You Only Live Twice (1967) - full transcript

When an American space capsule is swallowed up by what they believe to be a Russian spaceship, World War 3 nearly breaks out. The British Government, however, suspect that other powers are at work as the space craft went down near Japan. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is the force behind the theft, as James Bond discovers, but its motives are far from clear, and he must first find out where the captured space capsule is held before America and Russia initiate another world war.

Calling CapeCom. CapeCom?
This is Jupiter 16.

Give a go for fourth orbit?

CapeCom to Jupiter 16, can you

confirm 02 pressure
is within limit?

Roger, everything looks good in
the environmental control system.

Ok, everything looks
good from here.

You have a go for fourth orbit.

Jupiter 16, roger.

You're stowing all loose
gear. Ready for the EVA.

Jupiter 16, this is CapeCom. Start
your EVA anytime you're ready.

Remember that you
have plenty of time

in the other EVA is
for experiments.

So don't stay out too long, Chris.

Ok, flight.

Don't worry. We'll stick to plan.


CapeCom to Jupiter 16, on my mark
it will be four plus three seven.

Four, three, two, one, mark.

CapeCom, this is Chris, I'm out.

- Everything looks Ok.
- Good.

The manoeuvring unit
is working this time.

I used it to get out and it
makes things a lot easier.

CapeCom to Hawaii, this is
flight control, come in please.

Hawaii, roger.

Hawaii, we expect to start EVA
over your station on this pass.

Hawaii to Jupiter 16,
there's an unidentified

object closing on you
fast from astern.

Can you see it?

Hawaii from CapeCom,
we have nothing here,

hold while we check
the space track.

Hawaii to Jupiter 16.

Repeat, Hawaii to Jupiter
16, an unidentified

object on our scope closing fast.

I see nothing.

Can you give me a bearing?

Appears to be coming
up fast, from astern.

Hey, now I see it.

It's another spacecraft.

I repeat, it's another spacecraft.

Does it look like a close pass?

You're breaking up. Say again.

Repeat, does it look
like a close pass?

Hey Chris, what's happening?

It's coming right at us,
the front is opening

up, I repeat, the
front is opening up.

- It's coming right at us.
- Chris, get back in, get back in.

Do you read me? You're breaking
up. Repeat, you're breaking up.

What's happening?

Hawaii to Jupiter 16.
Hawaii to Jupiter 16.

You're breaking up. Come in,
please, over. Jupiter 16.

You're breaking up,
my lead line...

Hawaii to Jupiter 16,
Hawaii to Jupiter 16.

Are you receiving me?
Come in, please. Over.

Hello Houston, we've
lost our radio

contact. We've also
lost him on the scope.

Unidentified object
is still orbiting.

Alert all stations and
track him closely.

It is ridiculous for
the Soviet government

to deny responsibility
in this matter.

The Soviet government denies
all knowledge of this affair.

The world knows we are
a peace-loving people.

I hereby give notice
that in 20 days time...

the United States
intents to launch

her next spaceship into orbit.

My government has instructed
me to inform you...

that any interference
with the spaceship

will be regarded as an act of war.

May I ask what motive...

our Russian friends
would've for wishing

to destroy American spacecraft?

My government sees this as nothing
less than a blatant attempt...

to gain complete and
absolute control

of space itself for
military purposes.

We don't agree.

Her Majesty's Government
is not convinced...

that this intruder missile
originated from Soviet Russia.

Our tracking station in Singapore

reported faint echoes
of this craft...

coming down the Sea of Japan area.

Might I suggest
gentleman, that this...

is where you should concentrate
your intelligence forces.

The prime minister
asked me to assure

you that this is what
we propose to do.

As a matter of fact, our man in
Hong Kong is working on it now.

Why do Chinese girls taste
different from all other girls?

You think we better?

No, just different.

Like Peking duck is different from

Russian caviar but
I love them both.

Darling, I give you
very best duck.

Oh, would be lovely.

We've had some interesting times

together Ling, I'll
be sorry to go.

Take that door.

The bed.

We're too late.

Well, at least he died on the job.

He would wanted it this way.

