Ya khotela uvidet angelov (1993) - full transcript

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Filmstudio 12A

Filmstudio 12A (Moscow)
Twelve L.A. Inc (New York)
Screen Angel Production (San Francisco)

A Sergei Bodrov film

Aleksei Baranov and Natasha Ginko

I wanted to see angels

I was about 100 kilometres
from Moscow

when I found this place.

It was peaceful here.

I felt so good here.

Maybe I should have stayed longer.

But I couldn't.

I had a little business

which I needed to finish.

I decided to remember this place.

To visit it again.

After the hospital

I began to think about

finding a quiet place

where I could feel good.

In our province,
life was also...


But it make me want to throw up.

Nothing changes there.

People are picking on you

if you are not like them.

You can go mad, in no time.

Lia Akhedzhakova
Aleksei Zharkov
Yevgeniy Pivovarov

In the summer I found a good job.

I was a bodyguard,
for a big-shot.

His name was Mansour.

He paid very well.

He liked that I was a former champion.

When he asked me to find
my old friend, I couldn't refuse.

I've been on the road a month.

And now I knew where he is.

Sergei Bodrov and Carolyn Cavallero

Art Designer: Valeri Kostrin
Editor: Olga Grinshpun

Executive Producers:
Alexander Mikhailov and Leonard Lev

Produced by
Carolyn Cavallero

Directed by
Sergei Bodrov

I'm Lieutenant Belov.
Your papers, please.

From Saratov?

That's right.

When did you leave?

A month ago.

You've got a lot of spare time, then.

I'm taking a break.

What are you doing here?

Enjoying the beauty of Moscow.

Where's your helmet?

It's 200 rubles for wearing
such a ridiculous helmet.

It was Valera who found the job for me.

He worked for Mansour for a long time.
The boss trusted him.

Then Valera
took the money and disappeared.

He must have been stupid.

He really thought
they wouldn't find him.

I had to kill him
if he didn't return the money.

But I gave him another chance.

I don't know why I did that.

Alright, tomorrow it will be.

I beat up a lot of guys before.

Even hard,
but I had never killed anyone.

I knew that Mansour killed
a few people.

He said it was easy.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Were you asleep?
- Yes, what time is it?

Hell knows.
10:00 to midnight I think.

- Where's your watch?
- They've gone for good.

I got what you asked for.


The address, idiot! Wake up!

Show me.

- It's here.
- Show me.

I'm not stupid. It'll cost you.

How'd you get it?

I've got a friend
who works at the airport.

He knows a guy who travels
to the States a lot.

He delivered it here
under a great deal of strain.

- How much is it?
- You said you'd pay anything.

You moron. How much?

You know...

My friend needs to be paid

and I don't work for nothing.

Just tell me how much.

I reckon about 1,500 rubles.

- How much?
- 1,500.

I don't have that kind of money.

You shouldn't have screamed then.
You kept asking for the address!

I don't have the money.

Then pick up some foreigner and
suck his cock for hundred bucks.

You go and suck your own cock.

Keep talkin' like that...

Don't worry, I'll get the money.

We'll see.

One - foot in the stirrup,
two - saber up!

Three - aim at the face and shoot!

Wave the golden saber,
chop and then you're a hero

Don't think about the enemy;
He's not your brother

Shoot and then you're a hero

Makhno sells himself to Lenin

He makes his bed for him

Makhno sells himself, I don't like it
and I put four bullets in him

Spare your powder,
the knee-length beard

Stripes are wide,
brother watch your head

Yeah, a black flag!
Red one, we'll cut a pie out of you

Mom, prepare grenades

Tomorrow you'll send
a soldier to the war

Makhno sells himself to Lenin

He makes his bed for him

Makhno sells himself, I don't like it
and I put four bullets in him

Marusya says to me: "I am fierce!"

"You, dude, take me!"
Here, she is mine!

I don?t know who made the fire

Yeah, black flag!

