Yaariyan (2014) - full transcript

A college student must win an inter college competition to save his college from being demolished by property builders.

Some people calls me Burbot!

Burbot, which can fall anywhere...

by the way name is laksh!
If you make it like, so lakes

Well i like alots of things...

more than everything thing,
is my father.

I was 1 year old
when he martyared for country

saw mother always giving
tuitions to other childrens...

she loves this country,
but I wanna get outta here.

To foreign country,
where is money and fun

its says, that life teaches everything

but whatever I learned from life
but from my friends...

with the friendship of friends...

but he makes me waiting
after asking to him

he maybe busy,
so first pick it up...

then ask for forgiveness later.

Me and my friend debu often
used to drink beer stolen money from temple

when we had break in our friendship,
when debu gone to australia for study

and I got stuck in this sikkim college

college day started usually

but whatever happened
further changed everybody's life...

what're you doing,
something will happen today which never...

you're going to college

Today is my life's first kiss...

to girl or boy?

You jerk, to jenny

to jenny

take my watch

take my googles.

Take his deo.

No way

i'm not so mean

my canadian jenny

if you'll give me your ipod,
so I can think about it.

Today is my practicle...

its my life's first kiss.

Without love you're kissing,
its lust.

What we call it in hindi,


hormon mess up

god made the hormon...
or life would be boring.

How dare you enter in
the girls hostel...

you bully, I'm not aunt,
i'm girls hostel's warden

talk to him, tell him he come
back home soon

i'm always perfect...
you tell me

you shouldn't come to india.

Here is so hot, mosqouto
and boring life...

your'e giving this advice
to your childhood friend.

Just give me blessing.
I'm on important mission

go you may successful
in your mission

by the way what's your mission

to kiss...

who says sonehaal

is kiss is doen?

I missed it damn it

sir, she is my family friend.

He mother says.

Actually we're cousins.

Sir she was having

I was just checking...

i'll marry her.

I can't lie more than it.

Let me do it.

Its my first kiss.

What happened to principle

something fishy

tomorrow evening anual
function back stage.

Pakistan and india
are on war...

in which indian worrior
are saving the country

will you let me see the play

its on 4 o clock

3 pm

how can we reach to college.

My bro...

we're getting late...
hurry up

but how come he can
go to stage.

God has made the plane too
while making hormon

what're you doing

i'll do everybody's work

one by one

who got the mercedes?

I have.

You first...

someone said right.

You've the deal with many
jerks before meeting prince.

Where were you stupid
she's waiting.

I've made a deal with him

where's that jenny

i've no time

please save my honor.

Be a mother for me.

Have to become raj mata.

He's waiting for you

mother you've come...
yes son

sing a lullaby for me mother.

I dont know lullaby

sing something

hug my mother.

You're enemy's worrior.

We just need your lap

just hug my mother.

Come in my territory,
i'll protect you

you die worriors...
or principle will kill me.

Now ponder on studies,
and these are useless things.

My ipod

for this hormon...
there's one more hormon exist.

Because there's no girl
of your type in this college.

You believe on 100 mtr race.

She lost the battle...
not a war.

If i couldn't set a hot sexy
girl in coming days.

So I'll polish your shoes...

do you know half of student
are going to expel?

And whatever happened today,
you're gone laksh...

the half students are
going to be expel...

leave why, who's gonna expel?

Expel them

throw out the college girls...

they made the college worst...

boys sight is always
on their feets...

they dont see anything else
on other options.

Now bring out...

You feelings...

i've decided...

to restricate all of you
from this college...

our this college.

Is not only built on the king
your highness land...

many years ago he started this college.

Now few days ago...
prince has signed the deal...

the portion of play ground
and girls hostel...

that all land has been
sold to australian businessman

and mr. Rockfeller wants to
built an hotel and casino

when i said to mr. Rockfeller,
that an hotel near a college.

Is bad idea...

but he said that students
are only intrested in study

they're not intrested.

So he throw an challenge...

if our college students
will defeat the australian students

in a sports and culturer competition

so they'll increase the
lease of land for 100 years...

you 5 have to save this college.

We're only 4...
who's is the 5th.

It seems your father has
hair oil factory

that's why you sticked so much


Yes you...
no its amlachap oil...

did you met with
the 5th member of team...

i'm saloni

which competition
will she win.

She'll win all...

when she'll have amlachap oil,
so then australin team will runaway

they can't do anything.

Why not we call the outside
students and make them ours.

