Yaar Mera Titliaan Warga (2022) - full transcript

A couple who after six years of marriage are bored of each other. To spice things up, they individually create fake Facebook accounts but end up befriending each other.

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'In a life,
there are many stages of Love.'

'There are "mainly" three
which are universally accepted.'

"Here he comes. Here he comes, Fukra."

'This is the stage in which
a boy can do anything for the girl.'

'Means he finds it to be respectable'

'even if he has to wear
a dog collar around his neck.'

'Girl's wish is his command.'

"He can just go and hire."

"He is so smart. Check his hired shoes."

"He is a liar but looks true. Fukra."


Baby, you follow me on your old scooter.

Do you know how much
repo I have in the colony?

Why don't you buy a new motorcycle?

Even our Siri got himself
a new Pulsar (Bike).


He was our Siri.

Oh, God.

Do you have a sack full of sand at home?

Probably yes. Why?

Okay. Punch a hole in it.

Before the sand finishes

your boyfriend would have a Bullet.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

"Look, Look he is here."

'The boy is ready to sell kidney
for fulfilling the wish of the girl.'

'Because the heart explains
that I will survive with one kidney.'

'But I cannot survive
without this girl.'

'The second stage of love
is that of newlywed couple.'

'At this stage the boy does
not follow the girl but walks with her.'

'The happiness that the boy
gets after marrying the girl he loved'

'is much more than Sikander's happiness
after capturing the whole world.'

"Want something like this.
Want car like this."

Baby, shouldn't we replace
this old car with new Thar (Jeep).

We don't have parking
space for bigger car, dear.

If I can manage to live in your small
heart, Thar will fit somewhere too.

Have faith in God.

Take out your phone.

Take out your phone
and book the car right away.

'There is a little difference
between this stage and the first one.'

'In this stage the boy does not think
from heart but also from the brain.'

What are you doing now?

I am checking the EMI.
Your God is not going to give that.

Aren't you overthinking?

God blessed you as I came in your life.
Have faith.

I don't have faith on God anymore.

'Next comes the third stage of love.'

'The example of third
stage of love is Gurmel.'

'The one who is walking 50
meters behind him is his wife Beant.'

'By just looking them, anyone can guess'

'that they have been
married for 6-7 years.'

'Gurmel and Beant did not have'

'so much distance between them
in the beginning of their marriage.'

'It took time for this
distance to happen between them.'

'When they just got married
Beant would whole heartedly'

'love Gurmel and spend
most of the time with him.'

Beant, come here.

Yes, what do you need?

Sundi has come in our life.

'Every moment of Beant
was now for the child.'

'Gurmel is waiting for Beant to come
to him after putting the child to bed.'

Have patience. He'll fall asleep soon.

All I get is patience nowadays.

Listen, get up.

- Has he slept?
- No, he hasn't.

My back is hurting.

You take care of him now.

I can't handle him.

Go to sleep, son.

Are you scared

that if you have a brother
then there will be division of land.

You alone will get all
of my property, I swear.

'Even after 5 years
Gurmel is still waiting'

'for kid to falls asleep so
that he gets alone time with Beant.'

Go to sleep, dear.
You have to go to school tomorrow.

There is Corona wave
going on so I won't go.

Okay, but at least go to sleep.

Dad, let me play the game.

I am going to sleep. You manage.

'There is nothing left to see.'

Beant, Beant...

Let me sleep, dad.
I have to go to school tomorrow.

First you said there is corona.

You don't have a stand.

Beant, Beant...

What do you want from her
in the middle of the night, dad?

I had itch on my back.

One day I am going
to heal it once for all.

Greedy for land.

He did not even let
the parrots be together.


Wait, I am being left behind.

I wish you "left" me permanently.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

Keep your face covered.
There are so many people around.

You move around the
city like this. Come on.

- Oh, God.
- You banged against the car.

- We still have to go further.
- Sundi, are you fine?

Mother and son are lying
here out of tiredness. Come on.

'Unknowingly Beant
ignored Gurmel so badly'

'that after 6 years of marriage'

'Gurmel's feelings of Romance
and Love have completely died.'

"We were happy 24 hours."

"And our life was easy."

"We used to tell everyone
how to be happy and enjoy."

"We were happy 24 hours."

"And our life was easy."

"We used to tell everyone
how to be happy and enjoy."

"An evil eye fell on our happiness..."

"To hell with you."

"By getting married I invited
unnecessary tension, friends."

"By getting married I invited
unnecessary tension, friends."

"We have lost peace
of mind at our expense."

"Out of pride."

"Do not get married boys out of pride."

"Do not get married boys
and then you will have sad face."

"Do not get married boys..."

"I had never worn a watch on my wrist."

"And today I have no time at all."

"I had never given
money from my pocket."

"And today I have
no money in my pocket."

"The meaning of marriage
has been found."

"The meaning of marriage
has been found."

"And that is that water
and fire can never be together."

"And that is that water
and fire can never be together."

"Rest is your wish.
I have told you my feelings."

"Whatever you are saying is right."

"By getting married I invited
unnecessary tension, friends."

"By getting married I invited
unnecessary tension, friends."

"It cheats you..."

"It cheats you..."

"The so called sweetness of marriage."

"Marriage just seems to
be sweet on the face of it."

"Marriage just seems to
be sweet on the face of it."

"My lover is like a butterfly."

"My lover is like a butterfly."

Greetings, sir.

