Yana's Friends (1999) - full transcript

Three parallel strories of immigrants in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War and about coming together while sealed in a room during the Scud attacks.


A Film by Arik Kaplun


Evelyn Kaplun - Nir Levi

Moscu Alcalay - Dalia Friedland

Vladimir Friedman

Shmil Ben-Ari - Lucy Dubinchek

''This is an international force
690,000 soldiers

''that is now united
the Iraqi aggressor...

The international force...
all between Iraq and the...''

That Sadam Hussain...
want to tell you something.

is against the Western world.
over between us.

I'm seeing someone else.

So what? I'm also seeing someone.
serious this time.

And in spite of the crises,
flow of immigrants continues.

Today 1000 immigrants from the
arrived, 120 from Ethiopia...

So why'd you come?

I want all the videos
photos you took of me.

Really?! -Really!

''The Jewish Agency will continue
influx of new immigrants

to Israel at all costs.

Our reporter was
Ben Gurion Airport...

Stop it!


Come in.

This is Eli.
are your new roommates.

Enough with the camera.
one's impressed anymore.

What do you mean by roommates?

You can't show the flat
my permission.

They've already seen it.
-When you weren't here.

You can't bring in new tenants
my approval!

And another couple.
I'm allergic to dogs!

You're allergic to every person

You scare off all
tenants with your shit.

Well, you'd better warn them...

I'm a complicated guy.

I work nights. All kinds of
people come here.

Give me back my tapes! Orly!

One year's rent, in advance.

When will you bring the rest
your things? -This is it.

Don't worry about that.

Ask her about a phone.

Is there a phone?
give me a hand.

Here's the phone.
for the kitchen...

need airing out.

Stay away from the attic.
keep my things in there.

This is all my furniture,
take care of it.

I'll come by in another month

Every month I come to check

If you pay on time,
won't have any problems.


Where do you plug it in?

Give it to me!

Give me the phone.
need to call a taxi...

Give me the phone!

I'm going to be late...

I'm telling you, I'll be late...

Up there, 2nd floor.

We agreed to only
the truck.

That's no way to do business!

200 Shekels! -Others wanted 150!

Then go find them.
will I do?

Move your own junk! -What junk?!

Alik! Stop him!

What are we going to do?


You're scratching it!

I can't take it anymore...

You're tired? -Yes!
me bring him in.

No, let him watch the stuff
get some air.

But it's hot out here, Alik.

Then you bring him in.

Are you going to
there all day?

Pick up the chairs.

Mama! What war?

Nothing will happen here.

This is a fun-loving country.

Mama, I have a plane to catch.

Have someone meet me.
got the money.

Immigrant benefits.

What? I'll put her on.

Vera Samoilovna.

How are you?

I am fine. No we have a roommate.

Fimka will explain...

I'm sending something
my mother...

Will you give it to her? You
she doesn't like Fimka.

Thank you. Good-bye.

Here's $600.

That should keep you for a while.

What's wrong?

We don't need money...

You'll see... soon we'll be rich.

It's autumn now in Moscow.

Remember? -I remember...

I've got to go.

Don't take a taxi at night!

And call me.
the bank calls

tell them we never
their letters.

Better yet,
answer the phone.

And if you call?

Do you have the number?

Here. I'll get it for you

It's like a tomb here.
no room to move...

Be careful.

Hi. We're your new neighbours.
to meet you.

What an SOB... a woman
a couch,

Won't move his ass to help...

Fimka, you forgot the coffee!

What coffee? -For my mother!
give it to me!

OK, bye. -Bye.

It's starting to rain

Let's bring grandpa in.

Is everything else inside? -Yes.

Come on...

What are you staring at?

Let's go...

''Allegro Music School''

What's up?

What's up?

You don't like we here?
shouldn't I?

I want to invite you and your
for coffee. Where is he?

Not boyfriend. Husband. -What's
difference? -He's not here.