Forgive me sir,
what did you seen in them

he's zero in study,
always rides the bike

who knows better than neil
what bike can do...

she's a daughter
of flop singer.

She has seen her mother
getting flop closely

again that story

the son of musical instrument
repair man.

He loves the drums...

an daughter of retired
common teacher.

Her memory is faster
than a computer.

Again that story

his mother is teaching
and earning...

and he's the no.1 lazy

That's it.

My captain

look mom...

first period in library

how did you climbed there.

First i step there then there.

And climbed.

There's no quality in lakhs
like a leader.

You're maybe forgetting.

Whose son is lakhse

if we'll lost the girls
hostel, so why to live.

If you've life,
so dreams.

If dreams,
so are girls in it.

If girls are...
so hopes...

will find somewhere,
everyone get that.

The question is not about
only girls hostel...

its about our college
and country...

and our self respect...

everybody will ask you
in life which college are you from...

our recognization
is from this college...

will we let those foreigner
to occupie this college?


we'll shed the blood.

And we'll defeat them

its that blood donate camp?

Is that easy to defeat them?

How am I want to compete...
what about the speech.

I just gave this speech
because girls likes it.

But doing this...
no one can stop us going in girls hostel...

but you've no girlfriend
in that hostel.

But to whome will you go?

If not.
So will be.

Lets make competition plane...

tonight is a pajama party

and you're inviting...

check the purse first...

why you girls are so judgmental

dont you girls talk
about boys like this...

there're so many things
to talk about except girls and boys.

Keep to you...

tell me how many girls
are in girls hostel.

But I couldn't understand it.

Have to deal with all
of them in one night?

Where are you going?

You lives in hostel
for 5 days of week

you just gets sat and sun
for live in house.

I've to complete the
important project of college

take care of yourself...
what do you mean?

Here's thief and bully's
know its amar singh's house

if he'd have done a corporate
job rather than army

so you wouldn't need to
to give music tuition today

he was fond of become hero,
so he sacrifice himself for country

one day you'll know why
someone sacrifice for country

one moment

you'll get your papa's googles
when you deserve it.

I've come to pick up soloni


today is mata's night.


Actually an priest family
has shifted from banaras...

to their house...

listen, aren't there any boys...

no uncle there're only three boys...

one will play manjeera.

The otherone will play drum

and thirdone will sing.

Please papa...

drop her at home at time.

I wanna kiss you

kiss me.


Save me.

Please help me.

Baby are you okay?

Cocroach on my feet.

We can't become a friend ever.

When did i say?
And by the way...

becoming friends... you must
need 53.33 topics to talk about


Do you know there's new intel chip

with high configuration

what happned?

Scared from her?

She's so broing

i've a cure for her.

Feed her the liqour...

i dont drink.

Its juice...

you should trust in friendship


what you told me

that you're my friend.

Trust me.

I trusted you and
you feed me liqour.

Who feeded?

dont lie

you feed me.

You're not kishan kanhaya

all girls die for you

will they die...


But I'm not like that...

i'm diffrent...

you can't be in them


because you're gigabyte...

you're terabyte

its new chip of intel


saloni and jiya were drunk

have to endure if I
messed up;

how do I drop her home.

Her father hates the boys.

Well, i hadn't any way

what happened to her?
She had mata on her.

She's like that...
she prays alot...


your voice looks like male.

Which prayers you sung?

What's this?

Mata's blessing

they practice money we're
going to get...

what we've to do with it?

We'll party

is party everything to
you in life?

Everybody respects your father.

He sacrified his life.

But didn't let down the flag...

and you...
so what?

What this country did for him

for country anybody.
Stop this books language.

He was in army, for winning
and fighting was his duty

not mine

the money we're getting for,
is our duty too

did you started churan
along with amla oil

listen, saloni is not wrong.

We must practice.

We'll do much practice
that other will think we're serious.

Why dont you join anna sir?

Competition is going
to start in 10 days...

competition is in
two parts...

and part 2 will be.

Cycle race, mountain climbing...

by the way when the australians are coming

australians aren't coming here.

You all are going australia.

I'm yours...
and will be yours.

I promise if salman khan will say,
so I won't let her touch

but why'd he touch you

i'm so hot...

that day you told me in booze
that you likes me.

Never, I can't say like that...


What's lacking in me?

You're an burbot...

All the best.

Atlast you found that your deserved

you just wait an watch

i'll make an girl friend
everybody will see me.

