Yaan (2014) - full transcript

Chandru is an MBA graduate, who was raised by his granny and lives a carefree life with his friends in Mumbai with simply no need to have a job to support him. Srila on the other hand is a young driving instructor living with her father, a retired army officer. They accidentally run into each other in the mêlée of a shootout between cops and terrorists, where Chandru saves Srila and falls for her looks. The blossoming romance hits roadblocks when Srila's father rejects Chandru as he has no job. Stung by the harsh treatment, Chandru tries hard to land a job and eventually gets one in a Middle East nation where he is caught in a conspiracy and his struggle to wriggle out of it forms the rest of the movie.

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Sultan Malik Shah, Daniel Stanley...

Hans Raj Jain, Pravin Randhawa...

One man with different
names and the...

most wanted terrorist of the world.

Mumbai Cycle bomb blast,
Bangalore Science Conference attack.

He has committed so many crimes,
they're difficult to count.

He's the most wanted
Interpol accused...

and the most influential person.

I tried to arrest him
twice but he escaped.

He's a very clever and
dangerous criminal.

A small mistake from our side can...

lead to deaths of many people.

According to the information
received from top official...

he's coming to Mumbai for
his daughter's marriage.

This is the house of his
son-in-law to be.

There are four ways to reach here.

Devakar and I'll be
at the taxi lane.

Rane and Shinde will be here.
- Yes sir. Copy that.

And Patel will be at this spot.
- Alright sir. Over.

All our men will be on high
alert in this area.

Our sharp shooters will be present
on all tall buildings.

To reach his son-in-law's
house Malik...

has to come to this circle for sure.

So, we will be parked her.

Stay alert. Once we trace him...

unleash hell.

Four cars are coming.

This is Afzal. Malik's right hand.

So Malik should be here
at any moment.

Sir, all of us are ready.

Copy that.

This must be his car.

This is Malik.


Come on, move from here.

Don't fire. I said stop firing.

Malik, come out.

Surrender. It's all over now.

I have not met you since long.

How are you?
- Stop.

Leave about my condition.
Look at your condition.

Hands up.

Hello. Today, in a shoot-out...

terrorist Malik Shah was killed.

Terrorist Sultan Malik Shah who...

was most wanted for a long time...

was shot at by ACP Anwar
and his team in Mumbai.

He was wanted all over the world...

Friends, today I saw a girl.

She is stunning.
- Look.

That ruffian Malik killed
seven of our people.

The breaking news of shoot-out
is being shown...

and he's thinking about that girl.
- Hey, she's gorgeous.

Till today I haven't seen
such a girl in Mumbai.

He and his men...
- Hey, I've seen this man.

The shoot-out took place in
front of me. - This...

Did you see him?
- Yes, buddy.

First you said you saw
a girl and now...

you're saying that you saw Malik.
Are you making us a fool?

I'll explain.
First you switch off the TV.

Swear and say the truth.
- Have I ever said lies?

Okay tell me.

I had gone to ATM to withdraw money.

It was raining.
Lightning took place.

Because of your cheap story
my chips fell down.

Hey, when I opened the door
to get out then...


Hello, how much time?

I don't know whether he was
withdrawing money...

or was printing notes.

Do you want to withdraw money?

It's because of the rain.
Give me your umbrella.

Why are you thinking so much?
I've just asked for the umbrella.

Shree, what are you doing here?

Are you alright?
- I'm absolutely fine, uncle.

I had come to the ATM.

Are you fine?
I hope you aren't hurt.

I guess I am alright.

Who is he?


I don't know him, uncle.
I just met him.

Hi, I am Chandru.
- Shreela.

Shall we go?
- Okay.

Kumar, just drop her home.
- Okay, sir.

He must have dreamt at night and
now he's making a fool of us.


Why does everything happen with you?
- What are you doing?

Tell us. - Stop. - Catch him. - Hey,
give it to me.

Throw it here.
- Here. - Come. - Please.

Her card is there and I can
meet her with its help.

Do you want the card? - Please.
- Are you a Bollywood hero...

that you can save your lover...

from among the most
wanted terrorists.

Do you think yourself
to be Superman?

There is nothing else to tell.
He just kept on flirting.

Okay, tell the truth.
Was he handsome?

Not at all. Typical road side Romeo.

Hey, are you blind?
- There is "Learning" board.

Hey. I am a driving instructor.

First learn how to drive
the car yourself.

Show all these signals at home.

She thinks he can teach me.

Leave this rowdy and tell
me about that handsome.

Bloody mood off.

You could have taken someone.

Shahrukh, did you bring it?
- Got it, Pa!

Uncle, wear this model.
It's very comfortable.


Anwar told me that you'd a narrow
escape in that shoot-out.

Father, nothing has happened to me.

Uncle, you've become super star.
- Yes, yes...

today you're on every news channel.

He was the most wanted terrorist.

Is this a beauty contest?

Now it's fine.
- Can I've a black coffee?


Make a cup of tea for me, child.

Eesha, where have you kept sugar?

You're asking from
the wrong person.

She hasn't entered
kitchen even once.

I'll come and help you.
- Shreela...

extra sugar for me please.

At least learn to make a cup of tea.

Next month is your marriage.

I am feeling pity on Imran.

Tell me one thing.
Who was that boy in the morning?

Hmm. That loser.
- Yes.

I saw him for the first time today.
I met him at the ATM centre.

He saved me in the shoot-out.
- Okay, okay...

Don't think anything wrong, uncle.
- Okay.

You have nice hair.

All this is magical. Beware.

Mumbai girls are very smart.
- Is that so? Look at her.

They look good from far.

They apply a lot of make up
and talk great things.

I'd seen a beautiful girl.
- Correct. - She was sweet.

Are you saying the truth?

Look there.


Just imagine how she'll
look in night dress.

Because 90% girls wear
night dress at home.

I am totally confused.

There may be so many girls...

but my Shreela is the best.
- Oh God, he has started again.

He's still stuck there.
He's of no use now.

Hey, she's the same girl.
- What happened? - Where is she?

Hey, same girl. Look there.
- Listen.

Where is he? - Hey, look there.
Hey, the ATM hero.

Hey, Shreela.
- Come on let's go from here.

Hey, wait. - Why are you
behaving so weird? Stop.

Hey, that one in yellow dress.
- Yes that one. - Hi.

He is really handsome.

He wants to talk to you.
- Hey, hello.

Don't push me friend.
- At least wait.

Hey wait.


Look here.
He'll be following you...

Next month is your marriage.
Have you forgotten that?

That is why I'm saying to let
me flirt before marriage.

Just like a driving test.

You have gone mad.

Before the husband.

Times are really bad. Oh God!

- Brother isn't up, ma'am.

