Yakuza and the Family (2020) - full transcript

Kenji Yamamoto's father died from using a stimulant drug. His life fell into desperation. Kenji then joined a crime syndicate. There, he meets the gang's boss Hiroshi Shibasaki. Hiroshi reaches out to Kenji and they developed a relationship like father and son. As time passes, Kenji has his own family.


What were you up to at a time like this?

Leave me alone.


Too bad.

Lil Ken, put in an appearance afterward.


It's an odd thing, right?

The economy tanks
and more folks take to the needle.

If I had just nabbed him,

maybe he would still be alive.

Lil Ken, what are you going to do next?

Don't end up like your old man.

It's none of your business.

Is he all right?

It's been a while.

Are you listening?


-Welcome back.

What are you pouting about?

Come on. Let's go.


-Who's that?
-I don't know.

What do you want?

Sell me some. How much?

I don't take new customers.

You need a referral.


Masaharu Yamamoto.

I see. Yamamoto, right?

How much do you want?

Hey! You little punk!


-Hurry up and climb.
-That hurts.


This is really crazy.

How much?

-Is that 10,000 yen?

-No way!
-I'm sure of it.

-Keep it quiet.
-That's amazing, Ken.

This is the best.

-What do you want to eat?
-Maybe barbecue?

This is really pretty.



Now you've done it.

That stuff's just garbage. Let's go.

I'm going to OMONI.

Half for Ken. Half for me.

-I'll sign.


Shut up. What do you do it for?

The Ministry of Justice…

I'm sorry for the wait.

Thank you!

Lil Ken, I'm sure things
will be difficult for you now.

But think of me as your mother.

Lean on me. Here.

That's no good.
He wants a prettier mother.

Quit messing around!

-Eat up.
-We'll pay up today for sure.

You should pay every time!

-Can I have another beer?
-Sure thing.

Mr. Shibazaki!


-Are you good with beer?
-Yes. Thank you.

Got it.

He is the head of the Shibazaki-gumi.

He's got a serious aura to him.

Thank you!

I'm so full.

-Are you eating?

-One more.
-Wait a minute.

How much can you eat?

I'm not close to done.

Are you going to eat?

We got you, you fucking bastard.

Get him!



Don't move!

Don't move.


You guys are making too much noise.

Ken, we need to go!

Thanks for the meal, Aiko!


Boss, are you injured?





Nakamura is entering.

-Welcome, sir.
-Keep up the good work.


Excuse me.


Come over here.

Take a seat.

Lil Ken…

I hear they call you that.

Have you eaten?

Thank you for yesterday.

I didn't do it to save you.

Oh, really?

I've known Aiko for a long time.

Her husband was our lieutenant.

Two years ago.

So what?

Just get to the point.

Hey, you little punk.

-Who do you think you're talking to?

It seems like you don't work.
You're just wandering around.

What are your plans?

I won't join the yakuza.

Is it your father?

I don't care about him.


don't touch drugs.

What do you do then?

What, indeed?

-Yes, sir.

-What do yakuza do?
-Yes, sir.

Yakuza respect duty and honor,
strive to be gentlemen,

and pursue the path
of becoming true men.

This guy is so serious.

Right? Let's eat.

Eat up.

-You're so serious.
-My apologies.


What is it?

Kenji! Run away!




It can't be.

Grab him! Now!


Get him! You punk!

That hurts!

Quit it!

Get him!

-Tie him up.
-Got it.

Come on.

Hey. Wake up.

Brother, he's up.

I'm Kato, lieutenant of the Kyoyo-kai.

Who are you?

I heard you're Yamamoto's brat.

Such a pity.

Jumped into the ocean
because he had no cash for junk.

Say something, punk!

I'll kill you!

Who do you think
you're talking to like that?

Well? What did you do with what you stole?

I don't know about that.

Maybe I should ask your friends.

I'm sorry! The ocean!
We threw it in the ocean!


Do you understand how much that cost?

What do you want to do?

Good timing.

It's almost here.

The boat from Hong Kong.


Young organs will fetch a good price.

Shut up!

Get over here!

