Yaar Pardesi (2012) - full transcript

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He left?

You didn't go with him?

Scoundrels,we are like
airplanes taxiing at the airport.

One by one, all of us will fly away.

Why do you need to be upset about it?

Jashn, go get beer.

As if he must be missing us over there.

Kuku, I don't feel
like leaving you guys.

Then let's go back.


Go, you fool.

Get into the plane before
you change your mind.

Take care.

Call once your reach there.


He left us.


You think you are his wife...?

He found one.

Shetook him with her.

One day, we, too, will
find one and fly away.

Right, man? Tell him.

I don't want to get married.

Friends and brothers part
moment a girl enters their life.

Saw my elder brother?

Moment he got married,
sister-in-law took him away.

What do you know?

You never had a sip of it.

You don't know there isn't a
better way to double your joy.

And the best way to drown your sorrows.

Buddy, I say, one day a plane will land.

And a very beautiful Punjabi
girl will come out from it.

And take me to the heavenly
land called Canada or Austrdia.

Scoundrel, come out of your dreamland.

She could be dangerous as well.

"Her waist measures 28
inches. She weighs 47 kilos."

"The girl. She weighs 47 kilos."

Oh my.

Careful. Careful.

What happened? Did you get hurt?

You were saying something.

Her waist measures 28
inches. She weighs 47 kilos.

That can't be your mother.

Must be your sister.

What have I done'?

Myself Shunty from Haiori Garden.

And myself Sahei from Patiala.

Sahe], come on.

Sahei, you are here?

I thought you are coming tomorrow.

Idiot, I said PM not AM.

Gary, watch out if your touch your hair.

All you know is to use gel
to make your hair stand.

You don't know anything else.

Look, sister, you shouldn't shout.

Maan Sahib says"

Shut up. Gary, don't say a word more.

I will manage. Don't worry. Gel: lost.

Gary isn't here.
- What now?

Let's hail a cab. Let's go.

Hello, Jashn'?

Did you make him board it?

You think I am a driver?

You guys get drunk and
I have to drop everyone.

Brother, you were the
one who used to say this.

"| drop so many people to the airport."

"It's like a taxi service.".

Yes, why don't I start a taxi service?

I should stand here and shout,
Delhi-Punjab, Delhi-Punjab, Delhi-Punjab.

Hello. Hello. Hello.- How will
I look shouting Delhi-Punjab"

Delhi-Punjab? - I
want to go to Punjab.

Hurry up. Look, I don't have
time. Hurry up. Hurry up.

Ma'am, I am talking on the phone.

You can talk on the phone later.

It's very simple.

Look, we have a lot of luggage with us.

Carry our luggage quickly and hurry up.
- I am not a taxi"

I know the rate for taxis.
How much do you charge?

Yes, 12 rupees per kilometre.

I will give you a tip as well.
- VWII you listen to me?

What's there to listen?
It's very simple.

I know you are a taxi
driver. We want a taxi.

You are going to Punjab.
We want to go to Punjab.

We want to go to Patiala.
This is our luggage.

Let's go, Anna. The |uggage..
- Ma'am, I am not a driver..

Listen to me.
- You are not a driver? You look like a driver.

Hurry UP-

Yes, Jashn. I still haven't
started the Delhi-Punjab business..

...and I already got passengers.

That's great. You will have
company on your way back.

Make sure you take the money.

Make sure of it. Yes.

We will be able to gei a Johnnie Wdlcer.

Hello, please concentrate on driving.

You can sing once you reach home.

Hear that, singing has
taken Punjab by storm.

Madam,| am just humming.

Thewhole of Punjab has
cut albums in their names.

I know everything. I was
born and brought up here.

Got it?

Not a problem, you can sing.

Madam ..

What's wrong with your voice?

You sounded different.

Hey, it's me.

Hey, watch out!

Madam, you spoke in Punjabi?

That too so properly?

Hello, my friend knows
Punjabi very well.

Got it?

- What's so strange about it?

Can't I talk in Punjabi?

No, you can. Talk all you want.

It's a pleasure.

Then why don't you sing us a song?

If you will ask so affectionately, I'm
ready to sit with a drum all my life.

Come on, sing us a song.


"We are the best friend
a person can have."

"We rule the world."

"We love everyone."

"We never take anything personally."

"We are the best friend
a person can have."

"We rule the world."

"We love everyone."

"We never take anything personally."

"We work in the fields

"We are also the headman
of the village council."

"We work in the fields

"We are also the headman
of the village council."

"Even if we live abroad."

"We always earn our living."

"We are the best friend
a person can have."

"We rule the world."

"We love everyone."

"We never take anything personally."

"We are the best friend
a person can have."

"We rule the world."

"We love everyone."

"We never take anything personally."

"People call us Punjabi."

"They take our name with pride."

"People call us Punjabi."

"They take our name with pride."

"Some call us brave men."

"Some call us brave men."

"We are well respected."

"We are the best friend
a person can have."

"We rule the world."

"We love everyone."

"We never take anything personally."

"We are the best friend
a person can have."

"We rule the world."

"We love everyone."

"We never take anything personally."

"We never take anything personally."

"We never take anything personally."

Come on, let's go.

- Brother.

Sorry, sister.

I got confused with the dates.

I thought you are coming tomorrow.


Oh my..
- Your sister's friend.

Shewill be staying here?
- Oh yes.

Where are you going?
- To get some gel.

Don't get the gel, get our luggage.

Come on.

How much money for you?

My family will know how much
'hey want to sell me for.

No, I mean how much
do I pay for your taxi.

Which taxi?

Excuse me. Neither is this my
taxi, nor am I ataxi driver.

This is my personal car. I came
to drop you for courtesy sake.

Oh. So you thought of having
some fun when you saw girls.

You were very eagerly
carrying our luggage back then.

And now you are saying
that this isn't a taxi.

And you are not a taxi driver.


Anna, this is the reason
why foreigners are scared..

...of travelling to India. Why?

Because you find such people here.

They are cheats and liars.

They cheat everyone.

Give me a chance to speak.

I mean, what is it?|- Sahei, please.

He wants to say something.

Please, hear him out.

You are great. Imported
Goddess, you are great.

You understood this
mere mortal's feelings..

...and asked this Indian
Goddess to keep quiet.

Otherwise, this Indian Goddess doesn't
give anyone else a chance to speak.

Hello, what are you saying?
- Sahe], please.

Let me complete first

I am not a taxi driver.

I have done my MA in geography
from Punjabi University Patiala.

I have 27 acres of land. I am a farmer.

I had gone to drop my
friend to the airport.

I was talking on the telephone.

You mistook me to be ataxi
driver and sat in the car.

I brought you here.

Neither did I misbehave on the way..

...nor did I steal
goods or money from you.

Why are you calling me a cheater?

You talk without thinking. You
don't give anyone a chance to talk.

L, too, can talk non-stop
like you. Now you can talk.


He never said that he was a taxi driver.


I said sorry.

She is the first woman in
the world to apologise".

...in a scolding and an angry tone.

Hello, I am not a woman, I am a girl.

Oh, again sorry.

Sorry that I called you a woman.

Sorry that I dropped you home
from the airport for courtesy sake.

Sorry for any misiake I might
make in the future as well.


By the way, I am Anna.

Myself Kam aliit Singh.

People affectionately call me Kuku.

- No. Not Khukhu, Kuku.

Kuku. Kuku.

My village is close by. Amampur.

It is just 12-13 kilometres away.

I'll be more than happy if you
come some time, to my place.

And my aunt will be happy. Aunt.

I am sorry. I am very late.

My aunt will kill me.
My aunt is very shrewish.

You don't know.

Shrewish? What does that mean?
- It means"

Shrewish. Shrewish.
- It means"

A very nice person.
- Yes.

Wonderful. Amazing person.
- Yes, that's what is means.

Oh. Okay. Okay. You
are also very shrewish.

- Take care. Take care.

Sahe], it's a beautiful place.

Anna, this is my village.
And you will love it.


We will have a lot of fun here.

Come, lefs go.

Hey. Which one of you was it?

Spoiled the atmosphere of the room.

First You have chickens
and then later crow.

Hey, wake up.

Calm down. What are you up to?

Wake up.

What is it?

Don't you have to go
for an interview today?

You go and build your body.

Let us sleep. Why are you troubling us?

Intelligent people say that
one should get up and exercise.

That keeps ones machinery well-oiled.

And these guys are lying here.

You oil your machinery.

Our machinery is fit and fine.

If this continues your
parts will stop functioning.

If you continue to drink like
this your liver will stop working.

Your engine will give up.

Jashn, you are putting your
education down the drain.

At leasi you should think of something.

Why don't you get me a job?

I have given around 150 interviews.

I still haven't got a job.

No one values education.

And you?


Jagtar, listen to me.

Some people are born to have fun.
- Yes.

And some are born to serve them.
- Yes.

Keep doing your duties.

Bloody bugs.

Have sucked my blood.

Friendship is a curse.


Where are you these days?

I asked the old woman,
but she growled at us.

She is my aunt, but do you guys
call your mothers, old woman?

Karma, I think things have heated up.

We will have to cool it down.

Not a problem, we will add
somewater in his radiator.

Or we can throw him into the river.

Tell me, what have you decided?

My decision remains the same.

I am not a government officer to
take a bribe and change my decision.

Listen, no one will offer you
the money sir is offering you..

...for your land near the highway.

Your sir can even urish
to buy the GT road.

Will the government sell it?


We know how to turn a no into a yes.

- Where are you, sir?

The speaker is on.

.Karma is here.

You are always with him. Damn him.

No, he is my brother.

He is your brother.
But you listen to me.

You come to my place. I have some work.

We need to go some place.

Okay. Should I get Karma wilh me'?

Damn him. He has no work
to do. He won't let us work.

We need to do some work. Come fast.

Damn him.
- Hne, then I will come, brother.

I have kept the speaker on by mistake.

I don't know how to switch it off.

Who was he? Tell me, who was abusing me.

Forget it. Why are you getting hyper?

Actually, he didn't know
I was on speaker phone.

Everyone abuses you behind your back.

He abused you upfront.

You tell me his name.

Otherwise" otherwise I
will teach you a lesson.

Why are you getting angry with me?

You can take his number. What else?
- Yes.

Tell me his number.
- His number is 140..

- 120-10.

His name is Jagtar.

Jagtar speaking.

You are abusing me. You
don't know me, you pig.

If you are a man then..
then come before me.

Who are you?

This is Karma. Karma. The
one whom you just abused.

If you are a real man then meet
me at the stadium in half an hour.

Look, what's my faultif
your engine is leaking oil.

It's my job to service it.

Disconnect the line, I'll be there.

Boss, this situation doesn't seem right.

Their muscles will do a lot of damage.

I have never been thrashed after school.

What should we do? Should we leave?

Hurry up.
- Let's go.

Don't even think of running away.

All the exits are sealed off.

Brother, Karma loves to joke around.

Tell him.
- Yes. Yes. Yes, brother.

I was iustioking with you.

Well, all of us are
worshippers of non-violence.

