Yamazakura (2008) - full transcript

You're early

Is it that season already?

I could not visit on the
anniversary this year, so...

Oh, she must be so happy

to have you visit every year

Aunt Fusa was always alone,

so at the very least we should visit her

Let me snap it for you

Is around here okay?

Thank you

You are Urai Noe-dono

Forgive me, you are now a
member of the Isomura family

You have probably forgotten

I am Tezuka

Tezuka Yaichiro


It seems like you've remembered

Back then

forgive me for my rudeness

I did not think I would
meet you in a place like this

It's almost as if nothing
has changed since then

Since then?

It's nothing,

I've bothered you long enough

Excuse me,

Where are you heading?

I was just on my way to visit my father's grave.
Today is the anniversary

Oh, I see

well then

Have you found happiness in your life now?


I see

I was worried, so I am glad to hear that

I'm back

Welcome back

Welcome back

Oh, sakura!


Is this okay?

Thank you Setsu


Did something good happen?


This morning when you came
from the Isomura house

you looked somewhat sad

Nothing happened

The sakura really is pretty!




Do you remember Tezuka-sama?


Tezuka Yaichiro

The man who talked to us
before I married into the Isomura family

Ah, the story that Kana-sama
from Saiki came and told us

Did something happen to Tezuka-sama?

I wonder if he was ever
able to find a good partner

What brings this up suddenly?

Now that you mention it, just a while ago

when I met Kana-sama, we talked about this

It seems that Tezuka-sama
still does not have a wife

I wonder why


Why is Tezuka-sama still single?

It must be because the family is a
single mother raising a single child

He was also quite disheartened
about you it seems

Cut that branch

It will be much neater that way

Thank you for your patronage.
I hope to see you again

Thank you

Here you are

I'm sorry to have you prepare
this for me all the time

It's become quite late hasn't it?

Please give our regards to Mrs. Isomura


Well then


Were you together?

Yes, on my way back from school,
I bumped into father

Father, it's been a long time

Let me see you off


Shinnosuke, you've become quite dependable
since last time I saw you

Yes, because of Tezuka-sama's training


Yes, Tezuka Yaichiro-sama

He's teaching swordsmanship at
the school's dojo right now

Oh, that's how it is

Where is Tezuka-sama employed now?

It should still be somewhere near Gougata


When he asked if he could marry Noe,

it was right around the time
that I was transferred to Edo

and began working in my current position

I hear he practices an
uncommon kyosui sword style

and is quite the swordsman

and is quite the swordsman
People also say he is an earnest man...

People also say he is an earnest man...

But it was because his dad died early

Ieaving only his mother to take care of the family

For a girl, there would be much
to worry about in such a family

Then is there nothing to worry
about in her family now?

Why did you reject Tezuka-sama's offer?

My previous husband, who
passed away, had a friend

who was called an expert swordsman

His manner of speech was rough and rude

When I saw what reckless
behavior he had when he drank

I thought I could never be a wife of
someone who used a sword

Tezuka-sama is not that kind of person!

It seems like he knew of
you from very early on

Before you married the late Tsuda-sama,

didn't you used to go all the way to
Kougai city to study tea ceremony?


From a dojo you pass on the way there,

Tezuka-sama was always watching you it seems.

At our school's dojo,

I heard a colleague joking about it

Noe arranged these before she left


What if you came back to live with us?


you mean like aunt Fusa?

Not like that


You will also be getting
married in two to three years

If I'm at home, I will hurt
your chances at marriage

I don't care about that

The other party will care

Thanks, I'm fine from here

Make sure you study hard, okay

So long

Have you found happiness in your life now?

Don't you get it?

It's already past the deadline!

Forgive me!

If I could have three more days...


Even if you have to sell your daughter,
bring it tomorrow

Father, I've returned

Welcome back

Hello Genkichi

Welcome back


Mother, sorry for returning so late

You certainly took your time.
Looks like you got carried away chatting

This is from my mom

She sends you her regards

Don't we already have enough of these?

