Yakuza Ladies: The Final Battle (1990) - full transcript


Shall we count the votes?

Today, on this auspicious
occasion, we are truly

happy to welcome the
successor to the

Nakamitsu Family, a most
distinguished member of

the Japan Yakuza Organization.

Tadokoro Ryoji who has been
named the fourth successor

to the Nakamatsu Family was
raised with tender, loving

care by his predecessor,
Nakamatsu Michio.

The Organization has great
expectations of him.

Thirteen for, and
two against...

It's an overwhelming
majority, isn't it?

Take out the declaration
of truce.

You certainly are
well-prepared, aren't you?



When is Segami
coming back?

He's supposed to be back
in April of next year.

So it'll be another
six months...?

I don't mean to make any
trouble about something

that's already been decided,
but please don't forget

that there was opposition even
if it was just two votes.

Segami has spent five years
in prison in place of all of you.

The Nakamatsu Family had
a ceremony yesterday for

their fourth successor
to the family.

Once that's over, they're
supposed to declare a

truce also... It was a
long battle, so there

are many who can't endure
the prospect of an end,

so please look
after them.

Please switch places.

Let's make an

Once they switch places,
he has officially

become the head of
the family.

The Lady Boss is back.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Come in.

What shall I tell
the others?

They're all wondering about
the results of the meeting.

Our gang will go on
as we always have.

Just tell them that.

All right.

I'm going to
take a nap.

Today's Tae's birthday,
isn't it?

Thank you so much
for the nice gift.

I promised that I'd get
her a big stuff animal.

Excuse me.

In any case, are we
supposed to be

holding a truce
from today?

I wonder what the lady
boss thinks of that.

Never mind that...

Make sure you take care
of the matter with

Daito Trading today.

Excuse me...

Chief, there's a lot
written about it here.

"Fourth Successor to
Nakamatsu Family..."

That bastard!

What happened?

He just broke the glass...
It's nothing serious.

Is anyone hurt?

What's wrong?

I've been hit...
My stomach!

I'm dying.

Idiot! It's just coffee!


You idiot!

I appreciate your
continued patronage.

Is the size the
same as always?

Yes... whenever I feel
upset, all this glitter

and sparkle is the
best medicine.

Is this Ms. Segami?


I'm Ise Aikichi's wife.
My name is Natsumi.

Do you remember?

Five years ago, when
Nakamatsu split off

from the Kawagoe Family,
my husband went to

Osaka in support of the
Kawagoe Family, and...

He was shot down and
killed at the bicycle

racetrack in Kobe.

Actually, it was one of my
young henchmen who

blew out the glass
at your place.


Are you Ms. Segami?

I'm pleased to meet you.
I'm Ise Natsumi.

I brought...

...this with me.

This is Nezu Yutaka.

I don't know what made
him lose control, but

for some reason, he thought you
were somehow connected

to the Nakamatsu Family, and
he shot your glass out.

This kid... I saw him

This is the kid
who did it.

In any case, I owe you an
apology, so I brought

him over here.

I'm really sorry for
what happened.

It looks like your young
men don't know how to

bow their head,
do they?


Hey, dumbass!

Will you set things right?

What do you want
me to do?

Cut your finger off.

No way!


I'd rather do hard labor
in prison than cut

my finger off.

Nee-san... I'm going
to turn myself in.


All right...


Let's talk!

Never mind already...

She forgave you...


Listen, all of you!

My dad was deceived by
the yakuza in Osaka,

and he was killed.

All the Osaka yakuza
are my enemy!

You have a fine group
of young men...

When my husband died,
I just couldn't keep

things going. So I sold
everything, and gave

them all what I considered
to be their retirement pay.

But he's the only one
who stayed with me.

We lived in our car
for about a year.

That's a big difference
from you, isn't it?

Were you just hanging around
Osaka all this time?

Yutaka and I went up into
the mountains and

practiced shooting.

I'm pretty good at it.

Is it true that the
Kawagoe Family is

going to disband?

Did you lose the
battle already?

When we split off from
the gang five years ago,

we were even, but now
it's ten to one.

It's no use fighting.

Everybody's saying that
when the head of this

gang, Segami returns,
you'll make a comeback.

If you back down now,
the dead won't rest in peace.

My husband...

I feel sorry for
my husband.


Hey, Shinichi... Shake
hands with Yutaka.

