Ya Sonra? (2011) - full transcript

Love.. Love.. Love..
Our love..

lt began like a fairy tale.
Like every romance.

The streets here, the buildings,
the city are witnesses to our love...

...even if they don't know it.

Well, our fairytale romance continued
like a fairy tale. And we got married.

-Hey, l love you!
-Hey, l love you!

Why do fairytales always end
at the dreamiest part?

The princess finds her prince,
they get married, THE END.

What happens after is anyone's guess.

Maybe his best friend is
in platonic love with Snow White.

Or Cinderella's prince gets bored
and has it away with an Ugly Sister.

-This is the life, Ali! You hear me?
-My man! Way to go!

We got married too. So as fairytales
would have it, we'd reached THE END.

But what about later?

OK, he's really hungry.
Let me go feed him.

Come on, honey.

-Hey, should we put on stocking masks?

-l don't know, so we aren't recognized.
-Bullshit! We'll just be in and out.

-We'll be in and out.

-You mean it's that simple?

-lt's a crime, you know!
-lf it's a crime, it's a crime.

lf anything goes wrong, l'll call.
Keep your phones switched on.

-Come here! He's running!
-Don't run!

Why don't l start from the beginning?
This was a year ago.

The year it all went pear-shaped.
Our seventh year of marriage.

The national team is showering goals
on its rivals in this away match.

So we can't wait to see
the return game in lstanbul.

l'll leave you now with a great track.

Stop gossiping!

-Hey, hang on!
-So Mr Polite here takes her upstairs.

-l thought the girl was a client.
-Oh yeah!

-Adem, let's go. l have work to do.
-No.. He's embarrassed! He can't say!

-Go on, what happened then?
-Sweater Ozan!

-lt's 35 degrees! Ugh!
-l'll learn how to dress from you guys.

-He thinks they'll blast the air con...

-Hey, listen to me!
-l am listening.

l passed out, OK?
Now give me a break!

-OK, but didn't he bed the girl?
-Sure he did.

-He did.
-Good man, Ozan!

-Only she bedded me.
-You suck! You think Ozan's like you.

-Of course he's like me. Who else?
-Back off! He's 40, he needs a wife.

-God forbid!
-What? Get married and wreck your life?


Umm, in that sense.

-OK, to your health, guys.
-Turkey! To the national team!

-My voice has gone with that shouting.
-But what a great match.

Ayten and l collected four boxes
of clothes through the web site.

l've mailed them to the shelter.

-OK. Have we made up now?
-No, Adem! You really upset me.

Hey, l didn't mean it like that.
Don't make such a deal of it.

Look, l'm getting flu.
l have a fever. See?

Make me that soup when we get home.
lt's medicine, Dido, l tell you.

l can't recover without it, you know.
Let's sell it as packet soup, huh?

Dido? Dido?


-What, sweetheart?

Fuck! The police.

l told you.

-Get behind the wheel.

-Get behind the wheel.
-l'm drunk too, Adem! God!

-l already lost my licence. C'mon!
-No way!

-Evening, officer.
-Good evening.

l said 100 times we shouldn't drive.
Now my licence is gone thanks to you.

How do l get to work tomorrow?
Forget tomorrow, in five hours.

-Didem, just calm down, OK?
-No driving for six months is easy, huh?

As if we always had a car..

What was that?

C'mon, sweetie. l don't want a fight.
l'm shattered. Plus l have a fever.

Make some of that soup.
C'mon, baby. C'mon, Dido.

-Dido, where are you? What time is it?

-l umm.. l guess l overslept.
-Great! Timur wants the project.

The presentation's tomorrow.

-Wing it for now. Tomorrow is all set.
-Are you still at home?

-Adem, get off!
-Adem! Get off the girl!

Give Timur the lowdown.
l'm on my way. Adem, get off!

Adem! Didem! Didem!





You've wrecked a two-month project
in two days with this Maze Hotel crap!

Actually l've been working on it
a week, not two days.

Don't light it.
Just keep it in your mouth.

-That doesn't open.
-The fucking door doesn't open?

No. This way.

-l read every Cem Kanto?lu interview.
-She did, too.

-To get an idea of what motivates him.
-She didn't get a degree for nothing.

-l know the man better than his wife!
-You read that, huh? He isn't married!

l didn't mean literally. l know him
better than anyone in his life.

Look, people want me
erased from this market!

Do mazes, pyramids, whatever you like.
But do me a miracle.

l can't do miracles.
With the debts you already have...

-...l can't give you a fresh loan.
-ls there no way?

-Maybe with a second mortgage.
-The patient's ready.

-Oh, and your father's on the phone.
-So put him on speaker phone!

-Son? l want the secretary, not you!

-Look, dad. lsn't that beneath you?
-How do l know? We've never met.

