Yamato (2005) - full transcript

On April, 6th 2005, in Makurazi, Kagoshima, Makiko Uchida seeks a boat in the local fishing cooperative to take her to the latitude N30, longitude L128, where the largest, heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed Yamato was sunk on April, 7th 1945; however, her request is denied. She meets by chance the captain Katsumi Kamio of the fishing vessel Asukamaru and discloses that she is the stepdaughter of Officer Nagoya Uchida and Kamio immediately accepts to take her in the risky journey. While traveling with Makiko and the fifteen year-old Atsuchi, Kamio recalls and discloses the story of Yamato and his close friends that served on board of the battleship until the final suicidal mission in Okinawa. When they reach the spot where Yamato was sunk, he considers that he finally reached the end of the Showa era.

July 31st, 1985

Japan's War Graves Commission
announced the discovery

of the Yamato's resting place.

40 years after she sank

In August, 1999

a shooting crew visited Yamato again

at latitude N 30.43/longitude E 128.04,

lying 325m below the surface.

The birth of Yamato means

the largest warship power owned by Japan.

Symbol of the Imperial Navy,
263m long, displacing 72,800 tons

51m from keel to tops,

she stood as tall as
an 18-story building.

"Maritime Self-Defense Supply Ship"

"returning from duty in Indian Ocean."

"April 6th, 2005"


Washing that tub
won't make her go faster.

He's right. Tell old man, Kamio.

We're off.

"Makurazaki Fisherman's Cooperative"

I'd like to see the harbor master.

He's with a visitor.

Tomorrow's the 60th memorial
of the Yamato's sinking.

I was asked to get you to come for once.

I said Kamio's never been
even to one ceremony.

But how about it this year?

Sorry to be a trouble.

I didn't mean it like that.

How's the boy shaping up?

He's working hard.

Someone wants a boat.

To where?

Latitude N 30.43, longitude E 128.04.

That's the Yamato...

I'm ready to pay.

I just really need to go.

I'm not the harbor master.

I beg your pardon.

Please, introduce someone
who'll take me.

Forget it. It's 200 kilometers.

Damn rough out there, too.

It's no place for a landlubber.

I'm done, Skipper.

Look, Atsushi...

Waited long?

Excuse me.

Will someone take me
to latitude N 30

That's impossible.

Won't someone go with me?
Forget it.

But I've got to get there.

"In Memoriam: Moriwaki, Shohachi"

"Died April 7th, 1945"


Why do you want to go out there?


It's where the Yamato sank.

On April 7th, 60 years ago.

Tomorrow's the anniversary.

I really wanna go

I come this far,
only to realize it's impossible.

What's your name?

It's Uchida.

My father was Mamoru Uchida.

Petty Officer Uchida?

You knew my father?

But he went down with the ship.

He passed away last year.

He survived...

I had no idea.

He spoke of the Yamato before he died.

Told me about the true comrades
he made aboard.

I was selfish...
gave him nothing but grief...

Never tried to get a sense of his life.

Now he's gone...

I want to know all about him.

I must've been an ungrateful child.

It'll take 15 hours.

The sea will be rough.

If you still want to go.

Will you take me?

I couldn't find Atsushi.

Turns out he's put to sea
with that woman.

In that old boat?

Kamio-san, my father mentioned you.

Do you know these men?

This was among his things.

Says it was taken in 1943 in Kure.

Moriwaki-san, Uchida-san
& Karaki-san...

"March, 1942"

Mom, I'm back Katsumi Kamio - age 15

You twos are back

I'm back

Mom, no-one uses the boat,
so why clean it every day?

If your brother returns from the war

and it's not ready,
I'll be in big trouble.

Aunty, did Kamio really volunteer
for the Navy?

My brother signed up.
I can't let him outdo me.

But 15 year-old kids
shouldn't go to war.

Right, Aunty?

Don't worry

America is a place believe in individualism

The papers say the Yanks are
too individualistic to fight for long.

We better hope they're right.

Mom, stop worrying!

