Yang Tak Tergantikan (2021) - full transcript


You're insane!

How could you bring that woman
into our home?

Calm down. Give me a chance
to explain everything to you.

Are you really defending that woman?

That's completely insane!

How could you do this to your wife?

You're a degenerate, sleazy scumbag!

- Mom, where are you?
- What's wrong, honey?

My period is leaking through.

Can you come and pick me up now?

I'll be right there.

Where's Tika?

Tika, breakfast is ready.

Everyone else is here.

Do you see my blue batik uniform?

I thought I hung it in my room
yesterday afternoon...

...but now it disappeared.

I must've already put it
in the laundry basket.

Why can't you separate your
clean clothes with the dirty ones?

Just put the dirty ones
in the laundry basket. It's that easy.

Now, sit down.

I might have to work late tonight.

Your brother is going to
buy you dinner, okay?

- Okay.
- And about milk...

...you can have 3 milk packets starting today.

Why are you treating us differently?

You have three kids, remember?

Mom, I need a new dress
for Jasmine's birthday on the 24th.

She's going to have a theme party,
and the dress code will be back to nature.

As I recall, people usually associate nature...

...with minimum fabric, or wearing green.

But I could be wrong.

No, you're right. I'm thinking
of wearing slightly sheer green dress.

What are you saying?

I don't want to spend extra
for a new dress.

One, it's going to cost money...

...and I think you have plenty
of dresses to wear.

You have some in green too.

And two, we should discuss
about the sheer part later.

And about your sister's milk ration?

She's going to compete
in a chess tournament.

She needs all the nutritions she can get.

I'm going to make fish soup tomorrow
to boost it some more.

So, my dear sister...

...if there's one thing you can learn,
it's good to be smart and talented.

If you want to...

- Tika, stop chasing your sister.
- Sit down.

And stop teasing your big sister.

Eat your breakfast.

Boys will be boys,
don't lose sleep over it.

Calm down.

Wait until he feels lonely,
he'll come back to you.

- Shut up.
- What? I'm on an important call.

Well talk again later in class, okay?

Why did you and Dad get divorced?

The divorce is only
between me and your father.

We're just living in separate houses.

Everything else stays the same.

You, and your brother, and sister
can still see your father.

But is there a future
where we can all live together again?

Is there a chance where you
and Dad would make up?

Hey, Sheila on 7 is having a concert soon.
How about we go together?

I hope you and Dad
get back together again

Bay, Yo, I have a huge news for you.

Mrs. Shinta called me
to her office after lunch.

When I was waiting
for her in the lounge...

...I overheard a board meeting
with Rudi from HR in the next room.

They're discussing about termination.

That only proved
my suspicion 3 months ago...

...when the boss told me about
a new apartment project in Depok.

But after that, silence.

- Excuse me.
- Oh, yeah.

What do you think?

Just... take it easy.

Take it easy, you said?

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Miss.

I'm sorry, you haven't close
the door properly.

Thank you.
Are we ready to go?

Here's your water. And this is yours.


You know, this morning I asked Mom
about her divorce with Dad.

But she didn't give me a straight answer.

Are we allowed to know
the details about it?

Aren't you curious like me?


But why did you poke me
when I asked about it in the car?

Can I or can't I ask about that topic?

We can't just demand
explanations from her.

I think we should give her time
and try to find the answer by ourselves.

How about you?

Do you know why they got divorced?

Do you?

The place is not that good.

Why do you want to go back there?

I don't want to run into your wife again
like the last time.

Why don't we go to Raja Ampat?

I want to wear the bikini
you bought for me.

Hold on.

Are we stuck in traffic?

The streets are always jam-packed
with cars after the rain.

I don't have the full details.

But I think they have a good reason
to be divorced.

She never told me anything either.

Although I could sense
trouble in the marriage.

But I don't want to make the mistake
of giving you false informations.

What's your point?

The point is, I have to be careful
with my information...

...because it could be wrong.

Finish your dinner.

You too.

Sis, do you know why they got divorced?

Aren't you curious of what's going to happen
if we see Dad again?

And what if he marries another woman?

Or mom marries another man?

What if we have step-siblings?

This kind of talk is way over my head.



No wonder you didn't say a word.

I kept talking, and talking,
and you're watching youtube?

I heard everything you said.

But do we have to talk about it
all the time?

Do you think I'm not sad about it?

Well, I am.

You should stop beating up on Mom
for an answer.

Think about her feelings,
and Mas Bayu's feelings too.

But how about my feelings?

I just want to know the truth.
Am I wrong for asking it?

I feel bad for Mom too.

Knowing she has to work hard for us.

Have you seen my headset?

I think Mas Bayu borrowed it yesterday.

Have you become forgetful?



Can I have my headset back?


You look like a mess.

Something's bothering you?

Can I have my headset back?

Sorry, I forgot.

It's okay. Thanks.

Hey, Bayu.

You're still beautiful, Mom.

That's just sweet-talks.

This was your grandma's.

I don't wear it often
because the style is outdated.

But it's pure gold and quite heavy, 20 grams.

If today's price is 1 million per gram...

...then it's worth 20 million.

Are you thinking of selling it?
What do you need the money for?

No, I'm not selling it.

I'm going to keep this for your sisters.

- You're leaving for work?
- In a minute.

I made you all some arem-arems.
You can keep your lunch money today.

- Bye, Mom.
- Take care.

Excuse me! Pizza Suka-suka!

- Can I help you?
- Hello, Miss.

- Is this Miss Aryati's house?
- Yes.

