Yo soy Pepito (2018) - full transcript

Humor, crime, action, drama, compassion and risk are the ingredients that this wonderful story uses to create a scenario that seems to be a dead-end and the worst nightmare, that will be ...

What's going on, buddy?

How's business?

Good! Pretty good.

You're a very hard working young man.

You'll surely do great in life.

I'm sure someday
you'll own a place like this.


To be honest I want to be a doctor.

I have a lot of money saved up already.

Congratulations, son!

If everyone thought like you,

instead of being up to no good,

we'd all be a lot better off.

How much for the fireworks?

I can't sell you those,

you can have the small ones!

Aw what's the point?

The cool ones are the big ones!

Well I can't sell you those.

No, thank you.

Could you come here, please?

I'd like some gum,

how much?


Time is near!

Frighteningly near!

The angels preserve us

according to our Father's plan!

And his return has been planted

into the world's agenda!

Happy is he who reads

and chews slowly

the holy word,

burning from the inside!

Buy the whole box and give
it to those chicks, Mr. Congressman,

let’s watch their faces.

...it's just around the corner.

Come here kid!

- What's your name?
- Pepito.

What are you selling?

The daring fall to emptiness

with their last teases!

How much for the box?

I can't sell it to you.

Where will I put all my things
without my box?

Oh, he's a funny one!

How much for the box

and everything "on" it?

You mean "in" it.

Oh, the little peasant is a comedian!

Listen, you brat,

I was going to buy the whole box
so you could go home,

but now I'm not buying anything!

I can't sell the box anyway.

Oh, no?

Don't mind him, Mr. Congressman.

Tell me why you can't sell it to me!

Give me a good reason, you fucking brat!

What's wrong with you?

Relax, relax.

The lake of fire isn't just
a theatrical paranoia!

Now that I know you're a congressman
you'll understand me better,

because you guys make laws
and stuff, right?

That's right.

Then you should know that selling you
all this candy would be a crime.

And why's that?

Because of you enormous gut,

and based on that heavy breathing,

I presume that if you aren't diabetic

you're a hair from being so,

and with that weight

you're probably on the verge
of a heart attack at all times.

Now, if we take these candies

and add all the alcohol
that you have evidently been drinking,

which, by the way, turns into sugar,

I'd basically be selling you
deadly poison,

which could cause a diabetic coma
or even a heart attack.

If I kill a fat rich dude
who also happens to be a politician,

they could accuse me of murder.

So I'd rather work just a little harder

and sell this candy to someone healthy.

Now, if your friend here, who looks
like a standing dog wants to buy them,

I'd be happy to,

and if he wants to give them to you
that's up to him.

Let’s go.

I'm sorry, Mr. Congressman. Bon appétit.

Are you crazy or something?

You'll get in trouble
and I won't let you sell here anymore.

But that fat-ass was getting out of hand.

That fat-ass you're talking about
is a very important client,

and if he wants to, he can close us down.

You want me to end up on the streets too?

- No - So?

Look, just behave, okay?

- Come by later to get some food.
- Yes.

Brave kid, huh?

He's really smart.

I like that he has dignity.

That damn politician had it coming.

I honestly tell you

that if you do not convert

and become like a child,

you will not enter God's kingdom!

- What's up.
- Hey there.

What's up.

What did you do now?

Nothing, a fat dude
wanted to humiliate me.

And? Did he?

- I fu...
- You have a customer Jose.

The young lady needs a taxi.

- Our driver will take you, miss.
- No problem.

Young lady?

She's all dried up!

Rude little punk.

Move over there.

Leave my customer.

- Hurry back.
- Sure, sure.

- There will be a lot of work later.
- See you.

See ya.

Kid, kid, kid!

Yes, Sir.

Strength and dignity are within you,

smile at the future.

You opened your mouth wisely

and there was good
knowledge in your tongue.


You haven't let yourself be humiliated.

Many first will be the last

and the lasts will be the first.

Are you blind?

Blind is he who tried to humiliate you.

I see it all.

The whole universe is within me,

and also within you.

Do you have a home?

The whole world is my home!

Because I have a small house
where you can stay

while the rain passes.

- You live alone?
- Right now I do,

but it's because my mom
is really sick in the hospital,

she needs a transplant.

Matthew, chapter 9 verse 22.

"Jesus turned and saw her.

'Take heart, daughter,

your faith has cured you.'

And the woman was healed at that moment."

Thank you, Sir.

Let's go, it's gonna rain.

Nah, I have my shelters.

"Blessed are those who hunger

and thirst for righteousness,

for they shall be filled."

There you go...

Excuse me,

that fat guy is gonna
stink up my whole car!

Sorry, Ma'am, don't worry,

I'll get someone else
to clean the interior.