When you blew out the
glass, he spilled hot

coffee all over his pants,
and got burned real bad.

Sorry about that.

If I can't use it, I'm
going to sue you.

Don't drink too much.

You won't stop bleeding.

I'll give this
back to you.


What is that?

Those are all the people
who were sacrificed in

this last battle.

If you include the ones
who died from illness,

and those who can no longer
move after being injured,

there are too
many to count.

You're not the only
woman with a grudge.

Ise Aikichi

About this incident...

I actually sent Yutaka
out to get Tadokoro,

the fourth successor to
the Nakamatsu Family.

I'll do it next time...

Please take care
of my burial.

Wait until Segami
comes back.


I believe in Segami.

You believe in me.

I will.


Will you let me
stay with you?


All right.
Do as you please.

That's ridiculous!

Don't take us
for fools!


Explain it to
us in detail!

The property holdings of
Yamakyu Shoji Corporation

and President Yamakyu are
according to the report

you see in front of you.

They are being held as
collateral by Heian

Finance Company, and other
financial institutions.

Aside from the portion
held for payment of

employees salaries in
arrears, we haven't

found any property left
to pay for your share

of the holdings.

What kind of a

are you anyway?

Get the president
over here!

The president is missing
at this time, and the

police are looking
for him now.

Don't give us
that crap!

Quiet down!


Wait a minute.

Please sit down.


Go ahead.

I want to ask the
representative if

there's any hope of
finding additional

holdings at all.

By liquidating the
stock on hand and

collection of accounts
receivables, there is

a possibility of a two
percent share...

All right.

Are you kidding?

We paid seven million yen
of our sales, and we'll

only get back one percent?
I'll have to hang myself.

Work at the soapland.

I'll be your customer.

Don't let them fool you.

Look at that woman
in the kimono.

I saw her in a weekly
magazine... She's a

lady boss in Tenman.

She's a refinancing
loan shark!

This creditors' meeting
was set up by this

refinancing loan shark.

The chairman and the
representative are

all in it with them.

At this rate, they're
going to suck up all

the money that we were
supposed to get.

Give it back..

Give me back
all my money!

Otherwise, my business
is going under.

Give it all back!
I want it all back!

Give it all back!

At this rate, we'll never
reach a settlement, so

why don't we leave the
matter up to the

two companies who are the
most rightful claimants

listed on this paper?

I agree.

Me too.

I'll agree to it, too.
Please help me!

I'm begging you.


That's the company
president's girlfriend.

Where's the president?

He's hiding between the
white sheets of a hospital

along with his official seal.

We might be able to save
about 500 to 600 million.

This is your share

Have you pacified
the creditors?

A number of them threatened
to go through politicians

to file a complaint.

But the properties are all
listed under a third party.

We told them we'd sue them
all for false accusation.

They all have a fire lit
under their pants, so

they'll be gathering a blank
power of attorney.

I don't mean to
interrupt, but

will you take this all
to repay my loan?

I see...

I'll be leaving now.

Thank you.

Well done... With this,
it's paid off.

It wasn't only her husband's
defense, but all the young

followers' legal fees and
taking care of the families

and funding the battle... That's
all the money she borrowed.

In just three years, she paid
it all off including the interest.

Segami found a good wife.

You can't blame me for
falling in love, can you?

Mr. Ichiba... I need your
advice on something.

On the west side of Lake
Biwa, between Imazu

and Tsuruga, along the
National Highway 161,

there's a piece of
land up for sale.

I want to build a
gaming house there.



Now you want to become
a woman entrepreneur?

How much do
you need?

500 million yen...

500 million?

You plan to get it up and
running with 500 million?


I gave my woman a new
business to run...

It opens tonight. Will
you come with me?

Nakamatsu's head man,
Konya will be there.

The struggle between
Nakamatsu and the

Kawagoe Family is
basically over.

Segami's getting out soon.

Konya wants to
talk to you.

Is that a condition
of the loan?

I wish you'd try to
understand my position...

Ofuyu... The only reason
I've been able to take

your side until now is
because you're a woman.

When Segami returns,
I can't do that.

I'm sorry for showing you
something so trivial...

Please forget what
we talked about.

Sorry to bother you.

Hey, Beautiful!

Do you always dress
like this?

When I sleep...

I take it off.

