Yalda, a Night for Forgivness (2019) - full transcript

Maryam is a young woman who is accused of murdering her husband and is sentenced to death. In the Yalda night they bring her to a live TV show so that Mona who is the only daughter of the victim see her and forgive her from her crime. But some happenings in the show make the two women to do different choices.


They're here!

Open up.

Hello, Ms. Komijani, welcome!

I'm Keshavarz.

Mr. Ayat is on his way.

Take off the handcuffs.

My daughter will be pardoned tonight.

God willing!

Were you stuck in traffic?

-Thank you.

Don't forget what I told you.

Everything will be all right.

What's this scarf?

Where's the brown one?

Take the other one off.

We're ready.

Mr. Ayat is here.

Hurry up. Get up.

-Hello, Mr. Ayat.
-Hello. How are you?

Thank God you're here.

Guide them in.

-Could you sign this?

Please, come in.

I've been here for three hours.
I was so anxious.

Sir, we have all the permits.

-We'll go live on time.
-Sounds good.

-Did you brief them on the show?
-She just arrived.

Please, have a seat.

Are you all right?

We had to run your show tonight,
which coincides with Yalda festivities.

-Not exactly great timing, but...
-Anything else, sir?

No, thank you.

And I hope we can get
the pardon, inshallah!

Why inshallah, Mr. Ayat?
Most definitely!

-You're our last hope.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

You were supposed to give me
the questions in advance.

It's nothing special.
Just about yourself.

Because I'm camera shy.

If I could speak to Mona alone.

-Be alone with her.
-You'll talk to her.

But on the show,
so we save your life.

Mr. Ayat, a moment please.

What's wrong?

What do you mean?

-What's the matter?
-Nothing, it's nothing.

It has nothing to do with us.

Here, sweetie,
I got you some clothes.

-Dressing room, please.
-I have her clothes.

There's no need.
Stay here to watch the show.

You too, please.

Mr. Ayat! The convict
can't leave the studio without me.

Of course not.

Do you want to wear this?

-Ms. Keshavarz said you can.
-I don't want to.

Here, take this off,
it's too warm here.


please be nice to Mona.

-She's coming to forgive you.
-That's nonsense.

She's selling everything
and going abroad to her mom's.

She's here for the blood money.

Don't be stupid!

She's rich!
She doesn't need the blood money.

Don't forget, Maryam.

Just say Zia was a gentleman,

Mona was like a sister,
and I regret everything.

When she arrives, kiss her hands,
and ask for forgiveness.

She's not here yet?

Ms. Keshavarz!

-Why are you here?
-I'm leaving.

Mona's not here?

If Mona isn't here,
why should I come?

She's on her way.

Keshavarz sent the car late.
So she's driving herself.

I'd like to see her alone,
I want to speak to her.

You'll see her, during the show.

The viewers don't know your story.

You must tell them.

So can I say everything?

Whatever you see fit.

Our dearest viewers, Happy Yalda.

Come in.

We're here with another
"Joy of Forgiveness."

Good evening, everyone.

Ms. Komijani,
one of tonight's guests.

-Hello, sir.

Mr. Omid Pirnia, our host.

Hello. How are you?

Don't worry about anything.

Is everything ready?

Sir, a quick rehearsal?

No, she needs to go to make-up.

Is the snow machine
ready for the ending?

Don't worry.
She'll come.

Your mother is on the phone with her.

Have a seat.

All right, my darling.
You're an angel.

I'll be here waiting for you.

Why are you begging her?

-Thank you.
-She's on her way.

That's enough, it's not a wedding.

I know what I'm doing.

-Can I wait outside?
-No, sweetheart, it'll start soon.

I'll come when Mona comes.

Don't worry, she'll be here.

-I want to use the bathroom.
-Hurry up.

Let go of me.

Sir, she won't stay there.

Okay. Sit right here.

Good evening.

Ma'am! No cell phones please.

Please, take it outside.

Keshavarz, take them to my office.


Playback on player three.

Going live without your main guest?

She'll be here in a few minutes.

I sure hope so.

Go downstairs.
Let me know when Mona arrives.

Here's the schedule.

Ms. Komijani, please stay here.

10 seconds, everyone,

standby please.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Play server two.

Roll the credits.

Camera two, close-up on Omid.

We'll start with you.

Roll the entire credits.

Forgiveness guides these steps
from death to life.

In many cases, the pardon
comes right before the execution.

