Yaara (2016) - full transcript

[First frame]


'There were four of us.'

'Protectors of each other.'

'Time was against us.'

'Angry with us.'

'But never could break us.'

'But this time isn't angry with us.'

'This time it hates us.'

Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary.

I can see it in his eyes..

..your husband wants to kill me.

Then I suggest you marry me.

I will dump him.

After marriage, we'll become..

.. ugly to each other from
every point of view, sweetheart.

Let this continue.

Tanu isn't here.

She's coming.

She will be here after picking
up Tinku from school. Straightaway.

What's up?

Get lost.


What are you doing here?

How are you?

He hits you, doesn't he?

At least he's with me.

Look, leave me to my whatever
and whichever condition I am, Mitwa.

It's too late now.


Is he Tinku?

His name is Parag.

Parag! Nice name.

Parag, son..

- He doesn't need to know..
- Mitwa.


Sorry, ma'am, please. Allow us.


Come on.

- But why are you..
- Please come along..

We're meeting him after 11-years.

- Come, son.
- Where are you taking us?

This is amazing.

You didn't recognise me yet.


20-years-ago, Billore village.

Where you guys were arrested.

There was only one Sardar
on the entire battalion.

Yes, I get it.

So must have been
promoted to higher ranks.

Joint-Director CBI.

Joint-Director CBI..

And I've had eyes
on your gang since day 1.

Are you still in contact
with your friends, or not?

They have all turned
into respectable businessmen.

Only you couldn't quit your nature.

Let's reminisce
these memories later.

First, tell me why am I here?

A year ago Baldev
Tyagi was murdered.

Carried out by Shakeel
on Durani's orders..the murder.

You selected the
boys who killed him.

Some of them have been arrested..

..and they mentioned
your name as well.



"Rewrite my destiny again."




"Rewrite my destiny again."


"We're greedy for
your benevolence.."

"..all my wishes are chaste."

"Every moment is like a trial.."

"..but everything still
feels like a coincidence."

"You're the one
that dwells in me.."

"..this is your miracle."





CBI's arrested him.

And they have evidence
against Mitwa.

That bloody Mitwa..

Why Shakeel?

Why did he have to
lock horns with Shakeel?

Shakeel, the guy you
deceived and came to Delhi..

He's looking for you.

And Shakeel's men
are in every jail, Mitwa.

If you get jailed for even 15
days someone will kill you in jail.

Would you become an approver?

The court will go easy on you.

And later you can start a new life.

Rizwan sir, are you coming?


By the time we find out, one
of his guys will kill Mitwa in jail.

What do you want?

Mitwa will have to face his destiny.

He's our friend.

What do you want?

Shall we load up and set out?

We would've done it 20-years-ago.

What has changed?

Is your reputation coming
between our friendship?


You know that's not the case.


What are you thinking?

That your gang will save you.

The Awesome Foursome gang lives on.

Stop. Stop.

Where do you think you're going?
Get down.

Can't you see the Thakur's
mansion is on this side?

Please bless my son, priest.

So he joins the
army when he grows up.

Of course, he'll join
the army and make you proud.

Tell him to bring
my mother back to life.

Son, your mother isn't dead.

No one ever dies.

They all fulfil their responsibilities
and go dwell in the skies.



Who is Chand?

I am Chand.

The condition in Pakistan
is still pretty bad.

Not just the Hindus, even the Muslims
who migrated from here are cursing now.

I thought since he's
your childhood friend..

..even though he ends up dead, but
you must save his son Mitwa's life.

Will you keep him?


Don't be scared.

Look at me.

[chanting prayer]

We're untouchables
to them so to say..

But their lust sees no barriers..

My wife

..never utters a word. But
I can see the hatred in her eyes.

The thing that's
going on in your mind..

..is more dangerous.

My desire may be small,
Chand, but even I am a man.

I'll die with honour.

It will fire only
one round at a time.

Someone's hunting quails, master.

Master. Master.



Where the hell do they disappear?

Always playing outside!


Come here.



You made this..

..didn't you, that was
used to kill my brother.

It's loaded.

Come on, shoot yourself.



No, no, no..



'No one ever dies.'

'They all fulfil their responsibilities
and go dwell in the skies.'

How did this fire start?

How did this fire start?

Water. Bring water.

Put more water, fools.


Catch them! Catch them!

What's this?

What's in the bag? Check.

- What happened here?
- My brother is sick.

I am taking him to the hospital.

- Fine. Check their bags.
- Okay.



Throw it.

What happened?

We don't even know your name?


What's my name?


Trust me.

Come on.

Come in.

Phagun and Mitwa.

Say hi.

Got wounded by a knife
and the Police came sniffing.

But these two kids were amazing.

They are clever. Very clever.


Let them work with
Bahadur and Rizwan.


That's Bahadur. And he's Rizwan.

What's this?

What's the job?

Nothing. You only have to
work for a couple of days a week.

- Is that it?

That's all.

You've to take some stuff across.

And bring some stuff over here.

On this side of the river is India
and on the other side is Nepal.

We smuggle things, boss.

Can you run fast?

When I start running
you can only see a blur.

And our kiddie gang is ready.

- Little Gang.
- No, no..Nah.


The awesome foursome.

Jeevan Dai.


- So long, Jeevan Dai.
-So long.

"With a piece of the
sun stashed in their pockets.."

"..and away they go.."