Non-violence. - But I don't
like anyone joking with me.

I never initiate it.

But if anyone messes me I never
let him go without a good service.

Tell me, will you fight
together or one by one?

One by one.


Why are you standing here?

You go.

Fatso, what are you doing? Come on.

Bodybuilder, you? You have
eaten a lot and made this body.

Come on now.

Now you come, Karam Singh Sandhu.

Brother, I am a dog.

Get a leash, put it
around my neck and tie it.

I like dogs.

But you are not of a good breed.

Get lost, you dog.

Look, son, I say we
should sell 'lhat land.

We will buy some other piece
of land here, in place of that.

And in future if he likes that place
then we'll buy another piece of land.

It's like he is a puppeteer
and we are his puppets.

We will do as he says.

He wants to build a shopping
mall on our piece ofland.

As if I will let him.
I will not spare him.


First your parents passed away.

Now you are saying such things.

I have dedicated all my
life to you and Vinnie.

For what? To see this day?

Aunt, how many times have I told you
not to watch Elcta Kapoofs serials.

You get emotional in no time.

They can get their work
done with a small push.

And we can't even use the law?

It's like your eye is an eye
and ours is like a glass ball.

Yes. You have become very smart.

You don't need me anymore.

Do as you please.

I ask you to get married
and you don't agree to it.

Aunt, we will first gei Vinnie married.

Get Vinnie married.

And look, I don't have a
marriage line in my palm.

Aunt, I was thinking,
let's find a nice..


Beautiful ..

Lovely uncle, first

Wait. Damn you.

Theatrical lad.

Well done, boys.

You have come before me with such faces.

Don't you feel ashamed?

Look over here.

Look at their faces.

Brother, there isn't a spot on
his face left wherel can slap.






Where are the other two?

Brother, the other two
are in the hospital.

Hospital ..

You look unharmed.

I had sent you for some important work.

And you came back thrashed.

Brother, we had gone to meet Kuku.

But.. but he got us trapped.

He lured you and you got trapped.

You don't have any brains.

Damn you.

You have humiliated me, you scoundrel.

- Hello, sir.

I had gone to your house to meet you.

From there I learnt that
you are at your farmhouse.

Order me.

Tell me, how can I serve you?

I thought you, too,
should have a look at them.


Looks like they have been served well.

Son, did you lose any teeth?

Inspector, the boys who
did this should be arresied.


First enlighten me, how
did they get into this mess.

And after they got thrashed,
they should've come to me first.

I would've gotten their medical done.

I would've filed a HR.

Don't blabber. You will
get the medical report.

Those boys should be arrested.

Brother, we will get into
trouble if this gets to the press.

Television reporters hunt for such news.

And what if Kuku gives a statement..

"That we are forcing
him to sell his land?

We will get into trouble.

You are right.

Fine. So what if you get a
little thrashed for sir's sake?

Yes? Come on. Good. Come on. Come on.

Go in a single file.

Very good.

Very good.

Do have milk with turmeric in it.


Fine. So, I'll make a move then.

Careful, don't scrape off your skin.

Tarsem Singh, give him Rs. 500

Lei it be.

I will count them.

Why do you take the trouble?

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

This is from your behalf. Thank you.

Listen .
- Yes?

Reason it with Kuku.
- Not a problem, sir.

Not a problem.

A thousand scoundrels died and
that's when Uiagar Singh was born.

See you. Bye.

And copy to all.

Heis a duplicitous.|
don't trust him at all.

Watch out, he will get
us into trouble one day.

We can't do all the dirty jobs.

We need such people as well.

Papa, how could you even think
that I would marry any boy?

Why? You have to get married.

You are of marriageable age.

All the relatives still taunt
me that I sent you abroad, alone.

Papa, I'm not saying that
I don't want to get married.

But I won't get married to a stranger.

Mummy, why are you keeping
quiet? Say something at least.

Look, she has just come and
you are already after her.

And talk softly, what will
Sahefs friend think of it?

Why? Don't they get married in abroad?

I was not in the favour of sending her.

I send her only because
you pressurised me.

Now if she will go to Canada, she
will go there only after marriage.

Papa, but this is for sure that I
won't get married in this manner.

What did you say?

Then get this straight as well.

Now if you go to Canada
you will go there"

...only after getting married
to a boy of my choice.

Otherwise forget about Canada

Mr. Sidhu and his son
are coming over tomorrow.

I don't want any problems.

Sahei, father is looking
for a lot of boys for you.

They are ready to spend Rs.
30-35 lakhs to go abroad.

Shut up. Stop adding fuel to fire.

"Stop adding fuel to fire.'

Mum my, is it true'?

Papa is talking about money while
looking for alliances for me?

Sahei, you forget about these things.

Go. Go upstairs to your friend.

That means this is true.

In olden times, people used to make
deals involving their daughters.

Or poor people used to
sell their daughters.

But father is great.

No, it is no so, dear.

Mummy, if it is not so then
place your hand on my head..

...and say that Gary is lying. Place it.

I know.

Drunkards, from where
did you get this beer?

From the wine shop.

Will your father pay for it?

Why will our father pay for it?

You will.

Do I owe something to your father?

Look, for God's sake, I
beg of you, take up aiob.

If nothing else, wash
cars at my workshop.

Anyway I am short of labour.

Do these handsome faces
look like that of labourers?

He does look like a daily wager.

I don't come to your workshop as
people will mistake me to be the boss.

They will call you an
employee. This isn't right.

Maharaia of Patiala, get
out of your dreamland.

Put your feet on the ground reality.

Here you go.

Now you call Pizza man.
Please. We are very hungry.


Do one thing, roast
me, add salt and eat me.

Useless guys.

Anna, pack your bags.


Weiusi landed yesterday.

I still have ietlag.

And I still haven't unpacked fully.

That's even better. You
don't need to unpack.


If you are uncomfortable,
I'll move to a hotel.

What are you saying?

I brought you to India

Actually, the thing is,we are
running away from the house.

We are running away.
- Okay.

What? What are we doing?

Quiet. Keep quiet.

We are vanishing? We are running away?

- I'll tell you.

My dad is getting me
married against my wishes.

He has queued up boys for the same.

If I stay here, he will
get me married for sure.

But how can he do this?

He can't do it. He cannot force you.

I'll go and set him right.

Sit down. My dad has become greedy.

The boy's family which
gives him HsBO-AO ldrhs"

I mean 3-4 millions, my dad
will get me married to that boy.

It's crazy.

Let me talk to your father.

I'll set him straight.

Anna, you cannot reason it with him.

We are just running
away from here tomorrow.

Listen, tomorrow morning Gary will
be out of the house with our bags.

We just have to jump off 'lhe
bulwark behind the house and leave.

- Wall.l mean wall.

It sounds like an Indian movie.

In Indian movies the heroine escapes
from her house in this manner.

Good. Very exciting.

"Watch out, boy. Your
father might show up."


Where are you going so
early in the morning'?

Daddy. I was going to the gym.

What made you think of a
gym today, all of a sudden?

You never wake up before noon.

I thought it keeps one healthy.

And even Maan sahib says that other
things can wait, health comes first.

I think you're still not
over with singing fever.

No, daddy, Its over.
I feel much better now

Hne. After you come back from the gym ..

...go and take care of your work.

Okay. Okay.

Can I go?
- Yes.


Thank God.

'Everyday I take.."

"I taken"

fine, God.l am drunk. My
wife hits me with her sandals.

Now even you have
started doing the same?

I won't drink. I won't drink
again, God. I won't drink.

But don't hit me again.

Don't hit me again.


Brother. Brother.

Come here. Listen.

Now I have even started hearing things.

But why does God should like a woman?

Hey, Goddess Parvati will
obviously sound like a woman.

Come here.

You are Godess Parvati?
- Yes.

But you look young.

Quietl am still a child.

Do you want my blessings?
- Yes.

Stand next to the well. Hurry up. Hurry.


Yes. Yes. Yes.

Bend over like a horse. Bend over.
- I should bend over?

Good. You at least recognised me.

My wife thinks I am a donkey.

- It's okay. It's okay.

We know that you are a horse.

And that too a good one.

Child, you should never drink again.

Otherwisel will turn you into ashes.

Goddess, can I stand straight now?

Inspector, you did a good thing
by sending these people over.

I was going to come to meet you.

You guys can relax. Rest.

How did you cometo know
that I need protection?

That my life is in danger?

Son, I'm 'lhe inspector of this area

I know about everything.

The thing is, Ni".
Kamaliit Singh alias Kuku..

...| am calm in the morning.

After dealing with
criminals I get hyper.

Thething is, brother,
you are very stubborn.

I am stubborn.

Mr. Harnam Singh..
- Is a dog.

He is the one who is running
illegal businesses in your are

Booth capturing during elections.

Taking over someone's land.

He even sells drugs in this are

I say you should arrest him.

I have called you here
to reason that with you.

He has lodged a complaint against you.

If I want, I can arrest you.

But no, you are a nice man.

Hence, you should stop being
stubborn and sell your land.

Hear that. Now you
have put me in a dilemm

You are telling me to sell the land.

And the IG says that he wants
the marriage to take place there.

Now whom should I listen to'?


Whose marriage?

You don't know?

Hear that. ThelG's
niece is engaged to me.

Ham gopal .


Why are you standing
here and staring at me?

Go to Gopal siore and get a
quarter kilo of sweets and pretzels.

Just a minute.

I think Gopal doesn't give
a quarter kilo of sweets.

Get half a kg.
- Okay, sir.

The thing is, brother,
as soon as I came know".

"That Harnam's men
have approached you..

...| immediately got into action.
- I know.

Brother, I want to get
transferred to Mandi Govindghar.

You know there are big
steel dealers there.

I have to get my
daughter married as well.

You want your daughter
to marry a steel dealer?

No. I will be able to get her married"

...only when steel
dealers will do something.

Oh. I got it.

That's not a problem.
I'll get you transferred.

I'll send someone away from
there and send you away from here.

Okay, brother, I'll make a move then.

Yes, go on.
- Don't forget me.

Yes, I will. Just keep doing your duty.

- Bye, WYS-

Hello. Hi.
- Hello.

You, too, hello.


I never imagined

I never thought that
you'll come over like this.

What are you saying, Mr. Kuku.

You had helped us a lot.

Won't we even come to
your house to thank you?

No, why not?

I would say, this is
like your own house.

- Saw, Anna?

Didn't| say that Mr.
Kuku is a very nice man?

- He said it, this is like our own house.

So, we can stay in our house for a few days.
- Yes..

'Hear that.
I was just being courteous.'

'They are getting too emotional.'

'God Almighty, what
have you got me into?'

'They don't know of my aunt.'

Kuku. Kuku.




You are back?

Where did you go so
early in the morning?

Aunt, I..
- Okay, so you are his aunt.

Hello, aunt. You are just like
Mr. Kuku has described you.

Yes, aunt, you are very shrewish.

What did you say? I am shrewish?

Who told you that I am shrewish?

Kuku said. You are very shrewish.

Aunt, I just remembered
an important work.

