Yaar Gaddar (1994) - full transcript

When his brother becomes involved in a deadly bank robbery, a heartbroken cop vows to track down and retrieve his wayward sibling -- dead or alive.

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Turn the car around. Okay?

You, Lakdhawala?


Right code word.

It is very difficult
to conduct business with you.

I have been trying to supply goods
to you for the past six months.

Before doing business,
we inquire about the person

as well as the goods.

Show me the goods.

The goods are on the way.
You show me the currency.

The currency is also on the way.

Good. That fat guy is speaking
exactly like the smugglers.

They don't know that
we are police officers.

The plan is successful.
I shall inform Sir.

The quality is very good.

Why haven't your
goods arrived yet?

It's already here.

Look over there. Above you.

I really enjoyed
doing business with you.

Vijay, open the bonnet.
Hurry up! Hurry up!

Hurry up! Open it. What happened?

He will not be able
to open the bonnet.

There are handcuffs on his hands.

Put your guns down
and put your hands up!

Don't move, inspector.

If we die, then we shall
take you along with us.

Well, I am not fond of living either.

Let's make the final
journey along with you.

If you were to show me your faces

then it would be
easier to recognize each other

on our way to hell.

After all, we all have to
go to the same place. Right?

Sir, Anil, Vijay and Majit.
They have killed everyone.

They are all dead, sir.

Hey, rascals! Allow me
to pick up the pistol at least.

He is cheating.

You scum!

Now I shall teach them a lesson.

Who teaches these imbeciles?

-You are okay, right?
-I am fine.

They have all run away.

If I had gotten a hold of them
then I would have killed them.

Ambulance. Hospital!
Hospital! Let's go.

The minister is here.
Hurry up! Come.

Welcome, sir. Welcome to the bank.

Come, Mr. Ragunath.

-Let's go.
-Please sir.

In this bank,
not only famous rich bureaucrats

deposit their money,
but the jewelry and the money

of the famous Goddess temple
is also deposited over here.

The public has deposited up to four
or five crore rupees in our bank.

Safe and secure.

-Oh! I see.
-Please. Come this way.

These are the bank vaults.
There are cameras on every corner.

Every person who comes in
or goes out, his photo is clicked.

This is the control panel

that prepares a special type of
red-colored ultrasonic rays.

Without turning off this system,
trying to cross it means death.

Hey! It has vanished.

Hey! This is a very dangerous
arrangement, Khanna.

Don't worry. I will switch it off.

-Hey! This is amazing, minister sir.
-Yes, come.

And in all this computerized
security system

there are four
specialized people.

Until all four of them don't
enter their computer codes

one after the other,
the vault doesn't open until then.

This is a very fabulous thing.

But Khanna, tell me something.

I am not well educated,
but I know at least this much,

that if one of the four men falls sick,
what happens then?

Then I am there, right?

I have everybody's computer codes.


Raghunath, you are one
of Khanna's closest friends.

Are you seeing all these
arrangements for the first time?

-This is all confidential, sir.

The friendship is in its place
and the duty is in its place.

Very good.

You may leave.


This box contains the money,

which I had spoken to you about.
500 crores.

And Minister sir wishes to keep
all this money here

until the next election.

I have understood, sir.
You don't worry at all.

Your money and your words
are with me. Safe and secure.

Come, my darling. Come.

-Raghu darling.

No. You are very desperate.

Let me breathe at least.

It has been three months
since I have known you.

Since then I have been breathing.

You did not allow me
to do anything until today.

-At least let me kiss you once today.
-No. No.

Let us speak about work.

Whatever I had said, has
proved to be the truth, right?

The meaning of crossing
the security system

of the bank is death.

I am not well educated,
but I know at least this much...

that I have contacts
with such brilliant people.

who will wipe out all
the money from Laxmi bank.

-And they won't even leave any evidence.

Who are they?

General Raghuvansh.
Colonel Biswas. Commander Mushtaq.

They have all retired
but they are very active.

Who could guess that
these three terrorists

are also respected
citizens of this society?

You have praised us a lot, minister.

Tell me why you are here?

I am not well educated,
but I know at least this much...

that you will be
amazed to hear about it.

We have to steal the Laxmi bank.

-Is it a joke to steal from Laxmi bank?

Hey! I know it.
I know it very well.

That is why, I have come
to the masters. Right, Sheela?

Yes. Chairman Jagdish Khanna.

The person who is
the key to that bank

he is a lover,
trapped in my plan.

If you are interested, then
I shall explain the scheme further.

But I have to tell you

that if there are five players

then there will be five shares.

We will be out in the action.
What if one of us gets killed?

Then there will be four
players and four shares.

I agree. Tell me.


On the 26th, there is a
silver jubilee function of the Laxmi bank.

After the function,
Khanna will leave for abroad.

The night when he leaves

we will do our work on.

Where and how? I will tell
you when the correct time comes.

What are you thinking about?

I can't help but wonder,

if these three guys

can be trusted to keep their word.

Hey! Why are you afraid,
my darling?

I would not spare my own child

for so much money.

And these are just our associates.

And we are betrayers
by birth and caste.

Sir, whose house is this?

Lock the car and leave.

Sir, what will I do after going home?

My wife is not at home.

I will do my duty.
I will earn some money.

There is no need.

Give me the keys.


It is the bank's money.

If I had earned some
overtime what would he lose?

Let me see,
who does he come to meet?

-Sheela darling.
-Hello darling!

I am over here.

The inquiry has
started in the bank.

I am sick and tired of
answering their questions all day.

Relax, darling.
I will make your stress disappear.

Oh! So this is the matter.

Darling, I am making a drink.

-You come upstairs.
-I will come, dear.

Bring the drink over here only.
Give me a massage.

Now it will be real fun.

No! No!


No! No!






Laxmi bank musical competition.

The prize money is one lakh rupees.

The forms are available
from nine o'clock in the morning.

The closing date
is 20th November.

-Let's go. Let's go.
-Are you crazy?

Every struggling actor, singer
and dancer will be there.

We will not be
successful over there.

We will take at least two or
four days in the line to get the form.

And we will take another eight
to ten days to submit the form.

Yes. But why should
we bother about all this?

He will think about all this.

Our master, Ilu the Elvis.
Jai Kumar.

-Hey! Hurry up!
-Don't worry. Have patience.

Ilu, the meaning of standing
in the line and submitting the form

will take you Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday.

Which means that half
the week is already over.

After that, selections, rehearsals,

reviews, previews, competition.

In all, it is a matter
of many months, my dear.

Forget about one lakh rupees.

Don't worry, child.
Ilu means Elvis, the King.

Witness my power.
And my style.

What nonsense?
They are such imbeciles.

-What happened?
-What happened?

They told me that they
will give me the form

but they will take something
in return.

What will they take?

You rascal!
Don't you understand anything?

What people? We should throw
them all in the gutter.

What happened?

They are asking for ten thousand
rupees along with a form.

-Ten thousand!
-Such a large amount?

This is manipulation...

Do you mean
black money is in circulation?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Come on, let's run away from here.

-Come on, let's move from here.
-Come on. Come on.

Let's go. Let's go.

-Come on. Come on.
-Come on. Come on.

What happened?
Where are you all going?

-Why me?
-Get lost.

Why are you hitting me?

Did you see the miracle of Ilu,
the great?

Excuse me.
I want to submit the form.

-Sorry. Lunchtime.
-But it is only eleven o'clock now.

But these are the timings
that our bank follows.

Madam, there is only one form.
Please take it, please.


-Has she taken it?

Where are your
ten thousand rupees?

-Ten thousand!
-Yes. Yes. Ten thousand rupees.

Don't you have it?
Then come back tomorrow. Okay?

Hey! But madam...

-Master Ilu, the miracle has failed.
-Ten thousand rupees in the bank!


Yes, who are you?

What's your problem?

Sir, a stupid man who looked
like a music director

was screaming for no reason.

He was saying,
"What do these people think?"

"That they can buy art with money?"

They will give 10,000 rupees
and earn lakhs of rupees.

I will not only teach him
a lesson, but also remind him

about his background.

Sir, first submit my form, please.

What is the matter? What happened?

Where are you all going?

What else, idiot? You have
closed the counter at eleven o'clock.

And on top of that,
you are committing fraud. Get lost!

This is false. This is wrong.

Believe me.

This is the enemy's plan to turn
our big-show into a flop-show.

Did you understand
anything, Bhalu?

There is somebody who
is smarter than us.

Sir. He...

