Yaara O Dildaara (2011) - full transcript

Romantic family film that revolves around love and relationships. Karam Singh Sandhu is the modern patriarch of the Sandhu Group of Companies. He lives with his two sons, Sukhdeep and Rajbir. While Sukhdeep looks after the business, Rajbir is the pampered one. Kang is the fun loving librarian, who has not worked a day in his life, but has to work extra hard to convince his ladyloves' eccentric family that he possesses all the qualities they want in their would be son-in-law. Sukhdeep meets Aman and both fall in love with each other. When the time comes for Sukhdeep to propose to Aman, her past resurfaces. Karam Singh arranges the marriage of Sukhdeep to Harleen and then later finds out that he has arranged his elder son to marry the girl his younger son loves.

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Has my grandson woken up?
- No, grandma.

- Didn't I tell you to wake him up?

Karam Singh?
- Grandma, sir said..

...that he will return home late.

He went to the golf
club with Mr. Randhawa.

Good putt, Mr. Sant.

Thank you, Mr. Randhawa.

Mr. Sandhu, you
look very happy today?

Yes, my son Sukh has won the award..

...for the best
businessman of the year.

What better gift can
a father receive..

...from his son on his birthday?
- Absolutely right.

Come, let's celebrate.
- Sure, sir.

- Cheers!

By the way, Mr. Sandhu,
since your son's coming after..

...receiving an award can |
also expect a reward from you?


As you know, Mr. Sandhu,
my daughter has completed..

...her graduation from St.
Blaise from Shimla.

| had planned that my
daughter stays with me..

...after my retirement
so yesterday I got..

...her admission in the
government college..

...in the finance department.

But my daughter wants to
take some industrial training..

...in finance in your
factory along with her studies.

Now you spoke like a true soldier.

Do you need to say this?
Ask for something more.

Today it's my daughter's
first day in her college..

...your younger son
Rajveer is also studying..

...in the same college tell
him to take care of her.

No problem, this will also be done.

But make sure you come
to my party this evening.

Sure. Happy birthday again.

Good morning, my son. Good morning.

Hi, dad!

Mom, he's improving day by day.

Dear son, haven't you
woken up a bit early today?

Yes, papa. Yesterday |
had four lectures free..

...and today I have
two free lectures.

Great, I hope you'll
enjoy in college now.

Mom, don't forget to offer him
some sweets after his breakfast.

He has done a great wonder today.

Well, I had some
important work with you, son.

Yes, tell me, father.
- Good morning, uncle.

Good morning. Good morning.

Please be seated.
- Thank you, uncle. Thanks.

Sit down and taste some
breakfast with your friend.

No, uncle, I eat only
once but if you insist..

...I'll taste some for company sake.
- Okay, no problem.

Mr. Kang, I want to tell you
something, please don't mind..

...I didn't understand
yours and Rajveer's chemistry.

You are a librarian
and he's a student.

What kind of a friendship is this?

In fact, uncle,
there's no chemistry between us..

...there's philosophy between us.

You see the BJP government
is working alone, right?

But when there's
a tiff between them..

...Mr. Badal tries to
control the whole matter.

Leave him, father, tell
me what important work..

...you have with me?

My friend Randhawa's
daughter Harleen..

...has completed her
graduation from Shimla..

...and has taken
admission in your college.

And you are a very senior
student of your college..

...the girl is new, just see to it..

...that no senior
student troubles her.

Don't worry,
father, when I'm there..

...no one will dare to look
at Mr. Randhawa's daughter.

That's like my boy.

This proves how much my son
is serious in his studies.

Uncle, we take up all
our work very seriously.

You can assure Mr. Randhawa.

Just tell him to pay his
daughter's fees regularly..

...we won't be able to do that.

Rest leave everything in
our hands. Am I right?

Let's go, Mr. Vikram.

Actually, uncle was
telling to have breakfast..

...I hope he doesn't mind.

No, no. No formalities.
If you are getting late..

...you can have it afterwards.

Hurry up! I have arranged
heavy lunch for you in the canteen.

Alright, uncle.
- Bye, father. Bye, grandma.

What's wrong with you?
Let me have some.

Okay, you go and look out for
Mr. Randhawa's daughter Harleen.

I'll go to the library and
have a few words with Chindi.

If one has friends like you then
there's no need to have enemies.

You selfish person.

Hello, Ms. Chindi, you
have managed to handle..

...the library work well
in my absence I feel now..

...you must think of handling
your household chores too.

Leave that. Tell me
what am I supposed to do..

...with those girls and boys
who come here for romance?

Who romances here?


| feel some students have laid
eggs over here in the library..

...they come here
running to sit on the eggs.

Excuse me, what do you mean by this?

You are saying this to whom?

| haven't mentioned anybody's name.

Only that girl will be
annoyed by such a statement..

...who is romancing here.

Kang sir, mind your language!

Why don't you fight in Punjabi
| have failed in English.

Mr. Romeo?

Look at yourself before
pointing towards others.

Look at yourself Mr. Kang
and then taunt others.

Why is there a cat
sitting under my chair?

No, it's not a cat. In fact
it's Chindi sitting on your seat.

He's madly in love with her.

Hello, it's up to me
where I make her sit.

Who are you to challenge my freedom?

Then even you cannot
challenge our freedom.

Stand up. Sand up.

You all keep studying. Why are
you all looking here? Do your job.

If you want to do all this then
why don't you go to some mall?

Go and sit in a garden.

No need to spoil the
atmosphere of the library.

Come, let's go, it's
he who is spoiling..

...the atmosphere of the
library and he's blaming us for it.

- What did you say?

Nothing, nothing, come, let's go.

Acting smart.

You all study. Why
are you looking here?

Is there some drama going on here?

Have made the library a lovers den.

Mr. Kang, this is the limit.
Think something now.

| too feel that |
have to decide now.

Or else the way we have
thrown them out of the library..

...the principal will throw
both of us out of the college.

My name is Prabhleen Sandhu.
I'll sing Ms. Pooja's song for you.

'Stop whistling and
calling me. Stop staring at me'

'Stop staring at me!

'Stop whistling and calling me.
Stop staring at me." - Good. Good.

And yes, you?
- I don't know anything.

I'll get married and flee to Canada.

He's an NRI quota. Let him go.

You can go.

I'll go to Canada.

I'm Harleen Randhawa
and I have done my graduation..

...from St. Blaise, Shimla.

Then please sing us
a song sung by Sukhwinder.


Richie, she's from St.
Blaise, Shimla.

Why can't she show us
an item number like..

'Sheela ki jawani' or "Munni
Badnaam hui' (Hindi film songs)?

Yes, so what is your opinion?

| can't sing.

Richie, then tell her to do
"Bhujangasan' (a Yoga posture)..

...which is done by Baba Ramdev.

Okay, then, please do it.

No, I don't know.

What is she saying?

Strange, you don't want to sing.

Don't want to dance and don't
want to do Yogasana as well..

Okay, then, you can kiss any
of the senior students you like.

| feel she has never done that too.

Haven't you kissed
anybody till today?

It's. Very very easy.

Stop it.

| say stop it. Rajveer,
Richie, stop it. What is this?

Rajveer, I'm asking
you what is all this?

Sir, when law is against ragging..

...then who is he to
rag the new students?

Ragging? He was ragging whom?

Ask her, sir.

Is it, child?
- Yes, sir

Mr. Richie, I'm suspending you
for seven days from this college.

And now you get out.

But sir..
- I say get out.

Please go back to your classrooms.
And you too.

Excuse me.

Thanks. By the way, I'm Harleen.

Rajveer. Since your dad
had given me this duty..

...I have fulfilled it.

Thanks again.

"The atmosphere is
happening and I'm very happy."

"Let's celebrate, my friends,
and sing this peppy song."

"The atmosphere is
happening and I'm very happy."

"Let's celebrate, my friends,
and sing this peppy song."

"Swing and dance
to the music today."

"If you want to dance,
then say yes."

"| say, everybody dance."

"SMS this happiness to
each and everyone.."

" .If you want to
see everybody happy."

"If you want to dance,
then say yes."

"| say, everybody dance."

"SMS this happiness to
each and everyone.."

" .If you want to
see everybody happy."

"Click snaps of
this happening party."

"These moments will be
your good memories."

"Click snaps of
this happening party."

"These moments will be
your good memories."

"These moments are not
going to come again.."

"..So don't miss this chance."

"If you want to dance,
then say yes."

"| say, everybody dance."

"SMS this happiness to
each and everyone.."

" .If you want to
see everybody happy."

"If you want to dance,
then say yes."

"| say, everybody dance."