OK, dad. Look, l need to get
new equipment for my clinic.

Suppose we mortgage that land of yours
in Patnos, for a bank loan?

Son of a bitch! Did l ask you
to open a clinic in lstanbul?

My ass is the only thing
you haven't mortgaged already!

-Dad, they can hear you.
-Who, the bank man? Screw his...

Dad! Dad! Dad, quiet! Dad!

Your wife, Adem Bey.

-What's up, hun? Where are you?
-With Ayten, having lunch.

The guys are coming tonight, remember?
ls there food at home?

-Listen, tomorrow's my presentation...
-l have surgery on now. We'll talk, OK?

Can't you reschedule? l have to work.
Tomorrow's really important for me.


He didn't listen?

No. He was going into surgery.
He had to hang up.

lt's Ozan Bey.

-Put it on speaker.. Yes, Ozan?
-You're coming to the shelter, right?

Yes, l told you.

-Safiye Teyze knows, so don't be late.
-Hey, OK. Look, l have to go.

OK, little friend. Hang on in there.
Don't make me the bearer of bad news.

OK, let's start.

There we go. Wasn't that fun?
Mert, wait for us! Mert!

OK, take your turn, guys.
Hey, didn't l just serve you?

l gave that to Mert.

You gave the rice to Mert?!
Eat it yourself!

Look, don't kid with me.
This is your last, OK?


-My lady's here. l'm off.
-Off where, Ali? Be serious!

There's a ton of work to do here!

-Hang on, don't wreck my plans!
-Wreck your plans?! Just look at me!

OK, keep in line. What do you want?

-l'm imposing on you terribly, dear.
-Absolutely not, Safiye Teyze.

l don't know what l'd do
without you.

l have a grandson, but he's
as thoughtless as his father.

You do everything they don't.
You're always in my prayers.

l always pray for you.

But really it's us
who should be thanking you.

What a great thing you did
by opening this place for us.

Just look at those kids.

lt's all for them.

-And all those animals now have a home.
-How nice.

Throw it here, ?zge!

-Want some pastries?
-ls there onion in them?

-So what if there is? l had some.
-l think you have the wrong idea.

-Yes, Adem?
-Yes, Ali?

-Wait, hold it there. He's our friend.
-He's our friend.

-Yes. What's your name?


His name's Haydari.
And min name's Adem.

Haydari's sick now
but we're making him better.

-Once he's OK, we'll play together, OK?

-ls that a deal?
-lt's a deal.

Give us a kiss!

-Sweetie, it's us.. Come in, guys.
-You brought the game, huh? Hi, Didem!

-How's it going, Didem?
-Hey, Didem! How's things?

-You sit over there.
-Right now.

Nice to see you, guys.

-Ali, is the mains cable black or grey?

-Nice to see you too.
-They insisted on bringing me.

-Good for them.


-The song's done, right?
-You bet! Best song ever. Wanna listen?

Listen later. Let's set this up first.
Give us a hand.


-You can't even set the thing up!
-Talk about a mess. Nothing...

-Yes, hun?
-You could've told me about tonight.

-We spoke in the day, right?
-Sure, l spoke. You hung up on me.

-C'mon, hun! l was going into surgery.
-OK, but why bring Duygu?

Am l supposed to look after her
or get to work?

lt was Ali. He thought you'd get bored
with us boys around. What could l say?

God, Adem! l have to get
this drawing done by tomorrow.

Have her sit with you while you work.
You can chat now and then. Can't you?

You're so thoughtful! Thanks, really.

-What's my place in this household?
-What can l do? l can't tell her to go!

-Where's Adem got to? Adem!
-OK, coming!

Look, the girl's a soap addict.
Sit her in front of the TV.

And we can get on with our game. Huh?

-What a fuck-up! lt's the black cable!
-Come a bit closer. lt won't reach.

Talk about jammy!
You have such a cool song here.

No one gets this lucky!

Napkins, napkins, quick!

-God, what have you done?
-Give it here.

-Night, Adem.
-Bye then.

Dido! Look, c'mon.
l didn't do it on purpose.

l'll help you. lt's ages till morning.
We can do it together.

C'mon, Dido. C'mon, honey.

Are you OK?

Leave it to me. Relax!

-lsn't the meeting over yet?
-No, sir.

Well, as Cem Bey says himself,
life is a maze.

Why make life more complicated
than it already is?

Think of it like this.

People don't value
the easily available.

Present everything all at once
and they'll look for faults.

And with that mindset
they'll find faults.

This project allows people
to make their own choices.

And the risk implied by making
those choices excites them.

We're giving clients the chance
to gamble.

l think this project is just
Cem Bey, your boss's style.

What do you say?

Darling, c'mon. l'm exhausted.
You can deal with work later.

Well, what's that brown area?

That's umm.. That's coffee.

