Z.P.G. (1972) - full transcript

In the not too distant future, a very smoggy and overpopulated Earth government makes it illegal to have children for a generation. One couple, unsatisfied with their substitute robot baby, breaks the rules and gets in a lot of trouble. (Z.P.G. stands for Zero Population Growth.)

Attention, all citizens...

Attention, all citizens...

Stand by for an
important announcement

from the President of the society.

This announcement will
bring you the result

of the deliberations of the
world federation council.

Attention all citizens.

How much time do I have?

Uh, six seconds, sir.

My fellow citizens. Ahem.


My fellow citizens,

it is with a heavy heart that I
bring you the findings of the council.

After deliberating
in continuous session

for the last four months in
unceasing efforts to find a solution

to the devastating
problem of overpopulation

threatening to destroy
what remains of our planet

the world federation council

has considered and rejected
all half-way measures advanced

by the various regional
scientific congresses.

We have also rejected proposals

for selective euthanasia
and mass sterilization.

Knowing the sacrifices that
our decision will entail

the world council has nevertheless

reached a unanimous decision.

I quote...

Because it has been agreed

by the nations of the world

that the earth can
no longer sustain,

a continuously
increasing population,

as of today,

the 1st of January, we join with
all other nations of the world

in the following edict:
Childbearing is herewith forbidden.


The conception of a child
shall be the gravest of crimes,

punishable by death.

Women now pregnant will report to
local hospitals for registration.

I earnestly request your
cooperation in this effort

to assure the last hope
for survival of the human race.

B.E... before edict.

Electronic imprint is fine.

John Graham, 77-34-575.

John Graham, 77-34-575.

Handle her gently.

You won't be seeing any
more of these for 30 years.

Welcome to Babyland.

This is the first day
of the rest of your lives

and only the beginning
of the happiness

we know awaits you.

When the ever-open doors
welcome you to Babyland,

we promise you fulfillment.

You come to us as
a man and a woman,

you'll leave as a family,

the proud parents of your
own little boy or little girl.

After all, we've had eight years

to improve on the original model.

At the time of the edict,

they were hardly more than toys,

but since then, what enormous
progress we've made.

They're all designed to
be either playful or cranky.

Real tears.

Body temperature 98.6

except when illness strikes.

Ah, they're designed to go through

the whole range of
childhood diseases.

Nothing serious,

just enough to keep mother

constantly on her toes.

She's darling. Don't
you have a younger one?

Sorry, we're... we're out of infants.

They just can't make them fast enough,

and trade-ins have been sluggish.

Some mothers can't stand

to see their little ones grow up.

Come on, lady. Make up your mind.

We've been waiting here all day.

Well, we'll take her.

Do you have a name for her?

We need a name so
we can program her.

Bonnie, after my mother.

Also, make sure you visit
your unit housing council

to put your name
on the waiting list

for your new and more
spacious living quarters,

just two of the many advantages

that each Babyland
child brings to you.

You can call her now.

Check your ticket to see that you
are in the correct waiting line.

Little boys are expecting
you in the east wing.

Little girls, in the west.



They can be selected, and collected...


On the ground floor. east wing.




You're my mummy...

And that's my daddy.

My name is Bonnie,

and I love my mummy.

I love you, too, Bonnie.

Get me out of here.

Get me out of here.

Next couple, please.

From the ever open doors, welcoming you
to Babyland, we promise you fulfillment.

You come to us as
a man and a woman,

you'll leave as a family.

Research is pleased to announce, that
increasingly large areas of the world's needs..



This is a major breakthrough
for the societies.

Carol, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

It's all right.

Let's not go home just yet.

Increased to as much as two thousand five
hundred calories per day per citizen.

And now it is curfew
time for all citizens

in the 8 P.M. to 8 A.M. rotation.

Please proceed to
your assigned cubicles.

Big mouth's happy
message for today.


I wonder what the
hamburger Monte Christo

would taste like?

Same as the spaghetti bolognese.

Maybe we should have
the beef stroganoff...

A la old Vienna.

reported in sector 15.

