Yaanaa (2019) - full transcript

The film delves into the aspirations and values of today's youth, who would go to any length to achieve their dreams. As the saying goes, the greatest journey is the one within.

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Who's that sexy thang I see over there?

That's me, standin' in the mirror

What's that icy thang
hangin' 'round my neck?

That's gold, show me some respect (oh ah)


Kannada...Kannada song

Popular kannada Song

Popular kannada song

Nandu... Nandu...

Popular Kannada Song


Good morning

What? Again on shopping spree?

How do we pay the rent?

If we miss the rent date this month,
it will come next month...

but the current offer
will not come again, right?

Leave it sweety,
I will handle the owner uncle

you don't worry about it

- Han...

Come forward
- Pch..


Wah! Perfect lighting

the fall of sun rays on your face,
you look very pretty.

What a beauty!

Since the day you met me, you have
been telling the same thing...

...are you not getting bored?

From that day, till now,
you look the same

Dr. Jayadev, have your breakfast,
you need to go to the hospital

If I keep seeing you like this,
not just the hospital...

...I dont want this world also

Before leaving the house...

...if I hug you once & go...

...I dont even know how the day goes!

So... you want to hug me?

- Hum

Who is hugging whom!?
- Who?

Hi, Dad

Good morning
- Good morning dear

Late Morning

Hi Maa
- Come

Mom, what is for breakfast?


Tasty upma

Stupid, concrete...

Mamma, very boring yaa

It's poha upma dear
- Oh...

...you said Upma, my mood is out.

I am going to eat in canteen

You like outside junk food,
but not home made food?

Tell her it will lead to ulcer, acidity..

- No yaa, stop it. Nothing will happen

Have Upma, please have upma
- No, no

- Hm

Thank you, bye
- Hey...

...she is getting spoiled by you

What did I do?

...keep money in the pocket for her...

...open the door when
she comes at odd hours...

...and dance to her tunes...

First and foremost, I don't give her money

- She takes it herself

Second, true I open
the door for her at night...

...so as not to disturb you

Third, it is you who dance and
make me dance...

...you are the dancer, I am only a doctor

Anju, with whose permission did
you apply for Bangalore college?

Why, is there no college
in our Theerthalli?

What? Brother,
Architecture is 5 years course...

Uncle, you know where I got the seat?

ETN Institution

...one of the top five colleges

Look dear, we are three brothers..
- Hum

...you are the only daughter
in this big house...

...how can we live without
you for 4 to 5 years?

You join college here itself

Mom, please...

Don't be stubborn Anjali

No further talks on this.
As eldest of the house I am telling...

...we will not send Anjali anywhere

Why are you not sending?

Why not?

Anjali is going to Bangalore for
studies. Let her go & study...

Earlier you got her
everything that she wanted...

...but now you don't want her
to go there and study?

Children should be brought up with love,

but the love should not be torture,

got it?

I will handle these people,
you go ahead with your studies

Thank you Grandma...

...Only 2 things are modern in Karnataka.

One is Metro and the other is my Grandma

Thank you

Baby, lolly pop

So sweet

Hi Rahul

You were last seen at 4 am in Whatsapp

You were up by 4 am. But why late?

Hello, it is not that I got up at 4 am,
I was awake till 4!

I am feeling very hungry,
come let's have burger

Instead of eating mom's home food
you eat this junk food...

Hello... At home it's mother, lecturer
in class & here your torture!

There is a tree fall near Sankey tank,
go & saw it. Don't do it here

Let's meet during lunch. Bye

Hi uncle, give me a good burger
- Hi...

...why do you eat burger.

Channa batura is famous
in our hotel, have it


Good morning
- Good morning

This is for sister
- Thank you

Oh! Thank you

This is for sister's friend
What, you have given only water to me?

Oh! I get business from sister,

and from you it is loss of business

Hey Lilliput, dont tease me...

...I will file child labour case on you

Who is child? Who is labour?...

...hotel is mine, it is in my name,
look there...

...what is hotel's name?
- Mark Cafe

That Mark Sanju is me!

Hey, dont sit there,
it is special table for my brother

Who is your brother?

- Hi bull


Bul bul, you dont talk to me?
- No, I will not talk

- Exhausted currency.

Ok, you could have used Whatsapp?
- Even the data pack is exhausted

Just a minute...

Thank you Chikkoos, I got it

Nandu, mine & yours both...

Ha, Chikkoos...

Getting too late for my class,

will catch up with you later, Okay


hey you, come here I say

-what man...

I feel you will permanently
settle in our college

you came in to do Engineering...

you dropped out in the middle...

but I don't see any signs
of you passing out either...

what is your future plan?

Sir B.A

will you get through atleast in it!?

Sir, effort is from our side

the result is in your hands,
as you are the agent of God Sir

She insisted that she wants to study in
this college and has brought us

Is it?

Sir, we have pampered our daughter
- Dont worry

We have lush green campus,

spacious classrooms,
well qualified lecturers...

...well equipped labs,

large library with all kinds of books.

Busses are available all over the city

24x7 electricity, 24x7 security,
24x7 water, free wifi

Wow, how well he speaks English!

So what? I am the Principal

- Sir?

You got your seat from NCC quota, right?
- Yes

So, pay the fees and admit her
- Hm

She is the only heir to our family,
please take special care Sir...

Don't Worry...

we have lush green Campus...

Spacious Classroom...

well qualified lecturers...

well equipped Labs
Large Library with all kind of Books...

Busses are available all over the city

24X7 Security...

24X7 Electricity...

24X7 Water...free wifi...

Your luggage has been kept in your room
- Hm, ok

Have food from time to time,
Any problem please let me know

You also buy good clothes,
even if they are expensive

Here's the debit card.
The balance will never become nil

always be happy dear
- Ok

- Hi...

I am Neetu

- I am Apoorva


Which branch?
- Me, Architecture

Hey, she is our branch
- Yes, yes


- Thank you

So innocent...
- Yeah, I know

By the way, I forgot. Mom has sent lot
of snacks, both of you have it

Even we forgot to ask you,
we are eating

There are so many good colleges in
Shimoga, why have you come so far?

As I want to stay in Bangalore hostel &
study, fought with my family & came

Early morning they would put off the fan
and wake me up...

...were forcefully making me eat...

...people around me asking me what I did,
and what has to be done...

...I was getting suffocated

I don't want anyone here.
I can be flying like a free bird here!

Hey, close the window,
else she will fly off....

Oh, I have been waiting outside with
garbage, and you are sitting inside?..

Oh, madam, it is you!?...

Oh, that... I thought someone
from the corporation...

...even they wear such a dress!...

Do I look like a corporation lady...?

...let me come back
from college and take on you. ..

and even you both had it.

R! What is the surprise in this?

- This is the first letter of your name..

...you know how much
I struggled to do it?

When others in class made I L T,
I made R for you,

but how arrogant you are!?

Yes, Wow.

I have not seen such R in my life.

It's round... it is rough?... Super

What, you are bullying me!?...

that is why people say
Software will move sideways

it is Hardware who give their heart

she is a beauty queen,
born with a golden spoon

This talking Barbie doll is a beauty Angel

a trendy walking style with classy looks

this Desi Model is a Colloquial friend

Royal attitude with lots of Gratitude

awesome attraction,
her eyes are the distraction

can't find anyone in par with this beauty

this dreamy Darling gives
sleepless night to younger generation

This crazy character is very choosy

this dreamy Darling gives
sleepless night to younger generation

Moon's dearest Daughter

this a celestial Maiden
is a heart throbbing angel

Daughter of the celestial clan

the fairy Daughter of the celestial Queen

a pearly smile..
a face which over shadows this world

the voice which haunts always,
this fairy represents joy

her mesmerising beauty steals one's heart

she is a walking goldmine

let aside all confusions,
holdon a bit of temptation

watch and learn the lesson
do you need a reason to party?

in this short life,
why do you need depression

laugh and let others laugh
should be our slogan

lets begin celebration

she is a beauty queen,
born with a golden spoon

this talking Barbie doll is a beauty angel

a trendy walking style,
a classic look in her smile

this Desi Model is a Colloquial friend

Royal attitude with lots of Gratitude

awesome attraction,
her eyes are the distraction

Moon's dearest Daughter

this a celestial Maiden
is a heart throbbing angel

Daughter of the celestial clan

the fairy Daughter of the celestial Queen

You come here, come this side.
You come here.....you yellow shirt...

you yellow shirt...where are you from?

Sir, Kiran from Shuntikoppa

Hey blue, what is your name?

- My name is Apoorva

- From California

What is your name?