The deposit for the
land is due tomorrow.

Shall I extend it?

Everything will go
on as scheduled.

Are you going to bow
down to Ichiba?

I'll get the money.


Give me another drink.

Nee-san. Osaka's an
interesting place,

isn't it?

Is this your
little sister?

She's beautiful
just like you.


This is my daughter.

She's beautiful like
me, isn't she?

Don't be ridiculous, Dad!

Thank you for
coming today.

Thank you for all the
gifts, everyone.

I heard Segami was
transferred to a

prison in Okayama.

He's coming out soon.

I'm counting on you to
deal with Segami.

He still thinks he's
higher than Tadokoro,

the fourth successor
to Nakamatsu.

We can't treat him on a
level above Tadokoro.

I've thought about it,
but how about making

him Nakamatsu's
top advisor?

If it were just a title,
we could call him "God"

or "Lord Buddha"
for all I care!

How's the lady
gang leader?

No good...

She's as hard to
handle as always.

I'm not getting
anywhere with her.

That's your only
weak point.

Falling in love is
my weakness.

I see!

You can't win!

Hey, get us
some girls!

She's a real beauty.

I found her in Ginza.
She used to be a model.

You're as busy
as ever.

What else do I have
to look forward to?

Good evening!

Come on over...
Sit over here!

Come on over...

Sayako... Sit next
to the head man.

She's a budding actress...

I brought her over
with my mistress.

Sit here.

I'm Sayako...

Mr. Ichiba!

See you!

Thank you!

Do you want something?

Get in! We'll talk

Welcome back.

Studying? Good girl.

I started this law firm
in Kobe the year of

the Tokyo Olympic.

I was self-taught, and
got certified, so I

wasn't affiliated and
had no backing.

That's when the third-
generation head of

the Nakamatsu Family
picked me up, and

put me in charge of the
yakuza safety vault.

I don't care what
society thinks,

but it's ridiculous how
much money I make.

You said your name
was Natsumi...?

If I took on the Tsuruga
job, what's in it for me?

Pachinko's not easy
to succeed in.

My late husband was
blood brothers with

Mitsuishi from Tsuruga.

When I called him, he said
he'd do anything to help me.

What's the collateral?

Just me...

And the rest is
my naked body.

I see...

Will you give me a hand?

This is 500 million yen.

Shall we go into
the other room?

Right here is fine.


This body and
your guts.

It's worth 500 million.

You're looking
good, Dear.

How's the boss?

He's doing fine, but
he's been in the

hospital all the time.

Munaki and Karachi
came to see me.

I didn't think they
were that weak, but

they were obviously
Nakamatsu's spies.


It won't be long now...

There's nothing
to worry about.


I wrote to you about
her, didn't I?

This is Natsumi.

I'm Ise Natsumi.

I'm indebted to
your wife.

I remember Ise well...

He would have been
my right-hand man.

So you're Ise's wife...

You must be angry.

She's quite a beauty.

She has a strong
character, too.

She's doing a big job in
my place right now.

Boss... I want to exchange
sake cups with your wife.


What are you saying,

I fell in love
with you.

I want to walk the same
path as you for the

rest of my life.

How do you feel, Fuyu?

Women should be able to
exchange sake cups like

blood brothers.

Will you allow it, Boss?

Forget it!

Women can't become

Why not?

Do you know what it means
for a gangster to exchange

sake cups?

I know what it means...

More than brothers who
share the same blood...

Stop it!

Keep your voice down.

You brought this
with you?

I wanted the boss
to witness this.

I'm going to
prepare it.


Please do it.

Stop that!

Don't stop them.

Drain the whole cup.

Natsumi... is this...?

It's the ashes of my
late husband.

I want you to witness
this too, Dear...

Boss... Nee-san...

I've been reborn.

My life is in
your hands...

Same here.

Aren't you glad to have
such a good sister?

From now on, you're my
adorable little sister.

I'll take revenge
for Ise someday.


This is it.

Ofuyu's plan is to put in
a large parking lot,

a gaming hall, restaurant
and a sauna...

When the blueprints are ready,
we'll handle the construction.

So my job is to lay the
groundwork until then.

He'll give you a hand.

I'm counting on you.

The head of the Mitsuishi
Family is here, Nee-san.

Mr. Mitsuishi! You took
the trouble to come all

the way out there!