For prophet's sake,

the execution wasn't carried out.

I decided to forgive.

I wanted to satisfy my God.

Forgiving your relative's killer
isn't easy.

Not everyone can do it.

Get ready.
Cutting to studio.

Camera two, be ready.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Studio going live.


In the name of God, the merciful.

We're in your homes with another episode
of "Joy of Forgiveness."

With your beautiful Yalda,

decorations of watermelons
and pomegranates,

as you open the book of Hafez,
and letting

his poetry illuminate
your winter solstice.

As is custom on Yalda Night,

we have an entertaining variety show.

I invite you to enjoy

the magnificent performance

of our talented singer,
Saman Jalili.

Listen and love it!

Happy Yalda Night!
Stay tuned.

I'm more and more in love with you,

Now that you're calmly by my side.

We have less and less pain,
without an umbrella in rain.

More than any other time...

Camera two, get ready.

I love you despite our troubles.

Your name embodies happiness.

I love you.

The feeling that we have
belongs to us.

God is telling us that he loves us.

That he cares only about us.

He loves you.

Returning to the host after the song.

Do you have a back-up plan?

We'll run the documentary next.

Clip 23.

Which server is clip 23 on?

-Get it ready.

Ready for the documentary.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Listening to this song,
I was thinking that,

our Nowruz and spring traditions

should be practiced in every season.

In Nowruz we welcome spring,

by cleaning our homes,
streets and neighborhoods.

And by throwing away hostilities,
we clean our hearts too.

Shouldn't we do this every season?

It requires sacrifice and forgiveness.

Which is our show's subject.

I now invite you
to watch a documentary

about tonight's true story.

3, 2, 1.

Run server two.

The schedule is out of order tonight!


Nasser Zia,

65 years old,

CEO of an ad agency in Tehran.

Four years ago,

he married his employee.

A temporary marriage.

Maryam Komijani

was a friend and colleague of Mona,

Nasser Zia's only child.

But last autumn,

this temporary union ended abruptly.

After a week of quarrels,

the pregnant young woman
murdered her husband.

Across the street,
inside that building,

a man was killed by his wife

last October.

It was here
that our tragic drama happened.

Maryam Komijani,
who claims the murder was accidental,

chose her unborn baby

over her husband.

Maryam's child was stillborn.

Tragically, she was sentenced
to death by retribution.

According to court documents,

she kept her pregnancy secret,

which led to the quarrels.

My client Ms. Komijani

learns of her pregnancy four weeks in.

She informs Mr. Nasser Zia

that very night.

Zia's condition for this marriage
was no pregnancy.

And Maryam had accepted it.

He was so angry.
I got my suitcase to leave.

Did he want to keep you from leaving?

He shoved me into the room
and locked the door.

And the suitcase?

It was here.

Hello, my name's Zia.

ID please?

Ms. Keshavarz,
your guest is here.

Yes, Ms. Zia.

Please wait a second.

I'm sorry sir, I have to see Mrs. Sar...

Run your bag through the scanner.

I want to see Mrs. Saravandi.

That's not possible.
It's a live show.

When it's over she'll come down.

She was asked to reenact
the events of that night.

Mr. Ayat.

Why are you showing all this?

It's just an introduction.

An introduction?

Ms. Zia has arrived.

-Has she?
-Take her to the stage.

Ms. Etemadi, please get Ms. Zia
ready for broadcast.

-Cover her properly.

We were tough
during her interrogation.

But later we became nicer

so she opened up to us.

Show us how you pushed him down.

-Was he bleeding?

At night, I noticed a crowd
and police cars.

I saw them carrying
Mr. Zia's bloodied body.

I called out his name.

His lips were moving.
He was alive.

I left in a hurry.

She may have been terrified of Nasser.

She's young, must've panicked
when she saw blood.

She was afraid, so she fled.

Answer your phone or turn off the ringer.

Nasser was alive for half an hour.

The ambulance arrived at 10:12PM.

The victim had no vital signs.

If Maryam had called an ambulance,
Nasser would've survived.

If I was after his money,
I would've had the abortion.

Our aim is to find
the root causes of such tragedies.

Family murders have root causes

that need to be studied.

We can all be a Maryam or a Nasser.

Be patient.

-Let me go outside.
-Please sit down.

-Please. Have a seat.

Can't I watch this standing?


Leave me alone.

Temporary marriage avoids sin.

But Maryam willingly got into it,

only for Zia's money.