"SMS this happiness to
each and everyone.."

" .If you want to
see everybody happy."

"We have come empty handed.."

"..And will go empty
handed from this world.."

"..All the luxuries
will stay back here."

"We have come empty handed.."

"..And will go empty
handed from this world.."

"..All the luxuries
will stay back here."

"Our house should be
filled with happiness always."

"If you want to dance then say yes."

"| say, everybody dance."

"SMS this happiness
to each and everyone..

...if you want to
see everybody happy."

"If you want to dance then say yes.
| say, everybody dance."

"SMS this happiness
to each and everyone..

...if you want to
see everybody happy."

Mother, after seeing my kids |
really feel that we have grown old.

It's but natural, son.

Sukh is handling your factory

and Rajveer is going
to complete his studies.

I'm not talking about them, mother.

You are talking about whom then?

I'm talking about
Mr. Randhawa's daughter.

She was hardly six
or seven years old..

...when I saw her for the first time.

Yesterday she was sitting in
front of me in the party..

...and I was couldn't believe that
she is the same girl I had seen.

If you see anyone so young..

...and see the same
person after so many years,..

.There is a vast difference.

The girl is indeed very pretty.

Is Mr. Randhawa bad?

So son, his daughter will
be coming to our factory..

...to practise finance,
please help her.

Of course, father, you just command.

I'll make her sit on my seat and
I'll go and sit on the clerk's seat.

Well-said, brother, well-said.

Son, no need to be so happy.

| don't find you
serious in studies..

...and if you fail..

...then I'll shut the
university gates..

...and open the
factory gates for you.

No need to worry
about my studies, father.

I'm worried about our
factory due to the recession.

I'll top from the
university and make you proud.

Let's see. Let's see
which way the wind will blow.

Come on then, let's
go to the factory.

Who knows what I will
have to face if I fail.

Son, the confidence with which
you are running the factory..

...I'm sure you'll never fail.

We are blessed to
have you in our house.

Okay, father. Bye, grandma.
- Bye, son.

- Take care.

Come soon.
- Alright.

Here, have hot fried bread with
some cold coffee. Have a bite.

| say please try my cold drink.

Please try this coffee.
- Try this.

Rajveer, please.

Rajveer, tell them not to say all
this. She is feeling embarrassed.

Don't trouble her.
She'll take what she likes.

I'm sorry, Rajveer,
| forgot to ask you,

you are studying in which year?

| have completed my studies..

...and I'm planning to go
to London now. - London?

This boy is an MBA topper..

...he is planning to do PhD
from Oxford University now.

And everybody will call him a
doctor after two years. Isn't it?

O my God! Are you going to
Oxford university to do PhD?

It's every student's
dream to study from there.

It may be, but now I feel
| won't be happy going to London.

Buddy, please help me too.
| will also be able to do MBA.

Buddy, how can I teach everybody?
It's not easy for me.

Can't you study on your own?

Neither do you study and
nor do you let others study.

Please be seated. Not you. Stand-up.

Your third semester
is still not cleared..

...and if you fail in
the fourth semester..

...then you will fail
even in your MBA too.

You just waste your
time the whole day.

Sir, I had come to
collect the books.

Do you take the books to
study or to tear them?

Use the library books carefully.
Yes. Yes.

I'm also leaving.

I'm also leaving. |
have to attend my class.

There is a student from Oxford
University sitting over here.


You also go and look
after the library books.

Go and check whether the
rats are tearing the books.

Our matter was getting
fixed smoothly, buddy,

the principal came and
ruined the whole scene.

Hi I'm.. I'm Harleen Randhawa.
I'm here to meet Mr. Sukhdeep.

Please go inside
he's waiting for you.


May I?

Come, Harleen.

- Come in.

How are you? Please be seated.

- Would you like to have something?

No, thank you.

Yes, dad has told me about you..

...that you want to
take factory training.

Please feel at home. Do
tell me if you need anything.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Strange, you have
come to your own office.

Please don't embarrass
me by saying thank you.

Thank you.


Go and meet Mr. Sharma,
| have explained him everything.

Okay, thank.. sorry. Bye.
- Bye.

Good news. Good news. Good news.

My very good friend
lieutenant Vikramjeet Singh has..

...sent me the photographs
of three army officers..

...select one from these and decide..

...which boy is
suitable for our Chindi.

Mr. Army officer, we don't have..

...a single great
officer in our house..

...and you are ready
to get another one.

Leave aside army officer,
I'll not allow Chindi..

...to marry even a NCC cadet.

First of all I'll tear
off your news paper.

You begin your day
watching the advertisements..

...then you start checking
the e-mails.

You have sent the girl's picture..

...to so many NRI boys till today.

Listen to me, I'll get
my daughter married..

...only to an army officer.

Okay, I have no objection at all.
Marry her off to an army officer.

Well-done, that's
like an obedient son.

But the boy must be
from Canadian army.

And now you are speaking
like a disobedient son.

You got your name
cancelled from the army..

...and now you blame the army.

Respected father, I
got my name cance||ed..

...but you defamed yourself.

There was a case going on
against you for one whole year.

| came out clean
from that very case.

That is why I bring so
much cash into the house.

Grandpa, was there
a corruption case against you?

Dear, don't listen to him.

It was like this,
a jealous army officer..

...got me trapped into this case.
Just to defame my name.

Grandpa, didn't you run
the cannons in the army?

Cannons.. - He used to run
the knife on the vegetables.

He was a chef in the army.

| was a chef in the beginning, but
didn't I get a promotion afterwards?

You didn't get the
promotion for some bravery act..

...it was due to chopping
four onions in one minute..

...in front of the Brigadier,
so you got a promotion.

At least I got a promotion,
not like you..

I didn't run away
like you from the army.

Keeps on boasting all the time.

Listen to me everybody, if the girl
is not married to an army officer..

...then I'll not perform the
grand parents introduction ceremony.

Father, you don't worry about that.

We'll get Chindi
married in such a house..

...where the grandfather is
already no more in this world.

You have pampered
him and spoilt him.

Look at these three pictures,
come select one quickly.

Father, I have already selected one.

| like this boy, looks like he's
born and brought up in Canada.

And then look at this one,
he's wearing a stud in his ear.

You both are
fighting with each other..

...first ask the girl's opinion.

Not to worry, |
won't complain even if..

...you get me married to a librarian.

Father, I have sent
Chindi's pictures..

...to hundred and twenty four boys.

Whoever gives me the response..

.I'l get her
married to that very boy.

It's time to decide now. I'm taking
all the three pictures upstairs..

_I'll sing 'eeny meeny mina mow'..

...and wherever the limerick stops..

...the girl's marriage will
be fixed that boy. That's it.

Father, there you are
speaking like an army officer.

He's simply impossible.
He'll never change.

Brother, if I choose a girl
in the college, then?

Good for you.

And what if I get married to her?

I'll also have kids after marriage.

I'll pick up the kids in my arms,
I'll play with them..

.I'll also pamper them.

But what if my kids ask me
while playing in your arms..

...where is their uncle's wife,
what will I answer them then?

You can tell them that your
uncle doesn't have an aunt..

...So you have to bear
your uncle alone. Okay?

I'm unable to bear it now, brother.

Unless you get married |
won't be able to marry.

| wanted to ask you when are
you planning to get married.

| haven't decided yet. Right
now I feel like beating you.

Don't want to do anything and
won't let others do anything.

Why are you making faces?

I'm going through such a big
problem, can't you be a bit serious?

Do you want me to be on drip,
just to show that I'm serious?

Only then, you'll realise
that I'm serious?

I'm trying to think.
You don't even let me think.

Yes, I have an idea.
Very interesting..

...I have come up with a unique idea.

Now ask what you wanted to ask.

What shall I ask you,
| have already told you..

...my father wants to get
me married to an NR|..

...and my grandpa is
searching an army officer for me.

Now you tell me what is to be done.

Let's elope.

Shame on you. This isn't a unique,
but a very antic idea..

...from Romeo and Juliet's time.

| meant to say that
let's elope from our houses..

...when your family members
will be tired after searching us..

...and when our three or four kids
will give a knock on their door..

...though not on us,
maybe your family members..

...will have pity on your kids.

And what if they see us
off on a train before that?

Very good, we'll save our money.

We'll go on our honeymoon
on their expenses.

I'm not talking
about our honeymoon..

...I'm talking about our murder.

Have you heard about honour killing?

Do you know those who marry
after eloping from their houses..

...what people do with them?

You are scaring me how.

Tell me, your mother
is supporting whom..

...your father or your grandfather?