Thank you for coming to
meet me the other day.

So this is the land?

I have to hand it to
Segami's wife...

She found a good
piece of land.

She's getting ready for
the boss' return.

I'm counting on
your help.

Sure! I'll do anything
I can to help.

It'll be in honor of Ise,
my blood brother...

If he lived, he would
have been the head

of this Hokuriku area.

My work's piled up to
the end of the year.

We've never done business
with you before...

If you could be a little
more flexible...

What is this?

Payment in advance for
the construction work.

All this?


Just as we agreed...

You're from Fukui...?

I see!


This is from
your sister...

Wait for me, I'm
almost finished.

How's my sister doing?

She's with the Segami Family
in Tenman, Osaka now.


You're looking good.

Not really...

This is "ayu no ametaki"

(sweetfish grilled in
soy sauce and sugar).


It's good. It's special.

Is it?

You seem a little
different, Shiori.

Maybe I'll go to
Osaka, too.

No... you mustn't
do that.

What happened to
your left hand?

I injured it

Do they have a vocation in
the yakuza organization?

I don't know...

Do you have a pistol?

Of course not!

Working in the office
is boring.

Shiori.. I'm going to become
someone important

with a grand foreign car.

I'll buy a mansion and...

Are you proposing?

Thank my sister
for the money.

I'll buy you something
from Guam, too.

Shiori! Your ametaki!


What's wrong, Yutaka?
You seem depressed.

Were you jilted
by a woman?

Don't be ridiculous.

The "ayu no ametaki"
here is good, isn't it?

It's the real thing.

Why aren't you eating?
I thought you liked it.

I hate it!

What are you doing?

Excuse me.

Someone to see
Ms. Ise.

We all talked it over,
and we decided not to

take the work you
offered us.

We'll return the money, so
please cancel the contract.

Give us a reason why...

Here's the money.

How much did you bring?

We brought the money
you paid in advance...

You idiots! Read the
contract carefully.

It says if you don't
fulfill the contract,

you'll agree to pay a
considerable amount

for breach of contract.

Do you know how much in
damages each of you

will have to pay us?

That's ridiculous!

You trapped us,
didn't you?

What's that?

We heard... that you just
pay us some money

in advance, and after it's
finished, you don't pay

us a penny!

That's how you people
work, don't you?

Mr. President... Who
told you that?

Does it matter
who it was?

It was probably someone
in the same business

as us, wasn't?

I'll have you know..

The Mitsuishi Family has
nothing to do with this.

It's the truth!

I don't lie!

Stop that.

Nee-san... This isn't
a trivial matter.

Someone's trying
to interfere.

We found out where
Mitsuishi is...

He went to Noto.


What's going on?

All the bosses from the
Hokuriku area have

gathered there, and they're
having a golf tournament.

They were invited by the
fourth successor to

the Nakamatsu Family.


Are you sure?

We caught one of the punks
and found out that they're

all going to exchange sake
cups with Tadokoro

Even Mitsuishi?

I got the information from
one of Mitsuishi's punks.

He plans to act as the
head of that group.

That fool!

We can't let this go.

Let's call the Lady
Boss in Osaka

The boss is getting
out of jail soon.

We can't involve
her in this.


I'll go to Noto.

Will you continue
the work here?

It's dangerous for you
to go all alone.

Get ready, Yutaka.


You'd better not notify
Osaka about this.

Got that?


The one without the hat
is the fourth successor

to the Nakamatsu Family.

Konya, the head of the
operation and Terazawa,

the head of the
rank and file.

They're all here.

Shall we get them?

Bear with it.

Boss Segami is getting
out of prison soon.

It flies good with
your driver, but

your putter makes it
fly just as good.

You're pretty good,
old man.

You're good.

May I have the honor of
drinking from your cup?

Thank you!

Mr. Mitsuishi... Do you think
you've become one

of the fourth successor's
underlings already?

This is the best
day of my life.

My golfing leaves much
to desire though...

It's time to go...

We'll start at 7:30...

Good night.

Thank you all for

from early this morning.

Our special guest,
Mr. Ichiba has some

magnificent prizes to
give out, so do your

best again tomorrow.

Thank you.

Good night.

I'm going to do
it tomorrow.

I heard that the Segami
Family was working

closely with you...

You mean the pachinko
parlor? I squashed it.

