle Kolya.

You do as agreed?

I'm talking with my men right here.

I talked to the other guys.
And wanted to talk to you, too.

You know about our independent
labor union, right?

Yes, we do.

We need to unite.

Your workmates set up the union.

It's too hot at the factory.

Constant pollution.

- The management doesn't care.
- Where is our safety engineer?

- That's what we're talking about.
- We want one on site.

Too much talking.
It's time to act!

We need to unite
and achieve our goals.

If we keep silent...

Guys, let me finish.

We need evaluation
of our work places.

It's overdue.

Don't keep silent. Help us.

Nobody will do it for us -
we need to do it ourselves

- What's the point?
- Nobody cares about our conditions.

We will talk seriously about it
with the management.

We need an independent evaluation
of our working conditions.

- Alright then.
- We can't keep silent.

I am getting off.
I'm going to the prosecutor's office.

- See you tonight at the meeting!
- Who needs this evaluation?

Just words, always just words!
We need to think of ourselves!

We're on the bus,
might as well talk.

- The bison are dying out.
- Uncle Kolya!

- But there's some medicine!
- It's not about bison.

You can die out yourself.

- This is what we are talking about.
- You're being serious.

- Ok, men.
- What air are we breathing?

And you keep talking bison.

OK, let's go.
I hope you understood.

We're here.

- Bison...
- Need to think about them.

Cut out bison talks.
Think about yourself.

Need to think
about the air we breathe.

And he keeps talking about bison.

A labor union.
Good morning.

A labor union is the only way
to protect ourselves.

I agree, but, surprisingly,
some don't understand it.

That's why we're here.
We need to explain things.

- Hello.
- Good morning.

Yesterday we had
our third film club screening.

- Many people came. They liked it.
- Good job. What did you show?

- Godard's 'Wind from the East'.
- I haven't seen it.

- Next time just stop by.
- I'll try.


I did several paintings.
Come by and look at them.

Sure, when I'm done
with the paperwork.

Hello there.

Palych, how are you?
Creating masterpieces?

Why so worried?

- My father fell ill.
- Caught a cold?

In this weather...

Some guy was selling raspberry jam
on my way.

- You should have bought some.
- It's 200 rubles a jar.

- What a rip-off! Bastard!
- I'll call my aunt in Novosibirsk.

She makes jam herself.
She'll send me some.

Good idea.

Homemade stuff is the best.
We need to go.

I'll buy that guy's jam.
A parcel will take a month to arrive.

Ok. Just don't be late.

- I'll be in the smoking room.
- Ok.

- Hi. You're here already.
- Hello!

- Hello everyone!
- Hi.

So? Did you buy jam?

I thought about it.

- And?
- I wanted to buy it.

- But you changed your mind?
- Yes.


Couldn't decide
whether I need it or not.

- I'm off to the workshop.
- Right. I'll go down, too.

Listen to me.

You'll work for 2-3 weeks,
look around

and learn things.

- And then we'll see.
- Ok.

- Got it.
- Melting is a serious thing.

Wait a second. Igor!
How much is left?

- Enough for two jars.
- Ok, we'll sort it out.

- You checked the temperature?
- Yes.

All right.

You will monitor loading the charge

and the melting temperature.

But you know yourself.
You finished a technical school.

Sure. The temperature
should be 1400-1500 degrees.

Perfectly right!

Go ahead!

- Are we getting new boots?
- Sure.

I can't find my coupons.
Guess I left them in the canteen.

Coupons? I'll make sure
you get new ones. Today.

In the maintenance.
You'll have your coupons.

I'll make sure
you get new boots, too.

Switch to the second one!

When is payday?

- When is payday?
- Don't you even start.

Here's the new generation.

This is your foreman.

Ask him any questions.

Don't panic!

- And also, you live nearby?
- I do.

Be here on time.

You'll get a contract today.

We start at 7 am. No coming late!

Don't worry.
He lives in my house.

Ivan Ryabov's son.

All right, I need to go.

We're almost out of 45er.

No, we still have enough.

- Igor likes to complicate things.
- Anyway.

About the salary.

When and where do I get it?

Get working first. Meet the people.

See how things are done.
You'll get your salary all right.

You'll get your contract today.
Everything will be legal.

You'll be officially employed.
No fooling around Moscow style.

The management wants to lay off
people because of the recession.

First of all those
past retirement age,

truants and rabble-rousers.

- You got me?
- Sure.

But according to the Labor Code
they have no right to dismiss people.

We have a labor union.
We'll petition the management.

No wages in three months.

How can people survive?
How can they feed their families?

This so called union of yours
is just ridiculous.

- Ridiculous?
- Sure.

What about your labor union?
Has it ever even helped one worker?

You've got nothing to say?

We try to help even those
who are not members!

And you just hassle them.

We hassle them?
Can we go ahead with loading?

Yes, we can.
The 45er is almost out.

- How much is left?
- Enough for 2 jars.

I'll call the 4th unit now.
Let them start loading.

Think about the people to dismiss.
You're a unit foreman after all.

- I will.
- And cut that union thing.

I'll think about it.

Yakov! For two!

Call Dodik.

Number Two to Guest.

- Good day.
- Sit down.


I need $3 million by Tuesday.

Heard about Rodchenko, the artist?

- The avant-gardist?
- The avant-gardist.

I want to compile a collection.

In America, in Europe,
everywhere in the West

they decorate offices
with modern art.

You see my problem?