-Come on, guys.
-Yes, let's go. Let's go.

Sir, that is the person who
was talking about buying art.

The person who has
disturbed our program.

Sir, please make him leave.
Please sir. Please.

Hey! Hey! Hey! What is this
entire nuisance, unnecessarily?

Tell me. Tell me.
Why don't you say something?

-Why don't you say?
-Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Now submit my form
without any further ado,

Or else, for deceiving us and--

He is calling you
a fraud and a deceiver.

You say that I am a fraud?
I am a deceiver?

Yes! And this girl
is also involved with you.

Hey! You imbecile!
Now I will teach you a lesson.

-Who called out to us?

I keep on calling out
to you every day.

You never pay attention to me.

And you listen to everybody
who passes by on the roads.

Madam, we are not
husband and wife now.

Concentrate on your duty.

-Oh! Fine.
-Let's go.


Brother. Sister-in-law.
I am a very cunning girl.

Now watch how I trap you
in your own plan and kill you.

What is the matter? What
is the matter? What is the matter?

This stupid goon is trying
to molest me. Manager sir.

He called me a fraud, unnecessarily.
He called me a cheat.

Then you must be
a fraud and a cheat.

Whatever he says is right.

Do you know who he is?

He is our inspector
Shankar Verma's brother.

Give me your form.
I shall fill it myself.

Take this.

Miss Cunning woman,
now I shall get into your house.

Bloody fool!

Murli. Murli.

Hey Murli, where have you been?

It is time for Shankar
to come home.

-Quickly serve the food.

If I knew how to sing a song

then wouldn't I have joined
the film industry?

You joke very well.


I am commissioner Rawat speaking.

-Greetings, brother!
-Greetings, sister!

I have called you up,
because right now,

your younger son Jai,
is in police custody.

-Jai! What are you saying?
-I am absolutely right.

-Your younger son has robbed.

No. No. My Jai cannot do this.

-Oh my God!
-And it is not an ordinary theft.

He has robbed a jewelry store.

-He says that Jai has robbed a place.

-Just see.

Stealing, killing people. He
has not only betrayed the police.

-He has tried to fool them.
-What happened?

And I am afraid sister,
that I cannot

help you at all in this matter.

Nobody can do anything.
Your son Shankar--

Just a second.
Brother Shankar, actually...

I will not spare you today.

-You keep fooling around all the time.
-No! Mother, save me!

You cause trouble even
when you're not in jail.

We should really hit him
thoroughly. He is very naughty!

-He lies!
-Hit him! Hit him!

No. No. Brother, no.
It is enough! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

-Please forgive me.
-Let go of me. Let go of me.

Hey! What is this, brother?
You always reveal my secrets.

-Shut up!

I have served food.
Come and have food.

Let's go eat.
Fooling around all the time.

I have brought the IPS form.
Fill it up.

And make the arrangements
for the examination.

This means that
I too should become

a government servant like you.

No brother.
If I become something,

then I will become a
millionaire or a billionaire.

Nowadays, there is no value of a
person who owns lakhs of rupees.

Is this the way to earn money?

If you help permit
someone's license

then you earn a commission.

You will clear out
somebody's house and

you will earn
money for a fortnight.

Hey! Have you ever thought
about whose son you are?

Whose grandson you are?

There is so much
respect for our family.

I love our family reputation

just as much as you do.

But this respect cannot help
us paint the walls of this house.

All these medals that you
have won, all of them together...

cannot repair the wrecked
ceiling of our house.

Just look into your
heart and try to remember...

that due to the
lack of money...

your love, your Shashi
left you and went away forever.

Shankar has done everything for this
household. For you. For that Shashi.

He wanted to make Shashi
the daughter-in-law of this house.

She broke my son's
heart and left.

And you...

Go and apologize to your brother.


I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

If you find a person,
with a face similar to the faces

in these photographs
in any form, anywhere

then arrest them immediately.


You don't worry, sir.

To get a hold of these people
is pretty simple for me.

It is pretty simple for her.

-May I come in, sir?
-Yes. Please come.

I am the chairman of Laxmi bank,
Jagdish Khanna.

Yes, sit down.
What can I do for you?

This is my driver
Roop Singh's wife.


Last Saturday,
after ten o'clock in the night

the driver did his
duty and went away.

He has been missing since then.
Can you please help us.

Take her statement and file a report.

-Yes. Please come.
-We will inform you...

as soon as we have any information.

Thank you. I will be obliged.

This poor woman has young kids.
She is very worried.

-We will do our best.
-Thank you.

Welcome friends!

I welcome you all to the first round
of Laxmi bank musical competition.

As you all know that among
the twenty-five semifinalists

two final teams
will be selected.

Which two teams will
enter the finals...

this decision will be
taken by our judge Mr. Mulchand

who himself is
a very famous singer.

Get aside, you fatty!
Come on, girls.

Master. Master, I have
seen her rehearsals.

She is truly creating magic.

I merely hope that she doesn't

blow up our fuse.

Before our fuse can
be switched off...

we will have to
short-circuit them.

Judge Mulchand!

-Come, sir. Come.
-Welcome, sir. Welcome!

-I am the manager over here and he...
-Thank you. Thank you.

Where is this hall?

Come sir, come.

-The hall is over there.

-Please come.
-Is the hall over there?

Please come, sir. Please come.

Sir, actually in order
to participate in the finals

all the groups
are getting ready.

-Who is getting ready?
-The groups, sir.

-You take some rest until then.
-Hey! I keep on resting.

Along with that, there is an
arrangement for eatables too.


Fried veggies. Sweets. Ice-creams.

And many other things.

So if I have to go somewhere
then where should I go?

Over here.

Hey! What is this?

-Open the door!

Come, Mr. Mulchand.

-Fried veggies!
-Cottage cheese rolls!


I am so hungry.

Come. Come.

Come on, let's go.

Stop it!

What are you doing, damsel!

Excellent face. Excellent figure.

-But? But what?

But it is impossible for you
to win the dance competition, my dear.

Why sir? Am I not dancing well?

You dance very well.
You dance very well.

But not of the MTV standard.

But don't worry, baby.
I will teach you.

You don't have to think.
You have to learn.

You don't have to
lose but you have to win.

And I will do it because
I have liked you.

Tomorrow you come to
my Hi-Fi dance classes.

Thank you, sir. I shall
never forget this favor all my life.

Not at all. Amazing!

Where are your classes, sir?

Fantasy open-air theatre.
4:00 in the evening.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

-Stop! Mangesh, idiot!
-Sorry sir.

How many times have
I told you that nothing

-will happen
-Sorry sir. I made a mistake.

if you merely move
like a pendulum?

-Please forgive me.
-Get out, Mangesh.

-Greetings sir!
-Who are you?

Hey! How did you dare
to come to my classes

without my permission?

Hey! How did you dare to
greet me without my permission?

Sir, I was here for that


-With me?

Hey! There is no competition
for me in this entire world.

-Get out!
-Boys, get back to work.

Sir, I had come to learn it, sir.

Sir, you told me that you would

teach me how to dance.

Oh! Amrapali!

Beautiful girl!

She will dance in the competition.

And she will win because
I will make her win.

You idiot!
Not like this. Do it properly.

Which dance forms do you know?

Sir, I know all types of dances.

Twist, Bhangra, Ramba-samba.

Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi.

What about Bhel-puri?

What, sir?

Forget it. Forget everything.
Just look at me.

Whatever I will do,
do that on the stage.

And you will win the first prize.
You will definitely win.

Come on, girls.

"Twist, Bhangra,
Ramba-Samba, Rock and roll"

"It is very colorful"

"Then there came a little gap"

"Nowadays, the latest is rap"

"The people who do
Rap in the wrong manner"

"Rat song"

"This girl is crazy
She makes different noises"

"I have brought my rat
My rat, my rat"

"Hey! I have brought my rat"

"Where is your cheese"

"This girl is crazy
She makes different noises"

"Hey! I have brought my rat"

"Where is your cheese?"

"In America,
The mouse is known as Mickey"

"The mouse from London
Calls him a bonnet"

"In India,
This mouse has a very big name"

"He is standing upright from
Kashmir up till Kanyakumari"

"He leaves from
Delhi and he reaches Calcutta"

"He jumps around in
Bombay and enjoys in Madras"

"He is asking everybody impatiently"

"He is asking desperately"

"He is asking everybody eagerly that"

"Where has my mouse gone?"