Mr. Ayat,

she's very agitated.

Pull her out, she'll ruin the program.

Mr. Ayat, just a second.

You're not supposed to be here.

Can I go and calm her down?

She wanted a permanent marriage,

getting used to Zia's luxurious lifestyle.

Why did you share these pictures mom?

Where is Mr. Ayat?


I swear I gave them your best photos.

So people could see
how pretty you were.

Don't make a scene.

For God's sake, don't ruin this.

Stop broadcasting this.

It's nothing, it's like a news piece.

But you're humiliating me.

Forgive her.

You wait here.

Let's talk.

...and from then on,
hate replaces love.

Maryam didn't know how

to control her emotions.

Mr. Zia was rich

and fulfilled
Maryam's repressed desires.

Fancy cars, clothes, restaurants...

A show off.

We had an agreement.

What agreement?

If you're showing my miseries,
at least let me talk.

You have a whole hour to talk.

We do this show to save
the lives of people like you.

I don't want to be on your show.

Hopefully tonight,

Mona Zia will save her from execution.

Sir, in four minutes.

Just a second please.

You wait here.

We'll use her mother.

But she's not scheduled.

-Take care of it.
-There's no time.

We have to see Mrs. Saravandi,
it's urgent.

I already told your wife,
it's a live show.

It's not possible.

Have a seat,
they'll come when they're done.

Have a seat, madam, please.

-Your name?
-Massi Saravandi.

-Your full name?
-Massoumeh Beygom Saravandi.

-Father's name?

ID number and city of birth?

1233, Aligoudarz.

Ms. Keshavarz!

Yes, sir.

Is she ready?

-In a minute.
-I'll do it myself!

No need!
Stay back where I told you.

I don't want my mom to speak for me.

You can ruin your life if you wish,

but I won't let you ruin my show.

We convinced Ms. Zia
to come save your life.

And what do you do?
You're ungrateful.

-You turn your back on us.
-No I didn't.

She's here to save you.

It wasn't intentional, I'm innocent.

You are sentenced to death!

I died when my son died, I'm not afraid.

Bite your tongue.

Stay here, I'll handle this sweetheart.

Let's go ma'am.

Please, let me speak for myself.

Let me come.

Let me come.

Ms. Komijani.

This way please.

Ready everyone.

Going live.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Live, from the studio.

Dear viewers,

the effective documentary
we've just watched

sheds light on tonight's true story.

It was handpicked
from hundreds of similar cases.

And like all 23 episodes of this season,

the aim is to obtain forgiveness
for the convict.

All right, dear viewers,
I remind you,

that just as always,
you can participate in

our sponsored text message competition.

If you think Maryam Komijani
deserves to be forgiven,

text the number one to 30001.

And if not, send a number two.

By the end of the show,

if the number one
surpasses five million,

half the blood money will be paid

by our sponsors
to the victim's family.

With nine million votes,
it will be fully paid.

Without further ado,

let's start tonight's true story.

Stay with us.

I welcome our dear guests
Ms. Mona Zia

and Ms. Maryam Komijani.

It's an honor to have you both

accept our invitations to share

your stories with us,
on this beautiful Yalda Night.

Rest assured.

-Hello, Ms Firouz.

-Keshavarz will be here shortly.
-Of course.

Are you on "Joy of Forgiveness”?

-Yes, sweetie.
-Can I have a minute?

-Sure, later.
-It's urgent!

I'll be on soon.

Hello, Ms. Firouz. Welcome!

-I promise you a selfie.
-I don't want that.

Where are you going?

Please have a seat.

Please my dear, have a seat.

I have a Masters of Fine Arts
in Graphic Design.

And a degree in business management.

And I'm currently running
my late father's ad agency.

You were Mr. Zia's only child?


Please describe your relationship
with your late father.

My relationship with my father...

was full of love.

Because he didn't have
any other children.


We were good friends in fact.

Are you always this restrained?

It's clear why we're here tonight.

Ms. Zia,

how did your family's relationship
with the Komijani family begin?

It started years ago.

I was in my teens.

When our families met.

Our fathers worked together.

Ms. Komijani, do you remember

when you first met Ms. Zia?

I was six years old
when I first met her.

She can barely speak.

She's mumbling.

Her father

was my father's personal driver,

and we were driving north
for the holidays.

He couldn't leave his family alone.

So we had Maryam
and her mother join us.

So you were close enough

that you traveled together.

