Yamaguchi-gumi gaiden: Kyushu shinko-sakusen (1977) - full transcript

Through a simple act of revenge, Tokyo's deadliest assassin sets off the biggest gang war in crime history. And there is nowhere to hide when the most vicious criminals imaginable try to hunt him down, determined to annihilate the definitive master of death


[Beppu Tourism Fair
Construction Site]

[Beppu City, March 18, 1957]

[Ichiro Ishino, Ishino Syndicate Boss]

[Hot Springs Tourist Information]

Die! For the good of the world!

Y-You bastard—

Get him!

Stop! You need medical attention!

That motherfucker...

We have to get you help! Now!

March 1957.

Violence has erupted between
the Sakaguchi and Ishino syndicates

over construction rights
for the coming Beppu Fair.

Ichiro Ishino and Kunio Hirano, the latter
going by the name "Ginji Yozakura,"

have been sworn brothers since
their teenage hooligan days.

A word, please.

What is it?

Reinforcements keep pouring in
at Sakaguchi's office.

The rumor is that
they've got American machine guns!

Then there's the cops.
They're everywhere, basically.

Well, Sakaguchi's a councilor.

It makes sense he'd be
under heavy police security.

Then the time's come...

no more fucking around now.

[Sakaguchi Syndicate]

[Yusaku Sakaguchi, Beppu Councilor
& Sakaguchi Syndicate Boss]

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

[Tatsuo Misuda, Beppu Councilor
& Sakaguchi Executive]

He's down!

Get him some help!

Wh-What's going on?!


You can't! It's too risky!

Ginji here is a wanted man,

facing murder and weapons charges.

He lives with Fusako Ando in
the Hinode area of Nakatsu, Oita,

the city in which he was born.

Ah, Ginji.

No need to stand!
You need your rest.

It looks worse than it is, really.

Gin, listen.

You should go to Osaka.

If you get caught here
you're facing 10 years, easy.

There's a guy in Tenma, Osaka named Daito.

We go way back.

You can catch the 4:00 AM ferry.
The "Setomaru 3."

The Sakaguchi idiots went
to the Beppu Police

and begged for protection.

A vengeful killing of one...

must be performed by one.

Call me back as soon as you can.

I haven't forgotten.

We promised each other...

if we're going to be yakuza in Kyushu,
then it has to be in Hakata.

We might not share parents...

but you and I are brothers.

The dispute between the Ishino
and Sakaguchi syndicates continued.

Over 400 individuals from different
criminal organizations became involved,

arriving as reinforcements.

The residents of the city
were driven into total fear.

Thanks to the efforts of Bukichi Oura,
a gambler from Nakama in Fukuoka,

a peace settlement was reached on April 12.

The violence and aggression of the Ishino
became known throughout the country.

To counter the mass of yakuza
that had gathered together,

the crime of assembling
with dangerous weapons

was added to the penal code.

This legal development
significantly influenced

the Hyodo syndicate's Kyushu
attack strategy moving forward.


[Juso, Osaka. October 1957]

It's time for you to go home, little girl.

So what's your business here?

We represent Kinoshita Trading.

Debt-collectors, then?

Sudo is handling all of that for me.

I obviously can't pay those absurd amounts.

Hey! What the hell
are you doing?!

If you have any complaints,
then get Sudo on the phone.

Hello? I need you
here, immediately!

There are five men here,
from Kinoshita Trading!

This is the Daito syndicate, from Tenma.


Get all your men and come on over!

Takeshi Daito, the Black Leopard of Tenma,

also hailed from Nakatsu, the same as Ginji.

He was imprisoned for years
after the earlier conflict came to a close,

delaying his debut in the
new underworld that resulted.

But he made up for lost time,
rampaging through Tenma, Umeda, Juso

and the other entertainment
districts of northern Osaka,

indiscriminately starting fights
with gangs controlling the area.

You just watch, Gin.

No one has the stomach for
a real fight these days.

You're fucking with the wrong man!

Don't think I won't!

Fucking do it then!

Shoot me! That single shot
will get you 10 years!

Get the hell out of here!

You're not even looking!
Come on!


The face is hidden,
but you can see it, right?

I'll have a drink too.
Whiskey-cola, please.


Can you believe it?
It's ridiculous.

I mean, just look!
There's a little bit here.

Look! Look!
Can you believe it?


No way!

What do you mean?
Of course it's true!

You're trying to tell me
she has no pubic hair at all?

Well, Masako?
How about it?

Are you as smooth as they say down there?

Come on, Masako!

- Come here and give us a look!
- Stop it!

- Just give us a peek!
- What are you doing?!

You gotta coax it out of her!

- Leave me alone!
- Masako!

- You know you want to!
- Let go of me!

The rumors can't be true!
- Show us!
- Just leave me alone!

- Let's spread those legs!
- Are you out of your minds?!

Come on!
Pull those panties down!

