Yajû shisubeshi (1959) - full transcript

A promising post-graduate literature student (Nakadai) is transformed into a psychotic killer following the suicide of his father and a sleazy affair by his mother with a younger man. One of the first "lonely hit-man" or "lonely killer.

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This is great.
Your kid's going to love it.

Where'd you buy it?

At the Marukoshi department store.
My son found it.

He's been begging me to get it
for a while now.

But it's quite expensive.

It is?

That's not good.

Mr. Kawashima, do you have any
kids who'd like this toy?

I do. One of them is still
crawling around.

I have 7 kids, after all.

Must be a handful!

They're going to be the death of me.

I always tell this to my boys:

"Don't become a cop."

"If you do,

you'll end up as an old man who
can't do enough for his kids."

And I tell my girls this:

"Don't marry a cop."

"He'll get paid peanuts, have to put
his life on the line,

and once he gets to retirement age,
that'll be all she wrote."

They certainly take after me though.

One of my boys will be 9 this year.

And whenever he plays cops and
robbers at school,

he's always the sheriff.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Here are your drinks!

Mr. Okada.



Sanezumi Fujimoto, Masakatsu Kaneko

Original Novel: Haruhiko Oyabu
Screenplay: Yoshio Shirasaka

Cinematography: Fukuzo Koizumi
Art Direction: Kyoe Hamagami
Lighting: Norikazu Inda
Music: Toshiro Mayuzumi

Assistant Director: Ken Sano
Editing: Reiko Kaneko
Audio Recording: Toshiya Ban


Tatsuya Nakadai
Hiroshi Koizumi

Reiko Dan
Yumi Shirakawa

Makoto Sato
Eiko Miyoshi
Ichiro Shimizu
Yoshio Shirasaka
Nobuo Nakamura
Eijiro Tono

Yusuke Takita
Toru Takeuchi
Haruya Kato
Nadao Kirino
Akira Sera
Tetsu Nakamura
Kenzo Tabu

Akira Tani
Yutaka Sada

Michiyo Yokoyama
Akiko Wakabayashi
Ichiro Chiba

Directed by:
Eizo Sugawa

Even though they failed in changing
the Police Security Act,

the reactionary cabinet is eager to
reform the Security Treaty.

Allowing foreign troops to stay in
Japan and announcing joint defense

means turning Japan into another Manchuria,

and placing it under the complete
control of the US.

As long as there are bases
used by foreign troops,

Japan cannot escape becoming a
battleground for foreign nations.

We must now, above all else,

mobilize our energies to oppose the
revision of the security treaty.

They're at it again.
The Philosophy Society.

Well, that's part of their
job hunting campaign.

From leafleting to office work.

If all goes well,
from delegate to leftist secretary.

Know why young assistant professors
use so much flattery with these people?

Students know that even if they
graduate a university like ours,

they can only hope to become
low-paid salarymen.

That's why they look to social justice
to vent their frustrations.

So, the assistant professors
suck up to them,

which makes them popular lecturers,
and increases the number of applications.

Having a large number
of seminar applications

is the only thing justifying
their existence as scholars.

By the time they become professors
and gain confidence in themselves,

they won't be using flattery anymore.

In other words, Marxist social theory
is just a way to put food on the table.

Only the stupidly honest will get branded
as reds and lose their jobs.

They're all hopeless!

I'm Tezuka, 4th year in Western Philosophy.

I was given this.

Oh, you.

Come on now, you really need to pay.
Did you bring your tuition?


You'll be expelled if you don't pay up soon.

- But...
- Rules are rules.

I'm Date, grad student in literature.

Majoring in American literature.

Everything paid for this month.

If you don't pay by the end of the
month, you'll really be expelled.

Got it?


Can a robotic, truly ruthless personality

only come from a mechanistic
society like the US?

Yeah, you could say that.

As you said,

criminals in Japan are
more or less emotional.

Japan has a small land mass and
an unnecessarily large population.

Love affairs, resentment, finances.

They commit crimes with petty,
humanistic motives.

So they easily get caught.

Each one has a plausible
sob story reason for it.

"That's understandable."
"I feel sorry for them."

There's nothing hard-boiled about it.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Have a seat here.

I wonder, though.
I still can't get over it.

When I came back from America,
I was appalled.

Japanese society is like a putrid trash can.

And that's the kind of society that I
believe will breed new criminals.

Think about it. Suicide and murder
are the only achievable heroic acts

- for modern-day Japanese youth.
- You could say that.

Then, say petty crimes
evolve into murdering for fun.

An aberrant person who kills
because he wants to kill -

that is, who derives the greatest
pleasure from the thrill of the kill -

might plan a perfect crime and
succeed in making a fortune,

all while smiling and appearing
to be a model citizen.

What would you do if a person
like that appeared, Taeko?

I'd fall in love.

Let's return to this issue next time.