You did?

I'm going to be taking
that over eventually...

You are?

I'll be counting on
you when I do.

Shall we go?

Mr. Ichiba!

I want to ask you

Wait over there
for me.

What is Mr. Tadokoro going
to do about Segami?

I don't know...

Mr. Tadokoro doesn't
let on what he's

really thinking.

Isn't there some
way to help him?

Why do you want
to help him?

I've been indebted to him
since I was young.

Mr. Mitsuishi... a
sentimental yakuza

will die early.

Let's go...

I'm ready for you...

Can you do something
about it?

Who is it?

Who are you?


Wait! Please wait!

It wasn't me!

It was Nakamatsu's
fourth successor.

It was Tadokoro!

Tadokoro wanted to get
Segami's wife to back

off before Segami
gets out of prison.



Why me?


It's the devil!

Welcome back!

The chief said the boss
is on his way here.

He is?


Is this okay?

It seems too plain!

It's just an intimate
gathering for family...

All of you are going
to join us.


That's what the
boss wants.

You, too, Tae!

The caterer wants to know
if 3 o'clock will be okay.

That's fine.

The boss is past the
Takarazuka Interchange.

He's going to stop at the
third successor's grave,

so he's going to be
about an hour late.

He is?

Who are those guys?

It's Tadokoro, the
fourth successor.


We had to meet sometime...

He's late.

He should have been
here by now.

Hello... It's me.

The boss was taken to
Nakamatsu's main house in Ikeda.

You just let them
take him away?

We're jalking about Nakamatsu's
fourth successor!

You idiots!

Get the car, Shinichi!

Mrs. Segami...

Come inside.

If it isn't Mrs. Segami...

Come on over here.

Mr. Tadokoro... I'm
Segami's wife.

Thank you for going out
of your way to welcome

my husband back...

Mrs. Segami... I've been
waiting for this day.

My predecessor must be
happy in the other

world seeing Segami
alive and well.

I stopped at the third
successor's grave on

the way home...

Is that what happened?

Mr. Tadokoro and the
rest of you...

Thank you very much
for the warm welcome.

Everyone's been waiting
for your return at

home, too. Dear...

I need to talk to
Mr. Tadokoro.

It doesn't have to
be today, does it?

This is a man's world...

A woman shouldn't
interfere in it.

Shall we drink a toast
to Segami's return?

I'll leave it to you,
Mr. Tadokoro.

You, too, Mrs. Segami.

on your return.

Thank you for your
hard work...

Welcome home, Uncle.

Aunty and I will sing
a song or you...

It's your turn,
Papa and Mama.

Are you okay?

Pull yourself

Here you go...
Lemon water.

I'm drunk.

It's been a while,
after all.

What do you think
about today?

What are you
talking about?

About the fourth

I thought you said a
woman shouldn't

interfere in a
man's world.

It must have been
hard on you...

Welcome home.

I have a good wife.

I dreamed about you morning
and night. Everyday...

Let's go...

...in the back.

I haven't changed at all.

Chairman! It's Mr. Segami.

Mr. Segami is here.

Welcome back.

I, Segami Masayuki,
have returned.

Is Ofuyu here, too?

Hang on, Chairman!

Segami finally came back,
so you have to live a long life.

I don't have to worry now
that the two of you are here.

Segami... I'll leave
the rest to you.


Now that I'm back, I won't let
Tadokoro get away with anything.

I'm going to make a comeback,
and trample the Nakamatsu.

Family to pieces.



This is from
your sister.


Where are you going?

Out of my way!


Hey! How many strokes
does Segami have?

He's up to 6...

That's two million yen.

Do you know how many
strokes that was?

Who knows?

You've hit it 15 times.

Tell Segami that I'm
betting two million

on that putt.

All right.

Boss, Mr. Ichiba is
betting two million

on that putt.

Two million yen?

It's wrong to gamble on
golf to begin with.

Gambling is done with
a bookie or dice.

I heard yakuza these days
even deal in stocks.

Never mind stocks... if you
don't own a building

or two, you can't call
yourself full-fledged.

I know that. You're
talking about land

sharks, aren't you?

Your wife is
something else.

I haven't done much...

But the land in Tenman
and the parking lot

next door comes to over
300 tsubo (10,662 sq. ft).

That land goes for 14.5
million per tsubo

Roughly 450 million...