Come on!

Shut up, you punks!

Come on. Get them off.

-You're coming with us.
-Come on.

Come on, you.

Hey. Kawayama.

-No evidence. Get the phones and wallets.
-Yes, sir.

-Grab their phones and wallets.



Listen up.

What is with this?

Do you know Shibazaki?

We struck a deal
with the Shibazaki-gumi before.


Did Shibazaki doodle on the back of this?

If so, we need to assume that
the old man knows about this.

I've got nothing to do
with the Shibazaki-gumi.

I am…

Kenji Yamamoto!

-Excuse me.

Get in here.

Boss. It cost this much.

Excuse me.

It seems you really
gave them hell, Lil Ken.

Do you have any place to go?

Lil Ken.

We shall now hold the Shibazaki-gumi
sharing of the familial cup ceremony.

Please allow me to guide this ceremony.

I am Tsutomu Nakamura, junior lieutenant
of the Shibazaki-gumi, Shouou-kai.

Let us begin the ceremony.

We pray to the deities
instilled in this cup.

We shall now hold the familial
sharing of the cup ceremony

of the Shibazaki-gumi
of the third-generation Shouou-kai.

We are family now.


I am honored.



Enjoying the best economy since WWII,

the shopping district area of Kitaguchi
is being completely renovated.

Excuse me. Right this way.

-Good work.

-Good work.

Brother, congratulations
on becoming lieutenant.


This is embarrassing.
You didn't have to do all of this.

What do you mean?

You will be a central pillar
of our organization now.

-Where is the boss?
-He doesn't like these places.

-I see.

That's right.

Excuse me. This is from Yamamoto.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.


-Let's drink tonight.
-Yes, sir.



Corresponding to the redevelopment
of the Kitaguchi area,

we will be aiming to
dismantle the red light district

and three restaurant and bar areas
in three years until 2008.

The north belongs to the Kyoyo-kai.

They won't just keep quiet.

It is certainly possible
that their conflict

with the Shibazaki-gumi in the south
could reignite after eight years.

This is a good opportunity.
Nab all of the members

of the Kyoyo-kai and
the Shibazaki-gumi that fight.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

I see.

As long as you all had a fun time.

Yes. The lieutenant
was very happy as well.

Well? How are you doing?

The pressure from the cops
is as heavy as always,

but our income is rising steadily.

Someday, I will make you
the head of the Shouou-kai.

-Not that.

Do you have a girl?

No. Well, I don't--

-That's no good.

If you get old alone like me,

you'll end up dying
without anyone noticing.


You have us.


Boss. It's about time.

Hello, boss.

-Are you making money?
-Yes. Thanks to you.


Lil Ken. Thanks for everything.

Aiko, quit it with that nickname.

Lil Ken is Lil Ken
even if you are an adult.

-I guess so.
-Three beers.

Got it.

You're studying hard, Tsubasa.
That's really good.


Put out your hand.

There, buy something you want, all right?

-Can I?

People always need more money. Take it.

-Thanks, Uncle Ken!

Sorry for the wait!

Tsubasa. You'll join our family
once you get older.

What are you saying? Of course not.


-Tsubasa, don't turn out like us.

Don't agree with him!



Think about your future.

You don't want to be like us.

Did you take a bath yesterday?




Got it.

-I'm sorry, Aiko. We've got to go.

-See you again, Tsubasa.

This is for you, Aiko.

Tsubasa, catch.


-Thank you.

Ken. He suddenly got mad about his bill.

I was wondering who was going to show up.

Turns out it's Yamamoto.

Well, I guess I knew that.

You are bothering the other guests.

Come outside.

You sound so tough.

You might get captured
like back in the day.

Quit screwing around!

What's with you, punk?


what will happen
to this town in ten years?

Kitaguchi is getting redeveloped.

It'll get tougher and tougher
to make money here.

We're going to have to change.

So what?

Tell your boss

to get out of the south.

In exchange, we'll pay you 20 percent.

Not too shabby, right?

I'll make it simple.

If that obsolete old man doesn't resign,

this town will be left behind.

