Yaadein... (2001) - full transcript

Raj Singh Puri is best friends with L.K. Malhotra who is in turn younger brother to J.K. Malhotra. The brothers are business tycoons and Raj works in their company. Raj is father to three young daughters, the first one gets married through arrangement but the second one marries her lover. After a few weeks at her in-laws, the second daughter returns home asking for divorce. After this Raj and her last daughter become strictly against love and relationships. All this changes when Isha (the third daughter) falls in love with the heir to the Malhotra empire, Ronit, L.K. Malhotra's son. The ask for Raj's blessing but he bluntly refuses and Isha understandingly shuns Ronit and Raj arranges for Ronit to be married to the daughter of another tycoon. Ronit is unhappy and makes Raj realize that his fiancé's family is not right for them and Raj approaches the Malhotras to break off the engagement however J.K. Malhotra shuns him by calling him poor and small. The other Malhotras join forces to make J.K. to realize his mistake and Ronit is finally married to Isha.

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He has been living in London
for the past 25 years,

-and now he's returned to India.

-But he's a true Indian.


A house over there...

and that's the other house.


Happy birthday, dear.

The priest gave me a garland
to put it on your photo.

But... garlands are offered
to someone who is dead.

But you aren't dead.

You are still with me.

You are with me every moment.

Happy birthday, my dear!

My dear!

My dear!

There's no news of Sania yet.

It's 3 a.m.

I will go check my place again.

Where have you been?

I was at my friend's birthday party.

Do you realize how late it is?

Aren't... Aren't you ashamed?

I've been looking for you for four hours.

Why? I'm not a kid!

Go to bed, Papa.
We'll talk in the morning.

Why can't we talk now?

-You are drunk.
-I just had wine, not alcohol.

You had wine?

I said we'll talk in the morning.

Or else I'll file a complaint against you
to the police.

Sania, are you out of your mind?

If you can't answer
your children's questions,

you can never be their friend.

-Drinking Coke in the store?
-Why not?

I know your weakness.
We have Coke at home.

I don't have one, but two weaknesses.

First is Coke
and the other is your beautiful hair.

Besides, this is the best coolant
for a hot-head person like me.

Here's a coolant for your hot head.
Look at this greeting card.

Sanskrit verses.

The only time I heard and spoke Sanskrit

was at my wedding

when the priest recited the mumbo-jumbo

and then I heard
Buckingham, Birmingham!

You are a Sanskrit scholar. A professor.

You teach at London University.

Could you please translate this for me?

What does it mean?

It says, we should love our kids

and spoil them till they are five.

Once they turn ten,
you should keep tabs on them.

But once they turn 16,
you should be friends with them.

Get that, mister?

Once they turn 16,
you should be their friend.

If you want a happy home, forever.

-It's an old hat.
-But it's new for the younger generation.

Friendship with daughters!

For a father like me,
that too, in an alien land.

Return the trolley. I'll be in the car.

Yes, sir. Always.



Get up.



Shalu. Oh God!



This is not done.

The doctor gave me only two minutes
to talk to you.

No, love, I'm with you.

But... I never took a single breath
without you in the past 25 years.

You've taken care of everything.

What am I going to do now?

The house, daughters.

How am I going to take care of them?

What will I tell them?

You will talk to them, my dear.

You are their mother...

and father too.

Just promise me one thing.

Tell me, love.

Until they get married...

don't stay away from them...

be friends with them.

My love, how will I do it?

Ever since they've grown up,

I never had a chat with them.

Remember those Sanskrit verses?



Give our three daughters a grand farewell.

Understand them...

and make them understand.

There! I've slapped you.
Come with me to the police.

-Report me.


We have been friends for 25 years.

If not us, who else will you
share your feelings to?

You are like family.

Who else will I tell this to?

Stop bickering over petty issues.

So what if they're daughters?
The world is full of daughters.

LK, he can't handle them
means he really can't.

If you can be best friend
to my son, Ronit,

then why not your daughters?
Tell me.

LK, daughters are different.

Right, Dr Javed?

What are you going to do then?

I'm thinking of going back to India.
For a change.

Still, it's very tough for a father
to be a mother as well.

I'll try. Goodbye!

Kids these days!

I put Ronit in a hostel
ever since he was a kid.

Let him grow there.
Just let him grow there.

That's why I left my kids in Lahore.

I told them, kids should stay
where they belong.

You can hit me. Show no mercy.

I had lost my mind.

No, dear.

You're the best.

-You are...

Three of us took an oath today

that we'll never hurt you and never fight.

It's all my fault.

It's completely my fault.

I have realized that
your mother was your best friend.

A father only provides.
Money and comforts.

But a mother...

is your best friend
who shares your problems and sorrows.

But... I didn't.

I couldn't share your feelings.

No, Papa.

Now that Ma is gone,
you are our friend.

We'll do whatever you say.

Thank you, children.

There's only one place
which is full of light and hope.

My India.

Ever since my friend Raj
has gone to India,

London seems like a city of ruins to me.

My friend has gone.

Now worry about your son.

He will go to India,
looking for Raj, right?

It's obvious, sweetheart.

Raj is like a mother,
a father and a friend to him.

Yes. We are not his parents.

We are, but in the name only.

Ronit is Raj and Shalini's son.

He has inherited their nature
and their perspective.

That's why he behaves like
a middle-class guy.

Hundred percent, Nalini.

He left this huge palace
and opened a studio.

He's an artist.

Indian music!

It unites millions of Asian Indians
across the world by a single thread.

Indian music ends all quarrels
over race and creed.

Teaches one language to Punjabis,
Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Bengalis...

Makes every Indian a global Indian.

For friendship, love, marriage,

Ronit, Uncle Raj called for you.

Sent an email, too.
Don't forget to read it.

-Uncle Raj.
-Yes, Uncle Raj.

-for anything less than 500,000 dollars.

If they agree, then great,
or else ask them to...

I went to India without informing you.

Lalit will tell you the reason.

Sorry, pal, I had to go.

It's pointless telling you
that we miss you.

We talk about you all the time.

Today I was telling Isha and Avantika
about the incident in your college,

when Shalini and I visited you.

You had just been awarded

the trophy for the
best student in the college.

Instead of going to Lalit and Nalini,
you came to me directly.

You forgot your parents
and you touched Shalini's feet.

Lalit was so jealous! I remember.

And Shalini was so happy.

With memories like these,

we're trying to begin a new life.

Isha will have to go to London
to complete her education.

Take care of yourself, Ronit.

Your best friend, Uncle Raj.

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories

There are words

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories

There are words

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Cherished memories of our loved ones

They return when they're gone




My darling, this life

Is like flowing water

After the water has flown

What remains?




There is love

There are complaints

There are stories

There are words

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Cherished memories of loved ones

Return in our lives when they're gone




"There are songs and complaints.

There are stories and words.

Words are forgotten.

Not the memories.

Cherished memories of loved ones,
return in our lives when they're gone.

These memories, oh, memories.



All of us, everyone

Long for cherished memories

Some happiness, bits of sorrows

They belong to us
We belong to them


Sweet memories!

Bittersweet memories

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories and words

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Cherished memories of our loved ones

They return when they're gone





Our stock were down till yesterday,
not today.

