Yakuza keibatsu-shi: Rinchi - shikei! (1969) - full transcript

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The Yakuza are groups of men
bound by ironclad rules.









Please, no!

Don't do it!


In the world of the Yakuza,
there are two rules.

One should not steal
or have affairs with married women.

Boss, they're here!

Kill them!

Kill them!

Retreat! Retreat!

Fucking fools!

Hey, open the door! Open it!

It's Shinkichi.

Oren, it's your brother Shinkichi!

- Is that Shinkichi?
- We have defeated them.

We own their territory now!


Listen, everyone.

You will each get a bonus
according to your performance today.

Thank you!

- Everyone, show me your swords.
- Eh?

Just do as I say.

Tomozo, you did a fine job.
Without you, we might've lost.

You will be in charge
of the gambling house in Tonemura.

- Thank you.
- Congratulations, brother!

Very good.

Good, good.

Good work.

That's incredible!

It looks like a saw.
You must've killed at least ten of them.

Very good.

Here, buy yourself a new one.

Thank you.


Shinkichi, what's this?

Show me that sword, you idiot.

No one expects you to have killed
as many as Tomozo or Mamushi.

Give it to me.

How many men did you kill with this?
There's not even a nick in it.

You ought to be ashamed.

Do you want to join
your dead comrades?

Boss! Please hold on.

- I can explain.
- Explain?

The truth is,
Shinkichi didn't fight with that sword.

I gave him my sword instead.

You mean to tell me that it's your fault
this sword is still sharp, Tsune?

I was suddenly overcome with fear.
Please forgive me.

That's no excuse!

Forgive me.

Is that it, Tsune?

You should not take Yakuza rules
so lightly.

I understand...

- Stop! Please, stop!
- This is men's business.

I know, but please forgive him.

Shut up.
The rules must be maintained.

Boss, I understand your anger.

But please, let me take care of Tsune.

I see.

Very well, if you feel so strongly.

About Tsune and what happened
the other day...

I don't want to hear about it.

But he's truly sorry.
You must forgive him.

Shut up!

I give shelter
to many a young delinquent.

I have to set an example.

Tsune should be grateful
that I'll take no further action.

I'm going out.

Setsu, please listen to me.

You must stay away from that gangster!

It's nothing to worry about, Father.

Please just get some rest.

Shohei, wait.

I know you were listening.

I'm sure father will forgive you
if you leave the Yakuza.

- Right...
- Shohei, do you do it for this money?

No, the money has nothing
to do with it.

Buy some medicine with it.

Why is it, then?

The Yakuza have a code.
Nothing can be done!


- How did you get that cut?
- I finally received the Yakuza marking.

But you promised me that you'd leave!

Setsu, take care of your father.


Rolling the dice.

- It's odd!
- Even, even!

Don't look so glum, Tsune.
How about a drink?

Thanks to you, brother, I am still here.

Never mind that.

We're going to Masagotei.

Why don't you come
after the gambling's over?

Let's go.

It's a good gambling house,
with good customers.

- They make a lot of money.
- Yes, but so do you.

What do you mean?

There are two taboos
in the Yakuza world.

Stealing and messing
with other people's women.

It'll cost you more than just a finger
to make up for breaking those rules.

- Bastard!
- What are you doing? Get off!

There it is!

I get it, I get it.

You're worried about this, right?

You can keep it.

But remember,
I have my troubles as well.

So, Tsune,
why are you protecting Shinkichi?

I'm not protecting him.

I don't believe you.
You're not the type to run from a fight.

Please, don't ask me anymore about it.

Well, alright.
I won't ask about it.

Please pardon my selfish request.

- Stupid bitch!
- What are you doing?

Silence! Don't you know
who Shinkichi of the Kuroiso family is?

- Stop that.
- Get out of my way.

- You'd best leave.
- You leave!

He's using my name.
I can't allow this.

Bring him to me.