I'll just go and meet the headman"

Wait. I will tell you.

Come back and I will show
you how shrewish I am.

Don't call me aunt if
I don't break your legs.

Shrewish is a bad word?

It's something bad?
- No, it's a good thing.

Aunt, let go of your
anger. She is my friend.

She has come from Canada

She didn't know and
Mr. Kuku joked with her.

I know, dear. Kuku is very naughty.

Just like his father.

But where did you meet him?

Aunt, should we tell you
everything standing outside"

...or will you invite us in?
- Yes, of course.

Kuku has made me crazy. Come in.

Come on in. Come in.

Jagtar. Jagtar.


Jagtar, you still aren't ready?
- Yes.

We had to go to Kuku's house today.

Come on, hurry up.
- Come.

Let me work. I need to repair
these two cars by evening.

Brother, try and understand.

Two very beautiful girls
have come to his house.

That too from Canada

Weasels, get lost from here.

Girls these days are very smart.

They first look at how much
land he owns, what does he do..

...what is his bank balance
and both of you are useless.

Jashn is educated but jobless.

And Deep took five years
to complete his graduation.

I made sure I learn it well.

And when I ask them to
work they feel insulted.

Listen, brother.

Brother, listen to me.

Look here.
- Yes.

Look carefully.

This handsome face"

Do you think we are born to work?

We are born to rule.


Kings of pauper land, get
lost from here. Let me work.

Forgive me.
- How can we forgive you?

You are our brother.
- I am.

You are our bro.
- That I am.

You are our nurturer.

Our provider.

Our car provider.
- That too.

Car? Sukhi.
- No, we don't want to have te

Get a hammer. Let's service them.

Brother, get this straight.

If you don't help us, we
will hang ourselves here..

We will hang ourselves here.
- Suicide.

Get them a rope.
- No. Cancel.

Look Jagtar, Kuku is hungry and is hiding from his aunt.
- Yes.

We have to take him home.
- Yes.

And aunt's stuffed bread"
- Stuffed with potatoes.

Yes. With cumin seeds.
- 'With coriander seeds.

'With buttermilk.

A bowl of curd.
- Yes.

Sukhi, you remove the engine.

I'll go do something for
brothers and come back.

Pacing won't help.

Pacing won't help..

Now what will I tell Mr. Sicliu'?

That our daughter ran away?

Our Daughter had to run away
because of the schemes you are up to.

I say, tell me, where has she gone?

Wherever she is. She is safe ..

...and her father own stood
before her as an enemy.

You tell me, what wrong did she do
in going somewhere to save herself?

Okay, so now I am her enemy.

So affectionately I brought
her up, educated her.

I spent money in sending her abroad.

And now she has become so independent.

"That she doesn't like the
boy selected by her 'lather.

What would've happened if
she would've met the boy once?

I wonder where she ran away.

It's so nice. Here friends
have time for each other.

In Canada, everyone
is running after money.

No one has time to spare.

And here, everyone is sitting idle.
- Yes.

Jagtar and Jashn too were sitting idle.

I gave them a job in my workshop.

Your engine needs finetuning, I guess.

Jagtar is a very good
mechanic of our workshop.

The head mechanic.

And Jashn handles the accounts.

And Deep has decided
that he won't go to Canada.

...no matter how many proposals
he gets from there.

- He says his workshop is doing great.

He is well settled. How can he leave? Right?
- He can't.

No.- No, he is
right. - Of course.

It's a practical thought.
- True.

He is right.- Yes.-
Kuku, I didn't say so.

No, you didn't say so,but
this is what you mean.

This is the central idea of what you said, right?
- Of course.

How can he leave his workshop and go?

No, Jagtar can handle the
worlcshopflight, Jagtar?

No, I am your servant.

What can a servant do without his employer?
- Yes.

Right. He's right.

You know I, too, really
wanted to go to Canada

But after I went there I realised
how hard one has to work there.

How many times have I told Sahei
to find a Canadian resident for me.

But she doesn't.

First find yourself a
]ob."Find me a girl."

Sit down.
- I don't wish to work.

You guys..


You guys wait till my cassette
is released.

I will make everyone eat out of my hand.

Right, Deep?

Even Jagtar gets marriage
proposals from Canada

But he doesn't want to
get married and go to Canada

Because he is Lord Hanuman's devotee.

There is no tradition of
getting married in his family.

Oh, my God.

Then how was Jagtar born?

Valid question.

What do I say about us?

My family looks for
stray kids.

I don't undersiand, sir.

How do I eat?

I am feeling restless.

I feel I cannot Kuku's case.

Why? Has he become your senior?

He has got a better promotion, sir.

|G's son-in-law is the whole
department's son-in-law.

I am just a small inspector.

Tell me, what should I do?

Brother, I think he has lost his mind.

My wife would know if Kuku gets engaged.

Because Kuku's sister
works in my wife's school.

Kuku's sister's the one
who is getting engaged.

He is so stupid.

Look at that, sir.

To call a government officer fool
is like calling the government fool.


So if anyone comes and
tells you thatl am the SSP..

...will you believe it?

How can anyone say that? I
will first enquire about it.

Did you enquire about Kuku?

No,I didn't.
- Then go and do it. There the topic ends.

Someone has eaten any my
expense for the first tim e..

...in my 25 years of service.

And herel don't feel like
eating anything.

Now do you know how we
feel when we feed you?

My right palm was itching since morning.

I was bound to suffer a loss.

Come on.


Anna has come to India
only because of me.

Some Balbir Singh from Hardaspun.

...em otionally trapped Anna's
sister and got married to her.

And then he disappeared from
there with all her money.

And now we have found
out that he is in Punjab.

You didn't lodge a police complaint?

We have lodged a report everywhere.

Actually, there is no one
by that name in that village.


My sister is in depression.She
is in a bad state.

You know we don't care about money.

But he has cheated us.

He has defamed us Puniabis.We
should find the scoundrel.

There are so many
Balbir Singh in Punjab.

Where will we find this person?

And who knows whether he is dead or alive.
- Yes.

And if he has lied about his village"

...he must have lied about his name as yes.
- Yes.

How can someone do like that?

All of you are so nice.

But he? A cheat.

Let's do one thing. There is a
Sikh temple 50 lcilomelres from here.

Let's go there and pray.

A pray made from a true
heart always comes true.

Look, I have to testify
for Nirm al's case tom orrow.

We will go day after tomorrow.

Mr. Kuku, each day is
very precious for Anna

We will go in our car. It's okay.

Our old man won't let
us take the car.

Deelfs car?

Yes, we will take my car.
- Yes, of course.

His father has left a lot for him.

Scoundrel, the car
belongs to your father?

"| will get the car."

It is after a long time
that I've liked a girl.

And she's from Canada!

You are a celibate. You should try and undersiand my
feelings. - Yes.

So what shouldl do?
- Why are you behaving like this?

Look, be a brother and give us the car.

Scoundrels, you saw a girl from Canada
and both of you started drooling.

Both? Hey, Jashn, man, why
don't you go for the foreigner?

Don't look towards Sahe].

Looking at my sister's state, I don't
think the foreigner will suit me.

That's leaves me with
only one girl, Sahei.

I think she is very smart.

That means you won't go
after her. Thank you, man.

Now you are talking like a kid.

You can only marry someone you love.

Then think that I love her a lot.

Love. You?

You met the girl iusi once
and you're in love with her?

Why don't you say that you don't
see the girl but the dollars?

Why'? Love at first sight.

And this is how love happens.
- True.

So, buddies,| am
here,but is the car ready?

Gary, my car has broken down.

Jagtar is repairing my new
car.It's not repaired as yet.

Really? The car has broken down?
- Yes.

You were weaving your tales well.

My car com es here for repairs.

I know Jagtar since a
long time. Right, Jagtar.

You are my younger brother.
- No, I am your brother.

Jagtar, it would've been
great if we could get a car.

Becausel am asking Sahei to
fix me up with the foreigner.

If things work out, your
brother's life will be made.

Then you can do whatever you
want,there won't be a problem?

A lover boy? You too?

Bloody kid.

Jagtar, yo, yo..

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..


"I, too, will be called American.."

"Come on. Come on.

"L, too, will be called a Londoner.."

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..

"For nowl am an |ndian."

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..

"For nowl am an |ndian."

"Come on."

"I just need to find
a nice,beauti'l'|.|I girl."

"I just should get a
chance to ask her out."

"I just need to find
a nice,beauti'l'|.|I girl."

"I just should get a
chance to ask her out."

"We, too, will be called a couple.."

"We, too, will be called a couple.."

"For nowl am single."

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..

"For nowl am an |ndian."

"Village lads sing a
different tune now.

"They are crazy about going abroad."

"They will go abroad and earn dollars."

"They will go to Canada
and US and drive trucks

"Mother says my son will start earning."

"He will get bundles
of dollars and pounds."

"Come on."

"We will be the talk of our town

"We will be able to spend lavishly
at our daughter's wedding."

"Father wishes to have big mansions."

"He will lease the land
and lead a relaxed life."

"Our house will have all the luxuries

"We will go to the Golden
temple whenever we please."

"Lord Almighty."

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..

"For nowl am an |ndian."

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..

"A fresh rose is always fragrant."

"Let me apply the soil of
my Punjabi on my forehead."

"You are right, brother."

"A fresh rose is always fragrant."

"Let me apply the soil of
my Punjabi on my forehead."

"L, too, will be called a foreigner.."

"L, too, will be called a foreigner.."

"For now I am a local."

"L, too, will be called a Canadian..

"For now I am an |ndian."

"The whole universe
serves You, day and night."

"Please hear my prayer, Dear Lord."

"The whole universe
serves You, day and night."

"Please hear my prayer, Dear Lord."

In spite of being so
smart and intelligent.

...you let the girls stay at your house?

This is all thanks to her support.

Otherwise how can a girl
from a decent family..

...go and live at someone else's house?

What makes you think you are decent?

You were making a deal
involving your daughter.

Sir, those who makes deals of
their daughter aren't called decent.

Sister, I tried explaining
to him, our girl is smart.

It is not right to force her like this.

Shut up. I will slap
you.You have defamed us.

Sir, is this away to talk?

She is your wife and not someone
you have bought off the market.

I dare you to touch her.

Then see what I do to you.

Look, this is our personal matter.

You don't need to interfere.

I have full intentions to
interfere in this matter.

If you have the courage
then try messing with me.

He says don't interfere.

Why are you showing your teeth?

What's wrong with my teeth?

They all seem to be in their place.

My aunt is the one who
manages to pull outteelh well.

She pulls them and
places them in one's palm.

Aunt has done so with
more than the village.

Sister, don't feel
bad about what he says.

Shut up. You too have
started blabbering.

Listen, if he ever raises
his hand on you then tell me.

If I don't make him stand in
the middle of the village"

"and hit him with a stick in such
a way that he will follow you..

"Like a puppy all his
life,no one will call me aunt.

Get up, let's go.

Sit down, girl. I want to talk to you.

You can leave. Go.

And listen.. don't make the mistake
of raising your hand on her again.