You're wounded when
someone insult your country

and are happy when...

your country's flag is
waving with pride.

Its our country's flag.

Dont let it down

welcome to australia my bro

who told you
we're here?

You didn't tell me...
mother told me.

Do you drive the taxi here?

in part time.

By the way I'm doing
advance course in I. T...

if you finished talk,
so tell me.

Will you take me to rockfeller college or not


My bro

till you're here.
I won't leave you alone here.

When the god gives...
gives alot.

I wasn't in hope that I'll
find my dream girl in australia

but I found her there.

Australian team member

she looked at me.
And I looked at her.

I got signal in a sec.

That's one

the short cut

eat less fatto

i was thinking for a while,
you're that debo...

you've not paid the
money of my rakhi

i had give you...

just give me some money

when will you reformed

i dont like this english food.

Its hot.

Leave some for student.s.

Let me eat.

Its mine

your pride?

People calls me niki mahajan.

I teach the biology
in this college.

Are you married?


infact... waiting for a good boy

me too

are you waiting for boy?


good girl...

who can make good paratha's.

Pandey sir's hormon problem
was handeled by nikki

and I was hoping with jenait.

That rockfeller will arrange for outing
for friendship with two teams.

Said... enjoy

you're so mean

you know hindi

she's australian...
and dad is indian...

friends makes fool

saying the cold drink,
friends feeds liqour

saying girlfriends...
meets with aunties.

You always makes my insulted

we've no pention of papa...

i'll go from here forever.

I'll settle in australia...

i won't come back again

i told mother that i'll go foreing

will earn alot money

but won't let you do this job

tomorrow is competition.
Lets ponder on it.

You're right...

they said its a rules.

We should inform them earlier
which song we'll sing.

But in the matter of wandering
we forgot.

We made the mistake,
so what do we do?

Which mistake.

Its cheating.

I'll talk to them...

who did to you /

abused the mother...

how'd they know mother
grew me up...

will something happend to me?

Nothing gonan happen to you

mother has no one except me.

Bro... take me to mother

she's waiting for me for two years.

Hindi song
is it rock

and the winning team is...


debo you stay laid.


Look, its not like that,
they just beat me.

I beated them too

it was they problem
i just slipped.

We were wearing high heels.

My hieght is little less.

Height shouldn't be small ever.

Be senti and bore me.

Its time for your ambulance sir.

She's so cute girl

debo was trying to be
happy before us.

According to doctor,
he was very critical

it was beliefe of australian police
that it wasn't racist attack

but will investigate.

Its good you've come bro

why they're not letting me go

mother is waiting...

he's jelouse from me.

That white nurse loves me.

If you say so we'll take
her together too

do you know.

Yesterday I phoned mother

i'm coming

with lakhs.

She was happy

she loves me alot.

Take me to her

i'll take you along me.

I dont want to live here.

What I did to them...

someone do like that?

If they'd come in our country,
would we beat them?

Take me to mother.

When I'll keep my head
in her lap

so everything will be fine.

I'll be fine.

Take me to mother


mother i'll earn alot of money
when i'll grow up

and you'll not need to work
in school

there is bike race by next day

paanday sir decide not to disclose
deebu's death.

Everyone get disturbed

specially neel

who have to ride bike

and saloni who have to remember lap map.

But someone tell saloni's before starting the race.

That deeebu is dead.

You be ashamed.

Go and hide your face.

I was young like you
when I join this collage.

Unfortunate you lose in Australia.

Australian will be come in India in couple of days.

Final is still pending.

We lose in Australia.

But we won't lose in India.
Do you get it?

They never did anything for collage nor for country.

Ecause they don't have father like brigadier Amar Singl

that night your father get shot.

That time he have choice.

He can leave the post and he
can reach hospital of base camp.

But he won't do this.

He continue fight for country.

His soul left his body

but he won't left country.

We see he shot 26 bullet in his body.

You just decide where to go?

Time will let you know
which is right and which is wrong.

What do you want?

Cappuccino, Brownie,
Black Coffee. Tutsi Ginger Tea.

You will get it in 5 minute.

Guy I will be right back.

You are not able to do that.

Australian team is coming to India.

You have to dace for opening ceremony.

You will dance like this?

See what I get for you.

Drink it and you will see how you dance?

You told me there should be other topic
in friendship.

Ok then can we discuss dance.

Stupid! We can practice dance.

You can dace after wearing lots of cloths.