- You, come with me.
- Why?

Boss, please...

...forgive me!

Silence! Bind him.

Boss, he's just a kid.

I know you're angry,
but just let him go.

If the Boss says that a black crow
is white, then it's white.

- That's the Yakuza law.
- Forgive me.

Tie him up and take him
to the river.

- Get up.
- Wait! Please, wait!

I'll do anything.
Please, just let him go.


You'd do anything?


I pity her.

If only she could escape.

Here she is, Boss.

Come in at once.

Not you, idiot. Get out.


Young lady! Come in, come in.

- Come closer.
- What are you going to do?

This is what a man and a woman do
when they're alone!

Let go of me!

Be quiet!

I should've given two of my fingers

so that both of them could have escaped.

Oren and Shinkichi
could have had a better life.

Oren! What brings you here?

I came to see if you were alright.

Actually, I came to apologize.

Does the Boss know you're here?

No. I haven't told anyone.

That's no good.
If he hears about this...

I had to apologize.

You've gone through so much
because of Shinkichi.

Don't worry about it.

I'm the one...
who should be apologizing to you.

No, don't say that.

Shinkichi was pretending
to be a Yakuza.

Who was that?

That bastard Mamushi.

Such bad timing...

I have to sell this land,
so you can run away.

But what will happen to you?

Don't worry about me. Just leave.

It's already too late
after what he's done to my body.

Don't say such foolish things.

I've finally found someone
who cares about me.

Someone I can count on.


In the world of the Yakuza,
there are two rules.

One should not steal
or have affairs with married women.

Mamushi said
he didn't see anything.

Tsune, what are you thinking about?

Don't worry so much. Let's drink.

I'll talk to the Boss
when he's in a good mood.

Thank you.

Excuse me!

Oh, Shohei.

Tomozo, the gambling profits.

Good work. Have a drink.

Thank you.

- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.

You must've made
a lot of money tonight.

This isn't as much as I was hoping for.

That place should be earning
50 ryo a night.

Do you mean I'm not doing a good job?

- Are you answering me back, Tomozo?
- Not at all, sir.

Only, you were kind enough
to make me manager,

but it appears I'm not capable.

Are you saying
you're not up to the job?


- Please allow me to resign.
- Very well.


You two, just a moment.


Tell me the truth.

Has Tomozo been dipping
his hand in here?

Nothing of the sort...

Spit it out!

You know the Boss doesn't have
the patience for this nonsense.

You won't be able to tell him
from your graves.


What? Out with it!

Actually, it's just as you suspect.

Damn it. I knew it.

Also, Tomozo spent a fortune
on a fancy meal with Tsune at Masagotei.

What? With Tsune?


You must be careful, Boss.

Those two are always together.

I see.

Assemble the younger members
without alerting Tomozo.

Damn it. Why would he do that?

You've finally found out the truth.

You're far too soft on people.


We need to take care of Tomozo,
or we'll be in the shit, too.

- You understand?
- I understand.

I can feel it in my gut.

Alright! You go to Kagura,
and I'll get the others.

Look lively!

I broke my oath. Mamushi told me
about Tsune and Oren.

Sometimes you have no choice
but to play against the rules.


Listen to me.
Something has happened to Shohei.

- To Shohei?
- Yeah. Come with me.

Thanks for telling me.

What should I do?

Run away with Oren
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

What's taking those idiots so long?

It's your fault for getting involved
with an inexperienced woman like Oren.

Besides, who knows
when Tomozo will hear about this?

Damn it. I won't let that happen.



- No! Let me go!
- Setsu!

Damn you...

- I should've expected this from you.
- Shut up!

You'll be in big trouble
once I open my mouth.

I'll tell the truth
before you can talk.

Fool! Have you gone soft in the head?

- We're equally to blame.
- What?

- But I'm not as dirty as you are.
- Right!

I've already broken the code!

No! Stop!

And this is for what you did to Setsu.

