Yucatán (2018) - full transcript

Two white collar thieves compete fiercely against the other trying to steal to an old baker the millions he won on the lotto.

Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to this cruise.

My name is Clayderman.
I'm the pianist.

Yes, I know. There's another
Clayderman. He's a pianist too,

but I'm the good one.
You'll have time to check it.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Tonight I propose you an experiment.

I want you to close your eyes

and picture our ship
sailing away from the harbor.

Let's close our eyes...

We gradually leave dry land behind
and our troubles, too.

From this moment on,
we will live in a bubble

where everything is perfectly planned
for your fun and entertainment.

So, cast off your inhibitions,

talk to strangers

and basically,

allow yourselves to enjoy
this break from your lives.

Everything will be there
when you get back.

The schools,

the bank,

the mortgage...


But for the time being,
as the Titanic's pianist said,

"While there is music, dance!"

APRIL 2008

Thanks, buddy. I'll take this one.

Don't start, huh?
It's one per person.

I can hold my liquor. Besides,
not everyone drinks. Kids, for example.

Your dad didn't have a drink.

What a cheek calling this champagne...

- Anything, Lidia?
- Guy at the roulette.

Winning or losing?

Losing. But he has cash.

That couple over there.

He has a gold lighter.
She's wearing a pearl necklace.

- They're rolling in it, believe me.
- Wow, what a guarantee!


You look serious.
Didn't you like the show?

I don't know. Maybe it wasn't
a good idea to insist we all came.

Don't think about that
and let's take a look at your room.

- Is this yours?
- Yeah.

Ours must be down here.

- Are you tired, sweetie?
- No, I want to take a dip in the pool.

- Now?
- Yes, now.

Now your dad...
Hang on, he wants to send his love.

Ernesto, send Lorena your love.

I'm busy with the door!

He's busy with the door.

No, no, no...!

But who in their right mind
would put...?

What is this in the middle
of the window?

Have to go. Your dad is being a drag
about something in the window.

- I can't see the sea properly.
- So go up on deck.

No. I want a sea view from my cabin.

- Your dad is really something.
- This cruise was his treat.

So, do it right!
But he always calls the shots.

Are we going on a cruise?
Hey, all the family together!

Didn't even discuss the dates.
Now that we have all the tax returns.

Please, honey.

Let's have a good time, okay?

Let's do what the pianist said.
Forget everything and have fun.

Look, look.

Look what I bought for the pool.

How can I have fun?
I can't see a thing!

Where are you going?

To have a daiquiri.
See you upstairs.

He'll ruin this trip for me.

- I'm going for a drink, coming?
- Yeah, be right there.

Hey, seen how cool the windows are?
They're round.

- You've got a view?
- Yeah, look.




Look what I have for you.

Let's see what you think.

Canaries, Recife, Casablanca...

Are you sure?

Marlon is sure.

He said that two weeks ago
and what happened? They were in the red.

- It all shot to hell.
- Right.

These ones for Casablanca.

Good choice. Diamonds? Antiques?


She looks like diamonds.

Excuse me. This is table 84, isn't it?

- Yes, that's right.
- Fine.

We're here tonight.
Sorry to spoil your evening.

It's the pianist.

Yes, how are you?
Roberto Clayderman in person.

- A pleasure.
- This is Veronica, my wife.

Excuse me. You're in the show, aren't you?

Yes, that's right. Pleased to meet you.

We usually dine with the captain,
but he had guests tonight so...

You got the plebs...

If you knew the captain's jokes,
this is worth celebrating.

- Cheers, then.
- Oh, yes.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Sorry. I'll be right back.
- What is it, sweetie?

- Nothing, back in a minute, darling.
- Okay.

Have you tried the lobster?

Lovely night, isn't it?

What the hell are you doing here?

You're smoking again.

A shame. You found it tough to quit.

I keep my willpower
for more important things.

Like not seeing you again.

So you have to make an effort.

That's a good sign.

Look, Lucas. It is what it is.

It's pretty screwed up for me.

Didn't you have a deal? You do
the Mediterranean, he does the Atlantic.

So why turn up here now?

I came for you.

I want to know what you think.

I'm with Clayderman, okay?


- But you're not happy.
- Oh, really?

Aren't I?


Once I looked at you,
I realized that.

Yet I'd be super happy with you.

I don't know about that.

But what I can tell you

is that a year has gone by

and I'm the one who doesn't have
the willpower to forget you.

I adore your ring.

Want to try it on?

- May I?

The applause go to Carlos Gardel.
Now it's time for the band.

- Amazing.
- Thank you.

Vero and I were saying

that we could visit
the bazaar together,

if you have nothing better to do.

Tomorrow... Shoot, we have an engagement.

Yes. We have some things to attend to
in Casablanca.

How mysterious.

Well, a bit of business...

A pianist's salary doesn't go very far.

E' un mondo difficile,

e vita intensa,

felicita' a momenti

e futuro incerto.

Why would I believe

in love?

It doesn't understand me,
doesn't know what I'm like.

Why would I believe

in love?

It betrays me and leaves me
when I'm at my best.

E' un mondo difficile,

e vita intensa,

felicita' a momenti

e futuro incerto.

I won't destroy

that feeling

if I love it, I yearn for it,
even though it hurts me.

I don't want to suffer

but here I am

and I am suffering, I don't regret it,
screw love

He's really cool, huh?

Screw love.

What the hell is that creep
doing on the ship?

He has no honor,
no dignity, no shame.

This bastard is looking for something.

He enjoys breaking my balls,
we know that.

But he's come looking for something.

He's come to look for me.

I saw him at dinner.
We talked for a moment.

He's come to say he adores you,
can't live without you.

A romantic interlude.

It wasn't romantic. It was annoying.

Listen to me, Veronica.

How long have we been on this ship?
A year and a half,

with the same routine, the same ports,

the same people every day...

Are you tired of me?

Why this now? I don't get it.

Our hero has come to rescue the princess.

So I'd like to know
if the princess wants to be rescued.

The princess is not tired
and she doesn't need rescuing, either.

But he flattered you.

It's okay.

But he's taking advantage.


He has a way with words.
You dropped your guard.

He wants me to take the bait,
get mad at you,

so he can just carry on doing
what he really came for.

Do you understand how it works?
He's a psycho.

He's playing.

Do you think it's impossible
that he's actually here for me?

Hold on...

No, I didn't say that.
Don't put words in my mouth.

- Darling, honey...
- Yes, you said that.

