Yaariyan (2008) - full transcript

Hailing from Gidarbaha, Punjab, Advocate Jasavar Singh emigrates to Vancouver, Canada, to live with his friend, Advocate Baldev Raj Khanna, along with a Punjabi-speaking loner from Kenya, ...

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The Punjabis have crossed
all the ocean of the world..

...and made their residence in
the every country of the world.

For the sake of good life..

...the Punjabis have left
their house, family, friend..

...and everything and
settled in Germany..

...middle east,
Australia New Zealand etc.

...and they have not left
any country in the world.

They have also made
their destination..

...in the England,
America and Canada etc.

Where they are more
in the population.

They have made their
personality in all the field..

...by their hard work in all
the areas from the business..

...to the government job and
farming to politics everything.

No one country can
ignore their contribution..

...and they have all
welcomed to the Punjabis.

They have also not
make any one disappointed.

And gave them a lot of money.

But some people took advantage of..

...these countries lenient
laws and generosity.

And they continue to do so.

Though this story is of a
city Vancouver in Canada but..

...in reality this is the story
of every country's every city.

So come, let's see
whether does our story lie..

...in these birds who have
come in search for grains.

Name Jasawar Singh
alias Jassa Singh.

He is the famous
advocate of the Punjab..

...and in the hope of a good
future he reached to Canada.

Name is Vensely Hensy Adumba,
a small city of the Kenya ..

...and came to Canada
whose main purpose ..

...is earning dollars
with hard work and honesty.

This man is very bastard ..

...and he had not told me on
phone that there is so much cold ..

...in the month of June otherwise..

...I would have made
arrangement for that.

Brother where to keep the goods.

It's me, brother.

You are speaking Punjabi.

Come on.

Thank you.

From which village are you?

Kenya, brother.


Which district?
- East Africa, brother.

There is no cold.

Not at all but there is
so much cold in Canada.

Well what is your name.

My name is Hensely Adumba

But your name is..

You say Adumba

My mother is also telling Dumba.

| came from India in point
system and my name is Jasawar Singh.

This is very good name.

My friend Khanna has brought me.

He did not come. He is
a habitual late comer.

He did not improve
even to come at Canada.


Come on nothing.

Will you take my case.

Yes Khanna.

Earrings, mushroom
cut and no moustache!

Now one hour has passed
and why you did not come.

No formalities and why
you are riding on me.

Now stop it Khanna
you don't trouble me.

You can not call me that there is
so much cold in the month of June.

Jassa in this heat my
heart is feeling cold..

...and now he become so cool.

Yes there is cold. It has been so
long since I last saw you, my friend!

How is the mummy?

Mother is very fine and
she is missing you badly.

You know she had sent
the pickles for you.

Where it is. Remove it.

You come and take from the home.

0.K. we will take from home.

This is your car.

Yes it is mine.

Brother you take me also.

Who is he?
- My brother. - Brother?

When was he born?

- Here, in the airport?

Yes, he came and speaking
so nicely Punjabi.

That makes him our brothers, right?

Oye what is the
problem in the Canada.

See there is no problem.

But he has not
telephone me and no body came.

Then what to do.

Let's take him along, pal.
- As you wish, Mr. Jassa Singh!

As you wish! - Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! - Sit.

Thank you, brother.

Jassa, tell me
something about our village.

Missing it!

| am missing you..

...50 badly in the car.

Dumba, what are you doing with
your clothes in the backseat?

Brother it has become dirty now.

Jassa see my house has come now.

Oye this is your house.

Oye this is wealth house.
Such a big house.

Jassa you have given the
house to those who need it.

This is wonderful there was
so much cold on the airport..

...and here it is heat.

The weather of
Canada is very uncertain.

Anytime it may be changed.

Hi, Joe.
- Hi, Bal.

What is this well.

Here the Baldev, baljit and
Balwinder are called well.

- I have to make it.

No problem in the name. Jassa
is better than Jasawar Singh.

Hi, Bal.
- Hi

- This is Canada!

Brother, I was talking
about the dogs.

Is this girl going for
hunting with these dogs?

No, no she is taking the dogs along
so that she doesn't get hunted.

This is Canada. Canada.
- This is Canada?

This is Canada. - Oh my God!

Come to the Canada.

Khanna you will never improve.

You should have kept a servant.

Jassa by coming here in Canada ..

...and American why we will
not be rich then what to do.

Here we have to work
the house at our own.

Only the ready to
eat food is available.


My dear friend here
every thing is clean.

A house can be clean
only with a woman with it.

But there the moment
is something different.

The girls are doing
service only for the husband.

You don't tell like this and for
the sake of god don't tell this.

Jassa in the village we
all were talking this ..

...and for you now |
will not speak. O.K.

Khanna.. look for a good job, pal.

See Jassa one thing you
understand properly ..

...that here the matter
of India will not do.

In the beginning you have to
do the work whatever you get.

Okay mister, call your family
and ask them to pick you up.

Goodbye, Jassa.
- Okay!

Brother, to tell you the truth..
| don't have anyone here.

Dumba you see like our
Punjab here no one pigeon ..

...will come to fly and sit
here in the house of the Canadian.

You don't worry, we'll find
a way to make a living here.

We both will share and eat.

And then you speak my mother
tongue Punjabi so well.

How can I let you wander about?

Never! Don't worry.

Yes brother let us have food.

You make the chapatti.

And I will cook the vegetable.

You prepare it and then..

...we will have it hot. O.K.

Look mother, I came
here with your blessings.

Now will return only when
| make a name for myself.

This is my house or some one other.
You have done wonder.

You're great, Jassa.

| have not done it.
Dumba has done it.

Dumba you are here.

Yes he is here and now he
has stopped the Punjabi food.

That black guy cooked Punjabi food?
- Punjabi food.

Hey, turnip, spinach.. my
mother used to cook it for me.

Brother, I've made some sweets too.

Check the sweetness.
Check the sweetness. - Sweet?

What have you added in it?
What have you added?

What have you added to it, you fool?
- Nothing. Only almonds and resins.

You've brought heaven down to earth!

Jassa come now I am not
worried for the heaven.

Whatever I was
demanding that I got it now.

| came here to change the queue.

Dumbe you take my phone and tell
him that you will not come there.

You will stay here only ..

...and I will arrange your
work at the place of Jassa.


Thank you God Almighty.

Dumba! Dumba! What's
wrong with you, pal?

Brother I was just making my God.

You have also got
the air of Canada..

Then why you are telling
thank you to him. Nothing to me.

You are also my God.

Brother Dumba you are full of.

You are my friend and
today I am very happy.

Come on we both will have a few
pegs of wine. Bring the glasses.

Khanna I am sorry.

I've promised my mother. I'm sorry.

My friend that is O.K.

This is a matter of great
pleasure for you that ..

...your job has been finalized.

How much I will get.

You will not get the money.

Even then.

Some 7
- 8 dollars.

Tell me in rupees.

Some three hundred rupees.

Daily wages.

No they are telling that you
can daily work for ten hours.

0.K. Khanna.

Now your friend will
never back off from anything!

Today is Friday and
Saturday and Sunday are holidays.

You have to start from Monday.
On Saturday..

...and Sunday I shall take you
to the Venkuwar for holiday.

I will also see it.

Tell me that you have
not seen the Venkuwar.

No it is not like that.
I once you will start..

...the work then 10
- 15 days will go like anything.

You will not know it also.

Then Khanna you
show me the Venkuwar.

There is laughter for silent lips.

These are the
consolations during sorrows.

There is laughter for silent lips.

These are the
consolations during sorrows.

Friends' pride!
- Friends' honor!

It never lost from the world!








We adore them!

The lonely hearts
wants a friend's company.

It's easier to make friends
but difficult to keep them!

The lonely hearts..
- Wants a friend's company.

It's easier to make friends..
- But difficult to keep them!

Those who have
friends have God with them.

Friendship can't be
priced they are priceless.

| bestow over my friend.

| can give my life
away for my friend.

If I get my friend's love,
| can forget this world!

I'll share my
feelings with my friends.

I won't keep any secrets from him.

My friend lies in my eyes, my
breath and my heart contains..




You feel sad when
you miss your country.

You feel sad when
you miss your country.

The village lanes, old friends..

It feels like your
mother is calling out to you!

No, no, no, ho, ho, no!

No, no, no, ho, ho, no!

Forget it! Forget it! Forget it!

You've your friends with you!

You're not alone, my friend.

Come on earn your respect.

Go ahead, my friend.

Friends are the
support for friends.

Friends reside in your heart.

Only fortunate ones
get good friends.

Friends understand your feelings.

God resides in friends.

They always tell you the truth.

The joy of life!

Friendship and friends.

There is pride with friends!

- Friendships!


- Friendships!


It is very heavy.


You are not seen in the office.

Don't know.
- Then start it now.

Start the buckets.

Get the berries out!

The lawyer has sent here
for the enjoyment and..

We'll teach Khanna a lesson
when we return. - Take this.

Dumbe come.

Dumba, come.
- 0.K. brother see they are coming.

Khanna you see what
the Dumba has done.

Being an advocate I have
never been insulted so much.

Dumba.. these aren't
berries but Khanna's tricks.

Now you see what I do to him.
- Okay.

Brother you be ready
at 4 in the morning.

I will come at 4.

You go there and do
whatever you want.

Wait there! I feel like
giving you a bath here.

Brother.. brother..

Shut up! Remove your tie!
I've got the report.

You are the young and even
could not fill up four buckets.

And those old 70-80 years
old men filled in 25 buckets.

You are old and I am young now.

Tell me! They kept
chattering all the way.

As soon as the bus stopped
at the farm they got stuck..

...to the berries like flies.

If you had to make us work
on such things then..

...weren't the fields
of Punjab better?

Why did I've to come to Canada?
Pluck the berries!

Pluck the berries! Bloody berries!

This is for the hard work.

| can not do this.

Mr. Jassa you have to work hard.

| can not do this much.

Lawyer this is not your Patiala.

This is Canada. Canada.
- What Canada..

Here without work the
mother is also not feeding.

If you want to stay in
Canada then you have to work..

...otherwise go back Punjab.

No Khanna I will not
go back to Punjab ..

...and my mother has done the
continuous reciting of the guru ..

...and Khanna you arrange
such a job for me that ..

...I can show my potentiality.

| can show the water
of Punjab ion that.

| can show the effect
of the continuous ..

...reciting of the path of Guru.

The people will see the
Jassa Singh of Punjab.

Mr. Singh. - Yes, sir? - You're
riding the best horse of the country.

Monster. - Monster? - All you need
to do is take him over the hill..

Down the hill, but very slowly,
very gently. No rush.

| understand sir. You want to go
on the top and earn the money.

Take it around, slowly, gently.

Spiritually, naturally.
| understand, sir.

| don't have to race him. Anyway..
I'm in no mood to race today, sir.

But make sure he is back
for His lunch and bath. Okay?