Your pizza's here.

Yes, Honey?

There's a pizza guy delivering for us.
Did you order pizza?

I did not.
Read the receipt, who ordered it?

It's just some initials.

From B.U.

Do you know who B.U. is?

Why so mysterious?

Why do you only put
your initials for a delivery order?

Do they think we're in a murder mistery?

Don't talk about murder with me, okay?

Call the restaurant,
ask them who ordered it.

You can't be too careful.

Can I just accept the pizza?
The pizza man is still here.

He seems okay and he delivered
the pizza to the correct address.

- Please?
- Are you sure?

Okay, you may accept the pizza.

But don't forget to pray before eating it.


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

What a beautiful driver.

Aren't you worried if your passenger
make a move on you?

My intention is sincere,
I'm working for my children.

Thank God,
my passengers were all good people.

Thank God.

- Ready to go?
- Yes.

- Sis?
- I'm here!

Where did you get the pizza?
Who ordered it?

Wash your hands first.
You just got off from motorbike taxi.

Go wash them!

Dad missed-call me.

- I was still in class, so I ignored it.
- And then?

I called him back...

...and he said he wants to take us shopping.

I want to buy a dress for Jasmine's birthday
on the 24th.

It's going to save Mom the money.

But do we need to tell Mom?

I mean, letting her know
we're going out with dad.

I don't want to be scolded later.

What? Who's going to be angry at us
for going shopping with our Dad?

We just need to confirm when,
and we're set.

Do we need to tell Mas Bayu?

What do you think?

Nah, we'll tell him on the way to the mall.

So if Mom get mad...

...we can say
that we already tell Mas Bayu. Deal?

- This pizza is so good.
- I know, right?

Tika, wake up.

Kinanti, wake up.


...I think last night Mom was so tired,
she fell asleep on the sofa.

Don't be too loud when you two
get out of bed, okay?

Are you listening to me?

Let your sister know.

What should I do?

Boil the water? Fry some eggs?

You can sweep the floor.
But do it quietly, okay?

Or, just sweep the dining room floor, okay?

Where's your sister?

Wake her up.

Mom fell asleep on the sofa
after a long night.

Can you help Mas Bayu with chores?

Brew a pot of tea or something?

Are you going to let Mas Bayu
do everything?

He's making us breakfast.

Come on. Do something!

Okay, okay.

Come on.

Mas, my phone credit's empty.

- Can you top it up for me? Please?
- Latter.

- Can you do it now?
- Alright.




Hey, Bayu.

Did I sleep on the sofa?

Mas, last night I hit a hydrant.

Now the bumper's got a dent on it.

No wonder there are so many
missed-calls from you.

I'm so sorry, Mom.

I didn't hear it.

I slept like a log. Are you okay?

The car is fine,
no problem with the engine.

Just take a look at the car and see
if you can find a cheap repair shop.

Yesterday was a long day for me.

I drove around Bekasi...

...and decided to go home before dark.

But then I thought, it's too early...

...and all of a sudden it was late
and I felt so tired.

I completely forgot about your sisters.
What did they have for breakfast?

- How about their lunch money?
- I've taken care of it.

They already left for school
and I gave them their lunch money.

You should stay home today.

Take a day off.

There are some fried eggs
on the table if you're hungry.

Thank you.

I'm going to work late tonight.

I'm swamped with work today.

I understand.
I'm planning to stay home too.

I'm too tired to drive anyway.

I'm meeting my friend today...

...and then buying groceries.

I didn't feed you healthy food lately
and your sister's tournament is coming.

- Can you accompany her to Bandung?
- Of course, don't worry about it.

I can submit a leave of absence letter.

And as long as it's not on short notice,
it should be approved.

I will tell you the date very early.

Great, I'll see you tonight.

Take care.

Peace be upon you, Mr. Salim.

I know, I failed to keep my promise.

Can you give me another month
to settle the payment?

And if possible I'd like to renew
our contract for another year, maybe?

Okay. Thank you. Peace be upon you.

Babe Ucup?



I can't believe it.

You're as beautiful as when you were young.

You're almost 50
but your body's stuck in your 30s.

Meanwhile, I have to go
to the gym 3 times a week...

...and stop eating rice
or drinking sweet beverage...

...but I can't keep my weight off.

Anyways, how's Arif and your kids?

They're fine.

But that's what happen
if your life is too easy.

Me, on the other hand,
everyday is a struggle...

...and I can't afford to just
sit around and do nothing.

That's why I look so skinny.
I'm not slim, I'm skin and bone.

You're slim. Your face would look shrunken
if you're skinny, but you're not.

Oh God!

I don't see any wrinkle on your face!

Well, I have wrinkles,
and you're a drama queen.

When was the last time we met?

Five years ago? Or even longer?

I remember!

It was on Poppy's son wedding reception.
That was the last time we met.

- You're right.
- Right?

Then I left to Switzerland with my husband...

...and just returned 4 months ago.

Why did you ask me to meet you here?
It's unlike you.

I know when you want
to talk serious with me.


...I just want to make sure
of something with you.

But don't shoot the messenger
if you hate the news.

So, I saw your husband
at the mall 2 months ago.

He was with a younger woman.

Please don't be mad at me.

Is your marriage okay?

It's okay, everything's fine.

We're okay and I think it's normal
if there's a problem in your marriage.

I know.

I tried not to judge...

...but then I saw his behaviour with her.

They were like lovers
and they held hands.

The way he looked at her so lovingly.

And the woman was so young,
I thought it was your daughter.