He... airplane... Moscow.

I'm leaving too. On a plane.
two months.

The apartment?
apartment and Israel.

like that...

I'm going to America

Film school.

Is this yours?
Want to see it?

You like it?

It's a circumcision. I film
kinds of family events.

Weddings, circumcisions...
is my job.

You've never seen?..
husband isn't...?

They don't do that in Russia?

Oops! Sorry about that...


Hello? -Can I speak
Yanna? -It's for you.

How's your roommate?

Wait a second.

Thanks for the coffee.

Where are you? -At my mother's.
are you doing?

They keep calling from the bank.
do they want?

They want us to come at once.

Then go see them yourself.

And?.. -Tell them
going to be delayed.

What's all this? You said
be back in two weeks.

It's gonna take time
see some profit.

When did you decide to stay?
can't talk now.

Something wrong?

But it's not mine! I swear!

Get your hands off! - I told
but they don't believe me

That's my stuff! -It was!
being repossessed.

But I didn't get any warning!
let us by.

No? And the letters
the bank? -What letters?

l didn't get anything.

Of course not! You move
other day.

What? I've been living here
2 years.

I don't have time for games.
off. What's with you?

Do you have the cash?
you have the cash?

What cash?

Eli, I'll explain.
has nothing to do with you.

It's the loan we took. -Come on.
here. This is all we took.

Costs included.
not signing anything.

What's wrong with you?!

Here! Calm down!
my living.

it's my work. I need
use that tonight.

Please, let me have it.

Eli, I'll pay you back.
have some saved already.

Who's she to you?

She's just my roommate!
Then why the double bed?

Are you nuts? She's married!

Do you have a separate lease?
-Then get it. We'll see.

Go. Don't worry.
guard your equipment.

What does it matter? Saddam's
to blow us up anyway...

Borrow the money. Don't you
someone to borrow from?

l have nobody. Give him back
things. They really are his.

He's really just a roommate.

He'll show us the contract
we'll see.

Look, it says I've been in the
since '89. Here's my name.

Do you have a copy? -No.

I'll make a copy and
you the original.

Unload his stuff. -All of it?
of it. See, it all worked out.

You're welcome.


Did I ask you over for dinner?

Why are you following me?
Who needs you?

What do you want?

What do YOU want?
do you want?

l Live here! -Where?

First floor. That window there!

So do I.
where the balcony is.

Then go home! -You go home!

How could you?!

You said you'd take
for a walk!

That's why he came here?

What was he dreaming about?

Look how grandpa
eating... Yes...

Two thousand a week!

No, he dreamed you'd clean
in hotels,

And I'd wash dishes

That was his dream?

That's how we'd take care
him and the baby?

That was his dream?

And diapers? Food for the baby?

You can't even breast feed him!

ls that my fault!

What's this gibberish?

Hey, what's with you?

We'll save up... buy a VCR.

I'll spell it out one last time,
even you can understand:

He deserves all the money.

''Heil to the conquering hero.''
the people thank him

for making the world safe,

from the likes of him.

Calm down.

Stop it... It'll be OK.

See? He's sitting
the sun, happy...

helping his grandson.
wave hello to Grandpa.


Paganini is here...

He's going to bug us about
grandpa again.

Come on,
go around the shops.


Hey! What about me?

Nice, nice... Very nice...

He gets money and
get ''very nice''?

Daddy, let's go home.

What's wrong with you?

Let's go. I made us dinner.
you're drunk

Go. I'll be right there.


Beat it. The show is over.

So, General? That's it.

l asked you nicely...

You didn't listen.

Blame yourself!

Damn it!

Shake, shake!

They'll give you more money!

''I love...


is Eli there?

He no here. He busy.

''Guests arrive...''

''Beautiful bride...''

''Big wedding...''

Hi. -Hi.

Tough language, Hebrew, huh?

A big wedding? -Big.

I'm having a big wedding
too. A big one.