You plan a coffee shop that large?

No, it's coffee, the real thing.

-Where are you off to?
-A quiet corner to have a heart attack.

We've been friends since childhood.
Seven years ago you had dreams.

That's why l wanted this job for you,
far more than for Timur.

l still do. And l have
absolute confidence in you, OK?

Now go home and get some rest.
We'll talk later.

OK, then.

OK, you're starving too. So go eat.
We're back, hun!

Whoa, there's still soup left!
l'd never have got well without it.

You should've seen Haydari,
how happy he was to see me.

But he'll be OK.
l gave him a shot.

Oh, they said thanks for the clothes.
The kids were over the moon.

The shelter's doing great.
We're getting incredible support.

You know l took Bozo for a walk?
More like he took me, crazy dog!

lt's not in his nature
to sit at home all day.

-Didem, what's wrong with you?
-What's wrong with me?

lf you minded about me as much as
all that other stuff, you'd know.

-l don't get it.
-l know you don't.

Didem, for god's sake what's wrong?

My presentation was a disaster.
l made a total ass of myself.

That's normal. Timur's history.

-And you...
-And me?

Well, it's a big job, right?
You weren't working all that time.

lt's beyond both you and Timur.
That's what l'm trying to say.

Didem, look. l don't want a fight.
OK, l get it: you had a bad day.

But my day was shit too.
Do l let that show?

Adem, at least l had no hand in
your trials at work. That's for sure.

But you had a big hand in
my presentation going badly.

And contrary to what you think,
l can handle this job perfectly well.

You dragging me around for seven years
has thrown me completely off-balance.

-Whatever l've done, it's been for you.
-lt's been for me?

l didn't get educated to go shovel
goat shit on a farm in Anatolia!

Whoa! That was my project.
The guys who took over got rich.

lf we'd listened to my dad and stayed
we'd be the richest guys there now.

lf only you'd stayed then!

Adem, if only you'd been able to!

lt was Ankara before that.
And then you missed your dad...

...so we moved to Anatolia.
But that didn't last either.

lf only you'd stayed, Adem.
l'd have tried to get used to it.

But no, you'd missed football,
going to games, Ali and that lot.

So we packed up and came here again!

Your dad, your family, your friends,
your music, your life, your work!

l'm just a slave
to your single life.

Adem.. Tell me what l am to you?

You're my wife.

Look at me.


Please let's go back
to how we used to be.

So when l tell you about my dreams,
there'll be that sparkle in your eyes.

You were my Prince Charming.

Let it all be like a fairy tale again.

l'm sorry.
l've really worn you down.

Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary.

Don't worry.
l know you've forgotten.

-No, l...
-We've never celebrated it, l know.

There's a match tomorrow.
You want to go, l know that too.

But please don't go.
Let's be together.

Let tomorrow be a milestone for us.
Let's start all over again.

Let's make some new resolutions.

Let's be a family now.

OK. You're right.

l promise. From now on
l'll always stand by you.

Let's put off kids for a bit.
We have debts now, my head's a mess..

When things are easier, huh?

And tomorrow, l'm taking my wife out
for an awesome dinner.

No, no. We don't need to go out.
We have enough debts anyway.

l'll cook you a fabulous spread, huh?
Just the two of us, it'll be romantic.

You can get the wine.
We'll get drunk together.

-What about later?
-No idea.

-What about later?
-No idea.

-What about later?
-Look, l don't know.

Dido! We did it, Dido!

-Dido! We did it!
-Wait! Tell me right from the start!

OK. They called this morning
to say they'd approved the project...

...and expected us at Cem Bey's mansion
this afternoon.

-At his mansion?
-At his mansion!

-God, l don't believe it!
-Neither do l!

l can't stand being alone.

So as an animal lover,
l'd like to acquire an animal.

l acquired a person actually
with the highest of hopes, but..

lt only took six months
to prove he was a jerk.

Cats are for women
who like being alone.

So l want a dog. l want him
to protect me from everything.

Do you have a suitable animal for me?

Umm.. No, we don't right now.
l mean, we don't have any dogs.

When a dog comes in
we'll have him call you.

l mean, when a dog comes in
we'll call. Do we have your number?

Yes. But l'd like to visit sometimes.

Let's be honest, you may forget me
and give the best dog to someone else.

lsn't that right?

God damn you! Shut up!

-What way was that to ask for a dog?!
-Man, what was that?!

What the hell was that?!

lf she wanted the keys to the place,
l'd give her the whole thing, l swear!

But l tell you something.
That woman's hot for you.

-Would you...
-Fuck off!

Listen! No, how dumb is that!
You're monogamous, huh? One of the few.

Adem, wise up, will you?

You've been with the same woman
18 years and married to her for seven.

You're caught up in the syndrome.
You should know that.