Otherwise, lnder Kaur
does what she says.

Shall I escort you out?

"When it thunders like dark
cloud,my aunt's stick lashes out."


He acts brave.

He has scared the whole family.

Don't be afraid of him, dear.

- Yes.

What did you ask God for?
- What else?

And thatl should get
a chance to punish him.

And what did you ask God for?

What else could I ask for?

I prayed to God for only one thing.

That my dad should stop
looking for weird boys for me.

I will find one for myself.




What kind of a boy do you like?

Why should I tell you?

VWII you find such a person for me?

Or are you thinking about
what are your chances?

No, it's not so.
- Why? Why isn't it so?

What do you mean? Am I not beautiful?

What kind of boys are you?

There is such a nice
girl standing before you.

And you are not thinking about
what are your chances with her.

Jashn, you always stay quiet.

You should say something
sometimes at least.

Yes, speak up.

Well, a person needs to know where
he siands even to flirt anyone.

Look, Maan says, "Our status..'
- Shut up.

VWII we just keep standing here?

Shall we go inside?


Actually, I am starving.

Just a minute. You guys go
ahead,we will go visit the washroom.


Come here. Come here. Come here.

Thanks, man. You told her
that you are not interested.

When did I say that?
- Over there.

I was talking about my status.

That's why.. that's
why you don't progress.

Now I will show you how to trap a girl.

As if she is not a girl, but
a fish which you can trap.

Telling thetruth doesn't help at all.

You should make girls emotional.


Fine. But all I know is
that if 'lhere is no love".

"Between the girl and the
boy then nothing can happen.

Okay, SageJashnpreet Singh.

You find the girl you
|ove.And stay here.

I feel you have changed your
mind about going to Canada, right?

It hasn't changed.

I will surely go if I fall
in love with a Canadian girl.

Hello, listen to me, don't eye Seine].

She is mytarget.

Now should I get my eyes
removed or get my ears oiled?

You should know what you want.

But Sahei is my target.

Don't worry about me.
By the way, all the best.

Thank you.

This way.

That's done. Come, let's go.

Hey, man. You okay?

I'm okay.
- You are alright?

'If Ilhy this noise'? What happened?

Actually, I..

Just a minute.

Actually, I was cleaning mytongle.


I have to talk to such a
clean girl all day along..


Oh, my God. Aunt it chewing wood.

Stupid, it's edible branch, not wood.

That's actually an edible

Margosa tree's branch.

And your mouth will be clean.

Indian toothbrush.
- Oh.

Oh. Okay.
- I'll get you one. I'll get you one.

Anna, come with me
Let's tour the village.

Here's your Indian toothbrush, Anna

And one for you also.
- Thank you, brother.

We will go have a tour
of the village. Let's go.

Be careful of the village dogs.

Why'? Do your village's
dogs bite outsiders?

No, those dogs are very tame.

Actually, a lot of people
in our village act like dogs.

What people are dogs?
- You won't get it. Come, let's go.

Well down.

Keep drinking.

You have made me so proud.

Have some shame. You are smiling?

I am being sarcastic.

That's greaLbrother. What men you have.

Useless guys.

Tarsem, you should stay calm.

Listen to me.

If we buy the land around the highway"

...hen we can sell them to
builders at inflated rates.

Brother, the man and his land
relationship get in our way.

No, it won't. There are still
many fools in this world.

Only Kulcu is a tough nut to crack.

I don't know who has trained him.

Brother, why do you worry?

Kuku's sister teaches
in my wife's school.

She is getting married on Sunday.

I will be going there.|
will talk to him over there.

It's good if he agrees
otherwise we will use our muscle.

That ends to topic.
- That's right.

Hi! your (kink than.

"The girl looked at me
and stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"When she passes by me, at a slow pace."

"| feel like giving her a big hug."

"The girl looked at me
and stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"The boy doesn't tell
but he steals glances."

"The boy doesn't tell
but he steals glances."

"His mind keeps wandering somewhere."

"| feel he won't be able
to survive without me "

"The boy doesn't tell
but he steals glances."

"He doesn't tell but he steals glances."

"He doesn't tell but he steals glances."

From where did she come here?

Hoopi. I iusi remembered something.

I'll have to |eave.|
am suffering a huge loss.

I'll have to go.
- You are strange.

We have come for \finnie's engagement.

And you are talking about leaving.

Listen to me.

Do one thing, ask Kuku
to meet me in the evening.

But listen to me.

Ask him to meet me in the evening.
- But..

"Her eyes drown you in them."

"This is first time I have
seen such intoxicating eyes."

"Her eyes drown you in them."

"This is first time I have
seen such intoxicating eyes."

"My life is at stake, I swear on God."

"My life is at stake, I swear on God."

"She looks so beautifuLiusi
like Heer's sister."

"When she dances in such a manner."

"The girl looked at me
and stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"Our heart gets into trouble."

"When it heeds to our eyes."

"Once it gets trapped
there is no escaping."

"A look is enough."

"It gets difficult to survive
a loss in love, my friends."

"But no one cannot control one: heart."

"But no one cannot control one: heart."

"You never know when
you fall for someone."

"When love enters your heart."

"The girl looked at me
and stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"She looked at me and
stole my heart away."

"One doesn't have to
explain things about love."

"Love just happens, you
don't go looking for it."

"One doesn't have to
explain things about love."

"Love just happens, you
don't go looking for it."

"Like he feels his heart
is not in his control."

"Like he feels his heart
is not in his control."

"| too feel that my heart is helpless."

"| feel he is slowly
dwelling in my soul."

"The boy doesn't tell
but he steals glances."

"The girl looked at me
and stole my heart away."

"The boy doesn't tell
but he steals glances."

"The girl looked at me
and stole my heart away."

"The boy doesn't tell
but he steals glances."


You sing well.

Thank you so much, Deep.

By the way, your friend
Jashn sings very well.

Kuku is right.

Girls must be crazy about him. Right?

What are you saying?

He is from a very ordinary family.

He sings at weddings and makes a living.

But I had heard that
he is good in studies.

What's the use? No job.

He doesn't have a job.

He owns no piece of land.

But he has principles like
that of Mahatma Gandhi.

Fine. Forget about
JashmLets talk about you.

Everyone has gone to have dinner.

And you are still here. Come on.

You too have dinner.
- I have lost my appetite.

- I can't eat or sleep.

Deep, did you consult a doctor?

It's a bad thing.

The doctor is standing before me.

Who? Me?

Good, you at least recognised it.

Sahei, from the time I have seen you..

...it's like someone has taken
my sleep, hunger and thirst.

Sahe], did you feel
bad about what I said?

We||.. Look, I am not a bad boy.

Deep, I know you are a very nice boy.

But, look, Deep, we can
be very good friends.

I am not talking about friendship.

Try and understand me.

You try and understand.

We metiust a few days back.

We hardly know each other.

We have a lifetime to know each other.

And, one falls in love
at first sight, right'?

I cannot say anything at the moment.

Well, okay. I have
said what I wanted to.

If you want to take
some time then do so.

But, be careful, I shouldn't
be another man to lose his love.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Everyone is having dinner.

Let's go.

Wow. It's so beautiful.


So, what happened?
- Anna, Navdeep says that he loves me.

I never thought about it.

And I never encouraged him either.

He is not a bad boy.
- Yes, he isn't.

But one cannot decide on that basis.

But the boys your dad is
selecting are very bad.

I know.

Do one thing, select a
boy and get married to him.

And Deep is a good boy.

Hey, then your dad can't do anything.

And, moreover, Deep loves you.

Shut up. I don't know whether he
loves me or is it about going to Canada

But.. your idea isn't bad.

Anyway, soon or |ater,|
have to get married.

Then why should I delay it?

I will think about Mr. Deep.

Come, lefs go.
- Let's go.

Brother, my head is spinning.

I saw Halina's sister
dancing at a wedding.

Brother, I think trouble has
come knocking at our door.

Did you confirm it was her or did
you run away from a random foreigner?

Brother, who will
recognise her if not me'?

I stayed with her in her
sister's house for six months.

If I don't recognise her
will Uiagar recognise her?

Sir, I can recognise
someone from his fragrance.

Sit down, I know you.

There isn't much difference
between you and a dog.

Gall me a dog if you
want,at least I am loyal.

You shouldn't praise yourself
at every opportunity you get.

You shouldn't interfere when we
are talking about something serious.

Tarsem, control your angenLet
me think of something.

Listen, henceforth, you won't
come before that foreigner.

She won't stay here forever.

Got it?
- Okay, brother. I got it.

Very good. I am having a lot of fun.

You know, this is the first
timel am sitting on a tractor.

Kuku, tell me something,why
didn't you get married?

'With any Indian girl or a foreigner?

I'm sorry, Kuku..

...if I've made you upset.
- No.

Everyone asks me this question.

I should've got married five years ago.

But perhaps God didn't
want that to happen.

You mean God? What does God
have to do with your marriage?

Anna, you are na6ve.

In our country
everything is done by God.

When God didn't want meto get
married,how could I get married?

That's strange. Why can't
you get married as you please?

Aunt worries about
you.Don't you care for her?

Hear that? Why don't I care for her?

Who do I have other than aunt?

She has dedicated her life to us.

Then make her worries go away.

Get married.

I can get married, Anna
But there is a problem.

- I will need a girl to get married to.

And you need a girl who loves you.

And you, too, should love her.

And love happens just
once, in your life.

And once that passes
by,it never comes back.

You mean, you were in love with someone?

What happened?

I was in love. And
perhaps,she too, loved me.

I just couldn't say it out aloud.

And I thought she would
read it in my eyes.

I couldn't gather courage
to go and tell her.

- I love you.

But you just said it.

I must've said it a thousand
times behind her back.

But I couldn't open my mouth
when I was standing before her.


Now if you like any
girl,you must say I love you.

Any girl yearns to
hear these words. Okay?

You must say it out aloud.

Out aloud. How loud?
- I love you!

Have you gone crazy? All
the villagers will hear it.

Hey, if that girl loves you, she too will say I..
- Softly. Softly.

Love you.


I think I wouldn't be able to
gather courage this time as well.

Otherwise, I would've
said it right away.


You said something?

No. I was saying, aunt
must be waiting for us.

Yes, let's go. Sahei and
I have to go out as well.

Sahei, should I talk?
- No. Please.

You go to the room, I'll comethere.

You guys talk. Saheilll be in my room.
- Okay.

Was shetroubling you?
She could've stayed here.

Shut up. He keeps talking nonsense.

You told her as well?

She is my friend. We share things.

They share things.

You love doing this, don't you?

You have defamed me.

I know what excuses
I have made to people.

Does it look good, you staying
at someone else's place like this?

Viflll I ever think of something
that isn't good for you?

I won't let anything
happen against her wishes.

Refuse all the families
you have spoken to.

Tell them we have fixed her alliance.

You interfered again?

Have you forgotten this hand?

Garmail, call Kuku's aunt.

Mummy, I will call her right away.

Son, what's the need for that?

I was saying why we need to call her.

It is our personal
matter,we will resolve it.