Drop by later, Taeko.

Cadet Seaman, Kamio, Katsumi.

Reporting for duty!

You don't look so tough to me.

Skipper, you went to war at 15?

How old are you, Atsushi?

Well, you're already working hard.

Saving to buy a motor-bike.

Skip', says I'll get extra
for this trip.

Go open the engine hatch.

Sorry you've extra expense
for my sake.

Don't worry. It's not for your sake.

June, 1941. In protest at Japan's
invasion of China,

Britain, the US and Holland

impose sanctions and an oil embargo.

To avoid suck risk of economic loss,

Japan breaks the impasse on December 8th,

Japan launched the attack
on Pearl Harbor.

On that same day, Yamato
began her sea trials.

6 months later, Japan's advance

Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipine

and even Indonesia

"June, 1942"

However, Japan suffers a major defeat
at Midway.

by the US army.

The tides of battle turns

"August, 1942"

American forces land on Guadalcanal.

After 6 months of bitter fighting,

Japan withdraws.

Commander of the Combined Fleet
Isoroku Yamamoto,

April, 18th, in combat

met with US planes over the Pacific

with a worthy death.

Promoted to the Supreme
Military Council,

as Fleet Admiral on June 5th.

he was buried with full honors

"Spring, 1944 - Kure Harbor"

As the military situation deteriorated
cadet training was speeded up.

And they were quickly
shipped off to battle.

Many were boys barely 16 years old.

It's the Yamato.

Biggest warship in the world.

A floating mountain.

And we're going aboard.

You're slow! Hurry up!

When the ensign's aloft,
salute only officers.

Do not salute enlisted ranks.


At ease.

Seaman Date...

and 64 cadets

Today, April 13th, 1944,
ordered to the Yamato,

reporting for duty aboard, sir!


Stand by for assignments.

Signal Corps: Seaman Date...

Seaman Satake...

On the double!

Anti-Aircraft Defense: Seaman Kamio...

Seaman Mizutani...

Seaman Kitamura...

Hi-Angle Anti-Aircraft Guns:
Seaman Nishi...

Seaman Nakai...

Seaman Fuse...

On the double.

The Major Cook:

Seaman Sumio

Seaman Kozawa

Every afternoon you will do
one hour of judo, kendo or sumo.



PO Uchida.

Petty Officer Uchida.

I'm not done.

Scored! PO Moriwaki.

Petty Officer Moriwaki.

I'm not done. One more!

Come on, then.

Attention! Follow your officer

Squad leaders, all hands
to duty stations.

4th Machine-Gun Squad!

This is your battle station.

Do not forget it.

Don't look down! Hurry up!

The new recruits are here.

Cadet Kojima.

Cadet Tsukaguchi.

Squad of 9, please.

Squad of 11, please.

Squad of 15, please.

Moriwaki, sir. New arrivals.

Seaman, Tokita, sir.

Ozawa, sir.

Ever cooked rice?

Only once at school.

Spend today watching the others.

We cook for all 2,500 men right here.

Keep your wits about you.

Tradition says that here in the boiler,

our fate is to go down with the ship.

But the Yamato won't go down.
Got that?

Get a move on!


Right, ready!

Left, ready!

Ready to fire.

What the hell are you doing?!

Anti-aircraft action!

Gunner ready!


Left ready!

- Center ready!
- Right Ready!

Ready to engage!

Gun Four ready!

Gun Two ready!

Gun Four ready!

Messenger, standing-by!

Hi-Angle AA Guns, ready!

Messengers ready

All hands in position.
9 minutes & 45 seconds.

Too slow. Repeat the drill
until it's 5 minutes faster.

Nishi, hold on.


Dropping a goddamn shell!

We live or die together in the Navy.

One mistake and we're all dead.

You could've killed us all!


Ass out.

Ass out.

Learn your lesson!

All hands in position.
5 minutes & 54 seconds.

Good enough.

It's a catastrophe.

Someone in our block
left a porthole open.

In wartime, it's inexcusable.