Wait. Nothing happened to her.
I didn't touch her, honestly.

Shut your mouth!

Stop it!

Wait! I didn't touch her. It's true!

Setsu... My Setsu!


I didn't do anything... Please stop!

Liar! I'll cut out your snake's tongue!

So you're my assassin?

You mean... you know?

Shinkichi brought Oren's message
asking me to run away.

So why didn't you?

As long as Oren and Shinkichi
are safe, I'm happy.

I've always lived by the code.

I must be judged according
to that same code.

Brother! I'm no good.

I actually came here to escape with you.

If you want to run away, run away.

And never come back to this world
and its stupid rules.

That's exactly what I thought.
But I can't leave you here.


There are some good things
about the code, too.

We are born alone.

But we die together!



Tomozo, they have broken
the two rules of the Yakuza.

Stealing and
sleeping with married women.

They have shown
great contempt of our code.

Tsune is your responsibility.
What will you do about him?

Whatever you wish, Boss.

Tsune is indeed my responsibility.
So please, do what you want with me.

Very well. We'll start with Shohei.

Yes, sir.

And what about Tsune?

- Gouge his eye out.
- Yes, sir.

This is a new one.

- And the other one, too?
- Yes, otherwise they won't match!

Quite right, sir.

Take one of mine to complete the set.
But let them go first.

The rule of cutting off fingers

that the index finger
and the thumb are left intact,

so one can still hold chopsticks to eat.

You have no such compassion.

You're worse than dogs,
the lot of you!

You've paid enough. Leave, quickly.

- Tomozo...
- Run!

- Leave!
- Come with us, Tomozo!

- They're after Oren.
- What? Oren?

Tsune, why haven't you come?

I wonder if Shinkichi told him.

You bastard!

Shinkichi, the Boss has ordered for you
to be bound and thrown in the river.


Help me!

Here we are!


Quick, brother, run!

Open up!

Quick! Don't let me die for nothing.

I thought we were to die together?

I know, but... what about Oren?

Shohei, forgive me...

I'm going!



Grab her!

Let me go! Let me go!


Oren, Tsune is on his way
to Joshukaido. Follow him.

- Tomozo...
- Just run!


Damn you!

Wait, Tomozo. Let's talk.

Shut up! I made a promise.
I'll give you my eye.

I now owe you nothing!

Now... it's a duel! Come on!

Oren... Tsune...
Take care of yourselves.

Yakuza law number one.

Those who cause trouble

for the Boss and the family
will be expelled.

Those who return will be punished.

So no one came to meet me.

And I risked my life for the family.


Trouble's coming!

Hey, you!

You shouldn't enter someone's home
with your shoes on, young man.

I presume you are the Boss
of the Koda family.

I am Shuji Ogata,
a member of the Arakida family.

I have come to take your life.


- You'll have to kill me first.
- You want to be his shield?

I have a strong physique.
Give me your best strike!

You have a good henchman.

I was planning to discuss
territorial problems,

but after this
there's no other way but war.

- Let's get ready.
- Hold on, will you?

Ogata, you're a fool to act
without the Boss' permission!

Boss, Ogata has to leave.

We have to send out
a nationwide message

that our family
had nothing to do with this.

Brother, you can't mean...?


From now on,
you are expelled from Eastern Japan.

Come with me.

Iwagiri, I just did
what you asked me to do.

I know, I know.

But I just heard the Koda family
has the support of the Naniwa family,

the biggest family in Western Japan.

If we start a war now, we'll lose.

I'll take care of everything.
Just do what I ask for the family's sake.

Please. I'm relying on you.

- Something's happened to Ogata.
- To Shuji?

Come with me.

- Can I be excused a moment?
- Of course.

Is Sayo here?

Oh, you just missed her.
Who are you?

I was asked to tell her to go
to Umenomiya Shrine.

Apparently it's urgent.