"Daddy, don't fight like
this.Mummy has high contacis."

Shut up.

I wonder from where he was born.

He is yours. I didn't bring him with me.

Mummy, here, call aunt.
- Give it to me.

Look at that. He wishes to
see his father get an earful.

Daddy, we don't like
embarrassing you either.

We, too, are humans. We have brains.

We aren't cattle that you are nurturing.

Now I'll see how you go
to lnder Kaur's house.

I will break your legs if you do.

If we don't reach there by
4:00pm ,aunt will come here.

Daughter can lay their lives
for their father's honour.

I've heard this dialogue in a movie.

Dear, your father's
honour lies at your feet.

Make sure you don't tarnish it.

Which movie was it?
- Keep quiet and sit there.

Movie buff.

Sahe], stay here.

Your daddy doesn't
like you staying there.

Mummy, I will come back.l
will get married as well.

But the boy will be someone I like.

Look at the result of
sending her to Canada

Enjoy the consequence.

"The boy will be someone I like."

Mummy,| know aboy.
- I told you to keep quiet and sit tight.

She will marry the boy I accept.

I will marry after you
give your acceptance.

But he will be my choice.

She is right.

I wouldn't have married
such an authoritarian"

...if someone would've
asked me my choice.

An authoritarian?

What did you say? An authoritarian?

I am an authoritarian?

So, what have you decided, Sahei?

I am so confused.

Both the boys are
good.They are different.

Deep is very loud, outspoken.one
has to ask him to keep quiet.

And Jashn, you have to
make him to talk to you.

Deep believes in showing off.

And Jashn never hides anything.

I asked did you make a decision.

It will take some time.

But Sahe], both of
them are close friends.

There will be differences
between them because of you.

A friendship that falls apart because
of a girl, isn't strong enough.

You are a smart girl.
- Thank you.| know that.

I tell you, once girls enter a beauty
parlour they can be thrown out..

"But they never come out willingly.

By the way, we didn't tdce that long".

"That you are making
such a scene about it.

You say you didn't take long but ask me.

I am the one who was
standing outside, waiting.


Welcome. I was waiting for you.

Are we late?

No, you are on time.

Kuku said we are late.
- When didl say so?

That's what you meant. Be honest.

Right, Vinnie?
- You are right.

Where is Sahei? She didn't come along?

Sahei has gone out for lunch.

- She must have had hers.

Ours is getting cold inside.
- Yes, please. Please come in.

No, the land is very useless.

Yes. Make the deal.
- Brother.

400 acres. Don't worry about the money.

I'll arrange for the money.
- Broth er. Brother.


Gall me in the evening.

I'll give you all the information.

Brother, listen to me. Just a minute.

At least let me finish the conversation.

I'll be finished by the
time you finish this.

Why? Are dogs behind you?

Brother, one can survive a
dog bite but not a bullet.

She came home today.
- What did you say?

That foreigner came to your house?

Did she see you?

Brother, I wouldn't be standing
here if she would've seen me.

You would come enqJiring
about me in central jail.

Brother, do something.

I don't understand how
did he come to your house'?

Wives have a bad habit of
inviting people for lunch.

They think people will say
the lunch was very tasty.

She told me not to go outside
todaygguests are coming home.

"There's a surprise for you."

This is the surprise she gave me.

She has given me a 440 volts shock.

She has smoked me.

Brother, you can still do something.

Otherwise, both of us will get trapped.

I will do something
once you stop yelling.

We are already in trouble and
on top of that you are yelling.

I'll have to make arrangements
to send you abroad.

That's right, brother. Send me abroad.

Otherwise they will arrest me.

Brother, I swear, my life will be made.

I feel greedy when I see tasty food.

And then I overeat.

This is the result of overeating.

You haven't eaten anything.You
areiusi making noise.

I love Indian food.

You just lilcelndian food
and not the Indian men'?

I thought all Indians are like Balbir.

My opinion was bad about Indian men.

But, I found men like Kuku also.

They are helpful and
kind.And I changed my opinion.

Anna, my brother is single. A bachelor.

I know he is single.

The one who will marry
him will be very lucky.

'Anna, the one who marries you
will also be very formnate.'

What are you thinking about, Kuku?


What will I think about?

Can I use the washroom?
- Yeah, sure.

That way, adjoining the bedroom.

Where is Mr. Tarsem?

He was here. I wonder where he has gone.

His meetings don't let him sit at home.

Hey. You?
- What are you doing here?

Sahei has called me here.

Sahei has invited me as well.

Come, let's go then.
- Okay. You too come along.

Hi, Sahe].

Hello, Sahe].
- Hello.

Sahei, you didn't tell me that
you have invited Jashn as well'?

Well, I had called up both of you.

Don't you both discuss
things among yourselves?

I thought you might have
surely discussed about it.

Yes. - No.
- Yes.- No.

I mean, we didn't meet yesterday.
- Yes.

Otherwise we share everything between us.
- Yes.

And the mobile network is also
down most of the time nowadays.

Isn't it? It's not possibleto talk.


Okay, sit down. Or do
you want to keep standing?

Yes, yes, sure. Do you want to sit?

Yes, sure.
- Come, sit.

Anna, I want to change your
name from Anna to Anna Hazare.

He is on hunger strike and you
have taken an oath of silence.

This girl didn't utter
a single word on the way.

She looks upset as if she is
getting cramps in her stomach.

Are you feeling alright?

Yes, Kuku,| am okay.

Hello, if you want to lie
say it with confidence.

This Kamaliit Singh Kuku,
can catch a lie very easily.

Tell me the truth. What's the matter?

He is Tarsem Singh, why
do you have his photograph?

He is not Tarsem, he is Balbir.

Anna, your eyes have become weak.

He is Tarsem Singh, a
very big businessmen.

And you got the report in Canada
that Balbir Singh is missing.

Believe me, he is Bdbir.

You are mistaken. And you only
said that Balbir Singh wears turban.

And he doesn't wear a turban.

Then Balbir Singh and Tarsem
Singh, how can be the same thing?

Why don't you believe
me? He is the same thug.

Bring him before me
just once. Am I lying'?

No. No, Anna, you cannot lie.

BuLburlii Tasan Singh
is Baht Singh hem.

...| will definitely
expose him. I promise you.

The food was very tasty, isn't it?


We have overeaten as the food was tasiy.

No, I'll pay the bill.

Oh, no. Jagtar, scoun..
Sorry. He took my wallet.

Is it?

And he didn't even keep it back.

Do one thing, you pay the bill.
Look it was my lunch treat.

I'll pay you later.

Deep, you very well
know that the money..

...my father sends me gets over
by the 15th or 20th of the month.

Right? So what's the date today?


This Jagtar is taking undue
advantage of our friendship.

We have to teach him a lesson.

You are absolutely right, Deep.

Even though if your
employee is your friend"

...he shouldn't forget that along with
being a friend he is also a servant.

Don't worry I'll pay the bill. As
it is, I had invited both of you.

Okay, fine. But I owe you guys a treat.

And I don't like girls paying the bill.

Why? Why can't girls pay the bill?

Jashn, you tell me, havel done
anything wrong by paying the bill?

No, I don't feel so. As it
is, I cannot afford the bill.

Why do you worry when I am there?

I am there. Okay, fine,
I owe you for this bill.

Sahe], I will pay you
when I meet you nexttime.

Shall we leave now?

No, you both sit and think who
will pay the bill nexttime.

I'm leaving,
bye-bye. - Bye.

Stop. Stop. Stop the jeep.
Stop, stop. Stop. Stop.

Tell me one thing, you scoundrels,
you want liquor before..

"And after the meals.

This is not liquor, this is beer.
He doesn't even knows this much.

When did we drink before lunch?

We cannot drink in front of Seine].

We have some self-respect.

Okay, tell me one thing,
when did I steal your wallet?

Rascals, you both steal money
from my pocket every day.

Did I ever say anything to you?

Did you tell him this?

Listen, Tara

You steal money from my wallet and..

...now you call me
Tara instead of Jagtar?

Sorry, sorry. Very sorry.

Sardar Jagtar Singh Hai.
- Check.

Listen, don't listen to Jashn.

The quiet and silent types of
people are very smart and cunning.

When you know that Sahei is
mine even then you went there.

You went there without
informing your friend. Why.'

It's okay.
- What "it's okay"?

If the girl calls me how
could I refuse and stay back.

Scoundrel, you could have made
some excuse and stayed back.

She is going to be your
sister-in-law in future.

Stop dreaming of making
her our sister-in-law.

The girl has not even said it once.

Listen, you did not go?
You are questioning me?

She is my girlfriend.
- Alright.

No, it's not alright.

If he says that Katrina Kaifis my
girl friend, would you believe it?

Listen to me, I have told you so
many times to stay away from girls.

Once a girl comes into our
lives our friendship falls apart.

Look at this.

You are wrong. Listen to me, if
everybody worships Lord Hanuman..

...then how will this
universe move ahead?

Man does not make the universe
move it's the God who helps it move.

After giving birth to four
kids we say it's God's gift.

It must be happening with
guys like you, not us.

I am going to relief myself.
- Let's go.

What are you saying, Kuku?

It's good that you didn't speak
with anybody else about this.

Mr. Tarsem Singh is
a respectable person.

You are saying that he is Balbir Singh.

I am very confident, sir.| am sure.

Madam , the time period
you are talking about.

...Tarsem Singh was
in India at that time.

He was working on a
project near Bangalore.

And his wife was in England
for educational purposes.

But Anna cannot make such
a big mistake, Inspector.

What do you mean?

You just bring Tarseln
Singh in front of me once.

Madam, tomorrow if you say
you suspect Amitabh Bachchan..

...bring him to you.
It's not how things work.

You should have some evidence.
Do you have Balbir Singh's photo?

Do you have any?

Strange, he lived with
you for six months"

...and you don't even
have his photograph?

When you filed a report in Canada
the embassy had sent his photo.

But he was some other person.

The way we feel that all
the Japanese look dike".

...similarly,| feel she feels that
all the men in turban look alike.

Am I right?

I don't know about that, Inspector"

"but I feel all the
policeman are alike.

We will inform you if
we get any information.

We will call you up.

We will be grateful you.
- Yes.

I was also wondering how my photo
disappeared from the bedroom.

No problem, it's just the photo.

What will she do with the photo?

That's okay, brother,
but you please support me.

Sir, you know it very well
that I did everything"

...as per your instruciions.

As per my instructions?

Did I tell you to go
and trap a foreigner?

Your wife went to study
and you trapped a foreigner.

And what was the need for
you to flee with her money?

Brother, I..
- Shut up you rascal.

We settled Dasonda's
matter after you left.

But you have ruined the
whole matter after returning.

Sir, what are your orders for me?

Well, I don't give any
information to anyone"

...but| can't help it,
my kids are growing up.

Their needs are also increasing.

Stop laughing. Give him some money.

Saw? Saw that? Sir
has been so kind to me.

But a pet dog never
bites the family members.

Hem ember one thing Uiagar Singh..

