Yaanai (2022) - full transcript

PRV's family who lives with his two wives and children in Ramnad district.. Also, there is a family who is convinced that PRV's family only caused the death of his brother. The movie narrates many incidents that happen in the two ...

Pamban bridge.

An ocean.

Two shores.

An incident that took place seven
years ago in this bridge...

became a huge issue and as a result...

Rameswaram and Ramanathapuram, that are
geographically isolated islands,

are now seperated emotionally too.

Carrying out fishing business
in Rameswaram,

heading the fishermen association there
and controlling that whole town is...

Samudharam's family.

40 years ago...

a not-so-rich family came down to
Ramanathapuram from Tirunelveli district.

Now they own a Freshwater Prawn farm
over 240 acres.

That's PRV family.

One of the biggest Prawn Processing Unit...

is PRV Sea Foods.

In this company, where
over 600 employees work,

prawns are exported to many countries
via Tuticorin port.

Not just that...

Bus service,

Lorry service,


Marriage hall etc. ...

Running all these business and
thus being pride of this place is...

PRV Group.

Sir, this is my brother-in-law PRV.

We heard that after a long gap
you have come here, to our temple.

And so he wanted you to read
the horoscopes of his sons.

How many sons do you have?

Four sons, sir.

Give me their horoscopes.

This is my eldest son's.


What the hell is this?

An anchovy, sir.

If this single fish mixes up with
prawns and reaches London...

The buyer will send back
the whole consignment!

Then everything turn in to dry fish.

You'll have to take those and
sell it in local Gandhi market.

I'll rip you apart!


Chinna Annachi and committee members
of our association are here.

-Greetings Annachi.


Please have a seat.

Please convey the matter to him.


our association election
will be held next month.

We have decided that you must
contest for the Head post.

What about Mr. Subbiah annachi?

Well, he is an option...

but a successful and reputed
businessman like you...

will make our association
even more stronger.


there are more than 650 employees
working in our company.

Most of them belong to different castes.

So him becoming the head of
association of a caste...

might not be good
for his reputation.

Yet, since we have faith and
trust in our community...

all the immediate employees below
us are appointed from our caste.

Why can't you become the Head?
Who's stopping you?

Myself? But then... how can I...

Look here...

we might have migrated
here from Tirunelveli...

We could be the minority...

but we should flourish well.

You conduct the campaigns
and wield the mic.

Place cut outs and stick bills.

I shall do the complete funding for it.

But PRV family's name...

shouldn't appear in any
designation or poster.

This is my youngest son,
Ravichandran's horoscope.

You tell me that he is
the youngest son...

but seems to be the eldest one.

Sir, my brother-in-law's first
wife passed away long back.

This is second wife's son.
My elder sister's son.

"Who is the reason for our sorrow?
Why are we sorrow?"

"He left the world in his prime.
He left without exploring his life"

"He left his father lonely
and his brother to suffer"

"Wasn't even lucky
to have a family life"

So who's this Pandi?

See there. That's Samudhram and Pandi
is his deceased son.

He died seven years ago.

And they celebrate his death
anniversary every year.

Our district MLA, MP,
villagers, relatives...

and people from all castes
come to pay respect.

But none from PVR family or their caste
come to pay respect.

Such is the rivalry.

Ancestral properties and
business are in my name.

I feel I must divide it among my sons
when I'm hale and healthy.

Please read their horoscopes and
tell me if it's in their favour now.

This boy...

won't even get a handful
of soil from your wealth.

But forever...

he will be your family's biggest hold.

He is like an elephant.

He will carry you all in his shoulders.

Even if the smallest of problem
finds your family...

then he won't have mercy on anyone.

He'll knock them down and stomp them!

Sir, PRV Ravi is going
on the Thekkuvadi route.

Why is he headed to Pandian's
death anniversary location?

Sir, shall I order our men in
next check post to block him.

That'd invite us only trouble.

-Use all the police 'under rest'
-Okay, sir.

Guys, time to work. Get up.

No matter how big the problem is...

he'll face it single handedly!

How come the dead person is alive?

That's the elder brother
of the deceased.

They are twins.

He's out on a four day parole
from the prison.

Pandi is not dead.

He is still alive in my form.

I'll be out of prison soon.

All of you be prepared to die.

You left this place with your twin
but look; only you have returned.

How could you let your
brother die, dear hubby?


you both are the apple of my eyes
and they poked out one of you!

Get down!

Push! Push!

Push! Come on!

Get the weapon!

Maari push!

Now what's happening?
Can't see him inside.


Go and check.

Listen Anbu...

PRV family and Samudhram
family are having a rivalry...

but why are you intruding in between?

Move the boat, you!

Instead of pouncing into
the road with boats...

if you had taken it to Kavara island,

you could've got more
fishes and earned extra.

At least your wife would've been happy.

Stop showing off! I can see
you are scared to death.

Scared are the ones who
are holding weapons.

Why would the one holding
the cigarette, be scared?

I'll show you what fear looks like!

Come on, do it! Do it!

Now shall I show you
what fear looks like?

Now that's pure fear that you see!


Shall we stop here?

If you want, I shall accept defeat.

Go and inform.

I accept defeat. I accept defeat.
I accept defeat!


Make way and you'll still brush us.

Be humble and you'll still pounce on us.

We hoist the peace flag and you'll still
undo it and hoist it in a weapon!


fix this tyre in the bus to Trichy.

Then send the bus to bus stand.

Aren't you done cleaning the bus?

Angry passenger will throw stones! Go!

Take the bus and go!

Play Ilayaraja songs
in the bus as you go.


Spray the water on the bus.

No on that guy's a...

-Okay, boss.

Focus on your job!


who are they?

He dragging in a whole gang.

Excuse me Mr. Baldie! Stop!

I said, stop!

Who are you? Why are you all here?

To catch the bus to Madurai.

So? Go to the bus stand!

There are so many buses here.
Isn't this a bus stand?

This is bus depot, where buses are
serviced and sent to bus stand.

Catch the bus to Madurai from there.

Eventually this goes
to bus stand, right?

We'll get in here and let the bus go to
bus stand and to Madurai from there.

Baldie! Get out!

No way! Get in the bus everybody!
Get in!

Catch him!

Kiddo, this bus has only two tyres.
It's yet to be fixed.

Just leave me.

Damn, they are hitting!
Catch hold of them!

Catch hold of them!

Stop pushing me!

Mr. Palmhead! You better get down!

No way! Get lost!

He's so adamant that he's fighting
for seats in an empty bus.

He won't get down so easily.

Bring out that gun!

Do you think the cops will be
quiet if you shoot me?

Why are you dragging cops into this?

Watch how I wash your pan like head!

You said it was gun but this is a pipe!

He's praying water on us! Run!

I won't let you escape! Come out!

Come out! I said, come out!

Mr. Baldie, out!

-Quick, get down.
-All of you get down!

We are about to
run out of water.

-Get down! Out!
-You stinkface!

I will get back at you sometime,
for sure! You better watch out!


Come again and I'll bathe you
in diesel and set you ablaze.

-Hold this.
-That was the perfect treatment.


I'll go, meet Ravi anna and come back.

Our guys from Trichy and Madurai
will come. Ask them to wait.

I noticed that you tried
picking my pocket!

Stop! Stop the car.


The ambiance in home
is like a courtroom.

Your advocate-like brothers
are waiting inside.

Go in and you'll be roasted
in the witness stand.

Remember, I have the ladies army
and children's navy to rescue me.

Then why worry?

Oh yeah. Selvi paapa is in there
and she'll definitely save you.

Also, listen...

Our guys from Sivagangai
and Madurai have arrived.

Guys from Tirunelveli and
Tuticorin will reach by evening.

You doofus! Why did you ask them
to come without my permission?

Isn't it obvious?

Every year on Pandian's death
anniversary, someone creates an issue.

This year we'll have 50 of our
men waiting in Pamban bridge...

to face anyone!

-What do you say?
-No one will create problem tonight.

The action sequence took
place this morning.

Our guys are so good that they'll
appear with weapons in a jiffy.

They'll be disappointed.

Fine, I'll make them happy with
"half-biriyani" and send them off.

Why just half biriyani?

They are our guys.
Buy them full biriyani.

-Ravi pa

My darling.

Stop right there!

You're just back from that graveyard!
Won't you even wash your legs?

In fact, take a bath and enter.

I did attend the death anniversary...

and followed it up with
a bath in Dhanushkodi.

Also I went to Karuppu's house
and had a good meal with fish gravy

He doesn't belong to our caste!

Stop boasting about eating in his home.

Brother, please don't talk about
caste, that too in this modern era.

We'll be labeled as old fashioned.

That's unfair.

Who's being unfair? Tell me!

Our elder brother is being unfair?

I didn’t mean it that way...

Whom are you calling old fashioned?

What's the new trend
you're talking about?

I was just simply saying.

Does that mean you can blabber nonsense?


Samudhram has been troubling
us for past seven years.

Yet you attended the death anniversary
function there!


That's because I've a small guilt that
we too are a reason for Pandi's death.

Sister, go!

Dear, can you come to
the kitchen please.

We have to replace the empty cylinder.

Get inside!

Always keeps interrupting.

Listen Ramachandra...

back in the day when I
started the business...

Samudhram supported and ensured all fishes
from Rameswaram were given to me.

So, nothing wrong with him
attending that function.

Come on! Stop supporting him.

Quiet now.


you will prosper only when you
start obeying your elder brothers.

Step mom, he can work in our Prawn farm.

He can do the accounts in our theater.

He can do the shipping assignment
in Tuticorin harbour.

But instead...

he has turned our bus depot
in to a gangsters hub!

Will you ever prosper? Tell me!

"All hail Lord Ganapathy.
All hail Lord Ganapathy"

"All hail Lord Ganesha"

"Bless us Lord Ganapathiye"

"Lord Ayngaran.
Lord with the elephant head"

"You are everywhere Lord Ganapathiye"

"Oh Lord Ganapathiye"

"Oh Lord Ganapathiye"

"Oh Lord Ganapathiye"

See that? He doesn't obey us at all.

He'd listen to us if he was
born to our mother.

He's our step mother's son. That's why
he doesn't give a damn about us.

We are being patient for our dad's sake.

He is here.


All our men are waiting for you.

Dude, why is everyone
sitting with booze?

You approved it.

Come on, when did I?

You said it, now don't deny!

I said I'll buy them half bottle liquor
and a biriyani.

You told make it full bottle liquor
and biriyani.

You doofus!

I meant full plate biriyani.

They demand booze as compliment
with biriyani.

Current culture it seems.
What can I do about it?

You useless fellow!

Visitors are waiting.

-Mani anna how are you?
-I'm good.

Sekar! Hope all of you are doing good.

I am waiting for you to drink
before we start drinking.

No way. I'm not in a mood to drink.

-I got to reach home early.
-Come on.

Who's asking you to get sloshed?

Just have a peg and leave
once the stench is gone.

You think so?

Okay, give it to me.

Whoa! It's Parattai.

How are you?

Well, I've been better.

Why do you look dull?

His wife thrashed him and threw
him out of the house.

His wife thrashed him?


But why?

"Attention bro.
Listen to his sad story now"

"His drinking ruined his life.
That's what this story is about"

"Two pegs to start the day.
Later he drinks all the way"

"His wife keeps scolding,
yet no signs of him changing"

"He just doesn't wanna stop drinking"

"He drank in the streets.
He drank in hiding"

"He sold his wife's gold
to keep drinking"

"Fine, what happened next?"

"She was patient but one
fine day she got upset"

"And our friend had to
face the consequences"

"He got the beating of his
life from his spouse"

"She shredded him into pieces
and threw him out of the house"

"Dude, first things first.
Quit getting addicted"

"Come on, now. Stop being worried.
What's the hurry to get married?"

"Dude, first things first.
Quit getting addicted"

"Come on, now. Stop being worried.
What's the hurry to get married?"