They were very intimate.

By the way, is Arif still teaching?

Sorry, I can't help it.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Don't worry about it. I'm fine.

He's still teaching and maybe it was
one of his student looking for guidance.

I see.

My life is so dull.
Let's talk about your life.

How's your husband?
You're still happily married, right?

Try a little sip.

What tea is that?

It's a diet tea.

As I get older,
I have to watch my health.

I need to keep my body fit.

Your sisters are basically still children.

Kinanti is in 10th grade...

...and Tika in 12th grade.

I still have years
to financially support their lives.

That's why I have to stay healthy.

Getting sick is a luxury.

I can help you support this family too.


You have your own life ahead of you.

You should think about
going back to school...

...build your own business,
or anything.

Don't let me ruin your dream.

And Dad?

I don't want to depend on him.

He already moved on.

As long as we still have our dignity intact.

We have to stay together, and fight together.

Sometimes it's draining your energy...

...but it's alright.

So, have you heard any news about
the chess tournament schedule?

So, Kinanti is scheduled to compete
in next month's tournament.


It will qualify her automatically
for her National Master license.

If she won, her future as
a professional chess player...

...will be bright
because she's still young.

Her coach told me that.

The license alone will boost her rating.

Who would have thought that little girl
became very good at playing chess?

Who taught her to play chess?

I don't remember any of us playing chess.

Especially me.

I've never even touch the board before.

She took chess
as her extracurricular activities.

She didn't know what to choose...

...and her teacher suggested chess.

At first she said chess is a boring game.

But she seems to enjoy doing it.

Especially after she won
high school championship.

Nothing can stop her now.

Her determination is admiring.

By the way, the car's as good as new.

My friend at work has a small repair shop.

It just needed a few knocks
to reallign the bumper...

...it's only 300 thousand,
and it's already paid for.

Thank you, Bayu.

But I think you should stop driving.

How about opening an online store
selling Sambal Goreng Ati?

Do you remember on every Eid al-Fitr...

...how we were all lining up
for grandma's Sambal Goreng?

Everybody who have tasted yours
all said your Sambal Goreng...

...tastes just like grandma's.

You can sell it online...

...and me and the girls
can help you with packing. Well?

That's an interesting idea.

But I still need to drive tomorrow.

But I promise I will consider your idea.

- Promise?
- I promise.

I hate to see you come home late every night.

By the way...

...did Tika say anything to you...

...about the pizza this morning?

You knew?

Let's keep this between us.

- It was a gift from someone.
- Someone?

But don't even think
that he's my boyfriend or anything.


...there's a senior from my high school.

We met on the grand reunion not long ago.

After that...

...he tried to contact me
over and over again.


- But what, Mom?
- Well...

I don't get it.

He's... ancient.

Where's your sister?

This is unlike her.

She's always the first
at the table for breakfast.

Why aren't you answering?

What's wrong?


You have a fight with your sister again?

When are you going to stop fighting
like little girls?

I let you borrow my socks...

...but why can't you return them to me?

- Where are they?
- What are you angry about?

She borrowed my socks yesterday.

I don't mind,
as long as she return them to me.

And she did, but they don't match.

And when I asked, she said this to me...

Socks are not human.

You don't need a harmonized pair,
just as long as you can still wear them.

She said that!

Is that true?

I couldn't find the right sock after P.E,
I don't know what happened.

I don't mind if you lost the socks.

As long as you don't lose your feet, right?

But I just want you to be honest.

I won't get mad if you're honest.

I'm sorry.


Now eat your breakfast.

Dad just called.
He's waiting for us in the parking lot.

He said he's taking us to the mall.

I still have an extra class
for test preparation.

Why don't you go with him...

...and tell him I need new pants
and money to buy a new dress, okay?

Are you going to let me go alone?

I won't buy you the dress.

Please, please, please.

I have no choice, final test is coming
and I have to take the class.



Hey, Dad.

Are you done teaching?


I've been trying to call her,
but her phone is off.

So after school today,
she told me she's going out with Dad.

I think they're going shopping at the mall.

I couldn't go with them
because I had an extra class.

I called her again at 5 o'clock,
but her phone's dead.

Dad's phone too.

What should I do?

I know it was my fault.
But it's not completely my fault...

...because I really couldn't leave school.

Can you ask Dad
where they are right now?


I bought a blouse and t-shirt for me,
and pants for you.

Why are you giving me
that disappointed look?

I bought you martabak,
donut, and ice cream.

Never mind, Mom. She's home.

She's okay.

Please come home early.


It's Mom.


So, on the way to the mall
I asked him...

...if he had told you or not.

He told me not to worry,
he's going to tell you tonight.

That's why I wasn't worry.


The problem is, when we arrived
at the mall my phone's battery is dead.

And I didn't get a chance to tell Sis
what time I'll be home.

I didn't tell you either.

Are you still mad at me?

But I told you why.

Are you jealous I went out with Dad?

You're not fair.

Kinanti, what's wrong?

It was all my fault.

This afternoon...

...Kinanti went out with Dad.

Tika told me...

...and I tried to call her
over and over with no success.

I panicked.

But apparently
her phone's battery was dead.

But I still yelled at her.

I wasn't suppose to yell at her.

- I felt so...
- Mom...

You don't like Kinanti going out with Dad?

Do you?

I don't know. I don't know what to feel.

I mean, he's your father...

...but he betrayed you and your sisters.

And you too.

Yeah, but still...

...it's wrong.

I didn't want her
to get attached to her father.

It's okay, Mom.


