Yaaradi Nee Mohini (2008) - full transcript

He makes several bids to obtain employment but all goes in vain due to his poor language skills and inadequate educational qualifications. All his friends settle in life, but he continues to struggle in finding employment. Vasu has two faithful friends in Cheenu (Karthik Kumar), and Ganesh (Karunaas). His father (Raghuvaran), who is a teacher, is always critical of him for being an irresponsible person. This just added to his list of woes. At this juncture, Vasu catches a glimpse of a woman named Keerthi (Nayanthara), and immediately falls in love with her. He learns that she works for a software solutions firm. Luckily for him, Vasu finally secures employment in the same firm. Keerthi eventually turns out to be a short-tempered young woman. On a business trip, Vasu accompanies her along with two other colleagues (Jeeva and Manobala), to Australia. Here he reveals his feelings of love to her. She immediately turns him down, saying that she comes from an orthodox family, and her marriage has already been arranged with her uncle's son. A depressed Vasu returns to India thereafter. Unable to see his son in depression, his father decides to meet Keerti. She abuses him for recommending his son's love, and accidentally slaps both Vasu and his father. Later that night, Vasu's father dies of a heart attack. In order to help change Vasu's mood, Cheenu manages to persuade him to come along to his family house in the country. Coincidentally, on the train journey, Keerthi is revealed to be the fiancee of Cheenu. However, their grandfather's (K. Viswanath) thoughts of getting them married earlier are put aside because Cheenu and Keerthi leave the house to have their own identity. This causes heartburn to their grandfather. With the passing of a few days, the parents of Keerthi and Cheenu decide to get them married to appease their grandfather. After several turns of events, Keerthi realizes that she is in love with Vasu instead. When Vasu asks her to forget him, during a midnight meeting, because he believes that it would create problems in their happy family, Cheenu himself overhears their conversation. During the wedding, Cheenu tries to force Vasu and Keerthi to confess their relationship to everyone who is present. But when they hesitate to do so, Cheenu stops the marriage himself, by lying to his elders that he has a secret wife in Chennai. When Cheenu comes under fire from his relatives, Vasu tells them the truth, and is driven out of the house. He is joined only by the grandma of the house, who agrees to accompany him as she reminds Vasu of his late father. In time, the rest of Cheenu and Keerthi's family comes to stay with Vasu for a few days. But Cheenu's grandfather refuses to enter the house, telling Vasu he is still angry with him, and needs time to change himself somehow. The movie ends when Vasu and Keerthi became a happy couple and live together happily.

Hello! Are you a working woman?


We both are unemployed, is it okay?

Searching a job for 5 years?
Very low marks?

Sorry, low talent.

Your answers are all off the mark.


- Vasu, l got a job.
- Is it?

Didn't l attend Constables' selection?

- Who are you, enchantress? -

Come...come I say...

Go to school regularly,

otherwise you'll end up
useless like him

Come...come l say...

Attending another interview,
carry on...paper...

Attending interview again, Vasu?

Stop, get me a pack of cigarettes,
l'll pay you a rupee.

Will you get me one?

The hot pot burnt my hands,
I dropped it...

Went bad ways and
touched my heart...

The beast that ruIed me
has been tamed...

AngeI of peace now presides
in the tempIe of my heart...

Sorry father.

l said no but he didn't listen.

Father, Vasu too hasn't eaten anything.

What a nasty local brew!

Hangover is still continuing,

Would like to have buttermilk?

Leave it if you don't want.

l saw dosas near my bed,
did Seenu keep it there?


l need ₹.100!
l want to buy application.

l don't have.

Don't lie, you would've drawn
salary yesterday.

l can't give you.


My money my wish.

Am l not watching it?

My TV!

Would any man live here?

Who said you're a man?

Am l a dog then?

Dogs obey orders.

l'll also find a job someday.

Only fools live in dreams.

What have you achieved in your life?

Same school and same teacher
for 30 long years.

He's talking about success in life.

l'm bearing you for 25 years,
isn't it a great achievement?

Do you atleast own the brief
you're wearing now?

A son is on who looks after
father in his old age,

not the one who still hangs on
his shoulders at this age.

You've spared me because
l'm still working.

Otherwise you would've crushed
me to death in my sleep.

My eye sight is diminishing.

l can't stand for 10 minutes too,

legs and knees are paining,

coughing all the night,

do you know how many times
l visit the hospital in a month?

Sons like you are just for
conducting funeral rites.

Take it, ₹.100 you had asked.

Buy application or enjoy drinks,

or go to any woman...


Oh my application!

Will you die if l touch you?
Come on touch me.

Going to office?

Slow...go slow...
Ramu, go slow...

OverwheIming visuaI deIight...

A rare opportunity...

An angeI on streets...

It's wonderfuI and magicaI...

When she sees me,
my heart starts beIieving God...

A sIeeping Iive statue...

A shyness that can bIossom
into miIIions flowers...

A curse to eIiminate
man's heart...

An iIIusionary thirst to
overpower the inteIIect...

The happiness of seeing
her is enough...

I need a heart a to Iive
after that...

GirI of my dreams is
standing right before me...

Is she a heroine out
from some epic?

I'm watching her again and again...

My Iegs which wander aIways
now wish to standstiII...

My heart too yearns
to stay put here...

What happened to me?
What had hit me?

My heart has broken to
pieces Iike mirror...

A waIking poem went
past seeing me...

And I'm standing
hoIding back tears...

Rain Iashed at me...

Asking me unanswerabIe

OverwheIming visuaI deIight...

A rare opportunity...

An angeI on streets...

It's wonderfuI and magicaI...

When she sees me,
my heart starts beIieving God...

Forgetting the beginning and end...

I disintegrated at your feet...

I discovered the moments of a man
feeIing shy after seeing you...

The burnt forest has rejuvenated
and has come back aIive again...

Is she your Iife partner?.
God wants an answer from me...



Born again this moment...

Merging with you and
Iosing myseIf...

ls the world coming to an end?

Hey Vasu.

Coming...l'll come very soon...

l must study...please...

Coming? Where?

Are you drunk?

Has he gone mad?

Oh God!

Hi, l'm Keerthi,

welcome to Software Solutions lnc.,

Mr. Balu will explain the procedures.

Wasn't she great?

Excuse me?

Are you okay?

No, l feel l know the answers
but l can't remember them.

Think patiently without tension,
you will get it.


Excuse me!


What? What happened?

lt seems my son has
passed the written test,

still has to pass group
discussion and oral test.

lt will not be there,
don't believe it.

Foreign direct investment
is great boost to lndia...

Due to software agreement
tourism and trade developed...

Transparency lnternational says...

lndia is at 17th place in
international corruption...

Our GDP was 9.2 0/0 in Jan 2007...

Goldman Sachs Bank report says...

lndia will become the second
superpower within the next 20 years...

Yeah, she's correct,

lndia is the second fastest growing
economic country in the world...


lndia is spending more
money in agriculture...

Now lnternet has reached
even remote villages...

But still inflation is
becoming very high...


lndia, China and Russia shares
two thirds of the global growth.

Yeah, l agree with her.


- Actually...
- Wait!


But still there is a...

You speak now.


Say something more than
just a yeah.


Mr. Vasu, what?

l can't speak well in English.

Then, speak in Tamil.

Speaking in a group is important
not the language.

ls it insulting to speak in Tamil?

We were born in Tamil Nadu, right?

Speak in Tamil, no problem.

Don't waste time,
you've courage to speak, right?

This society has been
formed by all of us...

today it's working involuntarily...

lf we increase the foreign exchange...

Our exchange rate will increase...

Software companies played a crucial
role in raising lndian economy...

What now?

lt seems he has passed
the group discussion also.

Wait...still there's an oral test.

He says he's tensed and
has called me there.

Can he get the job if l go there?

How many more exams?

Last, personal interview.

Anyway, you'll fail.