He is sleeping.

Chandru, get up son.
It's already 9 O'clock.

From last three days you
haven't had a bath.

You haven't brushed properly.

Chandru, I've to go to office
and I'm getting late.


Coming, grandmother.

what is the name of that girl?


I knew it from the smile
on your face?

How many days now?

Excuse me. Anybody here?

Yes, I am coming, madam.

In five minutes I'll be back
after handling the customer.

Don't touch the camera. Understood.
- Yes.

He is so handsome.


He is very cute.

How did he get on the TV?

He is really a rowdy.

If I tell uncle, then he'll put
him in jail and beat him.

- Hi. Welcome.

We've just shifted here so we
need a cable connection.

You need a connection.
You've come at the right place.

I shall first show
you the quality...

then I would've personally come
to give you the connection.

What do you watch on cable?

Hey, where has this stupid come?

Madam, this is technical fault.

Madam, you do not go anywhere.

I'll just be back after
repairing the cable.

Nonsense, you will ruin my business.

You are live...
- Live...

No one knows how many people
must have seen you.

Ruffian, apologize to everyone.

Hi. Hi, Shahrukh.

- Shreela... - Sorry.

I don't know whether you're watching
this program or not...

but do you remember me?

Chandru, we met at the ATM.
Handsome boy.

Handsome? Stupid fellow.

You left your card there
so I've kept it.

- This cable TV owner is my friend.

What was I about to say?

Yes. I've to return this card
to you but how should I do.

I shall give you my number.
You call up and take your card.

Phone number. Hurry up.
- Where is the card?

Take this.

Note it down. Number 9.

You're holding it upside down.
- Oh no.


Okay, okay.

You'll ruin my business.
- Sorry, buddy.

It just happened by mistake.

you'll make us land in trouble.

He's shouting as if he's popular
as BBC. - Phone, phone...

Hey, it's my phone...

- Hi sweetheart, it's me. Shreela.

Shreela? So soon.
- Shreela. - Hey, that was quick.

Hey, what are you doing? Sorry.
I just gave the message...

and you called so soon.
- Why are you talking to him?

Hang up.
- Shut up...

Shut up? Sorry... shut up...

No, no I was saying this
to my friend. - Hey!

Okay, shall we meet?

Uh... okay.

Tomorrow morning at 10 at Costa
coffee. - This is too much.

Costa coffee? Which one?

Linking Road.
- Linking Road, okay.

Okay sure.
- Okay. - I'll be there.

You... what's you problem?
- It's a date.

No, it's not a date. Stop it, Eesha.

Did you all see?
I got the connection done.

Thank you, buddy. It was real fun.


You look stunning.

Is this the best pick-up
line you got?

Yes, no...

This is for you.

What will you have?
Cappuccino, Fapucinno...

Coffee, tea, biscuits and...
- Just coffee.

Okay, okay...

One cappuccino and one espresso.

Are you trying to be a hero?

No. - Then what were you
doing on TV yesterday?

Do you think you are too funny?

- Love at first sight.

No love happens at first sight.
Understood, you stupid.

You got flowers for a girl with
whom you just spent 5 minutes.

Spend this money at a better place
and you'll get blessings.

That's deep.

Anyway, you'd come for this.
So take it.

There is no need to say thanks. I...


Hello, drink the coffee at least.


Driver, will you take me
to RTO office? - No.

Driver, will anyone of you
take me to RTO office?

No, I won't go.
- Even I won't go.

Rickshaw. RTO office.
- No, sorry.

Hello! Hello, madam.

No one take you except me.

keep the bag in between for safety.

Come on. No taxi will go
because of RTO office.

You can go by bus.
Better come with me.

She is coming. She is coming.

Hey, from where have you come?

RTO officers will take your license.
You'll be caught.

Driver, take me to RTO office.

Shreela, this is wrong.

At least give me your visiting card.

I gave you back your ATM card.

Thank you. - Let's go,
brother. - I'll call you.

With what name shall
I store her number?

Baby. No.

Sweetie. No.

Beloved? What a stupid name?

Shreela. Yes Shri.


Hey, oh...

Hello, uncle. Sir.

The market is going to rise.

Hey, stop the taxi.


Hey, who are you?

Follow that taxi.

But why do I have to do it?

It is a matter of love.

Oh, it's a matter of girl.

Hey, follow quietly.

- I'm getting down. Wait. - Sir.

The card is stuck.

A young boy is begging.
Country's economy is so worst.

Sir, what are you doing? Rickshaw.

Yes, I am close to office.

I'll be there in 5 minutes.
- Hello, sir. Nice to meet you.

Hello. - Your foot, sir... - What
are you doing? What happened?

The same guy, you know.

Hey Romeo, who will pay the fare?

Hey mister.

Hello. Hello.

Hello, Singh!
- Hey idiot, what are you doing?

Go straight.

Mister! Singh!


Hey, who are you?

Oh. Hi. Hi.

What do you want?

The visiting card.

Okay. Take it.



Baby. My child.

Hey, what are you doing with
the baby? - Aunt, no.

Aunt, my card.

Scoot, you rogue.

I was trying to catch the card but
the owner of the card came.

Sit here.
I'll go and ask about brother's job.

Good morning, brother. - Good
morning. - Is Hari sir inside?

Wait for him.

Have you brought all
the papers with you?

The visa will come next Monday.

The total expenditure would
1 lakh rupees. - Come.

Shiva, your brother's job is
set in London. - Yes sir.

Next month he'll have to go.
- Okay sir. - Have a seat.

That post was in demand but I
played my cards. - Thank you.

Sit for some time.
- Yes.

The confirmation letter from
London will be faxed.

Take it and then go.
- Okay sir.

Hey, your friend Chandru has
also come with you. - What?

Shreela's car.


How much is the rose for?
- 10 rupees.

Hey, who are you?
- Hey, hey...

Hey, what are you doing?


Hello, student!
Keep your hearing aide properly.

The honking is going on behind.

Look at his poor driving.

Hey! What nonsense are you talking?

Hey. I'm just helping the student.
- Enough.

Do you even know who he is?
- Wait.

Before I forget, this is for you.

What is this? I got it with so
much love and you insulted it.

You aren't even receiving my calls.

You don't even reply to my messages.

Hey, what is this?
The old man is staring you.

Hello, old boy. I'm telling you
to look straight and drive.

Don't stare at your teacher.

For that I am sitting behind.

Isn't it teacher?
Let me turn this machine off.

Hey. Chandru, what are you doing?

Hey. Cool, chill.

If I get such a beautiful
teacher then...

I shall stare her too.

Shreela, are you coming behind?
- Come. - Get out.

Just get out.
- Why?

Stop embarrassing me.

- Get lost.

