Z (1969) - full transcript

In a mid-sized metropolis (population 500,000) in a right-wing military led country, a pacifist organization, which supports the opposition party in the government, is planning on holding an anti-military, nuclear disarmament rally. The organization's charismatic leader - the deputy - is scheduled to arrive in the town from the capital the day of the rally. Beyond the problems arranging the rally due to the probable incitement of violence at such a rally, the organization learns of an unconfirmed report that there will be an attempt on the deputy's life. The rally does happen, after which a three-wheeled kamikaze runs over the deputy, who eventually passes away from his injuries. The official report is that the incident was a drunken accident. In reality, the deputy's death was murder orchestrated by the secret police, the general for who likens the pacifist organization to mildew killing off agricultural crops. A magistrate is assigned to the case. Although he does have political views, he is more interested in finding out the truth, and as such has to wade through the political rhetoric and politically motivated testimony he hears. Thrown into the mix is a photojournalist who too is looking for the truth, as it, he believes, will make a great front page story.

Mildew is prevented

by spraying vines
with a solution of copper sulfate.

There are two standard remedies:

Bordeaux mixture and Burgundy mixture,

named after the French province

famous for its wines.

The vines are sprayed
three times a year:

First, when shoots
are about five inches long,

second, just before
or after the blossoms appear,

and the third time,
a month later.

Spraying is preventive and thus essential.

Gentlemen, I conclude

on how to fight mildew.

May I remind you:
As in previous years,

planes and leaflets
will be at your disposal.

The leaflets remind
peasants that mildew,

which infects the vines,
first appeared

together with the ideological malady
that infects humanity.

On this matter, I give the floor
to the chief of military police.



As the deputy minister
of agriculture explained,

three sprayings are required
to prevent mildew.

As with mildew,
this ideological disease

must be fought preventively.

It is caused
by harmful germs

and various parasites.

So the spraying of humans

with appropriate mixtures

is indispensable.

Schools, in this case,
constitute the first stage.

That is where,
if you'll excuse the metaphor,

young shoots have not yet
reached four or five inches.

The second spraying

is just before or after blossoming.

I refer to universities
and young workers.

Military service

is the best time to protect
the sacred tree of national liberty

against infection
from ideological mildew.

This year, leaflets are
being dropped by air

to inform our peasantry

of the ideological mildew
threatening our country.

This new variety,

more diffuse and insidious,

is a crafty enemy

that is growing away
from God and the crown.

It is against this enemy
in particular

that our preventive action
is aimed.

No need to take notes.
It's all in the circular.

With the outbreak of such "isms"

as socialism, anarchism,
imperialism, communism, etc.,

sunspots began to swarm
across the face of the diurnal orb.

God casts no light on the Reds.

Scientists have announced
a major increase in sunspots

since the advent
of beatniks, Provos,

and, most of all, pacifist tendencies
from Italy, France and Scandinavia.

As the chief of law and order
in the north,

I use this occasion to address
you high-ranking civil servants.

We must preserve

the healthy parts of our society

and heal the infected parts.

Tonight the enemy
will meet in our city.

But our system is not an "ism."

This is a democracy.

We shall not ban their meeting,

but neither shall we forbid

those who don't think like them
from demonstrating.

It is with these healthy parts,
these antibodies,

that we must combat
and eradicate all diseases,

those of the vine
and those of society.

That's all I have to say.

Bear all this in mind
in the days to come.

- Lunch with me?
- A quick one.

Then I'll take you to your plane.

- That's kind of you.
- My pleasure.

Tell my wife
I'll pick her up tonight.

Mr. Head of Security?

The Bolshoi ballerinas
are visiting our city.

From Moscow?

The Bolshoi is here for four days.
Tonight is the premiere.

Stay over. I have a box.

I must be in the capital.

The capital... the palace.

The palace thinks highly of you.

It would be funny
if one of them defected here.

Like that famous dancer...

Oh, no. None of that.

Defectors prefer London or the U.S.,
countries with strong currency.

Our city has enough hotheads
who give us headaches.

Stop! Take that down.

We don't need a permit
for an indoor meeting.

I don't care! I don't want trouble.
Get a permit, or no hall.

Do as I say!

This is my hall.

Get a permit,
or find another place.

Take it down.

How do we find a hall now

and inform thousands of people
coming from all over town?

- I didn't know the topic.
- It was on your receipt.

Not anymore.

Here's your check.

I'll pay damages.
If you don't mind...

- They threatened you.
- I don't know what you mean.

You don't cancel a rental
unless you're under pressure.

You lawyers...

Mr. Bozini, you're an honest man.

Who's behind all this?
What's the real reason?

Leave me alone!
I don't want you is all.

If you don't like it, lump it.
- We should be the ones upset.

My father died today, okay?

I'd gladly rent it to you again,

but we had an inspection
by the city.


The seats have to comply.

I'll bring some kids
to set them up today.

They have to be bolted to the floor.
That takes a week.

They were never bolted before.

We either cancel
or meet outside.

And without a permit.

That'd mean agitators,
club-wielding cops, wounded.

We won't find a hall.
They'll all refuse.

I say we cancel.

He'd never agree.

We cancel
and go quietly off to bed.

Better yet,
we all attend the Bolshoi.

And we take him to the Bolshoi,
and send his audience to the Bolshoi.

You know a hall?

The Bolshoi.

They plan to murder the doctor.

- Says who?
- My wife.

Who told you?
None of my business?

What do we tell the police?

Wait, don't hang up.

She won't say. The person didn't know
the doctor's due today.

This is Georges Pirou.
You must tell us who...

Out of the question.

I trust him. He didn't know
about tonight's meeting.

He overheard a conversation.

He won't tell you. Nor will I.

He's already had trouble.
He has a family.

Now they know.

Now you know,
so do something.

Back to you.

I know, darling.

See you later.

So... what do we do?

We call the Red Cross.

The prosecutor.

Admit it's all vague.

An anonymous informant,

a conversation overheard

Maybe it's a practical joke,
or a crackpot.

Like those people who phone
about a bomb on a plane.

Who'd want to kill your leader?

Marie, get the door, please.

Let's go.

I'll call the head of security.

He'll provide protection,

We have no grounds
for any action.

Yes, you can be prosecutor
and appreciate the Paris Commune.

Ah, my friend!

- Sorry I'm late.
- I'll just be a minute.

Coming to the theater with us?

As for a hall,
I can't help you...

The colonel.

Property rights
are still protected here,

even if some people
may want to change that.

About time.

- Yes, Papa?
- Niki, see to our guest.

Just a minute.

One of our finest magistrates.

He's out?
Give me his duty officer.

You know about tonight?
I don't mean the Bolshoi.

Exactly. There was a threat
on the doctor's life.

No, but he's due to arrive...
- Shortly.

He'll be here shortly.

On the phone.

As you say.

