Yajamana (2019) - full transcript

Krishna is a hardworking man living in Hulidurga and is famous for traditional oil extraction. With the entry of business tycoon Devi Shetty, Krishna is removed from his position as the rightful owner. He will now have to fight against the odds to bring justice to his people.

Business tycoon Mr. Devi Shetty's company

Golden Eagle Oil
has spread its wings past India.

Golden Eagle company
flying 100% across India.

Hello, everyone.

Sir, for the past seven years,
your brand is ruling.

What is the secret
behind your success, sir?

Sir, Golden Eagle company share values

are increasing by ten percent every year.

- What is your comment on this?
- Well...

Sir, can you tell us about
your company's future plans?

Answers to all your questions
are given in the press release.

You can all please go through that.
Thank you.

- Sir, one last question.
- Sir.

Mr. Devi Shetty.

Your advertisement
carries false information.

There is a lie in your advertisement


In 40 villages
of Karnataka's Hulidurga Taluk

not a single packet
of your oil has been sold.

You see the thing is...

Since the Golden Eagle started its journey

it hasn't flown over Hulidurga taluk.

- Are you informed about this?
- That is not even 0.1%.

Then advertise it as 99.9%.

Why do you lie by saying
"Its flying 100%"?

- Ma'am...
- Wait.


Will be corrected.

Thank you.

- Tell me, who is in charge of the South?
- Sir.

- And who is taking care of Karnataka?
- Sir, it's me.

Why the hell is it still pink?
Why is it not being covered yet?

Sorry, sir. I't not just our brand,
no other brands have...

Don't talk about other companies.

Why hasn't our company's oil
reached there?

- Tell me about it.
- Sir,

to date in Hulidurga Taluk,

oil is extracted
in the conventional method.

There is only one market in that Taluk.

That market has only one society.

That society is run by only one president
for the past 20 years.

Gurikar Huliyappa Nayaka.

His words are final.
No one disagrees with him.

It is impossible to set foot there.

Is there any place on this Earth
where I can't enter?

If I decide to step in,
is there anyone who can stop me?

Krishna, someone is
taking away our cattle.

Please save them.

Lift it. Lift it.

Lift it. Lift it.

Lift it.

- Where are the lorries?
- It is coming.



♩Rise, rise till the skies♩

♩Flaunt next to Lord Shiva, Nandi♩


♩Scare the world like the
sound of a pellet drum♩

♩Loved by the world
and Lord Shiva, Nandi♩


♩When your chariot is moving♩

♩It is like a celebration♩

♩Who dare stop you?♩

♩It is a mighty thunder♩

♩You are the urn of gold in this world♩

♩You resemble Lord Krishna and Karna♩

♩You can stop an army with your strength♩

♩And a heart that
sways itself to a lullaby♩

♩Scare the world like the
sound of a pellet drum♩

♩Loved by the world
and Lord Shiva, Nandi♩


♩Man with the valour of eight hills♩

♩Man who supports those in need♩

♩Even Lord Shiva loves him♩

♩Man who can thaw a stone♩

♩Man who recites peace always♩

♩He is like a shelter to our people♩

♩No wrestler is as great as him♩

♩He is an emperor♩

♩No one else can match him♩

♩He is one in a million♩

♩A proud emperor♩

♩His smile brings gaiety to the land♩

♩You are the urn of gold in this world♩

♩You resemble Lord Krishna and Karna♩

♩Rise, rise till the skie♩

♩Flaunt next to Lord Shiva, Nandi♩


♩Even gold shies away from him♩

♩He has the qualities of a diamond♩

♩He is the synonym for trust♩

♩He has built his life on sweat and toil♩

♩Feeds the ones who are hungry♩

♩He stands like the mountain of love♩

♩Valour like the Chalukyas♩

♩Robust like the Hoysalas

♩Valour like the Chalukyas♩

♩Robust like the Hoysalas♩

♩Affectionate like the Kadambas♩

♩Qualitative like the Gangas♩

♩He is a barn of pearls to the earth♩

♩A person appreciated by the God too♩

♩You are the urn of gold in this world♩

♩You resemble Lord Krishna and Karna♩

♩Rise, rise till the skies♩

♩Flaunt next to Lord Shiva, Nandi♩


♩Scare the world like the
sound of a pellet drum♩

♩Loved by the world
and Lord Shiva, Nandi♩

The product being auctioned today is

first grade groundnut.

The market rate is Rs. 81.

Rs. 81.25 paise.

Rs. 81.25 paise.

Rs. 81.50 paise.

Rs. 81.50 paise.

Rs. 81.75 paise.

Rs. 81.75 paise.

Rs. 82.

Rs. 82. Rs. 82 going once.

- Eighty...
- Rs. 85

An explossive sound
means firecracker. Mittai Soori.

- Rs. 86.
- Rs. 86.

- Rs. 86.25 paise.
- Rs. 86.25 paise.

- Rs. 87.25 paise.
- Rs. 90.

The president is here.

- You call.
- Rs. 87.

- You.
- Rs. 85.

- You.
- Rs. 82.

President sir.

If you wanted to reduce
the stakes from Rs. 90 to Rs. 82,

why auction in the first place?

Is it wrong to call
my prices in the auction?

There's nothing wrong.

But, how will you recover
the money you staked?

By selling oil, right?

Do you know why we are
able to live in peace?

The farmers don't go to a different place
because the rate is higher.

The extractors don't buy at another place
because the rate is cheaper.

The sellers don't sell any products
other than the ones made here.

Farmer, extractors, sellers

have all come together

making it a strong Society.

Unity is our strength.

Words of the Society is the law.

Decisions of the members is an order.

Whoever goes against it

will not have place in this market.

Remember that.

Proceed Mallesha.

Rs.82 going thrice.

Sidda, the groom's family
will be arriving soon.

Get everything ready.

Darling, how do I look?

If the groom's family thinks you are
the bride and asks to marry you,

what will I do?

Would I ever leave you?

Isn't it, mother-in-law?

Go check if Kaveri is ready.

I got caught.

(A popular Kannada Film Song)

Instead of getting ready to see the groom

you are dancing here?

I will have to get ready
only if the groom comes.

He won't come.

Why won't he come?

- This guy won't let him come.
- Who is this guy?

- This guy is That guy.
- Who is that guy?

That guy is this guy.

That guy, this guy.
This guy, that guy.

Who is it? Stop the record.

Why won't that guy let this guy come?

Childhood love story.

Childhood love story?

Please explain.

He was about ten years old.

Krishna, are you studying well?

Nothing goes to my head.

I am only getting zeroes.

Why do you say that?

Only if you work hard and study well

you can get a good job,
earn well,

and buy a Benz car like me.

Kaveri, come here.

Why should I work hard
to buy a Benz car?

What do you mean?

If I get married to Kaveri,

then that Benz car will be mine.

- You.
- You wait there.

- Stop there.
- Mother-in-law.

Both Kaveri and the Benz car are mine.

What is this, Krishna?

Why are you playing here
instead of going to school?

There is an exam today.
That's why I didn't go.

Who skips school during an exam?

Exams are rubbish.

Teachers look at books
and teach, but we?

Forget books, we can't even peep into
a friend's answer paper and write.

Isn't that wrong?

Didn't I ask you to not come here?

Come, let's leave.

- Mother-in-law.
- What?

How is Kaveri?


Just wait. Stop there.

Mother-in-law. Both Kaveri
and the Benz car are mine.

Happy birthday.




Who is it?

Rascal. You've come inside the house too?

Bash him now.

Not him. We should punish her
for being lenient.

You slapped him?

Hey. That was the only day I slapped him.

But him?

He slapped the teacher for
giving me less marks.

He slapped the postman for
asking me the directions.

And the bangle vendor,

he slapped him too for touching my hand.

And the state of the boys on the street?

Don't even ask.

Do you still think he will spare
the guy coming to see me?

Krishna, Target 21 coming. Alert.

Boys, take your positions.

Hey, mister.

You found only my car to get killed?

Not to die, boss.
But to live.


- What do you want?
- Yes, boss.

- What do you want?
- You should let go.

Haven't you heard about
Laila-Majnu, Romeo-Juliet,


- Who is Krishna?
- This poor guy, boss.

- Kaveri?
- The girl you are going to see.

She is my life, boss.

- So you are him.
- Yes, boss.

I was informed about you.

We knew.

I am no less. Very brilliant.

- Look behind me.
- One second, boss.



Now tell me.

Will you leave quietly or get bashed?


I will hit you with this, boss.

With this seed? Me?


Silly fellow. Hit me.

Hit me. Hit me now.

Hit me.

