Ya v polnom poryadke (1989) - full transcript

Andrey Tolubeev


I'm totally OK

Hi, Galya.
- Hi!

You always at a run...

...and they write to you all the time.
- That's my job.

That's our job and our concern is simple...

and no other concerns we have.


You're wanted on the phone.

I asked you not to disturb me,
don't you see I'm stitching up?

Intercity one.
- Oh...

Kazan? Yes, I ordered a call to Kazan.

May I have Elizaveta Petrovna Gnedykh?

I call from Moscow answering her ad.

She doesn’t have phone...
Asked to tell it to you?

Are you aware of it? OK, tell her

that her variant suits me

I want to come at the end of this month.

Yes... All the best to you.



Oh Koka, hi. Yeah, I said I'll
lend you money. 200, yes.

Have no time now, I'm leaving for
a business trip today.

I'll bring them to you at
the football upon return.

OK, I'm busy, bye!

Business trip again?
- Again...

And now where?
- Don't know yet...

Snow and wind and
the stars' night flight...

my heart calls me into
the disquieting distance.


Drive me to the Efremova st., 9, please.

Good morning!
- Who do you ask?

Are you Margarita Pavlovna Krylova?
- Yes...

It's me, Gromov, from Moscow.
Answering your ad.

- Hello...

So why are you standing there, come in!

Get undressed.

Come in, please. Here.

Take a sit, I'll be in a second...

You are so unexpected,
why didn't you write, send a telegram...

I didn't even know myself that
I was coming yesterday.

Our boss arranged a meeting,
we just started,

suddenly the head of the
main department enters

and send us all home, says that nobody

should stay in the main
department on weekend.

He's a new guy, from Siberia.

So I immediately went to the
station, to buy a ticket.


Seat a little, I'll make coffee.

I suggest another program.

German, maybe we should not...

It's so easy to dance with you.
- I'd say the same.

Should I serve the main course?
- Bring it!

Another bottle of champagne maybe?
- I'm already so dizzy.

Dancing is the reason of it.
Please, another bottle.

I haven't danced for a hundred years.

My husband could not stand dancing,
music always gave him a headache.

My wife and I loved to dance.

How long has it been since you broke up?

We didn’t.

Some drunken road hog hit my Nina at
the very entrance to our house.

How horrible...

Everything worked out so
well for us back then.

We were expecting a second child, I defended
my Ph.D., I was preparing my doctoral dissertation.

Everyone predicted me a brilliant career.

And suddenly Nina is gone.

I did not want to live, only
for the sake of Polina...

It was her first grade then.

We immediately changed the district,
moved to the first apartment that came across.

I sold the car.

With this money I erected
a marble monument to Nina.

Main course, champagne.

I don't want to eat,
let's go out of here.

Let's go. Check, please.

You don't want to eat the main course?
- No.

I'll add it to your check anyway.
- Surely.

- Keep the change.

I'll wrap the champagne for you.

Damn, it's stuck.

German, stop, you don't
understand anything about it.


3, 2, 1... Start!

Do you always live like this?
- How?

So reckless.

Two years. After I married off my daughter, I decided
- I will live to the fullest from now on.

Here we go!

So here's our plan - bike ride to
the 17th century estate,

inspection of it, return to the
city, lunch at a restaurant.

Can we have lunch at home?
- Hey, I still have money.

Not much, though, I did not have
time to withdraw from the account.

But that's enough for us.
- It's not about the money.

I have money too. I've been saving up for a fur
coat for five years, but still can't buy it.

And you keep this money at home?
- At home.

And you are not afraid...
- What should I be afraid of?

But you never know, maybe I'll steal them all.

Come on, steal!... You know,
German, it's so easy with you.

Easy and simple.

That's because I'm a simple soviet man.

I am in the workers' line-up, embraced by a bright light

and deputies are talking about me from the rostrum.

And yet I cannot understand you,
there is some secret in you.

And you want to solve it?

Yes, I want to.

Don't rush, you'll get to know it in time.

However, can I ask you one question?

I even know which one:
"Why among all the ads I chose yours"?

- No.

Why did you say your wife died?

After all, it is not true.


Maybe I even have no daughter?
- No. You have a daughter.

And you had a wife. But she did not die.

She dumped you and you can't forget her.

And you suffer a lot. And love
your daughter very much.

I love her more than life.