- Go.

- What happened?

At least hold this.

Hello, old boy. Take care, man.

I'll be there for your
graduation ceremony.

Fast train Mumbai driving.

Call after you've learnt driving.
Okay? Hello.

Hello. Listen.

Sorry, father.
- Who is that idiot?

I'd told you that I'd met
a boy at the shoot-out.

Oh, is he the same boy?

Does he trouble you a lot?

No father. Just the usual flirting.

I think he is crazy about you.

He is not less than any joker.

He looks like one.

Mad boy.

Oh no! It's bad.
- It's really bad.

You... you really scared me.

Shreela, it's time to donate
this car in the museum.

Poor car, I don't know from how
long it's bearing your burden.

Till now you would've
reached the moon.

How come?
- Listen.

The distance between earth and
moon is 2,32,813 miles.

And it has already covered
that much distance.

So as of now we are on the moon.

Did I ask your suggestion?
- No.

This is the same car in which
Superstar learnt driving.

Go on your own way.
- Hey.

Listen, you felt bad about it.

Superstar is a superstar...

but your car is worn out.

I'll call a mechanic and
get the car towed.

If you wish you can come with me.
This area is very lonely.

I'm born and brought up in Mumbai.

I know about every nook and
corner of this city.

There used to be a mechanic here.

He has... - I'll see to
it myself. Thanks, bye.

Hey, my bike is here.
I'll drop you.

My bike...

You won't beg?

Won't you beg for food?
- Daddy.

Won't you beg?
- No.


Are you okay?

What are you doing?

Does anyone throw a
child on the road?

Ma'am, get lost.

Is this how you behave?

You pushed such a small
girl on the road.

What if she would've been
crushed by a car?

Come on.
Everyone come along with me.

I'll call the police.
- She's out of her mind.

Madam, go mind your own business.

Never get involved in
other's matters.

Go away! Let me see who stops me.

Hey, get your men.


Shreela, how are you child?

Uncle, come soon.
There's a fight over here.

Where are you calling
from at this time?




Hey, you've been hurt badly.
- No, it's okay. Just a scratch.

Do you have a handkerchief?

No, I am fine.
- No, see a doctor.


- Are you okay?

I am fine, uncle.
- What is this?

- I've seen you before.

Chandru, my friend...

the one who was with me on the
day of shoot-out. - Yes.

- Hello.

I'm Anwar. Assistant commissioner
of police. - Hello.

I think you keep following her.
- Sir, no.

Your full name.

Iyar Petra Ariyur Chandershekhar.

Do you tell wrong name to police?

I am writing Chandru, in short form.

It is my daughter's wedding.

Today we'd stepped out to
give invitation cards.

And at that moment I received
a call from Shreela.

So son-in-law, come for the wedding.
We will wait for you.


Uncle you...
- I will leave.


The bride will go with the groom.

Good morning, sir.

Brother, so many girls.

We will have nice time here.
- Leave all that.

Leave my hand.

Hey, old boy. What's up, my friend?

Tell me one thing.
I hope you didn't woo your teacher.

You're about to die and
still you woo girls.

Hi. Shall I take your beautiful
teacher for a minute?

Shri baby, come.

Chandru, he is my father.


Father, he is Chandru.


Hi, Father. Bye, father.

Wife of a policeman.
Hello, aunt. Bye, aunt.

Escape Chandru otherwise
you'll get arrested.


I am a channel owner.

- Leave me.

Let's go. That old man turned
out to be Shreela's father.

Father? So you're divorced
well before marriage.

She has gone.
- There is a small problem, friends.

The famous singer Harihar
for this function...

has got stuck in the
traffic of Mumbai.

So, if anyone of you knows
singing, please...

Stuck in traffic?
- How do I know?

Anybody from the guests?

Sir, you?

- How about you?

No, I'm cool.
- Come on, sir. You can do it.

- You can do it.

Hey, he will sing.

We've a volunteer.
- Bravo! Come on.

Be a hero and sing.
- Bravo!


Sing, sing...

What the fish!
- Please come.

What is he doing?


Okay father, time is up.

From the time you've come
you're looking sad.

Tell me, father.
- I don't feel like talking.

Are you upset because of him?

After mother left...

you raised me...

you have given me full freedom...

but have I ever taken wrong
advantage of that.

Trust me. Okay?

have some faith on your daughter.

I will take the right decision.

I promise.
- What are you doing?

I cannot even do acting of
remaining angry with you.

You are very naughty.

You also say that he is a joker.

He is clown.

Happy birthday Shri.


That's for you and this is for you.
- Thanks.

Tell me how is father.

Is his sugar under control?

You make him understand
as much as you...

can but he'll still eat sweets.
Even my daughter is the same.

Father, you don't let me eat sweets.

Our house is like an army camp.

Oh no. I am alright. Thanks.

I've now got transferred to Mumbai.

I'm joining City Bank
as marketing head.

I didn't want to miss
Shri's birthday...

so I came a day earlier.

You could've stayed here.
I've got such a big house.

No uncle, I've found a gym and a...

yoga teacher near to my house.

Even the clinic of dietician
is close by so...

Because of your strict diet
your wife left you.

I've come to know today
that Ruku left me...

because of my strict diet and yoga.

Anyway, enough of that.

Well, what have you planned
for birthday tomorrow?

If you're free in the evening
then let's go for dinner.

Uncle, you also come along.
- No, not me. You kids go.

Hmm. Okay.

I will have Gangio Lan Flow.

No cheese, no butter.
Very less salt.

What nonsense are you ordering?

Bring everything with extra cheese.

Yes, madam. Thank you.

What's happening?
- Hey...

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.
- How sweet!

So cool.
- Happy birthday.



Happy birthday.
- How come you're here?

Shri, you invited me, that
is why I've come here.

Did you?
- Me? When did I invite you?


- Thank you.

Ram, he is my friend Chandru.

Hey. What's up, man?

Chandru, he is my cousin Ram.

Cousin, wow. That means
brother-in-law. - Brother-in-law?

Hi, how are you brother-in-law?
- Hi.


Why don't you join us?
What will you eat?

Good idea, brother-in-law.

We shall drink together.

What are you guys having?

I am having Gangio Lange Flow...

without cheese, without butter.

Oh dear. Are you unwell?

If I eat this I'll have
to go to the doctor.

What kind of a food he eats!

Thank God.

I need extra cheese.

Look at them.
Eat drink and be merry.

Absolutely carefree.

- God damn it!

Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
- Oh my God, I'm so sorry.

It's quite alright.

Oh God I'm so sorry.
- I'll just be back.

It's okay. No problem. Take
your time. No problem.

You did this purposely.
- Yes.

No, I mean you hit me hard.
- Go from here.