- Please.
- Pepito!

What's up, Boss?

Tell Tamal he can dry
while you clean the interior

and use some air freshener.

Sure, what aroma would you like, Ma'am?

Tell me the options.

Vanilla, lime,

new car, or Tamal's fart.

Actually that's the one they just used.

I’d recommend new car smell.

You think you're so funny, don't you?

Listen, don't use anything,
I'll use my perfume.

Have it your way, Ma'am.

That was a good one.

- Hey!
- What's up?

Hey, you bag of gas,

the boss said
that you have to dry off the car

while I do the interior.

The customer complained about your farts!

Oh come on, they don't even smell!
It’s just air!

Yeah, right! "Just air, just air!"

Scram, you pig.

Just air?

Damn! Even my eyes burn!

Damn you, Tamal!

Damn you!

Another one!

That smell of rotten beans
isn't coming out, bro!

We need to change the upholstery!

You're always exaggerating.

Come on, get to work!

Come on!

Go take your overall off,

you probably have
half a fart stuck in there.

What are you laughing at?

Look at him.

I'm sorry, Ma'am, he's just a kid.

I'm not coming back.


The "fart lady" woke you up!

Pepito, don't be rude.

How are you feeling?

Fine and you?

Is Mrs. Lupe taking good care of you?

Yes, mom,

she is so awesome.

I found some stray dogs
that sleep with me.

One of them is a good alarm clock.

It's like a rooster,

he starts barking at six o'clock.

How's the candy sale going?

Very good! I have saved a ton of money.

For real?

Stop it, Pepito.

What's up, Pepito?

- How are you?
- Good.

You have a little pain.

We are going to take care of that.

Now I'm worried that my mom will get sick

from breathing in all that lady's farts.

Enough, Pepito.

I'm sorry, Doctor.

Don't worry about it.

You are unique, my friend.

I want you to take it easy.

I'm sure a donor will come soon.
I am taking care of that.

Don't worry.

Hey, that badge is awesome!
Who gave it to you?

It was my grandfather's.

So your grandfather was named Pepito also?

Yeah, they gave it to him

when he went to work to an apple
company in Florida.


Have you visited him over there?

No, because he left as a wetback
and a coyote helped him.

Anyway, I have stay
to take care of my mom.

He didn't want to be with us anyway.

No, Pepito.

Why are you laughing?

For sure no one visits you
because you smell.

I don't think she's pregnant.

- It's probably rotten bacon.
- Take it easy.

Apologize to the lady.

Pepito, apologize to her!

I'm sorry, Ma'am.

Little punk.

I have to go and continue with my rounds.

But, don't worry. Look...

This is my phone number.

You can call me anytime
if you need something.

Thank you, Doctor.

You don't have to thank me.

Pepito is my friend
and he can always count on me.

See you later.

Come on, let’s go inside.

Come on in, buddies,

sorry I'm late.

The rest is for tomorrow.

Smells like Tamal's farts!

Sorry, bros, this isn't for you.

It’s too spicy!

Five more minutes, okay?


Hey, this is my stop!

Where are you going? Pay me first!

Pay you? I practically walked here!

Come on!

To stay in good health,

avoid doing things that put it at risk.

For example, vaccines...

Do you know what time it is?

It's because of the earthquake!

You little liar, what earthquake?

The earthquake I provoked
from shivering so much

it was so cold!


Don't be a clown!

Why haven't you been coming?

- I've had diarrhea all week.
- Yeah sure!

I swear.

I was so close to getting
a poop transfusion.

Ugh, you nasty child! Silence!

Go to the Principal's office,

I want you out of my class!

Silence! Silence!

Keep writing!



Hey, moron!

Tijuana wants to see you.

- Hey, moron!
- What?

- Tijuana wants to see you.
- Tell him I'll stop by tomorrow.

I'm already super late.

Sure, whenever you want! Let’s go.

I guess right now's good then.

Let's go.

Sell that product.

- Hello.
- Your eyes are gonna fall out,

you dirty boy.

Then don't show meat to the piranhas.

Don't step out of line!

- Do you still work at the car-wash?
- Only on Saturdays, Tijuana.

Did you think about
the business I proposed?

To be honest, I'm gonna pass

because candy sales are going well.

El Gato told me that your mom
is really sick in the hospital.

- Right?
- Yes.

What better reason
to sell my product, right?

And how am I gonna carry
wheels and tires around?

Don't play dumb.

You perfectly know what I'm talking about.


I'm gonna offer you something
you can't turn down.

I'm very interested in that nice
neighborhood you are working at,

and where you have already
gained people's trust.

And you want
that your mother stays healthy,

- right?
- Yes.