That's all your secret.

So what should I do now? Leave?

Why? Don't you like me?

I like you.

And I like you too.

Very much.

So why would you leave?

Well, I'll go take a bike.

- Yes?

May I make an intercity call?
My daughter is in Vladivostok now. Workshops.

No letters from her for a long time...
- Of course.

German, are you OK?

What happened?

Daughter got into a car accident.
She's in Vladivostok's intensive care.

My God!

Be sure to call me from Vladivostok.

Of course.

And if there are no tickets to Vladivostok in Krasnodar,
then immediately go to the head of the airport.

Thank you.

For all you've done.

Maybe I'll leave you at least 50 rubles,
you have no money at all now...

I'll figure it out, lend some till the payday,
and you'll need every ruble in the unfamiliar city.

I will return to Moscow and immediately
send you the money, by telegraph, all 600 rubles.

Don't think about money now, run,
everybody got on the plane already.


Already returned?
- Sorry...

Yes, managed to do everything in two days.

And how are you?
- Everything's OK.
Thank God.

Armavir, Efremova st. 9 - 65, tel. 5-43-17
Krylova Margarita Pavlovna.
37 y.o., doctor.

Why are you dribbling, god dammit!
You were told - play overhead!

Nose, what are you doing?
Gvozdyov (Nail) will bash you for that.

Nose, are you sick or what?

You said play more with your head...

Give a fool rope enough...

So what, Gena, head or foot?
- Ass! Klimov, substitute him!

Gena, I won't use my head anymore...
- Go, go!

OK, let's go! Beard, kick out!

He does not really explain anything,
and then yells all the time...

Well done, Nail!

Such a shame, a minute more,
and we could even win...

If there wasn't Nail everyone would lose a ten rubles...
- So do you even have these ten? Or you are empty as a drum again?

Did you bring dough, Gena?
- Of course!

- 200, Koka, 200.

Gena, how we agreed, for a month, yes?
- Yes.

Gena, maybe it's possible to move into your institution?

No, we have staff reductions now.

Staff reductions are everywhere now!
Only the cooperative businessmen prosper!

Guys, how about lunch in cooperative restaurant?

Gena, let's go, we've been there, remember?
- Where we've been?

That place, only for the famous...

Where is it?
- Well, there is such a service, hash, trout and Siberian stag on the menu.

No way!

Gena, let's go!
- Okay, just not for too long, I'm busy tonight.

Warranty service of refrigerators

Gena, are you going to buy a car or not?

Why do I need it?
- There is no company car for you, and the weekend...

You are my trusty horse on the weekend.

How do you like it?

So delicious!

Finally, socialism turned to
us with it's other side.

I tell my dimwit son - get busy,
join the cooperative.

Don't wanna join coop - start an enterprise,

freedom is all around,
could make a fortune.

He says "I don't need your freedom,"

sits for 140 rubles in his experimental design
bureau and doesn't need "my" freedom.

What they even understand about freedom,
they got everything on a silver platter.

That's we who lived like in the underground,

listened to Beatles at night, stormed
Taganka theater in the evening.

I remember it.

This is because we had faith, and they have
only cynicism and Michael Jackson.

Gena, that's so great you and Nina did not marry
then, no wife, no kids, living your way.

Met her on the Felix's wake. Age-worn, wrinkled...

What wake?


His father died?

What father? He died.

How's that?
- Ah, you don't know...

Gena, you were on your business trip then.

How's that...

Heart problems?
- Hanged himself...


He went to the country house, said to
Marina he's going to work, and hanged...

And most importantly it's unknown why,
he was absolutely all right.

He defended his doctoral dissertation,
got a national award nomination.

Daughter married... He was totally OK.

Now one could not understand who's
totally OK and who's not.

Don't say that, I recently met Ilya,
and this guy is totally OK.

What Ilya?
- From parallel student group...

He was always profiteering on these sizeless socks.

Oh, Nail, remember he told you that you are just
zero by yourself and you will lick Felix's ass your whole life...

Ah, Markin!
- Markin, exactly!

Smart guy, bought a patent and a
spyglass for a hundred rubles,

set it on Lenin's mountains,
near the sky jumping hill,

and for 30 kopek everyone could
look at Moscow bird's-eye.

Genius, isn't he, Gena?

He's just shit, not a genius.