- Malevich?
- Malevich.

- 'The Black Square'.
- 'The Black Square'.

Prestige is money, learn that!

I want a collection which would make
the jaws of these Western rats drop.

Which would make them
fucking die of envy.

Got it?

There is an auction
in London next week.

I am after some of the things there.

I am going there tomorrow.

Just so you know
that I am not nuts.

At the last Sotheby's in London
a Malevich was sold for 30 million...

30 million what?

30 million pounds, not dollars.

- Wow.
- Absolutely.

So I need the money
by next Tuesday.

Ok. We just sold
another batch of metal.

But we have some minor
certification problems.

Solve your problems yourselves!

I got my own, you know!

I need the money by Tuesday.
Got it?

OK. But I need your connections here.

What do you need?

We need to get clearance
at the Murmansk port.

They demand permits and certificates,
costing us money and taking time.

- We have no permits?
- Of course not.

It's radioactive material
from the military.

Okay. I can sort it out.

If everything goes well,

the tanker will leave
two days after your call.

Two more days
to get the offshore money.

Nikolay Semyonovich,
there's a bit of work for you.

Dodik will bring you some papers.

Sign them.
We have a money problem here.

Got stuck somewhere.
We need to clean the way.

Get going!


What other problems?
How is the factory doing?

Everything's fine.
We had to cut wages.

- As much as we could.
- Cool.

The workers fear the crisis.

But there is one small problem.

What is it?

They organized

an independent labor union
in the foundry.

They are out for trouble.

Nothing serious. We'll sort it out.

Wait a second.
What labor union?

We have our own labor union.
We pay them every month.

There should be no problems.

They quit our union
and set up their own.

We'll sort that one out, too.

Customs are our only real problem.
But we'll handle it.

Are they fucking mad?
What will I show my visitors?

How will I make money?

Have them come here and look.
An empty office, nothing to put up.

What will I show
the Germans next week?

Go to this Nikolay Semyonovich
and solve the issue.


- We wrote the petition.
- Yes.

- We must write about the filters.
- Ok.

So, everything's fine.

Let's go over it once again.

Are you done?

Yes, I'll just talk
to the guys and go home.

You are making trouble again.

I know you. You are a great worker.

Do you really need all that?

Why this new labor union?

Why do you confuse people?

Think about your family.
Your dad is sick.

We all have families.
I want the best for you.

You know how much a worker earns?

You can't live off that.
This is hard physical work

I put a word in for you.
You'll get promoted.

You will earn more.

Thank you. But what about fairness?

Many have to quit
before retirement age.

The machinery is old, still Soviet.

Think twice.

That 'fairness thing'
won't get you anywhere.

The foreman wanted to talk to me.

Take off your coat. Sit down.

We're waiting for Egorov.

He called me
and said we can start without him.

- Ok, let's start.
- As union activists,

we need to set up a strategy.

At the last meeting
we discussed a number of issues.

We should go ahead

drafting our union's petition
to the management.

I agree. I agree.

Demanding is one thing.

Getting your demands met is
quite a different thing.

Here's a draft.
It needs editing.

We have to do outreach
to get more members.

They are scared to join us,

to quit the union
run by the management.

We need a good action plan.

Let's define our demands.

No signing of revised contracts.

A ban on lay-offs.

Right to control
the evaluation of workplaces.

Outpayment of the danger bonus.

Outpayment of overtime wages for March.

Wait a second...


I see.

Who was it? Egorov.

- And?
- He's not coming.

- Why?
- The police summoned him again.

A lot of workers are called
to the management.

I keep telling them,
"Don't go there alone".

They push and threaten you
when you are alone.

Let's work on that.

And let's mention the filters again.

They keep promising
but never install them.

Egorov is collecting
signatures in the city.

The pollution due
to the factory emissions

exceeds the norm three times.

The canteen prices have tripled.

Masha, the cook, says groceries are

well past expiration date.

The food is crap.

I got poisoned 3 times.
They treat us like animals.

Let's write this down, too.

And the rally.
All activists should be there.

I sent a request to the Mayor's
office. Let's wait for the answer

and get prepared in the meantime.

I can ignite enthusiasm.
My people will be at the rally.

We know.
You're a natural born leader.

One more thing.

Let me contact unions
in other cities

and have them come to the rally.
We really need solidarity here.

But let's stick to the plan -

no blind activism.

And also...

Still here? It's dark already.

You're wasting electricity!

Planning on going home?

We're talking about reading.

No need to worry.

I sit at the gate

and read Gogol's 'Dead Souls'.

Understandable and nice to read.

And what are you discussing so long?

I like books on history.

Have you read Kostomarov, Platonov?

You should.

I read about the troubled times
in the 17th century.

It was horrible back then.

People were robbed and killed,
villages were burnt down.

Poles, Cossacks, Swedes...

They all wanted
a bigger piece of the pie.

Biting frost, they attack a village.

They take away clothes,
food, everything.

They leave people naked
and burn the village down.

What could the villagers do?

They took to the forest,
where they died of cold and hunger.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Are you ok?
- I'm ok.

- Really ok?
- Yes.

Are you ok?

What's wrong with you?

- Is everything ok?
- I'm fine.

Oh boy.

I share Pokrovsky's view.

He sees Russia's history
as a history of class struggle.

- Haven't read him. And?
- Me neither.

It explains our times.

November 4 is the Day of National Unity.

TV tells us that
the troubled times ended in 1612

with Russia's great victory
over the foreign invaders.