Worse, it was seen by other ships.
Yamato is disgraced.

The culprit is standing here.

Come forward now.

Right now!

If you do, I'll be lenient.

I understand.

Group responsibility, then.

No visits to the PX.


It was me.

You bastard...

All but Kamio, dismissed.

Spread your legs.

Hands up, grit your teeth!

Take over.

I can't do that.

Ignoring an order?

Do it.

Why not?!

Get up.

What the hell's that?!

It's sailors like you,

who let the ranks get soft.


Uchida, legs apart,
arms out, teeth grit.

Give me the pipe.

I'll beat Naval spirit into you.

I'm not done yet.


What did you try to do?

You hit the bone.

Bust my leg and I won't get to fight!

Think bullying cadets
can win the war?

Kamio, he hit a superior.

He won't get away with it.

What's the crime?

At worst, mutiny...

and a court martial.

Surely not.

We have to obey absolutely.

Didn't you close the hatch?

You goddamn idiot!
Playing the hero!

Shut up!

Kamio, I'm sorry.

It was me. Hit me, please.

I was thinking of the guys...

Not being a hero!

It's either each of you
for yourself...

Or all for one!

I'll talk to Chief Moriwaki.


It's no business for a recruit!

And nothing to do with my kitchen!

Get back to work!

Chief Moriwaki, sir!

Kamio from gunnery.

What the hell do you want?

Moriwaki... what is it?

Grub's up.

You're a pain in the ass.

My ass is my business.


One of the new kids... Kamio
came crying to me to help you.

Kamio did?

I spoke to Machimura.
He'll forget that you hit him,

if you forget he nearly
broke your leg.

I'm not worried about myself.

If he vows not to hit others,

tell him I'll call it quits.

Always so noble-minded...

In battle, you don't know
who'll get hit.

Survivors have to take over.


This handle controls elevation.

When you're on target, that pedal
is the trigger.

Elevation 45 degrees.

Take aim!

Other way, idiot!


This controls the gun's bearing.

Right, 30 degrees.

Take aim!


Elevation 60 degrees,
bear right 45 degrees.

Take aim!

An enemy fighter travels
180 meters a second.

If you react slowly, if the gun jams,

you're all killed in action.

Dead men can't fight.

So you fight to survive.

That's why we drill.

Don't you forget it!

Are you okay?

Get water and sea-sick tablets.

I'm fine.

Take a seat.

Thank you.

Take this
Thank you.

It'll get rougher.

If we're turning back
we do it now.

I'll be okay.

Please let me go.

You dig your heels in
just like your Dad.

I'm not his real daughter.

After the war, he went back to Nagoya

eventually adopting 11 of us
over 15 years.

and began looking after orphans

Uchida did that?

Other people's kids?

On behalf of those
that didn't make it.

Didn't make it?

People killed in the war.

There were over 3,000
on the Yamato alone.

"Early Summer, 1944"

You're lucky, being close to home.

What are you all going to do?

I'm going to the baths.
Haven't been for a week.

I'm going to the movies.
Mizutani, want to come?

A movie, huh? It's been ages.

Nishi, you?

I wonder...

If you've nothing else,
want to come to my house?

Is that okay?

Of course it is.

See you.

That's Kure,
where the Yamato was built.

Let's go.


Is there a post office?

Uncensored letters,

can get you court-martialed.

Please, don't tell anyone.

Don't worry, I'm teasing.

It's just there.


Mother, I'm sending you some money.

Here's your receipt, 4 yen, 75 sen.

Let's wash our hands and go pray.



Aunty and I prayed every day

for your return.


This is Nishi.
A friend from the cadet corps.

Nishi, sir!

Why don't you draw her picture?

He's great at drawing.

Got any paper?

I'll go get some.

Hey, Mom!

Since his brother got drafted
and went off to fight

no-one uses this boat any more.

Don't move or he'll draw
you like a witch.

No, make me beautiful.

Taeko, you already are.


How nice!

He always talks about you.

Nishi, keep your mouth shut!