"This girl is crazy
She makes different noises"

"This girl is very stylish"

"In spite of being her lover,
She challenges the mouse"

"She dances anyway
She doesn't know how to dance"

"A girl of sixteen years
Doesn't know how to romance"

"She stares at me sometimes"

"She gets angry at me sometimes"

"By taking away my sleep,
She takes away my peace"

"By seeing her face, the public"

"The public, the public"

"After seeing her face,
The public has gone crazy"

"This girl is crazy
She makes different noises"

"I have brought my rat
My rat, my rat"

"Hey! I have brought my rat"

"Where is your cheese?"

"This girl is crazy
She makes different noises"

By the time we find these terrorists

I would have lost all of my beauty.

Oh my God! It is so hot!

-What? Are you feeling hot?

By the time I explain this to you,

my intelligence, and my youth will
both fade away.

Madam, we are on duty.
We are on duty, madam.

-Forget about the duty.
-Everybody is looking at us.

-Everybody is looking at us, madam.
-And look at me, Santu.

Santu, my dear, look at me.

-Santu. Santu, my dear.
-Priest. Save me. Priest.

-Priest. Priest. Priest. Priest.

-Priest. Priest. Priest.
-May you progress, my child!

Kalyan, Karjat or Pune.
Anywhere will do.

I am sick of doing her duty.

Day and night have become one.

One night,
this Santram will be dead, priest.

Why are you pleading
in front of them?

You are my husband. Mine.

How will he save you?

A beard is the only difference I see

between these criminals
and these priests.

Alakh Niranjan!

Wow! You have kept
a very dashing name.

He is Alakh. You are Niranjan.

Then who is this third guy?

Insult! It is a very
big insult of the priests.

Hey madam!
They are priests not Santram

that you are insulting
them so much.

Shut up!

-What is below the beard?

What is below the shawl?

-Open up your beard.
-Insult. Grave insult!

I will teach you a lesson,

I will hit you all so badly

that I will teach you all
a good lesson. Santram, leave me!

You foolish woman!

Your body is of a human...

but your activities
are like an animal.

Hey! Shut up!

Here, this Bhutanand
priest curses you...

that you will become a dog.

You will become a dog.

Alakh Niranjan! Alakh Niranjan!
Alakh Niranjan!

Alakh Niranjan!

Alakh Niranjan!

Dear, you were turned into a dog?

What did you do, priest?

Priest! Priest! Priest! Priest!

Pushpi, how many times
have I told you

not to get
involved in unwanted fights!

Now what will happen to
you and what will happen to me?

What will we do?
How will we survive?


O Lord! Which revenge
are you taking from me

by converting
my Pushpi into a dog?

Come on, get lost.

Now I have
to knead the dough.

I have to make the Rotis.

And I have to play the flute.

What should I do, Lord?
What should I do?

Come. Come over here. Sit down.

I don't even know whether
I should add

water in the flour or flour in the water?

Hey! What are you doing?

I just asked you.
Why are you getting angry?

Shouldn't I even
prepare the Roti now?

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

What are you doing?
Hey! Now will you knead the dough?

How will you roll them?
How will you roll them?

Give it to me.
How will you roll them?

Hey Pushpi! What are you doing?

Hey Pushpi! If you
knead the dough this way

then who will eat these Rotis?

Priest, make me a dog too.

The dog and the bitch
will together eat Rotis.

Enough! Enough!
Enough! Why are you barking?

I am sorry.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! You always
keep on getting bugged.

You keep on barking
for no reason at all.

You always get on my nerves.

-Shut up!
-Come here.

-What happened?
-Please, Pushpi!

If I eat this food
then do you know that

I will keep
puking for seven days?

I will die.

Come on, I will not speak to you.

You keep on barking for no reason at all.

-Hey Santram!
-Come. Please come.

Why are you talking to this dog like
a crazy person?

Hey! I am not mad. This is my wife.

Is this dog your wife?

Pushpa? Where is Pushpa?

Hey! I think that Pushpa
must have become fed up

of his craziness
and ran away somewhere.

No! Pushpa has not run away.
This is Pushpa.

He is lying.
He must have killed her for dowry.

Yes. Yes.
Take him to the police station.

-Take him to the police station.
-Take him to the police station.

-Take him.
-Take him.

Hey! That's not true.
Listen to me.

Listen to me.

Hey Pushpi! Explain to them.

No. No. No. Listen to me at least.

Pushpi, before they imprison
me for the crime of your death

we will have to
search for that priest.

Where will we find him?
Where? Priest.

Pushpi, come. Come.

Come and sit on my lap.

Come and sit on my lap.

You have given a very
good lesson of my love.

You have rubbed flour
on your lover's face.

Who will make the Roti's, Pushpi?

Are you trying to dress up a dog?

You will be suspended.
Then don't come to me.

-What is the problem?
-Nothing, sir.

I cannot tell you about
my problem even if I want to.

-Take this.

You want a very long vacation.

And that too along
with your wife.

Do you intend to spend
another honeymoon with your wife?

Even if I had that intention

I would not be able
to act upon it.

The situation is very uncertain.

These people have established
a new world record

by riding on the motorcycle.

What is the matter?
Your dog is barking a lot.

The chief guest
of this competition

ex-general Raghuvansh Singh,
had introduced this game

in India earlier and
named it star formation.

He presented the medals
to the team himself.

Ex-general Raghuvansh Singh.
The owner of Star club.

"You, you, you, you"

"It's you and only
You are my life"

"It's you and only you
Who are all my relationships"

"In every breath, in my
Every heartbeat, you are present"

"In every breath, in my
Every heartbeat, you are present"

"If you are not there
Then I don't have anything"

"It's you and only
You are my life"

"It's you and only you
Who are all my relationships"

"In every breath, in my
Every heartbeat, you are present"

"In every breath, in my
Every heartbeat, you are present"

"If you are not there
Then I don't have anything"

"It's you and only
You are my life"

"You, you, you, you"

"I know this"

"I am aware
That you are my savior"

"You are my Almighty"

"I know this"

"I am aware about this"

"You are my destination"

"You are only my companion"

"You are only my destination"

"You are only my companion"

"It's you and only
You are my life"

"It's you and only you
Who are all my relationships"

"You, you, you, you"

"You will not go away by being
Attracted to me in this way"

"You will not go away
By belonging to me"

"I will decorate your
Forehead with the stars"

"I swear by my love, darling
That I will make you my bride"

"I swear by my love, darling
That I will make you my bride"

"It's you and only
You are my life"

"It's you and only you
Who are all my relationships"

"In every breath, in
Every heartbeat, you are present"

"In every breath, in
Every heartbeat, you are present"

"If you are not there
Then I don't have anything"

"If you are not there
Then I don't have anything"

So, did you like it?


Raghuvansh Singh,
the partner of this club.

Oh! I am inspector Shankar Verma.

You're the reason I came here.

-I need some information about star.

For a case I am working on.

-About this club of mine?

About the star formation.

A few days ago,
there was a motorcycle show

that took place...

You were the chief guest.

Yes. Yes.
Yes. Of course. Ask me. Come.

When you were in the army...

you used to do this show yourself,
didn't you?

Of course. I was the first man in India

to perform these stunts.

And you won medals for it.

At that time,
you had two associates with you.

Where are they presently?

Inspector sir, I don't know
how many shows I have performed.

How many associates I had...

I don't know who
might be where today?

Hey Sweety!
Come here. Now I have this club.

And there is only
enjoyment everywhere.

This is Sweety. The life of my club.

I will leave now.

Why are you in such a hurry,

This was just an ordinary show.

If you wish then shall I
perform a personal show?

We do not prefer to
watch the personal shows

of cheap women like you,
who strip off and dance

to the sound of
clinging coins.

Only a woman can understand this.

Not a whore like you.

Poor fellow!

How would I tell you
about all that I have been through?

Here sister. Have some food.

The doctors say that if
your father is not operated upon...

-then your father...
-No, mother. No.

Nothing will happen to father.

I will eat it later.

Where are you going now?
To Shankar?

What will that poor guy do?

He has done so much
for us already.

And this is not a matter
of a thousand or two.

I know, mother. But I can
do anything for father's life.

What will you do?

You have already taken up all
the responsibility of this house.

You take tuitions
throughout the day.

You don't have time
to eat food or to go to sleep.

You have killed your
emotions and your desires,

you have ruined
your life for all of us.

Father, please. Have some rest.

I will arrange the money any way I can.

You will not do anything.
You will not do anything!

You will not do anything.

The person whose destiny
becomes his enemy,

nobody can do anything for him.