- Oh Neetu, too sweet

What is your name?
- Anj...

- Anjali from Theerthalli

- Anjali.. Anjali.. Anjali...

Ok, ok, ok...

Welcome to ETN institute...

...now it's time to see your talents

you resemble a pickpocket who steals
others pocket on a dark night on streets

and also leaving your last wife behind...

and enjoying the night in
candle light without a condom

you, how dare you scould me?

...go, get out

Hello Ms.Theerthalli,
what are you performing?

I will sing a song

Song? No.

You have to do break dance
Hey, you go and dance with her

You have to remove the sweater and dance


Remove it

Hey, stop the music...

What Ms.Theerthalli, Don't want to dance?

You have to be here for 4 years, right?

- What Hm? Say Hm Sir

Hm sir.

You know punishment for not obeying?

Oh, mom


...no dude, it's too much...

...leave her
- Why?

Dude, ragging is ok.

But this is like crossing the limits

If management comes to know,
you know what they going to do?

Such special care is not required dude

Was there no management last year?

What is your...
- What about you?

Who called you here? Go from here
It is done every year. Go out

What is your problem, go
- You go out...

What nonsense....?

cool, cool, topic is going elsewhere

Why fight among ourselves?
- Leave, let him go to hell

Hey, go, go
- you go, get out

Some day or the other...
- Ok, ok, go

Juniors, please go to your rooms

Nandu, you know what!

it seems a full on chemistry is brewing
between physics and chemistry Lecturer

Yak, are you serious!?


where are the rest?

who knows

hey, look at that item
he is very charming isn't it?

Uhh, you and your scrap taste

dude, you know what!?

Principal's fifth wife
has divorced him it seems

ofcourse, he has tortured us a lot

Nandu, look what she's wearing!

phew, never mind

well students...

you are all from different colleges...

who have come here to know
more about Architecture...

and become Architects of the future

so let me know, why you have
come here to become Architects

what made you choose this field

let me take names one by one


sorry Ma'am

sit down

Dear students...

we are disucssing about
Mass class heirarchy of needs

heirarchy is self actualisation
distinguish needs for love and belongings

self actualisation...


needs for love...



if you all make such noise
how will sir continue his lessons?

if you all are not interested, get out

Sir, tell those not
interested to get out...

tell them that you will
give them attendence

atleast then the class will be silent Sir

only then we can listen to lessons


those not interested get out

I will give your attendence



before coming make it
a habit to look other side too

you learn it first

you came in my way...

are you blind?

why, can't you see?


you are crossing your limit...
-No, it's you crossing the limit


why do you both always fight like this?

go to your class

Nandu, go to your class

Chikoos, see how he behaves

hey, go to your class

Bro, it's she who started the fight,
I didn't do anything

being a Senoir I am telling you
just go back to your class that's it

go now

how many subjects did you fail?

Listen, don't ever ask a girl's age
nor an Engineering Student's Back log

I have heard these Dialouges many times
you tell me

four subjects...

four...! the other day
you said six I think!

Two absent...

Two subjects Absent

Look, Studies are the basics of life

keeping it aside we should do Magic

and that is my life's Logic

Dear Students...

elections for student President will be
conducted in our College this year too

though we Lecturers
are very friendly with you

we can't express certain issues with you...

and even you too can't
express certain issue with us

at that time, a leader
will be of utmost importance

you can file the nominations

coming Friday will be
the last day for filing nominations

I wish you all the best, Good luck..

Uuh, God bless you
-Namaste Sir

Namaste Sir

then, Yuvaraj how are you?

Election dates have been announced
I will file nominations tomorrow

just came to take your blessings sir

my blessing are always on you

like always, even this year you will win

Shivraj,arrange whatever he needs

Sir, why waste time
in the pretext of elections

unanimously elect Yuvaraj as President

you can save both Money and time Sir

Ooh, we are aware I say, that
none will come forward to contest...

but we have to follow the rules

now, you file your nomination

Guys...guys...Side please...

come on, side please...

hey Nandu, you should
have come a little early

he just filed the nomination now

I have come here to stand too

then, are you sitting now!?

to file my nomination

you are contesting the elections!?

when waste and trash
have contested why not me !?


then, are you a broom!?

no, I am a vacuum cleaner

both sweep the dust and wate

Boys don't dare to contest opposite me

you being a girl, can't bother me, go now

just look back at the History

when Gods couldn't slay Demons

it was the Goddesses
who slayed them very easily

History repeats Dude

stand at ease

can I join the squad Sir?

send her here

yes Sir

Jai Hind

sorry Sir

one round

Please, sorry will not
repeat this mistake again

two rounds

Sir, sorry

three rounds and kneel down

Sir, pleae...sorry...

N C C...

National Cadet Corps...

with a motto "Unity and discipline"

Unity and Discipline got it

the main aim of N C C is...

to produce soldiers for
the Country and its safety


N C C is called as a Second Army

learn whatever is taught
to you with dedication...

and move ahead towards your AIM

-yes Sir

-yes Sir

-yes Sir


why did he come now!?



the first point in N C C is timesense


anyways it's already late

instead of getting reprimanded

you should have commonsense
atleast to sleep a little more

but, you don't have both of them

can we catch up in canteen later?



see you then


you have filed the nomination in style

you know we need money for Campaign

yeah Nandu

once you decide to fight a war

you shouldn't count the heads
which are before you

once you contest an election

you shouldn't think about the expenditure

we need money right!?

I have a plan...

100 rupees for a hug

I haven't seen such strategy anywhere

I have seen people vote by taking money

this is the first time I see
people give money and vote

anyways this is a good offer

come, come on...

give me, move on...

move on guys, hurry up

this is cheating,
this is very little for 100 rupees


come on, come on, make it fast

hey, move back

hey, move back

dude, I will pay you 100 rupees
let me stand here

even I have paid
200 rupees to stand here, go back

thank you

guys, fall in line

you fatty...

he pushed me, what shall I do?

dude, it's not me

1 Hug = 500 Rupees

dude, which branch!?

S B I, Malleswaram branch

hey, aren't you ashamed
to behave like this in our college...

wait let me teach you

Brother no...
-Hello, Police station

Brother, please, take this 2000 rupees

move, get out now

if I see you again here, will kill you

this will suffice for four rounds




thank you

how do you feel Bangalore?

it is pretty,
I am getting accustomed to this place

on night out...

with your boy friend!?

Ahh...boy friend!?

no, no boyfriend right now

if my family comes to know about it
they will take me back to my native

they will know
only when you tell them right!?

if you don't, how will they know?
-vote for Nandini


where was I!?

you think we take permission
at home to make a boy/girl friend?

you have a girl friend!?

Uuh...girl friend...

it's a little complicated...

it's like...

hey Varun... you are here...!

hey Abhi...

what's up...?

hey Ved...
-what's up?

dude, Anjali

Ahh Abhishek

Ved, Anjali


come let's go,
Neha is waiting at the Mall

how could I forget...Oh God...

hey...why don't you come with us!?

it's okay you can join us
-no, I have class

it's okay
-come, let's go

it's fine bunk the class



you can hold me and sit...

Neha, look he is coming now
-hey sorry...sorry yaa

you know about bangalore traffic

this is too much,
you make me wait for long

Neha, this is Anjali

-Anjali this is Neha


-Hai Bro...

what bro,no calls...?
-I am fine

dude, these days you have been too busy

and even you too

how are things going on?

-poor girl...

come up...come...

Thank you

scared of the escalater!?
-yes, I was a bit scared

hey, this looks good
-thank you so much

yes nice...

so beautiful colour

don't you wear these type of dresses?


I would had asked you go
for shopping at Bandra or Juhu...

I went my cousin...

Oh, you went with your cousin right

I could have still suggested some places
-for shopping!?

you know, I love to shop in Juhu

is it!?

Aah...you always come here for shopping?

Haa we come here
and go to other places too...

you know, depending on the mood

Hum...look there


Maya ready, it's already 9.00

I am ready

but, your Daughter is not ready yet

-look she is ready too

listen, don't start scoulding
once she comes down

do I look like a quarrel monger to you?

you are a quarrel phobic...

citing your quarrel nature
she will go without breakfast...

okay...okay...I am here

instead of dying behind music all day

if you join aqua Aerobics or Zumba class

your health will improve

you physic will be good, you will be fit

yes, you will be very fit

you tell about Physic or physics...

or civics, chemistry

you tell her whatever you wnat
she will not listen anything



hey..what is this?