My car's here, so I'll be going now.

I've been busy these days.

University professor, scholar of American
literature, social critic, and...

Media darling.

He must really be raking it in.

Do you know how a man with no
academic accomplishments

could achieve what he has today?

I do.

He married the granddaughter of Goro
Kuga, he of a Meiji era conglomerate

that invested heavily in
this university's founding.

There's that too.

But the biggest reason is that he
studied in America for 5 years.

"I really noticed this in America."

I really noticed this in America.

Time is money.

It's simple, but it's the truth.

I'm terribly sorry.
I had a flat tire on the way here.

Fortunately, the seminar went long,

otherwise I'd have
lost 20 minutes of my life.

Seeing as how you're so busy,

it must be hard also teaching the seminar.

It's my responsibility and
obligation as a professor.

I'm willing to put in the work,
for the sake of the students.

So what's the theme of today's
roundtable discussion?

American politics and literature.

You'll have me out of there by 6:00,
won't you?

I have an interview with Radio Japan.


I'll have that translation to
you by tonight.

All right.
Let me introduce you.

This is Mr. Yamamoto of the
Weekly World.

Mr. Date, from my research lab.

Nice to meet you.

If you've any translation work,
please pass it on to him.

- I can vouch for his work.
- I see.

I look forward to it.

- I'll be off.
- All right.

He's very talented.

Unfortunately, he's poor.

To help with money,

I'm giving him some
part-time translation work.

I take good care of my students.



Date, what a shot!

Right on target.

Another bullseye!

Your turn.


I'm leaving.

I don't know if I can follow that.

But I came to this university
because it had a shooting club.

Even if I graduate and
eventually find a job,

my monthly salary will be 10,200 yen.

Get used, ordered around,
never become an executive,

and then retire before even
making enough in savings.

Let's at least get our frustrations
out by shooting.


You're way off.

Hurry up!

Stay back!

- Come on!
- Stay back!

Stop pushing.

I said stop pushing!

Stop pushing!

Take a good look.

You never know when you'll end up like that.

Hey, must be out of his mind
to kill a police detective.

- This guy'll get caught in no time.
- I wonder.

The police are pretty useless lately.

You can't make much doing part-time
translation for Professor Sugimura.

They take so much off the top.

Why did you take a job like that?

Rather than having such a low-paying job,

it'd be smarter to enter the
World Student Essay Contest

sponsored by America's Ridgeway Foundation.

The top 3 places will get to study
abroad at Harvard University.

But what's the use studying abroad if
you don't have the money, right?

In other news, at around
2:30 this morning

Metropolitan Police Detective Susumu
Okada was found shot dead in the trunk

of a Chevrolet car abandoned on the road
in Nakameguro District, Meguro Ward.

Based on the M.O. and
identity of Mr. Okada,

the crime is being investigated as
the act of a professional criminal

or an ex-con with a grudge.

Can I come over to your apartment next time?

Today in Tokyo, 35 fires broke
out, including those...

It's like we just come here to get it over
with and then leave. I don't like that.

Where's your apartment?

I'm moving soon.

I'll help you move.

What's gotten into you all of a sudden?

Hold on.

Let's call it quits after tonight.

Don't be silly.

You promised from the beginning
to not get too attached.

You're serious?

If word starts getting around at school,
it'll be bad for both of us.

And you're going to get married
someday, aren't you?

I don't want to lose the
professors' trust, either.

Why did you approach me then?

If sex was all you wanted,

you could've gone to any
number of prostitutes.

You're terrible.
Don't be so cruel.

Guys like you always...


Let's break up.

Now let me go.



This is our last time.

Get off me!

What was the cause of death?

The autopsy revealed that

he died instantly from a gunshot
wound to the heart.

The bullet was crushed beyond recognition,

but is estimated to be 22-caliber.

22-caliber is what they use at
the National Defense University.

Was it stolen from the University?

Was it one of the students?

Is that the lead you're pursuing?

Furthermore, the fingerprints
left on the car are now

being checked in the lab
with those of ex-convicts.

And given the nature of the case,
I'm moving the investigation to Police HQ.

And that's about it.

Moving to HQ will take a while, won't it?

What's the timeline?

- What have you come up with so far?
- We're waiting on results from the lab.

Investigations are about science,
and science is the best. That's my motto.

We aren't Zenigata Heiji or
Denshichi of Kuromoncho.

We're in the Metropolitan Police Dept.,
the pinnacle of modern science.

Police Station

Investigations are about intuition.


You can't just rely on science.

Be it intuition or science,
the important part

is finding the murderer as soon as possible.

Even if we find him,
it won't bring back the dead.

What are Okada's wife and child
going to do without him?

I just remembered.

- Remembered what?
- I need to make a call.

To who?

I'd made plans with my fiancée.

I suppose they're ruined now.

Where's your fiancée at this time of night?

At a Western-style cafe.