"Don't get hitched until your
taste for drinking is over"

"Don't force marriage upon someone
just because you like her"

"Don't consider your wife to be a slave"

"Remember she also can get angry.
So you better behave"

"Don't find reasons
to borrow money for drinking"

"Don't lose your dignity
because it's so embarrassing"

"Everything in moderation is cool"

"Don't drink too much,
get wasted and regret you fool"

"Don't smoke too much and
go out of your limits"

"If you can't control yourself
then you don't deserve a marriage"

"Dude, first things first.
Quit getting addicted"

"Come on, now. Stop being worried.
What's the hurry to get married?"

"Dude, first things first.
Quit getting addicted"

"Come on, now. Stop being worried.
What's the hurry to get married?"

"How can you say that?
Are you trying to escape from marriage?"

"Both are different. Don't you compare.
You can't live without getting married"

"A life without a partner is boring"

"Single life is useless.
You need some caring"

"Get married and lead a family.
You'll also love that feel completely"

"Don't refuse. Don't question it.
This brother wants only your welfare"

"A single life might make you happy.
But all it makes is your mother worry"

"You moron, you stinkface,
that was well said'

"Shower you love and affection..."

"then even poison would
turn into nectar"

"One who gives up at home
will be victorious elsewhere"

Stop repeating yourself!

Sir, you please go. I'll handle this.

-Raja, see you.
-Okay, bro.

Welcome. How are you?

-Roja, hope you're doing good.
-Yes, Ravi anna

-Where's the show?
-At Thangachimadam.

Okay, go and eat. Please.

Please go and eat.
Raja, their bill is on me.


"Sire a child and you're
the father to that kid"

"But a well wisher of all the children;
that's Ravi pa for you!"

"One who's always alone
is a selfish man"

"One who cares about everyone
is our Ravi anna"

I'll finish you off, you swine!

How dare you mess with us?

You! Go and get some water!


Greetings, bro.

Why is our son being such a rogue?

It is because Ravi
is being such a rogue...

nobody dares to mess
with other three of them.

He builds his body by
kneading the dough!

So unfair! You ladies make a man
knead the Parotta dough...

and you're onto easier chores?

Excuse me, have you ever seen
a woman knead Parotta dough?

We have heard of "Parotta Master"
Have you ever heard of "Parotta Teacher?"

Here, in our house...

He is the 'Parotta Master'

Here madam.

-What's that?

Since Ravi is kneading the
dough always...

I told him to find a suitable girl
who could help him.

It'd be easier if he selects a
girl for himself, isn't it?

-Show the photos.
-How about her?

Now, look at that. She's looks like me
but in a woman's disguise.

She looks like she won't
leave any Parotta for us.


How about her?

Eww! Things they do in
the name of selfie!

Looks like she's hanging
from a noose but without one.


How about this girl?

Wow! She looks beautiful.

-She's my college senior.
-Is it?

Look at her with the shawl and attire.

So, looks like a homely girl.

This girl won't suit for your family.

Why Mr. Broker?

She's a Christian.

She can make Appam but not Parotta.

So he mixed up the photos?

You say she's Christian but then why
is she sporting flowers and Bindi?

She comes from a RC Christian family.

They follow our customs,
hence the flower and bindi.

But they don't belong to our caste.

Dough kneading is the last place
you'd wanna drag religion into.

They call out "Messiah" and
we call out "Om Nama Shivaya"

They pray to "Mother Mary" and we
to "Kanniamman" (Mother Kanni)

They have "Anthonyaar"
and we have "Ayyanar"

We all are the same! Realize that
before you set out Mr. Broker!

Dear sister-in-law...

kneading the dough is my right
and I ain't giving it up.

If two people knead the dough, it won't
turn out soft. Life will get ruined.

Mind you.

-Well, at least I made 1000 rupees.
-Mr. Broks...

Find me a bride with whom I can
knead dough. I also wanna settle down.

-Tell me your details.
-What do you need?

-Your caste?
-Don't know.

-Don't know.

-Don't know.

-Deity clan?
-Don't know.

-Don't know.

-At least your name?
-Don't know.

Yet I named myself Jimmy.

Sounds like a dog's name.

I'll tell you why.

When I was a kid, one day I was
sitting hungry at Ramnadu bus stand.

One guy threw a rusk
down in front of me.

I jumped on to it
thinking it was for me.

A dog sitting next to me, jumped
on to it thinking it was for him.

It was a war between both of us.

And who won?

Of course, I won.

-What about the dog?
-It died.

You sinner!

After all for a rusk, you ended
up killing a dog, you demon!

It is to absolve that sin,
I named myself after that dog; Jimmy.

Also once in a while I make
a donation to Blue Cross.

That's where my boss saw
me and brought me here.

Since then, this family
is everything to me.


without any relatives,
you're just a dummy.

I'll find you an awesome lady.

Say goodbye to your money.

-See you.

Make it fast.

-Dear, wait.

A guy in Paapa's college
gave her this card.

He's her senior, so she got scared
and accepted it.

Opened the card and it says "I Love You"

It's one of our buses, Ravi. He
has got in from Keezhakarai.

Stop the bus!

Who's the one blocking way?

Who is it? Tell me!

Greetings, Ravi anna.


Don't welcome us. We are here
to give send off to someone.

What's the issue?

Who is Raheem here,
studying in Joseph College?

Raheem, that's Selvi's uncle.

No use being nice. All of you get down!

They are here to bash you up.

-Bash you up?

Get down guys. Girls,
quick get down first.

Ravi, that's Raheem.

Damn it!


That's "Parotta Teacher!"

Why do you want to bash him?

What else do you expect?
We'll pamper him?


-Zip your lip.

Ask everyone to board the bus.

You heard him. Get in.

Get in.


Mani, start the bus.

Look here...

The dough is rolling itself
in to the frying pan.

Thought you'd roast it but
instead you're being patient.


Look at her. Even I feel like
writing her a love letter.

That boy's a kid. Can't blame him.

We must deal this in a different way.

Right! Go!

Those thugs are back. They
just took Raheem to canteen.

-See that?
-Malar, wait. Don't go.

How long will you stare at the tea?
Drink it.

No, thanks.

Just drink it.

Falling in love with a girl and
giving her a love letter isn't a sin.

I say this because of the daring
girl, who jumped out to support you.

The moment I saw her, even I felt
like writing her a love letter.

You're after all a boy, nothing
wrong in you feeling so.

How dare you feel so?

I'd have squashed and finished you
off when I saw you in that bus.

This ticket lost it's wicket
after seeing that ticket!

That's why I let you go.
Now, you may continue.

The moment a girl handed over your
love letter to her mother...

means she doesn't love you back.

Hereafter you shouldn't
even see her shadow.

Who is she to you henceforth?

-A friend...
-I don't agree!

You say it because you'll try to
turn that friend in to girlfriend!

Starting today, she's your elder sister.
Now, who is she to you?

Elder sister.

Fine, the girl who
locked horns with me...

Just give me her name, place,
address etc. and leave.

-Give me the details.
-Tell him!

Start reciting "First things first...
Second things second and so on..."


if I give her details to
you, she'll rip me apart.

Now what was that?

Fine, forget it.

I'll find it out myself, go to her
home and give her my love letter.

Come on.

Don't you worry.

There is a matrimony service
for every caste.

With their help we'll
find her Aadhar card,

ATM card, Credit
card, Ration card...

in fact I'll even find her father's
reserved graveyard, for you. Okay?

-Where is dad's car?
-We don't know.

Where did he go at this hour?

Even brother's car is missing.

Don't know. They must have
stepped out for some work.

Ma, where did dad go?

-I don’t know.
-You don't know?

-What about brother?
-They told us they had some urgent work.

Where did they go even before sunrise?

Ravi pa...

there was bomb blast in our Prawn farm.

They left saying that you
shouldn't know about it.

How dare you lie?
How dare you hide it from me?

-Where's the key?
-Don't know.

Please, I shall also come with you.

Move, you useless!

-Put them in car and send them quickly!

Two bomb blasts at early morning 4.

I doubt the workers
who came in yesterday.

They destroyed all of it!

-My heart just can't accept it.
-Please, you go home first.

Please, listen to me.

Ravi! Stop him! Listen, Ravi...

-Wait! Where are you heading to?
-Leave me!

-I'll butcher them down!
-Butcher whom down?

Tell me, whom?

-Do you even know who did this?
-Don't you know?

Don't you know who did it?

I've informed SP. In four hours we'll
know every details about this blast.

-You mind your business.
-Do you need SP for this?

Don't we have brains?

This is of course their doing!

-We must not spare them!
-Stop! Listen to us!

We just lost two bonds worth 80 lakhs.
We can earn it back.

Don't blow up the issue!

80 lakhs is not a big deal
but look at our father!

He is heart broken!
Are you okay with that?

They burnt our bus, toppled our lorry...

but we let them go scott free.

And that gave them the confidence
to hurl bomb in our theater.

They'd have learnt their lesson if
we had finished off four of their men!

You guys stop me like
this every single time!

This will end only if we stab down
few of their men on the streets!

-Leave me! I said, leave!
-He won't listen.

-Now what? I shouldn't go, right?

Fine, I won't go! I'm not going!



Why did you stop him?

Let him kill two of their men.
Only then they'll keep quiet.

Aren't we burdened enough
with their rivalry?

For now, only the Rameswaram
party doesn't supply prawn to us.

The rivalry with them stands there.

One more issue...

and from Kanyakumari to Nagapattinam,
no one will supply us prawns.

Put that grumpy old man on line.

Sir, call for you.

Don't call yourself a reputed man!

I came and paid my respect for your son
so that we can make peace.

You still don't understand
that, isn't it?

Cook and eat that prawns and it'll turn
into shit in your stomach in sometime.

Are you pissed off for
losing some of that?

I gave birth to two sons.One is
buried and another in prison!

-Imagine how angry would I be?
-That's karma of your sins!

"Play until you can but settle down
when age catches up"

But what you're doing is stupidity
in your old age!

If the bomb had blasted in your home
instead of your farm...

then you wouldn't be alive
to talk to me like this!

Lingam is getting released soon.

Once he is out...

we'll massacre you and your brothers.

My foot!

I'd have slit your throat by now...

but my brothers stopped me.

Until I am here, nobody can
inch closer to my brothers.

Someday I'll catch hold
of you when I am half drunk...

and I won't show any mercy on you.

I'll severe your head and throw away
that brainless head into the sea!

Here comes the 'Shining TV Star'.
What's up, Paratai? How have you been?

I'm doing better than you.

Keep dreaming. Didn't your wife
leave you?

-My wife left me?
-Didn't she?

She chased me out.
She has pride and integrity.

What's there to boast about it?

Fine, leave that. Fix my punctured tyre.

Do I look like I fix punctured tyres?

Then are you playing
'Master Chef' with him?

Look at the size of the wheel!

And there, you have a wheel that
looks like rounded up Mr. Bean.

You want me to fix that crap?

Just a small puncture. Just spit
some saliva on it and fix it.

Spit saliva on it and fix it?

Jimmy, looks like he's
driving you crazy.

Who? This fellow?

-What is it?

I wanted to ask you
something for a long time.

What is it?

Why were you named after a dog?

That's unnecessary for you.

Who said it's unnecessary?

It is necessary for me.
How dare they name you after a dog?

It is necessary! I must know it!
Tell me!

Just tell me!

Uh-oh, he's bleeding. Let me handle it.

You doofus!

Tell me!

You Stink-face, tell me!

You useless fellow, tell
me who named him Jimmy?

You dingus, who named him after a dog?
Tell me you jerk!

-Tell me! Now!
-It's a long flashback. Don't ask.

Wait, calm down.

How can they name you 'Jimmy'?
That too after a dog? I must know!

Look, I named myself Jimmy.

You gave yourself the name?

Yes, there's a long story behind it.

But looking at you so up close,
you look like a pig!