Makhno sells himself to Lenin

He makes his bed for him

Makhno sells himself, I don't like it
and I put four bullets in him

I put four bullets in him

I put four bullets in him!


Hey, man, can I ride your bike?

He's obviously not from round here.
He does not understand us.

Don't touch it!

What's going on?
Get out of here!

Break it up!

You too. Quickly!
Nothing to do here.

Just move it! Drive off!

Did they try to take your bike?

Yes, they did.

What year is it?


- Where are you from?
- Saratov.

Well, this is Moscow.
You must be careful.

Got a place to stay?

No, have you got a spare bed?

I'll think of something.

Meet me at the Caf? Margarita.
In an hour. She knows the way.

Hop on.

- How was the rock concert?
- OK, they're a good band.

I like them as well.

- How long are you in Moscow?
- I'm leaving tomorrow night.

- Is Kim here?
- He'll be here soon.

- I want to talk to him.
- He's busy.

It's about business.

I've been on the road for some time.

I can't believe it's winter already.

I hate winter.
I want to live somewhere sunny.

I said he is busy today.

When Kim gets here, let me know.

You made it then.

Do you know what they're all
doing here?

They're just wasting their time.

They're sitting, looking around,
crowding in...

They haven't got a clue
how to hustle.

And you have?

- Yes, I've got loads of ideas.
- For example?

My ideas cost money...

She was pretty.

She wanted to smile

but she didn't.

She probably had some reasons.
I liked that.

She didn't seem to care
that I didn't say much.

In Saratov I went to whores,
but I never had...

a girlfriend.

In fact I was never good with women.

What would I say to them?

Once in a while,
I couldn't remember something.

Like, what happened that night,
in this caf?.

This kid was talking too much and
I didn't want to listen to that shit.

That's legit, don't sweat.
Cops won't lock you up instantly.

There's an opportunity
to make a decent buck.

There's something I've been
meaning to tell you.

Don't ride without a helmet
in Moscow. Cops are everywhere.

If there's a problem,
just get rid of your helmet.

They won't chase a biker
without a helmet.

Who told you that shit?

Keep your nose out of it.

If something happens,
it's their problem.

The only thing I know about cops

is they want to kill you.

That's how it is in Saratov.

This is Moscow, it's a new life,
we've got rights!

You get my meaning?

Who cares? It's your problem.

I'm not interested.

- Don't forget our business.
- We'll talk later.

She owes me money.

They're here, let's go.

Why did she leave?
I should have said something.

What's up, Kim.

What do you want?

I want to know
when you'll let me join the club.

I've been waiting a whole year, Kim.

I can bring in money.
I can do whatever you say.


Money is shit.

Anyway, there is some dirt
about you going around.

You expect me to take a little
nobody like you into the club?

You haven't got a bike.

I have, it belongs to
me and my partner.

See for yourself.

- Is it your bike or his?
- It's my bike.

- Where are you from? Saratov?
- That's right.

So how's life in good old Saratov?

There are worse places to live.

I'm familiar with such places.

If you want to sell your bike,
let me know.

- I like old bikes.
- So I see.

How old is it?

It's 50 years old and it'll go for 50
years more; it's a Harley Davidson.

OK, lad, let's go.

And you, keep out of my sight.

I don't want a little shit
like you in our club.

Well, so long, then.

Shit! You're crazy!

What about our agreement?

You shit on me!

I never agreed to anything.

You can sleep in the rubbish now.
You stupid shit!

- Where's Kozyr?
- He left.

I see.
Seems you're gonna stay at mine.

I wouldn't say no...
Let's go.

We smoked weed
and she started acting funny.

She tried to cheer me up.

I was OK near her.

No need to be so morose, dude.
It makes me want to vomit.

- Saratov, are you still here?
- I'm here.

Come and find me.

I wanted to tell her how I feel

but I didn't say anything.

She came back for me

and that was all that mattered.

Stop here.

So what do you think of this place?

It looks old.

You're a genius, Saratov.
It was built by a Tsar.

- Which one?
- I've forgotten.

How can you forget?

