Yaadhumagi Nindraai (2017) - full transcript

This is a story that needs to be told to the world. It's the story of several unknown faces hidden in the glamorous world of cinema. It's the voice that screams to be heard. Yaadhumagi ...

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Our country is one,
which celebrates women as Goddesses

But only in such a place as ours,
do women suffer!

The men here, embrace the woman
who carried them in her womb, as a mother!

They even accept the woman who carries
their child in her womb, as a wife!

But, they hesitate to take up a woman,
as their daughter!

They fail to develop the thought
that a man and a woman are equal!

And no one takes an effort
to change this scenario..

On the other hand, the women these days,
beautifully utilize

the opportunities they have
and shine in all fields of work!

Given all this, women still have not
been able to escape the inhumanity of some men

This is the story of such a woman, who tumbled in life
and went down the wrong lane..

Hey! Who are you?
You are not supposed to sleep here!

What man!
Haven't you learnt to get drunk yet?

You must've got used to this taste by now!
When are you going to try all this?

-Anna! - Huh?
- I'm hungry, Anna!

- Anna, food!

What would you give me for that?

There's nothing left with me to give, Anna!
- What do you have in that bag?

Nothing, Anna.. nothing!
- Give that to me!

Please please.. give it back.. please Anna!
- See what's inside that!

Hey! She is drunk man!
Bro.. Hand that beer over to me!

She's made a mess!!

Leave me man! I'll break her jaw!

Leave that poor girl!
- You shut up!

Touch me now! Come at me now!
- Shut up, man!

Are you trying to escape with this?!
I will break your face! Let go of my hand now!

Leave me.. Let go of my hand!
- You idiot!

Touch me if you are a man!
All you want is to see some body right?

Touch me if you dare! Will you not
let a girl walk alone on the road?

I will kill you!
You Come with me..

If he does too much throw that molester
in the railway track! You sit here..

Give me those betel leaves
- Good morning Great mother!

Bless you!
- Who is this?

Damn! You just brought an old lady yesterday

and today you have brought
some pest with you?

Does this look like asylum to you?

Why are you doing like this?
- Ma, I pity her. Please let her stay

Three men were trying to molest her.

I am not able handle my own problems,
why are you finding new ones for me now?

She is a married woman,
she will leave once she heals.. - Hey!

What is your problem? Why are you
roaming around? Who are you?

I am Kannagi!

( A famous dialogue from an old Tamil movie

Ma, don't laugh at me!
Why are you laughing?

I find your actions funny!
You could try to be more serious!

I am leaving! Poorni has come!
Don't you talk to me!

Okay okay! Don't get mad at me!
Do well and win the competition!

Okay, give me that

Okay bye!

Here, have it, ma!
- Please keep this in account too!

There's already three months of due..
How could I have this in due as well?

Please Anna,
I will settle it all in two or three days..

How many more days of time should I give you?
Leave the place! - Please give me, Anna!

Do you have a lot of homework to do?
- Yes, mom!

Here, have this cup of tea
- Mom, shall I dance for the group?

Nothing is needed. Mind your studying now

What do you want to study?
- I want to become a teacher!

- I want to study engineering!

You are a bright student.
You would come off with flying colours

Okay take your seat!

Hey fool!
Do you think engineering is that simple?

Do you know how much it costs?
Around 40 or 50 thousand!

We are not fit to study engineering
We can only do tailoring!

What do you aspire to become?
- I would like to become a lawyer

What is this Sumathi?
How many more days should I grant you?

The interest is more than 50
and the principal amount is yet to be paid

I don't know what you will do.
From now on,

on the 5th of every month
you must pay the following month's due as well!

I do not get offers to dance like the old times.
I am growing old, right?

Please give me some more time
I will pay the following month's due as well

Stop making lame excuses!
Isn't Saroja like you too?

Doesn't she let her daughter dance?

My daughter is studying so well
Why should we push her into this?

Pay the debts soon Akka..
Else you will have to pay a heavy interest.

Then, it'll be a big problem for you..
- I shall take leave

You have grown up! What is your name?
- Thamarai

Do you dance?
- Yes

I have told your mother.
Stop your education,

Get a Next Generation card for dancers
and start dancing, alright?

I will come on the 30th,
get your money ready by then.

Banu! How are you?
- I am all good!

What's the matter, Akka?

I have come here to get the Next Generation
dancer card for my daughter

Where is your daughter?
- Thamarai!

Come in.

- Sit down.

Do you dance well? Your mother and I
have danced in a lot of groups!

Visit a lot of dance masters.
Tarun master, in particular

He is the one who is choreographing songs
for top heroes

Here, You too sign!

How is this? A good one?

Did you see that?
- Hey what are you doing?

Nothing, mom. I am just showing these kids
how our Rajini sir and Kamal sir dance!

Welcome Sumathi!
- Hello master! How are you?

I am fine!
Bless you! Bless you!

Sumathi, are you dancing in any group now?
- Nothing as of now, master!

I have taken the Dancer card for my daughter
- Why would do that to a school girl?

We are at a financial crisis, master.

Please let us know if there is any opportunity, master
- Sure! I will let you know

Be careful on your trip!

Bye Akka!
- Hey, my daughter is going for a shoot.

Have a safe journey sweetheart.
- Come soon! It's time!

Get on the van!
- Please take care of my daughter.

Don't worry, I ll take care
- You go inside

Why don't you tell me
if there are any songs?

What can I do? If there is any opportunity,
I would be calling you

- Will I let you down?

I will definitely tell you, alright?
- Bye mom

Be safe okay?
- Will you come for the shooting?

Sumathi Akka!
- Hey Sofie! - How are you?

I am very fine!
Take care of my daughter!

Sure I will!
- Safe journey everyone!

Dance, O princess!

Getting your face painted,
With your beautiful face,

It's your time from now on!

The world is going to celebrate you!

Dance, O princess!

Getting your face painted,
With your beautiful face,

It's your time from now on!

The world is going to celebrate you

Dance, O princess!
Getting your face painted

With your beautiful face

It's your time from now on!

The world is going to celebrate you

Have a peanut candy, Thamarai!

First they call you a friend,
then they say that they love you!

You should never trust these men!
- Hey, eat fruits then

No thanks, brother! - Hey don't you know
that Brother means D-day!

Do you know D-day?


Hey hold this!
- Hi, Ganesh!

Good morning, sir

It's enough to have respect in your heart..

Have you composed the song well?
- Of course sir!

You wouldn't let your father down,
would you?

Sure sir!
- Come along, let's go!

Hey, ask the dancers to assemble!
- Good morning, sir!

Keep your hands here,
and from there,


And then, from your left,
the first step would be..

From here.. In the front,
1,2,3,4..wave.. 2,3,4..

- Sir?

Is that okay?
- Why do you have to imitate Lawrence master?

You must create something and
set an example for others to follow!

Sure, sir!
- Go ahead and change the step..

Okay, ready boys?

Ready? 1,2..

How does this look?
- Ya okay! It resembles Raghu master..

But it's good!
- Okay, sir.. - I'll be right back!

