Yabanci (2012) - full transcript

Ozgur is a young woman who is the daughter of a refugee family fled to France. She is born and raised in Paris. After her father Huseyin's death, she comes to Istanbul to fulfill Huseyin's last wish. He wanted to be buried in his own country. But because of September 12 military coup d'etat period, Huseyin is no more a Turkish citizen. So this happens to be a great obstacle for Ozgur. This will force Ozgur to a journey both in Istanbul and herself. In this journey Ozgur will meet with her father's and mother's relatives who are completely different people. Most importantly she will meet with Ferhat who will deeply effect her. This journey will become a confrontation with themselves and 2011's Turkey for Ozgur and Ferhat.

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At the hospital.

Well no, I'm going to finish the
funerary business today.

I want to do it myself.

As if, as if what?

No, no, tell me,

...say anything you want
to tell me...

Not at all!

Anyway, I don't care about
anything you're saying.

I will take care of the
funeral myself.


You can't smoke here, miss.

Where can I smoke, then?


...not even in the garden.

He's your father, isn't he?

Well yes.

One has one father only.

What's wrong with you?

- Let go.
- I'm not doing anything.

- Leave me alone.
- Özgür!

Fuck this shit!

Okay, alright, you're going through
something terrible,

...your father is dead
and you haven't even cried yet

Enough with the cheap
psychology lecture!

But why are you having at me?
I didn't kill your father!

Neither did you!

Who killed him then?

Nobody, he's dead and that's it.
Deal with it!

Who killed him then?

Özgür, my dear daughter.

I don't know how many similar
letters I wrote to you.

They were all in Turkish...

Then I decided that you would prefer French.

Anyway, I think I will finish it this time.

Death is very close to me now.

Forget about the meds
and all that...

One can feel death's
breath on ones back.

Özgür, I'm leaving without repenting
any of the choices...

...I made in my life.

I feel at ease on that account.

I do not regret being a revolutionary...

...in spite of the great price I paid for it.

I can say with a peace of mind...

...that I would do the same again.

You however, had to live through
the choices that I and your mother have made...

...and you were upset...


...you became distant from me, from us...

...that I am aware of.

But I will still not apologize
to you for this.

My daughter,

I would so much like to be buried...

...in the homeland which you have
never seen in our homeland.

I will work for it until my last breath...

...though I know that it
may not be possible.

If I can't live to see the day...

...could you bring me some dirt from there?

I would like to have a fistful of
dirt from Istanbul in my grave.


...there are thousands of
things I want to tell you.

But I don't think that all this
can fit in a single letter.

For that I shall write only one more
sentence to tell you everything.

No matter what happens,
I love you so much.

Your father.

Well Özgür, we're running late.

I changed my mind.

What do you mean, you
changed your mind?

You don't want to attend your
father's burial?

Özgür, it's your father.

How can you not go to his burial?

I will go to Istanbul.

What, Istanbul?

First, we go to the funeral and
then you can go to Istanbul.

Stephane, I'll go to Istanbul
with my father.

Well stop talking nonsense!
He's not even a Turkish citizen.

And how are you going to
bring his body up there?

- You don't even know anyone in Turkey!
- Listen! Listen.

I will find a way to take
my father to Istanbul...

...with or without your help!

Anyway, you can't stop me.


I will go to Istanbul
with my father.

What is this?

- Kokoretsi.
- Oh.

It's delicious, you should try it.

You can sit over there.


Half or a quarter?

- Make it small.
- Quarter it is.

- Do you have beer?
- Yes, we do.

- A beer please.
- Coming right up.

Here you go.

Poor thing, she's mad, you see.

- Harmless, though. I'll shoo her off if you want-
- Oh no, leave her be.

What is all this?

The documents.

God, they can never
do anything right.

The customs clearance
documents are fine...

but the procedures here
are not taken care of.


This death certificate is from
the country where you live.

Is the person to be buried
in the Turkish registry?

Here's his ID.

Oh well, your father has
defected, as it seems.

Yes, all the documents are complete-


...does your father have
a "Turkish ID" or what? Just tell me that.