No need to waste time here,

come, let's go home.

Will you shut your gob?

Talk to me respectfully.

Why did you call me here then?

Who called you here?

You called me, right?

You said anyone with you
now would be helpful.

l said anyone not you!

l left my work for you,

l must beat myself with my slipper.

Sorry, l'm wearing shoes today.


Good afternoon madam.

My father.

- Hello.
- Say hello.

She is going. Say hello.

Madam! Hey girl!

Did he really pass those 2 exams?



Why do you suspect me?
Do you think l'm fit for nothing?

You were fit for nothing till now.
Have you done anything properly?

Mr. Vasudevan...


l may or may not get the job.

But when l come out,
l shouldn't see you here.

Get lost.

How will l get the job
after seeing your face?

What's the main use of foreign key?

Difference between
'While' & 'Do while'.

What is multi-threading?

Don't worry if you don't get this job.

lt's not an easy task for you
to reach up to here.

Come. Let's go home.

Father, l got the job.


Can we have coffee?

Father...this way.

₹.15000 for the start.

After a year, it'll be ₹.25000.

l'll also be sent abroad for training.

After a long wait...

First l must get you some good clothes.

What you are wearing is non-sense.

Retire from your job.
Take rest at home.

Why do you have to trouble yourself?

Stop the bike.

Stop the bike.

What is the matter, father?

- Rascal.
- Have you gone mad?

Yes, l haven't gone mad.
You've gone mad.

How could you ask me to retire?

As soon as you got the job,
you're bossing over me.

You'll go to work and want me
to stay at home & serve you.

l don't depend on anyone.

l don't want any dog's mercy.
l will work till l die.

The day l borrow money from you,
will be the day l'll kill myself.

Look, you shouldn't talk
to me from tomorrow.

The relation between us is over.
That's all. Get lost.

Why are you getting angry?
What did l say wrong?

l want you to stay at home
at this old age.

- You mad man.
- You idiot. Get lost.

- You oldie! Gone nuts!
- Get lost.

- You will repent some day.
- l know. Go.

What about the scooter?

You take it.

Can't bear beggars' torture!

ls it an office or a monastery?

Why did you apply sacred ash
on your forehead?

lt's sacred ash.

Who is going to work here?
You or God? Erase it.

You look like a mendicant.
Erase it.

Applying the sacred ash doesn't
mean you're a good man.

lt's written on your face
that you're a rogue.

Enough. Come with me.


Trying to look handsome.

She is different kind.
Will you come?

Keerthi, your trainee.

What's your name?

What's your name?

Don't you remember me?
The other day...

Hello, what's your name?


Oh! lt was you who spoke in Tamil
in the group discussion...

Yes madam.
Do you remember now?

Look, l said that to encourage you.

But here, everyone speaks in English.
Learn quickly. Okay.


These are the basics.
Go through it.

lf you have any doubts, ask me.


Why are you standing here?

Hello. This is not a school
to spoon-feed you.

Excuse me. Take your file.

Oh God! What are you, man?

Why do they send such people to me?

These will teach you the basics.
Read all night. Take it.


There are 4 books. Be careful.

l want them next week.

lf you damage the books, l will kill you.

Go by an auto. No car. Okay?

Ramanna, you can go.

Office car is for me.
Not for personal use.



Are you like this always?

Can't you smile sometimes?

Nothing. Go. Go.

Hey, what do you think of yourself?
l'm your superior officer.

- You better behave...
- Madam...cool...

lt's road not your office.
You're not my trainer here. Okay?

This is an independent country.
l can talk anything l like.

- Hey...
- Calm...relax.

Try to smile.
lt's good for your health. Bye.

Say bye.


Did she see me?
Did she see me?

Did she see me?
Or was it my imagination?

l heard a thunder strike my heart.

Shit! No matter how much ever l try,
l don't understand.

What's wrong, Sridhar?

What happened?

Could somebody tell me
what happened for God's sake?

He crashed the entire system.

Who are you?

Trainee sir.

- Who is your trainer?
- Me sir.

Then you are entirely responsible.

Why did you put him on the
project without proper training?

ls this any play ground
to play as you like?

You stupid careless woman!

lf you don't like to work,
stay at home.

How am l going to deliver
the project by tomorrow?

Can you go & answer them?


lt's my fault, sir.

You stupid! ldiotic fool!

l will ask the trainer only.
lt's her responsibility.

Everybody get the hell out of here.

BaIu, caII the cIient & inform
them about the deIay.

- They wiII object.
- I know.

What do you want me to do?
Do as I say.

Hey, what's happening?

What are you doing?

Listen, you are not supposed
to work here.

lt's so simple.
Why did you cry for this?

Smile atleast now.
lt's good for health.

A little...l see a small smile
in the corner...smile...


I dream so many in a second...
When you Iook at me...

I feeI Iike touching the sky...

I dream so many in a second...
When you Iook at me...

I feeI Iike touching the sky...

I see many deIusions...

I'm hesitant in beIieving
those deIusions...

Since I'm hesitant I quiver...
and my feet start to fly...

I dream so many in a second...
When you Iook at me...

I feeI Iike touching the sky...

You changed my Iooks
and my IifestyIe...

You taught me new
words to speak...

What are you? Love or God?
I'm confused...

When someone caIIs me...
I think it is you & turn back...

My thoughts stay cIose
to you everynight...

And makes my nights
go sIeepIess...

It's a feeIing I never feIt before...

When I try to unearth the secrets...

It's Iike seeing a voIcano
cIad with snow...

I dream so many in a second...
When you Iook at me...

I feeI Iike touching the sky...

The river heIps the trees to bIoom...

WiII the river know the
Iove of those trees..

or wiII it ever understand it...

Or wiII the Iove remain as an
unfuIfiIIed dream on the banks?

If there is a girI for you,
and if she Ioves you...

You can fly in the sky
and forget yourseIf...

AII the unfuIfiIIed dreams
wiII come true...

FIower can't smeII
its own fragrance...

Mirror has no eyes...

She might understand your Iove...

Later she might accept your Iove...

TiII then, Iet things take
its own course...

l was a goner in my life.

She took me to great heights.

You must see her.

You will become jealous.

This is her mobile number.

You must call & tell her.

Tell her that Vasu is in
deep love with her.

Also tell her that l've scribbled
her name on the walls.

What else...?

Tell her that l will die
if l don't get her.

Also tell her that she is my pulse.
Say something.

And ask whether she also loves me.

She will say 'No'.

But don't leave her until
she accepts my love.

One more important thing.

l'm not aware that you
had called her.

Are you planning to send us
to jail & you escape?

Nothing like that.

lf there is any problem
l can solve it.

You keep talking to her and
l will keep the meter ticking.

Vasu, just now l remembered that
there is an audit in my office.

l've to go.

Yes. l've dysentery.
l'll have to go to the doctor.

Bye Vasu.

Bye Vasu.

lf you don't call her now,

don't ever see or talk to me.
Got it?

What bloody friends!

Vasu, try to understand.

lt's about your life.
lf l blabber something...

Ganesh is very brave.

He will talk to her & make
your love a success.

Look, he is our friend.

We must look after his needs.

l'm leaving.
lt's too late. Bye.


Hold the receiver properly.



HeIIo, who is this?



Yeah. HeIIo. Who is this?

We are calling from lClCl bank.
We give free credit cards.

We will deliver the card at your
door step. Thanking you.

What the hell did you talk!

l'm shit scared.

What can l do?

lf someone comes to know this,
it's shame on my part.

as a policeman, if l do such a thing,
people will spit on my face.

Leave me.

Look, do something and
convey my love to her.

- l'm unable to sleep at night.
- What do you want me to do?

Look, if you don't tell her,
l will bury you here itself.



Hello. l'm Vasu speaking.

l'm Ganesh, Vasu's friend speaking.

Oh God! l told her my name.

He is in love with me.
He loves you.

l will die if l don't get you.