Just wait till Monday
and it will surely rise.

Sir, we're praying
to the Goddess of Fortune.

Now She is bound to grace my home.

Inform Enam Mutual Funds. Yes.

Oh, yes.

Join us for the prayers.

Your uncle is very angry.


An artist! That's what your son is.

He doesn't know
the importance of the prayers.

How could I?

Because you were worshipping
Goddess Vaishno Devi till last year.

It didn't work out as expected.
So we changed.


The priests say that

the Goddess of Fortune
was unhappy last year.

-This prayer will help us to please Her.

today, if you worship
the Goddess of Fortune

and seek any favors,
they will be granted.


Try it once.

Should I whisper or say it aloud?

As you wish.

Oh Goddess of Fortune,
You are a Mother to everyone...

be it the high and the mighty,
the rich, the poor.

All of them are dear to You.

Lots of people in India worship You.

Why don't You eradicate their poverty?

Everyone is rich in this house.

Then there's no point in
blessing this house.

Oh Mother, forget about the rich
and go to the poor.

All of India awaits Your blessings.

Sorry, Mother.

Actually... we're all fine here.

In fact, we are doing great.

All we need is Your blessings.

Mother, I'm going to call Uncle Raj.

Carry on with the prayers.

Did you see your son's arrogance?

That's what happens
when you don't control your children.

Jagdish, it's really too bad.
Just too bad.


You should be ashamed!

-Such arrogance!
-Just because I spoke the truth?

We shouldn't worship God
for our selfish needs.

A prayer should be heartfelt.

Where are you going now?

To Uncle Raj.

He's your friend, but I know his pain.

Just think.

Uncle Raj lived abroad all these years

but he was grief-stricken
when he went to India.

If we don't share his grief,
then who will?

I understand, son.

Nalini, who gave birth to Ronit?
You or Shalini?


Your mother always wanted that
once all of you were married,

we should retire
and come to live in India,

in this very farm house.

When the time came, she left me all alone.

She asked me not to be
just their father...

but their friend.

Mother was 500% correct.

Father, when did you meet her
for the first time?

Who proposed first? Mom or you?

Please tell me.

I did.

Now tell us,

when mother said "I love you"
for the first time.

Now you are crossing the limit.

You want to be our friend,
but look at you now!

So will you tell me
if you fall in love...

I don't believe in all this, Papa.

I'll slap him if he dares to propose me.

"Marry me and take me home."

Papa is saying that
if someone proposes us,

we should tell Papa first.

That's fair.

Very good, children.

So today, on our anniversary...

all of us will become friends
and make a promise to each other.

An agreement.

-We don't understand.
-There's no need to get anxious.

I just want to say that,



some guy will enter your life.

Someone who want to marry you
and maybe you want to marry him.

-So what's wrong with that?
-I never said it's wrong.

I said you have every right to
get married and I'll agree to it.

But remember one thing.

I have every right

to choose the family of that boy.

-Will you give me this right?
-But why, Papa?

You are so innocent, dear.

When you get married,
it's not only the boy...

you'll have to accept
his entire family as your own.

The whole family. Right, children?

You are right, Papa.

We accept your condition.


So today all the four friends
will make a promise,

to share our feelings openly.

We will be living together
and be a friendly family.

Thank you, my children.

Avantika, go quickly
and bring all the sweets and snacks.

-Not at all.

No sweets and snacks
till you sing a song for us.

-Which song?
-Our favorite song.

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories

There are words

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Oh my God, it's Ronit!
Words are forgotten

-Not the memories
-I don't believe this!





You left me alone there
and came to India.

I knew you would.

And you, Sania idiot. You forgot me
as soon as you came to India.

-Not even a phone call?
-Sorry, man!

-Where's Isha? Where is she?
-She's inside.

-Hey, man!

-Hey, man!
-Uncle Raj.

-Hey, you guys!
-How are you doing?



Isha! Where is she?


Stupid! Finally you remember me?

All forgotten.

the whole world has turned into a dot-com,

which helps bring Indians in every
corner of the world closer.

Those who don't want to fall in
love, can get married straightaway.

-How come?
-Take yourself for instance.

If we have to find a handsome boy
who is worthy of you,

where and how to find
the most suitable guy.

Now you have come to the point! Tell us.

Computer, advise us where to find
a suitable, handsome boy,

the right match for Avantika.

There you go.

Three eligible boys. You have a choice.

I like all of them.

Let's get all three of them married.
It's solved, right?

The boy in the middle is Pankaj Kudesia.

I know him.

-We studied together in London.

He's a vice president
at Hotel Surya in Delhi.

He lived in London,
but he's still Indian.

This is the best thing about him.

-What do you say, Avantika?
-I don't know.

There's a boy for Sania too.

Take a look.

-Find someone for our Isha too.
-Yeah, of course. Just a minute.


Please upload Isha's picture
on the website.

There you go.

"Please wait.
An eligible man for Isha."

What is that, buddy?

The computer found the match.
What can I do?

Even your mom used to complain.
Ties are always a hassle.

Be frank while talking
to the suitor's family.

Isha, you know I'm not good at that.

"Yes, sir. No, sir.
Please eat, drink and all that."

I'm glad I have Ronit with me.

What can Ronit do? He's too young.

The elders should always do the talking.

-Stop depending on him.
-But I...

No ifs and buts.

Mr. Raj, Ronit and Pankaj,
both of them are like a son to me.

Ronit told us everything about Avantika.

All I wanted was to meet you.

-And here we are.
-Even I wanted...

What I wanted, Ronit...

He wanted to meet you and ask you...

After all, the wedding arrangements...

If you have any conditions or demands...
You know?

Exactly! Let me know
your demands or conditions.

I'll fulfill everything.

Mr. Raj, decent parents,

a good girl and a simple wedding,

are my three conditions.
And nothing else.

Yes. Don't worry.

Avantika won't face any problems
at our place.

That's exactly what I meant.

I hope I was within my limits.

It's not about crossing the limits.

I just want him to be frank and bold.

Just one color, you know.
Different shades create problems.

Be it black or white.

If it's black,
it should be completely black.

If it's white,
it should be completely white.

But some people will
ruin the best of situations,

by trying to mix black with white.

That's where the confusion arises
and confusion leads to problems.

And it is very difficult to find solution
for every problem.

Now that we have met you,
we'll find a right solution.

One must be alert.
Not that there's any problem.

Cover it.

Babulal is on the line.

Excuse me.

How about tea or something?
It's been quite a while.

No. Thank you!

How long have you been working here?

He is not a servant.

Meet Mr. Khanna.
My daddy's friend for 35 years.

He owns a golf club.

I'm as good as a servant.

Being friends with Mohanlal
is just like being a servant.

Enough! Let me leave before
I make any more mistakes.

And look at him staring me down.

Because you are wearing
two different socks!

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

My restlessness!

My restlessness, my loneliness

In my restlessness
I'm so lonely!

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

What strange breeze blows this year?

Try as I will, my feet are unsteady

Why am I having these thoughts?

Why all my friends are
Putting henna on their palms?