"With the wind under their wings."

"They are innocent.."

"..there's fun in the air."

"Take a sip from
the cup of friendship."

"With lots of courage."

"They light their desires with
with their thoughts."

"And let their thoughts soar."

"With their courage
they light their lives."

"Make the light shine even
in darkness."

"They only care about their happiness."

"They have small desires
in their hearts."

"Carrying their dreams
in their pockets."

"And the tales of their childhood.."

"..are endless with no speed limit."

"They light up their
hearts with their desires."

"And let their thoughts soar."

"With their courage
they light their lives."

"Make the light shine even
in darkness."

"They only care about their happiness."

- Jeevan Dai.
- Hello. - Hello.

How are you?

Take a look.


Consider it done.

Show me what's in it.

- There's nothing, sir.
- Only clothes. - What's this?

- Take a look.
- Anything else.

Only clothes and other things.

- And what's in the car?
- He stole my money.

What are you doing?

How dare you accuse me of stealing?

What do we do with this?

Leave. Leave.

Why are you two fighting?

I will kill you.

- Come on, don't hit the police.
- Sorry sir, I'll handle him.

Give it back.

If he doesn't stop
now I'll break his head.




..they are teenagers. Kids.

The Landlord has the Police
and the government on his side.

What can these kids do?

But they are going to win.

How can they win?

Go back and give this.
You will get your money.

Not yet.

Room no. 453. 2 o'clock.

"You turned a decent

- Uncle, that's a sweet song.
- Right.

But what does inhumane mean?

Don't ask about the meaning.

It's a sad song that
touches the heart.

So just enjoy..

They are here.

Who is here?

- Hello.
- Greetings.

Where is everyone?

Come down.

Sir, you should rest.
You must be tired.

- Take him in.
- Go on.

Who is the guy who just arrived?

You can meet him later.

He's resting.

Let me introduce you to him.

He's his trusted aid. Fakeera.

He's from Rajasthan.

He must have thought of something
before taking this decision.

And you guys have never
done this job before.

We're talking about a bank.

That's alright. But has
anyone ever been to Patna before?

Don't worry, guys. I am there.

I'll take you to the
best place in Patna. The best.

Bro, I am from Patna.

I'll be returning home after
30-years to rob a bank. Imagine that.

I'll make it very clear.

I'm not going to rob the bank.

I'll wait in the car and
you guys can carry on looting.

Wait..I still don't understand
why we're going to Patna.

There are banks here too.

So people believe that the
bank was robbed by the outfit.

You guys can throw leaflets inside and
outside the bank with their names on it.

Look, we have no
grudge with the outfit.

What's the point?

Look, son, those who want to
get rid of the outfit will help us.

If one of you get caught.

And you won't find an easier job.

Phagun, what are you staring at?

What's wrong?


What's wrong?


- What happened?
- No, we'll go to Patna, sir.

Why are you staring at me?

No, it's nothing.


If the Police doesn't kill
us this heat definitely will.

Thank God the lane is deserted.

Are you from Patna?

- Why? What do you want?
- No..

- Who is speaking?
- Makhaniya Kumar.

Makhaniya Kumar, I see..

- Come on.
- Uncle, start the car.

Boxes. Throw the boxes.

Jack. Where's the jack?

What's wrong?

- Cover. Take cover.
- Who's firing?


"They are out to rob the world."

"They are out to fool the world."

"They are out to rob the world."


Police. Police. Back. Back.

No one dies.

Police again.

Back. Back.

Keep going uncle,
I'll take care of them.

I am going to show you today..

Uncle, take cover. Take cover.



Come here.

Why you..

- Throw that sack.
- What?

They are out to fool the world

"They are out to rob the world."

Great, son. Now let's go.

Come on.


- Uncle.
- Can't breathe..Can't..

Uncle, you're okay. You're okay.

Come here, guys.

Mitwa, look.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Uncle, keep breathing.
Keep breathing.

Cover his wound.
Stop the bleeding.

He returned home
after 30-years, and..

I told you let's not go to Patna.

But you never listen..

Chaman uncle.

And all because of the same guy..

How much?

We didn't count.

Remember blacksmith
Chand from your area.

Chand the blacksmith?


He had two small kids.


What have you done?

This is personal, uncle.

Those who want out can do so now.

Those who want a fight can try.

What are you doing?

I will kill him.

Go ahead.


Take me in your gang.

I will never betray you, believe me.

You just betrayed your chief.

I was talking about friends.

I never betray my friends.

[regional language song]

"While befriending
our dreams..we went on."

"While knitting the
stars..we kept knitting."

"The heart had no idea.."

"..we marched on
holding our heart."

"What is this heart, why is it?"

"We had it under wraps."

"What is this heart, why is it?"

"We had it under wraps."

"Without a care.."

"Without a care.."

"Without a care.."

"Without a care.."

Come on, guys.

We got to change this truck, guys.

We don't all fit in here now.

Anybody there?

I am.

Can we get some food?

We've potatoes and rice.

Is that all?
No lentil.

Sorry, no lentil.

What kind of an eating joint
is this? No bread, no lentil.

This is all we have.

People have no food at home,
what are they going to sell?

No food? Why?

What world do you live in, mister?

The entire country
is facing this crisis.


The landlord has food grains..

..but he'll sell it when
people are on the verge of dying.

At double the rate.

We should start here.