♪ You only live twice ♪

♪ Or so it seems ♪

♪ One life for yourself ♪

♪ And one for your dreams ♪

♪ You drift through the years ♪

♪ And life seems tame ♪

♪ Till one dream appears ♪

♪ And love is its name ♪

♪ And love is a stranger ♪

♪ Who'll beckon you on ♪

♪ Don't think of the danger ♪

♪ Or the stranger is gone ♪

♪ This dream is for you ♪

♪ So pay the price ♪

♪ Make one dream come true ♪

♪ You only live twice ♪

♪ And love is a stranger ♪

♪ Who'll beckon you on ♪

♪ Don't think of the danger ♪

♪ Or the stranger is gone ♪

♪ This dream is for you ♪

♪ So pay the price ♪

♪ Make one dream come true ♪

♪ You only live twice ♪

We shall not all sleep, but
we shall all be changed...

in a moment, in the twinkling
of an eye, at the last trump.

For the trumpet
shall sound and the

dead shall be raised

and we shall all be
changed, we therefore

commit his body to the deep...

to be turned into corruption,

Looking for the
resurrection of the body

when the sea shall
give up her dead.



- Carry on.
- Aye aye, sir.

Request permission
to come aboard, sir?

- Permission granted.
- Thank you.

- Take this officer AFT.
- Yes, sir.

Number One, take her up to
90ft. Course zero four five.

Aye aye, sir.

- Hello Penny.
- You better go right in.

You're late as usual, even
from your own funeral.

Well, we corpses about
should be no sense of time.

In you go, sir.

Thank you, ma'am.

- Oh, sit down 007.
- Thank you sir.

- No ill effects?
- None at all, sir.

Well, now you're dead,

perhaps some of your
old friends will pay a

little less attention
to you for a while.

Give you more elbow room.
You'll need it, too.

This is the big one
007. That's why I'm out

here myself I'm taking
you fully briefed.

Oh yes sir, but there's one
thing I don't understand.

If our Singapore tracking
station is correct

about the rocket not
landing in Russia...

- then, where did it land?
- We assume it's Japan.

Mind you, all this
is pure guesswork.

But the P.M. wants us to play
it with everything we've got.

And the aerial reconnaissance?

Every inch photographed, nothing.

Are the Japanese equipped
to launch such a rocket?

- We don't think so.
- Then who else is?

That's what you've
got to find out and

fast, before the real
shooting starts.

This damn thing could blow
up into a full-scale war.

When you get to Tokyo, go
to that name and address.

Our man Henderson will
contact you there.


Captain here, we're
underway, full ahead.


- Well, that's all.
- Thank you, sir.

- 007.
- Sir?

We've only three weeks before the
American launch the next one.

- You know that?
- Oh, yes sir.

And my sources tell
me the Russians are

planning one even
earlier than that.

- So move fast 007.
- Yes sir.

Oh, by the way, how was the girl?

Which girl?

The Chinese one we
fixed you up with.

Another five minutes,
I'd have found out.

She'll never know what she missed.

Miss Moneypenny, give
007 the password

we've agreed with Japanese SIS.

Yes, sir.

We tried to think of something
that you wouldn't forget.


I love you.

Repeat it please, to
make sure you get it.

Don't worry, I get it.


James, good luck.

Instant Japanese. You may need it.

You forget, I took a first in
oriental languages at Cambridge.

Stand by to load.

Lift to the launch.

Tube loaded. Hubcap open.


(speaks Japanese)


This is your ticket.

Thank you.


(instructions shouted in Japanese)

I love you.

I have a car nearby.

- Where do you suggest we go?
- I know a quiet hotel.

- And?
- Where your friend is waiting.

Mr Henderson.

Wasn't Mr Henderson
able to come himself?

I suppose not.

- Why?
- He didn't say.

Well. I think it's
about hotel-time.

How long have been
working for Henderson?

Long enough to learn
not to discuss

such matters with strangers.


- Mr Henderson is waiting for you.
- You're not coming in with me?

Mr Henderson would
like to see you alone.

Do come in.

Mr Henderson?

At your service.

I believe you wanted to
ask me some questions.

Yes, excuse me.

- Thank you.
- I'm glad you got it right.

I lost that in Singapore in 42.

You must excuse this
rather odd mixture of

styles but I refuse to
go entirely Japanese.

