Yami no kodomo-tachi (2008) - full transcript

A Middle-aged Japanese ex-pat journalist investigates child organ trafficking in Thailand and he uncovers a sinister network.

You should smile. Keiko


T)here's plenty more work
for you to do

Keep your spirits up or
Chonpoe will make fun of you

I don't care

I saved her as a child

We found her when
we raided a condominium

She was being abused
by a Japanese

It's your father

Sure, it's hot

Don't be so mad

I'm too busy
to come home, now

I promise to call when
I'm back in Tokyo

I promise

I'll head up to Chiangrai next week

We know that the child is there

I'm going up with a drug enforcement
officer to figure out how to raid it

That's for the best
I'll join forces with you

Please do, Geaw


That boy and that girl

Come, bet you want to get out
How cute you are

Let's go

Bai, those Germans make
the kids do it, and just watch

Another one

An organ transplant?

A doctor will come and test their blood
Make sure he tests only healthy ones

If the blood type doesn't match,
we'll have to find one that does

And have a back-up ready
just in case

Have him check the kid
with AIDS while he's here

If it's hopeless,

sell her in Chiangrai as usual

at any price

It's time to feed my birds
I'll go up to the roof



His thing's all black

How many hormones did you use?

Four, last year 3 was OK

Four? Four kills a big man

Police, police!

Wait, wait, please don't!

Listen, I'll buy him
We can pay for the funeral

his boy adopted by
Germans next week

They already paid deposit

So what we're going
to pay for him already

You sure you can pay?

I'll talk to my boss,
but at least 7,000 U.S. Dollars

You don't pay.
we sell you off

All right, we'll pay

You take Visa?

What, they let you out
and you came back?

A fight
They grabbed my balls in a bar

The cops erased your pictures
so you're fired?

My name card

I'm a little short on bail

I'm good at sneaking pictures

And I've got a feel
for journalism

You're just really good
at sneaking around

You've got a point

It's because...
I'm a coward

I meet someone's eye through
the camera, I get the shakes

That's why I take pictures
when nobody's looking

Hold on tight

That's the Emergency entrance
They won't use the main doors

When the Kajikawas arrive
for the operation,

find a spot with a clear shot
of that entrance and wait

Also when the ambulance
brings the donor

I still can't believe it's real

It's real, all right

No one knew, that's all

Guess I'll go find
a camera position



You're definitely strange

What's strange?

Since I met you, you've
never looked me in the eye

It's easier for me
to talk that way

My emotions can't live up
to my feelings

I want to look but I'm afraid
of being looked at...

When I was a kid there was
this creepy kid called Koshiba

Whenever my eyes met his...

Spare me the tragic story


You're not the only one whose
emotions can't live up...

Another Vodka

You're having another drink?

If you're smashed, I can't get you home
I don't know where we are


We're just 20 centimeters
from Tokyo, on a map

It just ended
Lek's seeing me home

Oh, no

See, I told you so

Are you OK?

Nanbu san, Nanbu san

Behind you, behind

Trying to fundraise
isn't easy work

I'll get off

Thanks for seeing me home

Good night, then

We never would have made it
this far without your support

Lek! Why!

How could this.. !

Somebody help!
Somebody come!

Lek, don't leave me!

You 're foreigners here

But our rules don't apply to you

So you can have all
the sex tours you want

Seeing you makes me sick

You disgusting Japanese

In my mind, I've killed you guys
over and over

If you stop snooping around,

I'll keep the killing in my head

I understand.
Please forgive me

Oh, no, we've got to stop

I refuse


Because he thinks I'm
a disgusting Japanese


It's me, Shimizu

Kajikawa Mineko and her son
just headed for Narita Airport

Her husband may be
trying to keep

a low profile,
but he went to work as usual

I got it

Another thing

The week after next,
Katsuhito's taking off work,

from Tuesday through Thursday

Probably to be there
for the operation

A brain-dead donor
just shows up on schedule

Makes no sense

And Mineko flew with
their Japanese doctors

So, he's in on the scheme, too

I'll let you know when
I have his flight info


I'm going home

I'll get killed

Going home without
getting a single shot?

I got a picture

Of me drunk?

No, of a kid, yesterday,
a beggar...

You didn't get that shot
You stole it

I said I had a feel
for journalism, but...

Keep it to yourself

There they are


Driver, follow that van

Wait, stop
I'm supposed to get off here

No time for that

What is this...

Straight ahead

Start shooting


He's OK


The van got in the way

It's OK
It happened too fast

I didn't believe you,
but it's real, isn't it?

They'll run tests on him
for the next 10 days

After that, they'll bring the child
the donor, here

If our information is correct

Drop me off and then
go to the airport

Maybe I don't have
what it takes to be a cameraman

But you need your camera, right?