I want to put forward my palm

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

The days are too short
The nights too long

Before the monsoons
It has started raining

I started dreaming about someone special

Go away
Don't teach me these strange things

Both of you have harassed me a lot

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

Oh, look, this is no picture
This is a message

Someone from far away sends you greetings

He's so handsome
He has a cute name

Good friends bring hearts closer

One of you will be a bride

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?

Tell me, what riddle is this, friend?

Why are such strange things happening?






Madam, cyclist.
Do you know that bicycles have brakes?

You're off to London without saying bye.

-I meet everyone, didn't I?
-Except me, you idiot.

I didn't think it's necessary.

Idiot, you were busy working out.

I would've missed my flight.


-Did you miss me?
-Not at all!

Papa handed me your gift at the wedding.
To give it to you.

I forgot about it. Sorry.
Here's your message.

Here's your gift from papa. Not from me.

From papa?

Put this on my wrist, will you?

One for Sania and the other for you.

For me?


I don't want to get married.


Till I finish college.

And then?

I'll do whatever papa says.

-Arranged or love marriage?
-I don't believe in love.

I know. But why?

Those who fall in love are

It's too dramatic.

In real life,
love's an entertainment package

that you get when you are young adults.

When girls like you fall in love,
it all leads to great love stories.

Girls like me only make history,
not love stories.

Remember, a day will come,

when a handsome young man
will move you to tears.

Your love story will begin that very day.

They will fall in love.
They surely will.

I am asking you! Who is this guy?
Who is he?

Papa, he's Sukant.

I've known him for a year.
He lives in Delhi.

I'm in love with him.

But I've seen him with goons,
outside our house in London.

-Yes, Papa, but Sukant is good at heart.

Besides, we've decided to get married.

Oh I see. So everything has been decided?

Then you don't need me anymore. Right?

I should at least have the right
to choose my husband.

Listen, your daughter loves our son.

And our son loves both of us.

After all, he's our only son.

He has returned after completing
his education in London.

I don't know what to say.

We got many marriage proposals
for our son,

but we turned them all down.

Now both of them are in love!

To hell with love!

Our son! He's such a gem, I tell you.

Your daughter is also very pretty.
She looks prettier when she dresses up.

Mama, please. Don't talk too much.

I'm not talking too much.

We're finalizing wedding details.
We should talk openly.

-Right, Raj?

I want you to talk to me openly.

-There you go!

We don't want dowry.

You can give your daughter
whatever you want.

We have no objection.
Not at all!

We don't want jackets
and expensive clothes.

But the wedding must take place
at a five-star hotel. Hotel Surya.

We've got a status to maintain.

After all, this isn't only about
their marriage.

This relationship continues
after marriage as well.

The real relationship begins
after marriage.

We'll keep visiting each other.

We aren't greedy. Not at all!

-Uncle, you haven't eaten anything.
-No, dear.

I don't feel like eating. I'm in a hurry.

-That's it?

I don't understand.
Am I marrying Sukant or his family?

That's what I am trying to explain
time and again.

After marriage, your name will
neither be Sweetheart nor Mrs. Sukant.

A married woman has to fulfill
so many relationships.

Daughter-in-law, aunt, etc.

You have to fulfill your duty
towards those relationships.

His family is not worthy of you.

You don't want me to be happy.

I understood. But I've made my decision.
That's it.

Then listen to my decision too.

Did you see that?




I heard everything.
I'll try to convince her.

It's a tough task for a father
to convince her daughters.

What are you staring at?

Get out! Get out from here.

Where do they come from?

Let go of me!
I don't want to live anymore!

-Why is she crying?
-Sania poured kerosene on herself.

She's trying to set herself ablaze!

Leave me alone! Let me die!
I want to go to my mother!

Have you gone mad?

At least think of us, think about papa!

-Do you know what you're doing?
-Does anyone care about me?

-I don't want to live.

-Have you gone mad?
-Yes, I have!

Let go of her! Come on, let her go.

Let go of her.

Sania, what's the matter?

-You aren't my papa!
-Yes, I am not.

-You aren't!
-No, I'm not. Listen to me.

Come with me and listen to me.

Cool down. Come and listen to me.

Listen to me, dear.

I tried to reason with you...

but you didn't relent.

Now everything will happen
as per your wish.

You're going to marry
the man you want. Okay?

-Yes. To Sukant.

But remember one thing.

The future of this marriage
is solely your responsibility.

I'll manage.

Avantika, Isha,
let's prepare for the wedding.

Delhi, full of generous people.

-Greetings from the heart.

So finally,
Sania and Sukant's love triumphs.

Love is such a strange thing!

At sometime or the other,
somewhere or the other,

everyone without exception
has fallen in love.

Some love stories have been successful,
some were unrequited.

But their love will always be remembered.

In the name of love,
all the youngsters have decided,

that tonight...

I'm not going to sing. No way.

-Uncle Raj will sing tonight.

Surprised, Uncle Raj?

No, no.

Few years ago, friends, there was a rumor

I fell in love with someone

We too had a first meeting

I too fell in love with someone

Few years ago, friends, there was a rumor

I fell in love with someone

In the rains, on the streets

I was walking about, holding an umbrella
I saw her coming

I saw her coming
Like this!

Like this

We bumped into each other
We were embarrassed

Bewildered, we apologized

But what we really meant was

Give me your heart

Give me your heart

Give me your heart

Give me your heart

Give me your heart

Romance happened by chance

Romance happened by chance

We became lovers, but we had a little time

In a hurry, I give my heart
I called the priest

I sat on a horse and became a bridegroom

I became the bridegroom

I became the bridegroom

So beautiful

So beautiful was the night
When we got married

Oh yes, I too fell in love with someone

Few years ago, friends, there was a rumor

I fell in love with someone

Had she been here tonight

She would've played the drum

Had she been here tonight

She would've played the drum

She would have been dancing

She would've kissed her girl

She would've blessed you
She'd have warded off the evil eye

She would've sung a song of love

She would've looked like fire

Fire that would've engulfed me

But everything has changed

Everything has changed

Everything has changed

That day I wept like rain

Even I fell in love with someone

Few years ago, friends, there was a rumor

I fell in love with someone

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories
There are words

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories
There are words

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Words are forgotten

Not the memories




Cherished memories of loved ones

Return in our lives when they're gone


-How are you, dear?
-Fine, Papa!

What are you doing? How's Isha?

Isha has gone to Malaysia
for a cycling race.

You know what?

In London, Uncle Ranbir Rai has bagged

the best businessman of the year award.


-Congratulations, Ranbir!
-Thank you, Malhotra.

-Congratulations, Mrs. Rai!
-Congratulations, Mr. Rai!

-Malhotra, you're wonderful!
-How come?

You threw a party
as soon as I got the award.

I offered you my hand in friendship,
I won't let you go easily.

You haven't seen my friendship yet.

Raj keeps praising you to the skies.

Raj is like a son to me.

I've known him since he was a baby.

We couldn't attend his daughter's wedding.

-You know, business matters.

-I can't see Monishka around.
-There she is, with your son.

Right from friendship to love?

And from love to marriage.

Marriage? How boring!

Do they make a good couple?

What are you doing tomorrow evening?

Tomorrow, I'm flying to Malaysia.

To cover the Asian Bicycle Race.

-Bicycle race?
-It's a major event.

-Bicycle Championship.
-Has everyone eaten?