- Whoa!
- Well, what's the verdict?

- She's still got hers! Black as night!
- Jet black, huh?

Let me go!

- What about a little deeper?
- Stop it!

So, you're still up for it, aren't you?

You're not leaving?

Sir, you've overpaid the bill.

Make sure you come around here more often!

Do you have a business card
or something? What's your name?

Ginji Yozakura.

*Cherry blossoms at night.

Ginji *Yozakura?

Is that your real name?

Little boy gave himself a cool nickname.

Exactly something a dirty,
wannabe yakuza would do...

What the fuck are you doing?!

You took it too far, you idiots!

I'm really sorry.

Don't you know what kind of man that is?

You think I would've done that if I did?


wait for me outside.

I need to get ready.
I won't be long.

[Sakaemachi Shopping Street]

That was delicious!

Isn't that your third this morning?

Well, I felt like eating them.

Female bodies are so strange.

The wife next door's 3 months pregnant and
says she feels like eating mosquito repellent.

No way...

it's a good thing I prefer oranges!

Hey, over there...


I thought you'd forgotten about me.

How is everything?

No good. No good at all!

It couldn't get much worse!

I'll stop by tonight.

You better not be lying!

You don't need to do that.

Wait for me, okay?

That man of yours
really is a looker, isn't he?

Be careful. I'd keep an eye
on the girls around him.

Men are most likely to cheat when
their wives are pregnant, you know.

Really? What should I do?

Can you come here for a minute?

- What do you want?
- Just shut your mouth and come along.

You have some kind of complaint here?

What the hell is this for?

Maybe we should have a little
chat with the police!

- Sorry that you have to see this.
- Get your hands off me!

You fucking street thugs!

That's enough from you!

Don't go killing him, alright?

You bastard!

You wanna say that again?!

What's with this punk?


That hurts, goddamnit!

Are you fucking biting him?!

- You little shit!
- Bastard!

How about a little swim?

Throw him in!

- You little shit!
- Fuck you!

Stop struggling!

Do it!

I won't forget this!

You're from Kyushu, aren't you?

Who cares about that now?!

Give me a hand here!

I am a drummer...

A yakuza drummer...

And when I play...

I'm home.

You've been waiting, haven't you?

I'll start preparing dinner, then.

There's someone else here!

Meet Kenichi Furuta.

He'll be staying with us tonight.

He went into a rage at the pachinko parlor.

I was so startled...

you know that?

I guess I'll have to go buy
some more meat, then.

A young man like that can
probably eat like a horse.

- What is it?
- I-I'm sorry...

I was just remembering
the shock Ken gave me.

Hurry up and eat, okay?

You need your nutrition.


Have you been in Osaka long, Ken?

Three months.

I also spent a good amount of time in Kobe.

- And before that?
- I was in a reformatory...

What's that, exactly?

A reformatory for delinquent youth,
down in Kumamoto.

It feeds into the
Kyushu criminal underworld.

So you were a delinquent, then.

The same could be said for you, right?


Pardon me—

[Tamatsukuri Station]

Now arriving at Tamatsukuri.

Please do not forget your belongings.

The grace of happiness...

[The Blessed Path]

Blessings for children...
blessings for joy...


Blessings for profit...


Blessings for joy...

Blessings for children...

Alright, deal.


Someone come help!


Get away from me!

(Speaking Korean)
Don't kill him!

What the hell are you doing?


You show some promise, you know.

That will be 7 yen.

Thank you very much.

- In here, please.
- Right.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

- Two salmon fillets, please.
- Two fillets, thank you.

Hi, Fusako.


Here you are, thanks.

Where were you?

You left without a word.
We were worried!

Thank you.

You've done so much for me.
Please take this.

- Ken!
- Give your husband my thanks.

I'll be working under the Soryu,
in Tamatsukuri.

Ken! Wait!

(Speaking Korean)
You have a visitor, Mr. Jo!

(Speaking Korean) Idiot!
I told you not to let anyone in while I was gone!


We haven't met before.

I work under Ishino of Beppu.
My name is Ginji Yozakura.

I heard that you took good care of Kenichi.

I wanted to thank you.

Kenichi. Let's go.

Is there a problem?


You don't need to worry about me.

Jo is going to let me help out here.

Only garbage put this poison up their nose.

What do you think you're doing?!

Kenichi's with us now.

If you value your life, then
walk out of here quietly.


You're packing a nice one.

(Speaking Korean)
Where are you from? North or South?

(Speaking Korean)
I hear there's a lot of Koreans in Kyushu.

Hands where I can see them.

Mr. Jo!


Can you still use that hand?

I'm so sorry, Ginji.

I never would have thought

that you'd worry about me like this.

I'll never touch dope again.

Make sure you hold it with
both hands when you shoot.


Those heroin dealers keep
a lot of cash on hand, right?

They do.

Who the hell are you?!

Outta the way!

What about the heroin?

Pour it out.
For the good of the world.