- Greetings.
- Is my work done?


- I have been here countless times.
- So?

It seems as if you are purposely
calling me here again and again.

It is just a matter of 2 minutes.
You just have to get signatures done.

And that too sir has to do it.

Do you think I am lying? Look at this.

Your file is on the top.

Sir is busy as it
is his 25th anniversary.

As soon as he gets free tomorrow
I will get your file signed.


- Listen to me.
- Yes.


Sir is inside and has
come to invite SDM sir.

You too should go and congratulate.

And he will remember you.

Will he remember me
if I go and congratulate?

Give him a packet (Bribe
money) as well as gift. Yes.

A packet of groundnuts?

You can give of groundnuts if you wish

then you can wait for another
six months... and keep coming.


I understood.

Thank you. Thank you.

We shall meet in
the party today tonight.

Yes, of course. Okay.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Congratulations on
your 25th Anniversary.

I haven't recognized you. Who are you?

I am Gurmel.

Gurmel who?

The one whose file
you haven't signed yet.

Yes, sir.

- Thank you so much.
- Greetings.

With God's grace did not even realize,

how last 25 years of
married life passed happily.

Thank you so much. We shall meet soon.

Is he really happy
after 25 years of marriage?

Or he is showing off.


Are you really happy
after 25 years of marriage?

Don't you feel so?

Only thing I felt is the shock.

Good bye.

- Did you personally go and check?
- Yes.

You just feel all the
world is happier than you.

I swear Sema,

he was so happy after 25 years,
as if he someone told him

that he could get a new
wife in return of the old one.

- Is it so?
- Yes.

They are rich people.
They do not even return the old one.

And get a new one as well.

I am in trouble after
6 years of marriage.

It seems as if I took
a decision in haste.

And now have to live
with it all my life.

A person can sell old
clothes and get new utensils.

But will get nothing for them.

Its all about one's luck.

But it is said that
women bring good luck.

- For us they brought bad luck.
- Oh, God.

Which village does Tehsildaar belong to?

He is not from a village
but is from city Chandigarh.

That is the reason. I saw in the mobile.

How they keep their wives
happy through internet.


- This is a mall.
- Okay.

All the immoral relations
start from here.

- Is it?
- Yes.

You just look carefully
what happens in the city.

And how married men stay happy.

- Yes.
- Look there.

That man is holding hands of his wife

but is looking at someone else.

Doesn't the wife notice?

These men show so much love

that the wife can't even imagine
that her husband is cheating on her.

All right then...

Only God knows what
will happen to this world.

Just keep watching
and you will be astonished.

Look there.

Look there. He is giving flying kiss.

Shall we go that side?

Oh, God...

Doesn't he feel ashamed?

That's how their
relationships are saved.

They've all the fun outside
the house and once in the house,

they just concentrate
on keeping the wives happy.

And we are worried about petty issues.

People are so lucky to
be surrounded by so much beauty.

That is why this is
called a mall (Beautiful).

There is so much beauty here.

One should just know how
to capture the beautiful birds.

Government has done a very good job.

First they just made bridges and
people used to go on bridges and fall.

Only thing we need is malls
just like this one.

After 5-7 years of marriage,
just like a dead battery.

There is nothing wrong.

You just have to charge
it by an external wire.

And then you can run the motor.

Sema, Gurmel Singh Gela

will go further than a battery
and become a solar system. Come on.

How are you, mom?

I am fine dear. Here you are.

Yes, yes...

Write here.

Sundi, ask your mother
to be ready tomorrow.

I will take her to the mall in the city.

Mom, did you hear that?

He is taking me to a mall tomorrow.

He doesn't say it but loves you a lot.

Today, we are going
to announce the winners.

What are you doing?

Whatever I am doing
is to make you happy.

- I know it.
- You do not know anything.

- One minute.
- Okay.

You go and see that.

Sundi, look at those rocking chairs.

Hello, yes.

Sema, where are you?

I have come to the city
to get pesticide for the crops.

You can kill the insects
of the crops later.

First let us kill our Lust insects.

Come to the mall.
I have to show you something.

What has he seen now?


Come on.
Are you enjoying the mall, Sundi?

Give a round of applause.

Oh no, what is he doing?

Gurmel, come down.

Come down.

Have you come?

Yes I have, but what are you doing?

Have you seen?

Come here on the side.

Let me first find a girlfriend.

What am I going to do alone on the side?

Whatever you are doing is wrong.
You come here.

Come quickly.


- Be careful, dear.
- You be on line.

I will be back soon.

- You go and see the mall.
- Where are you going?

The security is not allowing Sema in.
I am going to get him in.

Yes, probably because he looks ugly.

As if she herself is with Tom Cruise.

- Go and get him.
- Yes, Sema.

Hello. Did it get disconnected?

- Yes.
- Why did you get sister-in-law, here?

Because that's what city people do.

They bring their wives with
them but look at other women.

The men from the city bring their wives

because their wives do
not allow them to come alone.

So they have no other option.

You could have come alone and enjoyed.

Okay. From tomorrow I will
come alone and leave Beant at home.

But now looking them from
distance is not enough for me.

What do you want?

I want to make a friend
with whom I can talk my heart out.

- And love her.
- Stay away.

I asked you to get battery
charged from outside.

And you want to get other's batteries.

Women in city are very smart.

If they reach your house
the Beant would thrash you.

She wouldn't thrash me.
She is very simple.