It's simple then,

you sell my product there in Polanco

and I'll get you a liver

for your mother
from the people that bother me.

But, if you don't accept,

you and your mother

will become part
of the people that bother me.

Got it?

Sounds like a good deal.

There you go.

Look, it's very easy.

We give you the product,

you sell it,

bring us the money

and we give you a commission.

But if the Feds catch you,

you tell them that "The Cramps"
from Tepito gave it to you.

If it's confiscated

you'll have to do more work for us,

and you will get your ass kicked
by us in the process

so you're more careful next time.

Easy, right?

Yeah, super easy.

El Gato will give you the product,

he will be your contact.

Get going.

Before you leave, wash my car.


Actually, you'll wash my car
every time you come here.

El Gato always has the keys.

But be very careful

because that car was a gift
from my father before he passed.

If something happens to it

I'll chop your hands off.




He's too young Tijuana,

why don't you recruit them a little older

so they can join by choice?

Calm down, Lady D!

I started at that age.


Exactly! What?

Why ruin someone else's life
so they end up like you?

Well, if you want
I could stop ruining your life too

and you can go back to hustling
in the streets.

How's that?

What time is it?

Hurry up
instead of asking what time it is.

- My mom's visiting hours are...
- I don't give a fuck!

And I want it real clean.

I'm running late!

Where to?

C'mon, please let me through.

I just wanna let my mom
know that I'm okay.

No, visiting hours are over.

Why are you so late?

Some idiots made me wash their car.


- I'll explain later, let me through.
- No, I can't.


Why don't you say it louder?

What's with you?

- I don't have cigarettes.
- Coming through!

Hey, kids!

Come in, come in!

Have a good day!

Good to see you!

Damn kid!


today we'll be doing the project
on our national heroes,

I hope you all brought something.

Sarah, what did you bring?

A piece of wood.

And what does a piece of wood
have to do with our national heroes?

Well, Madero was straight as a tree.

Excellent! Okay,

Benjamin, what did you bring?

I brought a rib.

And why a rib?

- Because of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.
- Excellent!

Let's see now, Pedrito what did you bring?

An eagle.

And what does an eagle
have to do with our national heroes.

Well, there's an eagle on our flag
eating a snake.


the eagle is not a national hero,

it's a patriotic symbol.

- You need to pay more attention Pedrito.
- Yes teacher.

Okay, Pepito, what did you bring?


A ha!

I knew it!

I'm going to say something
about Ignacio Zaragoza.



Go ahead.

As you know,
our school is named Cinco de Mayo

in honor of the famous Battle of Puebla,

in which the Mexican army

defeated the French
who were trying to establish

an empire in Mexico
with the support of Pope Pio the 9th.

this story had two central characters:

Benito Juárez,
who at the time was president,



Kid what are you doing?

In honor of general Zaragoza.

"Sara Enjoys" in English, get it?

You'll get expel for life!

Let's go, you rascal.


I'm very worried about Ana.

She has gained a lot of weigh lately.

Of course.

I worry that she might have diabetes,

or something worse.

Yes, we all know
that over weight is dangerous.


Let me call you later,

I'm busy right now.

Luka, go to your class room.

Come in, Pepito.

- Sir, may I ask you a question?
- Of course.

Were you talking about
a family member or a friend?


about my wife.

Is she really that fat?

I'll give you a piece of advice.

Tell your wife to walk
seven miles for 30 days.

My friend's father did it

and he had wonderful results.


- How much weight did she loose?
- I don't know,

but after 30 days,
the fat-ass was 200 miles away.

My friend's dad was very happy.

Well, I'm not so happy, okay?
Not even a little.

You are grounded.

You cannot return to class until
I speak to your mother.

You are going to stay there.

No, not there.

You are going to stay where Luka was.

All the students in this school
are the same.

They are made with the same mold.

Pepito, you are going to stand there.

I don't want you to sit.

Stay where you are. Do not move.

Is that clear?

"Two hundred miles."

No respect, no respect!

Dear students,

I want you to know that the
tomatoes are $200 pesos a pound.

For the Principal we have Hall's mints

for his raspy voice.

In our lingerie department,

we have extra large sizes
for Mrs. Margarita.


I know that...

your life is not easy.

I am sure that you want to complain...

to protest...

express your frustrations.

You are a...

very funny kid.

I'm sure that many of your class-mates

see you as brave little hero.

Instead of bothering me

and making me mad...

instead of that...

I worry, Pepito.


my heart fills with sadness.

I worry because...

because all of this and that is vandalism.

Tell me, Pepito, what do you want?

Do you want to be one of the bad guys?

What for?

There are already
many bad guys in this world.

There are bad doctors,

bad firemen, bad policemen,

bad lawyers.

