Your Turn to Kill (2021) - full transcript

Newlyweds Nana and Shota Tezuka move into an apartment. Two situations, different from the drama series, take place: "What if Shota attends the resident's meeting and not Nana?" and "What if exchange murder game doesn't begin?"

Thank you!
- You go!

Thank you so much!

We worked hard today.

I'm glad we went ahead and bought it.


Oh! The resident's association meeting.

We don't need to attend that.

We should! First impression is important!

We haven't finished unpacking yet.

I'll go. They only need a representative.


Let's play rock, scissors.


Here we go. Ready now.

Rock, paper, scissors!

Oh, the newlywed!

Yes! My wife looked so darn adorable!

Right, what do you do for work?

I'm a gym trainer.

Really? So you're a sports gym trainer?

You should come by at least once!

If I'd have the chance, I will.

That's one way to say you're not coming.

Sorry for coming late.

We've still got 3 minutes
before the meeting starts!

We agreed to meet 5 minutes
early, but I was 2 minutes late.

I apologize.

Not at all.

President, let's get this started.

Yes, please.

Please take a seat.

Thank you.

Well then, let's start this month's
residents meeting.

Our new residents?

Yes! We just moved in at room 302.
My name is Tezuka.


Do you want to kill me?


You shouldn't suddenly say that
to someone you just---

You're the one who said it!

Property Manager!
The President is still talking.

This guy...

And the rest of the people you see
here all hate me.

He said he wants to kill me within
three minutes of meeting me.

From the start, but it's different now---

That's why I'm asking the new resident!

Hey, today's the first time we've
seen each other.

Are you thinking of wanting to kill me?

No, not at all.

Don't hold back.
No matter who you are,

there's always that moment where
we have the urge to kill someone, right?!

Well, there are moments like that.

But if you really do it,
you'll face jail time.

So if you don't get caught,
you should just kill someone?

I wonder.

Then, can you kill the person I hate?

In return, I will kill the person
you want to kill for you.

What kind of a discussion is this?

You have a point.
If you don't have a motive for murder,

it'll be hard to arrest you.


A murder swap?

I see.

C-Can I say something?

Well, with murder swap,

it's only effective between strangers.

We all live in the same apartment
building so that won't work.

Yes, it's not possible.


Yume no naka hibiwareta koe ya toiki no kakera tachi

In my dreams are cracked voices and fragments of breath


Translations by FURRITSUBS




Kako mo uso himete ima

The lies of the past lie hidden

Praying in a city far away

Kasuka ni kikoeteite mo shiranai nani monai

Even if I can hear it faintly, I don’t know, there’s nothing

Nani mo nai iki o hisomete hisonda kono heya ni wa nani monai

There’s nothing in this room where I’ve been hiding, concealing my breath

Fuan no uzu afuredasu chikatta hazu no ONE AND LAST

Can’t hold it in as it starts to flow, I thought I’d made a vow, ONE AND LAST

Machigaidarakeda to shitte

Beloved, that’s all I know

Moshi umarekawaretara nante iwanaide

Don’t say, “If I could be born again…â€

Kogoe sÅ

I held you in my arms as you seemed about to freeze

Tada shiawase o negau koto ga kowakutte

I was afraid to just wish for happiness

Koware sÅ

So I turned my back on the world that seemed about to break

Sayonara tte mata sakebuno

Are you going to scream goodbye again?

Sayonara tte tada sakebuno

Are you just going to scream goodbye?

Nidoto hanasanai mamotte miseru

I’ll never let you go again. I’ll protect you.

Waratte miseteyo

So let me see you smile

Thank you so much!

I'm sorry.

You're giving me a headache!
The bride and groom are late!

Because it took her forever
just to change her clothes!

That's not true! When I asked him
if my clothes are okay, he'd say

"the colors don't match", "put
something on your neck",

"add an accessory", and he
was getting on my nerves.

Hey, you didn't have to say
that I was being annoying.


I've been waiting for this
day for two years.

We've gone through a lot to
get to this special day,

so I want you to dress up
and be in your best.

Sorry, but I'll still be wearing a gown later.

I know.

Come on, hurry up!

Let's hurry up!

Hurry up!


Please hurry up!


Well, it looks pretty good.

But isn't this amazing?

I'm feeling so thrilled.



I was told it's a room good for three.
Were you aware of it?

3 people? Who exactly?

No way! How about your wife?

On her English remedial
classes without break.


Who's that guy with her?

Her boyfriend?


He's been coming to her room lately.

Seriously? I really thought
Kuroshima had a thing for me.

She'd always greet me whenever
we pass by each other.

I want to fall in love as well.

Mr. Kojima! Mr. Kuzumi!



Why are you being informal with me?

Do you think everyone came?

Seems like all the children are at home.


Oh? Isn't that Ms. Ono?

Xinyi, you guys!

Woah. Hey, will you be alright?

Yeah, I've gotten used to
my morning sickness now

so I think I won't get dizzy
boarding on a ship.

By the way, what kind of a man is
the father of your child?

You'll spoil the fun if you ask that.


It'll spoil this child too.


A Ferris wheel!

It's so round!

Really, we're just sailing on a ship at sea.

I think it's only those people
who'd find this delightful.

I wonder?

Speaking of which,
at Goro's wedding ceremony,

wasn't it only your relatives
who were happy about it?

I wonder?

It's bad to keep using your phone.

Aren't you something?

Little kids...

Akaike Misato [Room 502]
"Just as we planned"

Ship is ready

I'm counting on you for everything

Just as we planned

Just as we planned

Can I get one photo?


This has a different shot effect
from the quality you get on phones.

I'm fine.

Just one photo, alright?

No, I...
- Okay?

Come on, don't be shy.
I'm taking a photo now.

Alright, here I go!

Wait! Did you capture the sea as well?

Yeah. If you don't like it,
I can take another one.

It seems like we're the only ones
who are having fun.

Won't he be angry?

He's studying abroad so I'm sure
he's having fun over there.

Chicago is a huge city.


Mama! You need to smile!

Also, I heard from the news that the temperature
will severely alternate between hot and cold.

I'm worried about the fog.

We have a party going on.

It's not like...

It's not like we can't continue with
the operation just because of some fog.

I said, I'm not mad.

But, you came here without
saying anything.

Well, I am a bit taken aback.

But, I did make sure to arrange
separate rooms for us.