Why Rag-tag, Gena? He's got his 500.

So if you make 500 by 3 at a time in your warranty
service means you are not a rag-tag?

- Yes, you.

Stop this, we are all rag-tags except for Gena,
he's the only one of us who succeed.

I don't know who's the one achieved
success, but I'm not a rag-tag.

Do you think that if you...
- Shut up!

- I said shut up!

Gena, wait, what's up with you?

Fuck you all...

Why he winded up like this?

It's all about the Nose, what's
your problem, man?

He started that! Rag-tags, rag-tags...
set up in the warm place just two years ago!

""Spotlight on Perestroika".

To the main entrance or to the side one?
- To the main...

Lady, can you help me?
A group of tourists should stay in this hotel...

Tour number?

I don't know the number...
From Dushanbe.

From Dushanbe?

Their flight was delayed, they will
not arrive earlier than 9 p.m.

Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Alik, it's me, hi!

Business trip again...


How could it "slip away"?

But we fixed it all up...
Okay, I'll coming soon.


- I'm here!

Get out! I don't have much time!

And when you have enough time?
- What's up, we fixed it all up!

See, my old friend, some cool "trader" guy
appeared, gives a thousand more for it.

But I already gave a prepayment!

I'm ready to give them back to you,
let's go to my place and you'll get your money.

I need a car, not a fucking money!

You can take it right now, give me the rest of the
money plus thousand more and the car is yours.

Yeah, you are my true friend!

Pricing change, man.

And what is this thousand for you now?
You make money hand over fist now.

So, let's go for your prepayment or what?

I need to think about it...
- There is no time to think!

Trader waits for the call.
Do you take it or not?

Okay, I'll give you thousand more.

Just hustle a little, my old friend, I'll be
waiting for a week and not a day more.

Otherwise your dream will slip far-far away.

What's about group from Dushanbe?
- What's about it?

They are late...

They have arrived an hour ago.

So why did you say me about "9 p.m."?

I said it?
- Not you, a girl who was sitting there before.

She couldn't have said that to you.
- So who said it?

I don't know who, what and where said to you.

What room Yampolskaya stays in?

Ask the receptionist about hotel guests.

Sorry, aren't you Gromov?
- Supposably.

- Hi...

I thought that I would not meet you,
our flight was delayed.

I know.

I thought you look a little different...

You don't look like on the photo too...

Hey, do you think I'm Alla?

Wait, who are you then?
- I'm Zhenya Ageeva.

We are colleagues with Alla.

So where is Alla?

You know, she's not here.

Why? Something happened?

In my opinion, she was scared of you,
at the last moment

she returned a ticket
and asked me to meet you.

She wanted to call you,
but you don't have a phone.

Okay, got it...
- Just don't be upset,

she will come to you, I'll tell her
about you, how you look like,

and she will come for sure!

Hey, let me take a picture of you!
- What for?

You didn't send her your photo after all,

so I'll take a picture of you, and when
she'll see your photo she'll come for sure!

I'll go get the camera...
- Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

So how about tomorrow?
What are you doing in the morning?

I'm busy in the morning.
- So, in the afternoon...

I'm leaving on a business
trip in the afternoon...

For how long? We'll be here for 5 days.

For a month.

What a pity!
- Say hello to your friend Alla!

Just don't upset, she'll come
to you even without a photo!

For sure!

Turn to Bronnaya st.


Hello, Marina.

May I come in?

Well, come in.

I just found out today...
I was on a business trip...

Upset, didn't you?

Puzzling over why did he do it...

Turn off the TV!

Do you hear me?

What, it's time for bed?

Yes, yes, it's time.

Someone came to us...

Not to you.

Good night.

He did it without rhyme or reason.
He had everything, job, wife, daughter.

Everybody loved him.

Even envied.

Gvozdyov, you always envied him,
at school, at the institute.

You wanted to be like him.

Everybody wanted.

And him... A traitor! A jerk!
What do you need?

Did I take my meds?
- Yes, you did!

Go to sleep!
- Good night!

Felix is gone. Gone.

What do you all want from me
and why are you all torturing me?

Go away. Go away, Gvozdyov.


Why did he do it?

Gennadiy Ivanovich, what happened?

Nothing, just stumbled over the ball.

Are you upset with something?

No, I'm OK.

Comrade, this is my seat.

Gennadiy, it's you?

