Yahoo+ (2022) - full transcript

Frustrated by their failure to break into Nollywood, two childhood friends, Ose and Abacha went into fraud as a side hustle. Unluckily for them, Yahoo doesn't pay them as quickly as they expected. Luckily for them, Mansa a Hong-Ko...



I'm fine. I'm fine.

Actually, I am not fine.

I'm not fine.

Onyi, please.

Just listen to me, okay?

Listen. Listen.

What... What is the name of...

What is the name of
your husband's brother in the military?

I want you to call him and tell him...

Tell him everything
I'm about to tell you now.

Onyi, listen to me... Onyi, listen!

This is not the time to cry.

Just listen!


I'm in danger...

I'm in... I'm in danger.

Onyi, I'm in danger.

Our whole family is in danger.



Pino, Pino baby.

Toscana baby.

The "hot" in "hot chic".

Princess of night clubs.

The key to the hearts of many.

Alhaji's mistress.

Stop please.

Please, tell me what you are wearing,
let me know if I should change.



Hope you are not about to
act all sick right now?

It's not acting...

...I don't just feel well.

Tell that to someone
who's never seen you fake being sick.

If it's the pay you don't like,

tell me.

You know, when we get there
and we treat the client well,

they might tip us. You know how it goes.

It's not about the money.

It's not just about the money.

You will say it's stupid.

Okay, tell me.

I had a nightmare about the outing.
It felt like a horror film.

So you want to miss N50,000 this night

with clean boys that
you can enjoy both in and out,

because you had a nightmare.

Toscana baby...

Ehnn, you are a professional,
why are you acting like a novice?


You would have acted the same
if you had seen what I saw.

Oh please... Choke to
death on the nightmare.

Unprofessional prostitutes everywhere.

How do I replace her, ehn?

‪Who can... Yeah?


It's me.

Just come in.

How are you?

I am fine.

It seems you are going out.

Or do you want to join me?


Because you are good girl.

You are here to collect money
for the term paper, right?

Okay, send me
your account details on WhatsApp.

Let me send you the money.


No problem.


There is a little favor
I want you to help me with.

Can you, can you help me
add extra N5,000, please?

I will pay you back next week.


Do you know how many
times you've told me that?

No, this one is different.

I am expecting
some money next week already.

It's just that I need
to sort out my faculty dues.

It's just that the deadline is close.

By faculty dues, you mean
your useless boyfriend...

that jumps from one audition to another?

You want to give him
my money for transportation.


Please, are you giving it to me or not?

Let me know what I am doing.

Imagine the attitude!


What's that supposed to mean?



Instead of N5,000,

do you know you can make
N25,000 tonight if you follow me?

And, and see.

I will waive every other debt
that you owe me. I will waive all of them.

Think about it.

No please. "Runs" is not my thing.

But you want money
made from "runs." Just look at her mouth.

That's enough, please.

Forget I even asked. Just send me
money for the term paper.

I will send you my details.

Just imagine, "holier than thou!"

Can't you arrange another babe for us?

You know I am with my friend.

It will be awkward to be
the only one with a babe

while he is all by himself.

I understand, I understand.

Let me check my phone and
see what I can come up with.

Please find a girl
as sharp as a knife's blade.

You don't trust Pino Pino anymore?

You know money is never an issue.

Whatever happens, just keep me updated.

Okay, that's fine.


What's up?

What's the update?

It's Pino Pino.

She said the other babe pulled out.

That doesn't sound good.

What did she say was her problem?

Does it matter?

Does it matter?

And Ikolo is already on his way here.

But, hold on...

Must they be two?

Eh? Can't they just...

manage one for both of us?

So... why do we both
want to leave the country?

Why can't I be
succesful for the two of us?

You know...

You talk like you believe
this thing 100 percent.

As if poverty is a virus
that only this can cure.

My brother...

we have done everything
we can to be successful.

You sing, you dance, you act.

I do both photography and cinematography.

We have both done nine to five.

We even tried politics at some point.

Then we came to Enugu
to chase our Nollywood dreams.

Three fucking years have passed.

You still haven't
featured in a serious movie.

I still haven't raised money
to shoot my own film.

It's not like we aren't good enough.

That's not a lie though.

But Baba, you know...

You know, to succeed
is not easy. It is not easy.

That's the very reason
we must double our efforts.

So in case acting doesn't work for you
and directing doesn't work for me...

So, are we not doubling it like this?

Be honest, can you say

what we are doing is "yahoo"?

Since we started,
what have we really made?

You see?

We need to double our hustle.

My question is,

are you sure this will help us succeed?

Come on, man.