- I didn't say that, you know I didn't.
- Yes.

Come on, tomorrow we'll spend
a lovely day together.

A lovely day swindling.

Welcome to Casablanca.

Sorry to bother you.
I think you have my suitcase.

Come in.

See? This isn't yours, is it?


To be honest, I hadn't even opened it,
and since they're the same...

Not to worry, it doesn't matter.

Pretty little girl.

Yes, my daughter.

Is she in Casablanca with her mom?

No. Her mom died.

And she didn't come.

Do you need anything?

No, thanks.

Fancy a drink?

I don't usually drink at this time,
but if you are...

I'll join you.


Yes, please.

I don't have ice.

It's a nice cabin, isn't it?

What I like is the balcony.

To look at the sea.

- Do you have a balcony?
- No.

I have a round window.

- Traveling alone too?
- No. With my family.

Families have a lot of fun here.

There is so much to keep you occupied.

My son-in-law is doing padel tennis

and an artificial mountain thing
that you can climb.

The rock climbing wall.

If he falls it won't be much of a loss.

Son-in-laws, you know...

I guess nobody seems good enough
for our daughters.

Mine is seven years old.

Listen, what if we go out
onto the balcony?

Yes, of course, why not?

You can see the mosque.
They say it's huge.

Fancy another one?

No, thanks.

There it is.

Got the money? They didn't pickpocket you?

No, I've got it hidden here.
Everything we had for the trip.

All right, we'll take out more,
but this is worth it.

The diamonds come straight from the mines,
we get them at half price.

I told you we should have given them
the money to do it.

Listen, honey,

she told me in complete confidence

because he doesn't want anyone knowing.
Just imagine, what a steal...

We wait here. We go in when they leave.

You're good at this spying game, huh?

- Oh, shush.
- Mata Hari...

- Marco, you can't do that here.
- Yes, you can...

Do you want them to stone us?

They'd stone us.

Back in the cabin.

Let's go!

- Shit, shit, shit.
- What is it?

They've seen us.

- What's going on, Veronica?
- I don't know.


- Roberto, I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.

Don't take it out on her,
it's all my fault.

Vero didn't want to tell me a thing.

It's not your problem, Chusa,
it's her problem. What happened?

- I let it slip.
- You always let it slip.

No, I don't.

Sorry, darling.

- You're friends, no worries.
- Exactly.

- They're friends.
- Yes, they are.

You want to buy, right?

- Yes, yes!
- Sure, sure.

You brought cash,
credit cards are no good here.


After you.

How wonderful!

It's beautiful.

It's bigger than yours.

- Okay, are we happy?
- I'm super happy.

Chusa and Marco,

I want you to understand
that this is completely illegal.

This isn't like paying a plumber
in Spain without adding tax.

Here, it means jail.

So nobody should see the diamond
until we go on board.

- Sure, sure.
- Nobody will. Obviously.

All right.

The cash.

We get the rock first, right?

No. First, you pay,
then you get the rock.

Yes, don't worry.

No! The police!

Jesus, let's go!

Run, run! Follow us! Come on!

Take it easy, take it easy.


Jesus Christ.

We're after him.

- There's a blowtorch on the table.
- What?

- Why does he have a blowtorch?
- No idea.

- What's he saying?
- No idea.

No one lays a finger on me, okay?

Maybe they're strict with their own kind,
but we're EU citizens, right?

I'm Spanish.

Take it easy, take it easy.

The cruise ship leaves in an hour.

Don't think they'll be finished
with this guy in an hour.

So we're staying on dry land.

No, this is impossible.

I have an idea:
how much money do you have?

About one thousand euros.

Crap, me too.
It won't be enough.

What for? To bribe them?

I think it's the only way we're getting
out of here, right? We give them money.

But I don't have any more.

Shit, shit!


The credit cards.

- You brought them?
- Yes, I did!

When we get to the ship,
act like nothing happened, all right?

Completely forgotten.

In fact, we should pretend
we don't know each other.

Sounds perfect to me.

Don't know what it is about money

that makes me feel better

splashing out

makes me feel like God

a dress, a pair of gloves

some sunglasses

with diamonds and gold

breakfast on the balcony...

Honey, I'd rather get money
than any kind of love

because living with money
means really living

why suffer

if I can decide?

I got tired

this time I'm going to win

and now I know

what I want to have

Don't know what it is about money

that makes me smile

no more looking at price tags

I want it for me

dresses and pendants

sapphires and rubies

I want the whole shop window

delivered to my suite...

Honey, is this the secret to happiness?

because living with money
means really living

why suffer

if I can decide?

I got tired

this time I'm going to win

and now I know

what I want to have

Hey, when he hits me,
he does it for real...

I mean it.
Ahmed needs to take it easy.

Look at my cheek.

You take it easy too. It sounded like
a slaughterhouse. They'll call our bluff.

- I live it.
- We'll get caught. I mean it.

Screw you.

- I feel sorry for poor Chusa.
- Don't say that.

This is the most exciting thing
that's ever happened to her.

Once home, she'll have fun
telling everyone about it.

Her Casablanca adventure.

Without even going to Rick's Cafe.

How are you?

Everything okay?

Are we good?

Everything is perfect.

You're the best, you know?

What is he like today!

- What's going on here?
- Bit of healthy rivalry.

Camera three on deck seven.


Stop. There.
Guy with the baseball cap.

It's not him.


I checked everything, not a thing.

Impossible, he didn't leave the ship.
He must have talked to someone,

must have done something
all daylong, right?

Do you know what it took me
to get this job?

My boss is breathing down my neck.

Don't know why I'm helping you.

You don't know, Piotr?

Screw you.

Didn't leave his room,
even ate there.

Want to know what he ordered?

Chicken sandwich, gazpacho soup,
and a mandarin.

I know that bastard,

he can't fool me.
I can see right through him.

Come on. Show your face.


Come out. Face a real man,

Come on, bastard!
You're putting on a show!

A show! It's a goddamn show!

My newspaper!

A solar park.

How many of those have you had?

I'm being serious, goddamn it.
That's where the money is now.

You set it up on a terrain
with plenty of sun...

- An arid area.
- In an arid area.

You get a cable, plug it in to the mains,
the cash starts to flow.

I've got it all:
Environmental impact study...

All except the cash, of course.

Did you tell Antonio about it?

Says he can't see it.

Same here,
even if my idea is a lot clearer.

A triple.

Got something for you.

Marlon, don't give me
the old lady with the ring routine,

don't break my balls.
I've had a tough day.