Let's go.
Mom's made sweet bean soup.

Hurry up!

It's really good.

He made you into a beauty.

Thanks to the model.

Of course, I am really pretty

Of course...

Nishi's Father died.

Killed in combat in Shanghai.

Then why did you join up?

We're peasant farmers, no cash income.

Would you like some more?

Every family has a story

"Banzai" they said,

and two of mine gave themselves
for the country.

The war will be over soon.

My brother will be back.

I'll be waiting for you both.

Don't get yourself killed.

"June 15th, 1944"

"US forces land on Saipan, breaching"

"Japan's defensive perimeter."

"All defenders meet brave"

"and heroic end."


I didn't lie

You are a liar

You guys are making a damn racket.

What's the matter?

I said what's the damn problem!?

He says that Saipan's defense
fought to the death.

I heard it from the officers
on the bridge.

Kamio says if Saipan falls
Japan is lost.

So he refuses to believe me.

Accused me of spreading lies.

Kamio, it's true that Saipan fell.

What'll you do about it?

Run? Surrender?

Neither. Fight.

Fight with every ounce of strength!

What about you?

To protect Japan, I'll fight to the end!

Is that right...

Fight for it

Sweet potato cakes.

Share them out.
Make yourselves popular.

Thank you very much.

Leading Seaman, Tamaki, sir.

Chief Moriwaki ordered me here.

Mom sent an amulet for you
in our care package.


Even if you were put up for adoption,
don't be so hard-headed.

She's still your mother.

If anyone bullies you,

tell them you're my brother.

No way.

I will not tell them.

That's the dagger you got
from Admiral Yamamoto?

It's my treasured possession.

He must have really valued

your work for him.

I treasure this with my life.

Hope that doesn't get put to the test.

"October 17th, 1944"

"US forces assault Leyte Gulf"

"via the Sulu Straits."

"They land on Leyte island October 20th."

"0800 Yamato and 40 others, departed Brunci,
course: North, Speed:18 knots"

"Attack on all fronts, good luck."

Get away from it

Watch out The front

Get away from it

Open fire!

2nd Turret, Fire Controller is down!

I'll take over!

You're in charge.

Again, fire

Left 30, elevation 40 degrees!

Load the bullet, ready

Elevation 50!

Where's Uchida?

Directing fire up top.

Right 20!

2nd Turret, direct hit!


PO Uchida.

Back to your posts!



Please treat him.

Treat him please!

Please treat him.

Treat him!

Hurry up

Men that can rejoin the fight
go first.

In 5 days of combat in Leyte Gulf

The Combined Fleet lost 3 battleships,

4 carriers, 9 cruisers & 8 destroyers.

Surviving ships had extensive damage.

Japan's Surface Fleet
was practically annihilated.


Get changed and go
to the weather deck.

That's out of bounds for us, sir.

Do what I say!

Querying the Captain's thoughtfulness?


That was his brother, huh?

Your brother died a hero.

I know he used to beat you...

I'm sorry.


Petty Officer 1st Class Takamura...
Leading Seamen Tamaki...


At ease.



Uchida lost his left eye

and was shot through his shoulder
and hip, too.

Serious wounds.

He was hospitalized in Singapore.

Then sent to Kure to recover.

It's the first I heard about it.

He never talked about himself.

Only about Moriwaki and Karaki,

and of course,

you and the other cadets.

Thank you.

Salute Vice-Admiral Ito!

At ease.

I'll show you to your quarters, sir.

aboard the newly-repaired Yamato.

Commander of 2nd Fleet,
Vice-Admiral Seichi Ito

took his command.

On March 10th, 1945.

US bombers from Saipan,

began indiscriminate
bombing of urban areas.

That night alone, huge areas
of Tokyo were razed.

Further firebomb raids then followed
on Nagoya and Osaka.

On March 19th

a force of 70 planes raided
Hiroshima and Kure

aiming for shipping

and the naval boatyards.

"Several days later,"

"hundreds of fighters and bombers"

"launched massive aerial attacks"

"on every one of Okinawa's airfields"

Petty Officer Karaki.