That's what it was, right?

Pokrovsky sees it
as essentially a civil war

in which the classes of the Russian
society fought each other

It resulted from disputes between

noblemen, free farmers,
serfs and the Tsar.

And now - are we really one nation?

The factory owners and us!

I got carried away. Time to go.

Wait. When did Pokrovsky write that?

Pokrovsky was a historian but now
they try to make people forget him.

In the December revolt of 1905

he was a Bolshevik leader in Moscow.

We really need to go!

What a historian!

- I'd like to read him.
- You hand in our petition tomorrow.

- Will you manage on time?
- I think so.

I'll work it out
and print it in the morning.

Don't forget our stamp tomorrow.

Or else they rule
our petition invalid.

Don't worry, I'll bring it.
Let's go.

Don't panic. All will be fine.

This Pokrovsky is really interesting.

I have all his 3 books.
I'll bring them for us to read.

They help understand
how the world functions.

Every worker should read him.
To see how things are connected.

Smarzin says the money will
come in about 5 days.


Thank you, Sergey Viktorovich.
I'm off to my brother's bank then.

Nikolay, can you do me a small favor?

It's personal.

Anna and I divorced
when my son was still small.

I asked you
to never remind me of him.

But now I want to see my son.

I need to know where he is,

his phone number.

That was long ago,
Sergey Viktorovich.

As you wish.

Anna raised the boy in a way that...

no good will come from your meeting.

- That's what I think.
- We'll see.

Hello father. Here's the money.

1.5 million rubles.

I am off to London for a few days.

Nikolay Semyonovich, already here.

- Nice seeing you.
- Nice seeing you, too.

Nikolay Semyonovich says
there're problems with customs.

The company for the money
transfer already exists.

Yury Matveevich wants to see me.
He has some problem with our loan.

Did I ask you to talk
about my problems?

Not answering my calls
won't save you from meeting me.

We made your brother
a bank president,

so we get a loan with no interest
when we need it.

That's what has to happen.

You know what I can do
to you and your brother?

Calm down.

Why be so rude?

He can't give a loan
to a company just set up.

Especially, this big one.
That's impossible.

But a civil servant like you
can have two houses in Italy

and one in London?
So you can flee there?

You don't keep your money
in Russia or in China.

You get $50,000 a month from me

just because you sign some papers.

Your brother shouldn't be afraid
to transfer the money.

but to meet me.
- Calm down.

Why so much fuss?

Now listen to me carefully.

Your father thinks
he is well connected.

But times have changed.

Nobody needs an audit.
Especially not you.

With too many new people
in the government,

we have to be careful.

We can't guarantee
our connections will always work.

Look around, crisis everywhere.

Show some modesty.

Valera took his Bentley
to the village.

He takes the subway
to his work at the ministry.

Learn the lesson.

Cut your arrogance.

The 90s are over. Stop showing off.

What's all this noise about?

I asked not to discuss
your business in my house.

Do it somewhere else.

I'm off, Sergey Viktorovich.
I'll call you.

I hope to have the information
tomorrow. Good-bye.

What about this new labor union?

The Mayor's office received
a request for a rally.

By law, Rezin has to give them
some time and place,

and guarantee public order.

Forget about those Unions.

A bunch of half-wits
stirring up trouble.

Trying to brainwash workers.
All our workers are in our own union.

A small group decided
to demand rights.

They oppose layoffs, pay cuts,

air pollution. Such bullshit.

In your place I wouldn't
take it so lightly.

Yeltsin signed the law on Unions.

Labor and trade unions are
legal entities, independent

of state authorities

and employers.

They can monitor hiring,
firing and finances of the company.

What if those cheeky bastards

find a way to monitor your finances?

You need to fix that right away.

Wait with the loans.

First calm people down.

You should know what to do.

I need to check this law.

Why did they get all these rights?!

- This is what you wanted.
- Thank you, father.

Now get going.

And so he goes down to the right.
Time to shoot!

But he doesn't!
Because he is a lousy player.

Do you know how much they earn?

That's the point.

Hi, did you see the game?

We lost the latest one.

And the last minutes,
just incredible.

Hi, can you explain it?

It's obvious. A shame.

Fire the coach. Get Gazzayev back.

Finally back in good shape
and then that... Right?

- We need a pro.
- They don't move around.

Our team must never lose.
As simple as that, they mustn't.

It's so upsetting!
Look who they lost to.

Hi guys!

Come on, we have to talk.

- Hi, how are you?
- Great!

The Mayor's office finally
agreed to the rally.

- On the 9th.
- Perfect.

- I got the papers.
- Good job.

Do you have a light?

Did you see the game last night?

No. My mother is sick,
I had to go the village.

How are things here?

Good. Make sure you don't fall ill.

You won't live to see that.

- We have no time to be ill.
- Everything will be fine.

- On the 9th, right?
- Yes.

Well... Great.

- Hi. How is it?
- Hi.

The Mayor's office allowed
the rally on the 9th.


Let's meet after work
in the smokers' room.

- Deal?
- Deal.

- Let's do it then.
- Agreed.

Oh, it's you.

I'm cleaning up the broken glass
so no one cuts their feet.

Yeah. Clean it up.

How is your dad? Still sick?

My dad? Yeah, he is.

All because of this cold weather.

Oh. I'm sorry.

Sit down.

Now, what happened?

I don't even know where to start.

Start from the beginning.

- My father called me.
- Your father?