Stop, stop! You move here..
Throw away the life

where everything was sore

You're supposed to go to the front
in a wave and then come back..

Start talking like a queen

With power and more

Ganesh, are you seeing someone?
- Aiyoh, no sir!

I was able to see some symptoms,
that's why I asked you! - No, no sir!

Focus on your career first,
let other things follow! - OK, sir!

Kick all the hurdles
and make your way

Don't believe those words " Women can't" ;
Well, that's what they say

You'll always be judged

Don't leave them unanswered

Fight your way through, sweetheart!

Dance, O princess!
Getting your face painted,

With your beautiful face
It's your time from now on!

The world is going to celebrate you

The seeds that you'd sown
Will rise up the ground

Have faith in your heart

New friendships are just about to start
holding your hands from now

With chances flowing through,
And people waiting in a queue,

So many well wishes from all around
are about to reach you

Fight your way through, sweetheart!

Have this da.. This is yours!
And these two are for you guys, alright?

Kanna! What?
- Anna , Anna!

I need this money for my family, Anna.
- Pay your debt first!

You leave the place first!
- Anna, Please give it back!

I will give it the next time, please sir!
- Hey hold this!

Put a signature in this now!
- Anna, please leave the payment for this song alone.

Sign here.. Sign here!
- Please sir. I need it for buying medicines.

It's all done for! -Don't you have brains?
You are seeing how Thamarai is suffering right?

Not 1, not 2, it's 10 times the interest!
You never get sense how many ever times I tell you

Maa.. - Yes..
- When you were dancing in a group,

how much would you get for a Call sheet?
- There was no call sheet system back then.

Really? - It all depends on what master says
and how many songs we dance

Ooh.. - If I were paid based on this call sheet,
I would never have had debts

Don't keep talking about the debts, mom!
Okay, shall we go for a movie?

What movie?
- Superstar's movie

Sumathi Akka? Thamarai?
- Hey dumb head! Welcome!

See what your daughter calls me?
It's just been a few days since she joined us!

That's okay... - Okay, You have to travel this evening
as an assistant to Ganesh master

Assistant huh?
No I am not coming!

Convince her!

What ma?
- Hey that's alright! Just go!

Your brother, I am with you right?
Come let's take care.. -Okay I'll come

Hey Anand! See how I take his wicket!

Do you love Thamarai?
- Huh? How do you know that dude?

What else would it be?
Why does it bother you,

when Thamarai dances with someone else?
You get so annoyed?

I would kill whoever it might be!
- If you dare, then go tell her

How can I tell that? - Throw the hook at
the small fish to catch hold of the big one!

Small fish?
- I am talking about Sophia, dude!

What? Are you calling Sophia a fish?
She is a hippo man!

Hey he is trying to say something, right?
You tell me dude!

Go tell her bravely man!

Whether she accepts it or not,
at least you will feel happy that you told

Tell her on the train journey
to Kodaikkanal

Super dude!
- You must be a couple when you return!

- Yayyyy!

Hey Out!
Your love is done for!

Give the bat and leave, man
- Hey wait for me guys!

"Why were you born, girl......"
(old Tamil song)

Are you singing for me?
Hold on, I have an amazing number for you!

Listen! "You piece of dumbness,
Don't judge me wrong!...." (old Tamil song)

"Is this clash between you and me,
Sophia?....." (old Tamil song)

Get lost!
- My turn! My turn!

You sing, Thamarai!
- How does that song go?

"You have a song lying on your mind.."
(Tamil movie song)

It's not flying! It's lying!

- Hey Sofie, Let me sing a song!

Sing whatever you want
- Hey dude.. Let it out!

Shall I? ( sings an old Tamil song)
"Cheeks made of Lotus petals and more (Thamarai)..."

"which look like bowls from a Utensil store.."
- Hey!

Hey I will take leave now
- Hey stay here..

Stop singing, or she wants to go

As if you are Thamarai's bodyguard
You wouldn't allow anyone else.......

Tell her, Please
- Sophia, Has no one ever loved you

As if there is a chance left for it. Do you think
Tata Birla are going to stand in a queue for me?

Hey tell man....
- Wait! Let me tell!

Thamarai! Aren't you in love with Prasad?

Let's be friends always, okay?

What dude?
Why are you gloomy?

No, dude. She told that we should
stay friends forever, right?

Hey! She said no for now..
What does that mean?

It means that she will accept later! Idiot!
- What are you saying man?

Leave me da!
- I never thought about this!

Wait man!
- Hey hey hey!

Dude? Hmm!
- Hey stay here, I will be right back..

Hey, wouldn't you bring Jerkin
and shoes with you? - I didn't!

Thamarai? Here, wear this!
- No, thank you

Hey Prasad.. Even I am feeling cold man!
- Hey master is here..

Here, hold this!
- No, it's okay

Master is calling you, go see him
- Dancers! Ready?

Master? What is the movement?
- Wait a minute

I am here for the first time as an assistant
- Is that so?

OK, do well, alright?
- OK master

Boys, girls!
Ready? Sound!

Roll.. Bend..
Again roll..

In this position, drop and bend..

What about the look, master?
- Should see the face.

Camera.. Rolling..

- Hey cut, cut!

1,2 on this beat!
Don't get tensed!

Do it right
- Thamarai.. Give the count correctly

I will give, master
- Camera, rolling.. Sound!

Cut cut cut!

What are you doing?
- Sir, you please sit down..

What the hell are you doing?
Don't you know even to give a count?

Hey what's happening here?
- I'll teach her master

If she repeats, you will be the one answerable!
Give the count properly

Else, pack your things and go!
- I'll give it correctly this time, master

Let's call the hero!

- Ready?


Listen to me!
Boys should jump..

1,2.. Jump!

Cut cut cut
- Girls, OK?

The light has gone..
We can't shoot now, can we?

OK shall we pack up?
OK, dancers! Pack up!

Come soon.
- Where did Yuvaraj go?

It's enough if you have this respect in your heart

Tell me master!
- That girl, Thamarai is not counting properly

I have asked her to come to my room later
- OK master

You remind me
- OK!

Where is Kanna?
- Kanna has gone to Raghuram master's shooting

I'll take leave master

Hey, get me a bottle of liquor when you come
and come a little late. Hmm? - OK,master

Thamarai? What is all this?

You are all dressed up?

- Rehearsal de!


Then why are you wearing
Lipstick to a rehearsal?

That's how it is!

Whatever it is!
I don't get any of it!

Stay safe and return soon!
- Hmm!


Welcome, Thamarai!

Did you bring the cassette with you?

Where is Yuvaraj?

He was the one who sent me earlier..


Play the cassette..

Shall we begin?

Do you know how beautiful you are?

When we turn into children,
and our mother is the Sky,

It's our love's lullaby

Blinding the eye,
With wind, does it fly,

Will our love never die?

I fell for you the first time I saw you!

We shall speak those words
unspoken so far by mankind itself

Like fish and water,
and Honey and flower,

We shall be together, never apart!

Come in!
The door is open only!

Hey! Didn't I ask you to come early?
-Master, you were the one who...

