Yardie (2018) - full transcript

Set in '70s Kingston and '80s Hackney, Yardie centres on the life of a young Jamaican man named D (Aml Ameen), who has never fully recovered from the murder, committed during his childhood,...

'When I was a boy,

'Piper would always ask me,
"Which way are you going to go?""

""Will you go with the righteous?

""Or will you go with the damned?""

'This is a story
about the path I chose.

'My name is D.

'D. for Dennis.'

♪ My name is D.,
D. for Dennis

♪ Me no cause trouble
and me cause no menace

♪ Me nice and me clean,
and me big on the scene

♪ And all the pretty girls
want to be on my team

♪ West Kingston it was
that me was born and raised

♪ Me don't want no more war
in the place

♪ With a little bit of treble
and a whole heap of bass

♪ Jerry Dread's my brother,
him nice up place... ♪

'Back in '73,
there was a long-running war

'between two gangs for control
of the streets in West Kingston.'

Kinnock Street!
Smash up the Spicer boys!

'Tappa versus Spicer.

'That's Skeets.
The don for the Tappa crew.'


'This here is King Fox.
The don for the Spicer.'


'The rest of us were caught
in between them.

'Then Claudette got killed
in the crossfire.'


- D.!
- Claudette!

D., go in the truck!

Go in the truck, D.!

Yvonne, go home!

Beverley, go get your mother!


We're killing the children now.

'And that's my brother, Jerry Dread.

'My only family.'

Am I going to school tomorrow?

No, man.

You stay home with Piper.
Kingston? Kingston's too dangerous.

But nothing ever happened to me!

Like nothing ever happened to Claudette?

'Jerry and I lived up in the hills
with Piper, the village elder.

'Away from Kingston.

'For now.'

Chop the onion and tomato.


- Jerry, where are you going?
- Stay with Piper.

- Is Jerry DJ-ing today?
- Where Jerry's going, it's not for you.

- Not for him, neither.
- D., you can't come with me today!

- No, I'm going with Jerry.
- No, Jerry says you have to stay with me.

You understand?

Dennis, downtown is too dangerous!

This bloodclaat youth.

now is the time to come out

'and put an end to this war
between Tappa and Spicer.

'Too much blood shed, man.

'Jerry Dread says no more war.

'And if this is your stance,
come out to no man's land.

'Don't let Claudette's death be in vain.

'You know Jerry Dread's sound system
is gonna nice up the place

'with positive vibes.

'Come out!

'Be brave!'

'No man's land.
A dangerous place.

'On one side...Tappa.

'On the other...Spicer.

'Nobody set foot there for a long time.

'It was Claudette's death
that drove Jerry onto the front line.

'To use his sound system
to bring people together.'

'Wherever my brother go,
I go too.'

What are you doing, little brother?
What are you doing?

Me said stay with Piper!

Bombaclaat, man!

So why do you have
the sound system here?

Alright, how much more youths
do you want get shot,

because of this
Spicer and Tappa crew madness?

This shit's dangerous, man!

I'm trying to protect you,
but you don't see it.

But no one's coming out.
I'm trying to protect you, brother!

D., lion up, man!

Me talked to King Fox,
and him give me his word.

- You talked to King Fox?
- Yes, I.

Piper says you can't trust King Fox.
Me seen him kill them Tappa crews.

Youth, this is me and King Fox.

We go a way back.
Long, long time ago, see?

So, help me with the box there, man.

♪ Jerry, him me brother,
him gonna nice up the place


♪ My name is D.,
D. for Dennis

♪ Me no cause trouble
me no cause no menace... ♪


Later. Bye.

You like him!

Go look for D.!

'And this is Yvonne.

'The love of my life.

'A real Jamaican girl.'

"No more war in the ghetto"?

- Foolishness.
- No, man!

Jerry Dread's Sound System is gonna
nice up the place with positive.

Yvonne? Saviour Lord, child!

- Come away from that dirty boy now!
- Coming, Grandma!

I have to go home now, you know, D.

Well, wherever you go,
I will always come and find you.

Don't you know, when I call you,
you must come to me?

Don't I tell you, when school is over,
you must come straight home?

Hold this. Ah!

Selector, man.

Shit. Yeah!

Put on a big tune.
You know how to use a turntable?

- Yeah, man!
- You sure?

Of course, you know.
Jerry Dread teach you!

Come on!

No more war in the ghetto!


'The people wanted peace.
I was proud to see them do it.'

- Welcome the people then, brother.
- 'Proud to see them come out. '

Jerry Dread Sound System.

'Proud of Jerry.
No more war in the ghetto.'

Peace! Peace in the ghetto!

And that is my little brother, you know!
Love this Youth!

For the lovers inside the house.

What do you say?

Jerry Dread's Sound System
with the vibes.

Some real good vibes.


Sing it. Don't you know it?
It ain't at all business.

- What's wrong?
- Him face look familiar.

I don't want to see
no one by themselves right now.

That's Clancy Hibbert.

'And this is Clancy.

'Clancy Hibbert.
We went to the same school.

'I saw him try and stab a teacher.'

- D.!
- Come.

'A boy trying to be man.'

King Fox, I invite you to the stage.

To show the people
it's love we're dealing.

Skeets, I invite you to the stage.

OK... Let me stop this one.

King Fox.


Let him through.

Joyful, joyful, joyful!

Behave yourselves!


Jerry Dread just want
a peaceful neighbourhood.

- Shake hands, man!
- See that man!

And show the people themselves...

I'm watching him, I'm watching him.

...it's love we're dealing.

No more war in the ghetto!

No more war.

No more war. Yes!

No more war!
No more war!

No more war!

No more war! No more war!

Stay down! Me come to you!


D.! D.!

No, Yvonne! No!


Me see the killer.

Clancy Hibbert. I see him.


Me see the killer.

It was Clancy Hibbert!