Step aside.

We'll remember this, you bastards.

Don't think this is over!

I suppose you'll put a
bounty on our heads, then?

Look out!

- Ginji!
- Get it all.


Someone help!

Ginji! It's the cops.

Are you okay?

- Kenichi.
- Yeah?

Come here when you're done.

Let's swap.


I can't go on any longer.

You're not thinking straight!

Not many brothels are open right now.

Get it out of your system while you can.

Damn, that hurts.

So it's not just me.

You too, then?

Show it to me.

You've got it for sure.

What do you...

Is this your first time?

Don't worry.

It's gonorrhea. Some penicillin
will clear it right up.

Go buy enough for both of us.
Syringes, too.

You're already up?

Get enough for three, actually.
Get back as fast as you can!

Did Ken go off somewhere?

He did...


Open it.

- It's for one person.
- I know.

This is my third time.

What are you doing?

Do you feel strange at all, Fusako?

No pain? Itching?

Are you saying...

I am.

I'm so sorry, Fusako!

What have you done?

What if our baby's eyesight
is affected by this?!

- Fusako...
- How could you?

Women are less likely to get it.

So you probably won't,

but take some penicillin just in case, okay?

How could—
I hate needles!

You can't think only of yourself—

What if our child develops an
eye condition because of this?

- I don't want to do it!
- Quickly! You need to lay down here—

I can't—

It hurts so much!

You have to stay still!

Kenichi! Keep her still!

It hurts!


You have a phone call!

It's from Ishino.

It's him.

Fusako, I need to take that call.

It hurts so much!

Kenichi, take my place.

But I don't know what to do...

What do you mean?
You've shot heroin before, right?

Hurry up and get to it.

You steadily push it in
like this. Got it?

Get it out!

It hurts so much!

You have to keep still, Fusako!
The needle will break!


[Kobe, Hyodo Syndicate Office]

I'm being sworn in by
the third generation boss.

You're one of the Hyodo
syndicate's junior members...

you must miss us.

This evening, in southern Osaka...

Hiro, what was the name of the place?

[Hiroshi Yoshimura, Head of Junior Members]

"The Blue Butterfly."

Everyone's gonna throw a big
welcome party for me.

You'll be coming too, I trust?

Alright, we'll talk later, then.


[Kan'ichi Sekimoto, Mid-Manager]

He's in charge of our young ones.

I'm Ichiro Ishino, of Beppu.

I look forward to a fruitful relationship.

And I the same.

Thank you for your troubles.

[Yukio Yamaji, Mid-Manager]

The Boss is waiting.

Ichiro Ishino became a junior member

of the Hyodo syndicate in March 1958.

[Koshun Sai, Hyodo Nanfu Boss]

[Gi'ichiro Igawa, Igawa Boss]

[Yasumasa Kuwata, Kuwata Boss]



It's good to see you.

You're looking well.

I heard you've been making quite the scene.

Learn to control yourself
when you're in other people's territory.



We have a spot over there.
Come have a drink.

Try looking a bit more relaxed, you two!

Everyone, this is Ginji Yozakura.

He works under the Boss.

I'm Sawaragi, of the Nanfu.

Tamaki, of the Igawa.

Tomuzuna, of the Yoshimura.

Shoichi Gunji, of the Kuwada.

Pleased to meet you.

Kiyoshi, what's with them?

They're the bosses of everyone here...

the Hyodo syndicate's main pillars.

I had more to discuss with Ishino.

You can talk later.

It can't wait.

It'll be fine, Gin.
Just relax a bit.

Let's have one more toast
for our Kyushu brothers, then!

- Cheers!
- Let's take this one slowly, though.

Tell him,

that I'll be at the bar "La Mer" in Umeda.


Don't see that every day.

What was with that punk, Toyama?

There's something really off about him.


I apologize for any discomfort caused.


I was looking for you.


There are 2,000 bars in the area...

the driver had a
hell of a time finding this place.

- Did you bring anyone along?
- No, I'm alone.

Glasses, please.

I'll just have water.
I've drunk enough for one night.

I apologize, I know that you're busy.

No apologies necessary.
I've been wanting to talk to you.

Is that so?

Will you always remain in Juso?


Not by choice, however.

Congratulations are
in order for you, aren't they?

I have to get my wife pregnant, too.


Please accept this.

What is it?

It's a gift.

Ah, I see, then.

So, are you up for taking on a job?

The Yoshimura syndicate has offered
to let you handle the supervision

of the construction workers
down at the port.

Supervision? Me?


To be clear...

it would help us at the
Hyodo syndicate as well.

I'm thinking of starting construction and
entertainment companies when I get home.

I can get financing through headquarters.

The Hyodo syndicate has
close ties with the bank, too.


If I've become dead weight for you,
just tell me straight.

Why would you think that?

Then... please tell me
I can go back home.

The police will have
forgotten things by now.

