Your Move (2017) - full transcript

The film, which marks the directorial debut of singer-turned-actor Luke Goss, is currently in post-production. Also starring Goss, alongside Robert Davi and Patricia De Leon, it tells the ...

- Gap. Okay.
- wait a moment.

Can you hurry up a bit?
I'm really crazy

I will fix it once

what do you say?

are you kidding? He can go to hell.

- The application is completed.
- I spoke clearly.

- Send an email.
- Thank you. And have a good day.

Hello David. how are you
- this is good.

I try to avoid them
Then there are shit shoes.

Then there are shit shoes, yes.
You know how it works.

- Here is your request.
- One thing: I do not say anything to my wife.

It is our pleasure
It's always fun to see you.

Thank you.

Hello dear I just want to tell you
We arrived safely.

We've set up video calls.
We are waiting for your return home.

Someone is eager to hear from you.
I love you

They are there then.

- Hello Dad.

- How do you like Mexico?
- I miss the house.

- I missed you, Dad.
- This is fine. Come.

It's the anniversary of my grandmother and grandfather.
You know you love the ocean.

- I told her.
- I carried the big bags myself.

Oh really? Show muscles.

- look over there. As strong as my father
- No

- You mean as strong as my mother.
- I know.

Do you eat food from Jay?

- You should not eat that way.
- It's right.

- You should not eat that way.
- Jay from the Bronx.

And kinamat. Chinese food Bronx.
Would not be better.

- Do not complain when you get sick.
- I will not be.

check it out.

We will see you
So how did you go today?

I was invited
To take the other black belt.

that's good news.

So head my gangs?
- Great fun.

Is there any possibility
Can you come here earlier?

- Two long weeks.
- As of an event ...

Today's shop, I repaired
Located on a plus. I see you in four days.

Well, "my dear. I'll talk to you
My daughter while getting up to date.

- Okay. I love you so much
- I love you.

- Friend, my father is the right back.
Where are you going?

- Dad just grab a glass of wine.
- wine? Seriously?

- You should not drink alcohol.
- Does that mean Miss?

Do not be too difficult.
Definitely worth it.

See you just a cup
But she got my father.

I thought so for
Wake up early so maybe we can ride?

Welcome Savannah

Take it! Take it! Take it!

Take it! Take it! Take it!

What? who are you

Now it's your move, David.

No, no. Please do not put on.

Hi? What is the case in emergencies?

I saw my wife and daughter exceeded.
I do not know what to do.

- You have to know where they are.
- I do not know. In Mexico.

please. I need help.

Sorry, where did you say they were?

- in Mexico in Baja.
- Okay. what's your name

David Miller.
- I do not really understand.

How do you see the attack
If it happened in Mexico?

It was a video call.
I saw everything.

He hits my wife. He has my daughter.

- And I saw everything online?
- Yeah.

Okay. When the police arrive
You must explain all this to them.

Thank you. Send it as soon as possible.

- David, the police are coming soon.
- Thank you.

My God.

David Miller?
- Yeah.

"We have received a report of an attack.
- Yeah.

Sir, can we enter?
- Please notice.

Do you mind?
Look around?

Certainly. Here you go.

I told the alarm operator
Have you seen your wife gone over?

Yes, she is in Mexico with her parents.
It was a video call.

Do you agree to my visit to you?

- Certainly. But is this necessary?
- So is the routine.

Place your hands on your back.
Sore on the legs. A little to.

Leaning back. So this assault
As you say I've seen

How can you see it?
If it happened in Mexico?

I have already explained this. was so
video call. Then a man appeared.

Have you seen abuse in a video chat?


- Sir Miller, are you sorry?
- Of course

That's what happened. I have spoken ...

Patrol is here.
I am with the man who saw an assault

Understand. is everything okay?

He says he saw her
In video chat.

Sorry, can you repeat that?

He saw the attack through a video call.
I do not know how to move.

Tell us we can send
Special patrol tonight.

- We can not do more.
- Aware.

Mr. Miller, we are allowed to allow
Another department handles the case.

- Someone will contact you.
- anybody? After that?

I am sorry, sir
Someone will call you tonight.

Okay. Now we go.

- I'm really sorry sir.
- Thank you.

My God.

Where are you Bella?

in the apartment.
I'm waiting for my father to come.

The police here

Goodbye David.
what is happening?

- Bella, do you know anything?
- No

There are cops everywhere
A commissioner is on his way here.