My father had great trust
in Mr. Komijani.

May he rest in peace.

People have their own troubles.
Yalda's festive.

They need to laugh tonight.

Ms. Komijani,

how many siblings do you have?

I told you not to air this tonight.

Repeat the question.

How many siblings do you have?

That film you showed
is not correct.

I didn't marry Nasser for money.

Give her a warning.

Let her speak.

I did it because of my mother.

She said only Nasser can make me happy.

I liked him and I believed
that Nasser loved me.

But everything changed.

Go to Zia, right away.

Ms. Zia, let me ask you this.

You were close to your father.


Did he ever discuss
his romantic relationship

with Ms. Komijani
which led to their marriage?

No, never. My father...

I can firmly state,
and he'd confirm this if he was alive,

that there was never
any talk of marriage.

We respected each others' privacy.

We minded our own business.

But I'm pretty confident, because...

Maybe it's not necessary

to discuss private matters here.


My father and my mother

had a long-distance
relationship for years.

Because of her illness.

She's been abroad for treatment
but they never divorced.

They loved each other...

Shouldn't we tell the truth?

Nasser wanted to marry me.

He insisted for three months.

He said he's lonely.
Because his wife left him.

Could you hand me my purse?

They stayed married only for money.

I swear it was Nasser

who wanted a marriage.

Please, control your emotions.

Please calm your nerves.

Your mic is close and we're close by.

So please, lower your voice.

Tell him not to ask these questions.

I'm afraid of her answers.

Be calm and respectful.

How many siblings do you have?

Maryam's reaction, please.

When did your father die?

12 years ago...

He had an accident.
Died a year later.

Who was supporting you
and your family afterwards?

Mr. Zia, but I got a job
as soon as I could.


I did accounting for her,
and then I was Nasser's secretary.

Is it true that Ms. Zia
offered you the job?

Maybe it's redundant,

to keep coming back
to these past events.

I warned Mr. Ayat.

I knew this would happen.

It's been only two years
since the murder.

But Mr. Ayat insisted that

Ms. Zia's going abroad
and it's our last chance

to have her on the show to forgive.


You're right.

I told him several times
that it's Yalda feast.

People need something more cheerful.

And he even helped the Komijani family
move to Tehran.

And I did my best

to get Ms. Komijani

the job she wanted

to financially support her family.

Because they were helpless...


She didn't have
the education for the job,

but I fought for her like a sister,

and she got a really good salary.

I personally thank you.

I was just doing my duty.

You were being generous.

Ms. Komijani...

I think that...

You've been in prison

for what, 15 months?

Hello, Mr. Mamad.
Come on in.


Thanks, leave it on the table.

Ms. Komijani, I want to ask you
about regret and remorse.

-I'm not a murderer.

Of course I regret it.

I have a question.

What is a murder?

How do you define it?

It is proven

that my father was alive

for 40 minutes after being pushed

by this young woman.

He was still breathing for 40 minutes.

And she could've saved him.

With a single phone call.

But she didn't. She fled.

Let her speak.

What is premeditated murder?

You could've saved him
with a phone call.

Why didn't you?

I was shocked.

I've said it a hundred times,

I didn't know
that Nasser was still alive.

I was so scared that I just fled.

You think being in a state of shock

justifies your actions?

What do you know?
Can you put yourself in my shoes?

Seeking pity

is not suitable for your show.

You have to be realistic.

Yes, you're right.

Accept my apologies!

You're on this program to forgive.

For sure.

I apologize for anything
that might upset you.

I've lost everything I've ever had.

I've lost my father, my husband...

And my son.

I was 14 when my father died.

Nasser was very supportive.

He was always helping us.

He'd do everything for us.

I loved him like a father.

Why would I do such a thing?

I don't mean to downplay
the loss of your father.

But there's a big difference

between your father's death
and Ms. Zia's father's murder.

I didn't do it intentionally.

I loved Nasser like a father.

Why would I do this?

But when you were young,

did you dream about marrying him?

No, never.

I said I liked him as a father.

She was like an older sister to me.

The day they gave me a job
was the best day of my life.

I couldn't afford my university.

When they hired me, I was so happy.

I paid for her studies.

I wanted her to advance,
just like a sister.

I wanted her to be happy.

So kind of you.

Ms. Komijani, with all the warnings

from Ms. Zia,

how did you marry a man
older than your father?

I didn't want to.

I was a low-level employee doing my job.

It was Nasser who kept on insisting.