No. Their memories
are clearer than ever.

Things have changed, Ginji.
It's just the way it is.

You're the one that's changed.

You know...

I may be a member of the Hyodo
syndicate, but I'm one out of eighty four.

Even Daito has to work under
Yamaji and receive Hyodo's help.

We're stronger as a cohesive unit.

There are two or three syndicates

in Kyushu that are as powerful as Hyodo.

No matter what we do, we don't have
enough power to take over Hakata.

You're getting nowhere going
rogue with just a pistol these days.

Be reasonable here.


I'll be waiting.

I won't change.

If I die, it'll be in Kyushu.


Please don't ever forget that.


- Hey girls! How 'bout we share a coffee?
- Hey, leave us alone!


Outta my way, boys.

You can take a different way.

Say that again.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Who's going to come clean up
the mess after we slice you up?

- Fuck off!
- Bastards!

You made a big fucking mistake!

You punk!

You bastards!

He's got a gun!

Where are you running to?!




[Yoshimura Transport]

This is Yoshimura Transport.

Ginji? Yeah, he's here.

Phone call, Ginji.

This is Ginji.


I'm heading there right now.

You have to take over for me, sorry.

- What happened?
- Where's the Shinjo syndicate located?

Next to Minatogawa Park, but why,
did something happen?

One of our junior members
has caused a problem.

Wait, Gin.

Shouldn't we tell the Boss about this?

Mr. Shinjo can be a pain to work with.

It's nothing we need to worry about.

The kid's working under me, so
I'll be the one to clean up his mess.

[Heigo Shinjo, Shinjo Boss]

He's here.

Mr. Shinjo, I presume?

My name is Ginji Yozakura.
I work under Ishino of Beppu.

It appears that one of our young members
has done something truly idiotic.

I offer my sincere apologies for this.


Get him out of here.

Yoshimura just called, you know.

We had a little discussion.

A discussion?

What kind of discussion?

Who cares?
Get the hell out of here.

I care.

What was that?

Someone working under me caused this.

I have to be the one to clear it up.

I can't trouble Mr. Yoshimura.


Who the hell do you think you are?

The only reason why you can act

the way you do is because of Mr. Ishino.

Don't let it get to your head.

Tell me what you need.

Financial compensation?

A severed finger to show atonement?

Get over yourself.

A genuine war between
our syndicates could have resulted.

If you're going to offer
a finger, make it Ishino's.

What the hell's with the gun?!

Is this matter over, then?

[Fukuhara Sakurasuji]

Hey, what's going on?

Hey! Stay awake!

Ken, please forgive him!

I'm begging you!

I wronged him...

I failed Ginji!

I knew things wouldn't go smoothly,
since it was Gin...

but it ended worse than expected.

The guy he shot's just a kid,
so we got an earful from the police.

I apologize.

No, this was my mistake.

I have to say, though...

that Gin sure is an intimidating man.

I can't say I know how he thinks.

It's better if you don't, isn't it?

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

This is a rough sketch of the site.

I'd like to make the entire
ground floor a garage.

Oh, I'm sorry.

So, back to business.

[For 18 months, from
early 1959 to August 1960,]

[no one had any word
of Ginji Yozakura's whereabouts.]

[August 9, 1960]

What is it?
Did something happen?

Ginji Yozakura is here!

What the hell?!

Is he coming here?

No, he's out gambling.

If he's back for revenge, he'll come here.

For now, take this and go, Yoshiaki.



Here we are...

Let's try to go a little faster.

I'm good here.

Me too.

The match begins.

We have a "3."

I'm in.

It's you.

You're here.

There weren't any detectives out front?

They come around sometimes, you know.

It's a girl?

It is.

Her name is Kuniko.
I wanted her name to resemble yours...

You really wanted a boy, though, didn't you?

Are you disappointed?

Wh-Where did you go?!

Why would you leave me like that?!


Osaka's Soryu Federation
quickly expanded its reach,

with President Tatsubun Gen and Executive
Manager Jo Koryu gaining the most influence.

Having over 1,000 subordinates
at their disposal,

they exposed the city of Osaka
to the upper limit of tyranny.

Come on! Don't hold back now!

- Hey.
- Yeah?

Isn't that the Hyodo syndicate boss?

I've seen him in the papers...

and they're hanging out with Noji!

It's definitely him.

- You!
- Over here!

So Noji's here today?

I'm a pretty big fan of his.
We'd like a song.

I apologize, but Mr. Noji is
actually just here to relax today.

You understand, right?
Thanks, boys.

We said we want to hear a song!

Do you realize who you're fucking with?!

Think about who's on the
other side of that doorway, assholes!

You bastard!

What the hell are you thinking?!

Hyodo Executive Manager, Yukio Yamaji,

was shocked by the dismal turn of events.

[Tatsubun Gen, Soryu Boss]

This is the Hyodo syndicate.

It's insanity,

getting us involved with them...