Jerry, me see him!

The wicked...
The wicked can't hide, D.

Little brother!


Brother! Please don't leave!

Me need you, brother.

- Please!
- Skeets!

Tappa crew!
Them do this wicked thing!


'Nine nights after a death,

'it is a Jamaican tradition
to send the spirit off well,

'with offerings of food and rum.'

No! A foolishness!

- 'If it is disrupted...'
- Dennis!

- '...the spirit becomes trapped. '
- No!

'We call it a duppy, a ghost.'

Youth! Hear me now, hear me now.

It's a long, long journey
the dead have to travel, Youth.

If you leave your brother hungry,

he's going to walk the earth
and create mischief.

Jerry has to go.

'I wasn't ready for Jerry
to fly away and leave me.

'I held on to him.'

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

'Six years later and the war between
Tappa and Spicer was long forgotten.

'Everybody forget
about Jerry the peacemaker.

'Except for me.

'And then I worked for King Fox.
He gave me a home after Jerry died.

'Treated me like a son.
King Fox now ruled.'

You still not working, eh?

Me? What do you mean?
Me work all the time.

What you call work is not work,
young man, you know that!

Butt Lord... Good?


Give me a hug, now.
Hug me up, Gran.

'Fox ran a record business.

'The home of the hits.'

Boss, the radio station said
him not play the tune.

- What him say?
- He says it's not a hit.

But this is home of the bloodclaat hits!
What does he know about hit songs?

Next time, you have to get this yourself,

Yo, I'm going to come back, General.
I'm going to come back.

Let me tell you this.

Everything you come to know
as a hit song,

that you listen to and sing along to,
has been paid for.

- Where do you want your food?
- Put it down there somewhere.

- You pay him the money?
- Everything him get, boss.

Then you have to pay him a visit.

You believe this?
Radio station not play my song.

- Oh, man, you're gonna make them play it.
- You know it.

I expect this song to be played
every fucking day of the week!

Every day of the week!

'Yvonne and I had a baby, Vanessa.

'Yvonne moved to London
to give her a better life.

'I'd not seen them since they left.'

- Oi, son.
- Yes, General.

- You this.
- Really?

Soldier business now, you know.

You want to test me?
You want to test me?


- Proud, man.
- Yes, sir.

Where to now?
Where to now?

'From the day I got that gun,

'I crossed over to the other side
of Fox's business.

'I was becoming his number-one soldier.'

- D., you're late.
- Hush up, man.

'A few years pass
and the music not doing so good.

'Fox wanted into the cocaine business.

'And Mr Cheung was that business.'

- But where's your man?
- Don't worry about that, man. He will...

Speak of the devil.

- Hey!
- Forgive me.

- Come on, D.!
- Yeah, man. Me know.

Marcus is more punctual
than a Swiss time piece.

I know, man, I have a Jamaican watch
I'm wearing, Mr Cheung.

- Respect.
- Close that door behind yourself.

My boy, man.

Yo, me brother.

You know me face?

No, man, me no know you.

Yeah, man, me know your face.
Remember you from back in the day.

My question for you, Mr Cheung:
can you distribute my business?

- You know Clancy. Clancy Hibbert.
- Clancy?

Yes. Little small Clancy. Big Clancy now.

No, me know no Clancy. No.

So what happened then, Tappa boy?

Me know you used to work
for that pussyhole, Skeets.

You remember Jerry Dread?

So you're Jerry Dread's little brother?

And now you work for King Fox?

So you know about this, don't you?

Boy, fuck off!

You fuck!

Forget about them things!
Them things are done!

You know what? I can distribute
your white powder business.

But we have to do this thing

- Raggz!
- D.!

Rasclaat, D.!

Me tell you for a long time
Clancy Hibbert fired the shot.

You know that, me know that.

Skeets is the one who called the order.
And Skeets is dead.

And Clancy Hibbert, like the rest of them,
gone New York.

And you're still like a mad fucking dog.

And now you mash up my business
with Mr Cheung.

'This wasn't the first time
Fox tell me to forget about Clancy.

'But it might be the last.'


- What's that?
- That? London.

- London?
- London.

- You gonna send me to London?
- London.

Look how much things I do
for the community.

For the people.

For the peace.
For your brother Jerry.

For you,
when nobody wanted Dennis.

And this is how you choose
to pay me back.

Sure thing, boss.

And Dennis...

...this is what I want you
to take with you.

I have a bredren in London,
his name is Rico.

He's expecting you.

Handle that business for me,
when it is done, you let me know.

And when everything's cool back here,
you come home.

Dennis, I can trust you?

Yeah, man, you can trust me. Love.

'Fox was right.
I was like a mad dog.

'I wanted him to trust me again.'

'Welcome to London Gatwick Airport.

'When you have cleared Immigration,

'please make your way
through to baggage reclaim.'

Turn it round.

- I suppose you got Bob Marley in here.
- Bob? Who's that?

Welcome to London, Mr Campbell.

'So me get through Customs

'with Fox's kilo of cocaine
strapped to my leg.

'All I had to do
was deliver the coke to Rico.

'Rico sent his two soldiers,
so-called top ranking.

'Beenie and Tyrone.
Two idiot boys, them.'

Give me that, quick.

Beenie, please don't get us
arrested today.

What's up?
It's always the same, isn't it, Officer?

You see a nice Beamer, must be them
dangerous Yardies from Jamaica, right?

So come on, then, what is it?
"Driving while black" again?

Left-hand brake light isn't working, sir.

Fuck off.

Sticks, Darkers,
look after the car.

No problem, big man.

Hey, Sticks, I'm sitting in the front,
so sit in the back, yeah?

'Rico controlled
East London nightlife.

'This was home
to his sound system, Red Kattz.

'And trust me, he loved
his Red Kattz sound system.

'Without my knowing it at the time,
somebody else from my past was there.'