During the time of Ivan the Terrible
they kept their bottles here.

Come on.

Are you scared?

Close the door and
switch the light off.

What are you waiting for?
Be quick.

Come here.

- I like it here.
- Yes, it's peaceful and safe.

If anyone tries anything...

You live alone?

Give me a light.

Yes, thank God.

Where are your family?

Listen, don't ask so many questions.

I live alone and I like it.

I don't need anyone.

I hate people who spend
all their lives complaining...

I'm ready to kill.

I'm not going to complain on my life.

How old are you?

16. And you?

20, I'm already old.

And you seem to be one of
those too. All on your own.

Yes, I don't like being chained up
like a dog. I love the open road.

Getting on a motorcycle and
going where I want.


don't tell me fairy tales.
Going anywhere you want...

There's always someone out there
who'll stop you.

Have you seen "Easy Rider"?


It's a film about two guys.

They ride their bikes across America.

They get killed in the end,
but they really lived!

You're not as stupid as I thought.

I like you too.


You can laugh.

It's the one good thing I can do.

Saratov, I'm scared up here!

- How did you get up there?
- I don't really know.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Don't lie, I can tell.

Come on, let's smoke another.

I want to show you something.

It's a letter to Madonna.

Want to read?

"Dear Madonna, you don't know me
but I'm sending you my photo."

"I think we look alike."

"I don't need anything from you,
except to meet you..."

"...and be your friend."

"I'm hoping for an answer."

"Of course I don't expect much, but
I think you'll help me to come join you."

"Yours, Nat."

Stupid, isn't it?

I don't know.

Want to sleep with me?

There's something to tell me?

I like being with you.

Tell me something.

What do you want me to tell you?

Tell me something nice.

She was gone.

Where did she go?

It's still night.

I didn't know if she'd come back.

I thought everything was OK.

I could feel it.

Into the whole world, I found her.

And I now knew,
we should be together.


Come here!

Why are you here?

It's a good place.

I like it here, I used to bring
my dog here.

- You've got a dog?
- Someone stole him.

He liked everyone.

- Get another one.
- No.

It's more peaceful living alone.
I'm sick of people as well.

I can understand that.

- Do you believe in God?
- I don't know. Do you?

I don't know. When my brother
was ill he said he saw angels.

How did he know they were angels?

I don't know, but I believed him.
He died after all.

People don't lie
before they die.

Saratov, you believed me!
I never had a brother.

- Maybe you never had a dog either.
- No, I did have a dog.

Why did she tell me that story?

Maybe it was her who saw the angels.

I don't know.

I heard the pipes
and I thought about the hospital.

Where I lay all day in
bed without moving.

I was alone

with my thoughts.

I told them I didn't need drugs.
I told them to leave me alone.

They wouldn't listen.
They injected so much rubbish.

How could I remember anything
if they kept giving me drugs?

I only remembered how it felt.
There was no pain at first.

Then, everything inside exploded.

When I woke up
I was even scared to move.

I knew I had to try harder.

Try to be like I was before.

A normal guy from Saratov.

I needed her.
I wanted her to be next to me again.

Although all the world was spinning
and I did not know how to stop it.

Do you want the bike?

What bike?

Your mate Bob's.

It's in the garage.

Take it and leave me the address.

- Don't tell me you don't recognize me.
- You know what its like, bitch.

- It's me, Kozyr!
- I can see who it is.

- They treat me like a shit!
- I'll slice your throat.

- Without a bike I'm nothing!
- Shut your trap.

What are you doin'?


Let him go.

- What?
- Let him go and hand over your bike.

- The address!
- Well, good for you.

The address!

I forgot it,

I promise I'll get
it to you today.

Don't worry about the bike,
he'll bring it back.

I know Kozyr.
He and I were at school together.

- He can't even drive.
- He'll be alright.

- I only did it because you asked.
- Thanks.

What's going on?

Are you crazy? Everyone's asleep.

Relax, your grandfather's half deaf.

Go away.