I think that what is missing
in this world...

are the good guys.

Pepito, you leave me...

You leave me with very few options.

You know that...

I have to expel you.

If you want to come back,

your mother has to come and speak with me.

But before that,

I want to tell you that...

you can succeed...

in spite of your poverty.


I know deep down
you are a good hearted kid.

And I remind you, you are very funny.

What you said about the fat lady
would have been funnier...

if you were respectful.

That was the only thing missing
from a great joke.

But there was no respect there.

And you didn't think that...

maybe I couldn't live 200 miles away
from the fat lady...

because I love her.


Think about this: The jokes and attacks

are no good
when they are directed towards us.

"Respect", Pepito,

is an important word.

You can go now.

And I want you to know

that this world has enough...

bad guys.

We need more people like you,

people with kind hearts.

This runt didn't sell anything, Tijuana.

How come you didn't sell anything?

Well, I don't know
how to sell it or to who.

But don't worry,

it's not your fault.

Didn't I tell you teach him
how to operate?

Yes, Tijuana, but this damn kid
is useless.

As soon as he wakes up,

he'll give you a crash course
and you will see how easy it is.

But today
you're gonna have to sell double.

- Got it?
- Yes.

Sit down, while he wakes up.


Where were you?

I was worried sick, I couldn't sleep,

thinking something happened to you.

I want to speak with Mrs. Lupe.

The fart lady left her spirit here.

No, Pepito, don't change the subject.

I was just running late,

it won’t happen again.

Where is Mrs. Lupe?


Pepito, where is Mrs. Lupe?

Mrs. Lupe?

Yes, Mrs. Lupe.

From apartment four?

Don't play dumb Pepito.

There's only one Mrs. Lupe. Where is she?

She has been a little bit sick.

Sick? What's with her?

Have you been coming by yourself?

Yes, I don't know, yes.


Yes, she's been sick, I don't know why,

and, yes, I have been coming alone.

I can't believe it.

But, what's wrong with her?

Me neither. I don't know.

- What are you saying?
- I can't believe it either.

I don't know what's with her
or where she is.

Pepito don't be funny, this is not funny.

Have you been living all by yourself?


You know what?

I'm calling aunt Claudia to come for you.



The fart lady infected you!

Damn old lady!

- You sure?
- Yes.

- You are not lying?
- No.

Well, it's time to wake up early, right?


- Hi!
- Why are you here so early?

I came to work,

What about school?

No, I have to work double than yesterday.

Stop by my house tomorrow.

I live very close from here.

I'll write down the address

so you can stop by whenever you want

but before 6 pm.

They'll give you a few things.

What kind of things?

Clothes that are in great condition

but that we don't use.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Do you like the opera?


Do you like the opera?

Never heard of it.

What? You know about diabetic comas

and health risks but not about the opera?

I spend a lot of time
at the hospital with my mom.

I learn there,
that's why I want to be a doctor.


Wait up, you too, honey.



I like your badge.


Take this.

Here's three tickets to the opera.

We can't make it,
so I want you to have them.

How much are they worth?

They aren't sale, they're for you to go.

I'll ask you next Monday if you went.

When is it?

Next Saturday.

Can I invite someone?

Sure, ask whoever you want.

She's out of your league, champ.

I know,

I'm gonna invite Franelas and El Tamal.

Sounds great.

- Tell me about it later, - Yes.

High five.

Ciao. See you.

Let’s go, honey.

God bless you.

Why the hell did you wake me up?

I need a huge favor.


You see that car over there?

Yes, what's with it?

I think they're following me.

Could you follow them?

You watch too much TV, Pepito.

Besides, I can't follow a car,

I need to get paid.

I don't even have a TV.

Here, I'll pay you.

Let me see... Here it is.

Listen, don't worry.

Once we see where we're going,
I'll see how much I'll charge you.

Get in.

So, someone's following you?

- They are over there.
- Where? Who?

They are over there in the grey car.


Those guys are Federal Police.



Those are the offices
of the Federal Police.


What did you do this time?


What you mean nothing?

You told me you were
gonna tell me what's going on.


A drug dealer from a bad neighborhood

is making me sell drugs for him.

They call him Tijuana.

I think these guys are tracking me down.

Wait a second.

What do you mean "making you sell drugs"?

I have to sell his product, or I'm dead.

Tell me everything.

Don't worry, Pepito.

I'll talk to a friend of mine,
a big shot lawyer,

and see what he thinks.

Just be careful

and give them whatever money you make.

I'll help you out.

You'll see.

Come on, get going.

- Don't worry.
- See you.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Sure.

- Take care.
- You too.

Leave them,

they are blind,

guides for the blind.