People are decent and
the government's ruthless.

Where is the Landlord's storehouse?

Lala, this lock..

What does Amitabh Bachchan say?

I'll take this lock from
your pocket and open it.

Lala, I'll take this lock
from your pocket and open it.

Lala, stop tormenting the poor.

This storehouse will stay open.

I and the others have decided
that the poor and starved..

What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?


Don't try to be a hero.
Look at the situation.

Or why don't you inform me earlier?
We'll charge a fee.

So what?

Can we get a piece of land to buy?

Yes, of course.

Of course.

Great. Thank you very much.

"Trying to gather the
pieces in which you hid.."

"..trying to cajole the
moments that were yours."

"Weaving dreams that can come true."

"I've found the caravan.."

"..that I've always
been looking for."

"I've found the path.."

"..which the weather
was trying to show me."

"Without a care.."

"Without a care.."

"Without a care.."

"Without a care.."

Bahadur..shoot like a pro.

- I know.
- So you shoot first and me second.

- Mitwa.
- Yeah..

Look there.
Something's moving.

Looks like a rabbit.

- Yeah..
- Shoot it.

That's Rizwan.

Where are you going?

Someone fired a gun.



You shot me in the ass.

Run for it.

With friends like
you who needs enemies.

Don't come any closer.

- Listen to me.
- Or I will kill you.

I thought it was a rabbit.

Do I look like a rabbit to you?
Am I a rabbit?


Come on..we'll stitch you up.

Mitwa Shaheriya, get up.
To the court.

Param, there are
some guys at the gate.

They are calling you outside.

Come, son.

Who did Tanu come with?

Madhu hit him again.

Who is in the car?


Good afternoon, Mr. Paramveer.

Or should I call
you by your old name?


That's the same guy.

Phagun Gadoliya.

Bahadur. Rizwan.

I have Mitwa.

I came to drop Tanuja.

I just wanted to see whether
this is the right address.

This is the right address.

I might have to come back.

Come inside, let's talk.

Some other time.

I am the Joint Director CBI now.

I hope you're not
planning to save Mitwa.

He's been arrested for
a very high profile case.

There are many big
names connected to it.

You see..this case
is my retirement plan.

Later it will make me the
member of the Planning Commission..

..or the ambassador of
some small beautiful country.

So please don't try anything..

..which compels me to
destroy your beautiful world.

- Understand.
- Destroy what?

- Destroy what?
- Let it be. Come on.

How dare you threaten me in my home.

Get lost.

Come on.

Close the gate!

Come here. Come here.

You hit Tanu again.

Remember what I said will
happen if this happens again.

What else? You will kill me.

We won't kill you.

Mitwa's back in town
and he knows everything.

- He will kill you. Leave me.
- Mitwa's back.

Where is Mitwa?

I said leave me!

Stay away from Mitwa.

Like he did for 20-years.

Maybe he was embarrassed.

Time flew by..

You had forgotten him, Param.

If he hadn't returned to
Delhi and hadn't been arrested..

- ..then you had forgotten..
- No!

I always missed him.

And whenever I did
I used to feel happy.

And if I don't help him this time..

..then next time when I
think of him, I'll feel embarrassed.

I am not worried about myself.

But for Arjun.

I won't do anything.

We won't do anything.

We've hired someone else.

No bloodshed.

Absolutely not.

Good morning.

Who are these two?

They are with me. My friends.

They can be trusted.


They look high.

No, sir. I just have a cold.

Both of you?

No, sir. I had a cold first,
then he got it from me.

Were you licking each other's face?

What's your name?

Do you have a driving licence?

We do, sir.

He's Tony, I am Titu.

Tony, Titu.

Mitwa returned to the city
to kill you and got arrested.

Don't be scared.

And you're going to save him..

..because that's that only way
to apologise to him.

Absolutely. Absolutely.

No bloodshed.

No.. never..

And don't get caught.

Otherwise, we'll kill you
in Police custody.

Take this mobile.

If you want to convey
anything call on it, okay.

Are you twins?

Yes, sir.

- Sita and Gita.
- No, sir.

Where is that Sardar?

He must be somewhere around.

He'll pop out of somewhere.

I used to wait at
the bus stop for hours.

- So romantic.
- I didn't know.

I used to hit on her.

Not him..

I wonder where he came from.

Here you go..enjoy.

What a feast. Is this
my last wish getting fulfilled?

Something like that.

Get me out of here! I am bleeding!



- What happened, sir?
- Let's get going.

I don't know whether we've been
duped or on the verge of getting duped.

Let's get going.

Of course.

Make him sit here.

Sit here.

- Where's the doctor?
- There he is.

I see..


Your dear parents
are with us, Madan.

They are very happy now.

Once we get Mitwa
back safe and sound..

..we'll send them back
home after a movie-show or two.

- Aunty..
- Yes, son.

Anything to eat?

No, son. You already fed me a lot.

Did you hear that?

Who was it?

Listen to me, sir.

You're detaining me forcefully, sir.

I never drink.

If you had a wife like mine then
you would've understood my life.

I'll go ask.

Sit down.

Be quiet.

Why are you troubling us sir?

But, sir..

And you guys..


Which way is the Emergency ward?

This way.


You're killing a policeman.


Come on, Titu.


Stay still.

What's going on?

Keep it down.

What are you doing?

Get in.