Mom, Puliyogare is super

hey...it's not Puliyogare,
it's Vangibath...che...

both are rice item,
even the colours are same...

only the indegrients are different

dad, I made a mix yesterday night,
you know how the feel was


the whole night we couldn't sleep
only Boom Boom Bang bang sound, right?


Mom, why do you hate Music so much?

Maya, more than Music studies
are very important in one's life...


but, we can do both simultaniously

very correct

what you said is not correct

yes, even that is correct

Dad, this shirt doesn't suit you

why, because this doesn't have a pocket?

it's okay, don't worry,
there are pockets for my pant


thank you
-what is this!?


your are spoiling her

when you are here to redeem her,
that will balance everything

I will pay
-No, I will pay this time

hey, some one pay and take it

I am in hurry and thrilled

my heart beats for the love
which has blossomed inside without a hint

this smiling darling is a thief

a Prince who came into my life,
this is a new feeling

this punishment is a wonder,
but it's quite an amusement

dear if you are free...

will you meet me in my dream...

I will wait for you,

and this is my request to you

now a days the mirror says...

Oh teen you have changed offlate

Varun we will watch that Movie

let's see a kannada Movie

it will be really good

for anjali's sake
we will all go for a kannada film

this love which has
blossomed without notice

is the evidence of my dreams

when two hearts unite,
it's only conversation between eyes

this unsung love is an intoxication

my heart beat gallops
when your little finger touches mine...

...while we walk together

when you kiss hugging me tight in your arms

at that moment I feel, am all yours

Oh love,I want you to be mine ever

dear, don't give your heart to anyone

Uum..look there

whats up!?

okay bye


Haa... what enjoying bike ride
with Varun in full swing?

no, I had gone shopping
with his friends group

friends group... which friends!?



how did he introduce her to you?

he introduced her as friend

a Friend!?

you don't know...

earlier they were in a relationship


just recently they broke up

why, didn't he tell you this?

Umm, no...

don't burst crackers during election

no sound and air pollution here

what, don't burst crackers!?

let the crackers be of others
make sure we light the fire to burst it

until the end of this elections
our boys will often come in and go out

hey, write down,
in the headlines of Newspaper...

this college is mine,
this college belongs to Nandu's

in future even
if a dog wants to come in...

it has to come in with my permission

if it comes in without my permission...

election isn't easy, like walking down
with a pair of bells on your feet...

two steps of an elephant,
four steps of an Lion...

six steps of a Tiger...

eight steps of a Cheetah...

one step more
above all these will be mine

but, you are not aware of our strength

until my arrival its other's trend

once I arrive... it wil be my trend

this entire college is our world

to whatever level you go,
I will proceed one step ahead of you

don't cast your vote to a person who does
nothing except mouthing filmy dialouges


day dreaming... Illusion...!?

today's morning breakfast is so bad

come let's go

God, he is so annoying

even I don't understand it...

Now you listen...

I just hate him
-hey stop...

come on

Anjali what's happening?

hey, come here I need to talk to you

hey leave me
-what is happening?

what is your relationship with Neha?

that issue, who told you?

somebody told me, what bothers you...

is it true or false?

yes, true...

she was my girl friend

but, there was complications between us


with mutual understanding
we just broke up yaa

break up...

then, you both are not together anymore?




she is my ex

she is out of my life, it's over...

that's fine,
what have you done to your hair?

shall we call Yash for campaign?

he is busy in K G F 2

then, Sudeep

he is busy with Kotigobba 3


he is busy with Yuvaratna


I have one in my mind

he is the right person


the entire Karnataka he has fans

neither his brain
nor his tongue has filters

Fans of Hucchha Venkat

Hucchha Venkat, V for Huchhaa Venkat...

hai Venkat...
-Brother Venkat speaks openly

Brother words are like bullets

when Brother enters
the box office will blast

who has the guts of Venkat here
-Oh god...!

where is the limit for Brother's Bravery

today my range has a boundary
from India to America

girls should move ahead

Girls should walk ahead without fear

You will vote for Miss Nandini

You will disgard Yuvaraj

anyway vote for Miss Nadini

she should win

win and do some progressive work

avoid malpractice in exams

you know about me, Firing Star

bye from your Firing Star Huchha Venkat

you will vote her a winner

she should win

Dude whatever you say...

the pant has less respect
than the Skirt has garnered

You should see hers and her gangs buildups

and her publicity gimmicks

bowing down to her Glamour...

many are shifting camps

then what will the do?

anyone who sees her
will feel like drooling before her

why others, I feel the drooling

hey... control your emotions

Yuvi, Nandini is perfectly countering us

This election is not that easy


Oh.. finally you came...

I thought you would never come

no actually I had
some important work hence...

Oh is it so important

important than meeting me?

Anjali come on yaa

why do you scoff for every word?

Anjali I...



you know about weekend right
-yes I do

thank god, you haven't forgot my Birthday

hey, how will I forget

bring Anjali alongwith you

-okay ofcourse...

see you then...

sure Dude


okay bye...

who called now?

my friend called me,
he wants some print outs


Umm it's okay



Hai anjali

coming 9th is my Birthday

saturday I am having
a small party at my place


I just called Varun too

he is coming...

is it!?

I have told Varun, you cme with him

sure..sure I will come

don't miss it okay?


take care

you are very smart in telling lies

Anjali, it's like...

we have already fought in Neha's issue

how will I take her name again

hence I lied you

I am sorry yaa

you are not going to the party!?

how will I go...

I have project assignment,
need to submit too

I have to work day and night you know

how will I go to the party?

it's okay, leave it

when you are not going
even I will not go then

-it's okay

let's order something to eat


yes I am coming, I am very near to you


she is the treasurer of Nandhini's party


hold on a minute

come here

what do you want?

is this the college dress code?

you have minimised it...

why don't you remove all?

hello, it's my life and it's my style

Ha, when my parents don't question me...

who are you to question me?

because of your dress code

Rapists have increased in this city

isn't it dude


Rapes don't occur only
because of our dresses

it happens by dirty minded people like you

who called you here?

wherever a girl is in trouble
I will be there

by the way you all are same

you all are such bitches


what did you say?

you all are bunch of bitches


Freshers party has been announced


they have announced an entry fee
of 500 rupees per head


we have to workout another
500 rupees alongwith this at home

you stupid, and your stupid idea

hey stop, not all parents
are like your Dad

to keep quite always whenever
you take money from his pocket...

hey just shut up

hai Maya

I have a surprise for you

surprise... to me...!?


E T N Fresher's party...

DJ Maya...!

Oh my god...are you serious

with great difficulty
I have included your name

don't let us down

no way, I will definitely rock

to celebrate this joy, I will host a party

Oh no, don't do it

enough of your party...

and later start accusing girls
of emptying your pockets

I will give you a party

order what you want,I will just be back



what are you doing?

I am writing a java programme

you know who is the DJ of Fresher's party?


DJ Maya


hey congratulations,
I am really happy for you

Rahul, can we download
Game of thrones in this system?


Nandini, just a second...

Nandini I am really sorry

I shouldn't have spoken so rudely

I am not sad,though you slapped me,

because it was my mistake


forgive me this time

I am really sorry Nandhini



Madam, what is wrong,
you are not scoulding me?

aren't you angry?

what is the use in scoulding you?

I keep telling you as always,
and you keep doing what you wish

hey, don't say so

if you don't scould how will I get sleep?

you see like,
boost is the secret of Sachin's energy


Anjali's scouldig is
the secret of my Energy

you, Varun, this is too much

hey...that's mine


then, my order

okay...so how's things...

your nose is very cute dear

Varun,you just keep saying something

I bought you this Bangles right?
-why you don't remember!?



actually...I think I am in love with you


Oh God, how will I propose here!?

Hai Rahul

Maya, is it you!?

Yellow is my favorite colour

I know

did forever 21
start selling Chudidhars too?

No, I came from a function directly
where they honoured my Dad

Ahh, you wanted to tell me something...

what is it!?



hey speak out I say

I will tell you at the fresher's Party


Ooh...are you sure!?


fine, have your juice


you said, he has begged opologies
from you many times

what have you thought about him?

Nandu, mistakes happen...

it's normal to make mistake

you mean!?

he has put behind his Ego
and opoligised to you...

sort out this issue soon

you mean to say that
what he did was right?

I am not saying that he was right,
but, now even you are a election candidate

but, you slapping him was not right too

just think about it

You fought with Yuvaraj it seems,
what was the need for it now?