He will die.

What else?

Scribbled your name on walls!

He has scribbles your name
all over his room.

What else?

l don't know that l'm calling you.

You don't know.

Oh my God!

Vasu doesn't know that l've called you.

l haven't seen him for the
past one month.

No. l don't know who he is.

Tell me whether you love him or not.

l'm not a police constable.

l'm a beggar in railway station.

You mean to say that
Vasu is in Iove with me.


That's it.

She understood, Vasu. Babu...

If Vasu has the guts, teII him
to express his Iove to me.

You want me to express love in person?
Here l come.

- l love...
- Do you've a friend named Ganesh?

Hello. Do you have a friend
named Ganesh?



l don't know. l've no friends.

How can l have a silly
friend named Ganesh?

No chance. Thanks.

Where were you last night?

Last night l went home & slept.

My grandmother died...

l went to my village since
my grandmother died.

l was not in Madras at all.

Somebody is using your name
to make hoax calls.

Be careful.

Who is that?

Madam, l will handle it.
l'll handle it.

What did he say on phone?

He said that you've gone mad and
were admitted in a mental asylum.

ls that what he said?


You have to go to Australia
for a new project.

3 people are selected including you.

Who are those 3?

You, Balu sir & Sridhar.

No. l'm not interested.


- Leaving you here...
- What?

l can't stay there leaving you all here.


- Then, look after the projects
till we come back.- We...?

Are you also going to Australia?

Of course.
l'm the project manager.

- Which country did you say?
- Australia.

l want to see madam.

l want to see Australia.

l don't believe that l am going abroad.

l will also come, madam.
l will also come.

- You said you can't stay leaving them here.
- Oh no!

l can stay.

Who are these people to me?
They are scoundrels!

l can stay for any number of days.

l can stay there all my life.

Please...please take me.


Then we will be leaving
in a couple of days.

How many days?

ln a couple of days.

Couple of days.


Keep your feet on the ground.

lf not, you might fall down.


Hello Teacher.

You've been working for
so many years.

Have ever you crossed Chennai?


Me going, man.



Do you know the spelling of Australia?

- Hey you!
- Country brutes.

My money.

My underwear.

Foreign brand.

How wiII you know?
You use onIy Ioin cIoth.


Oh God!


Next to my seat...!
What a surprise!


Wear your belt.

- l wore it at home itself.
- Oh God!

The seat belt not your pant belt.

Give me.

UseIess guy!

Never boarded a flight in life?

l'm seeing a flight for the
first time in my life.

Any drink sir?

Drink...? Okay!

One quarter whisky with soda
and ice. Good mix.

O my gosh! How do people consume
this lousy drink?

l had to do all this
for the foolish Balu.

Take it, feeling shy at this old age.

Carry on!

God! These people...

l don't drink, you know?



lt's okay.

Hi! How are you?

We heard you're doing a great job!

l can't understand lndian English,
and you are too much.

Go and ask permission.

- How can l sir?- Go.
- Sir...sir..- Go l say!


Madam, we rarely come
to a foreign city,

shouldn't we take a tour of the place?

What are you we going to
do in the hotel room now?

Okay..okay...where shall we go?

Balu sir suggested club...

What club?

Nothing, youngmen...
want to have fun...so...

- You go to the room.
- l'm also a young woman.

Come, l'll also have fun with you.

- What a great dancers!
- What's all this nasty dances?

Don't say it's nasty, it's sin.

One must be fortunate to see all this,

l never had seen anything like this,
l beg you to allow us enjoy it.

Enough! Why are you still acting?

Why don't you also enjoy it?

l'm not interested in all this.


Leave it.

Just tell me.

One who really loves a girl
would not like to see all this.


Any girl would appear like his lover.

How can l?

Do they appear like your lover?



What are you having?

Orange juice.

Order one for me.

No you...

Why is the road bumpy?

l'm your senior officer asking you,
answer me you pig!

Answer me!

Has she come to sense?

No, you had...

Come, let's play!

Okay, how many drinks did you have?

Did you finish the entire bottle?

Rascal! l asked for orange juice,
but he gave something else.

Dog! l'll beat...l'm coming...

l'll not spare him, rascal!

l'll kill him and go to jail, watch out!

Leave me, l'll kill him...

- You can kill him tomorrow.
- Rascal, leave me.

Hey! Who are you?

Good question!

l'll not spare him alive.

l'm coming...coming.

- You don't know about me...
- How to leave her in this condition?

- Looks she may run out of the room.
- l'm coming...

l'll take leave now,
will you lock the door and sleep?

l'll run out!

What am l to do now?

Sleep here...there!

Shouldn't come here!
l'll kill you.

Be attentive in this.

l want to sleep.

Good night!


Are you single?

Buy me a drink!

Hey let's go out man!

Your place or mine?

Shattering my heart, flooring me
and waIking away...O my diva!

WaIking away after Iighting
fire of passion...O my sweet bird!

O my peacock!

O my enchanting cuckoo!

Shattering my heart, flooring me
and waIking away...O my diva!

WaIking away after Iighting
fire of passion...O my sweet bird!

Come and tiII my fertiIe Iands, O my Iove!

Weed out the shyness...

Heart wiII yearn the more you see...

YouthfuI zest wiII yearn for experience...

There's no pIace in my heart...

The one who took hasn't
yet returned it...

I don't want your Iove,
come to seek soIace in me, my Iove!

Caress my cheeks and taIk about
taIes hoIding each other's hands...

Love is once in a Iife time affair...

Life or death is with her onIy...

It's once in a Iife time chance...

You'II be a Ioser if you get
hooked to sentiments...

Shattering my heart, flooring me
and waIking away...O my diva!

WaIking away after Iighting
fire of passion...O my sweet bird!

Mesmerised me with just a Iook...

Took away my heart...

Man's Iife is aIways
fiIIed with sorrows...

If we know, we'II go away...

If you go away, we'II come to you...

What's in a woman's heart even the
woman herseIf doesn't know it...

I Ioved onIy you...
I'II Iive with you onIy...

If you understand the Iove,
a flower wiII bIoom in the rocks too...

Having dream is your right...

I'II know my pIight when the
dream is shattered...

My day and night beIong to you...

I'II sIeep in peace...

Keerthi...please...just got carried away.

Please, don't mistake me.

l planned to tell you but...

Keerthi, l love you so much.

l know l'm not qualified
enough to love you,

but l can take good care of you.

lf you become my wife...

l'm getting married next month.

Don't lie.

Don't make fun.

l'm telling the truth.

lnvitations are also ready.

l was about to invite you.

What are you saying?

Please, don't joke.

Just now my life seemed
to be getting better,

even thought of it is
giving me shivers.

You must love me,
no other choice.

Don't talk like a mad man.

What do you think of me?

All this modernity you see
is just a mask!

A mask l wear for this job!

Because l love my job.

My family is quite different.

Very strict.

lf my grandpa comes to
know all this, he'll kill me.

l can't accept love...

Why should l explain you?

Please, leave me alone.

These eyes...

No, l'm sure you love me.

Don't act.

Take your hands off me.

Hands off me!

- Sir!
- Yes.

He's harassing me.

Hey! Who are you man?

What's your problem?

Why are you torturing that girI?

Show me your passport and visa.

What son?
How was your Australia trip?

Don't you want to eat?


Switch off the light and go.


Leave me alone.

lf you don't want to eat,
you must tell me earlier.

l've cooked for you too,
it'll go waste.

Take as much as you want.

What happened?
Am l not asking you?

Can't l be alone for sometime?

Why are you irritating me?

Tell me, have you lost your life?

Yes, indeed l've lost life for a girl.

The love l had for her...
very deep...lost everything.

A girl rejected your son!

She's getting married in near future,
what am l to do now?

Shall l jump in happiness?

Tell me!

Love...it's love!

What do you know about it?

lt's all over!

Life is over.

l'll be with you till death.