David, wait a little.

"The Commissioner wants to ask some questions.
- Okay.

Senorita Parabas,
I am Commissioner Romero.

Isabel is my sister.

David, can you wait for a minute?

I'm talking to my brother in law.
He saw the assault.

Can I talk to him?

David, I'm leaving the phone.
- Certainly.

I need to ask two questions
When I finished


Sir Miller?
This is Comissar Romero.

Have you spoken to your wife?
- No, it was a video call.

- I've seen everything.
- Have you seen the abuse?

I would like to answer questions,
But tell me if my family is okay.

Your wife and daughter are not in the apartment.

There is no blood or sign
On robberies and bags remain.

There was no theft.
I think they were kidnapped.

In this case you must remain alive
Because it will be a business deal.

What do you mean?
I saw him beating my wife ...

I understand what you are going through now.

I need to know when you came here.

It is important to come here.

I travel with American Airlines
and I am in. 14.00 tomorrow

You will get my mobile number.
Call immediately after you land.

I'm in the afternoon.
I'll call immediately when I get out.


- Hi?
- It's David. I'm on my way.

- good. I'm sending a car.
- This is fine.

I've got a taxi. I'm calling
When I go to the apartment.

No, no! You can not ... David?

Where are you going?
- Sorry

550 Mesarek Please.

Are you here at work?
- No

If you're here on vacation, I know
Where you can find real goodies.

I'm here with my family, but thank you.

- If you need anything ...
- I must take this.

- Hi?
Apartment Crime Scene.

I go directly to the apartment.
I need to get answers and see for myself.

Come to the station. I know that
You want answers, we can arrange this.

- Do you have the address?
- Yeah.

- In the central province?
- Yeah?

- Do you know where the police station is located?
- Yeah.

- Can you go there?
- Yeah.

- I'll get there as soon as possible.
- Well, see you here.

Let him enter

Mr. Miller,
I am Commissioner Romero.

nice to meet you.

I wish it was
Other circumstances.

- Okay.
- Thank you.



I need a cartoonist.

We sit here.

- Will I sit here?
- Yes there is.

how was the trip?

For a long time.

Do you want something to drink?
water? Coffee?

This is good, thank you.
I would start immediately.

Do you have any new information
Or clues?

Not yet
But we are investigating the crime scene.

The results should come soon.

David ...

David, I want it
To say the first thing you remember.

His voice.

Is it normal to take a woman
And a child almost kills them?

It does not matter if they die.

- is this normal?
- Yes, so they do not fight.

Do you have any idea about the number
Kidnapping? We know more than you.

I understand you're upset.
Sit down and try to relax.

the path ...

... as it seemed to me.

He had this hatred.

He knew me
He knew my name.

I felt very personal.
would like ...

As if he enjoyed a bad game.

Your wife is a daughter
For a wealthy businessman.

It is a national tax.

You see a lot of money in her.
Dream of the hijacker.

We have to go through some routines
It takes about an hour.

Can you take some air in the meantime?

It has been a long day for you.

We have done enough for today.

10 minutes? Perfect.

Yes, the same place. Top, thank you.

David, I want you to take this.
It is a local mobile phone.

Here are all the numbers. My Contacts.

If anything happens, I can get to you right away.

Great, thanks.

- Do you need a ride?
- Taxin on its way.

Thank you very much, Commissioner.

We will find them.

Good evening.

It would be 100 pesos.

Do you really want to stay here?
This is dangerous

This will be perfect. Thank you.

Keep the switch.

We have not heard from you in hours
He became anxious.

Sorry. I lost time.

- Did you contact the Commissioner?
- No

I called him. He said
You left your stuff at the station.

- Give me your phone number.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- David?

- Do not you want to live with us?
- It's going well.

- You know how to be your father.
- Yeah.

David, what exactly happened?

Her wound was very bad

I do not even know if he has my daughter.

Is there anything before we meet
As you did not tell me?

David, before I meet you
Her life was about horse riding.

I mean
After winning the Olympic gold medal ...

Their old friends, pursuers, fans ...?

No ...

No ... not what I remember.
Just ordinary fans.

- People inspired.
- I know.

wait a little bit ...

I have thrown boxes at home
With messages from fans.

Can not we get it?


Are there any rooms available?

200 pesos a night in advance.

Thank you.

- If you want company ...
- Good evening.