Then how can you name yourself
after a dog as Jimmy?

A dog is loyal. Don't you know?

Look at your legs. It makes you look
like a wild buffalo!

Excuse me!

Your voice sounds like a donkey braying!
Like a donkey braying!

You could've named yourself
'Donkey' at least.

All this while, I mistook that you were
influenced by others to do this.

But it was all your idea, right?

I was speaking the truth, right?

Before that see your face in the mirror!
Get him guys!

I thought you were a fun person
and considered fun as fun.

Of course, this is fun too.
You also see it like that.

Hit him!

-Now fold your legs!
-Are you letting me rest?

Now, there's the twist! Give me that.

Will you ever ask that again?
Will you? Tell me!

Give me that adhesive. You bring a
cycle tyre to fix in a bus depot...

and you're pulling my leg?

You're mouth is punctured not the tyre!
Now, I am fixing it for you!


"Jesus will be with you always"

"He will do all kinds of wonder for you"

That's our auditor's house.

Are you sure? This is the house, right?

Can't you make it out from the song?
This is the one. Come on.

Oh Jesus!



A guy is coming to hand a love letter.

I've got nothing to do with it.

You go and handle them.
Careful, dad's also at home.Go!

Ravi, sir. Please come in.

My brother asked me to
hand this cover to you.

That's why I dropped
in on my way.

Oh, these are our 'Cold Storage'
loan papers.

-I've no idea about it.
-Same here.

-We shall take leave now.
-Please come in.

-This my wife and daughter.
-God bless, aunty.

-Please have a seat.
-Thank you, uncle.

-He's my son-in-law.

She is my mother-in-law.

Uncle, looks like everyone is your house is
a 'law' student

Only you became an auditor?

Why so? Were you denied
a Law college seat?


Kutty. Kutty.

Dad, she is getting ready inside.

Dear, would you like some coffee?

-Thank you but I don't drink coffee.
-Me too.

Do you have Horlicks, Bournvita, Viva?

Yes, we do. Which one would you like?

Mix a spoon of everything
in a litre of milk...

and get me that in
this small cup.

What happened, aunty?

That's a jug!

Anything with a holder is a cup for me.
Quiet now.

What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?

Well, guess it was someone else.

We shall leave now.

See you.

See you, aunty. See you, uncle.

Get lost!

Oops, I addressed the grandma as uncle.

Uh-oh, it's that boy's phone.

-Jebakanya, he forgot his phone here.
-Why are you panicking?

-Jebamalar, come here.Come here!
-What is it?

That guy, who came a while ago,
forgot his phone. Return it to him.

Ma, he left in a car.
How can I catch up?

Didn't hear the 11:30 train cross yet.
They must be at the crossing.

Quick! Go and return it to him.

Hello! Stop! Stop!

Hello! Stop! Stop!

You forgot your phone. My mom
asked me to give it to you.


So, you're Jacob sir's daughter?

So you're the Kutty he was calling out.

So you're name is Kutty?

That's how my father calls me lovingly.

-So what's your real name?
-It's different.


Auditor has named his daughter as

He is on a different league altogether!


-Here you go.
-If you don't tell me your name...

then I'll also lovingly call you Kutty.

Why would you call me like that?

How'd I address you when you call me?

Why would I call you?

You will call me.

No, I won't

-You will.
-No, I won't!

How are you so confident
that Kutty will call you?

My dear crazy friend...

She gave her phone instead of mine.

Praise the almighty Allah!

Both phones are same model. Guess
that's why she gave the wrong one.

There, see? She's calling.

You took my phone!

Can't you recognize it's
somebody else's phone?

You gave the wrong phone and
now you're threatening me?

Fine, where are you now? I'll come and
collect my phone.

I'm crossing Mattudhavni bus stand,
towards Madurai.

How did you reach Madurai so soon?

I'm not riding a horse to Madurai!

When will you return?

Usually it'd take two-three days
to return if I visit Madurai.

But this time I've to visit Dindugal,
Trichy, Villupuram for some work.

Oh God. Please return my phone
and then go. Please.

-No way.
-Then tell me your name.

My name is Malar (Flower)

"Oh flower... The flower
from the Kurinji hills"

Things are going smooth.
Why'd you wanna ruin it?

Fine, you're pleading too much.

I'll be back in two to three
days, for your sake.

Until then keep me posted on
the calls coming for me.

I'll keep you posted
on the calls for you.


By the way, how did you unlock my phone?

Your unlock patter 'L' can be seen
all over the tempered glass on screen.

Didn't knew about it.

Fine, what's your
phone's unlock pattern?

Put yours upside down.

Oh! '7'

Your unlock pattern is 'L'
and her's is '7'

Together they make a Square. Enjoy!

Here you go, sister.

I sold all the wild plant woods, for
charcoal, from our land in Kadambakulam.

That's your share. Deposit it in bank.

Did you come all the way to give this?

Uncle, when did you arrive? How are you?

Leave that...

when'll you find a decent job and
cut off all those petty friendships?

Yeah, listen to the costly
Mr. 2000 bucks!

Didn't realize this wild bear was here.

Somebody please take him and leave
at some foster home in Dhanushkodi.

Only then this family will prosper.

You heard your uncle.

Answer him and then eat.


Uncle, you make a living by
selling producing wood charcoal.

I'm going to cut down
all those wild trees.

I don't understand.

Major portion of lands
in our district...

is covered up with very huge wild trees
due to which the land is dried up.

And the soil has become infertile.

If we uproot all these
wild plants and...

grow coconut trees or palm trees
based on the soil, then...

in five years our place
will look like a grove.

Dear, you can uproot the
wild plants on our land.

Do you think others will
allow you in their land?

Dad, if we use half of the money
from selling these wild plants...

and install a bore well motor in every
two acres and get 70% subsidy...

then set up
a Drip Water Irrigation system...

so that the grove can be watered by the
push of cell phone button from home.

Then who'd want wild plants
growing in their land?

For us, our business will be done
and also have a sense of satisfaction.

That sounds like a good scheme.

-Can I suggest a scheme?
-Go ahead.

Let's cut down all the mango trees from
uncle's five acre mango farm...

and grow palm trees there.

We will ask him to water all those tree
all by himself for 15 years. How is it?

Fool, he wants to cut
down all the mango trees?

Ravi, when will you cut
down all these wild plants?


remember there's a guy in prison
who wants to chop us down?

He must either forget the rivalry
or reform himself.

Until then I must roam
around doing petty works.


-Yes, brother?

That guy in red stripe shirt;
which caste does he belong to?

The guy in black shirt?


he is letting in guys from other castes,
in our town, to enter our house.

He will never get along with us.

Well, blame it all on our father.

He got married when
I was a grown up.

They had a son when this
fellow was not a grown up.

Tell me Kutty.

You had a call from
a guy named Murugesan.

Did anyone call me?

Nobody called you.

But your Whatsapp
is filled with messages.

Where are you?

I am now in Chennai...

with the Chief Minister.

With CM?


What is he doing?

He is...

giving a speech.

I'm with him. I'll talk later.

Excuse me? Hello!

Greetings, Ravi sir.

We have arrested eight men.

We ripped them apart but they
aren't giving the truth.

Come to the station tomorrow morning
and we'll take it up from there.


It's me, lawyer Cheguttuvan.

The guys whom inspector arrested
are from Mariappan's gang.

They won't be able to stay
in prison over night.

Please talk to inspector and
ask him to release them.

I'll call you after an hour.
See you, then.


Mariappan here. Those eight guys
are very important to me.

They all have been to
prison a few times.

That's why inspector is
unleashing his wrath upon them.

-If you put in a word...

I'll ask him to talk.

He is with some chick.


He'll call once he is done.


-Tell me.

At 1 'O clock past midnight...

without even knowing who's on other side
of the call, your contacts are talking!

It's torturing!

There comes another call.

This is Vanaroja speaking here.

Vanaroja (wild flower)?
From which forest?

That too at this hour?

I am Karagattam dancer Vanaroja.
He knows me.

What is it? You had called me, it seems.

Brother, we came to perform for
Devipattinam Amman Temple festival.

A guy over there...

in the name of pining money
in my blouse...

he groped my breast

Brother, the festival is over...

but they aren't letting us go.

And why?

They are making noise and yelling at us,
asking us to perform obscene dance.


What is it, Malar?

Please, somehow return his phone
and get me my phone back.

I feel disgusted to have it.

What? You feel disgusted?


It must have been around 1 am...

a girl named Vanaroja had called.

Looks like she is Karagattam dancer.

What a cheapskate in
such a reputed family!

So, she had called you?

Is that how Ravi anna showed up there?

Do you have any idea
what happened last night?

Don't you know that you must strip your
clothes and dance after late night?

Welcome Ravi anna,
came to watch the dance?

I'm here to butcher!


Dear, you have appeared
like a God to save us.

Don't cry.

Take all your luggage and leave.

Come on.

Let's go.

-What makes you think you can take them?
-Damn it!

Utter one more word and
I'll slit your throat!


Listen all of you!

All your daughters must
shine like pure gold...

but others' daughters must
rot like cheap vessels?

Women in your house must
be fully covered...

but others' daughters must
strip down and dance for you?

Who's the one, who wanted her to strip?

Look! Look at her!

She is standing right here!

I dare you to step forward
and strip her!

Step forward if you have guts!

One of you dared to
grope a girl's breast!

Didn't you drink mother's milk from
the same exact part of the body?

Did you forget that?

The day you all started drinking at
weddings, you all lost your conscience.

And when you started drinking at temple
festivals, y'all lost your self respect.


Aren't you all related as uncles or
cousins and yet you all wanna gather...

and watch this one girl strip?
How could you?

You carry on. Get in the car.


That's Ravi's sister going.

Now, guys with fantasies here;
I dare you to come and stop her.

My brother had been to that festival.

That's how I know all this.

Look, anyone and everyone will step
forward to help a damsel in distress.

But one must have guts to call
gilrs like this as their sister.

Above all, one must have a good heart.

Why have you called me
during college time?

Did I get any emergency call?



Nobody called you since morning.

I just called to tell you that.

You must have been waiting, right?

"Damn, she left me hanging
high with her words"

"She touched my life"

"She stole my heart"

"She made me blind with her love"

What happened?

Tell me, why are you pushing
me like a 'Merry-go-round?'

"She made me blind with her love"

"She broke into my dreams"

"Hey my Lover girl..."

"The girl who stole my heart"

"Hey my Lover girl...
The girl who stole my heart"

"Ever since I laid my eyes on you,
I can't get you out of my head"

"You just made a phone call
and pierced in to my heart"

"You made me go crazy.
And changed my life"

"Dressed up like a macho man..."

"and with your sweet talks"

"He put my hormones to test"

"He pulled me towards him
without touching me"

"He brought a smile in my lips.
He made me talk to myself"

"I visited the church in
your locality, oh dear"

"I knelt down along with
everyone offering prayers there"

"As I waited for you"

"Even I look keenly into
your house..."

"when I often keep passing by your home"

"I was so desperate to see you"

"You prick me like a thorn"

"And I enjoy it and stay put
like a sea shell"

"I always wait for a call from you"

"I keep looking at the phone and
stay awake waiting for that call"

Where are you now?

At Kumbakonam.

Turn to your left, please.

So, this is Kumbakonam?

"Hey my Lover girl...
The girl who stole my heart"

"Ever since I laid my eyes on you,
I can't get you out of my head"

"You just made a phone call
and pierced in to my heart"

"You made me go crazy.
And changed my life"

"Every time I hear your name,
I'm going crazy"

"When you come closer, you turn me on"

"I am so confused"

"I am so desperate here"

"I am blushing yet I am acting out
like I am not"

"My world is upside down,
oh my sweetheart"

"Well, you look better than me
but only a little"

"Also your love is stronger than mine"

"All I am waiting for
is you to say 'Yes' "

"I am eagerly waiting as
I'm lost in your thoughts"

"Hey my Lover girl..."