No, he's a refugee.

Go to the Civil Registry Office,

obtaian identity register copy.
Then I will prepare a death certificate.

And then you'll go to
the municipality for the burial procedures.

You'll obtain a place.

Well I took care of this with that
Hayat Funerary Services firm-

They didn't take care of
it miss, they couldn't

- You just give me that death certificate-
- What am I to give to you miss, what?

Your funeral has no place here.

He has no grave as such.
Nowhere to be buried.

Please, that-that signature-

Come with the register copy
and I will give you your certificate.


- Can I make a phone call?
- You can't call abroad.

- I'll call someone in Istanbul.
- Oh.

- Call then.
- Thanks.

Hello, I'm Özgür Hasli,
Hüseyin Hasli's daughter.

Are you Uncle Aziz's son?

Ali, right.


...my father's dead.


I'm in Istanbul.

Could you give me
your address?

No, not for staying,
I'm at a hotel now.


Ok, alright.






Thank you.

- I'm sorry. Your dad died recently?
- Yes.

Got weed?






That's me. So you're here?


Come on then.

Come on in, Özgür.


- Welcome.
- Hello

- Hello
- Gülsen, did I tell you that Özgür called.

She's Hüseyin and Selma's daughter.

I'm sorry,
you've lost your father.

- Thank you
- Here, here, sit down please-

Go on Özgür,

...sit down and relax.

Well Gülsen, no soup for us then?

Of course there is,
I'll set the table right away.

Ali, who is this, son?


Hüseyin has died,

...remember him, Selma's husband?


...Özgür is their daughter,

...she came from Paris
to bury her father.

May I smoke?

Of course you can.

Here you go,

...now excuse me, I'll be right back.

Where are you coming from, France?

Oui, from Paris.

Is it here?

Sort of.

What do you mean "sort of",
is there another Paris?

There is just one Paris, but...

...many Parises inside it.

My brother will travel the whole world
when he grows up.

He ran away from home once
but dad got very angry.

Why don't you just shut up?

Is this correct, is it how
you say "hello" in French?

- Yeah, bon jour.
- Bon jour.

But you don't write it in this way.

How do you say "How are you?"

Comment allez-vous?

- Oui, bien.
- That means "good", I guess.

- Uh-huh.
- Yigit, come on boy leave Özgür alone.

Özgür, lunch is ready.

I'm not hungry.

Oh come on, we couldn't
prepare much anyway.

- Come on dad, we're eating.
- Alright.

Özgür, come on dear. Come.


Stop bothering her, son.

That's how this kid is.

He didn't go from here to
Sisli for once and...

...he's put it in his mind about
travelling the world.

Isn't it right Yigit?


- Let me check if we can do anything.
- Okay, fine.

- Do you need anything, like money or stuff?
- No I don't.

Özgür look,

...don't see yourself as a stranger, okay?

We'll do what we can.

Özgür can I ask something else?

Don't, Yigit. You asked
so much already.

My wife if putting the kids to bed.

I thought you would drink as well.

- Is it raki?
- Yes, raki.

I'll have it.

You know my dad, inside.

He and your grandfather,

I mean your mom's father, are brothers.

- We're cousins then.
- Yes.


And you're welcome again.

Your mom and dad stayed at his house,

I mean my dad's house,
before running away.

In this house?

No not this one,

in our old house. It's further
down the street.

Of course, it's demolished now.

My parents got away thanks
to your dad, didn't they?

Uh-huh. They beat my dad
up pretty bad.

That's why he can't hear well,
not because of old age.

The police set up a "post" in our house.

- At your place?
- Yeah, that's how it was called.

The police come to our house and wait,

...so that when the revolutionaries arrive,
they can set an ambush.

A revolutionary university student,
who stayed in our house once,

...is busted and he lets it
out during torture.

Of course, they take my
dad in right away.

Though, my dad, he never was angry.

"I wonder how much they tortured him...

...how they depraved him of his humanity...

...so that he would tell us out."
He'd say.

So my dad and the young
man are in the same room...

...attached to electrodes.

