Yakuza Masterpiece (1970) - full transcript

A yakuza member's half-sister means much more to him in a film that repeatedly depicts realities other than what normal societal rules allow. The overly protective and loving brother; however, soon has to contend with his sister falling for and dating her school teacher, but there is not much he can do about it if he is going to land in jail for stepping outside the bounds of the law.



How 'bout we introduce
a flame to your back?

Quit struggling!

Quit wriggling around, I said!

Here comes the fire!

That's enough for now.



This is what you get
when you act selfish.

Don't go forgetting you're just a
call girl for the Ishikawa clan.

You gotta give the money you earn
from clients back to the clan.

Get up!

Tell this to the boss:

"We burnt her real good."

I'm Honda, of the Ishikawa clan.

You still want to go
ahead with this?

We'll be gentle.

Come here!


You punk!

What's the matter, huh?

Fuckin' assholes!

Hey, asshole.

So, which clan are you assholes from?

East Wind.


This here's my underling.

But knowing that didn't stop
you from beating him up.

- You looking to start a war with Ishikawa?
- It's not like that...

So it's just a little tussle
between punks, eh?

That sounds about right.

Alright, then.
You're off the hook.

Get outta here.

Thank you.

Hey, wait!

- You.
- Yes?

Cough up some cash
for his medical bills.

You're an odd one, Minoru. Strong in
a fight, but weak against the cops.

I don't wanna get locked up - couldn't stand
even a day away from the free world.

Can I have those medical
bill payments?

You want 'em,
go get 'em yourself.

I'll take this.

- Of course, thank you.
- Any cheap rings?

A glass bead will do fine.


Planning: Hiroaki Fujii, Manyo Hayashi
Original Novel: Jugo Kuroiwa
Screenplay: Ichiro Ikeda

Cinematography: Setsuo Kobayashi
Recording: Takeo Suda
Lighting: Nagaharu Watanabe
Art Direction: Tomohisa Yano

Music: Hikaru Hayashi
Editing: Tatsuji Nakashizu
Assistant Director: Akio Kondo


Shintaro Katsu

Naoko Otani

Masakazu Tamura
Yusuke Kawazu

Kiwako Taichi
Michiko Araki

Yoshihiko Aoyama
Sei Hiraizumi

Yoshi Kato
Yuzo Hayakawa
Asao Uchida

Shizuo Nakajo
Tsutomu Nakata
Takashi Nakamura

Koichi Ito
Kisao Tobita
Chikara Hashimoto
Kenichi Tani

Hiroko Kai
Yukari Yoneyama
Sumire Mikasa
Yasuko Hanamura

Yoshio Takee
Ken Nakahara
Goro Shigeno
Rin Sugimori

Yasuo Araki
Shinichi Matsuyama
Nao Kawashima
Etsuko Kawauchi

Directed by:
Yasuzo Masumura

Welcome home!


I bought you a ring.


How lovely! Thank you!

I'm so happy, I've begun
to feel a bit odd!

What do you say, dear?

Quit it.
It's still the afternoon!

- You'll ruin that pretty makeup.
- You've been so cold lately.

It's been so long!

Hey, Akane!

She isn't back from school yet?

Why so curious?

What's she up to?

What's the problem?
Leave her be!

She's no child anymore.

Idiot. She's a 3rd year in high school -
only 18 years old!

You're still a little girl when
you're in 3rd year.

I ain't taking my eyes off her!

A little girl?

These days, once you're
18, you're a proper adult.


You want to keep on treating
her as a child forever,

but that ain't gonna fly.

She's probably playing around
like a real grown-up.

- What do you know about Akane?
- Stylish boyfriends.

- She's probably got a handful of 'em.
- Shut up.

Go and make me some money.

Stupid woman.


If it isn't Akane!

Funny place for you to visit.

Shut up, I'm trying to watch.

You're always watching
movies, aren't you?

They show so many worlds and
people I've never seen before.

I want to forget who I am.

What're you borrowing?


Foreign ones, Japanese ones -
any I can get my hands on.


- Wanna go dancing?
- I can't dance.

I'll show you. I'm sure you'll
be able to learn the moves!

I wonder what my brother
will say about this.

It's alright -

your brother trusts me.
I'm one of his favorites.

Come on, let's go.

There's a go-go snack bar
that just opened today.

It's my brother.


Minoru, wait--

Doesn't matter how elite you are -
you touch Akane, you're dead.

Here's some cash for
your medical bills.

Come on!

Sit down!

Akane! Thought I told you to
quit going out at night.

What's the big idea?

What's wrong with going out?

That pasty-faced Honda's on the
prowl for women all year round.