Take care of that for me.

What did you do?

You punk!

Take this!



That hurt.

I'll have to tell the boss about this.

Do you understand
what going to war with us would mean?

Come on. Let's go.


Mama. Drinks.

Yes. That was scary, wasn't it?


Excuse me.


Please help me here.

-Drink up.
-Got it.



-Thanks for today, Ken.

It's fine.


That's for the girl who sat next to him.


Thanks for the help.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.


Just a minute.

Get in here.

Well… I'm here.

Come over here.


It's fine. Sit closer.

-Hey, you!


Wait! Please stop!





Wait a second!

What are you, a virgin?



So what's the problem?
You knew what coming here meant.


I just came here because Mama told me to.

Then you should just follow
Mama's instructions.

That's why I came!

That's not going to cut it.

It's all part of the deal.

-What deal?

A deal is a deal.

Don't make me explain it.
Figure it out yourself.

So? What are you looking at?

Idiot. I wouldn't mess around with you.

You just tried to.

I didn't. I would never do that with you.

You just tried to!

I did not.


Give it to me.



I understand.

We'll go to the place you want, Kato.

Yes. Got it.

Hey! Do you realize what you did?

Start talking!

I couldn't let him disrespect us.

I get what Lil Ken says.
Kato is disrespecting us.

He's trying to take over
the territory of the south.

I'll speak with Kato myself.

No. What can you do alone?

I was the one who messed up Kawayama.


Who do you think you're talking back to?

Oyabun just came in.

I'm going to meet with Kato.


Yes, sir.

Lil Ken, try letting Brother Nakamura
have the spotlight sometimes.

This is about our territory.

Our boss is here.

Isn't this odd?

The punk who started this isn't even here.



-This is a fight between children.

My apologies.


How will you fix this?

Fix what?


Are you going senile?

You can't just beat up
one of our lieutenants, you know.

Hey, Kato.

Don't push me too far.


The times have changed.

You should leave the south to us,
don't you think?

Let's work together.

Eight years ago,

I agreed to a deal
because the family told me to.

But I haven't forgotten

that you targeted our Kimura.

Don't make me laugh!

What? You killed our last boss.

Don't think a little thug
like Kimura is a fair trade!

In that case,

why don't you try taking me out, Kato?

Do it if you think you can!

You thug.

The person you called
cannot answer at this time.

Why no answer?

Get in.

But I have work until the last shift.

It's fine. Get in.

But I have to get up early tomorrow.

Just get in the car!

But I need to ask Mama for permission.

Everything is Mama.

"Mama." Don't you have your own brain?

I can't.

Have a good night.

-Wait! Stop that!
-Get in.

-Listen, you.

Why are you working at our club?

-One reason or another.
-What does that mean?

I couldn't pay tuition.


You're a student?

Is that bad?

No. You just look old for a student.

I'm getting out. Let me out.

Idiot! Stop!



Wait! Stop!

Why the ocean?

One reason or another.

I haven't seen the ocean
since I came here.

Hey, Yamamoto.


Why are you a yakuza?

It's none of your business.

How do the yakuza live?

Why do yakuza wear sunglasses at night?

Right. Why do yakuza call each other
"Boss" and "Brother" like that?

I'll drown you!

Don't touch me.

I didn't touch you.

I never thought
I would meet the real thing.

Are there real and fake ones?

Answer me. Why are you a yakuza?

They're my family. No reasons are needed.

What about your real family?

I don't have one.

Me neither.

Hey, are you going back?

Hurry up and come.

-What is it?

-Isn't it dark?
-What are you talking about?

-The sunglasses.
-It isn't dark, idiot.

What is it?

I got it. I'm on my way.

Old folks have so much time.

You're pretty good at fishing,
right, Ohara?

I'm not good at it.

What's the problem?
You see me wearing this too.

Right, Ohara?

I love it.

Don't make the boss
wear something like that.


This guy is always going on and on
about "Mr. Kenji."

All he does is talk about you.

Don't go running your mouth, idiot.


That's right…

we ended up ripping up our deal

with Kato.


-I apologize for causing you trouble.