My dad told this all the time.

He talked about how ashamed,

how tearful, how sad that boy was.

At one moment, as it is in Turkey,
the power goes out,

my dad gets up

and hugs that young man,

"Aren't you," he says,

"one of our brave young men?" he asks.

"Aren't you one of our sons?" he says.

"Come now," he says,

"stop crying and lift your head up."

They don't keep my dad in for long.

They release him at once to
turn our house into a trap.

My dad strives, of course,

so that another revolutionary
doesn't come to

our place and get caught.

It's your mom and dad
they're after, really.

At winter time,

...my dad writes
"Police in the house"

...on the mist of the window glass...

...to keep your mom and dad
away from the house.

I always remember this,
I was 7 or 8 years old,

...but a revolutionary, too.

I was thinking that
I could change the world.

Well, I still think so,
despite everything.

You see, my son took after me.

And my heroes were
your parents, in turn.

I'm gonna cut it short.

My dad made me break
the police radios.

The first time I was beaten
by the police, 7 years old.

We are blood-related to Selma,

I mean your mom,

...but everybody loved your father too.

My dad also.

If my father...

...could now be told,

...if he could understand that,

...the man can't be buried in his homeland,

...he would utter such curses...

"Damn this land, damn this government..."

You see, he didn't understand
at all what you said at the table.

He's old, that's why...

And don't even make him
start on Kenan Evren.

He would cuss him out so bad,
you wouldn't believe...

Good evening.

- Good evening Ferhat.
- Well Ali...

- You found your guest, it seems.
- I did, I did. Come, sit.

Özgür is no stranger. I mean, she is
a stranger here but not to us anymore.

- So we thought we could have a drink or two.
- Don't let me disturb you.

Just sit down, Ferhat and
don't even think about it.

Welcome again.

My late mother,

...put these in an Omo box to
keep them away from the police.

- Omo?
- Yes, a detergent box.

- Huh.
- The boxes were thicker before,

...so she cut the side with a razor
and then glued it back again.

She couldn't get
herself to throw these away.

Özgür, come here.

Where are you staying?

At a hotel.

It's, um...

...close to Taksim.

You probably didn't want to
disturb Ali and his family.

But I wish you stayed there.

Taksim isn't the safest place, you know.

Well I'm fine at the hotel.

You don't need to take
me there either.

Don't think about it.
You're our guest.

But would that you waited a little...

...I could bring the car here.

I did listen to it a lot from Ali.

Your mom,

...everybody loved Selma so much.

I was little, of course...

...I remember vaguely but...

...your mom had a good humor.

But Ferhat, you think it will work?

It's just too old.

Kid, you've really grown
into an impatient brat.

It will work, just wait.

Look, my brother rode
this bike, I rode it.

It will handle you too, just fine.

You sure about that?

- You know, I'm gonna beat you so bad-
- Well stop it, hey-

Ferhat come on,
just finish it already.

I will, kiddo, I will.

As soon as you stop fooling.



I learned it from Özgür.
Means "good" in French.

Not afraid of anything, huh, Ferhat?

- Who?
- Özgür.

You see, she brought her father
from France to here, all alone.

She's just like you,
you're not afraid of anything, either.



You're not afraid, for sure.

Is it finished?

It is.

Here, enjoy it.

- Somebody came to see me?
- There.

Ferhat, right?

I had some business around here.

I was wondering
if there was any progress.

I mean in the burial procedure.



And look.

I found this at home.

A photograph of me
with your folks.

That's you.

Uh-huh. I was very young,
of course.

- Do you remember the coup?
- 1980?

Is there any other coup?

No there isn't but,
something similar.

I remember its aftermath, vaguely.

You can keep it.

As they ran away,

there are almost no
pictures from Turkey.

They burned all the photos,
didn't they?

My uncle did time in prison too,

...he always said...

"They made us burn
our past through fear."

My grandma...

...had all these wigs, you know?

When my uncle was arrested...

...she took those wigs and threw
them all out to the sea,

so that they wouldn't take
her for a militant, too.

Let's go out and have some
fresh air, if you want.