I am speaking.

Where did it happen?

Okay, I'll be right there.

She's fine.

She's just still in shock and her head
hit the right side window.

But her seatbelt prevented her
from hitting the dashboard.

I gave her a sleeping pill to help her rest.

She should be fine to go home tomorrow.

- Are you her oldest son?
- Yes, Doc.

Take her back to see me
if she feels dizzy again.

Just to make sure.

But her condition tonight is not alarming.

- Thank you very much, Doc.
- I should go back inside.

- How's Mom's condition?
- She's fine.

Do you think we should
let Dad know about this?

We should. He should know her condition.

But what if he came here and she got worse?

There's no connection between Dad's coming
here and Mom's condition getting worse.

Whatever happened to them right now...

...they were once married.

What are you talking about?

I'm right, aren't I?
They were once husband and wife.

But now they're not.

Anyway, we still have to tell Dad
about Mom's accident.

I don't care who's going to tell him.

Mas Bayu? Or Mbak Tika?

Or me?

But are you sure you want
your youngest sibling do all the work?


We still have time to pick up
the girls from school.

I asked them earlier
if they want to be picked up.

Tika said she has to attend
tutorial class...

...and Kinanti has a trial match
against West Java's chess team.

Are you sure?

Then drive me to the market.

The vegetable vendors are still open,
I still have time to cook.

No, Mom. We can buy fried rice or soto...

...but you should not get yourself tired.

Did you tell your father
I was in the hospital?

Yeah, I called him.

Tika and Kinanti agreed on that.

What did he say?

He said he couldn't make it.

He said he had a seminar out of town.

I think I have to stop working
as an online taxi driver.

I think I'd better start
selling grandma's Sambal Goreng.

You and your sisters can help me
with the packing.

Yes, Mom.

Are you sick?

No, just tired.

I've been working late at the office
for quite some time now.

The keep piling work on me
without raising my salary.

Hang in there, Bayu.

That's the path of your career.

Slowly climbing up the ladder
to your desired position.

You're not a royalty
who can inherit the throne just like that.

But in order to inherit the throne
you have to be the crown prince first.

There's no such thing as instant King.

Take Prince Charles for example.

He has to wait until the Queen die
before he'd be crowned as the new King.

But what about Sri Sultan?

I don't think there was a history
where they crowned a princess as a queen.

I don't think there ever was a female ruler
in the history of Yogyakarta's Sultanate.

I think women are just
not cut to become a ruler.

You're wrong. Tribuana Tunggadewi.

She was crowned as the Queen after
his father, the king of Majapahit, died.

She brought the kingdom
to their most glorious era.

She implemented new rules...

...and her kingdom expanded
as wide as Nusantara archipelago and...

But there was Gajah Mada too.

Wrong again!

He was just a military general,
called Maha Patih Gajah Mada.

And who was the the leader back then?

Tribuana Tunggadewi.

It was the time
when Negarakertagama was written...

...where they wrote about their kingdom's
borders which we are still using until today,...

...and many more.


You look different.

Why are you so surprised?

Are you gaining weight
or your shirt is shrinking?

I thought I just bought you
this uniform 4 months ago.

All my friends wear their uniforms
just like this.

Yes, this is the one you bought last for me.

I just want to fit in with my friends.

How come your sister doesn't?

Because I don't want to.
Tight shirt add heat to your body.

And when you move around a lot,
your shirt will easily rip.

My friend who dresses like you
has to keep a needle...

...and a spool of thread ready, to mend
her shirt every time it ripped.

Last one.

I think you should order motorbike taxi
to drive you to school this morning.

I have to clean the house all day.

And if the school ever find faults
with the way you dress...

...I don't want to hear it,
let your Dad deal with it.

- Finish your breakfast, Bayu.
- Okay.

- You want to bring this for your lunch?
- Yes.

- More?
- That's enough.

- Take care. Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you.

You don't look okay. Are you ill?

Do you still want to go to work?

I do, just not as early as usual.

Do you want to take some pills
or do you want me to scrape your back?

Let me scrape your back.

I think I have an old coin I can use,
it won't hurt. Hold on.

Found the coin.
It was from grandma's friend.

It's not going to hurt bad.

I'd better leave now.

There's an office boy at work
who can massage and scrape the back too.

- An office boy?
- I'll see you tonight.

- Wait, I need to ask you something.
- I already late.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too, Mr. Salim.

Why is there a bandage on your face?

I hit my head yesterday, but it's fine now.

Please come in. Can I get you a drink?

No, I'm fine. I can't stay here long.

I just come here to make sure
about the rent you're still due.

Please give me more time.

I'm thinking of renewing the contract too.

Well, here's the deal.

How about you pay what you owe me first.

Because I'm thinking about
demolishing this house...

...and turning it into a 3-storey house.

Are you sure?

Then I'm begging you to give me more time.


...I'll give you 2 weeks tops.

If you don't come up with the money...

...then I'm sorry,
you'll have to leave the house.

You need a place to live,
I need the money.

We need each other.

It doesn't have to be this complicated.

- Good day.
- Good day.

- I mean, peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

Kinanti, I'll be late in picking you up.

I just finished reheating
the Sambal Goreng Ati.

Wait for me at the usual spot.

- Honey?
- Okay, I'll be there.

Do you know I started making
grandma's Sambal Goreng Ati today?

Your brother said I can sell it online...

...and he and your sister
will help me with the packing.

How was your day?

Are you excited about going to
Sheila on 7 concert tonight?

They were my favorite band
when I was still working.