No. it's not me.

No way anyone will believe me.

Our guys all think that you are there...

Where exactly?

In Israel.

Why would I?

A month after you quit,
Nefyodov went to Austria

on the travel voucher and
said he saw you there.

At the Vienna airport,
you made a transfer to Tel Aviv.

Twaddled, it turns out.

Boss called me for a conversation,
asked me as your partner,

haven't you said
something detracting?

I didn't tell anything to him.
- What could you tell him at all?

Don't you remember we mounted
the Ferris wheel in Voronezh?

You said that we will never have
wealth and abundance (in the country)...

What? When did I say that?

When we went to the grocery store, wanted to buy sausages

and there they were selling only udders and brains.

And you said it then.

Listen, Miron, is everything all
right with your brains?

So what?

You are rambling, being ridiculous.

Do you have two seats available?
- So far, yes.

Are you going to Kazan too?


For what kind of business?

Going to get married.

Get married in Kazan?

Why not?
- OK, good.

So what's your job?
- Don't have one.

How's that? No job for two years?

No job for two years.

So what do you do for money?

I read advertisements in newspapers.

From women who want to get married.

Pay them a visit. Two days
and 500 in my pocket.

You are so funny!

You're still the same, one would
never know the truth from you.

What a man!

I'm going to Kazan to
fix their arcade cabinet.

We have become a firm, mounting
attractions all over the USSR.

How about returning back to us?
We make real money now!

Up to 300 per month, daily
3.50 and piecework!

Stick this piecework up your ass!

Don't go off the deep end,
Gena, think about it.

Oh, here we go!

Do you need tickets?
- Of course!

That'll be 72 kopeks for tea.
- We didn't drink tea!

Sorry, I confused you with
the another compartment.

There are also two men.

Look at this business lady!

Gennadiy, wake up, we are almost arrived!

Can you imagine, there are also
two men in the next compartment!

There are no tickets
at the ticket window

but the car is half empty.

Such schemers!

The minister need to be changed again.

At least the first deputy.

Hurry, or they will close the toilet!

Comrade, you have the wrong one.

- This what?

Your head...
- What's about it?

That's not your head.

It's mine.

But the hair!

What about them?

The hair turned red, don't you see!

Oh, I dyed them, to strengthen.


Gennadiy, I will stay at
"Soviet" hotel, come in.

Yes, yes.

Who's there?
- A blond man without bad habits.


Who do you need?


- I'm Gromov from Moscow. Answering your ad.

What ad?

Have you placed your ad in the newspaper?
- I placed nothing.


What's all the yelling about?

Here's a man from Moscow,
answering some ad.

At last! Come in, come in!

Put your suitcase here, please.

You go there, while the lady dresses up.

Your coat, please.

That's me who was talking
to you on the phone.

And the ad was mine.
I noticed that Lizaveta wants to marry...

Wants THAT much, sit down.

Well, I think - she needs help.

I don't live here, actually.
I love my Ninon.

And Lizaveta is her neighbor.
We are all here puzzled over this,

thinking about how to find a husband
for her... A fiancé, that is to say.

So I was in Riga, on
business, by chance.

Bought a newspaper, opened
it and Mother of God,

everybody wants to marry!

So I placed an ad for Elizaveta.

This means Elizaveta Petrovna...
- Exactly!

Elizaveta doesn't know about it.

Aren't you a bit confused by the age difference?
- Absolutely not.

Tea, coffee?

Coffee? Wouldn't mind.

Okay, let's drink some coffee.

I'll make Turkish coffee.
- Turkish, of course!

Elizaveta Petrovna, without sugar, please.

- What Elizaveta Petrovna?

Come on, that's my birdie, Ninon!

So where is Elizaveta Petrovna then?

She went to the bathhouse, repairs,
you know? Hot water shut off.

She will come any moment.

She's such a neat freak, washes floors 5 times a day.
- Yeah, that's true.

Why would she need a blond man,
all of a sudden?

Who the hell knows, just fell for a blond.

Yesenin is her beau ideal.
- Yeah.

Oh, we have guests.

So, mama, are you all right?

Thank God...

Comrade came to us, from Moscow.

How about some coffee with us?

In fact, I've got me some beer.

I'll go lie down.
- Come on.

Lie down a bit.

Don't worry, she'll lie down, get over
it and will be fit as a fiddle.