- Hit me.
- Bachchan.



My nail is chipped off.

You hit me with a stone?
This is cheating. Cheating.

I hit you with this only.

If you hit with this tamarind seed,
how can the nail chip off?

One second.

Boys, repeat.

Stop it.

Boss, if I still won't let go of Kaveri,
what will you do, boss?

Very simple, boss.

Next, I will hit you with Billet seeds,

then with Jaggery seed,

then with mango seed,

If you still don't agree with me,
finishing will be with jackfruit.

Boss, please don't.

I just asked for clarity.

Let's compromise, boss.
I don't want Kaveri, boss.

- So nice of you.
- Thank you, boss.

Just a small request, boss.

If someone asks,

don't tell them that
you hit me with tamarind seeds, boss.

It's a question of my prestige, boss.

Tell them I let go of Kaveri
at my own will.

- Okay, boss.
- Thank you. Thank you.

I don't want Kaveri or him.

Run run.

Huliya, the groom didn't come today also.

Information about the groom
coming to our house

someone from here
must have been telling him.

I won't let go without finding
out who that is.

where shall I put these papads?

Put it on that car.

Brilliant job. Great.

People find it difficult to
come near Devi Shetty.

But you?

You have tracked down my records
from the past four years.

My complete biodata,

import and export details.


If you produce this in court, no doubt

this Devi Shetty will face
life imprisonment.

Some disloyal dog that I fostered

has leaked all this information.

Who is it?

Tell me.

Sir, his father is coming.

Hello, Shoukat Ali Khan, sir. All good?

How is Irfan,
our most sincere IRS officer doing?

It's been four days.

My son is not to be found.

His phone is switched off.

Even after filing a police complaint
nothing has been done.

Please help us.

- Is this Irfan's son?
- Yes.

Educate him well.

Rather than teaching him
what he should do

teach him what he shouldn't do.

Do you want your father?

I'll search for him.

You can leave now.

Sister-in-law, hurry up.
Let's go.

Coming, Kaveri.

You will have it today.

Cotton, terry cotton, polyester. Kerchief.


Kirik Party is here. Alert.

How is he?

Like a king.

- Looks like a monkey.
- Hello.

- He is worth hundreds of crores.
- That's crap.

If he had come to our house yesterday,

we would have finalised
the engagement and marriage.

But he has ruined my future.

- Who?
- Who else? Your grandson.

He is Krishna.

There is a meaning
behind everything he does.

Isn't he ashamed?

A real man would have fought

and twisted his moustache like a wrestler.

But he chased the groom away
with the help of these half tickets,

by hitting him with tamarind seeds.

Where is his heroism?


Shall I go?

If he is a real hero,

he should go to my father,

stand proudly in front of him,

and ask for my hand in marriage.


Insult happening.

You working?

See, her father is going.

Go ask his daughter.

Finish the matter.

Aithalakadi Dumki Dhamaar Jaiyya.

- Jaiyya.
- Keep it.

Kaveri, will he ask?

He will definitely ask.

I know him well.

If he was really that fast,

I would have become a mother
of two kids by now.

Putta Gowri, I heard that some guy from
neighbouring village had come to see you.

Is your marriage fixed?

Krishna, if you say yes,

I will cancel the engagement

- and run away with you.
- Oh my god.

He is just playing around...

Mostly, he will ask this time.


He won't ask.

How are you, priest?

Are you taking care of all the Gods?

- When is the new moon night?
- It was yesterday.

It was? But no one told me.

When a full moon is right in front of him

he is asking for a new moon.

If he really has guts,
ask him to talk to my father.


Shut the gates.

Hide and seek,
forests and nests,

the sacks have rolled over,

I have left my birds free,

hide your birds from it.


This is all Mittai Soori's work.

After what happened at
the auction the other day,

He has sent these guys.

Call the police.

Hey... Stop.

They are all our people.

It takes years to build,
but a second to break it.

If we were'nt careful,
we would have lost you.

For peaceful living,

it's okay to lose a life.

Hey. Seat them in shade
and massage them.

- Ask the Panchayat heads to come here.
- Okay, sir.

- Krishna.
- Yes, coming.

- Hey, Kerchief.
- Yes?

Let's have a drink
before Krishna comes.

Hey. No. What if he finds out?

Aye. I'll pour, just drink it.

Hey. No.

You will get us caught.

Bottoms up.


- Krishna?
- Is everything ready?

I am ready.

Where is the pickle?

I forgot.

- Will you go get it?
- Yes, boss.



I told him.

But he poured, so I drank.

This little idiot
is always playing pranks.

Ganga and Yamuna meet.


Pour, sir.



- Cheers.
- Cheers.

What happened, darling?

It... It hit me.

I have tricked many
who have tried to fool me.

Now, you try to trick me?

Sorry, Krishna.

What next?

We have another quarter.

- Hello, president sir.
- Hello. Come in.

He is a lawyer from Mumbai.

He wanted to meet you,
so I brought him here.


Excuse me. Get me a tea.

Without sugar.

I am Shenoy, from Golden Eagle Company.

Mr. Nayak, I think you are very lucky.

Big companies wait for years
to get an appointment

with our Managing Director,
Mr. Devi Shetty.

But he has given an
appointment to meet you.

You have an appointment
with him next Friday at 11.30 am.

You need to wait in the
lobby 30 minutes before.


Dad, there was a mosquito.

If your M.D. wants to
meet our president,

shouldn't he come here?

Can't you understand that?

Excuse me. Tea.


There is a mosquito menace here.


What are you doing? Don't touch me there.

When it's above, it's panache.
When it's below, it's fancy.

You should show off your waistline.

Boys will fall for it.

- Chee.
- Chee?

The groom's family is here, come fast.

- Come child. Come fast.
- Yes.

♩One dawn♩

♩Just like that♩

♩Let us go♩

♩Let's go as far as the road is♩

♩Who will say 'no' to this?♩

♩My dear, my star♩

♩I have loved you since my young age♩

♩All the dreams that you see♩

♩I shall make them true♩

♩I am your one and only♩

♩One dawn♩

♩Just like that♩

♩Let us go♩

♩Let's go as far as the road is♩

♩Who will say 'no' to this?♩

♩In a city where no one lives♩

♩On a river bank♩

♩Let us make a small house for ourselves♩

♩On a moonlit night♩

♩Under the stars♩

♩I will stay in your embrace♩

♩I am yours♩

♩You are mine♩

♩You are the king of my world♩

♩Come, my queen♩

♩Your king cannot live♩

♩For even a second without you♩

♩I am your one and only♩

♩One dawn♩

♩Just like that♩

♩Let us go♩

♩Let's go as far as the road is♩

♩Who will say 'no' to this?♩

♩Do not ever forget to shower me
with your lovely kisses daily♩

♩I would love to place a bindi everyday
on your forehead♩

♩Let my looks not become evil on you♩

♩I will be there even
when you close your eyes♩

♩Come, my queen♩

♩Protecting Kaveri everyday♩

♩Is the duty of my life♩

♩I am your one and only♩

Victory to Pulla Reddy.

Victory to Pulla Reddy.

- Sir, come here.
- Sir?

Don't you know that when
Pulla Reddy comes, it should be crowded?

What is this?

Election, sir.
People are busy.

These elections come every fortnight.

Victory to Pulla Reddy.


I heard you were very sad

that I didn't attend
the Syndicate meeting this morning.

Sorry, I couldn't come.

It's my wedding anniversary today.

It is okay, Reddy.

You have become a big man.

You must be busy.

I am no big man, brother.

Only if you give me oil,
I earn my daily bread or else, I starve.

But people are trying to
take away my food, Reddy.

Who is that?

Who has the guts to take away your food?

Tell me who it is?

We'll finish him.

Who is this?

I pointed a gun. He gave it all up.

He cheated Devi.

He cheated.

He swore on his mother
that he wouldn't tell.

Receive it.

- Hello?
- Sir, they are closing our shop.

Who? Why? Where?

Cut it. Receive it.

- Hello?
- Sir, they are seizing our factory.

Who? Why? Where?
Say something.

Cut it Cut it.

Cut it.

Don't pick calls anymore.

You will die from depression.

Because in the next five minutes,

you will be zero.

This is a family business of 60 years.

Please forgive me this one time.

I can give you my life if you want.

I said that in the moment...

Will you shoot me?

People thinking of taking my position
in the Oil syndicate,

will learn a lesson after looking at him.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr. Reddy.

Now, get lost.

Who is this bimbo?

Hi. We are in Hulidurga.

This is a 400 year old market where
they still extract oil traditionally.

We are bringing you complete
and live details on our channel.