Look, I have nobody to support me..

| have no support at all.
| have no one at my side, right?

Dumbo, what's wrong with your brain?

If my mother is on my side then..

automatically on your side too.

You come up with a good scheme..

...I'm sure my mother
will definitely support us.


If your mother supports us..

...then I won't let
our love story fail.

Hello, grandma.
- Hello.

Hello, father.
- Come, son, sit down.

| want to discuss
something with you.

Tell me, father.

What I'm going to ask you now,
you can't prolong it any longer.

My very good friend Mr. Sachhar..

...has send me his
daughter's photograph.

Think and then give the answer..

...it will be very
difficult for me to say no to him.

Father, Rajveer is also a bachelor..

...why don't you talk about
his proposal with Mr. Sachhar?

You are intelligent, son, I have
discussed about you with him..

...not about Rajveer.

Father, you know it very well..

...my answer is still
the same even today..

| know the reason
for your denial, son.

I'm your father, not your enemy.

Ask me how difficult it is
to live your life all alone.

They way I have spent five years..

...I'll spend the rest of
my life in the same manner.


Don't get upset, I'll speak to him.

It's of no use, mother.

The sad part is where
he was five tears back..

...he's still over there till today.

"My love, my eyes are filled
with tears when I think of you."

"My heart has fallen for you.
You are pious, my love."

"My heart has fallen for you.
You are pious, my love."

"I can't take my eyes off her."

"0 God. "

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"I have lost my sleep
and I'm in trouble."

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"She is so pretty, God
save her from evil eyes."

"Hope she stays away from
the evil eyes of this world."

"When you look down shyly,
you cast a spell on me."

"When you look down shyly,
you cast a spell on me."

"Her lovely eyes
pull me towards her."

"0 God. "

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"I have lost my sleep
and I'm in trouble."

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"| feel like giving her all
the happiness in this world."

"I owe my whole life for her."

"I'm not aware of
what's happening with me."

"But I'm glad about
whatever is happening with me."

"I'm not aware of
what's happening with me."

"But I'm glad about
whatever is happening with me."

"Her grace is there in the air."

"0 God. "

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"I have lost my sleep
and I'm in trouble."

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

"O God, I have lost my sleep.”

I'm really very sorry.
It's my mistake.

Let me drop you home. You
can change your clothes there..

...I'll drop you wherever
you want to go afterwards.

It's okay, I'll go.

But how can I leave
you in this condition?

Please make her understand.

Come on, Aman, how will you go
to college in these clothes?

Go home and change your dress.

He'll drop you to college. And
he deserves this punishment.

Saw she is so intelligent?
She is speaking so wisely.

- Yes.

I'm ready to face my punishment..

...you can't go anywhere, but
only to home in this condition..

Go. Go.


What happened, why
have you come back?

What happened to your clothes?

Aunt, it's not her mistake. She
was standing at the bus stop..

...and her clothes were
spoiled by the muck due to my car.

No problem, son, what
happened is happened.

You brought her home,
that's more than enough for me.

Please come inside,
I'll get coffee for you.

No, aunt, thanks for the tea.

Let her change, then I'll drop
her wherever she wants to go.

Mother, Aman is saying no need
to wait, she'll go on her own.

Aman is right, son,
where will you drop her.

She'll change and go to her college.

Okay, aunt, as you wish. Goodbye.



Hello. Is this Sikho house?

Yes, tell me.

Can I speak to Amandeep?

What do you want to tell her?

Actually she forgot her
book in my car in the morning.

Why are you bothering me?
She's in the hospital.

She's given birth to a
third daughter. Third daughter.

How could she forget
her book in your car?

The whole family is mourning.

Shall I give you the
address if you want to come?


Hello, is Aman at home?
- Aman.

Buddy, from the day I got married..

...I have lost peace,
happiness and solace from my life.

Actually Aman forgot
her book in my car today.

Okay, how I have
understood your game.

You keep forgetting
your book in others' car..

...and you blame me
that I went to watch..

...'3 Idiots' movie
with my secretary?

I'm the biggest idiot, I'm unaware..

...of what is
happening in his own house.

I'll commit suicide if
you try to blame me.

I'll also commit
suicide if you stop me..

...from watching movies with her.

You know she is such a sweet lady.


Hello, Sukhdeep here.


Yes. I.. I met you in the morning.

Yes, yes, son, tell me.

Aunt, can I talk to Aman?

Wait, I'll call her.

- Coming, mother.

Call for you.


Hi, Sukhdeep here.


Yes, your muck anger.

Thank God, you came on the line.
- What happened?

You forgot your book in my car..

...and I lost my cool because of
the Chandigarh telephone directory.

| called up at so many
houses in sector 16.

If you say can I come
to return your book now?

No, no, it's too late.

Do this, come to my
college in the morning..

...and return it there.


- Bye.

Hi, here's your book which
you had forgotten in my car.

I'm sorry, you had to come
to college to return my book.

No problem. I got a chance
to meet you once again..

...because of this excuse.

Then please take our books too,
we'll keep meeting..

...because of this excuse.


Don't say anything to Neha.

There should be some humour and fun.

And doctors also say that,
laughing is good for health.


Okay, bye.

- Bye.

Sir, there is no problem with
your car. Why did you call me then?

The car is fine, but my
spare parts are weak..

...that is why I have called you.

Go to a doctor if your
spare parts are weak..

...why have you called a mechanic?

| have come to the doctor.

I'll meet the doctor
due to your excuse.

Doctor, mechanic, because of me?
I'm unable to understand you.

I'll explain you. You can
take as much as money you want..

...but first do as I say.
Come on, hurry up.

Sir, if you are going to give me
cash then leave aside your car..

...I'm ready to come
under a truck also.

Go under the truck afterwards,
first get under the car. Go.

Tell us.

What's wrong with you?

| forgot my book in his car and he
came to meet me with that excuse.

I didn't call him.

'I have passed two moments with
great difficulty in my life...!

'..One is before you came and
the other one is after you left!


Why have you come again?

| didn't go. You left
and my car broke down.

The mechanic is
working from last six hours.

Mechanic. Mechanic.

Have you found the problem?



Yes, sir, there was a big problem.

| went off to sleep
while finding the problem.

| mean to say my eye got swollen.

Your job is done,
now give me my money.

Okay, so tell me what's the amount?

Sir, I was sleeping from
last six hours under your car..

...mean I was repairing your car..

...So pay me six hundred
rupees as per six hours.

Take thousand rupees. Go and enjoy.

Thousand? Isn't one
thousand too much?

Too much? Now you'll
cut down my money?

My name is Teja Silencer.
Teja Silencer.

Come, I'll drop all of
you home one by one.

No, we stay in the hostel.

It will be our pleasure
if you drop our friend back home.

Why not, please come.

No, please don't bother. I'll go.


Come on, Aman.

Sit, Aman, you are getting a free
lift. You know him. Come on, go how.


- Go.


The city is beautiful. Chandigarh.

You won't believe I don't
come very often to this city.

But what I know
about this city is that..

...no city is as
beautiful as this one.

The one who sees this
city falls in love with it.

You fall in love with this city.

Sukhdeep, you?

Yes, once again you forgot
your book in my car yesterday.

Oh my God! If my
friends see me today..

...they will
definitely make fun of me.

Please, let's go quickly from here.

But on one condition.

You'll have to drink a cup
of coffee with me today.

Okay, but let's go soon.


Why are you so silent?
Say something.

What shall I say?

Tell me something about yourself..

...and ask something about me.

About myself,

| have a very small family.

Me and my mother.

My mother is a teacher,
she is my world.

My mother and I are
all alone in this world.

We are all-alone in this world.
We come and go alone.

Well, I would like to
tell you about my family..

...I'm from Ludhiana.

| have a younger brother
who is studying in Dehradun..

...he lives in the hostel.

| lost my mother long back.

My father and grandma raised us.

Father used to handle
the factory before..

...but I'm handling it now.

There are many servants in
the house to look after us..

.But [ want a girl
who will take care of me.

Shall we leave now? It's too late.

It's not too late.

If you don't like my face,
then I have to go.

| have taken my book today.

| didn't feel like
giving you back this book.

But tell me something, did
you really forget this book..

...or was the book left
unknowingly in my car?

What do you feel?

Both the things suit me.

One if it was left
like this only in my car..

...I could meet you with that excuse.

If it's like this,
then keep it with you.

We can meet without this book too.

Doctor, please check my pulse.

What happened to you?

My heart keeps
chanting somebody's name..

...which only I can hear.

Whom else do you want it to hear?

To the whole world.

| want that we become famous like..

...Romeo and Juliet
in the whole world.