Transgressors reported in sector 15.

No, please, you've
got to believe me.

He's not a baby. He's
just small for his age.

She's lying. He ain't all right.

He's eight. He's small for his age.

Come here, boy. Come here.
- He doesn't look eight.

He is eight. He's
just small for his age.

- She's lying!
- Oh, please, don't hurt him.

Oh, please, please.

- It's a fake.
- You can't fake this, lady.

You see? I told you. He's eight.
He's just small for his age.

Come on, son.

For survival of the fittest,
man must be fit to survive,

and for the amusement
of your young ones,

cartoons will be shown at 5 P.M.

For those junior citizens on
the 8 P.M. to 8 A.M. rotation,

these cartoons can be seen before they
tune in to their video study counselors.

For the more athletic among you,

the minister for sport

and the council for
citizen's entertainment...

You may remove your
atmospheric shield

as the museum has
made every effort...

Only a few ahead of us, mummy.

- We're getting there.
- How long did you have to wait?

Four years...

Four years for just one hour.

Welcome to state museum number 43.

Hey, there's a
line here, mister.

Stay in line. Stay
in line, please.

Allow the museum
personnel to pass through.

- Next couple.
- Time for us now. Come on.

Although we know you will find
all of the exhibits fascinating,

may we request that you
make your three selections

at the central desk
and keep moving.

Others are waiting in line
to share your happy experience.

The flora and fauna on show here

are either the result of a
ceaseless search on your behalf

or have been artificially
cultivated on the premises

by members of our laboratory staff.
Almost all of the species have been extinct

since the end of the 20th century.

Many of the fascinating
replicas of marine and animal life

may appear frightening
to children,

but we assure each parent
there is no cause for alarm.

In fact, many of these animals,
although totally unproductive,

were kept as domestic pets
and bought as playmates

for 20th century children. These
animals contributed nothing,

were not a source of food.

Our museum houses the
largest selection of flowers

on this continent. These aesthetic objects
have been hydroponically cultivated,

and hence it's been impossible

to recreate their former
aromatic properties.

These flowers, pleasing
to the eye as they are...

Get out of there. Come
on. Get out of there.

I am now going to
take this gasoline pump

and pour gasoline into this car,

which is also from the 1970s,

and that's all there was to it.

Sweet substances caused
grave disorders of the teeth,

and remedial surgery had to be
conducted with primitive instruments.

These surgeons were
called dentists.

However, the true cause of our
present atmospheric conditions

was the unrealistic
and inept policies

of the leaders of industry.
The crimes committed by them

were further perpetrated by the
political and religious leaders

who irresponsibility allowed
the equally devastating crime

of overpopulation.

Time... the time is 13:55.

Will all museum officials

report to their designated posts.

And humanity suffered
the great famine

and the smog blanket age.

Outside and to the
rear of the museum

you may visit our 20th
century life exhibition.

This is comprised of a
street of seven houses,

any one of which
is a perfect replica

of the domicile of the
20th century family.

Each home is fully equipped
with all the household gadgets

which have been obsolete for decades...

- Who's with who tonight?
- Well, if you want to go with Carol,

I think she's coming
down with a cold.

She must have got it from me.

I cured mine with a
big dose of aspirin.

There ought to be a law
against free-breeding germs.

I think I'd better
sleep alone tonight.

Why did you lie to George?

Why did you play along?

- I don't know. Why lie?
- Well, I don't know.

Edna's behaving like a bitch
for the last couple of days.

Besides, you might be
coming down with something.

- Who says?
- I say.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Delicious.
- Thank you.

Cheers. - Cheers. -Cheers.


Well, that's our 1971
exhibition for today.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves
and saw some interesting things.

Now Russ and George will
take you to the pond pavilion

where you'll see
some bodies of water

that were known
as lakes and ponds.

Some contained edible
fish now extinct.

As you know, during the spatial crisis,
these bodies of water were filled in

to make room for housing.

Oh, good evening, Mrs. McNeil.

Good evening. ls Dr. Mallory in?

Yes, doctor's in his office.

- May I speak to him, please?
- Just a moment.