-Don't worry about that little thug.
-Yes, boss.

But if anything happens to me,

it'll be your generation's turn to shine.

-Make me proud.
-What are you saying?

I will protect you with my life.

That's nice to hear. You hear that, Ohara?

Yes! I'll protect both of you.

You couldn't even protect an ant, idiot.


-You got a woman?

-What? Really?

-Shut up!
-It's all over your face.

I don't know.

She's a stubborn woman.
I don't know about her yet.

I'm glad for you.

Take care of her.


Boss! Get down!

Boss, are you okay?

I'm okay.

This can't be true.





Hey! Ohara!

Answer me! Hey!


No, Chairman. I cannot accept this.

One of our young members…

It's all karma.

The folks who should die actually don't.

The unfortunate ones die first.

It's the same as Kimura eight years ago.

We will take care of this incident.
Don't make any moves.

Kato targeted the boss.

Shibazaki, you understand, right?

If this goes any further, it would cause
trouble for your family, the Shouou-kai.

Our Ohara was killed!

Are you determined to make a move on them?

Everyone in the Shibazaki-gumi
will be lost.

It is no longer just the role of police
and the law to punish the yakuza.

The entire world shall exterminate you.

Times are changing.

-Stay there.

I'm okay.

How is your injury?

I can move now.

Let me do it.

Lil Ken.

I've decided…

to let the police handle this.

What are you saying?

They killed Ohara.

I know.

Boss. This is all my fault.

Please let me finish it.

Lil Ken.

It's over.

At 11 a.m. on the fifth of this month,

a vehicle carrying the head of a group
in the organized crime group Shouou-kai

was shot while traveling in Tabasaki City.

The deceased body of one adult male
was found inside.

An Asian man was arrested

as a suspect for this murder.

He has refused to cooperate…

-Leave it to us.
-Good timing.


Please take a seat.


Shut your mouth!




Take good care of the boss.

Brother. Let's go.

We need you to support the boss!

Come on!

Hey! Out of the way!


Hey! Move!

Who is it?

Get in quickly.



Take your clothes off.

You make a father proud.

Let's go.

An organized crime member was murdered

at Club Smoke in Tabasaki City.

At 8 a.m. this morning…


…a suspect was arrested.

The man arrested on suspicion
of murder was Kenji Yamamoto,

a member of the Shouou-kai
organized crime group.

The suspect is 25 years old.

Yamamoto admitted to the police

that he stabbed him.



Excuse me.



Excuse me.

Excuse me.


I have returned.

Welcome back.

Thank you for the clothes.

They look good on you.

This is just a token of my appreciation.


Thank you.


Go ahead.

This is your key.


This is from Brother Nakamura.

I can buy a cell phone myself.

No. You can't. Not now.


You could, but the laws
around cell phone contracts

make buying a phone a pain.

For yakuza.

The phone number you called
is not currently in use.

Please confirm the number and redial.

Today, our brother, Kenji Yamamoto,
returned after serving his sentence.

He withstood a 14-year sentence

and returned to us.

The entire Shibazaki-gumi
wishes to celebrate this occasion.

Well, then.


Thank you.


I'll leave the rest to you.

Brother, are you all right?


Is something wrong with the boss?

Three years ago,

he was diagnosed with cancer.

Last year, doctors found
that it had metastasized.

He acts tough,

but he must be suffering.

Lil Ken.

There aren't many of us now, you know?


Everyone quit.

It wasn't just the law.

An ordinance was issued eight years ago,
and a bunch of us were swept up.

What about our territory?

Kato and Osako did a number on us.

Everything is gone.

How are we making money now?

They're so small.

They're transparent.

They're really hard to get.

I got some!


These will fetch a good price.

Look. Baby eels.

Nice catch.

They're feeding us now.

-Thank you.


Lil Ken.

-Long time no see.
-Lil Ken! Welcome back!

When did you get out?

Last week.

He's here.



Kids are cute.

She looks just like you.


What are you up to now?

Industrial waste.

What can I say?
They hired me two years ago.


Did something happen
between you and the boss?