Oh, is that so?


Oh. I see now.

I-I mean, because it's still not
good for us to be together.


Seriously, that'll be problematic, big bro.

Why would you say that now?!

Seriously, cut it out.

But why?

I've never heard of an ex-husband
coming to his ex-wife's wedding!

The official wedding needs to have
a family member from both sides.

How do you call it?
Almost like a second grand wedding.

Even so...!

It's alright. I'm sure you can do it.

Yeah. I feel like I can.

But that won't happen!

Come on, acting all shy again!

Well, I gotta get back now.


You're so pushy! I can't do it tonight!

Nana! You're so beautiful! So cute!

Make sure you capture it right!

Don't rely on the photographer
and do it with your own efforts!

Make Nana beautiful through
the angles you capture!


Hey, Nana! Over here! Look here!

Alright, take that shot now!

So adorable!

I'm sorry but I need to ask the groom
to stand beside the bride now.

We'll take photos of you both.

The host should not be too complacent!

We need to take beautiful photos of her!

I'm only the wedding officiant though.

Wearing a suit unlike what he usually
wears. Doesn't he look so cool?

In the end, we didn't give in

and I wasn't able to eat that pancake.

Well, looking back now,

it didn't matter what name she calls it,

but that time, Nana and I...

Ms. Nana and I would
seriously argue over it.

So that's the case of the
pancake/hotcake incident.

Oh, thanks.

Sorry, just a moment.

Yes, here we go.
On to our next funny incident.

This is about that one thing that
Nana would never ever forgive.

Hey, have a look!

About that incident---

Thank you so much.

Thank you to Asao Hosokawa, who shares
a deep connection with the bride, for your message.

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Well then, let's change the mood here!

I would like to sing a song to
bless the bride and groom.


Well then, here I sing.

Sing your hearts out with me!

Gazing at the clouds that go far off.

I've been waiting for this!

You whisper, "They're just like us."

We're dreaming of a future we can't see.

- Hey!

What are you doing?!


...our pocket coins.

This is a chorus of two!

Let me sing!

Stop messing with me!

Stop it, stupid old man!

You rascal, you hit me!

You hit me!

I should! This is my song!

Those tears we shed when frustrated

They're both treasures that
shine when you shut your eyes

Blown by the wind, they disappear---

Those two really ruined it!

That was a great chorus!

I really rehearsed for it, okay?

What? You were going to sing too?

I am the groom, after all!

Where are you going?

Getting changed.


That's too early.


What do you think is the purpose
of buying that dress instead of renting one?

For what purpose?

What? Well, in this moment...

Isn't it something you know already?

This dress will get wrinkled.

I don't plan on just getting that wrinkled.

Really, you.

What now?

Come here.

Here I go!

In the end, everything is all your fault!

Let's go?


What a hassle.

Stop it, please.
- Move.

Hey, wait!

One beer please.


Red wine, the most expensive.


I'm the one who paid for the
venue's overtime fee, you know?

Forget it.

Are those rascals trying to
bring my company down?

Aren’t you used to your company
getting shut down?

Ms. Kinoshita, you didn't
have to put it that way.

I have just the thing for someone like you.

Killing intent Emerges

Nothing changed at all.

Still writing books that won't sell.

You don't have to put it that way.

I want to eat something good too.

Right? Seems good.

Should we call out to them?

I want to kill all of the men who can confidently
come up to beautiful women like them

without getting scared shitless.

Right in this moment.

What?! Hunting sea lions? Not fish?

Before the first-generation
president founded this company,

he used to travel at Hokkaido's Rishiri Island.


That place famous for seaweed?

What's going on?

What happened?

That startled me!


What is that?


No way!

What to do?!

Calm down!

Let's all calm down!

We can't return yet!

Killing intent Emerges


It seems so.

Excuse me! Coming through!

Property Manager!

Hey, don't pull at it!

Excuse us!

Please return to your rooms, everyone.

How should I apologize to them?


I mean...

If we didn't come here,
then he wouldn't have...

That might be true, but still...

How was it?

Reasoning time.

This is a very strong rope that is used

to anchor the ship to the port.

This time, the rope got
tangled in the propeller too.



we've suspended the sailing.

This doesn't seem like suicide, right?

There are signs that he was beat up.

How about surveillance footage?

All destroyed.

The hard drive seems to have been
damaged by something like a power drill.

Planned crime, huh?

Mr. Mizuki.

I borrowed the list of passengers and staff.




What's wrong?

Well, that girl. I'm sure she was...

I see.

We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused

but we would like to ask everyone to
cooperate with the police investigation

and return to your respective rooms.

I repeat. To all our passengers on board---

Wait. Kuroshima?

Oh, senpai?

What? So you came here too?

Are you doing that routine test?

You're acting as if we're strangers.

Wasn't it you who digitized the flow of
the tide and made the computational model?

Is Professor Hayakawa here too?

The water current in this sea is complicated.

Is that something you know nothing about?!

Things have been strange since yesterday.

We'll be very busy from now on.

How many people d you want to kill?!

I guess it's because of this case
that the schedule was delayed.

Hurry up and talk to the captain!


It's your job to make something work!


I apologize for causing so much trouble.

Not at all. It wasn't your fault!

It was a time to celebrate, also...

That man had a lot going on.

It must have been retribution.

Hey, Ms. Tezuka's here.

Please wait.


Do you have time?

Yes, all good.

There's a few stuff we want to confirm with you.

Seems like she's not feeling well. I'm sorry.

It's fine.

Your husband?

To be honest, I was a real
estate agent before this.

I'm still a rookie, but I've
had a few experiences before.

I hope you'll understand that
I've got a different kind of taste.

Yeah, the taste.

Wait, everyone! Make sure
you choose the best ones, alright?

Alright, let's look that way.


Because you're not earning much!

What? You too, though?

Atmosphere goes up and up.

Up and down.

If you want to zoom in,
this is how you do it.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

I see. We understand.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help.

Not at all. We also apologize for
intruding on you during your trip.

By the way...

Do you hate the sea?


If she did, then she wouldn't board a ship.


I'm sorry.

I need a moment.


It's this one.

Traces of someone hiding in here.

I think this is the thing that
destroyed the hard discs.

Hey! You're still here?
Hurry up and take it away.



Are you alright?

Yeah. Didn't you get stopped by the police?