Aren't you scared?

Not at all. I'll elope
with you like Mirza..

...and we'll become famous in
the entire medical college.

Don't you want that
| should pass with..

...good marks in my final exams?

Well, I was talking about
after your final exams..

...you are faster than me.

Aman, I want to talk a lot with you.

Shall I tell you something?

"Our eyes met and we fell in love."

"Yes we fell in love."

"Our eyes met and we fell in love."

"| feel as though
| have met my God."

"We didn't come to know when we
fell in love with each other."

"When we fell in
love with each other."

"Don't leave me alone even
for a moment, my beloved."

"You are my world."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Yes, it's you, my love."

"Yes, it's you, my love."

"You are the joy of my life,
what more could I ask from God?"

"You are the joy of my life,
what more could I ask from God?"

"What more could I ask from God?"

"| see you and only you everywhere."

"| see you and only you everywhere."

"| see you smiling in the wind."

"I swear on God, I see
only you everywhere I see."

"| see only you everywhere."

"You are the most beautiful
gift to me in this world."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, it's you."

"Beloved, it's you."

"You fall only once
in love in your life."

"You fall only once
in love in your life."

"You fall truly in
love only once in life."

"We'll promise each other today."

"We'll promise each other today."

"We'll promise each other today."

"We'll always be together."

"Though we forget everything,
but we'll not forget this promise."

"We won't forget this promise."

"I can't live without you."

"Beloved, I can't live without you."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, you are
my sorrow and joy."

"Beloved, it's you."

"Beloved, it's you."

Hi, mother.

Sit, child.

Dear, I'm watching that
boy with you from many days..

...do you like him?

Like? No mother,
it's nothing like that.

By the way, what do you feel?

| liked him from the
very first day I met him.

Now you tell me what's in
your heart, how do you find him?


If it's like this, then tell him
to speak to his family members.

Okay, now keep it down.

And get a clean plate,
I'll take it to the Gurudwara.

Guess who it is, grandma.

My Sukhdeep, who else?

Grandma. How did you recognise me?

Son, the fragrance of grandson is
much lovelier than that of a son.

And I can recognise you
even from a far distance.

Tell me what were you doing
in Chandigarh all these days?

What was I doing, grandma? |
was looking out for someone..

...who could take care of you.

Care-taker for me?
- Yes.

The one who feeds you
before you eat your food..

...massages oil in your
hair before you go for bath..

...and massages your feet
before you go to sleep.

Alright. Why don't you
say it clearly that..

...you have chosen a
girl for yourself?

Okay, grandma, so you
know that I'm in love..

...the supreme court
is sitting outside..

...please go and take
his permission too.

So now you need your grandma?

Don't worry, I'll talk
to him today itself.

Thank you, grandma.

Vikram Singh, order for
your son's wedding cards..

...your son has selected a girl.
- Really, mother?

Ask him if you don't believe me.

- Yes, father.

What, father?

| had sent you to Chandigarh
with the income-tax papers..

...and you came back falling in love?

Come, sit.

Tell me about the girl's family.

I don't know much in detail.
Yes, I know only this much that..

...her father is no more
and the girl is doing MBBS.

| have met only the
girl and her mother.

The family seems to be good.
But they are not wealthy.

Money is not important. Lots of
wrong people have money with them.

The girl should
belong to a good family.

She must be from a
respectable family.

Am I right, mother? What do you
say, shall we go to Chandigarh?

Let's go and see our son's choice.

It's a very good idea.
From my side, let's go now.

Well-done, child.

The girl doesn't have a father..

...but you still educated
your daughter so well.

| would say that we are lucky
enough to have found your daughter..

...who is so talented
and well-educated..

...to become the
daughter-in-law of our family.

Thanks a lot,
grandma. I'm highly obliged.

By the way, tell me
something about your background?

| didn't get you.

Tell me something about the girl's..

...maternal parents' and
grandparents' village?

| represent girl's maternal
parents' side and grandparents' side.

My daughter and I live alone.

Look, there are
differences in families.

But the absence of relatives
in a wedding looks very bad.

Okay, if you
insist I will ask them..

...but I don't feel
anybody will come.

Mr. Sekho was working as
an SDO at which place?

Fatehgadh Saab.

Fatehgadh Saab?

My friend Malkit Singh is
working there from past many years.

Malkit Singh Bhullar?


He's was a very good
friend of Aman's father.

It's a very good thing then.

Let it be,
let's not discuss all this.

Have some sweets on
this joyous occasion.

So Mr. Sandhu, how did you
remember me after so many days?

Lawyer, I wanted to get
some information from you..

Was there anybody named
Satnam Singh Sekho working..

...in your electric
city board? He was an SDO.

Satnam Singh Sekho? SDO?

Oh yes, I remember, there was one..

...but he expired 20-25 years back.

Yes, I know that.

But his daughter is
doing MBBS in Chandigarh..

...she'll become a doctor
after two years.

My son Sukhdeep has got
a proposal from their family.

His daughter?
But Mr. Sekho was unmarried.

Yes, he got engaged.

Few days before his wedding.
Mr. Sekho died in an accident.

Then how was her
mother saying that..

...the name of the girl's
father is Satnam Singh Sekho?

She has to say something,
after all her daughter..

...is going to get married
into such a rich family.

What is your opinion
about this proposal?

Leave me, Mr. Sandhu, there is no
match between both the families.

And now are you going to get
your son married to a girl..

...whose mother is unmarried?

The girl's uncles and aunts
don't keep any relation with them..

...due to fear of disgrace.

Do you want to get your son
married into such a family?

Vikram, is there no way..
no way through..

...which we can go
forward with this alliance?

No, mother. That girl is
daughter of an unwedded mother.

| will never allow my
son to marry such a girl.

But son..


Hello, father.

Hello, grandma.

Hello. God bless you.

Please be seated, Sukh.

| want to discuss
something very important with you.

Son, you went to Chandigarh and
chose a girl for you from there..

...we accepted everything
without seeing or doing any enquiry.

Yes, father.

You said that they
are not very rich.

| told you that it doesn't
matter to me if they are not wealthy.

God has blessed us enough.

But she should hail
from a good family.

Thanks a lot, father.

Well, in such matters
usually the girl's parents..'

...come to the boy's house..

...I didn't bother about that too.

We went to their
house along with grandma.

Yes, father. But what's the matter?

Son, the matter is very serious.

The girl's mother said that..

...the girl's father's
name is Satnam Singh Sekho..

...but she was never
married to Mr. Sekho.

She's a daughter of an unwed mother.

But father, it's not
Aman's fault in this.

Those kids who are
raised in the orphanage..

...even they are not at fault..

...but they don't
receive everybody's love.

Father, I agree that Aman
does not have a father..

...but she has her mother.

Try to understand the matter, son.

Tomorrow when we'll go to the girl's
house in your wedding procession..

...and if there are no
relatives at the time..

...of the introduction ceremony..

...you only tell me, won't
our family's name be defamed?

Tell me.

This means you are
rejecting Aman's proposal?

I'm helpless my son.

| can't do what you wish me to do.

I'm sorry.

Alright, father..

...it maybe your decision to
not bring Aman into this house..

...but to leave this house for
Aman can also be my decision.

Sukh, my son..

| can very well understand
what you are going through.

And your father is also
feeling sad about it, son.

Try to understand him.

Don't be so adamant.

Am I acting adamant, grandma?

It's he who is being so stubborn,
he's making mountain of a molehill.

Yes.. he's very stubborn.

You both were very young
when your mother left all of us.

Everybody forced him a lot..

...but that stubborn
man did not remarry.

He was.. he was
adamant about one thing..

.That I'll not geta
stepmother for my kids.

He spent his entire life all
alone just for the sake of you both.

Son, it's not right to get angry..

...for such a small reason in
front of such a good hearted father.

Small thing?

My life is getting ruined and you
feel that it's a small thing, grandma?

The alliance of your choice
will ruin your father's dignity..

...is this a small matter for you?

Son, he's helpless due to
the customs of this society.

If.. If you were in his place..

...you would have also taken
the same decision for your son..

...which he's taking for you.

"You both were very young when
your mother left all of us.'

'Everybody forced him a lot..

...but that stubborn
man did not remarry."

'He was adamant about one thing..

...that I'll not get a stepmother
for my kids."

'He spent his entire life all alone
just for the sake of you both."'

We'll consider that
we didn't deserve..

...the love of our
elders in our life.

That's why no one came to
meet me from my maternal side.

That day father and
grandma came home..

.| felt as though my life
is going to be complete now.

But no, whatever we don't
deserve in our destiny..