Walk past?
Oh, you're breaking my heart.

They ain't got an ashtray in here,
have they?

Fucking hell, what's this?

Look at the size of it.
Let me see the shooter.

- Go on, man, let me see it.
- Let me see it. Let me...

- No, it's mine!
- Relax. Hey, what are you doing?

- Hey, look.
- Look at that, records.

Careful, careful.
You're going to scratch them. Leave them.

- I got them. I got them.
- I think this is his wife.


What happened, soldier?
What are you dealing with?

Where's Rico, then? Yeah?

Give thanks, yeah. Hey, Ryan!

- Yeah, man.
- Get me a drink there, man. Make two.

Rico? This is the man that Fox sent
to take care of that piece of business.

You must be Dennis Campbell?

- The man we heard so much about.
- Yes, sir.

My man from Yard, you know.
Real Rasta.

- First time in London, true?
- Yeah, man. First time.

- So what do you think so far?
- It looks good, man. Know what I mean?

Yeah, bloodclaat, I remember
my first time in England.

Me step off the plane, and the cold
just licked me down something bad.

The cold, bloodclaat! Oh, man!

- Want a little sniff?
- No, man. Me good. Me good.

- You're good?
- That's your thing.

Spliff! Give the Natty Dread a spliff!
Give the Rasta Man a spliff.

- No, I'm cool sister, I'm alright.
- Come on, now take it now, man.

The best herb in London.

Man, you're going to love it here,
we have everything. Yeah?

We have herb,
sound system, fine girls!

Fine girls!
Palm tree is the only thing I'm missing.

You're going to love it here, star.
Trust me, you're going to love it here.

You like me sound?

Ah, this sound alright, man.

Red Kattz are the best sound system
in East London!

- Yes, sir!
- Red Kattz!

Man, him said it's alright! Fuckeries!

- Rico, turn it the fuck down!
- Shut the fuck! Rest up, Rita.

Go on. Fuck off!

Let me talk to the Yardie.
Hear what the big man says.

Where will you hear a better sound?

Better than Red Kattz?

No, man, you'll not hear a better sound.

What do you mean?

Must be your brother's tin pot sound
you chat about.

What they call him?
Freddie Flintstone or Freddie Dread?

What him name? What him name?
What they call him?

That's Jerry Dread, man.

Jerry, Freddie. Freddie, Jerry.
Ancient history.

- Dinosaur time. Huh?
- Yeah, man. T-Rex.

But don't get me wrong, Fox boy.

Your brother getting shot down like that
in front of everybody like a mad dog,

it was a tragedy.

Come on with the business.

Package is here, you know.

- Take him to the shit house.
- Come then, star.

- Yes, Rico.
- Yeah.

- A big man, right, that's all.
- Yeah, a big man. A General.

'Fox said he was a bredren.

'But I never liked him.'

Disrespect me?
King Fox. Who the fuck?

King Fox, he's a fucking big fish
in a little pond.

Oi! Hey, man! Come!

What are you doing?
Playing with your pum-pum?

Fuck it! Take the kilo.
We'll take all the money. Yeah? Fuck him!

- But it...
- Kick the fucking door in!

How could he?

Pussyhole! You're dead!

- He's gone, Boss, he's gone!
- Wait here, wait! Fuck!

I'll bloodclaat kill him!

Move! Move!

Move, man!

Oi! Campbell, you little fuck!

Me catch you!
It's my thing you've run with!

Move, move, move, move!

Move, move!

Come on, Beenie!

The boy can't get far, man.

You're a dead man walking,
Dennis Campbell!

You can't run from me!
You won't sell that kilo on my streets!

Nobody will buy it from you!
This is my town! My town!

Where's this fucking man gone now?

Where the fuck?
Where the fuck is the gun?

- What have you lost?
- Fucking kids!

- What do you mean?
- They took my bloodclaat gun!

- Just calm down, man. Me have him.
- Bloodclaat!


Got you! Me have him!

Oh! Jesus Christ!

Are you alright, son?

You fucking eejits!

You are the fucking idiot!
Come out of the road, man!

Don't you call me a fucking eejit,
you fucking eejit!

What you say, Rudeboy? Move!


Where the fuck
has the man gone now? Eh?

Tyrone, come on, man!
You don't see the police?

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Come on, man. Come, come!

Yo, yo, yo!

'Five hours in London
and trouble already find me.

'There was only one person
I wanted to see.

'My real Jamaican girl.'




I always said
I would come back for you.

Condolences, Youth.

King Fox will look after you
from now on, little brother.

You're going to be like a son to me.


I know what
you're looking for, you know.

Four years I haven't seen you,

and the first thing you do
is bring that thing into my home?

You lose respect for me.

Give me the raasclaat thing
and I'll be gone.

- What happened to you, D.?
- Huh?

What happened to you?

Nothing happened to me, man.

Why do you think I came to London?

For a vacation?

I came here to change my life.

To get away from Kingston
and Kingston runnings.

Is this what you want to do?

Bring it into my home?
In front of my pickney?

I'm ready, Mummy.

Hello, little girl.

I'm not a little girl.
My name is Vanessa.

My name is D.

- D. for Daddy?
- D. for Dennis.

Come, let Daddy do your shoe buckle.

You're good now.

What you're looking for
is in the kitchen drawer.

I don't want you or that thing here
when I come back, you hear me?

Come, Vanessa.

Are you coming to see us again,
D. for Daddy?

'Right at this moment,
I didn't know what to do.

'I knew this was wrong
for Yvonne and Vanessa.

'And I knew I had to speak
to King Fox.

'And fast.'

- Yeah?
- Hello?

- Who is it?
- I've got a delivery for you.

Yo, brother!

Where's the flake?
Where's the fucking flake?

- Me got no flake.
- Don't fuck around!

Give us the coke!

He thinks we're joking, guys.

- Don't touch nothing!
- Check out the nice ashtray!