Not mine.
just filming.

Want to come? It'll be fun.
of music, lots of people.

No, I can't. I have to study.

Bye. -Bye.

Are you sure? -Yes.

Hello... -Fima? -Yes.

Why haven't you called?

l can't hear! Speak louder!

Fimka, can you hear me?

Fimka! Hello!

Hello. -Can I speak to Fima?

He's not home.
he just answered.

No, Yanuchka, it must
been a wrong number

Yana, can you hear me?

So, are you coming with me?
wedding... -l can't.

I'm waiting for telephone.

He's not home, Yanuchka.
know it's you.

He's not home. Really.
you hear me?

l hear, Vera.
are you feeling?

I'm fine. And you?

Everything's fine.

How can it be fine?

l should have told you sooner.

Don't wait for him.
not coming back.

''Not coming back''?

He started a business.
some money with him.

That's the money they
us to live on.

Start thinking of yourself.
in your third month.

l heard that's expensive there.

What's expensive? -Abortions.

How will you manage with a baby?
say something.

Who told you ''IT'S'' expensive?


''Comforting and happy,

''Give me a hand,
and peaceful.

''Give me a hand,
wait for me, my love,

''When I am here alone...''


229458, please leave a message
the beep.

Hello! Eli!
Are you there?

Pick up the phone!
know you're there.

I'll be right back. -O. K., I
wanted to tell... Eli?

Eli? -What? No, no,
can't talk right now.

l can't talk now. I'll talk
you later. Not now.

O. K., you can take
suitcase to check-in.

You need to buy a ticket
the dog, and get him a cage

She has to fly in cargo.

-Sorry, those are the rules.
go with the cargo.

She's too big to travel
the passengers. -But...

But when I came to Israel,
sat with me.

l guess she was smaller then.
she must go cargo.

For now she can't get on
the passengers.

She has to go with the cargo.

But I have no money to buy
a ticket. -Sorry, ma'am,

You can talk to the supervisor.
can't let the dog on.

Look at her, she's so small.

it must be authorized.

Go ahead. Go to the supervisor,
Tell him I sent you.

O. K.? -Thank you.

You're welcome. Have a nice trip.

Where's your bank release?

The one that says you have no debts.
have a plane now...

So what, you still need the release.
my ticket... here...

Listen, immigrants who are here
than a year

need this release.
can't leave without it.

But here's a ticket. Here! -l don't
the ticket. I need the release.

Excuse me. Please move aside.
holding up the line.

Move aside, miss.
holding up the line.

Stop, lady! Stop!

Stop her!

is that any way to behave?

What doesn't the country do
you? What don't they give you?

And all you do is steal
run away.

And paralyze the airport
2 hours.

She has nothing on her.
money. Nothing of value.

Why didn't you get a release?
wouldn't give me. -Why?

l co-signed a loan for my husband.
where is he?

in Russia.

Do you have anyone who could
for you?

For your release form?

l don't understand.

it's like a guarantee that you'll
to the station when called.

Hello. Yes. Yes, I know her.

She's my roommate.

What do I need my I. D. for?

Tea or coffee? -Tea. -Something
drink? -No, thank you.

Cutie... cute dog...

Where do I sign?
D. please.

What month are you in?

l want to thank you.

Do you think I can get my
back for the ticket?

You're lucky,
police let you go.

Our competition...

He's no match for us.

An amateur.

No contest.

Let's not quarrel.

Why quarrel..?
you would be too kind!

Who cares where a beggar sits.

Who is a beggar?

Beggar?! He's a war hero!
beggar... but a hero!

And you, what you've done to him?

l was here first!

I'm a professional, I need
be near the music school.

When the teachers hear me
throw some money,

And maybe they'll
me a job.

Professional? -Professional!

You're a piece of dog shit!

I'm a musician!

l taught in a school!

Who'd let you near a school?
drunk! Look at yourself!

Maybe we should move on?

Get lost!