Those two over there.
The jerk and the other guy.

Which one is the jerk?

They've been yakking for an hour.

I can smell dough, bro.

Why would anyone leave a message
on an intercom system?

Well... Let's see...

- Say they're not in.
- Not in.

So you leave a video message
for when they arrive.

Since you went and they weren't in...

Smart idea...

It's real clear, man.
But he doesn't see it.

I had a word with a lawyer
who says we can have him incapacitated.


- Antonio?
- Yes, Antonio.

Say he's not all there,
has a screw loose.

I'm filming it all just in case.
Check it out.

He gave this beggar 500 euros.

That's because he's a good person,
Ernesto. It is what it is.

It is what it is, okay. And this photo?

That's when he bought
the firefighter's truck.

You find it funny?

Know how much
a truck like this costs?

He'll blow all his money!

When this guy dies, we won't see a dime.
Nothing to share out.

Come off it!
We're talking 160 million.

That's a lot of dough,
something will be left, huh?

This is the sourdough we use every day
to make bread.

My father brought it from Mexico
years ago.

Antonio de la Hoz is the baker
from Aluche who won 161 million euros

in the lottery jackpot.
At 70 years of age,

he still runs the bakery
as if nothing had changed.

Yes, I'm happy... but I'm also
a bit worried.

Why is that?

Because having good luck
seems to bring bad luck.

I read it on the Internet. Look.

Nine out of ten winners
of big cash prizes

end up broke, murdered
or in jail.

Whenever I ask you

when, how, and where,

you always reply:

"perhaps, perhaps, perhaps."

You're wasting time,

thinking, thinking...

Fancy a dance, Dad?
This is from your era.

No, I don't...

You were an awesome dancer.

I hardly remember anymore.

I haven't danced since your mom died.

She was good at dancing.

She was at pretty much everything.

Except cooking.

Careful, careful...

..."perhaps, perhaps, perhaps."

Listen, we're going back to the cabin.

But it's super early.

Yeah, but look at the state he's in.

Alicia, I love you to bits.

Manolete, Manolete,
if you can't bullfight, why bother...?

Your brother-in-law can't drink.

"...perhaps, perhaps...


- Thank you.
- I know why he's here.


160 million.

Overnight, just one lottery ticket,
what do you say?

What a bastard...

Seems like a nice guy.

The baker, maybe.
I mean the other one. The bastard.

Thinks he can come here
and try his luck right in front of me?

- Maybe he doesn't know.
- Honey...

He came here to rip off the old guy.

He made up that story about being in love
to mislead you, use you as a cover,

isn't that what I told you?

Yes, you told me.

- What's up?
- Nothing, I'm going to take a shower.

But we're talking, honey. Come here.

Are you sad because he didn't come
for you, is that it?

Screw you!

I'll ask you just once and I swear
to God I won't bother you again.

Do you still feel something for him?
Tell me.


I feel sorry.

For him and for you.

And for me, too, because I'm caught up
in all this shit.

So, you're torn between the two of us.
Don't know who to choose, right?

No. I don't want anything
to do with either of you.

Can you please go?

Excuse me. The guy came here
to manipulate you,

to swindle me, and I have to leave
my own bathroom?

This is crazy. Unheard of.

Yes, you're right. I'll leave, then.

- Where are you going?
- I'm going.

No, not the toothbrush.

- What do you mean you're going? Where?
- I'm going.

- Where to?
- What do you care?

You're going to him, aren't you?

- You can't go out like that.
- Oh, yeah, sure.

You're not thinking straight.
Come here, honey. Please.

- You're confused.
- You can count me out.

Of what?

Of whatever you're thinking
of doing to him.

Sweetie, come here.


Do you never sleep?

It's a habit. I'm a baker.

Fifty years of getting up
before daybreak.

- We dock in Tenerife today.
- Yes.

We're going on the excursion
to Mount Teide.

I hear that it's amazing.

I like volcanoes.

- Ever climbed one?
- No.

But I've seen documentaries.

Listen, why not join us?

- What for?
- To go up the volcano

No, I don't think so.

Why not?

Come with us.

- With your family?
- Yes. The more, the merrier.

Know what?
I might take you up on your offer.

Yes, of course!
That's the spirit.

You have to enjoy things:
sun, nature...

- Life is pretty short...
- True enough.

It's better if it's a bit longer, right?

By the way, I'm Lucas.

I'm Antonio.

It's not normal to win the lottery
and not give a penny to your family.

He didn't even pay our mortgage.
It's the least he could do.

He's afraid that with the money...

He's afraid of losing us.
What a bullshit story.

You have a filthy mouth.

- How is Fede? Is he up yet?
- No, not yet.

Leticia, are you okay?

Yes. I'm fabulous,
don't worry about me.

Or about Fede either.

I'll be laying down the law
as soon as he gets up.

You enjoy it, it's beautiful.

Love you.

I won't say that what he did
was right. It wasn't.

But 160 million
is a lot of money, darling.

And why didn't he tell me the truth
from the beginning?

He could have told me,
asked for my help.

Would you have helped him?
Being with Clayderman?

I don't know what I would have done.

Make your mind up, honey.

I want the same thing
as she's having, please.

It scares me what might happen.

Those two on the island...
All that money in the middle...

That money and you, darling.
Don't forget that.

Look, it's that chick. The one who was
hanging off the climbing wall.

One of the baker's daughters.

If she moans when they touch her feet,
imagine if they touch something else.

Oh... That feels so good.

Look, Lucas.

- Awesome, isn't it?
- Yes. It's spectacular.

Yes, you were right, it's spectacular.

That dude is freaking me out,
yakking with your dad.

- You're so suspicious.
- And you're so naive.

Problems seem so small
from up here.


Hello, welcome.

- We're with them.
- Right, but it's full up.

What do you mean full up?
It's half empty.

Because you say so.

- We'll see you on the bus.
- Okay. Be careful.

May I have your name, please?

Quit that,
I'm going to make a complaint.


I wanted to thank you
for what you said earlier.

Back down there, everything will be
the same, but for a minute...

I'm glad to see you looking cheerier,
even though it's just for a minute.

Hang on.
I have to wait for my daughters.

Excuse me. We're leaving now.

Getting on or waiting for the next?

You get on, I'll wait for them.
It's really hot here.

- Sure?
- Yes, of course.

Excuse me. Is this seat free?

Yes, of course.

- Sorry.
- Thanks.

Half an hour.