Don't say all that!

Don't we have to shoot tomorrow?
Keep the bottle there and leave!

Why does he have to confuse me like this?

I'll take leave, master!

Shall I leave, master?
- Drop her in her room and go..

Okay, master!

Ohoooo.. O....

When this unquenchable thirst
fuels the fire inside,

Will love be the one to save us?

At a time like this,
when I've become you,

Will love play a con game with us?

While we rest on each other
will our love rest for eternity too?

Those miles of distance
where you are missing

Will I have to cross them without you?

While I'm getting drenched
by the rain inside me,

Come and dry me with a kiss

Unanswered questions
and an endless bond

Will all of it be a result of this?

When we turn into children,
and our mother is the Sky,

It's our love's lullaby

Blinding the eye,
with wind, does it fly,

Will our love never die?

We shall speak those words
unspoken so far by mankind itself

Like fish and water,
and Honey and flower,

We shall be together, never apart

Oh God!

I'm going to confess my love today

You should be my support always!
I'll come often to give you offerings!

I'll even offer my daily commissions to you
-Ganesh must pick up my call somehow!

Please give me my Thamarai (lotus) alone

Not the one on which you are sitting!
The one that I love..

Let me make a call!

Ya do it..

Give me a biscuit packet, please?


Ma, where's Thamarai?
-She just left!

Oh, is that so?
She left this on our bus.


This way, pa..
-Ya, okay ma!


Anna, I'm leaving..

Is this the inquiry office?

I got a call from a number a while ago

You look so happy! What's with you?
-Nothing, Mom!

Someone named Prasad came looking for
you.. It seems you left this on your bus

Ssssss.. I totally forgot
I got this for you from Kodaikkanal!

Do you like it?
-Okay, but what did you get for yourself?


Hello sir.. I got a call
from this number sometime back..

Ya ya.. The girl
from next door only called.

Could you call her?
-Ya, wait up, I'll call her


Tell me, Ganesh! How are you?
I heard that you were ill?

Hello, Who is speaking?

It's me, Thamarai!

Thamarai, I'm Ganesh Master!

Oh no! Sorry master..
I thought it was dancer Ganesh..

I'm in a meeting with a director now..
Can I call you back?

No, no master!

About that day...
Kodaikkanal..in the rehearsal..

Okay, I'll call you when the next song
comes up -Okay, master!

Hey Thamarai Why are you playing
like a kid now? - Wait up!

Akka, you lost!
-I'll come.

Hey, I lost! You girls come and play

Sit down!

Did you see Ganesh master?
- Yeah, I did?!

He's awesome, right?

Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi

He is becoming famous
in all these industries!

I too wish he gets an award soon!

What's up with you? Why are you
singing Ganesh master's praises now?

This song went well only..

But a few dancers are not doing good, man!

Let Kanna know that
for tomorrow's shoot

we need four slim and
good looking girls from Madras!

Get me a bottle of liquor when you come
- Okay, master

- Tell me, ma!

Ganesh master?

-He just left town, ma..


Ya ya
They just called me for a solo yesterday..

Hey Sophie! I just paid the
subscription fee - Ya, even me!

Why should you worry?
You've just started working as an assistant

I don't get your story at all!
- You've become a celebrity only!

So treat us all after the shoot then!

Hey Thamarai!
Where have you been?

I thought you went home..

Wouldn't you search for Roja and Samandhi
(other flower names)

You have to leave to Hyderabad
in the evening.. Ganesh master's song..

You and Prasad have to go

Ganesh master's song?
-Yes yes..

OK I shall leave!

Wouldn't you take me with you?

That's nothing sweetheart!
You look better than Thamarai, right?

The heroine might feel bad!
That's why..

OK see you there, then!
- Go safe, Anna!

Hey, come in the evening without fail..
- Ya okay, Anna! Hey Sophie!

I'm going home Do you want a lift?

Are you asking me or someone else?

It's okay even if you don't come,
ask her if she wants to join!

Do you maybe want us both to join?

Uh huh!
As if you both would come!

Hey! Will you come?

No, I am not coming!
You carry on, Brother!

- Brother!??

Hey! Don't you know that
Brother means D-day?!

Okay okay.. You stop trying to act smart!
Clear the place, now!

I'm smart enough!
- He says brother means D-day?

What does that mean?
- Don't you know what D-day means?

You seriously don't know D-day?

Even we don't know!!

Pff.. Stop it already!

I'll be back in an hour Okay?
-Come soon!

Hey, boys!

What, Thamarai?
-Why did you make me stay with the group?

Ya ma, Isn't this a Telugu movie?

So, the assistant is Telugu too!
- You dance with the group, Okay?


Where is master staying?

306... 7... Ah! 306!

Get ready early in the morning!
Hey boys!

Where are you off to?

I'm going to the market side, brother!

You shouldn't call me brother!

You know that "brother" means "D-day",

Why are you going alone?
Let me come with you!

No, I'll go by myself
-Hey! Wait, Thamarai!

We're all going to Chiranjeevi sir's movie.

Why don't you come with us?

We'll go for shopping after the movie..

No, I don't know Telugu.. You please carry on, brother!

You shouldn't call me brother!

Come in!

What are you doing here?

You were supposed to come to the
shooting spot only right?

- No, master..

I thought I would be coming here as an
assistant.. But Kanna put me in the group!

This is a Telugu movie..

I'll surely call you when there's a Tamil movie.
- No.. I just came here casually to see you!


Go inside..

You leave!

I'm one of them for you, right?



-Hello, sir!


Morning, master!
- Please take your seat!

Master, accompany us for the editing too!
- Okay, sir.

Hey! Where's Kanna?

He has not come for the shooting, master!
- Didn't I tell you in Madras that the girls should be good?

The producer is yelling at me for
the dancers performing badly!

Master, they want you to adjust a bit.
We weren't able to find other girls, master

Hey! I can choreograph a song
even without dancers now!

I'm helping them by giving them a job,
and are they taking advantage of me for it?

Give me some water!

Please forgive us this time master..

Let them dance this once..

Ask them to stand in their positions!

Go to your positions! Hurry!

- Tell me, master!

Thamarai shouldn't be here..
- Master!

How can I send her alone?
- Hey! Don't ask me about all that!

Ask the manager
to arrange for her ticket back home

Else, I'll leave this place
without a second thought! Understood?

Okay, master
- Go!

She is the only one who looks better
- Thamarai!

We can't any work done from her, sir

Master wants you alone to leave
He is okay with the other three..

Ready, ready!



Hey! Focus here!



5,6.. - Hey! Give the count
properly and do it correctly!

I can choreograph a song
even without dancers now!

I'm helping them by giving them a job..

Are they taking advantage of me for it?

Thamarai shouldn't be here..

Ask the manager
to arrange for her ticket back home

Else, I'll leave this place
without a second thought


So, were you here only?

I was searching all over the place for you!

What happened?
Why did he send you?

If there's any problem, let me know!
I'll take care..

What if he is not there?
Isn't there any other master?

You don't feel bad for anything!
I'll be there for you..

Do you want anything to eat?