Do you want to see us all lynched?!

What are the Hyodo to us?

I have 1,000 men who will die for our cause.

We need to launch our assault.

You goddamn fool!

1,000 men is nothing!

They have 10,000 at their disposal!
Vicious, dangerous men!

Ordinarily, you'd be considered
a waste of their resources.

They'd have cleaned things up
and gone no further.

But you screwed with their Boss,
so silence is not an option.

You all need to go into hiding, immediately.

If you don't want to die,
don't take a single step outside.

Go, now.

Working through various connections,
Tatsubun Gen constructed a peaceful settlement.

[Hyodo Syndicate Office]

Among the Hyodo's allies,
the indignant and enraged

Igawa syndicate advocated
annihilating the Soryu.

The most capable personnel from
each of the allied syndicates

secretly began assembling in Osaka.

[Kikukaso Inn]

- There you are!
- Gin!

I'm sorry to cause you worry.

What exactly happened?

I've been traveling.

To Tokyo... and further north.

Forgive me.

I've done nothing but fail you.

You're clear with me,

but Yoshimura was truly worried about you.

I sincerely apologize.

Look up, Gin.

The most important thing
is that you're okay, right?


What about putting Ginji here on the team?

I can do that.


I'm going back to Beppu now.
I leave the rest up to you.

It's Jo Koryu and Gensho Kin
that we're after.

Wiping out either of them
would be a glorious achievement.

Can you do this?

This is Shoichi, of the Kuwada,
and Sawaragi of the Nanfu.

You three work as a team.


A team second to none, then.

Looking forward to working with you.

- I have a question.
- Yes?

Our target here...
are we cleared to kill?

Of course.

Then it's best if I take care of this alone.


Osaka is vast. You won't
stand a chance on your own.

Do as you're told!

What the hell is this?

What are you doing?

You fucking idiot.

In their hunt for the Soryu, the syndicates
divided 50 elite troops into teams,

each comprised of members
who had never met before.

This was done both to
fan their competitive spirit,

and to prevent any internal attacks
being systematically carried out.

This arrangement was Yukio Yamaji's idea.

Where is your Boss hiding?

I have no idea.

You're going to try lying to us?!

He went off somewhere.
So where is he?

Where is he hiding?

- Where is he?
- I-I don't know!


What about a sweep from
Tsuruhashi to Tamatsukuri?

That's the Soryu's old stronghold, right?


It sounds like the President got to Daito.

Looks like he wants to meet Yamaji.

The Soryu will surrender at last.

Gin! Stop!

It's just a feeling, but
I don't think they're far off.

Those punks...

they're hiding somewhere close.

He never listens.

He's destined to serve time, I'd say.

That's right.

I see.

Hey, Sho.
It's about you and Kawakami.



Jo Koryu is here.
There's no mistake about it.

Shiro saw it with his own eyes.

He's over at an apartment in Seifuso.

He just went for a bath.

Come out! Now!

We know it's you in there.

There's a gun!

Given the situation, on August 23,
at Arima Hot Springs,

Tatsubun Gen proposed a total surrender

[Tatsuya Yasumoto, Hyodo Subordinate Chief]

to Tatsuya Yasumoto,
head of the Hyodo underlings,

and Yukio Yamaji, head of junior members.

Ichiro Ishino, boss of the Ishino
syndicate, acted as mediator.

102 men with relations
to the Hyodo syndicate

were arrested in the Soryu incident.

With a maximum penalty
of 12 years in prison,

the men's combined sentences
reached over 200 years.

The related court costs alone
reached millions upon millions.

How is he?

He's holed up at a hotel in Suma.

He can't come out.

We asked a few people to help,

but to no avail.

Kaizu, over in Hakata...

said that he'd be willing to take him in.



Are you insane, Hiro?

Is it not tossing gasoline onto the fire?

If he starts trouble with Chikuho, it'll be
much worse than what happened with Soryu.

You understand, right?

Do Yamaji and the others
know about this plan?

No. It's my call.

I wonder how happy Ginji will be...

I wonder how happy...

[October 27, 1960]

[Kaizu Entertainment Ltd.]

So, there you are.

[Kenzo Kaizu, Kaizu Syndicate Boss]

Quite a journey, eh?

I'm Kaizu.

Pleased to meet you.

This here is Noboru Sawaki.

Please, take your seat.

[Shimogion, Fukuoka]

[Hakata Accommodations]

Are you headed out somewhere, then?

You really have to watch
out for yourself, Ginji.

Those in Hakata are not
too fond of the Hyodo.

And there's also the police to think about.

Don't worry about me.

[Yakiyama Ridge on Road #201,
20 km from Fukuoka City]

[Residence of Tomitaro Sugiyama,
Tanko Management, Izuka City]

Well, if it isn't Ginji.

I'm sorry I'm a little rushed.
I have a meeting to attend, unfortunately.

*The largest management-labor
dispute in Japanese history.