Now what?

It will start up again in a minute.
This is completely normal.

Excuse me?

Are you all right?

Hello, Lucas.

You haven't changed a bit.

What are you planning to do? Kill me?

I'll do what I have to do.

And what will you tell Veronica?

It doesn't matter what I tell her,
because she'll believe me.

Not you.

I sussed you from the start, bro.

It was true what I told her.
I've come for her.

Doesn't even know when he's lying.

We ended up in jail because of you
the last time.

Do you really think she'll want
to look at you after what you did?

If I get 160 million, I think so.

Don't know what it is about money...

By the way, thanks for getting the family
off my back.

- You're finished.
- Yep. This is a piece of cake.

We need to get out of here.
We'll miss the ship.

How could we miss it?
It will wait for us, right?

It's a cruise ship.
You're late, they go without you.

If my sister-in-law faints,
you're screwed. She's pregnant.

- Are you pregnant?
- No, it's to pressure them.

Breathe, darling.


It's my wife...

She's hurt bad, needs help.

Madam! Don't worry, madam!

Everything will be fine. Here I am...


Hey! Stop! Stop!

Who's that man? It's not the driver.

Don't know, but it's not the same man.

Anyone touches me and I crash the bus!

And we're all fucked!

This guy is crazy!

Honey, relax, listen to me.

I'll look for the captain
and tell him about our problem.

How long do you think you'll be?

I don't know. No one has told us a thing.

Tell Leticia to go with you,

you get jittery when you have to talk.

Haven't seen your sister
for at least an hour.

Oh, we're in luck.

What are you doing?
Didn't you get what I said before?

I need my false teeth,
they fell out.

- Where's the captain?
- Having photos taken with passengers.

Photo with the captain, as a souvenir.

- I'm in the line.
- Jesus, cut the goddamn line.

I'll cut the line, I'll cut the line.

Excuse me.

May I? Sorry.

Sorry, sorry.

Excuse me.


Sorry, it's important.


Captain. Captain.


- Thank you.
- Found you at last, captain.

- Look, I have a problem.
- Very smart, huh?

- You see, it turns out...
- A photo.

I'm on the cruise with all my family...

- If you don't mind, sir...
- Yes, just a minute...

It's very important.

But let me have a word with him!

You have to stop the ship!

Last call for all passengers.

The boarding gate is closing.

That's the way I like it, come on!

Keep it up!

Make sure the egg doesn't fall!

The egg dance!

Get nice and close!

I want to see all your energy!

Don't even try it.

We make a great couple, huh?

That's it!

We have the winning couple!

No, the taxi isn't here yet.

We've been waiting half an hour,
but it's coming from Santa Cruz.

- What about you? Have you eaten?
- Honestly!

- Have some cold meats.
- Give that here...

Fede... The guy who came
to Mount Teide with us...

- The sad one? Guy on his own?
- That's the one.

- Keep him away from Antonio.
- Keep him away?

I don't trust him.
He's up to something, I'm telling you.

Don't worry, I'm on it.

Don't lose sight of Antonio,
know where he is?

He's right here. I've located him.

- Is he with the sad guy?
- No, no, don't worry.


Henry. Table 83.
What did jerk face order?

Poached egg.

Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

- You're the pianist.
- Roberto Clayderman, pleased to meet you.

I think I've been assigned
this table tonight.

No, I don't think so.

Yes, well I do.
I was told table 83 and...

Look, it says table 83.

There must be some mistake,
because your name is not here.

I can't see yours either.

It's not a problem.
We have plenty of room here tonight.

Half my family is still on shore.

You're joking?

Sorry, we're late.

"We're late?"

Let me introduce you: my dad...
Well, Antonio. Brendon, a friend.

Pleased to meet you.

I love your hair,
so white, distinguished looking.

I've always wanted a touch of gray.

- Where are Alicia and Monica?
- On shore.

- What?
- Antonio.

I'm so late. Sorry.
I wanted to straighten my hair.

No worries.

This is Carmen, a friend...

- Hi.
- Hi.


- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.


If you don't mind...


You're the pianist.

Yes, that's right.

What about you?
Your face rings a bell.

I'm with the dance troupe.

Great dancer, totally fit.

We ordered two starters, but now...

We're in a hurry,
Brendon is on stage in half an hour.

Have mine,
we'll order something else.

Are you sure?


Ah, okay...

Thing is, you might not like it
because it has...

No, I love eggs. Thanks.

No one is talking.
Everyone has gone so quiet.

Didn't you say you didn't want anything
to do with this?

I said anything to do with you two,
not the money.

So I have to worry about you
as well as him?

You both like playing, right?
Now there are three of us.

Perfect. Okay, there are three of us.
You know what? Screw you!

- No, screw you!
- May the best one win.

What was that?

Let me go.

Let me down.

And I thought you were boring...

So did I.

I actually have Caribbean rhythm
in my blood, I'm Mexican.

- A Mexican from Aluche?
- No.


My parents had a bakery there.

Were they Mexican?

No, Spaniards. In exile.

We came back to Spain
when I was 15 years old.

So this cruise...
is a reencounter with your youth?

Or a farewell.

I always wanted to return.

You sure took your time.

Life gets in the way.
You met one, but I have three daughters.

I know, I saw you with them.

What did you think?
That I hadn't checked you out?

Are you all right?

Don't come in!


- Have you known each other for long?
- A couple of years.

But you're not a couple, right?


Put on some music, okay?

That's good. You've got it.

Hey, look how late it is.

The evening just flew by.

We don't have any stops tomorrow.

Nor the following days.

Just as well. Tomorrow I plan
to stay in bed till noon.

I'm dying to take off my heels...

I lied.
I'm quite short.

I'm pretty short too without shoes.

What floor are you on?

What about you?

I'm on the ninth.

I'm on the eighth.

So anyhow...

See you around tomorrow, okay?

Not coming up?

No, I want to have a walk
around the deck.

All right, till tomorrow, then.

Bye, Carmen.

- Hey, Antonio...
- Yes?

I had a great time
dancing with you tonight.

I had a good time as well.



All quiet on the stern?

All quiet.

Dead calm.

But there seems to have been
action on the bow.

I saw you down there... All good?

Haven't lost my touch.

I was quite something when I was young.

I've always been good with women,
don't know why.

Hey, Lucas.

I wanted to thank you, too.

You? Thank me?

Yes, because if it weren't for you...
I was... I don't know.

Sort of asleep.

- And when I saw you were...
- Down.