It's a kind of bar.
She's working there.

You can't let her do that.

You can't leave her there with
so many temptations.

You should get married soon.

Getting married doesn't put
food on the table.

And who knows if I'll
end up like Mr. Okada.

You said so yourself.

It's cruel to suggest marriage knowing that.

You just have to figure out this part?


Japanese specialties, huh?

A Japanese specialty with 4 characters.

There's geisha, Mt. Fuji...

- How about bushido?
- That doesn't fit.

It's 4 characters, right?

What do you think?
Any ideas?

Corruption, poverty, tuberculosis, flooding.

- The bill.
- Okay.

Thank you very much.

There's plenty of bad ones.

Typhoons. Floods. Fires.

Breach of trust. Embezzlement.
Hooliganism. Murder.

Detective brutally murdered in the line of duty.
Dead in the trunk of a luxury car.

Yoko, the phone.


Your boyfriend?

Guess what her boyfriend does for work.

Another quiz?

He's a police detective.

A detective?

Oh, wow!

So, I can't make it tonight.

I'll call you again next time.

I was really looking forward to it.

Well, what can you do?

Don't catch a cold.

Thanks. Bye now.

17 on black.

17 on black.
A winner.

Betting closed.

25 on red.

25 on red.
A big winner.

Paid Parking Area

Metropolitan Police Dept.

You're under arrest for unlawful gambling.

Tetsu, call my lawyer.

You can't arrest someone unless
they're caught in the act.

Do you have a warrant?

You bastard!

Listen up.

Tell yourself the following:

"I screwed up bad and got caught."

"But the detective who picked me up
wants some spending money."

"He says he won't tell anyone about

the gambling as long as
I keep my mouth shut."

"I'm simply one of
Mr. Regan's expendables."

"I'll give this detective some money
as a token of my friendship."

"If I don't give him the money
and I snitch on him,

then this youngster
will tear me apart."

Yes, keep telling yourself that.

You're just a back-alley rat too.

I'm sure you know what you're doing.

All right, it's decided.

It's time for a little nap.

[1] Faculty: Modern American Literature
(Kanto University Graduate program)

[2] Name: Kunihiko Date
[3] Address: Ikebukuro, Tokyo
[4] Age: 26 years old


Ow! Ow!

It's just a scratch.

It's just a crack in the skull.

If it hurts,

you'll inject this, won't you?

You've got a lot of it around, right?

You really screwed up.

It's none of my business,

but who is this guy?

He said he was a cop,
but I think he's a phony.

How are you going to fix this?

If Mr. Regan in Manila hears about this,
it won't be good.

I know that.

Hey, Tetsu.

Yasu, find that bastard as soon as possible.

Put him to sleep.

I think he's a fake, but let's check
with the cops just in case...

You go a long way back with Pei, don't you?

(Speaking Chinese)

Popular stocks this afternoon include
Noda Soy Sauce and Kyowa Hakko.

New highs for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries?

- Fine day today, isn't it?
- Indeed it is.

I'll be moving out by the end of this month.

- Really?
- Thank you for everything.

Where are you off to next?

I found a very cheap house outside the city.

Getting married, are you now?

I am.

Bye now.

Mr. Date's getting married?
I wonder what she's like.

He's an earnest, handsome young man.
She must be a beauty.

- This car ran great.
- Reliability is our top priority.

6000 yen.

I'll rent again soon.

Oh, thank you very much.
Take care.

- Name's Date.
- Yes.

Thank you very much.

In the month since the murder,

we've learned only 3 things.

First, the weapon used was

a SW automatic pistol, apparently stolen
from the National Defense University.

Second, all the fingerprints

belonged to the owner of
the stolen Chevrolet.

Meaning no prints were left by the murderer.

Third, the Hillman the
murderer used afterward

was found abandoned in Tadanobaba.

It's unclear where he went next.

Gentlemen, one of your own
colleagues was murdered.

We have to catch him no
matter what. For Okada.

Anyhow, this guy's quite
intelligent, isn't he?

Just a hunch.

Forget your hunch.
Investigations are a science.

Now's the time to mobilize the
full power of science,

and respond in good faith to the needs
of the taxpaying public.

Do you understand?

Murder Investigation

Mr. Kawashima. Any leads?

- Nope.
- That's no good.

Unlike the others, we've been
following this from the start,

so we look bad if nothing comes of it.

We're the ones who'll look bad.

The chief is getting hysterical.

If nothing comes of the story,
then it's all on me.

The editor's already breathing
down my neck. It's terrible.

Just me give a line.
Something, anything!


Hey, think you could help?

- Investigations are a science, apparently.
- Huh?

Since the public is paying their taxes.

Finally, something I can use.

Wow, your line of destiny looks promising.

You'll meet a rich, handsome, generous man.

- Really?
- Me!

Good evening.


You'll have to excuse me.