Don't worry, sir. We'll be there.

Oh my God what you have done this.

| told him, slowly, gently.
- Stop.

No problem, he'll come. Yes.

By the grace of God
I got your blessings.

You gave me love and hid my sorrows.

| should have gotten a broken leg
but I got saved.

Khanna.. you're the roof over my
head. You get me out of a valley..

...and then throw me
in front of a devil.

| wonder where else
do I've to go.

Firstly there seems to be
no feet of mother's prayers.

Wonder when I will
get The fruits of it.

Idiot. I'm.. You fool!

No! No!

You have run so far
like Milkha Singh.

I did not run but that
monster has compelled me to run.

He was running behind me..

...and if I would not
have run then what to do..

Sir I told the master on
phone that his horse ..

...is very much
wonderful and running faster.

Speed.. when you
have hit by your leg.

She has been escaped.

Saved! Idiot, if you had to hit..

...then you should have hit somewhere
else. Directly on the point!

She has been escaped
and Jassa has hit her.

Then its okay. Leave it.

Now no more legs and no more horse.

| said sardarji what
you will have to do.

Khanna after all
he is advocate and..

...everybody behave him like this.

Oh! Oh! - This is what you wanted,
right? Good luck.

Yes Dumba it would
be better for you ..

...and this is the top of
the top place. Follow me.

Why do you hit me?
Why hit me, you fool.

I'm like glassware.

Dear, how would you like your bath?
Normal bath or special bath.

| mean very special bath.
Special bath for special things.

Only the poor bath everyday.
Dumba. -Oh no!

Dear you see that tray
and rest I will see here.

That brother was talking this.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Let me go.

Dumba, I'm doomed,
we're gone from here too.

It's all.. I'm okay, sir.
-I'm sorry.

It's alright, sir. Only
One left, sir. Full, sir.

Mother should have
taught me to wash utensils.

Good evening. Good evening.
- Good evening.

There was phone of
The owner of Hotel.

This is good news for you.

The owner of the hotel has
dismissed you on the first day only.

And he is filing a
case of damage against me.

He said Jassa is a false
coin which can not run either..

...in India, Punjab, or Canada.
You are burden on earth.

He washed such good utensils.

Well who said this? I am
doing my work properly.

That you are doing a great work.
You have done nothing.

You've just been sitting idle.
Just sat idle!

Nothing can happen of you in Canada.

Now you go back to India.

Now stop it my friend.
You have spoken more.

| can take care of myself very well.

Have you ever thought about my mother?
Have you ever thought about her?

He looks less of a lawyer
and more like a gangster.

You remember the
promise to father or not?

Jassa my father has done L.L.B.

and your father has given
your responsibility to me.

I have never realized this mistake.

You are useless and I can
Not do anything for you.

Jassa I can not do anything for you.

Khanna only you can do it.

I understand that what I can do.

| have not wasted my time of
four years in the Patiala court.

| want the same atmosphere the
same black uniform and the stamp.

The true or false witnesses.
Khanna I will work.

One thing you tell me
that what you know..

...about the court of Canada.

This is not the court of Patiala.

That I know very well Khanna.

You remember that the
shopkeeper was giving you sweet.

That Jhajjhu sweet vendor.


This is my first and
the last love. Yes.

She had not given
the Reply of my letter.

Even Rani, Preet and..

...inspector's daughter didn't
give you a reply, right?

She had replied to you to my
letter. But she had not sung for me.

Jassa! Jassa! Jassa! Jassa!

I couldn't settle
down because of you.

See you are talking
this and I have taken it.

But we both are having the same
luck. After all I am the advocate.

Jassa you know me since childhood ..

...that I am very much emotional man.

Today you are my assistant. O.K.

Yes you do one more thing.
Without asking anything to me..

As if every body knows
that I am leading the case.

Khanna sahib sees the
Martin are a rich ..

...couple but four
advocate for one case.

What is it, please clear this thing.
This is a very complicated case.

Its case of Mr. & Mrs.
Martin's divorce matter.

They both love so
much to each other.

It is wonderful when they
love so much to each other..

...then what was the
need to file the case.

Two years back before the death
of the mother of Martin said..

...that if the elder Martin would
be there then he give gift of Kiss.

You mean a dog?
- It's now a dog.

It was a puppy then.

He was the god that that
puppy was so loving ..

...and Mr. and Mrs.
Loves him so much.

He was staying all the
twenty four hours with them only.

It sleeps in their room,
goes around with them

always with them and that puppy
that dog became very possessive

So possessive that it
doesn't let them do anything.

What do you mean to this?

Nothing means nothing
can be done in this ..

...and Mrs. Martin is very
much troubled by that dog.

She wants divorce.
This is the complication.

What is the complication?
This is very simple case..

...the dog should what..
what is the name of the dog?

Marshall. - Okay,
Marshall. After all it is a dog.

Put the dog to work.

- I mean Mr. Jassa Singh.

0.K. I am coming to take fresh air.

Khanna sahib leaves it.
Our advocate has left it.

Yes there is a complication,
we need more lawyers.

The case is very difficult.

Okay, take down the notes.

Very good Khanna this
is very interesting.

Within ten minutes |
understand that ..

...why your practice is
not going on properly.

It's a strange country.

If this case could have
come to a court in Punjab..

...then the dog would have
been encountered by now.

Khanna wouldn't have
to get into this mess.

And there wouldn't be so
much burden on my mind.

What a country this is!

I didn't meet a single
responsible person till now.

Does one only love cats and dogs?

- Waris Shah, ..

...hide it from the world.

Even if you're have the
jaggery which belongs to you.

People, this is just a feeling.

A emotion, a light,
this love is a herb..

...which grows in the
courtyard of heart.

Neither you nor I know where..

...you will find love.

I'm.. I'm so sorry. So sorry.

No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's my fault.

| was looking at you so..

It is wonderful.

What you mean.

First it was wonderful and
again he came to be wonderful.

| swear strange things
keep happening since morning.

Your files.

Really I am very sorry for that.

It's alright. Should I escort you?

No thanks. I am fine.

Really it is wonderful.

Oh, it such a nice house,
it's beautiful.

It's very beautiful, Dumba.

Dumba, when I was leaving my house..

...my mother stood at the
well and distributed sweets.

And said Jassa, my son,
you're going abroad.

Don't keep an eye on something..

...that doesn't belong to you.

That's why I've come
to return her thing.

This file.
- Really?

| swear on my mother.

You ring the bell.

Okay. O beautiful, you're..

Greetings, sir.
Yesterday you left that file.

- The file had the office address.

But I managed to find your address.

It was difficult
to wait for the weekend.

Thanks. There are some
important papers in it.

- I could not sleep in the night.

| also.


| thought that you will be troubled.

You have smashed to me and
the file has fallen down.

Sorry I came here
and it is so beautiful.


Your house. Oh.

This is not my house. This
is the house of my boss.

Anyway, thank you so much.
| really appreciate, mister

Jasawar Singh but the lovely
girl like you can say Jasawar.

Thank you, Mr. Jasawar Singh.

If you don't mind
can I say something?


Bye the way your open
hair are looking good.


Dumba she would be feeling bad.

No not.

Mother used to say, Jassa my son
there is no bone on the tongue.

You keep it with you only.

But I say whatever |
feel without thinking.

Brother.. her hair..
who are you, her uncle?

Dumba, you too have
Started teasing me!

I'm not related to her but..
| feel as if..

Pal, I think I've given
her a wrong impression.

What must she be thinking about me?

- Oh, don't worry.

Dumba, God will bless us.

My head will have
a colorful turban.

She'll have a laced
veil over her head.

Even mother will faint of
shock Looking at daughter-in-law.

And she would also
bless us before fainting.

Jassa, my son, Bless both of you.

May your love last forever. May
your friendship last forever.

Bless both of you.

Bless both of you. Jassa,
your pair.

What I am Jassa that
day he was on the horse.

Don't dream about your marriage.
You'll fall from the wedding horse.

Pal, I can dream on
sitting on a horse..

...elephant, donkey or an ass,
why does it bother you?

- Brother, this is Canada.

Only the rich marry in Canada.

He must have a big bungalow.

He must have a bank balance.

Pal, I've been here for 10 years.

And I couldn't earn enough to marry.

You too would have
been Married, Khanna..

...had you had a little
romance in your heart.

And if you were a sweet talker.

What sweet talker, there
is no sugar in the tea.

What he says!
-You add it.

Brother.. brother, no worries.

Dumba is here.

Here comes Dumba from Kenya!

Brother takes the snacks.

What have you done, Mr. Dumba?


Sir, get out of your
Dreamy wedding. Fast.

Eat snacks.

Leave snacks. Jassa I want
to discuss something with you.

Eat it.
- Okay, if you want me to.

How was it?

| don't take snacks in my life.

Dumba has prepared it.
- Yes.

Very good, Dumba.
- Thank you, brother.

Why not we also start
the business of shacks.

'Snacks'? - Yes. - Pal,
where will we sell the snack?

Yes the mobile snack.

See there must be variety of
snacks from potato. - No, no Jassa.

We'll make
different kind of 'Snacks'.

Small 'Snacks'. Big "Snacks'.

Medium 'Snacks'.
Vegetarian "Snacks'.

Non-vegetarian 'Snacks'.
Spinach 'Snacks'.

Fenugreek 'Snacks'. Potato "Snacks'.

Cottage cheese 'Snacks'.

I'm telling you such a
variety of "Snacks'..

...that people will get shocked.

And we'll same our
company Sexy 'Snacks'.

We don't even know whether
people will buy it or not.

But we're sure to get thrashed.

Listening to the name
of the company, pal.

We just have to sell 'Snacks',
right? - Yes!

Then think of a nice
name for the company..

Only 'Snacks'.
- Good.

Very good idea.

Then let's do it!

Thank you Mr. Telona. You
sanction the loan us urgently.

Excuse me. Mr. Khanna you have
given all the information ..

.And I will
complete other formalities.

Now you ask your
friend Dumba to introduce.

And your brother mister..
- Jassa Singh.

I am happy to meet you.

Thank you very much.
- I'll give you my card.

If there is any other query
please feel free to give me a call.

Sure, sir.
- Anything I can do for you.

Thank you.
- All the best for your 'Snacks'.

Thank you.
- My documents.

Thank you.
- Good luck.

Wow Jassa.

The spices are very nice.

Very good.

Very good. - Then should
we begin? - Let's do it!

Young Jatt boys drive trucks.
Young Jatt boys!

Young Jatt boys drive trucks.
Have now become confectioners, Dumba!

Dumba, tell me who
did that to your head?

- Yes, brother? - Wonderful.

Today also it is highlighted.


You will not get single shacks.

- One more time you go and meet.


Brother Jassa, here. 300
'Snacks' have come back.

What happen?

What is to happen? That
Bengali has given four dollars.

You are selling shacks or masosa.

This is the ordinary item.

Oh my God, what a waste.