Right. It made me remember
it's worth fighting every single day

to pull your head
out of the sand.


I'm glad to have been of some help.

There is one thing...


I don't know if I should tell you...

- But I think we trust each other.
- Sure, Antonio. Whatever it is...

Over here!

Hang on, I'm coming down!

Don't break your neck!

What the hell are you doing here?

Looking for you. I've been going
around the ship for the past hour.

What did you want?

Nothing, hang out with you.

So, what are you up to?

- What are you looking at?
- The moon, up there.

Damn, yeah.

Huge, isn't it?

Held it for ages, huh?

Antonio! Wait!

Excuse me, got a light?

Yeah, a light...

But... But...

Good luck!

Passengers aren't allowed in here.

- You've got me all wrong.
- When?

Now or before?

I needed to distract Clayderman.

- By using me.
- Yes.

You're the only thing that gets to him.

Sure. Find your victim's weakness.

That's in your manual.


I really need to pull this off,
I need the money.

So we can leave together.

Do you honestly want us
to leave together?

I'm telling you the truth.


When we reach Brazil, we get off the ship
and you forget about the baker.


What I said.

Forget the 160 million.

You and me.

We leave and start from scratch.

This is a once in a lifetime chance.

That's right.

This is your chance.

Who do you love? The money or me?

Both of you?

Screw you.

No, no. Wait, let's talk about it.

Talk about it like a couple of adults.

It was a hypothesis, right?
You weren't being serious...

May the best one win.

You and Brendon? By yourselves?

- You won't pull it off.
- Wait and see.

What do you mean you got married?

I knew you wouldn't understand,
that's why we wanted it to be a surprise.

Well, you must admit,
it is quite surprising...

- When was it? This morning?
- Yes.

Want to see the photos?

Leticia, you realize this isn't a game.

This is for life...

Well, that's what divorce is for.

No, no.

This is forever, isn't it?

- What is it, Dad? Are you okay?
- Just a sudden heartburn.

- Should we look for a doctor?
- No. A Zantac will do the trick.

Or two.

Listen Leticia,

could I have a word with him
in private?

Now that we're relatives,
it might be good to clear up a few things.

Sure, of course.

Come on, dear.
Let's look at the photos on deck.

- You look lovely.
- Like it?

It was all so spontaneous...

Sit down.

I'll be honest with you, Brendon.

I don't find this amusing.

Since my mom died,
Dad and I have been really close.

You don't meet many guys that way.

So for me to meet someone here
as special as Brendon...

Yes, he seems like a special person.

You're gay.

Who, me? No! How would I be...?

Okay. You're not gay.

What is it about my daughter
that won you over?

What do you like about her?

She's crazy.

His spontaneity.
He's not your average guy,

he doesn't mind expressing himself,
sharing his feelings...

Her sense of humor, I love how she laughs.

And she's not prejudiced.

Listen, I'm not naïve,

I realize that Brendon is a person

with an open mind
when it comes to sex...

But I know that when he looks at me...

When I look at her and she smiles,
I feel happy.

Right here... In my heart.

All right, Brendon,
I really don't know what to say to you...

I guess that if this is what she wants...

I do want to make something
perfectly clear to you.

Leticia won't get a dime.

She doesn't have any income
and I won't give her any money.

No money at all?

The worst thing you can do for
a young couple is spoon-feed them.

You must fight for things,
make an effort to achieve them.

Understand what I'm saying?

Yes, of course.

There is also another option.

I'll say it, and if you agree...

Go ahead...

If, when this conversation is over,
you decide you've had second thoughts,

that it was all crazy
and you'd rather divorce,

I'll give you a check
for two million euros.

Two million?

Two million.


Are you crying?

No. I'd always dreamed of this day.

Me too.

The tastiest slice.

Love you!

I'm going to dance.

Looks like you're more relaxed now,

If you can't beat them, join them.

What's more, he passed the acid test.

I offered him cash to forget it all
and he didn't accept.

Two million.

And I said no, followed your advice.

Can you explain again why the hell
I said no?

If he offered you two to begin with,
it means we can get four or six.

Now we have to sit it out.

Sit it out?
What the hell do I do tonight?

When I spoke to the boy this afternoon

and he began telling me
what he felt for my daughter,

on the one hand I was convinced
I had to do something to stop it,

but on the other...

On the other?

He said that her smile
made his heart jump for joy.

I don't know if he was telling the truth
or not, but it made me think...


That I do feel that way.

About your daughter.

Yes, about my daughter, of course...

but also about someone else.

My room.

Did I make myself clear?

Yes, perfectly clear.

You didn't expect that?

Yes, I did.

My legs are shaking!

See you tomorrow, Carmen.

Bye, Antonio.

What are you doing here?
How did you get in?

I've been watching you for a few days.

You're good.

Please get out.

I admit that to begin with
you had me stumped.

But the baker was right:
you have a lovely smile.

I'll go out into the corridor
and scream until someone comes.

No, you won't do that.

Because if you do, I'll show
your lover boy what I found here.

Newspaper clippings-

Photos of the baker
and his family in Aluche.

A very professional job.

What do you want?

The same you do:

everything I can get.

Or rather, everything we can get.

- You want us to work together on this?
- That's option A.

Option B: I throw you overboard.

Think about it.

We'll talk tomorrow.

You know where to find me.
I'm the goddamn pianist.

We're screwed.

You're heavy!

- So, you guys did it?
- What I did was give her a foot rub.

She couldn't stop shouting,
I couldn't stop laughing,

we both ended up shouting and laughing.

- So it didn't turn out that bad.
- No.

Leticia is really cool.

All she needed was for Brendon
to get her out on the dance floor...

That's why I feel bad
about doing something like this.

She'll be totally upset.

Think of the money.

Yeah, I do.

Hey, they told me a million each.

Go figure. Why do we need more?

This is a unique opportunity.

We have the advantage now,
we have to go ahead with the plan.

What plan?
Yours or theirs?

You say you don't want anything to do
with them, but you're acting the same.

No, it's nothing like that.

Vero, honey,

you're using me to win.

Win what?

To win what?

Over here!

Help! Help!

You look very serious today.

I couldn't sleep all night.

I didn't get a wink of sleep either.

What we were talking about yesterday...

Yes, I wanted to talk about that, too.

I'm terrified, Carmen.

I'm really scared you'll say
something like, "Let's be friends" or...

- Listen.
- Wait, wait.

There's something else.

I was mulling it over and...

I don't think it's fair.