I heard on the radio that you're
not allowed to go to other floors.

Well, I was reminded about it.

But I didn't listen.

I said, don't say that.

Reason? Didn't I explain it already?


Do it one more time, I dare you!

Hey, come on now!

Please calm down!

Honestly speaking,
you're the most suspicious person here!

What?! Didn't you say yourself that you
wanted to kill the Property Manager?!

Can we ask you all to settle down?!

Sit down! Just sit down!

I did, but that was from a long time ago!

If a resident from 2 years ago would
speak up, it'll be easier to verify it.

Alright, now who would tattle about that in here?!

Mr. Fujii!

Listen, there's something we
really need to tell you.

That man! He owed the
Property Manager some money!


He kept whining about it because
he couldn't pay it back.

A monetary dispute!

It's not a dispute! It was just money
that a friend let me borrow!

The one with a dispute with him
would be you, Ms. Enomoto. Right?

That matter with your son.

Quite down!

Hey, everyone! Can we all settle down?!

Excuse me.


Because of the ongoing search,

allow me to apologize for making
everyone eat on separate floors.

Also, because of the hull failure,

there's a possibility that everyone will
be staying here for the next few days.

What do you mean?! We're spending
a few days in here with the murderer?!

There's no way I could put my beloved
Nana in such a dangerous place like this!

Where are you going?!

I'm feeling under the weather
so excuse me.

Well, with this situation...

With what happened,
and for dragging you all in this mess.

I deeply apologize.

Allow me to once again---


Let's all offer a prayer for the faithful
departed for the Property Manager.


She's right.

Well then.

With everyone.

Woah. It's dark here too.

Stop being a scaredy cat.

The Property Manager just
got killed, you know?!

Act a bit scared, will you?
You're so not cute.

Hey, the power outage won't
cause the ship to sink, right?

I don't think so.

Well, goodnight.



You said I'm not cute?!

Hey, cut it out!

Stop fighting!

Say it again, I dare you!

Mama, over here.


You'll end up killing Kaki!

Give it up!

Hey! Hand it over!

Kuroshima, are you alright?!


Incoming Call

Forensics Officer, more shots of this too.

Got it.

That's it.

Thank you. You can go and rest now.


This way.

The one who was burned to death
was Minami Masakazu, 52 years old.

He started working here 2 weeks ago.

But then, the passenger occupying this room,
Kuroshima, said she hasn't seen him before.



What was Minami's objective
for coming here then?

A master key was found in
the pocket of the remains.

For theft?

Or maybe an attempt to commit rape?

I see. If that's the case,
it might seem he caused this outage.

We're still confirming that because
the switchboard was damaged

but it is verified that the power
was artificially disconnected.

Mr. Mizuki?

I'm out of battery.

No one will come to back us up
due to the fog.

You're right. I didn't even bring
some clothes to change in.


But we were told not to leave our rooms.

Ms. Sanae. Calm down.

Lights are on!

I see.

The culprit first killed the Property Manager.

What are you up to?

And because the crew member
witnessed the murder scene,

the culprit then burned him to
death to keep him quiet.

I got it. Bulls-eye!

I got it!

No, wait.

The suspect, Minami, chased
the victim Kuroshima

for more than 40 meters from here.

It's looking more like rape than theft.

Mr. Mizuki.


The way this was done,

there's a possibility that someone from outside
slipped this in, poured oil and set it ablaze.

That means he could be both a suspect

and a victim of getting burned.

I see.

What is it?

He's a victim of crime!


Minami is both a suspect and a victim.

So he's a crime victim, alright?


Wait, but why did the culprit deliberately kill
the crew member in Kuroshima's room then?


Maybe the crew member killed
the Property Manager

for which Kuroshima might have witnessed.


So, the crew member sneaked into
Kuroshima's room to kill her and then...

His body caught on fire.

It doesn't make sense. Wrong!

Wouldn't you think that
Kuroshima is still taken aback by---

What now?

Who was that guy who was holding
the fire extinguisher?

Kuroshima's boyfriend?


It helps a lot.

Being able to interact with people on board.


Please make sure you protect
your girlfriend, alright?

Do you want something to drink?

Can I take a shower?


I feel like the burnt smell
is still sticking onto my clothes.

It's fine. You won't smell.

No. Go ahead.

Will you hold my hand?



I'm sorry. I'm scared of being alone.

Not at all.



I mean, I feel so uneasy thinking
about him being nearby!


Where did you get this?

For example, how about this?

I don't understand.

Mr. Mizuki, a similar incident happened
to the previous victim in the past.

7 years ago, in Kochi Prefecture,
the daughter of the victim

Minami Honoka,
was murdered by someone.

The culprit is yet to be found and
has become an unsolved mystery.

How long are we gonna keep playing?

6th round!

We've been at it six times now?

So, when did you lose your virginity?

Very late, when I was 21.

I win! I was 26.

Alright, my win!
- Damn it!

6th win!

I'll keep wiretapping and reporting (warning).
Also, I have a proposal for future purposes.

Mr. Minami Masakazu,
the operator of the Kachatori vessel,

died at the age of 52.

He was burned to death.

The source of the fire came from
a passenger room

for which the police are still
investigating about what caused it.

Just when they were finally able
to go on a trip and yet got involved in this,

I'm sure all the passengers were
very frightened. Right, Yamaguchi?

That's right. The one who died
was a crew member of the ship, right?

The fire happened at night, which means---


Do you know where mom is?

Also, there was an incident on
this ship the day before

where a passenger fell into the sea

and the police are now investigating
its connection to the case.

Commercial break.

Why isn't Xinyi back yet?

Could it be that the murderer has...

Don't say that! If you do,

I'll chop you up and make a
banana flower salad out of you!

Is Xinyi in?







I'm sorry, you guys.

Tell me! Where my mom is!

I told you! I don't know!

You were the biggest hostess in Kinshicho,

and I thought, how could you
ever fall in love with me,

the smallest guy in Kuramae?

What are you talking about?

I noticed that you were secretly plotting
something with the Property Manager.

Property Manager

As we planned, we'll carry it out tonight

I'll give you my inheritance so there's no need
for you to go as far as killing my mother!

Your mother?

That's right! I already know!

I may absolutely loathe your mother,

but I do genuinely want to take care of her.

But that person, such a glutton


It's that person's last meal now

Moreover, what?