We're going dancing, right?

- Right.
- Good, I'll be waiting.

How rare.
No one got killed today?

You finish early, right?
Let's go home together.

Oh? You should really give
me more notice.


I already made plans.
With a customer.

- Just turn them down.
- I can't do that.

The owner gets upset if we're
too cold to our customers.

You should quit a place like this.

Quit and do what?

You think I'll find a half decent job
as a high school drop out?

You sure you can marry me and
support me financially?

There'll be kids sooner or later, too.

Some flowers for the lady?

No, thank you.


Could you perhaps just telephone,
and not come to the bar?


I'm happy to see you,
but it causes me trouble.

I mean, people make fun of me for
having a detective boyfriend.


It doesn't matter to me what
business you're in.

But you don't want to make things
awkward for me, do you?

I'll buy your flowers.

I'll buy all of them.
How much?

Lady, how much do you make doing this?

Barely anything.

I'll buy them, so drink.


Drink up.

Hey, lady.
Want to make a little more money?

Come on and sing.

If you sing, I'll give you all of this.

But... I mean,

what do you want me to sing?

Anything you want.
Something lively.

Oh, and dance too.

Dance while you sing.

All this.

The stars know everything.

The stars know...

Come on, that's enough!


Come on, dance!
Dance, lady!

The girl's...

The cute girl's dull eyes...

Dull eyes...




What's with that guy?

I don't know.
He comes here sometimes.

Always alone.




- That's enough, don't you think?
- The poor lady.

Please stop.
You're going to ruin the mood.

What the hell?

- He's an asshole.
- What a creep!

Oh, Vreneli, please tell me.
Oh, where is your home?

My home, it is Switzerland...

I'm just an intern right now, but come
April I'll be an official employee.

You should come for a visit sometime.

What are you going to do
if you fail your finals?

You think the school's going to fail
a student with an offer already?

Well, then.

Must be nice having connections.

We don't have any.

And we can't play baseball, rugby,
or swim. We've got it the worst.

Do you have the money to study abroad?

I'll make it work. Even if I have to
work as a dishwasher there.

Regardless, you should submit your
master's thesis as soon as possible.

I'm sure you'll get in with
your grades as they are,

but it's just a matter of the money.

- These, right?
- Yes.

And I'd like you to do a
translation of this.

All right.

The guy at the publishing company said
the books are selling well under my name.

The company knows that you're involved.

How dishonest.

I'm glad to be of service.


Your paper from the other day.

What was the title again?

Brutality in Modern Human Beings.

Right, right, that one.

It was well-received at the faculty meeting.

I'm thinking of submitting it to the
Ridgeway Foundation Contest.

If you win, you'll get a
scholarship to Harvard.

However, there are so many excellent
papers from around the world.

So the odds are awfully low.

There's no need to rely on it, of course.

But only in the sense that it would make
your application more impressive.

Come in.

I'm Endo from the Chuo Times.
I just called.

Please have a seat.


You're a social critic with a deep
appreciation for hard-boiled literature,

so I'd like to ask your opinion on the
detective's murder the other day.

A detective was murdered?


I've been so busy

that I've only read the political
pages of the newspapers.

Do you know about it?


Yes, roughly.

Then, you should say something in my place.

This is Date, a student of mine.


There are two opposing factions in the
police right now. Science and intuition.

That's what I hear.

Be it science or intuition,

solving modern-day murder
cases will prove difficult

unless they alter their
fundamental way of thinking.

And by that you mean?

It's a single-minded approach
lacking imagination.

I think it's a mistake to assume that

the detective's murder was the work of
a yakuza or a professional.

I see.

You can put that in the paper
as coming from me.

I'll include your photo too.

Oh, really?


Salarymen, students, laborers.

Every city right now is full of people
who could kill at any moment.

With anger towards this twisted society...

The pain of not being able
to trust people...

The dark shadows of what
their futures may hold...

Reason and common sense are
all that's holding them back.

Who knows when they'll give themselves over

to the so-called heroic act of murder.

I completely agree.

At times I've even had those
kinds of urges myself.

If I was going to kill,
I'd start with my editor.

He's a pompous jerk.
He says, "Write, write!"

I mean, I'm not a machine.

No, I won't kill him though.
I won't kill him.

Go on.

As proof, the nature of murders is
beginning to change at a frightening rate.

"I don't like the look he gave,
so I'll kill him."

"She had pretty lips, so I'll kill her."

From the gruff old police's viewpoint,

these are murders committed
seemingly at random.

That's why they're bewildered.

Due to their preconceptions,
they can't find the murderer.

The problem is, society is creating new
murders, and new criminals.


In the face of a true pioneer,

their single-minded investigation
will be blown to pieces.

Thank you for your time today.

Thanks to you,
I'll be able to write a good article

that should pacify my editor for a bit.

I won't have to kill him now.