I didn't tell you
the whole truth about myself.

You're not a baker?

No, that isn't it.

It's something else.

Oh, it's ringing.

It's my sister.

Monica, what's up...?


Better signal outside.


Hang on, I'm going out. Monica!

Now can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you fine. What's up?

- Have you seen Fede?
- Fede? If I've seen him?


He's on a Russian cargo ship, Leticia.

Didn't you guys notice
he wasn't on the ship?

This has been all go since you guys left.

All go? What do you mean?
Have you been playing bingo or what?

Dad has a girlfriend.

What? No, I don't believe it,
that's impossible.

- What is it?
- My dad has got himself a girlfriend.

Jesus H. Christ!



I got married.

You did what? I can't hear you.

Got married.

To a guy who works on the ship.

- I'll introduce you to him...
- Sweetheart, move around, I can't...



The signal. Can you hear me?


What's up?

She got married. To a guy on the ship.


We need to talk.

Yes, but not here.

If Clayderman sees us together,
we're screwed.

I don't care anymore.

I'm quitting.

- What?
- I want out.

When we reach Recife,
I'm getting off the ship.

No shit, Carmen.

Don't tell me that bastard
is going to scare you now?

No, it's not because of him.

It's because of Antonio.
I can't play a dirty trick on him.

I can't do it. Sorry.

If you're playing with me...

I'm not playing anything.

Please don't insist.

I won't change my mind.

Carmen! Carmen!

Can we talk for a minute?

- So it's true you're getting off?
- As soon as we reach Recife.

Don't be absurd, you don't know
what you're doing.

And you do?

You did a good job with the wedding.

How much did the old man offer you?
A million, two million?

If we plan it properly,
we can rip him off for ten million.

- If my plan works out...
- You could come with me.


We could be on shore tomorrow
with a million.

From the divorce.

We could start up something.
We don't need more.

You want to hand over the old man
to Lucas? It's a joke, right?

Do I look like I'm joking?


Think about it.
A chance like this only comes...

Once in a lifetime.

Don't waste it.

We had to leave the ship
eventually, right?

Not now things are in our favor.

So that's a no?

Is this an ultimatum?

You're not using your head:
we're talking 160 million euros.

See why I want to get out of here?

I don't want to end up thinking
like you two.

You gave him first choice, didn't you?

No, no... I don't get you!
I don't get you!

Screw you!

Goddamn it!

Shit! Motherfucker!

- Antonio.
- I wouldn't say no to a drink.

Yeah, sure. Come in.

- Hang on, I'll fetch some ice.
- Thanks.

No dancing today?

No, not today.

Carmen needs time to think.

- Time to think. We're at that stage?
- Yes.

My stomach is doing cartwheels.

I haven't felt this nervous
since my first girlfriend when I was 15.

- In Mexico?
- Yes.

Well, in Yucatan.

In a cenote.

In a what?

A sort of lagoon, but underground.

The clearest water you've ever seen.

Sounds good.

We used to go every summer.

That place was paradise.

If everything works out, you might
be going back to paradise soon.

I don't think so, I think I screwed up.

Could I have another drink?

I wanted to come clean,
I told her the whole truth and...

The truth always come first, Antonio.
It's the way.

You think so?

I know so.

You're really cool, Lucas.

So are you, Antonio.

You're a great guy.

I wish you had married
one of my daughters.

Some more scotch?

Yes, but first I need to use the john.

I found some chips and almonds...

But... what's this?

It's a long story, Antonio.

Clayderman, the camera. The one
you asked me to install in his room.

- I can explain.
- You need to come and see this.

Have you heard of Hasen-Strauss Syndrome?


No, because it doesn't exist,
you just made it up, motherfucker!

I'm not surprised.

It's a very, very rare disease.

The platelets bunch together in clumps

and don't leave space for the red
and white blood cells to circulate.

Like poor blood supply?

Something like that,
but in the whole body, and gradually.

First the lower joints fail...

Take it easy, son, take it easy.

I can't talk about it.

Clara was only three when it all began.

She was a perfectly normal little girl.

Perfectly normal, no. She was the best.

I'm sure she still is.

Yes, of course she is.

Of course she is.

We talk every day,
I call her at the hospital.

But there must be some sort of treatment,
something that can be done?

There is one in a Swiss laboratory.

But it's 300,000 euros a year.

See what he just did?

He's good.

He's a motherfucker.

He has no limits, no scruples,

he fucking rules.

What about this?

Your daughter needs you,
you wouldn't be thinking...?

There are weird people in this world.

There are bastards rolling in dough
who don't know how to have fun.

This is one way.

A bullet in the chamber...

and six chances.

Are you for real? Russian roulette?

Done it twice up to now
and it worked out well.

For now, Clara has been able to have
her treatment.

But don't you realize?
You could be dead tomorrow.

And if I didn't do it,
Clara could be the one who's dead.

Want to see photos?

I always got this album.

This is her in hospital.
There are tubes everywhere,

but she's much better.

Now she can eat solids.

- Pretty, isn't she?
- Yes.

We were in the park here...

Okay... Let's think.

Antonio, Antonio. No! What are you doing?

What have you done?

You won't need it.

Listen to me,

as soon as we arrive tomorrow,
we go down to the harbor together, okay?


I'll sort out your daughter's problem,
all right?

- But how?
- Don't worry.

I'll tell you tomorrow.
Now I'll try and get some sleep.

And you do the same.

The scotch has gone to my head.

- Can you make it to your cabin?
- Yes, I think so.

- We meet at seven, okay?
- At seven.

Bunch of bastards.

Yes, damn it, yes!

No, damn it, no!

I feel dizzy.

Russian roulette.

Poor guy.

Money really sucks.

What happened?

Sir. Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine. Thanks.

Money really sucks.

Look. I was crunching numbers.

Your daughter is seven now.

Let's add 70 years more,
at 300,000 euros a year,

that makes 21 million.

When we reach shore,
you and I go to the bank

and you deposit this check for 21 million
in your account.


I won the lottery.

That money means nothing to me,
I'm being serious.

No, no.

No. I honestly can't accept it.

Lucas, it's for your daughter.

And for me, too.

Since I won that money, it's the first
thing I've done that seems worth it.

If that's the way you feel,

who am I to disagree with you?

Jesus, you're saving my life.

And you're making my life happy.

- Can I give you a hug?
- Yes, sure you can.

When I tell Clara that she'll live
till 77 thanks to you...

But you know what kids are like,
she might ask why not live longer...