You shouldn't sleep with an empty stomach.
- No, thank you..

Let me lie down..
- Okay, you take rest, I'll be right back..

Didn't you get a ticket?

I was in a hurry, so
I didn't take one.

Sit here.

Make yourself comfortable..

Are you and your mother the only
ones at home? How about your father?

I don't have my father.. He left my mother
and I to suffer alone when I was too young

I haven't seen even him in a photograph!

I studied in an all girls school.

I grew up not knowing anything about men!

When it comes to guy friends, it is
just you all! How about your family?

It's just me and my younger brother for me!

Our parents died in an accident
when we were kids..

Then it was our uncle who brought us up.

He paid for our education..

and even got me a job!

He is also in the
cinema industry as a cameraman..

That's why I got this chance..

I became a dancer as well..

Have you slept off?

I was just about to
confess my love.

This is how you should sleep off
right in the middle of something important!

We must inform Kanna
and ask him to avoid

this matter from reaching
the other dancers..

You give it a thought!
- If you don't pay your dues, you'll be in trouble!

Please give us some time!
- What's the problem, mom!

We haven't paid the dues yet..
The money you sent got used up for my medicines!

How can you pay your dues?
Do you know what she has done?

She has fought with Ganesh!
You know his background right?

Anna, you aren't aware of the incident at all!
- You shut up!

Anna, please give me a month's time..
I'll pay you.

Hey wait. Anna, all that you want
is your money right? I'll pay you!

Brother, mind your own business..

I know just enough!
You will get your money tomorrow.

You take your mother inside.

Boy, if I don't get my money tomorrow,
you will have to pay for it!

- Okay, Anna!

Hey! Did you get into a dispute
with Ganesh master?

The whole guild is talking
about you!

Hey! Does this concern you in anyway?

Why do you keep poking your noses
in others' businesses?

Why did you do this?
Didn't I ask you to control your temper?

I warned you that you are
taking the wrong path..

Listen, Thamarai..
New dancers have joined..

If you keep doing this,
you'll run out of chances!

See, they make me dance in the last row
because I look dark and fat.

Some of these masters don't even
give me a chance..

It's just some of these known masters
who give me a song..

We are supposed to earn our keep..

This is the due that Thamarai
is supposed to pay

Well well! I see you've kept your word!
- Please avoid making a scene henceforth..

Why would I make a scene
if I get my dues properly?

Okay, you leave!
- Okay, Anna. Bye.

I've given the money, Thamarai!
Shall we leave?

Hey! I'll return your money in a month..

You need a constant source of income for it.

Start working for female masters..
Am I right, bro?

Yes! What he says is right!
You start working for lady masters..

Okay, let's leave!



Do it, do it!
Dance heavily, fellows!

For the first time in my life,
I was helped by a man!

Yeah, Prasad treated my problem as his own
and helped me get out of it.

He got a special place in my heart.

The friendship that we had,
slowly bloomed into Love

Hey.. Only two idlis (South Indian food)?
- Dude, doesn't this idli..

look like our Thamarai?
- Ya ya!

Hey Vishwa! Didn't you say that your
parents are searching for a bride for you?

How did it go? All set?
- Hey! You never told us?

Dude, look! Vishwa is blushing!

Ya, as if I am Shakespeare's Juliet!
And I'm blushing!

I'm already mad!
- But why?

Then what? Just when I thought people
from our industry don't get a house for rent,

it happens in even getting a bride!
Bloody hell!

Is that so?
I thought it was a problem only for girls!

Hey! I have an idea. Wouldn't we get a bride
if we go to Dubai and earn?

Huh? Even then, do you think that there will be
a line of girls waiting for us?

I overheard you guys talking about cinema!
Aren’t you all dancers?

No sir! I am this area's MLA, she is an MP
and that one is the councilor!

If you need anything, let us know!
We'll be there as a gang!

Hey keep it shut!
We are dancers only, sir

I saw you dancing in one of
Rajini sir's movies last week!

I don't like wasting time!
I don't watch TV big time!

Sir, televisions aren't that big!
They're just small..

Did you have your coffee?

Pay your bill and leave the place!
- Hey shut up, man!

That's not the thing, dude..
They all turn on their TV and watch it with awe

Later, if they see us in person, they start talking
about not wasting time!

-Yeah, that's what they do!

Leave that! What were you saying about the
idli looking like Thamarai(Lotus)?

Then, why do you have it in your plate?
Put it in the water!

Hey! Look how she is laughing!

So if idli is laughing,
then is sambhar crying?

This master is not like what you think.
So be cautious..

- Look, the master is here!

- Good morning, Master..

What Prasad? How are you?
- I'm good, Master!

Where are you working now?
- With Tarun master!

So, what did you come here for?

Master, this is Sumathi's daughter!
- Oh!

I told you earlier, right?
She wants to work as your assistant!

Oh! Are you Sumathi's daughter?
- Ya, Master!

I heard that your mother is sick..
- Ya, Master

- Ya, Master
Mother's health is very bad.

She's been shuttling between
the hospital and home

You're fine, aren't you?
I've heard about you!

Heard you're a loud mouth?

Hey! Come here! Weren't you the one
who gossiped about her?

Hmm... It is not easy to get
a chance in Cinema.

Well, come home!
Let me see what can be done!

Hey Kanna!
Dumb head!

Come here! Stupid! Idiot!

Note this girl down..

I'll get going, then!
-Thanks, master!

Did you see what that fatso
has told about you, Thamarai?

Be careful where you go!
Let's go..

Get in the line, all of you! Come on!

Don't you look so stylish?
- No, master..

Alright! Ready! Position!
Ready! 1,2..

Okay, okay.. Go on!

Go and stand there
- Hurry up and form a line


Master, they are doing it wrongly!
- Cut, cut, cut!

What are you doing?
Keep this in your mouth and blow it!

Don't you all have sense?
What are you doing here?

Shake that body and dance properly!
What's the need to talk here?

Hey, you!
Don't you know how to move it like this?

What are you staring at?
Teach them properly!

Dance properly all of you!
Blow it! 1,2!!

Where is the director? Call him!
He's here, master!

Hey! What's happening?
Why is it getting late?

I don't know.. Let me see
- Give me the song paper..

Field clear! Don't stand there!
- Thamarai, put on your scarf the other way!

Akka, the boys are ready!
Shall I ask them to stand in position?

Is it ready?
- Prasad!

All okay?
- Okay!

Hey! Hold on!

What did you call me?
- Prasaaad!


This is what you call a movement!


Very good! Very good!
- Okay okay okay..

Master! We'll pack up with this.
- Why?

The hero is busy, it seems!
- Busy for what? Liquor?

Pack up!
Hey Prasad!

Go and get my payment from the cashier..

Thamarai, can you go and get
master's payment?

I need to go somewhere!

Get it soon!
- Hey!

It's perfect, sir!
- How much do you want?

No, I don't need anything,
Kanna will give me

No, you don't have to hesitate!
- No...


Sir, she is not of that type!
She wouldn't have asked anything.

Thamarai! What have you done?