Go, Oki!


Let's go!

We'd now like to announce the
winnings for the 7th race.

2510 yen for the combination of #3 and #4.

In first place is #5 for 250 yen.

In second is #8 for 390 yen.

In third is #1 for 170 yen.


We met at school.
Remember me from the accounts office?


I was way off today.

But next time'll be different.

I think it's either 2:1 or the reverse.

You're a man.
How about placing a big bet?

I don't even have enough
money left for dinner.

It happens.
Don't get discouraged.

But I still feel the next one's a sure bet.

Champion Noodles: 200 yen

Tuberculosis can be cured, right?

If you have money.

Why not stay in the hospital?

I couldn't bear that,
living in a sanatorium.

Well, let's get some nutrients in you.


Bring us some fuyo hai or something.

What's fuyo hai?

- Fried egg and crab.
- Can't make that.

- What can you make?
- Dumplings or Soba.

Okay, two orders of each.

Two dumplings and two ramen.

Oh, and beer.

And one bottle of beer!

What happened with your tuition?

I can't afford it, so I'm going
to get kicked out.

They couldn't figure something out?

Universities are businesses, after all.

They don't want to deal with
those who can't pay.

What about your parents?

Mom died from tuberculosis soon
after giving birth to me.

And Dad was the assistant manager
of our local bank,

but he jumped from the
bank's rooftop two years ago.


Dad used to be the chairman
of the bank's labor union.

Back then, he collected about 1 billion yen

in deposits from various unions
in the prefecture.

He brought in more customers
than big corporations.

So despite being a red, he was promoted.

That was almost 10 years ago,
when deposits were hard to come by.


after exploiting him for all his worth,

the bank tried ousting him
in every way possible.

He was a red, after all.

He had a nervous breakdown.

And then committed suicide.

The bank sent me flowers.
A big wreath of them.

Well, have a drink.




Why are you being so nice to me?

First, for some reason I've
taken a liking to you.

Second, my dad killed himself too.


But the races won't pay your tuition
or cure your tuberculosis.

Anyway, here's to getting
to know each other.

I keep getting the feeling that the
perp's someone unexpected.

A hunch?
Hunches are off limits, you know.

The chief's gonna yell at you.

Even if you investigate the yakuza, their
former drivers, or the illegal possession...

It's like looking for a needle
in a haystack. It's pointless.

I wonder.

Don't you think we should look
at things from a new angle?

What do you mean by "someone unexpected"?

Not a yakuza or ex-con or anything,

but say, an earnest student, or
a hardworking businessman.

Or even a rookie detective.

Hey, hey.

I mean, there are times when even
I feel like killing someone.

What are you saying?

In this world, it's always the
honest who end up losing.

They can never get a break.

You're just riled up.

You haven't seen your girlfriend in a while.
You'll feel better after seeing her again.

- I can't.
- Why not?

Apparently everyone laughs when they
hear she's dating a detective.

We work so hard to keep the peace.

And what do we get for it?

Like you, Mr. Kawashima.

You're a poor old guy who can't even
buy what he wants for his kids.

So what are you going to do?

Kill someone?

Kill someone and head to death row?

Unfortunately, I'm not capable of that.

I'm just saying that there are a lot of
people out there who think like that.

Ah, there you are.

Did you read the evening edition?


I thought I'd try to go big
with the article.

It was supposed to just be a filler
interview, but it turned out great.

What do ya think?

Not groundbreaking or revolutionary,
but pretty smart, right?

That's interesting.

I just heard the same opinion from him.


Give it a look.

To be honest, it's not actually
Professor Sugimura's theory,

but one of his student's.

He's a very gifted student.
Almost certainly studying in the US.

If Mr. Masugi has the same opinion,
then I guess it's generational.

I suppose...
I can't understand it.

It just gives me the chills.

I understand it.

The entrance exam war's upon us.

This year's average enrollment rate for
each faculty is 1/30 students.

And with some bribing their
way in it's even harder.

The exam fees alone are staggering.
Then tuition on top of that.

What's the school going to do
with all that money?

Is Mr. Date here today?

He hasn't come in for some time.

He's probably home working on
his thesis or a translation.

Apparently, Date's paper was a
hit at the faculty meeting.

Yeah, I heard.

What kind of paper?

Modern age is a time of chaos,
madness and contradiction,

so in order to confront it, we have no
choice but to show our beastly nature.

It's nothing special, really.

He's saying to become a beast and do what?

Murder for profit, for instance.

Christianity's notion about the sanctity
of life is utterly wrong.

In this day and age,
people are like insects.

Human will and liberty are just hindrances

in the complex machinery of the modern age.

But isn't discovering liberty within
the chaos and contradiction

what humans do in life?

That argument's making quite a leap.

This isn't me saying this.

It's Date's paper.

Who are you?

Where's Date's apartment?

I don't know... do you?