Shall we add another ten years?

No. That would be taking advantage.

It's no trouble.
I can rewrite the check and that's it.

Well, if it makes you feel any better...

What's up, Luquitas?

Mr. Varela sends his regards.

He's very upset that you didn't turn up.

- Me?
- Yes, Lucas. A deal is a deal

and Mr. Varela doesn't like
shits like you cheating him.

No... There must be a mistake.

What's up? Shit your pants?

The Russian roulette guys?
The ones who hired you?

I don't know.

And who's he?

Is he your manager,
the one who cleans up your doodees?

That's right, I'm his manager.

And I want to talk with Mr. Varela.

- We can sort out all of this.
- No, Antonio, no...

Hear that, man?
Says he can sort it out...

Okay, stop the goddamn car.

Stop the car, he says.

Stop the goddamn car right now!

- Wait, take it easy.
- You take it easy, I know what I'm doing.

This isn't what it looks like,
it's a trap.

If I talk with Mr. Varela,
I can sort it out.

There is no Varela!

Luquitas, careful what you say.

Too much talk gets you into trouble.

What do you mean there is no Varela?

What I wanted to say is that Varela
is not his real name,

because he's a very important guy.

He's at the top, one of the elite.

That's right.

Put on the T-shirt.


Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


Didn't you want to meet Mr. Varela?

That's him there.

No, Antonio!


Keep still!

Mr. Varela.

Are you in charge of the contract
for that man over there, number four?

It's bad manners to interrupt
a conversation.

I'm sorry,
but it's pretty urgent.

I want to get him out, buy his contract.

I have money.

You have money,

I have money,

they have money...
That's why we're here.

Have fun, bet, you could win a lot.

No. He was a desperate man,
that's why he got involved,

but now things have changed.

He wants to quit and I want to pay you
to make up for it.

It's not about money,
it's a question of honor.

It's not about money,
it's a question of honor.

If you don't honor a commitment,
what do we have left?

I just lost half a million.

Stop laughing, faggot. Get out.

I'll give you 21 million.

I like jokes...

I like jokes,
but some are in bad taste.

I'm not joking.
I have the money here.

No, not Clara's money!

Fucking keep still!

A very nice piece of paper,

but it's just paper.

I sell you the guy now and tomorrow,
when I go cash it, the cops...

I can act as a guarantor. I can go
to the bank and take out the money.


It's very dangerous.

Okay, Varela. Walk.

Are you crazy? 21 million!

I haven't gone crazy, goddamn it.
I know what I'm doing.

- Where is Clayderman?
- Keep still, fuck it!

I must speak with him.

Screw up the plan, you get screwed too.

Isn't 21 million enough?

Christ, keep still.

- What is it?
- Tell me how much you want.

- Don't push your luck.
- I mean it, goddamn it.

Give me a figure.
What would be enough to release him?

Fifty million.

Ask him for the 50 million right now,
you bastard.


fifty million.

It's a deal.

Game over!

Tell the guy with the earpiece
to come down.

What are you looking at?
Didn't you understand?

The game is over.

You can pick up your toys.

So, now poor Clara can eat solids.

Let me explain.
This wasn't my idea.

Not completely.

How could you be such a scumbag?

When Veronica told me
all about it last night

I couldn't believe it.
I thought that I was still drunk.

But I decided to join you

just to see how far a mean little rat
like you could go.

Like you two.

Congratulations, I must say.

That was quite a show.

Some circus you set up to fool
a poor guy like me.

Pity they're not real bullets.

Because I'd quite happily
shoot both of you in the head.


I don't want to miss the ship.

What about my thing with Carmen?
Was that part of your plan, too?


So she suggested it to you as well?

About getting off the ship, I mean.


- I thought she wasn't serious.
- She was.

- She didn't say where she was going...?
- No, not a word.

To be honest, she always loved you more.

Yes, but she was with you.

In the end, she screwed us over.

No, bro.

We both screwed it.

To the two most pathetic guys
on this ship.

A scotch, please.

It's from Carmen.

She left it in my cabin before she went.


Fine, she talks about
her plan, our plan...

All right, another one who had
an honesty attack.

What is it with this damn ship?
Are we all crazy?

Must be something they put in the drinks.

Give it here.

Give it here.

Let's go somewhere else. We need to talk.

I want you to kidnap me.

He's gone mad.

Hang on, let him talk.

How long have we been on this ship?
Ten days?

In ten days, you threw my son-in-law

left half my family stranded on shore,

my daughter married a guy who looks better
in the wedding dress than she does,

and thanks to little Clara

I've managed to lose all my trust
in humankind.

Not to mention friendship,


If that happened in just ten days,

what will happen to my family
when I'm gone?

They're sitting ducks. They don't stand
a chance with guys like you.

He's right there.


Not everyone is like that.
There are good people as well.

Not when there's so much money
in the way. Money is like a curse.

If it's that dangerous,
get rid of it.

My daughters wouldn't understand it.

My son-in-laws would end up
quarrelling with them.

It would ruin us in any case.

That's why you want us to kidnap you
and ask for a ransom.


I solve my problem

and you guys get the thing
that seems to interest you most in life.

A win-win situation for everyone.

Sorry, Antonio,

obviously I'm glad that you've put
your trust in us,

but I think that your plan
could have some drawbacks for you.

He's right.

I've only known them for a few days
and I might be wrong but...

Your daughters will want to pay,
your sons-in-law won't.

The situation would drag out.

Things would get complicated,
a finger or an ear has to be sent...

- A foot...
- A leg... Whatever. Understand?

I'm not saying that your sons-in-law
are mean, but...

In a situation like that,
they'd rather see you dead.

So it's impossible.

There's no way out of this situation.

Maybe there is a way.


- We're here!
- There they are!

You look gorgeous.


Let me introduce you.
Brendon, my sisters, Monica and Alicia.

Nice to meet you.

- Hey, the one who went missing.
- Antonio.

You gave us such a fright.

It was a miracle, a real miracle.

Give me a hug, Antonio, the important
thing is that we're back together.

Welcome to the family, Brandon.

Brendon, Brendon.


- The car is outside.
- We're off to Yucatan.

Let him go by himself.

Will he be all right?
He's been there for ages.

- Maybe he's done something foolish.
- Ernesto.

I don't know,
didn't he split up with his girlfriend?

- I'll take a look.
- Okay.


I'm coming!

Look at Dad.

Sweet, isn't it?

The father, the three daughters,
so many memories...