I never thought you'll like them too.

Mom, I was so embarassed at school.

My friend Ayu said she saw Dad
with a girl at the mall.

She said...

..."Kinanti, I saw your Dad
yesterday with a girl.

I thought it was you, but when I walked
closer to greet...

...I realized it wasn't you
and it wasn't Mbak Tika either.

Do you know who the girl was?"

What should I do?

I'm so embarassed.

Can you transfer me to another school?


I thought after we got a divorce,
you'd change. Well, I was wrong.

You still date your students
who are way too young for you.

Teaching is a noble job...

...but you take advantage
of your students.

You're embarrassing us.

I've been trying to cover it up for you...

...but you're doing just the opposite.

Our friends already knew about you...

...and our kids too.

I want to talk to you in person.
Make time.

Your sister just had a mental breakdown.

Her friend at school said
she saw her Dad holding hands with a girl.

I don't want you to be like him.

He's a terrible teacher.

He crossed the line when he became
a degenerate who can't control his lust.

Do you still talk with your Dad?

Call your sisters,
I need to talk to all of you.

Sit down.

Are you mad at Dad?

Being mad drains your energy.

Let's use our energy for positive stuff.

Am I right?

I want to speak to you about your father.

Your father was a good man.

He still loved me...

...when we got Kinanti...

...Tika and Bayu.

But people change.

Sometimes, into a better person,
and sometimes the opposite.

He just doesn't love me
the way he used to love me.

But I promise,
he loves you just the same.

He still keeps in touch with you.

Asks to go out with Tika and Kinanti.

He bought you clothes and books, didn't he?

I think he just needs a change in his life.

And maybe even have a new family...

...a new wife.

I'll repeat that, a new wife.

So the only thing new is just the wife.

But he's still your father.

He bathed you...

...and changed your diapers too
when you were babies.

He also taught you how to walk...

...how to read, and many more.

What he did is not necessarily wrong.

The way he did it, may be.

But one thing is for certain...

...I want us to stick together.

I want Tika to reach her dreams.

And Kinanti to win the championship,
to get what title?

National Master title.

And you, Bayu.

I pray that someday
you can build your own business.

I want to see all of my children...

...grow up to be wonderful people.

Wonderful people.

Come here, let's have a group hug.

I forgot to pay the electricity bill!

- Your motorbike taxi is here.
- Right.

I have to go to school,
but you have to win a medal.

Be the master.

Not the kung fu master!

National Master, Sis.

Then qualify for the SEA Games,
and then the Olympic Games.


Yes, National Master.

- I'll see you in a few days.
- Take care.

- Brother.
- Take care.

Oh, Mom. Top up my phone credit?
Thanks! Bye!

Take care.

I've packed up
everything you need there.

Don't forget to take the vitamin pills,
and drink lots of water.

- Keep reminding her, okay?
- I will.

You should visit Uncle Deddy
if you have time.

Which venue are they using
for the event?

I think it's in Padjajaran Hall.

It's too far from Uncle Deddy's house.
He's in Cikopo.

I don't think it's that far if you take
the Soekarno-Hatta road.

- Mr. "Too Far".
- You'd better go.

- Good luck.
- Thanks, Mom.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

- Take care of your sister.
- Will do.

- Take care.
- Bye, Mom.

Take care of each other, okay?

Where are you?

I've been waiting for you for almost an hour.

You have a last minute assignment
out of town?

Listen, I had to force myself to see you.

But I need to let you know one thing.

I'm not angry if you take the kids out.

That's not even an issue.

It will be an issue if you neglect them.

But I'd prefer if you asked permission
from their Mom, who happened to be me.

Because they're living with me...

...and I'm responsible for them.

One more thing.

Someone saw you with a girl
and report it to me.

You're not even a celebrity...

...but people kept spotting you
and telling me.

I don't care, it's no longer a surprise
to me, and we're through anyway.

But please, think of your kids feelings...

...especially the girls.

You can talk all you want...

...but don't expect me to listen.

- That's my Mom.
- See you!

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye!

Hi, Mom.

Why are you wearing makeup?

Is the school okay with that?

And what's this?

I don't think you're old enough
to wear any of this.

Sarah gave me the makeup...

...but I'll buy my new dress
for Jasmine's birthday.

Buy a new dress?
I don't have budget for a new dress.

Especially a dress that's going to be
worn one time only.

- No new dress for you, okay?
- Dad gave me the money.

How? When?

He transfered the money to my account.

But I think it'll be wise if you use
the money for more important stuff.

Don't waste it on a new dress.

- Bye, and thanks.
- You're welcome.

See you tomorrow.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

- Let me do the sweeping.
- No, I'm almost done.

Can you cook something good,
now that it's just the two of us?

Do you think my cooking aren't good
if it's not just for us two?

It's equally good.

Who was that?

Why didn't you invite him in?

I want to meet him too.

His name is Dio.

He's from a very rich family.

He changes his car so often,
he must have a lot of money.

He takes me out to restaurants...

...and yesterday he got me a t-shirt.

He took you out to restaurants
and bought you a t-shirt?

- Which one?
- The light blue one.

But I don't think I've ever worn
that t-shirt...

...because I was afraid
you'd think it's too tight.


Go change your clothes,
I made Sambal Goreng Ati for lunch.


You're phone is ringing, Tika.


Babe, can you do my math homework?


Just this once.

I'll buy you gelato and burger if you do.

Babe, please...

Hello, your babe is in the shower.

This is your babe's Mom.

Why don't you try doing
your math homework yourself?