Is it Ikolo you don't believe,
or is it Mansa that you doubt?

Why won't I doubt them? Are they God?

Don't you know there are people
who have tried and didn't succeed?

If the worst comes to the worst

it will be much better than
this our Nollywood ambition.

It will yield more than
this "G" thing we are doing.

We could escape this country's curse.


Do you like the way your family
is suffering in the village?

They are not
really suffering. They are not.

So, is this how you wish
to remain all your life?

My brother...

Life is all about sacrifice.

Let's do as much as we can
and leave the rest for the gods.

We are already too involved in this thing.
We are too involved in this

for you to start developing cold feet.

What we need now, is plan "B".

In case, Pino Pino
doesn't find another babe.


Hey! This is serious.

Please, get well soon.

I will come and see you tomorrow.

Alright, take care.

A hundred thousand?!


For one night.

Because your pussy is made of gold.

Please, get out of here.

Hold on, hold on.

Where are you?


Okay. Can you get here before nine?

Alright, send me your friend's number.
So, I can confirm if she is interested.



What's the arrangement like?

What arrangement?

You know what I'm talking about.

Normal sex.

So, it's...

Its not like an orgy.

And, and somebody is not...

expected to...

to do it raw.

...or suck something.

If they pay extra...

then maybe. You never can tell.

I will do it.

I thought you said...

that you are not a "runs" girl?

See babe, if you bring that up again
I'll... I'll change my mind.

I'm sorry.

But see,

if... you don't want to do it,
you don't have to.

‪I have to.

But on three conditions.

No, four.


See, number one.

This has to be between me and you.

Number two.

No pictures.

I don't want anything

reminding me of this in the future.

Yes, "Her Excellency."

Number three,

you must never ask me to join you again.

Any day I feel like giving it
another try, I will let you know.

Fair enough.


See, I won't ask you
how much this thing is.

But N30,000,

that's what I'll collect.

And I need it, before we leave.

Are you serious?


- Babe.
- Hmm?

If you knew how hot you look right now...

you'd be walking like Nancy Isime.

Nancy Isime?

- How does she walk?
- Like a queen.

With a million soldiers behind her.

Please, let me be. I am not Nancy.

Look what you made me wear?

I mean, why must I dress like a whore?

What do you think you are here for?

What brings you here?

- I mean...
- Let me ask you a question.

If you are not comfortable wearing this
thing that girls wear in broad day light,

How would you be comfortable having
sex with a guy who is not your boyfriend?

Let me even ask...

Did you try out what I taught you?

What is it?

What you do with your boyfriend err,

how again did
Indaboski put it, "sucurotum."

Wait. Why are you asking?

I thought you said there will
be no blow jobs. What's... Ah, ah.

I am talking about the hand job tips.



Leave me alone.

What about the back ride?
Did you try it out?

Why are you asking all that?

- Leave me alone. What is it?
- See, let me tell you.

The secret to this job is taking charge.

Because if you allow the man to take
charge, he determines how long he lasts.

And if he lasts for too long,

he wouldn't want to see you next time.
He would say you are boring.


But if you take charge,

you determine how short it lasts.

Oh yes.

And if you add a little
bit of drama, just a little,

he would say that you are amazing,
and he would keep calling you.

You know? Just to prove
to himself that he is a man.

To prove that he's a sex machine.

And that is how you become his favorite.

Wait, wait, wait.


You know...

Is it...

Is it really that easy?

The penis has no mind of its own.


Who is that?


Pino Pino baby.

Pino Pino baby.

My God!

- International hot babe.
- Yes, that's me.

- International hot babe.
- I'm the only one.

- Can you see the package?
- I can see it.

Take it easy on me,
your package is too much.

Do you want me to land
in a psychiatric home?


Do you want to land in a psychiatric home?

Hey, my dick, my dick,
Will I survive this trip?

Will I survive this trip?

Ose... You are not alright.
You need deliverance.

- Why do you think I called you?
- Right?

- Why do you think I called you?
- Right?

My God!

Hello... Good erm... Hi.

Err, good. Hi to you too.

Leave her alone please.

She's one of those who pretends to be shy.



- This friend of yours, looks like my type.
- Right?

She's petite.

Are you sure I won't be with her
while you stay with my friend?

Fine girl.

Is he hotter than you?

Is that how you are now?

- Is it now like that?
- But you know me.

- Moving train.
- Is it now like that?

Moving train!

I'm scared of whoever
is not scared of you.

I'm scared of whoever
is not scared of you.

- Welcome, guys.
- Thank you.

My friend is in the kitchen.

What would you like to drink?
There is palm wine, skoochies...