Well, they always give the same thing



Please make some tea


How much longer are you
going to make us wait for dinner?

I'm sorry

She said to have you make dinner
once you got back

It's okay





So Shouzaemon,
what kind of return is there every month?

Normally, there it is about eight percent, but

I immediately discussed it
with father and got an answer

You will never lose any money on it

so you can rest assured

I look forward to it


No no, not something like that

Because it's for you, Okazaki-sama,
10 more days, no...

Let's wait half a month

I am so grateful for this!

It's nothing

The master has returned

Welcome back

Father! Father!

Suwa-sama told me that,
depending on the interest

he would be willing to deposit
a large sum of money

Good work Shouzaemon!

Then, how much interest
should we put on it?

What do you think, father?

What's with that look?

You still refuse me?

Do you care so much that

I was laughing about your former husband
who passed away

It looks like you went back home today

Mother finally gave me permission to, so

Is it that important to visit
the grave of your aunt?

It is matters of the Urai family...

Are you trying to say that
your family is a higher class?

I'm not saying anything like that

Well, compared to a judge's 120-koku,

we money lenders have a mere 65-koku

But don't forget, we have
more money than your dad

It seems Suwa-sama...

has taken a liking to me

If I can stay in his favor like this

good things will be coming my way

Just watch, my stipend will go up

I still have things to do...

I told you to quit it with that look!
Or you can go back home!

Excuse me, you're already awake?

Good Morning.
Can you check on that pot over there?




Help me change


Have a nice day

Have a nice day

Have a nice day

Are you not tired?

Yesterday, didn't you walk

on the mountain path
all the way to the temple?


The sakura was blossoming

Is that so?

It's going to be a fine season from now on

Yes it will

Here is your payment

Excuse me...

I thought you knew, but the
prices here have gone up

As have the sales of kimono

From now on, the wage will be 45-mon

I'd appreciate it if you could
could give your mother's greetings

to the lady of the house

I understand

Well then

From a dojo you pass on the way there,

Tezuka-sama was always watching you it seems.

I give up




I give up

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine

Suwa-sama returns!

Great work today!

You must be tired

More appear every day


Those slimy guys who flatter Suwa-sama
in hope of getting some of his money

Hyouma, that was loud!

See? That

I don't mean to say bad
things about your relative,
but I don't understand

Why swarm around a man like that?

Suwa Heiemon is a big zit on our clan

No, he's rotting pus

Hiding behind his lineage,

making himself agricultural administrator
of our territory

It's not like you haven't heard
the rumors

I know

If you exploit all the wasteland marked here,

how large will it be?

Roughly 200 hectares

Probably in less than 10 years,

you can expect to make


But in our current financial situation,

we have no energy to spare
on developing new land

It's nothing more than a pie in the sky

That's exactly why

I am presenting a plan that
will make that pie real


If we can contract out this
land to wealthy farmers,

It's very possible

But then the wealthy farmers

will be able to obtain vast amounts of land

It's a double-edged sword, isn't it?

Then listen to me

From our standpoint as administrators,

what on earth are we going to do

to fix our miserable financial situation?

While we foolishly discuss this,

the stagnation gets worse

If we don't begin developing land immediately
to raise up our country,

we will have doomed our country for 100 years!

For sure, the increased revenue
from developing new land...

is a matter of great urgency


To do that by exploiting the farmers...

and making them cultivate the land,
as in Suwa-sama's plan,

would be frowned upon by many

I think so too

Since the bad harvest three years ago,

I heard many in the village
have trouble getting food

To increase their burden on top of that...

is just reckless

If we look ahead 10 or 20 years,

doing this will probably benefit our country

But to do this,

we cannot sacrifice

the future of our farmers


Why does nobody raise any
objections to Suwa-sama?

It must be because of his
lineage to the daimyo after all

You have yet to understand

Newly developed land will be
exempt from tribute for three years

to encourage development of new land

During that time, old land,
regardless of their productivity...

will have their tribute rate raised

With all due respect...