He's a womanizing piece of shit!

I can't believe you'd let
him hold you like that.

He's a piece of shit, you say?
Does that mean you are, too?


All yakuza are the same -
nothing but walking pieces of shit.

Shut it.

If you're going to be violent, I'm leaving
home - and I won't come back.

Foolish girl!

How are you gonna feed
yourself if you leave?

I can eat all I want.

I'll be a hostess, a call girl -
I'd do anything!

A hostess? Call girl?

Do you have any idea what
those women do for money?

I do! There's lots of them
that hang around with you!

They sleep with men, right?

That's all they do, isn't it?

There's nothing to it, really.

Alright, I get it. I'm sorry.

Forgive me for getting angry.

Don't leave home - I'm begging you.

I won't - as long as you
don't resort to violence.


All I want is to raise you
like a proper woman.

Once you graduate high school,
you're going to university.

If I was born into the
right household,

I would've graduated university and
be working a proper job right now.

That's why I at least want you to
be raised as a proper woman!

What do you mean,
"a proper woman"?

Well, a proper woman is...

...someone who ain't like our mother.

I see.

Our mother was someone's mistress.

What's wrong with that?

It's her fault that I got caught up
in the wrong crowd.

Are you trying to blame someone
else for that? How childish.


Be a good girl and go to school.
If I find you with a man,

I won't be able to turn a blind eye.

I'll kill him with my own bare hands.

And you'll have any woman you want,
because you can't stand not to.


I bought this for you - take it.

You don't like it?

Thank you.

It's so pretty.

Anyone home?


Go to your room.


- Hello?
- Shut up!

What do you want?

Minoru - I'm Akane's father.

I came to see how she's doing.

There's no father on our
family register.

All that's written is our dead
mother's name, "Sonoko".

I apologize.

Satoe was vehemently opposed to me
being recognized as the father.

It's not all about you, y'know!

You can't do anything because
you're scared of your wife.

No use trying to act the father
only when it's good for you.

Listen, Minoru - I'm always worrying
about the two of you.

If there's anything I can do...

Money, is it?

If that's the case, I earn enough.

How's Akane doing?
I just want to take a look at her.

I'm raising her myself.

I ain't gonna let you
lay a finger on her.

Get outta here!
Go home!

Are you alright, father?

Who're you?

Satoe was terribly insistent
about it, so...

...we adopted a child. I thought I'd bring
him to introduce to you two...

My name is Yuji.
Nice to meet you.

I've been ill lately -
I decided to retire.

Yuji's taken over the textile
shop in Kanda.

He's still young, but he's
running the place well.

That's a nice little story.

Adopting a child even though you've
already got actual children?

The rich sure know how
to live the high life.

I've heard a lot about
you two from father.

Could you think of me
as your little brother?

Shut your mouth.

Both of you oughta live
your own lives.

I'll take care of Akane's.

Don't let me see you here again.

He hasn't changed a bit.

Akane is my child, but he's not.

My dearly departed Sonoko
brought him along.

He hated me from the get go -
wouldn't speak a word to me.

He was only 10 years old.




You sleeping?

You've grown up.

Akane... listen up.

I'm glad I've got you.

I'm home!

God damn it.
Home already?


Where are you, dear?

Where'd you get to?


I said, "Honey"...!

You're drunk.
Go to sleep.

Sure thing.

Together with you, my darling!

Come on, let's go to bed!

Be quiet. I'm still drinking.

Hold me, would you?

- I can't hold it in anymore!
- Keep it down!

You'll wake Akane.

You're the only man I've got.

Some hostess I am!

I could fuck any man I wanted
if I felt like it, though.

Never slept with anyone
else, not once!

You don't need to hold off
for me. Do what you like.

Don't make fun of me.
I'm not that kind of woman.

I'm working hard to earn us money
because I'm in love with you!

Doesn't that warm your heart?
Don't you feel for me?

Treat me nice once in a while,
would you?

You asking me to repay the favor?

That's right!

- Very well!
- My darling!

Listen... come here...


Wait a second!
What are you doing?

Don't you want to
sleep with me?

Why not? Tell me!

I wanna know, right now!

Listen to me!
You can't just ignore me!

- Now, now...
- You piece of shit!

Asshole! Asshole!

Hey, you!

- What are you reading?
- It's a French novel.

"Le Silence de la Mer".

Pretty fancy.
Do you understand it?

You don't have to.

It's just fun to read.

- Do you like books?
- Yes.

I'll lend you some of mine, then.

Who are you?

I'm Kaizuka.
I started teaching here in April.

Okay. Thanks.