Oh what happen to you?
It is a challenge for us.


You remember my one thing.

One day this one snacks
will be sold in one dollar.

Brother you do my work.
You save me from this dog.

You listen to me.

I will bring to those people
who will do your work. - Yes?

I will come and save you.
Then pay the cash.

- We will do afterwards.

But brother..
- Understood?

You understand.

Yes, I understood. Brother,
the dogs are very dangerous.

What will be the use
of the money if I die?

You don't worry Dumba. |
will go to your village ..

...and then make a nice
statue of yours. Okay?


Just.. just.. just.. just joking.

Yes, joking, joking, joking.
- Joking, joking.

That's better. - Okay,
brother. I've an idea. - What idea?

Shouldn't we change the
plan a little? - Okay! Okay!

Yes. I understood. You mean,
| should go face the dogs.

- The dogs should bite me. - Yes.

I will save you from dog bite.

That idiot advocate
knows what happen.

If I will go to the
hospital then who will guide here.

But brother the girl is very nice.

What do you mean?

Brother, I'll have a
burden on my heart.

Your mind is over here.
What is that?

Khalsa belongs to the Lord
and may He be victorious.

That's it! Don't keep
burden on the heart.

You go and do the prayer
and the worries will go.

If the burden is heavy
then offer 11 dollars.

But looking at the burden of
your mind I think we'll have..

...to offer non stop prayers.


Dumbea this is the life.

If your burdens
increase then go to God.

Offer 101 dollars.

And with nice calm
clean mind start first.

But brother in the name of dollars.

Jumbe I am not
listening anything in the car.

You come and see to me.

- Didn't I tell you?

Okay. Let's do it!

Come on!
- Yes. Come.

So what if we're alone?

Hey puppies.

- Sweet babies.

Come on, come on. - Don't
sings songs for them, you fool!

| told you to instigate them
and you're playing with them.

Hey baby!

Dumba, pinch them! Pinch them!

Hey come on, beautiful dog!

Mouth.. mouth.. mouth,
put your hand in her mouth.

Do it.. they.. hey pal..

Put your hand in its mouth, pal.

We'll be in trouble
if the woman comes.

Pull its tail, fast. Pull the tail.

Give it to me, pal.
I'll do something with it.

It has been an hour.

Round and round we go..

Hey you!
- Together we go!

What are you trying
to do? Kill my dog?

What have I gotten
myself into, mother?

Babe? How dare you!
I'm not your babe!

Hey! How dare you!
- Mother.. I meant mother..

Give my dog.
- Mother.

I'll sue you.
- Already urinated on me.

What happened?

What happened? What did you guys do?

Brother, I and Dumba
were sitting there.

| said to the dog to
come and play the cards.

They were not trying
to kill your dogs.

They.. they were..
- Very lovely dogs.

They love the dog.

They love dogs. They
love dogs. They love dogs.

Bad smelling. - What are you
guys doing? This is Canada.

Sorry, brother.
- Not sorry this is mistake.

Apologize to her!

Jassa this is Canada.
They were very sorry.

They are very sorry. - It's okay.

Next time you take permission
from Ms. Suzy.

Next time you take
permission from her.

See they love dogs
have a lovely day.

Come on and you will
bear me in Canada.

That was a very stupid,
idiotic idea.

Get yourself bitten by
dogs and sue the dog owners.

Jassa, I'm sure this is your idea.

My dear cousin here all the
dogs are earning like this.

You don't read the news paper.

| am daily reading the news paper.

But the girls are like this.

A legal hook which
traps a rich fish.

It is good that |
reached in time otherwise ..

...they would have
filed case against you ..

...and we would be in
the police station.

Be grateful that she
agreed that you're dog lovers.

They both dog lovers
were sitting there.

- What you were doing.

- What else.

Brother I love dogs and
they daily eats shacks.

Come here.
- What? - Smell it.

...the snacks would be better.

| understand.

That dogs are eating snacks
very interestingly. - Yes.

By this our business
will be increased.

See the dollars are required
for expanding the business.

And there is no better
business than sue business.

Earn millions and establish only
'Snacks' worldwide.

Didn't I give you the dog's idea?

Jasya you listen to me.


What is this?


No my friend if you
require this one..

He is the advocate
of the Canada only.

Leave it.

Okay, Come here.

This is wonderful place.

You will get the quality goods.

Hello, sir.
- Hi. - Just have a seat. - Yes.

Thank you.
- Thank you. - Thank you.

Dumba. - Brother. - The spices?
- Yes, brother. I've them.


Jassa. Do you remember the plan?

What plan? Let's
plan a family today.

Jassa, India not Canada
needs family planning.

Khanna, I think this place
needs family planning the most.

Look at this. All the
families look so gloomy.

Look here. Look there.

The music is cold, the
a Atmosphere is cold..

Forget it, pal.

Then heat it up like
you used to in college.


Go do it, brother!

You stay entangled with yourself..

...day and night.

Life will end one day.

But your work will never end.

But your work will never end.

Listen, my friend, my buddy.

Here, have a taste of life!

Listen, my friend, my buddy.

Here, have a taste of life!

Life is short.

Life is short.

It won't last forever!

There plays..

There plays..

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

You work 2 to 3
shifts and make money.

You work 2 to 3
shifts and make money.

You don't spend it, you
don't eat, my friend.

What's the use of such money?

What's the use of such money?

You stayed happy
staying hungry in the village.

You stayed happy
staying hungry in the village.

In your own courtyard.

You act arrogant, man.
You act arrogant, man.

What does that
stringed instrument says.

'Did I lie, my friend?

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

They earn to live.

But we live only to earn.

They earn to live.

But we live only to earn.

It looks like we've
come down to earth..

...just to waste this life.

Open your eyes and look around.

Open your eyes and look around.

Have a look at this world.

There plays..

There plays..

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

Son married a white woman
and mother is worried sick.

O' God, what should I do..

daughter-in-law is not like me.

Son married a white woman
and mother is worried sick.

O' God, what should I do..

daughter-in-law is not like me.

Mother sits here and thinks.

Mother sits here and thinks.

The entire village
will laugh at me.

Right, aunt? - You're great,
brother. - Wonderful!

What does that stringed
instrument says, aunt?

What does that
stringed instrument says.

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

There plays the
stringed instrument!

Love doesn't distinguish
between color and beauty.

Nor does it know of castes.

Nor does it know of castes.

The emotions.. The emotions..

The emotions of love..
are felt by the heart.

The emotions of love
are felt by the heart.

The emotions of love
are felt by the heart.

The emotions of love are..
are felt by the heart.

The emotions of love
are felt by the heart.

Your money.

Honest, sincerity, hard work.

I think even these don't work till
we don't temper them with a lie.

Khanna, do something.

What should I do? Start stealing?

Pal, I'm a lawyer. I'm not a thief.

| was saying no lawyer can
work without a lie. That's all.

No pal, we friends have
started a nice 'Snacks' business.

It's good that you came to Canada.

You should be grateful to God.

I'm very grateful of God.

He made me pluck berries.

He made me race horses.

He made me clean utensils.

Or else millions of brothers
don't get out of the house..

...for years because they want
to earn 7-8 dollars an hour.

Khanna, you're a lawyer.

You know about Canadian law.

Use a lie, do something.

Anyway there is no
person in this world..

...who never lies in
his life for his benefit.

Khanna, what we need
to think about is..

...that everybody lie but
there is no image of a lie.

Whom should I bow down to?


Do one thing.

Come here.

Bow down here.

Don't talk nonsense.

I'm not talking about myself, pal.

Anyway, by the way where's Dumba?

Yes, where is Dumba?

Hey, can't you watch!

Hey! Hey man, what are you doing?

Hey! One moment, I'll show you!

Oh, I'm in trouble.

Oh no.

Oh no. From where did he come?

License and registration.

Oh no, I'm doomed.

50 plus 40 is 90. 90, 100, 190.

Add 10, 200. 200, 300, 350..

Khanna.. the million
dollar dream we're having..

...do you think it will
come true with this?

It will, my pal. It will.

See Jassan ten years back..

...I came to the Canada with
ten fifteen dollars in my pocket.

Today with grace of God,
I've a house and a car too.

| don't have that much time with me.

See I earned 300.50
dollars by selling snacks.

Now what to eat and what to save.

Time is defeating us, pal.

If I could not earn here also.

Don't crib about bad times.
Face your present with a smile.

And your future will smile at you.

0O.K. I understand little bit.

We'll do that. We'll do that.

That's good. Hard work pays.

- Oh no! Look at him.

Where is your scooter?

Brother, police took the
helmet and the scooter.

Oh no!
- Now sell "Snacks'.

How will you sell the 'Snacks' how?

Were the 'Snacks' delivered?

The 'Snacks' would have gone cold.

| gave them to the cops.

Come on!

Oh no!
- Oh God!

Now settle the accounts!
- Now make a living.

Forget it, Khanna, let's go.

This has to go there. And this here.

This house is sold and
also another in the call.

And the
construction has begun inside.

The house should be complete by..

Here, the 'Snacks' are here.

The 'Snacks' are here boys.

Come on, we'll eat then work.
Here's Mr. Khanna.

Hey Mr. Khanna. How are you?

- Hi! - Hello, Mr. Khanna.

Let's have lunch,
boys. We'll work later.

Here, let me open it.

So how are the houses going?

Mr. Khanna, we're
busy with the houses..

...and you're busy with the "Snacks'.

Look at them; they don't work
without eating your 'Snacks'.

Bye. Okay, enjoy your 'Snacks'.

Mr. Khanna.

Bikara, why are you
throwing such small cards?

Throw down a queen, a queen.

Will you ask this queen
to cook for you later?

Here, mine.
- Bhai Singh..

The queen has been
left behind in Punjab.

We're at the mercy of
daughters-in-law here.

You talking about daughters-in-law..

...our son-in-law isn't
letting us settle down.

Look, he is talking
about sons-in-law.

My own son doesn't let
me stay in the house.

He says I'm an idle oldster.
- Look at that.

Forget it, pal.
What have you started!

Talk something sensible.
- You're right.

We play cards here
to avoid the house.

And you still talk about the same.

Throw the card.

| swear on God, had
I not been attached..

...to my grandchildren I would have..

...taken out a ticket from my
first pension and return to Punjab.

Look, he wants to return to Punjab.

Now no one will give you a
second glance looking at you.

Those were the days when we used..

No, dear, no. Don't remind
us of those heavenly days.

Now we've to work
even in our dreams.

Be grateful that there are berries.

Had there not been these berries..

...then wonder where we
had to mob the floor.

Pal, throw your card. I'm
not getting the right cards.

How will you think
while having stale food?

Now he talks sense.

We won't like it till we don't get..

...Jassa's hot "Snacks' inside us.

You're right, we've
gotten into a habit..

...of having hot 'Snacks' from Jassa.

Wonder where he is today.

| came, sir. Here I am!

Come Jassa, what took you so long.