This sushi is delicious.
Where is it from?

From Monta, in

Give the chef a 100,000
yen tip.


Ryoko and Megumi...

Nice, young girls.

Are they from Ginza, too?

No... They're
from Osaka.

I'll be drinking
at the counter


Come here, Megumi.

Have some sushi.

I'll have a brandy.

I'll have the same.

What's the matter? Aren't
you going to eat?

Who's that?

She's this middle-aged
gentleman's wife.

Beautiful, isn't she?

What is it?

Is my face that

You're my type.


Stop that!

You'd better
be careful.

Tadokoro already heard
what Segami said at

Kawagoe's deathbed.

Is that right?

Doesn't it bother you?

I have faith in Segami

There's that incident
with Natsumi, too.

Your little sister,
Natsumi sure had

a great body.

If she had agreed to be my
woman, she could have

had a life of luxury.


Don't you want to get out
of the yakuza world, and

be my wife...? I make
an honest living.

Excuse me!

There's supposed be a
grave around here

for Ise Aikichi...

Go straight down this
road and turn left

at the corner. It should
be right there.

Thank you!

I found it!

Here it is!
This is it.

Ise Aikichi

Natsumi... Her name
is on there.

Are you the wife of the boss
of the Segami Family?

That's right.
Who are you?

I'm Ise Natsumi's
younger sister.

Now that you mention it,
Yutaka mentioned that

Natsumi had a really
pretty little sister.

That's right, he did!

Yutaka gave me a savings
book in my name, and

there was a note inside.

It just said to put flowers
on Mr. Ise's grave.

Haven't you heard
from her?

That's why I came
here to Mihama.

I heard this is where
Natsumi was born.

Is the yakuza world
that great?

I was adopted by our
relatives, so no one

knows that I'm her
younger sister...

But after that incident,
there was a big picture

of my sister in the
newspapers, I told

one of my close

And it spread
all over.

You fool! Why did
you do that?

I wanted to know how
everyone would look

at me after that.


The section chief asked
me if I would resign.

Even the place I live...

Did you quit?

No, I'm still hanging
in there.

You have some
good points.

I just don't

Natsumi loved her husband
enough to stake her life.

He didn't seem that
great to me.

He looked like
a snow crab.

Do you have a

I do, but after I told him
about my sister,

he stopped calling me.

Please find me a
job in Osaka.

I know what you're
going to say...

No... forget it.

A country bumpkin like me
would never survive in

the big city...
Isn't that right?

Don't worry... Look
down on my sister.

I'm sorry for saying
something so selfish.


Shall we get started?

The mass media are
out in force!

It's time for the fall
of the Osaka Castle.

If matters like these are
left to chance, there

is a possibility that there
will be an increasing

number of conflicts without
any benefits repeated in

succession in the future.

In consideration of the
effects on the general

public, we have decided to
disband the Kawagoe Family.

We give our word of honor
to follow the provisions

as has been stated.

September 8, 1990 from
the Kawagoe Family.

That's all I have to say.

Please tell us what your
feelings are right now.

Of course I'm heartbroken.
It's unfortunate...


In order to live in the
world of chivalry,

we cannot cause anymore
trouble to society.

What a great actor!

Why doesn't he come
right out and say it?

That he values
his life more.


Boss... It's Mr. Ichiba.

Turn that down.


Are you watching the

Mr. Ichiba...

You took care of the Segamis in
your younger days, didn't you?

I still do.

What's that?

But... Segami is like
a cancer... If you

don't cut the cancer out
from the source, you

never know when it'll
come back again.

You're quite an evil man
yourself, aren't you?

Are you sure you should be
saying things like that?

Segami's someone to fear.

If you kill me, you'll
take a big loss.

This was Chairman Kawagoe's
dying wish...

We all staked our lives, and
did everything that we could do.

Head for Osaka!

What is it?

I told you I didn't want
to be bothered.

It's me.

Open the door!


Your wife?

I'll be right there.
Wait outside.

Why don't you
let her in?

What are you saying?

What are you doing?


Everyone wants to hear
what you have to say.

At your age, are you
jealous of me, Missus?

Let me introduce myself.

Thanks to you, I was stuck
with a 7 million yen tab...

My name is Yanai Ryoko.

In exchange, your hubby
bought me this condo.

This place belongs to
me and your hubby!