No, well…

I figured it was just time to move on.

I tried to keep it up until you came back.

Some random driver hit my car.

I got arrested
just for requesting a repair.

I figured that was the end of the line.


Are you doing okay now?


Living paycheck to paycheck,
but I am living.


Those five years were hell though.

Five years?

The five-year rule.

After you quit the yakuza,

it takes five years before society
can treat you like a person.

No bank account. No insurance. No home.


-I'm sorry for the wait.
-It's okay.

-It looks good.

We ate this a lot back in the day.

We did.

-Eat up.
-Sorry. I'll go ahead first.

-Thank you for this meal.


Do you remember a girl named Yuka?

-From the club?

I remember her.

Do you know what she's doing now?

Who knows? That was quite a while ago.


Should I ask around?




Go! Get him!

All right!


Tonight was a crazy match.

That last right hook was wild.

-Nice match.

Nice fight!

-Good match.
-Good match.


Nice fight.


-Hey, congratulations!

Want to watch the video?

-It was a really great one.

That would make a great video.

I captured it really well.

No one in this area can beat him.

It's my wife. I need to be going.

I see.

Aiko, what's the damage?

-It's on me today.
-Let us pay.

I've got this.

-No. Really.
-I'm paying for this.

-Five thousand?

It's okay.

What are you doing?



Hey, Hosono!

What's wrong with you?

You're acting weird.

If I'm seen with you,

they'll call me a criminal.

The situation has changed
since we worked together.

I apologize. Excuse me.

What is with him?


Uncle Ken?

It's Uncle Ken!

It's me, Tsubasa.


-Good evening.
-Evening. Making money?



-This town has changed a lot, right?

This way.

You know what happened?

Since a few years ago,
yakuza can't work out in the open.

We've been running the clubs instead.

I see.

Over here.

Hey! Are you trying to steal from me?

I will not be quiet!

Where is your manager?

There's no way I can pay this bill!
You're trying to screw me.


What are you doing?

Stop it. What are you doing?

-Hey. Listen up.

You have a problem with your bill?
You're pouting because you can't pay?

That's too pathetic. Pay up.

Who are you?

Fine. I'll go to the police.

Fine with me, but you're an idiot.

The police won't bother
with petty stuff like this.

You don't have a case.
If you don't mind losing, let's go.

Thank you.

Need to grab cash
at the convenience store?

Let's go.

Sorry about that.


It is a shocker to see you
like this, Tsubasa.

-I really respect what you did.
-No way.

You got revenge for Ohara
and did your time. That's so cool.

That's all ancient history.

Did you know that my old man
was a yakuza in the Shibazaki-gumi?

Hajime Kimura.

I heard about it.

My mom hid that forever.

She should've just told me.

He got killed in some fight.

She should've told me that too.

She was thinking of you.


Has a lot changed?

-I guess that makes sense.

You can't eat with duty and honor alone.

I think it's really too bad.

That's right,
I'm helping out Nakamura with his work

because I really loved you.

What about him?

Haven't you heard?


He made me do a lot of dirty work.

I guess I don't have much of a choice.


What work?


This month's sales are 1,300,000 yen.
Expenditures are 250,000 yen.

Revenues are low this month as well,

but let's overcome this as one family.

Boss will be hospitalized tomorrow.

I ask each of you to provide 10,000 yen.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

That is all for today.

Thank you for your time.


-Can I have a minute?
-Sure. What is it?

Could you bring me along
during your work runs?




Since when?

Five years ago.
All of the clubs were raided.

Does Boss know about this?

This doesn't make sense.

You used to say that yakuza
were pursuing the path of real men.

But now you're dealing drugs.

That isn't what the yakuza do!

Shut up!

What am I supposed to do?

We have no territory! Everyone quit!

Boss is sick!

You know nothing. You just rotted in jail.

Don't lecture me!



Who do you think I protected
by getting thrown in jail?

You chose that yourself!

Then try going to jail yourself!

You took everything!

Shut up!

How could you be put in charge?



I'm sorry.

We can't earn a living with clean hands.


You aren't doing the junk, right?