Here, piping hot 'Snacks'.

We were waiting for your 'Snacks'.

The game is on?

Who throw the 8?
- I did.

You did or he?
- He threw it. - He did! He did!

Then 8 and 4, 12, throw
the queen and make it!

Jassa, get tea along
with the hot 'Snacks'.

Should I get bees too?

Jassa, we're already defamed.

Forget the defamation,
you got the game.

My 'Snacks' are here, now I'm free.

Jassa, your work is done?

Sir, life ends but work never ends.

Rightly side.

Talk in dollars you're in Canada!

Goodbye, I'll make a move.
- Bless you, Jassa.


Oh no!


I'm doomed again, today.

Hello again.

Oh, hello. You realize
how fast you were going?

As usual, that's
the fast I could go.

Unfortunately you
were going too fast.

You were speeding. Look there.

Oh no. but its Sunday,
I'm going to let you go.

- Any 'Snacks' left?

Yes. 30.
- 307 I'll take them all.

Are you going to pay for them?

Yes, |I am.

Wow, good. This is so wonderful!

'Snacks' business, very good.

How are they for?

Well, it's just 10 dollars.

- Oh, here.

- No, no, no, no. keeps the change.

Thank you.
- Thank you.

Have a good day.
- Same to you.

| can't believe this.

All the 'Snacks' are sold!

Oh Jumbia.

Yes brother.

Mrs. Olive, house number 1195.


There is order of 100 snacks.

You come with me when |
will go for delivering.

-0.K. - Yes.

Keep in mind.
- Okay, brother.

0O.K. like this order of
100 snacks should come.

Only snacks will be on the top.

Yes, Brother.

Ring the bell and
you kept chutney also.

- Okay.

- Hello.

We are fine but you are here.

Mrs. Olive's daughter is my friend.
It's her birthday.

Many happy returns of the day
to your friend. - Thank you.

As per order I bring the snacks.
- Oh.

Keep it in the case; the
'Snacks' will stay hot.

Thank you so much.
How much is the bill?

Bill? Forget the bill. What
do we've to do with the bill?

- Brother!

When I said it, I said it.

What did you say?

Simran, your friend is
my friend.. can't be.

But it's your friend's birthday..

Can't be.

Oh come on Mr. Jasawar.

- Jas.. Mr. Jassa.

It's not going to work like that.

- It don't happen like this here.

- You can't distribute free goods.

How will you make the money?

Through 'Snacks' (small
fried turnover). - Oh no!

No, I.. .. really,
seriously, it's not right.

What's wrong in it?

We'll charge double.. next time.

But not today, I'm
sharing your happiness.

You should share my happiness.

There is festival of
India happening next week.

That has my catering,
my "Snacks', my dance.

You too will be there.

If you attend the fair then
the fair will belong to us.

But please do come.
- Okay. I'll see.

No I see, Ms.
Simran, you've to come.

Okay. I'll come.
- Thank you.

If you don't mind can |
say something else too?

Yes, tell me, with your open hair,
contact lenses will look better.


Crazy guy! Just keeps running away.

When someone play the drums.

Or someone plays the flute.

When someone play the drums.

Or someone plays the flute.

One can sense his country.

You hardly get a chance!

The country.. the country..

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far away!

Come on!

Bless you, brave man!

There is no one
like you in this world.

Bless you, brave man!

There is no one
like you in this world.

Wherever you go, you
spread the fragrance.

The country..

The country..

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This earth has given us life.

We should bow down to it.

We should bow down to it.

We should use what
we got with care.

We should use it with care.

We should keep
meeting and share the love.

And share the love.

We should laugh, dance and sing.

When we get free from our work!

The country.. the country..

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

O handsome beloved.

O handsome beloved.

My body started
emitting fragrance.

My heart is dancing, my love.

My heart is dancing, my love.

The beauty.. has
come as the breeze.

You've come as the breeze.

| pray that I get you
as an answered prayer.

| get you as an answered prayer.

Come on!

Such a nice necklace..
of colorful pearls.

Such a nice necklace.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian.

Some are black some are white.

Some are black some are white.

He made friends in
Vancouver while sitting in Patiala.

Brave men of Punjab,
God will protect you.

Brave men of Punjab,
God will protect you.

Brave men of Punjab.

The country.. this fair is
far away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

This fair is far
away from the country!

| say that's excellent, brother!


What is this?

| could not control
such happiness. Thank you.

Thank you for what.

I had gone far away from
joys and happiness of life.

Yesterday I enjoyed
after such a long time.

Enjoyed? Then why are
there tears in your eyes?

| was missing papa.

When I was so kid then
papa has gone to leave me.

I'm so sorry.

I am.. having such
luck that at the time..

...of my birth my mummy had gone.

Papa used to take me
in all the function..

...and he was very
much fond of dance.

He used to dance to
take me in his lap.

He came with me in a party.

While dancing he got a heart attack.

It was his last breathe.
I can still hear it.

Simraniji the life should go on.

In all these problems very
few people know to smile.

Simran {I you
remember one thing that..

...in this world no body has
got the complete happiness.

There can be many
happiness hiding behind sorrows.

- You see towards me.

| was advocate in India and here
selling snacks. This is wonderful.

Jassaji it is too much.

What did you say?

You are too funny to see ..

...that in this world
every man including me ..

...having some
complaint with the life.

But you are the first man who
had no complained with the life.

No complains.
- Really?

Yes, how do you do that?
- Do what?

| wish my boss was like that.
- Boss?

Yes my papa ji. He is
the best friend of my papa.

He's my mentor, he loves me.
He treats me like a daughter.

And, He is like you
but he is not like you.

There can be no one like me.

| could not do anything in my life.

Come on you will do it. My
boss is very experienced ..

...very hard working, very honest.

But he doesn't make me laugh.

If you don't feel bad
then one more thing.

Yes? - You look very
good in Punjabi outfit.

Not this time.

This time I myself
didn't want to run away.

But you.. were
talking about your boss.

Boss in the office but he
is my uncle in the house.

He was like you around
your life. It seems.

What you think.

Nothing but just a hard core
business man D. kaur Hardayal.

Which Kaur? Hardayal Kaur?
Hardcore businessman.

Today for the first
time the consignment ..

...of our company
could not reach in time.

Mr. Suri you have been
working here since past ten years.

Sir you listen to me.
- I don't want to listen anything.

| don't expect any excuses.

You know very well.

| don't want that
because of the irresponsible..

...manager like you the reputation
of our company can be damaged.

The consignment has to go
in time and reach in time.

And listen carefully the
word impossible is not in..

...the computer of the JJ.V.
Foods. Am I clear?

Ten fifteen.. where is
Simran see this is but I mean..

...I have telling this first and
learn to expect to.. Time is money.

Good morning, sir.
- Morning.

Where were you yesterday?
- Sir, yesterday was a holiday.

That I know. But where you had been.

Yesterday three times |
called on your cell phone.

But you have not taken.

I have left the
message on voicemail.

But you did not bother to call back.

Sir I could not check
the phone. I am sorry sir.

Take Mr. Katial's
file and follow me.

Take care in future.

I hit the word sorry. This is
the support of the weak people.

Lakhs of the people of the
world are riding on this word..

...and destroying the world.

Yesterday I have invited Mr.
katyal for the dinner ..

...and thought to get the
sign on the contract paper.

But could not. Where you
had been yesterday night.

Festival of India.
- What is this festival of India?

I'm sorry, I..
- Again sorry?

I'm not sorry.

First we'll go to Mr.
Dosanjh. Then new factory.

After that we've a meeting
with Mr. Katial at 4 o clock.

- Come.

Good deal.

Sir, the rest of the
contract's copy.. - No more, sir.

No more work. Do you
know what time it is?

- We'll talk at home.

- Come.

Come from there.

Mr. Katial was really very happy.

He had to be happy.

After all he had a
deal with J.B foods.

Uncle.. piping hot tea.

What have you done to your hair?

No.. no, no.

No, no. It is looking nice.

Thank you. Thank you.

Tell me, what
happened in the function.

| mean festival of India.

It was wonderful. So many
Punjabi people, Punjabi clothes ..

...and Punjabi foods.
So much bhangda.

Dances. And guess what!
- What?

| danced!
- You did?

Yes, I did.
- Oh, then I missed it!

You've never been to a function..

...or a party after Surinder's death.

I am sorry my dear. Well tell me
how you reached in the function.

| went with this wonderful guy.

He's.. he has got an
amazing sense of humor.

He's funny, witty and.. he's cute.
- Like me.

- He's sweet, he's caring.

He's loving.
- Again like me.

Like you.
- What does he do?

He is also running food business.

Oh then he is definitely like, me.

But his business is
not such on big scale.

No problem my son.

| want to meet that guy
who made my classic dance ..

...and laugh must bring him over.

Yes, you must meet him.

He's very.. sincere,
honest.. very hard working.

Okay, that's totally like me.


- Hi!

Hi what is the matter coat and
pant? You are looking so smart.

Thank you. It seems
that your door to door..

...snacks business is running nicely.

Door to door the same park to
park now it is running properly.

By the grace of God it is running.

Yes ask.

You know making tea.

Yes but why.

Then why don't you join my company?

Door to door snacks business.

Actually now while selling
snacks in the park people ..

...are demanding for the tea also.

The people will feel satisfaction
to take the tea from your hand.

Cloves and cardamom.

| don't like the clove
and cardamom in the tea.

If you were born in Girdarba.

What did you say? Girdar..
- My village, Girdarba.

Oh, Who stays there?

My mother. Today if I would
be having a camera with me ..

...then take your
photo and send to her.

There is no one except my
mother for me in this world.

But still for my happiness
she happily sent me away.

She is expecting a lot from me.
That my son will go to Canada..

...and do this do that.
He'll make a name for himself.

Simran you tell me one thing that
is it wrong thing to earn money.

The money is
necessary for a good life.

But it is not necessary that good
life can be obtained by money only.

Very good you have said correctly.


Lakhs of dollar.

Just you keep laughing
like this and talking.

And keep adding to the account.

One day we will sit
together and settle the account.

Which account?

The same account book.

0.K. but when you
will meet to the uncle.

The account is with uncle.

The account of my
life is with him only.

Simran you said the
matter of my heart.

Tell me.

See I have nothing with me.

What is most important that you
are for me? I hope you understand.

| understand.

Tell me.

- Say it. I forgot.

| complete your sentence.

Yes do it.

Bye the way idea of the tea with
clove and cardamom is not bad.


Now can I say something?

Tell me.

My mother used to say..
that if you've a veil..

...then you should cover your head.

Oh my God!

I've to say a lot.
But I can't say it.

But I can't keep quiet either.

| start to speak..
| start to speak..

And then I shy away.

When I see you, I stop
breathing for a moment.

When I see you.

Even I share the same feelings.

Even the moon started
staying this to the sky.

Whom are you.. whom are you..

...are dreaming about,
you look mesmerized.

