Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (2010) - full transcript

That's all 25 people ...


I've finally found you!
Adachi Hana.

For real?

Who the hell are you?

Adachi, do you know her?


I don't know that person.

What do you mean you don't know me?

You're disrupting our lesson.

Please leave.

Super irritating.

So Sakai finished preaching ?

That doesn't bother me.

You know, you...

That girl knew you during your yankee days?

You're mistaken.

Then, whos is she?

None of your business.

I'm the one who had to fix the doors!

Wasn't that punishment for
your usual bad behavior?

Heh? I don't need the legendary yankee
herself to be lecturing me.

I'm not a yankee anymore.

Strawberry pants?
They are tomatoes.


If you really did quit being a yankee...

you should do something about that kick.

It was just in the heat of the moment.

That's why weird characters
are still following you around.

Rinka-san isn't a weird character!

Who's Rinka?

Well, whatever...

That's me.

Your dad is back!

Damn it. Do you know what time it is??
Open up...

You'll disturb the neighbors!

Thanks ~

What thanks?
Ah, this is my stupid son.

I know. Your son has some
bad fortune with women.

Stop kidding around.

I want to introduce my stupid son, Daichi.

Let's introduce them, then!

This is Rinka-chan!

You ...

Rinka-chan from the cabaret.
She's a determined girl of 16 y.o.

You can't say that, Tatsuo-san.

She lied about her age to work there.

Ah, I see. That's right.

That's not right!
You brought home a cabaret girl.

What are you going to tell mom?

That doesn't matter.
"What doesn't matter?"

Who's this?

Ah, well...

Daichi's friend.

Oh yeah ...

Our home is small, but come in.

Let's go in then.

Madam, your nightclothes suit you.


I really wanted to go to
Kamakura's cabaret club.


That girl is your friend, right?

Hum, yeah.. that's right.

What is her name?
Her name? Name ...

Himeji Rinka.


Wont you parents worry that
you're not home at this hour?

It's alright, I have no parents.

It is not safe from one parent

So, uncle, can I stay here tonight?

I don't have anywhere else to go.

I guess that's fine.

I think it's great.

Wait a minute.

What's wrong?
Me? What did I do?

No matter how you look at it, this is wrong.

Have some common sense!

What's okay about letting a
cabaret girl stay overnight?

Rinka-chan is your friend.
What's wrong about having friends stay over?

Whose friend is she again?
Besides she acted crazy at my school today.

What kind of idiot would let such a
dangerous person stay the night?

So she really is your friend, after all!
What kind of logic is that?

Because you two are acquaintances, right?
Let your friend stay.

You're just trying to avoid responsibility.

For the sake of peace in the family,
some lies are essential.

What are you two whispering about?

We're not whispering. Daichi is just
shy about having a girl stay over.

You shy kid.
I'm not shy!

You don't have to be shy, Daichi.

Rinka-chan will stay in the guestroom.

She's staying?

I can't let a yound girl wander
around with nowhere to go.

Let's call it a night already.
Call it a night?

Alright, Rinka-chan. Your room...
Well then, I think it's time for me to go.

My wife is taking care of everything.

What are you doing?

Isn't it okay since your mother said so?

It's ok. Well then I should go now.

See you, Dr. Gotanda.

It's Shinagawa.
Ah, it's one station...

..too early.
(Shinagawa and Gotanda are train stations)


Why did you get so drunk?

I wanted to go at least
once to a cabaret club.

Did you have a good time?

Hmmm, well I did.

I never had such fun before.

I see


I ran into Rinka-chan.

Rest assured. I left her in a safe place.

But it seems she doesn't remember me.


Rinka-chan... that girl...

Let's not talk about the past.

I see.

Let me see.

I should go take a bath.

What are you doing?!



I have someone I like!

Is it Adachi Hana?

Is Adachi Hana the one you like?

No way.

It isn't?

How are you two related?

I should be asking that question!

Why has Hana-san changed like that?

It's probably because of you.


So you...

aren't after fighting Adachi?

Why would I be?

I'm ...
Hana-san's only disciple.

We were constantly targeted by those
guys who wanted to be the best.

Hana-san and I had to fight every day.

We never lost.

Huricane Ada...

and the Young Leopard Girl.

Crying kids would go silent.
We were an awesome team.

Young Leopard Girl?

That's my nickname. Cool, right?


What did you say?
No. Nothing.

Yet suddenly...

Hana-san disappeared on me.

I kept looking for her again and again.

I finally found out where she was.

Chasing after her was fine,

except for the fact that I had no money.

And no place to stay.

Some day when I was feeling down.
I heard someone ask if I wanted to work.

That's how I met Grandpa and Uncle.

They said people would soon realize
I was a high-school student.