Wigs, huh?

It's hard, for sure.

Very, very hard.

Maybe you can ask for help
from some people

I mean, we can.

From whom?

There are still some people.

Like an organization or something?

Well, not exactly an organization...


I want him to be buried
as a human being.

Not as a revolutionary.

You know what,

everything has changed so much, I mean

this is not the country that
your father left behind.

If he wasn't looking at it longingly,
from the outside,

I don't know if he would still
want to be buried here.

He would.

He would.


- I came two days ago-
- Wait for your turn.

I've been waiting since
the morning anyway.

Tell me the name, what is it?

Hüseyin Hasli, I'm his daughter,
Özgür Hasli,

- My father died, his funeral-
- Ok, I remembered it. Look...

...I told you the last time you came.

There is nothing we can do.

Maybe the Prime Ministry...

Your father is not a Turkish citizen.

There is no registry record
about your father here.

You must go to the Prime Minister's office and
present your petition there, understand?

Okay, but I have the petition right here...

I know, but you will not
give me your petition,

you will give it to the Prime Ministry.

We don't have your record here.

Go to the Prime Ministry
and solve it there.

Excuse me.

- Hello?
- Ali, it's Özgür.

Özgür, where are you, my friend?

I've been calling the hotel
for three days and I couldn't reach you.

You should come here, fast.

Is it done then?

It's not,

...not even close...

There's nobody.

Well, we should also do some research
and ask around, Özgür.

It's a difficult business,
can't be solved all at once.

Actually, my friends said
he could be buried under...

a different name but-

It's not possible,

...but this is not the problem.

I met some people at the hotel,
I talked to them

they say it's easy to bury
a man, anyway.

But no, my father's name will be
written on that tombstone.

You're right.


...let's see what we can do then.


...come on, stay here...

...l'm not comfortable
with this arrangement.

I'll call you later, and you call me if
anything happens, alright?

Özgür dear, let me come
and take you home. Huh?

Just don't make me upset.

No, thank you very much.




I'm leaving.

Are you leaving, really?


There's nothing left to do.

You didn't try anything I advised.

You don't need to get in touch
with them if you want to,

I'll take care of it.

Why do you help me?

Why are you interested?

Are you a revolutionary too? Huh?

Are you?

I just want to leave, really.

Well, it couldn't be,
I couldn't do it.

I couldn't make it work...


...don't decide so suddenly. I think...

Did you eat anything?

Shall we?

- Özgür?
- Huh?



We'll have fries,
meatballs and two beers.

I don't think you should go.

You came all the way up here.

We should find a way to work this out,

I mean, to accept it as it is,
I don't know.

Where's your mother's grave?

In Paris.

My dad regretted the fact that
he couldn't bring her here...

...more than her death.

But you know what...

...my mom's grave
is much more beautiful...

...than the shitty graves here.

I'm thinking about what
can be done, but-




Ali and his family are your
mother's relatives, right?


Did you contact
your father's relatives, then?

- I didn't.
- Why?

I don't know.

My dad didn't have contact with them.
I don't know.

I think it would be
beneficial to contact them.





Come on, let's go.

I have to wash my face.




Özgür look,

- I know, stop-
- You don't know! You don't know-



I can't breathe!


...calm down.

Özgür, alright,

...it's over now,

...it's over.

What's the number of the street?

- 1396
- 1396

Özgür, I think it's here.

Sülü! Süleyman!

Süleyman, I say!

I don't want to do it!

I won't have it cut off!

Come here, you!

Real men don't get afraid!

They're holding a
circumcision ceremony.

- A ceremony?
- Uh-huh.

Come on.

What's the name of the building?

- Gülen.
- Gülen.

I had it, man,
there were gallons of blood.

Huh, it's the place.

It hurts a lot when you pee, too.

It's here.

There is no name.

- Let's ask there, if you wish.
- Okay.

- Good day.
- May I help you?

- We were looking for Nurettin Hasli.
- Who is it asking for him?

I'm her niece. Özgür Hasli...

Hüseyin's daughter.

Say what-Who are you?