What to do? lt's all my fate.

- Sir...
- l don't need any further explanations.

This must be finished within
2 days, mind you.

Okay sir.

Greetings madam.

l'm Vasu's father.

In office? I didn't send him.

He's here.

He's talking to Keerthi madam.

l shouldn't praise my son,

he may look indifferent,

but he's a very good man,

l never saw him go after
any girl till now,

he likes you,

it's not ordinary liking,

he adores you.

Love! How do l know all this?

But l never saw him cry.

He's dejected and crying
after you rejected him.

lf my son is crying,
what for l'm here as his father?

l can understand your situation,

l don't want you to love
him immediately,

just reconsider your decision
by giving him a fair chance.

lf it's okay to you
l'll talk to your parents...

Don't you have sense?

How could you talk like this
to a girl you don't know?

Aren't you ashamed?

Your son is blabbering nonsense,

Excuse me, what's your age?

Can't you think twice
before talking to me?

lf you torture me again,
l'll call the police.

Please leave me alone.

Your son has already hugged me...

People is office are gossiping about us...

You know l'm getting married,
why are you torturing me?

You're not humans at all.

Your son got two marks short
in the interview,

l felt pity on him and recommended
his name for consideration.

What a way to show the gratitude
by father and son duo!

You look aged and respectable,

you are behaving irresponsibly
like a rogue.

He talked to out of affection on me.

He's elderly man,
can't you be little patient with him?

Why are you abusing him?

What nonsense?

You come in a line to ask,
should l keep quiet?

This man is asking like a fool...


Hey, one more word against him,

what? l've been watching you,

you're going overboard,

bloody, how clearly you talk now,

touch your heart and say,
don't you know l was following you?

don't you know l was ogling at you?

Just a second is enough!

Can't you find out a man watching
you from a kilometre?

Why are you acting innocence
knowing everything?

lf you don't like, say it clearly,

if not, say sorry,
l'll marry a foreign groom,

you're a local,

say your status is not
up to the mark.

Why are you over reacting
for a silly thing?

Trying to get sympathy in public.

Let's forget the differences
between us,

say sorry to my father.

l'll call the security.


One word, l'll burn your face with acid,
say sorry to him.

Say sorry to him!



Leave him...

Come...come...let's go Vasu.

Do you drink everyday?

No, occasionally when l'm sad.

Don't get addicted to it.

lt's not good for health.

Shall we go to a hospital?
Your face is swollen.

lsn't she a strong girl?

Who asked you to go there?

l would've been fine in two days.

You can find many on streets.

ls she the only one girl?

Leave it son.

No dad, she slapped you know

l don't mind going to jail killing her.


Did she slap me?
No, in that melee l was slapped.

Think from her side.

Yesterday son and today father.

lf we force her to love,
anybody would get angry?

Why are you supporting her?

She's a good girl, l can see it.

Don't want food?

l've brought biryani.

No son, my head is reeling for
having drinks after years.

l am going to bed.

You eat.

Hey leave me...

Do you think that l've grown old?

People are still ready to give their
daughter in marriage to me.

Still having such ideas at this age?

Hey...is it paining?

No father,
you had to face hardship for me.



You got furious when she slapped me,

Do you love me so much?

Why are you asking it, father?

Okay, don't answer it, leave it.

l asked you unwittingly.

No father...

l asked you unwittingly.

Go to sleep.

- Father!
- Go.

Why did you call us early
in the morning?

My father is dead!

l'm confused.

What happened?

l don't know, he died in his sleep.



You need money for funeral.

l have money.

My money, l want to conduct the
funeral from my money.

Father! What have you cooked?

We are from LlC, your father has
taken policy for ₹.1 million

Please sign this.

From lClCl bank...deposited
₹.1 million in your account.

l killed you father!

l killed you father!

You wouId be aIive had I not
chased that girI, right?

Hey, get up! Vasu...

Hey, have you gone mad?

What happened to you?

l killed my own father.


l killed my own father.

He had a natural death.

For that will you be sit like this?

Sit at home without going to office.

Did you eat anything?

Hey Vasu, come on eat!

l'm talking to you, eat!

Vasu, come on eat!

Take it, eat!

Come on eat!

How long will you starve?

Do you also want to die?

Come on eat!

Come on eat! Vasu...

l've to go to my native place urgently.

Some land problem,

And my marriage too.

How can l go leaving him alone here?

He may go mad.

l'll take him to my house.

No, your house too small,

already yours is a large family.

Vasu, will you come with me
to my village?

Forget Madras for sometime.

Mine is a large family of 40 members
with uncles, aunts and cousins.

Come, it'll give you solace.

Go Vasu, stay peacefully
for few days.

Take care of him well.

l'll come after taking leave.

What are you searching?

Geetu hasn't come yet.

Has she boarded another coach?

Train is about to leave.

Buddy, be careful.

Vasu, call me if you need anything.



Hold this!

Be careful!

Thank God!

You be careful.

Oh Geetu, he's Vasu.

My best friend.

She's Geetu, l told you about.

l mean Keerthi!

My aunt's daughter, my future wife.

You wanted to meet her for long time.

Why are you still standing here?

Come in, come on.

Hey Vasu, where are you going away?

Listen, l'm leaving.

Are you mad to jump
from a running train?

What happened?

You're going home happily to marry,
no need of extra baggage.

Shouldn't you be happy?

Don't live in past.

Come with me.

Listen to me,
my arrival will create problems.

Why are you fussing for everything?

lf you consider me as friend,
come with me silently.

Or else l'll cancel the marriage.



Come here for a minute.

Wait, l'll come.

Come l say!

- Come.
- Listen...

lf you object,
l'll forget our friendship, come.

- Bag...
- Come silently.

Why is he coming with us?

Do you know him?

No...you know about our family, right?

What if any problem crops up?

Why are you all talking
about problems?

l'll take care of everything.

Keerthi, his father died suddenly.

He's devastated.

lf l too leave him, he'll go mad.

When did his father die?

About two days ago.

Poor man died with an heart attack.

O baby...

You're so sexy...

O baby...

Go on, you touch me...

Fire in eyes...

FIowers in heart...

You're in me...

But discarded me from you...

Baited with your beauty...O Iady!

I got trapped and cried...

I touched the Iightning...O Iady!

It burnt my fingers...

O baby...

You're so sexy...

O baby...

Go on, you touch me...

Come on...come on...

We'II make it...

Let's go!

You Ieft me in pieces
and shambIes...

Poisoned my Iife with
venomous Iove...

My Iove, what was my mistake?

I was at your feet Iike a devotee...

My friend, Iove is a flowing
river of tears...

What's the use of Iearning
with cIosed eyes?

O maiden, you forgot me...

But prick my heart Iike a thorn...

I was born again man by you...

Today I'm dead and out...

Baited with your beauty...O Iady!

I got trapped and cried...

I touched the Iightning...O Iady!

It burnt my fingers...

You raised hopes in me...

You dashed them yourseIf...

The sin of Ioving you today
wiII haunt aII my Iife...

Don't ask the reason for
breaking a heart with Iove...

FIowers wiII never bIoom seeking
the permission of roots...

You Ieft me, O my Iady!

You vanished when I was
stiII searching you...

Love is a wiId forest stream...

I was Iost in it...

O baby...you're so sexy...

O baby...go on, you touch me...

Why didn't you introduce her
all these years?

l asked her so many times,

but she refused to meet my friends.

She is proud of her intelligence.

My grandpa is very orthodox man.

He want us to study and
settle here only.

He said marriage immediately
after our studies.

We said no and escaped to Madras.

He's furious on us.

So, please be careful.


Sister-in-law, look who is coming.


Please come...
let's discuss there...

As you say, sir..

Greetings, grandpa...


Seek his blessings..


Krishna, why are they falling
at my feet?

That old mad man died long back.

Don't get emotional, sir..

they are in Madras doing good jobs,

What would they do here?