I'll show you who's a ''beggar''!

I'll show you who's ''dog shit''!

You'll be the one to move!

it's better to buy swimsuits
Eilat. It's cheaper there.

Wait, maybe we won't even go.

There's no one to care for Grandpa.
Woman to care for invalid.''

Alik, what's going on there?

Maybe they're arresting grandpa.

Maybe for begging.

The kid grabbed the accordion,
accordion fell.

That's all I saw.
went back to the kiosk.

Go figure.

This country
him everything...

Money... food... everything...

l go to the store for a second

And he runs to the corner to beg.


Are you the one
accordion player beat up?

Do you know where he lives?

What don't you understand?

Open your mouth! Wide open.

Open your mouth!
don't you understand?

Not so strong, gently now.

Sing ''Belcanto''!

Yes? -is this Rosa? -Who's this?
it's Yanna. -Who?

Yana. I live in your apartment.
want to talk to you.

I'm sorry, but I'm
on my way out.

I'm sorry. I should have called,
I want to leave the apartment.

What do you mean? Wait there.
be right down.

l told you, you have to give
months notice.

l don't have two months.
owe the bank money.

What money?
we got for the apartment.

The loan. I need a release.

O. K., so pay them back.
can't. My husband has the money.

When your husband gets back,
him to call me.

l don't understand
you're talking about.

He's not coming back.
need a release so I can go.

To your husband? -Yes.
I see. That's the scam.

You run away with the money
give you to live on.

Do you think I'm going
help you do that?

You don't understand.
just need...

l have a problem there...
problem? -With my husband.

All of a sudden you have
problem with your husband?

Good. I'm sorry I'm angry. But,

let's think together
to get my money back.

You need money, go to work.
can't work.

Why not?
don't have to explain.

Of course not!
deserve everything.

l came here alone, without
husband, with a baby.

You understand?
I don't understand.

l came here with
baby and no husband.

l did it all alone,
one helped.

l raised him alone,
him everything.

At you age he thought
to give and not to take.

So maybe I should
him for the money.

drag your son into this?

Drag? -Drag!

I'm dragging my son in?

Hey, there. -Hi.

Can you lend me money?

How much? -Eleven hundred.
much? -1,100 shekels.

Leave the check open? -What?
the check for?

Thanks. I'll pay you back soon.

Dr. A. Green, M. D.
& Surgeon

C'mon. I'll take you home.
need. I can go alone.

Thank you... for the help at the
and now with the money.

l know you are good,
I don't need it now.

Don't follow me, O. K.?

Do you have money for a taxi?
need. I'll walk.

You can't!
bad for you to walk now!

Where are you going?

You're walking the wrong way.
leave me alone!

I know where my home is.

l know very well, it's not

And don't look at me like that!

''And when he got to the county
was amazed by the idea

''of the 'Traman Mechanical
called 'Tramanvox'.''

You're in the way!

''You play it by placing
hands near the antenna

''causing a varying electrical flux

''according to the hand movements.''



Manpower Office:
For Immigrants

Wanted: Woman to care for invalid

What's all this, sweetie?

Don't you understand that your
will be disconnected!

Why don't you pay your bills?

l checked. There are
lot of calls to Russia.

Eli shouldn't have to pay for it.
worry. I'll pay it all.

Don't worry. I'll pay it all.
tomorrow morning.

And why don't you
the plants!

What? She came for the rent
saw the bills.

I'll pay you back too.

What? Did I say something?
I ask you for any money?

lf you didn't ask, you will.

Why are you talking
me like that?

You've been treating me like your
for a month now.

T'hell with the money! Save it for
asshole whose baby you aborted.

Are you here to see us?

To you...

Yes. I'm Edik. -l don't shake
in the doorway (superstition).

the number of volunteers to the
army is already more than...

What exactly do you want?

Me? -You.

I'm here about the ad.
are you shouting?

Nobody's shouting. Just say so...