- Yes, nurse?
- Mrs. McNeil, doctor.

Turn her on.

- Hello, Carol.
- Good evening, doctor.

I'm listening.

I'm listening, Carol.

Doctor, I went to
the baby shop today,

and I just couldn't go through with it.

- Go on.
- Well... also...

I find it very difficult...

- To make love.
- Have you used the audio-visual erotica?

- Em yes, but it just doesn't seem to stimulate me.
- That's unusual, Carol.

Most women find it helpful.

I know.

Doctor, I just
can't bring myself

to believe all this.

I just don't understand myself.

I know I'm very lucky really.

I have a much freer life

and unusual space
and oxygen privileges

and better rations

and even a vegetable
garden, but...

Lots of women would like
to be in your place, Carol.

I know.

I know.

Doctor, I...

Go on, Carol.

Go on, Carol.

Go on, Carol.

Doctor, I want to have a baby...

My baby.

That's impossible, Carol.

I know, but I want my own baby.

You know that's
impossible, Carol.

No one is allowed to have a baby

for the next 22 years.

I know, but I want one.

That is not reality, Carol.

Your life is reality.

You must learn to
understand and accept it.

It is as it is,

and it will be until
the day you die.

That is the only reality.

The only reality, Carol.

The only reality.

Welcome to twilight city,

northeast division, sunset sector.

The society wishes to express

its sincere and extreme pleasure

at your visit.

To those citizens here
for the first time,

a very special welcome.

We know you will find the
tranquility of Twilight City

very gratifying

and the smiling faces
of our senior citizens

richly rewarding.


It's Carol.

How is he?

He's been very depressed.

It's Carol, Doctor.

Doctor, it's Carol.


He recognizes you.

After all, you were
one of his babies.

He brought you into the world.

We conquered cancer...

And then heart disease...

And all the rest of it...

And for what?

If this is living...

I'm alive...

And you'll never have a baby.

We didn't know.

We just didn't know.

The society wishes to remind you

that there are only
21 days to Christmas.

From the dawn of recorded time,

there have been festivities

coinciding with
the winter solstice.

Assyrian, Babylonian, and
Egyptian civilizations,

all worshipping the sun in
different manifestations,

celebrated with
priestly sacrifice...


We got another one. Come quick.


No! No!






Transgressors at
public square 171.

Keep clear of the
extermination chamber.

Do not interfere with our
sector security officers.

Stand back.

Attention, attention...

Citizens Thomas and Alice Johnson,

according to the
zero-birth edict,

you have been found guilty

of a most devastating
crime against humanity.

You are hereby
sentenced to death...

I'm the one. I saw
it first. I'm the one.

Here's your
bonus, extra rations.

Well done.

Against the society.

Guilty of the most devastating
crime against humanity.



You are hereby sentenced to death.

Sentenced to death.



I want a baby, doctor.

I want my own baby.

That's impossible, Carol.

You know that's impossible.

It's not reality.

This is the only reality.

The only reality.

I'm alive.

And you'll never have a baby.

We didn't know.

We just didn't know.

Never have a baby.


You know I...

don't think about it.

I can't help it.

I know.

You can't know how I feel.

Go and take care of it.

Go on.

You can't know how I feel.

It's just a doll.

It's only a doll.

It's a fake...


Wire and wheels.

It doesn't love me

can't see me.

It's only a fake.

Call to Peter.

Call to Peter, Edna.

He can't even see me.

He doesn't know me.

He's plastic.

He needs you.

He loves you, Edna.

Call to him.

Without you he'll die.

Without you he's lost.

Don't turn away from him.

Don't turn away from him now.

Don't desert him.

Where are you, mummy?

Come back to him.

Come back.

He's alone.

He's afraid to be alone.

He needs you.

He needs you, Edna.

Peter needs you.

He wants you.

He needs his mother.

Protect him.

Only you can protect him.

Come back to him.

Come back.

He's alone.

He's afraid of the darkness.

He's alone and afraid.

Protect him.

Only you can protect him.

Where is my mummy?

He must know you love him.