- Yes.
- You never spoke about him.

We parted 15 years ago.

And I don't want to meet him now.

So, tell me what happened?

I grew up
with my Grandad and my mother.

Dad came to visit,
but he had another family.

He worked for the KGB.
It was dangerous for him.

Had it become known
he'd have been in trouble.

My mother loved him very much,

it was her decision
to have his child.

My grandpa was
a high-ranking KGB general.

He took the responsibility

My father visited,
and we were in touch.

They both risked a lot.

I didn't know that back then.

And then perestroika came.

Grandpa opposed the breakup
of the Soviet Union

and supported the 1991 coup.

My dad had to back him up.

He was in touch
with regional party leaders.

The regions should have supported
the coup.

They waited for the signal
from Moscow.

My dad had to organize that.

But he betrayed everyone.

He wanted a bigger piece of the cake.

You know what happened next.

Yes, we saw that.

And now he calls me. I don't even
know how he got my phone number.

He turned 76.

He wants to see me for the last time.

I really don't know what to do!

Hi, look.

I got my aunt's parcel.
Homemade jam and warm socks.

Ok, let's go.

The rally is tomorrow.
Are the fliers set up?

It's all done. Our guys work well.

- Hello.
- Hello, everyone.

So you got a parcel?

- Yes, from my aunt.
- Congratulations.

From my aunt.

I'll put it in my locker.
Mustn't forget about it.

- Move on.
- Take care.

I'll be there right now.
See you in the factory shop.

- What about my coupons?
- For Christ's sake.

- I am sick of you and your coupons.
- To hell with the coupons.

- My clothes are absolutely worn-out.
- I have other things to care about.

He needs his coupons.

I'll stick all the coupons
down your throat.

If there is a spark somewhere
they'll catch fire in no time.

Jesus! Go get down to some work.

- You see this?
- Uncle Kolya!

What is it? Oh no.

You're like a guerrilla hiding
in the forest. You're so stubborn.

Go to hell with your boots,
pants and laces.

- What if they catch fire?
- Go and do some work. Seriously.

Enough! Go and do some work!

People like him really piss me off
He got coupons, he got everything!

Tischenko! Why were you
30 minutes late today?

- I overslept.
- It's the third time this month.

- I am sorry.
- He overslept!

It's a factory, not a circus,
you get that?

- Hi.
- How are you?

- All good.
- I need another robe.

- We'll take care of that.
- All patched-up.

We'll take care of it
today or tomorrow.

Just make sure you come
to the rally tomorrow.

We'll talk about that too. Thank you.

- Why aren't you wearing your helmet?
- I'll put it on now. No problem.

It's a factory, not a circus!

I have some visitors
from Germany tomorrow.

We should offer them
red carpet treatment.

They are investing
in new factory facilities.

Investing in our economy, that is.
So that's really cool.

Concoct an attractive
cost estimate for them,

with workers' salaries and staff.

We aren't giving them
a tour of the factory.

We'll tell them
we work for the military. But...

We need a couple of photos
of workers by a blast furnace,

Put them on a wall by the doors
into the conference hall.

So what's really going on there?

Let's solve all those issues.

Let's solve the issues
and restore order.

You asked me to study
the Independent Trade Unions Act.

Well, this act exists.

- But no one cares about it.
- There you go!

By the way, one of these
new unionists came to me yesterday.

He looked really nervous.
He brought some papers.

In a nutshell, they are planning
rallies and they want to go to court.

What is it that they want?
What do they want?

Nothing special. A pay rise.

A bonus for toxicity.

A re-evaluation of work stations.

They are also collecting signatures
to improve the ecological situation.

What assholes!

- We can charge them with extremism.
- Yes.

It's political propaganda at the workplace.
We can easily sue them.

No, that'll take a while.

Who are the activists?

I don't have any names yet.
But we can easily find them.

What assholes. They just want
their slice of the pie.

It's easier to be on strike
than to work 8 hours a day.

Maybe we should install filters.
The air is really polluted there.

What filters are you talking about?!

Let's do without this civil

They are planning to submit a claim
to an international ecology court.

The activists are to be removed.

You've got a week
to remove the activists.

And the workers
will disperse all by themselves.

Got it.


Am I getting you right that...

The activists must be removed.

Got it.

- I'll go then, ok?
- Ok.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Are you with us?
- Sure.

Let's have a smoke first.

Oh man. I left my cigarettes there.

- I'll be right back.
- Ok, hurry up.

- See you at the checkpoint.
- Ok.

- I am really exhausted today.
- Yeah, it's a strange day.

I got new pants.
Black ones. Not blue.

You're really lucky today,
Uncle Kolya.

Yeah, that's all good.

Why do you keep picking at me?
From early in the morning today?

- Where is the safety logbook?
- What?

The logbook I have to sign there.

Wait, Uncle Kolya.
Can you sign it tomorrow?

Why tomorrow?
I can do that today.

- Let's call it a day.
- You're really sturdy. Just go home.

Let's wait. Our youngster might
come here any second.

We're going in the same direction.
I'll talk to him before the rally.

Yeah, he has just split
with his girlfriend.

- Really?
- He's quite despondent now.

We were talking about you just now.

One shouldn't be so pussy whipped.

Look at Fedka the Molder.

He attended all the labor union
meetings before he got married.

He was socially active.

And now he never shows up
at our labor union meetings.

Just stays at home,
nibbling sunflower seeds.