And if a blind guides another blind,

they both will fall in a hole.

Your ayes are gonna fall out...

Your life is not easy.

You and your mother will become
part of the people that bother me.

God bless you.

Good bless you.

What do you want?


Alejandro Gasquet told me to stop by

to pick up a few things.

Hold on.

Thank you.

What's up?

What do you have for me now?


Go well dressed.

This is perfect for the opera.

- I'll give you 50 pesos for everything.
- Are you crazy?

I'm smarter than that.

This is quality stuff, bro.

At least give me five hundred.

Nah, you're crazy.

All rags.

Tell you what.

If you beat me in puns, I'll take the 50,

but if I win, you'll pay me 500.

Deal. Say something.


You are too slow.

It's my turn.


Your mother's at the door.

She won’t come out.

Then, I'll knock.

It's been a pleasure.

Leave theme, they are blind.

God bless you.


Here's the rest of the money.

You're missing money, dude.

The kids over there ask for credit.

Really, they say they will pay later.

All right, dude.

But listen one thing,

if they don't pay,
you'll have to pay for them.

You can take it from my commission,

I'll just charge them later.

Of course I'm taking your commission.

We don't pay any commission
until all the product is out.

Scram, you little bastard.

- I want that money by tomorrow.
- Yeah.

"The importance of taking care
of the environment.


Taking care of the environment

is of great importance...


All living beings...

are part of it...".



Pepito! Come here.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Don't play dumb,

tell me what's wrong.

I got up really early.

- Okay.
- I'm going to sleep now.

- See you later.
- Ciao.

- Hi, mom.
- Hi, my boy.

Come here.

Your aunt we'll come for you tomorrow.


How are you feeling?


How are you doing?

- You looked tired.
- Nah.

I'm going to the theatre tonight.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Someone gave tickets.

- For a concert?
- Yes.

How come?

You can't go by yourself,
you are too young.

Don't worry,
I'm going with Franelas and Tamal.

With Franelas and Tamal, great company!

Tamal is old

and a bit dumb,

but he takes cares of me.

He's like my bodyguard.

Oh, honey, you are so handsome!

- You think so?
- No, I don't think so.

I know so. Look at those beautiful eyes.

I'm sure all the pretty girls at school
are chasing you.


There is only one girl I like.

Tell me, who is this lucky one?

The daughter of Mr. Alex,

the man who gave me the tickets.

Is she cute?

She's the cutest girl
in the entire universe!

But her dad said she's out of my league.

Hey, no.

Nothing and no one is out of your league.

Do you understand?

So tell me, what is her name?

- Valeria.
- Valeria.

What a beautiful name!

I know.

When I get out of here,
you can introduce me to her.


You are so stupid!

He expected a tip!

Look, "Gas Face" got mad.

"Gas Face"?

Because he's so refined.

Look at that clown.

Why is he a clown?

I'll give you 50 pesos

if you go over there

and give him a big, loud slap on the head!


I'll give you another 50
if you go and do it!

Come on.

No, they're gonna kick me out!

They won’t kick you out!

Come on, go!

Okay, deal.

Excuse him.

How disrespectful, come on.

What's up, Juan!

It's been so long since I last saw you!

That was a good one!

I am not Juan!


I'm not Juan!

You're identical!

Leave me alone, kid.

Well done!

I'll give you another fifty,

if you go and give slap him again,
real loud.



Here's another one.

Okay, deal.

Come on, Juan, stop playing,

It's me, Pepito!

I'm not Juan!

The thing is...

I haven't seen my uncle Juan in a while

- and you look just like him.
- Stop bothering me, kid!


I'll give you 100 pesos

if you go and slap him again,

but this time really hard and loud.

Pay me and I will.

Do it, a big one.

It better be loud.

Slap his brains out, Pepito.


Shut up, I'm fed up with you.

Turn around, there's the show.

That was awesome!

What's up, Juan?

I confused you with a bald guy
sitting over there!

Damn Kid!

Damn wannabe cop!

Remember we talked about Science
and its links,

that is, its relations.

Pepito! Pepito!

You're a lost cause!

Hey, I need a favor,

I'm dropping Valeria off at school,

the meat guy is coming,
please receive him.

And take care of the tables outside.
I'll be back.

Are you sleepy?

You, again?

I have to work.


Watch her for a minute.

Can I see what you have?


- Dad!
- Valeria!



God save you, queen and mother,

have mercy.

He's awake.

- Where am I?
- Where's my daughter!

- Calm down!
- Don't touch me!

Listen, you brat,

kidnapping is a serious crime.

You were watching my daughter!


I'm Commander Celso Moscoso.

For the moment, I'll be your best friend,

just tell us where they took the girl

and I'll help you.