We keep a third spare wheel on scooter,

although it needs only two to run.

In case if one gets flat.

Sister-in-law does not get flat.

You cannot predict a good or a bad time.

We should be ready with an option.

Nowadays there are
dual sim mobiles as well.

If one does not work
then talk from the other one.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror?

A city girl would not
even keep a driver like you.

And you want to be a friend.

Rascal, do you have any stand or not?

you were saying that times have changed

and today you are shattering
my courage, idiot.

How will you get close to any girl?

We do not even know how to
address a girl by saying excuse me.

Sema, is he the same man

who was with his wife yesterday
and was wooing other girls.

He is the same.

He seems to have complete
control on the mall.

Miss Afsana has sung
a song for people like him.

Sometimes on this flower
and sometimes on the other...

"Yaar Mera Titliyan Warga"
(my lover is like a butterfly).

Lets do one thing.
We'll keep a watch on him

and learn how he impresses the girls.

We'll follow his every move.

- He is going out.
- Let's go then.

What about Beant?

I need to thank her saying that
the time we spend together was good.

Now the time has
come to put the stepney.

- Come on.
- Looks like Beant's time is over.

He wants to put stepney.

Keep the veil inside.

Take this and drop them carefully.

But suddenly what happened? Tell me.

Our scooter does not have
a stepney so I am going to get that.

Okay, get it. Sometimes
the scooter does get punctured.

That is why I am trying to arrange one.

Go. Okay.

He is leaving.

Let's follow him.

Okay, then.

Bye. I will leave now.

- Take care.
- Bye.

What time will you be back?

I have a meeting in office
so will be a little late.

- Okay, no problem.
- Okay.

- Sonu.
- Yes?

- He is leaving.
- Come on.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Come, please.
- Thank you.

- Is she the same one?
- Yes.

To whom he was giving signals.

She is whitish like milk.

Hurry up.

Come on.


- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Why did the boy take the girl inside?

If we started telling it,
we'll go out of business.

Can we go inside and see a bit?

You don't seem bitty type.

- We want to drink tea.
- Yes.

The cost of tea is 250 rupees inside.

There is a fresh
fruit juice stall there.

You get a glass of fresh fruit
for 40 rupees. Go.

Wouldn't there be crowd here
if anything was visible?

Sema, he took her inside.

And his wife thinks
that her husband is at work.

And he is enjoying.

Did you get a fit while
writing our destiny?

Don't curse God.

Otherwise, he might take
back the little He has given you.

Take back if you want.

What will you have, brother?

At this moment, all I have is patience.

- We'll call you back for order.
- Okay.

You will not be able to do such things.

The hotel staff will
stop you at the gate.

They will send the girl inside
and you'll again be left outside.

Once I have a girlfriend,

I would cross the Wagah
(Pakistan) border for her.

Entering the hotel
won't be a problem whatsoever.

There is a big problem.

These girls become friends
only with handsome boys.

Out of pity someone may shake hands
with you. Rest seems difficult for you.

Nothing is difficult, Sema.
Let them come out.

Then I am going to fall at
his feet and make him may master.

And I am going to learn
and grasp all his knowledge.

- Listen to me. Listen to me.
- Why did you come here?

You lied to me so that
you could enjoy with her?

What are you doing with her?

Do you think you will be happy
after creating problems in my family?

I'll show you.

- Listen to me.
- What should I listen to you?

Leave me. What are you doing?

- What were you doing?
- We came here for lunch.

- Let me feed you Dosa, you bitch.
- Leave me.

- What are you doing, Dear?
- Call her dear not me.

Why did you bring her here?

You lied to me.

- We had come here for lunch.
- What are you doing?

- Listen to me.
- Tell.

- We had come here for lunch.
- I will teach you...

Let me see how you come home, rascal.

you'll have to come back to me.

What are you looking at, brother?

This happens every day.

Every day 5-6 husbands are thrashed.

But the husbands are so stubborn
that they still do not stop. Yes.

It depends on the wife.

If your wife is good

then she can explain nicely.

A wife may be simple and innocent

but after seeing such
acts even she would get wild.

In this life you adjust with Beant.

Who knows what will God
make us in the next birth?

Let's put in extra effort in this life.

So, you are ready to get thrashed.

If nobody succeeded,
no one would even try.

You used to say that person
with extramarital affair

always keep his wife happy.

You mean to say that I
can never be happy in marriage.

There must be some way out.

- Yes, there is.
- What?

Have you heard about Facebook?

Yes, where boys and girls dance.

- Even old people are on it now.
- Really?

They have reignited their
old affairs through it.


This is the easiest
way to find a girlfriend.

Do you have 4,000 rupees?

Yes, but I have to pay the bill.

You can pay the bill later,
first let me buy you a mobile.

Yes, come.

Here it is, with the cover.

- This is great. Give him the money.
- Yes.

- Okay, thank you.
- Okay, bye.

I've no money left.

You cannot enjoy without spending.

You'll feel like that
you are in a carnival.


Gurmel, your Facebook
account has been opened.

Whose photo should I put?

You made me spend 4,000 rupees

then it is obvious you will
put my photo and not that of neighbors.

Look at yourself. Forget girls, even
boys won't accept your friend request.

No one puts their own
photo to do wrong things.

- Then?
- You can get trapped as well.

We shall put photograph
of a handsome boy.

While his photo will attract girls.
You'll remain safe.

Hey, you. Don't stand against my car.
You dirty people.