These doctors...
These doctors lie!

When they say an operation
can restore my health.

No. No.

Before dying,
I cannot pressurize you all...

with the burden of debt.

Stop talking!
You need rest.

Everything will be all right.

Everything will be all right.

Let go of the light of hope,
Shashi's mother.

-Wipe out this vermilion.
-No! No!

-Break these bangles.


Your hope will live on as long as
you wear them.

-Break them. Break them.
-No. No.

-What are you saying?
-Papa, please.

What is wrong with you?

Father! Father!

Hey Sweety!
How are you?

Sir, the money that you
had promised me, please give it.

-Please sir. Sir, I have to go home.

Take this. Pick it up.

Hey girl!



Come on. Dance.

-Come on, Sweety. Dance.
-Sir, please.

-Sir I have to go home.

-Sir, my mother is waiting for me.
-Come on, dance.

-Sir, please.
-One. Two. Three. Four.

-Sir, please. Please.
-Dance. I am very rarely in a good mood.

Dance. Dance. Dance.

-Hey! Come on, dance with me.

-Let's dance together.

Come on, let's dance together.

-Come on. Dance.
-No. No.

-Let go of me. Let go of me.
-Dance with me. Come on.

Yeah! Dance with me.
Dance with me. Yeah! Come on.

Come on, dance with me.
Come on, dance with me.

When I say dance, you dance.
Okay? Okay?

Nobody says no to Raghuvansh.

-Nobody says no to Raghuvansh.
-No. No.

Let go of me. Please.

I am begging you.

-Shut up and dance!
-Sir, please let me go.

-Help me!
-Let's dance. Dance with me.

Hey! Hey!

Please. I am begging you.

Let go of me. No.

Help me!

Help me!

-Have you come home, daughter?
-Yes mother.

What is the matter?
You are very late today.

I have brought the money, mother.

I have brought the money.

This is very good.
Now everything will be all right.

Yes mother. Now everything
will be all right.


The meaning is very clear.

Naresh's uncle lives in America.

And after their marriage,
I am thinking about

getting both of them
settled there.

What do you say, child?

But it is very important
to arrange money to pay

the expenses of going
to America. Isn't it, brother?

Look brother, I don't
have much but...

We can arrange for twenty
of twenty-five thousand rupees.

We will.

You are being naive, sister.

You don't even get the
tickets to go to America

in twenty or twenty-five thousand rupees.

I think the entire expense
will be of rupees two lakhs.

Right, child?

You bring the procession.

You will get the money
before the nuptial rounds.

You will get the money?

By doing the road shows.
By doing cabaret.

I am tired of my middle
class life. Even I want money.

I want a good house.
I want good clothes.

So you will make a joke
out of yourself for that.

You will expose your body.

If I had become your wife

then what would I get by
doing the household chores?

The same amount of two
or four thousand rupees.

If I dance in the club
then I will get it every night.

Ten thousand.
Twenty-five thousand.

I spit on the woman...

who sees no difference between
a husband and a wife

and the business of
exposing yourself for money.


Shashi, why did Shankar leave?

What did you tell him?

For my needs,
Shankar would have sold

his sincerity and
his honesty, mother.

And I would have never
been able to bear it.

And anyway, your daughter
who has been ruined

due to her circumstances,

I don't have anything
to give to him. Nothing.

-Hello. It's me, child.

-Yes mother.
-The preparations for

Tina's wedding are complete.


Really, mother.
This is good news.

But my child, the money...

Don't worry about the money.

I am right here.

All the arrangements will be done.

You just make the
arrangements for the wedding.

Everything will be all right.


And then the people who play
with cruelty like a game...

will be brought to death's door
by your daughter.

I found it!

I have found the miraculous
priest's hermitage.

Priest. Priest. Priest.

-Who is it?
-Have mercy on me, Lord.

Have mercy on this poor man.

Where should I go, Lord?
Where should I go?

Why are you pleading, child?

I don't want to plead
but I want to meet, priest.

Take the curse back, priest.

We are husband and wife.

What awkward position
have you put us into?

She is an animal.
I am a human being.

How do we meet halfway, priest?

The curse that I have given,
it can never be taken back, child.

Why can't it be taken back, priest?

Is it a sold good that
it cannot be taken back?

Goods once sold
will not be returned.

No priest. You are the creator.

You are the only
superstar priest in this world.

Lord, please do something.

Please do something, Lord. Priest!

Please do something.

Otherwise I will die without
being dead, my lord.

The curse that I had given,
I cannot take it back.

But, I can reduce its effect.

She will have to meditate
Lord Brahma's prayers

for 40 Mondays.

If I am impressed
then I will release her.

-Alakh Niranjan.
-Alakh Niranjan.

-Pushpa! Pushpa!

-40 Mondays.
-Yes. 40 Mondays.


-we have played many one-day matches.

Now we will play
the Monday matches too.

Monday ticket.
Monday ticket. Monday...

Khanna will attend the function.

And we will kidnap
him from the function.

I am not highly educated
but I know at least this much,

that you are a fool.

Hey! What do you mean?

Have patience!

After the function, and
before boarding the flight...

Khanna will definitely come
to meet Sheela darling.


Good. Very good.

But I have one condition.

That none of you
will kill the chairman.

You will have to
bring him to me. Alive.

I will kill him.

This... Forget humans, even the Gods

will be unable to
understand this trick.

-Will you kill the chairman?

But you have roamed around
here and there with him.

That is not the matter,
Raghu darling.

Becoming intimate with the
chairman was a part of my plan.

It was my helplessness.

And I have done all
that for your sake.

Don't you know that I
hate that chairman so much?

What? Hey!
What are you saying, darling?

Yes. That chairman is a bastard.

He tried to... He tried to...

What did he try to do with you?

No. Forget it. You will tense up.

Hey! I am asking you
what he did to you. Tell me.

He tried to... He tried to
molest me. He tried to rape me.

Look at this.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
How dare that bastard!

I will...

It was a good thing
that the waiter came in.

I will kill him.

No. No. No. My darling, no.

Just listen to me.

To fire a bullet and to
use a weapon is a man's job.

I am not highly educated but
I definitely know...

how to put this bullet into
that chairman's chest?

Darling, you are not a man.
You are a lion. A lion.

-You are a lion. Naughty boy.
-My darling! My darling!

I welcome you all
to the silver jubilee

dance competition of Laxmi bank.

I now hand it over to Mr. Mulchand.

Who will win the
prize of 1 lakh rupees?

Come, I shall introduce
you all to both our finalists.

Mr. Jai Verma.

Come, Mr. Verma. Welcome!

Miss Neeru! Give her a big hand.

So Mr. Verma, what do you think?
Will you win this prize?

Yes. Definitely.

But how can you say that?

That is because
I am the best dancer.

Wow! Wow! Wow! What confidence!

Miss Neeru, what do you think?
Will you win this competition?


Because I have my
Guru's blessings with me.

May the best person win!

Let this competition start!

"Something happens to my
Heart when I see you"

"One day my heart will
Go crazy for you"

"Something happens to my
Heart when I see you"

"One day my heart will
Go crazy for you"

"I am wounded by your love
I shall die someday"

"Please come near me
Don't go so far away"

"I agree that you are beautiful"

"But I am not that bad either"

"There is love in your eyes"

"There is a refusal on your lips"

"I am confident about it"

"These opportunities of love
Come to life very rarely"

"One day my heart will
Go crazy for you"

"Something happens to my
Heart when I see you"

"One day my heart will
Go crazy for you"

"The person whom my heart loves,
He is exactly like you"

"The person whom my heart loves,
He is exactly like you"

"But there are some
Special things about him"

"Which are lacking in you"

"My heart is crazy about him"

"But it is not crazy about you at all"

"The person whom my heart loves,
He is exactly like you"

"When he passes by
The lanes then his fragrance"

"Is spread in my breath"

"Yes, his fragrance
His fragrance"

"When he touches
Me with his lips then"

"There are many miracles in my heart"

"Yes, such a miracle
Such a miracle"

"My heart beats in his memories only"

"He is my entire world"

"I will find many like you in this world"

"But where will I
Find a person like him?"