...that vacuum never gets filled.

Whenever you get married..

...don't forget to
write my name on one card.

"Beloved, I'll wait
for you till the end."

"You tell me before going
how I shall live without you."

"You only show me the path,
how I will live without you."

"My life has no
meaning without you."

Why hasn't he come as yet?

| don't know why he hasn't come.

Hello. Hello..

What are you doing?

| told you to bring your mother.

You brought your
elder sister instead.

No, she is..

Thanks for the compliments.

| look like her sister,
but I am her mother.

- Saw, mother.

| told you, he is a very nice boy.

Take a look. Take a look.

Today for the first time, |
have worn a borrowed t-shirt.

| will get caught today.

- Yes?

Do you dye your hair?

Hear that? I've never
done anything wrong.

How can I dye my hair?
| am not that kind of..

Why, mother? Do you have a doubt?

No. He looks a little aged.

| knew it.

This is the thing
you won't like in me.

Aunt, I am just like other kids.

There is only a
difference of a month or two.

Difference? How so?

Usually kids are born in 9 months.

| was born after 11 months.
That's it.

But thankfully my Chindi
was born in the 9th month.

Mother, don't consider
it to be your miracle.

Kids are normally
born in the 9th month.

| was two months late.

Dear, did you tell him everything?

Yes, mother. Don't worry.

He knows everything.
- Everything.

| know everything.
- You don't worry, sister.

| end up calling you sister,
after all.

Actually, I will take care of
her father and her grandfather.

Major Natta Singh.

At ease.

By the way, sir, |
didn't recognise you.

We have met twice in this canteen.

Where are you posted, sir?

| mean, where are you
posted these days, sir?

Posting? Cheerapuniji.

As far as I know, there is no
army unit in Cheerapunji, sir.

You are right. As far as you know,
there is no army unit there.

Actually, it is a
little ahead of that.

Correct, sir.
Commander used to say the same.

"Natta Singh, think
before you speak."


But as far as I know, it rains
like cats and dogs in Cheerapuniji.

No army base can station over there.

You are again right.

Whenever a base was made, it
used to flow away with the rains.

Have you covered the base
with a plastic cover now?

No. Now we have made it waterproof.

Great, sir.

| have booked a
family quarter over there.

Your family is
settled over there, sir.


| don't have a family.

| have taken 15 days' leave,
Lieutenant. To get married.

| will get married
within 10 days and..

...have a honeymoon of five days..

...and go back with my family.
To Cheerapuniji.

| have a girl in mind, sir.

No. I don't want the girl to be
in mind. I want her in reality.

She is real, sir.
Would you like to see her?

No. No.

By the way, I want the girl
to have an army background.

The girl is..

The girl is my granddaughter, sir.

Would you like to meet her, sir?

Well, if you insist,
then I shall meet her.

Thank you sir.

Come along then. Follow my cycle.
You come in your car.


Lieutenant, I cannot go
right now. It's time to gamble.

You gamble?
- No. Not that gambling.

Actually, snooker. You
know a big ball on the table.

They are pushed with a wooden stick.

If it falls in the pocket you win.
Anyway, glad to see you.

Let's meet on Sunday at your place.

| will see your
granddaughter at 11:00am.

Okay, sir. Thank you,
sir. Thank you very much.

Mr. Mittal, it's me. Tell me.

How did your management committee
like our business proposals?

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Congratulations, Harleen.

Your proposals were accepted.
- Wow!

With this deal our company
will make a profit of 5 millions.

- Well-done.

Thanks. Thank you so much.

Mr. Randhawa, have you
thought about Harleen's marriage?

Sandhu, the girl wants
to complete her education.

We will see later.

What's the use of
thinking about it now?

If we start thinking now, only
then will we get a nice boy.

Okay, then.

You find a boy for my daughter..

...and I will find
girls for your boys.

Let's see who succeeds first.

Let's see.


May I speak to Mr..
It is a very strange name.

Harnam Singh, please?


Well, I am an NRI boy.
| have come from Canada.

Very good.

A nice NRI boy is on the line.

Yes, tell me.

Actually, you had sent me your
daughter's photo through email.

Son, I have sent my daughter's photo
to thousands of boys through email.

You too must have got one.

Well, I like your daughter's photo.

Send your daughter to my hotel.
| am staying in Hotel Regency.

What do you mean?

No. You misunderstood me.

| mean you come
to the hotel with your daughter.

We will see each other.

It is possible that
| might like your daughter.

Son, does the girl
really need to come there?

Is it possible that
the two of us meet first?

Actually, your daughter
looks short in the photo.

| think the boy is very intelligent.

From the photo he
guessed her height.

Son, you just say yes,
we will increase the girl's height.

Look, I am an NRI.

We are very choosey.

First we should like the girl.

If we like the girl, then what
do we have to do with the family?

We don't care if their
door is termite infected.

Okay. Okay.

Hello? It got disconnected.

Congratulations, Prem Kaur.
This is a very auspicious day.

It's not day. It's night.

Okay. This is a
very auspicious night.

A NRI boy is coming for our Chindi.

Chindi, quickly get ready and go
to Hotel Regency with your father.

How did you know that the
boy is coming to hotel Regency?

You had said that let's
meet in the Hotel Regency.

| said so, dear. Yes, I must have.

Then dear, get ready
urgently to go to hotel Regency.

Hurry up, dear.

Otherwise someone else
might claim the boy.

Let's go there, dear.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.


Hello, kids. How are you?

The NRI didn't come as yet.

A letterbox is coming this way.

Looks like he is the one.
- Stop your nonsense.

NRIs have sharp ears.

Welcome to this place. From me.
This restaurant.. I am..

From the two of you,
who is Harman Singh?

Obviously.. Singh is
usually used with a guy's name.

Who told you?

You backward Indian people.

Who told you that "Singh" can
be used only in a boy's name?

Does Upasana Singh tie a turban?

Has Gracy Singh grown a moustache?

Has Neetu Singh kept a French cut?

Actually, son, considering the
knowledge you have about India..

...it doesn't feel like
you have come from Canada.

Looks like you have
come from Pakabhag.


| do a lot of surfing.

If you search the internet
you will get Pakabhag there.

I am sorry. I am sorry.
I am Harnam Singh, son.

Harnam Singh.

You didn't tell me.
- You didn't give me a chance, son.

Mr. Harnam Singh, it's
a pleasure to meet you.

Why so, son?

Good question.

Actually I have met a lot
of Harham Singh in my life.

But it isn't a pleasure to
meet every Harnam Singh.

Look, it's a pleasure to
meet some Harnam Singh.

While itisn't a
pleasure some Harnam Singh.

But you are that Harnam
Singh meeting whom is a pleasure.

Thank you.

This girl wants to go to Canada?
What is her name?

Sukhshinder Kaur. -
Sukhshinder Kaur is a very big name.

Typical Indian long name.

Such names are not accepted
well abroad. Let me tell you.

Over there her name
will be Chindi. Chindi.

What a co-accident, son!


Actually, we call
her Chindi at home.

What does she do?
- She is a libra-rian.

- Yes. Yes.

Oh, I am Cancerian.

No. Son, not that one.
- Okay.

| mean, books, closed, fold,
issue, take back.

Now I got it. She's a librarian.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

He is getting frank.

Son, what do you do in Canada?

| go to clubs, pubs and go
for long drives as well.


| am not asking what you
do in your free time, son.

| am asking what your
profession is in Canada.

Actually, there is a small village
over there. Steven Stone Village.

Okay. Okay. Okay.
- Four-five of my planes run there.

Big planes in a small village?

| think I have bluffed a lot.
| mean the planes are not very big.

They are small planes.

Like the ones that run in
your villages. Small ones.

They have a pointed nose.
Like a pole.

He has become more frank.

| have three-four berry
farms over there. - Okay.

| have four-five radio stations.

| have other options as well.

When I am free, and if I fall
short of dollars for grocery..

...then I drive taxi
as well, sometimes.

He has become very frank.

Son, I think the girl who will
marry you will have a lot of fun.

Hear that.

Even Abhishek Bachchan won't
have as much fun as my wife will.

Where do you stay in Canada?

| stay in Vancouver.
| have a big mansion over there.

| have 17-18 cars.

| have a car to
take from car to car.

My wife will have a lot of fun.

She will take a car from Vancouver..

...and go to Toronto, get the
grocery and come back to Vancouver.

Your daughter will enjoy it.

My daughter?
- Yes.

Son, so should |
consider this marriage fixed?

Fixed? Super fixed.

How else should I fix it?

Look, I like your daughter.

You make passports
for your entire family.

You are talking about passports.