Chikkoos, just tell where Yuvaraj is

if you ask the hen where the egg is
it will show, how will a rooster show?

but the rooster knows where the hen is

he is a rooster too,
go and see him in the Garage


where did my hen go!?


sorry Nandini...

it's was my mistake

I shouldn't have crossed my limit


even I over reacted too...

it's Okay...

convey my apologies to your friend too

sure I will convey...


this life has moved ahead
climbing the dream ladder

My hearts yearns for
pampering and scouldings

shall I consent this crazy desire

or should I supress my desire

shall I fall into the shoulders of Love

shall I fall and enjoy the pleasure of love

shall I listen to the lovely song of love

shall I swing listening to the lovely song

though undesired
intentionally I am moving away

why is my heart is melting like this

enjoying the moment
losing one's consiciousness

why is my heart galloping like this

the adamant nature
which I never knew

is before me in my opponent

all my dear ones
who were near had moved away

none are behind me now

he is filled in the Air I breathe
what shall I do

before I forget how will
I stop myself from remembering him

shall I fall into the shoulders of Love

shall I fall and enjoy the pleasure of love

shall I listen to the lovely song of love

shall I swing listening to the lovely song

though undesired
intentionally I am moving away

why is my heart is melting like this

enjoying the moment
losing one's consiciousness

why is my heart galloping like this

Yuvi, I want to buy
dress for freshers Party

friends are wating for me at the Mall

I will leave now


let's stay over for some more time


Wow Man superb
-Happy birthday to you...

Wah...make a wish
-Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birhtday Neha...
-Oh my God...

I intentionally came
without Anjali today

she is very possesive wants control
my life style and dressing too

you didn't say Good Morning,
you didn't say good Night too...

why didn't you text me now?

why did you text her then?

dude, who does that!?

dude, have your drink


she even doesn't allow me drink dude

hey, you have come here
for party continue it

enjoy and chill out, that's it







Ha Anjali...






Arre anjali...

I am coming...

Anjali I am coming...

I am coming

Anjali, I was not interested to go...

friends took me there by force...

I thought of picking you too...

but, I had downed four pegs you know...

so...just forgot...

but, next time I will tell you
the truth and then go...

Ah...why don't you order something?

I am very hungry...

because you scoulded
I didn't even wash my face

I will just go freshen up and come...

you order yaa...

you are checking my phone!?

no... a message popped up
I was just looking at it...

you can't interfere in my personel life...

I don't like it...

what do you mean!?

what is there in your Moblie
which I shouldn't see?

oh... then you are hiding something...

even your screen lock pattern is N

N for Neha!?

A for anjali

you could had used A for your pattern?

that means, you are still in the past...

yesterday at 12.00 Midnight
you said Good night Baby...

and you were enjoying
the party with Neha till 4.00 AM!?

above that, she has uploaded
a picture with you on Facebook

everyone has commented on the picture
"Made for each other"

Wah... what couple...what likes...?!

what comments..my God...

if others comment what shall I do!?

you should tell them, that Neha is your Ex

the way you told me X
do you remember that?

you should tell that
Anjali is your Girlfriend

thats it

your facebook status says your are Single

can't you change it?

what am I doing here?

you are getting too much

you are crossing the limits...

I don't like all these...

you need to understand this
and need to grow up...

you need to grow up

what the hell!?

Varun, do you remember...

evening you need to
pick me for freshers party...

hey, how long will you take, get ready soon

done..done..two minutes
-two minutes

okay, Cab has come, let's go...

I am not coming

Varun is coning, I will come with him


fine, then come soon...

okay bye...

Sir..Hai..I am Maya

-I am your big Fan

thank you so much
-I can't belive you are here

today is the first time I played music


in fact I would recommend you to go to Goa

Oh my God, I would love too

in the next ten days
a Music festival is happening

artists from around the World
come down to perform there


I will give you his card


you call that person there
-Thank you

-even I will call and recommend you

thank you
-you go there

its an opputtunity to learn a lot there

thank you so much, bye Sir

go ahead

I will just come wait for me


Hai Nandhu...

Yuvi, I came to speak to you

speak on

I think there shouldn't be
any competation between us

you participate in the elections

I want to withdraw my nomination

hey, have you gone mad!?

students are supporting you

people love you so much

cheer up

let both of us contest

if I win you I will give you a treat

if you win you give me a treat thats it



that is the reason I like you a lot

get ready with the speech


I know you will do well


tell me..

what is there in your mind?

Anjali, what happened!?

even after break up
you are dancing with him?

what rubbish...!?
-aren't you ashamed?

Anjali, what are you doing!?

you don't talk, just shut up

you stupid girl

Anjali what are you talking?

do you under stand?
-No, I don't

hey guys stop
-what do you think about yourself?

you didn't come to pick me...

you are going to the extremes...

yes it will cross extremes
if you behave like this...

you can't talk like that okay
-I will talk

I will speak

-you get out of here

if I see him, he had it from me

you see Rahul didn't come

-wonder what happened?

-you played very well

thank you

come let's go to after party

No, I can't come
-Music Party...

D J Nash is playing

what are you saying!?


hey...where is Maya?
-she just left now

is it...Oh...!

where is Vicky?

he is upstairs


hey...get up...move from here

you don't have anyone to question you

Money power has made you all arrogant


get out of here...

I said Move..move now


don't leave anybody here

just pick them up

don't bother about their status,
just pick them and move...

we have seen Udta Punjab...

now you have decided
to show us Udta Karnataka?


what is your problem
if we enjoy party at our place?

You know who my Dad is?

if you talk in such a way...

I will show how everything
oozes out from every corner



bring all of them to Station

you continue your treatment feast

Sir...please sir

Sir, I haven't had anything

if you wish you can
have my blood checked Sir


-who are these group?

why are they here?

Sir,they all are students..

they were enjoying a Rave Party
in the farm house near Judges Place Sir

just by registering
a case they willl not learn...

hence I thought to make
this news and them them Sir



by calling the Media and registering a FIR

their career will be spoilt

they all are students...

send word to their parents

Sir, they are involved in a Crime...

do as I say...

call their parents


who has done this!?

where is Yuvaraj?




did you see this MMS!?

see what our opponents have done to us

apart from we two,
whoelse was there in the Car!?

you will not do this...then...

this is not the time to joke Yuvi

I am not joking

now you are Joke here

yesterday when I told
will withdraw my nomination

but, you say no...

even then why did you do this!?

you know why I said No?

I wanted to do this to you

if someone just stares,
I will not spare them...

but you, provoked my Ego

how dare you slap me?

you were raising above the skies

in future forget contesting elections

let me see how you will
go around in College


you are finished

Sir, how comne you are here!?

is she related to you!?

go in Sir, A C P is in his chamber

Sir, you... here!?

my Daughter is one among the girls
who were picked by Police


listen...bring her

Sir...your Daughter...!?

Mr. A C P my Daughter is not of that nature

we know she had gone to the freshers party

she is misguided I feel

we have to take extra care
of our teen kids Sir

if parents are aware
where their kids are heading...

our work is half finished

Madam isn't it?

Sir, I haven't done anything wrong

after freshers party I was about to go home

they took me on the pretext of Music party

I am innocent Sir


Dad, I haven't done anything

you know that your Dad
is a respectable person

you should strive to uphold his respect

if your friend circle is bad

you will spoil your entire life

be careful


Maya I am talking to you

Maya...Maya... stop...

Sujatha don't scould her now

she has spent a whole night
inside Police Station

please...please leave me...




Sujatha don't hurry

let her relax a while

let's talk later

our teen Daughter
spent a whole night at Police Station

aren't you worried!?

and not everyone who goes
to a Police Station is a criminal

no one knows what happened there

I know what is a rave party

I even know what happens there too


che..che...I feel ashamed to talk about it

we shouldn't doubt our child
imagining some vague things

let's talk leisurely,
if she is wrong, let's correct her

don't hurry


Maya...open the door

Mom, why are you banging the door!?

am I a criminal,
or am I escaping somewhere?

-you are saying the same thing non stop

true, I had gone to the party...

but I haven't done anything unlawful Momn

don't be stupid you idiot...

no matter whether the slush falls on you
or you fall on the slush...

the scar remains in your life

I haven't done anything
which will remain a scar in my life

you can say it...

as a Mother I can listen

society will not listen to it

the reason for all this is Music

from this moment you have leave Music

impossible...I love Music

Music is my life...

you said leave it, how will I!?

Dad you please tell her

what will he say!?

Music in bedroom...Bathroom...

breakfast, lunch, Coffee, College
whole day you are obsessed with Music

can't you live without Music?
-No Mom

do whatever you want to...

I will not leave Music, that's it

che.. your innate quality
will never leave you


the blood running in your viens
is of an impecunious Musician...

what did you say!?

you said something!?


what did you say?