Red wine.


Palm wine.

Palm wine?

She says she wants palm wine.

- Let's start with that first.
- Oh, palm wine.

Alright, erm...

We have ncho, if you want to play.

Er, TV...

You can watch Netflix or DSTV, any one.
Basically, just feel at home.

- Hey!
- You're welcome.

And the award for the best
host of the year goes to...


A minute.

Is he the one that owns this place?

What does he do for a living?

Do I live with him? Please
what kind of question is that?

I just wanted to know.

I hope he's not one of those boys
who use girls' pants for Yahoo plus.



What if I told you I was paid to bring
you here to be used for Yahoo Plus?


I feel this place might
be his uncle's or something.

Hmm, it looks good.

Let me even ask you...

Do you really believe in that thing?

Believe in what?

Yahoo Plus.

I really don't know.

I am a sinner

Probably gonna sin again

Lord forgive me

Lord forgive me

Things I don't understand

-Sometimes I want to be alone
-Be alone.

Bitch, don't kill my vibe

Bitch, don't kill my vibe

I can feel your energy

See guy, that line
is for people with vibes.

So you think you've got vibes?

Let me see
what you've been cooking. Rubbish.

You know... you should know
that my second name is vibes.

I can see you...


Are we using my palm wine?

That's what they said.

- Won't the color change?
- Never.

Go ahead.

This is ready, right?

Yes, it is.

Don't finish the meat. It's for our guest.


This meat is not that bad.
You did well. Your cooking has improved.

Are you not drinking?

No. I want something stronger.

Just don't get high
and ruin our plans tonight.

Me, high?



- I didn't say anything like that...
- My friend, be fast.

It's your turn. Babe?


Easy, Chief.

I don't believe I let her deceive me
into thinking she's a good girl.

My brother, nobody is holy.

Talk more of a girl
that is studying Theatre Arts.

Or is she not the
one studying Theatre Arts?

‪You don't get it.

- She is a first class student.
- And so?

- She is the reason I am doing this.
- And so what then?

You don't even understand
what I am saying.

Kamso is the only girl I have
ever loved in my entire life.

My brother, love doesn't give money.

Let's do this thing.

There is no time.

It won't be cool if Ikolo gets here
and the girls are still awake.

No, no.

I'm not sure I can
continue with this. No, I won't.


Because of a prostitute?

- A "runs" girl?
- She is not a "runs" girl.

Okay, what brought her here?


This is your village people

trying to ruin our plans.

Something that will
change our lives forever.


Are you saying that

if it were your babe,
you would still use her?

Straight away.

My brother.

There will always be fine girls.

I told you before.

Life is all about sacrifices.

The bigger the sacrifice,
the more you stand to gain.

What's the essence of the sacrifice?

If I have to sacrifice
the main thing I am sacrificing for?

You don't seem to understand
what I am saying, Ose.

Where do you think I get
all the money I use for auditions?

Money for subscriptions and other things?

Kamso, has been the one bankrolling me.

She, she...

Where is your rag and packer?

I want to...

Abacha! Abacha!


You are hurting me.


Kamso, is this what you call "hurt"?

Kamso, is this what you call "hurt"?

Now, compare it to what
seeing you here did to me.

Coming from a guy
who ordered a "runs" babe?

I find that incredible.


- My case is different.
- How?


Kamso, honestly.

I wasn't going to have sex with anyone.


Wait, wait. Yeah.

You planned to read
the Bible with a "runs" babe, right?

And then conclude with
prayers and worship?


What I mean... What I mean is...

Shit! Shit!

What happened?

Are you short of words?

Kamso, you won't understand.

You won't understand.

Isn't that what people
who have nothing to say

actually say?

Ah, Kamso, you won't understand.

You won't understand.

You know the annoying thing?

I decided to do this.

For you.


What else do I need
that kind of money for?



- Is this what you do to get money?
- Is this what you do,

with all the money I send to you?

Kamso, it wasn't me.

It's Ose that called you guys.

It is Ose that called you guys.


You could have said no.

Couldn't you?

See, I have just...

I have just one question.


Kamso honestly, you won't understand.

- You won't understand.
- What won't I understand?

What is it? Am I not good enough for you?

- Why?
- Kamso, you won't understand!

I am coming!

It's Mansa. He wants to talk to you.



- Who is that?
- Shit!

- God! God! God!
- Who is...?

God! Ah!

Of all the girls in this town,
why were you the one

Pino Pino brought here?

Kamso, what have I done to you?

What did I do to you, Kamso?

What should I have done?

You... You said you needed the
money urgently. There was no other way.