Did l ask your opinion?

No, isn't it?

Why do you interfere then?

Who is he?

- My friend, grandpa.
- What?

...my friend, grandpa...

ln our house...

ln our house?

He has come to stay in our house..

To stay?

lsn't a monkey not enough
in this house?

Look at his costume...
looks like a beggar!

- Hey Krishna, l shouldn't see him again.
- Okay father.

She is looking gorgeous, isn't she?

As Keerthi is a motherless girl,

everyone dotes on her.

Take it...

Move... move...

- Sister, first have horlicks...
- Hey, don't want..

- Have it, sister...
- Have it, dear...

Move aside... l didn't see
my daughter-in-law properly.

- Father...
- Hey, move aside...

Komalavalli, you like 'Adhirasam',
l've bought it for you specially.

Have it.

Next year, have a child and give it
to your mother-in-law.

Come in.

Hey, Komalavali...?

My grandma's name.

Keerthi's original name.

To avoid getting teased,
she changed it to a fancy name.

Come in.

Looks like she hasn't seen any man before.

Oh my God! Who are you, man?

How dare you sit on this?

- Oh my God...
- Get up...

Grandma, no...

Why did you sit on this?

Move away... move...

Oh my God! l don't know to which caste
and religion he belongs?

He has ruined my vow.

Hey, get me some water..

Oh my God! Oh Lord Perumal!

He defaced my holy place.

- Bring water...
- Coming, grandma. Make it fast...

Take it

Don't know to which caste
he belongs to?!

Hey, please dude..

Have you brought me here to die?

Go to hell with your traditions.

Leave me..

Hey, she is my grandma...

She is little mad..

Please adjust for her.

ls she a mad woman?

She beat me black and blue...

Come in.

lt's enough, Anandavali...

My name is Pooja.

That is...

l got it, man... got it...

The entire family seems to be mad.

Hey, what's this?


Why are you standing in this posture?

l should take bath, shouldn't l?

For that?

Here, this is how we take bath..

No bathroom..

Catch it.

Remove your dress and wear it.

Whose size is this?

l'll have my bath tomorrow morning.

Hello, you can't step into house
without taking bath.

Grandma will abuse you.

Hey dwarf! lf l give you a slap,
you will fly away.

l can't wear this loin cloth
and take bath.

Then take bath without one.

Oh no!

Sir... sir...

Looks Iike he is in deep sIeep.

Sir, pIease get up...

Sir, it's me only. Don't beat me.

What, man?

Get up, sir...

No one should sleep here
after the rooster crows.

Hey, please get out of here.

Sir, please come...

lf grandpa knows, he won't spare you.

What's this?

Thank God!
Atleast they're serving coffee...

Please have it.

- What's this, man?!
- Herbal juice.- What?

Grandpa's order to drink this only
in the early morning..

lt will clean the stomachs.

Okay, start.

10 minutes walk.

lt will help to use the pot.

- Oh no!
- Come on...

Squatting will help it,

- Why should we go for a walk?
- Come on, man...

Oh my God!

Oh no... don't worry...

lt's okay... it's okay...

lt's okay...



Where are we going, man?

Don't you want to go to toilet?

For that?

Everything in open toilet.

How many toilets can we build
for this large family?

Don't pester me with questions..
Let's finish our work..

Nothing will come in this
chill weather!

Can't even know if any snake passes?

Seenu... hey Seenu...

Sorry sir...

- Hey Seenu...
- What man?

What next after it's over?

Leave the pIace.

As it is?

Where can l clean it?

Hello, what?

l should clear my doubts, shouldn't l?

- Hey Seenu...
- Wipe it with a stone.

Later on, Iet's wash in the river.

ln this darkness, how will l get a stone?

Oh my God!

Dangerous family! Shit!

Sir, close the nose and take a dip.
lt won't be cold.


Vasu, please...

l want to talk to you personally.

Please don't look at me like that.

l feel like dying.

l can understand your pain.

Because of me...
your father...

l killed a good man.

- l'm not qualified to seek pardon also.
- Please don't cry...

People here may mistake us.

Why should l forgive you?

lt was our mistake.

Without knowing about you...

Only after visiting your place,
l realised...

You're the soul of this entire family!

How can you love me
ignoring everyone?

Won't they think bad about you?

l've understood.

Don't confuse yourself.

You're not responsible
for my father's death.

He suddenly had an heart attack.

We couldn't do much.

Already, he had 2 attacks.

Early morning, he died peacefully
in his sleep.

Not everyone is blessed with it.

Now he might be singing
a duet with my mom up there.

lf my stay disturbs you,
do tell me...l'll leave this place.

No, it's okay...

Your staying here isn't
a problem to me.

Okay then...

Go carefuIIy... It's sIippery.

- How long will you take to eat this?
- lt's enough...

- Eat fully...you've become lean...
- One more..

If your mother is aIive,
won't she force you? Eat...

- Have water...
- Enough..

What do you want?


He has gone to fields with elders.
You didn't go with him?

After taking bath, l just dozed away...

- Ask Raju to take you there.
- Okay.

- Have it... - Oh no...
- Just have this...

How many times l've to tell you?

- Stomach is full.
- Eat properly...

- Excuse me..
- Listen to me...

l feel shy to ask this to you...

l'm hungry..

Do you have anything to eat?

Oh no! What's there to feel shy in this?

This is also your home, isn't it?

Why all are simply standing?
Serve food...

You go and prepare dosai... go...

- Aunt, make it fast...
- You come...

Be seated... l'll serve you hot.

Come on...

Why are you simply sitting?

Don't you know to look after a guest?

Go and serve him all the dishes...

Please come...

- Serve him fully...
- Oh no! lt's enough...

- lt's enough...
- Don't utter a word..


No, mother...
l can't have everything...

We won't allow you
to have half food.

- Have it fully...
- Have it...

- Have it, my son...
- Serve him...

Serve him.

Oh no! lt's enough...

Serve him more...
- No, it's enough...

- Don't utter a word..
- Have it fully...- No, it's enough.

Tell me about your parents..

l don't have anyone.

My parents are dead.

Have it...

You shouldn't say like that...
Aren't we here for you?

Hereafter, you're also like our Seenu.

Every year you should come
here for your vacation.


This is Godavari's order!

Have food...

Stomach is full to the brim!

Why did you go to kitchen?

Who gave you permission?

Hey, wait...

- Didn't l warn you not to come inside?
- Oh no! Grandma...

Please don't beat me...
Grandma, just hold on...

Oh my God! l'll...

- You sinner...
- Don't beat me...

- l'll hit you hard...
- Just a minute...- What?

Pure air...

Beautiful place...

Aroma of this soil...

How can they leave everything and go?

What ever you say... nothing can be
compared to city life.

You know... technology...

Here nothing, man...

Yes... yes... good smell...

Small kids are working hard...

Are you simply watching them?
Aren't you ashamed?

Do the field work...

Me? Here??

No.. l'm from city.

- No village work...
- So what?

You want to eat food
without working?

You may be a guest, it's okay.

But you should know
your manners as well.

Get down and work l say...

Moreover dark glasses,

...like a blind beggar...

Hey, is your grandpa well educated?

He holds BA degree of that period.

What's the use?

He should've got workers to do this.
Country brutes!

ls your grandfather a miser?

lt's all my fate to come and
suffer over here!

What are you murmuring over there?


No grandpa...

He is saying that we shouldn't
do all this work.

Only labourers should do this.

He says you're a country brute.

Not only that, he abused you
as a miser and fool.

lt seems you're a psycho.
And making us tensed.

You've grown up with little brain.

Yes grandpa. l also heard him...

Yes grandpa... yes...

Oh my God!

Not even my father slapped me...
You sinners!

What type of family is this!
To hell with them!

Fraud... 420 family...

How did a snakeguard grow here?

Fearing me? That's good!