What's the pay?

Three shekels per hour.

But the ad clearly said:

3 shekels? ''Women only?'' Ah?

To drag him downstairs
a day? Huh?

You need a woman? Huh?

To take him to crap and pee?

A woman's gonna do that, too?

Then look for a woman...

''The Woman Hunt''

I'm here about the ad.

The job's been taken, baby.

Hello, Yana, answer the phone,

I know you're home, pick it up.
urgent! We have to talk.


Call me...

Call me...

Please call...



Why don't you call, you bastard!

Can I come in?

l didn't know you do it like this,
around other's things.

Yana, gimme back the tapes!

It's not just your life!
mine too!

Eli? Eli?

''Isaac, my love.

''Our Pashka is getting older

''and you don't
know he exists.

''He's already 5 years old.

''He reminds me of you
every year.

''Yesterday I saw him chewing
wild flower. Just like you!

''He put the petals
his lips

''and rolls them
in his mouth.

''My love, it's so hard for me

''knowing that I'll not
you again, forever...''

''Dear Mrs. Polanski,
deeply regret to inform you

''that we have no information
the whereabouts of I. Turbin.

''''We therefore suggest you address
Russian authorities for further...

What's written here?

Latrun and Jenin Taken

Not there. Here.

Sergeant Pavel Turbin, MlA...

Disappeared, missing in action...

in battle against
Jordanian Legion, Jerusalem,

on June 6, 1967,

Sergeant Pavel Turbin, his mother's
son, came here at age three

Who is it?

Rosa, sorry I was so rude
you last time.

I already have part of the money.
can't stay here anymore.

I wasn't insulted.

You're not going to get
money anyway.

Rosa, I'm not asking you to
me because of the money.

Why can't you understand me.

l... we were cleaning up.
found your letters.

What letters?

They fell out of the cabinet.

You snooped in my things?

giving you back your money.

Wait downstairs
your things!

Ladies and gentlemen,

first, for those who didn't hear

our first announcement

l repeat:

Last night, the American army,

together with the British
Saudi armies

''began military
against Iraq,

''They bombed and destroyed

''which posed a
to Israel...''

Why so many things? I understand,
for the child.

Why so many bathing suits?

Who's going to look at you?

Great idea!


But listen...
everyone will be sick

Soon everyone will be sick
your abracadabra.

So, before it's too late,
you and ''Grandpa'' take in

we'll split fifty-fifty.

Sure, you deserve all that...

It will be more fun to look at

than this guy suffering here.

And what a guy!

''Give me money
get back to Russia.''

Shame on you.

You should be ashamed. You're
his food from him.

You... you'll live...


That's Isaac Turbin, isn't it?

He's just ''grandpa'' to me.

Do you recognize me?

Do you remember?

Rain, everything soaking wet...

You whispered in my ear:

''Come to me now,

''there may be no tomorrow''.

Lady, either give
money or go.

l was so shy...

l hadn't bathed in three weeks, and
soldiers were sleeping nearby.

And you laughed:

''What if I die tomorrow?''


l didn't care,

because I loved you.

l wanted to have
child so badly.


You were my grandfather's lover?

What do you want now?

You didn't understand me,
was a nurse in his battalion.

l was interested in him, but
didn't pay attention to me.

Wait! We're coming!

Then one day he noticed me.

We were in love...

but we're going to Eilat. Our
waiting. We have to go.

Did you bear him a ''love child''?

A son...

Wait a minute!

What son are you talking about?!

What son?

What do you want?

l want to be with him.

We have someone to be with him.

You can't do this to me!

I don't want anything from you!

I'll take him to my flat.

I'll prove it to you.

I have photos and letters,
far from here. Wait for me.

I'm not interested
who he slept with.

He never mentioned you
your bastard son.

Who did you bring in here?

So what if you read her letters?

You can go to her,
her everything.

Where will you go now?

You're just being stubborn!

Where are the letters?