I haven't fallen that low, moron!

-Excuse me.
-Take this.


Excuse me.


Brother, I found that woman, Yuka.

I'm sorry for the wait.

-Do you want to make one?

Just one.

Let's start with this.


You got old, Yamamoto.

You too, Yuka.

Of course.

It's been…

fourteen years.

Working at City Hall…
You've really moved up in the world.

I've always been a hard worker.

You've got to be joking.

Did you find yourself a good man?


I see.


are you still a yakuza?

I don't know.

What does that mean?

I returned after many years
to find that everything had changed.

The city, the people…

Of course.

Everything had changed.

-I'm sorry for the wait.
-It's okay.

Sorry. I wanted to give you this.

What is it?

I never used it.

I don't need it.


I don't think we should meet anymore.

Even you are saying that.

-I'm sorry.

Would you come with me?

I cannot do that.

You're just one woman. I can support you.

What is it?



You want to say something.

What is it? Tell me!

You can support me?


Both of us?

What do you mean?

Me and my daughter.

How old…

is she?

She's 14.

Hey! Wait a second! She's mine.

Of course not!

I can never tell her…

that her father is a yakuza.

-Welcome back.
-I'm home.

-Did you get what you forgot?

That's good.

-That smells great.

-It looks good too.

Let me help you.

I heard about Nakamura.


Forgive him.

He's way too serious.


I'm the most pathetic in all of this.

I thought about dissolving it.

The Shibazaki-gumi.

When I learned that
my cancer metastasized, I considered it.


for the guys who can only live as yakuza,

who would be willing to save them?


That was my way of thinking.

But in the end, duty and honor…

can't beat money.

No. That isn't true.

-Lil Ken.

Leave the yakuza.

You still have time to do it over.

There! One, two, three, four.

Look at that.

-You need to hurry up.

You're so slow every day.
What would you do if you were late?


-One, two, three.
-One, two, three. Yes.

There you go. What is this?

-Boss! He's here.
-What is it?

Okay. Time to ride the bullet train.


Oh, my!

So you're Tsubasa Kimura.

I am Kato of the Kyoyo-kai.

-Take a seat.

I hear you're doing well.

No, I still have a lot to learn.

Hey, turn that camera off.

It's fine.

Young people these days film everything.

They're all YouTubers, right?

We aren't anything like that.
Just in case.


I hear you're hanging around
with the Shibazaki-gumi thugs. I wouldn't.

They're finished.


We'll take you in. Okay?
Nothing to worry about then.

Like it's some honor.



It's okay. We're taking care of ourselves.

Call us if you run into trouble.



Do you understand who you're speaking to?

Turn the camera off!


We aren't yakuza.

We don't respond to those threats.

Listen, brat, punk, thug.

You shouldn't disrespect grown-ups.

Your time is over, old man.


You look just like Kimura!

Hopefully, you don't meet
the same fate as him.

What does that mean?

Parental love.


Aya! You're going to be late
if you don't hurry up!


-I'm so tired.
-Good morning.

Good morning.


-All right.

-Thank you for this meal.
-Thank you for this meal.

It's good.


-I'm off!
-Take care.



-Mr. Yamamoto.

What do you like about Mom?

Where did that come all of a sudden?

She's an old lady.

She has a child in junior high.

I guess that's true.

But she used to be much prettier.


-If you knew her in the past,

did you ever meet my father?

No, I never met him.


But you know, Mr. Yamamoto,
Mom seems really happy recently.

-She's smiling a lot more.

I'm old enough now.

Don't worry about me.

Just give me pocket money sometimes.


Carry this outside.


So you usually can't work for five years.
Most folks would starve.

I begged the chairman
to make an exception this time.

It's the first time I was thankful to you.

What does that mean?

So yakuza can't make a living now?

That's all in the past.

Isn't it cool? Yakuza seem like real men.

-Are you mocking us?
-Not at all. Sorry.

You're a good one.

That's right.

Please look this way.

Don't take my picture.

We should commemorate you getting a job.

What does that mean?

-I'll send it to you later.
-Let me see.