That old lady's life is about to end soon.

The problem is,

it seems like her illegitimate granddaughter

will get a bigger share of inheritance than us.


Leave that to me.

Ms. Akaike.

Yes, yes. Me, I'm Akaike. That's me.


It's that person's last meal now

You dropped this.

It wasn't me!

Are you some kind of a soldier?

Dispose of this.



Don't lose it anymore.

Hey! What's going on?!

Goro. Open the door.
- Mom?!



I value my life more than the inheritance!

Nana, this article is spreading online.

Incident from 7 years ago?

I've sorted out my doubts.

Stop with your deduction already.

The culprit might still be on this ship!

He might come to hurt you,

so isn't it just natural that I try to
deduce who the culprit is?


Hey, look at this.

This is the key point.

If multiple people committed the crime,
who are the accomplices?

You're more likely to make mistakes by
working alone than with people.

There might be a clue in it.

Us three sleeping together?

That's right.

This pair of criminals killed a second
person right under the nose of the police.

They're not your ordinary people.

Yeah. Then?

In order to protect Nana,

I hope that you'll sleep together
with us from now on.

You're free to turn us down.


I mean, you can sleep in the middle---

This isn't a sleeping position issue!

I mean, you still like her
even after getting separating, right?

Well, about that...

She doesn't like you even an ounce though.

But since we both love her,
let's cooperate with each other!

Big bro! You can stay in the middle---

Why won't you arrest someone?!

Calm down!

It's not something to be complacent about!

I can't contain it anymore!

My hand will fall off!

Let me go!

As if I would!

What's going on?! What happened?

I already told him who the culprit
is but he still wouldn't arrest that person!


It's not good to arrest people rashly.

Another person will die if you
keep cowering like that!

What do you mean by you told
him who the culprit is?

It's that girl!


What do you mean?

My husband once called the police
on her ex-boyfriend to arrest him.

About that...

Why do you always

keep forgetting the spoons?!

Hey, I'm asking you.

H-Hey, what are you doing?

Stop it.

Hey, this has nothing to do with you!


Over here!

What's your deal?
- See?

It's not just today!

This bastard!

What?! Let go!

There we go!

You bastard, throwing things at people.

Stop fucking around!

Arrested on the spot: Crime of atrocity!

Are you alright?

I see.

The ex-boyfriend held a grudge against
the Property Manager so he killed him?

You have it all wrong.


Hey ex-boyfriend is long dead.

That's what I wanted to say!

There are too many horrible
events happening around this child!

Her ex-boyfriend died,
2 people on this ship died,

and she's a student walking around with her
upper arms exposed. That's unusual!

This girl...

She's always looking unbothered,
her head drooped low.

When the truth is, she's probing on
men's attitude so reservedly.

From my years of experience with
women, I can tell at a glance!

Don't you dare look down on our generation
with BCG vaccination marks!

You're exposing your shoulders too!

Sorry. Forgive us.

Catch her! Arrest her!

You'll catch a cold.

Calm down!

Why are you stopping me?!

There's no conclusive evidence yet.

Didn't you see that man?

This guy...

I always see him around.

I did see him. That grinning man earlier.

I'll go call him out.

What are you going to do about it?

Talking is an effective way to prevent
the problem before it happens.


Stop it. Please.
- Move.

Hey, wait!

Alright. I'll talk to the police myself.

What do you think about what
we talked earlier?

What I think?

You saw Kuroshima get attacked, didn't you?

There's no way she's the culprit!

Was she really attacked?

He was locked up and set on fire.

Are you seriously saying that?

I'm not saying that she's the killer.


I'm saying that someone dangerous
might be lurking around her.

The same person that set Minami on fire.


Because he likes Kuroshima?

So he killed her ex-boyfriend,

pretended he doesn't know anything
and took her ex-boyfriend's place.

You're saying that the murderer
is her current boyfriend?

Nana, go back to the room.

What? Wait!

Now that you know how to use this app,

we're going to download a new
app and get you to familiarize it.

Is that something that Misato can do?

Everyone does it.

I want to learn something that
Misato can't do.

Yes, hello.

What is it?

Oh, you again?

About you investing in my company
which we discussed yesterday...

You're so persistent!


So you knew about my ex-boyfriend?

Namitome, right?

I looked it up.

His death spread throughout the university.

But, it's not like I'm doubting you.

I want to support you who just
lost someone you loved.


How much were you able to know?

There's nothing else.


No matter what happened around you in the past,

it doesn't bother me at all.

I'm not belittling your past.

In short, I...

I'm sorry. I can’t express it well.

Put it into words.

I want to hear it from you.

lim (n→∞)




Just like ancient Mesopotamia.

We may not know exactly how
numbers came to be,

but we can be able to
solve this with a formula.

I don't need to know about your past.

Together, we can solve every difficult
problem that will arise in the future.




Are you there, Kuroshima?

Your boyfriend's in there too, right?

Sorry. Wait here.

What's up?

I'm Tezuka Shota.

And then?

We're expected to introduce each other.

I'm Nikaido Shinobu.

What a strange name.
Nice to meet you.

Can I ask a few questions?


Then, just one thing.

I have nothing to say.

You took a sneak peek inside our
wedding party, right? Why?

I was bored.

Why did you board this ship
in the first place?

I had time.

Do you know anything about that
crew member who was burned to death, Minami?


How many more questions do you have?

Answer me.

No idea.

Your face says you know!

Let me go.

2 people died already, okay?

There's someone I need to protect.

Don't you want to protect Kuroshima too?!

I do that's why I boarded this ship!

What do you mean?

Who are you protecting her from?

More like, what did she do that
made you want to protect her?

This is the key point.

If multiple people committed the crime,
who are the accomplices?

Don't tell me...
You and Kuroshima are---

I'm sorry but

I'm also very confident in
my wrist strength, though!

That hurt!

Please leave.

Lay your hands on Nana

and I'll chase after you until death.


I'll make your life worse than death.

Oh? She's not here.

Woah! You're here.

Oh, Ono---

Hey, Mr. Shota.

Wait, later---

Here! Have a taste!

What is this?

Weaning supplement.
I made it myself.

Me? Eat it?

Keep it a secret.

Sorry. I'll do that later.

It's not what you think.

That's my...


This is just... well...

I'm sorry!

I fell in love with just one
look at your photo.

But I didn't expect you'd
take the same elevator I'm in.