Music...blood...you said something!?


nothing dear...

Dad,you keep quite

Mom, you said something

what did you say, tell me Mom


me and Uday studied in the same college

we were good friends...

our friendship turned to love...

you were the result of our love...

then later breakup...

I wanted Uday and you...

I wanted to marry him

but he wanted only Music

he wanted achievement above commitment

howmuch ever I tried
to convince him he refused

he asked me abort you...

he said with it very easily

I said NO...

leaving you and me behind...

he went behind Music...

that is when he came in...

even after listening to the truth...

he agreed to marry me....

that's it...

dear that's it...

this is what happened


then all these days...

is this life a lie...!?

I have been living a lie!?

waves can break the silence on the shores

but the scars on one's heart never erases

waves can break the silence on the shores

but the scars on one's heart never erases

like some one spills color in flowing water

how will I show the picture
which came and went like a lightning

someone is calling me in an alien city

at this moment where will I go now

I yearned to hear
a whisper from the cool breeze

but why did you tranform into a tornado

when my dreams shine in your eyes

I learnt the divine language
of eternal love

at a time when I mingled with you in tune

how did I lose my own identity

Oh loneliness will you
come with me for ever

in this path of journey
pain follows happiness

waves can break the silence on the shores

but the scars on one's heart never erases

(a Journey)

(a Journey)

(a Journey)

(a Journey)

Oh Mom...

Uuh, Oh my God...

Oh... what happened!?

excuse me, what happened?
-what happened!?

Oh...she is from my college!
-are you okay!?

somebody help...

somebody help...
-what happened!?

Hello...wake up...

Oh God...
-what happened?

get up...

you were the one who contested
our college elections right?

yeah right... I am Nandini...


you played Music in freshers party right?

yeah...yeah...I am Maya...

all of a sudden
what happened to your friend?

my friend!?

no...no...I thought she was your friend

no...she is not my friend
-anybody there...

anybody here from the patients side?

we are here, how is she now?

Doctor will tell you about her condition

you give me the patient details


we don't know...

you have come with the patient right?

we all are from the same college

she fainted mid way so we brought her

this is a suicide attempt

-Oh my God...

it is our duty to inform police

they will come now


what...you intimated the Police!?


Madam are you a sister,
Transistor or Broadcaster!?

as you imagine

-I am scared, let's leave her and go

let's just go
-Patient attendant...

Doctor is calling you

you have come with the patient?

yes Sir

well, though she drank Phenol

she is out of Danger

she needs rest

absolute rest

Sister prepare the prescription and billing
-okay Sir

on she regains conscious
you can take her back home


she is rejecting the call

she is badly hurt...

she cried really hard...

wonder where she goes
what she does...!?

where she will sleep!?

what will she eat!?

whether she has money or not?


the bill is 8000, come and pay the bill

Aah...her parents are coming...

they will pay the bill

thank you so much...

keep the thanks with you

Love affair...!?

any family problem?


a boy....

okay fine...

who told you that
by drinkng Phenol you can die?

nobody told me

just wanted to know
whether he cares for me or not

so I tried it

I thought he will come
and take me hospital...

but, you brought me here

your story is like the film ET

look... I don't have time for all this...

I am leaving...

do what ever you want...

Police are coming too

the bill is 8000 Rupees...

I can't do this...

I will go...

what...Police are coming!?

yes, they are coming
to congratulate you for your act

by the way, where are you going?



shall I come too?

I don't know you

even I feel like going out
of Bangalore for few days

I will come with you...please...


thank you...

even I will come...

no way, because of you
we have faced this situation...

no extra luggage... no...

I am the reason for your friendship...

now you don't need me?

by the way...

I have a debit card...

Umm...okay, we need to leave


-okay let's go...

please, let's leave this place soon

don't worry

I will plan something, okay

hey you

I have kept my mobile for charging

don't answer any call

okay will not answer

will finish my dinner
and come in 10 minutes

if you dare to drive
the vehicle will kill you

Maya give me your phone

a scrap driver for this scrap vehicle

will show him

I will show him how good a driver I am

-Ambulance service?

what...Ambulance service?

don't we have a name?

call me Mruthunjaya

I will not allow anybody to die
is my tagline

I am Nandini, even I will not
allow anybody to die too

okay fine...

Sir, here my friend is
in very serious condition

Sir, we have to shift
her to a big hospital

Sir, please come soon

where should I come?

come to the 3rd floor and then take right

3rd floor...

okay...hold the line please

-excuse me...

which way is 3rd floor?
-hey don't disturb me, go

okay fine leave it
now I uderstood you have B P

oh got it

-no I am Rajeev

okay relax well

they have already left

excuse me...


I am Nandini...

I had called you
-at last you are here

Sir, we are from an N G O

she is a Orphan..

we have to....

-I am a big fan of your Father

the parrot you reared...


Sir, please shut up this is a hospital

patients will die listening
to your harsh voice

is she the Daughter of Actor Srinath?

Sir, that is Srinath

this is Anaathu(Orphan)

-okay, now listen to me

this hospital Doctors
want to sell her kidney

Oh my God...

Sir, you have to help us

you can only help us


Sir please save her, save her...

Uuh Uncl...

let me plan...



come ya...

Oh...come soon

Oh, watchman...

he will not wake up even if you shout

Oh. I am struck...

what's wrong with her?

nothing... Honeybee...

-Honeybees have stinged her

Oh...how did this happen?


her entire family had
gone on trip to Suntikoppa

there they saw a beehive on a tree...

on seeing the hive they all started singing

"our family is like a beehive,
we will not live if we seperate..."

listening to the song the honeybees
fell in love with her family

the bees came down and kissed her

isn't it...?

true, if you want look at her face yourself

hey you, your are the same patient...

what are you doing here?

hey which patient!?
-Where are you taking her?

taking her home

you...doctor has...

Anjali get up

Hey Anjali, get up
-put her in the chair-

Anjali, remove the bandage
tie her up to the chair

Push the chair...

come fast...
-come soon...

how is my driving?

Super...super driving...

Thank you...then...

where is your N G O located?

go straight and stop near a Dhabha


just a minute

Ooch...what is this?

all three of you get down

get down
Did you think this Ambulance an Auto?

No please don't think so...
-I just wanted to help you...

Driver Brother please...

we are very hungry

what did you say?

before that?


before Brother?



I am feeling happy listening to this word

you like my driving right?

please Driver Brother...

okay...you addressed me as Driver...

why just at Dhabha,
I will land you on the Moon, okay

Chicken or Mutton?

-I am gonna have chicken

let's have chicken please

I am gonna have Mutton

I will have a full Thali

I am coming...

Brother thank you so much
for dropping us till here

hey don't say so...

you all are like my sisters

come have dinner with us and then leave

when we drop Corpse in our Ambulance...

none calls us for even the rituals

but you...offered me...

thanks a lot

okay fine come
-come let's have dinner

you go I will come

I will come, very nice kids

come and sit here

sit here
-thank you

take it...your bag...

thank you


come as soon as you are called

yes Sir
-Get us Chilly Chicken

we don't have it Sir
-Don't have!?

Tandoor chicken...?

No sir

Chicken 65 ?
No sir

then, Chicken Manchurian?

No Sir

you, grilled Chicken?

No sir
-you don't have it too!?

then, close the door I say

why sir?
-then what else, you have nothing here

while coming in didn't you see the board?




whatever you have in Vegetarian

get us one plate each

-yes Sir

come here...what is this?

Veg Kebab Sir

Veg Keb...!?

look here...

if so much of oil is there
in one piece of Veg Kebab...

what will happen to my diet plan?

have it Sir, nothing will happen


nothing will happen,
you are telling this to me

hey, you is this a dhabha or a dabba?

go and get me a fresh plate


go now

just one piece left have it

thank you
-I am done

let's wash our hands

Brother, we will wash our hands and come


we shouldn't waste food
-okay enjoy

shall I?

Sir, they have gone to wash their hands

fine, let them go

I have seen many like this
who have gone to wash their hands

hey, you are talking too much

after food, will anybody go to
wash their feet instead of hands?

don't talk too much

what are to thinking
about them you monkey chap

they are like my sisters

-go and mind your job

hey, you job is of a waiter right

go and mind that job

hey...go now

get me a finger bowl

what is this?

should we come personally here?
-look Police...

just a minute Sir

they are here searching us I think

hey Waiter...parcel 5 plates Puluo

poor chap, wonder he had money or not

you take this...

I warned you, that they we running away

yes Bro...

Now will your Dad pay the bill?