Very fond of some of
these old things.

You've never been to
Japan before, have you?

No, never.

I myself have lived here for...

28 years.

And I'm just beginning
to know my way about.

Your most vital contact
will be Tanaka.


He's head of the
Japanese secret service.

And his identity is the most
closely guarded secret in Japan.

When can I see him?

- You can see Tiger tonight.
- Tiger?

His closest friends are
permitted to call him that.

You've any leads of your own?

Yes, I do. Oh, that's stirred
not shaken. That was right?

- Perfect.
- Cheers.

Russian vodka. Well done.

Yes, I get it from the doorman
at the Russian embassy.

Amongst certain other things.

Now, look.

I think London's theory
about the missile

being fired from this
country is right.

I don't know how
or where and don't

ask me who's doing it either.


I'd have a shrewd
idea that a major

foreign power is behind it all.

You mean, apart from
Russia and Japan?

It's not Russia old
boy, I'm sure of that.

It's not Japan either.

Although a large Japanese
industrial concern is...


Good evening.


Siamese vodka?

(shouting in Japanese)

There he is.


(shouting in Japanese)

Get in, quick.

Now, what the hell is the score?

What do you mean? My
job is to help you.

Like you helped Henderson?

I'm taking you to a
place of safety.

No, this time I'm
taking you. I want

some information, I want it now.

I have no information to give you.

We'll see about that, slow down.


Welcome to Japan, Mr Bond.

It is a great pleasure
to meet you at last.

And how do you like
our country so far?

I am a trifle disappointed at the

ease with which I
could pull you in.

The one thing my honourable
mother taught me long ago...

was never to get into a
car with a strange girl.

But you, I'm afraid, will get
into anything with any girl.

I must say, you have a lot of
energy for a dead man, Mr Bond.

You are James Bond, aren't you?

I am so very pleased to meet
you, Bond-San. I really am.

Permit me to introduce myself.

My name is Tanaka.
Please call me Tiger.

If you're Tanaka, how
do you feel about me?

I love you.

I'm glad we got out of the way.

I'd like you to examine
these as soon as possible.

They're from Osato's safe.

This is an order for
naval stores. 500

kilos of butter, 50
containers of lox.

What is lox?

Oh, is American name
for smoked salmon.

But it's also the
technical name for

liquid oxygen, which
makes rocket fuel.

- Very interesting.
- Yes.

We must go.

The journey out will be more
dignified than the journey in.

Oh, I wouldn't be difficult.

- I'd like that negative enlarged.
- Ok.


My private train. I never
travel in the streets of Tokyo.

In my position, it
would be most unwise.

Very convenient.

I imagine that your Mr M in
London has a similar arrangement.

M? Oh yes, but of course.

Then the girl of the white
sports car is one of us.

- Aki? Yes.
- Very competent.

- Domo arigato.
- Dozo.

You like Japanese sake Mr Bond, or
would you prefer vodka Martini?

Oh no, I like sake.

Especially when it's served
at the correct temperature.

98.4° Fahrenheit, like this is.

For a European, you are
exceptionally cultivated.


We'll see the
photograph you found.


Is just a ship and a strip of
land. It could be anywhere.

My men found a microdot
on the paper, enlarge.

Says, Photograph taken by female

American tourist
from coastal vessel.

The woman has been liquidated
as a routine precaution.

- Can we see the photograph again?
- Of course.

So they killed an innocent
tourist for taking this?

Can you make it bigger?


Check motor vessel
Ning-Po, full details.

All recent movements and
present whereabouts.

- What's that on the left?
- Focus on the left.

Ama, diving girls.

- Can you identify that coastline?
- Given time, yes.

Who is the head of
Osato Chemicals?

Mr Osato.

Can you arrange for me to have an
appointment with him tomorrow?

Of course.

But tonight, consider
my house yours.

Including all of my
possessions, naturally.

My friend, now you take
your first civilised bath.

Really? Well, I like the plumbing.

Place yourself entirely in
their hands, my dear Bond-San.

Rule number one, is never
do anything for yourself

when someone else
can do it for you.

- And number two?
- Rule number two.

In Japan, men always come
first, women come second.