He isn't a very sociable guy.

No one really knows him well.

Taeko might know.

Taeko was just here.

She's in Medicine, I think.

Is she really going to do that job?

Taeko Kusumi, right?

Can I ask you a few questions
about Kunihiko Date?

I've got to get to work.
Can you keep it short?

Where do you think I can find him?

I don't know.
I'm not his guardian.

If he's not at shooting practice or driving,
then maybe the boxing club?

- His residence?
- Don't know.

He won't tell me.

I'm sure the school's office or
his professors would know.

What kind of person is Date?

Who knows.

In Training

Could you please tell me
everything you know?

He's a man who's never with a
woman more than 3 times.


He's the kind of guy that

once he's accomplished and
saved up enough money

marries a pretty girl who lacks enough
brains to give herself a headache.

Come on in.
Are you getting scared?

This isn't for women.
You'll faint.

Mortuary Room

What kind of job is this?

Taking the alcohol-soaked cadavers
used in med school autopsies,

and transferring them to new tanks.


It pays extremely well.

And I need the money.

Hustle, hustle!

Right, right, right.

Come on, come on!

Come on, watch your footwork.
Hit him.

Ah, it's no use.

Is Mr. Date of Kanto University here?

He's over there.

You idiot!

Mr. Date.

I'm with the police,

and I saw your article in the
paper the other day.

And I share the same opinion.


I've actually seen you once before.

At Rollita.

That woman selling flowers
was really unpleasant.

Ah, that old lady?

Appealing to people's sentimentality
for profit is despicable.

Don't you think so?

Yeah, I suppose.

I don't like things like
sentimentality, emotion, or mood.

You don't have anything like
that in your life?

No, I don't.

You can't survive in today's
society if you do.

Why don't you have a seat?

Must feel good doing sports.

Feels great.

I hear you're in the shooting club?

I can kill in one shot, eyes closed.

Do you have a car?

Do you have a license?

Are you from the census?

It comes with the job.

In this line of work, I tend to ask questions
that make people uncomfortable.

- Sorry about that.
- I don't mind.

I envy you.


The fact that you could throw that kind
of money at the flower lady.

That was part of my savings to study abroad.

- Study abroad?
- Yeah.

I got permission.
Should be able to go in the spring.

You made all that money working part-time?

You can investigate if you're uncertain.

I wonder if that'll be necessary.

If you want to waste taxpayer money.

Taxpayer money is wasted regardless.

That's good.

About that article.

I agree with your opinion, but I
can't say the same in my spot.

I'd lose my job.

And no one else would hire me.

And I wouldn't be capable of killing
anyone or committing the perfect crime.

I've got to stick to using science and
intuition to put criminals behind bars.

But I'm still new,
so I can't rely on experience.

My gut's all I have to go on.

To your success.

I only hope I'll succeed before
you leave to study abroad.

They say it's the bell of love.

That's nonsense, man.

It's for a city council or
congressional candidate.

An election campaign.

That's so stupid.
We're all being used.

That's right.
That's what politics is all about.

I hate it.

Hey, mister.

You don't remember me?

I remember you.

I'm so happy.

I wanted to see you.

- Come with me.
- Okay.

Get in.

Is this your car?

Just get in.

Let's go!
Faster, faster.

Don't be unreasonable.

Sir, with this car, we can't
go any faster...

Don't touch it!

Damn it.
Is he gone?

Yasu, go and take a look.

Ballistics testing indicates that

the weapon from last night's murder was
Detective Okada's SW revolver.


Science has unequivocally
proven a connection

between the detective's murder
and last night's incident.

What about the body found in the Cadillac?

Science affirmed that it's a
17 or 18 year old boy.

Any more than that, gentlemen, is up to you.

It's only by your enthusiasm and effort that
science's full potential can be unleashed.

If only the police car had arrived
at the scene a bit earlier.

Just 7 or 8 minutes after the crime...

In those 7 or 8 minutes,
the murderer slipped away.

With the same M.O. as before.

Stealing a nearby car and fleeing the scene.

Yes, it's me.

Huh? Yes...

What? I knew it.


Charlie Chen flew to Manila on
the first plane this morning.


There's no doubt about it now.

It's a yakuza turf war.

Detective Okada was killed after
getting caught up in it.

Investigate the yakuza.

So you did wait for me.

I haven't forgotten what you said to me
on the way home from the racetrack.

What did I say, exactly?

That if I want to set off fireworks
with the life I have left,

to be at this theater on
March 30 at 7 P.M.

Right, that's what I said.

Shall we?

Did you buy this car?

For my next business venture.

Business venture?

You'll help me?

Alright, let's go.

He's a member of the university's shooting
club, and he has a driver's license.

Boxing, soccer, swimming, bodybuilding...
he's very athletic.

Being an athlete doesn't mean
he's a murderer though.

His father worked in the local government,

but committed suicide after being framed
for corruption by a superior.