What's the way? Thank you.

my mother and my father
Do not bother you anymore.

You sure now.

Why are you scared of me?

Now, there will be no such thing.

The good parent knows what to do.

My God ...

- can I enter?
- Of course

What do you do, David?

What should this be?

I do not know.

What do you mean?

I have one thing to do

There is no abduction.

How can you be sure?

The way it hurts

I have made it very bad.

You know my family.

- We love you, you are like the Son.
- I know.

I know that

Do you think ...

Do you think ...
Do you think they are still alive?

I do not know.

I gave her one of these
The first time I competed.

It's my love, David.

If you find it ...

You have to tell me

I've always admired you as a father.

How did you support it?

If you find it ...

Then kill him.

I will never go
To see my baby again.

Good luck to.

David, Commissioner.
I have important news.

Meet me in 1504 Tarbak.
I'll be there in a few hours.

Come on, you're cute.

I miss you so much.

We can go to
1503 Agua Caliente, thanks?

No problem, see you.

Hi, I am Comissar Romero.

- Did it happen anyway?
- I do not have just a few questions.

I'll be right away.

David, why are we here?

This is.

You can not do this
Special investigations in my city.

Walk across the street and wait there.

Do you understand that?

Make sure it stays there.

Fan also.

- thank you very much.
- Of course


Sit down and feel at home.

Do you want coffee? water?
- No, but thank you.

I only have some routine questions
Which I want to ask you

Are you a lady Perez?
- Yes, but say pain.

- Alma.
Alma, just this.

Do you know this guy again?

I'll only get my glasses

I always put them here.

My God. Okay ...

- Can you see the card again?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

- It's Gabriel.
- Your Gabriel?

I am his grandmother.

Is it good?

- Jadå.
- Yeah?

Do not worry, it's fine.

- Did he live with you?
- Yeah ...

- Yes, for a long time.
- When did I meet him?

It has been a long time, Commissioner.

so far

Do you know this girl again?

Oh, I remember her

It's a great talent?

Gabriel was in love with her.

You must understand that.

Can you show me his room?


and then.

Then we were here.

I did not have the energy
To keep away from his things.

You know that ...

Has a lot of pictures
On Isabella.

It was a gift from above
After the great tragedy.

- And ...
- Tragedy?

He was very sad.

My daughter and his father
He was killed in the fire.

A sweet little boy lived with me.

Can I get it

Do you know how to contact him?

I think it works
For consulting company ...

Within the city.

- good morning.
- Hi there.

- how was the trip?
- She was a producer.

This is true as they say.

That city does not sleep.

I contacted your grandmother.

- May ... Do you feel good?
- Yes, it seems so.

Well ... I'll call her later
Make sure I do not forget it.

I will not do that. You have a meeting
Kuala Lumpur. 11.00 with Mr. Stevens.

And Mr. Thomson of the KDR
Must contact soon

Thank you Liliana.
- It was a little too.

KMI, Mr. Sanchez's office.
What can I help with?

- This is Commissioner Romero.
- Hello, what can I help with?

I have considered the investment plans
I am ...

Can I get a second?

I suppose it is urgent?

He is Commissioner Romero.
Says ...

After that?

Okay ...

Link it

Please sit down.

thanks for coming
- no problem.

I was curious
What this is about

- Do you know Isabel Miller?
- Miller?

Isabel Miller ...
I do not know this name again.

I have not seen this picture
In a very long time.

- do you know her?
"Isabel Barabas?"

Of course, I know her

All is well?

I remember the day you won gold.

When it was announced
So the room exploded.

Do you remember that day?

Beside that ,
What do you have for her relationship?

There was no drawing relationship.
I was more impressed with the kids.

I know
I've been at home with your grandmother.

There got me.
You are an adult fan.

Is the reason
I started riding.

Did you have any other contact
with her?

- at recent days
- No

What about it?

Did you happen to her?

Three days later, passed
Isabel Miller and her daughter.

They have gone since.

My God.

This terrible

Where were you two nights ago?
- On the way to New York in business.

- Can anyone check it out?
- Of course

Check with my assistant.
She is the one who booked everything.

I stayed at the West Hotel. Contact them

Liliana. Is this true?

Yeah. Liliana.

I hope you understand it even
We get confirmed information -

- You can not leave the country.

Thank you for your cooperation.

no problem

you can go now.

- Hi!
- just chill.

- who is this?
- You just know who I am!

throw it away! Take it here!