I might just retire to here.

Your English girls would never
perform this simple service.

I think I know one or two
who might get round to it.

Miss Moneypenny, perhaps?

We have our sources,
Bond-San, just like you.

Don't get the soap
in my eye, will you?


I suppose you know what it is
about you that fascinates them.

It's the hair on
your chest. Japanese

men all have beautiful bare skin.

Japanese proverb say,

Bird never make nest in bare tree.

If Henderson's theory is right...

why would a foreign power want
to launch missiles from Japan?

Because if ever they
were discovered,

they could deny all

Especially if some private
organisation is doing the work.

- Osato?
- Perhaps.

Mr Osato is one of the greatest
industrialists in Japan.

No, he's merely a front.

- Who is big enough?

Could be.

Now, massage. Which
girl do you select?

I'll just settle for this
little old lady here.

Good choice.

She's very sexyful.

The last time someone gave me
a massage was in Hong Kong.

But unfortunately, I
take out it short.

We were rudely interrupted
by a couple of gunmen.

So, we never got around
to finishing it.

This time, you shall finish it.


No one will disturb you tonight.

I think I will enjoy very
much serving under you.

- Mr Fisher?
- Yes.

- This way, please.
- Thank you.

Please come in, Mr Fisher.

- Mr Osato is expecting you.
- Thank you.

You are three and a half minutes
early. Please be seated.

- How do you do, Mr Fisher?
- How do you do?

Miss Grant, my
confidential secretary.

- Hello.
- Hello.

May we offer you a glass
of champagne, Mr Fisher?

No, thank you, it's just too
early in the morning for me.

- You're quite sure?
- Quite sure.

I always take a glass in the
morning, you should try it.

It's bad for your liver, isn't it?

Nonsense, it adds a
sparkle to the day.

Sure it does.

A Dom Perignon 59, Mr Fisher.

Are you really sure you
won't change your mind?

Well, if you insist.

- Please be seated, Mr Fisher.
- Thank you.

So, you are the new managing
director of Empire Chemicals?


- What happened to Williamson?
- Williamson?

Oh yes, he died rather
suddenly, poor chap.

Ah, so. From what?

He fell into a
pulveriser at the works.

Ah, so?

How shocking.

A very honourable
death, all the same.


He gained great face
with the company.

I hope you are not taking any
risks for yourself, Mr Fisher.

Me? I never take any risks.

You forgive me for
saying so, but...

I think you are taking one now.

I am?

You should give up smoking.

Cigarettes are very
bad for your chest.

Mr Osato believes
in a healthy chest.


Now then, you must tell me what
I can do for you, Mr Fisher?

Well, we're interested in the bulk
buying of fermentation chemicals.

Monosodium glutamate
and ascorbic acid.

Would you like a licence
for manufacture?

Yes, very much.


I'll have my sales manager
get the quotations

and the delivery dates for
you as soon as possible.

We'll contact you later
today at your hotel.

Which hotel are you
staying at, Mr Fisher?

The Hilton.

Goodbye, Mr Fisher.

- A pleasure to meet you.
- A pleasure to meet you, too.

- Goodbye, Miss Brandt.
- Goodbye, Mr Fisher.

Kill him.

Get down.

294 here. Tiger, immediate.

Come in, 294.

Zero-zero is with me. We are being
chased by gunmen, in black sedan.

I'm heading south for Highway Two,
arrange usual reception, please.

How's that for
Japanese efficiency?

Just a drop in the ocean.

- Zero-zero?
- Yes, Tiger.

Report that Ning-Po is owned
by Osato Chemicals, Tokyo.

That fits. Go on.

Vessel at present,
loading in Kobe docks.

Sailing for Shanghai
at 5pm this afternoon.

Suggest you proceed Kobe
immediately to look her over.

- Can we make it?
- Yes, just.

Proceeding immediately, Kobe
docks, Tiger, contact M.

Tell him to send Little Nellie.
Repeat, Little Nellie.

Suggest she'd be
accompanied by her father.

- Most urgent, understood?
- Understood.

Condensation ice-cold,
liquid oxygen.

(shouting in Japanese)

Get out of here, contact Tanaka.

I'm not leaving you.