He'd buy me gifts.
He'd ask me out on dates.

At first I wouldn't go.
I'd refuse.

Until one day he came in
and he said “I can't live without you.”

He said “I love you.”

So he proposed to you?

He asked to come
to our house to propose.

He told me directly!

Were you aware of this proposal?

I actually want her to finish her story.

She's very accurate.

What happened next?

What was my reaction?

What was your reaction?

I asked her not to come to work
for a month.

I knew she was fascinated
with my father's money.

-That was nothing new.
-Yes. I told her everything.

I didn't even tell my mother.

I told her first.

Yes, she said
don't show up for a month.

And you didn't go?

Of course not.

And then?

It was a Tuesday.
She drove me, saying:

"Don't come for a month
and he'll forget you."

"My father proposes
to all my friends."

"Don't show up,
he'll forget about you."

And I obeyed.

I was being kind.

I liked her.
I still like her.

But she didn't understand,
and she still doesn't.

She won't forgive her.

She has the right.

She won't forgive.

What do you think?

I can't pass a judgement.

Have some tea.

Thank you.

Bring them some tea too.

-Some tea for them.

I didn't go to work for a month.

But Nasser kept on insisting.

My mother insisted.

Nasser called me every day to see me.

To convince my uncle
to accept his proposal.

My mom insisted
that it was unfair to reject him.

He had helped us so much.

So your family forced you into this?

My father didn't need anyone's pity.

That's nonsense.

That's not who my father was.

She didn't mean any offense

to your late father.

I promise you that.

Ms. Komijani...

Can I ask you something?

I took her advice.

I didn't go to work for a month.

After a month, I called her.
She never answered.

I went to the office,
she had ordered them not to let me in.

I waited for her outside for hours.

-Please, calm down.
-She slapped me.

She told me things
I can't repeat here.

You have to cut away.

Yes, please! Pull her out
and give her some advice.

Prep the stats on text messages.

Like an older sister,
I wanted her to wake up.

But she didn't get it.
She still doesn't.

Mr. Pirnia, I have a question for you.

A girl her age,

who accepts a temporary marriage

a 65-year-old man,

and immediately becomes pregnant,

what's her aim?

I've already told you I regret it!
How else can I say it?

When I married Nasser,
I didn't want it to be temporary.

It all started when she told me
to have an abortion.

Allow me! She raises a good point.

Ms. Zia, did you know
about her pregnancy?

I don't remember
how I first heard about it.

But there is a lot of evidence

that proves I was abroad at the time.

You were there!

Your doctor is my witness,
you were there!

Why are you like this tonight?

She's lying!
You were there!

You took me to the gynecologist.

You wanted to kill my baby
to inherit everything yourself!

Why are you lying?

This will ruin me and the network.
Cut her off.

No I beg you, don't cut her off.

Ma'am, please, don't cut her off!

I won't take responsibility for this.
Talk to Mr. Ayat.

Quiet please!

It's all because of your rage.

I beg you. Please, keep calm.

Now get up slowly
and welcome Ms. Firouz.

Please welcome

our great movie star... Ms. Firouz.

Please applaud!


Have a seat, please.

Thank you for coming.

Ms. Firouz left her film set

to join us tonight.

I know that you don't have much time,

but you're here to read
a poem by Hafez,

and also to draw a winner.

We're all yours.

Hello to your guests

and the studio audience.

Also to you.

And to all my countrymen,
everywhere in the world.

I'm very happy to be here
on this beautiful night.

-Thank you.
-Yalda means that life is so short,

that the extra moments
we spend together,

are cause for a celebration.

Beautifully said!

Happy Yalda!

Happy Yalda to you too.

So if you don't mind...

Here's a copy of Hafez.

Make our Yalda Night complete
with a poem by Hafez.


No thank you.

-Sir, tea?
-Thanks. God bless you.

It's so strange!

Your viewers will think
that it's all staged.

No, they know that we're live.

"Plant the tree of friendship, that,
to fruit, the heart's desire bringeth

"Up-- pluck the bush of enmity,
that countless troubles bringeth.

"When thou art the guest of love
with travelers

"If thou be a dreg-drinker,
intoxication of wine this dreg bringeth.

"The night of society with beloved ones,
reckon plunder.

"After our time, the sphere
many a revolution maketh,

"many a night winter
and day spring bringeth.