And I don't have the courage
to talk to you.

Damn it!

I've been dishonest both
to you and this photo.

Come on, I told her to wait for me.

Here, thanks for waiting.

What did you come to
consult me about?

Incoming Call

Open it.

Why so suddenly?

Open it

and have a look.

I know

that doing something this sudden
would startle you but...

More than being startled,
it's more like---

A-Anyway, just open it.

Open it.

Thank you, but

I'm sorry.


I'm no longer who I was before.

It was my own sudden will to change myself.

I'm sorry.


Maybe my attitude towards you
has been ambiguous so far.

To be frank,

I've wanted to

say goodbye to you.


Where were you?

Are you listening?

Sorry. Can we do this for later?

Sorry, but what are those tears for?
There's nothing to cry about.

That's making you look more suspicious to me.

Maybe you really knew who Minami was?

What's your relationship with him?

Let's talk inside.

Stop it! I don't want to!

What's going on?!

Hey, wait!


Too spicy!

This is over-the-top spicy!

Why do they even make these?


You've worked hard.

We're done with our rounds.

Thanks for your work.
We will cover the next shift.

That will help.

This must be the spiciest in the
world, right? Bhutanese cuisine.

As I said, why were you all alone with her?!

She said she needed to consult
me about something! Is that not allowed?

This is the time to be wary of everyone!

Much more so towards those two!

You're the suspicious one!


These people all gathered here
to celebrate our wedding.

I don't like how you suspect
them and doubt them!

I didn't call over that guy to the party.


Let the police handle it then.

You're amazing.

Just when did you get your heart broken?

And to two people at the same time?

It's cleared up.

Yeah, looking good. That's it. Doing good.

It's not focusing.


No way!




Be careful!

Mr. Mizuki! This way! Up there!

Hey! Come down! Get off there!



Hey, you!

Please come down!

Please return to your rooms, everyone.

Mama, this way.

What? What happened?

Hey, what the heck?

What's wrong?

Hurry inside.


Why are you not here?

What other reasons do you think?

I don't really know.

Well, there are a lot of possibilities, right?

We all know what kind of a
person she is, don't we?

Well, yeah...

I'm sure...

Someone is getting revenge.

It was about 12 o'clock

when we went to bed.

What time did you wake up in the morning?

I have no idea. I'm sorry.

Are we done?

I'm sorry to say this while you're going through
a lot but we will need to talk to you

as you're the first suspect since you
shared the room with her.



Kamiya! Cut it out!

I'm sorry.

Please cooperate with us
so that we can arrest the culprit.


We will search this room

so you will soon be prohibited
from entering this area.

Bring your stuff.



I need to tell you something.

How about Sochan?

Will he be alright?

Well, this has nothing to do with him.

I mean...

It's better

to start caring for animals while they're
still small and don't make noises.

I feel sad for Sochan

but he's not like her, right?


Mama? What are you doing?

No, cut it out.

Sochan! Sochan! I need to stop him!

That's the reason we made him
study abroad to stop his behavior!

Someone will one day take their revenge!

Where is Chicago again?

Let's become a Garbage Attendant
-Akane Kinoshita

I still have other books, more than
a dozen of them have been published.

I'm sorry, but please get to the point.

You see...

Almost done?


In short,

my original work is related to finding garbage,

so bear with me on this one.


Xinyi who lives in room 707.

I haven't seen her since the night before last.

Even if I ask the people
who she shares a room with,

they obviously look like they're hiding something.

Then, inside the garbage bag
from room 606...

I found traces of Xinyi.

This is?

Hey, have a look!

My teeth have a very distinct shape!

Yeah, you don't have to show that off.

I thought

she might be involved in this case in some way.

Room 606.

Occupied by a woman named Urabe Yu.

Do you hate the sea?



Ms. Urabe!

Step away! The murderer is inside!

Well, uhh... You see, that person---


- You see---

She just... uhh---

What are you doing?!

You're wrong!



You bastard!

Hey, help me out here!


Contact the medical office!

Copy that!

I'm sorry!



Hey! You have to save her!









Fractured ribs and a few bruises on the back.

Is she waking up soon?


However, it is better to take her to
a hospital as soon as possible.

As you say but these guys...


Where should I even start?

We'll have to put your husband
here for the meanwhile.


How about the injured woman?

I believe she will be fine. However...

The status is unclear at this time so we will treat
your husband as a suspect for the time being.

So, was he really being violent?

It was on-the-spot violence.

And last night,

your husband was also seen
on the victim's floor.

I'm sorry.

The detectives were yelling "murderer"
so I just went in and it just happened.

That's just...

You must have done that for Kuroshima.

I am so sorry for your loss.

It's just that

what was your husband planning?

Does Kuroshima have something
to do with that?

Stop it!

We're going!


I want to believe it's got
nothing to do with her but

he gets so stubborn once he gets
obsessed over something.


You might think that I'm covering up got him but

I think the culprit is someone else.

Your reason?

I went to Kuroshima's room yesterday.

Here, thanks for waiting.

What did you come to
consult me about?

Is this about Nikaido?
He seems like a nice guy.

What? Why did you suddenly think that?

That's what you came
to talk about, right?

Alright. Take off your shoes.


Just relax. We've got a lot
of things to talk about.

Thank you.

Your ankles are so beautiful!


So it was about our relationship then?

Is what I thought of at first.

A grudge against you?

I've been through so much.

Do you think that this is something
I should talk about with Nikaido?

I'm sorry. I don't know what our topic is.

Once you know about it,

I'm sure my past will really rattle you.

Do you think I should only confide
about it with Nikaido?

Or is this something I should just keep hiding?

I'm sorry, this was a strange talk. I'm leaving.


If it was me, I'd keep quiet about it.

If you talk about everything
you've been through to this point,

it might lighten your load

but then it will become a burden that
Nikaido has to carry with him too.

Your worries are not solved but
rather just shifted to the next one.


if you really care for Nikaido,

it's better to keep quiet.

The person who is connected to
the past that Kuroshima didn't disclose

might be the real culprit.

What? Did we move?

If we reach the port,
the culprit will get away!


The person who knows everything about her,

the person who probably knows more
about her than I do, is in this ship!


I boarded this ship because I thought
that person might harm Kuroshima.

I've always been on the lookout for him.

Once I find that person,

I'm sure he knows something.