"The person whom my heart loves,
He is exactly like you"

"The person whom my heart loves,
He is exactly like you"

"Listen to me, O silly girl"

"You will come near me one day"

"You will plead in front
Of me and beg for yourself"

"You will tell me that
I have obeyed you sincerely"

"I have given away everything to you"

"Then I will teach you such a lesson"

"I will trouble you
I will make you cry"

"I will quench my thirst
I will make you dance"

"I will accept you"

"I am a girl
You cannot get a hold of me"

"I am a girl
You cannot get a hold of me"

"I am such a girl"

"I am such a girl"

"I am a boy
I will surely pacify you"

"I am a boy
I will surely accept you"

"I am such a boy"

"I am such a boy"

"I am a girl
You cannot get a hold of me"

"I am a girl
You cannot get a hold of me"

"I am such a girl"

"I am such a girl"

"I am such a girl"

"Something happens to my
Heart when I see you"

"One day my heart will
Go crazy for you"

"Something happens to my
Heart when I see you"

"One day my heart will
Go crazy for you"

"Crazy, crazy, crazy"

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, sir.

Thank you.

Congratulations! Well done, my boy!

Thank you, sir.

I apologize.

In spite of trying very hard,
I couldn't win this prize.

You are not to blame my child.

It is destiny that is against me.

I had thought that,
with this money...

that son of mine
would get a new life

the one fighting against
death in the hospital.

But now I have one wish.

That I die, before my son does.

Nothing was lacking in your efforts.
Nothing was lacking.

Uncle, wait a minute.

I never thought that
you would be such a great person.

Not just this competition,
I cannot win

any competition
against you in life.

Take this, Neeru.
You give this check to him.

Take this, uncle.
Get your child operated.

Thank you. Thank you, son.

But uncle, we will have
to change the name on this check.

-Come on, let us go to Mr. Khanna.
-Come on.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Side please.
Excuse me.

Okay, my friend.
I will come back from London.

Then we shall meet.

I am not highly educated,
but I know this much...

that there is nothing
more important than a friend.

Take care of yourself, my friend.

I shall meet you very soon.


Mr. Khanna. Wait, Mr. Khanna.

Come on, we shall follow him.
Give the keys of the bike.

-Okay. Come on.
-I will drop this at your house.

Where did he go, Neeru?

Don't move.

It is strange.
We were right behind him.

-And now...
-Jai! Look over there.

They are taking the chairman.

Oh my God!

Loot. Police.

Neeru, there must be
a phone nearby.

You go call the police.

-I will go inside.
-But Jai...

This is not the time to argue.
Neeru, go.

What are you doing?


Come on.

Let's go.

Open the locker.

-This is the public's money!
-This is ours.

The law...
The law will not spare you.

Open the locker, chairman
otherwise I will kill you. Come on.

I will open it. I will open it.

"The veil has been stained"

is there a phone around?

-There is no phone here.
-Oh no!

Come on. Hurry up.

Hello. Nehru Nagar police station.

Inspector Shankar.
I am his brother Jai speaking.

-Come on. Come on.
-Who is he?

He is inspector
Shankar's brother...

The one who has made our
survival difficult.

-Today I will kill this bastard.

We have another way of
getting revenge on his brother.

We will be the ones looting...

But the camera will
click pictures of him.

Hey, Blacky! What do you think?

You say the word and I will do it?

Hey fool! Not just you,
even your saviors will do it.

Fill up the boxes...

or we will kill the chairman.

No. No. Save me.
Save me. Son, save me.

Come on.

Listen to me,
is there a telephone over here?

-The bank is being looted.

Brother. Brother.

Hello. Hello police station.

Hey! No station. You are amazing!
You are so pretty!


-Come on, Neeru. Let's go.
-What happened, Jai?

Come on.

Come on.
Ragunath, this is your prey.

Where is your partner?

Call her and kill him.

Women don't do such things.
Men do it. Men do it.

Oh! So you have done all this.

You are the worst friend.

You are not a friend
but a betrayer.

Really? And you are a
very good friend, aren't you?

You bastard!
You tried to molest my Sheela?

You tried to rape her? I am going to...

You became Sheela's lover?

Take this.
This is Sheela's revolver.

And the bullets are also hers.

Embrace her.

Jai! Chairman!

Come on.

Welcome! Welcome, my brave men!

Lata, until all this wealth
is not allocated properly

it will remain in this
container in my cold storage.

Yes! That is correct.

Yes. But, listen to me.

For the sake of the
security of this safe

along with your men,
and these dead animals

even my men will
be present here.

And you will have one key of
this safe while I have the other.

When both the keys
are put into it...

only then will this
safe open.

Why? Do you agree?

I agree.

Hey dear! Hey brother!
Just show me once...

what five to
seven crores look like?

Come on, I shall show you.


Sir, Mr. Khanna did
not boarded the flight.

This means that Mr. Khanna
has been trapped by those criminals.

Sir, the projector is ready.

Sir, let's see the pictures
taken by the secret camera.

Yes, come on.

This is not possible.

Do you know him, Shankar?

He... he is my younger brother.

From the film it seems as though

your brother was
involved in the robbery.

It's impossible, sir.

I understand your sentiments,
but what is the truth?

You have to inquire whether your brother
was involved in this robbery or not.

And I know, Mr. Shankar,
you will fulfill your responsibility

with complete honesty.

Mr. Gokhale...

issue an arrest warrant
in the name of Jai Verma.

And arrest him wherever you see him.

Yes sir.

Here. Drink water.

-I'll get some more.
-Let it be.

We should leave this place.

We should tell the police everything
so that they can

inquire the
death of the chairman

and arrest those robbers.

That's true.

Come. Let's go. But can you walk?

I am sorry!
I am sorry! Are you hurt?

What is this sorry?
Can't you say that you're hurt?

You broke my head.

Why are you yelling at me?

First you got me wrapped
up in a robbery,

then you broke my leg,

and now you've brought me here,
in the middle of a jungle

in this palace of ghosts.

God knows what sort of dangerous

animals live in this jungle.

What else could I do?

Stop following the thieves?

Ok, now stop crying.
We are far away from the city...

in the middle of this dark jungle.

It was pointless to walk
in this state.

And by the way, there are no
dangerous animals in this jungle.

They are here.

Look at your dangerous animals.

How stupid.

Very stupid.

-Do you smoke?

No, I don't.

Do you smoke?

No, you idiot.
If you were a smoker

you would have a matchbox,

and if you had a matchbox,
we could have lit a fire.

And the cold would disappear.

That's true. Come. Get up.

Look, cold kills cold.

You have a bath with that
cold water, I'll light a fire.


Watching you bathe...

will make me so hot...

By rubbing two stones together.

I learnt it when
I was in scouts.

Stone, stone, stone.

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"I want to watch her
To my heart's content"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"I want to watch him
To my heart's content"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"Why did you hide in the clouds"

"Right when my darling
Was in front of me?"

"Why did you hide in the clouds"

"Right when my darling
Was in front of me?"

"Why did he hide in the clouds"

"Right when your darling
Was in front of you?"

"If it's so necessary to hide, then come"

I'll hide you in my veil"

"In my veil"

"In my veil"

"Even when you hide in my veil"

"Even when you hide in my veil"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"I want to watch her
To my heart's content"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"Then he took me in
His arms in front of you"

"Then he took me in
His arms in front of you"

"Then he took me in
His arms in front of you"

"Then he took me in
His arms in front of you"

"I found the company of my love"

"On the lonely roads of life"

"On these lonely roads"

"On these lonely roads"

"Now the journey of
Life has become easier"

"Now the journey of
Life has become easier"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"I want to watch him
To my heart's content"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

"My sweetheart is in front of me"

"Oh moon, keep shining"

Let your law think
whatever it wants.

But I know that my son is innocent.

Even if your heart is not the best
witness, then my heart too...

does not consider Jai a criminal.

But he has made things
difficult by running from the law.

He is childish,
he has yet to see this world.

Rescue him from this problem.

Promise me, that you won't
let anything happen to him...

That you'll bring him back home.

Tell me, dear. Tell me.

Why are you quiet? Tell me!

You have to swear on my love for you.

Mom, if your blessings
are with me...

then Shankar will
never fail to do his duty.

He will never fail.

Commissioner, if we don't
get the party's money

then the high command will fire me

-and I'll hang you upside down.
-Yes sir.

Wow! This seems like a
very romantic place to me.

This waterfall,
my thirsty young body.

Come, my...

You're scared for no reason.
It was just a pigeon.

"These pigeons fell
On my face from the top"

She is giving me shocks.

-Madam... Look... Look...
-Look at what?

It has been so long since you
have shown me anything.

My body is burning.

Fire, water, smoke, where?