"Laila's litter-keeper,
in whose order is the moon's cradle,

"O God into his heart
cast the wish that,

"passing by the abode of Majnun,
he may cause.

"In this garden the world Hafez,
gray of head, asketh God

"that he sits by the river and a cypress
may bring into his embrace."

I enjoyed that.

Thank you very much.

Please draw a winner.

-So I just grab one?
-Yes. Let me mix it up.

I'll do it for you.

Go for it.

Ms. Leyla Naghdi.

This week's best forgiver.

A round of applause!

Thank you for your time.

Any final words?

We're all ears.

Just one sentence.

No doubts,
when you're doing a good deed.


All right, dear viewers...

Cutting to commercials...

Commercials, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Play server three.

Ms. Zia, can I see you
privately for a minute?

Thank you.


what's wrong with you?

You talk as if she's the murderer.

I don't care at all.

You may be fine with being hanged,

but not your mother.

Wait right here please.

Maryam, come with me.

-It was a pleasure.
-Thank you for coming out.

Goodbye, Madam.

Can I speak to Mr. Ayat?

Put yourself in her place,
would you forgive?

Would you?

I didn't cut you off.

You said everything you wanted to.

But now forgiveness is not guaranteed.

Tell her how hard it was
to convince Ms. Zia.

But now, nothing's certain.


Come here.

-You wait right here!
-What's wrong?

What's the matter?

Ms. Keshavarz!

You can't go.
Come with me.

The beautiful Yalda
is the longest night of the year.

This is how you thank me?

I didn't do anything.

What lies are you talking about?

-Mr. Ayat! Please!
-Wait right here!

Sit down please.

This couple claims
that this kid is your son.

Tell her what you told me.

Ms. Maryam!

I swear to God
your own mother insisted.

She said my daughter
will be hanged.

And her son will be an orphan.

She said this way you'll have a son
and the boy a mother.

I swear to Imam Hussein
I didn't want to do this.

Do you have any other kids?

My wife has had two stillbirths.

Doctors warned us against pregnancy.

Our child was stillborn
a day before your son's birth.

The nurse switched their bracelets.
It was her mother's idea.

They wouldn't let me see you
at the hospital.

Two months later,

my mother-in-law passed away.

I told Reza this is a sign from God,

that the baby's mother didn't approve.

I saw your mother
on the show's teaser.

I couldn't sleep at night.

I told Reza it'd be a sin
to keep this baby.

We have to return him.

God loves you!

Tell them to run more commercials.

What are you doing here?
Get out!

They're lying, Mr. Ayat!
They're liars!

I've called you a thousand
times since last night.

You don't answer your phone.

Have you no shame?
We had an arrangement.

Why did you do this to me?

I did it for you, sweetie!

Mona would never forgive you
with this baby.

You switched my child
with a dead baby behind my back!

Why didn't you tell me?

Are you stupid
or pretending to be stupid?

Ma'am, this is not the place for this!

-You should've been truthful.
-I couldn't!

Focus on the pardon.

-We have to tell the truth to Mona.
-Mona wouldn't forgive.

I'd get in trouble. They'd get in trouble.
That poor nurse...

What we did is illegal.

You're his mother, and I'm yours.

Can't you see
what I've been through for this kid?

Can't you see
what I've been through for you?

It's under control.

The kid won't be mine
without a birth certificate in Zia's name.

Mona will think I lied to get the pardon.

It's all over with a pardon.

But she'll take my baby!

-Maryam, calm down!
-The kid is terrified!

Maryam, don't do this to me.

Ms. Keshavarz, please help.

Calm down.
Everything will be all right.

30 million people are watching you.

That couple is telling the truth.

The kid is alive and well.

Get the pardon.
Later you can prove he's your son.

But first the pardon!

Let's go save your life.

Greetings again.

Our dear viewers,

Ms. Zia has shown great strength

by coming to "Joy of Forgiveness" tonight,

despite having suffered so much.

And to possibly forgo her legal
and religious right for retribution.

And inshallah, she will forgive you.

Ms. Komijani,

the court has sentenced you
to the death penalty.

But I can see in your eyes
that you're regretful and remorseful.

Dear viewers,

you saw for yourself that Ms. Komijani

remembers precisely the number of days
she served in prison.

Ms. Komijani...
We don't have much time left.

Are you guilty or not?

-In one word.

What was your biggest sin?
Only one sentence please.

I know that I can never take back
what I've done.

But I became pregnant,

because I wanted to be a mother.

It wasn't planned.