I don't know where they took her.

What were you doing there so early?

- I was working.
- Don't lie!

Don't lie, you son of a bitch!

I swear I don't know where they took her!

Look, kid,

you're going to juvie for a few years
and then to the big house.

You'll grow old there.

Those are my candies

- and my bag pack.
- Don't worry,

we'll take care of them.

When you get out of jail in 40 years,

we'll give them back.

They are gonna be collectibles.

You're even gonna earn more money!

Where is my daughter?

- I don't know.
- I let you sell at my restaurant

and you took advantage of it, damn kid!

How are you feeling?

Very bad.

I need to go to the bathroom.

I'll take him,

it's across the hall.

Please, help me.

What did you do?

Nothing, I swear.

I didn't kidnap her.

I see people lying every day,

but you're telling the truth.

Those damn cops

are the ones who keep kidnapping people,

and if you don't escape,

they will ruin your life.

Look, here's a window.

I'm scared.

Here's a trash bin...

I'm gonna give you this medallion

to protect you.

It's the Virgin Mary.

Cover your mouth with this.

Come on.

Relax, relax.

Stay here and don't move.

Don't make a noise.


When they go looking for you,

I'll come for you.

I'll give you your clothes,
and help you run away.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Stay very quiet and very still!


He ran away!

- The damn kid ran away!
- Let's go!

He ran away!

This way! Let's go!

Go after him!

Let's go!

All units in the Polanco area,

I need backup for the kidnapping case
at the restaurant.

He's a 10 year old boy
dressed in a blue robe.

You're gonna pay for this, you fat cow!


If the boy
doesn't show up with the product,

you'll be in deep trouble.

I swear I'll find him.

What are you going to do?

Her mom is in the hospital.

I'll hunt him there.

You better find him,

or else...


Tell me, Pepito, what do you want?

Do you want to be one of the bad guys?

What for?

There are already
many bad guys in this world.

There are bad doctors,

bad firemen, bad policemen, bad lawyers.

What this world needs...

are good guys.


This is a case for you,
Lady of Guadalupe.

Please help me get out
of this huge problem.

The police is looking for me,

Tijuana wants to kill me,

my mom is very ill and I can't help her.

I had nothing to do with this kidnapping,

the only thing I ever ask of you

is to take care of my mother,

but this time I'm really afraid.

If something happens to me,
who will take care of her?

They are calling,

trace the call.


You have 24 hours
to get twenty million pesos.

Have the money ready in cash.

We will call you again.

If you call the police,
I'll send you your daughter's hand.



What did they tell you?

They want 20 million pesos.

I have 24 hours.

Mr. Gasquet...

it's better if you pay the rescue

to avoid anything
happening to you daughter.

Once your daughter is safe,

we will find these guys
and get your money back.

How am I supposed to get 20 million pesos
in cash in 24 hours,


Mr. Gasquet,

do whatever you have to do.

We have our best men on the trail
of these delinquents.

We have located the mother of the kid

who tricked you
and we're going to interrogate her!

But the only thing
that can save your daughter

is if you pay the ransom.

You don't know how many cases we've had

ending in tragedy because they didn't pay.

The only interest of these bastards...

is the money.

Sr. Gasquet,

don't play with this.

Leave that alone, damn it!

But seriously,

don't play with this.


You motherfuckers.

- Where to?
- Gael Garcia!

Come on...

Sorry bro, you look the same.

Are you going somewhere or what?

How much for the hour?

You got money, kid?

At least...

two hundred pesos.

That's fine,

- We're waiting for a car.
- What car?

My dad's.

Your dad's?

Yeah he's cheating on my mom

and we're following him.

Is your dad a cop or something?

- Yeah.
- Sorry, kid.

I really don't want to get in trouble.

Oh, come on!

We will just follow him from afar.

Well, I'll have to charge more for that.

How much?

At least 300 pesos.

Sounds good.

What time does your dad get out?

I don't know.

But I'm paying you
by the hour so it's cool.

It's your money.

Please, God,
don't let this bastard take long.

And how is your dad's lover?

Ugly and fat.

Thanks for coming with me.



There's the car!

Follow him!

This is it, kid.

Now what?

Can you write down
the address to this place?

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- See ya.
- Cool.


you should be an actor,
you really look like Gael, for real.

Funny, kid, get out.

See ya.

North Street,

house 23, Anahuac district.

Nice to meet you, I'm Valeria.

Where's my daughter?

Where's my daughter?

I think they're following me.

You're going to juvie for a few years
and then to the big house.

You'll grow old there.

Your classmates may see you

as a brave little hero.

There is only one girl I like.

- Tell me, what's her name?
- Valeria.


What a beautiful name!

How's the candy sale going?