- He got so fat now.
- Yes. Sometimes...

Sometimes a woman breaks
a dude's will.

She breaks him like a stick. Whack!

- In halves.
- Come on.

Feelings are some fine substance.
Ok, dudes, let's go.

Yeah, fine substance...

Hey, why droop like this?

Women like it the hard way.

We really have a lot
on our plate right now.

- That's enough!
- And who's gonna save the nation?

Enough! Let's go!

And where's our watchman?

He asked me
to watch over his checkpoint.

There's a hatch open somewhere.

He tried to explain it to me,
but I understood nothing.

By the way, we are having
a rally tomorrow morning.

Ok, let's wait a little.

I wanted to say,

20 guys from the Communist Party
will come to the rally tomorrow.

They said they prepared a speech.

We have to be there in large numbers,
so that police can't crush them.

Slava, wait a sec.
You were almost late for work today.

You have been daydreaming
all day today. Are you guys sick?

No, we just played chess
with Vasya all night.

- In the fifth game he zugzwanged me.
- I see.

Tomorrow you should
be fresh as daisies. You get that?

- Bye now.
- Bye.

- And what is a zugzwang?
- It's like this.

You work your ass off all day
and get 12,000 for that.


Then you still work your ass off,
and suddenly get 7000.

And you sign the papers they want.
That's quite a zugzwang.

I see.

The most important thing is
to warn them and our people as well

not to say anything
against our authorities.

Or they'll put a gag
on us in no time.

Even now they are calling us
an extremist labor union.

They keep summoning me to the police.
Almost every day now.

Palych! You did a great job
with those banners.

- They look great. Really colorful.
- I am trying my best.

Tomorrow morning
I'll draw another bunch of them.

And off we go!

Don't spare the red color.
They should be bright!

- I remember that. No worries.
- And use waterproof ink.

- In case it rains.
- Ok.

He's great.

It's like this. You glue them up.

- Palych draws them.
- Well done!

I think everything is going well.

- And who'll represent the clay room?
- Ivan. He's a great speaker.

And the pensioners are coming.

I arranged the van. Slava will bring
the equipment tomorrow.

- He promised to set it up.
- That's great.

Egorov has already gathered
his people. And how are you doing?

Everything is ok.
My people are ready.

- Pashka is going to speak from us.
- Good.

I am telling my people that thousands
of them are getting the sack.

But they wouldn't budge.

Only if they're hit directly,
there will be a dust-up.

Yeah, right. Thatch your roof
before rainy weather

- Yeah, right.
- Where is he?

- Check this out!
- What is it?

- This is...
- 'Dead Souls'.

It'll take him
a while to finish it.

At school I once wrote
an essay on 'Dead Souls'.

I got an F.

And my dad lathered me. After that
I know Gogol backwards and forwards.

Belinsky said that Gogol Is
Pushkin in prose.

But when Gogol started writing
that Christian Orthodox stuff,

he published a book called

'Selected Passages
From Correspondence with Friends'

He quite unexpectedly reasoned that

'a nation is just like kids
in a family' and that

'the church should
shepherd this flock'.

After which Belinsky severely
criticized Gogol in a letter

He wrote that 'Russia's salvation
is not about mysticism or asceticism,

but the success of civilization,

enlightenment and humanity.

Russia does not
need sermons or prayers.

It needs self-respect
of common people.'

Jeez! I still remember
this quote after so many years.

I totally agree with Belinsky.

The feeling of self-respect is
just what our people need.

Yeah, that was
a decisive moment in history.

Either the nation would stand up
and move forward

or it would be illiterate

and bear the hardships forever.

I know nothing about Belinsky.

We went to Soviet schools.
We were taught superbly.

An A+ education.

Good I caught up with you.
Is this your parcel?

- Yes, it's mine. Thank you.
- See you.

They try to make you believe
a convenient theory about our past.

Progress comes when we honor
traditions and criticize the present.

You know how they teach history
at school these days.

They are distorting the truth
about the gains of our revolution!

Yeah, I know.
And what were the gains?

Well it's obvious.
Education, upward social mobility.

That's when your parents are
blue collar workers,

and you seem to be destined
to become one yourself.

But if you're really bright,
you may work in the government

And think of industrialization.

- Lots of people were killed in vain!
- Yeah, a lot of people vanished.

But the result was positive
in the long run.

It wasn't like the reign
of Ivan the Terrible,

who slaughtered thousands,
devastated Russia and also

lost a war to the Germans.

- What Germans?
- The Livonian Order. It was German.

It was the bloodiest war back then.

In the reign of Ivan the Terrible
the Tartars burnt Moscow down

for the first time
in 100 years.

And he killed his own heir.

An interesting comparison, eh?

You know what really excites me?

Nobody really raises
or educates our youth.

- Self-education is the only option.
- That's right!

So if you're naturally gifted,
you'll find a way.

But if you don't care,
you'll remain as you are...

- Good evening.
- Hi.

We decided to come earlier tomorrow.

- Maybe you'll need some help?
- Yeah, sure.

Come earlier.
What were you guys watching?

Askoldov's 'Commissar'.
What a great film!

Good job!

- Well, see you tomorrow.
- See you.

- So...
- They watch good films.

That's right. I've been
to their lectures several times now.

The cinema club guys
teach me so many things now.

They gave me some DVDs

of the French new wave of the 60s.

These guys caused a revolution
in cinematography back then.

- Revolution?
- What revolution?

Revolution is a metaphor.