His mother was having an affair
with that very superior,

so he ran away from home
when he was in junior high.

He stayed at his aunt's while
attending high school,

joined the newspaper club, wrote for
the Young Communist League,

got a good scolding for an
article ridiculing the emperor,

then handed out a newspaper exposing
the school's inner workings,

and got suspended 10 days for it.

He's brave.

After that, he went to a Catholic seminary,
and lived in a dorm there.

At first he took the chapel seriously,
but he soon stopped showing up.

Then on a test,
he wrote a scientific explanation

of circumcision and was expelled.

- Circumcision?
- It's a ritual for a procedure on it.

After learning of his expulsion, he poured
sewage on the sanctuary's statue of Christ

and laughed hysterically.

So neither communism nor piety
could heal his heart.

After moving to Tokyo and
entering the university,

he appeared to have become a model student.

Among the professors he's known as a
diligent, honest, excellent student.

Even got permission to study abroad.

But in spite of all that he achieved,
he got another student pregnant.

- Hey!
- Yes?

One more.

Right away.

You did your research.

- What do you think?
- About what?

Isn't it compelling?

You don't have any hard evidence.

This is it.

What's all this?

In his report he says that

modern man needs to shed the morality
that's been laid out for him,

and return to being a beast.

A beast?

That's right.

It's the law of nature that only
the strong survive.

And to that end, it's acceptable if
the weak are sacrificed.

That's ridiculous.

The thing is, he's been steadily
starting to act.

And if we don't stop him, he's going to
keep realizing his plans, one after another.

But this isn't enough to prove anything.

First of all, we don't have the
authority to bring people in

purely on gut instinct.

- Shall we get some udon?
- Sure.

Sorry, but I'm going to go.


- See you later then.
- See you.

It's been a while.


I'm thinking of quitting the police.


It's getting ridiculous.

What other job would you do?

I'll look.

Any job would pay better
than being a detective.

It's the same.

Other jobs just have
different kinds of despair.

I know that.

So then why would you quit?

I don't like it when you're gloomy.

Your life's over if you waste all
your time thinking and worrying.

Just be a man and do something.

- Even when I try, it doesn't work out.
- Because you've no backbone.

I'm proof of that.

A woman can't just say,
"Let's get married even if we're poor."

Since you don't take any initiative,

it makes me want to be cruel to you.

And then you either give up
or get depressed.

I want you to be assertive
and take the lead.

I want you to hold me down.

If things don't change, I might
actually leave, you know.

I don't want to become an old maid.

Let's go.


I don't know.
Just come with me.

Tomorrow the accounts office will receive

entrance fees totaling
nearly 30 million yen.

I was ripped off myself, 4 years ago.

My plan is for you to get that
money back, with interest.

To put it simply, we're going to rob them.

Oh? You're not surprised.

You didn't tell me about your plan
to surprise me, did you?

I like you.
I'm liking you more and more.

I always felt a spark watching all that cash

being carelessly tossed around.

You've felt it too, huh?

But it's impossible.

The word impossible doesn't
exist in my dictionary.

They're on high alert.

I'm going to blow up the room
I used to study in.

There'll be quite a commotion.

In that brief window of time...

The stakes are awfully high.

Young men should take risks.

You may end up having to kill
someone, you know.

Can you do it?

If it's those vile bastards in the accounts
office, I don't care how many.

Mr. Tamaki? Okay.

- What about this?
- Ah, please wait.

- Mr. Yoshikawa?
- Thank you for waiting.

Next, please.

Kenjiro Omori, Japanese literature.

- Mr. Kaneko?
- Next, please.

Next person, please.

Next, please.

Okay, next please.

Accounts Office

I really didn't expect that anyone
from our university

would be selected in the Ridgeway Contest.

Even I, the one looking after him,
find it unexpected.

Well, that paper

wouldn't have been completed
without my considerable advice.

I was surprised, nonetheless.

- How about one?
- Oh, wow!

He got 3rd place, did he?

The top 3 students can study
abroad for free, right?

Well, Date's passport has
already been issued,

and even without this invitation, he was
planning to fly to America next week.

But after all, he must not have much money.

It was really weighing on my mind.

And that's when I got the news.
I was so glad to hear it.

Would you like one too?

Have you already given him the news?

Of course, I've just sent him an
express message about it.

He's not really a people person.

On top of that, he's frequently moving.

And he doesn't give his
address out to anyone.

But he left a piece of paper with
his address on it, just for me.

He really respects you then, doesn't he?

You're so lucky to have such a good student.

No, no.

Oh, dear!

It's tough having to stay and
look after the money.

- Who is it?
- Excuse me.

Could you open the door?

You're too late.
We already closed.

I'm sorry.
I've just come from the Seto inlet,

but the ferry broke down
and I missed the train.

Please open the door.

Go around the side, please.