Leave immediately from here.
Please go. Now.

He's about to come. - He has asked
for dinner so let me eat.

He'll bad.
- He'll tell everything to father.

Just go Chandru, go.

Okay, bye.


Hi, everybody.
- Hi.

Hi, birthday girl.

Happy birthday.
- Thank you, uncle. - Hi.

Hi, I am Imran.
- My husband.

He's with BBC.
- Alright, you're the one. - Hi.

Happy birthday, Shri.
- Thank you.

How was your dinner?

It was nice, uncle.

In fact,
Shri's friend had also come there.

Okay. I thought you both
had gone for dinner.

Yes, we'd planned, but Chandru
also came there.

Did Chandru come?

he came there without informing.

he's your father's yoga teacher.

Hey, I'll slap you, smart-ass.
Ramu isn't.

Very cute.
- Yes, everyone is cute for you.

Shah Rukh is cute, old man is cute.

Even this dog is cute.

Your scarf is so nice.

For you except for your boyfriend
everyone else is cute.


This one was actually cute.
- Hey... - Hey, what?

I'm with you and you're still
staring at other girls.

We've ordered food, doesn't mean
we cannot look at the menu.

Food is always tasty.

Shri, I am totally a normal boy.

Hmm. I do not read too much books.

I listen to music and I sleep a lot.

I smoke cigarette, drink beer.

I've a bath once in two
days and that...

also when grandmother scolds me.

I go to temple when grandmother
locks the house.

What else should I
tell about myself?

There might be millions of people
in this world like me.

But Chandru is a little
different for you.

Because no one...

can love you as I do in this world.

That is why...

That is why...

That is why...

That is why pay this bill as
I forgot to bring my wallet.

- You... - Hey!


Hey. Chandru.

- Hey, no.

See you tomorrow.

Bye. - Hey,
what about my good night kiss?

No. Take it.


what is your excuse today?

- Tell me.

Chandru. Chandru is just
a good friend. - Enough.

I don't want anymore of this.

Uncle, if you wish you can call
him home once and talk to him.

He seems to belong to a good family.

Moreover if Shri likes him then
he cannot be an ordinary boy.

Am I right?
- Why?

Why should I invite anyone?

Even she can invite him.

Isn't all this happening quickly,

So will I continue seeing the drama?

Shri, you go inside.
I'll talk to uncle.

Invite Chandru here tomorrow
morning. Okay.

What? The zip is closed.

Don't be scared at all.

Father is an army man,
that is why he's straight forward.

Okay, okay it isn't something
great for me.

What is it?
- What?

In the mouth.
- Chewing gum.

For getting courage. Isn't it cool?

Spit it out otherwise father
will think of you as rowdy.

He'll consider me rowdy because
I've chewing gum.

Okay, I have taken it out.


Father-in-law's house is quite nice.

Have a seat and I shall call father.
- Okay.

She is so cute.

Look at his nose.

What Mr. Young man?

How are you?

Fine, sir.

Sit down.

What will you have?

Tea, coffee, juice or...
- No, nothing sir.

Have something, son.

Only water.

- Yes.


So tell me...

Sorry uncle that day unknowingly,

Sorry, sorry... What did you say?
- I'm sorry.

The machine isn't working properly.

If I'd taken that seriously then...

I wouldn't have allowed you to
sit in my house like this.

- Come, Ram.

Nowadays it has become fashion
to insult elderly people.

Your entire generation is like this.

No, uncle. I did it unknowingly...


Where do you stay?

Matunga, Church Road.

Do you live with your parents?

Sir, I was 10 years old when they
expired in a car accident.

Now I stay with my grandmother.

I... I am really sorry.

It's okay, uncle.

Seems your grandmother has brought
you up with lots of pampering.

Yes, she loves me a lot.

What do you do? Job, study...

Nothing. I am jobless.

I keep on thinking as to
what work I should do.

Isn't it interesting, Ram?
- Yes.

I've still not decided as
to what I should do.

I don't understand.
What does it mean?

I haven't thought about
it seriously.

I mean I never felt the need.

As I understand you're an educated
unemployed person.

Have you ever gone to school or...

No, uncle. I am an MBA graduate.

Oh. MBA.

Uncle, I know what you want to say.

I will take good care of Shri.

Shri, get one black coffee for me.

Sorry. You were saying History,
Geography or something like that.

MBA, sir.

It may sound strange...

but if Shri is with me then
I can do anything.

I love her.
- Enough!

I don't want to hear your
road side dialogues.

What are you?

An unemployed boy who splurges
his grandmother's money.

The whole day,
you smoke, drinking and loiter.

That is your time pass.

With whose money have you bought
shoes, clothes and bike?

Tell me!

Let me speak practical.

Why should I get my daughter
married to...

a boy who is nothing except a zero?

How long do you know my daughter?

From last 6 months. Maximum.

Sir, I just know that I'll
keep your daughter happy.

Sir, what do you want? A job.

Next time when I come I'll
be having a good job.

I'll prove myself.
- What do you want to prove?

Ram, are we running a reality show?

This gentleman wants
to prove something.

It is a limit.

Unemployed MBA graduate wants
to prove something.

Sir, I will leave.

Thanks for your time.

Stop it, Chandru. Every girl's
father asks such questions.

Just imagine yourself on
his position and think.

You are supporting him.

Keep yourself in my place,
then you'll understand.

You had called me to get insulted.

And that Ram was sitting there
and laughing at me.

Don't talk nonsense.
Ram is very nice.

He arranged the meeting.

Oh, so I am the only one who is bad.

An unemployed person.
A rowdy roadside person who fell...

in love with a madam like you.

You should get married to the one
who works in the Citi Bank.

You are misunderstanding me.

It's so cheap! Nonsense!

Yes, it's nonsense!

You knew I'd no job,
so why befriend me?

Is this what it means to
be in a relationship?

To get married, you need wealth,
money, bungalow and car.

Isn't love important?

If only people with job had the
right to fall in love...

then there would be rush outside
employment exchange.

Chandru, stop screaming.

Don't just say anything in anger.

And don't bring Ram in between.

It's a truth that you don't
have a job. Isn't it?

Hey, this man seems to be Chandru.

- I don't want to talk to him.

For how many days will
you not talk to him?

Ram, please don't stop.
- Wait, I'll go and talk to him.

Ram, please. I don't want to talk
to him. - Wait, I'm going.

Please don't embarrass me.

I will just be back.
- Ram. Please.

Hey Chandru, how are you?

I saw you once or twice
with the files in hand.

One who is unemployed for three
years won't get a job so soon.

Do one thing. Give me your resume
and I'll get you a job.

And that also today.
I've many contacts here.

No, you leave it. I will manage.