Why would I worry...

What do you mean by that?
It's you who will live with her.

With whom?

With her!, Elizaveta Petrovna!
That's your fiancée!


What's wrong? Not good enough?

She's 100 years old!


So what the fuck are you
writing in the ad, skunk?

Looking for a life partner, with housing,
blond without bad habits.

Ready to move, 28 y.o.

Mother of God! What did they printed!

I swear on my mother's life, it was 68!

As soon as I saw you
I thought immediately -

why would this handsome
man need that old hag!

No individual numbers left,
only shared accommodations.

Look at my passport please.

Is this some special one?

Only shared accommodations,
even with the passport like this.

Gena! You?

I did not expect you to visit me. Sit down!

Get undressed.

I'll put the kettle on.

I've got sausages, jam...

What bed is vacant?

I'm alone here for now.

What tea do you want? With mint or without?

Look what they sell here in Kazan!


Gena, something happened to you?

I'm OK.

And I have some troubles...
I come to the park

and there is one box missing,
can you believe it?

Well, I immediately started to make a fuss,
and they say "maybe you can go without it?"

And I say "This is a box of wheels! How's your
roller-coaster wagon would ride without them?'

And they say...
- Miron, how old are you?

Why do you ask?
- Tell me, please.

64, so what?

You got so little time to live, but you...

What about me?

You have nothing in life
besides boxes and wheels.

Have nothing and had nothing.
- Why nothing?

I had a wife, now I have a
daughter and grandchildren.

I was promised an individual apartments.

So besides the apartment you
do not need anything else?

What else? I have everything I need.

I was elected to the Council of Workers.

Grandchildren visit me often.
What else do I need?


I'm not disturbing you?

Disturbing, for sure.

Why are you always so mean, Sveta?

Sit down.

They won't come anyway.
- Are you waiting for someone?

We met three business trip guys yesterday,
agreed to get together here at 6 p.m.

We've been sitting here for an hour...

Yeah, report him your first name, last name,
year of birth and how many guys dumped you.

First of all, only Artur
and Kol'ka dumped me.

Everyone else were "dismissed" by me.
Secondly, Sveta...

You, Zina, is like a minister of defense,
"dismissing" everybody...

For your information, this bar is non-alcoholic.

Am I look like alcoholic?


Sveta, stop please.

Man came to rest culturally,
and you spoil him the mood.

You've just spoiled my mood...

Come on, old man.

Toma, how could I spoil her mood?

I'll goo too.

Fine, go away.

They are not my friends at all.
My friend is Vera Konstantinovna.

When you smile you remind me my
friend, only he has a mustache.

I danced with him in variety show.
- Are you some kind of actress?

A former one. I do not work now,
trying to get a job in some place...

So what's your name?
- German.

No, really?


What a coincidence.
His name was German too!

What's your job?

I am architect.

I like architecture so much!

We've been to Tallinn with Vera
Konstantinovna, to see it's architecture.

I've almost went crazy
from one of it's towers!

Let me introduce you to her, she is
crazy about the ancient architecture.

I need to think about lodging for
the night in the first place.

I'm here on a business trip. Came here just
to find out there are no rooms in hotels.

All rooms are given to the participants
of the horse breeding congress.

Pretty much could spend
the night at the train station.

Come on, what train station!

Damn! Ah, for luck!

"Soviet" hotel

Where did you pick up that one?

In the Cocktail-Bar.

They still let you in there?

Fool. As in school years.

Ah, you came!

Some Uzbeks have been accommodated to us,

they went to look for a pelvis.
We will cook pilaf.

Do you like pilaf?
- Adore it!

Where are you going again?

That skank Trushkin unscrewed the
light bulb again, counting kilowatts.

I turn on all the lights in his despite,
so he came up with this -

unscrewing the light bulbs.

What's your floor?
- There is only two of them.

Go, go!

- What happened?

Rinat came home. Talking with
Truskhin in the kitchen.

What should I do?

He could sit there till the morning.
Do you have 65 rubles?

I'll give them back tomorrow.
- What for?

I bought a tape recorder, but
did not give him all the money.

I have all my money on the bill of credit.

I have only ten rubles with me.
- Give me ten!

Only six, actually.

No problem, I have five with me.

That's enough for him so far.

Wait for me here.

Hey, my suitcase!