Without your love,

he'll be empty and cold.

Without your love,

he'll die.

He'll die.

Why did mummy go away?

Go to him, Edna.


Go to him.


Oh, my baby.

You're back! You're back!

My baby.

You're back, mummy!

My baby.

I love you dearly.

Mummy, oh, mummy, I love you!

Oh, Peter. Oh, my baby.

Oh, my baby.

My baby.



Carol, you ready?

Yes, I'll be right with you.

That's nice of you, Russ.

Yes, well, it'll be...

more like a meal.

Where do you want to eat?

Do I have a choice?


They've certainly made
some improvements here.

Yes. The steak smells like steak.


Tastes like steak, too.

Bon appetit.

They certainly have
made some improvements.

The vegetables! The vegetables!

Russ, he's taken the vegetables!

They're fresh! Fresh vegetables!


And you will be delighted to know

as well as your Christmas
calorie increase,

the society is
furnishing once again

the traditional
hallmark of the season...

The Christmas tree.

We hope you will avail yourselves

of this quaint
reminder of bygone days.

Your unit Metromart will be happy

to video-record your order,

but stocks are limited.

Couldn't we have
a Christmas tree?

I seem to remember

last year you called them...


And decadent.

This year I feel
sentimental and decadent.

If you want a Christmas tree,

then have one.

Metromart. Department, please.

Trees and shrubbery, please.

Good evening, Madam.

Can I help you?

I would like to see a
Christmas tree, please.


We have several varieties,

all made of the finest
synthetic vertoplast.

Balsam... a beautiful
model, don't you think?

And northern pine...

Or else there's blue spruce...

A special this year,

a fragrance that
will last for years.

Simply wonderful.

What do you think?

I'll take the blue spruce.

Very good.

And I'd be more than happy

to deliver the tree personally.

What was that for?

I thought you wanted a
tree, not a tree salesman.

Well, he was only coming on.

Yes, well, he just got
turned off, didn't he?

Isn't that what they
used to call jealousy?

They still do, love.

What about my Christmas tree?

Do you really want one?

I'll get you one.

With earth...

And roots...

And everything.

You silly fool.

You could've been killed.

Thank you, Russ.

Thank you.

All we need now is a baby.

Our own.

When did it happen?

Four months ago.

You're crazy.

Like you with the tree?

We're both crazy.

Or maybe we're the
only sane people left.

Merry Christmas, darling.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, darling.

If they caught you, they
could've killed you.

You won't be able to have
a doctor. You know that.

I know.

The baby...

What will we do with it?

We'll love it.

You'll have to leave me.

If it's going to work,
you'll have to leave me,

nobody will be surprised.

They know how moody you've been

over the last couple of weeks,

and with the baby shop...

But where will I go?



Right below this room.

Don't worry.

I'll have to...

- Get that ventilator working.
- I never thought anyone

would ever have to
use this place again.

I'll come down here
as often as I can.

Will you be able to survive?

I'll have to, won't I?


Doggie. Nice doggie.

Look at my doggie.

- That's my doggie.
- You know, I can't understand

Carol walking out
on you like this.

I didn't know there was anything wrong.


You know, this tree
smells somehow different.

Where did you get it?

Oh, I bought it at the mart.

You know, she's just
not walking out on you.

She's walking out on us.

I think it's time

we get this little
one to bed, George.

Come on, Peter.

Oh, right. Yeah.

Good night.

I'm sorry, Edna, but
I'm a little tired.

What's the matter?

Wait a minute.

I'm just not in
the mood, I guess.

So I've noticed lately

oh, come on, Russ.

I've been waiting
for this all day.

I'm sorry.

It's all right. I understand.

I don't think you do.

I tell you, I understand.

Then why the face?

I don't have to like it, do I?

And you think I do?

I don't know what to think.

I have to go along with them.

I had to spend as much time

in their house as possible

to keep them away from here.

Why? You know how to say no.

Now, you listen to me.

One word from them...

And we are finished.

Is this the way it's
going to be every night...

Me down here and you up there?

I can't stand it.