Ego? You're worthless and
just see your attitude.

Just like stars.

Let me tell you the truth.

Shreela will get married to me...

and our children will
call you uncle.

Even then you'll roam
around with files.

Ruffian, you are trying to be smart.

Shri is only mine. Understood!
- Chandru, stop it.

Don't misbehave.

He isn't finding a job so
has become frustrated.

I gave him a job offer and
he became angry with me.

Let's go from here.
- Sorry, Ram.

For venting your anger out on
Shreela you'll go to Baslistan.

Do you know it's so hot there?

Because of the qualification,
jobs are very less.

Hey, I don't like this city, that
is why I want to go there.

I want to prove myself.


Now I'm getting this job
so shall I refuse it?

Will this job do?
- Yes sir. Okay, sir.

Sir, he isn't agreeing to
doing this job so that...

his girlfriend's father
says yes for marriage.

He is ready to go to Baslistan.

Look, wait for three months.

Shiva's brother is going to London.

It's a good job.
Rest the choice is yours.

No, sir. This job will do.

I am really in need of a job.

Thanks for the help.

In such a short period...
- Don't thank me.

It's my job.


You will have to do me a favor.

What will I have to do, sir?

A poor family wants to send
their son to Baslistan.

He's autistic but don't consider
him less than anyone.

He's very smart. You just have to
take him carefully with you.

You'll get blessings
of his family.


Hi, I am Chandru...

Iqbal, keep this down.

Listen to what brother
Chandru is saying.

I am Nawaz Iqbal.

Broom the floor,
wash utensils, watch TV...

offer prayers, and clean the house.
- Enough...

He has been over-trained.

He has to speak this
in immigration so...

that is why he has learnt it well.

Will you come with me,
on the flight?

We will go in flight.

He does not speak much.
- Yes.

Shall I keep this?

I think he has become angry.
Did I say anything wrong?



Sure, sir. I will do it.

Call up, Shreela. - What is the
matter? Why are you so sad?

If you don't wish to go,
then let's go back home.

I'm leaving you for the first time.

Tell these dialogues
to someone else.

Grandmother, I'll come back soon.
Take care of your health.

Chandru, are you ready?
- Yes sir. - Greetings.

Grandmother, I'd told you about
Hari Das. - Greetings, ma'am.

Greetings. - Give me your
passport. - One second.

Hey. Come here.

Chandru, where is your bag?
- It's here, sir.

You keep talking and I'll get the
check in done. - Okay, sir.

Buddy, call Shreela once. Do it.

Huh? Shri? Shri...

- Ram here.

Can you call...

What happened, Chandru?

I called her and Ram picked
up the phone. Ruffian!

Okay Iqbal, bye.


Sorry sir. I was on the phone.

No problem. All the best.
- Thank you. - Thank you, sir.

Thank you for the help.
- Bye.

What has happened? Are you alright?

He called up Shreela
and Ram answered it.

That is why he is sad.

Nowadays the romance of children
cannot be understood.

No problem, I will tell her.

Don't worry about anything.

Give me a phone call. Okay?

You don't cry too much and
take care of yourself.

I will be back soon.


Be careful while going.

All the best.

- Hello, Shiva, you'd called.

Chandru had called you but
Ram answered your phone.

Chandru called...
- Yes, he called some time back.

Where is he?
- He has left for Baslistan.

What? - He's already in the flight
and it's about to take off.

This way.

This way.

Stop, don't run. I will shoot.

In this country drug means death.

He had brought drugs with him.

If not today then he might
be killed few days later.


This is passport and call
me once you reach.

Don't forget. Okay?
- Next.

Excuse me. Are you both from India?

Is this luggage yours?
- Yes sir.

Has this luggage been checked?
- No sir.

Come on, go and get it checked.

One by one. Here.

Did you see that?
- Yes.

Drugs. Don't move. Lie down.

Everyone on the floor.

Chandru, I'm getting this bag
checked in with your luggage.

My man will come and take it.

He is Chandru. Inform there.

(Other language)

(Other language)

(Other language)
- Sir.

(Other language)

Sir, this is not mine. What is this?

Sir, this...

(Other language)

(Other language)

I'm taking him to higher
officer's room.

Mr. Chandrashekhar, how are you?

- I am Harish.

I work for Indian embassy.

Sort of. Wear your clothes.

Sir, I haven't done anything.
- I know.

Don't worry. You come with me.

Are you scared, Mr. Chandrashekhar?

Sir, I have not done anything.

Don't get scared.
Why are we here? To help you.

You help us...

and you can go back to India
by the next flight.

Okay sir,
tell me what do I've to do?

Who gave you this?

Sir, we do not know anything.

We don't know to whom
this bag belongs to.

On Mumbai airport our travel
agent cheated us, sir.

Trust me, sir.

So you won't tell us...

from whom you have got the drugs.

Sir, what should I tell?
We are innocent sir.

I've no idea, sir.

Sorry, sir.
That is all what he has to say sir.

Take him.

Go in.

Sir, the person with whom
you'd sent drugs...

was caught at the airport.

Both are being taken to jail, sir.
- How could this happen?

Open it! Take me from here.

Mother, I want to come home.

I am feeling scared here.

Mother! This place isn't good.
Come and take me.

Hey, Iqbal! Keep quiet.

Hey, Iqbal, stop.

Get me out!

(Other language)

Get me out!

Get me out!
- Sir.

Hey. He is autistic.

Get me out! Leave me!


Leave me! Leave me!


(Other language)

(Other language)

(Other language)

Hey Iqbal...
- Look here.

Here no doors have lock.

It can be easily opened.

Take your hand out and open.

Iqbal! Iqbal.

How much have they beaten you?

Listen, listen... Go down.

Two storey's below there
is a storage...

where they keep all the medicines.

Those people must have slept.
I'll take care of him.

Go get it.

while coming get a sheet for me.

if you shout you'll be beaten.

Mazhar, cigar.

Come on.

(Other Language)

- Hey!

Hey, stop.

(Other Language)


I will not leave you.

Sorry, don't beat me.

Don't move.

Come on.



Brother, what are you looking at?

Doesn't this market look
like that of India?

This is like home to us.
Why have you been jailed?

For theft?

Hey, when an elderly person talks...

it's disrespectful
not to answer him.

Hey, stop, man! What case?

- Then he is gone.

They will chop off your head. Take.

You take.

Take it, brother.

- You get everything here.

If you wish you can even
get a girl here.

Where are you going without
answering the senior citizen?

Don't point finger.

Listen, yesterday they
were beating this man.

His name was Jia.

Yesterday you had saved his life.

Along with him is jailer Naseer.
He's a very dangerous man.

These men are Jia's informers.

And Jia is jailer's informer.