Those guys were cinematographers.

And they revolutionized
the cinematography.

Wait a sec...

Hold this for me.

I took some notes.

I don't have the exact wording.
I'll tell you in my own words.

Here it is.

They were the first to use
Berthold Brecht's system in movies.

They introduced a new kind of a hero

who could perform
unmotivated actions.

Their characters would speak
while being filmed from behind.

Wait a sec... Oh, that's Egorov.

Yes? And then
they lectured me on Godard.

They had a whole lecture on him.
And here is what...

I didn't understand much,
but I took some notes.

In cinematography there are
two principal systems.

The Brecht system
and the Hollywood system.

They also refer to the latter one
as the Stanislavski system.

What is the Brecht's system?

It's the alienation
of the film from the audience.

So when I am looking into the camera,
that is alienation.

But if I...

If there's a blood bath

which makes you feel really involved,
that's Hollywood.

I didn't get a thing.

That's impressive.
I didn't understand much,

but these guys are smart.

- You should go to the cinema club.
- Wait!

According to Brecht,

when you see some action,
you switch on your brain

and you are aware
that you're audience.

With all of your problems

And Hollywood subl...

Sublimates negative energies.

Wait, I'll give you a quote.

Hollywood sublimates
negative energies

and subdues protest impulses,

so the viewer drowns in the film.

I don't get any of this.

Nothing at all.

Oh, come on.

To me it was really interesting.

I didn't get a thing.


Now, I'll write it down for you
in a more graspable...

But I want to say again...
You know what?

Let's go there together.
You'll really like it.

It's so great to find out
about all that.

- It's all about revolution.
- Yes.

Wait for me, ok?
I'll go looking for him.

Just imagine
what he got interested in.


- He is a good guy.
- Yeah,

Energetic and active.

We're old. Younger ones
need to take over.

- That needs to be done properly.
- Sure, I see.

Hi, guys. I'll catch up with you.

Children of famous directors

make their own films now.
They show them on TV.

And the result?
A parody of their fathers.

No experience,

they know nothing about life.
The golden youth.

Marx said, history repeats itself.

The first time as a tragedy,
the second time as a farce.

- Exactly.
- What are you doing here?

The watchman asked us to wait.
He went to close a skylight.

Don't be late for the rally tomorrow.

Grown-up men show Russians
in their films

as beasts who are always drunk.

They shoot these films
on state money.

- Our money.
- That's right.

How long will we wait?

Let's go. What time is it?

Past 8 pm.

- There he is.
- How is it?

- No occurrences?
- No, all quiet here.

- We had no incidents.
- All right...

- And you got a parcel?
- Yes, from my aunt.

Raspberry jam.

I'll have tea with it.
No, better give it to my father.

- Tea after the rally.
- Yes?


You just confuse people
with this rally.

Come on.
We can't go on living like that.

Do whatever you want,
but no good will come of it.

- Look at him.
- We'll see.

Ok, guys, let's go. It's late.

Let's go.

Have you read Belinsky's
letters from Salzburg?

- No.
- You should.

How long did the parcel travel?

- 2 weeks.
- 2 weeks?

Well, take care.

Will your dad come tomorrow?

He'll be there, don't worry.

- Do bring him.
- I will.

Pick me up on your way to the rally.

We'll go together.
You live next door.

They're jerks. Dealing with them -
the harsher, the better.

Remove the main bastards,
and it'll quiet down.

I'll send Dodik over.

I heard you're
spending more on prisons.

Concerts, TV sets, shops, gyms.
About to go there yourself?

Relax, I'm joking.

Say hi to your brother.
He's shitting money, ey?


Do you know who got killed?
Are there any witnesses?

- Who was killed?
- What's going to happen now?

- How many people got killed?
- Who witnessed it?

Tell us why they were killed.

No one knows a thing.
What happened?

- No one knows a thing.
- There he is.

Let's go up to him and ask.

It happened last night.

- Tell us.
- Were you there?

Hi. What happened there?

- Tell us.
- About what?

We heard two people
were killed yesterday.

Tell us. What did you see?

- You were with them.
- What happened?

- Tell us.
- What a tragedy.

Did you see anyone?

Two of our people
were killed yesterday.

Let's gather and get going.

- Let's go and gather people.
- Two guys were killed.

I'm devastated.
But it's not about me.

- Sure you didn't see them?
- I wish I did...

- Why are we listening to him?
- We left in different directions.

Probably you saw
what they looked like.

- Did you see what they looked like?
- I did not see a thing.

- Does the management know?
- So, who was killed?

- Our guys are over there.
- Yes.

Let's get to the rally.

Any news? Tell us!

Such a young guy got killed.

Yes, he was young.

Why did you involve him?
Why do you involve young people?

We need youth,
we can't just go on Uncle Kolya!

Who's in charge now?

- What do you think?
- You know yourself.

- I just came from the police.
- And?

- Egorov informed the relatives.
- Yes.

He should be here.
Have you seen him?

No, I've just arrived.

It's really inconceivable.

Things are a bit more
complicated than it seems!

They knew
we were planning this rally.

And the guys were activists.

Let's amend the petition
for the rally.

The prosecutor has to take
the investigation in his hands.

They need to find those
who hired the killers.

My phone is ringing constantly

- I know.
- They're worried.

- I know.
- Hell will be loose.

By all means prevent provocations.

It's difficult.
We need to be calm!

I'm off.

- So, here we have posters?
- And banners.