Tell him keep that ship
shadowed wherever she goes.

Go now.

Take him to Number 11.

- Wake him up.
- Are you finished?

Where am I?

You're in my cabin on the Ning-Po.

Leave him to me now, wait
in there and shut the door.

I've got you now.

Well, enjoy yourself.

- Who are you working for?
- Empire Chemicals, you know that.

- Do all their people carry guns?
- When they're abroad, yes.

And why were you snooping
around the docks?

I like ships and I
used to be a sailor.

You are a liar.

- Do you know what this is?
- I'd rather not.

Plastic surgeons
call it a dermatome.

They use it to slice off skin.

I hope you won't
force me to use it.

Now, what's a nice girl like you
doing in a place like this?

- I have a confession to make.
- What?

Actually, I'm a spy.

I know that.

I suppose you know that industrial
secrets are big business?

Well, I've stolen
Osato's new process

for making monosodium glutamate.


Well, it's worth



Well, I'll split it
with you if you'll

get me out of here
and back to Tokyo.

Is a nice offer.

- How about it?
- I'm afraid not.


Osato would kill me.

We could fly to Europe
tomorrow, you and I.

Oh, the things I do for England.

Now, you are going
to need some very

close protection tonight in Tokyo

because, well that's when
they'll try and get at you.

You'll need the
best man we've got.

And who do you suggest?

Well, me.

I'm afraid I have another
appointment tonight, Mr Fisher.

I'm awfully sorry to leave
you but I have to get off.

Chasing girls will
be the end of you,

Bond-San, I have told you before.

He didn't chase her, he
did it so I could get

away. He wouldn't touch
that horrible girl.

- You wouldn't, would you?
- Heaven forbid.

- Any progress?
- Yes.

We have identified the
coastline in the photograph.

It is an island called
Matsu and lays in the

direct route between
Kobe and Shanghai.

We shadowed the Ning-Po
in a helicopter.

- Did it stop at the island?
- I think so.

It was a very dark night.

Impossible to see
her all the time.

But we know she stopped
somewhere, look at these.

That one we took last night.

And that one, early this morning.

- Notice, please, the water line.
- You're right.

Fully laden here and empty here.

I want to take a fast
look at the island now.

- Has Little Nellie arrived yet?
- Yes, and her father.


Welcome to Japan Dad. Is my
little girl hot and ready?

Look 007, I've had
a long and tiring

journey, probably to no purpose.

And I'm in no mood for
your juvenile quips.

I have much curiosity, Bond-San.
What is Little Nellie?

Oh, she's a wonderful girl.
Very small, quite fast.

- Can do anything, just your type.
- A toy helicopter?

No, it's certainly not
a toy, you'll see.

We've made one or two
improvements since you

used her last. I'll
give you the drill.

This can only be for children.
Don't use it, Bond-San.

Take my helicopter instead.

Right, now pay attention.

- Two machine guns, fixed.
- Synchronised to what?

100 yards and using incendiaries
and high explosives.

Two rocket launchers.

- Forward-firing on either side.
- Fine.

Now, these fire heat-seeking
air-to-air missiles, 60 a minute.


Flame guns, two of
them. Firing astern.

What range?

80 yards. Two smoke
ejectors next door.

Aerial mines.

Now remember, use them only
when directly above target.

That's about the lot, I think.
You know the rest, don't you?


Cine camera.

Tanaka, listen in
on 410 megacycles.

Good luck, Bond-San.

I'll contact you when I
get over the island.

Be careful, Bond-San.

Hello Base One, I'm
over the island now.

Have seen the fishing
village. Nothing to report.

Ok, we'll keep listening.

Hello, Base One. There's
nothing here but volcanoes.

Understood. Carry on.

- Hello Base One.
- Listening.

Little Nellie got a
hot reception. Four

big-shots made improper
advances toward us,

But she defended her
honour with great success.

- Heading for home.
- Do not come home, Bond-San.

Russian space shot imminent.

Proceed vector 4-6 degrees
and await instructions.

- Understood?
- Roger and out.



edin. Shiganya.

(speaks Russian)


Clear the area. Clear the area.

(announcements in Japanese)

Prepare for reception.
Prepare for reception.