This is Ganga with
cameraman Pappu. Thank you.



Looks like she is eyeing my property.

- Who are you?
- Ganga.

- Where are you from?
- From Mumbai.

- Why did you come here?
- I have come to shoot.

What will you shoot?

I have come to document how you
extract oil in a conventional method.



He has lifted her like an oil tin.

Poor girl. Won't she get hurt?

Nothing like that.

He is holding me quite softly.

I am very comfortable.

If you keep dangling like
this while reading news, poor guy.

- Won't his hands hurt?
- Nothing like that.

- She must be only 115 pounds.
- Exactly.

Okay, but how do I believe you?

I have an ID card...

Please show it.

Chee. Disgusting.

Poor old lady.

She has to see all
such things at this age.

- Sad old lady.
- No pain, no tears.

My grandson has the habit
of lifting people.

Krish. Bring down that doll.


- Thank you.
- Oh God. You saved me.

- How long are you staying here?
- For a week.

Where will you stay?

I have permission to
stay at the President's house.

If you come there I'll break your legs.

Don't worry, doll.
You can stay at our place.

Thanks, grandma.

What is this, sister?

You sent such creamy butter
with our Krishna.

Bachchan. Please help me.


Why are you tweaking
your non existent moustache?

It's been a long time since
we played a cricket match.

- Let's play today.
- Oh, no.

Why? Are you scared?

I am not scared of that.

I'm scared that our match may stop

because of the third umpire.

No umpire can stop us
from scoring a century today.


Shall we play cricket?

Chee. Your desires haven't
reduced despite your age.

A tamarind tree can grow old,
but not its sourness.

Please stop.

Someone will see us.
Leave me.

Wait. Take this.

Take it.

Okay. Okay.

What happened?

let her sleep in your room today.


There are too many mosquitoes in our room.

- Mother-in-law.
- Yes?

- Let her sleep in your room today.
- Why?

There are too many mosquitoes in our room.

- Mosquitoes?
- Yes.


What's happening there?

I cannot explain it.

Krishna Leela. You see for yourself.

What is this?

Millet ball.

- Shall I try?
- Yes.


[A popular Kannada song is playing]

Keep it here.

Take it like this, dip it in and...


I'll kill you.

Wow. How did it go in?

Aye. Take your hands off him.

Your sister is watching us.


Till you find a match for her,

we can't play any matches.

Krishna, I am not able to eat this.

It is easy.

Bite it, and pull it like this...

Everything will go in.

Give it the way you do every time.

- Krishna.
- Yes?

You blow from there, I'll pull from here.

Take your mouth away, loafer.

She is watching us.

Why do this at our age?

When so many things are happening,

where did that old woman go?

Why are you screaming when
I am watching an interesting match?

Oh, no. Mother-in-law is also up now.

You sleep here, I'll go downstairs.

Our match?

Forget it.

My phone is also dead...

What else could be happening there?

Lord Krishna, please save me.

Please, please please.

Sir, please rethink this.

These villagers are not the
way you think they are.

Our company will not benefit
from this at all.

Remember one thing,

'money can buy everything'.

Let's throw money at them.

See how the villagers run behind us.

India's top businessman,
Golden Eagle Company owner,

Mr. Devi Shetty is here with us today.

He himself will let us know
the purpose of his visit.

Hail the soldier, hail the farmer.

Golden Eagle Company
is not mine. It's all yours.

From now on, you don't have to go from
shop to shop to sell your oil.

Our company will come
to your house doorstep.

I will give Rs. ten crores in advance
to your society for this purpose.

Our Golden Eagle Company has decided

to buy the oil you sell
for Rs. 150 at Rs. 200.

Does anyone have any questions
regarding this?

God himself has decided
to grant us a wish.

Why ask anymore questions?

Everyone has agreed to this, isn't it?

Yes. I agree. Okay.


Oh. Nandi brand.

You have come here to sell or buy?

To buy.

- What will you do after buying?
- Of course,

we will sell it.

Everyone here had mistaken
you to be an owner.

I, too, had mistaken you to be an owner.

You are not an owner, but a broker.

Krishna, why are you calling
an owner a broker?

Malleshi, you buy groundnuts,

extract oil and sell it to shops.

People buy that.

You are a owner, we all agree.

But this man won't do anything like that.

He will buy from us and
then sell it somewhere else.

What do we call the person who
helps exchange business?


So your doubt is
if I am an owner or a broker?

There's absolutely no doubt.

You are a broker.

Leave that, broker sir.

At what rate do you sell your oil?

Rs. 140.

How will you sell your oil at Rs. 140
after buying it from us at Rs. 200?

It's none of your business, brother.

That is what we have to know, brother.

If you go at a loss after
losing Rs. 60 for every litre of oil,

we will have to face the
consequences too, brother.

For the past eight years, my brand
is a topper in India's oil business.

I have never had a loss.

Good for you.

Now, after buying oil from us,

- will you sell it under our brands?
- Impossible.

We sell only under our brand name.

The Golden Eagle Company.
It will be sold only under that name.

So all our brands will die?

Krishna, all of our brands will die?

Not just that,

you won't even be an owner anymore.

What? This Paduvaralli Papegowda's
grandson Parmeshi

won't I be an owner anymore?


He is a broker, and you are his supplier.

You are only a supplier to
the Golden Eagle Company.


We also sell oil to people.

He will buy the same oil from us
at a higher rate and sell it to people.

How is that a loss? Isn't it a profit?

Perfect. You have understood correctly.

You're the only one who cannot understand.

What is your problem, gentleman?

Yes, Krishna.
There is no loss for us in this.


Seetharamu, come here.

- Yes?
- What is your name?


Tell me your full name.

Silk Seetharamu.

What does Silk Seetharamu mean?

Thirty years ago,

we owned a big silk clothing store.

It was our family business.

We used to weave silk sarees
and dhotis at home and sell it.


I must be around 25 years old then.

A textile company from Mumbai came to us.

They told us they will give us
20% more money

if we give them all the clothes we weave.

My father was greedy, and agreed.

Everything went well for 2 years.

But later...

What happened?

They reduced the rates all of a sudden.

It didn't serve us at all.

We went under a huge loss.

My father had to close the shop.

Why did you close it?

You had said you were famous
in the whole state?

You should have reopened.

We used to send every customer
who came to us, to the Bombay Store.

Why would those people
come back to our shop after that?

We were under huge debts.

My father sold
all our properties to repay them.

Finally, one day...

He hanged himself.

One day, my mother...

Mixed poison in our food...

She also ate it.

There were 20 people in my house.

All of them died.

But I alone, survived.

To survive now,

I am selling kerchiefs.

Don't cry, Seetharamu.

You are still living on your own feet.


when someone shopped at our store,

we used to give them
two kerchiefs for free.

We never sold a kerchief for money.

But now?

I am selling these kerchiefs
for a living, Krishna.

Cotton, terry cotton,


Did you all now understand
what I have been trying to say.

I won't sell my brand.

No. We won't give you our oil.

I won't give it.

I'll be the owner of my brand till I die.

I won't give it.


You won't even get
a kerchief in Hulidurga.

Now, you heard their decision.

You can leave.

- Who is it?
- Reddy.

Pulla Reddy.

What is it?

Looks like Cambridge University graduate

has been smacked by
a corporation school student.

What are you saying?

From local TV cable
to international channels,

the way you got insulted is the news.

Famous businessman
Devi Shetty is insulted by villagers.

In Hulidurga's oil market

Devi Shetty abashed by farmer Krishna.

Devi, I have a small doubt.

Now, should I call you an owner?

Or a broker?

- Krishna.
- What?


- Krishna.
- What?

I'll come too.



Please don't leave me and go, Krishna.

This is only for adults.

Hey. What happened?

This Basavanalli
Channa Keshava's son Nagalinga

is he not an adult?