Well, you've still got time

to report to the
Ablab, haven't you?

You can just walk in there
and say, "oh, I am so sorry."

I did not realize I
was this far gone.

You want me to do that?


it's what you want

isn't it?



And as a further result
of the January 1 edict,

the society is
delighted to announce

that stabilizing influences
have made it possible

to increase the caloric
allotment of every citizen

to 1,600 units per day.

The increased ration becomes operative

as of today July 15th.

I heard him kick that time.


Have you thought of
a name for her yet?





I'm so happy.

I don't mind anything now.

I'm just counting the days.


26 days, 4 hours, and 3 minutes.

Are you sure about the minutes?

Yes. A computer told me.

What time is it?

I don't know.

I suppose I'd better be
going back down to Siberia

before that bitch comes in
with your breakfast tray.



Telescreen service. Can I help you?

Can I help you?

No, I'm sorry. It's a mistake.

I don't think she noticed.


Shh! Take it easy.


I'll be all right.




The society takes knowledge

to be the province of every citizen.

When knowledge comes, wisdom lingers.

Therefore, the audio-visual
encyclorama library

is open to every citizen
who thirsts for education

in our world, past and present.



Film number 419.

A member of the
Roman Catholic order

of Augustinian canons

founded in 1120 by Saint Norbert

at Premontre, France.

Members of this religious order

were also known

as Premonstants and Norbertines.

Their expert and artistic
weaving of tapestries

was acclaimed the world over.

On these tapestries,

the Norbertines depicted various saints

as well as illustrating

traditionally known
religious events.

Fine examples of the Norbertine art

were preserved for many centuries

and housed in...

Premature birth...

Film number 418.


Russell Arthur.

Look, what is all this?

Library security chief,

department of state security.

I'm going to ask
you some questions.

Are all these lights necessary?

Why are you interested
in premature births?

It was a mistake.

I must have punched
up the wrong number.

Just what subject
were you looking for?


Ah, yes.

Interesting psychotic phenomena

associated with the schizoid mind.

They're an order
of Augustinian canons

founded by Saint Norbert

in 11... 20.


Why did you watch the
wrong tape for so long?

I was about to use the cancel key.

That was more than long enough
to see that you had made an error.


I have never seen
anything like that.

I was about to report...

To the chief librarian.

I don't think that the state

should allow such filth!

Your complaint is noted.

There is no need to
see the librarian.

You may return to your Premonstratensians.

Now, then.

My father thought I was
going to be a footballer.

I wasn't very good

and now I may be working
to have a footballer.

It's O.K.


He's shouting.

He's shouting his name.

He's coming.

He's coming now.

Get ready, Carol.



Is it now?


Push now.


You've got to push.

Push, Carol.


I can feel...

I can feel his head.

Push darling.

That's a girl.

That's a clever girl.

He's here.

I can see his head.
It won't be long now.

Here we go.

Here he comes.

Come on.

Here she comes.

It's come. It's a boy.

I'm sure you'll be
very happy with him, sir.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thank you.

Next couple, please.

If only I could
take him to a doctor.

Look at him.

For god's sake, he's sick.

Don't you understand?

You go.

Make my excuses.

And tell them what?

Tell them...


I don't give a damn.

You know I can't do that.

It's a welcome-home
party for you.

You've got no choice.

I can't risk leaving him.

You can't risk not leaving him.

What if they begin to suspect?


Well, maybe it would be better.

What do you mean by that?

This is all he'll ever have...

This... for the rest of his life.

This is his world.

He'll never be
able to leave here.

Time check.

Will all senior museum officials

report to the main hall
for midday briefings?

Don't worry.



Welcome back.


- Oh, you frightened me.
- Where are you going?

- I'm going to the mart.
- They deliver, you know. -Yes, I know.

- Can I see him?
- He's asleep.


How is he?

He's... fine. I'm glad
you went back to the baby shop.

- It'll help you settle down.
- I think so.

- Well, see you later.
- Yes.


They're also provided

for the relief of those who suffer

from respiratory complaints.

The oxygen hydrants
have been grossly misused

by citizens having no
legitimate need of them.