Three months ago, I got the passports
of all the family members, son.

Still, get them renewed.
You never know.

Many a times passports
expire because of non-usage.

Passports expire
because of non-usage?

He has become fully frank.

Very good. Very good. Very good.

What is wrong with you?

Distribute sweets, Prem Kaur.

We got our NRI
before his army officer.

Chindi will go to Canada. Canada.

How can she go to Canada?

And not you, I have
got a gem of a person.

In the military canteen.
- You get rum over there, not gems.

| met the captain there.

He is coming to our
house on Sunday at 11:00am.

Captain still has to meet her.

We have already made the
girl meet the NRI boy.

Next Sunday at 12:00pm the
boy is coming to see you.

Why? Am I a lion in a zoo
whom he is coming to see?

You didn't get it, father.
He is coming to meet the family.

What is that boy's name?
- NRI.

Stupid, can NRI
ever be anyone's name?

| forgot to ask his name.
- I wonder which fraudster he met.

Okay. I have met you. You
can meet him next Sunday.

Fine. This is the last
chance for the two of you.

If anything goes wrong |
will get my daughter married..

...to the person I want.

Look, now Chindi will go to Canada.

No. I will settle Chindi in the
waterproof base in Cheerapunji.

Stop it. Now both of you calm down.

This will be decided on Sunday.

You are a wonderful girl, Harleen.

| have never seen a girl like you.

Oh really!

By the way, how many
girls do you know?

Well, I know at least 100 girls.

Okay. Not 100, but I know
10-12 of them very well.


Shall I tell the truth?

| know only one girl.


Rajveer. Rajveer. Rajveer.
- What happened?

Rajveer. Their parents
agreed to their alliance.

That's great.
- They are not giving us a party.

Not a problem. I will
give everyone a party today.

O Yes!
kay? - Okay.

"We are bad in Botany."

"A small peg."

"We are bad in Botany. A small peg."

"Along with kebabs.
And beautiful company."

"I have a request. My only request."

"Let us be free. No one
should ever stop us, brother."

"The rest of our work.."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"We love to climb up on
the open rooftops cars."

"We love to climb up on
the open rooftops cars."

"We make sure to go to
Geary route everyday."

"The style of our jeans."

"We have two mobiles."

"The style of our jeans.
We have two mobiles."

"There is always a
smile on our face."

"No one should ever
stop us, brother."

"The rest of our work.."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"Brother, let people
say anything about us."

"Brother, let people
say anything about us."

"We have no worries. We
are happy with what we do."

"When the day comes to an end."

"We feel restless."

"When the day comes to
an end. We feel restless."

"Now we drink openly. Earlier we
used to drink stealthily, brother."

"Stealthily, brother."

"The rest of our work.."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."

"The rest of our
work is okay, brother."


Hello. Who is speaking?

Lieutenant Natta Singh speaking.

Not Lieutenant Natta Singh.

Say Lieutenant Natta Singh Alhuwala.

Captain? I didn't get you.

If you didn't, then you
should die out of shame.

What are you saying?

Why? Is there a problem dying?

I think you are in a
mood to joke today, Captain.


That too with a
corrupt person like you?

No way. Never.


Lieutenant, when you were a 'Langri'
(kitchen help) in the army..

...weren't you caught in 10 -
sacks-potatoes-gone-missing case?


That issue got cleared later.

The thing is our brigadier
has arranged..

...for a personal religious meal.

| had sent the potatoes there.

Potatoes were used for a good deed.

What good deed?

The case went on for a year.

You had to wander for
1% years for pension.

| would rather stay single..

...than becoming son-in-law
of such a corrupt person.

Captain, forget the rest, tell me..

...who told you about the potatoes?

Thanks to someone
called Harnam Singh..

...who told me
everything on time and..

...saved me from being a
son-in-law of such a corrupt person.



Sir. Hello. Sir.



Harnam. Where are you?

| have gone to Pathankot.

Can't you see me standing here?

Who told Captain
Tungahari that I was..

...involved in the potato case?

Father, one can find
out truth from anywhere.

And then, the news about this case..

...was even printed
in Akali newspaper.

Let it be. I know everything.

To make the girl marry an NRI
boy you made my officer run away?

Tell that NRI that if he enters this
house, then I will blow him apart.

The gun is loaded and so am I.

Chindi darling, where are you?

NRI, son, I welcome home.

Are you alright, father?

Okay. Okay. Prem Kaur.

Is he yours? Or does he
belong to someone else?

Wait, I will tell you.

Answer waste.

Do they address
sons-in-law like this in your place?

Wait, I will tell you.

| will tell you.

| will tell you.

Father, what have you done?

You made my NRI run away.

You made my officer run away.

| made your NRI run away.

We are quits now.

You have done what you could.

Now should I show you what boy
| have selected for our Chindi?

This is my NRI boy.

This is my captain from Cheerapunji.

Father, talk sense
at least sometimes.

How can one person be at two places?

Are you talking about Harinder
Singh Tungahari Cheerapunji?

And are you talking about
Lali Canadian with small planes?

- Yes.

You got mislead.

Actually, we are triplets.


Son, I have heard of fritters.
What is 'triplets'?

When two kids are born
together they are twins.

We three were born together,
hence we are triplets.

Thank God four of you
weren't born together..

...otherwise you
would have become broad.

Don't act very smart, son.

Tell me, did you know
our daughter's alliance..

...is being fixed into your family?

Our entire family knew
that your daughter's..

...alliance was being
fixed into our family.

But I think your
family didn't know..

...that your daughter's alliance
was being fixed into my family.


This proves that the boy
is from a good family.



| don't care which
family you belong to.

You bring my officer back.

You can keep his officer with you.

You bring my NRI back.

They were fighting for you
daughter at the Push Street.

The officer shot
the NRI and ran away.

And you know that such
officers get arrested.

Yes. He too will get arrested.

| too was arrested.

The NRI was very naive and innocent.

He lost his life for her.

Thank God nothing
happened to our Chindi.

God settled everything on its own.

Come on, son. Touch their feet.

Give your blessings to the boy.

Hey, boys!

You are looking sad as if you have
been thrown out of the college..

...and now your family
is not accepting you.

You think this is a joke?
Stop it, man.

Rajveer is in a big mess.

Why? What happened?

What will happen?

He didn't clear the third semester.

He has scored fewer
marks in the fourth semester.

And the result is bad.

Mr. Sandhu, you look sad..

...as if you want an
admission in a MBA college.

Let this MBA go to hell, Kang.

The problem is my MBA.

Master of
Biological Aashiqui (Love).

That will stop.

Now father will take
me out of the college..

...and throw me into
the factory machines.

No, dear. Don't leave the college.

We won't like this
place without you.

Scoundrel, why don't you
say that you will have to..

...pay all the canteen bills?

And you won't get a car
to drive Chindi around.

Hear that.

We take so much advantage of you.

We love you.

Then save your friend.

Think of a scheme, Mr. Kang.


Here you go. It's done.

Consider the work done.

Why are you doing this?

Now see what happens.

Mr. Sandhu. Mr. Sandhu.

Mr. Sandhu, congratulations!


Order for sweets and distribute
them in the entire colony.

Rajveer has made
our University proud.

Forgive me,
but I didn't recognise you.


| mean how you will recognise me.

We are meeting for the first time.

| am the dean for MBA
in Rajveer's University.

And I have brought
good news for you.

Your son has done a great deed.

Now tell me where you
are giving the party.

| will surely give a party..

...but you tell me how
this miracle took place.

Look at this.

| have brought this.

| forgot the mark sheet at home.

He has scored full
marks in all papers.

| mean he has passed
in first division.

We didn't keep his photo on purpose.

We thought some evil
eye will cast on him.




Father, he is the dean
for MBA in the university.

Mr. Tandon.

He wants to meet you
regarding Rajveer's result.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Where are you going, sir?

Let us listen to what he has to say.

| am sorry, Mr. Sandhu.

| am feeling embarrassed to
say that your son Rajveer..

...has failed the fourth semester.

And now, he is out
of the University.


This dean is saying
that he stood first.

And you are saying that he
is out of the University.

Who is telling the
truth and who is lying?

Sir, you are the
dean of which place?

| used to be a dean before you.

Now I am the vice
principal of a private school.

| was here with some Bunty's result.

6th grade student.

| think I have
brought the wrong paper.

| think I have come
to the wrong place.

The houses in this
colony are so similar.

| didn't come to know.

You have come to the right place.

Now you tell us who you are.

| think that is Mr. Kang.

Mr. Kang, tell me, what I should
do with you for what you have done?