Will you get out?

Get out of here!

Damn you!

That did it!

Get her out of here!

Stop that!

That hurt! Let me go!

Tell me the truth...

Natsumi, Okayama and I came
to see you, didn't we?

Did you already have
everything settled

with Tadokoro at
that time?

Were you deceiving all
of us all this time?

How about it?

I don't dance to anyone's
tune... I made up my own

mind to take the
best path.

Listen, the Nakamatsu
Family will become the

Nakamatsu Conglomerate.

I exchanged sake cups with
the fourth successor, so

I can become his
top advisor.

How naive can you be?

You're the ringleader who
opposed Tadokoro

as the successor to the
Nakamatsu Family.

Do you think Tadokoro
will ever forget that?

He's just stringing
you along.

Do you want me
to get killed?

You're going to be killed
anyway at this rate.

Shut up!

Listen... my life is not
just mine alone.

I'm responsible for
hundreds of lives

and if you include all
the families affiliated

with us, that would make
it in the thousands.

Isn't your rationality
all wrong?

What about your promise to
the chairman and to Natsumi?

You told them that you
were going to get

revenge for them.

Hey, Fuyu! Is that woman
more important

to you than your
own husband?

Natsumi's a woman, but
she staked her life

to do what she did.

If you had been killed,
I would have done the

same thing as Natsumi.

The dead can't talk.

I know that!

Let's go!


Mr. Tadokoro... are you
having whisky and water?

Two more whisky
and water...

What's your name?

Behave yourselves.


She's Mr. Tadokoro's type.

He goes for looks,
after all.

Thank you all for coming
to the Nakamura Mitsuko

dinner show tonight.

For my next song, I'd like
to sing my new song,

'Osaka Castle'.


All right.

This is a present for
you from the boss.

I can't accept this...

Take it!





It's Boss Segami!

How's Mr. Tadokoro?

Fortunately, the bullet
just grazed his neck.

I'm glad!

Where is he? I want to
make sure he's okay.

I don't think you should.

Why? You said it was
just a scratch.

After the incident in
Noto, this is the

second time it's happened.

And this time she went
straight for Mr. Tadokoro.

Don't tell me that you
think I'm behind this,

and you're trying
to cut me out?

Just go home
for tonight.

Mr. Tadokoro's in
a real bad mood.

So when did you get to
the point where you

can order me around?

Get out of my way.

Out of my way!

Are you looking
for a fight?

Let's come back another
time to see him, Boss.

Let me go.

You tell Mr. Tadokoro that
when I fight, I fight

up front, fair and square!
He knows that!

I wouldn't use a woman
to fight for me!

Get Tadokoro out here!

He's a pain in the butt!

Get him out of my hair!

He's just a loser barking
up the wrong tree...

No one's going to
follow him.

Just let him be.

I'll leave it to you.

There's no mistake that
this is Ise Natsumi, is there?


When they declared an
end to the conflict,

you and the late Kawagoe
were the only ones

against it, weren't you?

You have guts
for a woman.

Ise Natsumi was your
"teppodama" (bullet), wasn't she?

You sent her to kill
him, didn't you?


What's inside this

What does it signify?

You must know
what it is.


It's Yutaka.

He's an old acquaintance
of Mr. Ise's.

This way...

Have a seat.

Natsumi got her
tattoo here, too.

She had the same tattoo
as her husband's...

Two dragons climbing
up to Heaven.

Shall we go upstairs, Shiori?

Thanks, old man.

You're Natsumi's...?

Shiori came out to Osaka
about a month ago.

She was working part-time
as a companion...

She was at that club,
last night.

But it was really
by coincidence.

I was outside...

She told me to
see to things.

She wanted me to take
her ashes, and bury

them with her husband.

Please take care of
Shiori, Mrs. Segami.


I won't let you get away
with doing something

without my permission.


You understand,
don't you?

I'll take care
of Shiori.

Stay here until then.

I'll be right back.

I'll take this
sake cup.

Shiori... Aren't you
glad? Mrs. Segami

will take good
care of you.

I know it's painful for
you, but you'll have

to get her ashes. I can't go
to the police, can I.

You're planning to get the
boss of the Nakamatsu

Family, aren't you?

You must be hungry.
I'll make some

ramen for you. It's instant,
but it's pretty good.


Look at this.