Radar blackout is now complete.
Radar blackout is now complete.


Moscow radio is already
saying that we did it.

The president is called a
press conference for 2 P.M.

He'll deny emphatically we
have anything to do with it.

- But can we prove it?
- Of course we can't.

The world isn't going
to believe the

Russians destroy their
own spacecraft.

And now they'll use the excuse
to shoot down our next Jupiter.

Houston to Washington,
we followed him for

one orbit, now he's
gone off the screen.

That means he's coming down.

Yeah, but where?

Some place in Russia.
It has to be.

The British theory about
Japan is nonsense.

- Forget Japan.
- I agree.

We've re-photographed
every square inch.

Ventilator fans to full power.

Open all air ducts.

Area safe to enter. All
crews to stations.

All air ducts to normal.

Air ducts opened.

- Close crater.
- Closing crater.

Fire guards to station.


Ventilator fans to
normal. Open shutters.

Reception complete.

Withdraw captive spaceship.

Guards to stations.

- Remove the prisoners.
- Remove the prisoners.

I shall be in my apartment.

I may send for you later.

(shouting in Japanese)

I must congratulate
you, gentlemen,

upon your superb equipment.

We congratulate you, sir,
upon the way you handle it.

Our clients are satisfied
with the progress so far?

My government is quite satisfied.



You will see that my piranha
fish get very hungry.

They can strip a man to
the bone in 30 seconds.

I have decided to ask for a
little money in advance.

I want the sum of 100 million
dollars in gold bullion...

deposited in our account
in Buenos Aires.

Our agreement states quite clearly
that no money should be paid

until war is broken out between
Russia and the United States.

- This is extortion.
- Extortion is my business.

Go and think it over
gentlemen, I'm busy.

Osato and Number 11, report now.

An unknown Englishman was in
your office the other day.

Correct, Number One.

- Do you know what gun this is?
- Walther PPK.

Only one person we know
uses this sort of gun.

James Bond.

- But Bond is dead.
- It was in all the newspapers.


Bond is alive.

Unless you killed him, Mr Osato?

Don't tell me you let him go.

I gave Number 11 the strictest
orders to eliminate him.

- And did she?
- She failed.

You should've killed him Osato,
you had plenty of opportunity.

This organisation does
not tolerate failure.

- I know, but you see I...
- Go.



Kill Bond, now.

Yes number One, yes, yes.

- Hello.
- Bad news from outer space.

Yes, I heard it. Now the Russians
are accusing the Americans.

Next time it will be war.

We'll have to get down
to the volcanoes.

I agree.

We'll also need a company
of first-rate men.

Do you have any commandos here?

I have much, much better.

Ninjas. Top-secret, Bond-San.

This is my ninja training school.


The art of concealment
and surprise, Bond-San.

This must develop very
fast reflex actions.

And spiritual strength.

Now, we will see
some modern ninjas.

My plan is this.

I make a base on the
Ama island. 100

of my ninjas will slide in unseen.

They will be workers
and fishermen.

- What about me?
- Later.

But for the moment, these will
interest you, rocket guns.

Very powerful.

See the holes in the
back for jet propulsion.

- It's a fine gun.
- All rocket guns.

This is our special baby rocket.

It's very useful for people who

smoke too many
cigarettes like you.

- Accurate up to 30 yards.
- Very neat.

It can save your life,
this cigarette.

You sound like a commercial.

- Now, what's the plan for me?
- First, you become a Japanese.

Second, you train hard and quickly
to become a ninja like us.

And third, to give
you extra-special

cover, you take a wife.

Regretfully impossible.

You must marry Ama girl. One
who is known on the island.

- Is she pretty?
- She has a face like a pig.

- To hell with that idea.
- But this is duty.

The girl I have chosen
is an agent of mine.

But first, you must
become Japanese.


- Eyepieces for Hera.
- Eyepieces for Hera.


Why don't you just dye
the parts that show?


- Konbanwa.
- Konbanha.

Tiger said, from now on, you must
do everything in Japanese-style.


Good for Tiger.






She's dead.


Tiger, we must get to that island.

You're almost ready. Just
two more days training.


- You killed him.
- Yeah, he tried to kill me.

This man is a stranger
from outside.