Forget the deed,
look at the performance.

That's it. What should you do?

Forgive people like
me and let them go.

So, Mr. Tandon, what should we do?

Mr. Tandon, he is
my brother's friend.

Forgive him.

| will forgive the dean,
if you say so.


There is a limit to shamelessness.

Rajveer, it's very late.
Don't you want to go home?

What should I do, Harleen?

| don't feel like it.

Now you realise it?

You didn't listen to me
when I kept telling you.

Yes, Harleen.

| am realising my mistake today.

People tell the truth.

One shouldn't waste time.

Otherwise time wastes you.

Ragging is illegal.

But what you are
doing with her is legal?

Mind your language, Richie.

| am already in a very bad mood.

It is better if
you leave this place.

We are here to cheer you up.

You got me out of
college for seven days.

And I want to send you to
the hospital for seven days.

Richie, I told you I am not
in the mood to fight today.

Don't mess with me.

Excuse me, sir.

Surinder, take her home.

Take them to the police station.

| had never in my life
visited a police station..

...and you went to the police
station fighting for a girl?

During the day we got your result..

...and this is what
you did in the evening?

| don't know whether |
should send you to factory or not.

Young girls work there as well.

Please, father.

Father, I agree that
he has made a mistake.

But please, don't
accuse him of that.

Till when will you pamper him?

Vikram Singh, why
are you after his life?

What crime has he committed?

And consider his age
before talking to him.

Nowadays parents think
twice before telling anything..

...to their young daughters.

And you are telling him all
this without giving it a thought.

Okay, mother. I won't.

You tell me what I should do.

Quietly get him married
and settle him down.

Once he gets the responsibility
he will learn everything.

Tell me, who is the girl?

| will go and talk to her parents.

What will you talk about? And
who will you talk to, mother?

First cross the wall
standing in front of him.

If we marry the younger one
before we marry the older one..

...then what will people think?

Before the world, your son will.

Is he a kid that he won't
think about you, me or his brother?

He won't. He won't.

| have tried explaining to him.

| think no wedding will
ever take place in this house.

"My friend, my love."

"If I could.."

"I would not ruin
myself because of you."

"If there was
someone else like you.."

"I would not ruin
myself because of you."

"If there was
someone else like you.."

"If there was
someone else like you.."

Sukh, my son.

You know what your father wants?

He wants..

...that if his old mother
gets to see her grandsons..

...then perhaps she
will die in peace.

Grandma, please don't do
such a thing, for God's sake.

| wouldn't have, if
your mother was alive.

But what do I do?

My last years are
slipping away from my hand, son.


Yes, son.

We all want to see you married.

Just once be an older brother and
think about your younger brother.

Be a nice boy and
think about your grandma.

For how long will I be here?


| am telling the truth, son.

If you agree to get married..

...then I would refuse
to leave this world.

Your life is more
precious than mine, grandma.

| pray you live for 100 years.

Son, we have lost our patience.

We all want to see you married.

Fulfil our wish, son.

Give us happiness, son.

Grandma, if
everything depends on me..

...then get me
married wherever you want.

- Yes.

Never talk about
leaving us, grandma.

My son. My child.

You don't know what
you have given us, son.

I will go and give this
good news to your father.

My child.

Kram Singh.

Why do you look so sad?

Go to the Sikh temple
and give an offering.

Sukh has agreed to get married.

What are you saying?


Grandma, brother
agreed to get married?

Yes, son. Yes.

Kram, call Randhawa and talk to him.

Hurry up!

Why uncle Randhawa, grandma?

Son, Sukh agreed to marry
Randhawa's daughter Harleen.

Vikram Singh. Get up.
Quickly call him up.

"My dear. My dear. My dear."

"If you wish to enjoy love."

"My dear. My dear. My dear."

"If you wish to enjoy love."

"My dear. My dear. My dear."

"If you wish to enjoy love."

"Always treat her like a princess."

"My dear. My dear. My dear."

"If you wish to enjoy love."

"My dear. My dear. My dear."

"If you wish to enjoy love."

"| agree to whatever you say."

"| agree to whatever you say."

"I will do as you say."

"Whatever you say."

"I have been blessed
with good fortune."

"God alone decides our destiny."

"Only God can unite the soul mates."

"Only God can unite the soul mates."

"Your eyes are
expressing your desires."

"The heart knows
what the heart wants."

"Your eyes are
expressing your desires."

"The heart knows
what the heart wants."

"..Who cares about the world."

"The king found his queen."

"The king found his queen."

"God has made.."

"God has made.."

"..A beautiful pair."

"Here, hold the ring."

"Now you possess her heart."

"Now you possess her heart."

"Now you possess her heart."

"It's a nice pair.
It's a beautiful pair."

"It's a nice pair.
It's a beautiful pair."

"My beloved dwells
in my heart, dear."

"My beloved dwells
in my heart, dear."

"I will go to heaven."

"I will go to heaven."

"I should die in my
beloved one's arms."

"I will go to heaven."

"I should die in my beloved's arms."

"I will go to heaven."

What happened, Rajveer?

Why did you get up all of a sudden?

Tell me if there is a problem.

No, brother.

No problem.

It is not possible that
| don't come to know..

...when something is disturbing you.

Are you disturbed because of
your fight with the college boys?

No, brother.

Today all of a sudden,
| am missing mother a lot.

| was thinking that
if she had been here..

...then she would have been
so happy for your marriage.

This is called blood relation,

What I should have felt,
you are feeling it.

You are right, brother.

| can also feel that there
is nothing greater than time.

It makes us laugh and cry.

It unites us and separates us.

Look, Randhawa, I fulfilled
the promise I made to you.

Promise? - Didn't I tell you, that
| will find a boy for your girl?

Yes, you did. Did you find any?

I did. I did.

Now tell me, what will
you give the middleman?

A ring or a bracelet?

| will give you whatever you want.

First tell me who the boy is.

The boy?

The boy is our Sukhdeep.


Look, Sandhu, I hope
you are not joking.

Strange. Is this
something to joke about?

You are great, Sandhu.

By God, I cannot believe it.

You want to make my
daughter your daughter-in-law.

| don't want to, |
have already done so.

Now you ask your daughter whether..

...she agrees to
this alliance or not.

Sandhu, do you think my
daughter will refuse me?

It's not like it
used to be, Randhawa.

When mothers-in-law used to
see their daughters-in-law..

...for the first time
after the marriage.

It is better to ask
the kids nowadays.

If you say, I will ask her.

Harleen is here.
Hold on for a minute.

- Yes, father.

Uncle Sandhu is on the line.

He has selected you for his son.

You tell me.

Asked her.

She felt shy and went away.

Then congratulations to all of you.

| will send
Sukhdeep and his grandma..

...to your place for shopping.

You should quickly start
preparing for the engagement.

Good morning, Mr. Kang.

Very good morning,
Harleen. Hello. How are you?

Very good.

Have you seen Rajveer?

| hadn't seen or heard him.

I tried calling him
a number of times.

...but he isn't answering his phone.

Okay. Then I will go and check.

Yes, do that.

He might be busy with
some other girlfriend.

Hi, Rajveer.

Hi, Harleen. Juice?

Thank you.


Rajveer, I am very happy today.

Really? I too am very happy today.

Then first you tell me
why you are so happy.

No, you tell me.

No, you.

When a person gets what he desires,
he feels happy, right?

| hadn't thought that your
father will fix our marriage.

It sounds like a dream.

No, Harleen.

He didn't fix your marriage with me.

He fixed your marriage
with my brother Sukhdeep,

- Yes.


This is not possible.

How is it not possible?

My family have always
considered you for Sukh.

But I have always thought about you.

| always considered you my own.

You are having a misunderstanding,

| always considered
you just a friend.

Nothing more than that.

You went to my
brother's factory for training.

They saw you and selected you.

And the marriage was fixed.

And what about the relationship
that you formed with me?

What was that?

What relationship are
you talking about, Harleen?

You met me 6 months back.

Do you know how many
girls there have been..

...before these 6 months?

| never thought
about marrying anyone.

Look, Harleen, you
belong to my brother.

He will keep you very happy.

Swear by me you won't
refuse this alliance.

If we don't share a relationship..

...then why are you making me swear?

How am I related to you?

Rajveer, what do you think?
Am I a baby?

That I cannot understand anything?

Should I tell you, Rajveer?

You are sacrificing my love to
make your brother settle down.

You are such a cheat.

You are such a liar.

| hate you.

| hate you, Rajveer. I hate you.

You love her a lot?

No. I don't love Harleen.

| didn't take Harleen's name.

You shouldn't do that, my friend.