Get lost.

He insulted us.

Of course, he will.
He has such an expensive car.

He has the right.

What is its price?

He made us...

- Fool?
- No, next level of fool.

Two glasses of juice.

Bring two glasses of juice
for Young men. Anything else?

You have made a very nice body.

He also wants to
make his body like this.

Shall I click a photograph as sample?

Yes, you can.
Not just one but you can click 5-6.

One minute. I haven't worn my goggles.

Wear it.

"Sexy, sexy... yeah."

"Sexy, sexy... yeah."

I have clicked. You may go.

"Sexy, sexy..."

Take it.

I have put his photo
and named you as Soorma.

Enjoy as much as you want.

If there is any problem,
then he would land in trouble.



"Baby, come to me."

"Baby, come to me."

"Check, check me out."

"Check, check me out."

"Check, check me out."

Sema, have some sweet.

I will never be able
to return your favor.

I am so happy.

Why is he distributing sweets?

Nothing big. He has bought
spare type for his scooter.

That's why he is so happy.

Only poor people know how
to be happy even in small moments.

Rich people are always in tension
even after buying an airplane.

"The boy is trying to
woo with bottle in his hand."

"He is roaming aimlessly
to achieve something."

"The boy is trying to
woo with bottle in his hand."

"He is roaming aimlessly
to achieve something."

"The heart of jatt
is out of his control..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"You are the medicine for
my headache which doctors give."

"Your loving looks
makes me intoxicated."

"Your sweet voice makes me intoxicated."

"Your sweet voice makes me intoxicated."

"Your fragrance is hot, Billo."

"I feel the entire world is cheating."

"I am not able to sleep all night."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

This is for you.


Mom, he has brought it for me.

It is so beautiful.

Didn't I tell you
that he loves you a lot?

Here. Keep them.

"In what way can I praise you, dear?"

"Stars fall on ground on seeing you."

"Your innocence will create havoc."

"Your innocence will create havoc."

"I blow sweet breeze into the air..."

"I wouldn't spare
those who stop your way."

"I would kill someone for you."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

"From the time he has seen you Billo..."

You are bit too busy in the Phone today.

I was just doing some calculations.

- Oh, okay.
- Yes.

Mom, recite a poem for me.

Keep quiet and go to sleep, dear.
Your father may miscalculate something.

- Here you are Chindo.
- Yes.

- How are you?
- I am fine.

Come and sit.

- Greetings, aunty.
- Live a long life.

Take this sweetmeat.

For this marriage,
you were away for long.

It was my brother's wedding
so I fulfilled all my wishes.

Why didn't Gurmel go to fields today?

He did. He has just
come back from there.

Tell me about your new sister-in-law.

She is very beautiful. Just like you.

Sundi, let's go to Gurudwara Sahib.
(Sikh Temple)

They'll visit us soon.

Whenever they do, let me know.
I'll invite them for Lunch/Dinner.

You wait here and
I will go and make tea.

Have tea.

What is Gurmel doing on the phone?

He is calculating the account
he has got with Loan Shark.

While doing calculations
most of the people sweat in tension.

He seems to be very happy.

He says this time
Loan Shark owes us money.

That is why he is happy.

You do not have 100 acres of land,
you just have 4 acres...

Have you checked yourself,
weather he is really doing it?

What do you mean?

The way he is happy hooked on the phone

I think,
he is chatting with a girlfriend.

These phones have destroyed many homes.


My aunt's daughter's
husband had a girlfriend

and he was always on the phone.

Just like you the family felt
that he must be doing calculations.

Later everyone came to know that
he was having an affair with a girl.

Her family was totally destroyed.

But I don't think he is of this sort.

Those who do not appear
are more flirtatious.

Is he bringing you
gifts more than usual.

Yes, he is giving me many
gifts from last few weeks.

Earrings, Lipsticks and nail polish etc.

All these are signs of a player.

Just go near him
when he is on the phone.

And do not move from there.

If he doesn't hide his
phone than he is not lying.

But if he does, than there
is definitely something wrong, Beant.




What did your friend say?

Nothing much.

She is telling me about all
that happened at her brother's wedding.

- Go and listen.
- Yes.

Where are you at with the accounting?

- It is little complicated.
- What is the complication?

There is some confusion
about 2-3 entries.

Tell me. Even I can clear the confusion.

I will tell you. Okay.

Go, go.

Beant what happened.

He hid his mobile, Chindo.
My family is doomed.

Don't cry Beant.

These men are like dogs with two legs.

- Since when is it going on?
- With two legs?

No, all this?

Its going on for a while.

I saw it on the phone.

How Innocent women like us
make mistakes after having the kids

that makes a man loses interest.

'I am going to sleep. You manage.'

'There is nothing left to see.'

Yes, I have made mistakes.

It is not too late.
You can still fix it.

Mom, can Sundi sleep with you tonight?

Gurmail have cough,
I don't want Sundi to get infected.

- Put him here, dear.
- Mom, I don't want to sleep here.

Please sleep here,
otherwise you will fall sick.

Come, my dear. Come.


Why are you making so much noise?
Go to sleep.

You disturbed mine as well.

Dropping utensils
at middle of the night.

Mom, I want to sleep here.

Come dear, I was coming to get you.

Do you know what it means when you
are interested and he shows no interest?

- That he has taken a vow.
- Stupid.

This means that he is already satisfied.

He is looking for someone new.