So I should come to his house.

You have a great dad.

Your mom, too.

It's depressing to have to
face them everyday, though.

Even so, they're here, right?

To me, Hana-san is all I have.

But she says she's no longer a Yankee

And that she doesn't have
anything to do with me.

Even though I liked her so much.

I'm disappointed.

What nice handwriting...
"Thank you very much, Rinka"

Isn't she a unexpectedly decent girl?

But she said neither of her
parents were around anymore.

Eh? Isn't she a cabaret hostess
who lied about her age?


She's not?

Daichi told me a cabaret girl
was staying overnight. Yeah.

An Hostess ?

It's called a candy party.

She was selling candy there.

A girl selling candies in a candy bar
is called hostess...
("Kyabajo" sounds like candy bar girl)

You're great! You understood so quicly!

That's stupid.

Wait. Here.

Is it okay to just let her go?
Dunno, since it was dad who brought her.

You're such a heartless man.

Aren't you concerned about the girl
you spent the night with?

You mean it's over once you've done it?

We didn't do anything.
Stop acting dumb!

I know she went to your room
in the middle of the night.

Wait a moment.

Is that true?

No, we didn't do anything.
Not even our fingers touched.

What kind of guy are you?

What are you thinking? How can you calmly
say you did nothing with such a young girl.

I don't know! That hurts!

Rinka-chan is so pitiful.
She must have left out of shock.

You're wrong.

Daichi, take responsibility like a man.


I'm sorry, he is like me.

It's genetic, you can't help it.

If you don't take responsibility,
no dinner for you!


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May is the season when new leaves appear.

And it's time for the old student council
to pass the torch to the new.

Those who want to run, return this form
to me with two nominations.

by the end of the month.

The contender for the longest
speech rises again.

Yeah, Sakai will probably do it again.

Don't you think so?
Since it's his moment of glory.

You're right.

Don't fold it into a plane.

Shut up.

She says she's your disciple.

What did she say thank you for?

Well, I don't really know.

Anyway, I'm not sure, but it seems
she ran away from home.

If she's your friend, do something about it.

This is an old story.



You still intend to work here?

None of your business.

Too many people will be nagging
at me if I leave your out here.

I don't know what you're talking about.

It doesn't matter if you get it.
Just come with me.

Listen. Come with me.

What are you doing?

Shinagawa Daichi?

Who are you?

Asagi Madara Junior High's, Naniwa.

Asagi Madara Junior High? There were
too many of you. I can't remember.

We had a showdown!

I don't remember every person I beat up.

You can't just do that.

I brought her here.
You can't just do whatever you want.

What are you doing?

Ah, manager.

Is there a problem?

There is a big problem.

Sir, this girl is actually 16.

Didn't you say she was 19?

No, wait a second manager, no...

Anyway, that's how old she is.
Can I take her now?

Thank you.

No, no ... Hey!

You're great!

Were you studying even though
you weren't in school?

Just in case.

As expected from you, Chiba-kun.

You don't know when yo give up.

Let me go!

Hurry up and come on!
Let go!

Shinagawa-kun called me here.

He suggested studying together after school.

You sit down too.

Go on.

Let's go to another place.

Let's go.

Is something wrong?


You've got something to tell her, right?

Not really.

It isn't nothing, right?
Tell her what you told me yesterday.


I stayed at his place last night.

Is it true?

I had no choice. It just happened.

Shinagawa-kun, you let a girl you
didn't know stay at your house?

Though she stayed the night,
we were in different rooms. Right?


You're not going to say anything, right?
I'm going home.

Please move aside.

She hasn't finished talking.

Please move aside.


There's no place here for someone like you.

Please go home now.

What's up with you?
Pretending to be a good girl by yourself.

The Hana-san I knew wasn't like that.

You're the worst!

Is the new Hana-san so ashamed of me?

I get it.

I'm no longer your disciple or anything!

You and I have nothing to do with
each other. Happy with that?


Are you really not going to follow her?

Are you listening?

You guys are so irritating.

Even though there are two blacks,

white got the corner.

... the worst.

I got called "the worst".

I've been trying to run away from
Rinka-san by not thinking about her.

But I...

wanted to come live with you, Grandpa.

Back then I was wandering around
because there was no place...

...where I felt I belonged.

I thought it would get
Rinka-san to go home, too.

if I did it like this.

Althought it didn't immediately happen...

I was sure you and me would get
accustomed to each other someday

by being together

But ...

with me around.

Rinka-san would never
get to her home, right?

That's why I left there without a word.

I see.


how much do you know about Rinka?

This isn't good.
What's a high-school girl doing here?

Won't you parents worry?

I wasn't raised by my real parents.

I'm the only one who isn't
related by blood in my house.