...if1he dog acts crazy, its shot dead.

But my experience says that
if a mad dog bites anyone..

...then the dog also dies.

Good bye, and copy to all.

Sir, this mad dog of yours
will definitely bite us someday.

She has come.

- Hello.

My servant told me that you have come.

What a pleasant surprise!
Please be seated.

Yes. You too have a seat.

Actually, we wanted to discuss
a very important matter with you.

That's why we have come to meet you.

Okay, tell me, how I can help you.

Well, actually, her
sister has a problem.

Yes, tell me.

A married man from
India had gone to Canada.

He went there and got
married to her sister.

He stayed there for a short
period and after that.

...he stole all her money
and came back to India

He went missing after coming here.

Okay. But how can I
help you in this matter?

I am sure you must have lodged
a report in the police station.

Yes, we have lodged the complaint.

And the fact is we have a slight
doubt about who that person is.

We just want to confirm it.

The problem is that
his wife is very nice.

When we look at his
wife we feel very sad.

That's the confusion now,
what should we do now.

But is his wife aware about all this?

No. No, she is not aware of anything.

But whenever it is confirmed
you please inform his wife.

Such a man should be shot dead.

Really, you mean that?

Are you telling the truth?

Yes, Anna, I'm telling thetruth.
Such a man should be shot dead.

You have relieved me
from a great burden.

Anna, I think we should move.

Thank you so much.

We are getting late. Let's go, Anna

You please be seated. Have some tea

Next time. We will leave.
We shall take your leave now.

Okay, thank you so much.

Why don't you sit down?

Your daughter is not
going to come back"

...if you walk around like this.

Okay, tell me, does it look
nice to leave your own house..

"And go and live in
somebody else's house?

After all she is your daughter.
She is stubborn like her father.

She said that she will come
only after she selects a boy.

Are the boys found hanging on
the trees in lnder Kaur's garden?

Is she going to pluck one
of them and bring home to us?

Why didn't she see the boy
the onel had selected for her?

Leave aside the good or bad
points of a boy selected by you..

...when she came to know
about the money marten.

...she refused to meet any of them.

I'm sure you must have told about it.

Otherwise how would she
come to know about it?

Sometimes I feel like giving two
slaps to you and your son as well.

Listen to me very carefully. If you
ever raise your hand on me again..

...you will get twice as payback.
You will not be able to bear it.

Why don't you leash me
and tie me near the door?

Give me food twice in a day. You
have made me a dog in my own house.

This man has done only
bad deeds all his life.

Now he says I have made him a dog.

I really feel sorry for Ms. Hoopinder.

She is such a nice lady
and such unfortunate thing"

...is happening with her.

For once I thought forget
it, let bygones be bygones.

But Kuku says, the
culprit should be punished.

He is absolutely right. Don't
leave him. Do you understand?

But we don't have any proof with us.

You are helping me a lot. And I..

Hello, madam, no need to say thank you.

As it is a Punjabi has
cheated your sister.

So it's the duty of all
us Puniabis to help you.

Do you follow?

Okay, tell me one thing,
have you taken any decision..

"About Deep and Jashn?

I think Jashn, too, loves you.

Strange, you see love
in Jashn's eyes for me.

But didn't you notice love
for you in Kuku's eyes?

I have, but Sahei, I might"

What "| might"?

He loved somebody else before.

He couldn't get the one he
love, he was heartbroken.

And he still has not forgotten her.

I cannot break his heart.|
have to go back to my country.

I belong to a different country.

Hello madam,what are you
talking about countries?

You don't fall in love after
seeing which couniry one belongs to.

You just fall in love. That too without
thinking and considering anything.

I hope you understand me?

Kuku is very nice and decent
person. I just can't break his heart.

Yes, if he is iilted in
love for the second tim e..

...he might not be able
to bear this pain again.

Sahe], slowly, my child.

Look here, Anna Head this

Get up.

It means get up in Punjabi. Get up.

Get up?
- You be seated.

Camel. Camel.
- Camel?

- Yes.

Yes, camel.
- Camel.

Hello, aunt.

- Hi, Anna


Hi, Sahe].

How come you are here?

Jagtar dropped you here?

Jagtar had some work, I
took the bus and came here.

You could have called me up.

'If Ilhy would you come to pick me up'?

No, I would have also
suggested you to come by bus.

You are great.

Okay, you have a cup of tea and I.. Anna


- Yes, what happened?

Keep all your papers ready
we have to go and meet..

...a very important person today.
- Okay.

It's very important. Okay.
Keep all the papers ready.

The doctor has comel
will go and meet him.

Okay, fine.

I'll get tea for you, brother.

You let it be. Aunt,
you make tea for me.

God save me from her te

Be careful. Don't pop his eyes out.

You keep the water
boiling. I will make the te

You are very dangerous.

Come on. You are so mischievous.

Broiher troubles me a lot.

- Hi.

The weather is good.
- Yes.

Well, if you don't like this cot,
I will get another one for you.

Please be seated.

Sit down.
- Okay.

I feel you have liked this place.

Your family members
don't tell you anything?

No, papa is very angry with me.

But I can't leave my friend alone.

As it is we are helping her so much.

Tell me, whom are you
going to meet today?

One of my friends.

He is a police inspector but he's
suspended since the last six months.

Punishment for being loyal and honest.

So, do you also believe that the
loyal and honest always get punished?

That's what happens.

People feel good about
lies and fake and..

...think that an honest person is a fool.

So, despite knowing everything
you also believe in the same thing.

Why is it so'?


I didn't make the tea,
brother, aunt has made it.

Have it.

I'm sorry, Jashn. If you don't
want to tell then please don't.

It's your wish.

It's not like that, Sahei.

I believe that a single truth is
stronger than a thousand lies.

As it is everybody knows
everything about me.

People made fun of me in the college.

But I even met a few peoplewho
didn't look at my background.

They saw only me.

And Kuku is one of them.

Kuku is a very nice human-being.

If he is doing so much for
Anna, so he can help anybody.

And whatever you are doing for Anna,
only very few people can do that.

Okay, stop talking about me.
Shall I ask you something?

Why don't you take up a job?

I mean you should take up
some job or do a business.

Your parent's might look for a
girl for marriage for you in future.

The girl's family will ask what
the boy is doing. What 'then?

My mother is no more and
my father is illiterate.

He lived all his life
as a live in son-in-law.

A character everyone can joke about.

I can never get married.

What if a girl loves you and
you also love her, not even then?

You too areioking with
me, the way everybody does.

Jashn, I am not joking.
I'm asking you seriously.

If you love a girl and
the girl also loves you.

Not even then?

Yes, I do love her.

For the first time in my lifel saw
a girl and felt liketalking with her.

But I don't know what's in her heart.

The day she says yes I'll not step back.

Because that's my nature. Once if
I go forward, I never go back off.

Shall we leave, Jashn Singh?

Anna, come, we are getting late now. Anna

Yes, coming.

Sahe], you were saying
that you wanted to go home.

So shall we drop you on the way?

No, Gary is coming to pick me
up. I'll come in 'lhe evening.



Okay, then, we shall leave now. Come on.


'The day she says yes
I'll not step back.'

'Because that's my nature. Once
if I go forward, I don't back off.'

Hello, Deep.
- Hello.

How are you, Sukhi?
- Fine, brother.

Go, get it. - I
will. - Jagtar.

Why'? 'What happened?

He left early in the
morning. Something is fishy.

I have seen a lot of lover boys.

I can see a glimpse of
Han]ha's esirangem ent..

"And Mirza's sadness and
MahiwaPs restless in his eyes.

Scoundrel, you flunked
Punjab literature in college.

From where did you get these details?

From where did you get
the overhauling done?

No overhauling, I am just laughing
at these lovers' stupidity.

Look, first Haniha got his ears
pierced, renouncing material world.

Then he grazed cattle for 12 years.

But let see what our Haniha does.

My boy, you too are after that girl.

Brother, I am trying my luck.
Let's see if I get lucky.

Otherwise, I'll look for
someone else, or someone else.

Or someone else.

I will find someone for myself.

Just write nice dialogues for me.

I want to recite them to Sahe].

Those dialogues were very good.

But nowadays, it needs..

It needs to be up there. Up there.

Here, hold this wrench.
- A wrench?

And go under the car.
- Who? Me?

No, your father.
- Laali. Get our workshop's shirt.

Here, wear it.
- Brother, there are so many boys here.

You can send anyone in there.

My boy, don't you want me to write dialogues for you?
- Yes.

Don't you want to drink beer?
- Yes.

Get under it. Open the filter.

That's it. This is how you blackmail me.

That's why I don't come here.
You make me do all the work.

He was giving me a
brief on Heer and Hanih

You are making me, a celibate,
write romantic dialogues.

Brother, that's why I am
making your write them.

There's a lot offire in you.
- Wait, you..

How are you, Jashn?
- Strange. How did you know it is me?

Shame on our friendship I can't
recognise my friend's touch.

We have been looking
for you since morning.

Then I thought that it's
time for you to be here.

You must be here. Forget it. Meet Kuku.

Hello, brother.
- Hello, brother.

How are you? - Anna-
She's here from Canada

- Nice meeting you.

Kuku, Jashn always talk
about you when we meet.

Kulcu is like this. Kuku is like 'lhat.

Now I feel I know you very well.

He also tells me about you quite often.

That I got suspended?

Forget all this. Firsi
tell me, what you will have.

I get half my salary.
That's enough for me.

I can afford it.
- We will be having something today, brother.

But what we want is your help.
- My help?

Suspended sub-inspector
Viiay Singh Chauhan.

Mr. Chauhan, when active
officers can't help people..

...suspended officers
come to their rescue.

Wiay, we really need your help.

Now only you can guide us.

God is the one who guides everyone.

Still let me know what the problem is.

Then I will seewhatl can do.

No one can do anything.

You saw? They left you
alone and went somewhere"

...so late in the night
because of that Wiay.

Why should we feel
scared in our own village?

And then,| stay alone
for many days at a stretch.

I am not scared of anyone.
Everyone is scared of me.

Aunt, Viiay won't find anything.

He was a sub-inspecionHe
is suspended now.

He drinks all daylong.

And he fights with a
new officer everyday.

Actually, he has been
bitten by a big of honesty.

And you know how dangerous that can be.

You mean a person should
be dishonest, right?

That's not what I mean. I
mean one needs to be practical.

Practical .

Look, is it wrong to lie
or make some adjustments"

...to get one's work done, right?

You say that what I teach
children at school is wrong.

I shouldn't teach
them to tell the truth.

Saw that? This is what
is wrong with girls.

Aunt, they over-analyze
everything that is said.

Sahe], why did you start this with him?

Now he just won't stop. He will
keep bringing up different points.

This is how he has always been.

Sit herewith him. I'll
go and get some hot milk.

Aunt, first tell me, you
are on my side, right?

Aunt support the truth, got it?
- Yes. - Keep quiet. Sit down.


By the way, Deep, thank you.

You showed m e the way
of how to stay in India

What's great in that? This
is how things wrong here.

I will stay in India now. So,|
should learn how the system works here.