-Look, why did l ask you here?

l need a nice, fancy solitaire ring,
but it has to be cheap.

A nice, fancy, cheap solitaire ring?

Look, you know l'm strapped for cash.

lf l go, they'll only fleece me.
You have connections and all that.

Tonight's our wedding anniversary.

So it's dinner with Didem.
The ring can be a surprise.

-You, wedding anniversary, dinner?
-What's wrong?.. ls it so crazy?

-No. So you're not coming to the match?
-No, l can't.

So wait, come to the stadium then,
and l'll give you the ring there.


OK? Right, l'm out of here.

We got a 49-year lease on the land
from the Foundations people.

They're here!

-Yes, mum?
-How about dinner tonight?

No, it's our anniversary.
We're eating in.

-l'll call back.

The other property's out. lf the risk
can't even be analysed l can't invest.


Tell them l'm not interested either.

And get an appointment
with the tourism ministry.

-Darling, these would look fabulous.
-Try going for darker colours, honey.

Mahir Bey, what's going on
with that old woman's property?

-Numan's trying to wrap it up, sir.
-Don't just try, wrap it up!

Yes, sir!.. The lady's grandson
is drawing up the paperwork.

Once we get that, we'll be
better placed to wrap up the deal.

Our guests from T?M Architects.

-Congratulations, Didem Hanim.
-Thank you.

-To be honest you surprised me.

l'd expect someone who dreamed up
the maze concept for a hotel...

...to be darker, more mixed up inside.
But you give off light.

Thank you, but you don't know
what l'm like inside.

-Well, sweetie, you like these?
-l don't know.

What do you think?

-Ah! Duygu, what's up?
-l wonder?!

-You slept with that waitress, right?
-When you say waitress?

-Can l get some meatballs?

No, his phone's off.

He'll come. He wouldn't miss the game.
C'mon, let's wait inside, Adem.

No, we said we'd meet here.

-Really? OK. How much is that?
-Ten lira.

-Our chef's good. Hope the food's OK.
-To die for.


The project's just a draft.
l'll be working on it more.

l like that you read my interviews
and tried to figure me out...

...while you worked on the project.

The tastes of people l work for
really matter to me.

After all, the buildings are for them.
So your interviews were a good source.

Good. Fantastic.

l say the hotel will become an icon
of Antalya, or Turkey for that matter.

Now, since we have some momentum going
let's go see the property.

Mahir Bey, arrange the helicopter.
We'll be there in a few hours.

Be my guests on the boat tonight
and we'll talk details then.


-Ayten, l can't do tonight.

-lt's our anniversary.
-ls there a problem?

-Do we have to go right now?
-Yes, time is money.

Absolutely! Money is time. l mean,
time is money. But money matters too.

l'm so sorry. l really want to see
the property, but can we postpone it?

lt's just, today is
my wedding anniversary.

All right.
We'll go another day then.

Let's not deprive your husband
of this special night.

-We'll go tomorrow or the next day.

Chill! He's stuck in traffic. C'mon!
Wait upstairs. The game's starting.

-Didem Yilmaz?
-That's me.

These are for you.

Thank you.

Just a second.

For Didem and her lucky husband Adem,
Happy Anniversary! Cem Kanto?lu

-That's all l need!
-What's up?

-The battery's gone.
-Too bad.

-Adem, over here!
-Ali, where have you been?

Ali, over here!

-Fuck off! You've pissed on me!
-Chill, l'm here! Sorry, excuse me!

-Look who rushed to get here!
-Don't take the piss. Here, your ring.

Give it here.

Ozan! The ring!

No, don't throw it!

The ring!


-Yes, mum?
-Your dad wants you.

-Why don't you say, woman!
-She's expecting you.

-Didem, love?
-Don't make me crazy! What is it?

-You're OK, aren't you?
-Give it here. Hello? Turn on the TV.

Turn to the channel showing the match.

Here's a scene
no one welcomes on the field.

lt's a disgrace to football
and to Turkey.

We've had enough of scenes like this.
And as the camera now shows...

...these fanatic fans
simply can't be controlled.

Get off! The ring!

-The ring!

Be thankful Ozan's a lawyer
or you'd be stuck there all night.

But did you see him run?

Two more strikers like you
and we'd have won the game!

-Guys, my blood sugar suddenly dropped.
-Wait, OK.

-Can we get some crackers round here?
-Forget that, give me your phone.

-Your phone, c'mon!

Ali, you've pissed on me!
How can l explain on the phone?

-Why did drag me to the match?
-What could l do?

-OK, come with me. We do this together.

l'll cook you a fabulous spread, huh?
Just the two of us. lt'll be romantic.

You can get the wine.
We'll get drunk together.

l promise. From now on
l'll always stand by you.

Ah, is it you, honey?
Come in, guys!