Why do you keep bringing trouble
wherever you go?

Won't you ever learn?

You have spoilt master's reputation as well

If you continue this, you'll have to go to
Dubai like those girls, Viji and Saraswathi

Okay, be in the vehicle.
I'll see you there

Hey Kanna! You moron! Come soon.
- I'll Be right there!

What happened, Thamarai?
- I deserve this for trusting you!

Don't you ever show me your face!
- What happened?

Thamarai, why are you so short tempered?
Why do you get mad for silly things?

Don't you know to be respectful to masters?

Leave me..
You have no idea what happened!

This is Kanna..
Is Thamarai around?

Hello! Tell me, Kanna!

Thamarai, I'm Prasad speaking!
Please don't hang up on me!

Are you nuts? Why are you lying to call me?
- Thamarai! Please listen to me!

Sorry, Thamarai!
I should've accompanied you that day!

I'll not leave you alone anymore..

Hello! Thamarai?

Just listen to me for a moment!
- Didn't I tell you not to come? Leave!

Thamarai! Listen to me!

It was a mistake considering you a friend!
- Thamarai, I'm sorry!

It was my fault leaving you alone!
- Are you making a scene here?

Are you apologizing after doing all that?

Thamarai, please open the door!
Let's discuss!

Don't show me your face!
Clear the place now!

Cholesterol is high!
There's lung congestion too..

You must take all your doses properly..

Here, take this..
Come for your checkup regularly..

What's the matter, Thamarai?
- I can't find my name in the group..

I don't have a job..
- I don't know much about it..

Ask the in charge about it..
- Okay, mam!

There are some financial troubles..
Can I pay the due next month?

Weren't you paying them properly so far?

Why have you started it like old times again?

No sir, there haven't been any chances
for six months

If your daughter keeps getting everyone
into trouble will they keep inviting her for more?

Hey, hold on! She doesn't have
a good name in the union also..

Why should we bother about that?
See what has to be done now!

If both of you stay jobless at home
how would you repay me?

Pack your things up and
leave the house this month

Mohan, please be a bit patient!
- Your house might be taken on lease

Anna, give me the document!

Sign on it, ma!
- Sign the document..

Hey, we'll go meet some other master!
Why should we see this guy?

Good morning, master!

Hey, give them the invitation.
- Don't forget to come, Vishwa!

He is coming this way..
Are you sure that you want to ask?

Come to my wedding without fail da!
- Okay, master

- Tell me, Thamarai?

Whatever happened on that day
was my mistake

I've forgotten all that!

Master, can we both get a chance
to dance in your song?

You both have grown so fat
gobbling up the production meals!

Haven't you noticed how thin
the new dancers are!

First, focus on reducing your weight!

He is making such a fuss!

Aiyoh! My father's alcoholic,
and my mother supports him anyway!

I can't be jobless even for a day!
Who calls us for shooting these days?

Added to all that, I am a born beauty,
ain't I?

If I try to get a job outside the film industry,
I am rejected because I worked in this industry!!

If I try to approach a bank for loan,
they chase me away for the same reason!

Try getting a house for rent? They will
chase us away for the same reason!

Where else do you think we can go?
Do you know where I've been staying this week?

Why didn't you tell me about it earlier?
- You are in a lot of trouble yourself!

We neither have a degree,
nor know any other work..

We must earn with only dance!
- I can just understand

how much my mother would've struggled!

She is very sick too.. Whom does she have
other than me?

Our kind of dancer job
has a very short life span!

We can work only till we are
physically strong!


Many new people have emerged!
And, we need money!

Shall we go to Dubai and dance there?
I even have a friend who is dancing there!

Shall we go?
- Yes.. We shall go!


We thought that cinema people
would lead a luxurious life..

But, does it mean that, as you say,
even they have their own part of troubles?

I've heard so ill about all the people
from film industry! Is that true?

We cannot stereotype all of them..

There are good people too.. Like,
Kanna, Vishwa, Anand and a few others

Well, the auto driver who misbehaved
wasn't from Cinema, was he?

There are good and bad men.
It just depends on their character.

But,when I feel that there are majority
in the bad side, it hurts

When you went to Dubai,
wasn't there anyone who helped you?

I met someone in Dubai..

- Who is it? Prasad!

Welcome.. How are you?
- I'm good, ma

Isn't Thamarai around?
- Thamarai is out of town.

Out of town?!

Hi Cheta (brother)!
- Hi

My name is Thamarai.
This is Sophia - Hello..

You looked fairer in the photograph!
- The flash must have been bright!

Welcome to Dubai!
How was your flight journey?

It was our first time, cheta!
There were a lot of rules to follow!

They wanted us to wear our seat belts too.
- It was all shaky and we got scared!

Ya, cheta. Even the food tasted bad.
They gave us half boiled rice!

You don't have to worry about all that
here! There's is a malayali cook!

She'll make you good food.
- Ooh, Alright alright!

Hello? Girls are arriving in
the Bombay- Hyderabad flight that landed.

I'm bringing two Chennai girls with me..
You too follow. - Cheta?

What is that?
- This is mobile phone..

Can we talk with anyone from this?
- Yes, you can talk with anyone!

How about to India?
- Yes, you can.. But you have to pay!

Submit your passports and
signed agreements once you reach.

Okay, Cheta
- Okay.

This is my place.

Give me your passports.
- Alright, ask him if we can go out!

Ah, one thing! You aren't supposed to go
out alone without my permission,

owing to security problems here..
- That's alright, Cheta

We don't have costumes for dancing!

Cheta, we don't have to wear
vulgar costumes, do we?

There are a lot of rules here,
but you don't have to worry about that!

First, you sign!

The important thing is, you must not
give your land-line number to anyone.


Hi Cheta! - This is Thamarai,
and that is Sofie; cinema dancers

Cheta? I need to call my mom
- Ya, I've got a call card for you. Here!

Okay, get ready soon.
We have all of Dubai to see

Welcome, Prasad!
Sit, sit!

What's up?
- Anna, I had gone to Thamarai's house.

- I was told that she has gone out of town

So I thought maybe you would know something

I think she has gone to Dubai
- Dubai?

Hmm, keep this to yourself..

The place that you are seeing
is Gold Souk

Cheta, are these all duplicate jewels?
- No! they're pure gold!

Prasad? What are you doing?

From now on, you can speak with
Thamarai from here itself

Hello! Aren't you both cine dancers?

You'll continuously be called
to dance for a week from now!

Have a sip..

Are you ready?
- Cheta, boys won't lay hands on us, right?

No, no! You don't have to worry about
all that. I'll take care of you

I have a daughter too!
Alright, let's get going!

Why are you drinking now?
- Just thought it would relax me!

Oh, no! you go first!
- No! you go first!

Generally, I thought only cinema dancers
would go to Dubai for dancing.

But, going there made me realize
that many poor girls have come there too

Girls become ready to face any
kind of difficulty to handle their problems

Hello, amma?
How are you?

I'm fine!
How are you, sweetheart?

I'm fine too, ma
But I'm missing you.

I don't like the fact that you have
gone to Dubai. Come back soon!