No bro, I don't have money

then, who will pay now!?
-Bro I don't have money

whole night you were in Police Station!?

it was a horrible experience

we have gone through a lot

to forget our bad experience
we have come away from our place

for few days no one should contact us

let's be away from
all these for a while okay?

what are you wating for
throw your phone now

I threw it long back

let me switch it off and keep it with me?


these tiny birds are ready
to fly spreading their wings

journey has begun with full of happiness

these tiny birds are ready
to fly spreading their wings

journey has begun with full of happiness

coming out of their cucoon
thinking this world belongs to them...

the birds have joined hands
to enjoy their freedom

they neither have a future goal
nor a teacher behind them

only time will tell us their destination

Hello...chellakere... last stop

get down, you all are still sleeping?

Brother change?
-change..get down I will give you

you silly guy, I will give you

first need to have a Coffee

Chellakere last stop get down


we have beach in goa right?

but here I see a river!

hey fool we have boarded a wrong bus

hey get down fast I say
-Brother wait don't hurry...

Conductor Uncle...
-hey you didn't get down yet?

Conductor what is this,
doesn't this bus go to Goa?

you have brought us to a wrong place

if you want to go to Goa
you should board Goa bus

not all buses will go to Goa

by the way when did you get it,
I didn't see you!?

there were three kids on this seat

Conductor Uncle, when we
boarded at night we were kids...

but the bus was slow you know
so we have grown up...

had you gone a litter more slower
we would have gone old too

hey this is a Dakota Express bus

and the dirver is a tonga driver

hey, you boarded the bus cheating me

above that how dare
you comment about my driver?

hey, bring the rope, let's tie them up

they will not heed to words
bring the rope soon I say

hey you...

you, trying to escape...


hey...beware I have reserved my seat

-Uncle sorry

Uncle sorry
-Dear why what happened?

uncle he is chasing us

hey you...idiot...

you are chasing three girls
alone in this broad daylight?

they have travelled ticketless
and above that they are abusing me

-is it!?

Uncle, we boardeed
assuming this bus goes to Goa

but in the Morning
it has come to Chellakere

Oh is it, changed to Chellakere!?

Uncle look how he is scoulds us in variety

save us Uncle please

Uncle please save us
-dear please wait

Oh God, see how well they stage a play

how much is the fare from Bangalore to goa?
-600 Rupees

and fromBangalore to Chellakere?
-150 Rupees

deduct 150 from 600

-deducted right?

add the fare of this three girls
in the deducted amount

added up
-How much is it?

okay fine a amount

give that amount here

hey wash your mouth with cow urine

why should I pay?

will bathe you in dung mixture now

listen, who came to Chellakere?
-these girls

who brought them here?

where they had to go?

then, who has to pay?

pay now

cunning fellow, he trapped me

you have gone mad scratching you head
and now you are making other insane too

will my father pay
the collection to the owner?

then, you are Ramappa's son!?

didn't you recognise me?


then you pay the balance
-Oh you forgot that too...

take it...you are a very nice person

-these are girls

drop them

these...girls...very cunning girls

these girls are good actor
wonder how good actors their parents are


come have your food and then leave
-okay will come

he is a mad guy, willl not leave anyone
how did he accost you?

not too sure Uncle
we have come to an alien town

we don't know what to do

is it, why do you worry?

our annual celebration are on way
I have arrange a feast too

come enjoy the feast stay back
and leave tomorrow

Oh no Uncle...

why should we trouble you

we will leave

at this dark night where will you girls go?


you see you are girls
just said as is our practice

you don't have the patience
to check before boarding a Bus?

oh, you all are very strong girls

hey...let them relax first

you have been going on non stop
come this side

they will have their bath and
later tell you everything in detail

you don't give them time
just going on asking questions

fine, go and fresh up dears

Dear, show them the Bathroom
-yes Dad

they have come without luggage

give them your clothes

okay Dad

wonder where they are still didn't come


what a transformation
now you belong to our village

you all look so beautiful

like Goddess Lakshmi,
Parvathi and Saraswathi...

Dad and me?

You look like Mother Earth

Gowra...wade off the evil

else they will fall prey to evil spirits


looks Yummy...

this looks really good

regards Brother

so many people brother
-hey you fools

I people...you all peoples...

grammer is very important in villages too

Bro, girls have come from Bangalore

they are building up talking in english

you need extra guts
to speak in English before Sam Shivu

cme let's see who they are

where are they, not to be seen here

look, not a single beautiful girl here

hey, they look like golden dolls

come...come soon...


I am Sam shivu...

-hai...I am Maya

-Hai, I am Nandini

-Hai, I am Anjali

oh Just miss...

I am Bangalore...4 years...

then, why did you come back?


my Daddy is very chain smoker


finally he smoke...


why has she slimmed down!?


you...you don't know smoke!?

when they die

they put fire

the fire become smoke

that is smoke

so sad...

thank god we escaped




who is this joker!?

by the way what were
you doing in Bangalore?



you mean...

fish... serve sister first fish I say


Sir, booty curry hasn't come

have your food at leisure

dear how is the preparation?

don't feel shy, have to your full

okay Uncle

you stupid...

-Sir, let me have this one piece

you stupid idiot...

when did you come?


why did you let him in?

I was at the door...!?

will slip the bone into your nose

just two pieces
will have this and then leave

look at him...

hey...don't serve him a single piece

you useless idiot

have it...come this side

dear you have it

he is a useless idiot

you have your food, stomach full

if I don't leave ants while you bath
don't call me by my name


old people jealous me


because village all small
small girls are behind me

why, do you give them chocolates?

no, they are all loves me

they love you like a brother right?



a little more

give me meat with bones I say

have your food

hey Gowra...

make their bed in our room let them sleep
-okay fine will do

if any relatives come to our house

fearing they might stay in our room
we first go and lock our room

but, here...

we strangers came here by accident

look how well they treated us

really great Man

true Maya

villagers are always like this

they don't know to shower love in weight

their heart is pure

even my family is very lovely

leaving such a lovely family behind
I wanted to die

even then I am lucky...

I found you both

we are going to Goa together

you know this is my first time

I was supposed to go when I was in P U C

my Dad never allowed me

mostly...I was destined to go with you

oh my God...

this was meant to happen

I am so exicted...Aah...

are you guys...!?

collect payment for rice grains
and pay the fertilizer dues and come

okay sir

Good Morning Uncle

woke up?

village house, bed hard like rock

did you all have a sound sleep?

we had a sound sleep Uncle

when all three said so in chorus

it means you had a good sleep
-thank you Uncle


again another fest?

many people are working here

come here

today an alliance is coming
to see my daughter Radha

so all these arrangements

Uncle, can we join the event?

we are very intereseted
in such type of functions

till date we have seen only in films

will you stay back?

okay fine stay back, no problem


Oh god why do you shout?
-where is Radha?

I think she is still sleeping

when I was of her age,
I had her on my waist

look at her...

forget engagement,
not a single boy has liked her

I am tired preparing snacks
and coffee for the grooms

prospective grooms come have snacks
and go showing us their back

wonder when she will get married
and go out of this house?


out of anger she speaks like this

what will poor Radha do?

what does she know?

not a boy matched in alliance

you will stay right?

fine...stay back...


hey Radha, what happened,
why are you crying?

I wanted to continue my studies

I got distinction in P U C

but, unfortunately after P U C
my parents stopped my studies

even then I didn't revolt,
I just kept quite

my studies burnt into ashes

and no groom came forward for marriage

the looks or his job doesn't bother me

I am ready to get married
but no boy is liking me

mostly I am not be beautiful

hey Radha...

who told you are not beautiful?

Urban Girls are getting ready
to enhance the beauty of Radha

this is natural waxing you know

in our village, we do it this way

Girls gave a uplift to
the natural beauty of the village lass

the Kajal has added more sparkles

the village lass is shy,
after the transformation

wondering with awe on her beauty
the village lass went on a procession

Urban Girls are getting ready
to enhance the beauty of Radha

Radha's Happiness is at its peak

Sir by the way, can we see the girl?

of course, sure
-I will call her

after bathing in the Milky ocean

the village lass is laughing
after showing the world her beauty

after transformation, this beauty queen...
-first offer it to the boy dear

is inviting all through
the sparkle of her eyes

this dream girl is shying away

she is an unbelievable wonder
-you sit here

she resembles a bloomed Jasmine

This village lass transformed into a bride
-Sir, from our side it is yes

Happiness is on everyone's face
-Sir, from our side it is yes

let's find an Auspicious date
and finish the engagement

the Mother's heart soothed up now
-even you can fix the Marriage date too

what is your opinion dear?

will celebrate it in a large scale


yes dear!?