-Boss, Isha is here, too.
-I know.

-But she doesn't know we are here.
-But where's she?

Son, you can't even see her.
Only I can see her.

Today's the first day
of the Asian Bicycle Race.

Companies from 21 countries have
sent their best racers here.

Sunday, the biggest
day of this event will see,

Preeti Sawhney of Dubai, UAE
is participating in this event.

She's an Indian and has been winning
this race for the last two years.

Looks like there's no competition for her
this year as well.

Preeti Sawhney greets you all.

Now we'll introduce you to
Isha Puri from London.

-Excuse me, miss. Where are you from?

-Originally from?

-Your name?

Your goal?

-To be number one.
-Do you have a boyfriend?

So you don't believe in love?

-Not at all.
-Is there someone who loves you?

-Are you crazy?


-Trying to make a fool out of me?
-I don't need to. You are a fool.

Their childhood love

-I didn't expect you to be here.
-I managed to get here somehow.

-I knew you'd be here.
-Papa must've told you.

True. But you had to be here,

you're the star of this bicycle event.

I'm just a small-time reporter here.

Ronit, no offence,

but I'd like to be independent here.

-Far away from the world and home.
-Far from me too?

-Maybe, yes.
-Is it?

So in this event, you and I...

-Right! Stranger!

Come on, Isha.
Only an hour to go before the event.


Soft fingers, warm hands

and solid wrists.
It can be only one person.

I stopped the rehearsal to hear that.

Now that you have said I'm the best,
I'll become the best.

Race starts now!

-You know, Preeti, I like your nature.
-I like everything about you.

Pass-Pass. Want some?

Oh, yes, of course.
Whenever I eat Pass-Pass, I think of you.

Look, she is trying to get close to him
by offering Pass-Pass.

My belt is a bit too tight.

Look at him! He's undoing her belt.

How am I going to win tomorrow's race?


-What happened?

Papa. I don't want to be with Sukant.

That isn't a house but hell.

His mother ill-treats me
and his father curses me day and night.

Even Sukant takes his mother's side.

They are very bad people.

I've decided to divorce him.
That's it!

You were right.

Love is nonsense.

Isha was right.

Go and rest.

It's your home.

Come, dear. Go and rest.


Miss Preeti Sawhney is
on her way at full throttle.

Everyone's eyes and hopes are on
Preeti Sawhney.

Preeti Sawhney, world number one.

Isha Puri is competing with her
in this race.

Preeti Sawhney is leading right now
and she's in total control.

Isha Puri is right behind her,
trying her best.

Her face is red and she looks exhausted,
but Preeti is our favorite.

This bicycle race is
just between two girls.

Isha Puri and world number one
Preeti Sawhney.

Preeti Sawhney, everyone's favorite
is leading the...

The heroine of Hero Cycles, Miss Isha Puri
has won the Asian Bicycle Championship.

You are bound to win when you're jealous.

Well done!

-Did you hear her?
-After all, she's an actress.

Isha, a few words for our dotcom?

Yes. I don't want to thank anyone
right now.

I won because of my determination
and persistence.

And by God's grace.

No one deserves the credit for this.

And these TV, website reporters
tell you half truths and half lies.

Please don't trust them. Thank you!


But winners shouldn't be so arrogant.

So should the losers be arrogant?

Go to your "Pass-Pass" friend.

Now I get it. So that's the problem!

You know it was just a joke.

Look, Mr. Stranger. I want
to make one thing very clear.

I'm going to Tuba Island with my group.

Don't follow me. Come on, Pinky.

Ronit, Tuba Island!
It's teeming with dangerous animals.

Stop! Isha has been left behind.
Please stop!

Stop the boat! Stop!

Ronit! Isha is on Tuba Island
and she's in trouble!

-Even her friends have deserted her and...

-What else?



Isha! Did you find out anything about her?

How can I know? Our hero is trapped
because of your attitude queen.

We are out of coverage area.

Last night, the doctor said
Ronit wasn't going to survive.

I must see him.

You aren't supposed to get up.

You may not care about him,
but what he did was unimaginable, Isha.

-Nurse, how is Ronit?
-He's out of danger now.


Remember what I had said? One day,
there will be tears in your eyes.

What's this?

Let go.

Let go of my hand.

Look, uncle.

I'd already made it clear to Sania
that my mother was very short-tempered

and that she minces no words
when she criticizes someone

and Sania can't stop herself
from retorting.

Whatever I said was right.


Papa, I don't want to live there.

I'm the one who is being punished
between wife and mother.

Sukant has come to take Sania back.

Uncle, I'll arrange for a house
as soon as I get the job.

I can't stay in the same house
with his mother. That's it.

It's not done.

Look, Sukant. I understand everything.

Wait for a few days.

It was your choice to fall in love
and get married.

You will have to resolve
your differences.

When hearts meet

Flowers blossom

When hearts meet, flowers bloom

When flowers bloom, hearts meet

When hearts meet

Flowers bloom

Flowers bloom

Passion ignites love

Passion ignites love

Storms rage in the seas of the heart

The earth shakes, heavens fall!

Love is destruction
Love is prayer too

Some pray for love, some curse

When hearts meet

Flowers bloom

When hearts meet

Flowers bloom

When hearts meet, flowers bloom

Flowers bloom when hearts meet

When hearts meet!

When our hearts meet

Passion ignites love

Ever since you entered my heart

My life is in peril

Even amidst revelers, I'm lonely

In loneliness I revel

This is a world of our love
Come embrace me

Put an end to this suffering

When hearts meet

When hearts meet

Flowers blossom

Flowers bloom

Whatever you wish

Let us do, oh, let's do

Right here, right now

Oh, let me die

Our hearts

Oh, dear sweet hearts

With memories

Let us fill

Flowers bloom

When hearts meet

When hearts meet

Flowers bloom

When hearts meet

When hearts meet

When hearts meet

When hearts meet

Flowers bloom

When hearts meet

Someone bans love
While someone bows before it

Someone bans love
While someone bows before it

Lies! Everything's a lie.

Lies! It's all a lie.

Friendship, love, romance!

It's all a lie.

It's just a deception!

I made a mistake by listening to you!

A father can never become
his daughter's friend.


I wish I hadn't listened to Sania.

Damn this love!




Papa, everyone is in Udaipur
and you are still here.

It's so late. You should leave now.

It's your best friend's
silver jubilee marriage anniversary.

Isha and Ronit have arranged
a grand show and...

-No ifs and buts.

I know you are worried about Sania.

I'll look after her.

Please. Don't tell anyone about Sania.

Not even Isha.

Why spoil the mood?

The invitation list includes
VIPs from all over the world.

That's not the case, Miss Nalini.

Rajasthan, Udaipur is our village.

But I don't understand one thing.

In spite of living in England,

why did you choose the Maharaja Palace
for the fancy dress party?

It's our son Ronit's idea.

This whole arrangement,

this fancy dress party, this celebration,

has been organized by Ronit and Isha.

But you haven't introduced me to Ronit.

Yes. Where is Ronit? Call him.



Don't force me to dance at the party.
I can't dance.

Then who is going to dance with me?

You can find any butterfly.

Lots of them are flying about.

You love flattering them, don't you?

What are you staring at?

Your eyes.