Don't worry, I won't touch you.
I only want to lie beside you...

just so we can talk.

It's impossible.

When, then?

In three days' time.

Go away!

I'm not leaving.

Go to bed!

I heard she's not letting you in!
She won't give it to you.

She's just like her grandmother.
She was a crazy woman.

She wouldn't let me touch her
for thirty years! Terrible!

She hated sleeping with men.

Do you understand
what her heredity is?

Drop her to hell!
Find yourself a normal one...

Go home, you're upsetting him.

Come back! I loved
that crazy woman.

She's been dead a long time,
and I want to die too.


Zhenya, what happened?

You've been with that gang again.
The police called.

Mum, shut the door and go to bed.

What's going to become of us
in this awful neighbourhood?

In this awful house?

I found a knuckleduster
in your pocket.

Why do you need a knuckleduster?

You could be arrested for that.

Why did you go through my pockets?
I don't like it.

Just put it back and don't worry.

I thought you would have
a normal life.

When you were little and we lived
in the center of Moscow...

we walked in the Hermitage
gardens every day.

Everybody who saw you said to me,
"What a beautiful little boy!"

I thought you'd have a normal life.

A normal life? What's a normal life?

Our life?

It's not normal.

We never lived a normal life.

You're all I have...

I brought you up without a father.

I thought you'd be my little prince...

and that everything would
turn out all right.

Everything will be all right,
you'll see.

After Kozyr left

she told me that I was
the first guy who helped her.

I knew she needed me.

I felt good.

I decided that night

when everything is done

to ask her
to come with me back to Saratov.


I've some business to attend to.
I'll see you later.


Will you really come back?

I told you, I'll see you tonight.

- Is there something wrong?
- No, everything's fine.

Why doesn't she believe me?
I told her I would be back.

I think she wanted
to ask something else.

She is afraid.

I can't tell her everything.

Mansour gave me an address.

I have to be ready
for the meeting tonight.

- What do you need?
- A gun.

- When?
- Tonight.

I need a gun at 9 tonight.

Mansour called me.

He asked if you were here yet.
Phone him in Saratov.

I love boxing!

There is nothing better for me.

I dream about boxing at night.

My wife's afraid to sleep with me.

You know...
I hit her in my sleep once.

Look at them.

Watch him.
He is a topnotch boxer.

If I work with him,
he will have a mortal blow.

Do you see? Look!

You ever box?

I'm more of a wrestler.

Yeah, I guessed right.

You never know
when he's about to throw a punch.

He calculates exactly the right
moment and then... wham!

A good sense of timing...

that's the most important thing.

Don't forget to call in Saratov.

I won't.

I want to give you some advice.

You play by the rules here.

One mistake and it's finished.

I didn't come here for advice.
I'll be back at 9.

Valera, it's me.


I'll be at your place at 9:30.

- Have it ready, understand?
- I'll have it.

I went to the shop yesterday.
They said there'd be butter.

So I stood in the queue.

I wanted to read something
so I asked someone to keep my place.

When the butter came
they wouldn't let me back in the queue.

Disgusting. They called me a Jew.

Such horrible people!

Spit on them next time.

I know you're in trouble.

I can't help you anymore.

Mum, what is all this?

You're acting like it's a funeral.

I'm just doing a bit of business.

I don't believe you.

- That's probably for me.
- Sit down.

It's a neighbour, for me.


Pack your things, Kozyrev.
You're coming with me.

What's going on?

- We've received information about
your activities. - Get your hands off!

- Move it. - What's going on?
- Calm down.

Be careful.

What have you done?

You'll be better off there.
They told me so.

OK, come on now.

Don't hurt him!

He's a good boy really.

He just needs to be in a better place.

Quit squirming!

Hey Ma! Chop to the left,

Whiplash to the right:
Across the face

What's the matter? What time?

One blast, another soldier's fucked

Slash all standards!
Burn all flags!

I say you can
I'm Ataman

I do not care who is united
Our hurricane will sweep everyone!