Don't make other people
do your homework, okay?


My beautiful daughter.

Come sit here, let's talk.

You're almost an adult now.

You've grown into a georgeous girl...

...with a beautiful body.

Not to mention, you're smart.

Boys at school
are usually drawn to girls like you.

Some of them have pure intentions...

...but some of them just want
to play around.

I think...

...you should wear tight shirt
like this only when you're at home.

But at school, wear your uniform
the way it is intended.


But most of my friends wear the same style.

I know, but not everybody is
as beautiful and has a body like you.

And I'm sorry,
but I answered a phone call for you.

Your babe wants you
to do his math homework.

Say hi to your babe.

I don't think you should accept
when they offer to buy you food.

I don't want you
to owe anything to anybody.

You have plenty of decent shirts.

Okay, Honey?

- Tika.
- Yes?

- Call Adek and ask where she is.
- Okay.

Hello, Sis. Where are you?

I'm still 2 hours away.

Two hours away?

- Yeah, 2 hours away!
- Why you little...

Mom! I miss you.

How was the game, Master?

Where's the prize?
Did you get money?

Here's the prize.

That's it?
I thought you'd get millions...

- Wonderful. Congrats, Kinanti.
- Thanks, Mom.

Go change your clothes
and go with me to buy groceries.

We're running out of packaging for the food.

Where are you going? Can I come?
I still miss you.

I don't miss you.

You're not tired?
You don't want to lie down first?

I was sleeping all the way home.
Can I come?

Okay. So you're going to be in charge
in packing the food.

Someone will come here to pick them up.

- Can you handle it?
- Okay.

Come on.

We need to talk when I get back
from shopping.


Let's go, girls.
I'm just going to grab my purse real quick.

- Bye.
- Take care.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

Is your mother home?

Are you picking up your
Sambal Goreng Ati order?

No, I'm not.

I'm looking for Mrs. Neng Aryati.

Mrs. Neng Aryati?

- Do you mean Mrs. Aryati?
- Yes, right.

I call her Neng Aryati.

Come in, Sir.

- This way, Sir.
- Thank you.

I call her Neng Aryati.

And my name is...

...Babe Ucup.

I'm Bayu.

I remember my Mom mentioned you once.

What did she say about me?

Or maybe I was
a trending topic in this house?

I bet I was.

- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.

So, you are...

I'm literally a grand senior...

...in her high school.

A grand senior?


...because she was from class 80s...

...and I was from class 60s.

That's how I describe how old I am
by saying I'm literally a grand senior.

What should I call you?

Just call me Babe (Father) Ucup.

Who knows, maybe someday
I would become your father?

By the way, where do you work?

I'm working in a construction company.

Okay, that's a good profession.

I own a building material shop...

...and I also rent apartments and houses.

Is your mother at home?

She went to the market since morning, Sir.

Oh dear...

I'm okay.

That means I'm not meant
to see your mother, not yet.

But please...

...give this bouquet to her.

I know she'll love it.

Tell her it's from Babe Ucup.

And this too.

This is my business card.

I'd better leave then.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too, Babe Ucup.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

Hey, Bayu.

Mom, somebody just came here
to give you a bouquet.

From whom?

Who's Babe Ucup, Mom?

Babe Ucup?


The pizza!

Babe Ucup? The pizza?

Yeah! Don't you remember
when someone sent us pizza last week?

Is B.U. short for Babe Ucup?

Go store the groceries
and clean your room.

And you...

- Here you go, Mom.
- Thank you.

Did you meet with Uncle Deddy in Bandung?

I didn't get a chance.

I couldn't just leave Kinanti alone
at the Hall...

...or ask Uncle Deddy to come
and meet us there.

It's not your fault.

It's my fault.

I did this to us.

I was so selfish...

...to make the decision to divorce
your father.

How long have you been using?

I've thrown it in the trash.

Are you addicted to it?

I'm so sorry, Mom.

Three months ago...

...my company was not doing well,
and I got fired.

I'm so worried about you and the girls
if I no longer have a job.

I don't want you to come home
late every night.

- Please forgive me, Mom.
- Bayu.

Who lifted my spirit after I crashed the car?

You did.

Now it's time for me to lift yours.

Pick yourself up and be strong.

You're still young.

Don't be afraid if you lose one job.

You're a smart man.

There are plenty of jobs for you to choose.

My catering business is growing too.

But I just want you to stay away
from any drugs.

You're allowed to feel down...

...just don't dwell on it, that's stupid.

Look at your sisters.

Kinanti just won a chess tournament,
and Tika is coming of age.

You're their only big brother.

Who are they suppose to run to
in times of troubles, if you're weak?

You can drive an online taxi too.


...nothing is impossible in life.

There's nothing that you can't do.

Take my word for it.

One more thing.

My ring...

Please forgive me, Mom.

It won't happen again, I promise.

Please don't let the girls know.

I'm so ashamed of myself
as their big brother.

Just promise me you won't do it again.

I promise this will be our secret.

- Now, can you keep your promise to me?
- I will, Mom.

Now, calm yourself down.

Go wash your face. Don't let your sisters
know you cried, okay?

Don't give up.


Tika, I just received a phone call
from your teacher.

She said students who are wearing
tight uniforms will be suspended...

...or their parents are going to have
to come and talk to the principal.

I'm not going to come.

You can ask your Dad if you want.

I know that teacher has something
against me.

Everybody else in my class
dresses like me.

How come only I get singled out?

She got too much time on her hands.

You're the one who got
too much time on your hands.