I'm Hüseyin Hasli's daughter.

- Oh great God-
- Mother, let me tell father about it.

- Um, where is he?
- He's upstairs.

Come on, I'll take you to him.
Come, come.

Alright, good day.

Come in. Enter.

Come in.

Wait here, I'll let him know
and come back.


Hüseyin's daughter is
here, she's waiting.

Should I call her in and
get it over with?

Come in, girl. Come in.

Are you Hüseyin's daughter?

Yes, Özgür Hasli, I am.

My father died...

We heard about it, we did,
may God rest his soul, my girl.

Although, as a matter of fact...

...our brother was dead to us
a long time ago.

We buried him in our heart.


Kiss his hand.
Kiss your uncle's hand!

You too, brother,
you should kiss it!

You are a big girl now.

Although, we didn't
see you as a baby either...

Well, well.

You are welcome to this house.

Don't worry, girl,

- Nobody will carry your man off.
- Nazmiye!

Are you hungry, dear?

Let me go, I don't want to!

I don't want to, leave me!

I'm saying I don't want to!

Shut up, boy!

It isn't easy to become a man!

Hey, here, look at me.

Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit.

Come on then, come on.

God, I'm feeling awful, really.
Step back, girl!

My son...

...my child, oh...

...my head is in such a whirl...

...he was so scared, sister...

...he became wasted, crying!

Oh God, oh...

Kübra, behave yourself!

Dear, bring her
a glass of water, will you?

- Could I not stand by his side, sister?
- No, you couldn't, Kübra...

...it's so improper!

I am his mother!

Let's wash your face now,
my dear, come on.

Leave it, I'll do it myself.

Well, they say that if you looked
at it as it's circumcised...

...you would be so jealous
of his bride later on...

Is it so?

- Yes...
- Gözde

Step back, step back girl!

You have newly arrived,
I understand...


How are you?

We couldn't take good care of you
because of all the rush...


- Do you speak Turkish?
- Yes, I do...

May I smoke?

Well, I'm sorry, but it makes
my curtains stink so bad.

But you can smoke inside,
here, I'll take you.

This way...

Actually, it wasn't equal
to our dignity, but...

- Nazmiye...
- No, sister, that's not what I meant.

Father said that there should be
prayers, as there was ceremony.

The man fed all the neighbours...

...there was music all the time, what else?

I mean, we could do it
in a five-star hotel or so...

God help me!

Stop chattering and
serve something, come on!

There are a hundred people upstairs!

Nazmiye, let's check the pastries, come.

Come on.

Look at me.

Father told us not
to ask nor to tell a thing...

...you're a silly talker,
so pay attention.

What's all that boasting about?

The girl's father is dead, we don't
now whether she's here for money...

...or inheritance or what else so just shut up!
- Okay sister, I get it.

Why is it not over yet?

They're cutting it out
carefullygirl, all the better!

Oh yes, the circumcision
is very important.

Why is it important,
girls, tell us?

Check your husband's
prick next time...

you give head to him and
see what it's about.

What does it have to
do with it?

What is it about giving head,
I don't understand?

It's the head that gives
the real pleasure.

Whether he thrusts it in
from the front or behind...

- The head is important for pleasure.
- What head?

What head they ask!

The dick's head, of course!


I couldn't speak to them.

- Should we come back tomorrow?
- Tomorrow?

I don't think we should
delay it anymore.

That man will not help us.

They didn't ask anything?
I mean...

...they didn't even ask
how your father died?

That man said it...

...my father is dead
to them already.

They didn't even ask
why you came here?


Should we go?

My father didn't have
contact with them anyway.

They thought I was your husband.

- Oh yes, well, sorry...
- Don't worry, it doesn't matter.

I didn't say anything anyway,

...so that they wouldn't think
you were all alone.

So you've met everyone, didn't you?

Now go and show yourself
to your grandma too, right?

Go and kiss her hand.

I think we should go in.
Come on.

- Özgür! Are you okay?
- I'm fine.



Throw it up now, let it out.

- Are you alright?
- I'm okay.

Oh my child,

Hüseyin's eyes exactly, she has.