It's lucky we're
getting out of here.

Just tomorrow you'll be
a poor Japanese worker

with humble Japanese
wife at your side.

Yeah, with a face like a pig.

My men are already ashore,
all over the island.

We have four days left.
It is not much time.


This is my house.

My friend has made us some food.

Do you live here alone?

Yes, my parents are dead.

Sit down, please.


- Is this the only room there is?
- Yes.

That is your bed.

I shall sleep over there.

- We're supposed to be married.
- Think again, please.

You gave false name to priest.

Yes, but we must keep up

appearances, we're
on our honeymoon.

No honeymoon, this is business.

I won't need these.

- Bond-San.
- What's wrong?

The Americans have changed
the launching date.

The countdown has already started.

The president has
spoken on TV he's

given a last warning
to the Russians.

- When does it go up?
- Tonight, midnight. Our time.

Did your men search the island?

Yes, there is nothing
except volcanoes.

Everything is so
normal around here.

- Nothing happens.
- One thing has happened.

Yesterday an Ama girl rowed
her boat into Ryuzaki.


It is a big cave on the mainland.

And when her boat
floated out again...

she was dead.

Was that the funeral
we saw yesterday?


- How did she die?
- Nobody knows.

- Can you take me to this cave?
- Yes.

We'll slip away from the
fishing fleet in the morning.

All right?

Now, where is this cave?

It's straight across.
The cave is over there.

Gas, get over the side. Quick.

Phosgene gas, to keep
the visitors away.

You noticed the
sulphur on the walls?

- The yellow?
- Yes.

It was once an underground outlet
for the lava from the volcano.

- There must be a long tunnel.
- Miles of it.

It leads all the way, right
up to the top there.

That's where we'll have to go
next, you think you can make it?

Of course. It's business.


- May I rest a moment?
- Surely.

It's hard work.

Some honeymoon.

It's going down, into the volcano.

Heliport to position.

The honeymoon is over, come on.

(announcements in Japanese)

This volcano isn't active, is it?

It never has been,
not in my lifetime.

There's been some terrific
heat here recently.

What happened to the helicopter?

It's down there somewhere.

Come on.

Stand by. Mark.

Stand by for ten-second countdown.

10, 9, 8...

All units through out the world
will remain in instant readiness

so long as the
spacecraft is in orbit.

3, 2, 1.


This is it, gentlemen. All we
can do now is wait and pray.

- Is that deep?
- They usually are, very.

It's metal, wait here.

Heliport to take-off position.

Open crater.

Emergency crews to stations.

Get back to Tanaka, tell him to
come with every man he's got.


Heliport to standby position.

continue in Japanese)

Astronauts to dressing rooms.
Astronauts to dressing rooms.

Attention, attention. American
target vehicle is now in orbit.

Interception will take
place in two hours time.

Washington, this is Houston.

Houston to Washington.

Our vehicle is now 120
nautical miles altitude,

170 miles downrange.

Jupiter to Houston, we
now have second phase.

Roger, Jupiter.

You're now four hours 36
minutes into the mission.

- Can you give us a time, Mac?
- Roger.

Connect the igniter cable.
Connect the igniter cable.

(guards speak Japanese)

Radar technicians to
report to control room.

Radar technicians to
report to control room.

T minus 100 minutes and counting.

You guys volunteer for
astronaut training?

In our country, we say
cosmonaut. Yes, the both of us.

Yes, been within six months
since we started training.

Good evening.

Who the hell are you?

Stand back, I'm going
to blow the lock.

Stand back.

Get into their uniforms.

Astronauts have two minutes.

Repeat, two minutes.

Reserve astronaut to stand by.

- Lock on target.
- Lock on target vehicle.

Check secondary guidance.

Launch time is now T minus
90 minutes and counting.

- Astronauts to launching pad.
- Astronauts to launching pad.

Repeat, astronauts to
launching pad immediately.

Astronauts to launching pad.
Astronauts to launching pad.

Stop that astronaut,
bring him to me.

Stop that astronaut.

Summon the reserve astronaut.

Reserve astronaut
to launching pad.

Reserve astronaut to
launching pad, immediately.

Re-coordinate with target vehicle.

A new update with target vehicle
has been received from computers.