Well? How was the match?
That last goal was kind of epic.

Did you have a good time at least?

Well, yes, it was awesome.
Thanks to the ref, we almost...

Didem, l was at the game,
but it's not like you think.

l saw, sweetie. You looked so cute.
All excited, bounding onto the field...

...wrestling with the police.

Where did you wash your face,
brave heart? You looked so flash.

-At the police station. The policewoman...

-The police station?
-No, l was there to get the ring.

-Look, Didem...
-What ring?

l asked Ali to get a ring for you, OK?
So l went there to get it.

The jerk arrived late.
Then l dropped the ring.

A guy nabbed it, threw it on the field,
l dived after it and you saw the rest.

And he said he'd give it to me there
so l went to meet him.

l swear l got you a ring!

l see.

-Adem, shall we go?
-No, stay.

Bozo, out of here, boy.

-What are you doing?
-Packing, darling.

-What for?
-My project got the OK. You forget?

-So.. l'm going to Antalya.

Antalya? Why? How come l don't know?

-What are you doing?
-Grabbing some chicken.

-Shame on you! The table's all set.
-Ali, l'm passing out from hunger here!

Didem, l asked you a question!
Why Antalya? What's this about?

Who do you think l'm talking to?

-Whoa! What's this?
-lt's all gone.

-Who are you going with? Why Antalya?
-Cem Bey.

-Who's that?
-You may not remember but he's my boss.

-You're not going anywhere.
-Why not?

Why not? You're my wife, that's why.

You're right, darling.
You're so right.

l'm your wife.

l may be an architect,
but l'm your wife.

l may be unhappy, l may have wishes,
desires, dreams, but l'm your wife!

l may even have my own identity,
but l'm just your wife.

-Didem! You don't know what happened!
-l don't even care.

All l care about is
how much l matter to you.

l matter so much you even get
someone else to buy my present!

She's right.

Didem, listen for god's sake!

Didem, you're overdoing it again.
Didem, wait!

You made me a promise yesterday.
l hoped so much you'd keep it.

l wanted so much
for everything to change.

But l've lost all hope.
We can't ever be a family.

l don't even know
if you love me any more.

For Didem and her lucky husband Adem..
Cem Kanto?lu

-ls my wife here?

-Can l talk to her?

-Ayten, l want to talk to my wife.
-Adem, go away! You can talk later.

No, now! You always put ideas
in her head anyway.

What? You can't accept that
you've wrecked your wife's life...

...so you want to blame someone else?
Well, it's not me.

-lt's me.

Fine, but it's not a good time.

Wait! Stop! Come here!

-Hi, Deniz.

-Put this on, quick!

-Put this on too.. So what's up?
-She's at Ayten's. We couldn't talk.

Look, let her go to Antalya.
So what? She's going for work.

She's not going for work, Ali.
She's leaving me.

Who the hell is
this Cem Kanto?lu? Huh?

You don't know Cem Kanto?lu?

Socialite playboy Cem Kanto?lu
snapped holidaying with new flame.

Kanto?lu snapped with pop star Ebru.

Celebrity playboy
Cem Kanto?lu's love boat.

Celebrity businessman makes out with
latest fashion model lover on boat.

Wow! Everyone's out on their boats
and we're here wrestling on the sofa.

Ungrateful ass!

-Wait! My wife's going with that guy?
-Look, the guy's everything you aren't.

What's the problem? Why are you
so against your women working?

-l'm married.

My husband's against me working too.
Guys would hit on me, l'd be harassed.

But here l am working.
So what's the deal?

Look, l know you hate me,
but let me talk to my wife.

l promise not to hurt her.
Can l come in?

C'mon, let's go home.

You don't understand how excited l am,
how important l feel, do you?

l do, sweetie. l understand you.
But try to understand me too.

l'm trying to get things organized.
l'm doing this for you. For us.

Maybe l'm doing this for us too.

Why is anything l do never for us,
whereas everything you do is?

Adem, stand by me for once.
Not against me.

OK, l will. l'll stand by you.
But do you have to go?

The project's drawn, delivered, done.
So what are you doing there?

Let them get on with it. Can't they?

-l want to be taken seriously for once.
-C'mon, Didem, for god's sake.

l've always been proud of you.

Have you told your friends
about this project?

Didem, c'mon. Let's go home.
We'll find a way. C'mon.

No, Adem. Because that way
will have to be your way.

There'll never be a way, we'll never
be a family unless you stand by me.

Either you stand by me..



Or we'll break up.

#Here it is, that moment #

# This is the hardest time
Why, why, why, why? #

# Why me, me, me, me?
You'll ask #

#Here it is, that moment #

# This is the hardest time
Why, why, why, why? #

# Why me, me, me, me? #



You can't go on like this, Adem.
Get a grip on yourself.