Send out a nationwide message
that our family was not involved.

Why did I have to do this?

Just do what I ask,
for the family's sake.

Expelled from Eastern Japan...
I have nowhere to go!

Expelled from Eastern Japan?

If he's found in the area,

not only the Koda family
but also his own family will kill him.

I understand how you must feel.

I don't like to say this,
but he left with another pretty girl.

Shuji did?

He wouldn't...

Sayo, why haven't you come?

Arrest him!

It's been three years.

Not even a single letter.

And no one here to meet me.

I've been counting the days
until your release, Ogata!

Thank you. I was a bit down
because nobody'd come to pick me up.

- So kind of you to remember.
- Fight me, Ogata!

Stay strong.



Please let go
so I can fetch some sake.

Don't be like that.

Ogata isn't around anymore.
No need to worry, eh?

I know he'll come back.

Keep telling yourself that!

Someone from the Koda family
killed Ogata in Kyushu.

That's not true.

True or not,
we received his personal belongings.

I can show them to you.

- Come with me.
- No!

Hold it there!

You've had quite the party,
but that's enough.

Hey, you look like a nobody.
You see my jacket?

Of course I do. It's the crest
of the flourishing Arakida family.

All the reason not to bring shame on it.

- What the fuck did you say?
- Hold on.

Aren't you a smartass, then?

Shall we continue our conversation
somewhere private?

If you like.

Damn you!

Son of a bitch!

Let's go!

Are you alright?

- Are you alright?
- It's just a scratch.

Let me do it.

Over there.

It's a nasty wound.

Don't worry.
It comes with the job.

I saw something in the injured man
that reminded me of you.

So that's why you're living with him.

I had no idea that you were still alive.

I had no idea!

Why did you leave me?

Why didn't you speak to me
before you left?

That was our fate. But that fate
has also brought us back together.

Go to Amamiya. He's very sick.

Someone you know?

Sometime ago...

...you told me
that you once loved a man.

Was that him?


But then... he left me.

He left you?

He's not that kind of man.

Ogata killed a man three years ago.

He was just released from jail today.

He was in jail?


Are you alright?

Everything's changed
these past three years.

You look so sad.

It's depressing.

Let's have a drink.


Here comes the Arakida family!
Out of the way!

Please stop that!

You're bothering our customers.

Why do you think
your business is still running?

Certainly not because of you thugs!

Silly bitch!

Hey, Mino. Since when does
the Arakida family bother ordinary people?

Oh, Ogata!

I pay protection money
to the Arakida family every month,

yet still you come secretly
to extort more.

You're no better than a rat.


Oh, Ogata. You're out.

The Arakida family has become
very powerful, thanks to you.

I'd like to drink to you
to celebrate your release from prison,

but as you've been expelled
from Eastern Japan, we can't.

Is that all you can say to me
after three years in prison?

Ogata, you must obey the Yakuza code.

I risked my life for the family,

but the Yakuza code says
I must be punished?

Hey, Mino.

- Are you stealing extortion money?
- No, of course not!

- The Madam complained about it.
- I don't know.

Don't act all innocent!

What kind of punishment
do you want, brother?

Good question.

Shall we piss on him?

Stop it!



Have mercy...

Are you sorry now, Mino?

I'm sorry for what I did.

The mosquitoes here are hideous, eh?

- Look at his face.
- Is it itchy, Mino?

Worse than itchy!

Right. I'll ask Iwagiri to forgive you.

Amamiya, we discovered Ogata's place.

- It's behind Hyotan Pond.
- Let's go and finish him off!

- Go and buy me some cigarettes.
- Very well.

Here you are.

Even if you all attacked together,
you're no match for Ogata.

- But, brother...
- Just wait.

Let me handle Ogata.

Amamiya, you may laugh at me,
but I can't give up Sayo.


Please get away from here, quickly.

Amamiya is planning something.
Please hurry.

Don't worry about such trivial matters.