The *Miike Struggle sure is
a pain in the ass!

Thanks for everything, Ginji.

Remember to take it easy, alright?

Hey, what's with you?


Let's have a proper conversation.

I just said I was busy, didn't I?

I didn't come here to
accept your best wishes.

My efforts gained you over
70 million yen in the Kinoshita deal.

It was two years ago, but I have
yet to receive my 10% fee.

Well, Daito should be the one
handling that payment.

I'll wait for you to collect
it from him, then.

You can't be serious.

A man of your stature

shouldn't be so irresponsible.

Are you here to extort me?
Of all people?

I'm Tomitaro Sugiyama of Chikuho, son.
You better watch yourself.


That money allowed you

to rebuild a house once destroyed.

I'd say that my 7 million is more
than enough of a bargain.

You can put the money in here.


So he's here.

[Yasuke Shikatani, Shikatani Boss]

Yoko! Come over here!

This is Ginji Yozakura.
He's a guest of the President.


Quite the looker, isn't he?

I don't think your man would
let you have a side piece.

But I like this one!


Here you are.

Miss, can you call Yoko?

She's a bit preoccupied with
Mr. Shikatani at the moment.

He's the Boss of the
Shikatani syndicate, after all.

An influential man in Chikuho,
and for Izuka's Kawashima.

And he certainly does know it.

Wanna dance?

Ginji! You can't!

You have something to say?

Take care of him.



What's his deal?

That's Ginji Yozakura.

I apologize for everything.

Bringing an asshole like him here...

is Kaizu trying to start something with us?


Good evening.

You two. Come.

Whoa, awesome!

Get out of the way! Hurry!

What a prick, right?

It reeks of the Takasu syndicate here.

Arrogant assholes!


You boys go have some fun.

Yes, sir!

Thanks! We'll go right now!


- Hey...
- Wait.

Let him do as he pleases.

He can keep going.

[Yuzo Takasu, Takasu Boss]

It doesn't matter.

I sincerely apologize for everything.

We will, of course,
provide full compensation.

No need. Our driver
was also at fault, clearly.

That Ginji Yozakura is something else.

A man who knows how
to get his message across.

I'm impressed.

Waving a pistol around turns
most people into cowards.

But even facing a gun,
he was cool and collected.

Such reckless behavior...

it's like he's not quite there.

Like he's already accepted his death.

You see it too?

Ever since I first met him, I sensed

that whatever it is that burdens
him is slowly killing him.


Word is that Ginji has
developed some ties with Kobe.


The rumors are only growing louder.

It's worrying, that's all.

What you're thinking is
absolutely impossible.

That would be ideal, wouldn't it?

Kaizu, us of Chikuho...

aren't looking for a fight.

Please keep that in mind.

The very same...

can be said for us.



As always, I'm so sorry.

You're getting a little pudgy, aren't you?

Am I?

I'm here without Kuniko,

but I'll send you one of
her drawings later, okay?

She's already able to draw pictures?

No, no. She just
turned two, after all.

She's just scribbling.

You can't make anything out of it.

Oh! And the roses
are in bloom too!

The front garden will soon be the same!

The roses that Ginji planted...


Ginji's always enjoyed being
surrounded by women.

No matter what happens,
no one's going to interfere.

Once he reaches Kobe, I think he's gone.

You think?



Be honest with me here.

Do you think we've lost Gin?

Impossible, impossible.

You're just overthinking things.

Even so...

that might be Gin's goal in the end.

That's a crazy thought...

You look like you have something to say.

I don't, really.

It's just that given his situation,
it's not impossible...

that Hakata winds up
being Gin's final resting place.

Oh? All three of you?

That's perfect. I need
you to follow me.

I took these trucks from Sugiyama.

Thought you might want them,
as a souvenir of sorts.

There's one for each of you.

[Kurume City, Komeda Syndicate]

I know you won't disappoint—

That's why I'm asking you.

Will you do this for us?

You have done much for me.

[Tokumatsu Komeda, Komeda Boss]

I will do this for you in turn.

[Room 3-302, Hakata Accommodations
Shimogion, Fukuoka]

I can't thank you enough.

To start, 500,000 yen.

Word is that Ginji Yozakura has his pistol
even when he's sleeping with women.

Watch out.

In addition, all of your
debts will be written off.


- The match begins!
- Alright!

The roll!

- Ready?
- Ready!

[January 15, 1962]

That was a close one!

- The match begins!
- Okay!

Gin, you know about this place?

- I heard from a junior member.
- Ah, I see.

Unfortunately, we're at capacity
tonight. Perhaps another time.

And what's this?

Cab fare.

I came here to have some fun.

Not to get your damn cab fare.

Are you trying to cause problems
for my establishment?

What was that?

he's already here and all...

how about letting him play a few rounds?


Hang out with shit and
you'll start to stink, you know.

This is where I head home, Gin.

I recommend you do the same.