The way these men help
Jia similarly...

Jia helps them to escape from jail.

Just think that when jailer
isn't around...

Jia is his right hand.

If Jia gives information about
someone then Nasser kills him.

That is why those Chinese
men beat Jia last night.

It seems you belong
to a good family.

Then how did you reach here.
Did any travel agent cheat you?

How did you come to know?
- How did I come to know?

More than half of the men
are imprisoned here...

because of this reason.
All Indians. Muslims.

That's how it's.

When travel agents send
people like you here...

then quietly they send a
bag full of drugs also.

They know that rules
and regulations...

of this country are very strict.

In our country 1 kilo drugs means
1 lakh. That's nothing.

But here the same 1 kilo drugs
are worth 2 crores rupees.

Those travel agents take advantage
of our helplessness.

Our mistake is that we
get their bag with us.

But we are never able to
go back to our country.

How much drugs were
there in your bag?

2 kilos in my bag and 5
kilos in Iqbal's bag.

Only this much.

You are gone.

The man over there who is talking
is Pondicherry Max.

He knows many lawyers.

Let's go and talk to him...

and ask him if he has any means...

to help you escape from here. Come.

Shreenath is scaring
you unnecessarily.

Don't worry your head
won't be chopped off.

Make arrangements for a good
lawyer and escape from here.

Sir, can this really happen?
- Of course.

Do one thing. After escaping from
here make a false passport.

And after crossing the border
go to another country.

That's the only way.

Look at him.

Sometime the brain of Chinna
doesn't work at all.

Actually the kidney of Chinna's
daughter has failed.

He had come here to earn
money for her treatment.

After coming here he stole money...

because he didn't have
money to eat food.

And he was caught.

And you?

I was caught here in drugs case.

For how many years were you jailed?

For 12 years.
Because of lawyer my head was saved.

I don't have money for bail,
that is why I'm here.

How much drugs did you have?
- 100 grams.

Only 100 grams. - So severe
punishment for 100 grams?

Not only here but this happens
in Malaysia and Singapore.

You know that many innocent Indians
get trapped in this way.

Media doesn't like to
talk about it much.

An Italian had a cigarette
full of opium...

and for that his head
was chopped off.

And you've been trapped
here for 2 kilo drugs.

May God help you, brother?

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

Hey man, don't cry.
Why are you crying?

I didn't do anything.
- Don't cry. Get up.

What's happening?

I have done nothing.

15 judges of high court
have together...

announced their decision
to chop head...

of four of you in the
middle of the road.

I'm sorry about this judgment.
I'm sorry.

- We are in a foreign country.

I cannot do anything about this.

Please arrange for a lawyer.
Mr. Chandru, now it's out of control.

Please, sir.
- Please understand.

I cannot do anything. I'm sorry.
- Death for what?

Why are you doing this to me?

We are innocent. - You know the law
of this land is such. - Hello.

Excuse me.
I'm innocent. I'm innocent.

You have to help me, sir.

Sir, you've to help me.
I'm innocent.

Sir, please help me.
- I'm sorry. I cannot do anything.

I am innocent.

I've got released.
I've got released.

Tomorrow I'll go to back
to my house. I'm saved.

I am free.

After today I'll never ask
cigarette from you.

You smoke, you smoke...

Hey Changu, Mangu, come let's
play for the last time.

Today is the last day.

Hey, my dear friend.

Hey, Chinna calm down.
Look at Chandru. He's worried.

These are the details of his case.

Chandru, don't worry friend.

I will go to Hyderabad via Mumbai.

After meeting your grandmother,
I'll tell her everything.

Max has written the details
of your case.

With the help of a good lawyer
even you'll escape soon.

Chinna, pay my regards to
your wife and daughter.

With the God's blessings...

if I get released from here then
I'll come to meet them.

I am sure that we will meet again.

God willing!

The shop is closed for now.
Come tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll put connection
for you. Is it okay?

The shop is closed for now.
Come tomorrow.

Who is Shiva?
- I am Shiva.

I have come from Baslistan.

Today is my Chandru's birthday.

Sit, sir. And eat this rice pudding.

I'll just be back
from the kitchen.

Sir, how will we tell
this to grandmother?

She is a heart patient.

But we will have to tell her.

Is it tasty? Chandru loves the
rice pudding that I make.

He used to eat the entire
rice pudding.

Shiva, you didn't tell me who he is.

- Greetings, ma'am.

My name is Chinna.
I've come Baslistan.

I met Chandru there.

Thank God. Now I've got information
about my child.

Tell me how my child is.

Is his job fine?

Is his health and everything fine?

He hasn't called even
once after he left.

All wrong thoughts come to my mind.

Ma'am, Chandru is in some trouble.

What are you saying?
What has happened to my child?

The travel agent had put
drugs in Chandru's bag.

The moment he reached the
airport he was arrested.

If we hire a good lawyer then
he'll surely be saved.

But if we don't take
an action soon...

then his head will be chopped off.

- What are you saying?

This is the truth.
The punishment has been announced.

You'll have to talk to
the ministry here.

All the details of the case
are written in this letter.

I'm sure God will do everything
fine. - God cannot be so merciless.

Even I have escaped from there.

They just cut my hand
for a small theft.

Shiva, Chandru had asked you
to give this to some girl.


Shreela, come out.

What the hell!
- Come out.

Shiva. - Our friend got
trapped because of you.

What nonsense!
- Ask all this from your father.

Grandmother is admitted to the
hospital. - Are you at peace now?

Please stop screaming.

What has happened to Chandru?
Tell me.

Travel agent Hari Das trapped him.

He put drugs in Chandru's bag.

He was arrested on the airport.

A man who came from there
told all this.

We need to do something.

Otherwise we will lose
our Chandru forever.

Stop it. What is our fault in this?

That is his bloody fate.

Go away from here otherwise
I'll call the police.

Get out of here.
- Enough, father.

Don't be insensitive.

Is this the time to talk like this?

In which hospital is grandmother

MMC hospital.

Now you're happy, Shri.
My child is in jail.

I've heard that his head
will be chopped off.

My Chandru isn't bad that he
would take drugs from here.

Oh God, what should I do now?

Shiva! Where has Shiva gone? Shiva.

Granny. What is it?

Why did you admit me
to the hospital?

I have to go out from here.

I've to go to Baslistan
and save my child.

Take me away from here.
- Grandmother...

Please don't be stressed.

Your health is not good.

I will go and get Chandru back.

You are absolutely right.

He went there because of me.

I wish I was able to talk to him.

Now I will get back Chandru with me.

I promise you.

I am sorry.

Shreela, wait for a minute.

Chandru has sent a letter.

I can't take this, Anwar.

What will an alone girl do there?