I'll tell him that I’m back
from my business trip.

Hey, get up!

What a skank! I give him
11 rubles and he says

"Where is the rest of the money?"

I say "Tomorrow".

And then he grabs the suitcase and says

"You'll get your suitcase when I'll receive the rest of the money"

And he took it away, can you believe it?

What suitcase exactly?

Your suitcase.


Who took it away?
- Rinat, of course.

Don't worry, he'll return it!

Tomorrow I will sell this painting.

I'll give him back his money.

And he'll return your suitcase.

Top class painting. Some gaffer
promised me 200 rubles for it.

He collects them, wants to bequeath his
collection to the city after death.

Nice recorder!


Dances will be after we return my suitcase.

What do you have in that suitcase, gold?

Rinat wouldn't touch it,
he's the most honest guy!

His house is there,
on the corner of Sukonnaya st.

I need this suitcase on me tonight.

OK, if you can't live without
it I'll get the money now.

It's a pity you don't have some.

Never mind, I'll get some from Sveta.

She saves for joining the cooperative...

Where's the damn umbrella!

I exchanged it with Toma for the tank top.

Never mind, it's not that far. I'm off.

Don't give Trushkin my guitar if he comes!

Don't even let him in!
I'd better even lock you!

What kind of joke is that?

Open the door!
- I'll be right back.

Damn vixen!

Zinaida! What are you doing?

Did you break the lock?

Why are you silent?

Contrived something again?

You'll finish badly.

"I am twenty"

What a luck!

Met Fedorenko, just imagine,

I'm running and he's walking towards
me with a bottle of kefir.

Splashing right through
the puddles like a blind.

Take it! I think why should I run to Sveta,

she keeps her money on the account book,
and savings bank is closed anyway.

But Fedorenko keeps his
money at home for sure!

Help me!

No money, then...
- Soon will be!

I'm telling you, Fedorenko pays
for the painting right now!

We had a deal, he's waiting.


Yes? Who's there?
- Trushkin, give me some sunflower oil.

What for?

Hurry up, pancakes burning!

You always burn something...
- He'll be whining for an hour...

and Rinat could go away.
- What is the oil for?

Couldn't you pour a little less?

Unroll it.

Now it will look like the
one from a museum.

We'll get 250 for it.

Maybe even 300.

We can go to a restaurant,
we have a nice one here!

It's called "Akcharlak".

I won a fridge in the lottery last year,
got the money instead

and hold a banquet for my girls there.

Svetka said to me then

"Arkasha cheated you for a hundred rubles,
and you still give him tips."

She thinks that everyone is a crook,
but I've known Arkasha since school.

What day is it today, Thursday?

Today is his shift, let's pay him a visit.

We need to return the
suitcase in the first place.

Don't worry, at the worst we
will find Rinat at the disco.

Let's do it without any disco's.
- Come here!

Go, go!
- Are we here at last?
Not yet.

I don’t want to go past this house,
I can meet my godfather there.

He's Pentecostal.
- Baptist or something?

If only... He doesn't believe in anything,
but always teaches me how to live.

He says, that they are the generation
of the fifties, who exposed Stalin.

And you, a product of stagnation
and complacency, blew everything off.

You can't go any further, give me the painting.
- No way, I'm going with you.

Come on, he doesn’t let strangers nearby,
he has a million worth of antiquity there.

He's already been robbed once.

What a bad luck, didn't buy,
can you believe it?

Turned out the painting was fake. I told him
"How's that? I got it from my great-grandmother!"

Here, in the corner, two
letters and the year 1851.

He took a magnifying glass,
looked closely, and said

"I don’t know from whom you got it, but here
is the nine has been corrected to the eight"

And he looks at me, so suspicious.
And then I said him everything...

Turns out he didn't buy...

No money, then...
- How's that? He bought the frame!

There is 20.

Don't you know how much a frame like this could cost?
- Let's go to Rinat.

He'll not return it for 20.
- We'll give him that tape recorder back.

What do you mean, I must gift it tomorrow!
- It doesn't concern me.

Let's go to Toma, maybe she has some...
- Enough walking.

I'll give him my ring for the suitcase!
It's expensive!

Expensive like that painting, huh?
- No' it's a golden one!

I got it from my mother.

I have never pawned it.

Never mind, I'll buy it out from Rinat.

Let's go!