Suddenly we meet the Cossack
sentries, Oh Mama, help me!

I don't know what I'm fighting for
If they catch me, it's my fault

Mama, anarchy!

Mama, anarchy!

Mama, anarchy!
Oh, my, my, my

Mama, anarchy!

I slashed an officer in a trench
Fuck knows what he wanted

Don't ask the black flag for forgiveness
I shot everyone, this is their gap

Oh, the chairman of the village council
He wanted to run away in the dark night

Though black, even red, even blue:
Just kill all the colored ones!

Black Hundred rides on horses
Oh Mama, help me!

I know, but what is the task?
If they catch me it's my fault

Mama, anarchy!

Mama, anarchy!

Mama, anarchy!
Oh, my, my, my

Mama, anarchy!

No helmet, the fool.

That was his last ride.

What time is it?

7 o'clock.

- Where is this shithead?
- He's not coming.

How do you know?

He's late.

I never wait
for people who are late.

I know where he lives.

Hello. Come in.

Is Kozyr at home?

We need to see him.

He's not here.

Not here...

Are you his friends?

Yes, when will he be back?

I don't know. Soon.

Tell him we're looking for him.

All right.

But you can tell him yourself.

He's in the morgue.

It's 24 Leninsky Street.

- What do you want?
- I want to see a doctor on duty.

- Why?
- I need to.

Okay. Wait here.

Come through.

This morning this guy was alive

and now he is laying here.

I'll wait outside.

I felt death close to me.

He told me to come here.


I need to see somebody.

Yes, he's here.

The body has already been identified.
We don't let strangers into the morgue.

I don't want to see the body.

Why have you come here, then?

I want to see his jacket.

All his personal effects will be
given to his mother.

Good day.

I don't feel very well.
Can I sit down?

Are you a real doctor?

Of course.

There are only dead people here.

Somebody has to look after them.
Raise your arm.

How can you stand working here?

I'm used to it.

Do you cut bodies open here?

It's called an autopsy.

Did you cut Kozyr open?

No, I didn't.


Do you eat properly?

You should eat better.

You need to eat meat, milk, cheese...

vegetables and eggs...

Do you understand?

I only like potatoes.

I don't know why
at that moment I saw both our lives.

Hers and mine.

And I wondered
what would happen to us.

Sooner or later
I will have to be a murderer.

And then someone will kill me.
What for?

And then I thought about that money.

If we had money,
we could go away together.

Valera was wrong.
It's impossible to disappear in Moscow.

This is a city
where you end up betrayed.

I thought of a plan.

I get a gun,
take the money and disappear.

All that was left
was for her to agree.

We could go away together.

Is there a phone here?

- You should eat something.
- I'm not hungry.

Forget about your deal.

Did you really believe him?

I wanted to, it was a dream.

It was a stupid game.



I like you.

I want to say something.

I'll finish my business today.

And then we can leave together.

I'll get you a dog.

I don't want a dog.

A good watchdog.
One that's half wolf.

I don't want a dog, do you hear?
I don't want one!

I'm not going to talk about it with you.
Do you get it?

I don't believe a word you say!

Don't get upset.
I only wanted to do something for you.

I don't want
to listen to you anymore.

There's a lot about me
you don't know.

I'm leaving here tomorrow morning
and I want you to come with me.


I know a lot of good places.

One of them is in the forest.

OK, let's go there, then.

I wanted to say more.

I wanted to tell her about myself.

About what happened to me.

I was happy.

So I said nothing.

And then I thought about the money
and I remembered the gun.

It's me.

I'm running late.

I'll be there at 10.

Yes, exactly.

Wait for me!

- Did you see that girl leave?
- I'm working here.

You think I notice every girl in here?

Come here, you faggot!

I should have gone for the gun...

but I didn't.

I went to find her.

I was bitter and frustrated.

Why didn't she believe me?


Sometimes you have to believe.

This was the first time

I believed in something.

It was different for her.

She tried to believe many times
and I guess she just got tired.