We heard rumor that Yamato's
heading for Okinawa.

If Okinawa falls
the homeland is threatened.

Our Kamikaze hit
the US Task Forces every day.

The Yamato can't sit around
doing nothing.

You've all been through Leyte
so you appreciate...

who's to die...

when we die...

no-one knows.

We're all fully prepared
to give our lives.

Every one of us!

Look what arrived...

Attention, elder sons or those

who are sole support of families


Come here.

You lost your elder brother.

Sign this and you can leave the ship.

I can't leave by myself.

Who'll support your mother?

I was sent for adoption.
I have no mother.

I'll fight to the end with my mates.


Back to bed.

Excuse me, sir.

The Cadets said they're ready
to give their lives.


Just a bunch of kids...

They've got no idea
what death means...


Dat? from Signals, sir.

May I ask a question?

What is it?

Below decks, I heard
you'd been discussing chivalry.

What's the difference between
chivalry and bushido?

Please tell me.

Simply put, bushido
readies us for death with no reward.

Chivalry, eschews thoughts of death
and looks to honorable living.

One prepares for life
the other for death?

Am I right?

Preparation for either
is no simple matter.

My Mother and sister

are a stone's throw from Okinawa.

Whatever it takes.

I want to protect them.

"March 25th, 1945"

"Knowing it was for the last time"

"they headed ashore for final leave."

Long time, no see.

Welcome back, sir.


You're so kind.

I'm up in the room.

Take a nice, long bath.

And you, Chief?

I've got to be somewhere.
Don't forget, tomorrow, 0800.

Your room's this way.


Why are you here?

Moriwaki-san cabled me.

Chief Moriwaki?

You're lucky he's your officer.

It's a lock of brother's hair.

He died a splendid death.

Have some of my cakes.

My sugar ration was tiny
so they're not so sweet.

Quick, eat up...

Have another.

Here's tea, too...

Mother, I go off to serve my country.

How are the fields?

Mother, I beg you please,

please try to...

Forget me...


Forgive me, please.

Forgive me.


What's wrong?

Your Mom's death...

it was my fault.

Forgive me!

What happened?

Stop crying and tell me!

It was the attack on March 19th...



My brother died.


I'm all alone.


The Yamato's going to Okinawa.

Will you die, too?



Please don't...

You can't die.


I'm scared of dying but...

My brother died, my Mother died...

In Tokyo, Osaka,
tens of thousands died...

Many people are killed by an air attack

I don't want more people to die

I'll go to Okinawa...
to hell and back, if needed.


I don't understand.

If you die...

If you die, what about me?

I love you.

I love you so much!

How are you, huh?

Long time no see.

Doc couldn't believe it.

Someone with that many wounds

I'm like the Yamato, unsinkable.

Get well soon.
I need a sparring partner.

Have you got time
to come hang out here?

I thought I should bring these.

I was looking after them.

Your treasured possessions.

The Okinawa sortie, huh?


What are you talking about?

You came to say farewell?

Hospital's made you go soft
in the head.

The sakura look pretty this year.

Falling petals...

Remaining petals...

All fall in the end.

Let's leave it at that.

No ticket. Can't come.
We are well.

Hey son. Daddy's here.

With 3 days' warning, I can get
a ticket to come see you off.

Don't cry, Kazuo.

Playing hooky from work?

Why are you here?

I snuck out of hospital.

What happened to your eye?

Why didn't you tell me?

Military secret.

Since when did you care
about military rules?

You always found a way
to come see me, legal or not.


You don't care about my feelings.

Take it.

It's no big deal. Go on.

My dear...

You can't go to Okinawa like that.

I'm convalescing in Kure.

I just slipped out to see you.

So you aren't going anywhere.


Then I shouldn't take this off you.

Don't be stupid.

What if a bomb falls on me.
Then it'll all be over.

Nowadays, you'd better keep it


You never talk like this.

Give me a break.

Will you just take it?