That person...

That person...? the culprit.

Let me reiterate. That person,

the real culprit, is your husband.

Don't you think that computers
are magic boxes?

In any case, hacking into the
police department's server is just...

We must find some clues anyway!

Avenge my granddaughter!

Let's see.

Other information related to the killer---

Hurry up!

Why don't you say something?

Retrieve it!

Mr. Hayakawa!

The equipment and the fish got entangled.

Mr. Hayakawa!

I'll have a hard time restarting
the machine like this.

You're mistaken! Look!

Our samples that are still being studied
seems to have spilled into the sea.

We should at least retrieve those.

Please do so.

Hey, excuse me.

Nikaido! You boarded too!


Were you with Kuroshima?

More importantly,
we're looking for Uchiyama.

Uchiyama? The grinning man you mentioned?

Yes. Have you seen him?

Hey! They're pulling it up!

Wait a moment. This'll be over soon.

This way.

By fish, they meant shark?

That's it!

Has anyone seen Uchiyama?

I haven't.


Didn't see him too.


We have confirmed with
all passengers and staff.

If so, then where did this head come from?

Is it possible that it was a fisherman
who fell from a nearby fishing boat?

Something bothers me.


This was provided by one of
the passengers,Tamiya Junichiro.

He said

this person seems to be
connected to this case.


he said that the animals around were
just casually drawn and have no other meaning.

His identity?

No idea.

He is my student.

He boarded this ship.

You are sure?

Yes. The day before yesterday,

he came to my room and we had a small talk.

What kind of talk?

It wasn't much.

Just some details on the progress
of his research and that.

He was a very excellent student.

I think Uchiyama might have been
killed ahead before Kuroshima.

I'm so cruel.

I wanted Uchiyama to be the culprit,

which I somehow believed.

Is that because you don't want
to accept that it's your husband?

He really love me a lot.

And my love for him is not
even 1% of his.

That's why

even if Shota really did something wrong...

I'm sorry.

These thoughts shouldn't be spoken out, right?


That's how I feel too.


Let's both accept the outcome
no matter what it is.


I think these two are the key points.

All these forged passport are yours, right?


Iqbal said he had a friend who
needed it, so he prepared it.

He was worried about leaving it
at home, so he brought it with him.

And then, you guys came.

I said, it should be better if we hide them away.

I'm sorry, I just don't want
you to get in the way.

I promise I won't hurt you.

But you went ahead and hurt me still.

I won't harm you anymore,

so once everything is over,
I'll let you go.

It seems like you've got your
own circumstances too.

Would you listen to me for both our sake?

"Once everything is over"?
What did she mean?

She didn't tell me at first.



It wasn't me.

No, I didn't think it was you.


But I...

I came on this ship to kill her.

My boyfriend.

She killed him.

Now wait! I can't keep up.

Ms. Urabe seems to be dating
a guy named Matsui.

And that Matsui guy,

was Kuroshima's tutor.

It's all thanks to you teacher, that I have now
figure out what to do in the future.

Because of that,

I no longer have thoughts of
taking my own life.

I'm grateful to you, Matsui-sensei.

"She's a girl going through puberty,"
Matsui thought.

She seems to have asked him
if he could be of help to her.

That's why...

Matsui and Kuroshima
got into an accident by the sea.

It was only Matsui who died.

She didn't even doubt Kuroshima a bit.


Leave the rest to me.

It was only later

when Urabe heard the rumor
that Kuroshima might be

the illegitimate granddaughter of
the president of Akachi Construction.

She felt cheated.

That company

had a lot of bad rumors
which she heard from her hometown.

That they would bury alive the employees

from the opposite company
at their construction site.

Urabe hired a detective

to track down Kuroshima and
came to Tokyo by herself

while conducting various investigations.

Kuroshima's boyfriend at the time
has also passed away.

What? An accident is an accident.

So, did you do it?

Maybe I did?

And more.

Her investigation about Kuroshima

"Arrest the prisoner"
Honoka's father sues in tears

seems to have confirmed her thoughts.

That Kuroshima killed several people.


You mean to say that Minami Masakazu

Minami, crew member of Kachatori, invaded Room 713 and was burned to death by fire. What is the purpose of his violence against Kuroshima?

was also after Kuroshima Sawa?

If that's the case, why was he set on fire?

That was done by Urabe.

Urabe thought that it was Kuroshima
who had just entered the room.

Stop being a scaredy cat.

The Property Manager just
got killed, you know?!

Act a bit scared, will you?
You're so not cute.


She really regretted it.

Cheer up.

Turn yourself in and atone for your sins.

Now stop!

Urabe wanted to kill Kuroshima.

But it wasn't Urabe who killed her?

No, I really don't think she killed Kuroshima!

Why do you think so?

Because the real killer made an appearance.

You should have told us that
right from the start!

Things happen in order, alright?!

We were planning

to have a talk with this guy though.

Thank you for waiting.

This ship will return to port after the final
inspection, which will take place soon.

The tentative return time is
tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Twelve hours to go.

I've tried everything.


This is the method I usually
use when investigating

if the part-timer I hired
has written bad things about me.


For example,

let's use the name of the cafe that's
located close to her university.

space - "classes" - space - "skipped"

then go look it up.

Several posts similar to "cheesecake
is delicious" have appeared.

Yes, then use this account name

and do a reverse search.

There are no related results.

Nothing's come up.

Then, put a period in the
middle of the account name.

Or add a hyphen at the end of all text.

There it is!

Is this like a secret account of that
profile we saw earlier?

That's right. List down this account and
all the other accounts related to this.

Excuse me. There's something
I need assistance with.

When are you going to do it?

What? Is it about that ?

Are you planning to do it here?

We need to do it now.

No, just wait you two.

There's lesser people.

Seems like the investigation is still in progress.

There's a possibility that the
culprit is among us.

Get a good look.

The person who committed the crime
won't be able to eat in a calm manner.

One can easily put on a false---

You're an ex-convict, right?

Going to the toilet.


I've brought it.

Thank you. How about bullets?

Well, it's not bullets.

But spears.

Nana, what is that...?

Sorry to disturb you while you're eating.

We don't have time so will
everyone please stand up?


Where is she?!

On the deck!

Let's get there!


That hurt!

Hurry up, detective!

Don't move around!

What is this?


This is Nikaido, the man Kuroshima was dating.