Inform the colonel.

'All vague. "

"No grounds for action."

They think it's a publicity stunt.

The doctor will be furious that
we asked these sellouts for protection.

- Sellouts?
- To the Americans.

What do they have
to do with this?

Always blame the Americans.
Even if you're wrong.

Cut it out.
You're not always funny.

See who that is?

There they are.


So it seems. They've been
tailing me for three days.

Everything set for tonight?

No. We lost our hall,
and nobody even knows it.

They're out to sabotage
the meeting, Doctor.

Who can fix it?

Only the head of security.

We'll see him after lunch.

Let's go now.

Back to the hotel.

Your life's been threatened.
Some guy overheard talk about it.

We'll ask the police to...
- To do nothing. It looks bad.

We just talk about a hall.

we have a problem.

This hall doesn't comply
with safety standards.

There were shows there
just two weeks ago, sir.

Here's the report.

There's no emergency exit.

It never had one.

with a normal show,

there's no danger.

But a meeting
can get people worked up.

Our meeting presents no danger.

I have no reason
to stop your meeting.

The reports
of competent services

dictate my decisions.

I'm neutral in this affair.

Then why are we being tailed?

For your safety.

The minister of the interior
issued orders

to protect
your committee members

from possible extremist attacks.

Extremists under your control.

Mr. Deputy...

other halls meet safety standards.

Like the Employees' Union Hall
opposite your hotel.

You only have
to cross the square.

I'm neutral in this affair.
Believe me.

Fine, Colonel.

There it is,
on the second floor.

A tiny space

for no more than 200 people.

We'll look pathetic. In a city
of 500,000, only 200 will hear you.

The others stay outside.
It's pathetic.

Ask the colonel to let us use the square
and hang loudspeakers in the trees.

Permit or no permit,
we'll have a turnout.

We'll be going now.

We'll try to contact supporters
going to the Picadilly.

Print up flyers
about the change in venue.

let's discuss my speech.

Georges, you too.

I'll hold.

Hello, darling.
How are you?

Fine. Just fine.

Problems with the hall, as usual.

Why would there be fighting?

I said,
why would there be fighting?

Yes, tomorrow.

Georges sends his love.

See you tomorrow, honey.

How are the kids?

Fine, but I don't
see them enough.

And H?l?ne?

We have our problems.

We've grown apart somewhat,
but it's nothing.

We have a saying:
"A hungry bear

doesn't dance."

The bears won't dance.
They'll read this.

Your pen.


Get going.

Hold your meetings in Russia!

If you don't mind,
we'd rather stay here!

Do as you're told!

Hey, you.

What's the idea?

- Ignore them.
- More fun than the Bolshoi.

Call that fun?

I'm only doing you a favor.
- Your Russians are old hat.

Except when one defects.

And the Warsaw Pact?

We're against the bomb,
Russian or American.


Long live the bomb!

No more foreign bases!

You can always sell 'em
to The Daily Worker.

- They're blas?.
- So are these guys.

No more NATO bases!

Keep calm!
Don't provoke them!

You're too easy on them!

Don't bother with them.

Calm down!

Don't provoke them!


You have to start now.
The hall is full.

- Squeeze 'em in.
- Get the speakers.

Do we start?
- I'll go get them.

Go on in.

Forget about them.
Go on in.

We'll crush you like slugs!


- It's all clear now.
- Who is it?

The new face of the opposition.
Young people and women go for him.


No way.
He's against foreign influence.

The next elections are his.

He's got presence.

Ex-Olympic champion, doctor, academic
and honest politician. Perfection!

He's at the Bolshoi too.

He has to cancel the meeting.

- Sure, chicken out.
- It's to avoid any provocation.

- The students can keep order.
- They're asking for a fight.

You and your nonviolence!

Our strength lies
in respecting the law.

The law of the jungle.

We shouldn't have
taken this hall.

It's a set-up.

A set-up by whom?

We want foreign bases dismantled.
It's the CIA.

Aren't you going too far

over some stubborn extremists?

- And the death threats?
- It's not the first time.

We all know the risks.

No one.
All at the Bolshoi.

Keep trying.
The police have responsibilities.

We're going to our meeting.

Politicians! All corrupt!


We'll send you to your graves!

We'll kill you all!

Down with the police state!

Stay outside.

- Who are you?
- I'm a mason.

I'm all right.
We can start.

They struck me.


Why do the ideas we stand for

incite such violence?

Why is peace
intolerable to them?

Why don't they attack
other organizations and movements?

The answer is simple.

The other movements are national,
for domestic purposes,

and thus leave
our allies indifferent...

Sir, we can't control them.
We have to stop this.

I'll have the loudspeakers cut off.

It'll excite the others.

Out of the question.

Where are your superiors?
The colonel?

I was told he was here.

He must be
somewhere over there.

We lack hospitals and doctors,

but half the budget
goes for military expenditures.

Long live the army!

Come out, you cowards!

It's him!

Defend yourself, you coward!

A single cannon is fired

and a teacher's monthly salary
goes up in smoke.

That's why they cannot

tolerate this meeting
or our presence

and employ hired thugs
to shout us down and attack us.

Worldwide, there are
too many soldiers ready to fire

at the slightest display
of progress.

That your man?

- That's what they said.
- Is it him?

- They said it was.
- That runt, an Olympic champ?

Turn it off!

Finish him off.

It's not him!

- I told you it wasn't.
- They said it was.

Take off!

I'll go around to avoid the cops.

Out-of-season tomatoes.
They cost a fortune.

- What?
- Fix your muffler.

I can't even make
the monthly payments.

Salaried workers without pay,

confined to this subproletariat
where they are manipulated...

Shit! The cops!

They'll never know
that our struggle is theirs too,

for we live in a weak
and corrupt society

where it's every man for himself.

It's blocked off here too.

Get down.

Even imagination is suspect,

yet it is required
to solve the problems of our planet,

where the destructive power
of stockpiled nuclear warheads

equals a ton of dynamite
for each person.

One-track mind!

They want to prevent us
from reaching

the obvious political conclusions
based on these simple truths.

But we will speak.

We serve the people,
and the people require the truth.

No photos.
Send them back to the Bolshoi.

The truth is the start
of powerful, united action.

Clear these hoodlums out.

Down with the police state!

No more foreign bases!

Mr. Chief of Police!

Mr. Head of Security!

What are you waiting for?

Watch out!

Throw him off!

It's my cousin.
He fell off.

Get his feet.

I saw you hit him.

- What's that?
- What's the problem?

I hit the brake and my cousin fell out.
He's bleeding and needs first aid.

Your papers.

Just a second.

How stupid of me.

He's bleeding.
He needs first aid.

He hit him.
He has a club there.

See? Nothing serious.

And this? Move it.

He meant to kill him.


- And my three-wheeler?
- No one will touch it.

Call the station
for a patrol car.