"The girl who stole my heart"

"Hey my Lover girl...
The girl who stole my heart"

"Ever since I laid my eyes on you,
I can't get you out of my head"

"You just made a phone call
and pierced in to my heart"

"You made me go crazy.
And changed my life"

Pandi is no more...

but we all see him in your form.

There's pain and regret
in everyone of us.

Let's not kill each other and
further feed the pain and regret.

It all comes down to your decision.

That's where you life lies...

and mine.

DSP Thiyagarajan was murdered by...


For him, only people from
his caste was important.

He supported the rich.

At least you be fair and neutral.

Who is that fellow? And why
are you scared of him?

Sir, he is Samudhram's son.

I am the eye witness for
DSP Thiyagarajan's murder.

What happened?

Seven years ago, PRV Ravi's friends
were on their way to Rameswaram.

Didn't you see the car coming? Why did
you drive up the wrong side?

You saw me driving up wrong side, right?
Why didn't you make way?

Make way? It'd only happen if we
break the wall and fell into ocean.

Showing me your arrogance?

Let go of me!

Going to Rameswaram, right?
Go, swim to Rameswaram.

Samudhram sir used his influence
and the case was filed as a suicide.

It was a murder. Pandi is the murderer.

These four guys are the eye witness.

The case became strong on their side.

We arrested Pandi at once.

Let go of me!

My son didn't do it on purpose, sir.

It was an honest mistake.

Tomorrow, DSP has arranged for...

an off-court settlement at
Rameswaram police station.

Whatever compensation has to be given
to the deceased boy's family...

will be properly done from our side.

Tell me, annachi.

I request you or anyone in your family
not to attend that settlement.

Come on, Samudhram.
You're falling at my feet?

My son's fate lies in your hands.

Ravi, go and drop those charges pressed.


you don't worry. Go home peacefully.

None from our family will come
tomorrow for the settlement.

-See you.

Why did you press charges
for some stranger's death?

He is not a stranger.

He's my friend.

I am talking to you...

The deceased boy is from our caste.

What are you saying?

His father runs a utensils shop
in Paramakudi.

We didn't expect that you will show up.

They are from our caste.
We can't be mute spectators.

Let me make it loud and clear.

Two big shots are involved
in this issue.

That is why we are having this
off-court settlement against rules.

You're the deceased boy's parents.
What do you have to say?

What's there to say, sir?

Arrest Pandi at once.

If Pandi is arrested, then I'll
chop you down right here!


How dare you threaten him?

You know he's my brother, right?
I'll set your whole island on fire!

Brother, don't stop me!

How dare you talk to my brother
like that? I'll finish you off!

Take Pandi back to prison.

I'll finish all of you!

Leave my son.

Don't shoot!

Pandi, don't do it! No!

Don't shoot!

Ravi, watch out!

Don't do it! No!

Ravi, get into the car! I said, get in!

He had no other option and
so DSP shot down Pandi.

-Sir! Sir!
-Who's that?

Let go of me! Where are you taking me?

You're dead if I catch hold of you!

Lingam was sentenced to prison for
seven years, for killing DSP.

I swear on this mother ocean...

not even a single sardine fish from our
Rameswaram island must go to them!

We aren't living at their behest.

We have a land in Uchipuli.

In the complete 240 acres,
we'll start Prawn farming.

Let's do huge business.

Bring it on.

Ravi sir raised a weapon then...

and now his life is completely changed.

Get me Lingam's case files.

Dear hubby...

we already have two daughters.

But now inside my womb...

Pandi has reincarnated.

Before he takes birth,
finish them all off!

Once he sets foot in this world...

then you all will be good for nothing.

Tell me Kutty.

Today Biriyani's being
prepared in my house.

You love biriyani, right?

How do you know that?

Most of the locations history in
my phone shows biriyani outlets.

Tell Jimmy to come and wait at the
corner of my street. I'll send it.

I don't want charity.

I'll eat if you bring it.

Where are you now?

Everyone's cleaning buses here.
What are you doing?

I had booze last night.

I said wash not booze!

-Welcome Ravi anna.

I guess all of you must
be tired from all the work.

All of you go, have some tea
and come after an hour.

I'm not in the mood for tea.

I said go have a tea and
not to jump off a tree. Now go!

Guys, come on.

Mr. Accountant. You also take a break.

Listen, take the watchman
also along with you.

Shall I take the gate also with me?


He is asking us to have a tea
and come after an hour's rest.

I doubt something fishy is
going to happen in there.

Correct, boss.

Then we must find out that fish.
Go and sit there.

Never seen him wash the plate.

I don’t get it.

So this is why he gave that 500 rupees.

The way he acted crazy, I knew
some scam is going to take place.

Shall we shoot everything in mobile?

And release it in OTT with
18+ certification? Shut up!

The lower two boxes have biriyani.
Then above two has gravy and raita.

Have it and keep the hot-pack in your car.
I'll collect it when I meet you.

Where are you taking off?

I won't eat if you don't serve.

Hope nobody will come here.

No one will come.

Well auditor Jacob will come
to collect the accounts note.

My dad?

I was kidding, dear.

Biriyani from Jacob's house.
Damn, it'll taste awesome!

-I need to discuss something with you.
-Tell me.

Even before I saw you in that bus,

you made your way into
my home through a photo.

I already had a liking then.

I fell for you when I saw you in person.

When you called me to tell me
that nobody called me...

that's when I understood that you too
had a small liking for me.

Well, nothing like that.

I know you won't accept.

Reasons: Your father and Jesus

Tell Jesus my name and
he will accept me at once.

I never fail to attend Tuticorin
Panimaya Madha festival, every year.

Then your father; will get convinced
by father.


A danger is coming in Activa!

Auditor Jacob is on his way here
to collect the accounts note.


-Welcome, sir.
-I came to collect accounts note.

-Isn't the accountant here?

He has left the notebook though.

-Okay, I'll take it.

Welcome, uncle.

-What's up, sir? Biriyani?
-Yes, sir.

-Give him some.
-Shut up.

I'll go home and have.

Well, at my home also
it's biriyani today.

Is it?

Is it Duck biriyani, uncle?



We also have an exact similar
hot carrier in our home.



But that doesn't belong to you, uncle.

-See you then.
-Have the biriyani before it goes cold.


-Now what, uncle?

We have the exact same
coloured scooty in our home.

Guess he got her a stolen scooty.
Doesn't even remember the number.

Oh Jesus!

Finally Jacob packed up.

Why did you run and hide?

Well, my dad...

If he had seen you, he'd have said
"There's an exact girl like this at home"

He wouldn't have said
you're his daughter.


Supports his father-in-law
and reports my flaw!

Come on, this way.

Hold it properly.


we have got 60 Star Tortoises.

I've arranged men to mix them with
their prawns container to be exported.

We have a fellow brother
in customs department.

If the container is caught...

all three of them will be in prison.

Throw these tortoises
back into the ocean.

My old aged uncle's brain is rotten.


I'm going sleepless here
as we are unable to finish them off.

But you?

You're playing silly tricks
with tortoise? Get lost!


since their mind power is also strong
along with money power...

their lives are on track.

If we squish one small fish
in that family...

then the lady fishes will panic...

and then the big men fishes
will be heart broken.

Two cups of tea.

Can't you take it properly?

You spilled it and you blame me?

-Fine, I'll make you a fresh one.
-Yes, do that.

We don’t have much collection today.

Perumal here, from the tea shop.

Tell me.

Can you come near the school?

Why? What happened?

They just left.

They came together but spilt into teams.

There! That's the rickshaw they left in.

Yes, they are in that rickshaw!

They are halting at the liquor shop.

The shop is closed.

They will open it only at 10 'O clock.

Until then let's wait in the bar.

Guys, don't go wild on the booze.

What drink shall we order?


Shall I ask our men to come?

Call our boss.

Tell me.

Lingam anna...

We identified the boy. We are
now waiting in a bar nearby.

Once the school gets over in the evening
we'll mix up in the crowd and...

tear that boy apart.

Remember, that is Ravi's locality.

Move with caution.

We'll return only after
finishing the assignment!

And for proof, I'll chop that
boy's thumb and bring it to you.

Damn it!

-Leave me!

Don't make a hasty decision.
It'll ruin everything.

All of them are right in front of us!

Instead of finishing them off
you're asking me to be patient?

The guy who said he'll cut off
our boy's thumb...

I wish I could slit him
right here and right now!

I wish I could finish them at the
school gate, in front of everyone.

But if we do that...

then again Lingam will plan of something
which we won't think of...

and will attack us. I am
really worried about that.

Please, let's finish off
these guys here itself.

You tell the word and I'll do it!



They must not know what struck them
and why.

Go, my brother!

Go in there and provoke them!

I'll follow. Go!

-Now watch me.

Fool, stop spraying your piss
on others' leg.

Aim and piss on the commode!

There is a wall in between.
How will it spray on your leg?

Watch it spray now!

Guys, he slapped me and is escaping!
Catch and hit him!

You filthy dog!

Come on! Bring it on!

Come on!


You filth!

Aren't you ashamed...

to get arrested and spend
whole day in the police cell?

Obvious isn't it? They won't
keep us in an AC room.

Shameful that you guys were boozing
at early morning in the bar!

Bar doesn't open until 10 am.

Mind your tone! Talk with respect
or else I'll thrash you.

Ma, they laid hands on Jimmy.

How can I not retaliate?

So you'll hit them just because
they hit this dog?

Why did you hit him?

My ears are echoing amidst
the ego clash between brothers.

There, I hit him. Now come, hit me!
Hit me!

Stop kidding please.

Stop yelling, guys.

Calm down and discuss.

Today you were in police custody.
Tomorrow you'll be in prison!

And we must get ashamed!

I asked the inspector to arrest me.

Now what new story is that?

There were CCTV cameras
all over the bar.

On top, those men were hurt very badly.

It was obvious that
the issue will blow up.

Hence, I asked him to book me
under section #75.

I wonder how many more rivalries
we'll have to face because of him.

Having drunkards at home and
our dignity is going for a toss.

For what reason did you go to the bar?

It's all because of your wife.

What did I do?

You asked me to buy
five litres of oil.

Did you give me a
bottle to fetch it?

So I stepped into the liquor
shop to get an empty bottle.

I had a big fight with the
scrap bottle collector.

Thanks to Ravi anna, he interfered
and it ended in a fight.

If it was me, there would've
been dead bodies lying around!

-Not believable?

Then why are you hearing
it with such interest?

How arrogant!

Police station...

What's wrong?

-Tell me, what did you do?

Please sit.

I've decided to murder Lingam, ma.

The men I bashed today morning...

were Lingam's men.

What happened?

Everyone's angry on you thinking
you got drunk and created nuisance.

You could've told this to your brothers.

And what?

Everyone's peace of mind
will be lost, ma.

It's only fair that all the
the family members stay happy...

and only one person
bear all the pain.

He hasn't changed after
coming out of prison.

All these days
they kept targetting us...

and we faced it all quietly.

Even a small scratch on children...

and we won't be able to bear it.

Won't it kill us all?

We can't be alert all the time.

Along with all the sins
committed so far...

I shall stab him and...

go to prison for a while.

At least our family's happiness
will be in tact.

I don't see any other option, ma.

Okay, let's see.

He barged into a shut down
bar and provoked our men.

He didn't give them a chance. He just
bashed them up and broke their fingers.

And the police is on their side.

Yet the police arrested Ravi.

Doesn't add up. Something's fishy.

That means he surely heard Manickam
tell you that he'll chop of boy's thumb.

Hereafter even if we make a
small move in his town...

He'll come to know.

When is Magalam akka getting
released from sub-jail?

Tell me, dear.

I've made a decision.

It's regarding my life.

Then it's regarding my life too.
Tell me.

No matter what...

I always make decision after praying to
Jesus in Katchatheevu Anthonyaar Church.

Then go ahead.

It'll open only for the festival,
next month.