Tell Sharma to put
more men in the hospital.

No one moves until
I don't get there.

Those bloody.. Damnit!

After so long.

- Is it too deep?
- I had to.

2 million.

Return the mobile.

Fools, you guys killed a Policeman.

I told you not to.

We had to.

We had no option.
We had to save Mitwa.

We risked our lives
to save him and yet..

Get lost.

I am letting you go
because you saved my life.

If you touch Tanu again
I'll forget this favour.


Where did these camels come from?

There's so many of them.

Where did they come from?

They are surrounding us.

Madan, who are they?


Madan, who are they?

Leave me.



This hotel is ours.
We just bought it.

It's a little dilapidated,
but just adequate for you.

- More.

Here you go.

Rascal, you didn't
stop shaking your ass..

The girls of Delhi
are crazy about my walk.

That's why I never got married.

I get to maintain variety in life.

I am very famous.

You're not famous. You're infamous.

That's what you believe,
king of Nepal.

Go ask those who sigh at my name.

Of course, they utter
his name too..but with manners.

Mr. Bahadur, Bahadur sir.

I caused you guys a lot of trouble.


After all these years
I was missing Tanu..

..and I came here without thinking.

You guys have taken
good care of Tanu.

Why did you leave, Tanu?

I got arrested for a petty case.

For 6-months.

We weren't married
yet and Tanu was pregnant.

That's when she met Madan.

And I was locked up.

That bas*** fulfilled
his responsibilities..

..but he used to hit her.

He used to hit Tanu.

We've permanently
solved Tanu's problem.

You never came to meet us, Mitwa.


I wasn't in India when
you guys got out of jail.

I wasn't here.

Later I didn't return
fearing this question.

What would I say?

Why is Shakeel after your life?

Didn't you two worked
for Durani together?

I never met Durani.

He lives in Romania.

Shakeel and I did
a small job for him.

Look boss, Shakeel and I were partners.

One day I found out that he never
gave me my entire share of the deal.

I got a new deal..

I kept all the money.

That's why they are looking for me.

Bro, I'll pay Shakeel.

Bury it.

Phagun, get me out of here.

Once I get to Nepal I'll be safe.

Arjun. Go inside.

Arjun, go inside.

Yeah, okay.

If you need anything
buy it from the market.

I'll talk to you later.

I've kept enough money.

Yes, madam.

Go on, I'll call you later.

Where are you going?

Don't you think I should
take Arjun far away from this?

You stay loyal to your friend..

..and Arjun will
have to pay the price.

Can we go inside and talk.

The people you're protecting
Mitwa from don't waste time.

Yesterday you did that job
and today they sent you a reply.

I'm going over to my mother's.

I was very happy, Param.

But seems like the
old days have returned.

We've been going around in circles.

Take a good look, son.

You'll never see a college again.

Shut up.

Enroll yoursef.

Where's D-Block?

Next left.

Matches? Just a minute.

What happened?

61-people were
massacred in Jahanabad.

Including 15 children.

"Comrade Sumaya.."

"The massacre in Jahanabad
has taken a heavy toll."

"The problems of
farmers and workers.."


"Politicians and middlemen
looting the country..

"Even the students must
raise weapons against them."

"I'm sending five
comrades from my cell.."

Looking for the hospital.

Did you bring the stuff?

Does this work?

I hope it's not made
from sticks and stones.

Test it.

Here's 2000.

That's 1000 less.

The deal was 500 rupees per piece.

We'll adjust that in the next deal.

Mister, you're not buying grocery.

These are guns we're talking about.

There's no guarantee of a long life.

And if you don't survive
until the next assignment..

..then who's going
to make adjustments?

You guys are new to this trade.

This is not a trade.

Sudhir, it's the language.
It's the way they speak.

What business are we in?

You seize lands from all
the landlords and high-class people.

And since they have more money,
you take that from them.

- We take it from them.
- Yes.

And what do we do with that money?


We'll accept 2000 rupees.

We'll adjust next time.

Phagun, what are you doing?

There's nothing we can do
if they don't have money right now.

They need it too.

Your name's Phagun.


It's very..



Poetic meaning romantic.

You see, my name means
the onset of summer.

There we go again.

I was born in March,
so my parents named me Phagun.

- What is your good name?


Beautiful woman.


Shall we?

Okay. Bye.


One has to handle such men as well.

It's crucial for our movement.

Fakeera..you bought
these raw tomatoes.

You can't do a single thing right.

That bag of grocery is
worth 16 rupees, can you imagine.

For the entire week.

- Fakeera, can you handle the Mirzapur j
- Indian Cinema's popular singer..

- ..Mukesh passed away.
- Then get to work from tomorrow.

He was 53-years-old.

Raise the volume.

- I just heard him in the morning.
- Mr. Raj Kapoor said that..

..we've lost a golden voice.

Mukesh was born on 22nd July 1923

- They were just playing his song on the
- in Delhi's Kayasth family.

"When the sun sets far away.."

Mitwa, come inside!

Rizwan, get the guns.

Oh, it's you.
What brings you here?

- How are you?
- I am great.

- This is Himanshu.
- How are you?

I am fine.

- Do you know her?
- Fakeera.

How are you?

He's my good friend Mitwa.

- And he..
- Hello. Sukanya.

- And that's Fakeera.
- Hello.

Come here.

Come here. Come here.

Do you know her?

We met in Delhi.