You well very know the rules
are very strict there.

There is no use talking to you.
You're supporting her.

You know how stubborn Shreela is.

She isn't going to stop at
anybody's insistence.

Just understand that she's
in love with him.

Chandru isn't a criminal.

The travel agent placed that bag.

He's a good chap. You get too
emotional in Shreela's matter.

You're supporting her?
- Stop worrying about her.

You are unnecessarily worrying.

I've talked with Umar.
He'll take care of her.

these are your travel documents...

visa, ticket and everything
else is in this.

I have talked to the home minister.


Shri. Shri.

Is it necessary for you to go?
Just think it over again.

It's highly risky to go there
alone and get him back.

He is in a great danger, father.

I will have to go.

This is his bad fate
then what can we do?

Will you go there and
change his destiny?

Which destiny? What destiny?

He went there because of me.

He got this punishment for
falling in love with me.

You are talking about fate.

Weren't you the one who forced him?

Shri, please try to understand.

If you stop me then your
daughter will...

remain here like a living dead body.

And maybe I die after that.

- I am sorry.


Come on, madam.
- Hello, who are you?

Where are you taking my bag?

Tamil? I think you are from Mumbai.

Excuse me.
- I'm a taxi driver, ma'am.

I can see you're Tamil. Get in.
- What are you doing?

First wear this. - Every woman who
comes here has to wear this...

otherwise the police
will arrest you.

And they put a big fine
and have no pity.

You've still not told me that
where do you want to go.

Low court prison.
- What? Jail?

Yes, Low court prison.

You want to go to jail
or a place near it.

I want to go to jail.
Do you've any problem?

No, I don't have any problem.

Madam, shall I tell you something?
You're my last passenger.

I am going back to India.

My wife is waiting for me in Mumbai.

I think the road is closed ahead.
- Why?

I don't know.
Maybe the traffic is jam.

Hello, hello. What has happened?

(Other Language)

Madam, for sometime our
car cannot go ahead.

Why can't it go ahead?
- Traffic jam.

But you're lucky. Everyone doesn't
get a chance to see this.


(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

(Other Language)

Madam, come here. Come, this side.

Step up.

I don't have time to see all this.
Let's go from here.

this is the only way to go to jail.

You won't get this
opportunity again.

I know you're seeing it
for the first time...

so you will get scared.

But the law of this
place is like this.

I can't wait. Let's go.

Wait, madam.

I think some Indians heads are
going to be chopped off.


They must have committed
a big crime.


- Madam, who is Chandru?


Chandru! Chandru!

- Move.





She's a girl from our country.
She's big problem.

How can I leave her alone?
I'm in the hospital right now.

Look, you've waited for so long
so now just another day.


- Madam! Wait. Don't run.

- Your bag and passport is safe.

I have kept it safely.
- Chandru...

But why did you become unconscious.
- Chandru!

Because of you I missed my flight.

I killed him. I am his culprit.

What are you saying?
- He has gone.

What are you saying?
- His face was covered with blood.

I saw Chandru today.

I'd come here to save him.

What are you saying?
- Yes.


What are you saying?

He was at that place.
- Yes, he's the one.

Nurse, take care of her.
I'll be back soon.

I don't know whose head
was chopped off...

but he wasn't an Indian.

Maybe Chandru is still alive.

Only a nice lawyer can give
us all the details.

Otherwise we cannot do anything.

There is a lawyer here who
is my father's friend.

This is his address.

Okay, I will take you.

Come with me.

We won't get the official

about who was punished today.

But I have met few people inside.

We will come to know about
it till tomorrow morning.

Take some rest. Don't worry.

God is there with us.

madam what has happened to you?

Ma'am. What has happened?

Get up. Iqbal's head was
chopped off yesterday.

Then the sword broke off...

so that is why punishment of
the rest has been delayed.

Chandru is alive. He is safe.

Madam, say something. Madam.

Your Chandru is still alive.
Let's go and meet him.


Shreela, have you come alone?

Hasn't grandmother come?

Is she fine?

Grandmother couldn't come here,

She had an attack.

She is stable now.

There is nothing to worry.

Shiva is with her.

Don't worry, Chandru.
Everything will be fine.

Don't worry Chandru.

I've applied for the bail.

Shreela, over here...

Shreela, I am very scared.

Very scared.
- Hey.

You cannot be shattered
till I'm there.

It happened because of me.

I feel so guilty.



(Other Language)

Autistic are immune to law.

No religion teaches this and
especially Islam does not.

The travel agent should be punished.

I am talking to the government.

This protest has been initiated
worldwide by Miss Shreela Rajan.

After the heinous act of beheading
an autistic kid Iqbal...

the world is looking at
Baslistan government...

for a fair trial to save Chandru.

The Baslistan government
has to act fast...

and provide an answer
to the protest.

I've come all the way from
India to free Chandru.

Mr. Chandrashekhar
people like you...

who come from other countries...

should know the rules and
regulations of our country.

And they should follow it.

Let me tell you that these rules
and regulations aren't new.

But for centuries they're
being followed.

And because of this people lead...

a responsible life in our country.

People from out who are protesting
don't know...

and that is why we want to tell
them what your crime is.

We want to set up an example.

You were arrested here with drugs...

and a case was started on you.

And in that you were found guilty.

That is why this court gives
you death as punishment.

One month from today you'll
be given this punishment.

(Other Language)

That's it, Shreela.

You did so much for me.

I won't go back without you...

no matter how many days it takes.

Go. Please go back.

And marry the guy your
father chooses.

It's over.

Take care of grandma.

Sorry. Sorry, sir.

Thank you.

I have seen him before.

This is Malik.


Shall we go? - Look at that boy
carefully who is behind me.

Hey, Malik.

I had sent him.

He was sentenced to death
in the drug case.

Then how is he alive.

I don't care.
No one knows that I'm alive.

Before the Indian government comes
to know about me, kill him.

Do you understand, you idiot.

I am Abdul Rashid for this country.

To earn the name of an honest
citizen, it took me 15 years.

And today I'm a clean
and honest citizen...

of this prestigious country.

You all know that to make a plan
of my death in India...

I had to do so much hard work.

In this country I found such
a man who resembled me.

Poor man,
he didn't know that he is...

going to die an untimely death.

According to Indian government
Malik is dead.

I am a dead man...

and the case is closed.

I'll get tomorrow the
reward of efforts...

put in by me for so many years.

Look. There is a multi-million
dollar deal.

After tomorrow,
I'll become richer than Ambani.

In tomorrow's function the prince
will put his stamp on it.

No problem of any kind
should come up.

And I won't let it happen.

One more thing.

Outside the court I saw
Chandru's girlfriend.

Maybe she also knows about you.
We need to find out.