You're in 3rd year, right?
Going to university next year?

No. I think I'll work at
a company somewhere.

Why? Women ought to
go to university.

My older brother is a
member of the yakuza.

He earns money by doing bad things. I don't
want to go to university with dirty money.

I want to work to get away from him.

I'd like to meet your brother
and have a word with him.

I think he'd probably punch you,
Mr. Kaizuka.

Why is that?

He punches all the men
that get close to me.

But I'm a teacher. Aren't teachers
allowed to meet with their students?

He won't discriminate.

You're a young man, after all.


It's a waste that a girl like
you won't go to university.

Won't you reconsider?

Mr. Kaizuka...

...where do you live?

I live in an apartment in Nakano.

- By yourself?
- Of course.

I'll come over and borrow
some novels soon.

I need to make sure my
brother doesn't find out.

- Minoru.
- Hey.



Tatematsu, come look at this.


Who's this?

Tonoyama, from the East Wind clan. He's been
causing trouble in our territory recently.

I see.
What about him?

You had a bit of a tussle with
some East Wind punks, right?

- That's been taken care of.
- Like hell it has.

This Tonoyama asshole wants
me to hand you over to him.

- Huh. And...?
- Not gonna happen.

We can't just let the
matter be, though.

What do you think?

You want me to do him in?

- That's right.
- Alright.

I've been thinking of having
Honda make his first kill lately.

Hey! Honda!

Yes, sir!

- Never mind!
- Yes, sir.


If he messes up, we're in trouble.

It's gotta be done with one blow.
Honda's not cut out for that.

You do it.

Understood. I'll take care of it.

But in return, I gotta ask you to have
someone else get jailed for it.


I got a little sister I have
to take care of.

She's still a kid. I can't leave her
alone any longer than a day.

Shouldn't be a problem.
We've got a scapegoat set up.

Listen, Tatematsu.
Tonoyama's gonna put up a fight.

Use this, and make
sure it gets done.

Yes, sir.

Hey, where's Akane?

In there.


Got something for you.

Here - try it on.

It's pretty flashy.

Just try it on! It'll suit you.

You'll look great.

As if something that
childish would suit her.

You got a problem with this?

I sure do!

You buy all these things for Akane,

and what do you get me?

I've been here for two years, and
all you get me is cheap trash.

- What're you playing at?
- So? What's wrong with that?

She's only a student -
you're a working woman.

You're talking nonsense.

You like Akane more than you like me.
She's more important to you!

What are you saying?

Now I know why you
won't sleep with me.

I'm not your wife - Akane is.

I'm your maid, right?

Mind your own business.


I guess you're right.

And if I'm a bitch, what are you?
A bloodsucking leech, that's what.

You act all mighty with your
clans and underlings,

but you're just a lowly yakuza!

Say that again.

I'll say it however many times you like.

If it weren't for me, you'd
be broke and in prison.

How 'bout you show a little
gratitude and treat me right?

Wanna hit me some more?

If something doesn't suit you,
you start swinging your fists,

but punching things won't
fix anything in this world!

If I was your underling
I'd keep my trap shut,

but I'm not - I'm your wife!

You've gone mad.
You whore!

You're the mad one.

No matter how much I offer you, you're
far more attracted to your little sister.

What exactly is Akane to you?

Your sister? Your lover?

I've raised her since
she was six years old.

I'm a father figure to her!

Don't make me laugh.

She has a father - you just chase
him off whenever he comes.

Not just him - you send all the men
she gets close to running for the hills.

What do you plan to do with her?

You want her to be single,
always by your side - like a doll?

Shut up!

What's wrong with a brother
doting on his sister?

You've gone too far for
it just to be brotherly.

If you like her so much, why don't you
just sleep with her every night?

She's a grown woman now,
with a sex drive and everything.

I'll bet that'd be fun!

What are you doing?

You bitch.

You think that's how I feel
about Akane?

Alright, then -

I'll fuck you until you die.

What are you doing?
I'm not a whore!

You can't treat me like a toy!



Stop it!


Stop it now!

I'm watching, Minoru!

Fuck you.

I bet you don't even
see me as human.

I've had it. I'm leaving you.

Do whatever you want.

I'll send a deliveryman tomorrow.

Give him my things.

Now the both of you,
as brother and sister,

can have fun playing husband and
wife as much as you want.

They won't let you change the family
register to show that, though.


That fool. She's jealous because
of a misunderstanding.

We're better off without her.


I ain't gonna bring any more
stupid women home.

Let's just live here the two
of us, okay?

Having a stranger here just
brings trouble.

Us siblings ought to be by
ourselves, right?