No, come on! Come on

- Been to Jamaica, yeah? Oh, nice!
- Cool, cool, cool!


Alright, cool now.
Cool, cool. Me get the thing.

Put it down, huh?

We know what you took from Rico,
which makes you a thief.

- Which makes you what?
- Businessmen.

- Which part?
- Listen, you don't know what we know.

You don't know who we know.
So just give us the fucking flake.

Hey, cool, brother.

Alright, big man. Cool.

I'll get the thing,
it's in the kitchen. Come.

- Come, chop-chop now.
- Alright, soldier.

Stupid Jamaican.

Alright, Darkers.

Give me the raasclaat gun!
Give me the gun!

Put the fucking gun on me,
little pussy? Yo!

Come here. Come here.
Come here.

You wanna put a gun on me?
You wanna put a gun on me? Hm?

What the fuck?
You think you're a bad man?

Think you're a raasclaat bad man?

I could've killed each one of you dead!

Sit down. Sit down on the fucking floor,
right now!

- What's all this?
- No, no, listen. Please just...

You want fucking please?

So, who do you work for?

- Is it Rico you work for?
- We don't work for nobody.

- We're self-employed.
- Self-employed?

Well, you'd better unemploy yourself then,
cos Rico's gonna kill you.

No, man. He's going to kill you.
You're the one that thiefed him.

Yo, me see sun?
Take off the darkers, idiot boy!

Stevie Wonder!
Take off the bloodclaat darkers!

So who are you going to sell this to?

- Traders. All those people there.
- What do you mean "traders"?

- Like city traders.
- What do they do?

- I think, I think they kind of sell...
- Yeah, yeah, they sell.

- Yuppies.
- Yuppies. Yuppies, yeah.

Yuppies? What is that?

White men, you know,
they like the white powder.

That kilo of what you got, they love!

For real.

So how are you three little pickney boys
going to sell it forward? Hey?

- We got a buyer.
- Who?

- I'm not telling you my brother's name.
- It's your brother?

- Idiot!
- I never said nothing.

- Look, if you want to meet our contact...
- Him brother, you mean?

Yeah, my... our contact.

Yeah. You're gonna have to pay.

Our cut, well, for a kilo,
is nothing less than £10,000.

Get up, man.

Hey, get your ass up, man.
Listen to what I'm telling you.

You see me again, you're dead.
You understand?


Hey, hey, hey, come on,
we need this.

- What do you need it for?
- We're DJs.

We've got a sound clash
coming up soon.

We need a new amp,
new speaker, wires,

and we're up against Red Kattz soon.

You do all of this for Sound?

Where can I find your contact?

This afternoon.
Come to the squat by the canal.

Follow the wires.

See the shades, can I...?

No, you can bring them with you.
No scratches on them, please.

Sorry, I forgot to...
Here you are, this is yours.

Seems like a nice girl.

See you later.

- D.?
- Don't worry yourself, me gone.

Where to? To sell drugs?

- I'm sorting that out.
- How?

- Don't worry yourself.
- How?

You can stay.

But you have to flush the thing.

- Let me see you flush it.
- Me can't flush it, man. You mad?

Me already sold it on.

That bag is worth a lot of money,
you know.

- Me have a baby.
- She's not my baby too?

All your running round
with this foolishness.

Me can't have this nonsense around me.

Around Vanessa.

Package is gone tonight.

Now, you have the key?
Me need to make a quick phone call.

You don't know nobody
from here to call.

And if there is somebody,
use the phone box on the road.

- International call, me need to make one.
- From my yard? Are you mad?

A quick call.

The lock's not big enough for you, D.?

- Come now.
- And your quick is not my quick.

Check for the African man
down the market.

Almost everybody knows
his place is for international calls.

You know, Vanessa's beautiful.

We made a good baby.

Yes, Miss Beckford.

- Yo, sir.
- Alright?

- Where's the canal?
- Down the end and turn right.




You mashed up the place, huh?

So you found it, then?

Your sound system is called High Noon?

You like the name?

Yeah, man. It's alright.
Sounds righteous.

About the only thing that is.

Right now, the speakers are damp,
box is bust, pre-amp keeps blowing.

Don't worry about those things,
brother. Them things can be fixed.

- So where we going?
- Meet you at my brother's in 15 minutes.

Yeah, that's him.
If anyone can shift a kilo, he can.

Engine's brother.


Come on, come in.


Come now.

Come on.

These Yardies,
they are bad, bad trouble men.

Last time I heard this Rico Grimes
had a disagreement with somebody,

he took a machete and "zoop"!

He chopped this part off...
Well, you know.

I let Rico do his business in Hackney.
Rico leave Green Lanes alone.

There cannot be a connection to me,
you understand?

Me understand.

Me carried this for a man in JA.
Rico had nothing to do with it.

Right now, me the man who handles it,
and me you have to deal with.

You understand?

You're not gonna find better than that.

The wicked thing.
The pretty white girl, we call that.

- I like the white girl, man.
- The strongest thing, that's in it.

We'll see.

Think you can sell that?


Yeah, boss.

- Where are you calling, Boss?
- Jamaica.

- Number four.
- Number four...

Hey, now, she said the water
is going to break.

And they want me now to remove
the baby out of her. Am I a doctor? No!

- Yes, Rupie, what's happening?
- 'What the bloodclaat's happening?'

- Yeah, man. Everything cool.
- 'What's happening?'

Yeah, everything cool, man.
The boss there?

'No, no, man.
Him gone to Miami for two weeks.

'You were supposed
to take the package and deliver it...'

Rupie, everything's cool, man.

- 'Alright.'
- Yeah, man. Look...

When Fox comes, tell him
to call me on this number, alright?

'It was only a matter of time before
Rico knew the Turks had his cocaine.

'London was already feeling small.'

Hey, what happening, Vanessa?