- What's up with you?
- This is where he was.

- I saw him ...
- It was!

I saw him in a video call.

I'm trying to fix this.
I need evidence, facts.

If his excuse is correct
Then we have nothing.

CEO Did you mean "nothing"?
It's about my family.

- Do you understand me?
- I have two daughters.

- I understand what you are going through.
- No, you do not.

- I need more time.
- Time?

How long do we have?

Can I go now?

You know where I am.

Master (Sanchez) Is everything good?

Yes that's good
It's just a stupid mistake.

I changed the spark plug in the car,
Then I pulled my hand.

I hit my hand.

help my

Who the hell do you think (Gringo)?

he's crazy

Is death.

Hey! Stop!

Listen! what are you doing

Where is my family?

where are they?
- He's trying to kill me!

You are safe now.

I will never go
Let him hurt you

There is no danger, darling.

I want my child!

she died

- What do you want me to do?
- Stay away from the case.

I warned you, David.

I saw him.
He fled.

A man accused of kidnapping
Your family sees a madman coming against them.

Who of us do not fly after that?

I've been doing this for 35 years,

Do you have any idea what
Needed for a situation that is addressed?

So the killer does not leave the courtroom
And finger me?

So I do not see the victim's family in it
Face when I have failed.

I have made promises to children
Because I acted instinctively

Without sufficient evidence.

And now you stand in the way
When I collect the evidence.

- Trying to find your family.
- What do you think I'm trying to do?

I do not want to lose them.

I do not want to lose them.

That's it ... that's all.

For the last time, David:
Stay away from this issue.

You will have two options:
Either leave Mexico.

Or may spend the rest
Time in the cell. It's your choice.

Every minute feels like an hour.
I do not know what to do.

I promise to do all I can
To find your family.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I do not want to be.

Let me be alone.

Friend, if you talk without permission
Then I will kill you.

- Bring money
- Yeah.

"It will be fine tomorrow.
- no problem.

- Where should we meet?
- There is a bar at the corner in Tercera.

- You must come alone.
- I'm coming. Thank you.

- good morning.
- Only the person you are looking for.

- Now I've found.
- Question.

- Have you visited my beach club?
- Certainly.

I will arrange an event this weekend.
The liquor company sponsors. Are you hanging?

If you are outstanding?
what is the Question? This is a clear.

Wines, women ...
What more can one wish?

You are a wise man.

- Ask your secretary to contact.
- I'm already on g.

- Excuse me, where are the building materials?
- In the left.

- OK thanks.
- No risk.

- Do you build a house?
- Yeah.

500 pesos.

- thank you very much.
- Thank you.

You have savannah ...

She allowed her to be.

But I had to punish you

As I have been waiting all these years ...

I knew that time would come
So that our love can flourish.

Then you were forced
For my betrayal with this man?

I can handle this error.
Everyone makes mistakes.

But ...

But ...

But the child ...

I can not live
With this child here in the world.


thanks for coming

All money exists. 2000 dollars.

Thank you.

It's closed

Mr. Barabas ...
I did not know it was you

Can I invite you to drink?

- What soup, huh?
- Yeah.

These two men came from nowhere.

Have you seen what happened?

- There were two men. Greenwich
- Gringo?

- American?
- Yeah.

bald? For a long time?

- Yeah.
- Have you seen the other?

It was a little shorter. With dark hair.

He had a suit.
He was crazy.

- Have you seen him before?
- No, sir.

Next time you see ...

... so call me.

Are you looking at it?

Yes, Mr. Barabas.

Hi? Who is this?


- who is he?
- You know who he is.

What do you wanna

I want to return what is me.

What is yours?

You have nothing

Do I have a favor. See through
Window and say what you see.

I see a car
It is parked in my house.

Maybe I should call the police.

it is too late.

Surely it is peaceful?

welcome to my home

So you will not find
My daughter and granddaughter?

And you can not find my son in law too?

what is happening?

Do you have anything at all?
Anyone suspected?

We took someone in question.

- Mayor?
- Yeah.

But it seems he was in New York
at that time. His excuse is correct.

I do not mind what it costs ...

Senor Parabas ...

No solvency amounts were requested.
Did not contact us.

I can not believe it anymore
That's a kidnapping.

You can continue to work.
I know you are doing my best

But if you do not find them
Because of something she did not do ...

Do you have a broken heart?

you and me
A bottle of wine. We are only two.