You're the one who shrink your
normal fitting uniform and skirt.

Have you seen your messy room?

You left your clothes, books
and bags lying around on the floor.

Why can't you be more like your sister?

She's smart and talented,
and she's not a rebel.

I want you to clean up your room
once you got home from school.

That's not how a girl's room
should look like.

Alright, Mom! Alright!

I know Kinanti is so talented!

She won a medal, she's smart, she's tidy!

She's nothing like me!

I'm clumsy, and not smart, and messy!

You don't want to come
if I got into trouble at school? Fine!

You never do anyway, but Dad does!

So can I just call Dad to come
if I got into trouble at school?

That's not how talk to your Mom. Tika!

This morning I met my old friend...

...and he offered me a job
in his new office.

But I said I need time to think
because it's in Surabaya...

...and I don't know if I can
leave you alone with the girls.

We'll be fine, I think.

They've grown up already.

The only problem is if Kinanti
qualifies for the next tournament.

Somebody needs to accompany her
to Bandung.

But there's nothing wrong
if you want to apply to his office.

Who knows?

- Alright.
- Mom, Mom!

Mbak Tika didn't go to school today.

- Do you know where she is, Mom?
- She didn't go to school?

No, and I tried calling her phone,
but it's not on.

- Where is she, Mom?
- Here's a glass of water.

Let's wait for a few hours.

In the mean time, call her friends
and ask them if they know where she is.

If we still don't hear from her
and she still hasn't come home...

...then we'll start looking for her
in her friends' house.

You know where they live, right?

Peace be upon you, Mr. Salim.

Yes, Sir.

You gave me 2 weeks...

...and it's not due yet.

Yes, Sir.

I promise.

I'm sorry. Thank you.


We went to all of her friend's house,
but nobody knows where she is.

Should we call the police?

You study in the same building
as your sister!

How come you didn't notice
she wasn't there?

You only care about chess.

Your medal is worthless
if you don't care about your family.


So you decided to come home now?
Do you know what time it is?

I know you skipped school today!
You did, didn't you?

If you don't want me to control your life,
don't bother to come back home!

- Mom.
- You be quiet!

You have lots of problems
that need to be dealt with too!

Don't you realize that we're
in the middle of a crisis right now?

Your brother just lost his job!

That's supposed to give you more time
to look after your sisters!

And you. Too busy with yourself
to even care about your sister!

Tika! Start listening to your mother
and stop rebelling!

Help me by not creating more problems.

The rent payment is already
way past its due date...

...and God knows where we should go
if we got kicked out!

Come here...

...both of you. It's okay.

Go to your room.

- You're scraping too hard.
- No, I'm not.

- It hurts.
- It's not hard.

I came here to scrape your back.

Scoot over a little.

But your sister is one step ahead of me.

Let me do it...

...with grandma's coin.
It'll be less painful.

You did a good job, Kinanti.

How about you scrape my back,
the next time I don't feel well?

I'm sorry I yelled at you.

I'm not supposed to yell at you,
whatever the reason.

I promise I won't yell at you again.

But it was my fault.

I made you worried about me.

Me and Mas Bayu
were worried about you too.

Especially when I found out
you skipped school.

I'm sorry, Sis.

I'm sorry, Brother.


I'm sorry if I'm not as smart as Kinanti
and I can't even play chess.

And I can't help you in the kitchen
like Mas Bayu does.

I only cause you headache.

No you don't.

You're my beautiful...

...and cool, and trendy baby girl.

You always have good grades too.

That's something.

You did your part too by doing chores.

That's something too.

But there's one thing about you...

...that your brother
or your sister don't have.

Not even your friends at school.

What's that? Really?

She has her babe!

I bet your brother doesn't have that.

Now let's all go to sleep.

I'm sorry Brother, Mom, Sis.

Come here. Group hug!

I love you all.

Another blackout?

Mr. Salim called again
asking for the rent money.

He told me to pay up A.S.A.P.

The only things we have that's worth money
are the car, and grandma's jewelry.

I'm sorry about the ring.

It's okay.

It doesn't matter now.

And you promised not to do it again.

Let's try offering the car
to dealerships tomorrow.

And broadcast it to your friends.

Someone might be interested to buy it.

We need the fresh fund.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

Can I help you, Sir?

I'm looking for Mrs. Neng Aryati.

I mean, Mrs. Aryati.

She's not home now.
May I know who's asking?

I'm B.U...

...or Babe Ucup.

Can I wait for her inside?

- Sure!
- Please come in!

- Please come in.
- Thank you.

What do you want to drink, Sir?

Please, just call me Babe Ucup.

Who knows someday,
I can become your new father. Right?

What do you want to drink, Be?

A cup of hot tea without sugar.

- Please sit down. I'll be right back.
- Thanks.

Sis, Babe Ucup...

...wants a cup of tea.


...is that Mom's boyfriend?

Not sure. Maybe a friend from her school?

But he's...


Do we need to call Mom and tell her?

What do you think?

It's up to you.


I'm sorry.

Here's your tea, Be.

Thank you.

Do you think we should call Mom
and tell her to come home now?

No, don't.

Let's just "surpris" her.

Do you mean surprise?


It means to startle someone.

That's what I meant. Let's "surpris" her.

Excuse me, I need to take the call.

- Yes, hello?
- Be, peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.
What do you want?

Somebody wants to look at the house.

Somebody wants to look at the house?

Okay, I'll be right there.
Just wait for me.

- Alright, Be. Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

I'm sorry...

...but somebody wants
to check out my rental house.