- Run away... come on...
- ls Vasu so cheap?

All disappeared...

Can snakeguard make hissing sound?

Got scared of a snake in this young age?!

- Vasu uncle, get up...
- What happened?

Nothing grandpa...

He got scared seeing a snake.

By seeing a snake,
did he got scared?!

Our children used to play with snakes...

City?! Technology?!

Live long.

Stir well.

Sir, are you fine?

Just now l broke your lawyer's hand
and coming straight to you.

How dare you send a notice to me?

You old man!

- l'll ruin your...
- Hey

Shut up, you rascal!

That was my ancestor's property.

You brought it on lease and
now planning to usurp it?

Better leave this place...
Else l'll call the police.

Police? Charging on me??

Greetings, madam.

Wow! Junior madam...
My hearty greetings to you..

lt seems your grand daughter
has also come here.

Why are you provoking my desires?

Sign this paper...

l'll take leave. Else...

What you will do?

l'll misbehave in public.

Not with you...

With your womenfolk!

Want to explain in brief?

Hey, how dare you talk like this?!

l won't spare you alive!
Hey, leave me...

How dare you talk to him like that?

Hey, leave me...

lf l talk decently, won't you heed me?

Hey, what? What are you looking at?

l'm watching you for a long time...

Hey, who are you, man?
Why are you supporting them?

Hey oldman, are you running a brothel
house with your women?

lt's my father's watch.
Keep it safely..

Sorry sir...

l fear only snakes...
not pigs like him.

Hey, he is such a big man...

Why did you talk like that?

Seek his pardon.

Come on...

Sorry... please forgive me...

Bow your head and
seek his pardon.

- Forgiveness??
- Ask...

Oh my God! Please forgive me...

l've asked his pardon...

l think he hasn't forgiven you.

Sir, please tell him that
you've forgiven me...

Else, he may beat me to death.

- Get lost!
- Thank God!

Uncle, excellent performance!

- Okay... okay...
- Superb, uncle...

- Move... move...
- What do you want?


- His hand is bleeding...
- Oh no! l didn't notice it...

- Okay give it to me...
- l'll apply the medicine..

What can you do?
Give it to me...

Show your hand...

- No, it's okay..
- Keep quiet... it's bleeding...

Show your hand...

Keerthi, hold his hand.

Hold it...

Can't you hear me?
HoId his hand..

lt's enough...

Mother, he's wounded here also.

Show me...

lt's okay... l'll go to my room
and apply medicine.

Sir, what should one do
to have such a body?

One must grow first!

Oh my God!

Hey, what are you doing here?

- What are you doing here?
- You inquisitor...

Go... they are calling you...

This isn't fair..

Welcome, Anandavalli.

- Pooja.
- Yes Pooja..

What's the matter?

l'm an open type girl.

Very modern...


l can't hide anything.


l liked you very much the
moment l saw you.

After that, when you said
that there is no one for you..

l liked that frankness..

When you got scared for snake,
l liked your innocence.

Above all, when you dared
to fight for our family,

l liked your braveness.



l think...

You think...

l think...

l love you!

Oh no!

Oh my God! l don't know what to do...

l go out of the world when l see him...
l feel shy...

What's the matter?

What happened?


Sister, you should only help me.

There is no one to share...

You're my only hope!

Tell me the matter.


- l think...
- You think...

l'm in love with Vasu, sister.

- What?
- Yes sister.

The guest who is here,
l meant him only.

- Hey...
- Yes...

l think l guessed it right.

You should convince our grandpa
and help us to get married.

Not immediately...

Only after your marriage...
Let's say after 3 months.

Marriage?! What do you mean?

Oh my God!

No... it's all wrong...

- What's wrong in that?
- l don't know all that..

- You shouldn't love him. That's it.
- Why?

No means no...

l don't like it.

l don't need your opinion.
l like him.


Please sister... don't you love me?

You should help me.

l'll marry him and have many children...
Thank you!

Oh my beloved!
Oh my secret lover...

Oh no!


She is an innocent girl...

l know.

lt's just infatuation.

She will realise it soon.


No problem...



- Call me when you have food...
- Sure.

Oh Lord Narayana!
I bow to your hoIy feet...

Grandpa, won't you talk to me?

Get lost, you donkey!

Didn't you leave me?

Please grandpa...

Hereafter l won't go anywhere
leaving you.

l swear on you...

- Next who is going to sing?
- Godavari aunty...

- Yes aunty...sing...please...
- Hey no...

l've a bad throat.
Seenu will sing for me..

- Oh no! Aunty...l can't sing.
- Brother, sing...

Seenu, all are asking you, aren't they?
Come on sing...

Don't refuse your fiance's request.

Oh no! Look, uncle is feeling shy...

Hello Mister, calling you only...
Come on sing...

What do you want me
to sing about?

lt's your wish...

Sing about your wife...

Hey, l can't do with this...

Please don't make fun of me..

He is a good singer.

- Uncle... please uncle...
- Hey buddy, please sing...

Hey, don't talk rubbish...
l'll take leave.

Hey, please help me, dude...

They can't bear my voice...
please dude...

Sing for my sake...
Okay, he is ready...

Now my friend Vasu will
sing on behalf of me...

About Keerthi...

Look, how beautiful she is!

Sing about her!

Hey, come on... sing...

AII are waiting...come on sing, buddy..

Has the beautifuI cIouds
turned into a girI?

PIaying with me aIways!

You bring back many
memories to the fore...

And my heart goes restIess...

Why don't you speak a word?

Why don't you give a singIe gIance?

You bring back many
memories to the fore...

And my heart goes restIess...

Has the beautifuI cIouds
turned into a girI?

PIaying with me aIways!

You're aIIuring twiIight...
You're Iightning...

A fire that Ieaves anyone coming
into contact with you in tears...

Oh damseI, teII me the truth...

Your smiIe makes
other women jeaIous...

This angeI resides in a tempIe,
not in a house...

I can see the footprints of Goddess...

Dearth of words to praise
your beauty...

I'm just sIiding aside
cIosing my eyes...

I'm experiencing joy in tears...

You bring back many
memories to the fore...

And my heart goes restIess...

You've won aII our hearts...

From where did you Iearn this trick?

You trapped me with a wink...

You ordered me to carry you
in the paIanquin...

I'm Iiving for the day
to tie the knot with you...

What wiII happen to my Iove?

WiII it get stamped by your feet?

Oh no! lt's raining... run fast...

Has the beautifuI cIouds
turned into a girI?

PIaying with me aIways!

She was fine.

She didn't wake up.

She was longing to see Keerthi's marriage.

Doctor, do something.

l've tried my level best.

She is old, isn't it?

Don't know what desire
is holding her back?

She is nearing her death.

They also tried a lot...
No use...but still she is alive.

She loves milk sweet, isn't it?
Give her.

Hey, stop it...
all of you get out from here.

She is alive, isn't she?
Why are you mourning? Get out.

Doctor, ask everyone to leave the room.

lt's suffocating... please...

Okay, all of you leave the room.
You can cry later. Go...

All of you please go out.

Grandma, l've entered your room.

Won't you get up and beat me?

You feel like laughing, aren't you?

No one cared you when you
were moving around.

Now they want to fulfill your desires.

What can we do, grandma?

Even l was also like them.

But after my father's death...

l realised his value.

l don't know about them...

But l like you very much.

l swear...

Whenever you chased me with a stick...

...l remember my father.

Grandma, every year l'll definitely
visit this place.

What else do l've here for me without you?

Think for a while...

l'll leave it to your choice then.

- Mother... mother, are you okay?
- Grandma, what happened?

l'm Seenu, grandma.

- Mother, your Lakshmi is here.
- Mother, look at me...

What happened to you?


Take a Iook...

Sir, shall l read the invitation?

Just a minute...

Have all our family members
assembled here?

Yes father.

Hey Vasu, can't you hear me?
Are you deaf?