I'm not ready for a woman yet.

I just want to hold you.

You don't have to do anything.

I just want to feel you
against my skin.

Lie down.

Come here.


When the war's over

make me your wife.

Maybe before then

I'll have turned into a ghost.

Makes no difference.

I'll be back in Hiroshima

waiting for you.

All bets in.

4 and 2 on evens...

It's already 11 PM...

Time to close the house, gentlemen.

Let us play a final hand.

Odd says we make it back.

Even... we're goners.

How about it?

Last throw.

Place your bets.

Coming home... odd.

I'm saying, odd.

Me, too.

All in?


I'm off, then.

Look after yourself.


Thanks for the amulet.


Sumio, don't you die.

Don't you dare die!

Don't you dare!

Don't you dare!

Sorry about yesterday.

I didn't think you'd come.

This is a special amulet.

It's for success in battle.


Here's the bus.

I start work in a munitions factory
in Hiroshima soon.

You mustn't do all the work.

All aboard, please.

Let's go.

Good luck.

Let's go, please.

I'll be waiting!

Hello, dear!




Here, son!


"On this day, March 26th, 1945"

"US forces assault Kerama archipelago,"

"opening the battle for Okinawa."

It's an electric room.
Why do they need a medic?

He asked for you by name.


You snuck out of hospital?

I'll tell you about it later.

I'm hungry, eat something first

Here you are.

Let me back in the gang.

Idiot. Why are you here?

The hospital's in an uproar
looking for you.

It's desertion and a court-martial
if you're found.

They don't have time for that now.

Happy-go-lucky as ever.

That's the best spot of grub
I've had for ages.

What the hell are you doing?

You know, damn well.

No idea.

You should know that

I do know you're a bigger fool
than I thought.

We saved your life only for you
to chuck it away again.



Remember, we first met

back when Yamato was launched.

I gazed at the largest,
the most powerful ship in the world

and knew Japan could
never be defeated...

I was so full of joy.

Me, too.

She was the most beautiful sight.

To serve aboard her

made me so proud.

After 3 and a half years,

living side by side with you guys...

there's no question about it!

If the Yamato heads off to fight,

then I go with her.

But so many

people are died

From now on

we need men prepared to live.

If no-one's willing to survive

our dying is in vain.

You... must survive.

I already used up one life.

Admirable resolve,

just don't get in the way.

Don't talk rubbish.

I better order one more serving
of our good-luck meal.

"April 1st, US forces land on Okinawa."

"April 5th, Commander Combined Fleet"

"Rear-Admiral Kusaka boards Yamato."

Men of the Yamato and the 2nd Fleet...

As a surface Kamikaze force,

you will raid the Okinawa anchorage

attacking the enemy's supply fleet

and destroy it.

After its annihilation,

you will run aground at Kadena

continue your bombardment, as your
sailors join the island's defense.

How many fighter escorts?

There will be none.

With no air cover, do you think
this strategy will be a success?

I'm entrusted with the lives
of 7,000 men.

I will not dare throw one away.

I'm aware it is not
the soundest of plans.

But the Naval Chief of Staff

was asked by our Emperor

Have we no more ships?

Sir, may I ask a question?

It is described as the last sortie
of the Combined Fleet.

Commander in Chief Admiral Toyoda
will be in which ship?

He's moved to Kanoya base
on Kyushu island.

He will command from there.

Why won't our Commander nor Chief
leave their air-raid shelters

to lead this Kamikaze mission

Yamato will herald
the sacrifice of 100 million lives.

It is an honored opportunity.

We sail tomorrow at 1600.

Go prepare at once.

Removal of Combustible Materials

"Combat Morgue"

You are ordered to be
a Special Attack Force

to carry out a unique
and heroic strategy.

The Imperial Navy
but proclaim its honor

to future generations.

The fate of our Empire
rests on this action.

Each unit will harden its resolve

Remember, being one of the raiders

to fight to the death,
destroy the enemy

and thus establish
an eternal foundation for the Empire.

End message.