Stand by your wife.
Sorry, but Didem's kind of right.

You know what l think you should do?
Go down to Antalya tonight.

Seriously. No, hang on, listen.
Take her out for a romantic dinner.

Then leave her to her work
and come back here, end of story.

Times have changed. Women today
want to stand on their own two feet.

Well, l think... l think...

You shouldn't act like you own her.

Right. The weather's great too.
We can go and chill for a few days.

-OK? Antalya's perfect right now.
-Right, isn't it?

-We can take a look around.

-Lend me some clean clothes. l stink.
-OK, that's my man!

-Great. So we're going?
-We get to eat meatballs on the way?

-OK, they're on me.

-But we're stopping!
-OK, meatballs are on me.

-You promise?

Hey, OK! You're unbelievable!

-My blood sugar's down. l need food.
-C'mon, over here.

-Welcome, sir. How can l help?

My wife checked in today.
Can l find out her room number?

l'll check for you. Your wife's name?

-Didem Yilmaz.

She hasn't checked in yet.
But l think she's Cem Bey's guest.

Cem Bey will be hosting his guests
on board his boat.

-Adem, how do we get to the boat?

-What? Swim? l can't walk another step!
-No way! His blood sugar's down. Ozan!

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

-Ali, l'm done in!
-C'mon, man!

-May our worst day be better than this!
-Cheers, guys. Enjoy!

-So what's up? Thirsty for raki, huh?

-No, but a chunk of cheese..
-Too bad! l just ate the last bit.

-Hi, guys.
-Hello there.

-Can you get us out to that boat?
-What, to On Fire?

-What the hell's that?
-The boat's name. On Fire.

-Look at the name the asshole picks!
-Adem, stop! Hold it!

Cut the jokes, friend.
We truly need to get to that boat.

l want to too. ln fact, l want to
sail to faraway lands in that boat.

-l just made that up. Cheers!

We urgently need to get to that boat.
Can you take us or not?

Look, that boat's dodgy.
The traffic on and off never stops.

The chicks that got rich there!
A ton of them were just dropped off.

-No. No, Adem, no!
-What's he saying?

-Nothing. lt's OK.
-He's just shitfaced.

-Carry on. lt's OK, we don't want fish.
-Fish?! But we're Cem Bey's guests.

-You're with the group?
-What group? What do you mean?

l told you the boat was dodgy.

Wait here please.
Cem Bey doesn't want to be disturbed.

-Screw Cem Bey! Out of the way!
-Adem, cool it!

-Look, he's not available. Wait here.
-lt's OK, Adem.

-OK, off you go.
-Go call the captain. Go on!

-Wait. OK. Calm down.
-OK, OK.

-Hey, where's the kitchen?
-That way.

A piece of bread in the name of God..
Umm, could l have one please?

l don't want problems on my boat.
l'll speak to Cem Bey.

-Just calm down. No scenes, OK?
-OK, captain. Do it. We'll be here, OK?

Ali! C'mon, captain, do your thing.
But just get me inside.


Hey, where's Ozan?

So who are you?
The captain's daughter?

-You don't know who l am?
-No.. l don't..

Burcu Do?an?

Burcu Do?an! Hey, l'm so sorry! l..
lt's the sun, the bikini, the shades...

...my blood sugar taking a nosedive.
l didn't recognize you for a moment.

But l've been crazy about you forever.
How could l not recognize you?!

Sorry, but not even l was allowed in.
So off you go. This way!

-OK. l'll find Ozan then. And let's go.
-This way.

Adem? Huh?

-...has to complement the maze concept.

-Wait, sir!
-Hey! Get off!

-Hey, wait! They're man and wife!
-Get off!

-Want us to wait?
-A domestic issue.. Ozan!

Listen, here's the weirdest story.

-Get off!
-No! No way!

Can we move on to the next slide?

-Get off!
-There's a meeting on in there!

-What's going on there?
-Yes, what's going on here?


Do you know each other?

Can l have a word with my wife?

Look, here's my card.
l'm a lawyer.

Call if you need help.
And call if you don't.

-l mean, call! Obviously we..
-See you.

-Adem, what are you doing?
-You said to stand by you. Here l am!

Adem, these people have come from
all over the world to listen to me.

You come in dripping and humiliate me.

-What are you doing here?
-What are you doing here?

-l'm trying to do my job.
-Fine. Can't you do it on land? Huh?

You have to do it on the guy's boat?

So what if l'm on the guy's boat?
Anyway, what are you trying to say?

Look at the boat's name: On Fire.
The guy's intentions are obvious.

l'm just being frank, Didem Hanim.

-Adem, go!
-You're coming too. C'mon.

-l can't come.
-You have to.

-Hey, what's up?
-You fu... Where have you been?