No this is not like this.

We are doing dance practice.

Come and eat do practice later.

By the way, your dance is awesome.

Where you see?

This is wrong.

I think...
you both like...

there is nothing
we are just friends

but I like this girl

don't call me aunty...
call me mummy.

Call me mummy jee...

But I decide to call her my daughter.

Come take it.

don't have change?

Two ticket for tomorrow

pictures tickets.

This is for tomorrow show stupid

two tickets for tomorrow evening show.

Thank you sir.

I am just deciding to watch
with whom

but I won't come.
And I am not asking you.

If you ask so you get the same answer.

But why the same answer.

Are you coming with us?

No I have some work.

You and saloni both are in love??

That is nothing

now a days she is always watching you

maybe she is decide to beat you

or maybe she is fall in love.

Who is fall in love?

He is saying that he likes you.

Who is he??

Even he don't have strong body nor good face.

You know what I like?

We will say everyone that We love each other.

Can we tell everyone?

Don't tell anyone otherwise we got problem

which problem?

All is done?
But you remember your promise.

Tomorrow is your welcome dance performance.

I feel you are change.

No I am not.

You want to separate with me.

Are you mad?
I will talk tomorrow.

You are in hurry
may be guys always in hurry.

When I see you first time

I don't know I feel

you are the one.

I love you Lukh

I won't tell you anything.

I just tell you
I love you.

Did you read notice board.
No,, why

you just read and submit entry as well.

I will wait for you surly.

Which notice she is talking about?

That is it.

Saloni need to decide for boyfriend
and kiss that guy in fornt of everyone.

Who what to kiss her then
submit his entry in box near notice board.

I want kiss too.

If boy have right to select girl.

Then why girls won't

they have rights to select boy for her.

Who give them permission

I gave her.
Boy should know girls are not useless.

Girls are not for use like tissue paper
and throw.

Who use you madam.

This is the problem
she became useless before use.

These are three guy
who are selected by saloni.

But saloni will select one from them

and kiss him in front of us.

Lakhs stop her.

What are you thinking?

You want patch-up

tell me one thing lakhs

when she kiss you?

Did you feel good.

That was just fake.

I was thinking that someone is
with Australian among us.

That why I get closed

and she will let me the name.

Did she tell you?


we lose part one of this competition.

2nd part
the final of this competition

which we have to win
at any cost.

Tomorrow is mountain biking
and then after country cross.

I will let you know.

They have to run and do mountain climbing
in biggest mountain...

they have to reach

there are both country flag.

Have to get the flag.

Then come again by crossing mountain.

And come to collage and put on top of collage.

Which flag will first on top of collage.

The collage is all there.

Lots of mountain climber died in between.

Have you selected your team?

Neel will participate in cycling
and I will participate in final race.

My father died for this country.

But what he get from country.


All is arrange to settled you in Australia.

Just let us win.
That is decided.

Neel will ride cycle.

And he will lose.

He is thinking you all with him

but he don't know

saloni will know anything about it

and she will announced.

And everyone knows neel is guilty.

And I will be in Australia.

You sale collage.

Don't you think about deebo.
He died for collage.

We are calling neel and mike for cycle race.

You will see what I will do.

I will win this race.

Who will in in place of neel.

My son win the match.

My son win the match.

My son win the match.

I know you will win.


If you are with Australian
then you never win.

I know you about it.

So we decide to make plan and you
become anger and win the race.

And you win

but I don't know that he get injured.

And I have to participate the race.

Forget everything.

Now we have to win final.

But mike will be in final.
And he is injured.

So we can easily win the race.


promise me

anywhere in the world

you see any innocent in trouble

for any cast, race or any nationality

don't be still stand silent.

Mike will race the final race with you.

Where is he come from?

You know who is he?

That champion

he is not college student
he is professional

lakhs you will compete him?

Stronger not always win

hitler will die and Gandhi win.

So don't be scare.
Just fight

and win

first put foot there and there
and climb.

You are elder now my son.

Jannet move to Australia.

Panday also move Australia with nikki.

And about neel... if he don't
do this so deebo among us.

But I call neel my friend.
And there is forgiveness in friendship.

How many packs in body

get this 50 rupees go shave
and brush your teeth.

I wanted to kiss you stupid.

Finally we secure girls collage.

Now I don't need it.
Because I have girlfriend now.

I am not confuses in why anyone
died on him country.

But I am still confuse...

is it done or harmal loocha will attack again.