Rosa. Rosa, you've thrown
man out on the street.

Have a heart. It's our duty
help immigrants.

There should be some photos here.

I'll return your money.

I haven't been to the bank yet.

What did she say?

They left. -Let me in.

They'll be back in a week.
are the photos. Let me in.

You can show them the photos
they return.

Let me in! -Look...
me in!

And now the weather: Frost in
areas, but no rain.

Not now. Up to my room. Get up!

No, not now.

Leave it!

The cover. The cover!


l assume that means, we should
entering our sealed rooms.

''We have an announcement:
to a missile attack on Israel

''Emergency sirens
been sounded.

''All residents of Israel
put on gas masks

''and close themselves off
their sealed rooms.

''Do not go to the bomb shelters.

''in order to prepare the defence
take the following steps:

''attach the filter to the mask,
the straps,

''and then tighten the straps

''so the mask fits
on your face.

''When everyone has
the room...''

''A missile hit...
wasn't a direct hit...

''it landed in a populated area,
two buildings.

''Good morning. After a long night,
which seven were wounded

''seven missiles that hit''...

Hi, it's Alik. Everything Ok?

How can it be O. K.?!

How can it be O. K. when bombs
falling here?!

Wait... -Come back right now!

Wait a moment.

Why are you so jumpy?
hired you for a week!

A week! That was before the war!

What? -Before the war!

You got money in advance!

What money?!
paid in advance?

Wait! Pick up the phone!

Grandpa is your responsibility!

money is on the table!

By evening, I'm out of here!

Screwed again...

Good morning.

Sleep well? -Yes, I slept well.
slept well, too.

but I woke up early.

Let's go out for breakfast,
some coffee...

You think they're open?

The radio said seven
fell and nobody got hurt.

So what do you say?
have to walk zutchka.

I... I already walked her.


Why are you smiling?
funny, you walked her.

You were sleeping so deep,
didn't want to wake you.

l was thinking about making
few calls to Russia.

My mother must be worried,
I'll make those calls.

Then maybe later...

No tape in my room either...

Where you going?
the neighbours

Do you have any masking tape?

l told you.
none anywhere.

Hey, baby! I know you!

You applied for the job here.

Come in.

They left money.
must be for you.

I'll explain everything later.

You know...

l just remembered
my husband left me.

l got married after Pashka...

l couldn't be alone anymore...

He was a good man, from Ukraine.

He loved me.

You know, Isaac...

something always bothered me,

l could never understand what...

Later on I understood.

He didn't smell like you.

One day he found
letters to you

and left.

Without a word. Just left.

How I missed you...

''Missed - shmissed...''

Then why did you
with everyone?

''All residents must put on
masks. We know the drill.

Go into your sealed rooms.
run, walk calmly.

Once you enter the sealed room,

place a wet cloth at the bottom
the door

and seal the door frame
masking tape.

Hello Yanka? Are you home?

Better you're not home,

so I can talk

without you hanging up.

l know things are hard for you,

the bank must be on your back,
the bombs are falling.

Things aren't rosy here either.

They kill you here for a dollar.

Anyway, I'm in deep trouble.

l was mean to you, too.

Even my mother's
speaking to me.

But we'll speak
I get there. OK?

You call that ''a vacation''?

Tomorrow I'll go to all immigration
and kiss their asses!

Things will be
in America.

This has gone too far!

Should we call the police?

Who let you in?

Where's Edik?!

Go on out! Let her get dressed!

Where are we heading?
for a walk.

Listen! He spoke to me.

Did he sing you too? -He
me during the alert.

Aren't you ashamed?!
not a child.

He's been paralyzed, for years!
on you.

It happened when the sirens
Things like this happen.

Anything can happen
this country.

How much do we owe for two days?

Alik! She's taking him!

What? I won't let him beg!

You can have my pension...

A flat and a pension
your country

is worthless, blah blah...

is that how you say
in your language?