That's when we'll have
permission to go there.

You want to go to Katchatheevu, right?

I'll take you there in an hour.
Step out.

Where is he going without me?

My leg! My leg! Watch out!

He would've ran over you!

I thought love is blind...

-Doesn't it have brake and mirror?
-It's full of errors!

People who don't follow traffic rules
and without helmet are done today.

Hello, 108 ambulance service?

There'll be 10 accidents in Rameswaram
high way in sometime. Please be ready.

I'll lay one slap! Who is this?

You have been calling my wife
repeatedly for 38 times!

Sir, I only called madam once.

I don't know who called
the other 37 times.

If you really wanna know
who was that...

the, do you know Ambani,
who owns Jio service?

Call him and find out.

How dare you talk to me like that?
Do you know who I am?

I don't know who you are, sir but
I now know very well about your wife.

What do you know?

She has big social network, isn't it?

Can we really go there now?

Won't the Coast Guards and
Ceylon army be there?

Tell me Ravi anna. It's been so long.

I need to visit the Anthonyaar Church
in Katchatheevu.

Arrange a boat.

To Katchatheevu, right?
Sure, let's go.


Ravi is on his way to Katchatheevu.

-Is it true?
-Yes, Lingam.

Check if you see any Ceylon Coast Guard

I'll do that.

Also check who's at the
Anthonyaar church...

and find out if the guard
is someone we know.

Collect all the details
and tell me immediately.

Those guards live off fishes
that we feed them for free.

You just come.

-Start the boat!
-Okay, boss.

Don't you worry at all.

My friend, Krishnakumar
is the officer on duty there.

I'll order our Coast Guard
boat to move to Valinokkam.

Selvi, this side.

-Raheem, you're cheating!
-Catch me if you can.

-Come, catch me.
-I'll hit you.

-I'm here. I'm here.

Raheem are you there? Why are you quiet?

What happened? I'm asking you.

Can't you hear me?
Where are you looki...

Don't do this, paapa

You're too young.

If everybody finds out...

then our whole family's
peace of mind will be lost.

What I did also is a mistake.

When we are a part of
such a huge family...

we cannot just do everything we wish.

I also understood that now.

Time to forget everything.

I've also decided that.

Ravi, didn't go to sleep yet?

I'm talking to paapa.

Paapa don't you have college tomorrow?

-Then go to sleep.
-Okay, uncle.

Lingam! How have you been?

Are you doing good? It's been
so long since I met you.

Why did you ask for us? Tell us,
how can we help you?

The head of the eldest in the youngest
generation of PRV's family...

Her head must fall!

Still avenging Pandi's death?

The college toilet is isolated
by the college ground.

Not a day or two, even
if it takes a week...

stay there in that stench
and finish off her story!

Make sure not a living thing around
sees you while doing it.

I lived in the stench
of dry fishes

The stench of toilets won't
suffocate me at all!

"We were suffering in pain"

"We were desperate to take revenge"

"We burnt every day
in the rage of vengeance"

"Like an eye for an eye, we
want to take a life for a life"

Mangalam, wait!

There's another girl inside.
Let her leave.

-Mangalam, what happened?
-I'm okay! Catch her!

Run! She ran that way!

Tell me, brother.

I got a call from the college.
Selvi is missing.

What are you saying? No, it can't be!

Start now! Start the car!


Sir, what happened?

She went to the toilet
during the third hour...

but she never returned to the classroom.

Shekar, inquire in the shop
outside the back gate.

You inquire in the rickshaw stand.

Excuse me, did you notice
anyone strange here?

No, I didn't.

What happened?

What were you all doing?

What's more important than
taking care of children?

Dear, don't worry. Nothing
would've happened. Don't panic.

This issue involves a girl...

Don't let it spread all over.

It must be some of our enemy's doing.

Let's send our men and...

I've informed Ravi.

He'll take care of it.

She is saying she doesn't know anything.

But she looks like a secret keeper.

Bring her here.

Did you notice anyone strange here?

Ravi, a rickshaw was seen on the
college side road for past three days.

The driver looked like
a native of Rameswaram.

Valli, please tell us
if you know anything.

What happened, Lourdu?

Lingam group's silence
is indeed suspicious.

Stop repeating yourself!

Sir, if your daughter is missing then
go and lodge a police complaint.

-Stop pestering my daughter.
-One slap!


How dare you raise hands on my father?

She eloped with a guy
and you're beating my father?

What did you say?

Yes, she eloped with her boyfriend.

Raheem and Selvi are in love.

Even Ravi anna knew about it.

Did you hear what she said?

Other day, at Dhanushkodi beach...

Ravi anna saw them
both spending time there.

In fact, don't you know that
he gave her a love letter?

Why are you coming here to lock horns?

To kidnap a girl and fool around...

my son isn't sporting flower
on his head.

That girl from your
family is not missing!

In fact she eloped!

She eloped with Keezhakarai Bhai's son.

So go to Keezhakarai and lock horns!


you should have told your husband first.
Isn't it?

Why did you tell it to an outsider?

I trusted Ravi would take care of it
and so I kept quiet.

You kept quiet and
he helped her to elope!

Ravi, they're talking ill of Selvi here.

It's true, ma.

Never expected paapa would
do something like this.

-Dear sister-in-law...

I had put all my trust in you.

How can you be so negligent?

Where is my daughter?

Where did you send her off to?


don't talk like that.

I called you first when I heard
she was missing. Isn't it?

And you betrayed me!

I am confused.

Stop acting! Stop it!

I doubted the other night,
when you were talking to her.

Since we won't accept her affair,
you helped her elope!

Don't you just keep saying what ever you
feel like! First understand clearly...

What? What will you do?

Where is my daughter? Tell me!


You ruined a young girl's
life and on top of it...

-you brought shame to our family.
-Let me explain!

Please hear out what he has to say.

You're just blaming him
over and over again.

This is my family matter. Outsiders
better don't poke their nose in!

You are roaming behind
a Christian girl...

In order to cover up that filth, you
pushed our girl to do this!

Please, I raised her like my daughter.

How can you talk like this?

Stop it! Answer this, didn't
you know that she was in love?

Answer me! Didn't you know that?

I knew about it.


-what happened that day was...
-Shouldn't you have thrashed her here?

You should have butchered
that guy on the street!

Why didn't you? You're
capable of it, right?

You'd have done it if you
were born to my mother.

Don't talk like a mad man!

How dare you call him a mad man!

-I'll butcher you down! How dare you?

You rascal! I'll finish you off!

-Shut up!

You traitor!

I too trusted her but got cheated.

-Try to understand...
-Shivachandra and Jayachandra!

Throw him out of the house!

I might end up chopping him
into pieces if he stays here.

-You heard him.
-Get out!

Get out! I said, get out!

Stop it!

Can't you hear them
asking you to get out?

Then why are you still resisting?

A man with good reputation
will understand at once!

Get out!

I said, get out!

What did you say?

You're asking him to get out?

Ma, they were talking to me.

-Leave it.
-You're asking him to get out?

Leave it, ma.

It's okay, ma. He is only scolding me.

Why should I live in the house
that has no place for you?

-Come, let's go.
-No, ma. Please.


You gave up on our son,
in front of everybody else.

Ma, it was his anger
that made him say that.

Anger; my foot!

Anyone can get angry. Don't you?

But the anger must be justified!

I don't care what others say.

But your father himself...

asked you to get out.We don't
have any respect left here!

That's okay, ma.

To prevent others from pain,
you bore it all in your heart. Isn't it?

You deserve this!

You deserve this! You do!

You deserve this!


We are not staying here
even for a second.

-Ma, please no.

Dear aunty, please don't leave.

Please, where are you leaving to?

Please don't, ma. Ravi anna,
please listen to me.

Ravi pa!

-Please don't leave us, Ravi pa.


Please don't leave us, Ravi pa.

Please don't leave us, Ravi pa.

-Where is Ravi anna?

It's true what they say.

Childhood siblings turn
heirs during teens...

and become enemies when
they become adults.

See how they blew up the
issue out of proportion!


don't talk ill of my brother.

He vented out in pain as
his lost his daughter.

I must have held her back strongly
when I knew about the issue.

It was mistake being liberal.

No matter what she is our girl.

I'm worried where and how is she?

Why are you here with luggage?

I don't like living there.

Stop acting crazy.

Our kids must not go to
school by themselves.

Brother's men must not be
careless at any moment.

I must know what's happening there
every minute.


Listen, we have immense respect
for PRV family.

We are disappointed that such a sad
thing happened in that family.

And here you are with weapons.

Are you saying this after
knowing what your son did?


What if we gang up and come to you saying
your girl made our son elope with her?

Won't it be embarrassing?

We are not here in search of your son.

But our girl.

We are allowed to come in
search of our girl, right?

But then so many of you
here at this hour...


Quiet. Didn't they just assure
that they are not here to fight?

All of you disperse. Leave.

Please ask your men also to disperse.
You both can discuss.

I agree what my son did was wrong.

How could he do that.

He has insulted your family.
Please forgive us.


We want our girl back.

Dont' expect us to
celebrate and build ties.

If you do, I'll skin all of you alive.

Thrash and kick him hard
and he'll spit the truth!

Fine, Ravi is here. We'll discuss later.

Unofficially, we have
searched everywhere.

If you can lodge
an official complaint...

No, sir. My brother will feel bad.

Ravi, these are that boy's classmates.

These are from his town.

We knew both of them were in love.

But we swear, we didn't know they were
planning to elope.Please believe us.

Answer me! Why are you all quiet?

So many of you study here and
even one of you have no idea?

Why are you treating us like
prisoners for your girl's mistake?

How dare you?

Both those asses studied here, right?

If not you then which ass
do we question?

You all better inquire each other
and find out.

When I return tomorrow and
if I get the same answer...

then I won't spare anyone of you!

What happened?

What else is left to happen? Tell me!

We have lost our pride, dignity,
integrity and everything!

What are you doing?

Please, no. Dear...

Dear sister-in-law, here you go.


Mix something in this and give us!

Let's all eat it and die together.

-Please, come on.
-Come on, brother.

Please, look here...

Let's ask our Ravi brother
to come here at once.

Only he can find and give
us our daughter back.

I say he's not even my brother and
then how is he a brother to you?

Brother, let's file a police complaint.

And then what? Find her,

arrange and serve a feast and
then see her off to her in-laws?

I am desperately thinking about how
to earn back the lost reputation.

And you want me to
lose whatever is left?

I believed my daughter was the
reincarnation of my late mother.

That wretch is no more my daughter...

and that jerk is not my brother anymore!

-Oh God!
-Please don't. Brother!

Please, brother.

Have a seat.


Are you upset with me?

First turn and look at me.

I considered all the sons as mine.

But in front of the whole family...

you gave up on our son.

You crazy lady.

As he is very clever...

I knew he'd understand the situation and
that's why I asked him to get out.

What if a fight had
broken out between them?

Won't we lose our peace of mind?

First, come with me. Let's go home.

No, thanks.

Unless my son is clean of
the blame put on him...

then I shall step into
that house with pride.

-Dad, I understood.

Find we must find our girl.

My brother must realize the truth.

Then we shall come, dad.

Where were you?

I went to meet my son and my wife.

Also, I must divide and write off
the wealth that's in my name.

So I also met the lawyer
and discussed that.

How many portions are you
going to divide it into?

Can I enter the house only
after answering that?

Or can I step inside and give an answer?

Better answer and then step in.

-I am not coming in.

Please. Look... Oh God!



please they didn't mean
what they're said.

I apologize on their behalf.
Please come in.

That's okay.

I shall sit here out in the
fresh air for sometime...

and come in later.

You all go in.


Lock it! Lock the gate!

Why are you locking the gate?

Your brother told us not to let you in.

Open it! I said, open the gate!

-We can't! Your brother has ordered us!
-Open the gate you...


Ravi, you better listen to us!

Ravi, no!