Don't go. Sit down.

We've been friends
ever since we were kids.

But today... we're lovers.


Just you and I, together.

Just us?

-Just us.
-That's it!

That's it!


-Where are you?

-Your friend has come.
-Go to Papa.

Okay. Off I go.

You'll speak to papa, won't you?

-About what?
-You don't know?

Oh, yes! I'll ask him to get
Isha married as soon as possible.

If she falls in love with someone,
it could be a problem, right?

-Uncle Raj!


Welcome to Udaipur!

I forgive you for being late.

I'd like to tell you something,
before someone else does.

Me first.

-First listen to me.
-Me first.

-Me first.

That's the third time, so it's my turn.


My friend.

Sania married her lover.

Now she's back home.

She wants a divorce.

She can't put up with his family.

That's what happens to those
who fall in love, my friend.

I know! I have to pretend to be happy,
smile, and sing.

Avantika also asked me
not to come here with a sad face.

"Keep smiling, hang out with Ronit."

After all, it's my friend's
silver jubilee marriage anniversary.

I have to sing and dance.

-Happy anniversary, sister-in-law.
-Thank you, Raj.

-That's enough.
-I'm just kidding, buddy.

You are...

We met at the award function.

How can I forget you?

Back in America,
whenever I was in front of the computer,

I've memorized all your dotcoms,

all your catch lines.

-Ronit, Isha is refusing to dance!

We need at least one girl in the lead.

What do we do now?

Would you be my dancing partner?

Me? I don't expose myself.

Do it for us, please.

Do it for my sake.

For you, dotcom.

Ladies and gentlemen!

From Buckingham Palace to South Hall
Chandigarh to Ludhiana

Everybody is falling in love

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is saying
"I love you"

I love you, I love you

Once you fall in love

Once you fall in love

You have no peace

This world threatens the heart

But the heart isn't even afraid of God

Oh, baby!

Oh, baby!

This is a glittering evening

My wine is spilling over

This is a glittering evening

My wine is spilling over

Love is another name

For life

Here's one from the heart

Oh, baby!

Hear my clinking bangles

These worthless conversations!

-Oh ho!
-Oh, baby!

-Oh ho!
-Oh, baby!

Scorching sunshine
And not an ounce of shade

Love's is the world of maze

You're the princess in the maze, my love

Just let me take your hand

I wish no one ever knocked
At the window to my heart

I hope no one else leads you
Out of the maze

All those legends

Who sacrificed themselves

For love, they lived

For love, they died

Oh, baby!

Love is a blast

My lover is creating a scene

The colors of love never wear off

Romeos will never give up loving

No matter how many heartbreaks they endure

In the end, you lose, I win

Losing to you is better than winning

Both of us are here


Offering each other our hearts

Oh, baby!

Your walk is out of control!

Swaying to your beat

Lovers have done

What prophets said they would

Given hearts, taken hearts

Oh, baby!

This is a glittering evening

My wine is spilling over

Hear my clinking bangles

These worthless conversations!

These worthless conversations!

These conversations!

Jagdish, Ronit, everyone has left.

Today I'm leaving for London too.

I've heard about Sania.

What happened is really unfortunate.

But Jagdish gave me good advice.

He says we can help Sukant

get a nice job in a friend's firm
in Dubai.

Sukant can send home a good amount
every month for his greedy parents.

His parents' and Sania,
both of them will be happy.

Your brother is a gentleman.
I am indebted to your family!

Yesterday, my brother said
something strange. Quite strange.


That Ronit should marry Monishka.

Marry? He's just finished his studies.
Let him achieve something.

But, Ronit likes Monishka.


Didn't you notice yesterday?

He held her hand and drew her close
while dancing.

Oh yes!

Yes, you are right!

How stupid of me!
How could I not notice all this!

And, Raj...

...my brother is very interested.

So what's the problem?

Why don't you bring it up?

So what do you think of
this marriage proposal?

What do I think? Don't you know
your daughter's attitude?

Twenty-one marriage proposals
and madam likes none!

For the first time,

she says "not-bad" about Ronit.

Not bad! She's your daughter after all.

If you ask me,
let's agree to Raj's proposition.

Or she'll die a spinster.

Even I like Ronit.

He'll handle Monishka well.

In that case, you should see Raj.

Mr. Rai is here.

Tell Malhotra that
I accept his proposition.

Thank you very much, Mr. Rai.

We've known you for many more years

than we've known Ronit and the Malhotras.

We're giving our daughter away
because we trust you.

Thank you, Mr. Rai. Hail Goddess!

Everything went well!

What are you saying?

I'm coming to London the day after.

Don't tell Ronit anything
until I reach London.

-Where are you?
-Heathrow Airport.

-We're in Thorpe Park. Hurry.
-I'm coming.

I'm just coming, dear.

-I love you!
-I love you, dear.

Uncle Raj!

Hey, Uncle Raj!

I have good news for you!
I've got something to tell you!

I have good news for you!
I've got something to tell you!

But we have the most exciting
news to tell you!

-I got news!
-Me first.

-Uncle Raj, me first!
-Me first.

-Me first.
-Uncle Raj!

Thrice over. Overruled.

-My company follows a policy.

Special messages are sent in style.


in this case.

-What is this?
-Read on.

We'll be back
and then we'll seek your blessings.

-My blessings?
-Come, Isha.

On day one, I was refused.

On day two, she agreed.

On day three, she said "I love you."

We fell in love!

We want to get married!

We want to get married!

We want to get married!

Where has papa gone?

-He just left.

He drove away in the car.

Ronit, he left the cards.

Initial shock. It was bound to happen.

After all, he's a father.

Now he's going to ask me
a million questions.

Then he'll say,

-But he...
-Isha, don't worry.

I'm here to take care of everything.


Mr. Hudson has arrived from Scotland.

He saw our presentation.

Everything's set.
We are waiting for you. Come soon.

Isha, I have to go back to the office.

An important client has visited us
and I must meet him.

I might be away for three or four days.

Don't worry.

Our case is very simple!

No problems at all.


Ronit was right.

That you will be happy,

but you're gonna take time to accept it.

To tell you the truth,

I've known Ronit ever since I was a kid.

For the first time, I got to know him.

He says, if he wasn't born rich.

he'd have a small... ramshackle house...

and it'd be lovely.

Fights, patch-ups, hope, despair,
life lived moment by moment.

Having everything is so boring,
isn't it, Papa?

Oh, yes, it was he
who proposed to me, not me.

So now...

we like the boy and the boy's family too.

Do you know...

Sania is back home?

She wants a divorce from Sukant. Divorce.


If you want my answer in one word...

Then it's... no.

You and Ronit...




Thank God he survived.

I keep telling him,
"London streets aren't Punjab roads.

-Stop strutting around."

Is this any way to express anger?

I don't like this approach one bit.

Those who shy away from responsibilities
behave like this.

Why did you do this?

Ronit played a prank and he used
his corporate greeting cards.

I just went along with him
to see your reaction.

I've seen your reaction!

You run amok in traffic like a kid!

You should have been angry with me
and not with yourself.

There's nothing going on
between Ronit and me.

It was only a bit of fun and games
in Bangkok, you know how it is?

Why are you getting so serious?
It wasn't serious at all.