♩My dear baby♩


♩I have tied my anklets
to do disco dance♩

♩I just came here bathing with Lux soap♩

♩We have eaten lots of onions♩

♩Hearing your footsteps,
we immediately stood up♩

♩We washed our hands
to shake your hands♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩The bazaar is ours today♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come, come, come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩ I have come here to fix a relationship♩

♩I just came here bathing with Lux soap♩

♩We have dried up
like a box of matchsticks♩

♩Scratch me, I'll burn♩

♩I have grown a flower
during famine in secret♩

♩Give it to me, I'll use it♩

♩Can't take it anymore♩

♩You are a troublesome lady♩

♩I am a product of government school♩

♩We used to give our slate and chalk
to the school master♩

♩We had carved our first
girlfriend's name on the last bench♩

♩If we had met you back then♩

♩It would have been wonderful♩

♩It's okay, come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩The bazaar is ours today♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come, come, come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Don't mix your eyes with mine, I'll burn♩

♩I just came here bathing with Lux soap♩

♩Lover, come, come, come♩

♩Lover, come, come, come♩

♩Lover, come, come, come♩


♩Why do you drape your
saree above your knees?♩

♩They say it is fashion, that's why♩

♩Why do we have to put a
velvet hat on our heads?♩

♩Meet me alone, I'll tell you then♩

♩I have already booked a wedding hall
somewhere else♩

♩What does she have that I don't?♩

♩She is raw beauty♩

♩Looks exactly like Sridevi from the side♩

♩I have loved her from my young age♩

♩I have kept my loyalty a little aside
just because you are here♩

♩It's okay, come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩The bazaar is ours today♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come♩

♩Basanni come, come, come♩

♩Basanni come♩

Say cheese.


I'm leaving for Mumbai.

- One selfie?
- Sure.

- Bye Krishna.
- Thank you.

Greetings, grandma. How are you?

Oh, Baslingu.

Why have the police brought you here?

What mistake did you make this time?

Aye. That is all over.

Now I am a minister.
They have come for my security.

Hello, president sir.

Hello. A big political leader
has come to our house.

- I came to talk to you.
- Please come.

Hello, ma'am. Hi, baby.

What is it?

About the thermal power project...

The government has started
the project again.

The market has been under
your presidency from the past 25 years.

If you ask the people to cooperate,

they will conduct the survey and leave.

You and I can do some settlement later.

On government's order,

we have come here
to survey the market.

We request the public
to cooperate with us.

Officers, start your work.

You know what had happened
here 30 years ago.

People of ten villages protested

and stopped that project.

If you say you will start it again

do you think people will sit quiet?


You come to our doorstep

and ask us to open the door to loot us.

You expect us to welcome you
with open hands?

You are intelligent,

and we are fools. Isn't it?

You have come here on a festive day.

Have lunch and leave.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm conducting a survey.

Get down.

Granny. Come here.

He is standing on it with his shoes on.

I'll tell him. You come here.

- No...
- Come.

A firecracker blasts.

Mittai Soori.

What is happening there?

Why haven't you served food to anyone yet?

Dad, something is happening here.
I'm getting scared.

Why are you scared, dear?

I am right here.
Everything will be alright.

Serve food to everyone now.
They are hungry.

Okay, Dad.


Aye. Stop there.

Who gave you the permission
to enter my shop?

Soori. Stop it.

They want to conduct a survey.
Let them finish it and leave.

We can discuss this matter later.

Stop it, I say.

Do you think I don't know

about the deals you
and the minister had?

No, that is...

How much did he pay you?

President has taken a bribe?
I can't believe this? He did this?

Why would I take a bribe?

Hey. Who are you?

- Shut up and get out.
- You...


Why are you taking me away?
I have to stay here.


Blood bath.


Why have you come here at this hour?

What is the matter?

We have come to save our village.

We have made a decision.

We now have to know yours.

What is your decision?

To stop the thermal power project.

Golden Eagle Company
has promised to help us.

We have agreed to give our oil
to Golden Eagle Company.


historically, outsiders
have never helped a farmer grow.

If you follow him because
he is giving more money,

he will stop buying our oil later.

Who will buy your oil?

He will ask you to stop extracting oil.

What else will you do then?

Don't poke your nose in this matter again.

We had agreed to give oil the other day.

We were ruined because of you.

The same had happened 30 years ago.

Didn't you all stand united and fight it?

Back then, we were young and motivated.

I have three daughters at home,
waiting to get married.

If we start fighting now,

who will take care of our work and home?

We always were united no matter what.

What happened now?

We are united.

You are the one who needs to say
if you are standing by us or not.

Everyone who has agreed to give your oil
to Golden Eagle Company,

Come to this side.

What is your decision?

For the greed of money,

I will never sell my Nandi brand.

Words of the Society is the law,

decisions of the members
is an order, isn't it?

The one who goes against
the society's decision

should go out of the market.


Welcome to the Golden Eagle family.

How much longer will you keep
looking at this?

Nothing will change.


Come, let's go

A man should be stubborn.

But not so much.


A big salute to Nandi brand.


When the whole village has united,

why are you standing alone?


- The medicine hasn't gone in completely.
- Really?

He is quite strong.
It might work in 20 minutes.

He is coming.

What, sir? Is your tyre punctured?

No. I feel a little dizzy
because of the sun.

Have some water, sir.

Are you feeling tired, sir?

Sir, rest for sometime.



What is that?

What sound is this, damn it?



You can hear it loud, can't you?


Even after throwing you
and your brand out of the market,

your bloody attitude
hasn't changed, has it?

Holding my head high in the sky,

with my sweat dripping to the earth,

built with ideals and integrity,
I have built my own brand.

The sound will always be loud.

With your illegitimate money
and cunning mind

you walked into our market.

But that is not a big deal at all.

I alone,

will come to your city,
enter your market,

place my 'Nandi' there.


Whosoever you may be,

you are the king of your place
and I am the king of mine.

Aye Cadburys.

A tusker's trail becomes the path.

I am coming.

If you have the guts,

stop me.


When the lorry arrives, unload the tins.

Don't be shocked. This is our house.

Half of Mumbai is dependant
on caterers like us.

Krishna, give me your bag.

- Who are you?
- Krishna.

Where is Rukmini and Sathyabhama?

Don't search.

Go, give this to the Captain.


Brother, keep the Poori
aside and hold this.

Go, give this to the captain.

Captain? Who is the captain here?

[Popular Kannada song]

That's me.

Captain Jagan Mohan. What do you want?

It is really light.
Have you come for work?

- From where?
- Hulidurga.

Tiger. Are you with that team
or this team?

- What team?
- First world war, second world war.

North Korea, South Korea.

If by chance there is another big war,
that will be in this house.

You will be safe if you are on my team.

We are like America.
What do you say?

- Hi, Captain.
- Hi. How are you?


Krishna, come,
I'll introduce you to my grandpa.

Keep an eye.

I have already
kept an eye on her, Captain.

Not on her, on him.

- Two hundred and forty poori.
- 240 poori.

- Three hundred and sixty Idly.
- 360 Idly.

- Hundred and eighty.
- Grandpa,

Hundred and eighty.

What is this?
A coconut tree has come inside the house.

Grandpa, this is Krishna.


Krishna, Ganga has told me
everything about you.

Think of it as your house.
Be comfortable.

I'll take care, grandpa.
Let's go, Krishna.

- Sir, let's continue...
- Hello. Captain is here.

- Hundred and eighty lunch.
- 180 lunch.

- Hegde, sir.
- What?

Captain Jagan Mohan wants to
speak to you personally.

- Tell me.
- Give me my salary.

I paid you the day before.

Fifteen thousand?
How is that sufficient?

How much should I pay then?

- Thirty thousand.
- Double?

Did we ask for thrice the payment?

- If you agree, we'll stay, else we won't.
- That's all.

Per day 3000 x 30 days?

Add 90,000, it will be one lakh 41,000/-

- Divide it by three.
- If divided by three, then 47000 per head.

Forty seven thousand?

Am I losing 17,000 every month?

If you can pay me
Rs. 17,000 every month then stay here.

Or else, leave.

Seventeen thousand?

Why? Where should I
pluck it and give it from?

Pull it out from
your own hands and give it.

Run, Run.

They all left me here and ran away.

I salute you.

Please add 2,000 extra only to mine.

Add his cigarette expenses too.

Two thousand and sixty three.
He will have to give us Rs. 63

Let their houses be ruined.


Strong tea.

Mumbai welcomes
and gives a life to everyone.

But, the work you have come to do
is highly impossible.

No one can fight against Devi.

Because Devi is the system and order here.

Shall I look for some other job
for you, Krishna?

Ganga, where is the oil market?

This has neither salt, sugar nor spice.

Only the expenses are increasing,
not the taste.

- Ganga.
- Yes?

You are going out while
your cousin is having food?

- Who is that?
- Krishna.

He has come here looking for work.

He looks like he can give jobs
to hundreds of people.

Is he looking for work?
I'm coming in five minutes.

Aye. Serve.

- Take him to the oil market.
- Okay.

Hello, can you drive?

I can manage to drive, sir.

This is a dangerous market.

They can hurt you badly
if you do anything wrong.

Don't go anywhere. Stay here.

Come to Gateway of India.
Tonight. 11 sharp.

What did he say?

He said that Shankar bhai is very good.

Obviously. Tell the same to Ganga.


What will you say?