Please ask them to let Ravi anna in.

Who can stop me from entering
my house and see my father?

Ravi! Stop it! I said, stop it!

You and your brothers had a fall out.
Hence they don't want you here.

Fall out, my foot!

Who else can perform the final rites
of my father?

You helped the girl in the family to
elope. Then how will they allow you in?

I helped her to elope? Did you see that?

Hear me out!

A girl from my family fell in love
and she chose him over family!

Don't you all know there are even worse
things happening in every house here?

Still, you are the second wife's son.

You don't have the complete
right to perform last rites.

"Eldest son does the final rites for
mother and youngest one for father"

My brother Jeyachandran is
my father's youngest son.

People who came into his
life in between, step aside!

Don't you, brother!

Don't make a mockery of dad's reputation
in the name of getting back at me.

If your mother dies, as the first born,
you'll do her final rites.

So now let his first wife's
youngest son do the final rites.

Ramachandra! When your
dad lost his wife...

and was left depressed
with three sons.

We took pity on him and
married off my sister to him.

Now you're showing your
true colours like a snake!

Look, Samudhram is coming here.

Shameless fellows!


Three grips on my dad's
coffin will be my brothers.

Fourth grip will be mine!

No one can touch this!

If anyone has the guts, then
I dare you to lay your hands on it!

I'll chop his head, tie on it
and put a garland!

Ravi, chop down that beast!

You rascal!

How dare you try to lay hands on it!
I'll kill you!

You filthy dog!

What rights do you have to poke
nose in the issue between brothers?

We'll chop you down!



I said, leave!


let anyone have the fourth grip
on his coffin.

If you let your ego win here...

then it'll be your brothers
who will lose.

You don't have to win with them losing.


we are not claiming any rights.

Let us just look at his face,
pay the last respect and leave.

Allow only that lady to come in.

Go, ma.

"He left me stranded all alone"

"I stand here as a sinner
who couldn't do the final rites as a son"

"A failure that I can't even over come
in my next birth"

"My heart is broken and I am bleeding"

"I can see my world spin away from me"

"Wonder who jinxed our happiness
and broke the family into pieces"

"Dignified people are now
lost in the streets"

"It's like we were a tree stem
but parted ways as branches now"


continue to look for Selvi.

"We are in pain as the angel
of our family is missing"

"You are a little flower with the roots
of our older generations"

"You're our deity and yet why
did you fly away from our nest"

I don't mind brothers
insulting me but...

Lingam entering the house
is what scares me.

"I am searching everywhere.
I am wearing out inside"

"My life will revive only
once I see you, my dear"

"You are all I am thinking about,
my litte girl"

"Whether you live in charriot or on the
streets; you're still our little girl"

He is searching for Selvi all over.

If he finds her by any chance...

we'll lose even the repuation
that we are left with.

What happened?

Look here.

-Who sent it?

You stupid!

Why did Sermadurai sent photo
to all the shop keepers?

I don't know! I don't know!

You don't know?

I'll tell you. I'll tell you.


we cannot find her with th help of
our caste association.

Through the Merchants association...

let's send the photo
to all the shop keepers.

No matter in which corner
they both are hiding...

they must step out to
buy groceries and food.

We'll somehow find her and...

within three days we'll
bring her to your house.

Do you think I am here to take
her home and serve a feast?

-I don't get you, brother.

we thought let her be gone for good.

We did the final rites
even before she's dead.

But that fellow Ravi has
set up men to search her.

If by chance he finds them both
and bring them in to our town...

then it'd be like applying the shit on
our face, which we stamped on.

I knew it!

I was worried that love for
daughter might change your mind.

All the men from our caste think alike.

Girls must stay put like the
shawls on our shoulder!

Shouldn't fly into our ears
and eat our brains!

Filthy wretch!


I'll ensure her photo is circulated.


I'll slit the wretch like
slitting a chicken and...

palce the head at Ramanathapuram
bus stand entrance!

Let it be a lesson
to all our caste girls!

Just hold your head high
and walk with pride.

How dare you circulate the photo
of the girl from my family?

You! Do you think I am dead?

Did you think so? How dare you?

If you have guts...

You foolish dog!


You filth!

You foolish wretch!

Talk to me!

Is the casteism in you,
making you go blind?

You want to make a human sacrifice
for you fake ego?

Trying to turn Merchant's Association
into Mafia Association?

I heard you promised to slit her
throat like slitting a chicken?

-I wanna see that!

Look anyone can chop anyone's head!

Even a spouse, if she wants to...

she can chop the head of her
husband when he's drunk and wasted.

But they don't.

She bears it all, isn't it?

Shall I chop the head...

of your wife, who's on
her way for grocery shopping...

and your daughter, who's
on the way to college?

Shall I chop them down on the streets?


My brother is her father.

He's hurting in pain.

But why is it hurting others?

It's a father-daughter relationship...

and a feud between brothers.

If you think of coming in between
and try to take advantage...

Even a small scratch on
my family girl...

You, I'll finish
off your whole generation!

You murderers!


your brother is not as you thought.

He found out about our plan...

and rushed here like a mad elephant...

and destroyed everything over here.

If you want to slit...

then slit your daughter yourself.
That's the real pride.

-Check if those containers left.

-Check and let me know.


Lingam is calling me repeatedly.
He says he'll kill her for us.


he is only an enemy to Ravi
but not to us.

When our father died, our family and
friends stood like mute spectators.

Lingam stood for us.

If he had touched the coffin,
I'd have shot him down.

Who is he to carry our
father in his shoulder?

He'll just get it done
like a contracted labour.

That won't make us any lesser
than Lingam.

If I can reach the pinnacle only
by climbing up his legs...

then we're as good as nothing!

Malar, didn't you parents come?

I'm here with my friends.

What's up Jebamalar? Already praying?

Love application to Jesus christ?

Quiet down.

By the way...

how'd you know if Jesus
approves of your love?

By seeing the flowers.

How? Like checking luck by
tossing flowers in Amman temple?

Today, if Jesus is decorated
with White Roses...

then I'll take it as his approval.

"Hey come on, you queen.
Hey come on, you queen"

"Hey come on, you queen.
Hey queen"

"My thoughts are filled with you"

"And they are dancing"

"And they are singing"

"I had all my hopes on Jesus himself"

"And it didn't get lost"

"And it survived"

"Even the ocean cannot compare
to the love I have on you"

"But my heart finds it
hard to confess it"

"As my mind flows like the waves,
and as the breeze slants me"

"Finally I made it to the shores
only to become yours"

"My thoughts are filled with you"

"And they are dancing"

"And they are singing"

"I had all my hopes on Jesus himself"

"And it didn't get lost"

"And it survived"

"As I travel through the salt water
island, all I am thinking about is you"

"I even hear your laughters
in my dreams"

"My heart yearns for your love"

"It desperately waiting
for some heavy love rain"

"I am floating in love"

"I am always after you,
so that I can win over your love"

"My thoughts are filled with you"

"And they are dancing"

"And they are singing"

How are you?

I'm okay.

I had been to Katchtheevu.

-Jesus answered my praye...
-To have given you hopes...

Please forgive me.

I hope you know how much my family
suffered because of a love.

You know how hurt we are.

These hardships...

should not find your
happy family, Malar.

-How is that linked to our...
-If your family finds out about us...

they will lose their peace of mind.

If they lose their peace of mind...

then how can you lead a happy life?

Life is all about living with family.

And to live a life by keeping
that family happy...

is the real life.

I only realize it now.

We face our parents everyday.


we would have not
focussed in their face.

Go home and look in your parents' face.

You can see a happiness in their faces.

And you must not be the
reason for them to lose it.

Love gives us lots of happiness...

but it also gives equal amount of pain.

I realize this only now.

Please understand.

Get in the car.

No thanks.

Please, get in.

"You left me stranded and
poor me, I'm struggling now"

"I just wanted to scream out
my love for you"

"But your words hit me
and I couldn't speak"

"You changed my fate"

"I expected a lot from you
but you pushed me aside"

"My thoughts are filled with you"

"And they are dancing"

"And they are singing"

Earlier, I couldn't accept
all that you told me.

You were right.


Greetings, Ravi sir.

Don't you recognize me?

Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank
assistant manager.

Tell me.

Your 'Cold Storage' loan
has been sanctioned.

You'll get the cheque next week.

Please do inform your brother.


you inform them. I am not with them now.


I never eat free food!

Where are you guys taking me?

Let's try China biriyani.
It's delicious.

Well, I'm counting on you.

Bro, five biriyanis here please.

-It was you?


My wife took me back and I sold her
earrings and started this outlet.

Still he didn't do it on his
own but used her earrings.

Fine let that be.
How much for a biriyani?

We are like brothers and why
bring money between us?

You can eat for free. Just have it.

Here, we serve biriyanis
ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 50.

-Tell me this...

How'd you make profit if
you sell it so cheap?

See, I sell chicken biriyani for Rs.50/-

Crane biriyani for Rs.40/-

Crow biriyani for Rs.30/-

Dog biriyani for Rs.20/-

Leech biriyani for Rs.10/-

Lizard biriyani for Rs.5/-

Awesome, isn't it?

Lizard biriyani?

If the customer complaints?

I'll tell him it's not lizard but
mutton gizzard and he'll relish it!

What biriyani did you give me now?

That's a decent one.

Chameleon biriyani.

-The meat piece fell off!
-Catch hold of him!

You said biriyani but instead
he's serving reptiles!

Why are you furious now?

Did I serve snake fritters
or cat fry or frog gravy?

Or did I serve earthworms noodles?

So that's your next set of menu ideas?

-Future plan.

it is because the Chinese ate all these,
we had two years of lock down.

Are you trying to notch it up
to five years?

Hit him! After China mobiles,
China silk and China set...

now you bring in China biriyani?
Yet this guy is relishing dog meat!

Foreigners and natives,
both are ruining us!

Destroy that Pani Poori shop!

Explain it to my brother in detail.

The machineries for 'Cold storage'
will be installed here.

Greetings, sir.

Your brother mentioned that
there's some feud in your family.

The loan applied in
in your father's name...

can be processed only if
all four brothers sign it.

Not just that.

You must submit the Legal heir
certificate and Settlement deed.

-Please look into it.
-Okay, sir.

What are you saying, Shivachandra?

He met the bank manager
and confused him.

-Are you sure?
-If he didn't do it then...

how can the Mercantile bank manager in
Madurai know about our family issue?

-Tell me.

We have an email from a London buyer...

stating the agreement renewal.


They came to know about
our father's demise.

All because of that bloody step brother!

He knows agreement renewal will require
his signature too. Hence he did this.

Looks like he'll become
our mortal enemy.

Jaya, ask advocate Senguttuvan to come.

Annachi, your point sounds good...

but all of a sudden if
you ask your brother...

to sign settlement document,
do you think he'll sign it?

He is a crook!

He doesn't have to do it for nothing.

For my dad's mistake;
the Sakkarkotai house...

40 acres in Paramkudi highway...

and he can have the car he is driving.

Let him ram it anywhere!
Offer him all these.

And ask him to come and sign.

See kiddo, if not a rod, at least
you must give a small log.

Instead you're offering an ear bud.

Even if you have to settle him in a fair
way, he must get 1/4th of the wealth.

But you guys are being unfair and...

didn't even let him to do the
final rites duty to his father...

and left him stranded outside the gate.

Do you think he'll keep quiet?

He'll demand a share for his mother too!

Because her name will be the first
in the Legal Heir Certificate!

Let that be aside, Ramachandran.

Your daughter, who is on a tour...

If she returns, she also
is entitled to a share.

Because she is now 18+.

She is a major now.

You want PRV's wealth to be written off
to that Keezhakarai bhai's son?

That's what the law states!

Three shares there and
three shares for you guys.

The total value of the wealth
is 850 crores.

425 over there and here.

So give it a good thought,
Mister Ramachandran.

So, see you. Okay?