The way he is moving on I feel
he is not going to spare any girl.

I will clear it out with him today.

Will he accept that
he is doing all this?

He is a man after all.

Even if you catch him red handed,

he would say that he caught
her because he felt it was you.

If you want to teach him
a lesson then do what he is doing?

What do you mean?

Make friends on mobile phone.

What rubbish suggestions are you giving?

Do you want to set things right or not?

He will realize his mistake
when he sees you glued to the phone.

Only tit for tat can make
them understand how we feel.

Believe me that he will learn a lesson.

I think to set him right
I am going to be in a mess.

No Chindo, I will be disgraced.

It is better to be disgraced
than to be finished.

You are not doing anything wrong, Beant.

You are not going to hug people.

You just have to make
friends on Facebook, Tinder.

Give me some time to think.

Till you think, he will leave no woman.

If you want to set him right
then you will have to pick up one thing.

Either a stick or a mobile.

Not a stick for sure.

How is this one?

- This?
- This looks all right.

How much is this for, brother?

This would cost you 4,000 rupees.

Okay, fine. Pack this one.

- Okay.
- Give him the money, Beant.

Hello, brother.

Will I get new sim on British
Passport (Foreign Document)?

Don't you have proof of local relatives?

Actually I still have
to meet local relatives.

I haven't met them.

Count them. It is 4,000 rupees.

- Okay.
- Come, let's go.

Look, the thing is...

How could she?
What kind of language was she speaking?

I think she is from a foreign land...
maybe England.

Listen to me, Beant.

Shouldn't we make your
fake account on Facebook?

What do you mean by fake?

It means, we will put photograph
and name of someone else.

And in future there will be
no questions raised on your dignity.

We are not going to make real friends.

Just to tease him.

Wait, I will do something.

How can you put anyone's photo?

Do not bring disgrace to anyone's name.

We will put up photograph
of a foreigner.

No one will know nor will be disgraced.

Does the name Mini suit the photograph?

Whatever you think is right.

Hold this. I am there with
you Beant if anything goes wrong.

Come on, let's go.

Walk fast.

If you need bread, take it from the box.

I've to do something
important on my phone.


If you want more vegetables
then take it yourself.

I am busy with my phone.


Okay, you have bought a new phone.

- You are trying to copy me...
- Think it that way.

I had some money saved so I bought it.

Will you remain busy in
phone or get me a glass of water.

I am busy but still
I will get it for you.

So gorgeous.

If she becomes my friend then...

"Baby, baby..."

Take it.

"Come on. Come on, baby."

"Come on. Come on, baby."

"Baby, baby..."

"Baby, baby..."

Beant, you are so lucky.

You have received not
1 or 2 but 20 friend requests.

- Then?
- What kind of immoral specie are men?

The moment they see a beautiful girl,
they start wooing.

Yesterday, I teased him by saying

that I am busy with phone like you

but it did not affect him.

Just think Beant

that the person is not bothered that
what is his wife doing on the phone.

Then imagine how engrossed
he must be in the phone.

You continue to do your job, Beant.

Sema... Sema...

Sema... Sema...

What happened?

- Open the door.
- What happened?

The one to whom I had sent
friend request has accepted it.

Listen! What happened?

Nothing, Gurmail has gotten
new rubber on spare tyre.

Truly only people like
us enjoy small moments.

- Look.
- Oh, wow!

She must be blind.

But she has seen photograph of Soorma.

Tell me, how should I move ahead?

What do we know? We never talk.

Straight away we give birth to a child.

How can I give birth
to a child on phone?

Okay, then write.

Thank you for having pity on me, sister.

I have to write from my
side and not from your side.

- Cut out, sister.
- Yes.

Thank you for being my friend.
Look at this. It's done.

Where is she going in such a hurry?

She must have gone to Chindo's house.
She often goes there.

You come with me.

What has happened now?

That boy has sent me a message.

Thank you for being friends.

What is wrong in this?

Isn't it wrong that
I am talking to a stranger?

I can just act to tease Gurmail.

You are not a good actor.

You'll easily get caught.

Gurmel is not going to straighten
up till he does not sense

that you are cheating on him.

Cheating? I am scared of
the words that you are using.

You are not a cheater.
How do I explain it to you?

To kill someone on the road
and on the border are both murders.

For first murder you get punishment
and for the other one you are praised.

- You will be praised.
- For such work?

- Are your intentions clear?
- Yes.

Then, what are you scared of?

They think we have brought wives at home

and now we can do anything anywhere.

- They can do that at home.
- But still they enjoy outside.

Now tell me what do I have to do?

Initiate friendship with those
boys who talk respectfully with you.

Be busy with him as much as possible.

This time do not let him go anywhere.

Or else we will not spare him.

I will be as free as he is.

Thank you for being my friend.

"Fall in love without
worrying about the caste."

"Do not bother about day or night."

"Just look at his
love and not his status."

"I had heard that
moon is most beautiful."

"But my lover is more
beautiful than moon."

"Her face is softer than flowers."

"And her eyes are full of love."

"He loves me."

"He has faith in me."

"He can get me the entire world for me."

"He loves me."

"He has faith in me."

"He can get me the entire world for me."

"There are no two ways about it."

"I can say it with assurance."

"He alone is entire world for me."

"I had heard that
moon is most beautiful."

"But my lover is more
beautiful than moon."

"Her face is softer than flowers."

"And her eyes are full of love."

"I thank God a lot many times."