Your brother is very good. He has
a great reputation in the market.

Stop. I am not her brother.

I am her betrothed.

He is slyly making jokes. Let's go.

[Hanuman Chalisa recitals]

Hegde, if you keep reciting these
Hanuman Chalisas every day

- how will we all sleep?
- Shush.

If I don't read this
you will not be able to sleep at all.

- Why?
- Yang Mang Chung...

They will trouble you.

Who is that?

The people who resided
in this house before us.

They lost all their money
and hanged themselves here.

Their photo is right there.

Their spirits are wandering around here.

Oh, God. Please save me.

Wake up.

That old man shouts at us
if we ask for money.

Let it be. From now on,

the ghosts in this house will drink oil,

eat vegetables,

and gobble grains.

Operation Yang Mang Chung.

- Understand?
- Yes, captain.

That's just me.


He is calling Ganga even in his sleep?

Who are you, sir?

Yang Mang Chung.

Why are you here, sir?

This is my house.

I can come and go
from here anytime I want.

Who are you to ask?

Get back under the blanket. Go.

The key.

My hand.

- My hand is stuck.
- Scratch.

Scratch nicely.

Don't rub. Scratch with your nail.

Down there.

- Who is this?
- Yang Mang Chung.

- What are you looking for?
- Didn't your wife come along?

You lust over a ghost's wife too?


She is so beautiful.

Why did you stop with only one child?

I had a family planning done.

For you? Or her?

You humans are so interested in knowing
matters of other families.

Hell to you.

Don't talk too much.

Or else, I'll get you family-planned.

- No, don't.
- Shut up and go to bed.

Hail Yang Mang Chung. Cheers.


Sit down, brother.

How is Mumbai weather?

I am new to the city,
not to the profession.

You asked a question in the village.

"How will you sell for Rs. 140
after buying oil at Rs. 200?"

He won't answer you,

but I will.

After finishing his studies abroad,

he didn't come back
to India empty handed.

He came back with white oil.

White oil, Rs. 30 per litre.

It doesn't have colour, taste or smell.

It comes to our port illegally
from the Middle East.

Mix it with groundnut oil,
it becomes groundnut oil.

You mix it with coconut oil,
it becomes coconut oil.


White swan,

my brand.

It has been our family business
for the last 60 years.

He broke its wings,

and threw me out of the market.

Why are you holding my legs now?

I want you to kill him.

I want to put mud in his mouth.

Shall we seal the deal?



Sir. You?

Are you serving tea?

I wake up at 4.30 a.m.

They are all like my kids.

I have to take care of them, right?

Give me the dice.

Why are you all sitting like this?

Won't you cook today?

We like to cook food too,

but we need oil.

Every time I bought oil,
it lasted for a week?

It didn't last this time.

So, shall we use water instead of oil?

You are doubting me?

Instead of living with a doubtful person,

it is better to take a loan
and commit suicide. Let's go.

Fools. You will neither get loans
nor jobs if you leave.

Get things ready. I'll buy oil.

This oldie believed it.
Maintain this.


Grandpa, where are you going?

- To buy five litres of cooking oil.
- I'll buy it for you, sir.

Krishna, you have kept so many tins here.

Why are you hesitating
to give me five litres of oil?

Why? Won't you give?

It is not like that, sir.

There are 100 tins of oil here.

There are two truckloads of oil
back in my village.

If I keep selling only five litres,
when will my business get done?

Krishna, numbers begin from zero too.

Little drops of water
make the mighty ocean.

Okay, I will buy one tin for you
instead of just five litres.

- Take this.
- No need to pay, sir.

Never say no in business. Take it.

Shop number 32 in oil market.

Shoukat Ali is his name.

He is an old friend of mine.

Tell him I sent you.

He will definitely help you.

Okay, sir.

Finish your work
and wait near the Shivaji statue.

- Okay.
- I'll be back.

Hey, who are you?

Who gave you permission
to enter the market?

I have to go to shop number 32.

Oh. Kannadawala?

Hey, talk to him.

Do you think this is mere
street food business

to enter whenever you want?

This is an oil business.

Do you have a permission
from the oil association?

Food authority permission?

Union permission?

- Do you have an ISI permission?
- No.

Even after getting all these permits,

you will still have to get our permission.

Leave from here.

Hey. Get going.

Please don't kick it, sir.
Nandi is our God.

What? God? I will still kick.

What will you do?

Stepping on people who strode on me

and fighting the people who stopped me,

I am standing here in this market.

Hey. Stop it.

Have you come here to sell oil or to kill?

Aren't you Krishna?
The one Sadashiv Hegde sent?

I am Shoukat Ali, Shop no 32.

It's difficult to handle business here
even though we are humble.

If you pick fights like this,

forget business,
it'll be hard to survive.

Please leave from here.

Please listen, I am in no way
related to this man.

Please don't harm me.

Please don't harm me.

Brother, I am selling
pani puri in this place.

Please leave this place.


if you stand here,
how will my business run?

Go ahead.

Please go...

Brother, stop.

This cart is ours.

Please give it back.

Hello, sir.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir.

- Move aside.
- Hello, sir.

Have you come to road so soon?

After listening to your words on the call,

I expected you to have
bought half of this market by now.

Haven't you earned even
a foot of space here to stand?

You are trash.

Without this Devi's blessing,

you can't sell
even a drop of oil in Mumbai.

How will you earn from now on?

What will you do to eat?

Will you sell bread?

You insulted me as a broker.

Now, in the same way,
with folded hands, just once,

in front of everyone, say "I am sorry".

But you won't say it.

I'll make sure you do.

I love challenges.

Why is there a crowd?

Everyone has loved your food.

They have come to meet the chef.

They are all your fans.

What happened, sir?

Krishna, this is Madhav Reddy,

Palani Iyengar, Sambhu Nayak,
Johnny Raja, Kartar Singh,

Siddappa, Chatterjee.

All of them are working here
as caterers just like me.

They have received compliments that
today's lunch was very good.

People only know that the food was good,

But we all know why it was that good.

It is because we cooked using your oil.

Hence, they all are here
to buy Nandi brand oil.

Such injustice. Is oil important?

The Captain who used the oil is important.

If I had put only oil
instead of all the spices,

then they all would have
suffered from dysentery

and would've been admitted
to hospitals for treatment.

Don't just nod. Tell them.

- Captain, stop.
- Let go of me. Let me go.

- Fine.
- Okay, fine.

What are you looking at?

Bring your tins and start your business.

Okay, sir.

♩Regardless of who comes♩

♩Regardless of who stands in front♩

♩Yajamana shares his love with everyone♩

♩Regardless of even death♩

♩Regardless any situation♩

♩Yajamana will always keep his promises♩

♩The world is saying again and again♩

♩This is a travel for self-esteem♩

♩Here stands our Yajamana♩

♩Here stands our Yajamana♩

♩Regardless of who comes♩

♩Regardless of who stands in front♩

♩Yajamana shares his love with everyone♩

♩He is the one♩

♩He is our one and only♩

♩Wonder who blessed us
with someone so precious♩

♩He doesn't differentiate
between rich or the poor♩

♩Everyone are his friends♩

♩The wealth hasn't changed him♩

♩He remains a simple leader♩

♩He has earned a name♩

♩By working hard♩

♩He not only helps himself,
but helps everyone to grow♩

♩An oath to a journey of
truthfulness and righteousness♩

♩Here stands our Yajamana♩

♩Here stands our Yajamana♩

♩Regardless of who comes♩

♩Regardless of who stands in front♩

♩Yajamana shares his love with everyone♩

♩A light which smiles
inspite of a tempest♩

♩Laughs like a child
inspite of all difficulties♩

♩No curse can harm a man with self-esteem♩

♩He doesn't slow down at losses
Nor does he celebrate his victory♩

♩He is our one and only Yajamana♩

♩The host for love♩

♩The charioteer of friendship♩

♩Your name stands for
challenges in this life♩

♩In the upheavels of life♩

♩Every step taken by you is magical♩

♩Here stands our Yajamana♩

♩Here stands our Yajamana♩

- Brother. Save me.
- Stop there. I'll kill you.

Wait. What happened?

I had bought
mobile recharge card worth Rs. 100.

But every time this captain,

scratches the card
and uses it to recharge his phone.

Look at this.

This looks like a new card.

Brother, I scratch the card
every time thinking the same.

But this captain uses the card

and then seals it so well
with paste. You won't even doubt it.


Coming. Who called me?

Come here, captain.

Captain, from now, all expenses
of Shankra's phone are on you.

Tell me, Ganga

Krishna, Kaveri is going to the market
with Devi Shetty's lawyer.