Sure, call the station.

Stay over there.

Come here.

I'll run for it.
Pretend you're trying to catch me.

I can't explain.

I gotta go.
Just play dumb.

One move and I'll hit you.

What time is it?

I got a date I can't miss.

The regime
couldn't change that.

I mean it.

Russians all want
to live like Americans.

Come quickly, sir.
It's serious.

Come with me.

See you later.

Mr. Prosecutor.

We'll discuss it later.

I missed the ballet
because of all this.

- Why wasn't I informed earlier?
- During the show? How?

- What happened?
- A stupid traffic accident.

- The culprit?
- We'll have him soon enough.

- The victim's condition?
- We're waiting for news.

I'll go.
I'll take your car.

Be my guest.

Has the press
heard about it yet?

I don't think so.

Let's go.
I must call the minister.

Editorial offices.

What happened to you?

There was a demonstration.
We taught the bastards a lesson.

They can't stop them from meeting
or keep us from reacting either.

It's like a biological process.

You see...

we're society's healthy elements,
its antibodies.

We gave 'em hell.

What do you want from me?


that I was there
with the guys that thrashed 'em.

But why?

For my pals... so they know.

If you want.

But get over to the hospital.

And check in, so they know
both sides were hurt.

Go now and I'll get
your name in the lead.

We warned you, but no,
it was a practical joke

or a crackpot.
- Not now!

No, now you have
an assassination on your hands.

The police have proof
it was an accident.

We need their help.

You'll put us in a bind
with unfounded accusations.

They're blind. Or worse...


Calling it an accident
without proof.

- Attempted murder?
- Who are you?

I saw it all.
I was there taking photos.

Photos of the three-wheeler?

No, I missed it.

The cops ejected us.

What cynicism!
They'll use the incident politically.

- Predictable.
- They know how to make martyrs.

Those necrophiliacs!
- Let's hope he doesn't die.

That would suit them.

It's dreadful.

The brain is damaged in two
or three places. We're operating.

His heart is holding up,

but it's too early to tell.

But you must!

He can't hear you.

Can't you see
the political repercussions?

But the other victim
is out of danger.

What other victim?

Deputy Georges Pirou.
He was found in the street.

It's serious,
but he'll be all right.

Two deputies hurt.
The police behaved scandalously.

I must phone the minister.
Where can I call in private?

This way.

They must have told his wife.

I don't listen in.

I'm sure you don't.

It's true.

When does she arrive?

Tomorrow, on the first flight.

Tomorrow... meaning today.

It's for my paper.

So what did she say?

Nothing at first.

I heard her breathing.

Then she said,
"Will he live?"

The director couldn't answer.

Then she said,
"So they finally got him."

Were you there tonight?

I'm a reporter.

No, wait!

The police bungled it.
They should have prevented all this.

Two deputies hurt, one critically.

We have the culprit.

I want to see him.

Come with me.
He's in the canteen.

- The canteen?
- The cells are in bad shape.

No electricity.
The funds are pending, as usual.

So we use them for storage.

I just spoke to the minister.
This could be politically disastrous.

If the press hears
he's lazing about in a canteen!

The minister wants
a minute-by-minute update.

Not even handcuffed?

His son?
- No, a street peddler.

- Was he alone?
- No, there were two.

We have the other's address.

He was asleep in the back
during the accident.

He gave himself up?

No, arrested for a minor offense...
drunk driving. You'll get a report.


No trace of alcohol.
- It's the stew.

It's a fact that
mutton stew kills odors.

What were you doing until now?

Making stew.

He's been here for hours
and you've kept it from me?

I didn't know.
I only found out later.

You weren't informed?
How long have you been here?

Since 10:30 or 11:00 pm.

That's harboring a criminal!
You hid him from me.

You knew about it, Colonel?

I knew,

but I didn't have time
to inform the general.

Then you arrived.

When the general said
we didn't have the culprit,

I didn't dare contradict him.

Very well.

Find me an office.
I'll take his statement myself.

Arrest the other culprit.

Eat up.

They're in the pressroom.

Now what?
Since when do you wear glasses?

To avoid being recognized.

Take my name off the list.
The guy's dying.

- Where do you fit into all this?
- Nowhere.

It was an accident.
Two drunks in a three-wheeler.

If my name's in the paper,
I'll be questioned. I'd rather not be.

Okay, I'll take it out.
Now go.

What are you up to now?

No, I can't.

I'm busy.

You have to go.

That way.

No one move!

What do they want now?

To start trouble.

But we're reasonable.
We refuse.

Why is it always
our people who get killed?

He's alive.

He's clinically dead.
Why dream?

"Clinically dead," they said.

His brain is dead,
but his heart's beating.

It won't give up.

Just say the word
and they'll tear up the town.

Why hold them back?
I wonder if we have any fight left.

He had plenty.

That's why they killed him.
Us they leave alone.

Come on.

It's all I could find.

The morning papers.
The police blame us for the clashes.


"Broadcasting the speech
was a provocation.

The antinational tone

and the attack on foreign policy
immediately roused the crowd.

Hence the climate of violence.

The police performed
their duty with serenity.

Thirteen officers were injured
in the course of duty."

So said the general to the press.
We have to respond.

Yes, and stress the pacifist nature
and calm of our meeting.

We had permission.

So the police could sabotage it.

But we have no proof of that.

- We have plenty.
- Nothing concrete.

We can only deplore police
passivity and ineffectiveness.

Only later can we exploit
the flaws politically.

Why not call in the Red Cross
or the Human Rights Commission?

That's a crybaby defense.

We have to go
after those responsible.

- Take up arms in the streets?
- Why not?

- What nonsense.
- Intolerable.

- What we could do...
- We have to remain within the law.

- We have been for years.
- It's no time to change.

We must exploit this.

- It mustn't turn against us.
- Exactly.

Aren't you ashamed?

He's dying 10 feet from here.

We have no valid case
against them.

We have that death threat

He ignored it too.

But that was yesterday.
And today?

Will your man talk now?

A statement to the press.

I doubt it.

He was already
scared of reprisals.

Now even more so.

Try. Can you find him?

Not before noon.

We have to be careful.

They're watching our every move.

It's them, all right.

They're watching over us.
We can feel as safe as the doctor.

What was your reaction
to the news?

Did the American president
really send a telegram?

What did he say?

Are you a perfect couple?

Was he threatened?

Will you let the Communists
use your husband's name?

Was this a murder attempt?

Why did you call in
a British surgeon?

Were you really divorcing?

Was it an accident?

They're operating
for the third time.

Here's the hospital director.

This is the hospital director.
Your husband's had an accident.


I knew your husband.
We were in school together.

I wanted to take part
in his peace marathon,

but since it was banned,
I couldn't.

It's serious,
but he'll make it.

Professor Dodd
is here from London.

One of England's top surgeons.
He's optimistic.