It's a diamond.

Is it real?

I got it last night...

...from the boss of the
Nakamatsu Family.

What did you say, Shiori?

You mustn't keep that.
Throw it away!

You don't know where
this could lead to.

Give it to me!

I'll throw it away!

I'll buy you as many
diamonds as you want.

But you mustn't
keep this one.

This belongs to me.

give it to me!


Give it to me!


No! I hate punks!

I'm not a fool
like my sister!

I'll never be the woman
of a punk like you!

That hurt, you fool!

I'm sorry.

Welcome back!

What happened?

Was it a retaliation
for the attack?

No. It was the boss.

He said he was going to raid
the Nakamatsu Family's

main house, and when we
tried to stop him,

this is what happened.

Where is he?

In the back.

When he went to visit
Mr. Tadokoro to see

how he was after the
attack, things got

kind of complicated.

Welcome back.

So you're back...

How was it at the
police station?

Did they give you
a hard time?

No... it wasn't
that bad.

The cops are more

That Tadokoro thinks that
I'm the one who sent

that woman to kill him,
and that's fine with me.

We'll start the war
all over again.

I'm going to kill
that Tadokoro.

Do you know what
they're after?

They're purposely egging
you on, so you'll start

a fight with them.

I need money. Give me
money for warfare...

I need to buy hand grenades
and machine guns...

If you go to the Philippines, you
can get all you want there.

All right. I'll buy you as
many hand grenades

and machine guns as you
want, but you will let

me lead the war?


Neither the young henchmen
or the outside families

will follow you.

What's that?

I know! Why don't we
get you to retire?

I'll buy the Segami
crest from you.

You know how much this land
is worth, don't you?

Say that again!

You're a loser!

Once you turn tail and
run, you'll never get

your honor back again.

Shut up!

I'm Segami Masayuki,
the one they once

called the Tiger
of Tenman.

Do you think I'll stand
by quietly while a

woman makes a
fool of me?

Kill me. Go ahead,
and kill me.

If you're capable of
killing your wife,

then there's still
some hope for you.

Just shut up!

Shall I tell you

When you kill someone,
this is how it's done!

What do you think
you're doing?

Take care of her

Ambulance! Call
an ambulance!

No! Don't!

We'll be the


This is my way of settling
things as a yakuza wife.

I'll bear the pain while
all of you, my husband,

the gang and everything
else remain obscure,

and do as you please!

You shouldn't move...

Never mind! I can get to
the doctor by myself.

Teruo! Shinichi!
Help me out!

Wait, Fuyu! What are
you planning to do?

It's obvious, isn't it?

I'm going to kill


This has nothing
to do with you!

This is Natsumi's
and my fight

I hope you live
a long life.

Boss... Stop her!

If you let her go, that'll
be the end of us!


Shut up!

What can a woman
do anyway?

Is this on Segami's orders?

No! The boss has lost
all his nerve and

the henchmen have
all scattered...

There's nothing
that I can do.

All I want is to preserve
the Segami name until

Ofuyu comes back.

Do you think she'll
come back?

Of course! Deep down
the boss does, too.

You fool!

Mr. Ichiba...

Are you ready?

I'm ready...

I'm not talking
to you, idiot!

I won't steer you wrong.

Take what you can, and start
a legitimate business.

If you dilly dally, you'll
get a glimpse of hell.

What do you mean?

None of you understands
that women are ogres.

They're devils.

Mr. Tadokoro's dangerous.

He's let it all go
to his head.

Minabe! Get close to
Konya from now.

From now on, it's going
to be Konya's era.

Stick by him.

I'm in love with Ofuyu.

While I'm doing this,
I can see Ofuyu's face.

It's the real face
of the yakuza.

Are you ready?

Ofuyu! I'm coming.

I'm coming, Ofuyu!


Turn left here.

Leave the other cars.

He's turning left.

I wonder where
he's going.

He might be going
to see his woman.

Keep watch, Shinichi.

I'm going to let the lady boss
know where he is.

Tadokoro's here somewhere.

If we can find where
he is, we can get

him from the roof.


Shall we give up for today?

We finally found

I'll do it.

There's no rush.

We'll wait for him
to come out.

But we don't know when
he'll come out...

We'll wait.


You punk!

The target's here.

Hit me right here!

Kill me!

No! I hate this!


Stop! Stop!