Where are you?

I haven't seen you since this morning.

I had come to my friend Kavya's house.

She had a baby, I came to see her.

- Now?
- I'm coming back.

Who is this?


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you, Kaveri.

- Blow.
- Happy birthday to you.



Eat. Give it to everyone else.

How is Kavya?

The baby?

- Is it a boy or a girl?
- Girl.

You look morose since the time you came.

Are you missing our hometown?

Are you missing your father?

Or, are you bored here?

Please forgive me, Krishna.

I didn't go to my friend's house.

I have gone to Devi Shetty's office.

Even though the village
abandoned you, you came here,

sold your oil and won, Krishna.

But there...

The village lost everything.

Hello, president sir.

You have three young daughters at home,

why did you try to kill yourself?

If you had problems,
you should have told me.

How could I face you, sir?

They are saying that
they won't buy our oil.

They still haven't paid for the oil
they bought from us.

Neither are we able
to sell our oil elsewhere.

If this continues,
all of us have to commit suicide.

To solve the villagers' problem,

Dad put all our properties at stake.

He sold all the ornaments
my mother owned.

In all these years,
this was the first time I saw dad smoke.

I called the lawyer
to solve all these problems.

I am not the person to give solutions,

I only give suggestions.

If you want solutions,

you have to come to Mumbai.


Sit down.

Tell me.

Our people are facing
lots of problems in the village.

Please buy our oil.

- Sorry, sir.
- Did I ask for it? Get out?

No, no. You sit down.
Please be seated.


I appreciate your concern
towards your village. But...

A village brute,

In front of hundreds of people,

insults this business tycoon,

Devi Shetty, as a broker.

But it is okay.
I told him, just say "sorry".

He ignored me.

Now imagine,

if he isn't ready to apologise to me
for his village,

then am I not capable of ruining a village
for a single apology?

Get him here. Tell him
to apologise to me once.

And then I'll buy your oil.

So, if I fall at his feet and apologise,

the problems
of our village will be solved.

Isn't that all you want?


When my Krishna puts his head down
in front of someone else,

it will be my last breath.

I will leave tomorrow.

God will take care of everything.

You were born
with a Benz car, golden spoon.

If you can sacrifice
so much for the village,

Me, a Hero cycle and Hindalium plate.

Won't I do it for you?

Let's go tomorrow.

Stop. Whom do you want to meet?

Do you have an appointment?

Tell him it's Krishna.
He'll give an appointment himself.

Purpose of visit?

I have come to apologise to Devi Shetty.

Who is Krishna here?

- Are you here to apologise to our M.D.?
- Yes.

Drink the juice and go in.


Let's go back, Krishna.

It's okay. Come.


How can I help you?

With the concern I had for our villagers

I spoke a lot the other day.

Because you are angry woth me

I learned that
you aren't buying their oil.

If I have hurt you, please forgive me.

Please buy oil from our villagers.

That sounds good to me.

Very good.

You know,
I was not expecting this from you.

Anyway, I'm happy.

Don't think that you have
apologised just in front of me.

The people in front of
whom you insulted me are here too.


Your Krishna has apologised to me.

I will adopt your town from today.

I will create ample
job opportunities for you all.

We can make a garment factory,
we will make brick factory,

let's plan sawmills. Just one condition.

From now on in your village,

oil mills shouldn't run.

You shouldn't extract oil.

You can do anything else,
I'll support you.

But the talk of oil should stop.


Sit here for ten minutes. Okay?

Aye, broker.

Whatever you trumpeted just now,

I had told my villagers the same that day.

He will take your jobs away,

kill all your brands and make you beg.

What to do?

Our villagers are very innocent.

They didn't understand all this that day.

But now after your speech,

they have understood everything clearly.

I pity your fate.

Why are you looking at me?

Look at our villagers' reaction.

Come here, we will show you.

You ask us to stop extracting oil?

We will teach you a lesson.

Come to our village.

All these days I used to sell
only my oil in your market,

But from today,
I'll get my people's oil too and sell it.

Let me see what you can do.

You have come here to apologise.
Don't cross your limits.

We need no idiot's permission
to extract oil in Hulidurga.

Extracting oil is our life.

You bloody Kannadwala.

It's not Kannad.


We are the people who serve
fruit juice when asked for water.

If you talk about my mother
or my motherland,

no matter where we are
or who the audience is,

I'll barge in and beat you up.

People say that consumption of oil
increases cholesterol.

But we are people who extract such oil.

Imagine our pompousness.

We know how to extract oil,

we also know how to behead someone.

You better change yourself quickly,

or else...

I will have to change.

Let's go, darling.

- Beetroot?
- 12 kgs of beetroot.

- Capsicum?
- Three kgs of capsicum.

- Beans?
- Two kgs of beans.

Brother, where is Krishna?

Krishna is in the kitchen. Go there.

Lord Krishna, please come quickly...

Back there, you scared away
the don of Mumbai,

And here you are frying fryums.

I'm not able to understand you
at all, brother.

Reddy, some things are meant
to just be watched,

not be studied.

- Tell me why you are here.
- Business deal.

That day you came with a contract to kill,
and today for a business deal?

Krishna, this is a serious matter.

Please don't make fun of it.

Let's go.

Krishna, your brand has a great
demand in the market.

What you had started with dabbawalas,

has now made big industrialists
turn and look at you.

- But there is a minor problem.
- What is that?

You brand is not certified by the ISI.

If you get that certification,

you will enter the Indian market grandly.

Let's go to your village immediately.

Let's purchase
all the oil in your village.

I will pay for it too.

Please agree to this.

To demolish the Golden Eagle Company,

you are the right man.

- Hello?
- Grandma,

Krishna is coming to the village tomorrow.

To ask for oil from our President sir.

Inform them.

Okay, I will.


This is Jayammanni here.

What is it Jayamma?

Tomorrow, my grandson and I
are coming to your house.

To our house? For what?

To ask for oil.


This lady can't even hear properly.

To ask for oil.


tomorrow, Krishna and Jayamma
are coming to our house

to ask for
your daughter's hand in marriage.


both Kaveri and Benz car are mine..

Brother, shall we go in this car?


- This one?
- Nope.

This one?

That one.

Brother, that is as old a model
as my grandfather.

I have kept all the latest models here.

Reddy, that Benz and I
share a very old relationship.

- Hop in.
- As you wish.

I had already told him
that this was an old model.

Govinda. Get down.

Nice Village atmosphere.

Reddy, I think the battery is dead.

I'll push the car, you try starting it.

No way.

Hey. You start the car. I'll push.

- I can't.
- Why?

Brother, I don't know how to drive.

What? You don't know how to drive?

Softly. Someone will hear us.


You push the car.

- Me?
- Yes.

To hell with you.

Oh, Ohileshwara.

It's time for the bulls to come.
Stand straight.

- Hey. Help me.
- What will you give me?

- What do you want?
- This coat.

- This coat?
- Yes.

Okay, take it.

- Now push the car.
- Okay.

Push it.

Hey. Krishna.

Okay, bye.

I can't. You come back.

Put the car in reverse,
it'll come here on it's own.

Our car only goes ahead.

It won't come back.

I am not walking there
even if God asks me to.

You come back.

Now, you don't have to walk.
You will have to run.

- Why?
- Look back.

Oh, no. Brother, start the car.

Why do you scare me like this?

Where is your coat, Reddy?

The labour here is too expensive, Krishna.

Krishna, buffalo kissing.

No way.


Hey, Krishna.

- Say something.
- Wait.

- Krishna, did your car break down?
- Yes.

- Where do you want to go?
- To President's house.

Take my cycle and go.



What is it, brother?

Climb on the bicycle.

Brother, I can't.

You don't know how to ride a bicycle?

I have piles.

- And the road also isn't smooth.
- Then?

Behind me.

Shut up. That is not what I asked.

What next?

You go ahead and get the oil.

I'll arrange for a car to pick me up.

Please go.

Fine. I'll leave it all to you.

I don't want your help.

What is this?

Why is he coming like this?

Hero. He can come however he wants.

Why the "Aarathi"?

My grandson coming in
a helicopter is not a small matter.

Jayamma, tell me why are you here?

Mother, wait. Let all the villagers come.

Villagers? Why do they have to come here?

The oil is theirs, right? That's why.

- Hello.
- Come in.

Villagers are here.
Jayamma, tell me why are you here?

Mother, wait. Let the priest come too.

The priest?


Maybe to check the auspicious
time to give us the oil.


Hello. Sorry, I am late.

The villagers and the priest are here.

Jayamma, tell me why are you here?