Tell the parents the truth?
They'll have time for that later.

The fracture caused by the fall
ruptured the cranial vault.

There's no doubt
the brain mass has been affected.

The shock was very violent,
causing an explosion inside the skull,

a sort of cerebral earthquake.

I can't evaluate
the physical and mental effects

of this concussion,
even if the operation succeeds.

The third operation is underway.

The only positive side
is his cardiac resistance.

When he came in, we did heart massage.
Adrenaline shots too.

His heart
has incredible resistance.

It's beating regularly...


General Missou,
chief of military police.

A stupid accident
we all deplore.

The head of security.

We have the culprit,
a drunken thug.

The prosecutor.

My sympathies, madam.

The magistrate.

As I was saying,

certain areas of the brain
could be relatively affected.

These lesions aren't yet clear.

But the surgeons are optimistic.

We must await the end
of the third operation.

Your husband has
an exceptional heart.

If it holds out, he'll live.

There's every reason to hope.

A phone call
from the minister himself.

They'll exploit his wife,

play on people's emotions.
They're good at it.

The files.

Their committee secretary.

I want summaries of each.

Details of their private lives.
Their jobs too.

By tonight.

The injured deputy.

The other lawyer.

And his file?

It just came in.

Any other women?

I don't know, but probably.

Destroy his character.
Does he get along with his wife?

- She being watched?
- Like the others, sir.

We have two photographers...
- I'm not interested.

The others?

They met this morning,
picked up his wife at the airport,

then separated.

One group took her to the hospital.
As for him...

He delivered a press release.

You should have a copy.

Then he met
with some university students.


Contact our students.

That one's a mad dog.
He'll make the most of it. No shame.

- A Jew, naturally.
- A half-Jew.

Worst kind. They feel superior
even to other Jews.

- The prosecutor is here.
- Send him in.

Follow him night and day.

Come in.

We were expecting you.

- This second culprit?
- We have him.

He turned himself in today.

Come into my office.

Please sit down.

He's in charge now.
It's official.

Give him the file
containing your initial findings,

then follow his instructions.

My deputy will report to me.

The colonel's men inquired...

When can I question
the second culprit?

Whenever you like.

It seems he was asleep in the back
of the three-wheeler, dead drunk,

so he's innocent,
if it all checks out.

Their whereabouts earlier?

I have the driver's statement.
Here's his photo.

It seems they'd been out drinking
at the Chinaman's bar.

There are Chinese merchants
in our city?

The owner fought in Korea
in a volunteer battalion,

so he's called the Chinaman.

He confirms their statements.

And this is his.
I'll read it.

"I, Bertrand... aka the Chinaman,
bar owner, etc...

do hereby declare
that on May 22 of this year

Yago and Vago
entered my bar at 7:00 p.m.

And remained until 10:00 p.m.

I saw them start
with several glasses of anisette..."

It's not allowed, madam.

Thirteenth witness... a dockhand.

"I saw Vago and Yago
drinking all evening.

By the time they left at 10:00 p.m.,
they were drunk.

The Chinaman said,
'Leave the kamikaze."'


A three-wheel hauler.
Japanese model.

This is like the Far East.

I think it's clear enough.

Though we lack
background on the culprits,

the theory of an accident
seems valid.

I agree.

Besides, the minister phoned
and wants this settled quickly

to cut short
political speculation abroad.

I think my office
must make a statement today

about the accident
and say that the culprits are in jail

on charges of drunken driving
and assault and battery.

And hit-and-run.


And find out who drove him
to the clinic.

It's for you, sir.

He just died.

That doesn't change
the terms of your statement.

Simply replace
"assault and battery"

with "manslaughter."

Don't bother, Shoula.

I'll wait for you downstairs.

Who are you?

I admired your husband.
I'm a reporter.

No photos!

Just a few questions.
The public...

the people
have the right to know.

Why do you think
it wasn't an accident?

There was a death threat yesterday.
You knew about it?

You expected it, didn't you?

You said,
"So they finally got him."

What did I say?

You told the hospital director,

"So they finally got him."
Who are "they"?

Leave me alone.

The culprits have been arrested.
That's who you meant?

Go away.

Unmask the murderers!

They know already?

Yes, and it's only the start.

Police, accomplice!

I don't understand.
The fall didn't kill him?

Absolutely not.

The skull was fractured
by a blow to the head.

That's our conclusion.

The fall only caused
minor contusions.

Are you sure?

A blow? The collision
with the three-wheeler?

The vehicle hit his body.

The fatal blow was to the head.

It could only have been made

by a club,
an iron bar or a pistol butt.

No one said anything
about a weapon.

Continue, Doctor.

The skull fracture was caused
by a weapon striking from above.

That explains
the symmetrical brain lesions

on the area underneath
and opposite the wound.

Our autopsy revealed lesions

and a right cerebral hemorrhage,

whereas the fracture
occurred in the left temporal bone.

Had the shock
resulted from a fall

on a hard surface
like the street,

such lesions wouldn't exist.

Why weren't we told sooner?

- Sooner?
- Like yesterday.

Yesterday he was still alive, sir.

Before any autopsy.

Other tests would have shown
the same results.

Another theory:
He was dragged by the three-wheeler,

and his skull struck the curb.

We know the collision took place
in the middle of the street.

In any case,
no fall could cause this.

May I make a call?

Yago was driving.

The other man was drunk.
Too drunk for such an accurate blow.

A demonstrator?

Their story doesn't hold.

- You know them well?
- Very well.

Are they activists?


- Communists?
- Not if they work here.

Part of the opposition?

You can never tell.

The general, please.

I wanted to see you, sir,
to clear up a few points.

It all seems
clear enough to me.

A new fact has come to light.

There's no air in here.

You saw the accident?

How did it happen?

At what point, exactly?

When the three-wheeler appeared,
what happened?

The colonel and I...

were there.

He came out,

waving to the crowd,

which didn't applaud him.

He didn't see
the three-wheeler

swerving toward him.

It hit him.

The colonel's men
ran after the vehicle.

Two officers drew their guns,

but due to the crowd,
they didn't open fire.

The three-wheeler
kept swerving

and got away.

- And then?
- Police cleared the square

and helped the lawyers put the victim
into a vw for the hospital.

Still no trace of the vw driver?

Not yet, but obviously
a friend of the lawyers.

He helped carry
the wounded man.

When the victim was run down,
could his head

have struck the curb?

No, it was out in the street.

- You're sure?
- Positive.

Why these questions?
What's this new fact?

The autopsy says
he was killed by a club.

A club?

These doctors!
Who asked them for an autopsy?

I did.
It's legal procedure.

Yesterday it was all clear!
You'll get us into deep...

A volunteer witness.
He claims the deputy was murdered

and has proof.

He'll be here to testify
at 2:00 p.m.

Here we go.
It's a murder now.