Look at these keys.

Remember what mother used to say?


You are lying.

Lying to your papa.

I've seen through your lies.

How will you live
with the pain I inflicted?

You love your papa very much, don't you?

Had you been harmed,
it would've been so unfortunate.

What would become of us?

Let me tell you one thing, dear.

They are very rich people.

You can never get married
into that family.

They're my friends.
I know their expectations.


I have planned
Ronit and Monishka's wedding.

I spoke to Mr. Rai.

And now...

That's fine.

Monishka is the right choice for Ronit.

But I'm with you, Papa.

I swear upon mummy.

I swear upon you.

But first you must promise,

never to create a scene
like this ever again.

Let me answer the door.


how she's trying to con me.

-Papa, look who's here!
-Who is it, dear?



-God bless you!

-What have you done, Papa?
-You shouldn't have informed them, Isha.

-Why? Am I not your daughter?
-Yes, but...

You are not aware of the latest news.

-Just see who's come with us.

-Hey, Sania!



Uncle JKM sent us tickets to London
so that we could come over.

He gave us an appointment letter for his
Dubai office to join from 1st November.

Hail Goddess.

-I'm so happy to see you together.
-Hello? Just a minute, uncle. Papa.

Uncle Lalit is on the line.

-Yes, Lalit,

They're here.

Yes, I'm coming and so is Isha.

Yes, I'll talk to Ronit. Of course!

Hail Lord Shiva!

All the gods and goddesses
have been kind to us.

But ever since Lord Shiva
entered our house,

our stock prices have been soaring.

Now look,

you visited us on a Monday,
Lord Shiva's auspicious day.

-Where's Ronit?

He is getting ready.

He has just returned
after a two-day visit to Scotland.

Answer one question, Uncle Raj!

Are you doing the right thing?

I have no right to choose my life partner?

I don't accept this proposition.

Anyone who tries to force me into it,
is an enemy, not a friend.

Not your enemy,

it was a friend of yours
who finalized this match.

I fixed it. Am I your enemy?

I don't mean that.

Look, dear.

The family, the background,
matter when it comes to marriage.

What matters is the heart.

Carve out my heart and see for yourself,

some other name is written on it.

I don't even want to hear another name.

You must, Uncle Raj.

Look, dear.

I've never asked anything from you.

Today, I want you to make a promise to me.

You won't create a scene
before your parents and your uncle.

For my sake, for Shalini's sake.

The millet seeds

The millet seeds are
Dispersed in the streets

My beloved is upset with me

He abandoned me, bring him back

The millet seeds

The millet seeds are
Dispersed in the streets

My beloved is upset with me

He abandoned me, bring him back

The millet seeds

Congratulations, JKM!


We are done with the priests.

Now get up, meet people.

Isha, show her around
and introduce her.

-What a choice for Ronit!

The Rai family is one of
the top ten families in America.

Stop this business talk! How about lunch?

This is the happiest day of my life,
and it's all because of you.

Your wish is my command.

Raj, if the Malhotras and Rais join hands,

we'll become market leaders.

Our stock prices will skyrocket.

-I like your house, your family,

the atmosphere and particularly
this interior decoration.

-And Ronit?
-I'm not going to tell you that.

That's our secret.

Let me show you your bedroom.


This jacket looks good on you.


we're getting our daughter married
because we trust you.

Monishka is like a daughter to me too.

I'll keep my promise.

Monishka, I have to be at the gym by four.

I'll call you later.
Then we'll go out, okay?

Which is the best disco here?

Ronit knows about disco. Ask him.

Where's Ronit?

Should be somewhere around.
Take a look.

It's cold. Put it on.

What's with all this drama?

You people are making
a fool out of me!

Put on the jacket first.

I won't.

Okay, first cool down, then we'll talk.

Go on, tell me.

Do you love me?

Never mind that, just put on the jacket.
Let me help you.

Look, Ronit...

listen to me patiently.

In life, there are times,

when young hearts are swayed,

when they fall in love and romance,

without giving a damn about
the consequences.

Not worried about future.

They begin to believe that these romantic,
fairytale moments are the reality.

Something like that happened to us.

It was the right season,
the right atmosphere, the right time.

For a while, we forgot... who we were.

So you were never in love?

That was just an infatuation, right?

Just an attraction.

Ronit, you know,

for me such romances are entertainment,
influenced by movies.

That's why you were entertaining me.

You still are.


Look at me.

And tell me you don't love me.

I love you a lot,

I did ever since my childhood.

But only as a friend, like a buddy.

Just like a friend?

-That's it?
-That's it!

-Is that it?
-Yes, that's it.

Look at that house.

Your papa, my papa,

and there's Monishka.

I'm telling you, she's a great girl.


And yes,

-I'm your best friend forever.
-Come, Isha.

Isha did the right thing.

I know your story.

She says she doesn't love me.

How am I gonna fight?

Who do I fight if she's...

the one lying?

But one day, she will admit the truth

and she's gonna cry.

-It's okay.

All right. Yes, it's true,

Now I'm going to do exactly
what she wants me to.


As it happens in the world of love

They smile while their hearts weep

My heart

No one knows, no one admits

Don't let anyone know
Where the secret ache is

As it happens in the world of love

They smile while their hearts weep

You have betrayed me

Will you ever find loyalty?

You hurt me

How can your pain heal?

Desires rage in my bosom

Like storms rising in the sea

Sometimes it's the sailor
Who sinks his own ship

In the world of hearts, it happens

We smile, while our hearts weep

-What angle is that?

That's Rohit's bedroom.

Wait outside.
I'll be back after I see him.

-Hello. Isha! Where are you?

At Ronit's place.

I was just knotting my tie
and I remembered you. Where's Ronit?


-I'm going to meet Mr. Rai...
-Papa, I'll talk to you later.



You called at the right time!

She suppressed her emotions

and tried to pretend she wasn't in love

then at some point,

those emotions burst out as tears

and the truth finally tumbles out.

Yet it's true
that Isha doesn't love me.

Because even without me, Isha can smile...

Isha can cry.

Isha doesn't love me.

Because she can live without me.

Talk to your sister.

Then why don't you say you love me?

Why don't you say it?

I love you!

I love you a lot.

I've loved you since we were in school.
I loved you since we were kids.

And I still love you.

But you're my friend, aren't you?
How can I be your lover?

Sometimes, I just feel like crying.

I'm sorry, I broke down.

You're supposed to take Monishka
to Mr. Mittal's for dinner.

You don't remember a thing.

Go on... I'm leaving.

Where are you guys?

Uncle Raj, where are you?

I need to talk to you.

I'm going to meet Mr. Rai
at Harry's Club.

Meet me there.

The manager won't let me in.

I need Mr. Rai to sign these papers
and give it to Mr. Jagdish.

Give it to me,
I will get them signed for you.

Stay right here, I need to talk to you.

-Uncle Raj.
-What happened?

I just spoke to the manager.
You can go in.

-Should I go alone?

All the rich people are in there.
I was feeling a bit embarrassed.

You sure, right?


You just need one Coke to think straight.

So did you like my in-laws' party?


So what do you think?

Why are you concerned about their family?

Monishka will live with your family.
It's not the other way around.

-Mr. Son-in-law.