I found out when I was in junior high.

When I found out.

I felt like my parents had
just been using me.


Want to eat a large fruit plate?

One large fruit plate, please!

That was fast.

It was depressing to have no ties.

I didn't know how to face my parents.

It was though staying home.

And I was bullied in school.

I thought that I had nowhere to go.

Ah... the bottle's empty.

A bottle of Dom Perignon, please.

That was fast.

That's when someone saved me.

I came to this town cause
I wanted to find her again.

I feel like I belong when I'm with her.

Not her real parents?

Didn't know.

There are things you can't tell even
to those who matter to you.

That's how much you mean to Rinka-Chan.

But ...

I'm sure that it can't be entirely true.

I can't take the place of
Rinka-san's family.

Well, it doesn't have
to be that complicated.

Isn't the place where you can be yourself

the place you belong?

Let's continue. Please.

A place you belong.

Next, over here.

You shouldn't treat someone
important to you like that.

Shut up!

You don't understand how I feel.


you're right.

You've changed, right?



If you're a yankee,

Why are you in a college prep school?

That's none of your business.

It may be none of my business...

But I bet it's completely cut you off
from those around you.

Shut up.

That big guy earlier,

was your friend, right?

He ignored you and left.

I can kinda understand that.

Don't you feel like you've been left behind?

We can't be together like
we used to anymore.

Well enough with it.

Hana-san has chosen a new life.

I'll just leave quietly.

Thanks for taking care of me.

Don't get carried away!

You're looking good these days.
You're kinda cute.

What are you doing ?

What are you witches doing to my friend?

Let's go.

She got held back in school.

Adachi Hana got held back.

Does she expect to be treated like a senior?

Isn't it better to leave her alone?

I'm glad we're in the same class.

I like you Hana-san.

What are you saying?

I'm serious, I want to be with you always,

Please recommend me.


What for?
The student council president.

Oh? Are you an idiot?

Who's gonna recommend
a contradiction like you?

Ah ...

Good luck, Adachi-san.

Look, Chiba-kun has already signed it.

Once you write your name, too,
the form will be okay.

What okay?
Do you know what you're running for?

Student council president, you know?
That's the head of the school.

It's much more difficult than being
a class president. It's impossible for you.

I know that, hurry up and sign.

I said no!

Please recommend me.

Please, Shinagawa-kun.


You know...

Are you really going to
ditch Rinka like that?

Seems like she went home.

Is that so?

Is that so? Why you...

Is being the student council president
more important than your old friend?

Okay. Fine.

"Shinagawa Daichi..."

This Should do it.

How can you write a peson's
name without permission?

If a bird, doesn't sing, I'll make it sing.

I don't understand you.

In response to your confidence in me.

I, Adachi Hana, will work
very hard to serve you!

Listen to what other have to say!

You worked so hard for Chiba. Why?

Aren't you leaving your old friend behind?

You really are the worst.

Didn't I tell you?

I'm no longer a yankee.

Give it back to me.


I'd heart it before,

but women's friendship are really fragile.

It's true.

"I'm no longer a yankee"

She said that and immediately
became cold-hearted.

But you know,

Megane-chan really did become
a model student, right?

Doesn't she want you to
understand the new her?

I think she said she was no longer a Yankee

for herself to hear, didn't she?

For herself?
She can only move forward.

So it can't matter to her what
her old friend thinks.

Or else she'll never move on.

Even we can't stay like this forever.

Huh? What are you saying?

We haven't changed since
we were kids, right?

Well, it's not necessarilly bad.

What isn't?

That you're concerned about
the people at your school.

That doesn't mean I like them.

Isn't it enough, though?
You have such a pleasant face now.


See ya.

Shinagawa Daichi.

Who are you?

I told you I'm Naniwa from
Asagi-Madara Junior High.

There were so many I don't remember.

Stop ignoring others, Shinagawa!

What do you want?

It's your fault I got fired from that place!

Place? A cabaret club.

He passed off a 16 year old
as 19 to work there.

Aren't you the one in the wrong?

Quit complaining.
I want you to compensate me.

Shut up.


See you.
Take care.


"Please come if you can"

"Monshiro High School,
Student Council Presidential..."

It's the day of the campaign speeches.

Everyone report to the gymnasium now.

Aren't you going to listen
to Adachi-san's speech?

What does it matter if I listen or not?

In any case, it's going to be
"Let's study hard and get along"

Join club activities and make memories...

That's what Adachi always says.

That may be true,
but don't you know?


Adachi-san wrote today's speech
specially for that disciple.


Would you like some help?

I'm fine.

There's no point to it if I don't write it myself.

And I can't say it if it's
not in my own words.

What if she doesn't turn up?

I don't think she'll come after
the way you guys parted.