What did you make me drink,
| got intoxicated.

The desires shouldn't
fly away like dry leaves.

Now it's difficult
to live without you.

Now it's difficult
to live without you.

How did you.. how
did you hold my hand.

My fingers melted.

What did you make me drink,
| got intoxicated.

My days were sad before you came.

My days were like
the thirst for water.

| used to see the nights pass by.

I got tired counting the days.

Now everything looks beautiful.

My eyes have started twinkling.

The world looks
like a better place.

What is this feeling?

This is love.
- This is love.

In my life.. in my life,
you came in such way..

...that my life became beautiful.

What did you make me drink,
| got intoxicated.

What did you make me drink,
| got intoxicated.

When I see you, I stop
breathing for a moment.

'These countries where
there weather is cold.

'People don't lose an
opportunity to soak up the heat.

'Weekend and a great weather..

...then who feels
like staying at home?'

'Kids and elders
alike come to parks.

'Playing cards with
old and new friends.

'And what to say about
the fun at the beaches.

'Brothers, people of
Canada know how to enjoy life.


You have, made love.

Well brother the love which you
are talking for that I have no time.

At the age of 9 years
father expired and then ..

...I have looked after three
sisters and done their marriages.

All the love has gone in that only.

You were right, Dumba.

Then came here to earn the dollars.

Where is the time for the love.

But brother you are
very lucky that you got ..

...the girl like Simran
as your life partner.

You fool, she is your
sister-in-law not mine.

But don't you worry,
I'll earn a little.

Take your sister-in-law
and go back to my mother.

But we'll first go
and meet your mother.

Your village is on the way, right?

Yes, yes brother.
- Come sit.

Where is our village?


This way? How did it come this way?

You think you know a lot?

Brother sun sets in the west ..

...and are home is in the
east don't you know that.

West east.. yes Dumba yes.

You are correctly speaking.

It is a delight to face
the village and breathe.

Really brother.

Come on

Wonderful, Dumba. Now |
can even see my village.

-What is this?

Oh hello let it be good.

Oh gosh!
- Oh my God.

Mr. Dosanjh, what is this?

Mr. the car is
open and helmet fight.

What.. -Seriously uncle, open car?

You're too much.

I am not too much, I am
three much, four much.

My son daily I was
watching your car ..

...and thought to
have a car for me also.

Today the desire is fulfilled.

Mr. Dosanjh.

I've a suggestion.
- Yes, tell me.

You pull the neck and pull it
one day your neck will be broken.

What are you talking? Mr.
J.B. you are troubling to all.

Seriously uncle, a helmet in
a car, I can't understand.

You should believe it.

My son I have got the
helmet on the car only.

People are wondering here
and there for the helmet.

You know when the bad time
comes then he is looking like dog.

Sir, this is the first
time I got to know..

.-That his is a
very important thing.

Mr. J.B., you don't need it.
- No.

But dear, I'll buy
you a helmet for sure.

Oh no.

Come, come I'll offer
you tea. Come inside.

You come and first try this one

Come inside it's about to rain.
- Try it.

Hello yes sir.

Today I came here as I got the
address of my one old friend.

Yes Jagmail's.
Jagmail's. I want to meet him.

Okay, bye, take care.

Take it brother you see the test.

If you don't remember the
canteen of the Gulati then tell me.

Give me.

You will enjoy taking the tea.

| could not forget the snacks
of the Gulati canteen so far.

So far while eating
| remember them ..

...and say that every fourth truck
on the highway is of my brother.

In the Canada he is enjoying.

Brother you earn the money ..

...and bring a good life
worth of lakhs of dollars.

But I had to struggle a lot.

But I didn't know that I'll
have to pay back like this.

I lost my child, pal.

The scenario changed.

Brother what is the matter.

What is to happen? There were two
boys and both has become rowdies.

Spoiled? You should have
slapped them are reprimanded them.

They would have got
them back on track.

This country is very
much disciplined ..

...and here you can
not do anything wrong.

You will be handcuffed.

This is also correct.

What they are doing. Only
drinking wine in the night ..

...and going in the night club.

My elder son Geri comes
home late in the night.

Oh damn. -Younger son Jason, ..

...comes in the morning.

His mother hold me while she was..

...doing his laundry she
found a gun in his jeans.

But brother.. what went wrong?

You were such a simple man.

What can go wrong?
It is our fault, pal.

When we were working
hard we used to leave..

...for work at daybreak
and come back in the night.

They kids would have
gone to sleep by them.

But I remember
during summer vacations..

...the younger one, Jason, used to
tell me to take him to Disneyland.

We didn't have the time. We
didn't have the time then.

Nor did we've the money.

Now when we've the
time and the money..

...one day I asked him son, do
you want to go to Disneyland?

He says I don't have time, daddy.

To tell you the truth.. I've
lost a game I was winning, pal.


No you don't do that.
You listen to me.

Take leave for a month and go
to the Punjab with children.

There they will improve to see
their home land. You don't worry.

This is my personal opinion.
You can do and see.

This is good.

Then what.

The tea becomes cold as we
were talking something personal.

You want to eat something.


We've to meet, we're his family.

I'm sorry, I can't let
you disturb the patient.

But.. - I'm sorry to say but
the injuries are very severe.

How's he now? What kind of injuries?

He might have some
internal head injuries.

Head injury?
- Yes, he is under observation.

Can we meet him, please?

Yes, you may.

But don't disturb him.

God Almighty.

Oh God what happen this.

Brother he has become mad.

Shut up.

You got us scared, Jassa.

Thank God you're well.

Thank God later, dear.

First find the driver of that car.

The car was a nice one.
He'll be rich.

You only know about the law of the..

...Canada for the complaint.

Thank you.

Wonderful, Jassa. You
chose Jagpal Bir's car!


He is the one.

Which killer?

No the goat.

What is this?

Who came here? It seems that
he is the man of long car.

OK then.

Uncle, are you alright.
| was so worried.

I'm okay.

There is accident. But
where was the driver?

After coming I myself was driving.

| have seen on the signal
that man was crossing the road.

But I have not seen him while
crossing. Suddenly the car turns..

Who was he?

Is he our man?

Is he alright? Had
he got more injury?

| had gone to the
hospital to see him.

But him condition was looking bad.

Uncle I said you several times
not to drive the car your own.

You should have called me.

You do one thing you
don't write the name etc.

You phone to the doctor
and get all the details ..

...and tell him we need
help urgently. - Yes.

Jasawar Singh?

Uncle.. uncle.. was
there anyone else with him?

Uncle.. uncle.. was
there anyone else with him?

No, I mean in the hospital.

Was there a black guy with him?

Black guy? No.

Oh yes. There was one black guy.

They were standing out of the room..

...and don't know why he
was looking at me only.

Oh God.

I hope it's not him.

Come on, pick up the phone.

- Hello I am Simmi speaking.

Simi, who?
- Simi. Simran.

Simran. Sorry I could
not recognise which Simran?

Can I speak to the Jassa?

Jassa? From where you are speaking?

From where are you calling?

- From Jagpal Bir's residence.

What do you want?

Please let me talk with Jassa.

Madam presently
Jassa is in the Hospital.


Yes he is listening
everything but now only the god knows.

One more thing you tell the
Jagpal that by sitting in ..

...the big car he should not
understand inspect to others.

This accident will prove
to be very bad for him.

We will never forgive him.
I am friend of Jassa.

I am also friend of Jassa.

But you were said that
you are speaking from ..

...the house of Jagpal Bir.

What do you want?
What you want to know.

If you want to know that
Jassa is alive or dead then..

For God sake
doesn't speak like this.

Please let me talk to the Jassa.

I'm his friend. Please

So are we. And please don't
call here till the case is over.

Case? What case?

And tell Jagpal Bir this
time to hire the best lawyer..

...because this time
Baldev Raj Khanna ..

...himself will be in the court.

Hellos please don't keep
the phone. Please don't.

This is not possible.
- What happen? - Jassa! - How is he?

Uncle, Jassa..
- Jassa?

Jassa no this Jassa is my friend
of the Festival of India. Oh no!

You don't worry,

I'll not let anything happen
to Jassa. Don't you worry.

God have mercy.

Oh mother.

Who are you?

Jassa I am Simmi.

'Pint' (sweets)?
-No I don't want to eat it.

| just ate that. No, what did I eat,

| ate sweets. My
mother had brought them.

Mother was here?
- Yes. She was here.

| was asleep.

Mother feed me and left.

Mother is very nice.
But who are you.

| am Simran. Jassa your Simmi.

Oh! Jassi that jiommi
daughter of the Chajju Halwai.

Khanna was writing
So many letters ..

...but you have not replied any one.

0.K. since you came here the
reply of all the letters has come.

Oh God what happen this.

Chaijju Halwai is a very nice man.

Bebe is a very nice. I am also nice.

The God may bestow mercy.

You too are very nice.

For God's sake Jassa,
please get well soon.

But why are you so sad?

I'll go and meet the doctor.

Oh God. Why are you
testing me like this, oh God?

Ms. Simran, you..

What are you doing here?

| told you on the phone,
didn't you understand me?

Yes you would have understood
this and now don't talks like this.

| request you to please leave.

Jassa is my client.
- He is just your client.

He is only your client but
he is everything thing for me.

You have no right to
ask me to leave him.

In place of discussing
the rights of my client ..

...I have to see his well being.

You can see the
condition of my client

and who is responsible for this.

No one outsider but
your own Jagpal Bir.

Therefore warning
you for the last time.

You don't try to meet my
client without my permission.

Then what is my mistake in that.

I really love him. I am
going to take his care.

We can take care of him.
You may leave. Go.

Why don't you understand?
I really love him.

| can not live without him please.

How many days he will remain alive.

He is neither alive
nor recognise to any one.

You know him since last few days..

...but I know him
since so many years.

But he is not
recognising to me also.

That is why I am telling
that if I will stay with him ..

...then he will remember everything.

He'll get well, please.

| don't want to call security.
Please leave.

If you really love him then leave.

Love or 5 million dollar?

What happen?


You should have send Simran.

What is your relation with her?

Everything. Means girl friend.

- Girl! Girlfriend! Girlfriend!

Ten years have been
passed to you in Canada ..

...but I can not make any
girl friend. But You made it.

You're hiding it from me!
You're betraying your lawyer!

| committed mistake.

Not mistake you are thief. You
have committed legally crime.

You're a criminal; you're
hiding love from your friends?

Pal! I could not get
opportunity you please forgive me.

- What's there!

I will forgive you and you
will become today my friend.

What? - See Jassa we can
not fight the case against ..

...the daughter of the Jagpal Birr.

Your one mistake will wash out
5 million dollar into the well.

No love from today, you'll
not meet Simran from today.

What is it, you're
always after my life. Yes?

Some time you think to
be the human being also.

All the big advocates
are staying in the court..

Sit. Sit, I'll tell you.


Actually the thing
is you don't love..