In that case,
you gotta do me one last favor.


I'm taking Monishka
to Radisson Hampshire tonight.

All you have to do is ask
my fiancée three questions.

Three questions?

So what are your three questions?

Go ahead.

My dear...

This is the first question
from the Malhotra family.

After the wedding,
will you live with Ronit's parents?

-Or your place?
-Of course, my place.

What do the parents have to do?


they better visit only
after taking an appointment.

Parents too?

She's from America.
Life out there is so stressful and busy.

Isn't it?

My child, my second question is,

I hear you love late night parties,

and you come home late as well?

That's good. That's not a problem.

So even after you're married,
these late nights will continue?

Getting married doesn't mean
giving up my friends, my independence.

After we're married,
she can come and go as she wishes.

Why are you asking these questions
when I don't mind, Uncle Raj?

My third question is,

Lalit says that after marriage,

you should have a little baby.

I've already clarified this with Ronit.

I don't want a baby
for at least four or five years.

Because I don't want to ruin my figure.

But this is a part of our culture.

You have duties

-towards your parents, their happiness...

I think your uncle is from backwaters.

I don't like to have discussions
with a small fry like you.

All I could think of you
as the pimp of Malhotra family

and nothing else.


Please sit down. I'll go.

-No, Uncle Raj.
-No, my friend. Please sit down.

Nobody could do what you did today.

I was fed up with these people,
but how could I tell them?

That I love you.

Excuse me, Lalit, sister-in-law.

What are you saying, Raj?

It's true. I proposed this marriage.

Now I'm trying to break it off.
I'm telling the truth.

What are you trying to break off?

Ronit's engagement to Monishka.

From what I've seen,

neither the girl nor the family
is any good for Ronit.

We're getting him married
just for the sake of money.

Raj, I knew someday
your patience would end.


Before you came here,

I received a call from Rai

about what you've seen
and what the reality is.

They are rich folks, Raj.

They have a different lifestyle.

They're different.

For a middle-class restaurateur like you,

all this may be startling.

Monishka's ideas aren't compatible
with Ronit's.

Only you are opposed to her, Raj.

Didn't I always tell you, Lalit,

to stay clear of
this poor friend of yours?

Because someday or the other,
he'll show you how petty he is.


The truth is, Raj and Shalini
always had plans for your son

ever since he was a boy.

Ronit was like a check
that was worth 50 billion.

They wanted to own him.

But it was Rai who cashed him.

In the heat of the moment,

he proposed that Monishka
and Ronit get married.

But it shattered his daughter
Isha's dreams.

She had her eyes on Ronit.


this was their scheme to break up
the engagement, for Isha's benefit.

But now we all know, don't we, Shelley?

Do you want me to show you
some photos for evidence?

Would you like to see Ronit's arms
snaking over Isha's waist

and all over?

If you were not my friend
Lalit's elder brother...

whom I respected as my elder brother

then today and now...

I would've slapped you so hard that...

you'd carry my fingerprints
all your life.


Listen carefully, Jagdish Malhotra.

Isha and Ronit love each
other very much, very dearly.

But they have learned
to respect their elders.

Because they respect you...

and also for my sake...

they buried their love
and they wiped off their tears.

And the photographs you speak of...

Had they wanted

they could've blown them up,

and plastered them all over your house.

Then... neither you...

nor your father could stop that.

-You're crossing the limit, Raj!
-I'm heartbroken!

I'm heartbroken!
Let me have my say, Lalit.

He has insulted our friendship.
He has insulted my daughter.

I swear upon my mother.
I swear upon Shalini!

Neither my daughter nor will I
ever enter this house again.

For us, you are dead!

-Forget it, man!

Even you turned out to be
a coward, friend!

My friend, a coward!

Uncle Raj!

What's this, Papa?

You are crying instead of consoling us.


This won't do. Come home.

There are songs

There are complaints

There are tales

There are promises!

Words are forgotten

Memories return!

Cherished memories of loved ones

Return in our lives when they're gone.




Hello, Sania, Ronit here.

Give the phone to Isha.

Isha isn't at home

and I don't think you should call here.


Attend the call

and face the truth.

Hello, Isha, listen to me.
Listen to me carefully.

We have invited 100 VIPs in the world.

Two big companies are going
through a merger on Monday.

Children of two great families
will be engaged

and the wedding date will be finalized.

Malhotras and Rais will climb
to number two from number ten.

Ronit. And yes,
here's your engagement ring.

See if it fits.

-Come, son.
-Don't call me son, madam.

Ronit, I'm your mother.

Sorry, ma'am, but you aren't my mother!

You don't even know
that your son has grown up.

I'm no longer a boy with little fingers.

Because you're one of those mothers

who never held her son's fingers,
and taught him how to walk.

-You never even looked at your son.

You never looked into my eyes,
never tried to understand my anguish.


You aren't a mother.

You're just an executive director
in this marketplace

where relationships and emotions
are cheap and expendable.

I don't want to stay here.

I don't want to stay
where there's no mother.

-Where there's no father.

Don't call me son!

Don't call me son!

-I'm your mother.
-Are you?

Then save me, save your son.

Save your son from the fire that
your family wants to throw me into.

Can you save me?

You can't.

You can't save me.

For 40 years, I've put my blood,

heart, soul and mind
in building these companies.

I have taken the Malhotra family
into the top ten!

What do you guys want now?

You want the businesses that have
prospered for years to be ruined?

You want this house to be turned
into a memorial for lovers?

This is a business house
and will always be a business house.

If anyone tries to insult me
or tries to stand in my way,

I'm going to shoot him
and then I'll shoot myself.

Anyone who sides with Ronit
will be responsible for my death.

Is everyone listening?

Kuldeep, this boy has rebelled.

Look, Ronit.

I want to meet Isha.

Go on, see him.

He's bleeding.

Tell me.

What do you want to say?

Isha! Ronit!

Where are you taking me?

I want your decision before
this world decides our fate.

Are you with me or not?


We have to make a decision today.

Life? Or death?

-Yes, death.


Ronit should be brought back.

Only one man can compel him
to attend tomorrow's function.

-Only Raj.

To save this 50 billion corporation,

-you must overcome your vanity...
-And beg?

Maybe, yes.

Please try to understand
the gravity of the situation.

I'm only asking you to accompany me.

I'll talk to Raj. You needn't say a word.

"Cherished memories of loved ones
return after they're gone."

-You know...
-Well said!

Yeah? Thank you. I'll be right back.



-Ronit has run away.

-Ran away?


Ran away!

He ran away! This was bound to happen!

Why don't you ask Mr. Richie Rich's
500 million pound company

to find the boy?

Find him if you can.
I know you can't.

Let's sit inside and talk.

You folks are his parents.

Parents, period.


You don't rule him.

They're lovers... they're in love!

The lovers... have flown.

They have fled.

Oh moon!

Oh stars!

Listen, everyone!

Oh moon!

Oh stars!

Listen, everyone!

I think of you

When I sleep, when wake up.

What's the whole world
Compared to your love?

Oh moon!

Oh stars!

Listen, everyone!

I think of you

When I wake up, when I sleep

What's the whole world
Compared to your love?

You and I will love each other so much

You and I will love each other so much

Anyone who hears will say

Who has lived forever? Who lives forever?