They'll be calling it a plot
if this drags on.

I saw him. He's drunk.

He stepped out
right in front of the truck.

Did you see it?
What happened?

I saw him slip and fall.

Anybody here?

Anybody here?

I'm the chief of police.

Sir, I was on my way to testify,
and as I was walking...

You fell and your head
hit the sidewalk.

You suffer from epilepsy?

Someone hit me.
I was on my way to testify

about the deputy's murder.

It was no accident.
Yago told me so himself.

I was gonna testify.

But someone hit me on the head.
Someone in a van with a club.

Probably to shut me up.
They wanted to kill me.

I don't know who told you
to say this, or why.

I don't want to know.

We can forget all this.
Let's say someone put you up to it.

You're practically family.

Your cousin's a policeman,

and your brother-in-law's
a civil servant.

Forget all this.

Sir, they're here.

If you need anything,
come and see me.

I'll check in on you again.

I'm a bachelor.
I live with my mother.


I run a varnishing shop.

You know Yago?

He makes my deliveries.

I don't know the other two.

The murder...
- Accident!

...was the day I phoned Yago

about a delivery.

Varnished coffins! I can't even make
my kamikaze payments.

Come back this afternoon.
They're not ready.

I'm busy later.

- Tonight, then.
- I'm busy then too.

I'm about to make the biggest mistake
of my life. A murder.

Next day I heard
he'd killed the deputy.

Yago told you all that?

When did you join the party?

I've never belonged to any party.
I only like soccer.

What's with you all?
The general says I'm epileptic...


The chief of police.
Calls it a nervous disorder.

- He was here?
- Just before you came.

But I'm no epileptic,
and I don't belong to any party.

Go on about Yago.

That's all.
He left, saying to my helper...

He's the lucky one.

When can you deliver these?

I tried to set him straight,
but he does as he pleases.

Who told you
to call the magistrate?

No one. I saw Yago's picture
in all the papers.

A thug on the front page,
like a minister.

- And why not you, right?
- So you made up this story.

No, someone advised you.

Even Ma was against it.

She said to keep quiet.

- Come and eat.
- He killed a man.

- What man?
- A deputy.

- In the government?
- No, the opposition.

He did right.
What's it to you?

He got his picture in the paper.

Let them kill each other.

Not hungry.

Later she came with my sister.

You trying to be a hero?

Just doing my civic duty.
Take a walk!

Your civic duty's
to your family.

I've done enough.
Now some other idiot buys you dresses.

My husband's no idiot.
And that's my business!

Don't butt in, Mama.
Think you'll earn a medal?

I came anyway.

Or I would've,
if they hadn't clobbered me.

You didn't fall?

I'd have to be an acrobat
to land on my head.

I'll come by tomorrow
if you still want to testify.

Sure do. I'm not nuts.

Your first prosecution witness.
They lost no time.

Tomorrow you'll have 10,
the next day 15.

"Yago this, Yago that..."

Vague statements
of no legal value

that will create unrest.

They sent him
and made up the attack

to turn a witness
into a martyr.

Here he's hospitalized

but able to talk.

You admit I was attacked.
See? I didn't fall.

You know what perjury
can get you?

It's not perjury!

I should've stayed home.

I warned you.

Why get involved?
Aren't you happy at home?


What if you say you slipped
on an orange peel?

I didn't slip.

You're so pigheaded.
Listen to me for once.

Just this once.
The first and last time.

- Like always.
- Really the last time.

Say you slipped.

Your brother-in-law will be okay.
You won't risk prison.

I'll send others to prison.

No risk. I got 'em.

So much for Yago
and his picture.

Who sent you, Ma?
The cops or Sis?

Yes, it was me.
You want to destroy my home?

Leave us, Mama.

Leave us, I said.

- Don't fight.
- Out!

You hate me
for succeeding in life.

You and your husband
hate me.

Never mind him.
You've caused him enough trouble!

You want to destroy my life.

When Papa died,
I hoped you'd take his place.

I needed security.

You ignored me.
You never took me anywhere.

You preferred soccer
and thugs like Yago.

See where it's got you!
Prison, maybe, for perjury.

We'll be called accomplices.
My husband will be fired.

Come here. Listen.

You hear a guy's gonna be killed.
You don't believe it.

Then you hear he's dead.
Wouldn't you tell the cops?

That's all I did,
to help them.

- Help who?
- To help the law find the killer.

You're helping the others.

What do you want?

Your mother sent me.

I'm a journalist.

I'll tell you what happened,
because you print a lot of nonsense.

- Were you there?
- No, but he wasn't struck.

He slipped or passed out,

or leftists hit him
to stir up trouble.

That's what the police say.

They say he's crazy
but can't prove it. Can you?

- No, I can't.
- Then why try?

I never said that.

On the contrary,
he's mule-headed.

There's no changing his mind.

If he doesn't change it,
the investigation continues.

What if he is crazy
and had epilepsy as a kid?

Tell him
how you and your husband

joined the right-wingers
to get yourselves jobs.

It's true!
I joined them!

Don't wake the policeman.

She woke him up.
- He was asleep?

Taking pictures?

For the press, like Yago?

It looks ugly.

People have to see you
and know they attacked you

to keep you from saying
something important. See?

They'll attack me again.

They won't dare,
once you're famous.

But the papers
have to talk about you.

Tell me who was here:
Your sister, mother, the magistrate.

The general.
He can't stand me.

I wanted to help
and got a cold shoulder.

They asked if I was a Commie.

- Are you?
- No. Say I only care about soccer.

We'll make the front page
for a week.

Excuse me.

Who was it?

I know him.

So you're a cardiac case?

It's an old fracture.

Name and occupation?

Any convictions?

- Yes, four.
- Four.

Yes, four.

Illegal possession of a weapon,
abuse and slander, theft...

and rape.


It wasn't really.
I was a boy scout camp counselor.

Why were you in the hospital?

Security confined him there.
My client has a weak heart.

Here's the police MD's certificate.
- I've seen it.

But why the cast

and this clublike cane?

On account
of this old fracture.

I was broke
when it happened.

I needed X rays, a cast and 10 days
in bed. Two days off work

and I'd starve.

It was a rich man's fracture.

A rich man catches a cold...
and plop!

A week in bed.

We poor get a fracture,
we still gotta work or we die.

I was in the hospital already,
so I had it taken care of.

And the night of the accident?

I was drinking with Yago till 10:00
at the Chinaman's.

You see Yago often?

We're friends and cousins.

He'd been drinking too?

A lot.
Yago drinks a lot.

The Chinaman even told him
not to drive home.

I got in back and fell asleep.

The collision
and the shouting woke me.

I thought we were in a ditch,
but we kept going.

Then this guy leaps
onto the truck bed,

lithe and ferocious
as a tiger.

He grabs me... and whoosh!
Out I go into the street.

How did he leap?