It happens.

I still haven't
completely confessed to her.

But I love her a lot.

This is the first time I've
fallen in love with someone.

Don't me so harsh.

You know about it, don't you?

A golden brick, Khanna.

God gave you a pen.

Don't write such
torturous fates, Khanna.

Don't write such
torturous fates, beloved.

Hey Romeo, you're
emotionally blackmailing me?

You are doing
emotional black mailing.

See this. - See Jassa
today you take a decision ..

...that you want Simran
or five million dollar.

- This is not possible.

Either Simran or
five million dollar.

You have to take a decision. Think
over it. Think over it and tell me.

I've decided.

- Yes, I promise.

This is promise of
advocate or of my friend.


Give me your hand.


Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, Mr. Dosanjh.

Come, sit. Sit.
- Thank you, sir.

Tell me what the news is.

See I have seen so many
advocates in my life ..

...but never seen the
foolish advocate like ..

...the Baldev Raj Khanna.

That I have told you earlier.
Now you also came to know.

Such advocates should be debarred.

Their license should be confiscated.

They have no right to be a lawyer.

You're right, Mr. Dosanjh.

Wonder how they
cheated and became lawyer.

Bloody parasite.

If I may be permitted
then I will make stone to ..

...these advocates and
throw them in the ocean.

Stupid, idiot person.
- Sure, absolutely.

See the driver whose
license has expired should..

Have been sued in this case.

He has filed a case
of 5 million on you.

Stupid, foolish lawyer.

By that he could have made case
of ten million dollar against you.

What you said.

Ten million dollars.


You don't have shame. - Why? -
You are his advocate or mine.

Sir I am your advocate but |
am angry to such advocates ..

...that they are defaming
the name of the community.

Such a big accident and
the mental trauma case.

10 million is the right about, sir.

Mental trauma?

You are very much worried
about his mental trauma.

You're the judge. What
about my mental trauma?

But sir, ..

Look.. my daughter has
been crying her heart out.

| can understand her pain.

How are you Simran?

Uncle I can not live without Jassa.

What you said that you
can not live without Jassa.

When.. when did all this happen?

That I also don't know.

But I don't
understand one thing that ..

...why they are so much against you.

I don't understand
anything uncle but ..

Nothing will happen. Till |
am here nothing will happen.


Listen we will give him best
doctor and best treatment.

0.K. you don't worry. But tell
me that he also loves you ..

...that much as you loves him.

He loves more.

Then it's O.K. the
man who can give ..

...the smile to my daughter
then I will not leave him.

Yes Simran the God
will do only good.

You keep patience.

Dusaj saab.


What is the
position of our new house?

Everything is ready sir.

Room furniture, home
theater everything is ready.

Only the approach road remaining.

We will shift tomorrow morning.

Any time.
- Okay?

We'll shift into a
new house. Don't worry.

I'm here. God will
make everything alright.


Wow! How is our new house?

- Only good.

Very good.

Don't burden your
heart with anything.

Everything will be fine.
This is your only.

I am not interested
in going to the court.

I'll myself go and give
them the 5 million they want.

And we'll get Jassa treated.

- Thank you.

| said sardar Jassa Singh
ji you will listen to me ..

...that Baldev Raj Khanna
is not a flop advocate.

| agreed.

Anyway I will show you
that five million dollar.

I will also get five million then
my name is not Baldev Raj Khanna.

As soon as I'll get the 5 million..

...I will take Simran
go back to the village.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

And it won't make a difference
to J.B. either.

He'll find many others
who can work for him.

There is one thing, my
life will get settled.

But Jagpal Bir won't
get a P.A. like Simran.

Can I say something, Jassa?

You'll earn good deeds by taking..

...under your wing an orphan girl.

God is watching us.
- God will watch later!

Open the door! - First go
there and see who is there.

Let me go and check
- Okay. - Move aside, brother Dumba.

Come on, Dumba.

Hey.. hey J.B.. J.B.
- Get the sweets!

You have brought sweet.

No Jagpal Bir.
- Give me my neck band.

Where are you?

- All of you're fraud people.

Oh my God, the Killer is here.

Shut up and stop your drama.
Just one minute ..

You were laughing and
dancing a moment ago.

...before you have seen
me and made this drama.

J.P. sahib he has become mad.

Shut up. I understand everything.

I will not give
you even five cents..

...and forget about
five million dollar.

You can see that what I can do.

Change my name if |
don't make you regret this.

No no for this work why you
are giving trouble to your self.

You may change
your name. ho problem.

Don't jump too high, Khanna.

The court in which you kept losing.
..I have won many cases there..

| know the ways of
the court very well.

If you know so much about law..
the court in which you kept losing..

...that court's
decisions are made on evidence.

And we've a lot of evidences.
And you.. you've nothing.

I've money. Mr. Khanna, money.

Do you know the power of money?

I'll ruin you. Impostor lover.

I had understood that this
person is fooling my Simran.

Again if you have
taken the name of ..

...the Simran then I will
run the bulldozer on you.

I'll cut you into pieces and
hang them at downtown's poles.

I'll kill you.
- Sir. - What is it? Take this.

'If you take
Simran's name again..

Then I'll flatten you
with a bulldozer."..

I will prepare some
false witnesses ..

...and prove that the
mental condition of my ..

...client is not good and he
is threatening to finish him.

He is threatening to
run bulldozer on him

He threatened to Kill him.

You threatened that
you'll cut him into pieces..

...and hang them at
the poles of downtown.

Anything else if you want
to threaten then tell me.

I will give reply of this
in the court you understand.

I will not leave you.

Don't keep the
anger within yourself.

You may understand it properly.

That also I will see.

Simi, I swear on God I've never
seen such fraudsters in my life.

That Jassa is a dramatist.

And that Jassa, he is
a number one impostor.

He was dancing before I went inside.

He wanted to take five
million dollar from me.

But I will not give
him even one cent.

Uncle please definitely you
had some misunderstanding.

Jassa is not this type man.

If he is not like this
then what type of man.

Am I wrong?

Whom do you favour me, or Jassa?

Go away.

Sir, look at this.
Look at this, sir.

What he look after. My
three sons are behind me.

My own people are
not my well wisher.

They have now become
well wisher of the Jassa.

Make them understand.

Relax. Relax, Mr. J.B.

See your blood
pressure is going high now.

Keep her away.

Sorry Jagpal sahib
you should understand..

...but you are not
listening to any one.

Leave him.

Sit your B.P. is going
to be higher. Relax!

See I am your lawyer
and without asking ..

...me you went to the house of
Jassa and threatened to the doctor.

If this will be going on
then how I will fight your case.

I will fight my own case. You are
fighting this case only in a year.

Uncle please you are being
trapped by speaking all these.

For God sake you relax now.

| have done that accident knowingly.


That idiot dramatist has..
If I allowed then..

In that eventuality they
will file one more case.

First tell me who
amongst you all is with me.

Mr. Jagpal, we all are with you.

But you won't say anything
without asking me, that's all.

Tell me, what should I do!

For now, we've our case
in the court tomorrow.

We've to go there in the morning.

Brother today is the case in court.

Today it will be decided.

Brother for the
good luck take samosa.

You eat.

Good morning.. Mr. J.B.

No morning will be good
for you from tomorrow.

This is very much injustice.

There are four lawyers for you but
Baldev Raj Khanna is not bothered.

After your case all the
lawyers will come to me seeking job.

There is no treatment for the
misunderstand to any doctor.

| advise you to take the
treatment from the same doctor.

You have engaged the costly
lawyers and paid them high price.

But can not understand the
strategy of the Baldev Raj Khanna.

This you can not say
without the income of samosa.

From where this samosa has come.
- It is very tasty.

| asked you from where
it came and who made it.

The C.0. of my company
Dumbaji has made it. Dumba!

It is impossible
thirty years the taste of ..

...the samosa of Putlighar, Amritsar
and Karnal is still in my mouth.

No other one can made this samosa.

O.k. let him say
Karnal Singh is running..

...the restaurant in the karnal.


Sent this to the lab.
Okay, I'll get it checked.

Definitely you get it
check up sir. Only Samosa.

Take it.
- We will check you all.

You are playing very dangerous game.

See you play carefully.

Look you be careful,.

I'll enjoy playing the game

They will make you enjoy today.

Come, come.

I request Mr. Khanna to
give permission to start ..

...the proceeding of
the case in Punjabi.

I have no objection.

Thank you, Your Honour.

Mr. Jagpal Bir Singh ji there is
charges of negligent against..

...you that you were driving
without the valid driving license..

...and you have made accident..

...with the Jasawar Singh
alias Jassa Singh while..

...he was crossing the
signal He has internal injuries.

How do you plead?

Not guilty.

Your honour my client
Jagpal Bir Singh is a famous ..

...and law binding citizen.

Since last thirty years
he is staying in Canada ..

...and never met with any accident
during these thirty years period.

Accident is far away
but he has not been ..

...penalized even a single time also.

Just one small mistake
that he has not renewed the ..

.License of the driver does not
proof that he is not a good ..

...and safe driver. Mr.
Khanna wants to take ..

...the advantage of
the small mistake ..

...and filed loss suit
of five million dollar.

...that not Jasawar
Singh's injuries..

...but the greed of easy money.

Your Honour, their case lies
on the basis of three things.

Lie, only lie and nothing but a lie.

My client Jagpal Bir
Singh agree that..

...the injures that
Jasawar Singh sustained..

.Till they are not
completely healed..

And other than that my client
will pay him 100 dollars a day..

.Till the time he
isn't completely well.

Other than that my
client Jagpal Bir Singh..

...takes the guarantee that
he'll be completely cured.

And listen, he'll also pray
for him in the Sikh temple.

Mr. Khanna you accept
to this arrangement.

Your Honour, I would like to
ask a few questions to Mr. Singh.

You may proceed.

Thank you your honour.
Sir your name.

J.B. Singh.
- Full name.

Jagpal Bir Singh.


What you have to do with birth.
You ask about the driving.


Since how many years
you are in Canada.

Since 1976.

Last time when you
have drive the car.

18 February! - Before 18
February when you have drive the car.

| don't remember the date.

One week two week
four week months. Tell!

Judge sahib after the business
meeting my life was very hectic..

...and that is why
| kept this driver.

When did you appoint him?

January 2003.

That's why you didn't renew
your license after January 2003..

It's not that, it
just slipped my mind.

How many times have you driven..

The car between January 2003
and 18th February?..

I never needed to.

That means never. Yes.

While driving or before
driving on 18th February..

...did you know that your license has
been expired from many years? - No.

On or before 18th
February did you know..

...that your company's executive
who lives in your house, she is..

Your Honour, she means
more than a daughter to me.

Okay, no problem. Good.

So Mr. J.B., I would like to know

On or before 18th
February did you know..

...that your company's executive
who is more than a daughter to you..

...was having an affair
with my client Jasawar Singh?

What rubbish!
Objection, Your Honour.