I hear bad things about Dubai.
I'm scared for you.

Since you both have gone to dance in Dubai,
they have decided to cancel your cards

Okay, leave all that. We'll take care!
What else, ma?

Prasad comes here often
He keeps asking about you!

Don't tell him anything.
I'll call him up myself

Ma? Please get up.

It's not Roja (rose) anymore,
it's Thamarai (lotus)!

- Who is she?

She has come from Chennai.
- Oh!

Who's the lad?
- My son-in-law!

Prasad comes here often
I feel happy that he visits me!

He even helps me with money

If he visits your mother
and inquires about you,

then I think that he loves you!

-Hey Peanut!

How are you, man?
- Hey beetle!

How are you?
- I'm doing good!

Why did you go to Dubai all of a sudden?

No da.. We ran out of jobs there..
- Why are you the only one talking?

Wouldn't the madam to talk?
- Hold on, Sir! Here, have it.

He wants to talk to you only..


Sophie wanted to say "I love you"!
- Why did you say that I told?!

O Perpetual Love
Come before me

There's no one like you here

A never-given gift
Give it to me

I won’t exist without you

O Perpetual Love
Come before me

There's no one like you here

A never-given gift
Give it to me

I won’t exist without you

Come close to me

Give me 100 kisses

My life becomes meaningless
without your gaze

O Perpetual Love
Come before me

There's no one like you here

A never-given gift
Give it to me

I won’t exist without you

I’m astounded to see me changed

I laugh at those days, where you are away

Though you stay far, I’ll walk next to you

Because you are close to my heart

I’m oscillating in my loneliness

Enjoying the never ending love feel

We become whole when we are together

Must enjoy our nights with music

I see many hopes in our life

Confirm it from the right choices we mad

Though time and distance separates us

We have the growing desire to live

Love is the magical genie

Plays us like a puppet

Makes us long for care and pamper

Thus love plays with our feelings

Love starts from the mind
blossoms in the heart

It stays in heart forever and it’s
celebrates by keeping us together

Even a recently listened melody
Stirs your memory

I’m astounded to see me changed

I laugh at those days, where you are away

Though you stay far, I’ll walk next to you

Because you are close to my heart

I’m oscillating in my loneliness

Enjoying the never ending love feel

We become whole when we are together

Must enjoy our nights with music

I see many hopes in our life

Confirm it from the right choices we mad

Though time and distance separates us

We have the growing desire to live

O Perpetual Love
Come before me

There's no one like you here

A never-given gift
Give it to me

I won’t exist without you

O Perpetual Love
Come before me

There's no one like you here

A never-given gift
Give it to me

I won’t exist without you

I just told!

Hey who are you?
- Just don't panic!

Just relax! Come on, yaar!
-Cheta.. Cheta...

By the way, I'm Suresh
Ad film maker

No problem!
You have such an appealing face..

Why didn't you choose modeling?

Actually, I've chosen you as a model
for my Ad agency.

Hello! Who are you?
- No, sir!

Come, watch the dance and leave!
- Please listen, sir

I'm an Ad film maker
I want her to be my model..

I'll pay you one million!
It's a good offer..

Think about it and let me know..
But, soon!

Given that even a 100 or 200 thousand is
itself too much for us,

he is ready to pay us 1 million!

It's not about that..
What if Cheta mistakes us?

No, no! He is not that type of a person!
He is kind-hearted..

It's just that there are a lot of rules
in this six month agreement..

I think it's better that I inform my mother
about it. - Okay, talk to her.

This should be kept away from the girls.
Else, I'll be in trouble!

No, cheta! We'll not reveal it.

I'm not sure of what happened.
Here she comes!

Did you talk to your mother?
- She didn't pick the call, what do we do?

It's all your decision.
You think and decide!

Without makeup, you look proper Tamilian!
- Sign here.

Can I have her passport too?

Welcome to my company!

Hey let's hurry!
- Sofie, ready?

Hey Sophia! What happened?
- Thamarai's mother is very sick!

There's no time to discuss
It's time for the flight! Let's go!


You came as a surprise!
Did you miss me?

My darling!

Prasad! Thamarai is back from Dubai.

She never told me that she was coming back
But I feel so happy!

I'll talk to her about "that"!

Hi Akka! - How are you all?
- We're fine, Akka!

Ma! Thamarai Akka is here!

Welcome, Thamarai.
Didn't Sophia come with you?

She said she'll come right after me.
Hasn't she called you?

No, ma - She hasn't even made a call.

Here, have this ma!
- Ask Sophia to call me, okay?

Ya, I'll tell her
- Come, let's go..

Thamarai, this is my brother, Arjun.

I've been speaking with you
over phone only, Anni (Sister-in-law)

I'm just meeting you in person
- Thamarai?

Where did you go?
- To Sophia's house

I told you that I had something important
to talk to you, didn't I?

Prasad will tell you what it is!
Prasad, tell her yourself..

Arjun, come with me!

I missed you so much, Thamarai!

I wanted to come to Dubai myself.

Thank goodness, you yourself came back!

I thought your mother would tell you,
but she put me up to it!

We have been in a relationship
for a long time

Why should we postpone
getting married anymore?

What do you say?

You don't need this dance or Dubai anymore

I'll take care of that! What do you say?
- Thamarai?

What's hurry to get married now?
- Are you mad?

Why are you saying such things?

Prasad, she is ignorant!
I, her mother, will take care!

You fix the date and tell me.
- Bye, ma

Bye, Anni!

Thamarai? Why do you keep thinking?

When you were in Dubai,
it was Arjun and Prasad who took care of me

If I'm alive today, it's because of them

Even if he hadn't asked,
I would have asked him to marry you

and to take good care of you

Don't you see from our family
how important a male support is?

A woman's life is revolved around men!
I'll always speak for your good.

Don't confuse yourself, okay?

Hello? Who is it?
- Prasad, this is Thamarai.

Hi Anni!
How are you?

It's me. Arjun, Prasad's brother!

Can you call Prasad, please?
- Ya, hang on.

Hey, Prasad!
Anni is calling you!

Have you been waiting for a long time?
- No.

Didn't you say you wanted to tell me
something important?

I want to tell you something.
In Dubai...

Speaking of Dubai,
isn't it hot out here?

I'll go buy us some ice cream.
- Hey!

Hey, why do you look so dull?

Didn't we come out to talk freely?
- (giggles from the nearby table)

Don't laugh. You come out
only if I call you to a restaurant.

No, darling! Tomorrow, we shall meet
our usual restaurant.

Bye darling!

See that fool go!
It's all just for a few days.

Love doesn't suit our life
- Chuck it, boss! Let's mind our business.

Hey! What's the matter?

Prasad, in Dubai...
- Listen!

It's been four days since you returned.
And it's been 40 minutes since we came here

You are even unaware
of what's happening around you

People who are playing in the name of love
are pampering each other

I don't care what you think
I just want you to be my wife.

When you were in Dubai,
it was Arjun and Prasad who took care of me

If I'm alive today, it's because of them
- I'm not here to ask you to marry me

You are my wife!