"To make me meet her."

"I was totally free but has
made me busy at something good."

"Made me busy at something good."

"Made me busy at something good."

"I swear she is very beautiful."

"Adoration suits her a lot."

"I had heard that
moon is most beautiful."

"But my lover is more
beautiful than moon."

"Fall in love without
worrying about the caste."

"Do not bother about day or night."

Idiots, rascals,
boys don't know how to talk to girls.

O you are back.

Have I?


- Go and cook food.
- Yes.

- How are you, Sundi...
- I am fine, dad.

I love you.

How are you?

Did you have your food?

Dad, give me phone.

Dear, dad is doing
some important work on the phone.

Mom, you give me.

No, dear. Mom is receiving
some very important messages.

You do not care for me
but at least give me the phone.

What did you say, Sundi?

Where did he go?

'Atleast you say something.'

'What happened, Mini?
Are you annoyed with your Soorma?'

'Answer me. I am worried.'

'Have you slept, my dear? I miss you.'

"I miss you."

"Baby, baby..."

"Baby, baby..."

"Baby, baby..."

'Good morning to my dear from Soorma.'

'You seem to be very romantic
this early in the morning, Soorma.'

'I get intoxicated
seeing your photographs.'

'Really? Anything else.'

'Tell me, what are you doing?'

'I had come to pluck apples
from the garden of my house.'

'Wow! That is great.'

'Mini, will you give me your number?'

'No Soorma, I cannot give my number.'

'It is my request to you.'

'You will not lose anything
but it will make me happy.'

'Sometimes think about others as well.
God will bless you.'

"Baby, baby..."

Sema, Mini refused to
give me her phone number.

I don't understand
why do you want her number?

At least I have to
check that she is not dumb.

Then, will you leave her?

I feel like listening to her voice.

I am not satisfied
chatting on the phone.

You will land in trouble, Gurmel.

We had put someone else's photo on
Facebook so that you don't get trapped.

And now you want to talk on the phone.

I am sure you will talk cheap.

- Yes.
- You fool.

If someone records your voice

then Punjabi people's
bad news also trends very high.

No, I shall not get caught.

Did you listen to the
voice of that Haryanvi boy?

He spoke so well.

Now what is happening to you?

Haven't you understood yet?

No, nothing has torn.

I mean to say that haven't
you understood anything?

We will speak in the voice of
the one whose photograph we have put.

You just have to tell me
how to get number of that girl.

People learn English to impress
girls and you are learning Haryanvi.

I was suggesting that let us
bribe the Facebook owner with bottle.

He would help us get the number of Mini.

Do you know who runs Facebook?

But you can make
a call through Facebook.

- Really?
- I know everything.

- What are you saying...
- Give me the phone.


- The bell is ringing.
- Wow! That is great.

You did the same thing.

'Hello Mini, it's me Soorma.'

'Hello Mini, say something.'

'I want to hear your voice.'

'Hello, hello Mini.
Where have you gone?'

Why aren't you speaking?

Don't interfere.

'Mini, it's me.'

'Your Soorma.'

- Hello.
- Mom...

Say something.


If Gurmail finds out, I'll be doomed.

I just can't understand.

She had received the
call but did not speak.

Is she really dumb?

I think she did not
like Harnayavi language.

Let's try something else.

I don't think such a beautiful
girl will like a Bihari.

Where is Beant going in a hurry?

Just like a three wheeler
passes through the traffic.

Where will the poor girl go at this age?

She must be going to her friend's house.

Good that she is busy with her
friends and this will keep you safe.

Do one thing. Make a call.

Not to me but call your mother.

- To my mom?
- Not to her but to Facebook girl.

- Okay. Come on.
- Let's go.

She did not receive the call.

Chindo, my family life will be finished.

Somehow he has gotten my phone number.

How did he get it? I am sure you must
have given him yourself, to have fun.

I swear I haven't. I am not like that.

Now he'll find my house as well.

And then Gurmel and the entire
village will come to know about it.

That is why I had
put someone else's photo.

One minute, Beant.

But you have not received anyone's call.

I have received two calls.

And you are saying that
I have received not even one.

What are you doing Mini?
Why aren't you saying anything?

He had called you on Facebook.
He does not have your number.

Look, he is calling again.

This is called Facebook messenger call.

But still a call is coming.

Do me a favor. Close all my accounts.

Did Gurmel delete all accounts?

Of course, he is a man. So
what if he keeps few women on the side.

If in future he woos
me then I will trap him too.


'It is my request to
please receive my call.'

'I am really not feeling good.'

'I consider you as my best friend.'

Even Gurmel must be sending
sweet messages to girls.

Like these?

Soorma still seems to be better.

A person like Gurmel
would be sending cheap ones.

There is no harm in hugging few men to
teach a lesson to him. Do not step back.

Are you trying to save my family
or turning me into cheap Gurmel?

Every time you make
me take one step further.

Gurmel is not bothered about
the friends that you have made.

It is important that he gets bothered.

I know it is very difficult
for a good woman to do this.

I would have also done the
same thing if I was in your place.

- Now should I pick up the call as well?
- Yes.

We have put someone else's
photo so that I am not recognized.

Wouldn't anyone recognize my voice?
Are you so popular?

But for your safety talk
in a way as this girl looks.

Do you remember the girl
we had met in the mobile shop?

'Hello brother. Can I get a new sim
on British passport (Foreign document)?'

You remember that?