♪ I'm taking care of business,
Woman, can't you see?

♪ I gotta make it for you,
And I gotta make it for me

♪ Oh, sometimes it seems, girl,
I'm neglecting you...


I'm sorry.

For what we are about to receive,
may the Lord make us truly grateful.

♪ I got work to do

♪ I got work to do

♪ Oh, I'm out here trying to make it,
Woman, can't you see?

♪ Oh, it takes a lot of money to make it,
Let's talk truthfully

♪ Keep you love lights burning
and a little food hot on my plate

♪ You might as well get used to me
coming home a little late, oh

♪ I... I got work to do

♪ I got a job, babe,
I got work to do

♪ I got work to do... ♪

'I'll take care of the work.
You keep your connection.

'We'll have a white Christmas,

'and I'll pay you in instalments
from my customers.'

Yo, man. The usual. Hey!

'They are like an aardvark.

'You know, they like snorting, sniffing,
they love coke, man.

'We'll make a lot of money.
A lot of money, my friend.'

I love my Yuppies.

A Yuppy never runs away.
Yuppies always pay on time.

One... two...


- You like it?
- Yes.

- You sure?
- Yes.

Yes, you like it.

Yes, sir!


Alright, my big man?
Your brother did good.

Here's our new speakers.

Real gold as well, you know.

- This is not making it right now.
- Hush up.

You like that?

You like it? You like it?

- Alright, I'm gone.
- Hold on, where are you going?

- Think he'll like it?
- Yeah, Rico'll love it.

- I know him from somewhere.
- Jamaica, right? Number 6.

- What are you talking about?
- From Rico's.

- Oi! You want me to pay for it?
- Hold on.

Yeah, more higher, see.

Rupie, catch the phone there.

Bass, play the pattern
I'm asking you to play.

Hello? D.?

Hey, Rupie, don't bother
giving me the big talk, man.

- Put the boss on the phone. Hurry up.
- 'Alright.

'Boss, D.'s on the phone.'

Go on through!

D... what kind of fuckery is going on
in London, Youth?

Me sorry, Fox. Me tried to call you
for three weeks, man.

'Look, everything's cool, man.
I found a different connection.'

We're going to need more, Boss.
A whole heap more.

We're going to clean up
in England, trust me.

Dennis, me said
to pass the thing to Rico.

Rico too slack, man. Him not ready.

Dennis, me asked you to deliver
the goods to Rico. Me trusted you.

You not hear me say
Rico is a liability?

Him run him mouth how you're a big fish
in a little pond. Me can't take them things.

I sent you to London
so you wouldn't start a war in Kingston.

'Did you go to London to start one?
What the fuck is wrong with you, Youth?'

Listen, and listen to me well.

You just make sure
me get my money now, Youth.

Now the fuck, you don't want me
coming to London for my money.

Fox, I tried to tell you. Rico...

Move and you're bombaclaat dead.

Stand up.

Put down the phone.

- Come on.
- Dennis? Hello?


Hey! Hey! Excuse me, sir!

Hey! Mind your fucking business,
do you hear? Bloodclaat!

Beenie, he's across the road! Pussy!


♪ This train don't pull no jokers

♪ This train

♪ Hallelujah!

♪ This train don't pull no jokers

♪ This train, oh, oh!

♪ This train don't pull no jokers

♪ No tobacco chewers
and no cigar smokers

♪ This train, hallelujah!

♪ Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Whoo! ♪

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!

Thank you, Miss Hammond.
Down, down, down.

I just want to say, thank you Lord.

Thank you for bringing us
a new member.


And all the way from home.
He has seen the righteous path.

He has heard the call.
Make him welcome!

Desmond Campbell...

- Dennis. Dennis Campbell.
- Dennis Campbell!

Welcome, Mr Dennis!

- From Kingston, Jamaica.
- Yes, sir...

That's good.

Me never thought I'd feel the sun
on my face again, you know.

D., the first time
I come to this cold-ass place,

me thought me just shrivel up and die.

Me want to take you and Vanny
back home.

Yeah. Me make enough money now,
me can buy a house for the three of us.

Any of them pretty yards you like
by the sea. Any of them.

- D.!
- Come now.

This place is not warm like home at all,
but me feel safe.

- Here?
- Here.

Me no go back to Yard.

Not even for by the sea.
Not even for that.

- Come, little V. We're going home.
- But I want to stay!

- Mummy has work, Vanessa.
- Come. She can stay with me.

By the sea.

- Make sure she's in bed by eight.
- Yes, Boss.

- Let me see your little face.
- None for you.

- You smell like fish, you know.
- You smell like fish!

- Tag!
- No! You caught me.

Big and heavy already, eh?
Oh, you're so big and heavy already.

- Let's play hide-and-seek.
- Hide-and-seek?

In here?


- No peeking.
- No peeking? Like this?

Are you sure? Yeah, man!
Alright. Go on.






Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.

I'm coming!

Alright, Vanessa. Come out now, man.
I'm ready to go in.

Vanessa, come out!

Seen a little girl? Huh?

- Alright, you get some sleep.
- I will try, my child, I will try.

The wards are closed, sir.

- He's still coming.
- Let me see.

Sir, visiting hours are over.

I'm OK, Mummy.

You are doing a great job,
you know, sister.

Caring for the sick and dying.
Jamaica is proud of you.

- Stay with Miss Hammond.
- OK, baby.

Why did you have my daughter?
Where is D.?

You know your D.,
he has something that belongs to Rico.

So, me took something
that belongs to you.

You tell D. to bring that thing back.

Quick o'clock. You understand?


This is a rehearsal.
Next time it'll be for real.

You need to leave.

Bringing this into my life!
Into my home!

Me sorry. Me said me sorry.

Getting Vanessa into this!
You're sorry?

What kind of man gets his daughter
mixed up in a fuckery?

Come here. Me gonna fix it.
Me gonna sort it out, you know.