At ease.

It goes without saying
on the eve of our attack.

Every man will adopt
a fighting spirit of extreme sacrifice.

As Japan's last battleship,

let us answer the hopes
of our entire nation.

"Preparing for death."

"Preparing for death."

Okay boys, face your homeland
and say your farewells.

Yell out from the bottom of your heart.

It's okay to cry.

It's all part of preparing to die.








Keep smiling, please.

"The petal in bloom
is prepared to fall."

"Let's tumble in splendor
for our nation's sake."

For the same of our nation, be a manly man

"Everyone doing time at sea."

"Eight days a week!"

Don't look so miserable.

Take a seat.

Have a bite, cheer up.

Sit comfortably.

I want you to remember one thing.

It's most unlikely

but if the order comes
to abandon ship...

the battle's over.

Get the hell off the ship.


Thank you, sir.

For Emperor and country

Surely it's enough to die.

I've no issue with dying for my nation.

But without air cover or fuel to return
are our lives worth nothing?

I just asking

what's the point of my death?

You whine about your own skin
as our nation flounders?

Sacrifice for our nation is natural and proper,

What's the meaning of your sacrifice

you are too conceited

For the eternal cause of the Empire,

even if we die here

or somewhere else, we all have to do it

Are we really need to sacrifice in such way?

Will our meaningless deaths
really help save Japan?

How dare you?!

Let's beat some guts
into these jumped-up students.

Stop this now!

What's the point in doomed men

Nippon has neglected
the idea of progress.

Spirituality has been valued
above anything else.

Without progress nothing prospers.

History shows us.

The Satsuma and the Choshu clans

were defeated by modern weapons.

So they dropped isolationism

bought guns and beat the Shogunate.

Defeat brings understanding.

That's the only way Japan
can be helped.

Achieve understanding today
and Japan will be saved.

We are pioneers in the rebirth
of our nation.

Isn't that all our hearts' desire?

Anchor's free and clear!

Both ahead full.

"16:45, April 6th, 1945"


Enemy submarine transmission.

Yamato heads South

via Bungo Straits,

Coordinate 2175, 20 knots.

This was an uncoded transmission.

As if taunting us.

What's its position?

We're not sure.

Seems they're shadowing us
and reporting our course.

To conceal their destination

To get away from trail,

the fleet steamed West
past Cape Sata.

"April 7th"

Two Martin spotter planes!

Engage aircraft.

Main battery, 'beehive' shells.

No point hiding our course now.
Head straight for Okinawa.

I agree.

Navigation Officer, set course
for Okinawa.

Aye-aye, sir.
Setting course for Okinawa.

Port the helm!

Full ahead!

Let's get the men fed
before the enemy arrive.

On the double!
The enemy won't wait!

I'll head to my
upper command deck.

Look after the Yamato.

Captain on deck.

Men, our Captain's on deck.

40 Avenger dive-bombers!

Ready for anti-aircraft action.

Main battery, beehive shells, fire!

Nishi, faster!

Left 40 degrees, elevation 45!

Loaders, where are you?

Here's ammo, boys!


Elevation 30 degrees.

Uchida, are you okay?

Hang on, lad!

Torpedo port-side!

Hard a-port!

Hard a-port!

Right the helm!

Gauging a new target.

Give me accurate measurements.

Bearing 170 degrees,
distance 300 meters.

2 torpedo hits to port,
bow and amidship.

Fire in stern secondary
turret magazine.

Deploy fire-fighters!

Right ready!

Left ready!

I'm fine. Fire!

3,000 tons now!

Flood compartments 12 & 13

Let's go!



Stand up! What are you doing?

Get me ammo!

I need ammo!

Get him some ammo!


Hold on, my friend!

Hold on, my friend!



No. 4 guns still working?

They are.

Let's go.

Get down!

Right the list, quick!

Right 80 degrees, elevation 60!

Right 70 degrees, elevation 70.

Right 70, let's go!

Ready, center. Ready left!

Uchida, sir!

Kamio, you fire.