It was this.


And I didn't want you to lose your
admission. I know what it means to you.


I'm so sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry too.


That's our family house address.

Your elder sister's name...

is Onyinye, right?

You have to speak louder,
so it doesn't feel like

I'm talking to myself.

Yes... Yes, sir, You are right, sir.

She is married to a Calabar man, right?

Yes, sir.

What's that name of his... Mfon?

They live in Kubwa,
behind the Grammar School,

with their newly born baby,


How do you know all these things?

Let's just say, I'm a good business man.

A good business man should know
not just about his investments,

but also

about his associates and employees.

Do you agree with that?


Do you agree with that?

Yes, sir.

Can you remember what I told you and Ose

the night you people asked
what you had to do

to join me in "HK"?

I... I remember, sir.

Remind me.

You... You gave us one week
to think about it, and then

come up with a yes or no.

And any answer you came up with

would be your final answer.

No turning back.

No matter what.

Was that not the agreement?

That was the agreement, sir.

Do you know what it will cost me

to kill you

and wipe off your whole family

this night?

Plea... Please, sir... Please.

My friend, answer my question.

No, no, sir.

I... I mean, no... I don't know the answer.

I don't mean... I don't know the answer.

Just one call.

That's all it would take.

Is that what you want?

No, sir please... Please sir, please.

In that case, you know what to do.

- But sir...
- This conversation is over.

You might hate me now.
But, you will thank me later.

You are welcome, in advance.

Hmm, am I the only one feeling sleepy?

Feel free to sleep.

After all, we have
each other till morning.

That's so sweet of you.

But, I will rather have you now.

I hear you.

Use you as my coffee.

How long do you think
you can keep me awake?

As long as you can take me
without collapsing.



Talk is cheap.

That's the only thing
we are not doing tonight.


God, what's in this palm wine? What...




Babe, why are you acting cold?

I hope everything is okay.


Hmm, if you say so.

Good night.

Didn't you hear what I said?

I'm sorry.

Sorry for?

I had...

I had no choice.

Babe please, when I wake up, we discuss.

Kamso, you are not going to wake up.

Babe, what did you do?

I'm sorry.


What did you do?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

What did you do?

What did you...

I'm sorry.




What happened?

Oh, shit.



Enter the parlor.

Turn on the TV or music.

Turn it up to the highest volume.

What for?

To distract the neighbors
from the impending noise.


If you know the trouble
you've now gotten us into,

you won't be asking irrelevant questions.

- So, so what do you intend to do?
- Leave that to me.

Leave that to me. Let's go.


find their phones.


Jesus! Jesus!

Ah, Jesus! Jesus!

Jesus! Kamso!

Ose! Ose!

If you move an inch, you're dead.

He's going to die here. Let us take him
to the hospital or something.

You people were going to kill us.

Weren't you?


Just answer me before I burst your brain.


Ose made all the arrangements.

But I... I was ready to pull out
immediately I saw you.


- Baby...
- Choke to death on that baby!

Choke to death on that baby!

- Baby, I'm sorry.
- Thunder strike you and your apology.

Answer me.

What were you people going
to do with us when we sleep?


Abacha, answer me, one!

Answer me, two!

- Abacha!
- Yahoo Plus! Yahoo Plus!

Ose has a guy in HK.


Hong Kong.

The guy has strong connections and

Abacha convinced him
to take us to Hong Kong

and there he will tutor us.


So, that was the scholarship you got
in a Chinese film school?

I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm sorry.

Continue your story.

Mansa and his guys are all into "Plus."

He was the one that
told us to get two bodies

and put sleeping pill
in their drinks, and then...

When they fall asleep,
one of his guys will perform the ritual.

Then "cut soap for us."



That's the guy
that called you earlier, right?

Yes... He... He is the one
that owns this house.

I thought Ose's uncle owns this place.

This is where Mansa and all his guys
perform rituals for Yahoo Plus.


So, even though I was
the one that showed up.

You still wanted
to go ahead with this ritual?

No... No... I wasn't.
I wasn't going to do it.

I already pulled out. But Ose
called him and he threatened me.

He... He threatened to kill
all my family members,

if I backed out.

He... He knows where all
my family members reside.

This has got to be one hell of a dream.

Or maybe a whack film.

Abacha, you...

You want to use me
as a sacrifice for Yahoo Plus?

After all I have done for you?

After all we've been through together?

Baby, I am sorry.

I am sorry, baby. I am sorry.

No, I should be saying that.

- Guy, say your last prayer.
- Baby...

Baby, wait.

- Don't you dare!
- Baby... Baby...