So I have to leave.

Maybe your Mom and I are still
not destined to meet again yet.

But I'll be back, and I will meet her.

Yes, Be.

I bid you goodbye.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

I forgot something.
It's the banana fritters.

It's delicious, right?


- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

Hello. What are you two doing?

Well, did you sell the car?

Thank goodness,
your brother's friend bought the car.

Are those banana fritters?

Who fried them?


- Can I have one?
- Of course!

Is it good?

Mom, somebody came here
looking for you.

Right, his name was B.U.

Babe Ucup.

- Is he your new boyfriend?
- Cool, Mom.

I'm too old for all that.

He was a grand senior
from my high school.

I think he's 'bucin'
(crazy in love).

How do you know that word?

Of course I do. I'm cool, you know.

"I'm cool, you know."


Come here for a second.

The money we got from selling the car...

...is already used for paying up the rent.

I use some of it for monthly expenses.

We also have to leave this house
as soon as possible.

Do I need to call Dad?


...we still can handle it ourselves.

I'm just letting you know the details.

Go to sleep. I know I need a good one.

Who's number is this? Hello?

Peace be upon you.
Good afternoon, Babe Ucup.

- Peace be upon you too.
- This is Bayu, Mrs. Aryati's son.

It really is a "surpris"!

Sorry, it's drizzling on my phone.

What can I do for you?

May I know if you still
have a house for rent?

I have plenty of them.

Who is it for?

The contract for ours
is about to end very soon.

I see, I see.

Just come here...

...and I'm going take you on a house tour.

Don't worry about the money,
just take it easy.

- I'll be waiting to see you.
- Thanks, Be. Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

Don't choke on your water.

So Babe seemed genuinely sincere.
The house is perfect for us.

It has four rooms, so Tika and Kinanti
can have their own rooms.

- What do you think, Mom?
- Please say yes.

- I want to have my own room.
- Please, Mom.

It doesn't feel ethically right.

We have principles, you know.

If you don't have enough money,
don't take advantage of others.

I'm not questioning his sincerity.


...it will be better if we move
into a house that we can afford. Right?

How do you like Babe Ucup?


- Did you see him say that?
- Yeah.

You're so focused in washing the bike.
Can you do mine too?

Aryo! How are you?

How's your wife and kid?

They're fine.

I've been calling you
but you didn't answer.

Have you heard about the good news?

What good news?
My phone is still charging.

The management caved in to our demands.

They've agreed to give us
5 months salary as severance pay.

I can finally buy a baby cot
and a stroller!

We can afford the new house!

Thank you, Brother.

- You're not kidding, right?
- I'm not.


What the heck, I'll wash your bike.

I was just kidding.

- I'll do it anyway.
- You're the best.

I don't know where it is.

We packed everything up together.

Why are you accusing me.

I won't go to school
before I find the medal.

Now, start looking again.

Why are you yelling?

When Brother and Sis tidied up the room
she threw out my medal in the trash!

I swear I didn't throw out the medal.

I was just packing up our stuff
just like Mom told us to do.

And she was here too, you saw her.

It's impossible I threw it in the trash!

She's right.

She knows how hard it was
for you to get it.

Look for it again more carefully,
I know we will find it.

If we don't...

...then we'll find a way
to get a new medal for you, okay?

We won't find it.
I've searched everywhere.

I know she threw it in the trash!

I said, I didn't do it!

Stop crying, wash your face,
and go to school.

Let me and Mas Bayu
look for it, okay?

I don't want to go to school
before I find the medal.

Well, that's just silly.

I know how important the medal is to you.
But your education is more important.

Where do you think
you got the medal from?

Your school, right?

For being a smart student
with tons of achievements.

I will look for it for you.
I promise, we'll find it.

Let's go.

You too, Tika.

You should apologize to Mom
and Mas Bayu.

They turned the house upside down
looking for your medal...

...while apparently you forgot that you
brought it to school for a photo shoot.

I know, I will apologize to them.

I'm going to buy them cake too,
to show them how sorry I am.

Buy a big one so I can get a slice.


Mom, are they singing together?

They've been doing that for hours.

No more war of the century
of the two sisters.

How about her medal?

And did you get a tour of the house?
Do you like it?

It's the same as the situation
in their room.



Now go to bed.
I still want to watch tv first.


I want to redeem myself.

What are you talking about?

I tracked the ring and I found it.

I hope you forgive me.

Grandma's ring.

Thank you, Bayu.

I thought it would never see
its friends again in the box.

Thank you, Dear.

Go to bed.

Sis, I think I'm ready to answer
your question the other day.

Nah, I've changed my mind.

You'll figure it out eventually.

I know.

Ideally, a perfect family
is made up of a father...

...a mother, and a child.

Just like the perfect family sticker
on rear windshield of cars.

But you still can find happiness
in a less than perfect family.

Just like us.

Why do you think we're happy?

Because of our togetherness?

I agree.

Because of our togetherness
on this particular dining table.

Every sadness, happiness
we've shared on this table.

This table witnessed Kinanti's passion
for chess until she won a medal.

And Tika and her tight t-shirts.

Bayu lost his job, and found a new one.

We've shared everything on this table.

This table had witnessed
every ups and downs of our lives.

And also witnessed
how tough our mother is.

- The one and only.
- Who?

This woman.

Not a single hug for me?


Let's not do a group hug.

What if we're creating
another power outage?

It doesn't matter,
a group hug is a must!

Because it will be the last group hug
we do in this house.

And we're going to do it every day too
in our new house.

Come here!


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