- Like a tiger.
- Before that.

Lithe and ferocious
as a tiger.

Yago used
the same exact phrase.

As the driver,
he couldn't have seen him.

A mere coincidence,
Your Honor.

They haven't met since the accident.
They've had no contact.

The police can confirm.


There I was in the street, cars all
around me. I coulda got run over.

- And then?
- I went home.

When I read the papers
the next day,

I went to the police,
who put me in the hospital.

There he got lost in the halls
looking for his room

and met that reporter
quite by chance.

That concurs
with other testimony.

But something you said
makes me wonder.

It changes the direction
of my investigation.

You're a Communist.


You and Yago.
You're friends.

It was something
you let slip out.

"A rich man catches a cold...

we poor still have
to work or we die."

Then you caught yourself
and stopped.

I hate Communists!

Not words.
I want proof!

Only a Communist
would say that.

I belong to
an anti-Communist group!

- And Yago?
- Yago too.

Which one?

CROC! Christian Royalist
Organization against Communism.

You've unleashed a storm.

Vago's charged with collusion.
Collusion means premeditation.

The magistrate believed you.
He started digging...

and found that Vago and Yago
belong to a secret group.

- Secret group?
- Yes, CROC.

Everybody knows 'em.

The cops use 'em
to keep order during state visits.

You're safe.
You're famous now.

But in a year I'll be forgotten.

No one can touch you now.

Know anyone who could point out
these CROC people to me?

I'd pay.

They did this.

All the more reason
to expose them.


Know anyone?

Sure do.

But don't say I told you.

It's Dumas...

alias "The Russian,"
born in Odessa.

CRoC's got a hold on him
'cause of trouble with his brother.

He wants to work in Germany
but has no passport.

So if you can fix that...

A passport? No problem.
I can get one through my paper.

The photos?
- Here.

I've kept my word.

Now you keep yours.

- Don't like it?
- Sure.

So... those questions?

Does CROC meet regularly?


At some fat guy's place
on the edge of town.

Are there many of you?


- What goes on?
- The chief talks patriotism...

Religion, monarchy...

the twin pillars
of our eternal homeland

and Western
Christian civilization.

If you don't listen,
you don't work.

What else?

In Russia a worker can't strike,
or believe in God,

or have his own
house and garden.

Individuals are crushed
by a totalitarian regime.

- You all believe that?
- I even read it in the papers.

The state owns everything.

Yago attended the meetings?

He also talked about capitalists.

No more capitalists!
No more workers!

No more Left or Right!

A people united, one nation,
is what we need!

That calls for a clean sweep.

Start with intellectual scum!

The bookstore down the street!

He'd talk about parliamentary farce,
political youth movements.

Really? What'd he say?

Unite the young people...

...and give them a common ideal.

Abroad they're told,
"Make love, not war."

We say, "Make war!

Make war on corruption,
on liberalism,

and on indiscriminate liberties!"

I say fine, but I don't care.

And Yago?

He agrees, but he only wants
to pay off his kamikaze.

Now he can pay it off easily.

That's why he killed the deputy?

You said no accusations.

No, it's on me.

No way.

At least point them out
for some photos.

That what you wanted?

The three guys
on the three-wheeler.

The butcher.
He was in on it.

The fat guy.
He owns the bar where we meet.

The barber.

The mechanic
and the two in black.

- In the khaki jacket.
- Him?

An ex-boxer
who lived in the U.S. For a while.

In the garden, the chief...

an officer
during the German occupation.

The fig seller, a loudmouth.
Goes in for rough stuff.

Some figs, please.

The guy sitting over there.
Sells his own blood.

In emergencies
he jacks up the price.

That guy got rich
selling one eye to an American.

He doesn't attend
meetings anymore.

His sight's bad,
so he sells his blood.

Not him?



It looks like... It's him.

He beat me twice.

In the street
and in the ambulance.

Write that in the margin.

You have to publish it
in our paper.

Sign your name.

Publish it.

Sure, but not in your paper.
In a national daily.

It'll get read, and it pays.
- Money's not the point!

The photo runs tomorrow with my piece.
Bring the magistrate here.

Want do you want out of this?
Satisfaction or impact?

In a local opposition paper,
no one will see it.

In mine,
it's sensational news.

So you recognized me?

I'm a working man.
You dishonored me,

made me out to be a gangster.

I wasn't at that demonstration.
I'm not political.

Deputies are all swine.

Let go of him.

Leave the room.

I'm the magistrate.

Let's hear it.

My photo on the front page.

Mr. Pirou says I hit him
at the demonstration.

I wasn't there.
I got witnesses.

Politics is full of swine.

I was at the market
with my figs.

Your picture
was in what paper?

I forget.

It arrives from the capital
at 10:00 a.m.

I can't read... not very well.

The newsstand guy
read it to me.

Everyone at the market
thinks I'm a hood.

I came to have it out with him
man to man.

A paper from the capital?

- Still recognize me?
- I asked which paper!

The paper that gets in
from the capital at 10:00.

It didn't get in this morning.
The mail plane was grounded.

Who told you to say all this?


so I hit him.

But it wasn't my idea.

Somebody made me do it.
The same person who warned me.

What's his name?

I can't tell you.
Somebody high up.

Somebody big.
I can't tell you.

He came to warn me.

Barone, your picture's
in the paper.


The papers arrive at 10:00,
so at 10:45, no earlier,

you rush down to see Pirou
in the hospital.

Raise hell.
Claim you're innocent.

Yell. Make a stink.

There'll be reporters around.
Repeat what you have to do.

I run to the hospital...

Get lost.

...to see Deputy Pirou.

Tell us his name.

I can't. He's too big.


Come with me, please.

I'm innocent.

I only wanted to testify.

It's all an opposition scheme.

This important man...
I'm not asking his name.

He helped you?

Yes, in my work
and with my birds.

Their singing wakes the neighbors.
I was gonna have to move.

But birds are nice.

You should come by
to see them.

He helped me out
in my work too.

My market permit and all that.

The day of the accident,
he came for you?

Yes. Jimmy the Boxer said,
"The director's downstairs."

He was in his car.

Get in.

You know it's tonight?

But I can't.

I had a shipment coming in.

Figs need special care.

You need a stand
to sell them.

I got one.

And a permit.

- I got one.
- Sure, but for how much longer?

- Six months.
- And who renews your permits?

He issues the permits?


Then he dropped us off.

Do a good job tonight.
I'm counting on you.

You'll get
your permanent permit,

and maybe a new house
just for you and your birds.

Go on.

I said, "Yes, Colonel.
We'll do our best."

The head of security.

Sit down.
We'll go over it calmly.

Can I have my assistant?

Do you realize
that prolonging the investigation

gives the opposition
fuel for subversive action?

Are you on their side?

It's a new case
in a different light.

Some points are murky, but the case
is clear. Nothing's changed.