What did you say? You are
not going back to Canada?

No, life there is very
hard. It's great over here.

Even idle people enjoy life here.

No, look, your parents have
spent a lot of money on you.

And you say you don't want
to go back. It's not right.

And life here isn't good,
life in Canada is great.

Forget it, Deep. You have
a bad time working there.

Here the onel marry will
work and I will enjoy my life.

Right, Vinnie?
- Right, Sahei.

L, too, have decided not
to work after marriage.

I will sit at home. He will earn. I will have fun.
- Yes.

Okay. Fine. I'll make a move now, aunt.

Kuku will be here soon.
He must be on his way back.

No. Drink the milk before you leave.

Actually, my stomach is
upset. I am getting cramps.

I won't be able to drink milk now.

Fine. I'll make a move now.
- Bye, Deep.

- Bye.

Girls, what's wrong with him?
He ran away all of a sudden.

Aunt, now he will have loose motions.

So, Mr. Ghauhan, this is the story.

Now you tell us what we should do.

Wiay, reputation of
Puniabis is at stake.

This means the key to this
problem is with Uiagar Singh.

But what should we do now?

Let me think. Let me think.

Look you need to use crooked
means to solve crooked cases.

I am sorry, Viiay. But Tarsem is Balbir.

Don't worry. I know everything.

Look, no rules apply on a
suspended police officer.

And then how can they suspend
an already suspended officer?

So, you go home and
let me think over it.

I will let you know
when I need you guys.

- Thank you, brother. Thank you very much.

Enough. Enough.

I need to go. I can't run anymore.

And there is water over here.

I know what you are talking about.

Why don't you say that you are out of breath?
- Yes.

Your radiator has heated.
- What is it?

Go, continue running.

It's so early in the
morning.| am feeling cold.

You know how cold it gets in Canada?

Who is going to Canada?
- Why? What happened?

Sahei says that she doesn't
want to go back to Canada

What do you mean? Sahei
isn't going back to Canada?

No. She isn't.

Hear him talk. As if
he is engaged to her.

Hello, she is impressed
with me. - Really? - Yes.

A little more effort by me and
she will agree to get engaged.

But what's the use now? She says
she doesn't want to go to Canada

She has spoilt my mood.

Where are my dialogues?
- Your dialogues?

Here you go.

You can.

No. They might be useful to you.

Hold this.
- Do one thing, you keep them with you.

They might come in handy some place else.

I write my own dialogues.

That's fine, but I don't
understand one thing.

What kind of a girl is Sahei?

She came back from Canada and..

...now she says she
doesn't want to go back.

It's hard to believe.

It's like it happens in Punjabi movies.

It's okay. It happens. Don't feel sad.

Okay? I have to go for an interview.

I am going there, see
you in the evening.


Look, Sahei, parents are bound
to worry about their children.

It's not wrong for your father
to worry about your marriage.

He called me up.

He said his daughter
has come from Canada.

...and is staying at
someone else's house.

This is giving him a bad reputation.

Okay, aunt. We will leave
if you are tired of us.

But still, I won't go to my house.

Becausel know my father very well.

Aunt, he is very stubborn.
He does what he decides upon.

You aren't any less stubborn.

You are welcome to stay over here.

I am happy that you
guys are staying here.

Look how happy Kuku is.

He used to stay sad all daylong.

Aunt, I know why Kuku used
to stay sad earlier and..

...why does he look happy now.

Aunt, try and understand.

Anna is the reason behind his happiness.

Yes, this fear is troubling me as well.

Talk to Kuku. Look, Anna
has come from abroad.

She will go back to her count-y.

And Kulcu will once again
be in the same state.

Earlier as well he had used
liquor to drown his sadness.

That's it then, liquor
was the only solution.

But that's not a solution.

I know, but it helps you
forget things for a while.

You know, when apatient is in pain..

"Doctor inject painkillers
to kill the pain for awhile.

So, liquor helps kill the
pain in the heart for awhile.

No. This is so wrong.

It was your fault that you
didn't tell her "| love you."

Make sure to tell the girl you love her.

How will you say it?

Hey, look at me.

Look here.


Hey, look here.

I can't say it.
- Then how will get any girl?

How will she know that you love her?

She doesn't know.

You, too, will leave me some day.

You said something?

I said.. we are getling late. Let's go.

We'll talk about it later.

Kuku, you know what? You are impossible.

If I ask him to get married, he refuses.

L, too, thought why deceive any girl?

And what's the use of 'the marriage
if both of them stay unhappy?

Anyway, forget about him.
Tell me about yourself.

What are you thinking about?

Aunt, what's there for me to think?

Hear that? What does that mean?

You won't think of anything.

You won't let your
father think about it.

Then what do you wish to do?

Aunt, by the way, I like a boy.

And I feel he, too, likes me.

But papa won't agree for our alliance.

Hey, leave that to me.

Forget your father, I can
convince his father as well.

But aunt, grandpa
passed away 10 years ago.

Shut up. I mean it's my
responsibility to convince your father.

Tell me, who is that boy?

I will tell you, aunt. I will tell you.

But first, let me talk to him.


Where is Jagta“?
- Brother, he must be under 'lhe ca'.

I am here.

How are you, man?

Sorry, man.

What is it? Why are you alone?

Where's Deep?
- Where will Deep go?

What does a hunter dog
do? Look for a pray.

He will keep looking for a
pray, you have a look at the car.

It is giving jerks since yesterday.

You are destined to
get jerks all your life.

Some jerks will be given by it as well.

Sell this trash and buy a nice car.

Listen, older the liquor
the better it tastes.

The older the friendship the better.

Then why isn't it same
with the car as well?

Let me tell you.

A new car is like a new girlfriend.

As it gets older it starts
troubling like an old girlfriend.

Girls have to feature in
all their conversations.

These boys can't think about
anything other than girls.

Jagtar, relax, cool.

Look, with great difficulty
has our friend found love.

You are say such things
and making him homeless.

He is the silent-type.

He keeps his mouth shut when
a girl is standing before him.

What will he do?

Look the silent-types like
him are like a devil's tail.

If you love the girl, get on
the terrace, play the drums..

"And announce it to the
world. Close the topic.

He too? Who is he involved with?

The one from Canada, Seine].

Forget it. She is a
very tough nut to crack.

Jagtar, you are surrounded
by machines all daylong.

You don't know what's happening outside.

She is signalling him,that's
why things are progressing.

Oh I see. His alignment is already done.

And here, the expert of
cars has no clue about it.

Look, Jagtar, don't tell
anything to Deep as yet.

Nothing is confirmed as yet.

I feel Sahei too.. But..
but nothing is confirmed.

It will affect our 'friendship.

Jashn, a friendship that falls apart
was not strong enough to begin with.

Deep was after her because
she was going to Canada- Yes.

And now she isn't going to Canada

She said so to test Deep.

But.. but look, nothing
is confirm ed, man.

If it isn't confirmed then confirm it.

Otherwise, give up everything and
come with me to Hanumen temple.

"| wi||.."
- Sir, should I also get half empty bottle?

Keep quiet. Keep quiet.

My wife.. is a very religious woman.

Very religious.

No meat, chicken, fish, eggs,
liquor is allowed inside the house.

So, sir, you won't
be going home tonight.

Then will I be going to yours?

No, I mean, sir, you have
half a bottle of liquor..

...and four chicken legs inside you.

So how can you go to your house?

Keep quiet. Keep quiet. Don't blabber.

Take the bottle with you.
- I don't drink, sir.

Then give it to someone
else. Don't argue with me.

Sir, should I drive you home?

I will drive it. I know how to drive it.

Don't talk nonsense.

"Click a photo of me dancing."

"Click.. click a photo of me dancing."

"Click a photon"





Quietly drive the car.

Drive it to a place I want you to.

Viiay, you? You still
crack such funny jokes.

I am notioking. I am serious.

And you know when I am serious.

You are right. Anyway,
I don'tlikeiokes.


Okay. I will drive it.

Answer it. Jashn. Your phone is ringing.

Jashn, answer the phone. Hey..

'Where is he'?


Listen to me. Meet me at the
Royal restaurant at 11 o'clock.

Got it? Listen, I want to tell
you someihing very important.

Don't tell anyone. And
don't bring anyone along.

- Bye.

Sahei has asked you to
meet her at Royal Castle.

And she has also said not
to tell anything to anyone.

Shewants to discuss something
very important with you.

Hence I don't know that
you have gone there.

You didn't tell her that it's
not Jashn, but Deep on the line?

|would've said something if
she would've given me a chance.

She doesn't stop once she begins.

By the way, what is this is about?

And remember one thing, my friend.

She isn't going back to Canada

You are a schmuck.

What did you say? I didn't
get it. What's a shuck?

Schmuck. It means

Abuse me properly. Say, you..

What's the use if you have to use a
dictionary to know what an abuse means?

Anyway, all the best.

Deep, tell me the truth, will
you feel bad if I go meet her?

People say that a friendship breaks
if a girl comes in the middle.

Oh, my noble schmuck. We are
friends like in the movie 'Sholay'.

We should even sing a song with
that extra cart on the bike.

Don't worry. I will come with you.

No. She has asked not to bring anyone.

She has, really? I said I will
go with you, that means I will.

Brother, Uiagar is
missing since late night.

Yes, his wife had come in the morning
enquiring about his whereabouts.

They said they found
his car near the river.

Brother, then you should
ask the department.

...if any dead body
has been washes ashore.

By the way, brother,
he won't commit suicide.

There's a possible that
someone must have murdered him..

...and throw him in the river.

It will be great if someone
has taken care of him.

Tarsem Singh, such people
don't die so quickly.

Really? They take time?

I mean then we shouldn't
be so happy about it.

We have that issue with that foreigner.

And you are saying that
Uiagar won't die so easily.

Brother, then, we should pray that
someone should've taken care of him.

Otherwise he would have troubled us.

I don't understand
one thing. Where is he?

I can eat only once you untie my hands.

The apple is not for eating"

But for target practice.

No, Wiay, don't. Brother. Brother.

Tell me the truth. Who is Balbir?

And how did he get a passport?

Sir, it's been six since
months since you practiced.

Careful you might hit Uiagar
Singh at the wrong place.

No, Viiay. No.

Tasem is BaMnTarsem is Bdbir.

I made a false verification
report and got his passport made.

I did all this at Harnam Singh's behest

I seized Dasvinder Singh's land as well.

He was after Tarsem.

Harnam Singh sent Tarsem to Canada

After a few months we got
Dasonda killed in an accident.

- Sir.

That's great.

I hit right on target
even after six months.

I am worried.

Place another apple.

Why another one?

I told you the truth about everyone.

No, brother. No.

If your hand shivers even a bit
my children will become orphans.

Even Dasonda Singh had children.

You didn't feel any pity back then.

Sir, Uiagar Singh's tank has leaked.

Not just the tank, even the big drum.

At least now let me go.

- Sahe], I am not here to interfere.

I am here just to say that my friend
is very nice, honest and decent.

He was also good in studies.