- Hey! I came because of this?
- Baby, wait. Baby, baby.

- Don't you fucking call me "baby"!
- Baby, baby.

Please, please.

- Guy, say your last prayer!
- Baby, baby.

Unless you don't want to go to heaven.

- Baby, please...
- Shut up!




Yahoo Plus, Abacha?

She's still not waking up.
She's still not waking up.

Excuse. Shift a bit.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Kamso, go and sleep.

Wake up.

What... What is it?

- I want to sleep. Go and sleep.
- Give me the coffee over there.

This is hot!

What is it?

Kamso, what is it?

- Go and sleep.
- Shut up!

Wake up. Wake up!

What is it...? I want to sleep.

Allow me to sleep. What is all this?

Oh! Go and sleep, go and sleep.

Can you carry her?

For how long?

I don't know. But...

We need to leave here before the
other guy you said is coming gets here.

Let's lift her.


Leave me alone.

Where are we going to?

Pino, we are going home.

If you move...

I will shoot you into pieces.

What... What's going on?

What's going on?

What's going on?

I have come too far

in this journey

not to finish it.

So, let no one dare me.

Because at the moment...

I no longer care.

My heart is rotten.

Ose, I know you can't shoot us.

You need both of us alive for the ritual.

- You think so?
- I know so.

If you are that brave, move an inch.

"Nonsense and ingredients!"

You should have moved.
Let me show you the consequence.


Tie them up.

What is happening here?
What is going on here?

I don't care if you are
no longer up for this.

But you see this arrangement,
I'm done with it already.

The only thing you can get
from trying to stop me

is some bullets to your skull.



Will you pick the rope,
or join your ancestors?

Your turn.


I'm sorry.

But, I can't let you ruin my plans.

Ose, what kind of joke is this?

You can call it comedy.


or tragic comedy.

I don't care.

Tie your legs.

I will never forgive you for this.

You will.

When we make it.

But even if you don't...

forgiveness cannot buy a Benz.


turn around.

Turn around to where?

Face down.

To the chair, face down.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

‪Forgive me.

Bring your hands back.

Ose, what are you doing?

Nothing gives clarity

better than a kiss of "Colorado".


we are supposed to skip this part.

But because Abacha is seeking...

is seeking an award for ruining plans...

Here we are.

This is not personal.

It is not.

But since our chairman,

Mansa has said that this is
the only way he can help us...

I don't have a choice.

I am tired of suffering in this country.

I am tired...

of having dreams and
no money to pursue them.

I am not sure I believe in heaven.

But if any of you does,

say your last prayer now.

And if you cross over to the other side

and discover that heaven is indeed real...

then talk to God on my behalf.

I am not Satan.

So I'm sure he would
consider my situation.

But if it happens that

he doesn't...


The moment we have been waiting for.

Ikolo, the spirit.

It seems there would
be a party after the ritual.

Who are you partying with?

I'm just wondering what
we're doing with the coolers.

Bring down the coolers,
let's head inside, my friend.

Hey, hey.

What's in it?


And what?

Of what use
is the answer to this question?

So, what are we doing with ice?

Let's say, the gods
are starving of cold liquor.

Ikolo, one. Ose, zero.

But you know...

you are the only native doctor
I've seen go to work with a briefcase.

How many native doctors
have you seen in your life time?

A lot.

In real life or in movies?

A native doctor is a native doctor.

Yeah. You are right.

But maybe your perception is flawed
by the so many misrepresentatios in films.

So what is the difference between
the native doctor in films

and the one in real life?

A lot.

Like what?


You need to open your eyes and
experience the world for yourself.

Asking another for the truth

means inviting more lies.

Do you understand?


Help me jam the door.

My God!

What is it?

Be fast. Be fast!

- Hurry!
- Calm down!

Hold it.

Where is Pino Pino?

Where is...

Oh shit!

Who else here thinks he is John Wick?


Who are you fucking?

You killed her?

What should I have done?
Let her delete you?

I thought she was supposed
to be alive for the ritual.

And who says she isn't?

Okay, if you say so.

Do you still have any
other questions or should I ask mine?

Is there a problem?

I thought he was supposed
to be your partner.

So the guy became
a pussy because of a woman?

Now you see what I am dealing with.

And you are saying
we should not tell Mansa about this?

The most important thing,
is that we do the ritual.

Mansa doesn't have to know the details.

Then let's waste this guy here.

You don't have to tell him.
That way his family can be saved.

If we don't forgive those
who trespass against us... would the gods
forgive us when we trespass?

- This is not about forgiveness.
- Then what is it about?

Did Mansa tell you
what you will be doing in HK?