My grandson and I have come here
to ask for a thing in your house.

Please give it to us with a big heart.

Of course.
After everyone has agreed to it,

our kids' happiness is ours too.

- Grandma, what did you ask?
- Oil.

I smell something else here.

Don't shy away. Ask for it.

- Ask.
- Ask.



I have started my business in Mumbai.

It is growing well too.

Kaveri told me
that you bought the villagers's oil

to solve their problems.

If you are okay with it,

give all that oil to me.

I'll sell that in Mumbai.

We assumed that you were here to
talk about marriage proposal.

But you have come here
for the villagers' aid.

Even though the whole village
abandoned you,

you still care about us.


You alone, without letting anyone know,

should come to the backyard,
Kaveri aunty said.

You came here for business?


Don't you want me?

I do.

Are you scared to ask?

I had booked both, car and Kaveri

when I was in fifth grade.

Who will your father
marry you to instead of me?


Everyone here thinks that you have
come to talk about our marriage.


I know when to talk about marriage
and business.

If I sell our oil to him
and put a small Nandi brand sticker on it,

do you have any objection?

- Who said no? Let him.
- Yes. Let him.

One minute.

What else do you have to say now?

Even though we all abandoned him,

he went all alone to Mumbai,
sold oil and saved our dignity.

We don't want small stickers.

Let's put big ones.

Nandi is our God too.

From now on,
our village will have only one brand,

Nandi brand.

But one condition.

He should say that he has forgiven me.

Only then will I agree
to give him my brand.

Else, I won't.

You are forgiven. Mittai Soori.

♩Welcome to Sulthanpet♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Life is a castor oil market♩

♩Here, each one has his own interests♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩The one with guts can hunt♩

♩The one who doesn't
is just an empty shell♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Everything here is a business,
put in your money♩

♩Money can buy you fame♩

♩Life is as old as a simple balance scale♩

♩Respect itself
has become a cheap product♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Shake your hands and
legs and say it aloud♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Life is a castor oil market♩

♩Here, each one has his own interests ♩

♩The one with guts can hunt♩

♩The one who doesn't
is just an empty shell♩

♩An idea to get ruined♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩An idea to prosper♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Who has and who doesn't?♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩You won't find it anywhere else♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩A backbencher is now♩

♩The owner of a big company♩

♩A first bencher is now♩

♩An peon in the same company♩

♩ Fools understood life
and dropped out of school♩

♩Pity. The clever ones learnt everything
and wasted their life♩

♩Life is an old classroom♩

♩Knowledge has become a cheap product♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Education and intelligence
are both on bumper sale♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Do you want a morsel of rice?♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Do you want a drop of water?♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Do you want free labour?♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Do you want a life that is burnt?♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Hunger remains with the poor♩

♩Those who are full are always rich♩

♩In this game of rich and poor♩

♩Has the God remained just an umpire?♩

♩Who discovered wealth and money?♩

♩The baby in the cradle
is also asking for money♩

♩Life has become a business♩

♩Humanity itself
has become a cheap product♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩

♩Commoners heart
has become an item to be sold♩

♩Rs. 10 for one♩


Reddy has joined hands with Krishna,

and has gone to the village
to buy their oil.

This will become
a much bigger problem for us, sir.

The game is getting interesting.

Allow them to play.

- Greetings.
- Greetings to you, too.

- Come, child.
- Greetings, abba.

Live long. Sit down.

- Hello, sir.
- Please sit down.

Abba, this is Krishna. In Mumbai...

Yes, I know.

I have seen him in the market.

Sir actually,

your son Irfan Ali has collected a lot of
information about the oil mafia.

Ganga told me about it.

If you have those documents with you,
or with your daughter-in-law,

will you please give them to me?

My son who grew on my shoulders...

had to be carried over
the same shoulders for burial.

I will not be able to do that again.


You can leave now.

A coffin to bury the Truth has
not been manufactured, Sir.

What is this?

All these tins around here have
Nandi stickers on them.

This isn't it, captain.

Yesterday, 12,000 tins
were delivered to our godown.

- Really? Super.
- Yes...

Pick up four tins from here.

We can sell these oil tins

and buy an expensive scotch.

Pick it up.

It is such a pleasure
to lift Lungi up and sit.

- Captain.
- What?

- My hands are stuck.
- Stupid fellow.

Free his hands.

- Leave me.
- Wait.

Is it free now?

How will you wash your face tomorrow?

Shut your mouth, you dog.
Why are you laughing?

I am not laughing at him.

I am not able to control
my laughter looking at you.


You have lifted
your dhoti up and sat down.

You don't have the habit
of wearing underwear.

- So you think its stuck?
- Yes.

That tin is the one that's stuck.
Not this one.

- Oh? Get up.
- I will get up. Look.

It is stuck to me. Pull it.

You are pulling
something else. Pull the tin.

I can't handle this.

Captain, you asked me
how will I wash my face tomorrow,

now tell me,
how will you wash it?

- Nice slap.
- Forget washing.

- How will he do it?
- Shut up.

Is this the time for your comebacks?

Go, search for that child. Go.

- Son, come here.
- What is it?

Our guy's hands have gotten stuck.

If you tell us an idea to free them,

it will help us.

Forget his hands, what about your base?

How will you do it tomorrow?
How will you wash it?

I swear I didn't tell him, Captain.

He found out on his own.

Amitabh Bachchan,

please give us the solution
to free ourselves.

You are stuck because of the solution.

I don't have any solution to the problem.

It's with the accountant.
Kashi. Come, let's go.


Our opposite party?


Three hundred sixty idly, 140 poori,

150 vada, 520 dose, 620 coffee, 440 tea...

Such sincerity.

Kashi, please turn this side.

- Hello.
- Captain? At this time?

Our boy has done some shitty work.

He got stuck while stealing.

No matter what,
we are all the same right?

We can't let go, right?

It seems you have a solution for that.

If you give it, he can free himself.

Forget his hands. What about your base?

How will you do it tomorrow?

How will you wash it?

Tell me about the solution now.

Shankra knows the solution.



Ganga isn't an Uber to come
here every time you call her.

This is Jagan Mohan...

Please get up.

What is it?

My base is stuck.

And I am in a hurry to go now.

Help me please.

- Hey. Bring Ganga here.
- Okay.

Hey. You silly fools.

Hegde sir. You were awake?

You used to steal oil
to buy alcohol everyday,

use the same alcohol to free yourselves.

- I'll not pay your salary this month.
- Oh, no.

After finishing your work come
and scratch my back.

I won't be able to sleep otherwise.

Yang. Mang.


Tell me, Reddy.

Hello, brother.

Is the stamping done?

Did you get the ISI seal?

They told me it will be done
by 12:00 pm. I am waiting.


You will be ruling the empire by tomorrow.

Nandi's Empire.

Keep waiting. I'll meet you later.

Check for an auspicious time
to come, brother.

Good times have begun for you.

- Sir, What happened?
- Is this Nandi oil company?

- Are you the owner of Nandi Brand?
- Yes, that's me.

Where is your warehouse?

Hello. Tell me what happened.
Why are you barging in like this?

The test says your oil is adulterated.

You are under arrest.

No, no. You are mistaken.

Krishna is not like that.

Sir, I'll take care of this.

Kashi, what is this?

Call Ganga.


You are the novice who set foot recently
in Mumbai's market.

When you have such guts,

he's by birth an emperor.
King of the market,

imagine his pompousness.

Let that go.

Now they will take you to court number 82.

The Judge there, Pattabhiram.

If the evidence is correct,

no matter who you are,
you will be behind bars.

Lawyer Pratap Simha.

Bribe him well,

no matter how good a man you are,

you will definitely be behind bars.

Happy journey.

I love challenges.

Your honour,

Nandi brand oil, which had applied
for ISI license and certification,

has 40% liquid paraffin in it,

according to the lab reports.

The documents regarding the same are here.

Liquid paraffin is a petroleum byproduct.

If this oil is consumed,

girls mature at an early age,
bleed excessively.

People at a young age will suffer from
heart attack, high blood pressure,

diabetes, joint pain,

dangerous diseases like cancer
will start, your honour.

We assume that
the villagers are very innocent.


That is not the case, your honour.

For selling such poisonous oil,

Nandi brand owner Krishna

should be given a severe punishment.

That is what I request in this court.

That's all, your honour.

According to the reports,
this oil is adulterated.

- Do you accept it?
- I accept it, sir.

Do you realise
how poisonous liquid paraffin is?

Yes, I do.

And yet you committed
such a heinous crime?

There is nothing left to investigate.

Lastly, do you have anything
to tell to the Court?


Everything in your report is true.