You don't know love hurts.

Time slowly heals
all wounds, my friend.

After five years
with great difficulty..

...brother Sukh
agreed to marry someone.

And now I should come in the middle?

The happiness I saw on
grandma and father's face today..

...I don't even mind dying for it.

Hi, Sukhdeep.
- Hi.

Hello, grandma.
- Grandma.

Your phone's battery down?

Your phone was switched off.

Sukhdeep and his grandma
have been waiting for you.

They were waiting for me?

Dear, they want to take
you along for shopping.

Father, I want to talk to you
about something very important.

We will talk later, dear.

Now quickly get
ready and go with them.

Have a look.

How is this one, Harleen?

It's nice, grandma.

What is it, Harleen?

What are you thinking about?

No. Nothing.

We should make this
one final then, Harleen?

Hey, Harleen.

Hey, Harleen, how are you?

We have completed our
shopping for our wedding.

Now when are you
two getting married?

He is Rajveer's
elder brother. Sukhdeep.

- Nice meeting you.

We will make a move.

Okay. Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye.


Dear, try out the ring.

Sukh, help her.

Okay. Bye.

Hear that. Even Mr.
Randhawa doesn't know anything.

Father, the way Harleen left me
and grandma and ran from there..

...I don't think there
isn't a reason behind it.

Mr. Randhawa said
that the girl said yes.

Then what can be
the reason behind it?


I'm sorry, father.

Father, you don't tell him anything.

| will talk to him.

I'm totally drunk.

Now what should I do?

I am so happy for my
brother's marriage.

| feel like bathing
the city with liquor.


Don't you feel ashamed to talk
about such things in front of me?

Father, calm down.
| will talk to him.

- Rajveer.

My brother.
- Let's go.

"A beautiful girl.."
- Father will..


Now my brother's fortune will shine.

Come on. Be careful. Be careful.

Rajveer, what is wrong with you?

You never got so
drunk and came home.

Tell me. I am your elder brother.

Really, brother. Nothing's wrong.

You agreed to get married and
gave a new life to all of us.

Harleen studies in my college.

She is a very nice girl.

Only fortunate ones
get girls like her.

You are a damn
lucky person, brother.

Dear, keeping quiet won't help.

You will have to
share your feelings.

Why are you upset?

We should know the reason.

Uncle, Harleen won't
tell you anything.

| will tell you.

Sukh, you?

Yes, uncle.

The thing is Rajveer and Harleen
not just study in the same college..

...they like each other as well.

But when both the families
decided to get us married..

...my brother kept quiet
for the sake of my happiness.

And for the honour of your family
Harleen didn't express her feelings.

What are you saying, Sukhdeep?

Look at her. The
proof is in front of you.

She has started crying.

But still she didn't
express her feelings.

Harleen, you should have shared
your feelings with your mother.

You could have told your father.

You shouldn't keep quiet like this.

Uncle, aunt.

We will get them married.

Harleen, quickly get
ready and come home with me.

And go for shopping
with Rajveer and grandma.

At least thank me.

Look here, father.

| have caught one thief.

You bring forth the other one.


Father, you are preparing
for my wedding unnecessarily.

Harleen and Rajveer love each other.

Harleen and Rajveer?


Look, I am older than Rajveer.

Now Harleen and Rajveer
will first find a girl for me.

Father, why did you let him go?

| didn't come to know when he left.




Excuse me, madam.

Can we see patient Rajveer?

We are his family.

Sir, he is in the emergency room.

You can go this way.

Doctor. Is a patient
named Rajveer in there?

He is unconscious.

You cannot meet him.


Rajveer. What happened, son?

Are you alright?

| don't know what |
am being punished for.

You should have
informed before leaving.

| am sorry, father.

Father can forgive, but I won't.

Without any fault of mine you
were about to give me a punishment..

...that I wouldn't
forget even after death.

No, brother.

Why no?

You were giving
your happiness to me..

...and trying to settle me down.

How could you forget that
my happiness lies in yours?

My life lies in yours.

You are act elder
with your elder brother?

Couldn't you tell me that
Harleen and you love each other?

Listen, we have
brought your Harleen with us.

Look over there.

Thank you very much, God.

You have been generous to our child.

Along with God also
thank the doctor..

...who brought him to the
hospital at the right time..

...and started treating him.

Where can we meet the doctor?

"My friend, my love."

"You left my heart."

"Then you met me again."

"And I lost my soul."

"Then you met me again."

"And I lost my soul."

"And I lost my soul."

Dear, we were here
to thank the doctor..

...who saved Sukh's younger brother.

Aunt, you don't need to thank.

It's every doctor's duty
to save a patient's life.

You consider that we are there
to give regards to that duty.

Aunt, look, the way of God.

The manner in which
He made us meet again.

Today all of a sudden
you came to meet us.

We are going to
Canada after two days.

Your daughter's
in-laws are in Canada?

No, aunt.

Aman got Canada's
permanent residency.

She still didn't get married.

Even our Sukh didn't get married.

Dear, what couldn't
happen five years ago..

...can it not happen now as well?

Why not, aunt?

It surely can.

If you still think
about my daughter..

...then I will happily get my
daughter married into your family.

No, mother. That is not possible.

| was a daughter of an
unwed mother five years ago.

And I am her daughter now as well.

Are you done, mother?

Shall we go?


"My friend, my love."

"I am ruined, my beloved."

"First God got angry with him."

"Now you are angry with me."

"First God got angry with him."

"Now you are angry with me."

"Now you are angry with me."

Aman, we met and then
parted ways at God's behest.

Today he is making us meet again.

Grandma has opened all the
doors of our house for you.

All of them.

Why don't you reason it with Aman?

Son, if the main gate is locked..

...then open doors are of no use.

Your father
acceptance still remains.

Perhaps my daughter
is waiting for that.

If he accepts, then
will the wait be over?

All the norms of the
society hold no value..

...in front of your and Sukh's love.

But it is true that five years
ago I saw the society and not you.

Today I am looking at
you and not the society.

| hope you will surely
value my new point of view.

We will, father.

We surely will.

You gave in for the
sake of our happiness.

Mother, now there is no
reason for Aman to leave.


No, mother. It's too late now.

Why is it late?

You decided to separate
five years ago, not me.

Ask father and grandma how I lived..

...for these five
years with your memories.

In spite of all this I sometimes
took care of father's happiness..

...and sometimes gave in
to grandma's decision.

Today, I ask you for our happiness.

Aman, before leaving
at least tell me..

...for what crime
you are punishing me?


It's time for your flight.

The decision is now in your hands.


What happened?


Aman, I beg of you.

Please don't go.

Because if you go, then my
Sukh's lifetime's happiness..

...will go with you, dear.

| won't be able to endure it.

Don't go, dear.

Don't go.

Why is there darkness
in front of my eyes?

What's happening to me?

No, grandma.

Nothing will happen to you.

Nothing will happen to you.

Don't forget that your
daughter-in-law is a doctor.

What did you say?


My daughter-in-law?

My daughter-in-law.

My child.

Sir, now everything is fine.

I, too, wanted my
daughter to miss the flight..

...which was separating her from you.

Congratulations for this
auspicious occasion, sister.

Congratulations to you too, brother.

You called me brother.

Henceforth never
think that you are alone.

Never say that you
have no one in this world.

We are with you.

- That's better.

"My friend. My beloved."

"Keeping a hand on
the heart we cried."

"We were just
distant from each other."

"Our hearts never separated.”

"We were just
distant from each other."

"Our hearts never separated.”

"Our hearts never separated.”

"There is a celebration going on."

"Heart is very happy as well."

"Let's celebrate together."

"Let's sing a peppy song."

"There is a celebration going on."

"Heart is very happy as well."

"Let's celebrate together."

"Let's sing a peppy song."

"Today, openly,
freely do as you please."

"Do it. Do it."

"If you want to dance then say yes."

"This is what I tell everyone."

"SMS these happiness
if you cannot say it."

"If you want to dance then say yes."

"SMS these happiness
if you cannot say it."

"This is what I tell everyone."

"SMS this happiness
if you cannot say it."

"Click photographs of the party
where everyone is having fun."

"Today's photographs will
be memories for tomorrow."

"Click photographs of the party
where everyone is having fun."

"Today's photographs will
be memories for tomorrow."

"This time won't come again."

"Don't miss this opportunity.”

"If you want to dance,
then say yes."

"This is what I tell everyone."

"SMS this happiness
if you cannot say it."

"If you want to dance,
then say yes."

"SMS this happiness
if you cannot say it."

"This is what I tell everyone."

"SMS this happiness
if you cannot say it."