How are you gonna sort it out?

You can't make this wrong right,
do you understand?

- Leave it.
- Just leave!

- No, no, no. Leave it.
- Just come out, man!

- Come on...
- Don't touch me!

And take your nasty money with you.

So tell me...

Why did you run off
and deal with the fucking Turks, eh?

King Fox is like a father to you.

Treacherous behaviour.

Me wanna fix it.

Want to fix it?

Yeah, man. Me wanna do that.

- "Me wanna do that."
- This thing can be fixed.

War is the only thing
that's gonna fix your fuckeries.

Me wanna work it out, Rico.
Me have your money.

Forty-two G.

You're a rich man, Rico.

Leave me and my family out of it.

What, you think I'm stupid?

He's gonna fuck off
and deal with the Turks.

Me out of the game, man!

Out of the game?

You wanna go see your brother, eh?

You wanna go see
your brother Jerry Dread, then?

Me pull this trigger, and you're gonna
see Jerry Dread quick time.

You're not gonna do nothing.
No, man, me a Spicer.

How about me let Beenie take Yvonne
for a little walk? Those sweet papayas.

- Pussyhole!
- With his real stick, yeah?

You wanna be dead?

You want me to take
your pickney daughter?

You'll not take me daughter!
I'll kill you, man. I'll kill you right now!

- Kill you right now!
- Me gonna shoot you.

- Me gonna shoot you right here.
- You can't do that, man!

- Come on, brother, please!
- Who is that?

I've come to fix the console.

What the fuck, man?
Me busy, Clancy.

- Alright, me soon come back.
- Yeah, come back later, star.


King Fox is the only reason
you're fucking alive.

Take your Grandma's suitcase
and get to fuck!

And if I see you again, Campbell,
you're dead. Little bombaraas!

'I could've just gone
back to Jamaica.

'But that name. Clancy.'

So how long you been DJ-ing for?

From when I was little.
All this was my dad's sound.

I used to follow him around clashes
from when I was about eight.

We went everywhere.
North London, East, South.

Even went to Birmingham once.

So you no go to school?

No. I went to sound boy school.

Sometimes, my mum would have
to lock me in.

So what happened to your daddy?

He got stabbed.

So come on, why are you
so interested in this Clancy?

- Don't worry about that.
- There must be a reason, though, right?

See those tunes there?

Those are my brother's tunes.
Jerry Dread.

Them shot and killed him.
The triggerman's still alive.

And me feel felt like
me heard his name today.


I'll find out for you.

Oh! D., how are you?
Sticks, did you manage to fix the amp?

I can't do much
without a screwdriver, can I?

- Now you can.
- Yeah, alright.

- I thought you had a screwdriver.
- Don't talk to me like that.

- Where's Engine?
- He's coming down.

You know what you're doing, don't you?
Crack on.

Oi, my name's Engin, not Engine.

Who wants a beer?

Yo, brother, come.

The right channel.
Same thing. It's the same thing.

Me thought you went
to sound boy school.

You're asking for the screwdriver,
and you don't know how to use it!

Yes, one check.
One check, two, three.

Yes, yes, yes.
Mic check. One, two, one, two.

Yes. Yes, sister! Yeah.

♪ I'm a dreadlock Rasta,
no impostor

♪ Big up to my bredren,
Sticks and Darkers

♪ And my little brother,
rudeboy Engin

♪ We get enough girls on the weekend

♪ High Noon is
the number-one sound. Sing!

♪ High Noon is
the number-one sound. Sing!

♪ My name is D., D for Dennis

♪ Me no cause trouble,
me no cause no menace

♪ Me nice and me clean,
and me big on the scene

♪ All the pretty girls,
they want to be up on my team

D., wake up, man.
Wake up!

D., listen. Hibbert.

Hibbert. Clancy Hibbert.
He's got the Red Kattz motorvan.

Meet me outside, yeah. Hurry up!

Get in!

- Me driving.
- Fucking hell!

Hey! Everyone went crazy
about the music yesterday.

Them say we gone clear.
They loved you on the mic. Wicked, D.!

Hang on.
High Noon vs Red Kattz, yeah? Look...

You need to be there.
Special guest, right.

I've been talking to the Management,
it's next Friday...

Shut the fuck up!

Ratid, D.?
Now you're talking like an Englishman.

OK, this is where he lives.

Here you are, there's your van, D.

What a shit logo.

Where are you going?
It's not sound boy business.

- It's just you.
- Brother, get back in the car.

Yeah, well, what if something
happens to you?

Got to protect my MC.

Stay out my fucking way, you hear?

Where's Clancy?

- I remember you.
- Where's Clancy?

Come here. Come here.

Shut up. Shut up.

Listen. If you run or scream,
me gonna kill you, you hear?

Look at me. Look at me.

You hear? You hear?

Clancy, pussyhole, come out.

I'll check upstairs.

Come here. Come here.

- Where him, then?
- He's out.

- Why's his van outside?
- He walks to work.

Nothing up here, D.

That's my son.



- Nothing?
- Nothing. No.

Come here. Slowly. Slowly.

It's alright. It's OK.

Get off me!

Hey. Hello. You're alright.

You're alright, darling.
It's OK. It's alright.

It's OK. It's alright.

What are you standing there for?

- Sticks, come.
- But we just got here.


- 'Who's that? Mona?'
- Tell Clancy to come home now.

- 'Still there?'
- Still here.

- 'I'm gonna drive him over right now.'
- They're still on the estate.

'Don't worry yourself.
Call Clancy for me!'

You ready?

You put the frighteners on her,
I'm telling you.

Look, don't worry about it, D.
We know where he lives now...

Yo! Me heard you look for me?

- Fucking hell, man!
- Move! Move!


Now keep away from my baby mother
and pickney, you hear?

- Me no want trouble.
- You don't want no trouble?