On the contrary.

We began with an accident
and two drunks.

Some ice, dear.

Their testimony concurs
in every detail.

Backed up by the Chinaman.

Next day, the autopsy reveals death
caused by a clubbing.

Which a counterautopsy
will refute,

and an expert will annul
the previous ones, etc.

Before I have time

to examine this new theory,

a volunteer witness
says it was a murder attempt.

Based on vague talk.

On his way to see me,
the witness is clubbed.

He's still in the hospital.

What are you hinting at?

Nothing, sir.
I'm only stating facts.

Enter the reporter.

His motives are anything but political.
That's important.

Then I discover that
Yago and Vago belong to CROC,

the Christian Royalists...

- I know them.
- You know them.

Along with the second
deputy's assailant

and most of those
at the demonstration.

It seems the police
know them and use them

to maintain order
during state visits.

That remains to be proven.

As does the head of security

driving this man
to the demonstration.

That's outrageous!

He would never deal
with such an individual.

Not openly.
No one would believe it.

My conclusion is this:

It would be simple
as a drunk driving case,

but that's no longer possible.

However, if we accept it as
the premeditated act of a group

abetted or simply tolerated
by the police,

it all becomes clear
and fits together.

This is very serious.
I must phone the minister.

I favor the accident theory.

Premeditated by two fanatics.
Drunk, to boot.

Right, you don't smoke.

You must settle this quickly.

The city, the country, even the world
are watching and waiting.

Our country's honor is at stake.

Forget about these lowlifes.

Your future lies before you.

This case can take you very far

or break your career.

Take it
from someone who knows.

My organization is recognized
by the authorities.

We are honest citizens,
healthy elements of society,

antibodies in the fight
against all infection.

Our goal is the defense

of Western civilization.
But it's a moral struggle.

None of our members
were at that demonstration.

Where were you that night?

I was with the treasurer
of the Dockers' Union.

Alibi confirmed.

My brother and I were
playing cards with our dentist.

Alibi confirmed.

I'm a baker.
I sleep till midnight at my shop.

Alibi confirmed.

I was at the Chinaman's.

Alibi confirmed.

At the Chinaman's.

Alibi confirmed.

I was with the brothers
at the dentist's.

Alibi confirmed.

That's not you
at the demonstration?

It does look like me.

Indicted for perjury...

along with those
who confirmed his alibi.

Plus obstructing justice.

Take him away.

Witness 27 died last night
of a heart attack.

He owned
the CROC meeting hall.

Before, you stated

Yago hit you with a club

similar to a police nightstick.

Do you maintain that?
- Yes, Your Honor.

The prosecutor says
he phoned you that morning

about death threats
against the deputy.

Your superiors say

they never got his message.

True, I forgot to tell them.

That's a serious error.

I'll answer to my superiors,
not you,Your Honor.

That morning, Counselor,
you were warned of death threats

against the head
of your movement.

Who informed you
about them?

A colleague's wife.
She can't give us the name.

She'll have to.

The man says I can tell you.

He's out in the hall.

Bring him in.

His name's Coste.

The day of the murder...
- The incident.

...he came to my office

to tell me of a conversation
he'd overheard.

But he can tell you better.

I don't want to be in the papers.
I don't want to be known.

Why not?
Isn't your story true?

Yes, but I don't want
any trouble.

Come see me if you need help.

Wait in the hall, please.

Name and occupation?

Llya Coste, deliveryman.

On the day of the murder...

The incident.
There's no proof of murder yet.

The day of the incident,
it rained a bit...

I work myself to death,

and the bank gets half
of what I earn.

Someone wants you.


Which one?


Go on.

I heard Yago say...

- What if it rains?
- So?

- We'll skid.
- It won't rain.

If it gets damaged?
I got payments due.

We'll reimburse you.

All the payments?

Hey, Yago!

The varnisher phoned.

He needs some coffins delivered.

It's a good sign.
See you tonight.

Then he came over to me.

I'll buy you a drink.

As he sat down,
I saw the club.

What's that for?

A delivery job tonight.
It'll make things easier.

What kind of delivery?

A delivery to hell.

A deputy from the capital.

Don't get into trouble.

No one will know.

If they find out,
I'll know it was you.

Later, the same man
came back.

The colonel looks different
in civvies.

- How do you know him?
- I applied for a three-wheeler permit.

Every six months, I go to him to renew it.
I always saw him in uniform.

But why pick Yago?

He's the best driver in town.

You should see him
drive his kamikaze.

This fellow
has a political history.

During the Occupation,
he was in the Communist underground.

He was deported to the islands.

- So his testimony...
- Is suspect, of course.

I wouldn't use it.

Leave him.

Isn't it obvious they're targeting
troublesome witnesses?

They just tried
a quicker method on me.

- What are you talking about?
- Attempted murder. Just now.

The plot continues

as long as the culprits are free.

I'm the magistrate here.
Spare me your advice.

This affair started at the top.
The police are a tool.

They don't have
the means or the guts

to commit a murder like this
without being covered.

The guilty ones are in the government
or higher up at the palace,

where the general
was head of the guard.

And since the palace

has its foreign protectors...

One more word

and I'll charge you with insulting
the state and the courts.

This isn't a rally.

What happened?

They tried to kill me.

They knew I had
vital information for you.

On my way here,
a car tried to run me down.

Any witnesses?

Here are the names of three honest,
God-fearing housewives who'll testify,

and the park guard,

a decorated war veteran.

And your vital information?

The vw was a police vehicle.

The one that took him
to the hospital?

But as no police were allowed in
the car to finish him off,

the driver took detours.

I know. I was there.

How odd. I know the car belongs
to one of your friends.

Surely a friend of theirs.
He helped carry the victim.

Who told you that nonsense?

The car vanished.
No trace of it at the hospital.

The page was torn out
of the registry.

Don't you find that odd?

I think you did it
to add grist to your mill.

Is this the car?

Find the owner of this car.

You want to wash up?

Thanks. I'm all right.

Sit down.

Let's hear your revelations.

But you risk indictment for perjury
and obstruction of justice.

Go ahead.

The car was waiting there,
hidden by the police.

And when
the three-wheeler came?

He came forward.

Mr. Head of Security!

Mr. Chief of Police!

He wanted the general to clear
the square to avoid fighting.

Come on.

What are you waiting for?

I saw the three-wheeler.

Watch out!

Was the man in back standing?
Could he have hit him?

I can't say.
It all happened so fast.

And then?

He fell to his knees.

It was chaos.

His knees?

His head didn't hit the ground?

No, he was on his knees,

surrounded by demonstrators
swarming in.

The police just stood there.

Which demonstrators?
Who was with him?

Impossible to say.

We pulled them away.
That's when he collapsed.

A VW drove up.

From where, I don't know.

Only then did the police intervene.
They tried to get into the car.

Come on!