Kanae was just talking shit.

I don't have any of those
feelings for you.

Not in any way, you hear?

I'm just your brother.

Just a regular brother, that's all!

Isn't that right?

Hey! Akane!

You want sushi for dinner?

Sushi's good, right?

Why don't you read a book
while you wait, huh?

- Yo.
- Oh! Hello.

Won't you take me next time,

Me too! Please!

Why not?

This way, please.

- Hello.
- Let's see your payment.

Of course.

Here's this month's portion.

Listen, Tatematsu, I got a problem.

What is it?

Some fellas from East Wind came and
said I had to pay some kinda rent.

- Rent?
- Yeah.

I told them I was paying it to the
Ishikawa clan, but that was no good.

What's the deal?

Was it this guy?

That's the boss.

He brings along youngsters
and uses the baths.

Let me know when
you see him again.

He's here right now, Tatematsu.

What room number?

Well, that was nice and refreshing!

You'll visit me again,
won't you?

- Welcome!
- Hey.

Sayuri's available right now.
Should I call her?

- Nah.
- Why not?

You got bored of her?

Should I take care of you?

No - I'm going home.


It's open.

- Good evening.
- Akane!

Can I come in, Mr. Kaizuka?

Of course.

You're wearing lipstick.

Perfume, too.
Smells great.

Well, I am an 18-year-old
woman, after all.

How does my yukata look?


You're like a different person.

Don't go, Mr. Kaizuka.

I'm lonely.

Hold me, Mr. Kaizuka!


I have feelings for you...
I really do!


Turn the light off -
I'm feeling shy.

Undo my obi - it's tightening
my chest too much.

Do whatever you like
with me, Mr. Kaizuka.

Anything you like!
I'll do anything for you.

Are you sure, Akane?


Love me, Mr. Kaizuka!

Love me!


Hey - I bought some sushi.

Come out here.


I've done something awful.
Please, forgive me.

Don't apologize.
I asked you to.


...to think that I took your virginity...

...I have to take responsibility.


I have every intention of marrying
you when you're older.

You don't have to.

I'm going home.

Won't you stay for a little longer?

No - I'll be off, now.

I'll see you home, then.

I'm going alone. I won't ever come
to this apartment ever again.

Don't talk to me, even at school.

I want to forget everything
that happened tonight.

What's happened?
Are you angry at me?

I slept with you because I love you!

I'm not just fooling around.
I'd hate for it to end tonight!

If you love me that much, could
you come and meet my brother?

Your brother?

Don't tell me you love me right after
meeting me for the first time, Mr. Kaizuka.

It's terribly upsetting.

Don't worry about me.

I came here intending
to throw my body away.

I didn't care who I did it with.


I just wanted to get away
from my brother.

If I dirty myself,

even my brother
will give up on me.

It's got nothing to do with you.

We're never going to meet again.


Where were you at
this time of night?

What does it matter?

You're wearing lipstick.

Perfume, too.

You're a high schooler, but
you're acting like a prostitute.

You wanna be like Kanae?

It's natural to put on a bit of makeup
when you go to meet a man.


I went and slept with him, too.

I'm not a virgin anymore.

Say that again.

I just went and slept with a man.


...you ought to know
how I feel about that.

You know how much I--

--how much I care for you.

- And you still went and did it?
- Yes.


Because I knew how much
you cared about me.

The guy you did it with...

...who is he?

Tell me.

I can't.

You think I'll tell you if you hit me?

Tell me... just tell me...!

Right now!

As if I would! He'll be killed!

Keep hitting me.
Hit me harder!

Just beat me to death, Minoru!

Just tell me this, Akane -

was he yakuza?

- Was who yakuza?
- The guy!

It was just a man.

A man? I'll bet it was.

So you gonna get
together with him?

- As if I would!
- What?

So he just used you like a toy, then?

I'm not that dumb!

You know, Minoru...

...I'm not the kind of
woman you think I am!

Let me just say this - from now on,
I'm going to live how I want.

It's not going to go
how you think it'll go.

I'm not going to university, either.

Why not?

Why's it come to this?

It has to be like this, Minoru.

It has to.


Do whatever you want, Akane.

I'll do what I want, too.

Let's see how that works out for you.




Ah, welcome!


Get out!

- Make it a double.
- Yes, sir.

Mr. Tatematsu.

Some guys from East Wind are here.

Don't have time for small fries.

They're messing around with Kanae.
That OK with you?

I don't care about her anymore.

Leave me alone.

Give me some more!

I wanna get drunk.

So, how 'bout it?
Wanna get a hotel tonight?