You have a bloodclaat gun
in your hand, you pussyhole!

- Me just drive a van and fix sound now.
- And kill my brother!

Ten years ago,
or did you forget about that? Hey?

You wanna talk about Jerry?
Don't move!

You come round here disturbing
my woman and scaring my pickney!

Me have a new life here, man.

That Jamaica business
was a puppet thing, man!

You looking for answers,
check your backyard!

All me see is your hand on the trigger.
Why did you kill Jerry?

No, man. No, no.
Me no like it.

You're in my face.
Why did you shoot him down like a dog?

- Jerry had no business...
- Fuck you!

Why do you bring
your Jamaica business into my life?

Fuck! I'll kill him! Go on!

Sticks! No, man! No!

Sticks, you good?

Oh, man!

Oh, no, man!

Did we get him?

Did we get him, D.?

No... You're joking, man.

You're joking.

A young man in his prime.

Gone. Taken.

I know you're hurting.

I know because we are hurting too.

A young death.

A senseless death.

An unnecessary death.

One that only causes more pain
to a family.

'I know that you grieve
at this difficult time.'

It's not supposed to be like this.

'No mother is supposed
to bury their child!'

Our children are supposed to bury us.

'Ask yourself a question,
all of you. Why?'

Hm? Why?


Get in here.

Me lost my way, you know.

I have get back on the righteous path.

You're talking in riddles, D.
What path?

Clancy Hibbert.

Me have to kill him.

- Sticks is dead. Jerry is dead...
- Listen to me, D.

You're not going to kill Clancy.

Killing Clancy is not gonna
solve nothing.

This thing with Clancy Hibbert,
it has to end, you hear me?

- You don't understand.
- Of course, me understand!

Jerry Dread died ten years ago, D.
You can't go on like this.

Me see him, you know.

Me see him.

Me see Jerry.

Him talk to me.

Him see me.

Him see the real me.

You're scaring me now, D.

- A duppy?
- A duppy, yes.

A ghost. Know why?

Cos me never give him
a good send off!

- Me never give him a good send off.
- D., what are you talking about?

Nine Night.

Me dash all the things around.

And now he's a restless spirit
running round.

You believe all them granny foolishness?
All them superstitions are nonsense!

That's why you mash up my house, D.?

Jerry loved you.

Why would he want to come back
and cause mischief?

Christian girl.

This thing not stop...

...until Clancy dead. You hear?

Until Clancy dead.

- You're Mona, right?
- Do I know you from somewhere?

- Yes.
- That's Vanessa's mummy.

We have pickney in the same nursery.

- Vanessa's your daughter?
- Yes, but...

You're D.'s baby mother?

D. who nearly killed me,
who nearly killed Clancy?

You have some raasclaat nerve
coming round here.

Go away!

Clancy Hibbert!

You know her?

Clancy, we need to talk.

Yvonne is not here, Miss Hammond.

Me no come for Yvonne.

It's you me come for.

This. Me coming here.
I want you to know it was my decision.

- Nothing to do with D.
- OK.


Really and truly,
me just a gangster, you know?

Really and truly you are broken,
and you broke Yvonne's heart, D.

And you step into Vanessa's life,
and be gone again.

Dead or in jail?

We are parents.

What are we supposed
to tell our children

when them grow up
and don't know them father?

This killing for something that happened
in the past, this have to stop, man.

Dennis come to my yard.

Me never go to his.
Me never threatened his family.

Me don't wanna kill D., you know.

And me never wanted to kill Jerry.

You were just 13 years old
when you witnessed Jerry's death

and it never left you.

Boy, you have suffered
from the grief and trauma.

Look at yourself.

Me was just a little youth.

A little youth, and me shot a big man.
And me pay for it all my life.

I know it hurts. I know.

But you never did nothing wrong
on Nine Night.

And me know tradition.
You listen me?

You don't know what it's like
to have a dream of killing a man,

shooting a man.

Ten years me see the same thing!

You want to hold on to Jerry.

But it's time to let him go.

One man knows the truth.

It's nothing to do with me, you know.
King Fox knows that.

Choose the right path, son.

'Don't forget the big
sound clash tonight at Rico's.

'High Noon vs Red Kattz.

- 'Gonna be big! Big, big, big!'
- Raise up the treble!

Bass, come on.
Come here, man. Come on.

Bass, bass, you hear that?
Come on, man.


Yes, my bredren!

What take you so long, huh?

Come upon the boat?

Come, let me fix you a drink.



Yvonne. This is King Fox.

I have a message for D.

Tell him that I'm looking forward
to seeing him at the sound clash tonight,

and to deal with some
unfinished business.

Oh, by the way,
tell him no more war in the ghetto.


Who called?

King Fox.
Him wanna talk to you.

- Me go call him back.
- He's here, D.

Me just come from Clancy's yard.

And Clancy told me it's King Fox
you need to talk to about the Jerry killing.

You see Clancy?

- D., Clancy said don't come tonight.
- King Fox is like a father to me.

Why raasclaat should I listen
to anything Clancy have to say?

Don't go to the sound clash.

Me no feel good about it.

Me going.

'I had to go.

'For Sticks.

'For the boys.'

Well, me going with you?

- Yvonne...
- I'm already involved, D.

♪ So gather round, gather round,
every posse gather round

♪ You're rocking and you're skanking
with the champion sound

♪ On Red Kattz sound,
and me just touch down

♪ Them who don't know already
say we wear the crown

♪ Red Kattz in the place,
this a murder

♪ Anywhere that they a know,
they say a murder

♪ And if a sound boy test,
then a murder

♪ You know we run the area... ♪

Dennis, him deal with the Turks.

So, him disrespect me,
and him disrespect you.

And you not feel humiliated by that?

Was it not D. that messed up
with Mr Cheung?

Him bad for Spicer business.

What the fuck you talk
about Spicer business?

What you know
about Spicer business, eh?