For that job we did.

You didn't tell me about her.

Can we talk alone?

Go on.

Let's go outside.

Another job for the outfit.

Didn't I tell you no?

And yet you brought her here.

I didn't bring her here.

She wanted to come here.

You'll get us killed
someday, Himanshu.

He's been shot in the leg.

The wound's getting worse.

If we take him to a doctor
he'll lose only part of his leg.

He's an important party member,
we can't afford to lose him.

You'll get paid. And in full.


Well bullets are unpredictable.

If you hadn't hit me here, and here inst
I wouldn't have said a word, Rizwan.

You got shot in the bum
because your friend fired..

Even God wants..

The lady from Delhi.

What brings you here?

Was the stuff defective?

- I live in this area now.
- I see.

Bye, see you later.

See you soon, sister.

What was she saying?

We've to do a job for them?

- Will we get paid.
- Of course.

You're ruining the business.

What did you say?

I said you're ruining the business.

Look at me. Look at me.

Are you in love?

Don't be foolish.
I said don't be foolish..


Let me know if you get tired.

I'll drive.

Can you drive a truck?


But it's not a big deal.

Can you read and write?

The entire educated lot are jobless.

Even you are educated.

But who did you need in the end?


Drive slowly!

Stop. Stop.


What's in the back?


And who is the female?

She's my wife? Why?

I don't want your wife.

Shell out some bottle. Pay tax.

Come out.

Wait. You don't take the trouble.
Allow me.

- Why?
- I'll give you. Wait.

What's this red thing?

Is the battle broken?

Take the ones from there.

He's a friend.
We're taking him to the hospital.

- What happened?
- The outfits here, sir!

The outfits here, sir!

Get down.

Who is she?

She is his wife, sir.

Doesn't look like it.

Come on, hurry up.

Come on. Shut up.

We're rotting in the
jungle because of you.

It's been 10-months
since I last saw my wife.

Tell me..

Tell me where is your gang.

I am missing my wife.

Otherwise..I might get
too friendly with you.

Why you..

Come on, hurry up.

- You can drive a truck.
- No.

It's easy as driving a car.

You're educated. You'll manage.

The keys are under
the steering wheel.

Come on, get out of here.

- Go.
- Stop the truck.


Stop ass***

Stop the truck.

Arvind. Shut up.

Or else we'll crash.

Calm down. Calm down.

Does he know he'll lose his leg?

Yes, he does.

Come on.

Come on.

Does your family know what you do?

What do I do?

They don't know.

They have a hint,
but not too assured.

When did you last go home?


on Holi.

Six months ago.

Then call them now.

If I call they will know where I am.

I call them whenever I am in Delhi.

What do you say to your father?

Hello, papa. How are you?

How is your health?

How is mama?

What are you up to these days?

Not like this.

He's got a strong voice.

What have you been up to these days?

I hope you're not using
your brains in Politics.

No, papa. I go to watch
a movie every other day.

Yesterday I saw Amol
Palekar's Chitchor.

It's a very good film, papa.

Who did you go with?


To the movies?

Did you along or with your friends?

With my friends.

What kind of friends do you
have who take you to the movies..

..and don't let you study?

I have a couple of them.

I want to introduce
one of them to you.

He's very nice.

I want to marry him.

He's doing an MA
in Political Science.

The outfit attacked a police
post in the jungle of Murphy..

..and seriously injured
two police officers.

Sub-Inspector Shulka who was
present at the scene told us..

..that almost 20 outfit
members attacked him.


They fought gallantly..

We had to run.

I was joking.

Prime Minister Morarji
Desai believes that..

..the country's administration needs
a nudge in a positive direction.

He commented on the previous
government undertakings.

"You burn like the flame
and I flow like the wave."

"You're my refuge, I'm always with you."

"Always with you.."

"No one discloses this secret."

"No one brings any
information about you."

"Love is like poison."

"This poison attracts me."

"The abode of your arms.."

"..there's no place else I would go."

"I am the shore, and you're my ocean."

"Without you I don't exist."

"I am awake..I've been awake for ages."

"Come and calm me for a moment."

"For a moment.."

"No one discloses this secret."

"No one brings any
information about you."

"Love is like poison."

"This poison attracts me."

"No one discloses this secret."

"No one brings any
information about you."

"Love is like poison."

"This poison attracts me."

Rizwan, let's go.


Can I keep it here?

Turn around, sweetheart.


What is this?

It's a dress. Can't you see?

A gift for my sister-in-law.

Why will you give her a gift?


She's my sister-in-law.
Why can't I give her a gift?

I've heard many stories about
sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

She's your sister.

And you're my brother-in-law


Did you hear, Bahadur?

Just because I bought her a gift
you lost all confidence and faith.

Yes, I did.

You cannot be trusted
for many things.

Did you check it?

That's a cheap thing to say.

Finally, you said what
was in your heart.

If there's anything else
you got to say then do it now.

I am not coming with you guys.

I won't give her this dress.

I'll set it on fire.

Go on and celebrate
your girlfriend's birthday.

What happened? Why are you crying?

Are you blind?
Do I look like I am crying?

Bloody dog.

What happened, Mitwa?

I will break your arm.
I will break your arm.

What happened?

Nothing, he's just being dramatic.
Come on.

You hurt me.

Go on..celebrate her
birthday with these losers.

How dare you doubt me.