The month of June is
climatically best suited...

reported in sector 12.

reported in sector 12.

Sector security officers

to alleyway 253.
Sector security officers

to alleyway 253.

All citizens will
clear the immediate area

surrounding the execution globe.

Sector security officers

have right of way.

Sector security officers

have right of way.

Led to the great famine

and the smog-blanket age.

Citizens with
respiratory complaints

should apply to their unit doctor

for a chest examination.

Here is an announcement from the
council for citizen's entertainment.

The council for citizen's
entertainment wishes to announce

that all those who have tickets
for this evening's athletic event

report to the mass participation
section of your cinema.

For survival of the fittest,
man must be fit to survive.

The council for cultural education
is presenting the Metropolis...

irrespective of nutritive value,

food was absorbed
in huge quantities.

Specific times of the day were set
aside for the intake of this food,

and the replenishment
of corporal energy

was sometimes turned
into a social event.

These events were even
conducted out of doors

without any precautions taken
to shield their activities.

Although it seems
ridiculous to us,

provided as we are by the society

with a calorically
calculated balanced diet,

these people were almost
criminally addicted

to food. These
20th-century specimens

took food for granted
and ate indiscriminately,

although during those times,

half the world
population was underfed.

It appears barbarous to us, but
until the end of the 20th century,

food was served on open plates.
Meat was allowed, even encouraged,

to be hung until it began to rot.

Makes you shudder, doesn't it?

Cheese was not considered
a great delicacy

unless a crust of mold
had formed around it.

Not unexpectedly, these eating
habits contributed greatly

to the general degeneracy
of 20th-century man.

His health was poor...

Disorders of the stomach,

and can you wonder at it?

Obesity, cardiac
strain, thrombosis...

All the conditions arrested,

corrected, and finally abolished

by the society's rigorous
and protracted efforts

on your behalf.

If these people seem happy to you,

it can only be because
they considered ignorance

to be bliss.

They allowed their
addiction every license,

swallowed poisons without
a care for the morrow

or their fellow man.
Initiates of this eating cult

made great play of the
trappings you have just seen.

Plates were decorated,
painted, and sometimes gilded.

Eating utensils
were often of silver

and used time and again

without the sterilization
which you take for granted now.

He's sick.

Turn down the lights.


Put the child on the table.

He has a terrible fever.

Nothing to worry about.


Fine, fine.

Strong, healthy boy.

Don't be afraid, Carol.

I won't tell anyone.

Believe me.

I won't tell anyone.

Please trust me.

I just want to look at him...

Just a little look.

A boy?


May I touch him?

May I.

Please, Carol.



He's so...

He's so soft,

so little.



Oh, mummy.

Here they come.

Isn't he...

Isn't he lovely, George?

Were you there?


Do you...

Feed him?

You two have done a
hell of a thing here.


Tell them, George.

Well, look, Russ, uh...

We're friends, and, uh,

Edna and I had a talk last night.

I mean, we really had a talk,

and we decided that, uh,

well, that we're all in
this together, you know?

Well, like I said, we
had a talk, you see,

and, uh, we...

We would like to, um,

kind of be...

Part of the family, you know?

That wouldn't be
possible, George.

No. Just part of a big
family. You understand?

Look after the baby sometimes.

We just want to share
it with you, that's all.

I could help you change
the diapers or anything.

Look, Russ.

We're friends.

We... we live next
door to each other.


We come in and out
of here all the time.

All we want to do is
come over more often

just to see the baby,
not to interfere.

We just want to see the baby.

We could just be...

Is that...

Look after it.

Is that asking too much?

Please, Carol.

I'd like to hold the baby.


Why not?

Why won't you let...

Why won't you let
us hold the baby?

We'd let you hold our baby.

Let her.


Let her hold the baby.

Maybe it's not
as bad as we think.


Well, at least they're our friends.

Where's Edna?

Well, I don't know.

In the bathroom, I guess.

I think I heard the baby.

Why did you wake him?

He woke up by himself.

Give him to me.

Really, Carol, he likes me.