Quick! To the hospital!

Get going!

Faster! Use your horn.

Is it broken?

Turn right!
- I'm just avoiding traffic.

He did it to waste time.
Then he hit another car.

You're doing it on purpose.

We have to make a report.

A man's been hurt.
It's a matter of life or death.

Okay, go on.

He did it on purpose.

The cops would've
finished him off in the car.

I did it on purpose?

That's unfair. I did my best.

They were upset.
I don't blame them.

Everyone ignored me
at the hospital.

I'd rented the car
for a date that afternoon.

I'd just dropped the girl off.

Traffic was cut off.

I must've passed a roadblock
without security realizing it.

At the hospital, I washed
the blood off the car seats.

You just stated,
"I'm a part-time chauffeur."

But you rented the car
as a serviceman.

- I'm doing my military service.
- In what branch?

Military police.

So you're a police driver.

Which department?

A department
close to the general.

How close?

Let's say personal.

For how long?

A year.

The general's driver
for the past year.

And you just happened
onto the scene of the murder?

Excuse me, sir.

Do I type "murder"?

You said "murder."

The prosecutor just phoned.
Do you know who's here?

The attorney general.

Leave us alone.

The attorney general
has come to see you,

in secret and incognito.

Yes, Mr. Prosecutor?

Yes, he's here.

We'll be right down.

So it's you. Take a seat.

So you'd indict the chiefs
of police and security?

It's inevitable...

Only events dictated
by divine will are inevitable.

The body of proof
is damning, sir.

Proof? Malicious gossip!

So-called proof
invented by pacifists

who want to create a hero.

Certainly, sir,
but the collusion of police

with demonstrators
has been established.

These two circled in red
are plainclothesmen.

They took part in the demonstration.
They've even confessed.

We also know that
the head of security met Yago that day,

along with other demonstrators.

The general said he didn't know
the driver of the vw.

In fact, he's the general's
personal driver.

I'll skip the matter
of police passivity.

Then comes the intimidation
of witnesses.

Vago is hospitalized secretly
with a police medical certificate.

He's found prowling near the room
of a witness with a club.

Then there's the crime weapon,
the club Yago carried

and which witnesses saw.

This club disappeared
during his arrest,

but the officer admitted
he rewrote his report.

You're not to mention
the club in your report.

But it's done, sir.

I'm the inspector general.

At ease.

No need to defend yourself.
You were doing your duty.

How long have you been
in the service?

Six years.

It's simple.
Just rewrite your report.

Mr. Prosecutor!

That's when you walked in, sir.

The officer couldn't lie.
His confession will cost him dearly.

There are grounds for indictment,

but not enough
to sentence police officers.

The jury will do its duty.
I have to do mine.

You'll discredit the police,
as well as the court,

which will be blamed
for not sentencing them.

As if it's not enough

that our country's been invaded
by long-haired thugs,

atheists and junkies
of unclear sex,

now you want to disparage
our armed forces and courts,

the only elements
not corrupted by parliamentarianism.

Just when we dream
of renewal,

a country without parties,
without Left or Right,

heeding God and its destiny,

you want to ruin it all.

Listen to me.

Let me make a suggestion.

I understand your scruples.

They're to your credit.

My idea should satisfy you,
the government and the palace.

Divide the case
into three parts.

First, try the two criminals.

Let justice be done.

Second, the police authorities.

Their negligence is evident,
or at least probable,

but it lies outside the jurisdiction
of a circuit court.

It's an administrative matter
that can be handled internally.

Third, bring an action
against the rally organizers.

Their inflammatory speech makes them
morally responsible for the violence.

It's an old rule of thumb.
Who stands to gain the most?

The justice minister asked me
if you were a Leftist.

I categorically denied it.

Here's a list
of useful witnesses.

It seems no one meant to kill
the deputy, just intimidate him.

I trust I've convinced you

to protect the honor
of the forces of law and order.

But you're accountable only
to your conscience, after God.

I won't bear this dishonor.

Indict me
and I'll commit suicide.

Dishonor is intolerable.

If need be, my blood will flow
in this very room.

Name and occupation.

You have to answer.

Sign your statement.

You are officially charged
with first-degree murder.

Your arrest warrant is ready.

The law grants officers
24 hours before incarceration.

To avoid the press,
use that door.

You are charged
with first-degree murder.

This is intolerable!

You have no right!

I've been thrown to the hounds.

Name and occupation.

You are charged
with first-degree murder.

Take a seat.

For me,
I see no alternative.

Either I'm cleared
or I commit suicide to avoid dishonor.

Name and occupation.

It's routine, General.

What did you do the day
of the murder?

I'd decided to attend the Bolshoi.

Not out of love for dance.
I'm no pervert, thank God.

But it was a chance
to spot sympathizers.

The morning of the murder,

you were informed
of a threat on the victim's life.

No one told me
of any death threats.

I'm convinced it was only a tactic
to justify any incidents.

My men couldn't stop
the three-wheeler,

but a man leaped
onto the flatbed,

like a tiger,
lithe and ferocious as a tiger.

I know no one
in that organization.

I have no contact
with these combatants... this CROC.

I have a photo of a banquet
you gave for them

as thanks for maintaining order
during a state visit.

Is he a Communist?
Why is he after me?

His father was a colonel
in the military police.

This photo's doctored.
It's no proof.

First-degree murder
and abuse of authority.

Are you a victim like Dreyfus?

Dreyfus was guilty!


They've all been charged,
even the general.

The magistrate didn't back down.

You see?
It's as if he were still alive.

It's a real revolution.

The government will fall.
The extremists will be swept away.

The elections will be
a landslide victory.


The deputy prosecutor
never made the trial.

He died of a heart attack,
according to the coroner.

Seven other witnesses died
before the trial.

A car accident.

A gas explosion.

A suicide.

A drowning.

A work accident.

A second car accident.

And a heart attack while driving.

"Foul play is ruled out,"
the new head of security declared.

After a three-month trial,
Vago was sentenced

to eight years on a prison farm,

where one year equals two.

Yago, 11 years of the same.

Ten months
for disturbing the peace.

Twelve months,
with a possibility

of paying off his term.

For the four indicted officers,

charges dropped,
with administrative reprimands.

The scandal led
to the government's resignation.

After the trial,
the opposition united,

certain to win the elections.

Weeks before elections,

the military seized power
and dismissed the magistrate.

During transport in a police van,
Deputy Georges Pirou

died of a stroke,
according to police.

Deported to the islands.

Fell from the seventh floor
during questioning.

Attempted to escape,
according to police.

Three years for disclosure
of official documents.

The military
regime banned

long hair,

Tolstoy, Euripides,

Russian-style toasts,

lonesco, Sartre,

Albee, Pinter,

of the press,



modern music,
pop music,

new math,

and the letter Z, which means
HE LIVES in Ancient Greek.