Love it was, love it will be

Love it was, love it will be

In your heart, in my heart

In your heart, in my heart

Let nothing remain unspoken

Time flows like a river

Let go of the riverbank
Lest the waters pass us by

Let go of the riverbank
Lest the waters pass us by

Oh, moon!

Oh, stars!

Listen, everyone!

I think of you

When I wake up, when I sleep

What's the whole world
Compared to your love?


Great, my friend.

As the girl's father, if I lodge
a complaint with the police,

you might land in jail.
Do you know that?

That's exactly what I want.

If our families refuse to endorse
our love... let the world decide.

At 5 p.m. today,

your engagement to Monishka
will be officially announced.

The merger agreement between
the two companies will be signed.

I'm not going anywhere today.

-What if I ask you to go?
-No chance.

Ah... Oh?

Your mother is on the line.

Today is a historic day
for the Malhotra and Rai family.

Along with the merger of
two great companies,

two families are also entering
into wedlock.

After this ring ceremony,
our children Ronit and Monishka,

will commit themselves
to married life together.

Question to the chairman of our company,

Mr. JKM is,

to whom goes the credit for
this historic day?

Wait a minute.
Let me come over to you.

Tell us.

-Go on.
-Go on.

Its credit goes...

to all of us.

All of us? Or just one?

One? I mean all of us.

A person,

without whom, this evening
wouldn't have been made possible?

-Tell us.

Raj Singh Puri.

-Oh, yes, yes. Raj Singh Puri.
-He said it finally.


The man who has united
two companies, two children.

A few words for this man.

Don't say it like that.
Say it with an open heart.

I'm saying it with an open heart.

Our chairman, Jagdish, wants

to present a bouquet

and shawl to Mr. Raj Singh Puri.

Very magnanimous of him

to honor a small fry like me.

I consider the honor of his family...
to be my family honor.

I recall a few lines my wife once wrote.

"You enter life,

you leave it

when you enter, bring,
when you leave, give away,

memories, memories and memories!"

There are songs
There are complaints

There are stories
There are words

There are songs

There are complaints

There are stories

There are words

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Words are forgotten

Not the memories


Thank you.



Stop, Uncle Raj.


Please stop.

Just a while longer.

Everyone made grand speeches
and earned lots of brownie points.

That also put us
in a positive light.

For the first time today,
my mother has encouraged me.

She called me home, told me...

"Son, speak your mind
and tell the truth."

She told me not to hide...

not to resort to lies.

These people...

who addressed you today...

all of them lied to you.

They told you blatant lies.

Because this is a stage, a public place,

even Satan speaks with God
with dignity from a public stage.

Yes, son, you're right!

But you are the society,
the public-at-large.

Let's see...

who amongst you supports the truth.

I have a few questions.

Each of you has the merger report,

one side red and the other green.

If I'm wrong, say I'm wrong.

If I'm right, say I'm right.

Don't you say yes, if I'm lying.

Now give me a few answers.

-What is he up to?
-It's a public trial.

My first question.


Apologizing to fool the public

when your heart is filled with venom?

Is that right or wrong?

Now... honor.

Family honor!

Turning a blind eye to the fact,

that greed is the cornerstone
of family honor?

Is that right or wrong?

Culture is the cornerstone
of family honor, Uncle Raj.

Not money.

Now, let's turn to a love story.

A girl was in love

but she sacrificed her love
for her father's sake.

Is that right or wrong?

And the boy,

acceded to his father's demands
and sold himself to the marketplace.

And his family will force him
to marry a rich heiress

to jack up their company's
stock market valuation.

Raj, wait.

So this story ends with the
triumph of money. Love loses.

I heard that parents...

would sell themselves
for their children's happiness.

But today,

they are selling their children
for their ambitions.

Money comes first...

children are secondary.

Is this betterment?

Is this growth? Is this progress?

Emotions, love, friendships,
relationships, culture...

they mean nothing?

What gospel is this?

What gospel are our elders
trying to teach us?

All right.

All right.

In a while from now...

I'll slip this ring on Monishka's finger.

And I'll sell myself...

to this company and Monishka.

But my question is...

will this diamond...

or a few rituals...

be enough to unite two souls?

Is the union complete?

Speak up! Give me an answer!

Am I to marry for the sake of the merger?

Or should I marry the one to whom
I've given my heart... and my life?

Speak up! Give me an answer!

I'll tell you.


Strange! You cannot answer
Ronit's simple question?

Because you are a part of
the Globex International merger?

Are you evading the truth
under influence of

the high and the mighty?

The truth is...

marriages are meant to follow hearts,

not mergers.

Ronit is right. Diamonds and rituals
don't make a marriage.

Marriage is a union of hearts and souls.

I ask Ronit's true love to come on stage

and in the presence of all of us here,
let her give Ronit this ring.

So I call upon Isha Puri,

to come on stage
and accept this engagement ring.

-Isha Puri!
-Where is she?

Isha Puri!

Isha Puri!

Isha isn't here.

Today when you wish
to insult your families...

you may find Sania
and me to be part of this.

But not Isha.

She has left.

Where is Isha?

JKM, this merger won't take place.

For the first time,
the young children have made me realize,

how good and honest they are...
and how corrupt we are.

Especially you and I.

And thank you!

He was the worst,
yet he understood the children.

And you are still thinking? Great!




-Hey! Isha!


Why did you leave me?

You ask me to face the truth
but you decided to run away?

Nalini told me something
was going to happen on stage.

Didn't Ronit call you to the stage?

Did he call you? Tell me.

I left before he could do that.

Why, dear?

Remember you used to say...

a girl who is not accepted
by the family...

finds it very difficult to get respect.

There's more to life than romantic love,
there are other relationships...

like aunt, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law.

My dear!

For the first time,

I've seen the world
through the eyes of my children.

We rise in life, yet we are so petty.

And I sunk to such depths
that I cannot ask to be forgiven.

But I do want you...
to marry into my family.

If you do...
I will know I've been forgiven.


He has come to take you away.


Thank you, Jagdish.

Raj Singh's story doesn't end here.

He stayed a friend to the children,
till the very end,

even when he became a grandfather.



Where are you, Supriya?

Supriya will go for a walk with me.

Then she'll return home.

Then she will exercise.

Later, she will have a bath and pray.

After that I'll take her to school.

And in the evening, we'll go out.

-Where are you, dear?
-I'm here, grandpa.

My beautiful baby.
Where is Avantika, your mother?

Everyone has gone out, left me.
Mother, father, uncle, aunt.

Everyone left you, but I'm with you.

-Your grandpa.
-Grandpa, will you be my best friend?

You mean friend-grandpa?

Dear, did you hear that?
Look at this.

She too...

All right, dear. Give me your hand.

From today, I'm your friend-grandpa.

Let's go. Wait a minute.

First let me take the keys.

What do you want to ask?

Grandpa, when did my parents get married?

Six years ago.

-Uncle Ronit and Aunt Isha?
-Four years ago.

When are you getting me married?

Tell me! Please!

There are songs
There are complaints

There are stories and promises

There are songs
There are complaints

There are stories and promises

Words are forgotten

Not the memories

Words are forgotten

Not the memories




Translated by:
Saurabh R Sawant