I'll buy it out when I get a job.

Look out!

Who's that again?

She's not at home. I've been
there three times today.

Hanging around somewhere.

You are dead if you get caught.

Get in the closet!
- Are you out of your mind?

Zina, open the door.

I've seen the lights.

If you don't want to get in the closet -
jump out of the window.

Yeah, I'm already flying.

Zina, I hear voices.

Open the door now.

Do you hear me?

I'm not alone.
- Me too.

Open up!

I'll lie down like I'm sick.

And you came to see me.

From work, from the labor union.

Open the door, just turn on the lights!

German Feofanovich...

How were the election of the foreman held?

Zina, stop the show.

Seems like I'm passing out...

It's time to "pass in".

Vera Konstantinovna, what's the matter?

What's that for?

Because you grew completely insolent.

Leading a pretty dance for the whole week!

I wanted to exchange apartments with her,
arrived from Vorkuta on purpose

and I couldn't catch her for days!

I'm not a boy to play
hide and seek with you.

I changed my mind...

Oh, she changed her mind!

You have no other choice, you are
plunged into a downward spiral!

Vera Konstantinovna wants to rescue now.

She found an exchange option so that
you could start a new life in Vorkuta.

She even pays extra...
- Wait a minute, Ignatiy Mikhailovich!

No, I'm gonna tell her all the truth!

She's leeching you off completely,

went on a trip to Tallinn doing
hanky-panky with her dancer -

you rescue her!

Rushed off with that Chechen -
you send her money for the return trip!

He didn't have any money then...
- And the football player didn't have them too?

He had money.

Nobody even wants to spend
any money on you.

You buy them shirts and ties.
but they dump you anyway.

No one has ever dumped me!

And why did you poison yourself
with vinegar after that football player?

Big love was the reason?

None of them has dumped me!
They were happy with me!

Well, you really lost all sense of shame.

Why would you even talk
about happiness, Zinaida?

You are ready to drag the first person
you meet into bed to get a man.


Am I wrong?

What did I say...
- Bastard!

- Watch your language!

You could be brought to justice for that!

Ignatiy Mikhailovich, go away.

After that I'll put you in jail!

Now you will go to Vorkuta
without any exchanges!

So what's about the exchange?
- I'll call back later!

He made it all up, it's all wrong.

I'm OK, I don't want any exchanges!

I don't need to exchange, tell her!

Who's that man anyway?

What is your business here?

He does not need anything, he is here
by chance, he has no place to sleep.

So he's like Arthur, who ate and slept here,
but your Toma was the one he went out with?

Like all your men who use
you up and spit you out,

and then you poison yourself with
vinegar and throw yourself out the window.

He's not like them...
- He is!

He's the same as all of your boyfriends.

He's also dyed...

Dyed schmuck.

He's not a schmuck,
he's an architect!

An architect?

He is as much an
architect as you are a dancer.

I danced...

You never danced.

I danced!
- Now about the exchange.

If you don't want to start a new life,

I will call the orphanage tomorrow

and tell them that you
can't be a real mother.

And you can't take your child home.

Please don't, Vera Konstantinovna!

Please don't call!

My darling, I'll do whatever you want.

Just don't call!



Get the fuck out of here!

I'll take him away, no matter what!
He's mine! Mine!

I will live with him here, together.

My God!

What did I do to deserve this?

After all, I was just a girl then.

Help me please! They will
believe an architect!

Let's hurry up, till she call.

We'll kidnap him, we'll hide him.
Where is the tape recorder?

Let's go! Let me go!

Vadik! He's mine!

Where are going?
- Let me go!


Vera Konstantinovna!
My darling, you promised me!

She's all right?

Everything that needs to be done to her has
already been done, now she will be fine.

I'll be out of the hospital soon.

Is it true?

Of course it's true.

I'll be out of the hospital soon.

We'll go to Vadik and take him away.
Will you go with me?


I'll be out of the hospital soon.

5 minutes.

Mom bought you this tape
recorder for your birthday.

Take it.

And where is she?

She got admitted to the hospital.

I understand.

Poisoned again.

Why so? She's just a little sick.
She'll be out of the hospital soon.

Well, I better go...
- Wait a second!

You have a good mother. He'll be out of the
hospital and pick you up from here.

You'll see - you'll be totally OK.

Are you my father?



I hate you. I hate you all.

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