If this guy begins
to develop cold feet here,

imagine what will happen
when he gets there.

You know...

this babe

is not just any babe.

That's his babe.

They love each other.
After all, you know this love thing.

I see.

Did you watch Living in Bondage?

The old one or the new one?

The old one.

Do you remember what
became of Andy after Merith's death?

He started messing up.

Imagine what would happen to this one

when his girlfriend dies.

- Abacha is not Andy.
- He is worse.

At least, Andy was man enough to deliver.

Okay, wait.

What can I do

to convince you
that this guy will deliver?

There is only one thing
you can do to make me trust him.


Buy his body with another body.

Mansa doesn't need to know about it.

I don't understand.

I'm sure you understand. Think about it.

Another ritual?

Well, if... if that's what you call it.

What else is it?

It is what it is.

I will pay you for it.

How much?

I'm sure it will be in seven figures.

Are you serious?

Do I look like Basketmouth to you?


By seven figures, you mean

six zeros?

No, seven zeros.

Now, that's just me being unserious.

Let me ask
one more question, just to be clear.


six zeros.

You mean...

up to a million?


More than two?

- You said you had one more question.
- I'm sorry.

- I just like...
- Short changing yourself?

Because I don't get why you are getting
crazy at the mention of just one million.


We have a deal.

Not yet.

Were you a cultist back in school?

Why do you ask?

I will take that as a yes.

Did Mansa tell you how he and I met?

That was in school many years ago.

We had a cult clash.

He was the number one on his own side.

And I was number one on my own side.

Then there was this lecturer who was
a henchman under his own umbrella.

You know what he did?

He showed us the equivalent.

I mean, Naira equivalent of all the bodies

we were wasting in
our different "waste" businesses.

That was when the war
came to an abrupt end.

And we became business partners.

Do you know how that...

was able to happen?


If you look into
someone's eye for nine seconds,

you can speak to the person's soul.

And bare your own soul to that person.

That's how trust is earned.

What I saw in
Mansa years ago, I see in you.

But I don't see it
in this your friend here.

Well, I see it. I see it in his eyes.

You know when you've been
with someone for a while

you tend to become blind
to all that makes them.

You are blindfolded to the truth.

This, what's his name?

- Abacha.
- Abacha.

You are seeing him from
the point of your own emotions.

Allow me to waste this boy.

Not really wastage because we are
going to make millions from it.

Wait, wait... Ikolo.

You are confusing me.

Are we no longer doing the "ritual"?

It is whatever you call it.

I will give you five million

if you let me take him.


Abacha is my friend.

Infact, without him

I wouldn't have done
this in the first place.


He messes up sometimes, acting all Romeo.

Even today, he has messed me up.

That notwithstanding,

it's improper to kill someone
whose funeral you'll partake in.

You know there is nothing different
between you and this your Abacha.

Now, look at him.

Wasting a huge oppurtunity
because of his babe.

And you sit here and...

want to let go
of five million because of him?

It's "bros before hoes" for me.

You can call me old school but, that's it.

You think that's enough
to make me trust him?


- Or make me risk Mansa's trust in me?
- Wait let me ask you.

If you were offered money

to kill Mansa, would you do it?

Search yourself.

You know the truth.

This is what will happen.

This boy will be in the room while I...

cut up the girl I injected.

Infact, he...

will be the one to inject his girlfriend.

That's the only way...

he can earn my trust.

I thought we already discussed that.
I thought we already settled it.

What do you think
all of this is all about?

All of what?

What Mansa asked you to do.

You tell me.

It is to give you
an oppurtunity to earn his trust.

If you partake in the killing,

then he would know
that you are courageous.

And ready to do anything.

So you know that he is aware
of what you have done.

So you can't misbehave because
he has something on you.

But if you do not partake in the killing,

then you can't do what
is required of you in Hong Kong.

If the police catches you,
you won't be able to shut your mouth.

You'll rat us out.

Trust is the bottom line.
That's the essence of all of this.

Do you understand?


if this guy can't do what it takes...

tell me now so I can get rid of him.


Can this guy do what it takes?

This work is easy but it's hard.

If you shut your eyes again,
I will shut it for you permanetly.

Why does your stuff
look like surgical equipment?


What of the normal native doctor stuff?

Native doctor?

Wait, let me clarify it so you
will stop bombarding me with questions.

I am not a native doctor.
I am a medical doctor.


So, why did Mansa send you?

How else would you have been able
to harvest these organs?


That's the term we use in cutting out
the necessary part to be sold.

For sale?

To whom?

If I tell you, I'd have to kill you.