Hello, Mini.

How are you?

I am fine. What about you?

I am fine too.
Why didn't you talk in the Morning?

I couldn't hear you.

But I could hear you.

I could hear the motor
and other sound as well.

Were you in the kitchen?

Kitchen... no, no kitchen.

I was flying the plane
and its motor sound you heard.

Oh no... she is a pilot.

She is a pilot. Thank me.

Okay, so you are a pilot, Mini.

The one who flies the plane.

No, no... we have our own planes.
I had gone to buy vegetables.

Oh no, she has her own plane.

God is great.
You do not even have a tractor.

Yes, yes.

- Yes, Mini.
- What do you do?

I stand on the ground
and wave good bye to planes.

Mini, I wanted to ask you something.

You speak in a different way.

I have come from foreign land...


One minute.
I will have to disconnect the call.

I will talk to you later.

Sema, I'll go mad with exitement.

Leave me.

If she finds out about you,
she'll definitely go mad.

Let her go mad.

Beant, you? How come you are here?

I had gone to Chindo's house.
Do you need anything?

No, I don't need anything.

Okay bye.

'I am sad about the fact that
you don't need anything from me.'

"Sometimes on this flower
and sometimes on that flower..."

Serve food to me.


"Your lover is like a butterfly."

Disconnected it.


What happened, Mini? You sound sad.

No, I am not sad.

If there is any problem
then tell me, dear.

My husband...

Husband? Are you married?

- Yes.
- Understood.

Your husband must be wife beater.

No, he neither beats
me nor says anything to me.

Then what is the problem?

No, leave it.
He might come here any moment.

- I am disconnecting the call.
- 'Hello, Mini.'

At least you should have
told me what the matter is.

This is wrong. She is married.

Her husband's...

- Good that you both are married.
- What do you mean?

She is a married woman so she
won't tell anybody about the affair.

She seemed disturbed
because of her husband.

That rascal must be woman beater.

Probably pulls her down from
flying plain by pulling her plait.

I have realized one thing.

Whether a person is
educated or uneducated

the life of a woman is a mess.

No. He does not beat her.

Maybe he has an extra marital affair.

I have realized one thing.

A person may live in a city or village
he is always interested in other women.

She almost told me.

That her husband and stopped suddenly.

He does not beat her
nor says anything to her.

Maybe he is handicapped.

- No, no...
- Try to understand.

Her husband is a defaulter.

She needs true love.

- Shall I give her?
- Where do you have true love in you?

You are cheating on your wife.

I just want to meet Mini.

Have you gone mad?

You have put someone else's photo.

Wouldn't she scream looking at you?

- She won't.
- Are you Salman Khan?

You have no idea, Sema.

The way she was talking to me

seemed that she has moved quite ahead.

She has fallen in love with me.

It is important that we meet.

He is moving quite ahead.
Don't go to meet him.

As if I would go.

You never know when
the man loses his control.

Remember one thing.

We have to bring Gurmel on
line and not spoil your alignment.

As it is he wants to
meet Mini in the photo.

You are as beautiful as she is.

Even I wouldn't let
you do anything wrong.

Next time he calls,
plainly refuse to meet him.

"Do something amazing
that I become yours."

"As of now I am Beant's
and want to become Mini's."

Beant, are you here?


Yes, tell me.

Just sprinkle the rose water on my face.

"I want to be of someone else."

"This is wrong what
you are doing Gurmel."

"I want"

"to move ahead with my plan."

'Tell me Soorma,
where and when do you want to meet?'

'Tell me Soorma,
where and when do you want to meet?

- Hello.
- Sema, I am meeting Mini tomorrow.


Yes. I've many spare rose water bottles.

- Shall I drink one?
- Why?

In case I fart accidentally,
it'll smell good.

To hell with you.

Are you going to meet
her or make her smell the fart?

Disconnect the call.

Rascal, made me smell it.

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

"I have recently fallen in love."

- "The Jatt has recently become young."
- Sema.

What has happened now, rascal?

Look at Gurmel for the last time.

Are you going to die?

Henceforth, you will see Gela.

Proper beard and nice clothes.

No more scooter but only Bullet...

Where did you learn
these two words of English?

Girls have taught
Jatt English on Facebook.

Before meeting Mini someone
had written on Facebook openly...


Phus you. (I like you).

Not Phus you.
She cursed you in english... let's go.

That is a bad word in English.

"She knows what is there in my heart.
She is just like my friend."

"With whom the young
man has fallen in love."

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

- Where is he?
- He would make you gentleman.

- He?
- Yes.

His own hair are not cut properly...

To me he seems to be a...

- Fool.
- More than a fool.

"She has chain of my love in her neck."

"Not just that but it
is just like sign of love."

"She has chain of my love in her neck."

"Not just that but it
is just like sign of love."

"She is crazy about the Jatt."

"She comes in my dreams
whenever she feels like."

"I swear on God that she is very cute."

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

Who are you, brother?

Mom, he looks just like dad.

I don't look like your dad,
I am your dad.

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."


- What now?
- I am totally finished Chindo.

He is behaving like Gippy Grewal.

"I do not know buddy
where does she belong to."

"I have got used to her
just like sweetened tea."

"I do not know buddy
where does she belong to."

"I have got used to her
just like sweetened tea."

"Just like winter
she is of sweet nature."

"We have just met but I still
feel as if she has studied with me."

"I have recently fallen in love."

"The Jatt has recently become young."