He started respectfully with 'Annachi'

Then he said "See kiddo"

Finally he called out my name.

He makes a living by working for us...

and takes a dig at me saying "your
daughter who is on a tour"

So imagine how'd the people talk?

I must first slit my daugther's throat.

Only then we can lift our
head high and live.


Call Lingam and tell him to do it.

I already spoke to him.

He is on it and will get it done soon.

I never knew you smoked, brother.

Other day at factory,when you lit
up a cigarette in front of all...

I couldn't bear it.


I made the decision myself.

Forgive me if I was wrong to do so.

I gave birth to a wretch...

I am the wrong one here.

Sir, here's the CCTVs footage
you asked for.

This camera.

Selvi went to the restroom at 11:15.

Then she never returned.

After 10 minutes,
a girl in yellow churidhar...

came from the direction of the
restroom towards college.

What if that girl is Selvi's friend?

She would definitely know
where Selvi is.

Sorry, madam.

We zoomed and tried but
her face is not clear.

Show the footage from this camera.

Sorry, sir. That camera was
not working at that time.

We inquired the whole college if
anyone knew who that girl was.

Nobody revealed if it was them.

That's why something's fishy.

You wanted to see me?

We have no progress in finding Selvi.

A girl in yellow churidhar was with
her in the restroom on that day.

Selvi doesn't have
that much courage, Malar.

Someone gave her
a blind courage to do so.

Can you ask your friends
and try to find out?

It was you, right?
The girl in yellow churidhar.

Stop blabbing.

The selfie we took on the day
Selvi went missing.

I saw this when I was transferring
all the photos, last night.


It was me. I was in there with her.

I only helped Selvi to elope.

Why would you do that?

Look, Jimmy has set out with weapon.
Looks like some issue! Come on!

Come on, guys!

Use it to weigh.

I heard you were calling out
"Exchange Dates for iron scraps"

By the time I found this rusted weapon,
you reached so far?

Should I come looking for you?

Here take it and give me seedless Dates.

Why are you all here with weapons?

To exchange it for Dates?

Go ahead.

This weapon is used in Caste war,
Religion war, Racism war, Language War.

Also in Sibliings rivalry, Bar fights
and even in Temple festival fights.

You guys even fight at funerals
and make our lives a hell!

Mr. Ghost Massager!

We thought you were off to fight...

and we followed to help you!

-And you're mocking us?

If there's extra milk
then feed it to the cat.

Don't try to feed to this tiger!

If I try to chop a banana
with the weapon...

it'll get stuck on the banana peel.

Try to chop a mango and it'll
get stuck on the mango seed.

Got it?

I'll chop your head, let's see
if it gets stuck in your throat!

Is the two rupees coin yours?

-Where? Two rupees!

Dude, isn't that Raheem's bike?

6786! Yes!

How did you guys come to know?

We were leaving to Madurai
for a basket ball match.

We came to the stand to park our bikes.

That's when we noticed Raheem's bike.

Don't worry, we can find out the details
using the booking chart.

Give me the date.

Rameswaram to Pondycherry mail.

It reaches our station at 11:40.

They have got into that.

He has a friend named Charles
in Pondicherry.

They studied together till 10th grade.

Yes, their fathers worked
together in Coast Guard.

Later Charles family
moved to Pondicherry.

They were in touch through Facebook.
They are thick friends.

-You mongrel! What have you done?
-I am innocent, dad.

-Where's the girl? I'll kill you!
-Sir, don't beat him.

-I swear, I don't know.
-Sir, leave him.

Tell the truth!


how will you react if it was your
sister was in my sister's place?

I really don't know.

I am here to take them back.

Please, tell me the truth.

Okay sir. I'll tell.

Raheem and Selvi came here
two months ago.

We friends got them married
just as a formality.

They were staying at Emerald lodge.

Raheem didn't have any money with him.

He said he was going to borrow
from a friend and went to Nagore.

But he never returned.

His phone is also switched off.

Selvi got worried and she also went
to Nagore in search of Raheem.

After that I had no communication
at all with them.

Malar, we came to know that Selvi
is in Nagore.

I'm on my way to Nagore.

Any news on that girl
in yellow churidhar?

No. Nothing.

Have you seen her anywhere?

No, sir.


You search in this street.

You ask in that shop.

Two for Rs. 30, sir.

-Give me change, please.


Here, take the money. Excuse me!

Ravi pa


What's all this?

Oh my God!

Ravi pa!

Please leave. Please don't look at me.

Oh my God! Ravi pa!

Ravi pa! I made a huge mistake!

Forgive me Ravi pa.

God! Oh my God!

How could you do this?

"Whom do we blame for this sin?"

He betrayed me.

He left me.

"Did you get stung again and again"

I brought shame to the whole family.

It's okay, dear.

Thank God, you came.

I asked her about her family
but she didn't say a word.

"The ties are broken and
the relation is lost"

"The eyes welled up and are
desperate to see you again"

"The heart burns and wrenches in pain"



Look, it's paapa.

- Paapa is back!
-My God!


You wretch!

You wretch! The audacity you
have to come here like this!

It's my fate! How could
you do this to us?

Did I give birth to you to see this day?

God, please help me!

You wretches!

She consumated with some stranger
and you're taking her back?

Dog! Filthy dog!

Where did you go?

Where the hell did you go?

Shut up! You can't even raise
your daugher properly!

I lost my pride! Lost my dignity!


I will find peace of mind
only if I'll chop you down.

Are you crazy?

I thought you reacted like that
because you loved your daughter.

Instead you wanna raise
the weapon on her!

We don't know if she changed religion
and mingled with other caste people.

She deserves to be killed!

No one ever lived respectfully
by boasting about his own caste.

No one ever died respectfully,
by boasting about their own religion!

-How dare you talk back to him?
-You're the reason for all this!


All you do is nod to everything
they say without reasoning!

Look here!

One who forgives
is a respectful man.

You can't forgive her mistake!
You don't deserve respect!

My foot!

She is my daughter!
I've full rights on her!

Who are you to interfere between us?

She is your daughter only until
you thrashed her in anger and pain.

The moment you took that weapon...

she is no more your daughter!

She is now my daughter!


Fine, go...

We'll make sure that wretrch is
slit and laid dead on the streets.

I am still alive.

We'll slit you too!

Do it, brother.

Do it.

If that satifies you...

then do it whole heartedly.

"The one who sired is waging a war"

"Love relationships are
always a taboo here"

"Adolescence is innocent
and such a pain is new"

"And won't that pain disolve
like rock salt in water?"

"A pure gold will never rust and
always stay the same quality"

"The more we commit mistakes,
the more we lose"

"I am the same but it's
my fate that has changed"


You said you had men in every town?

You said you had eyes in every shores?

Ravi brought her back!

He did it! You couldn't, right?

I lost the reputation my
brother had on me and...

our family's reputation
is completely lost!

Already a half of your
family's reputation is restored.

What do you mean?

Please, I don't know. Please!

We finished of that bhai's son
20 days ago.

We tied him on to a rock and
drowned him in the sea.

The remaining reputation
is in front of our eyes.

We'll restore that too.

Sister, a prospect bride's relative
called me from Tiruchendur.

They are interested in Ravi.

I thought let's wait till first death
anniversary of your husband is over.

If it's a good alliance
then let's fix it.


Ravi pa fell in love
with a girl in my college.

It's ruined because of me.

Now that's news to me!

Jimmy knows all the detail. Ask him.

Call him at once.

Why is Mr. Ash-black collecting ashes?

Excuse me!

A buffalo is grazing on your fire wood.
Why aren't you chasing it away?

It's me! Do I look
like a buffalo to you?

You look like a burn out tyre.

Wear something white so
that people can spot you.

I don't need any advice
from a wild bear!

Let that be. Please don't stay
in that bent position for long.


Someone might mistake you
for a cow and milk you.

How dare you talk like that to me?
Dirty fellow!

Useless fellow!

I'll rip you apart!

Uncle's getting weaker with his throw.

What's up paapa? You wanted to meet me?
What is it?

A secret. I need to discuss
something important with you.

-Fine. Go ahead.
-Keep it a secret.

Ravi pa fell in love with a
girl in my college, right?

What happened to that love story?

I've heard you calling your
dad and his brothers as pa.

I've also heard of Padayappa.

Who's this Ravi pa?

Don't you know Jeba Malar
from my college?

I know magazines like 'Vara Malar',
'Siruvar Malar', 'Velli Malar' etc.

Who's this Jeba Malar?

Stop acting! Nobody's here.

Just open it up.

Who told you nobody's here?

Come here.

Ravi's mom is eavesdropping
behind that door.

And aunt is eavesdropping
in the kitchen.

A rodent is confused and eagerly
expecting to hear what I am gonna say.

If they all find out then
Ravi anna will kick me down!

Will you be happy then?

-Yes, uncle?

When Ravi tells you to buy
biriyani for our men...

you buy them booze and get them wasted.
I already know you're a fraud!

You know in and out about
him and you're lying to us?

Now watch me stab you with this!

Wait. Hold on. My darling, come here.

Just tell us what happened.

Let's do something nice for him.

They served us coffee but you've
got a special milkshake there.

That means you regularly come here!

Stop jinxing it, Mr. Ash-black.

No, I don’t wear shoes.

You have been silent since your arrival.


Ravi anna's mom wants
to fix his marriage.

She saw your daughter in
a shop and liked her.

Hence, she is here to ask
her hand in marriage.

Madam, I am an employee in your company.

We belong to a different
caste and religion.

I am confused, why would you ask
my daughter's hand in marriage?


better you break the truth.

My son and your daughter
liked each other.

Fearing your family shouldn't
face the same plight as our's...

he broke up with her.

Well your daughter is also equally good.

She agreed to it for the
sake of your happiness.

My son wanted was his
parents to be happy...

and his brothers to live in peace.

He always wishes only happiness
for everyone around him.

He always worries about
others all the time.

But the one thing he
wished for himself...

was only your daughter.

As a mother...

I want to fulfill his wish.

Please don't refuse.

For us...

You wanted our happiness, right?

I won't let you suffer.

I just cannot accept this right away.

Give me some time.
I'll come to terms with this.

Useless fellow! You swine!

Give me a reason and then hit me.
It hurts!

You kick-started what was over!

And you accompanied them too!

So, me accompanying
them is your problem?

Your uncle too accompanied us.
Why don't you hit him?

That doofus is diverting him towards me!

My mom's love for me blinded her...

but what's your problem?

Same here. My love for you blinded me.

Drats! He'll fall in love
and break up as he wishes.

Poor girl, she'll weep in his memory!

One kick and you'll shit here!

So be it. Uncle will clean the mess.
Want some?

Ma, I'm already upset that
our girl's life is ruined.

I am worried about that boy, here.

And you guys want to
fix alliance for me?

Don't have any consideration for
someone who left me and ran away.

Don't you have any sense? Fool!

Will you rush with every decision?

If his intention was to
leave you and run away...

then he'd have ran away the day
I confronted him in college.


Something has gone awry.

But I'm unable to find out what it is.

Till today, unofficially
we searched for that boy.

But all in vain.

If you can make your girl lodge
an official complaint...

we can try to find him easily.

-Let me think over it, sir.
-Okay, sir.

Ravi sir...

I want to talk to you in person.

Have a seat.

Sir, didn't you want to know who
that girl in yellow churidhar was?

It was none other than...

Jeba Malar.

She is my neighbour and I didn't
want her to fall in any trouble.

Hence, I lied that
camera was under repair.

She betrayed your
family but the irony is...

your mother came asking
for her hand in marriage.

How can I keep quiet?

This is the footage of
that fourth camera.

What is it?

-You destroyed my family, right?

I had immense trust on you.

-Please, listen to me...
-You broke that trust!

-Hear me out.
-Shut up!

Our family's dignity is
ruined because of you.

I lost my father...

and locked horns with my brothers.

I was separated from
all the loving kids.

My mom was insulted.