Cool, cool.

No, it's not cool!

Jesus Christ! We came this far
and we didn't even go down there!

- Hey, it's that way.
- What are you up to? It's that way.

- Can't you see it's that way?
- Easy, jerk, or you'll eat this!

How can a carriage with four people
suddenly disappear?

And don't say "please hold",
you've had me hanging on for an hour.

No news about them at reception.

They're still not picking up.
Cells switched off or no signal.

If they'd had an accident,
they would have found them...

Leticia, please.

I think we need to call the cops.

We should have called them an hour ago.

Okay, I'll call them.

Who is it?

- Don't know, says unknown caller.
- Take it.



- Do we have a computer?
- I have mine here.

Just a second, we'll connect it now.


All right, all right.

Yes, we'll do that.

What is it, Dad?

We need to visit this website.

- They have the three of them.
- What?


That's them!

- Fede!
- What did they do to them?


Brendon, Brendon!

- Quiet.
- What are you going to do?

What do you want?

We want money, all the money.

We know exactly who you are,
Antonio de la Hoz.

We know about the lottery prize.

I won't tolerate
any sort of blackmail.

- Dad!
- What do you mean?

Please calm down. Leave this to me.

That wasn't the right answer, Daddy.


- Jesus!
- What are they going to do?

What are you going to do? Hey!

Which of you will be first?

- Him, him!
- Who! me?

No, the other guy.

Me? Why me?

Because... you've been part of the family
for less than we have.

If something happens to us,
they'll be gutted.

It's nothing personal. Brandon.

How can you be such a bastard?

What do you think, fatty?

And me? Do I not have a say?

Only if there's a draw.

Fede, Fede.

We've been buddies forever.
I'm begging you, please.

If you vote for him, so do I.

Are you going to listen to that queen?

They won't harm him,
it's just to scare us.

Well I'm shit-scared already!

Listen, I don't want to vote!
I don't want to vote for anything!

You then.

- No, then do it to him!
- Him, him!

- Do something, Dad.
- Like what? He won't reason.


Sorry, dude, but I don't really know you
that well.

You have to do something, Dad.

Come with me.

Listen to me.

Leticia, calm down.

Please just listen to me.

None of this is what it seems.

Ernesto, I'm crapping myself.

Close your eyes.

They're going to kill that guy.

So that means Brendon...

He volunteered for the role,

to show me that he really regretted it.

- Yes?
- Well, to show me

or you.

- They're coming.
- No.

Dad! Dad! Quick! Come on!

- Now what's happening?
- Oh, my God.

A window will pop up
on the right of the screen.

A connection to the Bank of Panama.

As soon as you make the transfer,
we return your son-in-laws...

Honey, wait, take it easy...

...or what's left of them
after Igor has finished.

- Listen, can't we negotiate?
- What do you mean negotiate?

Of course!

You demanded all the money,
I'll give you half.

Wrong answer, Antonio.

No, no.

Tell them yes, that you'll do it.

But don't you realize?
You'll end up with nothing.

We'd be like at the beginning.

Like at the beginning is fine!

The beginning is fine!

Like at the beginning, honey.
Don't worry.

Make the transfer or say goodbye to them.

Next one.

It's Ernesto, Dad.

What's up, we're not going to vote?

Shit, well I'll vote for you!

Please, Dad...

Please! No!

Listen! Listen!

They're not listening. Listen!

Then enter the numbers, make the transfer!
The transfer!

I'm going to make the transfer.
Let me see...

Where are the numbers?

- There!
- Okay!

Antonio! If you don't want to do it
for me, do it for your grandchildren!

- What is it?
- I don't remember the last number.

Jesus, Dad! Focus, goddamn it!

Sorry, dude!

Nine! Nine!


It's all right, honey.

I kept a bit of money
for the mortgages.

And some for you, too.

All right...

Take it easy, Igor.
Time to count the bills.

Calm down, Igor, calm down.

You're an idiot, Igor.

You're a fucking idiot.


I wanted to say that...

I mean...

- I know what I did wasn't right but...
- It's all forgotten.

- Really?
- Yes.

I forgive you.
And so does he.


Want to hold it for a minute?

Yes, sure. Sure.

Hold it.

So are you sure you want to stay?

Yes. Sure.

Leticia needs time to process it.

- We'll be fine.
- Really?

Go on.
I'll catch up with you.

Well then. I guess it's time
to say goodbye.

- You know, anything you need...
- Yes, I know.

It's fine for the moment.

I just want to remind you...

William Post. He won 11 million pounds
in the lottery.

Within five years he was in jail,
with a 600,000 pounds debt.

Maria Picoli, 22 million...

Yes. The curse.

Nine out of ten big cash prize winners
end up...

Murdered, broke or in prison.


We'll bear that in mind.


Take care.



What's the matter?

I didn't tell you,
but I think you should know.

Antonio is dying.

He has less than a year to live.

Remember the letter from Carmen
he showed us?

He told her everything.
That's why she left.

We're dust, Lucas.

- Take good care.
- Bye.

- Leticia, you can have this back, okay?
- Yes, thanks.


- Are they gone?
- Yes.

They are.

The ceremony was lovely, wasn't it?
I thought it was super tasteful.

I got goose bumps.

- Is that the urn?
- You're supposed to be inside.


Makes you think, huh?

About what?

That you could end up in an urn
at any minute.

So, while we're still alive...


What you told me about the beach
in the Caribbean...

Do you think it's still for sale?

Yes, I guess so.

We could give it a try, right?

Who? You and me?

No, the guy in the urn...
Of course you and me!

I don't know, we could go there...

...and see what happens?

Stranger things have happened, right?



Where are you?
The meeting is today!

- You're in New York, aren't you?
- Was it today?

Of course it was!
We've been expecting it for a month.

- So?
- So what?

How did it go?

The meeting was great.
That guy is awesome.

He's offering us an offshore account
with a 31% profitability ratio.

And that's just the average.
We could reach 50%.

I don't know what the hell you said,
but sounds good.

And we save on taxes.
Know what that means, Lucas?

We can double our stock in five years.

It's a perfect deal.
But we have to sign now.

Okay, then go ahead.

America, land of opportunity.

Okay, guys, let's make the most...

One, two, three...

That's it.

You all do your own thing
and when the bolero starts...

We give it a Caribbean rhythm...

Looking for a Caribbean man?

No. Don't say a thing.

As the pianist on the Titanic said,

"while there is music..."

"...keep on dancing."