I have a ton of money saved up!

Look! All the bread is ruined!

- Sorry.
- Sorry my ass!

- I am going to have to pay for it.
- How much is it?


About a hundred pesos.


If you dust them off,
you can still sell them.




Shut your damn mouth
if you don't want me to cover it.

I can't feel my hands, please!

Stop crying!
If you make me come back in here

I'm going to beat your ass! Got it?

Fucking kid!

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name,

thy kingdom come,

thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven...

Any news?

The brat is very fucking annoying.

As soon as they pay the ransom,

kill her.

In the meantime, drug her to shut her up.


Damn kid!

What are you doing?

Who gave you permission to be up here?

What are you doing?

Take a look.

Sorry, grandma.

I came to help you with the laundry.

What grandma?

Little rascal, get out of here!

I need to talk to you!

What up, Pepito! Where have you been?

Your mom is super worried about you!

Let's talk in private.

Cover me.

I'll be right back.

I'll be right back.

In what damn problem
are you in now, Pepito?

I need a huge favor.

Sure, what do you need?

I need help stealing Tijuana's car.


Why don't you just jump
on the subway tracks?

It's for a good cause.

I'll explain.

"Blessed are those having been persecuted

on account of righteousness,

for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.

No, that's not true.

That's impossible.

Pepito is a very good kid,

and hard worker.

I assure you that my son had nothing to do

with the kidnapping.

He was in love whit her!


we found drugs in the box of candy
your son sells.

He was a drug dealer,

maybe the people who gave him drugs
got him involved,

that's why we need to find him.

Wait a second, Commander.

I have spent many hours with Pepito.

He's a bright, healthy,
and very decent kid.

He sells candies, washes cars,

goes to school and, on top of that,
come visits her mom here.

What you say makes no sense.

We spoke to his Principal and his teacher.

They don't agree with you.

The kid was skipping school,

he was rude and a rebel.


my son is being missing for days,

his aunt has being looking
for him everywhere

and he is nowhere to be found.

We don't know where he is.

I do know that, if you do your work,

you'll see that my son is innocent.


can I have your address please?

Esmeralda Street, 210.

Petrolera district.


Thank you, Ma'am.

You're doing yourself a favor.

We will keep you up to date.

What's up, Gato!

Where the hell have you been?

Tijuana is going to kill you.
Where's the money?

Here's the money.

It better be all here.

Hello, pretty lady!



Who the hell was guarding? Tell me!

And what are you laughing at?


Pepito! Where are you!

I'm in big trouble, Doctor.

But I'm going to fix it.

I know you're in big trouble.

The police came looking for you
and talked to your mom!

We're really worried about you.

They are tying you
to the kidnapping in Polanco,

saying you sell drugs
and that you aren't going to school.

None of that is true, Doctor.

Well... the school part is true,

but not the rest.

Well they did want me to sell drugs,

but I didn't.

Well, it doesn't matter,
I'm gonna fix everything.

It's been more than 24 hours.

It's normal.

They will call, don't worry.

Those bastards
are more eager to get the money

than you to get your daughter back.

We have all our agents ready to act.

We're going to save your child.


Do you have the money?

Yes, I have it here.

I want to speak to my daughter.

You'll speak to her when you see her.

Now, listen carefully.

You’ll leave the bags at the 12th km

of the Interlomas Highway, at two a.m.

Your daughter will be there. Come alone.

Leave your keys in the car.

Take the money and head to the forest.

If we see anyone else, we'll kill you.

Snipers will have you in their sights

until we're sure you are alone.

Do as we say
and you'll have your daughter back.

But if you try anything,

we'll shoot her first
so you can watch her die.

They said I'll get her back at two a.m.

on the highway to Interlomas.

Don't worry, Mr. Gasquet.

Everything will be alright.

But if anyone else comes,
they're going to kill her!

We're going to use a drone.

Let me explain.

It's one of these unmanned aircraft
to locate from the air.

It's the technology
that the US government uses.

Once you and your daughter are safe,

we will strike them
with everything we've got.

Am I right?

You prefer mangos?


Can I help you?

One of this.

That's 300 pesos.

No problem.

One of this too.

That would be 450 for both.

I'll get your change.

Keep it.

Here's a bag.

Yeah, sure.

And why do you need so many fireworks?

For Independence Day.

This is for you.

What is this?

You know how to read, don't you?

What do you want?

Look, boss.

If you want that disgusting tacky car

that your sissy dad gave to you,

come get it at 33 North Street,
House 23, Anahuac district.

You're all gonna die! All of you!

Get out of here!

Get out!

Are you sure your plan is going to work?

I hope so,

Did you bring your phone?

Off course.

Call the police.

You sure?