I have a question

why at this time dear?

it's okay you go ahead

I wish to continue
my studies after Marriage

will you educate me!?

sure you can continue your studies

after your education if you wish
you can join service too

no problem

you are stepping into our house not as
a Daughter in law, but as our Daughter



what a Women's life....

it's like tying
a burning coal in one's pullu

it is always pain to have
a teen Daughter is at home

and even more painful to send
her away after Marriage

what a sinner I am

I have used very harsh language to you

I have scoulded you very badly

even wished you get out
of this house soon too

please pardon me...forgive me...

hey...didn't I tell you...

didn't I tell you

when the right time comes
every good thing will happen

all this happened because of these girls

the moment they stepped inside our house

our Daughter's alliance got fixed

I bless you all to be happy in life


on which auspicious time
did you all step inside our house

God bless you all

Uncle we didn't do anything great...

radha is very beautiful...

we just gave her
a neat presentation, that's it

Dear I don't know all those...

to celebrate this,
I want to give you something

tell me what do you want?

Uncle, at Radha's Marriage, you have to
give us extra Laddoo, that's it

extra Laddoo...!

only extra Laddoos!?

you should come two days in advance
-sure Uncle...


what ever these experiences
teaches you, is your lesson

fly towards the sky riding
the horse of your dreams

every moment you move ahead
searching for something new

move ahead leaving behind
people and this world

you heartly wished to be wanderer
a new path is calling you

if you happen see them somewhere
don't stare,show them mercy

if you come out of four walls
you can learn the lessons of life

don't tie up your wings let them loose

Oh my legs are aching

where did the cart fellow leave us?

I told you beforre, let's go by bus

but you insisted to go by the cart

wonder where we are struck now?

I didn't know he would leave us here,
that too in this forest

all this happened because of you
-hey, chill ya..stop it

it's already happened...

let's ask someone
if there is any place to stay


the one seen there...

the star...

that's my mother

I was six years old

my mother was bed ridden
since the day I got my senses

when Dad learnt about my mother's illness

he stopped coming home

he even got married again

always I used to stay with my Mother

Mom, what's wrong with your health?

nothing... I am fine

Nandini dear...

what I am telling you now...

you should always remeber this...

whatever hardship you face in your life...

you should always be strong...

you should always be smiling

Laugh now let me see

I have promised my Mother

that I will always be a strong girl

always my Mother used
to tell me to be strong

I got know the reason about it
only after her death...

just to overcome the grief of her death

however strong I am...

when I am sad or lonely...

to hug...


just to rest on a Mother's lap

the pain of my mother absense...

haunts me a lot

haunts me...

I miss her so much

who is sleeping there?

you don't have anyone to question you?

girls wake up

who are you all?

get down

what are you doing in our fields?

what were you doing upstairs?

we were on a journey Grandpa, we got late
-What journey?

so we came and slept here

you all are very brave

we don't come here in night times...

fearing some ghost might catch us

Grandpa, yesterday night
even we encountered a Ghost

where have you all come from?

where are you heading?

what is your problem?

we have come from Bangalore...

we are heading towards Goa

one kilometre from here
you will find a bus stand

from there you can go by bus

okay...thank you Grandpa

can we fresh up here Grandpa?

you can fresh up here

Grandpa we are very hungry
-you are hungry?

come with me...

have this Ragi Rottis

we should share and eat whatever we have

this is a farmer's principle

can't we feed a hungry stomach?

Grandpa thank you so much

have it...

did you like the Roti?

please have one dosa dear

please for my sake
-No I don't want

just one bite


stop it yaa

Grandpa we take leave now
thank you so much...

have a safe journey dear
-okay...thank you so much


do it this way



Brother, is this place Hubli?

not sure, even we believe this is Hubli

hey, look at the statue

guys the last bus to Goa is at 11.00 P M

is it okay?

see this...

so big...
-you want !?

No I don't want

you eat it once then you will know

okay... I will try this

Bombay Mirchi...!

daily two shows

come see and enjoy the show

what is this?
-Bombay Mirchi...Bombay Mirchi...

Bombay Mirchi...!?

Bombay Mirchi daily two shows

at 2.30 PM & at 7.00 PM

we have to go for this

-nothing doing


if we are late, we will not get
tickets and miss the bus too

you said there are buses till 11.00 PM

yes...so what?

come on ya, let's see this


Sir, side please

hey he is not issuing the ticket
-excuse me...hello...


okay...okay...calm down

hey look at the houseful board

-come let's get in from here


Look Madam, the theatre is houseful

Audience are all anxcious
to see your performance, please come

Madam please come and dance

Mister how many times should I tell you

I will not come on stage
if you don't pay me money

Madam listen...

look I will not cheat you

you can take today's entire collection

if you stop the show now
my company will lose its respect here

please come on stage

Mister it's impossible

I will swear on the name of God...


please come here for a minute

come soon...

who are you? tell me

we heard everything

don't get tensed

there it is 0ne Mirchi...

but here three Mirchis...

welcome to the youths
from the Land of Warriors

here we salute you

the chilly Bajji and
spicy puffed rice is very hot

we will sing and dance please will
you cheer us with your Whistles

boys get up and join us
let's dance together

don't stare at us from distance
come near you will be rewarded

why do you doubt,we belong to this place

this is a alien place for us
make us feel at home

God has sent you to this open region

come let's dance

Thaka thaiyya thakadinna

if you call we will
come dusting of our dothis'

life without girls is very boring,
we will be by your side always

losing control if we kiss you,
please don't reject us

life without girls is very boring,
we will be by your side always

boys get up and join us
let's dance together

don't stare at us from distance
come near you will be rewarded

the birds have left the nest
flying high with open wings

millions of ways have
welcomed us with open hands

in this beautiful land of youths
we have come in the mood of hunting

we have come wearing
this favorite saree, kindly wink at us

hey adorable beauties listen

don't allow the roti to fall into ghee

ours is the land of Onion and spices
we can't tolerate the heat here

we are tired of the summer without rain

if you agree we will marry you

why should we marry a stranger
who met us on the streets

not now, we will meet again
we have plans to accomplish

Sir, we want to go to Goa

can we get a car on rent?

you will get on rent, but not now

the car which is parked outside!?

that car we rent out for marriages

we liked that car very much


you have the license to drive right!?

yes we have it

I feel I was a queen in my previous birth

this is my cave

was this my Palace...!?

oh my God, is this reincarnation!?

I am a Queen...I am a Queen..

People, look here I have come


it's Citizens...

Citizens, look here I have come

these tiny birds are on
a journey spreading their wings

out of their prison with joy
their are on the Journey of their life

these tiny birds are on
a journey spreading their wings

out of their prison with joy
their are on the Journey of their life

coming out of their cucoon,
thinking this world belongs to them

the birds are on a journey
to enjoy their freedom...

they neither have a future goal
nor a teacher behind them

only time will tell us their destination



do we have to really booze?


my friends have told me,

in Goa one should learn to booze...
-oh God...no..

you should drink above your limit...

and with regret you should quit boozing

some Tequila in the house

what is this!?

you both are having in small cups
and given me a big bottle




what are you doing...stop..!

oh my God...

you know who is my Grandfather?

you know who my Uncle is?

you know anything about my Father?

or you know anything about my Uncle?

I don't know

thank God, nobody will know that I boozed

you know!?

in the N C C Team...

I have done the march past in front of P M

you both have never done it
in front of your area Corporator

I have never seen any boy in my life

you know?

boys come to me on the pretext
of borrowing notes and othe things

but, I haven't give them anything

leaving all them....

I gave him my heart...

the one which I had saved al these days

I gave him my first kiss too


first kiss..

he is the reason for drinking
the phenol the other day

he is the reason for
drinking alcohol today too



why are you looking at me
what happened?

what happened!?

don't you remember what happened
after you drank last night?

oh you mean that, I will tell you...

we were enjoying the drink right

you both drank too much
and out of your senses


with great difficulty
I brought you both here

you know that?


what the hell!?


we should have left you in the beach

did we drink, you boozed out
and out of your senses

now you say we drank



you should love...but your love
shouldn't be a torture to the other

its just infatuaion Anjali

you always tell that your family
torture always chokes you...

then now what are you doing
the same thing right!?


Raghu Dixit asked me to give you
the card to collect the passes

Party passes!?


hey...here you go

have fun
-thank you

he is my Dad


my Dad

Brother, is Sir at home?

he is in, but busy

Maya your Mom's name?