Go back home to Amamiya.

You're the only one he can depend on.



"I want to settle the matter
at eleven o'clock tonight."

"Meet me at Sensoji Temple.
I'll be waiting. Ogata."

Don't do it, my darling.
Don't do it!

You can't do it. You can't do it!

Don't do it, Ogata!

You can't do it! Don't do it, Ogata!

Boss, Amamiya's just arrived.


They both fell for the letters I sent them.

Let's go.


Amamiya, you held back, didn't you?

Ogata, please make Sayo happy.


I won't allow that!

Still wandering around the place,

I'll put an end to that.

Be strong, darling!


I'll send him to the next world.

Be his travelling partner, won't you?


Amamiya, did you see that?

Take care of Sayo.

- Amamiya!
- Darling!

Rule one: those who destroy
the family organization

and those who leak secrets,
for whatever reason, will be eliminated.

We were unable to trace the suspect

who broke into the safe
at the Hashiba Building this morning.

The president of Hashiba did not want
to comment on the damage.

The Hashiba family is
a criminal organization.

The authorities will treat this matter
with the utmost seriousness.

We're being followed, brother.

Hold it!

Get back here!

Fukase, you stole my gold, the second
most precious thing to me after my life.

You should've prepared yourself
for the consequences!

- Spit it out!
- Let's do the circus act.

Tell us while you still can!

I don't know.
I don't know anything!

We've recovered half of it.
Finish him off.

Out you go, you bastard!

Those cruel fuckers.
I'll end his misery.

I wonder when he joined
the Omura family, Boss.

We'll know soon enough.

Either way,
he couldn't have done this alone.

I smell a traitor.

Oh? I can't wait
to get my hands on him.

It stinks.

Spit it out.

I know nothing! I know nothing!


I know nothing!

It was Fukase! Fukase!

Fukase tempted me!

Think we'll let you off?

Rule one: those who destroy
the family organization

and those who leak secrets...

For whatever reason.

Will be eliminated.

We must be careful
not to become a laughing stock.

Keep your eye on any activities
within the family.

I'm not dead yet!

They fucked up.

Can't exactly ask
how your Boss is now, can you?

I'll just borrow your glasses.

I don't know who you are,
but you're one hell of a shot.

How about taking over this hit?

- What's the bounty?
- A gold bar worth 100 million yen.

You'll get it when I read about it
in the newspaper.

Got it.
Better both keep our word, then.

Harumi, what's happened to the others?

Shimazu says it's useless
to bring them here.

Damn it. This must be
the work of the Omura family.

That's what Shimazu
wanted you to think.


Shimazu! You came to see me.

You won't be sleeping with her
in that state, old man.

Don't be so insolent!

Harumi, take this off me.

We mustn't make any noise now.

Sleep well, Papa.

Listen, old man...

I'll now take over leadership
of the Hashiba family.

Together with me.

What are you...?

Think he'll still be alive by the time
that boat reaches the harbor?

Oh, yes, I think so.

- I'd bet on it.
- What will you bet?

- And if I lose?
- Go wild.

Hey, brother, I think he's gone.

I win!

He's dead.
It's a trap... I've walked into a trap.






You're both doing excellently.

At this rate, the game will never end.

How about this?

I'll throw this up, and whoever
shoots closer to the center wins.

And what if I win?

Instead of a trophy, you'll get
to spend one night with this girl.

How about it?

- How about it?
- OK.

Look. What a great shot.

He hit it!


Right in the center. You win!

What is it?


Feels good...

I'm sure you're familiar
with my high-angle shooting technique.

You came here just to spoil my fun.

I'm very meticulous. It's best
to claim your prize as soon as you can.

- You promised to kill my boss.
- The police already think I did it.

- Just as you planned.
- I don't know what you mean.

Never mind.
I'll take the girl, though.

Get off her.
I'm not paying for a job you didn't do.

I always get my bounty.