"My heart started beating"

"My body started burning"

"Darling, leave my wrist"

"Don't pluck the flowers
which have not yet bloomed"

Madam! Madam! Madam!

You forgot the curse
given by Alakh Niranjan.

You forgot the curse!
You forgot the curse!

The curse!

You became a bitch again?

You became a bitch.
Are you happy now?

"My heart started beating"

Now keep on barking.

How many times have I told you, madam
that do your duty, do your duty?

Why are you barking?
Tell me at least?

Madam! Madam! Listen to me, madam!

Jai's handkerchief!

So that means we are
heading in the right direction.

Madam, keep your nose to the ground...

smell them, and take me to them.

Please madam.
Shall we go? We should?

One moment madam, I am coming too.

Wait, go slow, go slow. Madam!

I can't find the spot where criminals

threw the body of
the chairman after killing him.

The whole jungle seems
to be one and the same.

There must be
dangerous animals here.

What if an animal ate him?

Come on!

Where are you taking me?

You have become a bitch,
but I am a man.

How much longer can I run?

If you run like that,

then I won't
even be able to walk.

Bitch, we have to
increase our love slowly,

we have to cross the limits.

Bitch, where else
do we have to go?

There must be snakes
and scorpions there.

Brother, please save me!
Brother, please save me!

please save me from this bitch.

Neeru, she is not a bitch,
she is your sister-in-law.

-She is Pushpa.


This is so strange!

Does this mean that the
curse will never disappear?

It will, if I feed 40 priests.
I have to serve them

and make them
meet the head of the priests.

Then she'll become a human being.

-Well, let it be.

The police think that
you are the criminal, Jai.

But you know the truth, brother.

But who'll believe the truth?

My brother,
my brother will believe me.

He won't believe you.

He is a police officer.
He only believes evidence.

Then we'll search
for the evidence.

The criminals were
hidden here somewhere.

And they had even
murdered chairman Khanna.

-They murdered him?

But we didn't find any criminal,
neither any dead body.

Pushpi, did we see any dead body?

I think there is something here.
Come with me.

Run slowly, slowly.
She really tires me out, I swear.


Where are you going?
Is there a dead body?

Is there a letter in your mouth?

Don't eat it.
Don't eat it. Throw it. Throw it.


Be careful, it might be a bomb.
You'll burst into pieces.

Star club.

Five weeks have passed since
her husband disappeared

and we can't even
find his dead body.

And five days have passed
since the chairman disappeared

and we can't even find his dead body.

Five crores are missing
from the bank

and the dead body is not yet found.

And this phone has been ringing
for the past five minutes.

Should I kill you both?

Hello, Nehru Nagar police station.

-Is this Shankar sir?

There is important
information for you.

Some international smugglers
are going to gather tonight at Star club.

And you will have to
witness the occasion for yourself.

Who is speaking?

Come and recognize me.

"My darling has come"

"Love has come"

"My darling has come"

"The cheater has come"

"The message for which I was waiting"

"That message has arrived"

"The message for which I was waiting"

"That message has arrived"

"Your name has entered"

"Into my heartbeats"

"The message for which I was waiting"

"That message has arrived"

"Don't mind"

"If I love you"

"Don't mind"

"Don't mind"

"If I love you"

"Don't mind"

"If I love you"

"That time has come"

"When the heart does not
Remain in control"

"Your name has entered"

"My heartbeats"

"The message for which I was waiting"

"That message has arrived"

"My destiny was against me"

"To bring you to me on its own"

"You would come
To me on your own"

"My destiny was against me"

"To bring you to me on its own"

"My destiny was against me"

"To bring you to me on its own"

"The secret which was hidden"

"In my heart, has been revealed"

"Your name has entered"

"My heartbeats"

"The message for which I was waiting"

"That message has arrived"

"Your name has entered"

"My heart beats"

He has murdered him! He is dead!

Someone please catch him! Don't
let this bastard go! Catch him!

Brother, I am innocent.
I haven't done this murder.

Shut up!

You are under arrest.

No one will leave until
everyone's statement is taken.

Mr. Singh,
call up the police station.

this man was my brother.

Your brother has
murdered my brother.

I am going to kill him.

Don't try to take on the law.

Only the court can punish him.

What? Even you think
that I am a criminal?

I'll save you if you're innocent.

I am not very educated,
but I know that

we are all
witnesses to this murder.

We'll see to it that you won't
be able to save your brother.

Don't move!

You will save me, brother?

Everybody has already
branded me as a criminal.

I can't take the blame of
someone else's murder on myself.

Stop, Jai,
otherwise I'll shoot you.

Then you'll kill
two innocent people.

Not me, but someone
else is the murderer.

Jai! Jai stop! Stop, Jai!


Stop, Jai! Stop!

Shame on us! Shame on us!

That young boy shot our
Biswas in front of everyone.

And us idiots were just
staring at each other's faces.

My question is, why didn't you

kill that guy
in the bank itself?

Why are we arguing
over what didn't happen?

We should think about
what we have to do next.

I was thinking the same thing.

What did that guy get
by killing Biswas?

I was there,
even commander was there.

What do you say minister?

Don't tell me, you thought four people,
four shares.

What are you trying to say?

I am not so educated,
but I know that

if my share has increased,
even your share has increased.

Even you might be the murderer.

-Minister! Mind your tongue!
-You have started arguing again.

There were so many people there

I was there,
and even that dancer girl.


General, is it possible that

Shashi is trying to take revenge?


Revenge for what?


the buyers have run away.

Even the police doubt us.

Ok, I'll arrange my ship,
and we'll send the things abroad.

And, give the order
to our men

to shoot that guy on sight.

Kill the bastard!

Who is it at this time?

Shankar? Police?

Right now, I am on duty,

and I've come here
as a police inspector.

-Search the house.
-Search the house? But why?

A man called Biswas has
been murdered in the club.

His body was in Jai's hands.

I tried to stop him, but he still escaped.
What does this prove, mom?

You tell me.

You mean... Jai is a murderer?

No, no,
my Jai cannot be a murderer!

Come on.

There is no one here, sir.

Ok, send a message
to not let Jai escape.

Yes sir.

I know that you feel very bad.

But do you know...

what your son put me through today?

I had to shoot Jai as part of my duty.

By the grace of God,
I missed.

But what if he had been shot?

How would I explain it to you?
How would I explain it to myself?

I can't understand why
Jai didn't surrender himself to me?

Has he forgotten
that we are brothers?

That your blood runs in our body!


Jai, you're here?

Brother, brother!

Brother, please forgive me.

-Mom, mom, please believe--
-I believe you, son.

Just once, put your
hand on my head

and say that you're innocent.

I swear on you mom,
I am absolutely innocent.

And from now on, from now
on I'll do what brother says.

Here brother. Arrest me.

Don't worry Jai...

this brother of yours will
sacrifice his own life for yours.


After going through the testimonies and
the evidence presented

the court has come to the decision

that criminal jai Verma is guilty.

This court sentences him
to life imprisonment.

Is this your justice, brother?

No, this is absolutely wrong, judge.

This is injustice towards honesty.

And I won't let this happen.

Officer! Arrest him!

Shankar! Don't break the
rules of the court and law.

-Hold him.
-Don't you dare, commissioner!

Jai, come with me.

They have to cross my
dead body before touching you.




No, brother, you'll even sacrifice
your own life to save mine.

And I don't want you
to dishonor your duty.

Excuse me, sir,
I have some important work with you.

Ok, you come to my office
tomorrow and meet me.

One moment sir, it's
very urgent, one minute.

Excuse me.
Yes, tell me, what is it?

Sir, you said you
would give me that money?

Yes, but the amount is quite big.

But, because it's for
your sister's wedding

I won't refuse.

How about this...
Come over tonight...

and your work will be done. Happy?


Give me a chance too,
to say thanks like that.

See you.

Let me get the money once,
I'll give you such a chance

that you won't
be able to ask for a chance again.

Neeru, you wait here...

I'll go see that commander Mustaque.

I am afraid, Jai.

If anything happens to you...

Don't worry.

Shashi? She's here early.


What are you doing here?

Wherever I go, I always
drop by unannounced.


Actually, I was just going
to come out after having a bath.

It's very important for
me to go out for a party.

Sometimes, it's profitable
to cancel important programs

for not so important meetings.

Profit! What kind of a profit?

You go and have a bath.

I'll explain everything when you come out.

I'll tell you everything.
Naughty boy!

I'll make a drink. Go.

I'll be right back.

Darling, want a drink?

I have been wishing for so long
to spend an evening with you.