You did all this...

and how dare you come and propose to me?

First try to understand and then speak.

You poisoned a little girl's
mind, ruined her life...

and now you want
to give lame explanation?

How many times did I ask you?
Yet, did you tell me?

-Eventually I wanted to tell you...
-All of you. Look at her!

Look at her!

She was the "Mother Mary"
in yellow churidhar.

She will bless you all
and answer your prayers.

She'll bless that you must
elope and ruin your lives.

She'll bless that all
your families may ruin!

I pray to Lord Naryanasamy,
Tiruchendur Murugan and Lord Pillaiyar!

And at the same time I respect
mosque and church.

Hence I have the rights to curse you.
I curse you that...

Even if you confess, no church
will absolve this sin of yours


what you committed is not a sin...

it's betrayal!

You think you can talk
whatever you want and leave?

None in your family has the patience
to hear out others' justification!

How dare you talk about my family?

Talk about my family again
and I'll choke you to death.

Other day, your brothers
didn't let you explain.

Similarly, today you
aren't letting me explain.

Let me tell you what
happened on that day!

What are you doing? Why are
you committing suicide?

I want to die.

Why do you want to die now?

Answer me!

Open your mouth and talk.

Raheem and I are in love.

Everybody knows that crap. What else?

We decided to elope and get married.

He's waiting for me outside.


I am unable to convince to myself to
break the promise I made to Ravi pa

He says he'll commit suicide
if I don't elope with him.

I thought instead let me die first...

You fool!

If girls have to commit suicide for love
issues then no girl would be alive.

Let me call your Ravi pa.

I must tell on you, so that
your family rips your apart!

You can tell Ravi pa now.

-What if I hang myself at night?
-One slap!

How dare you talk like that?

Did your parents give
birth to you for that?

Just leave me. I want to die.

He says he'll die if
you won't go...

and you say you'll die
if you don't get him.

Instead of both of you dying,
just elope!

Stop blinking!

Instead of dying and ruining your
families happiness forever...

at least let them have the consolation
of you guys are alive somewhere.Go!

Just leave! Go!

If I hadn’t spoke to her like that...

your little girl would have
hanged herself to death!

Would that have made you happy?

You all would've been living corpses!

And you call me a traitor?

A traitor!

My intention was not
to hide this from you!

I was hesitant to tell you because you
lost everything and were heart broken.

You have no idea how much I weeped
carrying all these burdens.

And what else did you ask?

"You did all this..."

"and how dare you come
and propose to me?"

Yes, I am daring enough!

Indeed I'm daring enough!


I didn't do anything wrong.

And second...

I love you.

I love you a lot!


You lodged a complaint
to find that bhai's son.

Your mother approached a christian
family, seeking a bride.

Have you both, mom and son set out
to bring shame to PRV family?

Until you're alive, you'll be a trouble
for us. First we must kill you.

You want your brother dead?
Are you crazy?

How dare you talk back?

Your casteism has blinded you!
You want to kill your brother?

Aren't you ashamed?

Know your damn place, you dog!

Ravi anna has done a
lot for this family.

Be thankful. Remember God is watching!

Are you barking at us for feeding you?

No, I being loyal and
honest for feeding me.

-How dare you talk back, useless fellow!
-Get out!

Get out! You disloyal dog!

Get out!

Fine, I'll leave.

-Out! You dog!
-I'm leaving!

I'll leave.

I don't have a name,
native, caste or religion!

Thank God...

I named myself after a dog.

Dogs are loyal.

All you humans are poisonous.

Purely poisonous.

I better be a dog!

Ravi anna! Raheem called us.


From where?

I got a call from an unknown number.
It was Raheem.

I was kidnapped in Nagore.

They have held me captive in a boat,
in the middle of the sea.

Who kidnapped you?

I don't know them.

They thrashed me asking
about Selvi's whereabouts.

I left Selvi, all by herself,
at Pondicherry.

She must be suffering alone.

Ravi anna brought Selvi back home.

She is safe.

Then inform this to Ravi anna.

This is one of the kidnapper's phone.
Don't call back.

Give us the number he called from.
We'll trace out the location.

Raheem called from a location that
is three kilometers away from here.

Tell me.

Karuppu, the police and Coast Guard
are approaching your boat.

Are you smuggling any stuff?

Throw the net out!

Come on!

Round up the boat.

Pull the net.

Come on, pull the net!

Sir, why are you searching our boat?

Rascal! Where is Raheem?
Where have you hid him?

-Answer us!
-We're fishing here!

Why are you asking us?

Fishing in the same spot for three days?

Officers from that country
are troubling us...

-and now you too won't let us in peace?
-Where's the boy?

-What is it?

-Come here!
-What happened?

Pull the rope up. Come on, pull!


Lift him up!

Come on!

You sinner!

How can you commit such a sin?


Please, don't beat him.

-You brought shame to that great family!
-Let's talk it out.

-Listen to me.
-Allah won't forgive you!

Almighty Allah won't forgive you!


-take your son home.

Let all the issues settle down.

-Then we'll decide the formalities.
-Okay, sir.

Thanks a lot.

Don't cry, Selvi.

Sorry Raheem.

Get in the car, Malar.

Please listen to me, Malar.

I have thrashed many people.

I have abused many of them.

But I swear on my mother...

I have never hurt any innocent.

The worst sin in this world...

is raising hands on a girl.

I committed that sin.

I won't apologies to you and
brush aside my mistake.

Even if you refuse me, I will
never leave your side.

I will marry only you.

In this life, no matter how
much you embarrass me...

Even if you insult me or torture me...

In fact...

even if you spit on my face...

I will never get angry with you.

I'll always be your...


I will kick you down!

Do it!

Kick right on my chest!

I didn't come here to
request you to trust me.

I came here to to tell you
that, don't trust me.

But you will trust me...

and that will be after 24 hours.

Let me tell you why
I kept that boy alive.

In future, if you change your mind and
take back your daughter...

then you shouldn't question
me for killing him.

Even now, I can ask few of my men to
dive in the sea by Keezhakarai...

and slit that boy right by his house.

My men can hide in the woods
of Puthiya Muthur and...

your daughter can be killed in a day.


your brother and step mother
will interfere.

What do we do about them?

Butcher anyone who interferes.

Tomorrow morning give me the
news that everything is over.

Brother, what did you just say?

I don't have the heart to let those
dogs have the share of 425 crores.

Imagine what a demon he is!

He wants his own brother dead!

It's impossible to drag
this whale to the shore.

We must gather up the prawns in
his place and finish him off!

Come, let's go home.

You guys carry on.

I'll come in the morning,
with my pride in tact.

If our crown must not fall off...

then we need a dice to play with.

Lingam's men have rounded up
your brother, in the factory.

Can you come at once?

What are you saying?

Your brother isn't picking the call.

Try again, uncle.

Ravi anna...

Ravi anna...



Ravi anna...


Grandma, what happened?

-Lock the door on the bottom.

Paapa put the stool against the door!


Dear, Mukkiah speaking.

I heard you are in trouble.

You shameless fellow!

I am the trouble!

He's insulting me.

Listen, go and close that door. Quick!

You go inside, at once!

No, I won't. I want to help.

-You got nothing to do with this.
-Please, let me be with you.

Go inside and save yourself.

We'll face them together.
Don't lock me up.

Open the door.

I feel that we were
lured out of our house.

You go home. I don't have a
good feeling about this.

I'll go and check at
your brother's home


Bring it on! I'll chop you down!

I said, bring it on! Come on!


Chop them down!

Paapa come on!

Grandma, quick.

Guys, hide.



-Ravi pa


Finish him off!

Stab from behind!

Paapa go and lock that door!



Catch her!

Ravi pa!


-Run, dear!
-Leave my leg!

No, I won't grandma.

I said, go!

Just run, you dog!







Ma, you're okay.

Ma? Ma?

Save paapa... Save her...




Ravi pa!


Ravi pa!


Ravi pa

Guys, where are you?


Guys? What's wrong with you?

Whatever you paid Lingam;
he paid it to us!

Guys, men are approaching! Run!

-Catch them!

Show your arm.

We have admitted eight
of them in hospital.

Two of them turned themselves in.
I've to file an FIR.

In which case, I'll have to press
charges against your brother too.

Against my brother?

This was planned together
by your brother and Lingam.

The business is unfinished!

The police won't let you go easy.

You abscond to Colombo at once.

Those Richie Richs would've greased the
palms of the whole department, by now.

Are you happy, brother?

Are you happy now?

They hunted down your own
child like a piglet...

and she's fighting for her life.

Are you satisfied?

Hope you restored the
reputation of your caste!

Until now, did anyone have the courage
to rise a weapon on you?

But today?

Your own caste fellows tried to
butcher you for the sake of money!

If any one of our caste fellows lay
hands on any of our family's woman...

Do you think we'll keep quiet
just because he's from our caste?

Won't we rip their arms and legs apart?

Then where is casteism there?

You're all wearing a fake mask!

The moment you joined hands with
Lingam to kill your daughter...

your casteism died!

Now, after fighting for
name sake reputation...

you're sitting here as a loser.

To influence that bank manager...

I ain't greedy for money.

The day I lost my right to do
my father's final rites...

the very next day...

me and mother signed a will stating we
don't need any share from his wealth.

It's up to you to believe
all this or not.

That's your wish.

But I swear, I didn't help
your daughter to elope.

Please believe that alone.

Being a father figure, the guilt
of letting my daughter elope...

How can I sleep peacefully?

Please don't cry, dear.

Listen! Listen! Ammu is missing.

-Where was she?
-Playing in the verandah.

Go and search!

What were you all doing?

What happened?

She is not there outside.

-I am scared.
-Patience. We'll find her.

Ravi, what happened?

-Where are you going? Tell us!
-Dear, what happened?

Start the car!

Lingam! What you're doing is wrong!

This kid from your
family is now my dice.

I was waiting to get my hands on
her so that I can make you suffer.

I am sailing across the seas.

I am taking this kid along with me.

If you set the police and
Coast Guard on me...

then I won't have any mercy on this kid.

I'll slit her and get arrested.


If you guys shut up and
sit in a corner...

then in any one of the
12 islands enroute...

this kid from your family
will be standing all alone.

Well, she'll be standing nude!

Don't you dare talk like that!

I failed in turning PRV
family into nothing.

Atl least I'll leave them ashamed.

How dare you say that?

We are the race that
worships the mother ocean!

That kid is equal to a Goddess.

Kill him to feed your ego!

Kill his brothers!

That's justified.

Why did you abduct this small kid?

You left your wife for delivery and
kinapped somebody else's child?

Dear, run! Escape!

Dad, leave me!

-No, I won't allow you.
-Leave me!


Ravi pa!

-Don't worry. Nothing.

Don't worry, dear.

Hold the kid.

Don't spare him, Ravi!

You rascal!

What wrong did we do?

Just because you lost a
loved one in your family...

we were patient with you but you?

You tried to kill my mom
by choking her in water!

You talk filthy about a
small kid, you dog!

Only if I kill you...


don't kill him.

No, ma! Our family can live
peacefully only if he dies!

No! Dear, first listen to me!

It was my mom on the call.

Your wife just delivered a baby girl.

She told me "Don't kill that baby's
father and make that baby an orphan."

"And people will say 'She came into this
world by taking her father's life' "

After four years...

In some island...

Remember what you said?

Just like that...

Imagine your daughter standing there.

You'll know the pain!

(Four years later)

I pity this country.

The educated are cutting
the wild trees...

and the uneducated are
going abroad for work.

You, watch out!

Talk less and work more!

Push inside.


-Food is served.
-Coming, dear.


Ask them to uproot that wild plant.

You mean uproot with that JCB?

It cannot uproot the hair in my head.
May be it can catch lice.

I'll do it myself! Watch me!


Ravi pa...

come, let's eat.



Who was on the call?

You were talking for a long time.

A relative. A brother.

He called me after a long time.