I knew she wouldn't be there

but I didn't know where else to go.


Is that you, Nat?

What do you want?

I'm looking for Nat.

She's left,

gone to hell,
and you can go with her.

I know him, he's from Saratov.
Come on in.

She got away from here.

She did the right thing.

Would you like a drink?

They didn't know where she was.

Kim said she wanted
to leave Moscow for a long time.

Listen, man, leave your problems
outside when you come in here.

This is our place. We're good.

She's crazy, just like her brother.

Three months ago
her brother cut his wrists.

When she entered the room,
she saw a pool of blood on the floor.

He was already dead.

After that
she began to sleep in this basement.

Saratov, did you really believed
that he was my brother?

I thought that
I had to get the money, and then

I would have had plenty of time
to go and look for her.

Where are you going?

- I'm heading south.
- It's a long road.

You gotta pay.

I know.

Get in.

It's a long way and no one can
take away this air of freedom

I went with God because I
wanted to fight for freedom

I was killed in the burning fight

Disappeared like smoke
in the fire

Mama, don't cry,
I fought for you

Now the blackbird screeches

And pecks at my open mouth

They stabbed me in the back

And my jacket is ripped open

- Yes.
- It's me, Bob.

Are you back in Saratov?

No, I'm still in Moscow.

Why are you still in Moscow?

I'm waiting for the money.

Did you find him?


You got the money?


- Did you kill him?
- No.


He asked for one more day.

I told you that if he didn't give you
the money you had to kill him.

He'll give it to me tonight.

He'll never give you the money,
you little fuck.

You should have killed him.

I thought the most important
was to take the money.

I'll take care of it.

- Who is it?
- It's me.

You said you'd be here at 10.
What happened?

I was busy.

Where's the money?

- How much is there?
- 70,000.

Where's the rest?

There's a guy coming.
Don't worry, it'll be here.

I told you to have it ready.

It's not so easy.

The rest will be here soon.
Relax, have a drink.

Here's to our town champion!

- Do you still wrestle?
- No.

Too bad none of us lot
stayed in the sport.

- Come on, let's drink to us.
- That's enough.

Where's this guy?

Wait another 10 minutes.
I do not want to risk.

I want to go back to Saratov.
I haven't been there for a year.

I'm sick of hiding out here.

If I give him back the money...

I have nothing to fear, right?
I returned the debt.

- Have you seen my wife?
- I saw her.

Have you seen her around town?

Not very often.

Once a month? Once a week?

That's enough, Valera.

I've been thinking...
thank God he sent you.

Another guy wouldn't have given me
a second chance. I'm lucky.

That'll be him.


That's the rest.
You may count them.

Get him in the car.

Yes, we were the best team
there was.

Good fellas. So energetic.
Remember the championship?

I was already far away.

Far away from the pain

from the gun,
and the city going by the window...

We could've been good together.

We had to go to that place.

Everything was waiting for us there.

I would build a little house.

I would make a stove to be warm.

It's funny...

but I can remember it
so clearly now...

Do you hear me?

I asked you how many times
you saw her out.

Go fuck yourself.

Answer nicely. How many times?
Tell me exactly.

Valera, the guy doesn't
feel like talking.

Watch the road, this is my business.

It's my business when you start
acting crazy.

Everything's fine now.

She forgot him the minute he left.

Everyone in Saratov knew it.

I should have killed you.

Your knees were shaking too much.

I made a big mistake.

We didn't need that fucking money.

And Valera will be killed
by the next guy,

that the boss will send.

I know that I was happy.

It was not long, but...

but maybe that's all that I'd ever be.

Get out.

He's had enough.

On your feet.

Listen, the railway station
is over there.

Go back to your fucking Saratov.

Moscow's not for you. Got it?


This guy understands everything.

Right, go on then.

Tell those shits to
stay away from me.

The next guy
won't be let off so lightly.



Go on! Get lost, Saratov!

I'll say hello to your wife
for you when I see her.

Where is she?
She didn't believe me.

I should have told her everything.