We'll be heading out, then.

Shall we get back to it, then?

- The match begins!
- Alright!

Gin! Wait!

J-Just calm down!

Aren't you supposed to be a man?
Only a coward hides behind a gun.

Gin! Stop this!

Takasu, I'll do my best with Ginji...

can you restrain Shikatani?

If this gets out of hand,

things could get tragic for Izuka.

I'll try to smooth things over.

We'll let everyone in Izuka know.

And you'll do the same for Beppu?

It's agreed.


Pardon me, just one minute.

Did something happen to you?

Yoko. Are you off work today?

I am.

I'm bored of Hakata.

A million is coming my way tomorrow.
Let's get outta here.

Okay, let's.

Driven by fear, Shikatani
laid low in a Haruyoshi inn.

He asked Izuka's Kawashima,
an allied syndicate, for help.

The syndicate's Boss, Motoya Kawashima,

[Motoya Kawashima, Kawashima Boss]

had the temper that men from Chikuho are known for.


It's been too long!

Did you bring the kids with you?

No, I'm entirely on my own this time.

Why do you think Ishino of Beppu
attacked us like that?

Listen, Yasuke.

I heard from Takasu...

that Kaizu has told Ishino nothing.


You seriously let yourself
be embarrassed like that?

In front of everyone?
You just run away?

Where's your pride?!


You're still a man, damnit!

A son of Chikuho!


But we'll clear it up.

You just take care of Ginji.

I'll handle Kaizu and Ishino myself.

You need to kill everyone
if you're going to kill a yakuza.

We'll do in all three of them.

The thing is,

I've never actually killed anyone before...

If you can move your finger an inch...

you have enough strength to kill a man.

Is it settled then, Yasuke?

But if you embarrass us again,

it will not go unpunished!

Don't fucking forget that.

Having learned that Kawashima
had been spotted in Hakata,

Kaizu immediately reported
everything to Ishino.

- This one, please.
- Thank you very much.

Is this about Sugiyama?

It is.

Come in. The door's unlocked.

Did you bring the money?

I did.

[Hakata Accommodations]


What the hell are you doing?!



We'll be waiting, then.

Yoshimura will be here on
the 3:00 p.m. Japan Airlines flight.

In any case, we'll just have to wait.

Kiyoshi, get Yonhan.

We're going to kill those bastards.

The same way they murdered Ginji.




You still don't know for
sure that it was Kawashima.

Who else could it be?

He's the only one
that would do this to Ginji.


Bring me Yonhan!

There was anxiety on
the Kyushu side as well.

Bukichi Oura, head of Oura syndicate
and a highly powerful man,

urgently rushed from Nakama to Hakata.


We knew that something
like this would happen...

ever since Ishino got involved with Kobe.

I'll take care of him.

This is an unprecedented chance
to cleanse Kyushu of the Hyodo.


[Bukichi Oura, Oura Boss]

No matter what you may think,

war can still be avoided.

I'll meet with Ishino and see.

I imagine that he'll listen to me.

Yamaji is asking you and
Yasumoto to go to Kobe.

Your tickets are for the
6:00 p.m. departure.

You too, Kaizu. Please.


And what from there, then?

We're strong enough to
launch an attack in Kyushu.

You're ignoring that salient fact.

If we don't act, we're fucked here.


Our world has changed the past few years.

The cops are out for us now.

The timing just doesn't work.

Meaning we do nothing in Kyushu, then?

Most in Kobe wish for a compromise.

But I don't!

I'll back down...

only with Kawashima's severed
head in my hands.

I agree.

I'm with Ishino on this.

We're past the point of withdrawing here.

In any case,
just go to Kobe. Please.

The boss isn't the type of man
to let you down.

I'm asking you.

And you.


Ah, please wait one moment.

Sir, it's the Oura Boss.
The mediator himself.

This is Kaizu.


Wait a minute, then.

Oura says that he wants to meet.

Fine. Let's meet, then.

I have known Kawashima for many years...

I have no recollection of
him being dishonest.

Given what I've told you,
will you withdraw from Beppu?

Only with Kawashima's head as a souvenir.

If that is your stance,
this conversation cannot progress.

Both sides are at fault in this incident.

Is a peaceful compromise
not in everyone's interest?


This is Ginji. It's not like just
some underling was killed.


Do you think the life of a single yakuza

is worth seeing Kyushu and
Kansai alike bathed in blood?

There's no other way.

You have always listened before.
What has changed now?!

I'm no longer the Ishino of before.



Will you do as I say or not?

Give me a clear answer.

Depending on what you say,

you may find all of Kyushu upon you.

I am Ichiro Ishino.
My loyalty is to the Hyodo alone.

Very well, then.

As seen before, with Jirocho
and Katsuzo of the Kurokoma...

your life will be guaranteed
as far as Beppu.

After 24 hours has passed, however,

each and every member of the
Hyodo remaining in Kyushu

will be obliterated.