The oil being adulterated is also true.


Neither the oil
nor the packet is mine.

It belongs to the big company
that sells oil to lots of people.

That company's owner is here with us too.

Devi Shankar Shetty is sitting right here.

No, your honour. He is just diverting.

There is no relation between this case
and Devi Shetty, your honour.

So is he here to watch
a T20 match, lawyer sir?

- Sir, do you have a one rupee coin?
- Why?

Can you scratch
the oil packet with that coin?

Are you trying to joke around in court?

Sorry, sir. I have no other way.

Sir, I don't have to prove that
my oil is pure somewhere else.

One hundred and twenty dabbawalas
in Mumbai

are using my oil to serve food
to more than 1.5 lakh customers.

Not just that,

The food being served in this court

is also cooked using my oil.

We villagers only know
how to cultivate,

but not to destroy.

If you still have doubts,

get my oil tested here.

If you find that even
a bit of the oil adulterated,

then I will accept
any punishment that you give.


Didn't we buy cooking oil
in the supermarket yesterday?


Two Litres of Golden Eagle oil.

Get those oil packets
to the court right away.

Pick up K. P. Patil from
A block 115 on the way.


Hello, Mr. Devi Shetty.

You are not allowed to
out of the court until then.

And you not supposed to call anyone.
Sit down.

Sir, please sit down. Please.

Hello, your honour.

You haven't forgotten
your work after you retired, have you?

Krishnaveni, give
those oil packets to Patil.

- Here.
- Give it.


Test Golden Eagle oil
and Nandi brand oil for Adulteration.


What is this?

It seems like evil money has blocked
everyone's honesty.

According to this report,

Nandi oil is pure.

And in Golden Eagle oil

it has been proved that there is
40% liquid paraffin.

So the accusation made by Krishna is true.

- Take Devi Shetty into custody right away.
- Sir. This is wrong.

How can you do that?
But I am a business tycoon.

Until a thorough investigation is done,

seize the Golden Eagle factory
and the oil produced there.

In the entire country,

shut down the sales of
Golden Eagle oil.

This is the Court's order.

The Eagle is trapped,

business tycoon Devi Shetty
has been taken into custody

after allegations of adulteration
in his company's oil.

I'll show you
the real face of Devi Shetty.

Listening to all your diktats,

to endure all your injustice
and to give up,

I am not Irfan Ali.

As long as the ocean is serene,

the world sleeps in peace.

But when it becomes violent,

tsunami will devastate you.

Hey, Cadburys.

Beware in front of whom you say
'I love challenges'.

Hey Reddy.


What package have you kept
aside for me, brother?

How did you know that Devi
and I were on the same team?

I realised it the day
you came to me, saying "Brother",

That you are a big ass,
and you have come here to trap me.

Lots of people walk around screaming that
they are the emperors of the market.

But a real emperor makes others work.

Now, listen to me carefully.

No matter how powerful a villain you are,

who wins the game finally?


No way...


Brother, one minute.

- What?
- Just a small clarification.

We always used a one rupee coin,

to scratch a Rs. 50, Rs. 100 cards,

and recharge our phones.

But you used the same one rupee coin,

scratched and scraped a company itself.

How did you do it?

I learned it from you, Captain.

From me?


the intension with which you
left your village and came here,

is now completed.

It's not completed, sir.

It has just begun.


You invited a guy playing
marbles in a village

to play football in the city.

And here, he's been scoring goals, Devi.

He thinks that he won
by putting me behind bars.


He is now behind bars

only because of the oil adulteration.

Even if he loses in lower court,

he will appeal in High Court.

If he loses there too,

he will go to the Supreme Court
and get bailed.

He will start the same business again.

He will come back to our village too.

If we have to live at peace,

we have to notch
his business and empire

from the roots.

Someone who stands on
the strength of the people and money

cannot be easiliy notched from the roots.


you say it's not easy.

But he has already dug our graves.

After learning that we were the ones
who killed Irfan Ali,

wouldn't he try to dig deeper
into the details

that Irfan had collected?

Yes, Sadashiv Hegde.

My son didn't die in an accident.

He was murdered.

That pain still haunts me.


To complete the mission he started,

God has blessed me with another son.

Allah will bless you, Krishna.

- Sir.
- What?

Irfan's father Shoukat Ali
has gone to meet Krishna.

- Devi.
- Don't be scared.

Just do as I say.

Bring everyone from the dabbawala house
to my own.

I am coming out tonight.

Devi has not lost
a single battle to date,

he will never lose in the future.

He is sitting all alone.

No one else is seen.
Where did they all go?

Follow me.

Give me the documents.

Aye, Reddy.

You are holding a gun.

Why are you still shivering?

You have a machete with you.

Take it if you want.

I know all about your talents.

You were the one who was accused,

but he is the one counting bars.

Don't play with me.

Give me the documents.

I will leave.


Check them.

Sir, English.

I can't read.


Oxford level.

Then read them to me.

Uneducated brutes. Open it.

Gandhi is shot dead.

Sir, Mahatma is dead.

- Mahatma is dead?
- Dead.

It has been 70 years since he died.
Next, next.

Indira Gandhi assassinated.

Indira amma is dead too.

Amma. Amma.


It has been 34 years since she died.

Next, next. I can't handle looking here.

Ah. Happy news.

H.D. Deve Gowda becomes
the 11th Prime Minister of India.



When asked for documents,
you are showing old newspaper,

Is this fair?

- Hello?
- Tell me.

Devi, The documents are not here.
No one is at home too.

Only Krishna is here. Shall I shoot him?

I know how to get the documents here.

First, you leave from there.

Are you sure Devi?

Don't you want me to fight him?

Look at him properly.

- Can you fight him?
- One minute.

Why risk it? I can't.

Do only what I ask you to, Reddy.
Just come back.


Brother, I'll shall leave now.

Keep it there and come.


this man has left.

I don't know
who else will come here later.

You please leave.

Krishna, you are alone...

I don't have the habit of
burdening people with my problems.

You please leave.

I had told you not to come here.

Why did you come?

Have you come alone?

Whenever someone stumbles,

Krishna will be there to protect.

The child who used to play
with marbles in the village,

is now making big companies
dance to his tune.

Come here.

What were you saying back then?

Both Kaveri and Benz car are mine.

Who was talking about the grooms
coming to see Kaveri?

Someone used to call and inform me...


I always wanted to see Krishna and Kaveri
become a couple.

Why are you talking like this?

Sleep now. We can talk in the morning.

If I sleep now,

I will never be able to see
the sunrise, Krishna.

It is time for this body to be buried.

President sir, what are you saying?

Let's go to the hospital.

What he has injected is...

Zinc Phosphate.

Rat poison.

Once it's injected,

it increases the heart rate

and blood pressure increases.

A man won't live for long.

Sending me here
and getting the documents from you...

is his plan.

If you get there late,

Kaveri will also be...


promise me.

Our village,

our people,

you should protect them...

President sir...

If you had done this before,

a life could have been saved.

Unfortunately, you became
the reason for his death.


did you expect us to leave her

if you came here
with the documents?

We will leave neither her nor you.

Whether you leave her or not,
your death is confirmed.

If you have any last wishes,

ask for it.

Death is standing right in front of you.

Take a good look.

Breaking news.

Number one edible oil company
Golden Eagle CEO...

Mr. Devi Shetty
has passed away in a fire accident today.

Leading Oil Company,
Nandi Brand owner Krishna is here.

Let's ask him what he thinks.

Krishna, you came from a village
to the city, all alone.

Destroyed the number one oil company.

How did you achieve all this alone?

I am not alone.

There are scores of people
like me in this city.

None of them were born here
or belong here.

In every village, a farmer,

a goldsmith, a silk weaver, a tailor,

from carpenters to potters

all of them worked for themselves
and were proprietors.

But now?

Quitting their professions and village,

without proper food...

They are now living
in this city as suppliers,

cleaners, daily labourers,
rag pickers and slaves.

Do you know why?

Two Cola companies came.

Indigenous soft drinks,
lemonade companies vanished.

Four toothpaste companies came.

Our own tooth powder company owners
were thrown in the streets.

This adulterated oil company entered,

millions of oil mills were shut down.

The people who toil
and cultivate have become slaves.

While the middlemen
and brokers have become owners.

We are commoners.

Self-esteem is our basic investment.

If the owners who are left on
the streets should rise again,

the system of middlemen and brokers should
be burnt down.

This spark of fire,

should light up the ovens in our villages.

The place we grew up in,

the childhood we lived,

should be available to our children too.

Farmers should become
the backbone of the country.

An employer should remain
an employer always.