Yeah, that's fine by me!

I'm a free woman from tonight!

I just cut ties with the man
that sponsored me.

How about we take a trip to Kyoto,
or Osaka, then?

You're not yourself tonight, Kanae -
you never sleep with customers.

You drank too much.

Sounds interesting. How 'bout we take
a drive down the Tomei Expressway?

Let's go. Stand up.

No! I haven't had
enough to drink.

What are you going on about?
Get up.

- Let's go, already!
- No!

I need to drink more!

I'm staying here to drink!

Quit wriggling around!
I'll treat you nice and gentle!

Let me go, you freak!


What do you want with my broad?

You know she's my wife.
Still want a piece?

I'm not your wife.
We just split up!

Shut up!

This bar is Ishikawa territory.

East Wind punks ain't welcome here.

Get out!
And don't come back.

If I see you here again,
you'll be leaving in a body bag.

No skin off our backs.
It was you we wanted to see, anyways.


You bastard!

- Asshole!
- Minoru!

You gotta stop trashing my bar!
What's Ishikawa going to say?

- Shut up!
- Stop it, please!

Piece of shit.

You did this?

- So what if I did?
- Come with me.

- Hands off, you asshole!
- What?

Get outta here.

You trying to assault an officer?

You fucking idiot!

Minoru! Wait!


Stop it!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!


Stop this instant!

Let him go!
He didn't do anything!




I can't believe you're
Tatematsu's little sister.

Your brother sure is violent.

"Disorderly conduct", "damage to property",
"interfering with public servitude"...

..."interfering with business
operations", "coercion".

The guy he fought is in hospital
with a broken spine.

I apologize.


Gimme a smoke.


...how did this happen?

How long am I gonna
be locked up?

A year or two, maybe.

Two years, huh?
Not ten?

I'm going to drop out of
school and get a job.

Do what you want.

I will.

Take a look in the altar drawer.

Just below the photo of mom.

That's where I keep my bank book.

Should be about 700,000 yen in there.

Minoru, when did...
how did you...?

You're not going to university, right?

- Use it however you want.
- You saved all that for me?

I don't need bail money,
or a lawyer neither.

Why'd you have to go and start a fight?


It was for Kanae.

Were you trying to get away from me?

It's just what the yakuza do!
No big deal, alright?

Are you going to prison
to get away from me?

That's what this is, right?

Go home.

And don't come back.




...I heard you're leaving the school.

That's right.

You don't need to drop out just because
your brother caused an incident.

You should keep going until spring
next year, and graduate.

I can't make a living if I don't work.


...I'm sure you could get
a scholarship, or something.

My brother's having a rough time.

I can't just spend my time
idly studying.

But if you would just...

There's nothing between
you and I, Mr. Kaizuka,

so if you'll excuse me.


You're going to struggle
by yourself, aren't you?

If there's anything I can do...

...I'll do it.

Are you trying to make a move
now that my brother's gone?

It's not like that.

I just can't forget that
night with you...

...I just can't let it end there.

I'm in so much pain,
I feel like I could go mad.

Don't worry, Mr. Kaizuka.

That pain won't last long.



How pretty you've become!

You look just like Sonoko
when she was your age!

I've been wanting so much to see you,
but your brother always got in the way.

So they finally got him.
He's one crazed thug, that's for sure.

I won't have you speak ill
of my brother.

They didn't print your name
in the newspapers,

so you've got nothing
to worry about.

Wait a moment, Akane!




My brother didn't even
finish high school.

He became a yakuza so that
he could raise me.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything by it.

Forgive me, please!

Are you ill?

My stomach hasn't
been so good lately.

I don't care when I die, but...

...the thought of you still worries me.

Won't you come live at my apartment
while Minoru is away?

You don't have to worry about my wife -
Yuji and I convinced her.

I'm begging you -
come and live with us!

Forget it.

I'm going to wait here until
my brother comes home.

It's only two years at most -
they'll be over in no time.

No time at all.

I see.

You'll be strapped for cash for the
time being though, won't you?

Take this.

There's one million yen in there.

I don't need it.

If I need money,
there's Minoru's savings,

and I can work, too.

Leave me be.

I can't, Akane!

You're the only child I have by blood!

I'm so worried I can't bear it!
Please understand how I feel!

In that case, I have one request.

What is it?

Find me a job.

- Hi.
- Hello.

I'm back from the bank, sir.


Are you getting used to the job?

Yes, more or less.

If you need anything,
don't hesitate to tell me.

Yes, sir.

Would you mind fetching some
money from accounts with this?

Of course.

She's a bit of beauty.

What a find!