You bloody snake.

- I won't go with you.
- Fine, then don't.

Come on, last warning.

Get some sleep. We'll return soon.

Come on. Come.

Look at his face.

What happened?

- What happened, son?
- Come on.

And now you'll have to toil for life.

Your men, your children.

But if you study then these
landlords won't take away your land..

..nor will these godmen
try to sell you god.

They are our friends.

Hello. Hello.

Tonight we're going
to have a feast together.

Happy birthday.

Is this for me?


Of course.


I want to tell you something, Sukanya.

This guy doubts us.. I mean me.

There's something between us.

He's right.

I didn't go to Delhi when you two met.

Otherwise today our relationship
would've been different.


Where are you going?

I should leave.

What happened?

The consignment hasn't
reached Mirzapur yet.

Forget it. Take care of it later.

Don't worry.

I should leave.

Go on.

Once again..congratulations.

Rizwan, see you.

[regional language song]

[regional language song]

Listen! Listen!

The Police have surrounded the
village along with their men as well.

Everyone go back to your homes.

Vacate this place. Now.
Everyone leave.

- Take care.
- Phagun.

Come on, get out of here.

Get out of here.
Hurry up.

Get out of here.

Open the door. Open the door.

Attention Villagers, everyone
go back to your homes and lock the door.

Because the outfit has
infiltrated your village.

If anyone ventures out he'll be shot.

Don't spare a single outfit member.

Let's go this way.

Keep the gun inside.

Let's go this way. It's a straight road.


I am out of it.


Sir, wait.

Sir, let's leave some
people alive for interrogation.

Sir, please.

Move back. Back.

All members of the outfit.

We're doing our job.

Look, we know you are not one of them.

You guys are from this area.


Smuggle people to Nepal..

..and give them
safe passage from Nepal.

Since when did you start
supporting the outfit.

What were you doing
in the village last night?

Like I said sir,
we came here to sell booze.

Where did you get these arms?

You supply arms to
the outfit, don't you?

No. No.. leave me.

What is your leader's name?

You fight other's battle.

Jai Hind.

Jai Hind.

Jai Hind, sir.

You called, sir.

We've got almost all the names.

Get to work.

No need to show them mercy.


Phagun, you're here.



Fakeera escaped.

He betrayed us.

He must have called the Police.

The traitor fled.

Where is Sukanya?

We're all going to die.

What are you saying?

Telling you where your mother's hiding.

Don't just stand there. Shoot me.

No, sir. He hasn't done anything.


The Chaukdi Gang that dealt in
smuggling, bootlegging and illegal arms.

..also supplied arms to the outfit.

Looking at the long list of
their crimes, the court sentences..

..Rizwan Sheikh to seven years.

Bhimsen Thapa aka
Bahadur to seven years.

Mitwa aka Mubarak Sehri to four years.

And Phagun Gadoliya
to 10 years of imprisonment.

No. 108, 305, 271, 464,
514, 314..come to the gate.

Greetings, Phagun bhai.

Uncle, that way.


Keep your hands away, 314.

That way..come on.

It took you an entire year to come here.


It's difficult to step out of the house.

Suddenly such love for your home.

Earlier you went home only on Holi.

I returned home but..

..I didn't celebrate Holi this year..

Mitwa, Rizwan..

I heard that Mitwa is in Patna Jail.

I often get news about
Bahadur and Rizwan.

One is in Ranchi and
the others in Hajipur.

It's a good thing you escaped.

Don't you want to know how I escaped?

I must have used my
father's connections and..


I am happy you escaped.

I don't care how.

You had set out to change the world.

So what happened now?
Did you get scared?

So scared that it took
you a year to come here.

Your revolution was a love story.

But our story was a reality.

At least for me.


Phagun, it took me a year
to set foot outside the house.

And when I did this
is the first place I came.

I wanted to tell you something.

Come on.

Shut up.

You were roaming around with outfit.

Shut up.

Shut your mouth.

Shut up!



My name is NK Verma.

Magistrate Nand Kishore Verma.

Your father called up the CM.

That's why I am here
and we're releasing you.

This is a good thing.

But a girl of your stature
indulging in these things..

Does it suit you?

You should be an IAS.


Close that door.

Close it.

You too..leave.

What happened?

We have much evidence against you.

We can reopen this case any day we want.

Just..don't tell your family. Okay.

- No, no..no!
-Shut up! Shut up!

So I've been punished as well.

And I've to bear this
for an entire lifetime.

Madam, only five more minutes.

Whatever you have for him,
deposit it here.


I've only five more minutes.

Let me take a good look at you.

I won't take too long now.

Can.. I come back?

With a smile.


It should look like you're
still in love with me.

You're in jail but you
shouldn't look like a prisoner.

Madam, your five minutes are up.

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."


"We'll meet like the spring of love.."

"..every time like
it's our first time."

"We'll sit together
forever holding hands.."

"..and never take my eyes off you."

"Whenever my eyes wander.."

"..be the one to tether me."

"And weave a new beautiful dream."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."


"Your company is like
a beautiful fragrance.."

"Even your mention is alluring."

"Every word is like a prayer."

"Even if I find God,
and bestows me, Heaven.."

"..I will choose you."

"We'll sit together
forever holding hands.."

"..and never take my eyes off you."

"Whenever my eyes wander.."

"..be the one to tether me."