You must accept the consequences, then.

I already have.

[February 8, Sanyohon Line,
Rapid Train to Kagoshima]

Mere hours after the
breakdown in conversation,

Hyodo troops began heading in mass to Kyushu

under the order of Yukio Yamaji.

Women also assisted,
transporting arms to Hakata.

The police promptly caught wind
of the Hyodo attack strategy.

The local police focused all energy
on blocking access roads.

A riot squad frisked those passing
through Hakata Station tunnels,

but still failed to discover any weaponry.

Anyone discovered with even
a single knife was arrested

under the crime of assembling
with a dangerous weapon.

By noon, on February 8th,

over 300 Hyodo allies gathered at Hakata,

occupying 4 hotels around
the city's Nakatsu ward.

It was decided that operations
would begin at 7:00 pm.

Over 200 arrived from all throughout Kyushu

to launch an assault on the Hyodo,

in support of the Takasu
and other local syndicates.

At Yakiyama Ridge, the gateway
to the Izuka City stronghold,

a Kawashima truck loaded
with machine guns lay in wait.

[Izuka City, Kawashima Syndicate Office]

A gesture from everyone.
One totaling 20 million yen.

Thank you very much.

And what of the Hakata situation?


Ishino and Kaizu have
proven difficult to reason with.

And they might find

themselves in quite the situation soon.

Weapons hidden in food containers

were delivered to
Hyodo personnel at 5 p.m.

The Misaki syndicate,
based in Misaki, Fukuoka,

shared entertainment industry
ties with the Hyodo.

[Sankyo Enterprises]

They allowed 30 elite Hyodo
personnel to use their water route

to secretly infiltrate the region
and positions themselves on standby.

Masamichi Sagara, a trusted ally
of Kan'ichi Sekimoto and Yamaji's,

continually called Yamaji
in Kobe with updates,

and waited for the order to strike Izuka.

The Kawashima, in Izuka,
knew nothing of this.

The distance on Road 201
from Yukuhashi to Izuka

was a mere 30 km.

[7:20 pm]

Are the preparations taken care of?

Great. 7:30, then.
Don't forget.

- Transportation is ready.
- Thanks.

The plan was for the Hyodo to launch
attacks throughout the city,

taking advantage of the
police's state of disarray.

What happened?
Power outage?

The police might be behind this!

Are you just going to sit around?

Call the power company! Now!

How the hell would I know what to do?

Beats me.
I'm not a goddamn engineer.

Do we have any candles?!

This sudden power outage was coincidental,

an accident occurring
due to a faulty transformer.

Unfamiliar with the land, the
Hyodo found themselves boxed in.

- I can't wait like this!
- You have to be patient!

You want Kawashima to get a hold of you?


Gin's death was an honorable one.

But there would be nothing
honorable about dying like this.


This is the police!

You are all under arrest for the crime
of assembly with dangerous weapons!

Resistance will lead to
additional obstruction charges!

Open up!

Open this door!


Do as he says.



This is your arrest warrant!

Let me go, you bastards!

What the fuck are you doing?!


Get off me!


Just wait!

We were just made aware.

It sounds like everyone in
Hakata's been apprehended.

It's the same over with Kaizu.

The police are more active
in Fukuoka then we guessed.

So, do we proceed with the plan as is?

Withdraw immediately.


The Hyodo syndicate did
everything it could here.


Oh, shit!

- Watch out!
- Get out of the way!

- Boss!
- Get a grip!

- Get in the car!
- This is bullshit!

Ichiro Ishino was arrested on
Feb. 19th, in Nobeoka, Miyazaki.

[In Mourning]


Thanks to the efforts of the
influential Tatsuichi Shimamoto,

and Nishinomiya and his associates,

peace between the Hyodo and
the Kyushu Federation was reached.

A ceremony of reconciliation in
Kitakyushu City was scheduled.

About the deal, will you be appearing?

I need you to go to Tokyo for me.

We need a leader to attend, at least...

I need to go to Hiroshima.


Is the deal secure?

It is.

They're even willing to cross
the sea just to obtain it.

Just fucking work with us!


Why would I cooperate with filth like you?

Don't play around with us!

- What's the name of your Boss?
- I can't recall...

You think this is a joke?!

I told you!
I don't know anything!

I was just taking a bath.
The whole time!

Read this!
It's about you, isn't it?!

- Why am I arrested if I didn't do anything?
- What the hell are you saying?!


What's your name?

Hiroshi Yoshimura.

So. You're Yoshimura.

Why are you in Fukuoka?

A bit of traveling.

Don't waste our time.
You came for a fight, didn't you?

So who orchestrated everything?

As I said, I'm here on a trip.

Tell us who's behind this!

An incredible yakuza,
named Ginji Yozakura...

met an untimely end in Hakata...

so I came to attend the funeral.

[Ginji Yozakura's killer was arrested
within weeks, on February 20.]