- Are there banners too?
- Yes.

Good job!

- Our people got killed.
- Yes, we have to carry on!

- Everyone's got a poster.
- Very good.

- Everyone knows where to stand.
- Yes.

The banner 'No lay-offs!"
needs to be put by the stage.

Of course. What are you doing here?

- The press will be there.
- Great! Good job!

It needs to be loud!

The megaphone works!

We have banners.

Get ready. 5 minutes left.

Keep on working.

- 5 minutes?
- Get going!

Guys, listen to me.

One thing after the other!

The prosecutor knows what happened.

Let's go ahead with our plans.

Calm down.

- Hi.
- I just came from the police.

Guys, let him speak.
It's important.

- Go ahead.
- I talked to the investigator.

A criminal case was opened.
They found a witness.

He says three junkies did it.
One of them was arrested.

What junkies? Utter bullshit.

- Wait a minute!
- They search the whole city.

Where are the other two?

Somewhere in the city
and they are armed.

But they'll be found soon.

Calm down!

Let him finish!

The case is almost solved.
He is a good investigator.

- They are all good.
- Let's go and talk.

What does it mean 'almost'?

He says - almost solved.

Calm them down.

- It mustn't get out of hand.
- I'll calm them down.

- The cops should inform us.
- That's right.

You can say at the rally

that the crime has been solved...
- Yes, I'll say that.

And say we all want
these bastards to be found.

- Yes!
- Get going!

- I'll go to our men.
- Do that.

So, guys, here's... Let me speak!

- Who has armbands?
- We all do.

Why do you need armbands?
There may be provocations.

Once you spot provocateurs
take them behind the police line.

Why do we need to do this?

The authorities can accuse us
of extremism.

We don't need any of that.

We want to be on good terms
with the authorities.

That's all, guys!
Let's do a good job!

We need to be calm.

- What's up?
- Egorov is sick.

- Egorov? Where is he?
- On the 3rd floor.

- Where are you going?
- Egorov is on the 3rd floor.

I'll be right back.

What the hell!

- Where are you going?
- Egorov is up there.

What the hell!

Take it. I have to give it to you.
Make sure you call this number.

- He's there.
- Thank you.

I've been looking for him
for two hours.

I thought something happened.

Why are you sitting here?
You weren't at the rally.

People are looking for you.
Your father was there. Everybody's worried.

Yes, I found him. We're coming.

You should've seen that.

The people just can't take it
anymore. They are on edge.

Egorov gave a great speech!
Everyone was waiting for you.

What happened? You had a fight?

You're all smeared. What's up?

I have to tell you everything.

No. I have to tell you everything.

Everyone was at the rally.
We're ready to go on strike.

Ok, get up.

We need to talk seriously.
Let's go.

- I have to tell you.
- Yes, I'm listening.


What about the funeral?
How did it all go?

Was it ok in the morgue?

Let's bury them first.

And then commemorate them.

We'll soon be there.

- Say some words, ok?
- Sure.

Guys, you'll carry the coffin
with me, okay?

Let me talk to him.

The strike starts at noon tomorrow.

Good, the management doesn't know.

- You think it'll work?
- It'll work.

Our flyers are handed out.
We have cameras.

We'll post reports on the web.
Create some furor.

We'll carry the coffin,

and you stay with his mom.
- Sure.

I feel sorry for the young guy.
He gets buried, too.

Yes, there they are.

Take the wreath and put the lid here.

Ok, guys. Let's do it.

Careful now. Let's get him out.

- Take it.
- Got it.


That's his mother.

- Some guys from the plant came.
- They instigated all of it.

We laid them to rest.

Let's come up to them.

We did.

Please, accept our condolences.

Nobody thought that could happen.

Hands off!

What are you doing? Careful. Hold it.

What's that?

What kind of a suit is that?

He had no suit
and a proper one costs 3,000.

- Where would he get that money?
- Right.

He had no money, nothing.

Bring the lid! Faster!

Cover him.

- Give us the lid.
- Outrageous.

Bring the lid!

Son of a bitch!

Come on, guys.
Help to get him out.

Come on, get up!

Pass him the rope.
Come on, grab the rope.

Grab the hand!

Guys, help me!

That's it.

Get up.

Wow, what a dandy.

- What is it?
- The management pays its respects.

Come here, help me with the wreaths.

The management sent wreaths.

- He's all business.
- He's doing his best.

- Wreaths.
- Place them here.

Wreaths from the management.
Our condolences.

What is the unrest here?

A young guy, killed for nothing.

All because of your rallies.
Meetings till late at night.

You just confuse our young people.

Hush! I'm sick already,
even without your crap.

I was told to have you
speak to someone.


Talk to them.

- Yes.
- You're about to be fired.

- I see.
- Come talk to us.

- Let's go, I'll give you a lift.
- Let's go.

Relax. They'll manage without you.

Let it go.

They'll fire everyone now.
Nobody wants unrest at the factory.

- Get in.
- Unrest...

Temporary work is the future.
That's what it is.

I want them to fear dying of hunger.

Though you have a chemical factory.

Yes, with a natural fluctuation
of staff, right?

Are they really all bald? Wow.

Let them bite the dust.
What is it to you?

Ok, right now. Where?

Are you being serious?

Fuck you, man.

- Follow me.
- Thank you.

- Sit down here.
- Thank you.

Well, tell me.

Make sure you keep your mouth shut.

- Ok?
- Yes, yes.

Good day.