-Send it to me.
-Sure thing.

Wait a second. I'm not hiding anything.

-Let me talk to--
-You can talk to me, right?

You can talk to me, not the girls.
They're scared.

-Listen now…
-That's not right, is it?

Let me talk to them even for a little bit.

What does the organized crime division
want with me?

You're disturbing business.

You shouldn't anger adults too much.

I see how it is.


Feel free to investigate.



What kind of person was my father?

Hajime Kimura. You knew him, right?

Right. He was a lieutenant
with the Shibazaki-gumi.

He was just a pathetic thug.

The guy who killed him
is still in town, right?

Who knows?

He must be pretty powerful.

He can even control the cops.

I don't know about that.

If you don't find proper work quickly,
you'll end up like him.

Who are you lecturing, Osako?



Everything you did in this town
that you want to keep quiet

is in our control.

See? Should I put this online?

You little brat.

Tell me about my father.

Really? Yakuza?

Good morning.


-Can I have a minute?

We received a notification
about this the other day.

This Yamamoto was a former
organized crime group member.

It seems he murdered someone.

Putting that aside for now.

There was a curious post.

Did you see this?

Yakuza, right?


He was with Aya.


Do you understand what you did?

-I'm sorry!

I didn't think this would happen!

It's all your fault!

My life is finished!

My entire life is finished!

-It's finished!


My, my.

Lil Ken. I heard you left the yakuza.

You'll still have the yakuza label
for a while.

You need to live with it somehow.

Hey! Stop!

What? Want to get arrested again?

Don't put this on me.

You were the ones who stole
my right to live.

Considering everything you did,

this is a natural consequence.

The yakuza lost their human rights

a long, long time ago.


If this is true…


…then we will be unable
to employ you here.

You would need to leave
the city housing as well.

This is a lie.

This isn't true.

I want to believe you,

but this has become a huge scandal online.


I called you several times.


Where's Aya?

She hasn't come back.

Hey, can I ask you one question?

Why did you want to meet me?

Answer me!

Everything was going fine
until you showed up!

I forgot you!

I did everything for Aya for 14 years!

I wish you never came back into our lives!

It's all your fault!

It's all your fault.

I wish I never fell in love with you.

-Get out!


Please get out.

Uncle Ken.


I'll take care of you if you need me.

Business has been good recently.
We're opening three bars next month.

Thank you, Tsubasa.

I'm fine.

People who say that

usually aren't fine at all.

Uncle Ken.

The Shibazaki-gumi boss…

is in a grave condition.

I know it's not for me to say,

but don't you want to see him
before he goes?

Isn't he…

sort of like family?


Uncle Ken.


I found the guy who killed my old man.

-Uncle Ken.

I'm fine.

Take good care of Aiko.

-Lil Ken.

Lil Ken.


You're still calling me "Boss."

You are…

the only father I have.

I never got to act
like a true father to you.

Lil Ken.


Take good care of your family.

I will.

The person you called
cannot answer at this time.

Please leave your name
and message after the beep.


It's me.

I'm sorry for everything.

It's my fault this all happened.

Even though it was brief,

-I was so happy to be able to live…
-Even if it was just for a short time,

thank you.

…like a true family.

I wanted to be a normal human.

I wanted to live a normal life.

I wanted to work hard
and become a proper human being.

I didn't care if that life was boring.

I wanted us to have fun on our days off.

That is the kind of life I wanted.

I'm back.

For 14 years,
I constantly thought about you.

When I found out we had a child,

I wanted to throw everything aside

to protect you.

But my presence in your lives

hurt you both deeply.


I am truly sorry.



Get him!

Let go of me!

Get him!

Stop struggling!

Stop struggling!

Yuka, I want to see you again.

I want to see you and Aya.

Lastly, thank you for giving birth to Aya.

I love you.

It's your fault.

If you hadn't come back…

Burn in hell.

Burn in hell, Brother.


I'm sorry.

Are you a yakuza?


No one can survive
as a yakuza in this world.



What kind of person was my father?


Let's talk for a bit.

Subtitle translation by: James Burns