She's Inumaru's secret child,
you know.


The CEO of Inumaru Shoten,
that you used to work for?

That's right!
I've made her my secretary.

You can't turn down an old
guy on the brink of death.

Is he really that sick?

Doctors have given up on him - he never
leaves the bed at his apartment.

Stomach cancer.


Who is it?

It's Yuji.

What do you want?

Father's health has taken a
turn for the worst.

He doesn't have much time left.
Won't you come and see him?


You really like your
brother that much?

What do you mean?

I bet you think you'll insult
your brother if you visit father.

Stop talking about my brother.

You're a nice person.

You care a lot for your brother.

I'm not such a nice woman.

Yes, you are.

Just as I imagined.

And just how did
you imagine me?

You seem stubborn, but
at heart, you're gentle.

Just like your brother.

You don't know anything
about my brother.

- He's a stranger to you.
- That's how I can tell.

I'd like to meet him.
If we could talk, I think we'd get along.

There's no way that'll happen.

Sure it will!
If only you would help.

I have to go prepare a meal.

I'm busy.

I'd love to eat with you -
do you mind?

Go ahead.

So you are a nice person, after all!

You could be walking into a trap.

Doesn't bother me.

Let me just borrow your
phone to call home.

Hello? Is that you, mom?

It's Yuji.

Is that so?
I see.

I'll be home right away.

What's wrong?

Father just died.

We should go to his apartment.


He was desperate to see you.

Come and pay your respects,
at the very least.

Who is it?

It's me, Yuji.


I brought Akane.


I can't let you inside.

- Leave, immediately!
- Mother.

Akane is father's only child!

You can't just...

That's precisely why
I can't let her in.

If you only knew how much pain I
went through because of her mother...

...not to mention how much
she looks like her!

You must leave.

Everyone will arrive
for the wake soon.

And stop seducing Yuji
while you're at it.

He may be my adopted son,
but he means a great deal to me.

Your mother stole my husband - and if
her daughter were to take my son,

I'd never be at peace.

It'd be too miserable for me to bear.

I'm the one who's seducing her.


There's also the matter of the inheritance.
We must include Akane in--

She's not recognized as part of the family,
not to mention being illegitimate.

She has no right to any money.

But surely in father's will
he left some kind of special--

A will? He didn't leave behind
anything like that.

Now - it's time you left.

Forgive me.

I didn't mean to put you
through that.

You are your father's
heir, aren't you?

You ought to go welcome those
that have come for the wake.

We must meet again.

I'll take care of the
inheritance by then.

I'll make sure there's a
substantial sum for you.

I don't need any of his money.

I'm no beggar.



If you see my father,
pretend you don't know him.

I hope you become a proper
wife in your next life.

But Minoru, the trial's gonna
last for another two months.

Why won't you leave on bail?

I don't wanna leave.

Don't be mad, Minoru -

but the guys are saying you went
to prison to get away from your duties.

They joke about how you're
actually just a coward.

I hate hearing 'em talk like that.

By the way, Minoru -
Akane's father?

He's kicked the bucket -
stomach cancer!

That so?

That heir of his, Yuji?
Real pain in the ass, though.

He pays visits to Akane
while you're away.

- Stop talking about Akane.
- Yes, sir.

Only, I see them holding hands, and--


- I told you, I don't wanna hear it.
- Yes, sir.

Don't you wanna do something
about it, though?

They're gonna end up together
the way they're going.

They could already be together!

That Yuji is a shameless,
pushy prick, I tell ya.

I don't care what happens to Akane.

Can't have the guys in the clan
laughing at me, though.

You said it.

- You ain't winding me up, right?
- No, sir.

They all laughing?
All of them?


I'm coming out.
Get me the bail money.

- Akane.
- Yes?

Mother still won't budge
about the inheritance.

I'm sure I'll be able to convince
her soon, though.

Don't worry about it.

Here I am bringing you to the beach,
without even that being cleared up.

You might think I'm just
playing around,

but I really wanted to see you.

Why? Tell me.

Because I have feelings for you.


Do you have feelings for me, too?

I do - you're so warm.


Hello, sir.

- Get inside.
- Yes, sir.

Thanks for your time.


You've made quite a mess
for everyone with this.

I apologize.

Tonoyama's getting way
too big for his boots.

Something's gotta be done about it.
Get rid of him.


Just let me take care
of a few errands first.

No problem.

Excuse us.

Who are...?

It's been a while, Mrs. Inumaru.

I came to light some
incense for my father.

There's no altar here -
you'll have to go to the temple.

Trying to bury the past, eh?

Just as cold as you ever was.

By the way - about the inheritance.