Give me my baby.

Our baby, darling.

What are we going to do?

I don't know.

We'll have to
work something out.

How can you be sure?

I can't...

But which is the nearest execution square?


We're directly under 1-5-4.

Now, listen...

The post must be dead center.

I'm sorry, but I am
not leaving the baby here.

Only on certain days, Carol.

I'll look after him, I promise.

If you want a baby so badly,

why don't you
have one of your own?

It's against the law, remember?

Look, uh...

Can't we come to some
kind of arrangement that...

That we can live with...

Something... I don't know...

Every other day...
Something like that.


All right. I'm not asking you,

I'm telling you.

You son of a bitch.

What are you going to do?

It's a lousy world.

Today's my day, Carol.

You look after him.

Take good care of him.

I will.


Give her the baby.

But I...

I don't want to disturb him.

Give her the baby.

You know, he likes it here.

He slept all night.

By the way, this is your last day.

What did you say?

I said this is your last day.

We're keeping the
boy with us permanently.

We think he'll be safer.

You never know when someone
might inform on you, do you?

You haven't eaten.

Neither have you.

You're not taking the baby.

What did you say?

I said the baby stays.

But you've... the
baby's got to come with us.

Tell them, George.

We've got to have Jesse with us.

That's right.

I want that baby,

and I want it now.

George, we are not
playing around anymore.

What do you think you're doing?

One word from me and you

and her and the baby have had it!

Shut up, George! What the hell
do you think you're saying?

I want that baby.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.


I'm sorry. It's all over.

Jesse stays with us...

All the time.

You're crazy.

You are crazy.

You're all crazy.

I'm taking the
baby out of here now.

I'm taking this baby out now.

George, it's the doll. It's not Jesse.

You're dead.

You bastard! You're dead!


Help me, mummy! Help me!

I'll kill them.

I'll kill them all!

They've got my baby!

They've taken my baby!

I'll kill them!

I'll kill them all!

I hate them all!

Get a hold of yourself.

My baby. They've got my baby.

Come on! Get a hold of yourself!

I want my baby.

My baby!

Give me back my baby!

I want my baby!

Let me in!

I want the baby!

Give us back our baby!

My baby!

Open up!

My baby!

Open Up, you bastard! Open up!

Give me back my baby!


My baby!



Our baby!

Kill them!


- Some people never learn.
- Baby!

Kill them!

They deserve every bit of this.


Kill them!


Kill them!




Kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em!


Kill them!


Kill them!

Where are they?

Kill them!

They took... they took my baby.

Kill them!

My baby. They took my baby away.

Kill them!

Kill them, kill them, kill them!

Kill them!

Clear the immediate area.

Transgressors to public
execution square 1-5-4.

Keep clear of the
extermination chamber.

Keep clear of the
extermination chamber...

1 -5-4.

Transgressors at public
execution square 1-5-4,

stand back.

Stand back.

Keep clear of the
extermination chamber.

Keep clear of the extermination
chamber. Stand back.

Stand back.
Attention. Attention.

Citizens Russell and Carol McNeil,

according to the zero birth edict,

you have been found guilty

of the most devastating
crime against humanity.

You are hereby sentenced
to death by suffocation.

Before you die, you have
12 hours to contemplate

the crime you have committed
against the society.

Stand back.

Stand back. Keep clear of
the extermination chamber.

Keep clear.

Keep clear of the
extermination chamber.

For survival of the fittest,

man must be fit to survive.

The society announces
that the minimum draft age

has been lowered to
include all children

born before the January 1st edict.

Therefore, the parents of...

Space will be found for them...

Here you are, lady. Here's
your rations. Take it.

Dumb bitch dropped
her ration book.

I got it, I got it.

You stupid bitch. Now
it's no good to anybody.

No sacrifice is too great.

But no deviation from the established
routine will be countenanced.

The society has a...

My boy.

Careful with him.

Come on. Careful.

All parents want the
best for their children.

The society knows what is best

and no effort is spared to smooth...

For the amusement of your young ones,

cartoons will be shown at 5 P.M.