Come here...he is going to
read the invitation.

Come and sit here...

Look there...

Oh my God!

Hubby, we are going to buy saris..
Can you come with us?

No way!

A thorn pierced into my leg,
l can't walk, please move.

Please move...

- Seenu...
- Raju, bring my bike's key.

l want to make a call to my office.

Hey, somebody accompany us.
How can we women go alone?


To buy saris. Will you come?

Okay mother. Let's go...

He has agreed to come with us.

What man?



You come...so kind of you!

- Bye, buddy...
- Go... go...

Get inside...

- All of you get inside.
- Get inside.

- Aunty, we will also join you.
- Okay, make it fast.


How long we have to go?

Why do you bother?
Shut up and come...

Hey, first you shut your mouth...
Hey, don't quarrel...be quiet...



Oh my God!

Why are you falling on me?

Keep your hands away...
Come this side...

Be careful!

Show me that colour...
The one which is above...

Didn't get me? l meant that sari.

Show me that yeIIow sari.

What sir?

Have you come with women to buy saris?

Be seated. lt will take time.
Only God knows when it'll end.

l'm here for the past 2 days.

- Vasu... Vasu...
- Coming...

- Yes... border is nice..
- Where were you?

Will this colour suit Keerthi?

No chance...red colour will
suit her perfectly.

When she wears a red sari,
a matching blouse, adorning flowers,

She'll look gorgeous.

What's this, Keerthi?
You are standing stiII.

Let's select this one.

- Don't want... Iet's take that sari...
- Hey wait...

Leave me uncle...
Leave me uncle...

Leave me uncle...

- Vasu, please take her to loo.
- Leave me, uncle...

- Over? - No...
- Okay then...

Uncle, wash...

Do l've to do even this?


- Be careful...
- lt has become dark...

Sorry sister.

OnIy 3 baIIs were bowIed.

- Not 4...
- 3 baIIs were onIy bowIed.

- UncIe, run out...
- No...

I'm teIIing you, isn't it?

Come on... take one more run...

Take one more run...

He is not out...no...

- Father, come...you onIy toId me, right?
- Am coming...

lt seems she wants to check her mails.

Can you please take her to the town?

No sir... children are here...

l'll take care of them.
You take her.

Come on, Vasu...
let's go... come..

lf you want to check your mail,
go ahead..

Why are you caIIing me?

Listen to me...come with me...



Where are you going?

l'm going to the town to
check my mails.


Why are you taking him for that?

How can l go alone?

l've informed father.

Let's go, Vasu.

Come on...

Get inside...

Get inside, Vasu...quick...

- Hey... wait... l'll also come...
- Why?

l also want to check my mail.

You go alone...

- Sister... please... please...
- Hey, shut up! Move...

You come out...

l'll drive myself.

Where are you going? Come...

Get inside...

Get inside...

Why are you hiding here?

I don't know...

Why are you sweating?

I don't know...

Oh no! Why your hands are shivering?

I don't know.

Sit down.

- Who pinched me?
- Who?

- Who hit you?
- Who?

- Who bit me?
- Who?

Who has broken me?

Once upon a time there was an
innocent King near PaIghat...

He was a chiId at heart...

Once upon a time there was an
innocent King near PaIghat...

He was a chiId at heart...

Who is he?

Who is he?

King of PaIghat has
an innocent Queen...

She was gorgeous in a sari...

Who is she?

Who is she?

There are fruits and miIk
in the bed room...

It's the King and Queen's
honeymoon night...

King asked the Queen,
what is honeymoon?

Queen asked the same
question to the King...

Why is it so?

Why is it so?

The books he read never mentioned
about honeymoon...

There wasn't any schooI
to teach him this...

I don't know much about
poetry or arts...

I never had any girI in my Iife to Iove
tiII you came...

Once upon a time there was an
innocent King near PaIghat...

She was gorgeous in a sari...

- Who is it?
- Who?

- Who is it?
- Who?

- Who pinched me?
- Who?

- Who hit you?
- Who?

- Who bit me?
- Who?

Who has broken me?


You stay outside.
l want to talk with Vasu.

What's the matter?

l say go...

Hey, is it about my love?

Yes go...

You're my lovely sister!

Thank you.

Talk to him.

Stand little away.

lt has become serious.

You talk to her and put an end to it.

Poor girl! She may cry.

Just leave it...

Everything will become
alright after some time.

You don't know about Pooja.

She is very adamant.

lf my family comes to know this,
they won't spare her.

Please... better talk to her now.

Okay... l'll do as you wish.

Pooja, wait...

Listen to me...

You've mistaken...

Pooja, hoId on for a minute...


Oh my God!


Help... help...somebody help us...

Somebody help us...please...


Why did she do Iike this?

Oh no!

Oh my God! Pooja... Pooja...

Doctor... Ambulance...
Doctor... help...

- Pooja...
- Hey...

Oh no! Pooja is gone!
l killed her!

First l killed your father...
Now l killed my sister...!

- l'm a sinner!
- Hey, you stupid...

Will you please shut up?

- Pooja...
- Just shut up...

Shut up...

- Pooja...
- Hey, be quiet...shut!

l say shut up!

Give me your hand...

- What?
- Give me your hand...

Oh my Pooja...

Again, if you make noise, l'll kill you!



Hey, why are you beating her?

Oh no! My Pooja, are you alright?

Why did you do like this?

Oh no! What can l do now? Pooja...

Keep quiet...

Will you atleast love me now?

Hey, how old are you?

Tell me...

15 years old.

15 years old!

Why do you fall in love while studying?

Don't you have sense?

This isn't love.
This is attraction.


Hey Keerthi, isn't she beautiful?

- lsn't she beautiful?
- Yes.

lsn't she beautiful than you?


Go and see your face in the mirror.

Round face, good structure.
You're a ravishing beauty!

5 years from now men here
will go mad over you.

everyday, you'll get atleast
10 love letters,

then why me?

Shahrukh Khans and Salman Khans
will be at your feet.

Do you want to die before
seeing all this?

Come on die... l'll help you...


Are you sure l can get man like you?

lnfact much better than me...

Answer to my question...

- Will he make me smile like you do?
- Yes...

- Will he be good like you?
- Yes...

You won't even remember me then.

Okay then... let's go...


lt's okay.

ls she really more beautiful than me?


l feel better...

Sir, what a surprise!

We all have come to attend
the same marriage.

We didn't know while travelling.

- Ensure to reach by 7 am tomorrow.
- Okay sir.

- Where do you work?
- SSI.

- Really?
- Even my friend works there.

- Really?
- Hi, buddy!

You take care, Raju.

Hi, Ganesh.

- What's this, Vasu?
- Are you all Keerthi's friends?


- He is Keerthi's bridegroom.
- Hello...

My friend, Seenu!

He is Keerthi's fiance.
He's the groom.

lsn't he smart?

Keerthi's fiance.

- Say 'Hi' to him...
- Hi...

You all may be tired...
take some rest.

My house is in the next street.
You can stay there itself.

- Raju, take them...
- Okay sir.

Let's go...

Hey, where are you going, man?

l'll also stay with them and
have good time...

Anyhow, you will be busy here..

- Hey, tell him...
- Yes... yes...

Okay...l'll come there tonight.
Let's play cards.

Your clothes...?

Your clothes are in the room.

l'll take it later.

Let's go.

Oh maiden! Return my souI...

It's enough... pIease Ieave me...

I'm crossing my Iimits.

Hey Keerthi, not yet asleep?

You have to wake up early.
Go to bed.

Tomorrow, by this time,
marriage would be over.

It's enough... no more tears...

Enough of bearing this Iove pain...

It's enough... no more tears...

Enough of bearing this Iove pain...

I was inside the sea...
You came Iike breeze...

You touched my souI and
dweIIed in my heart...

I Iaid on your Iap...
it became my bed...

Today you made me cry...

Oh my damseI!
Love is innumerabIe pain...