The village has not recovered from the damage
caused by the bad harvest three years ago

If we squeeze the farmers any further

many more will abandon their land

Silence! The time to act is now.
Farmers must work for their country!

- Silence!



Have you heard?


Suwa-sama is planning to build a second house

using bribes from the wealthy farmers


Yeah, it looks likes his extravagant lifestyle
even includes a mistress

To fix the country's economy, my ass!

Using that as a pretext,
to give his large farmer friends the new land...

and line their own pockets

That was their goal from the beginning

The rich get richer,
the poor get further driven into a corner

At the very least,

that's what that man is doing

But around the castle,

there isn't a single person who will speak up

This field's productivity is in the middle range

It's crops will yield about 3-koku

Grandpa! Grandpa!

Oh, good job!

Huu! Try it


Sayo! Come here!

In this one year,

You've taught me so much Genkichi

You have such a happy look on your face


Are you okay?

Continuing the damage caused by the
cold weather three years ago,

the crops from last year and the year before

no longer yield even 40%% of the usual harvest

With the long rainy season,
the crops this year...

still have no chance of recovering, it seems

On top of that, many farmers
forced to cultivate the new fields,

will not even be able to
satisfactorily weed their own fields

What's more, for almost no money...

Suwa-sama will buy up all the damaged fields
that the farmers will have to part with

and make them his

Do you have any proof?

There is no one who doesn't
know in this territory

If Suwa-sama's policy is carried through,

it will be a fatal mistake

I implore you, please tell our lord in Edo
the real circumstances of the village...


It is not time for that yet

The sun only shines so much

The rice won't grow!
The grain just won't expand!

Not only will we have no rice to eat,
but no seed rice for next year!

You must know!

So a family can eat, every member is sold off
until they must abandon the field.

It's not just 10 or 20!

We know


You people don't know what it's like at all!

...what it's like not to have anything to eat!

Please. Give this letter to Suwa-sama!

At this rate, if the annual tribute is not
decreased even slightly

the number of ruined farmers will only grow!

Yes yes

Your complaints will definitely be given to him

Now go home already!


We beg of you

You won't go home yet?

Isogai, I'm counting on you







Are you okay?

It's already been two months since that


Isogai was heading toward Edo carrying
a letter from Yonekura-sama

His whereabouts are still unknown

There's also a rumor that it was
the work of Suwa-sama's henchmen

Don't say things like that so carelessly!


What are you trying to do?

We are not trying to slack off

This is the rice we have
desperately struggled to make...

not even leaving any to feed our child and elders!

Every day is just rain and more rain...

What more can we do?

Quit complaining!

Are you okay?

Pull yourself together

Confiscate Gosuke's field


What is it, Tezuka?

Are you crazy?

You are inside the castle!

It's Tezuka-sama...

The master returns

Welcome back

Did something happen?

The winds have changed


Suwa-sama was killed

That fool Tezuka drew his sword inside the castle


Yeah, Tezuka Yaichiro

So, what happened to Tezuka-sama?

Do you know Tezuka?


I heard he walked to the grand inspector's
residence in Sanaichou on his own


There's always someone
fighting for justice in this world

Sometimes they pull off stuff like this, but...

what do they think they will accomplish?

Tezuka himself won't even make
a cent off of it

It'll probably be... hara-kiri for him

As a result, I get to decide
his punishment as well

Really, there is no way to fix an idiot like that!


That look again!

You don't seem to be happy
when I speak ill of Tezuka

Do you have something with that man?

You should be more temperate with your words


You've been thinking that since...

you married into this family,
haven't you?

I did you a favor by marrying
a widow like you! Got that!

I told you stop looking at me like that!

What is going on?

This woman threw down our family crest

Always looking down on us...

She's hated us all this time!

Am I wrong?

Mother, since I married her, this woman...

Eyaahh! I told you, quit looking at me like that!