"And weave a new beautiful dream."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."


Don't stress out your
eyes if you can't read.


And my Amitabh Bachchan.


I look smarter than before.

Too smart actually.

You look strong.

- I guess you got quite a beating in jai
- Come, let's sit.

How did you like it?

When happiness knocks
uninvited it's even better.

Sukanya found us and then..

- Sukanya.
- Yeah.


Any news about Fakeera.

There's no news about that rascal.

He must have been rewarded
handsomely for the betrayal.

And set off to someplace else.

Mitwa.. Where is Mitwa?

I heard he lives somewhere
in Bombay or Dubai.

Works for some guy called Shakeel.

What job?

Same job..smuggling.

By the way, he's got a 2-year-old son.

- Are you serious?
- Right here in Delhi.

He got his girlfriend
pregnant and ran away.

No, Mitwa can never do such a thing.

I don't know, but this has happened.

So she married someone
else and the kid's fine too.

Listen, let's go out.

Is our money safe?

Yes, it's safe. We also have a plan.




The game hasn't changed.

We did it 10-years ago
what people are doing now.


we won't do this job anymore.

We'll buy up land around Delhi.

And what are we going to
do on those lands? Build a farm?

Build homes on those jobs.

We'll do the same old job respectfully.

"There's a waterfall of
fragrance..beyond the moon."

"That's where we'll build our abode."

"Every word you
say..enchants my heart."

"Towards a happy ending, we tread."

"We'll sit together
forever holding hands.."

"..and never take my eyes off you."

"Whenever my eyes wander.."

"..be the one to tether me."

"And weave a new beautiful dream."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."

"Lost in your love.."

"The effort of your love.."


They sent an effigy at home
with a message written in blood.

They want to tell us that
they can kill us in our homes.

Tinku and Tanu are alone.


Keep Tanu in your home for a few days.


It's going to break someday.

You can stay in this room. It's big.

It's will be perfect for Tinku and you.

Tinku, go play on the terrace.

You might break something.


I'm emptying this cupboard.

You two can keep your clothes here.

Where is Madam?

He's dead, isn't he?


And that's why you brought us here.

Because our lives are in danger.

And I am sure you must wish
a couple of times that he was dead.

What am I going to tell, Tinku?

Tell him that he left you.

Tinku must have dropped something.

He hasn't said a
word since we found him.

All he could say that
there were four men.

Mr. Paramveer, this is Shakeel's doing.

Because he believes
that you guys have Mitwa.

And so do we.

Tinku's going to stay here.

You like kids, don't you?

Who doesn't like kids?

You lost one friend to save another one.

Now you'll lose another one.

- And then..
- What do you want?

Do you want me to handover
Mitwa to them and say kill him?

This is all my fault.

All of it.

But the point is, Mitwa.

We must find Shakeel.

All our lives are in danger.

But the guy who killed
Bahadur will die first.

I have his Dubai number.

Yes, boss.

Paramveer called.

He's handing over Mitwa to us.

Are you serious?

- He's handing him over to us.
- Five minutes ago.

So we killed one
and the rest got scared.

Be ready.
They are calling us tomorrow morning.

Of course.

Tell them to bring him at Mehroli,
under Qutub Minar and drop Mitwa there.

Will Paramveer come along
or bring Rizwan along too.

Let's see.

We should find a permanent
solution for them as well.

- Of course.
- Okay.


So Mitwa..

..you will hide in the car's boot.

They will see us and come out..

They will see us and come out..

But we don't recognise Shakeel.

But if Shakeel comes out..

But if Shakeel comes
out and you see him..

..then make a knocking
sound from inside the car.

We'll open fire.

We'll handle the rest later..

When I disconnected your call twice,
then you should know that..


Listen to me, Suraiyya.

It'll take me an hour to get there.
Don't let him leave.

He's asleep.

Suraiyya, sweetheart.
Don't let him leave.

Rizwan, I love you so much.
You will never know.

Yes, yes, now hang up. I love you.

What the..

What is this?

Where is Shakeel?

Shakeel who?

The guy who's looking for me.

What are you looking for?
It's not there.

Here's your..

Goodbye, Rizwan sir.


Thank you.

Now leave.

Now, do you understand?

Tell us..

Speak up.

He's eating kebabs at
Bade Miya's in Nizamuddin.

At Bade Miyan's.

Do you know Nizamuddin?

It's near the Afzal..

The one near Mehtaab's chair shop.

No, you've gone too far ahead.

You go this way after the big mosque..

It's a famous place.
There are boards everywhere.


Come on, dress up. Come on.

Get up.

I am full..come on.

Eat. Eat.


That's it.

Goodbye, Shakeel sir.

He's coming at 6:30
behind the Qutub Minar.

I'll call you at 6:35.

What's that noise?

Stop the car. Stop the car.

Open the boot.

Hurry up.

He's our guy.
Help him up.

Take his gag out.

- How did you get here?
- Mitwa came to me..

- How can he come now?
- He put a gun to my head..

- Suraiya called him..
- Why do I smell petrol?

Why do I smell petrol..

How soon can you arrange
for me to leave this country?

After this job, the Police
will keep a sharp lookout on us.

Wait for few more days.



That man asked me to wake you up.

I guess you were very busy last night.


That's why you passed out
after one drink on the couch.

We found bodies of
Shakeel and his three men.

Lying on the road.

Their car was burnt.