My son slept on concrete for years...

...so did I sleep on concrete, too.

You do know that...

...Hüseyin escaped after staying
in prison, don't you?

I know, my child,

I know. I know.

And now, my father-


- There is no need for it-
- But didn't your uncle tell you, child?

Your father's house is downstairs.

It's closed.

My father's house?

Yes, his house.

I have the key.

- My father's house.
- His house, that's right.

I will give you the key
if you want.

Go and see for yourself,

I get the place cleaned
once in a while.

- Here, my child.
- This house...


- Is it downstairs?
- Down one story.

Are you awake?


I had so many dreams.

Me too.

It was nice today, not too bad.

It was.

They sat down for dinner
for God's sake...

...so we can have a moment's peace.

Where is that Özgür and her husband?

Are they upstairs at dinner?

No, they're at the apartment downstairs -

Zehra gave them the key.

Did she?

She wasn't letting anyone in, what happened?

It's his daughter,
obviously that's why.

- Good God...
- Why are you all holed up here?

There are so many
people upstairs!

Özgür and her husband
are at Hüseyin's apartment.

You don't say!
Did you tell father?

I did.

"Bring them food, let them
stay there if they want...

...or put a bed in one of
the other apartments...

...don't let them go." he said.

"We'll talk in the morning." he said.

Are they going to stay in that house?

What do I know,

it's her father's house.

She went in and stayed, I suppose.

Can anyone stay there, girl?

It was closed for years, it stinks.

You can, if you want to...

...it's not like a unused place.

Zehra gets it cleaned every week.

As if somebody lives there,
I swear...

Fine, then prepare a tray for them...

...and tell them what father said,

we can set up a bed
upstairs if need be.

Come on Kübra.

- Is it up to me now?
- Kübra...

Okay, I'll bring it.

Don't be careless preparing that tray.

Fine, sister, fine.

Did your father liked wine?

He did.


...he liked raki more.

Shall we drink wine?



...are there any open
shops at this hour?

I'll find some place.

I can go get some if you want.


Good evening.

- You got wine?
- Yes, those over there.

- Anything else?
- No.

A red and a white wine then.

Okay, give them.

- How much is it?
- 14 is enough.

Give me a bag.

Good night.

Why are these still around, huh?

We're taking them out.
It's what remains-

Oh yeah. I believe that.

Who do you think you're fooling?

Till what hour you have
license to sell?


Till two.

What are you looking
at little psycho!?

Come on, man, aren't
you done here yet?

Get out.


It's a Muslim quarter here.

Please, I have children, don't, I beg you-

Shut up, shut up!

How do you not sell off?

I couldn't sell them all off-

You will not sell these,
you will not...

There are a hundred beer bottles here...

Get the fuck out of here!

He may sell whatever he wants!

Oh really!

Who the fuck are you?

You want to get into trouble? Fuck off!

You fuck off!

Stop interfering with stuff
you don't know about...

...you fucking jackass!

Watch your tongue!

What are you grinning at,
you little fuck!

Let go you son of a bitch-

Hold your fucking
hand off it!

I fucking won't!

I'm not fucking getting off it!

You fucking-

You fucking-

Fucking asshole!

Don't you ever hit a bystander
on the head with a fucking bottle!

Are you wasted asshole!?

They will fucking sell!

They'll sell whatever they want!

Are you still fucking talking?

Still fucking talking huh,

...talking still?

Hey, that's enough, let's go-

Just drive, just drive!

They'll fucking sell!

They'll sell!

That's enough!

Fucking enough!


Just leave him, come on!
Don't get us into trouble.

You too, get in the car.

You will sell...

You will sell whatever you want!

Just shoot the motherfucker...

...shoot him!

Make him shut up!

You will sell...

Get the fuck out of here, all of you!

Close the goddamn shop!

Come on, quick!

Come on,

...we're closing, don't stop!

Hey, don't you stop
just go! Go,

...quick, fast now, go!

Come on, walk!

Just walk!

Come on!

Don't be crazy son, just go!

Just go, I'm telling you...