Sorry, Didem Hanim. Your cabin's ready.
There's clean linen on the bed.

-Go to your cabin whenever you like.
-Get out of here!

-Adem, what are you doing?
-Get your things right now! l'm here.

-l can't come.
-OK, your things can stay. Now c'mon!

-No, Adem!
-Yes! Move!

-No, Adem!
-Yes! We're going!

Adem, get off me!


All right.

lf that's what you want.

We were pushing it anyway,
weren't we?

l'm letting you go.

-Hello, dad?
-Huh, son?

l really miss you.
l want to come visit. Shall l?

Know what? You're more of an animal
than an animal!

lf you'd hung on another two years
you'd be the richest man round here.

Go look at that farm. You set it up,
and someone else milks the profits!

Because you got it into your head
to go to lstanbul...

...to look after jet-set pooches.

What would two years have changed?

Anyway it all started
because we came here.

-We had to go, so we did.
-And landed in shit.

You're getting divorced?
Are you sure?

lt'll work out, son.
lt'll all work. You'll see.

#Love weighs on me now #

#My shoulders won't carry the load #

#Love wounds me now #

#My hopes are no salve #

#l romanticized you
with feelings greater than love #

#l ask myself in anguish #

# Was it my fault
or is there none? #

# Whatever #

#l'm afraid of never being able
to see you again #

#l'm afraid of never being able
to kiss you again #

How many more jokes do l have!

Darling, let's go to our room, huh?
lt's late. You've drunk too much again.

You go, l'll stay a bit.
lt's such great conversation.

lf you'll excuse me, ladies..
Don't keep my other half up too long.

-Burcu Hanim seemed a bit annoyed.
-Yes, but you matter more right now.

Well, you've done such a great job,
believe me, l find it more exciting...

-...to talk about your breakthrough.
-But it's you who gave us that chance.

Right. So l drink
to both you and myself.

Anyway, l should go up then.
l guess l drank too much.

Go carefully.

l think Cem Bey's hitting on you.
And the babe with him knows it.

Don't be ridiculous, Ayten.

-Do you hear from Adem at all?
-No. There's no reason why l should.

You're best off forgetting him too.
You know how many months it's been?


Don't be blind.

Who is that?

-Magical night, isn't it?
-Cem Bey?


-Please, don't be afraid. Please.
-How did you get in?

An advantage of owning the hotel,
let's say.

l love Antalya most in this weather.

Sometimes it creates miracles.

You should go to your room. l'd hate
for Burcu Hanim to get the wrong idea.

Beautiful, isn't it?
So do you like Antalya?

l've only really been for this job.
lt's nice, but please go to your room.

-Can l stay here tonight?
-Of course not!

-Well, somewhere close to you...


l'm sorry.

Why hasn't she shown up?

l don't understand.

Why has the woman you want to
be around not shown up yet?

-l've no idea.
-You said in an interview once...

...that you knew a ton of people
but had never had a close friend.

As a child, you held on to friends
with a stack of expensive toys.

You're trying to do the same thing now
with women.

Your instinct towards women is based
not on being with one of them for life...

...but having moments with most of them.

l'm not one of those women!

-Sorry, l've gone too far.

You've put me in my place.

You also have the courage..
to confront me with my loneliness.

l guess l opened up
a wound from the past.

We're all human.

Where the hell are you? You alive?
Call me. lt's party time tonight.

Let me remind you of
the magic of single life.

Hi, it's me, Didem.
l'm in lstanbul right now.

Let me know when is good for you,
l want to get the rest of my things.

OK? Bye.

Akin brought his new album.
l was listening.

Your song's on every radio station.
Everyone's crazy for it. Wanna listen?

No. l have stuff to do.


She called.

She wants to come get her things.
l don't want to see her. OK?

-You can give her the keys.
-OK. Sure.

Hey, boy!

Are you upset with mummy?

But mummy's really sad too.

#l walk towards longing and pain #

# This world cramps me
l can't find room #

#Have the nights grown longer?
Why this darkness? #

#All joy and happiness
have faded from my heart #

# Who has taken you away?
Who is kissing you? #

# Your lips and tongue
have the taste of strangers #

# Who has taken you away?
Who is kissing you? #

# Your lips and tongue
have the taste of strangers #

Hi! Adem here.
Can l buy you a tea?

#l think of your crazy eyes, #

#of your laugh, your kiss, your sigh #

# Who has taken you away?
Who is kissing you? #

Great picture!

-What's she filming for god's sake?
-None of your business!

-We're married now, OK?
-You're in deep shit!

-Look, she's jealous! Mother-in-law!
-The hell l'm jealous!

-Really, you're a total mother-in-law!
-l've had it. l'm switching it off.

We're in Ankara.
lt's freezing outside.

l'm about to introduce you to
the most perfect mum in the world, OK?