He says he will kill me.

All you have to know is that the money
made from the sale of these organs

would be used to take you to Hong Kong.

Take care of
your accommodation, your feeding,

your welfare,
until "Yahoo" begins to pay you.

Wait, I don't understand.

There is no ritual.
In fact, money ritual is not real.

Anybody that
tells you he is into Yahoo Plus

is in human parts business.

Consciously or unconsciously.

I still don't understand.

It's conscious when you know
what they do with the body,

and you get paid for getting them.

Most people involved
act like they are into "Yahoo."

Because it's a more acceptable crime.

It is unconscious when a native doctor
asks boys to bring him people

or fresh body parts
in the name of human sacrifice.

It is what I call double scam

as the boys will pay the native doctor for
the sacrifice and the same native doctor

will still make money from the body parts.

- You can't be serious.
- My brother...

Organ harvesting is
a booming business in the medical line.

Yahoo Plus is currently
the cover up for the business.

I don't know why
but if I am left to say it,

I would say it's because we Nigerians
love to believe in juju too much.

That's why no one is ever told the truth
until he gets too deep to turn back.

That's if you are even told.

Bring that cooler down.


Bring the cooler down.

Take it down.



there's really no guarantee
that we would be rich.

Wait, what were you thinking?

That erm,

when you bring the body,

we put them in the
coffin and ship them abroad,

and then the spirit begins
to vomit money for you?

Or you think the spirit will influence
your "magas" to pay fast and pay big?

Listen, I keep telling you,
when you watch this your "ritual" films,

all those "money ritual" films,

see it as pure entertainment.

It's not real. There's nothing to it.

Come on! How can you say juju is not real?

I see people use it
for protection and other stuff.

Have you ever witnessed a person
get shot and it didn't penetrate?

Or have you ever seen a person
disappear right before your eyes?

Because I haven't seen it
doesn't mean it doesn't happen.


So you believe that
there are spirits that one can invoke

to interfere with
what is happening here in the world?

This world we both live in?

That spirits would come and interfere?

You believe that?

You ever wondered why
Africans are so backward?

I never really thought of that.

Even with all the juju we do,
have you ever wondered why?

- I never thought of it.
- Okay.

Think about that while
you get me the acid...

and the rubber you were
asked to bring. Hurry!


So, what do we do with the acid?

To melt the body, of course.

Make it in liquid form for easy disposal.

You don't want to take the risk
of disposing it in the bush.

If the police
doesn't stop you on the road,

the corpse might expose you later.

This body would get you into trouble.

You guys really planned this well.

In this line of business,
there is no room for mistakes.

Don't be offended...

what really, are we
going to do in Hong Kong?

Mansa has a lot of connections.

So when you get there, it's either you're
doing Yahoo, drugs or whatever it is.

Whichever one
you're good at, you stick to it.

And if you are not good at any?

Come back.

I will help you. At least,
you know what we are doing now.

Either ways...

you will be rich.

That is the sweetest song
I have heard all my life.

I don't know
how I'm supposed to thank you.


You see,

I will make you proud of this promise.

I'll make you proud.

Alright. Take him inside.

Ah, okay.

It's okay.

Thank you.

Are you sure your friend
won't do anything stupid?


If he doesn't behave himself,

we both have guns.

Worst case scenario,
we would sing him farewell songs.

Well, if you say so.

Alright, let's get to work.
We don't have all day.

Hey, Romeo...

it's getting late.


Hope you were taught acting methods.

Do you remember Stanislavski's "Magic if"?

Are you talking to her, or what?


Good boy.

Now you have become a man.

But, I must tell you,

killing comes with its own nightmares.

Need not to worry.

Mansa, myself, and your friend here...

will be with you all through the way.

You hear?

Now, untie her and take her inside.


You did good, you did good.

Nice one.



Am I the one about to die
in the hands of this naive guy?

‪What did you do?

No! No!

You want to kill me too?

Go ahead.

Abacha, shoot me.

If you move an inch, I will.

Go ahead. I want you to shoot me.

Okay, right here.

Here. Shoot me.


- Stop moving.
- You want me to make it easy for you

so that you will not
miss a shot? Shoot me here.

- Ose, stop moving.
- Abacha, shoot me.

- I will shoot you, Ose!
- Abacha, shoot me.

Don't you want to shoot again?

How unfortunate.

You've run out of bullets.

- Stop!
- Ose! Ose!




My God.

I can't believe this is what
I turned down five million naira for.

Just the same way
you didn't let Ikolo kill me,

I just couldn't inject her.

Don't fucking compare what I did for you
to letting a chick turn you to a pussy.