We now have T minus seven
minutes and counting.

You made a mistake my friend...

no astronaut would
enters the capsule

carrying his air conditioner.

Remove his helmet.

James Bond, allow me
to introduce myself.

I am Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

They told me you were
assassinated in Hong Kong.

Yes, this is my second life.

You only live twice, Mr Bond.

Target vehicle
passing over central

Russia, approaching Mongolia.

Track is as predicted.
All computers...

As you see, I am about to
inaugurate a little war.

In a matter of hours,
when America and

Russia have annihilated
each other,

we shall see a new power
dominating the world.

- Target vehicle on scope.
- Brief check on target vehicle.

Remove his suit and search him.

Reserve astronaut ready on Bird 1.

- Reserve for firing.
- Reserve for firing.

Clear the area.

Clear the area.

Emergency services to stand by.

Area now clear.

T minus one minute, 30
seconds and counting.

Re-coordinate with target
vehicle. Bird 1 now in readiness.

Astronauts ready on Bird.
All systems are go.

Close shutters.

- Radar blackout commence.
- Radar blackout in operation.

Effective range, kilometres 800.

- Open crater.
- Opening crater.

Crater opening.

Bird 1 to lift-off position.

Gimbal the engines.
Pressurised tanks open.

Ventilator fans to full
power. 10 seconds.

9, 8, 7, 6,

5, 4, 3, 2,

1, 0. Ignition.

- Close crater.
- Closing crater.

Open shutters.


Bird 1 to base, separation
complete. Confirm acquisition.

Calling Bird 1, you
are 70 nautical

miles downrange, 200
miles altitude.

Hans, our job will soon be done.

Blow them up as soon as they
have captured the Americans.

Here is the key to operate
the exploder button.

There are men in the
crater. Men in the crater.

- Crater guns, fire.
- Crater guns, open fire.

The firing power
inside my crater is

enough to annihilate a small army.

You can watch it all on TV.

It's the last program
you're likely to see.

Well, if I'm going to be forced
to watch television, may I smoke?

Yes, give him his cigarettes.

It won't be the nicotine
that kills you, Mr Bond.

Armed guards to control room.

- Close the crater.
- Close crater.

I shall look forward personally
to exterminating you, Mr Bond.

Close the shutters.

We are now impregnable.

Interception will
take place in eight

minutes, nothing can prevent that.

- Impregnable?
- (gives order in Japanese)

Come with me, Mr Bond.

Bird 1 to base. Locked on target.

- Osato?
- Yes, Number One?

76, confirm.

Base calling Bird 1.

You are to assume full control
of operation from now on.

Seven minutes to interception.

Roger, Base One.

Houston, this is Hawaii.

We have an unidentified
object on scope.

Order first alert,
arm all weapons.

Interception will
occur in six minutes.

This is the price of
failure, Mr Bond.

Come on.

Goodbye, Mr Bond.

There's an exploder
button up in the

control room, we've
got to get up there.

Impossible, too well defended.

Evacuate the control.

(shouting in Japanese)

Control room technicians. There
must be another way up there.

Give me cover till I
get to the staircase.

Bon appetite.

Closing fast on our
vehicle. Orbit identical.

All units stand by for codeword.
Codeword is imminent.

I repeat, closing
fast on our vehicle.

Blown up, the enemy. I repeat,
the enemy is blown up.

All units will return
to first alert.

Codeword is not, I say
again, not imminent.


we've done it.

Down the tunnel.


Now, about that honeymoon.

Why not? But they'll
never let you stay.

But they'll never find us.

Dinghy is on board, sir.

Tell him to come below and report.

It will be a pleasure, sir.

♪ You only live twice ♪

♪ Or so it seems ♪

♪ One life for yourself ♪

♪ And one for your dreams ♪

♪ You drift through the years ♪

♪ And life seems tame ♪

♪ Till one dream appears ♪

♪ And love is its name ♪

♪ And love is a stranger ♪

♪ Who'll beckon you on ♪

♪ Don't think of the danger ♪

♪ Or the stranger is gone ♪

♪ This dream is for you ♪

♪ So pay the price ♪

♪ Make one dream come true ♪

♪ You only live twice ♪