From now on, don't think about
dance or Dubai

I'll take care of everything
- Why should we postpone anymore?

Ma, has Kanna not come?

He is in a shooting.
Don't you know about our job?

We can't even be present for any occasion

Now both of you exchange the plates
( Wedding ritual )

Thamarai? You called him brother,
but today.. - Hey, shut up!

Thamarai.. Didn't you invite
your BFF Sophia? She is missing?

I went to her house and it was locked.
Even the Dubai phone line was dead.

Okay, Thamarai. We'll see what can be done

Why are you dull?

What happened now?

Don't you like this wedding?

If not for me, can't you smile
at least for your mother?

Is it because you miss Sophia?
She would've made you laugh, right?

Okay, don't confuse yourself.

I heard that there's
a lot of payment pending

Have a look at it.
- Okay, master!

Hey, Prasad!
- Master!

That's alright!
I heard that you got married?

Ya, master
- That's happy news. Come home one day


Wait here. I'll be right back.

Have you returned from Dubai? Heard
your card's been canceled? - Hey, move!

Why do you keep building
unwanted conversations?

How are you, Thamarai?
- I'm doing good.

I wasn't able to make it to you wedding.

I got a song to work on
- That's okay

Come home for lunch sometime
- Sure, ma

Convey my regards to your mom

Why are you wearing my shirt?
- Just for fun! Shouldn't I?

Okay, what does "brother" mean?
- "D-day"!

Then what does "D-day" mean?
- It means Today!

Is that so?
- Yeah!

So, you've been meaning this all along?
- Yeah! - Yeah?

So what does "darling" mean?
- That is "Today"!

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Breezing cold winds

You are my Ooty
(hill station in Tamilnadu)

O moon wrapped in cloth,
While shyness is afar

Don't you run and hide!

With your hair as the rope,
Don't tie and haul me!

First master

Then bungalow..

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Breezing cold winds

You are my Ooty

O moon wrapped in cloth,
While shyness is afar

Don't you run and hide!

With your hair as the rope,
Don't tie and haul me!

Your face being sunkissed in the evening
In my heart you shall merrily swing

Whisper your wish in my ear
For your wish will be my command, dear!

Keep some for the liquor!
- I'll punch you!

Like the wind blowing on the windowsill
When I caress, What do you feel?

Why do you slip when I fondle? O womanhood!
It's for good if you let me handle!

Why do you like me? - Because you're
chubby like a cheese ball!- I'll hit you!

And in our love life

we are interdependent
like parts of the same plant

Your face being sunkissed in the evening
In my heart you shall merrily swing

Whisper your wish in my ear
For your wish will be my command, dear!

Hey chubby!? Really?

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Breezing cold winds

You are my Ooty!
- Heyyy happy birthday!

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

- Anni! What happened?

Breezing cold winds

You are my Ooty!

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Hey wifey,
standing in front of me

Breezing cold winds

You are my Ooty!

Here, give him water first.

Have you packed everything?
- Ya..

Give this to Mohan
- Haven't you given him yet?

No, we had medical expenses, right?

This is for mother's medicines.

And give this to brother,
for his college expenses

This is for Kichaa!
- Get it, get it!

Don't forget his vaccine.

Bye, Chubby!
- Be careful

How are you, Anna?
- I'm fine, ma

Which dancers are coming with you?
- Kumar, Shanthi..

Everyone from your batch only.
All of them are coming.

It's just that you and Sophia are missing.
That's alright

Shall we go, then?
- Have a safe journey

- I'll take care.

- Bye.

Here, have this.

Hey! Here!
What are you pondering about?

I have decided to become a master.

All these newcomers have started
becoming masters

How longer can we be just assistants?
- Ya, da!

They push us back because we are old.
Moreover, we have a lot of flooring moves.

Think about it briefly and then decide,
because even top masters are idle

You need good speaking skills for that,
and also Luck.

Luck? You must massage
the hero's legs for that.

And you must visit a lot of companies
- And you must go behind the director

Just like a temple in every street,
there are new masters emerging

and there are dance classes too
- Don't you get it?

We can be dancers only till we are fit

Once we are back, let's discuss
with Thamarai and decide

It seems sir never decides anything
against Thamarai's will

- Shut up, dude
- Hey!

If Prasad becomes a master, I'll be
his first assistant and you be the second

Ya, okay!
-It's just the two of us, okay?

Come in, dude. Wanna join our cards game?
It's 10 bucks per game.

Let's go out somewhere
- Let's get drunk

Hey, let me go get ready
- Go bathe!

Where shall we go?
- Let's go for a movie

Which one?
- We are going for a Malayalam movie

Get ready soon!
Shall I take some liquor with me? - Okay

Hey Anand, if only my wife gets to know
that I'm going to watch an Adult movie..

- Hey! Are we going to an Adult film?
- Didn't you know that?

Didn't he tell you?
- If Thamarai gets to know, she'll kill me!

Hey, are you acting?

Listen, things are different
before and after marriage!

My life has changed after Thamarai
came into it

I've not even bought her a gold chain
for her Thaali (Auspicious necklace - a symbol of marriage)

She is still wearing a yellow thread
in it's place

She doesn't even mind that much. Just this
(drinking habit) I shall end it today

Hey! What is it?

Hey.. Tell me it's not her!

It's not her!
It's not my Thamarai - Let's go!

It's not my Thamarai!
I'll not leave without watching

Leave me!

Hey! Is the shooting over?
- What kind of a woman are you?!

You third rated woman!

Are you cheating on me?

Are you making a scene getting drunk?
- Yes, what will you do?

What did you do in Dubai?

I can't understand what you are asking!
- Prasad, why are you doing this?

Don't come near me
- We thought you were a good man

It was I who got cheated thinking that
you are good people

What did my daughter do?
- Go to a Kerala theater and see!

Your daughter has gone to Dubai
and acted nude!

I swear I don't know anything!
- Take your hands off me!

Why the hell did I marry you?

Aren't you the one of those
who encourage such cheap things?

Only by doing so, did I know
how third rated you are!

Believe me, Prasad!
- Whom do you think you're talking to?

My baby shouldn't be here
for even second more!

No, Prasad! Please!
I beg you! Leave him here!

Prasad, please leave the baby!
- Believe me!

Please don't take the baby
away from me, Prasad!

I swear I didn't do anything, ma!
- I know well about you

He is doubting me.
- Please, don't cry.

I'm not such a woman, ma!

You haven't done anything wrong!
You wouldn't do anything wrong!

I'm the one who did wrong!

One million! I'll pay you one million!

Why didn't you choose modeling?
- Welcome to my company!

Thamarai, have this juice.
- No thanks..

No, it's okay, take
- Thank you

This is your costume.
Get ready and come down.

Hey! You go!

Why is she sleeping here?
- Why is she lying here, Cheta?

- Hey, Thamarai!

Thamarai! What has happened?
Cheta! Something has happened to her!

Hey, Suresh!
- Wake up, Thamarai

What happened to her?
- Huh? She is drunk!

She is not such a drunkard! He is lying!
- She is not such a woman!