Call them, I'll take care of the rest.

You are the boss.

Alright, let’s do this.

Over here.

Over here.

Hurry up!

- You son of a bitch.
- Your turn.

You'll see.

Take that.

Hurry up because it's gonna rain.

The fireworks are gonna get wet.

Wait up.

Here comes the first one.

- Who left this here?
- I don't know but we have to move it!

How do you want me to move it, imbecile?

Move this piece of shit, now!

We have to move the girl.

We don't know whose it is.

Move it now!

Did he pay the ransom early, boss?

Someone called the federal police.

They know the kid is here.

Someone snitched on us!

The keys are inside!

Get the pry bar, quick!

There's my car! Go!

Let's kick their asses!


Step on it!

Get your guns! Quick!

Don't move!

It's fucking over! The police is here!
Let's go!

Now, throw them the big one!

Lower your weapons! Police!

This is my car! You'll have to pay!

Lower your weapons!

Light them up.

Go, go!

Come on!

Here's a little surprise.

Lower your weapons you damn-

You made Tlaloc angry!

I already showered this week.

Come one, the mission is on!

Come on.

Call the lawyer!

Whatever happens, stay there.

You can't get involved.

Be careful.

Give him more rope.

Who are you?

I am Pito...


Stop right there! What are you doing here?

On your knees!

Who are you?

- Pepito.
- Hands behind your back!


Commander, what's happening here?

Well, it is a very confusing situation.

There are too many officers here,
we can't tell one from the other.

God damn you, you indian.

I am the kid's lawyer.

Don't worry Pepito,
everything will be alright.

Your friend told me everything.


For now, let's get rid of the press

and make sure everything is clean.

Yes, Sir.

Follow me Ramirez.

The story of Pepito, although incredible,

is now confirmed.

Pepito was a victim, as well as Valeria,

but a victim who found the way
to rescue Valeria Gasquet

and end with two dangerous gangs
of drug dealers and kidnappers.

Here is a recap of the events

that led to the rescue of Valeria.



I was so worried about you.

I was worried about you.

Your kidney?

We found a donor.

In a few days,
your mom will be discharged.

Everything is going to be okay.

Who was the donor?

It was amazing.

A homeless man came to donate his liver.

And it was a perfect match for your mom.

Was he blind?


How did you know?

My dear,

the doctor Martinez told me
everything you did.

You are a hero.

You are all over the news.

You're a celebrity, my friend.

You look tired.

Come here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Mrs. Lucia Perez's room?

Hall B, over there.

Thank you.


Hi, Pepito.

- Hi.
- How are you?

I'm okay.

No, no, no...

She's out of your league, champ.


It's okay, I deserved that.

Pepito I came with Valeria to apologize...

from the bottom of my heart.

I know there is nothing I can do
to erase the pain I caused to you,

the danger I put you in
and the things I said to you.

I just want an opportunity...

Is there any chance you can forgive me?

Don't worry, Mr. Alejandro.

You gave me the clothes and the tickets.

I made...

I made 500 pesos slapping a bald guy.

That's nothing,

you gave me my daughter back.

You gave life back to us.

I don't know how can I repay you.

Look, we brought you...

a gift.

Is that a lot?


It's a lot.

This is way too much.

That is nothing.

Pepito brought my daughter back
and that is priceless.

But how much?

It's five million, my love.

It's your reward Pepito.

We can use this to find my grandfather.


Well, I have to give some
to Franelas and Tamal,

they really stepped up.

Sir, would you punish me
for something I did not do?

Stop being a smartass, Pepito.

You think what you did isn't enough?

I just asked if you would punish me

for something I didn't do.

Of course not, Pepito.

That's great,
'cause I didn't do my homework.

That's what you didn't do?

I told you not to be a smartass.

Why can't you simply say,

"I didn't do my homework, Sir
What do I do?"

I'm calling aunt Claudia to come for you.



You know what? About the kidney...
Without two, you can't.


Better this way.

I'm very worried about Ana.

She has gained a lot of weigh lately.

Of course.

I worry that she might have diabetes,
or something worse.

Yes, we all know
that over weight is dangerous.


Let me call you later,
I'm busy right now.

Ok. Take care.

Luka, go to your class room.

Come in, Pepito.

What a shit.

Scene nine.
Take four.


Good morning!
The room of Mrs...

-Hi, mom.
-Hi, son.

-How are you doing?

- You looked tired.
- Nah.

You forgot the part "I talked to
the aunt".

Of course!
What a dumb.

Take one.


- I'm going to the theatre tonight.

Yes. The Mr...

- Hi, mom.
- Hi, son.

- Was this real or not?
- What?

- How come?
- Don't make it up.

Scene six.
Take five.