So what's the big difference?

She is just a girl.

- A "runs" girl for that matter.
- It was her first time!

- And she wasn't going to do it again.
- Isn't that what they all say?

Show me one "runs" girl in this world

that wouldn't tell you that
she has one problem or the other

that she wants to solve.

Or one business
or the other she's saving for.

They always claim
they want to stop. But they never do.

You know why?

Because they fucking love it.

Kamso is different.

- Yes.
- Kamso is different.

Until, until, she meets someone richer.

Or someone who is better in bed.

Then she's gone!

Gone forever!

That's what you spoilt
our chance of making it for.

I don't expect you to believe it.

I love Kamso.

And I know she loves me too.
The same way I love you and I know you

- love me...
- Fuck love, man!

Love should burn to ashes.

Is it love that would save us from Mansa?

Or is it love that will make us rich?

Just get out of here.

Just go. Get out of here.

I love you.

What part of get out don't you understand?

- I love you too.
- Get out!

I love you.

Let's leave here.

Wait, wait. My, my jacket and my phone.

Just get whatever
you want to get and get out of,

of here now.

And pray that
your family members see another day.

Let's go.



that is why Ikolo did not take my call?

Yes, boss.

Where is Abacha,

and his girlfriend right now?

They have left.

Is that the truth
or what you want me to believe?


How long have we known each other?

I can't really remember, boss.

But it should be up to 15 years.

And for that 15 years,

can you remember anytime

I did you wrong?

No, boss.

I didn't hear you clearly.

I said no.


Why would you do this to me?

It's not my fault.

I didn't know
things will turn out this way.

You vouched for him!

You said the guy won't be a problem.


I've lost

a guy

that makes me millions monthly.

A business partner

of over ten


Tell me what isn't a problem about that.

Do you know what it will cost me

to wash Ikolo's blood

off my hands?

I am sure I'm not talking to an animal.

I'm sorry, boss.

Tell me what
I should do with your apology.

Do you like your life, Ose?


Do you like being alive?

Yes, boss.

I will send another person to your place.

If he gets there

and doesn't see your friend's corpse,

and that of his babe...

whatever happens,

you accept it.


This conversation is over.

Didn't I tell you we're done?

I just want to ask for a favor, boss.

I can't remember owing you anything.

It's a favor not a debt.

Go on.

Promise me nothing
will happen to Abacha's family.

I can't promise you that.


get ready to kill us all.

I don't think I heard you clearly.

You did, sir.

So, how is it going to be?

I thought you said
you wanted to ask for a favor.


Who says there is
a particular way of asking for a favor?

Ose, Pepper.


There's no problem.

Thank you.

My love, be fast.

Are you aware that soon we might not
be able to get a taxi to take us home?

Is that why I should go out
looking like some lunatic.

This night?

It's already late.

Who has time to look at
what you are wearing?

Please be fast.

I'm sorry, man.

I don't have any option.

It had to be done.

When is your guy coming?

Have patience, he is on his way.




Don't think.

I don't know how hard it must have been

for you to do what you have just done.

I have done it before.

So I know how it feels.

But that's actually

what makes you a man.

Killing your best friend?

Doing what you have got to do.

And for that,

when you move to "HK,"

I will let you be my right hand man.

You won't have to start
from the ground up with me.

You would do that for me?


You are my person.

From today henceforth...

anyone who messes with you,

has messed with me.


Your enemy

is my enemy.

And your friends...

are my friends.

That's the level we are at right now.

In fact...

I'm just short of words. I don't know,
I don't know what to say right now.

You don't have to say anything really.

Just wait for my guy's call.

And holler

whenever you need anything.

Yes, boss.

Even if it's emotional support.

Yes, boss.

We all need that too, every now and then.

Yes, boss.


You can call me Mansa.

No problem.

I want you to say it.

Say my name.

You have earned yourself that privilege.


Thanks a lot.

That's fine.

Be alert.


Take care.

- Wow!
- Ose.

Is that you?

Or am I beginning to hallucinate?

I'm not sorry.

When I woke up this morning,


I thought my fate was sealed.

Today is the day

that they were to show me the path.

The path to live
the kind of life I dream of.

The path to become the guy
I've always wanted to be.

You know...

Those guys that live on the Island...

and own plenty cars...

plenty fine chicks and more clothes
and shoes than anyone needs.

Those guys that shut down clubs.

Those guys who make easy money.

I wish someone had told me that...

easy money was the hardest to make.

That's if you live to make it.


Abacha, will you survive this?

Abacha, will you survive this?

‪Subtitle translated by: Ayolope Koiki