She is the one who came for money, right?

Aren't you also like me?

What did you say?
- Hit him!

I won't leave you!
Sophia, go and get the passports!

Thamarai! Let's go!

Let's leave!
- Sofie, are you ready?

Cheta, what happened? Why are you hurt?
- There's no time for all this!



Ma! Maa?
What happened? Wake up, ma!

Don't leave me and go.. I have no one else!

Rest in peace..

Here I sing a lullaby, rest in peace

My mother dearest!

I shall realize myself when you embrace me

Who's the lad?

- My Son-in-law

You brought me up caring for me

Her mother, I'm there, right?

There is no me without you

Let me sing a lullaby

and you rest in peace!

Rest in peace..

I wish I could stay with you
and take care of you..

But I'm helpless! I too live away from my family
and stay here with the boys

Have this with you.
Send for me if you need anything

- Arjun, listen to me!

Why should I listen to you?

Shouldn't you have been like a mother?
- Arjun!

Ask her to get out!
- You have spoiled my brother's life!

Please don't come back!
- Arjun, please listen!

Please open the door!
Prasad, at least you listen to me.

Prasad, Arjun
Please open the door!

Prasad! You know how our mom
took care of you both!

But you didn't even come to see her face!

It's okay if you don't accept me.
Just give me my baby!

I haven't cheated on anybody, Prasad.

Here I sing a lullaby, rest in peace

I won't leave this house without my child!

Please give me my child, Prasad!

Here I sing a lullaby, rest in peace

Rest in peace..

We are supposed to
earn our own keep, Thamarai!

Don't stay alone, Thamarai
Search for a job..

Ma, I'm not coming for work from tomorrow
- Why? What happened?

I'll finish today's work and go

We couldn't come for mother's funeral!

Shooting.. There would be no mistake
on your part, Thamarai!

We tried to stop him from going
to the theater - We asked him not to go!

But he didn't listen to us!

Do you think this happens only to you?
This happens to so many girls.. - Shut up!

Did he take your baby? I'll take care..
I'll go and talk to Prasad!

Let's argue with him about it!
We shouldn't leave him just like that.


Thamarai! Where has she gone?

What are you doing here?

Are you drunk?

Where did you get this habit from?
Would this happen if mom had been there?

It's not about that, Prasad!

If it had been your sister,
would you leave her to suffer?

Would you say that she is
this baby's mother?

It's an unchangeable fact that
she is the baby's mother

Prasad, think and decide!

Anna, I'd been to Thamarai's place
She is missing!

Anna, poor her!
- I'm in no situation to pity anyone!


Come, Thamarai..

I heard about your mother.
Sorry, Thamarai..

I couldn't come due to shooting..
I was told that you have a baby.

Are you drunk?!

Why, Thamarai?

Mohan Anna confiscated the house
And I couldn't find a job.

I had nowhere to go..
That's why I came here.


Master asked me to give you this money

I heard that you are a good dancer..
Buy yourself some food

Do you think you are
the only one who is suffering?

Every girl child born in this world
has a lot to suffer

From the day we were born
we have been facing all the difficulties

I am a woman too..

Do you know how much I have had
to face in this society?

Even though I wasn't born a woman,
I've completely transformed into one!

My people took me to Bombay to live

I asked them if we wouldn't get
a housekeeping job..

They told me we wouldn't be given any job
and that we had to beg from shops

Or we must beg in trains
or traffic signals

How are we supposed to beg
to a person for money?

The very thought made me
feel disgusted about my whole birth!

Leave out my story, did you
think about your mother for a minute?

Did you ever think about the condition
of the friend who saved you?

Leave even that! At least you have been
given a chance to give birth.

I was born like my dad
and I grew like my mother

But, I have not been blessed
with the gift to give birth to a baby

Every mother must bring up her child
telling the tales of her miseries in life.

The same way, you must live
for your child!

I would tell even my kind that they are
born to be women and how they must live.

Promise me that you won't drink
and I'll get you your baby!

Wasn't there a dancer called Thamarai here?
- No idea.

Do you know anything about
a dancer called Thamarai?

She used to live here, but now
her whereabouts are unknown

What, da?

I'll kill you!

Why are you following me now?
- I wasn't following you.

You're walking in the way I'm going,
that's all..

Namaste, madam.
- Namaste!

I've come looking for
a cinema dancer named Thamarai

I heard that she lives here..


You stand as an entirety

O woman!
You stand as an entirety

Thamarai, someone came in search of you
Look around you, O tenderness

Who? - I don't know who, I've asked them to wait
Look around you, O tenderness

There's happiness all around you

You've soared up high
across the sky

O woman!
You stand as an entirety

How are you, Cheta?

I believed that I'd see you someday!
That has happened today.

I'm very happy

This is my daughter Nirmala
- Bless you

If not for her, I wouldn't have seen you

How is Sophia, Cheta?
I've been trying to find her too.

What happened to her?

Sophia has left us all

Suresh came to kill you,
fearing that we might reach the cops

Since you weren't there, he killed Sophia
and put the blame on me!

It took me a few years
to prove my innocence

You don't feel much about it..
Sophia is right here with us!

This was found in Sophia's room

How did you end up here?

Right after mom died,
everyone left me

I had nowhere to go..

When my life was drowned in sorrow
and misery,

Kanna Anna, Monica, Bakya Akka..
These people saved me

There are many people in this world
who are searching for their lost lives

This woman jumped from a building
because of her love failure,

lost her consciousness and is
spending her life in a wheelchair

This woman was deceived by her friends,
pushed into drug addiction

and used like a plaything!

This woman's story is similar to mine
After her husband left her,

she lost her way and was in depression

The only difference is that I've found a
better life and she is still in the process

The worst of them all is her condition..

Some barbaric men raped her
and now her life is a big question mark!

What wrong did they do, Cheta?
Whom did they cheat?

Why should they face this? When questioned,
all the blame is put on them..

The fact that even a woman has
feelings and a life, is never considered

But these women have a place on this Earth,

And a life..
This center is to give them that confidence

There's a sad story behind
each and every woman in this place

And there is a man behind
each and every sad story!

Women are being brought up
being taught how to behave with men

But men are never being taught
how to protect women or behave with them

That is why he grows up bad

When parents talk wrong things or use
bad words in front of children,

the children who grasp these things
grow up to be the same

I haven't brought up my son like that

- Maa?

Come here..

Is this your son?

Okay, when I was traveling here
in a share auto, a man tried to misbehave

When all others ignored, your son
smartly taught him a lesson

You have brought him up well!

Okay, go play..

I'm happy that you came here
Keep visiting us often

One thing before I go.. You have returned
the happiness that these people have lost

I want to give you back the happiness
that you have lost in your life

Appa! (Father)

I've told Prasad, all that happened.

It's all in your hands now

Enduring the pain that chiseling
put you through, O stone,

you stand as a sculpture

Enduring the pain that life
put you through, O woman, - O Woman!

You stand as an Entirety!
You stand as an entirety!

Look around you, O tenderness

There's happiness all around you

You've soared up high
across the sky