We didn't want to do this,

but before we get to the dock, there's
something we'd like to confirm.

Well, I think you just need to explain
the situation to everyone.

I think everyone will cooperate!

There's one more person I'd like to introduce.

This is Professor Hayakawa
from Kuroshima's university.

Hurry up!

Look! Over there!


In this moment,

we would like to conduct
a test on everyone.


This is a special solution
developed with the help

of our research laboratory for rescue purposes.

What is he talking about?

This solution can be used on life
jackets and other items,

so even if someone falls off the
boat, they'll be easier to find.

We have verified it in our simulation experiments

using hydrodynamics that we
can easily locate the victims

even if they accidentally sink into the sea.

Although it looks colorless
and transparent right now,

it reacts with seawater and UV rays,

later developing a distinct color.

This solution that can save lives

was found in Nikaido's bag.

Kuroshima placed it in there.

For self-defense
-from Uchiyama

Sorry to interrupt but I need to go to---

Kuroshima must have applied this
liquid on the murderer

in some way before she was killed.

- With that,

I'd like to invite everyone
for a swim in the sea.

You must be joking!

You can keep your clothes.

Do you know how many
degrees it is today?

This child was asking.

Kuroshima died!

Don't you want to find out who the killer is?

Can you talk to your wife
to calm her down?



Nana has a point.


Big bro!

Big bro!

Hey, why are you ignoring me?

I've got a bad feeling about this!

Well, you see.

The two of us will take the first dip.


You heard them, right?

I did!

Then, what're you waiting for?
Let's get to it!

Just wait!


I think you should let
us know first before you---

So cold!

Are you going to do the same to the elderly?

We've got a pregnant woman here!

Well, about that...

There's no need for that now.

Oh, no!

Oh, so that's it?

Murderer has been found!

This child was saying.

Something seems to have happened
outside so please wait for me.

The guy earlier seems to
have a handcuff on?

Yes, we arrested him on the spot.

He was going to kill you.


What is this? I don't get it.

Shota?! Why?

No, it's not me! Believe me!

Of course! I did this because I believe you!

I asked the police to bring you here.


What? What's going on here?

Well then, allow me to apologize.

Actually, last night, these
two asked for my help.

However, it might be too difficult
to get everyone wet.

I understand, it only has to be the people
who are in the same apartment building as us.

I'm sorry.

This is not within the scope of our powers.

We understand that too.

So the first thing we're asking from you

is to acquiesce our plan.

The other one,

while we're in the middle of it,
please bring out my husband.

Taking the prisoner out?

My husband is the type

to take the first plunge right in.

If he does, the others will
reluctantly agree, right?

In short.

You --- What?! You kept it from me?

I'm not sure if I made the right
call as a detective.

But thanks to everyone's help,
we were able to find the killer.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome! Then, I need to go---

Nobody move!

- Shut up!

But, I...


For now!

Shall we put that down?

Please don't arrest him.

As I said...
- Nana!

Calm down!

You calm down too!

Shota, you are not the---

Of course, it's not me!

But now that you said that Kuroshima

sprayed that life-saving
agent on the murderer,

then everyone is a suspect!

I'm sorry.

I believe you.

I want to believe you.

Listen to me, Nana.

I am innocent.

If you go and check everyone,
you'll be able to prove that.

So, right now. Let's put down that gun.

That would mean you believe me.

You get me?

If you're lying, make sure you keep
deceiving me til' the very end.

What? What are you saying?

She'll pull the trigger.

Hand it over.

Nana! You can't!


A misunderstanding?


I came here to fulfill my objective

of killing Kuroshima Sawa.

After that, I will atone for my sins.

At that time, he came to
my room to look for me.

He originally thought there was something suspicious
about Kuroshima so he was on lookout the whole night.

But, he fell asleep halfway through.

Please come down!
Be careful!

Mr. Mizuki! This way! Up there!

I've always been someone who
can easily fool people.



But when I passed by him,
my clothes gave me away.

Your clothes?


Recently I've been interested in camping
and have watched a lot of related videos.

This is the kind of jacket you wear when
you're warming up by a campfire, right?

Even a small spark won't set it on fire.

Which brings me, when room 713 was on
fire and everyone was in a panic,

where were you?

Hey! What happened?!

Hey! Hey!

This is bad!
I'm going to lift you up!

But that man...

Spit it out!

In order to atone for my sins after
mistakenly killing Minami...

I'm going to try the back knocking
method. It's going to hurt!

I swallowed some sleeping pills.

And he was only helping me out.

Are you... are you okay?!

Of course he's not!

I'll call the medical office!

Stop it!

What are you doing?!


It's warm.
- What?

[T/N: I'm crying, he ended up pissing on himself XD ]


He's got a pulse.

Not good.

We need to find a doctor quickly.

I can't breathe! You're suffocating me!

Are you alright?!

I can't breathe!


Are you alright?


Found you.

Kamiya, that's...

There's something I realized after
looking at the marks on Mr. Tezuka's clothes.

If Kuroshima sprayed this solution
in front of the murderer,

the murderer should have disposed the
solution after killing her.

Kuroshima must have used another
way to apply the life-saving agent

without the murderer knowing
of its existence.

Like, applying it on her hand.

I remember.

I may have guessed right.

When I woke up in the middle of
the night, my clothes felt wet.

I thought it was sweat.

I think I must have been sprayed
with that solution that time.

He wet my clothes and dampened justice!

Mr. Detective.

We handed over the bottle of
spray to you last night, right?

That was---

You have no evidence to prove that
so don't talk as if you have one!

Oopsie daisy.

Let's end this before we all catch a cold.

What are you saying? Step back.

Teacher, about that matter.


Weren't you going to say it
just until we dock?

We can't trust the detectives here.


Don't want credit for your efforts?

What is it about?

This was a photo taken of Kuroshima
with a student from the same university

which was posted online a year ago
through a secret account.

Everyone, here it is.

This is Kuroshima, right?

What a shameless woman, doesn't she have a boyfriend

Ugh, hasn't it been just a year since N-senpai died?

Look what I found


Look what I found

What? Kamiya?

Yes, we used to date.

What about it?

That's all.

Just stating the facts.

My former lover was murdered

and I was able to successfully investigate
without any personal feelings involved.

Is that not allowed?

That's not the case.


all believed

that the killer had feelings for Kuroshima.