Every pain is murmuring
your name onIy...

If you want to experience pain,
faIIen in Iove...

- Vasu...
- Please...

Please forgive me...

Without my knowledge...
l crossed my limit...

l'm also a human being, ain't l?

l tried my level best
to control myself...

You're the bride...

lf anyone see you here,
it will create a problem..

Come... l'll take you
to your house.

Oh! Now l understood...

When you were after me,
l didn't care you.

Are you taking revenge of me now?

You will directly say 'l love you'.
What bothers you?

Women need to think a lot
about it before deciding.

We need time...

But once if we get fixed,
we will never retract.

To hell with you!

You will take your own time to reply.

Do you want me to sit like
a dog longing for you?

Hey, is it a business deal?
To finalise...

This is a matter of life..

Days pass in a fraction of second...

Whatever it is, you owe a reply.

To hell with your love!

ls this your love?!

Tomorrow you're getting married, and now
are you expressing your love to me?

From the day l saw you,
l'm dying here every moment.

Can you feel that pain?

When your grandpa included
my name in your family list.

l got fixed from then.

That they're everything to me!

Think for a while.

l came here like an orphan.

But now l've got a grandpa,
grandma and a big family.

Above all, those children
love me so much.

Now if l ask them to get me
married to you...

They will die, won't they?

They may spit on me saying,
'did you come here for this'?

Above all, my friend Seenu...

He brought me here for solace.

Now do you want me to ruin his life?

l don't mind losing you,

but l can't live without them.

ls this your final decision?

What's left for me to say then?

l'm missing a man like you.

That's my bad luck.

Will you marry some other girl?

...no... this is enough!



You could've told me this earlier...

l wouldn't have loved her...

lt's paining me now...

Hey, what are you talking?

- There is nothing between us...
- Hey... hey...

You both hugged each other
in the middle of the road...

Don't fool me...

Hey, don't talk rubbish...

By mistake...in confusion...
it was happened...

You don't worry.
She will marry you only.

How is it possible?

She loves you...but marry me?

- Who will she sleep with then?
- Hey...

What are you talking, man?

Don't involve me in your personal matter.

Better talk to my grandpa.

l don't know what you will do.

Tomorrow our marriage
shouldn't take place.

lf you try to escape.

l will kill you!

To hell with your sacrifice!

What about you?

Will you come home or go with him?


What a good friend you are!

- Make it fast...
- Okay...

- Hey...
- Please don't say anything...

lf l'm here, the entire family
will get ruined. Come fast...

Let's leave this place before dawn.

Hey Seenu, it's going to dawn.

Go and take bath...
It's getting Iate...

Hey, catch me...

Hey, where are you going?

Sit down.

Both of them say the hymn.

Hey, where is he?

Sir... sir...

Sir, where are you going?

Seenu stopped the marriage suddenly.


The old man got so angry
that he consumed poison.

Doctor says his condition
is very serious.

Everyone at home is crying.
Please come. Come.

You idiot! Where were you?
Go inside.

Leave him.
You come with me, Vasu. Come.

Don't move from this place, got it?

Tell him.

Tell him l say.

lf l come there...

Tell him. You scoundrel!


Tie the auspicious thread.

Hey Vasu...

l'm here only.

Tie the auspicious thread.
The auspicious time will elapse.

What are you thinking about?
Tie the auspicious thread.

Beat the drums.

What happened?

l'm already married.
My wife is in Madras.

l agreed for this marriage
because of grandfather.

Please forgive me.

The old man must have got the
consent of the groom.

Youngsters who go to the
city get spoilt.

Answer me, you rascal.
Tell me.

l will kill you if you come closer.
Go back.

Why did you do like this?
Say something. Tell me.

- l will kill you.
- Don't beat him.

How dare you do like this?

No sir. Don't beat him.

Tell me. You rascal.

- Leave me.
- Stop it.

As an elderly man,
how could you beat him like this?

Do you know the truth?

- Keerthi...
- What truth?

Trying to protect me? Get lost.

lt's my grandfather who is beating me.

You're a stranger.
Don't interfere.

Beat me, grandfather.
Beat me, grandfather.

- Will you beat me or not?
- Keep quiet, Seenu.

Why should you both be
punished for my fault?

What is your fault?
lt's all my fault.

They are enacting a play.
You beat me, grandfather.

- No. lt's me.
- Shut up.

You shut up.

You didn't say it when you
had to say it.

Will you beat me or not, grandpa?

No. lt's all my fault. Beat me.

- No. it's all my fault. Beat me.
- Beat me l say.

- You keep quiet, Seenu.
- You keep quiet.

You both keep quiet.

- l will tell you.
- l will tell you.

No. l will tell you.

Vasu, you tell me.

What Seenu said is a lie.
He is not married.

Go on.

l know Keerthi long back.

We both work in the same office.

First, l fell in love with Keerthi.

And now, she is in love with me.

Seenu came to know all this.

lf you all agree,

will you get her married to me?

Why did you do like this? Tell me.
ls he telling the truth? Tell me.

Aren't you ashamed to beat a girl?

You keep quiet, father.

She is like this because
we pampered her so much.

We can solve our issue later.

First chase that dog out and
then think what has to be done.

lf people come to know about this,
our honour will go to dogs.

The villagers will spit on us.

Why is everyone talking as they like?

Give me a rope.
l will hang myself to it.

All these problems are because of me.

As an elder, you shouldn't say that.

Chase that evil out.
Everything will be alright.

Seenu will not go against us.

lf you dare to touch me,
l will chop your hand.

What's your problem?

Why is everyone shouting?

What wrong did we commit?

Did we both elope?

Not to hurt this 70 year old man,

we are standing like dead
leaving everything behind.

What happened now?
Can't a girl fall in love?

Can you make any girl swear that

she has never fallen in love
with anyone before marriage?

lf you want your wife not to have
fallen in love with anyone,

no man will ever get married.

Seenu wanted me to ask her hand.
And l did it.

l know there will be problems.

But l never expected you
to manhandle me.

Your family is one which
l admire & love the most.

Now, l'm your only problem.
l will go away.

l will never step into this house again.
l won't cause any trouble.

l want you all to be happy.

Like always, l want to see
you all smiling.

Got it?

Asking for your girl's hand is wrong.

Will you come with me?

l won't mind if they aren't with me.

But l can't live without seeing you.
l can't live without your yells.

l'll take good care of you.
Will you come with me?


6 months later...

Haven't you cleaned
the threshold still?

Why do you sleep so long?
You rascal! Lazy goose!

Stop. Where are you going
with empty hands?

Take a bucket of water.

l've to tell everything to this donkey.
lt's all my fate.

Oh God! Why did you push me into
this unorthodox house?

Why is the toilet stinking?

You scarp!
What did you eat last night?

lt stinks. Shit!

And moreover you've hung your
brief like a wall painting.

Unable to bear all this,
l've to take bath in temple ponds.

Can any woman stay in your house?

Oh God! What's my mistake?
l'm suffering a lot staying with him.

l was very happy in our house.

He mesmerised with his talk
and brought me here.

Listen to me.
You rascaI!

Oh God! What more do I have to face!

l'm talking here and...

Vasu uncle...

Mother-in-law, how are you?

She used say that she's very orthodox.

But she came here when he invited her.

Can we come inside?

What are you staring at?
Get inside.


l get angry on seeing you.

l wish to beat you.

l'm very old now.

Like them, l couldn't change
my attitudes just like that.

l didn't want an entire family
to cry for this old man.


My friend lives in Mylapore.
l will stay with him.

Give me sometime.
l will try to change.

They're here to stay with you
for few days.

Take care of them.


An entire family has come here for me.

l've only one request.

Can l come to your place
if l want to see you all?

- Hope you didn't forget anything.
- No.

Take this.

Well fed family,

the list contains items everyone want,

buy them immediately.

Subtitle by Ringo