That's a good thing.

Shakeel was a headache for you.

That's why I came over to say thank you.

You did a favour to society.

Now handover Mitwa to us.

Meaning you don't want to work at all.

If Mitwa escaped then it must
have been his friends who helped him.

Daljeet sir, I made a lot of
money and that's what I like to do.

If I wanted to help him
then I would've bribed you.

Enough to make a retirement
plan for your entire family.

But I didn't..


..if I can't spend
money to save my friend..

..you think I'll risk my life for him.

Look Paramveer, leader of Chaukdi Gang.

I don't want your character certificate.

I want Mitwa.

I asking you nicely.

Otherwise, I'll arrest you the
day you try to smuggle him out of India.

And not just you,
I'll drag your entire family.


Know your limit, Daljeet.

I heard everything
you said about me, Daljeet.

You roughed me up and I said nothing.

But don't say a word about my family.

Otherwise, I'll be forced
to be my old self.

And that me doesn't hesitate to kill.

Now get it.

Get that Sardar transferred.

You can't get him
transferred in two days.

Gulati's daughter's
wedding is two days later.

You and Sukanya must go together.

Some believe that you two are divorced.

I know you didn't want to.

But I am glad you came.

People were starting to
believe that we have separated.

Tinku finally spoke after three days.

Thank God he did.

What did he say?

He said that some guy was talking
on the phone to a guy named Durani..

..and he said the job's done.

Ramesh, turn the car around.

- Param..
-Turn it around. Turn it around.

Param, what's going on?

Bablu, tell the boys
not to move from the gate.

We're coming back.

I am sorry Sukanya.
But we're still in danger.

Thank you.

I've been calling you for so long.

Why weren't you answering?

Do you know Mr.
Grewal wasn't letting me come?

I had to put up a big fight..

Sonya, spend some time with Mr.
Grewal today.


I know..Bahadur is dead.

I am really sorry.




Do you want me to leave?

It's your mother calling.

Today you will talk only to me.

I am not throwing away
my marriage for nothing.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Param sir.

- Did Rizwan sir arrive?
- He's inside.


Rizwan, come out. We need to talk.

Someone shot Sonya ma'am.

- What?
- Come.

Why didn't Sukanya come too?

I'll see you later.



That bitch..she kept nagging
me as long as she was alive.

And now even after she's
dead she has humiliated me.

And that Rizwan,
I wanted to kill him myself.

I wanted to kill him myself.


Whose name did you take?

You took Rizwan's name!

You took Rizwan's name!

I wanted to kill him myself.

I will kill you. I will kill you.

"Gathering the parts..in
which you were hiding."

"Cajoling the moments..
that were yours."

"Those caravans are lost."

"You had said they will last forever."

"Disappeared in thin air.."

"You had said we'll
be together forever."


I think someone else wants Mitwa.

There's been a lot of bloodsheds.

But not enough.

Mr. Durani. Paramveer. From India.

I am in your city.

I wanted to meet you
and apologise personally.


How are you, Phagun?



We thought you were dead.

Or we would've killed you long ago.

- And we would..
- Still, be alive.

Mitwa is a petty thief.

One should forget such friends.

I saw him 15-years-ago in Dubai.

He was in bad shape.

I told Shakeel to give him a job.

But he said that he never met you.

He was right.

A lot of people work for me.

But I meet very few people.

I don't want anyone to know who I was.

When you guys got arrested
I ran for my life.

First to Nepal, then Russia.

Carried out a few jobs,
made a name for myself.

Became Durani.

And this name gave me all the rewards.

And that bloody Mitwa swindled 500
million from me and humiliated my name.

You did the right thing, Phagun,
that you stopped protecting him.

And the best part is you came to me.

I am sorry about Rizwan
and Bahudur's death. Honestly.

But as I said, it was never about money.

My name was at stake.

Now let's talk business.


Your job's done.

Today evening at 6 o'clock
a car will take you to Agra Highway.

From there you'll get in a truck..

- Won't you meet?
- No.

If we meet I'll miss everyone.

Everything was going
fine and then I came back.


You shouldn't have returned.


..take care.

You too.

Just the two of us left now.


Meet me at Lodhi Garden in one hour.

Your home is too far.

That's why I called you here.

I wanted to show you something.

That day you threatened me.

I was so angry..

I thought I'll arrest
you under some old case.

I reopened the Chaukdi Gang file..

..and found this.

Everyone thought that
Fakeera was the traitor.

But the real traitor was Mitwa.

Did you never think that you three
were sentenced to longer life terms..

..and Mitwa got only four years.

Give Mitwa to me, Phagun.

And I will leave you alone.



You're here.

You did the right thing.

I had to see you once.

Even I did..

We were together for so long
but I never took a good look at you..

..that this is how
a traitor looks like.

You gave everyone's name.

Do you know how many
youngsters lost their life?

Do you know what happened with Sukanya?


Passport and money.

Take it and go.

Leave like a traitor.

Or just remorse over what you did.

Don't ruin the reputation
of Chaukdi Gang.



"Befriending our dreams we treaded on."

No one dies.

They fulfil their responsibilities
and go dwell in the skies.

"Weaving an abode with the
stars, we kept on weaving."

"The heart had no clue.."

"Controlling our heart
we kept on walking."

"What is this heart, why is it here."

"We kept it under close wraps."

"Now it's shattered."