I'll load.

Hold on!


Kamio, let 'em have it!

Commander, I think now's the time.

Tell the Captain to give orders
to abandon ship.

Have the radio room

summon escorts to pick up survivors.

Radio room doesn't respond.

I'll take the message.

Captain, all trim control lost.

Unable to right the ship.


Prepare to evacuate upper deck.

All hands, abandon ship!

Leave in an orderly manner.

All hands, abandon ship!

A great shame.


My gratitude to you.



Hold on.

Orders are to abandon ship.
Get away.

But they're still attacking.

Forget it.

The battle's over.

This is my life.

Look after it.

Uchida, sir!


Quick, get off the ship.

I can't. I'm staying.

We're telling you to live.

I want to stay with you.

Get up.

I won't go

Not done yet!

My last throw!

All hands, abandon ship.

Get away from her.

The escorts!

Nishi, are you okay? Hold on.

Kamio, I'm done for.



Skipper's got a bad heart.

He must have medicine.
Find it.



He's alive!

A rope over here!

Chief Moriwaki!

Chief Moriwaki!

Come back

Skipper, you okay?



How dare you be the one to survive?

Are you Tetsuya Nishi's mother?

I served on the Yamato with him.

He went...

with the Yamato...


He can't have died.

He'll be back soon.

It was a hero's end.

Wait a minute!

How dare you be the one to survive?


Water, too...

What's your name?

It's Kamio, Katsumi.

How old?

Same as Nishi.

Where did you sleep?

In that barn.

Eat this. You'd no dinner, right?

Go on.

Take it, don't worry.

I bought this field with his money.

Forgive me.

For being the only one left.

Only I survived.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Forgive me for what I said.

Come on, don't be like that

I'm not feeling good also

Forgive me.

Don't you die, too.

Don't you die.

Don't you die.

Please send help.


Skipper, you're okay?

I though you'd had it.

I'm okay. Don't worry.

You got my medicine?

Yes. My Father was heart problems,

He was in and out of hospital.

That was a big help.

Skipper, rest.

Move out the way.

I called the harbor master.

They'll send a boat right away.

They were all worried about you.

Sorry, Atsushi.

Call him again.
Tell him Skipper's fine.

You should rest.
I'll pilot us back to port.

No going back.
We'll stay on course.

But Skipper...

don't risk your life.


If there's one thing...

I'm taking her to that spot.

60 years ago,
I staked my life in battle.

But in the end,

I didn't save a single person I loved.

I couldn't protect anything.

I finally found Taeko

in Hiroshima, at a first-aid post.

You made it back.

Because of my special amulet.

This was my lucky charm.

Hey, Kamio...

When I get well,

let's save up for a boat.

I've got a name for her.

The "Asukamaru"

It's written "tomorrow's fragrance".

The promise of future blossoms.

Lovely, isn't it?

"The Asukamaru"

She like Uchida's girl.

From the Hiroshima atom bomb.

Nagasaki was bombed next.

6 days later,

Japan surrendered.

The war was over.

That was 60 years ago...

This is your Father's.

I kept it on the boat
all this time.

Before Father died

he got delirious, often yelling...
It was always the same thing...

Even if they call me a coward

I won't let death win.

Even if they call me a coward,
I won't let death win.

I will survive.

If I die...

then Moriwaki and Karaki's wish

and the purity
of Kamio and Nishi's hopes

will be forgotten as nothing.

I'm sorry to make you re-live
such hardship.

Thanks to you,

I finally understand
the life my father led.

North latitude 30.43...

East longitude 128.04. Here

Spread my ashes

with my mates of the Yamato.

It was his only request.


We're here. Latitude 30.43.

Longitude 128.04.

Petty Officer Uchida, back at last.

For his long life,

I thank you all.





I didn't know

the meaning of the last 60 years...


Your daughter finally taught me.

At last...

At last I understand why I survived.

For me, the Showa era

is finally over.

Thanks to you...

I've finally made it this far.

"Memorial for Those Fallen on the Yamato"