Sujatha... from Bangalore

Brother please give this to Sir

okay..give it

Brother thank you

Sir is calling you go in

I am scared
-all the best...Chill...

Maya wait...

I look okay!?




sit young lady




how is Sujatha related to you?


ah..she is my Mother


what are you doing?

Mechanical Engineering...

Ha...Music is my life...

I am a D J
want to make it my profession

I want to achieve a lot,
I have bundles of dreams

I wanna be a famouse DJ

will you mother support you to be a D J?


just asked you out of curiosity

because always she used to pester
me about future Marrriage etc...

she didn't allow me to follow my passion

nor encouraged me


at one point of time...

I was in love with Sujatha very much

but, when she talked
about Marriage in a haste

I couldn't accept it

because I was chasing my dreams

my life...

my love...

my soul...

everything was Music to me...

and that was my goal too...

I didn't wish to get struck in a commitment

so I asked her to give me some time...

she told she was pregnant...

I told her to abort the fetus

she said NO...


we both parted

when the question of life arises...

everyone has to a tuff decision in his life

all these love...sentiments...emotions...

are the truth of the moment, that's it

the real truth is...life...

one's life...

you are a young girl...

you will not understand this now...

you will understand this later in your life


may be sometime in your life
a situation like might come...



now what do you want from me?


any influence...or my Surname?

did Sujatha send you to ask all this?


I will...I will do it for you

but, on one condition...

at any given time...nowhere on this earth

you will not tell anybody
that I am your Father

just a week ago I got know
that you are my father

from that moment,
just to see you and speak to you...

I found your address
on google and came here

but since 22 years you know that
you have a Daughter...

not even one day
you felt you should see me?


the moment you told my mother to abort
she coud have done it and gone her way

she brought me on this Earth

she has reared me, educated me...

and just for your sake,
I have come leaving her behind

I am ashamed of myself

leaving me and mother
just for the sake of your life...

without caring about what others speak...

I am proud of my other Father
who gave a life to me and my mother

I can't draw a comparision between you both

one who doesn't know the value
of relationships speak like this

Ha, in future I think
we will meet on stage someday

at that time, you don't tell others
that I am your Daughter

by the way...

what is your name?


Maya Jayadev

hey she is coming


Maya what happened?

wait Maya...

what did your Dad say!?

Maya, what did your Dad say??



Maya what happened?

Maya, what happened?

I have never seen
such a heartless man in my life

for his sake I fought with
everybody and came here


twenty years...

after twenty years
his Daughter is before him...

he had no feelings at all

Maya...please don't cry...

he just said give a damn...

shame on me, I called him my Dad...

I called him Dad...

Maya don't cry...
-Maya please...

Maya calm down...
-I am feeling angry on myself

I gave a lot of pain to my Dad

Maya don't...
-I hurt him so much

why did they tell me
why did I come to know of this?


I want to see my Dad

Oh Maya...

I want to apologise to him

I hurt him so much ya...

its okay Maya
-I hurt him so much

maya its okay...

I hate myself

Maya stop..calm down...
-I hate my self...

Maya stop...its okay...

Maya...calm down...its okay...

calm down...

-I want my Dad...

please cool down
-Maya calm down

I want my Dad...

okay fine lets go just calm down
-I want to go home


cool down...

what to do now!?

I want to see my Dad

okay lets go to Bangalore

stop...listen to me...
-don't worry lets go to Bangalore

lets not go to Bangalore...please...

why...?we have to go back

we should end the problem
from where it started

I will not come to Bangalore

hey...what's wrong with you!?

Me and Maya are in problem

why do you worry, just come with us

the journey of life on this Earth

our journey has the strength to move ahead

the journey of life on this Earth

in our journey we have that friendship

this body is travelling
like a vehicle without a destination

this body is travelling
like a vehicle without a destination

I will reach without knowing my way

steer me...save me...

steer me...save me...

let's together move far from here

let's together move far from here

at last you came dear?


I am so Sorry Dad

I always knew, that you will come back

Don't cry dear

I love you Dad, Sorry...

there is nothing to pardon you

Dad, you are my Father

All is well, that ends well


I am Sorry

I am Sorr...

you don't apologise Mom

your decision was right

Mom, I missed you




where were you all these days!?

I was on a spiritual trip

it just happened the way I predicted...

I told you, the other day I went....



all of a sudden
why did you all became silent?


I shouldn't have behaved
so rudely the other day...

I am sorry...

its okay no problem...


now I understood...

how much I irretated you...

and you were right...

you would always tell me
Anjali grow up...grow up...

I hope I have...

since childhood I never
went to a co education school

I was brought up amidst only girls

no interaction with boys at all

but, you came, spoke well
treated me well too...

and I started getting attracted to you...

assuming it to be love
I became possessive towards you

God, I was so stupid...

neither I could understand your feelings...

nor dared to ask you too...

and that's my mistake

I am sorry

Thank you...

Thank you for the memories...


you will always be my special one...

let's move on...

dude...look there


call the software guy

hey silent Rahul, come here'
your sweetheart has come

hey, how dare you cut my call!?

guys, if your girl call
will you cut the call?

we will skip a meal...

but will never cut our girl's call

now what, do I have to apologise!?


I am sorry...

Aah, you wanted to tell me
something on that day...

will you tell me now!?

that is...Umm...

that is...
-oh God...

our boy is of shy nature

you tell him, it will take
another year for him to tell you

fine, I will tell you

Rahul...I love you

I love you...

I missed you

I told you other day

do we need this election?

is this speech necessary?

no opposition canditate here...

announce my name as the President...

how did you hide it
in your heart all these days?

we shared ur problems with you right!?

any girl on this earth
can face your problems...

but the insult I faced...

they know very well
whatever they do girls don't speak out

boys behave so rudely...

you have to bring out
his other face in public...

only then you will get justice...

if you fear even a dog will chase you...

but, if you revolt,
even a tiger will flee...


hello everbody...

you all must be wondering...

how did she come here after all the insult?

to be frank,
for a few days even I felt the same

why just that, even I felt like dying...

even thought of locking me up in four walls

I wished no one sees me

this election...college...life...
everything is bullshit...

I don't need this...

anyway the end is near...

thought, let me make my end differently
thinking so I stepped out...

the moment I came out,
you know what I felt...!

to my surpise I felt
no one knew me here...

everybody's life was important to them...

me alongwith my insult
felt lonely in this world...

that moment I realised...

that my insult was my companion...

really it might seem bizzare to you...

if I say the girl you saw
in the MMS isn't me...

few who have affection
towards me will believe

but, I don't wish to lie...

yes, I am the same girl...

yes...it's me...

if I think of the incident
which happened on that day...

my heart bleeds...

it is not that I made a mistake...

to be precise I haven't done any mistake

I shared some intense moments
with someone I really loved...

my love was pure...

I was in love...


if I didn't do a mistake...
where did the mistake happen?

the mistake happened in my trust...

the thought that the boy I am in love,
loved me too...

the mistake was in my innocence...

I didn't realise it on that day...

on seeing the MMS he created...

I was shocked...

I was devastated...

from there, to end my life,
I found another begining...

the new begining
gave me a new perspective...

my agony...insult...weakness ended...

now I am transformed...

I am a new girl today

some day in future the same might
happen to any one of you...

at that time face it with courage...

boys behave so rudely only because...

they know very well
whatever they do girls don't speak out

if you fear even a dog will chase you...

but, if you revolt,
even a tiger will flee...

the reason for my courage are...

my friends who were
strangers till yesterday...

Maya...and Anjali...

they are my soulmates...

Thank you

thank you so much...

the other day what did
you tell me on this spot?

that you finished me right?

you said, you are finished...

but guess what...

I am back...

you know what is the life of your MMS?

it's alive till a new MMS crops up...

then it will be a gossip...

later it will be dud...

in the name of love
how did you wish to do this!?

remember this...

the day girls stand up
facing their insult...

masculinity of boys
like you will be a nil...

a big Zero...

a few of you might have stored the MMS...

that's your wish...

I will not urge you to delete it

if you know that it is a cheating
done by some one to another soul...

That's enough...

I am least bothered
about the election result...

I am already a winner...

my journey has taught me,
not to run away from my problems...

but, to face it...

Thank you...

Thank you so much

these tiny birds are ready
to fly spreading their wings

journey has begun with full of happiness

these tiny birds are ready
to fly spreading their wings

journey has begun with full of happiness

coming out of their cucoon
thinking this world belongs to them...

the birds have joined hands
to enjoy their freedom

they neither have a future goal
nor a teacher behind them

only time will tell us their destination