- Sustained.

Your honour the man who
has never done driving ..

...since four years and
never met with an accident..

...in last thirty years.

He has never been
punished for speeding ticket ..

...suddenly he
decide to drive the car.

And how he comes in front
of his car, Your Honour?

Your honour the
executive of his company came.

He loves to his girl Simran.
Simran also ..

...loves to my client Jassa
but the main problem is that ..

...he does not ready
to accept their love.

Objection, Your Honour.
- Overruled.

I don't have any hesitation
in saying this as well sir ..

...Jagpal Bir Singh has
knowingly with full sense ..

...of humour has
tried to kill my client.

- Objection, Your Honour! -

Sustained. Mr.
Khanna, no assumptions.

Mr. J.B. two days back you
went to the house of Jasvir Singh.

Your honour I went there.

| was ready to
accept all these terms.

Because Simran told me everything..

...between her and
Jassa after the accident.

| wanted to accept their terms..

...and end this
thing out of the court.

| was only concerned
about Jassa's wellbeing.

But I went there and got angry.

When I say that
Jassa is absolutely well.

Strange, you just said you were
very concerned about his wellbeing.

And then you got angry,
just because he was alright?

Yes. No.

Yes or no? Give me an answer.

When you came inside the house,
what did you see?

| didn't see that
from inside the house.

| saw it from outside the house.

Forget what happened outside..

...tell me what you saw
when you went inside.

| saw that this black
guy was fanning him.

And he was lying on the
bed with a neck band..

...and breathing heavy.

What else do you expect,
that a person will dance..

...after having an accident with car?

All of them were dancing. Yes.

All of them were dancing.

And that black guy,
he too was dancing.

Mr. J.B., you just
said that he was..

...breathing heavy lying on the sofa.

Now you're saying
that he was dancing.

What you want to say.

| said that when I went out of
the house then he was dancing ..

...and when I came in then..

I'm completely confused!
I'm really confused.

Sahib is telling some time that he
was inside and some time outside.

Sometimes he says that
they were dancing.

And sometimes say that they were ill.

Mr. Khanna what you want to say.

Your honour I feel that
before proceeding further ..

...in this case it
would be better to clear ..

...the confusion about
the mind of the J.B. saab.

You want to prove that there
is some problem in my mind ..

...and I am mad. Why |
am looking mad to you.

Mr. J.B, why are you saying that.
A psychiatrist will decide that.

Judge sahib this false
and baseless lawyer ..

...has defamed the entire
community of the lawyers.

When they were in their
country they used to mess..

...around and they didn't
change even after coming here.

Your honour you have seen
and heard him in totality.

Now I don't want to ask more
questions to waste the time.

Oh God I have not
done any crime for ..

...which I am getting
such a punishment.

The court gives order to Mr.
Jagpal Bir Singh that until..

...his medical report is
not presented in this ..

...court till then
the court is suspended.


What is this?
- Sir, after we reach home.

What will you do after going home?
- Let's go. - Offer me mangoes?

See Dusajh saab this girl has
reached me to the mental hospital.

Not the mental hospital
but to the psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist means the same.
The doctor for the insane.

No sir, psychiatrist
is the one who finds..

...out the misunderstandings
of the mind and clears them.

| have no misunderstanding.

Yes it is O.K.

Come let's ask the madam
what's the time.. I mean..

I know the timing. Yes

| asked where Dr. Palta.
- Come.

- Good afternoon, sir.

I've an appointment with the
doctor at 2 o'clock. Oh, okay.

Oh Mr. Jackpaul Bir Singh?
- Jagpal Bir Singh.

Jackpaul Bir Singh.
- Jagpal Bir Singh.

Jagpal Bir Singh - Sir.. sir..
you go inside and have the meeting.

Sir you go inside and meet the
doctor I will tell her in English.

Yes, that's okay.

He is a famous person.
-'Jag' means world.

Okay. - 'Pal' means who
can take care of the world.

Oh, interesting. - He's the person.
- Very interesting.




Quickly call Dr. Palta.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

You didn't recognise me.

Are you my uncle's son
that I would recognise you?

Go and call Dr. Palta, fast.

You just put pressure on
the mind and recognise me.

They have made me mad now.

Don't worry Dr. Palta is here.

I've returned thrice from
Haryana hence, Dr. Palta.

Pleasure meeting you, mister..

Oh yes. You only tell, me
that what you will take..

...coffee, tea, lemon, soda..

No, no, I don't want anything.

Just give me the
certificate that I'm well.

You will not refuse me.

What is this?

You also know to this samosa.

You also know this samosa.

Then would also
know the maker of it.

Yes correct. Number one Jassa Singh.

Not one or two or
three he is number ten.

And the two guys
with him too are frauds.

They are they ghost
who are after my life!

Strange, I never knew that
ghosts can make such good 'Samosas'.

Joking. Joking.
- No, joking!

They are spirits. Spirits!

Mr. Jagpal Bir Singh.
- Jagpal Bir Singh.

- Whatever.

Not whatever! It's J.B.!

Yes that's what I meant!
But clear one thing..

...what are they ghosts or spirits?

Had you been in contact with
them you would have known..

...that what kind of
ghosts and spirits they are.

Strange that means only 'Samosas'..

...are owned by ghosts and spirits?

By the time you come to
know what cheats and frauds..

...they are, I would have
gone completely insane.

I won't let that happen.
- What?

Let you go insane.

You tell me what are
the misunderstandings..

...which trouble you the most.

Mr. J.B., misunderstandings spread..

...inside a human brain
like worms and parasites.

You have to remove the veils over..

...misunderstandings from your life.

It is as difficult as
breaking mangoes without a stick.

Parasites, worms,
mangoes, what do you think..

...I am here to get mangoes?

Forgive me, thank you
very much. That's it!

No no just the session
started and after four five ..

...session I will send
my report to the court.

Four five session.

I am not going to do
any session with you.

Whatever report you want
you may send to the court.

Forgive me see just
| started to be mad..

...and see started to
speak hindi. Thank you.

Listen J.B. sahib |
am telling you a fact.

This life is very beautiful
and lives this beautiful life ..

...with love and affection.

They have made my
life very difficult.

If you will also do the same then ..

...what will be
difference between them and you.

The son of God.

Well the son of the
god I am the devil..

...and I don't need, much,
lecture now.

See again I have started in hindi.
Now forgive me I am going.

He will not understand. He
is also the son of the god.

But he is hot temper man. Oh
God you make him understand. Bye.

Simran any body can be
mad to go to Dr. Palta.

| am giving the money and
it seems that the gang of ..

...the Jassa has been everywhere.

They make my blood boil!

Uncle you please
don't say like that.

I know very well to the Jassa
and he can never do bad to any one.

He's not like that, he can never be!

Then you don't know to
the Jassa. He is a crook.

Vancouver is full of such good men.

And you liked only Jassa?

He loves me, uncle.

He loves to your money.

My daughter you have always
seen me like a strict boss only.

But the fact is I have
always tried to keep you..

...away from all the problems.

I know that you love so
much to the Jassa but you ..

...are very much innocent.

This world is full of the
cheater like the Jassa Singh.

| don't know why you
understand him a good man.

But there is no one cheater man
like him in this entire world.

Uncle please enough I don't want
to listen anything bad about Jassa.

Perhaps you also don't
want that me and Jassa..

My daughter.

Please I don't want
to listen anything.

I don't know whether you did
that accident knowingly. Simran

| don't know uncle what happen.
| have never seen him like this.

| think someone has brainwashed him.

This is the brain
wash of the car owners.

I am not joking uncle.
He is very upset.

He feels that all of
you are playing drama.

I have played few
dramas in the college.

But if he does not like
drama then I will sing few songs.

I'm serious.
- Serious? Yes.

Don't say how serious.

Uncle had great
misunderstanding and he feels..

...that all of you are fraud.

Fraud means.

By fraud it means you what you're..

...saying and showing is not true.


This means we're not humans.

Jassa please for the
sake of God you be serious.

Well then you also
giving swear of god some ..

...time you ask me to
be serious for you also.

I am in tension.


Then ask me what you want.

Uncle feels that all of
you are very much selfish ..

...and as if nothing happen.

He was telling that all of
you are behind his dollars.

Yes Simran I have spoken so much ..

...lie and now I can not speak more.

But this is fact that now you
are sitting in front of my photo.

J.B. saab is also correctly
telling that nothing happen to me.


Means nothing happen to me.

Then for what this false.

Just to give the punishment
to the J.B. for his deeds.

But why? Punish him for what?

The thing which didn't happen?
Why this drama? For dollars?

Five seven million dollar's
makes no difference to him ..

...but our life
will pass comfortably.

Jagpal Bir Singh has no
relation neither with you nor with me.

Oh My God but I have
done today I have charged..

...uncle for such a big false. For
you again like you a liar and cheat.

Simran please listen to me.

Now I don't want to
listen a single world.

| was taking swear of
the honesty of the man.

Please don't misunderstand me.

Misunderstand? Now I understand you!

Listen to me, Simran!
- Don't touch me!

Don't touch me!

I trusted a liar like
you and accused that angel!

| hate myself!

Simran you have done nothing wrong.

| don't want that whole
life you do the service ..

...of the Jagpal Bir Singh.

For the sake of both of us.

For both of us. For both
of us or for yourself?

I would have
destroyed my whole life.

But now I could
never forgive myself.

Simran. Simran. Simran.

It's no one's fault.

It's one's destiny.

The one close to
heart; broke my heart.

The same atmosphere,
the same weather.

The same are the winds
playing with the flowers.

| don't like anything.
The world looks strange.

The loved ones are now strangers.

It's no one's fault.

It's one's destiny.

You were the moon
of my beautiful sky.

There came clouds of sadness came..

...and you too shied away.

You don't know how to love.

The loved ones are now strangers.

It's no one's fault.

It's one's destiny.

When I look in the mirror
| don't recognise myself.

My heart doesn't understand.
No excuses work.

My heart doesn't understand.
No excuses work.

Where has destiny brought me?!

The loved ones are now strangers.

It's no one's fault.

It's one's destiny.

My daughter you
forget whatever happens.

Forget him.

I'll forget him.

| can even forgive
him for what he did.


How will I ever forgive
myself for what I did?

You should never forgive me.

No Simran no. no my son.

My sons who when went to the God..

...to leave me then you came to me.

That time only I got the
purpose of living my life.

Then only I have decided that
I will make you so strong ..

...that you will look after my
all the business. Dusajh saab.

Yes sir.

You put the date on the papers.

The space for the date
if blank since 13 years.

But it seems I have
to put today date.

Give me the papers.

Simran my daughter you
sign this adoption paper.


This is the last
time speaking this word.


Once more.


There is no one like
you in the whole world.

You're truly the best.

| promise I'll never let you down.


| promise.

| got deviated.

I'm not worthy of your love.

No body knows that what you deserve.

I am happy that you understand
that he is not fit for you love.

