Yantarnyy zamok (1959) - full transcript

A young fisherman, Castystis, went to sea to catch fish for a sacrifice to the god Perkunas. In the sea he met the sea princess Yurate, the formal bride of Perkunas. For trying to touch her...

Moskva - 1959


script R Vanusjkevitsj
After a lithouanian legend

Director Alexandra Snezhko-Blotskaya
Music Yu Yuzelyunas

art director Grazhina Brashishkite
artist Boris Korneyev

cameraman Ye. Rizo
sound Boris Filchikov
script editor Z. Pavlova

animators B. Butakov, V. Pekar, Lidia Reztsova,
Vladimir Krumin, V. Kotenochkin, Victor Likhachev,
Konstantin Chikin, Vladimir Arbekov, V. Kharitonova,

Boris Chani, Tatiana Taranovich, Vladimir Popov,
Tatiana Fedorova, Galina Zolotovskaya, V. Ryabchikov,
Ye. Vershinina, Nikolai Fedorov, Elizabeth Komova

Ass. Directors E Turanova, M Rusanova
artists Irina Svetlitsa, V. Valerianova

voice artists Irina Gosheva, Vladimir Yershov,
G. Ivanova, Alexei Konsovsky,
M. Kupriyanova, T. Strukova

Once upon a time. ..

A legend appeared amongst the Lithuanian people.

How the sea waves,

came to bring forth golden valuables.

Welcome son!

Don’t welcome me mother!

I did not catch one fish.

It is okay son. It is like it is.
Happiness matters the most.

If we realy are lucky tonight,
I will return with a full boat.

And why do we need that much?

We will have to make
a sacrifice for the gods.

I will bring a lot and the gods can wait.

Why isn’t there any smoke?

Your altar?


We did not sacrifice anything Perkunas.

Wait untill the next catch.

So be it.

Don’t go to sea today son.

Don’t fear for me mother.

Take with you this luck-belt.

Thank you mother.

How it sparkles.

With mother tears I made it.

Save it for the last moment.

What’s with you Jurate?

It is boring in my amber castle.

If you listen to me Jurate.

I will make you a song that
you will want to dance on forever.

The evening song must start.
Perkunas is waiting.

I already sang.

I won’t sing anymore today.

But how can you...?

You are abolishing the ancient law.

You are his bride.

Who are you?

You did not recognize me fisherman?


I am the immortal Jurate.

The sea is my kingdom.

And the fish are my servants.

Free them at once.

But I am a fisherman, Jurate.
Without fish I cannot live.

Besides you are immortal a
nd will live forever.

For this kind of disobedience
I must punish you.

But I'll have mercy.

Let my fish go and take ...my necklace.

You agree?

I agree.

And I'm going home with you.

Pitiful man.

How do you dare to touch my princess?

I did not even know his name.

And why should I care?

I won’t think of him anymore.

Oh White Sea eagles.

Is my Kastytis alive?

We don’t know. We cant see him.

That’s the fisherman
that plays such cheerful songs.

Let's take him to the princess.

What do you want?

The amber diggers found the fisherman.

Nanny.. Bring him back to life.

His life is in your hands.

Only your kiss can bring him back.

Where am I?

In the amber castle of queen Jurate.

We weren't introduced properly.

What is your name?

Kastytis, my queen.

Have a seat and tell me about the land.

The land is not as pretty
as here your highness.

But it’s better there.

It’s warmer.

If you would be able to see how
the waves sparkle on the afternoon sun.

If you would be able to hear
the sound of the trees...

You would agree with me queen.

And when I return

my mother will be waiting for me on the shore.


Servants cheer him up..

So that he can forget about her.

He forgot about the land.

Oh white sea eagles.

Have you seen my son Kastytis?

We have. We have. His boat sunk.

Oh cursed fate. I have no more faith left.

It is time for the evening song.


What? What is that your singing?


Am I here long?

Yes you are.

The sea eagles are shrieking
of your mothers pain.

And you are here dancing all the time.

I should get back to the land.


I will help you.

Sit here. They will take you to land.

But where is Jurate? She will come with me.

She is chasing you away...
You’ve been here too long.

Bring him to the black doom and kill him.

Why are we going down?

I should be going to land.

Down is land too.

I will bury you there.

Who composed that song?

The Queen, this nanny,
wants to kill the man.


A man.

A man in my castle.

Forgive me Perkunas… I love him.

Than desecrated your castle will be.

Come with me..
they are bringing him to the black doom.

I must save him.

Where is Kastytis?


Show him the way and I....

You will stay here Jurate.

No. I will go to the land.

But on the land you will become mortal.

Let it be so.

It’s better to be mortal.

I want to know how is it to be happy.

Look the amber.

That is all what Is left of my amber castle.



My only son has returned to me.

And not alone, I brought Jurate.


Damn you Perkunas.

I am stronger than you because she loves me.

She is dead.

Jurate. Jurate.


A lot of time since than has passed.

But at the coast of Lithuania still the sea…

washes ashore
golden pieces of the amber castle.

And it is left for all times
to the young to use as a symbol of love

So give each other amber necklaces.