How much did you give Akane?

Hm? Half? A third?

You'll have to ask the lawyer about that.
I don't know anything.

Don't play dumb, Mrs. Inumaru.

I'll find out sooner or later,
so just cut to the chase.

We did everything as is stated by law.

I thought as much.

Act 89 of the Civil Code.

That means us illegitimate children
don't see a penny of it.


I told you she's cold-hearted.

I can understand why my dad took
my mother as his mistress.

As his wife, I devoted my life to him.

You've no right to say those things.

How upstanding of you.
Have a seat, now.

In any case, that adopted kid
of yours - what was his name?


Right. Yuji.

Bit of a bad egg, isn't he?

He's really made a mess of things.

What do you mean?

He's been having relations with
Akane at Minoru's place.

She's damaged goods now.

I don't believe such nonsense.

There's a witness.

- You saw them, right?
- I did.

- They're like this!
- So what'll it be?

Akane might back down, but
you'll still have me to deal with.

Are you trying to blackmail me?
Don't waste your time.

You can even try killing me -
you won't get a cent.

You're a strong one, Mrs. Inumaru.

I don't tolerate mistakes.

Not only have I been tortured
by this mistress of his,

now I'm being blackmailed by their
bastard child. I can't take it.

Dying won't bother me.

How stoic! That's the first time
I've seen her like this.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

Go to Yuji's company and kidnap him.

Yes, sir.

Apparently, he's the son of
one of my dad's employees.


She finally got a kid after
begging him to get one.


I feel sorry for his real parents,
but it's gotta be done.

You'd better not lay a hand
on him, or I'll tell the police.

So it's blackmail, now, is it?

You got me wondering who's
the real yakuza here!

I may have been caught,
but I got a lot of friends.

They might even take
him out as payback.

They won't go easy on you like I would.

You're a coward - rotten to the core.

What do you wanna do, Minoru?

- Listen up.
- What?

- Visit the company.
- Yes?

And tell everyone what
they've done to Yuji.

Yes, sir.

- Also.
- Yes?

Depending on how they react,

you might need to take
the whole place down.

Sounds like fun!

- Get a few guys together.
- Yes, sir.

Let's talk.
How much do you want?

He took 10 million yen
from your mother?

She was in a panic so
I didn't get the details,

but that's what she said.

He blackmailed her out of that money.

Likely because of us...

Don't be ridiculous!

That money would've ended up
yours, anyway.

He just collected it for you,
instead of me.

I'm going home.

That's perfect - we'll go together,
and meet with your brother.


I need to talk with him alone -
just the two of us.


Why'd you come back home?


For the inheritance?

To see me?

Drinking while staring at this
check for 10 million...

...makes the alcohol
taste much better!

Here - 10 million yen.

No more living in this dump.

I'll buy a house bigger than that old
man's, and you're gonna live there.

Buy anything you want for it -
a three-sided mirror, a king-size bed...

I don't want this dirty money.

Money is money -
doesn't matter how dirty it is.

Quit your job at the company,
and learn dressmaking or something.

Make your own living.

I can't believe you blackmailed
father's wife.

Satoe has been making us
suffer for long enough.

She's not gonna miss
this 10 million yen.

Nothing to worry about.

I'd rather become someone's mistress
than have to deal with you.

Just like our mother.

Listen, Minoru! I'm saying I'm going
to become someone's mistress!

Are you listening?


I'll find someone good,
don't you worry.

Here - your turn.
Just one drink.

There. Look at you go!

Thank you very much -
now it's your turn.

Get me another one.

Hey there.

You're quite the beauty.

How about you join me?

Leave her alone, Mr. Tomita.

She's the daughter
of one of our customers.

What's she doing in a place like this?

This is Kiyama.

Akane? What is it?

Mr. Kiyama...

...I had a fight with my
brother and left home.

I need you to find me
somewhere to stay tonight.

I'll book a room at a hotel.

You can tell me more about it there.

My brother's turned
into a real yakuza.

If I stay any longer with him,
I'm bound to be caught up in it.

I want to cut him off,
and live independently.

If you keep working with us, though,
he'll just come and take you back.

I'll quit the company
and work at a bar.

You must find me an apartment
somewhere, Mr. Kiyama.

It would be a waste for you
to work as a hostess.

Why don't you lay low
in a flat somewhere?

Your brother will end up
in jail in the meantime.


It's what must be done.

Let me take Mr. Inumaru's
place, and look after you.


...if your brother finds out,
I'll likely be murdered.

He won't find out - I promise.

I want to help you out, even
if I have to take those risks.

That's how much I feel for you!