You won't stop?


Stop this shameful behavior,

I hope you understand
what you've done

Beyond dirtying the Isomura family crest...

there is no place for you here


Thank you for all your help

Take care of yourself

Noe-sama too,

please take care of yourself

The snow is early this year, isn't it?

Yes, we better hurry



What is it that makes you so angry?

You can see?

It's hard not to

Isomura came to the guardroom today

What did he want?

He came by to say that he had no intention
of returning the engagement gift money

They say it's because Noe wanted the divorce

My my,
they say Noe wanted it?


The man is completely hopeless

If we don't agree, they will
report it to the inspector

Thinking back on how he flattered Suwa-dono,

it seems he's taken a liking
to the inspector this time

In addition, he's been slandering Noe

Without thinking, I was about to grab my sword

Like what Tezuka-sama did...


Can't you let it go?

We have no relationship with Isomura anymore

Happy New Year



That we can once again
greet the new year safely...

I am grateful for this

Let us enjoy this new year
we've been given in good health

How many years has it been
since we've been able to...

gather like this and greet the new year?

Well, shall we eat?



Are there any reasonable homes nearby?


Thanks to the work I had
to do in the Isomura house,

I've become quite good at sewing

If it's just for one person, I can manage

What are you saying?

Your father will never approve of that

But didn't Aunt Fusa leave home,

and live by herself?

Shinnosuke will soon be looking for a wife

I will only hurt his chances if I am here

Setsu is already 16 too

The next time you leave this house...

will be when you find a path to happiness


no longer any chance of that

It's not over!

-You're attack is too weak!

I surrender


The sentence still hasn't been given yet?

Yeah, Tezuka-sama hasn't
said anything in self-defense

It looks like he is quietly waiting to be tried

Pardon us


What is it?

I've been talking to Hyouma, but...

isn't there anything we can do
for Tezuka-sama

For example, we could ask our friends for help

to send a plea for mercy to the chief retainer

This isn't something you
should be interfering with

But it's been four months since the incident

When I think of how long Tezuka-sama
has been in the prison...

The administration is not intentionally
dragging it's feet

That incident has moved the country

New land development is being re-evaluated...

as are annual tribute rates

It's returned to how it was originally

If Tezuka is given a strict sentence,

the farmers will not remain silent most likely

But, the issue is of bloodshed within the castle

A half-baked punishment would not
uphold order

Moreover, there is the victim's lineage

At the administration meeting,
we talked about waiting

until our lord returns next month,
to ask about a decision

Until then, there is nothing to do but wait

how makeshift...

Shinnosuke, watch your words

Isn't that how it is?

The administrators are just afraid of
being criticized if they give out a sentence

Isn't it just the same as when people
sat on their hands...

while Suwa-sama ruled like a tyrant

Why did Tezuka-sama draw his sword...

for the farmers with no concern for himself?


One more month

Tezuka-sama's mother also...

must be very tired and with a heavy heart

Are you happy with your life now?



Was there a reason why
Aunt Fusa...

never got married even once?

There is a story to that


He was an great person

Even though they had even
decided on the wedding date

He suddenly got sick and passed away

After that, her health worsened

It's because she was always weak to begin with


Aunt Fusa...

might have found happiness in her life, right?

She must have...

always adored that person

Not like me, right?


You are just taking a small detour

Let me snap it for you

Is around here okay?

Excuse me...

Pardon me...

Oh, that sakura is beautiful


I think you might know not know, but...

I am from the Urai family, and my name is Noe

Urai-sama's Noe?


You are...

I see now


I often hear about you from Yaichiro

When you were married...

into the Isomura family,
Yaichiro was very upset

But I always thought...

that one day you might...

visit the house like this

I've been waiting expectantly

Please come in

Shall I take that branch?

We mustn't let such flowers whither

Please come in


Since that happened

not a single person has come to visit

It's been so lonely

Noe, you would be...

the first to visit

Is it okay like this?

That's good