Better than that will not be?

I'll be rude as a host
If I did not call you

good morning.

Place Chest.

I've been thinking all night.
On the difference between us.

Want to live more
Which you want to see again.

Do you know, my wife? My daughter is nice?

I will not live one day
Without them.

Surely she's a comedian?

Huh fun?

Where is my family?

please ...

Please my friend.

Allah ...

let me hear your Voice.

Let Mom know you are good.

Goodbye, help me.

Please my friend
Let me know you are fine.

It will not hurt you.
The wicked man.

Let me know how you feel.

Just let me know you're okay.


Savannah! Savannah?

My mom is here

I'm here, my dear

I'm here

just me ...

- Is it here today?
- No, not yet.

- Has the invitation been confirmed?
- Yeah.

Your secretary has contacted you

I expect to come too
Beautiful as usual

- I look forward to it, sir.
- Okay.

KMI, Sanchez Office.
how can I help?

The first time I met her ...
I remember that clearly and clearly.

It was a post in a horse contest.

She was a guest of honor.

I did not know about horses.

As installed
The animal is strong and beautiful ...

Do not fear at all.

She smiled and looked very confident.

It was around.

The rest of the afternoon
I tried to meet her.

We shook hands

They both know. we know.

We got married

She gave me a beautiful ...

Beautiful daughter.

I held her in my arms.

I thought so as long as I'm here
Is safe.

As long as I live
Nothing will happen to her.

A tragic curse.

I just want to know where my family is from.


You are ...

... Pathetic.

Jibril? It's Liliana.
I just wanted to check that everything was fine.

I wanted to remind you about the weekend too.
I said you will not miss.

I asked them to send an invitation.
Call when you hear this.

I have every detail. We will be heard

I love this movie.

You are awake.

You seem to need to sleep,
So it allowed you to rest.

Have you seen this movie?

this is shame.

Christopher Walken.
You should love this scene.

But I'm glad you're awake.
I have a surprise

You never know when you get a good idea.

Or how?

I watched a movie, Der Hunter.

Suddenly he came to me.

One knows that movies are crazy.

But De Niro is different.
Wanted three rounds. three pieces.

Want to know what is in the box?

Sure, it's like a Christmas present?

We will change the rules.

We will only use one.

Do you have anything you want to tell me?

No? Okay ...

and then. one two Three

What if neighbors heard it?

Wait there

I ...

- Where is my family?
- I do not want to die.

Tell me where they are.

I do not want to die.

Because if ...

... I can not
Isabella took care of me.

One, two ...

This game we deal with ...

It's not cool
As I thought.

Do you understand what I mean?


He is Commissioner Romero.

There was a twist in the case
I want to ask some questions.

Call me as soon as possible.



I need your help. It is important.

I am looking for a man who lives here.
American. Greenwich.

For a long time. Have you seen him?

No, I'm here every day,
I have not seen him.

Can I get it

Here. Take my phone number.

Can you call if you see it?
At what time.

this is for you.

Thank you

The money never came out

You have a party to go tomorrow night.

You will be late.

I want this to end.

Just tell where they are.

My family where they are

Where the hell is my family? where are they

If you kill me you will never come -

- To see them again

I'm looking for Gabriel Sanchez.

When did you talk to him the previous time?

Thursday. Before leaving home

Does it take a long weekend?

No. Gabriel workforce.

- Where did he go?
- New York.

- And when was there?
- Three days.


How many days have you said
That Gabriel Sanchez was in New York?

Can the hotel confirm it?

check it out. I want to know
Exactly when he returned.

I ignore if it is the third hour
In the morning. Discover!


check it out.

I'm out of cigarettes
And you are only asleep

I have to buy more.

Do you want something?

What is the?

Send booster
To Sanchez's house at one time.

His name is Gabriel Sanchez.
Flew to New York.

He entered a hotel
I flew home the same day.

I'm on your way now.
Relay meet me there.


Search within a radius of 40 km.
Roadblocks and helicopters. Now we are driving!


- Stop! Put it down!
- Wait, wait and wait ...

shut up

Now is the time to wait!

Now is the time to wait!

Say that you love me!

Say that you love me!

Papa! Papa!

will not ...

Papa! Papa!

You will not put you
Dirty hands on them! Do you mind it

my father? I miss ...

Do you remember the game we played?

It was a coincidence.

O hell by chance.

Translated by Susanna Ledblum