I did nothing against religion.

I know I can't right this wrong.

But I regret
from the bottom of my heart.

From the bottom of my heart,
I beg you to forgive me.

I've also lost my father,
I know how difficult it is.

But I want to live.
I want you to forgive me.

Mona, forgive me.

If you want to kill me,

do it right now,
but don't make me suffer.

Don't make me go to prison and suffer.

I swear I'm tired.

Mona, forgive me.
Give me back my life.

My life is in your hands.
Forgive me.

I beg of you, Mona.

Ms. Zia...

You heard Ms. Komijani express regret

and beg for your forgiveness.

Before making your final decision,

if there's something
you'd like to say to our viewers,

please do.

I have nothing to say.

All right, dear viewers,

tonight we have 22 law students

from the University
of Applied Sciences and Morals.

They'd like to read a text
for Ms. Mona Zia.

With your permission of course.

Go ahead.

Introduce yourself.

I'm Nastaran Nikmanesh,
a second-year law student.

Please, we're listening.

In the name of God the compassionate,
the merciful.

Ms. Mona Zia,
Ms. Maryam Komijani, greetings.

We thank the creators
of "Joy of Forgiveness,"

who gathered us here

with millions of viewers
and warmed our hearts.

We've learned as much as a semester.

The ending is the most
important part of any story.

Ms. Zia, we ask you

to give the gift of life
to Ms. Maryam Komijani,

who has suffered tremendously.

Such an ending
would be the greatest gift

to her and millions of viewers.

Warmest regards,

students of Applied Sciences and Morals.

Thank you very much.

Dear viewers,
as is customary on our show,

Ms. Zia will now leave us

to make a decision.

Don't forget that an eye for an eye

is Ms. Zia's legal and religious right.

She's the only one who can forgive.

But I humbly ask Ms. Zia

to have mercy

on this young woman.

She will then be freed after serving
three to six years in prison.

Remember, there's more joy

in forgiveness than in vengeance.

Dear viewers, we now come
to the critical point of the show.

Your votes for forgiving Ms. Komijani:

6,821,200 text messages.

Half the blood money
will be paid by our sponsors.

If Ms. Zia chooses to forgive.

You can still participate
in our text message competition.

Does Maryam Komijani
deserve to be forgiven?

Text one for yes, two for no.

Send your text messages to 30001.

Stay tuned!

Where is Ms. Keshavarz?

She'll be here shortly.

Ma'am, I am really grateful to you.

And I thank you as well.

Please allow me
to guide you off the stage.

-Do I keep these on?
-Yes, please.

For the final decision.

Ms. Keshavarz will accompany you.

Don't worry.

Let me talk to her.

Ms. Keshavarz, help her.

Rest assured.

No worries, I promise
that she'll forgive you.

Give him to me.

Let me put him to sleep
so he doesn't make any noise.

Sweetheart! My love.

Sleep, my angel.

He doesn't sleep like that.

I know how to do this.
He looks just like his mother.

Sit down.

An apple!

Did it start yet?

Too long!

I'll put him to sleep.

You can't put him to sleep either.

Don't you want him to be calm?
He's calm!

I said he should sleep.
This might take forever.

-He'll sleep.
-This is how you did it for six months?

-Ms. Zia, are you tired sweetheart?

It'll all be over soon.

Do you want something to drink?

All right, I'll let you be.

Do I have time
to get a pill from my car,

and to take a cigarette break?

Yes, of course!

I'll join you for the cigarette break.
Let me just get my jacket.

-Can you also get my purse?

-Can you turn this light off?

Ms. Zia, let's go.
We have to hurry.

I've been secretly smoking
since I was 25.

They're lights.
You want some?

I'll get my own cigarettes.

Just please, hurry.

Ms. Zia!

What are you doing?


-Hi, Mona, where are you?

The kid is alive!

Aren't you at the TV station?

Her bitch-ass mother lied to us.


Maryam's kid is alive!

-Take it easy.
-I saw him myself.

You leave the country next week.

We have his death certificate.

I want her to die.

I want her hanged.

But you need the blood money.

-I'll even get her kid.
-It's not easy.

-Only execution!
-And all your debts?

Lying whore!


Go already!

-What is it?
-Roll down your window!

If you don't care about me,
at least care about your car!

Nothing happened to you.
I saw you get up.

-It was your fault!
-My fault?

I don't have time to argue with you.

This is how you apologize?

-Keep your money!