'Hello, Mini. Are we surely
meeting at 12 noon tomorrow?'

'Yes, Soorma. Confirm at 12 noon.'

What happened?

Nothing. It Just happened.

Dad, you almost made
me piss in my pants.

I don't know what happens
to you in the middle of the night.

Uncle. So early...

- Hello.
- I am your uncle speaking.

Your aunt is no more.

Is it?

Has aunt got her knees operated?
Congratulations to you, uncle.

Stupid, I mean to say she is dead.

What? When?

Early morning at 3.

She will be cremated at 12 noon.
I will pick you up on the way.

12 noon...

Uncle, I did not have such good
relations with aunt. You should go.

What are you saying?

She missed you a lot
during her last time.

And you are saying that you
did not get along well with her.

Be ready at 8 in the morning.

At 8?


What happened?


Aunt died.

Oh, God!

Uncle, you unnecessarily
dragged me into this.

I don't like going to cremation ground.

No one likes to go there?
Come on get in.

Let the women get in first. Let's go.

There was nothing to be worried about.
She was perfectly fine.

Gurmail, your aunt left us.

Why did aunt had to die today?


Aunt passed away.
She was too young to die?

- What was her age?
- 73 years.

Is 73 an age to die?



Sit down properly.


Uncle, grab her.

Shall we pick up aunt?

The cremation time
is 12 and it is only 10:30.

Corona is everywhere, uncle.

It doesn't look good that
there are so many people here.

Her daughter is yet to arrive.

Will she bring her back to life?

We'll still have to burn her anyway.

Why are you wasting time?

You seem to be in a hurry.
Can't you sit quietly?

Aunt's body has started to stink.

We should perform the last rites.

Don't talk nonsense. She is my sister.

Then don't burn her body.
Preserve it in the refrigerator.

Keep knocking the door
and asking how you are sister.

Bring her out the day she speaks.


Call up the sister
and find out where she is?


The aunt has come so lift the girl.

The girls has come so lift the aunt.

Let us lift her.

- Uncle, grab her.
- What?

Pick her up.

Let the girl meet her.


If she falls,
there will be many casualties here.


Enough, keep quiet.

Sister, we were waiting for you.
Let's go.

Come on, pick her up.
Pick her up. Pick her up.


Slowly, dear.

Gurmel, why are you running?
The body will fall.

But she is not going to get hurt.

- We will pick her up and put back.
- Slowly.

The government has
announced a lock down again.

And has asked people to perform
the last rites of people who have died.

- Mom...
- Enough, sister.

- Enough.
- Take me also with you...

- Uncle, how far is the cremation ground.
- There is still fair distance left.

Didn't I suggest you to
buy a house near cremation ground?

But you did not listen to me.

We would have to walk less today.

'Mini, I have got stuck in some work.
Can we meet at 3 instead of 12?'

You should have taken me along with you.

- Mom...
- Okay, fine.


Oh, God!

Why are you running?


I am missing aunt's laughter.

Why did aunt leave us?

I can't understand whether
I should cry or be happy?

What are you doing?


- Mom...
- Enough, dear... enough.

- Take me also with you. Take me.
- Why doesn't he light the pyre?

No, mom...

Light the pyre and take the rounds.

Do it now.

the fire may get blown off. Put it.


- Mom...
- Come on, let's go.

Or do you want to
accompany her to heaven?

Come on all those people
who were with me in the tempo.

- Come on, hurry up.
- Why is he in hurry? Wait.

- She was my sister.
- Come on.

- Come, uncle.
- Yes.

Why have you all become hard hearted?
Let me cry.

- Oh, my God...
- Hurry up, get in. Come on.

Hurry up. Don't be slow.
Hurry up. Get in.

Bye, aunt. Love you.

Dad, I want to eat ice cream.

Who eats ice cream in winter?

Then let me have juice.

What will you do after drinking juice?

He will urinate. You can use
that to make 'Jal Jeera' (A Drink).

You always cross question the child.
Listen to what your child says.

Come, dear. Come on.

"Sexy, sexy..."

"Sexy, sexy..."

- Brother, which juice will you drink?
- Tell him, dear.

- Orange juice.
- Get 3 orange juice.

Make orange juice for the child.

We shall make in one minute.

Get down, get down... hurry up.

Come on...

Uncle, since we have come from cremation

so that is why I cannot invite
you home so what I was saying...

Enough, dear.

You seem to be very busy today.

Because of you I have cremated
my sister in such a way

as if someone had destroyed
the proof of a murder.

- Okay, uncle.
- Enough. Leave it.

Let's go.

It is said that you should take
a bath after coming back from cremation.

- Dad, straighten me at least.
- Okay.

- Go.
- Come, dear.

Oh no, it is 2o'clock.

- Where are you going?
- We have come from cremation

so we should also take a shower.

Sure, have a proper bath.

Where are you meeting her today?

At Bestech Mall. And then we
will decide where to go from there.

Take care of yourself.

Keep a watch on Beant.

It seemed as if she
had doubt on me today.

Do you remember the incident
that took place in Mohali?

Oh, yes. She is from the
village so will thrash with elbows.

No, she isn't going
to go anywhere today.

Just keep a watch that she does
not board the bus to come to the city.

- Okay. You do one thing.
- Yes.

You meet Minni and
I'll keep an eye on Beant.

'Mini, I will reach mall at 3:15.'

-'You too reach on time.'
-Okay. Okay.