If that's the path Rinka-san chooses,

I think that's fine.

I'm just doing the only
thing I can do right now.

Didn't I tell you?

I'm no longer a yankee.


What are you planning to do?


You'd better not let ther get hurt.

I know already.

Damn, it can't be helped.


I'm Sakai, the student council adviser...

So I'll define the role of Monshiro High
School's student council carefully.

Hurry up. We've got to hurry.

What's your problem?
Whatever, just hurry up.

I told you I'm not going.
She's making a speech just for you.

You don't even want to hear it?

It's okay.

A yankee like me would only get in her way.

I won't bother her anymore.

You aren't a bother.

Ah, what a nuisance.

Yes? Shinagawa? I'm Naniwa.

To thank you for the other day...

I brought your precious friend over here.

He wants you to come over, too.

Don't put words into my mouth.

What's up?

What's going on?

Have you made it to the speech?

Eh.. I'm in the middle of negotiations.

Where are you right now?
Doesn't matter where.

That's not true, it's my fault.

I'll clean this up.

You've graduated from being a yankee.

You bastard!

You worked hard to enter
a college prep school, right?

Don't keep wavering.
Do what you should properly.


And I got you where I'm
different from other

What are you saying?

I'm destined for a repair shop.
You're the son of a doctor.

Our status was different
right from the start

but I enjoyed being with you.

But somewhere in my heart...

I knew someday we'd go our separate ways.

That we'd go down different paths.

You understand don't you?

Stop getting into useless fights.

If you get expelled,
what are you going to do?

What will you do about
the friends you just made?

You don't have to worry about me.

You should go take care of your own path.


Sorry, I need to go.

I don't have time for you.


Listen. You gotta go see Adachi.

Where are you going?
I'm going to go help my friend.

Article 75 Terms of ...

Amazing. He memorized all that?

Somehow it feels like listening to sutras.

...dont print useless things...

Article 76 Terms of ...


Why are you here, idiot!?

Stupid Shina!

You are the idiot!
Why are you acting all cool by yourself?

I can't help it!

Aren't you always picking silly fights?


You've been like that since
entering high school.

I'm tired of seeing you like that!

Then what do you want me to do?
Don't you know? Think about it. Idiot!

I'm an idiot, so I don't understand!

You two, quit talking about trivial stuff
and concentrate on fighting!

Shut up!

We're talking about important stuff!

This is frustrating!

Somehow ...

we took care of everyone.

You're the one who being ridiculous.


You know, for me...

I just..

wanted you to be yourself.

You seem to have adapted
to your school recently.

To keep on hanging out
with a yankee like me...

I thought shouldn't I do something for you?

Are you that stupid?

I can be myself only when I'm wiht you.

Whether one of us goes to vocational
school or goes to prep school,

It won't change our friendship.


I'm sorry, it was my fault.

Don't worry about it.

I'll always have your back.

Shinagawa Daichi!


What's she doing here?

Hurry up and take me to Hana-san!



The terms of Article 135 -

During a field trip snacks that cost over
300 yen can't be included.

except for bananas

The article explained that
approximately 135 students in this..

Next, I'd like to move on to the speeches
by the presidential candidates.

Candidates, step forward.


I stand before you as a candidate
for student council president.

Shouldn't it be the other way around?
My name is Adachi Hana from class 2A.

I want to tell you how I'd like to
change this school from now on.

I'm now staying with my grandfather.

Before I moved with him.

I had no place where I belonged.

Whether at school or at home,

there was no place that accepted me.

But somhow, slowly,

coming to school became fun.

Because I think there are people who
see me,

Adachi Hana, as a person.

How many of you here

are unable to find a place to belong?

Where do you even look for it?

The answer is simple.

Your place is where there are

people who accept you.

A place where you can be yourself.

Where one can stay true to himself.

That's your place.

To those who think they are alone,

to those who have no place
at home or anywhere else...

I want to make this school a place where

these people can be themselves.

That is my public commitment.

Any questions for the candidate?


You ...

I want to be with you, Hana-san.

When I'm with Hana-san,

I can be myself.

Let's be together.

Let's create a place

for Rinka-san in this school


You know what?

What is it?

I have to thank you.


So cute.

This developement.

Is it going to happen now?

But my heart isnt ready yet.

Is it going to happen like this?

Aren't you cute?

Shinagawa ...

A ladybug!

It must have slipped into your
helmet on the riverbank.

Here, look at it.

Why did you do that for?

You're annoying, moron.

How boring.

School isn't the place to make friends,


I'm student council president candidate,

Class 2 A's Izumi Gaku.

I want this school to have

the best college admissions
rate in this prefecture.

I want the stupid yankees,

to understand they are in the wrong place.