Even knowingly also I could
not tell you that you are ..

...the alone heir of
my all the business.

| could have done this
earlier also but I don't wanted

that any kind of careless
ness come in your life.

Now I am sure that you will fulfill
this responsibility with sincerity.

I'm sorry.
- No. No.

Enough. Enough, my dear, enough.

Bastard for the sake of
the five million dollars.

Those three goons, thugs.

I'll show all that they
are hardcore criminals.

Mr. Dosanijh is the
captain of your team.

He is a renowned lawyer of Canada.

Teach Khanna and his
friends such a lesson..

...that even his future generations..

...wouldn't dare to thug like this.

I'll make him regret it. He
has an army of lawyers ready.

All of them must be sitting
in a brainstorming session.

They must be
scratching their heads..

They must be
scratching their heads..

...to try and find out legal hooks.

Law is a big playground.
Let's see how far he can run.

I will run like that
Jagpal Bir in the court

that he will start screaming.

He will come with five
million dollars and give us.

I will not give even five cent also.

This is the question of my honour.

My business rivals will laugh at me.

| can not tolerate it. The
biggest crime of the Jassa is that ..

...he has trapped my daughter.

First he has made fool to
the Simmi and then come to me.

I want to see his defeat
under any circumstances.

| don't bother about the
expenditure whatever it may be.

What expenses you are talking?

| have never seen such a
foolish man in my life.

But you see my name is also Khanna.
I will make him mad.

You will leave me as mad.

| can not concentrate in
my business whole day ..

...and night only one thing
is hammering on my head.

The disaster of the Jassa.
I will throw you in..

...such a hell that you will
never imagine in the dream also.

Mr. Dosanjh, it's
difficult for nice people..

...to get such
scoundrels out of their hearts.

| can't see my daughter sad anymore.

Get rid of these
people from our lives.

Give those rascals what they want.

Finish the case.

After Mr. J.B, surrenders the case..

.,this court orders Mr. Jagpal
Bir.. - Listen to me, Khanna..

That they should give Mr.
Jasawar Singh, 5 million dollars.

Shut up the decision is
being taken in our favour.

All expenses..
- Your Honour..

Jassa what are you doing this.

L.. want to say
something to the court. - Sure.

Judge saab the matter
which I was understanding ..

...my life is the
biggest defeat of my life.

Whole life I was
thinking about the easy money ..

...and easy life and left my
all the friends, relatives ..

...and also to our country.

| came to leave my
mother and in this country.

| have taken as granted to
the law of this country ..

...for getting the dollars. |
understand it is my right.

| have only disregarded
the law of this country.

Judge sahib I could not
fulfill my duty for the sake..

...of my own country and also
ashamed to this country also.

| thought that love was
a business, Your Honour.

And I thought of
business as my love.

Judge sahib for the same of money..

...I have done
the business of love.

Judge sahib now I am
recalling the words of my mother..

...which she said to me.

| forget that what my mother
said to give respect to the love.

| priced my love,
which was priceless.

God has punished me for
the dealings I did in love.

Now I am standing as a
accused in your court.

You give the judgement of your law.

| Jasawar Singh son of
Shamsher Singh confessed..

...I have filed is based on
the false statement only.

All these I did for the
sake of the money only.

| thought that
five million dollars..

...can be earned by
speaking a small lie.

If it is possible then it
is cheap for every citizen.

In view of the confession ..

...and evidence of the
Jasawar Singh, the court debar..

...for three years to the Baldev
Raj Khanna for filing false ..

...case for the sake
of earning dollars ..

...and also for
defamation of this court.

Further the court imposed
fine of one thousand dollar..

...to Mister Jasawar Singh for
being involved in this case.

| don't deserve any kind
of excuse but even then..

.If it is possible you please
forgive me as my last mistake.

Either you said for
the forgive or otherwise.

But both is not possible.

Brother for the sake of
God don't go to leave us.

If it would be in my hand then
I never go to leave my friend.

But I will try to start the
new life in the new shape.

You think what she
will think about you.

No my dear friend you don't
try to change my decision.

No no you change. When
you will change yourself.

If you will be
thinking about yourself ..

...then what will happen to us.

If it's good then you
think about yourself.

If it's bad then too you
think about just yourself.

- Leave it!

What friend and what friendships!

But who will
understand to our friendship.

Now whatever you want you do it.

Hey.. this is not friendship.

No my friend. Both of
you set your business .

And let me go please.

Jagpal Bir and his army?

Look.. this was the
only thing missing.

I was not knowing that
you are going to leave ..

...the battle field
like a coward man.

But Jassa this is the
beginning of the game.

Jagpal Bir Singh will never
allow you to go like this.

You have to do everything here only.


No if and no buts totally
unconditional. Sign here .

Oh my God. I can't believe it.


Jassa, you know what he means?

| accept the
punishment given by you.

Then what you are
waiting here. Sign.

Jassa this is not the punishment.

This is you are fulfilling the
dream of the Jagpal Bir Singh.

You are telling but you will
get one dollar for one samosa.

Jagpal Bir Singh ji will pay
five thousand rupees daily.

The equipment and
machinery for making the samosa ..

.Will be financed by
the Jagpal Bir Singh {I..

...Jassa your dream to become
millionaire has been fulfilled.

Now you please
sign here immediately.

Jassa Singh what are you thinking.

No sir I am not a big businessman.

I have lost my own house here ..

...and don't want to do
anything dealing with any one.

Forgive me.

| also came here thirty
years back like you to with ..

...SO many desire to
fulfill here to leave my country.

After myself thousand
of people came here.

| am not appreciating myself
but this is the fact I said.

Today there is no one who
can sit near Jagpal Bir Singh.

Do you know why?

I have endured everything,
storms, calamities..

...cyclones, troubles, problems.

But I never left the
company of two things.

One is the hard
working and other is honesty.

And third thing is this, the
one which I've got my ancestors..

...I never let this
turban be separated from me.

It was not so easy 30 years
ago to work with this turban on.

Helplessness made many
remove these turbans..

...but I salute all those
won't didn't lose courage.

Just on the basis
of their hard work..

...they kept their
pride honour and prestige..

...of their religion
alive all over the world.

Never Kill your desires.

Nor let your desires
kill your conscience.

I'm happy that..

See your all the
desire has been fulfilled.

But sir my all the desire are
finished when I will not get her.


I should repent for my sins.
- You"ll be punished, Jassa Singh.

Jassa ii you have washed
out the dirt on your heart ..

...and your
atonement is now completed.

Good Jagpal Bir Singh {I
whom you want to meet.


Our thinking will meet when..
Yes. Will know.

The boy was good; we
wasted our time fight the case.

Tell me.

That was great, Jassa.


Namaste now you go and
bring your belongings. - Yes



Jassa my son.

Oh.. oh.. oh.. oh.. very hot.
- Nice house.

Oh God I will die.

Don't talk about the death now.

Jassa you came back from Canada.

Mummy it is not like
that what you are thinking.

What are you talking.

Mummy my life is not
burden on any one.

You keep it and I came here now.

Tell me.
- You understand it.

We have guests. Look.
- Guests? - Yes. - Who?

Look over there.
- Come.

Who are they?
- Greetings, sister.


Mother, he is Jagpal Bir Singh.

He is a very famous
businessman of Canada.

Busi.. - A businessperson, mother.
A businessperson.

- He is Mr. Dosanjh.

- A famous lawyer in Canada.


She is..
- Tell me, son. Tell me.

What do you say..
- Tell her. Tell her. Your..

Tell her frankly.

Try and understand
for yourself, mother.

See whom you are telling this.
Sister it is not his.

Yes Jassa has done the
marriage also without mother.


No no sister Jassa was
always Telling that he will ..

...not do the marriage
without blessing of mother. - Yes


And then a wedding in Punjab
is a different fun altogether.

| bestow! She is so beautiful!

Come dear, you come here.
You come here.

Sit with me. My beautiful daughter!

It such an auspicious day.
- Please, Mr. Dosanjh.

Yes. Yes.
- Come, come.

My last desire has
been fulfilled brother.

Your daughter will stay in this
house as my own daughter. - Thank you.

But he had gone and
did not listen to me.

Sister now we will also do
here the cultivation etc.


This man sweats a lot.

He is a hefty man.

Sister, Mr. Dosanjh is a
very famous lawyer there..

.Like Jassa was over here.

Both of them are lawyers.

Both of them are lawyers
but son, your health..

Sister, we've decided.

We'll buy 100-200 acres of
land here and farm on it.

He'll get well by farming.

Wonderful J.B. sahib she
will remain here only.



Nothing, farming, farming you know.

No, I don't know.

Mr. J.B., you've been
doing it explain it to her..

...what does it mean in English.

That.. I had done that
Punjabi 30 years ago.

Here comes the buttermilk.

Come, come, the buttermilk is here.

My daughter is very sweet.
- Please have buttermilk.

Here, have some buttermilk.

What is this?
- Buttermilk, dear.

But what is this.
- Glass of lassi.

But sister, this must
seem like a bucket to her.


Drink it. Drink it.
Don't eat the meals.

Drink it.
- Very good, dear. Very good.

Drink it.
- Drink mother's buttermilk.

Drink it, dear.
- Enough.

Mr. Dosanjh.

Should I get the mixer,
you can drink from that.

Don't say anything,
don't say anything now.


A domestic buffalo,
milk from the house.

The curd made in the house.

And the buttermilk
made in the house.

Mr. J.B., Punjab
cannot be compared. - Right.

That tall glass..

Very sweet, my
daughter is very beautiful.

You've pleased your mother, Jassa.

Drink, dear. There is
just one glass. Drink it.

Drink a little. She
won't leave you so easily.

Drink. Drink, drink.

Small.. small.

Jassa today I am very happy.

I never thought that |
will get the love of mother.

You're really lucky..
because you got such a mother.

Mother is like this only.
First she wants the son..

...and then keeping them in
the womb for nine months.

Then whole life she is
expecting for the grand son.

The mother is like that only.

But Simran.. now we'll
never say away from mother.

Yes Jassa.. whether
we stay here or there.

Now we"ll stay with mother.

Very good after thirty years |
have brought all these things ..

...and the preparation of
the pickle is being done.

Dusajh saab the air of the
Punjab is something different.

Let's go.. don't
give those jerks here.

An old woman will hit you.

She'll think you're teasing her.

Sir doesn't do this.

| don't want to do it but he
has to do it. Come on now.

The lonely hearts
wants a friend's company.

It's easier to make friends
but difficult to keep them!

The lonely hearts..
- Wants a friend's company.

It's easier to make friends..
- But difficult to keep them!

Those who have
friends have God with them.

Friendship can't be priced,
they are priceless.

| bestow over my friend.

| can give my life
away for my friend.

If I get my friend's love,
| can forget this world!

I'll share my
feelings with my friends.

I won't keep any secrets from him.

My friend lies in my eyes,
my breath and my heart..