One lousy bomb and kaput!

Get out!
How can you do this?

Look at her...

Standing guard.

The hell with her.

Alik, maybe he really...

What? -Speak.

Sing! Shut up, you idiot!

You know what? Imagine this...

Our war hero sitting on 5th Ave.

and right here, a sign that says:

''Disabled W. W. II vet,

''thrown out of Israel,

''need money to get
to Russia''

It's so degrading!
don't like it?

l can't do this anymore!

How can we humiliate
like that!

That's the problem? Humiliation?
humiliating him?

l can't take it anymore.

What's this?

And this?

And this?

You live off of him too!
you forgotten?

''I want the one with the lace...''

You're living off him, and you
to tell me...

Who the hell needs you in America?
waiting for you there?

We'll have nothing there!
future. Nothing.

No language. No work.

At least here
have what we need.

Don't you think
feel sorry for him?

Of course I do.

l remember, when your
rejected me.

Grandpa was the one who said:

''I like that young man''

And something,
I never told you:

''lf they're in love,
them marry.''

We're going to be really busy.

Pick him up in the morning,
bring him back at night.

Take him wherever you want, just
too far. There's still a war

This key is for the top lock,

this one for the bottom.

Before the war started,
made a lot of money with him.

Sure, how much?

Forget it. Some other time.

Perhaps I can sit
him at night.

Maybe he'll...

l told you. Come in the morning.

And if he starts talking...

We'll write it all down.

''65-61 to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

''It's Chen Lipin leading
attack of Maccabi T. A.''


The Army Spokesman announces:

Due to a missile attack on Israel
general alert has been sounded.

All residents must immediately don
masks and enter sealed rooms.

The Spokesman has now informed us,
alert has been canceled.

The alert has been cancelled.

The coast is clear.

The alert is off. And here,
have the confirmation,

The alert is off.
can leave the sealed rooms,

and remove the gas masks.
all clear.

I think we can go back to Split,
O. K., great.

is Yana home?

Here's the money she paid for
year, less the three months.

Tell her there's no rush.
can leave when she wants.

What's the matter?

Do you know what
going to do? -When?

lf Rosa gives you the money,
you go back to Russia?

I don't know. There's nothing
for me there.

And here?

l want to tell you something...

That Rosa returned my money?

''Tel Aviv, as all of us,
to normal life.''

Have you been here long?

Since last night.

l stood outside, by the door...
heard you talking...

What's the matter? -Nothing.

How's mother? -She's fine.

Can we talk at home? Please?

How are you doing here?


No morning sickness?

No... No morning sickness.

I'll walk you out. -You know...

The whole time we lived here

all that idiotic work,
the humiliation,

it was all your fault.

l had to run away to Moscow.

And there, without you,
felt great! Understand?

That's it.

You got the chance
be with him.


We're leaving now.

Got our visas.

Bye-bye Israel...

What?! Bye-bye?
all be better off there.

The wars here will never end.

And our son, he'd be drafted.

And grandpa, he'll be
hero anywhere.

in America too, but in dollars!

Don't be angry with us.

l told you we should have
snuck away.

Did you put sugar in?

So, good night.

What now? -What?

''...and so, the Army Spokesman
the alert is cancelled,

''65-61 that's Chen Lipin leading
attack for Maccabi T. A.''

Don't answer it.

I'm sorry, I woke you up.

They're taking him away.

Why aren't you sleeping?

Maybe he'll be better off here.

I'm sure we'll manage in America.

You'll think of something,
always do.

Look at how much she loves him.

Just like you love me.

We'll talk in the morning.

Come to me...

Need some help?


Stop, you thieves!

Careful! To the car!
no time for the car.

No, no... towards the beach!

l said stop!

Rosa! Stop! Rosa!

We're giving him to you!

l knew it!

That faker!

''Yanna's Friends''

in Memory of Yosef zicherman

English: Madeleine Ali
Aharon Cohen