You are staying on the story?

I have to witness,

the face of the child
being sacrificed,

entering that hospital

Because I couldn't save it

I'll watch and I'll write
what I see

Actually, someone else said that...

Get in

I get off here

I decided

I want to watch and
photograph what I see

Besides, it's only 20 centimeters
from Tokyo

Can I have some water?

Can't you knock?

Can I have a water?

Sure, help yourself

Is this your son?

Yeah, that's right

It's late, go to bed

You're right

What is it?

Please let me go to Chiangrai

There's plenty of work
I can do there

You mean, Aranya?


But what if you wind up
like Lek...

Geaw said at the funeral

that was because there
was a police informer

We better do it on our own, then
I understand

I'm not going to let it
end like this

Oh, my shoulders are so tense
They're tight as a knot

Dr. Chawarit..

You removed my kidney before

I'm feeling really bad
I'd like you to examine me

During regular
check-up hours?

That broker told me not to
contact you after the operation,

so I thought after hours would be
best for both of us

Because of my job, can you
make some time next

Tuesday, Wednesday
or Thursday?

You're operating all 3 days?

But I'm sure you'll be done fast,
like you were with me,

for my operation

Tuesday or Wednesday after work

Thursday's no good?

You'll be in surgery all day?

Heart surgery

It's Thursday.

I understand

Heart surgery takes all day

Where's Geaw
when we need him ?

He's busy volunteering
at the Myanmar border

He can't help it

That's not her

Keiko, are we going
to do this every day?


Please support us
Join us

9 AM on September 26th
by Barn un at rak

An End to the Violence

Who Murdered Lek

Wake up!


What are you doing!

Stop the truck!

I'll explain later
I'm a volunteer, move over

You're OK,
you're OK now

Can you say your name?

Your name?

Say it again


Your wound needs treating

Thank you

But I'm fine

I need to discuss her
medical fee

Over there, then

Aranya, don't worry

Don't worry

Am I dirty.

No, you're not dirty at all

Then kiss me


So, I am dirty

That's not true

Barn un ai rak

Keep security very tight today

in case there's any trouble


Geaw's brought friends

I think the van's here

What's the hurry?
I'm not done

You're a sweet girl

Come inside for some sweets


You look nice in that dress

It's all right

You got her picture

And I got a good long look

at her face

Go back to where you picked us up
I'll get off there

Thank you so much everyone

It's so moving to see
so many of you here,

who understand the importance
of our work and support us

Recently our comrade Lek
was murdered,

for trying to save a child

If we give in to their violence,
they have us where they want us

Now's the time to unite

Now's the time to raise
our voices and confront

those who abuse the children

Not just Thai children

Children are brought here
from across the border...

We had our hands full in Chiangrai
without you, Geaw

No, I was there
I watched from the 2nd floor

I'm no volunteer

I can't stand all these NGO's
popping up everywhere

I run around smashing them

Quit joking

I'm not joking

You guys went too far

Our boss is pissed off

The foreigners who handle
the children like merchandise,

destroying them body and soul
are equally guilty


See ya

OK, drive

Geaw, stop!

The children!

Did you kill Lek!

What's going on?

Let go!
?e's not o?? of us!

Chonpoe, are you OK?

Can you run?

I can

Run, hurry!

You need to go back to Japan

I don't want to lie to myself

Let go!

Let go!

Let go!

You're all getting
15 years in prison

Don't ridicule Thais

Don't think you can
escape the country

We'll make sure you do
hard time


Sorry thanks


Do you know who this is?

It's his son

He only had a daughter



A bewildered flock of lamb
unaware of where tomorrow will lead

Wander in the dim street lights
simply protecting themselves

On the day the Flower mercilessly died
they turned their faces away

And left behind only those
that felt the hurt

Ghosts, filthy with greed reside
in the dim-city lights

While a grinning wolf
is inviting you his way

I who have been tamed
cannot stand alone

The river continues to flow and
I can do nothing but watch it go

It's too sad, just too sad
The soul already wears a death mask

The unforgettable shadow
calls to say - don't die

Let us feel once again,
the simple joy of loving

A streak of tears of emotion
runs on the cheek

People on trips without a purpose
tired as one may possibly be

Fall into their own traps

If the innocent childhood dreams
are to be proven wrong

Let us know why there are
two sides to this world

Looking at the sun set
as though stepping down a staircase

It's easy to say that
this is a merciless fate

As the passion is communicated
to the children yet to be born,

The mother's profound words
resinate in our hearts

The shadow no longer existing
tells me - don't cry

The red tears of blood is the fire
that burns this life

Based on the novel
"Children of the Dark" by Yan Sogiru

Ending Theme Song
Keisuke Kuwata
The Strange Tales of Tokyo