If you don't believe it,
compare it with your rounds.

Yours is a.22 caliber.
Mine's a.30 caliber.


What? Nomura?

It is a hornet's nest.
What are you going to do?

Seems like this isn't a good time
to be fooling around with girls.

You excite me!

Give it a rest.

Hey, you forgot something.

- Not there.
- I like that...

- Omura's at his villa with his girl.
- Every Monday.

- Lucky him.
- The gold's probably hidden there.

Boss, it could be a trap.

Nobody knows about his villa.
He's in for a surprise.

Don't move!

- Fucking idiots.
- Let's go back to bed.

They're too strong for us.
We can't put up much of a fight.

Brother, I'm the one
who should be complaining.

I told you it'd be a trap.

Don't move!

Drop your weapons.

Best not hang around.

- I owe you one now.
- You owed me before.

I'm a murder suspect, thanks to you.

But I'm in no hurry.
My home situation's a bit complicated.

Let's drink to our own lives.

There's a traitor among us.

And he stinks.

You're looking very smart, eh?

Just like a model in a fashion magazine.

So what?

Hey, can you smell it?

No, there's no smell.

You didn't fire a single shot.

And not a mark on you.
Why are you sweating so much?

Let's take him for a drive, shall we?

Help! Someone, please help me!

I needed the money.
Please, I'm sorry.

Help me, brother!

I'm sorry! Just don't kill me!

Please, brother...

- I've grown quite attached to you.
- Too bad.

I told you it was just a fling.

Run away with me, Harumi.

How sweet.

You didn't think
Shimazu would find you here?

If he finds you, you're dead.

If you really want,
Shimazu can be taken care of easily.

- You're cheating, aren't you, Miss?
- What do you mean?

By pushing that button,
you control the game.

Shall I have a go?

Do you know this place
belongs to the Omura family?

All too well.

All I need to do is give the signal...

...and these guys will carry my body out?

Now you get it.

Welcome, gents.

This way, please.

Mind if I stay here?

Excuse me one moment.

You've repaid one part
of your debt to me.

I also provide an after-sales service.

You won't get out of here
without my protection.

When I see a pretty girl,
I get hungry.

- Will you give her to me?
- Don't push your luck.

I thought it was part
of the after-sales service?

There's something wrong
with the engine. Just a minute.

This is not the extra service
I expected.

Get out!

Who are you working for? Tell me!

Not going to tell me?

Please... forgive me.

Come on.

I'll make you talk.

Come on!

Tell me!

Let's see how you like
scalding-hot water!

Tell me!

Who are you working for?

You've got some nerve
following Omura's orders to kill me.

- Now you'll be together forever!
- Get the fuck in there!




Here should do.

You can rest in a cool place.

Shimazu is like a frenzied cat,
jumping all over the place.

But when he realizes what's going on,
there'll be no way out for him!

Boss, Shimazu and the others are here!


Hey, calm down.

We gain nothing by killing each other.

And the gold's location must
remain secret. Get to the warehouse.

They're on their way
to the warehouse.


Don't move.


What is it?

The bastard was following us
with this thing.

Spread out.

Call your friends,
but don't tell them anything.

If you don't,
I know how to take care of you.

- I'll call them. Let me go.
- Good.

They're moving the gold.
Come quickly.

Tell them to come directly
through the entrance.

Come directly
through the entrance, brother.

Nothing to worry about. Go.

After you, brother.

No, you two go first.

So, tell us where the gold is.

Not going to talk?

Alright... alright.

Just don't treat me like a punk.

Tell us now.

Right, get digging.

Get on with it!


we don't need you anymore.

Thanks for everything, Shimazu.

It's our turf now.

- You're double-crossing me?
- Just like you did.

Let me show you something,
before you go on to the next life.


It was a trick, you bastards!

No more high-angle shooting
now your good arm's injured.

I'll put you down
for a nice, long sleep.