I don't know what basis you have
to say that but if that's the case,

don't you think Kuroshima's current lover
should be our foremost suspect?!


We've got grounds to say that.

This is the ring case I gave to Kuroshima.

The ring was given to her
the day before she died.

Open it.

I rehearsed on my own
over and over again.

I know

that doing something this sudden
would startle you but...

"Open it."

But my rehearsal was for naught.


D-Don't look!

I wanted to surprise you...

I failed.

I'd say you succeeded.

Thank you.

I won't take it off even if I die.

But the day I found her,

she wasn't wearing the ring.

I think the culprit loved her so much

that he took off her ring in a fit of jealousy.

Why so suddenly?

Is your old addiction coming back?

Are you surprised?

Don't underestimate a
criminal police officer.

More than being startled,
it's more like---

Are you surprised that I'm on this ship?

I want to lend you my support.

If you continue to commit crimes,
you'll be given the death sentence.

Thank you, but---

In exchange, break up with that guy.

He's too pure for you.

You should just once again
be with me---

I'm sorry.

What for?


I'm no longer who I was before.

It was my own sudden will

to change myself.

I'm sorry.


Maybe my attitude towards you
has been ambiguous so far.

To be frank,

I've wanted to

say goodbye to you.

Wait, you murderer!

Do you really love him that much?

But he's going to die soon.

What are you planning?

I won't do anything.

It's you.


Did you really think it's still possible
for you to get back on the right track?

Your murder addiction might
start acting back up again.

I'm sure, a day will come,

when you'll feel like wanting to kill him.

Do you want me

to end everything for you?

Kamiya, is there anything you want to say?

You do have the right to remain silent,

but it's not like I'll start doubting
you if you keep quiet.

You shouldn't treat him nicely just
because he's one of you!

Probe him!

It was our agreement.

Agreement, my ass.
What did you even discuss?!

Don't get too worked up!
It was for your sake.



Indeed, she loved you.

For that purpose, I killed 2 people!

Are you really coming over to Kamiya's place?

This guy keeps getting in the way.

I'm the only one who needs to die.

You've finally made up your mind?

Meaning to say,

you admit that you'll end up killing
Nikaido one day, ahead this path.

I won't.

I won't kill him!
It's just not possible!

I love him!

Then, what did you come here for?

There might be a bit of a chance...

0.1% chance...

that'll I'll start doubting myself

as I'm not confident enough.

After all,

something's wrong with me.


in order to protect Nikaido against me,

I want you to bring judgment upon me.


Are you scared?

A little bit.

I feel like I'm getting much closer to you.

You mustn’t.

Don't turn into someone like me.







I wanted to return it to you at
the most unfavorable time.


Stop it, Kamiya!

Let's calm down and talk!

Even if we keep talking about it,

you won't be able to understand me.

You shouldn't seek to be understood!

You see...

We each have someone we love dearly.

The same way you loved Kuroshima.

Everyone has someone they love deeply!

Which means...

You must never kill anyone!

That's because...

...that person is dearly loved by someone else.

That's why...

just be obedient and get arrested,

let's talk it all out peacefully
then atone for your sins!


I will atone for my sins, right now.

I said---



Stand up.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go to the infirmary now.


I'm sorry, Shota. Are you alright?


Nana, why are you apologizing to me?

Because you suspected me as the
culprit? Or because of this?

Just for a moment. It was just
for a moment that I doubted it.


It still hurts even if it
was just for a moment.

We've been together for
3 years: 1095 days,

for 26,280 hours

and then you doubted me for a second,
of course it's going to hurt!

I won't doubt you anymore, for always!

So, if we live until we're 100 years old,

that'd be worth 20,4090 days.

Your doubt is worth one second
in 578,160 hours.

I guess I can forgive you for that then.

Yes, forgive me.

Then, if that's what you want...

Won't you have to apologize for this too?

Sorry, but this is...

...just a fake arrow though.


I borrowed it from the bar!

There's no way it's the real thing!

But why does it hurt so bad?


That hurts!
- Wait!

No, no! It hurts!

But it's just a fake arrow.
- No, you can't!

He got hit.
- Nana! Nana!

See? I'm bleeding even!

It hurts!

It hurts!

Hey, wait!
- Are you alright?

Nana! Why does it hurt so bad?

Nana! Someone!
- Someone please help us!


Lifting you up now.
Ready, go!

Oh, right. What's in it?

Wanna see?


Why, you ask?



What's this about?



So cold, huh?

Good thing I changed clothes.

Be careful. Here we go.

Alright, thank you.


Big bro.

Get well soon and I'll see you at the gym.

See you.

Also, there's one more thing that
I've been keeping from you and Nana

because I only need to receive your blessings.

Did something good happen?

Come on. Pregnant women shouldn't be driving.

Because you're taking so long.


That's it.

Come over to my wedding soon too.


Thanks for waiting.


A forehead kiss only.

See you.

What just happened? Why?!

Alright, you two.

We'll need to talk more
at the police station.



You don't want to talk about her?


"I think I'll be able to start anew

as long as I'm with Nikaido."

She said.

Allow me to say just that, alright?

I couldn't...

...let her have such expectations.

Subtitles by FURRITSUBS
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Excuse me.

Mr. Tezuka?

You're not allowed to walk yet!


Let me just grab my wallet
and I'll be back immediately.

Well, I might have to make you wait more.

Oh, my keys.

Mr. Tezuka, are you feeling well now?


I'm helping out in sorting Kuroshima's stuff.

I see.


Cheer up, Douyan!


The nickname I thought of for you
when I was in the hospital.

You're Douyan from now on, alright?

From now on?

Let's get along. It seems like
we'll be such great friends.

Get along?

You ask a lot, huh?

Hey, do you have a phone?


Well then, right now,

I'll finally be able to reunite with Nana

whom I haven't seen for 100 years!

I wonder how she will feel?

Do you think she'll be delightfully surprised?

Wait. It's open?

After everything that has happened,

she's too careless!

Come in!

Come in!

We gotta be quiet!

She's not in the studio.

I'm going to get scolded later.

What? She's not here.

This seems like a "wake up prank."

Here we go!

Nana, good morning!

Hey, Nana! You've got flies!

Nana! There's a fly!




I can't believe this!

You're even popular among flies!

Hey, hey. Are you taking a photo right now?

Sorry, I'm recording a video.