The only business you know is,
see there, up your nose hole.

This here is London Town.
Not Trenchtown.

Dennis cost me a lot of money, right?

Money I'm going to take from your cut.
You understand?

You understand me, Fox? Huh?

So you're a bad man now, Rico? Huh?

You're a bad man now?

Stuffing all that white shit
up your nose.

Posing like a businessman,
when you're just a bloodclaat customer.

You want to talk to me about powder?

You bring the powder to me. Yeah?

You asked me to sell the powder for you.

And you stand there
with your long dry hand.

You know what?
D. was right about you.

Nothing but a fucking liability.

- Me?
- You! Liability! That's what you are.

♪ Yes, Red Kattz,
you know you're full of pure heat

♪ Red Kattz,
you don't know how they do it

♪ Musical murder, billa-by-by...

♪ Watch it now,
lift it up, operator! ♪

Listen, it's about business.

Business here is good. Very good.

Your boy come
and killed two of my top-rankings.

And he almost killed my box boy Clancy.

- Clancy?
- Over some old Jamaican thing.

You can ask him yourself.
He's downstairs.

'Step forward.
Where's Rico then?

- 'Mr Kattz, the big talker. Mr Big Puss. '
- Him dead!

'My name D. for Dennis.
About to cause a menace.'


Me wanna big up a new song right now,
High Noon sound.

And the righteous fallen bredren
called Sticks.

Me wanna big up my brother,
Jerry Dread.

'King Fox, home of the hits.


- 'I'm not afraid of Rico.'
- Hear that?

- 'Big little man, Rico.'
- Hear that?

- 'He's a Napoleon.'
- Your boy, that.

He chats about me,
me, in my dancehall.

♪ Pick up my chalice,
and it's full up of sensi

♪ Real bad man,
so my gun's never empty

♪ Real Yard man,
me know about the Yardie

♪ Kill a sound boy
with my High Noon army...

Let me get Clancy up here.
He'll tell you all about fucking D.

Clancy! Clancy!

♪ If you play with fire,
then your hand have to get burned

♪ Who can listen, must learn

♪ A high grade me smoke,
me no sniff coke

♪ They pollute the youth,
and take a man for a joke

♪ Puppet master teach the youth
how to kill...

Oh, fuck!

King Fox, your prince
is gonna steal your crown.

No, man, I mean him gonna take it!
You not even feel it?

Fucking idiot boy.
Let's deal with this.

♪ Ain't no fun
when me pull out me gun

♪ No politricks,
cos the wicked can't run

♪ The wicked can't run...

Him dangerous. Huh?

You deal with it?

Or you too weak
to shoot a mad dog down?

Yeah, you too weak.
Look at you. Long streak of piss!

♪ Cos Jah Rastafari, aye, aye, aye!

Alright, I'll do it. Yeah, I'll deal with it.
Me gonna deal with it. Me!

If you can't take care
of your own business, I'll fucking kill him.

- You'll kill him?
- Yeah, me! I'll fucking kill him.

Alright, Rico.

♪ Jerry Dread raised me
from a little youth

♪ My heart bleed
when me see him dead shoot

♪ Now me have to speak the truth:
Red Kattz sound have to get execute

♪ Red Kattz sound have to get execute,
Red Kattz sound...

♪ Me say the wicked, they can't hide

♪ Say the wicked can't hide

♪ They can't hide

- ♪ Say the wicked...
- Can't hide!

- ♪ Me say the wicked...
- Can't hide!

♪ Me say the wicked can't hide

♪ The wicked can't hide... ♪

About all this business, you know?
We need to have a talk.


Where's Rico then?
You get the money?

Don't worry about Rico.

What the fuck's happening?

What happened the night Jerry died?

You asking me
that same question?

Skeets get Clancy...

I heard that fucking story already!

Come again.

- Give me a better one.
- Alright.

Me get the story right.

Me come here like you sent me, right.

And me find Clancy.

And he weren't in New York
like you said, he was in England.

- And me talk to him.
- Me know.

- Me know what Clancy say.
- Come on, say it.

Me know you say you talk to Clancy.
Clancy say that I am the puppet master, eh?

I controlled him.

Says me do it. Me! Really?

- Did you?
- Think now, D.! Think!

Don't confuse yourself.

Don't allow strangers
to fuck with our family.

Clancy? Who the fuck is Clancy?
Fuck, man!

You have to solve this
once and for all, Youth.

If somebody kill my brother,
I would have make sure I see them dead.

You have to kill Clancy.

He's a bloodclaat liar, you know that!

Him pay me fifty dollar.
Fifty dollar to kill a man.


- Fox, you alright?
- Fucking Clancy! Couldn't shoot for shit!

What did you say?

Give me a hand, son.
Help me up.

Ah, shit.

- Your brother...
- What did you say?

Listen to me.
Me want the truth, you hear?

Me deserve the truth.

Jerry was not supposed to get shot, D.

I had a perfect plan.

Perfect plan.

I'd pay a boy some money,
and find Clancy.

Clancy suppose to shoot fucking Skeets!

Him ended up shooting Jerry.

Cos him just a boy,
him can't shoot.

It worked, though.

D., it worked, though.

We took control.

Your brother never died for nothing, D.

'When I was a boy,

'I always believed I'd go
with the righteous, and not the damned.'


'But sometimes...

'...a man has to choose his own path.'

♪ Woman hold her head and cry

♪ Cos her son has been shot down
in the street and die

♪ From a stray bullet

♪ A woman hold her head and cry

♪ Explaining to her was a passerby

♪ Who saw the woman cry

♪ Wondering how can she work it out

♪ Now that she knows
that the wages of sin is death

♪ The gift of Jah is life

♪ She cried

♪ Oh, ah

♪ Johnny was a good man, oh

♪ Never did a thing wrong, oh

♪ Johnny was a good man

♪ She cried... ♪