Here, have a drink.


Drink it from my hands.

Enough. Stop here.

Here's your money.


Mustaque has been murdered.
Get to his house.

Both, the dead body and
the murderer are present there.

Mustaque sir!


Mustaque sir!


Mustaque Sir!


Oh, he's having a bath.

Sir! Sir,
shall I take the money and go?

I am in a hurry, sir.

What happened?
Shashi what happened?

That dead body!

Oh my God! A murder!

Jai... you have murdered him!


You... you are a murderer!

But why?

What are you saying, Shashi?

I am very sure that these
people had robbed the bank

and put the blame on me.

I came here to collect evidence,

which will help me prove
myself innocent.

But what are you doing here?

I came here to take the
money for my sister's wedding.

No one will believe us.

Now what do we do?

Now what do we do?

You do one thing,
take this money

and leave
before anyone gets here.

And what about you, Jai?

I'll destroy the evidence
that says we were here.

No Jai, I can't leave you here.

Please Shashi,
this is not the time to argue.

Please, go.

Sweety, here!

-Brother, you?
-Now don't tell me

that you have not committed this murder.

I haven't done it brother, please, I...

Nobody can save you now.

Everything is equal before the law,

I am asking you for the last time.
What's the truth?

Nothing else is the
truth besides this, brother.

The conditions and
helplessness have

-have made me look like a criminal.

You won't confess that easily.

You won't confess that easily.

I have to

cross all limits.


Tell me! Tell me!
Tell me what the truth is!

Say it! Say it!

Confess! Say it!

I know, brother.

These blows hurt you more than me.

But believe me.

I haven't done any murder,
I haven't done any robbery.

Then what was that?

I have seen you move that dead body
at the scene of the crime.

Please, my brother,
tell me the truth, please!

I have already told
you the truth, brother.

Now I am ready,
even if I am to be hanged.

But I won't let this happen.

Who are you?

She's my sister, sir.

Please listen to
her statement, sir.

I don't know why Jai is doing

all this to save
that dancer, Sweety?

I've seen her coming
out of Mustaque's flat.

-Neeru, please.

I don't understand...

why do you want to
hang yourself for her?

How is she related to you?

No matter how much I hit you...

My soul refused to believe that
you were a criminal.

Then why did you do this?

Tell me, why did you do this?

For Shashi?

No, brother, no.

Shashi does not
deserve your sympathy.

Please forgive me.

Where did you
get this much money from?

This is my money.

Mustaque has given it to
me as an advance.


I had given the briefcase
full of money to Mustaque.

Mustaque has been murdered,
and the briefcase is with you.

The evidence is enough
to hang you in my court.

It's true that I
went to Mustaque's house...

and that I took that
briefcase from his house.

But at that time he was already dead.

And there was only
his dead body over there.

A dead body is what you
will now be. A living dead body.

I'll make you sit in the club.

Customers will come in plenty,

I had already become
a dead body the day

you three bastards raped me.

The three of you,
killed my dreams and my happiness.

I still breath, just so that I can

fulfill my responsibilities
towards my family.

After killing my partners...

you want to get your
sister married, you bitch!

Biswas and Mustaque were lucky,
that they died easily...

but today you'll have to suffer.

I'll kill you bitch!

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

No Shashi, he does not
deserve to be killed like that!

No Shankar,
please let me kill him!

You don't know how much
this jerk has made me suffer.

This swine will suffer for his sins.

He'll definitely suffer!

He'll definitely suffer!

Don't cry, Shashi, don't cry.

You were mine no matter what...

you are mine,
and you'll always be mine.

Move, move, move!

You have made my
life worse than hell.

When people celebrate
their wedding anniversary...

at that time, their wives
apply lipstick, they wear

flowers in their hair,
they wear a sari...

and hug their husbands with a smile.

But you, bringing your tar like
face next to mine,

removing your tongue out,
throwing spit out,

you just roam about
licking everything, every time.

Until this curse is not lifted.

I will not live with
you in your house.

I won't live with you,

I won't eat with you,
I won't sleep with you.

I'll live here!

"Under the blue sky,
where the love for earth is born."

Not where the love for
the earth is born...

but where this dog's love is born.

These dogs are cuter than wives.
They are more honest.

Now take my wife for example,
she loves later...

but first,
she hits me with her shoe.

She hits me with her slipper.

She puts false allegations on us.

She says that I am having an
affair with our neighbor, Champa.

There is no Champa
in our neighborhood.

At least tell me
who this Champa is?

This dog is more honest
and cute than such a wife.

Come, my darling!

Hey! Just move from there,
move, move behind.

"Whenever I see
a Tommy my heart says"

"Ohle-ohle, ohle, ohle-ohle, ohle."

Hey Pushpi,
forget about this drunkard

but don't you have any shame?

Hey brother, this is not your Tommy,
this is my wife...

"Have you seen such a foolish
who's calling Tommy his wife"

"Ohle-ohle, ohle, ohle-ohle, ohle."

How many times should
I tell you that she is my wife?

-You donkey! That is a dog.
-She is my wife.

-It is a dog.
-She is my wife.

He is a dog. Look at his tail.

Shall I show you my tail?

-Do you have a tail?
-Yes, I have.

I caught you. Today,
I caught you openly with Champa.

-No, no, no, no...
-You shameless.

-Did he misbehave with your wife?
-He hugged her.

If I had not caught him,
God knows

what he would have done.

-You shameless.
-No, no, no, no, no...

but she is not Champa, it's a dog.

-Is it a dog?
-Yes, see.

Pushpi, wedding anniversary!

Such a big bomb fell on me,
do you know?



You jerk!
You're calling a young lady a dog?

I know that this
is your Champa.

You swine, couldn't you
find anyone else's husband?

-Stop hitting on my husband!
-Quiet, quiet, quiet.

This is not Champa.
She is my wife...

Pushpa, sub-inspector, Pushpa.

And your husband loves only you,

-Yes darling, yes.

This Tommy is telling the truth.

-She's my wife.
-Yes darling,

if you stop doubting me

then I'll quit drinking.


So sweet!

This is unexpected.

She has started kissing me.

Kiss me again.

"Don't do all this acting here,
go to your house, and"

sleep, sleep-sleep, sleep."

-Bye Tommy.
-Shut up!


Happy anniversary darling!

-What happened?

You'll turn into that dog again!


It's a good thing that the
inspector's brother was caught.

I was afraid that
I'd be the next victim.

Here my darling, take this.


Come inspector, come.

I am not that educated,
but I know this much...

that you've come here
to bail your brother out, right?

But brother, in this case
even a minister can't do anything.

Don't say that, sir.

-Madam, may I get a glass of water?

Sir, you can do
anything you want.

Yes, I can do anything I want,
but I won't.

Your rascal
brother was caught

with the dead body in the club.

Not once, but twice. And
both of them were my best friends.

I'll go to the court
and give a statement,

that rascal should be hanged.

No Raghu darling, don't yell.

It's every citizen's duty
to help the police.

Here you go.

Do you recognize this earring?

Did you tense up on seeing this?

I am not tensed,
but I am shocked

to hear such a silly question.

Obviously, this earring
must belong to some woman.

Even I know that.

But which woman wears
this earring...

is an important question.

Because the police found this
earring near Mustaque's dead body.

What are you trying to say,
that this earring belongs to my darling?

You consider me the murderer?

Look inspector,
no need to jump so much.

Otherwise, I will strip
you of your uniform

and send you home.

Mind your tongue, Raghunath Singh.

You were present when the minister

was depositing the party's
money into the bank.

Sheela and you have been a
bit too friendly with both

General Mustaque and Biswas.

It's enough to have
you both listed as suspects.

Only time will tell

whether Sheela
committed the murder or not.

Because the murderer's fingerprints
are on this earring.

Anyway, do you both mind if
I take this glass along with me?

You want to take the
glass and implicate us?

Don't you know
what my identity is?

I know your identity very well.

I just need to expose
it to everyone.

Which jerk has called up now?


The police is raiding all of
our hideouts.

We should take the stuff and immediately
leave the country.

Get the key and meet me at
the cold storage, quickly.

Don't worry. I am on my way.

It's such a dangerous place.

Have you hidden the key here?

That's not an ordinary key...

it's our passport to heaven,
passport and visa, visa.

And this is your ticket.

Death, from your own gun.

You bitch, Raghunath is
the kind of dog

who, if he does not get a bone,
he bites his own master.

This is your injection.


You could kill me...
I had never even thought of this.