Who is this girl? Who is she?

I want that girl.

Ruffian, are you telling me now?

I would have killed you here but...

I'm sparing you because
only you recognize her.

Just find her out and kill her.

Do you understand?

This is the last chance
for you to live.

I will do it. I will do it.


Hello, a dangerous terrorist
was killed today...

in a shoot-out in Colaba.

The most wanted terrorist for...

a long time, Sultan Malik Shah...

was killed by ACP Anwar and...

his team in Mumbai.

He was announced most wanted
terrorist in many countries.

Why are you hitting me? Huh?

(Other Language)


I'll kill every Indian
dog who comes here.

I will kill the Indians.

You know what you'll meet your
girl friend in the hell.

We are going to kill her tonight.

You took the wrong name.

This is for Iqbal.

shall I open the door for you.



Who is that?

Hey, Chandru.

How did you escape?

I will tell you this later.

We've to leave from here
as soon as possible.

Malik's men would be finding us.
- Malik... - Yes.

Malik... who Malik?
- I'll tell you about Malik later.

Fast, fast, fast.

Stop. Ma'am.

Hello. Do you know them?

I'll be back in 10 minutes.

You pack everything and
wait downstairs.

Where are you going now, Chandru?

I'll come back and tell you.
Wait for me.

Chandru, listen.

Hello, sir. You know these guys.

You, sir. Sure.

How are you Hari sir?
Is everything fine?

Hey, what is this? Who are you?

Who are you?
Sir, didn't you recognize me?

I'm Chandru whom you're
looking for crazily.

Look, is this me?

Am I the one? Look carefully.
- You...




We've found the address of the girl.
Come on.

Go to that hotel.

Hello, yeah, that's right.
Shreela Rajan.

Okay, I am coming down.

You wait here, and rest behind me.

Good morning, madam.
- Good morning.

Alright, thank you.

You must pay there.
- Yeah.

Is this girl staying here?
- No idea.

Is she here?
- Yes, she is.

Hurry up and check.

She is in her room.

What had I done?
Why did you cheat me?

Because of you I would've died.
Iqbal died.

Did he ever wrong you?

Now tell me how did
Malik become alive?

Just by taking his name everyone
is after my life.

What is the connection between
you two? Tell me!

I'll tell you. I'll tell you
but don't do anything to me.

- Hello, madam. Saaji speaking.

Get out of the room.

Come out from the back door
and I'll meet you there.

Open the door.
- Okay.

Go and see inside.

Don't go near Malik.

If he comes to know then he'll
kill you and your family.

That mad boy was killed.

You had seen it.

In one attempt the
head is cut off...

and the man flutters in
pain as if a cut hen.

That was to happen with that mad
boy. As it's he was of no use.

Good that he died.
What are you thinking?

(Other Language)

Hey, she escaped.

Go there.
- Come on.

Go that side.

Madam, madam.

(Other Language)

Hurry up.
- Hurry up and sit inside.


Now it isn't at all safe for
you to stay in this city.

I'll take you to Baba where
everyone respects Baba.

Only he can help those people
who have been cheated.

- Who?


Baba, I am Saaji.

- Greetings.

We need passport, Baba.



Please, come.

Come on change.

Take this madam.
- Thanks.

when I met you for the first time...

Malik was killed in a shoot-out.

He has become Abdul Rashid.

So businessman Abdul Rashid and
terrorist Malik are the same.

Go ahead and I'll join you later.
- Okay, sir.

Sir, Malik.
But he was killed in an encounter.

Who has sent you this?


Here are your passports
and travel documents.

Take care of them.

Take this child.
- Thanks.

Saaji, come here.

If you have to leave from here...

you will have to cross this desert.

Did you inform Bashir?
- Yes Baba. - Okay.

With the help of Bashir
you can reach...

the country through this route.

The rules of this country
aren't applicable there.

Good bye.
- Good bye.

Ladies and gentlemen,
it's my honour to welcome...

the board members and the
executive committee...

and the honorable secretary.

And I take great amount of pride...

to welcome the most powerful
business entrepreneur...

Mr. Abdul Rashid.

Stay away from Malik's men.
We will be back soon.

We are really proud
to be associated...

with this young and talent

This association will take this
business to great height.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Abdul Rashid.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Good evening, everyone. Greetings.

Today is a very big day of my life.

I reached up to this
position because...

I always walked on the path
of truth and honesty.

Thank God.
Till today I haven't hurt anyone.

For me the biggest achievement
is that...

I'm being given this respect
in front of my family.

If you walk on the path
of truth and honesty...

then you will surely be successful.

Besides, ladies and gentlemen...

I'm proud to be a part of
this global association.


You are surprised to see me alive.

Even I'm surprised
to see you alive.

Dear friends,
this is Sultan Malik Shah.

Yes, the man himself. He's on top
of the Indian Criminal list.

The most wanted international

presumed dead in India.

But when I came here
I was surprised...

to see that this man is alive.

He's living by the name
of Abdul Rashid.

Magic, isn't it?

New name,
new family, new business deal.

Malik, when I took your name
then you wanted to kill me.

But today I finished you...

and that also on the most important
moment of your life.

Okay friends, the party is over.

Wait. I and Malik?
This is a fabricated story.

This man is lying.

Malik, game over.

Everyone sitting here
has come to know...

that you aren't Abdul Rashid.

Indian government and this
government have completed talks.

Breaking news about you is being
shown on every TV station.

Do you want to see? Wait. Hold this.

Ruffian, he spoiled everything.

Run Malik, run! Run for your life.

Ruffian... how did he escape alive?

How did he come out of the jail?

What was jailer Naseer
and Hari Das doing?

Sir, he killed both of them.

I don't know anything.
Kill him somehow.

Do you understand?
- Yes.

Take my family and drop them
at the airport. Right now.

Yes sir.

Keep the car ready. Fast.

Come on! Let's go quickly.

Go, go, go...

Come on.

Get down here quickly.

Go there and Bashir Baba is
waiting for you there.

Listen, keep this phone with you.

Now go from here quickly.
- Thanks.

Thanks, brother.
- Leave the formalities and go now.

Where are they?
- They have gone?

- They have left, deaf.

Okay, then I will send you first.

What happened, Afzal?

Sir, they both have escaped.


Sir, they both have come.

Come on.

Baba? One second.


(Other Language)


We haven't done anything wrong so...

nothing will happen to us.



(Other Language)

Thank God that we've come
closer to the border.

Now there is nothing
to be scared of.

Just follow them.

Turn around.

Chandru, my foot.

Oh God!



Come on, Shreela! Push.

Come on!

Shreela! Are you okay?

I hope nothing has happened to you.
- I'm fine.

Chandru, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.