Sooner or later he will
get a very good job.

You won't be able to find a better guy.

He loves you a lot as well.
- Can't he say all that?

That's why I have force invited myself.

If he could then what
would've been the problem?

Okay, I'll make a move now.


Sorry, I lied to you.

That I don't want to go to Canada

I know.

I am not that that as
much as you think I am.

I cameto know during
Vinnie's engagement.

"That I am dialling the wrong number.

Fine. All the best I'll make a move.

'If I wouldn't have helped him today.'

...he would've never expressed
his feeling to any girl.'

'It's okaywith me. if I didn't
get her I'll get someone else.'

'Come on, Deep. Let's find
a cure for the heart ache.'

Couldn't you say all this?

I could, but I had told you once
I move forward, I can't back off.

Now if your dad doesn't agree,
you shouldn't back off either.

That's what I wanted to see, how
good you are at keeping promises.

This is the first time
I realised what love is.

Now we will face whatever comes our way.

"Listen, my beloved."

"Yes, my love'? "

"Let's go.
- Where to"

"A place different than all."

"Where there's just you and me."

"There shouldn't be anyone to spot us."

"Far away from this world."

"Far away from this world."

"Let's make a different
world for ourselves."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"My heart races."

"But it fears sometimes as well."

"My heart races."

"But it fears sometimes as well."

"That we might get separated."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"Yes, you and me."

"One cannot attain
love fearing the world."

"Don't worry. Place your head
on my chest and go to sleep."

"Don't worry. Place your head
on my chest and go to sleep."

"My love.
- Yes, dear?"

"Listen to me, my love.
- What is it, dear?"

"This world is evil.

"This world is evil.

"Let's save our love from it.

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"Yes, you and me."

"My love, I am your
heartbeat, you are my heart."

"My love, I have
dedicated my life to you."

"My love, I have
dedicated my life to you."

"Don't fear, my dear."

"Don't break my heart."

"Hold my heart, my dear."

"Don't ever shy away."

"My dear, you love me?"

"My heart now belongs to my beloved."

"My life has become musical."

"Let's add fragrance to flowers."

"Let's add fragrance to flowers."

"Come let's sing love songs."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"You and me."

"Yes, you and me."

"Yes, you and me."

"Yes, you and me."

That's great.

What you did is amazing.
- Thank you, sir.

Sir, you can take
whatever action you want.



Turn around.

Why are you staring at me?

Well done.

I reinstate both of you
with imm edi ate effect.

Report me in your complete
uniform within 5 minutes.

You began this case,
hence you will end it.


Aunt, where's Anna? Anna? Anna?

Why are you shouting? What happened?

Where is Anna? Anna?
- Anna is here. What happened?

Where is Anna? Anna!

Why are you going there? She
is on the terrace with Sahe].



Anna! Yes! Anna!

Anna! Anna! Anna, I'm so happy.

I'm so sorry. Anna.
- What?

There's good news.

What happened, brother?
- Tarsem is Balbir.

Oh really? Yes!


Viiay made Uiagar confess everything.

Now no one can save that bastard.

I'm.. I'm so happy-.


What, Kuku?

You are so happy for me?
- Yes.

You are so happy for me?

You are very nice.

You.. you too are very nice, Anna

Anna, I.. I want to
say someihing to you.

Say it, Kuku.

Anna, well, I wanted to say"

Tell me. Why are you hesitating?

I wanted to say that
we are getting late.

We should go meet Tarsem. Let's go.

Take me along.

Why are you standing?
Please have a seat.

No, madam. We cannot sit today.

Why? What is it? Why
are you in such a hurry?

Why are you looking at each other?

Tell me, what is it?

What should we say,
ma'am? We are speechless.

Look, please, I am getting worried.

I will know about it
only when you tell me.

Look, Hoopinder, I'm really sorry.

I am very sorry to
break this news to you.

Tell me, what is it? ls Tarsem alright?

Tarsem is alright.
What will happen to him?

Actually, ma'am , the other
day we had come to you".

...to tell you that someone
had betrayed Anna's sister..

...and came back to India
- Yes,| know.

We have confirmed the
identity of that person.

Now we need to decide his fate.

Fine, but what can I do in 'that?

Now whatever can be done can
only be done by you, ma'am.

Because.. I'm sorry to say
that person is none other than..

Tarsem .


Madam, when you had gone
to UK for your education"

"behind your back Tarsem has
gone to Canada on a fake passport.

He went there and got
married to Anna's sister.

And when he came to know that
his enemies in India are dead"

...Tarsem deceived her, took all
her money and came back to India

Madam ..

Is your decision still the same?

My decision..

Is still the same.

But where is Tarsem?

What? Did you hear it properly?

Broth er..

Did you make sure of it?

Hang up now. Another
problem has cropped up.

What happened, brother? ls Uiagar dead?

Such people don't die quickly.

- What are you doing here? Hun.

Wiay has been reinstated.

He will be here any moment.
- And you, brother?

What brother? Whose brother?
- Don't do that, brother.

I will die alone in
prison. Come with me.

I will take you with me. Nothing doing.

Hun away. I have political immunity.

Nothing will happen to me.

Brother, what you did was not right.

You have ruined me.

I will pay back for this.
I will take your name.

Those who take my name die. Go away.

What you did was not right, brother.

Hoopi. Hoopi.

Where are you? Hoopi.

Hoopi, pack a few things
quickly. We have to leave.

Hurry up.
- Why? Where are we going?

You women will never stop questioning.

I'll tell you that later.
Take Pinky and hurry up.

We don't have much time.
Be back in a minute.

Neither will I go anywhere,
not will I let you go anywhere.

This is no time to ioke. It's a real
pistol, you will shoot it accidentally.

Give it to me.


No, Hoopinder. I forgive him
for your and Pinky's sake.

But I won't forgive him.

He has deceived not one but two women.

Look, Hoopi, for God's sake,
don't take Pinky away from me.

I will tell you about these foreigners.

They are characterless. They
get married a number offimes.

Shut up. Their character
is better than yours.

She is still forgiving you.

But now, I won't let even your
shadow fall on my daughter.

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Your game is over, Tarsem Singh.

Come with me.
- Hoopi. Hoopi, look.

Nothing has happened.

We will make sure it does soon.

Okay, he too is done
for'? Hello, brother.

Do you recognise me now?

No, no, no. Why are you so angry?

It's so hot, and I've heard
there's no air conditioner in iail.

Stop your nonsense, all this
has happened because of you.

Why are you getting so angry?

Save some of your
conversation for prison.

You can share your
joys and sorrows there.

Get him in.


You stayed in someone's
house for a month.

Didn't you feel any shame?

Now you have brought
this useless guy here.

His father lived off
his father-in-law.

And now he is here to do the same.

Stop it. He is educated
and our girl likes him.

Don't interfere.

Flies always gather over sweets.

He went after her because
she has come from Canada

Uncle, you can say you want
to me, but not my father.

Why? Am I wrong?

A brother shouldn't stay
in his sister's house.

And a son-in-law shouldn't
stay at his wife's house.

A smart person always checks the
breed of the dog before taking it in.

And you?
- Uncle, please.

No matter how he is,
he is still my father.

You cannot say such things about him.

You are Sahe]'s father otherwise"
- What otherwise?


What will you do?

Did you hear that, girl? He
would've raised his hand on me.

Think over it. You can
go with him if you want.

But then, never come back to this house.

Papa, please.

Papa, at least listen to me.

Sahe], I had told you, I never back out.

I won't back out now either.

Come, lefs go.

Sahei, I'm talking to you.


I don't know how to thank all of you.

I have no words.

All of you are very nice.

I'll miss everyone a lot.

Sahei, why are you so quiet?

Her father threw Jashn out of his house.

Why didn't you call and inform me?

Aunt, Jashn had asked
me to come with him.

But I don't know whyl couldn't move.

- Yes?

'Where is Kulcu'?
- Kulcu'?

He left early in the morning.
His phone too is switched off.

Perhaps, he couldn't
see both of you leave.

I wanted to give Kuku special thanks.

Nothing would've been
possible without his help.


Kuku has given this for you.

And he has asked you to open this
packet only after you reach Canada

Tell Kuku that I'll miss him a lot.

'God, why does Kuku get his
heart broken time and again?'

"I've kept my feelings
hidden in my heart."

"Neither did you ask,
nor did I tell you."

"Neither did you ask,
nor did I tell you."

"| thought of you today."

"| thought of you every moment."

"| thought of you today."

"| thought of you every moment."

"| couldn't forget
my estranged beloved."

"| couldn't forget
my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

Tell me, we always do our best
to make our children happy.

But when we get a chance to
give them the biggest joy".

...of their life, we back off. Why?

"God knows, you are
somehow related to me."

"God knows, you are
somehow related to me."

"Even though you are
miles away from me."

"Even though you are
miles away from me."

"You siayin my heart,
my estranged beloved."

"You siayin my heart,
my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

'I apologise for not meeting
you when you were leaving.'

'The truth is, I cannot see you leave.'

'I tried telling you a number
of times, but I couldn't.'

'Anna, I love you.'

"Your presence used to please my soul.

"Your presence used to please my soul.

"VWthout you, my soul wanders aimless."

"VWthout you, my soul wanders aimless."

"Without you, the spring
seems meaningless, my love."

"Without you, the spring
seems meaningless, my love."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

"| thought of you today."

"| thought of you every moment."

"| couldn't forget
my estranged beloved."

"| couldn't forget
my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

"Bless you, my estranged beloved."

"Never fall in love with a foreigner."

"No matter how precious that person is."

"That person is only
good for one thing."

"Miss him and cry."

You cannot forget some people.

Come, let's at least forget our sorrows.

You didn't tell me. You
wrote it in a letter?

Will do.

I love you.


I love you.

You thought I betrayed you.

I didn't come with you the other day.

No, Sahei.

I'm really sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Your dad was absolutely right.

Let me stand on my feet then
I'll surely cometo take you.

I'll wait for you.
- What?

Jagtar, your aunt from Canada is here?
- Yes.

She came back four days ago.
- Really'?

Did her daughter come with her?

Her daughter had to come with her.

Strange, aunt came four days ago
and you didn't even inform me.

I'll go and meet her
first - We.. - Me too..

You scoundrel.

What? I am planning to
make you my brother-in-law.


"Sister-in-law, with my
musical instruments "

"Sister-in-law, with my
musical instruments "

I was rehearsing."

"Sister-in-law, with my
musical instruments "

I was rehearsing."

'Someone came from behind.."

'Someone came from behind
and ruined everything."

"Sister-in-law, someone hit
me on my back with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone hit
me on my back with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone
hit me with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone
hit me with a rod."

"He was very bad."

"He ruined everything in no time."

"He tore the bellows of my harmonium."

"He was very bad."

"He ruined everything in no time."

"He tore the bellows of my harmonium."

"He tore it apart."

"He tore it apart."

"He dismantled it.

"Sister-in-law, someone hit
me on my back with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone hit
me on my back with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone
hit me with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone
hit me with a rod."

"Sister-in-law, someone
hit me with a rod."