- Open it up for him.
- All right.

I really appreciate it.

What was that?

The research lab!

What happened?

- It's a fire.
- Let's go.

Hey, you.

Oh, right.

Put this away too.

And this and this.

Everyone up against that wall.

Put your hands up.

You did well.

No need to worry.

Drink this and pretend to be drunk.

There's sedatives in it too.

Two men fled from the main gate
in a tan-colored vehicle.


One of them is 5'5", about 20 years old...

The flames made the gray of
the car appear amber in color.

Just as I planned.

One is 26 or 27 years old,
wearing a trench coat,

and carrying a suitcase.

Inspector 8, Inspector 37.

Head immediately to Kanto
University in Meguro Ward.

This is Inspector 37.
On my way to Kanto University now.

Already heading in the wrong direction.

Driver's license.

- Just the two of you?
- Yes.

Where are you headed?

We're on our way home from
a classmate's wedding.

- Who is he?
- He's a friend.

Hey, wake up.
Something happened.

He's really had too much to drink.

Hey, the police want to ask some questions.


Don't worry about it.
Drive safe.

I will.

It was him.
He got the money to study abroad.

And from his own university, too.

Let's get the bullets to forensics.
They're bound to be SW.

If so, the guy's truly loathsome.

And this loathsome guy's
leaving for the US shortly.

Exactly as he's been planning to do.

If we fail to catch him,

I don't know how I'll be
able to live with myself.

It might be him...

It might not be him...

But after all this, it's impossible
to cover one's tracks completely.

Let's investigate him.

He won't slip up that easily.

The money.
He won't get rid of the money.

I'm sure he'll sleep with his arms
wrapped around that money tonight.

He's gone to a lot of trouble to get it.

He'll feel uneasy stepping
away from it for even a moment.

That's how the mind of a criminal works.

Will we be in time?

For what?

He's planning to leave in just 3 days.

But the only evidence you have is
literary or psychological.

Considering how smart he is,
he'll give us trouble if we aren't careful.


Keep your intuition out of this.
What we need are facts.

Of course we'll pursue him.

But there's protocol for getting
a search warrant.

He's leaving for America in just 3 days.

That said, it won't do any good
if it leads to a public outcry.


I also think he's suspicious.

The perpetrator of the crimes so far
hasn't wasted a single shot.

He's an exceptional marksman,
the likes of which Japan has never seen.

And to use completely
innocent young men as shields,

and to brutally kill professors
so easily - it's unprecedented.

Chikuba Apartments

Kanto University

Where's Mr. Date's room?

I heard about it on the radio.

The research lab got blown up.

It was you, wasn't it?
It was.

I knew right away.
How could I not?

I always liked that cruel,
animalistic side of you.

I knew that you'd be the only
one who'd figure it out.

I'm impressed.

What are you going to do now?

The landlady doesn't know you're here.

Nobody will have any idea.

What will you do?

Kill me?

Yeah, you'll kill me.

Go ahead.

What are you doing?

It's been more than 3 times.


I just got rid of your child yesterday.

I'm a murderer too.


So we meet again.

I'm sorry to bother you.

Where were you today?


Don't play dumb.

Where were you at about 7 P.M.?

Wherever I want to be is my business.

- Answer the question!
- He was here.

We were having some fun together.
Is there any problem?

No, just let us take a look around in here.

Do you have a warrant?

You only have a search warrant
for my apartment, right?

That's how it always is with the police.

Why don't you just go home already?

I'll sue you for trespassing!

My apologies.

Not even serving you any tea...

Take this. Use it.

I don't need it anymore.

I won the Ridgeway Contest.

Use it as a dowry or something.
There's 20 million there.


- Thanks.
- Have a safe flight.

Best of luck!
Hip hip hurray!

Hurray! Hurray!

Nothing's turning up.

Neither an accomplice, nor any evidence.

There's still 15 minutes.

Maybe someone... something...

We are pleased to announce

that Pan American Flight 2 departing
for Honolulu and San Francisco

is now ready for boarding at Gate 8.

I don't know what the truth is anymore.

At this rate, he's going to
be a modern-day hero.

His future's as bright as this sky.

That's not true.

But he's already left, hasn't he?

Even though he's left the country,
there are still ways to go after him.

Whether it be Hawaii or San Francisco,
he can still be arrested.

But he's out of my reach now.

He's won.

We've clearly lost.

The winner still remains to be seen.


Thank you for waiting.
This bus is bound for the Yeasu exit.

All right.

There's no such thing as a perfect crime.

Once we get some evidence, we're just
a phone call away from catching him.

The death penalty is what awaits beasts.

He's not a beast.

No, he's a robot.

An elaborate machine created by
a modern, twisted society.

But even machines falter and get rusty.

He made a mistake by not killing that woman.

There's evidence waiting for us on that bus.

We just can't take our eyes off that woman.