-Get out!
-Get lost!

I said get out!

Get off.

Text messages.

Ready for text messages.

Keshavarz has disappeared.
She's not answering her phone.

-Let's do a song.
-It's not scheduled.

We have the permits.

We should report it
before it's too late.

I'll handle it.

What's the matter?

-What is it?
-It's nothing.

13,952,000 votes
for Maryam's forgiveness.

Thank you very much.

Let's enjoy another live performance.

And then we'll continue
with the show.

Can I go downstairs?

No, please stay here.

Have a seat.
Don't worry.

-I said get out!
-Sir, go away!

-Get away!
-Come out and apologize!

What are you doing, get off!

You're nuts!

What did you do?

Sir, please come down!

-I apologize to you.
-She needs to apologize.

She has to apologize.

I apologize. How's that?
I apologize to you!

She has to do it.

Sir, forgive her, for my sake.

Ms. Zia, get out and apologize.

Sir, I apologize.
I said I'm sorry!

Get out!

They're coming.

Please, remember that no one
is forcing you to forgive.

Go ahead.

It's up to you to forgive or not.

You have every right.

The prosecutor wants to speak to you.

-Two minutes.

-Hope you're fine, ma'am.
-Thank you.

Mr. Ayat explained everything to me.

If the baby is alive,
he can decide his mother's fate.

When he becomes an adult,

he can decide to forgive
or hang his mother.

You can be his guardian.

But just know that as a son,

he will inherit twice as much as you.

For now, focus on forgiving her or not.

If tonight you don't forgive her,

actors, athletes and journalists

will never leave you,

to change your mind.

I'm leaving the country next week.

It makes no difference.

They'll find you anywhere on social media.

Mr. Azghandi, I'm sorry.

Ms. Zia...

an eye for an eye is very costly.

It's not easy at all.

-I'm at your service.
-Thank you.

-This is for you.
-Thank you.

Ms. Zia.

It's time.

But first, I need to know your decision.

I can't forgive her.

Your lawyer wants to talk to you.

You enter from there.

Mona, forgive me, Mona!

All right, dear viewers, the wait is over.

I apologize
for the long commercial break.

Ms. Zia has joined us again

for this final segment.

So has the prosecutor,

Mr. Azghandi.

Mr. Azghandi, if there's something

you'd like to say, please do.

Thank you, and hello to you,

your guests and your viewers.

I hope that God willing, tonight's show
will also have a happy ending.


Ms. Komijani's mother

has also joined us.

Welcome, madam.

Thank you.

All right.

Ms. Zia.

Here we go.

With my father's death,

my soul was wounded.

And this wound will never heal.

I will never see my father again.

I cannot forgive my father's murderer.

Say nothing.
Say nothing.

So his soul can rest in peace...

and with my apologies
to my mother...

and to all our friends...

and family...

who have been kind to us
over the years...

I forgive her.

God have mercy!

Thank you, thank you!

This woman's courageous
decision proves

that there's divine pleasure
in forgiveness.

This was the most beautiful
Yalda Night of my life.

We only have two minutes left.

Your texts have surpassed

the 20-million mark.

A new record for our program.

The blood money will be paid in full

by our sponsors.

I thank everyone!

On behalf of our producer and our crew,
I thank everyone.

I thank Prosecutor Azghandi,

and his colleagues at the judiciary.

I thank our friends in broadcasting,

we couldn't have done it without them!

I thank you.

"Oh Lord, give me a breast,
fire inducing

with a burning heart inside."

Happy Yalda Night!

Until next week,
and a new episode, farewell.

Everyone be ready
for a group photo.

Mr. Ayat, can you come down
for the photo?

Ma'am, I thank you very much!


Turn the auditorium lights on.

It was very kind of you.

-May God protect your children.
-God loves you.

Control room crew, where are you?

Ms. Zia, we'll call you

for the blood money.


I have to prove he's my son.

I'll call you back.

Only you can help me
prove this, Mona.

I'll give you anything you want.

Help me.

Shut your mouth.

I don't want to hear anything.

We'll return the apartment.

You can't use Nasser Zia's name
to prove anything.

-Get it?
-Wasn't Nasser his father?

Forget Nasser Zia's name entirely.
Do you hear me?

-So my son is a bastard?
-I don't give a shit!

Nasser Zia is dead.

You killed him.

I want to be alone with my kid.

Congratulations, Maryam.


Why did you lock the door?

Please open up.