This is our man I told you about.

- So, you're working with him?
- Yes, he came this morning.

He said the foundry will go on strike
tomorrow at noon.

We'll declare tomorrow
a cleaning day. I'll handle it.

Ok, that's great.

Good job.

Yeah, you owe me one.
Don't forget.

Now I know. You don't worry.

You'll crow like a rooster.

Let the workers know he is a traitor.

And see what they do to him.

Ok. Let's go.

- That's all?
- Go home.

Thank you very much.

Don't worry. You won't get fired.

You might even get promoted.
As promised.

- Not an easy thing.
- Yes.

- Everything will be ok.
- Just don't tell anyone, I beg you.

You keep quiet about this, too.

- Go home.
- Thank you.

- First floor.
- Thank you.

The management is worried
about the unrest at the factory.

It was decided to close
the unit for a day.

Don't worry, you'll get paid.

Good decision.

Or they'll tear the unit apart.

More trouble every day.
I'm sick and tired of it.

Here is the plan.

You shut the gate and let no one in.

If they try to burst in,
call security. Got it?

Don't worry.

Put up a note,
tomorrow is 'Cleaning day'.

Let no one in.
We'll crush cockroaches.

- Will be done.
- Go.

What's that all about?

Cleaning day.

- What's that all about?
- They closed the gates.

What's written there?

Break it open!

Let's knock!

Hey, open up!

- Open up!
- Go and ask what's wrong.

That's something new. Cleaning day...

Why is that?

- Whose idea is that?
- Calm down!

The unit is closed today.
Cleaning day.

Go home. You'll get paid for today

You will. And now go home.

Hey! What's going on here?

- Break the door!
- Just imagine. Cleaning day.

They did it on purpose!
Let's break the door!

- Thought up a reason!
- Let's go to the gates!

Let's do it, guys!
Let's break the gates!

- Wait!
- Hello. Yes.


If not today, then tomorrow.

- Wait!
- We need to keep working!

It's me!

Where do you hurry?

Stop it Where are you heading?

You know what you are? You are scum!

Calm down.
Stay home for a while.

- Wait! Where are you going?
- You can stay home tomorrow!

Is he breathing?

What the hell?

I think it was no accident.

Good day, Sergey Viktorovich.
For some reason...

...your men wouldn't let me in.

Have you heard? Ruzin got arrested.

My brother's bank was searched.

I had to send him to London.

The massive money transfers,

the situation with the loan.

But ok, we'll manage.

They want to sack our minister.

The cops are on him.

Someone reported on him.

I even thought

you prepared my new job,
as we had agreed.

Most importantly,

Pavel acts strange.

Some uproar at his plant again.

I'm scared, Sergey Viktorovich.
Simply scared.

I might be nailed, too.
And Pavel has all the documents.

I feel insecure.
You're my only hope.

What is it, Sergey Viktorovich?

Are you ill?


My son just killed my other son.

My life is over.

I don't need anything anymore.

Let it all go its way.

I am not taking part anymore.

No need to fear me.
Live in peace.


- Good evening. May I?
- Get in.

What did you bring?

You're a good guy, Dodik.

You could have a long and happy life.

But you'll be made
responsible for all those things.

None of your papers were signed.

The bank gives no credit.

The previous credits are
being investigated

Who gave them, what for, how much?

Times are changing, Dodik.

And you're entangled
in these risky things.

it's you organizing all this.

It doesn't matter
what you'll be convicted for.

Your guys killed
Sergey Viktorovich's son.

You killed him.

No mercy for that.

- What son?
- The other one.

Pavel Sergeevich is losing his mind.

You'll be made responsible
for everything.

Who signed all the documents?

Dodik signed them all.

The police chief will dump you,
that much is clear.

He covered you up personally.

Now listen carefully.

Pavel Sergeevich has many receipts
signed by me.

You know that.

So you will...

remove Pavel Sergeevich.

You are a top notch
expert in this, right?

And then you will bring me
all these papers,

How much money?

Enough for you, Dodik.

And no stupidities.
I'll kill you, scumbag!

Now, get out of here!


I am waiting.

For now.

- Shut the door.
- Good-bye.

The management wants to talk to you.

- Good evening.
- Thank you, you can go.

Let's go.

Luciano is perfidious.

We've seen worse

and handled them.

- We need to handle him.
- We'll manage.

This looks good. Great view.

Guys, you wait for me there.

- Call Nikolay Semyonovich for me.
- I left my phone in the office.

Go and get it. I'm waiting

Move your legs, Dodik!

Go. He is there.

Dodik, what the heck?

What the fuck are you doing?

You piece of shit! Scum!
You killed my friends.

You'll kill more.

You'll kill all our people!

You scum, you nobody!

You destroyed me!

You destroyed hundreds more!

- Guys, are you nuts?
- You're nothing.

- Fucking kill him.
- You must die!

Get the fucking ambulance! Fast!

Get me Dodik. Dead or alive.

He fucking betrayed me.
I need to know who pays him.


Asshole. What have you done?

Dodik, you asshole!

What have you done, motherfucker?

You are wearing no cross?
Where is the cross?

You don't believe in God?

None of you believes in God?

You wanted to take my place? Did you?

I hate you, you are cattle.
You'll always remain cattle.

I hate you all, you are rubbish!

You wanted power?

You're scum. Scum!
You wanted to take our places?

Here goes your power.

What will you do in the afterworld?

Organize your revolution
in the afterworld?