You, my friend, would be a cheater.

You have drowned me.

You left your earring
in Mustaque's bed

and you hesitate
to sleep with me.


You never understood me, Raghu.

I was crazy about you.

Once, just one last time,
please hug me.

-Are you telling the truth?

-You... you really loved me?

What happened, my queen?
What happened?

Chairman... you? Khanna!

Forget about the people near him...

even the one who gave birth to Khanna
couldn't understand him.

You couldn't recognize me, could you?

I... I understand,
you gave me this...

this revolver filled with fake bullets.

But... But...
why did you do all this?


-For what?
-For what?

I'll tell you,
I'll tell you everything.

I'll tell you the whole game.

I took a huge amount
of money from the bank.

The inquiry started taking place.

When the minister
decided to collect the money...

a plan formed
in my mind.

I met you as Sheela,
made the plan of robbing the bank

so that the blame of
the money which I had robbed

comes on those robbers.

And it worked!

And then,
I killed everyone one by one.

Only the general remains now.

He won't escape.

All this wealth will be mine.

The chairman will be back on his
chair, and Sheela will disappear.

You'll keep on searching for me,
you'll keep on searching for me.

What? You want a kiss?
You want a kiss?

You'll want my kiss!

Raghunath Singh!

No, don't kill me, Sheela!
Don't kill me, Sheela!

Don't kill me!

Don't kill me!

No! No!

Don't kill me!

Chairman Khanna! Chairman Khanna!

Yes, I am chairman Khanna.

Inspector Shankar,
please take me to the hospital.

Take me to the...

I kept pleading.

I knew neither day, nor night.

They used to hold me in darkness,
in my own urine.

I used to live in my own dirt.

Can you tell us their
names and how they looked?

Yes, never,
I can never forget that name.

Biswas, Mustaque,
there was a boy...

who won the dance competition,
Jai, Jai Verma.

The chairman is alive?

But the criminals
had killed Khanna.

-Yes, brother, this is the truth.

We have seen it with our own eyes.

Yes, brother, think about it.

Why would such dangerous
people leave Khanna alive?

-Yes sir?
-It's a phone call for you.

For me? Here?

Look, I don't like it when your
personal phone-calls come here.

Stop this, otherwise I'll complain.

-Sorry sir. I don't know how...
-It's all right. Take it.

Hello! Hello!

Yes, good.

-Sir, sir we found Sheela's file.

Sir, we found the file.

We even found the chairman's driver,
Bhim Singh.

Good, sir.


The body was buried
in Sheela's house.

But sir, two years have
passed since Sheela died.

According to the file,
she died two years back.

It's so strange.

Sheela died. She came back to life.

The chairman died. He came back to life.

-Hello inspector.

This is Sheela speaking.

The chairman is with me.
Here, talk to him.

inspector, please save me!

This... this Sheela will kill me!

Please save me!

Give me the phone!

Look inspector,
put 10 lakh rupees in a bag...

and come to Nehru park gate
exactly at 11:00.

I'll cut him into pieces
if you try to follow me.

Come on, Jai!

What? Is your brother the commissioner?

Go in, go, go.

Everything is all right.

-Good evening, doctor.
-Good evening.

Why are you crying?

So what if your wife
gave birth to a girl?

-Children are God's...
-What is this daughter-daughter?

My father has expired.

-Where is the chairman?
-Inside, in his room.


Why are you so late?

It's terrible!
Raghunath has been murdered!

-He has been murdered!

-Where's the key?
-Don't worry, the key is here,

near my heart.

I don't understand how
that chairman came back to life?

-What! Don't you know anything?
-What do you mean?

That Raghunath and chairman
were behind this plan.

Raghunath had just pretended

to kill the chairman
in front of you.

And that chairman had killed

Biswas and Mustaque one by one.

Today, they were both
going to kill you and me...

but thank God the
police got there on time.

I faced a lot of difficulties
on my way here.

You bitch!
Do you think I am a fool?

God knows everything,
both the secret and the result.

I've come to know your truth.

What kind of truth?

Clicking an intimate photograph
with the chairman...

kidnapping the chairman in the
dark from his house...

the death of Raghunath,
the chairman appearing again...

all this is planned by you
and that bastard, chairman.

Mine and chairman's?

Yes, yours and chairman's.

You and that chairman murdered Biswas,
Mustaque and Raghunath.

Today I won't spare you.
I'll kill you, you bitch.

Please spare me!
Please let me go! I beg of you!

Khanna was blackmailing me.

He had some
naked photographs of mine.

Please take me along with you!
Please take me along with you!

I'll accept whatever you give me.
I'll even accept 40 percent.

40 percent! Today, I'll cut you
into 40 pieces! I'll kill you!

I'll kill you! You bitch!

Are you distributing your shares?

So finally you have arrived,
Shankar. Good!

And me too, the most important
criminal in this robbery.

Sheela, where is the chairman?

I won't tell you.
The chairman is with me.


Wrong, the chairman is with Jai.

No brother, you're forgetting,
the chairman is with you.

Sheela, what nonsense is this?

This is not nonsense, it's
a very interesting story...

which starts from the death of
the driver of the chairman of the bank

and ends at the murder of a nurse.

That nurse, whose hair was cut
by the murderer after her murder.

Can you tell me why
the murderer did that, Sheela?

Because up until now,
that murderer...

had been blaming someone else.

But now he wanted to cover
his bald head, right Sheela?

No, it's not right,
This is not Sheela...

but chairman Khanna.

Get lost.

Excellent! Chairman!

Only strength or
brains do not win a war.

You need both strength
and brains to win a war...

which Raghuvansh Singh has.

Shankar, I knew

that you would smell the ground
and come here like a dog.

That's why I brought these girls.

Take these bastards away,
put them in the mincing machine!

Take them away!

Put these beautiful ladies on my ship.

They are things to be taken abroad...

they'll be with me day and night.

Go! Go! Get lost!

Sir, I am very afraid of death...

We are both husband and wife.
Please tie us together.

Please tie us together!

Sir, if we can't eat or
drink without each other

then why should we die
without each other?

I beg of you, sir, God will make
you a Super General instead of a General.

Please tie us together.

Tie them together!

Finish off this bastard!



-"I said."
-"I heard."

"Did something happen?"

"Nothing, not yet."

-"The breeze..."
-"Is moving."

-"The cloud..."
-"Has stopped."

"Did anything happen?"

"Something has happened."

What's happening?

Sir, even the devil fulfills

the last wish of
one who is dying.

You are the Super Devil.

Please give two minutes to
us husband-wife to bid goodbye.

Ok, shoot these two
after two minutes.

Where are you going?
Where are you going?

Your boss told you
leave us alone, didn't he?

Look there.

"Something has happened."

"Something has happened."

Why didn't you shoot them yet?

Give me the gun.

You swine! You'll hit a police officer?

You want to fight me?


Pushpi! Pushpi! Pushpi!


Now you're dead!

Load this bastard
along with the stuff and the car.

Bring him! I'll see him later.

Shankar! Shankar!

This wealth is mine, you bastards!

I won't spare anyone.

I kidnapped you?

I robbed the bank?

I murdered Biswas?

I murdered Mustaque?

No! No! No!

Please forgive me!

I didn't... do anything!
I didn't do anything!

You bastard!

Sheela has done everything,

Sheela has done everything.

Commissioner sir,
commissioner please save me!

-Please save me!
-What happened?

This police officer
wants to save his brother.

He wants to take
away all the wealth.

This is not the truth, commissioner.

He has made the plan.
He is Sheela.

Sheela? And I?

Please trust me, sir.


Everyone would believe you, chairman...

but you made a mistake.

You destroyed each and
every evidence of Sheela's

but you forgot
to rub off this lipstick.

If you are not Sheela,
then why are you wiping your lips?

There isn't any
lipstick on your lips.

-Arrest him!
-I won't spare you!

I'll kill you!

I won't spare any of you!

I told you, don't do wrong.

Now you have been implicated, haven't you?

You were a fool,
and you'll always be.

Why were you wiping your lipstick?

Now I'll leave you and go away.
You implicated me.

No darling! No darling! Please
don't leave me and go, darling!

I'll be back to take the money!
I'll be back to take the money!

Don't leave me and go!
I'll be back!

I'll be back!

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Please accept our leave
applications now.

So that I can go to priest
Alakh Niranjan...

touch his feet and tell him that...

Priest! At least now,
give us freedom, priest!

Alakh Niranjan.



Priest, thank you so much, priest!