You understand how
I feel, don't you?

What are you doing?
Stop it!

Stop! I'll tell my brother!

You will?

I'll tell him everything!

How dare you...

I'm going to tell him everything.

I apologize - I like you too much,
and I got carried away.

I'm the one that's the most
worried about you, you know!

You should stay here for a few days.

I'll visit tomorrow night,
and we can talk then.



Akane? Where are you?

At a hotel.

I need to see you!
Come quickly!

You're a fool for coming
to a hotel with Kiyama.

Just what are you thinking?

I wanted to be his mistress.

But I couldn't do it.

His mistress?

I wanted to get away from
Minoru, and live by myself.

Why didn't you come to me?

I didn't want to bother you any more.

What are you talking about?
I'd do anything for you.

Hold me, then - with all your might!

Stay here with me, all night.

Of course.

I want to make love to you
until morning.

So we finally slept together.

I'm happy we did.

This is the first time I've been
in love with someone.

I can die happy now.

Do it again!

I wish we could do this
whenever we wanted.

I want to marry you.

We're not blood-related,
so no one ought to object.

- Your mother's bound to refuse.
- It'll be fine.

If I stop being her adopted
child, I can do anything.

But what about Minoru?

I need to get home.

Why? You ran away from him,
didn't you?

I want to go home, though.

Let's meet with him together, then,
and have him approve our marriage.

I won't take no for an answer.

Do you really have to come?

I want to start living with
you as soon as possible.

It's only a matter of time until
Minoru and I start butting heads.

Better get it over with.

Come with me, then.

I'm home.


I stayed at a hotel last night.

Together with Yuji.

Hello, Minoru.

We've decided to get married.

You don't need to look
after me any more.

I'm going to be with Yuji from now on.

You can relax, Minoru.

Do you understand?

Look, brother--

- Brother?
- Yes, brother!

You must approve of our marriage.

I'm going to make her very happy.

You'll approve the marriage if it means
your little sister will be happy, right?


...what do you think?
We suit each other, don't we?

We're young, and in love.

Minoru... please.

You got a lotta guts.

I usually kill people that
make a move on Akane.

I especially hate my
dad's adopted kids.

I find it easy killing people I hate.

Please let us be married, Minoru.

I won't budge until you do.

You can kill me if you want.

Shut up! Akane is mine,
and no one else's!

You're her brother!
Can you marry your own sister?

Go home.

Get out of here.

I'll cut you up if you don't!

I'm not kidding.

I'm really gonna do it.



If you really want me,
kill my brother.

You're a man, aren't you?

Don't be foolish!

We can't be together if you don't.

Kill him!

No! I can't do it!

I see.

Leave, then.
Go home!


I've come to hate you now.

There's nothing manly about you.


I prefer my brother.


I can't believe you'd want to die for
me despite being hated so much!

You're crazy.


Do you mean that, Akane?

I do.
No need to be conceited.

You're serious, then?

You're so persistent.

There's no way I'm marrying you.


My brother is yakuza,
and I'm a yakuza woman.

We're different from you.

Then why --

why did you make love to me?

I was just fooling around -
I was drunk. It was nothing.

Is that so?
I see...


We're finally alone.

Are you happy?
Is this what you wanted?


What are you doing?

You wanna kill me?

That's right!

Kill you...

...and then kill myself.

You think you can kill me, Akane?

- A guy like me?
- Sure I can.


I love you, Minoru, I really do.

I wouldn't mind if we were
to keep living together.

But we're siblings -

there's nothing we can do about it!

The only thing we can do is die.

Both of us have to die!


...you love me?

I do.

I've always hated you -
always spoken ill of you!

I even tried to run away!

But it was no good.

I can't get away because I love you.


Die! You have to!



You wanted to kill me.

- And then yourself?
- Yes!

I can't let you die.


You're really in love with Akane?

Of course.

She's in love with you, too.

Marry her.


Make her happy -
for the rest of her life, you hear?

- Just one person?
- That's right.

Mr. Tatematsu!
Long time no see.

Is Tonoyama here?

He was here earlier, but I don't
think he'll be here tonight.

Don't play dumb.

Whether he lives or dies
doesn't concern you.

You're gonna make money either way.

Where's his room?

2nd floor, room at the end.

- How many?
- Three guys.

What'd you do last night?

- How's this feel?
- Great.


Who are you?

- You're Tonoyama, right?
- So what if I am?

I've come to take your life.


Let's talk about it.

Nothing to talk about.

Get down.

Don't leave.

Let me get dressed, at least.

You got nothing to wear.

You're fucking with me, right?

- Boss!
- Boss!