She's not a mum yet,
but hopefully one day..

lt's time to meet the most perfect
Snow White in the world.

Who are you?! Did you get him?
Ah, you're just the cutest thing!

Sweetie, thank you.
You're the cutest thing ever!

Yes, so Prince Charming
has stolen another girl's heart.


-Look, look!
-Wave, c'mon. Wave!

Your dad and l are off to the shore.
Come too, huh? lt'll be a distraction.

l did the wrong thing, mum.

-Ece Hanim?

Sorry to disturb you.

l called by the clinic endless times
but never found you. Can l come in?

But l mean, l sensed
that guy was after my wife.

l told her too,
but she didn't listen.

Why go to that boat?
At least don't go to the boat.

Who does business on a boat
for god's sake?

l read everywhere about the guy
having all these women on the boat.

How do l know the guy isn't some perv?
He may be in my wife's room at night.

How can l be cool about it
with that on my mind? No way!

Ece Hanim?

Ece Hanim, what are you doing?

Sharing your suffering.

-Ece Hanim?
-Let's play a game, huh?

-What game?
-The spanking game.

Don't you know it? Huh?
OK, slap me.

Ece Hanim, please.

Please, l don't want to.
Ece Hanim, please.

Hey, my darling boy!
lt's me, sweetheart. lt's me.

Please, no. l really don't want to.
Please get off me.

l'm sorry.
l didn't mean it like that.

...seeing you look at me like that
in the street at that hour of night...

l'm sorry for the way l spoke.

l happened to be passing that way...


Didem, it's not what you think!
Didem, wait!




Fix the viable properties
and l'll pay you the commission.

-Have a good trip, Burcu Hanim.

-You'll really go to that party alone?
-Sure, no problem.

Come too! The whole fashion world
will be in Paris this weekend.

-l'm busy, Burcu. You go.

Besides, l have a surprise for you.

l want to tell you there,
somewhere really romantic.

You go, Burcu. lt's a busy weekend.
And l need to be alone.

-You have a good time.
-OK. lt's a deal.

You be alone. l'll call when l get in.
Maybe l won't stay so long.

Hello, Mahir Bey?

Have Burcu Hanim's things packed up
once she's been dropped at the airport.

And get me a new phone number.

An Adem Yilmaz. Says he's married to
Didem Hanim and insists on seeing her.

Cem Bey is expecting you.

-You won't join me, Adem Bey?

Adem Bey, l'll ask you
not to bother Didem Hanim again.

-Who are you to come between us?
-You've broken up, l believe.

-You frigging..
-Easy now, easy!

l'm Didem's boss and l want her
to focus purely on her work.

More to the point...

-...Didem and l are together.

Didem said you'd have a hard time
accepting it.

l wouldn't have chosen to tell you
like this. Still, it's a relief.

This Antalya job was just an excuse.
We planned not to tell you for a time.

Because you clearly wouldn't react
in a civilized way.

But then there was no alternative.

Yes, Ozan?

We've lost Safiye Teyze.

They won't let anyone in the shelter.
They say Safiye Teyze sold the place.

Adem, can you hear me?

There was no rush.

You touched me places inside
that not even l can reach.

l can't even remember
the last time l cried.

You're changing me..
Please don't leave me.

That was a rash way to start, sorry.
Forget what l said.

Just come with me to tonight's party.

-But Burcu Hanim?
-lt's over. l'm on my own now.

l can't go to an event like that
without a partner. lt's bad form.

Just come with me.

But l have nothing to wear,
l mean for that kind of thing.

Doesn't matter.

Calm down.

This party is for you.

For me?

A surprise.

l want to introduce you
to my friends.

-The place is sold! You can't come in!
-lt's Safiye Teyze's! She'd never sell!

-First Vural Bey, my closest friend.
-Hello, Didem.

-My friend since childhood.

-lt's great of them to come.
-Hello, glad to meet you.

Ladies and gentlemen..

The song l'm about to sing is
the most soulful track on my album.

lt's an amazing love song written by
a close friend of mine for his wife...

...the Princess of his Fairy Tales
who he loves more than anything else.

Haydari? Haydari! Haydari!

#My soul mate, the life l've chosen #

#My today, the light of my tomorrow #

#My only love #

#l treasure no one before or after #

#Nor the days that drag by
without you #

#My woman, my soul mate #

#My beloved wife, my dear,
my life companion #

#lf you were water and touched stone
you'd turn to sapphire #

#lf you were a road and walked upon
you'd lead to heaven #

#Everything is perfect
if you're by my side #

#And dies if you go,
shrivels and wastes away #

#lf you were water and touched stone
you'd turn to sapphire #

#lf you were a road and walked upon
you'd lead to heaven #

#Everything is perfect
if you're by my side #

#And dies if you go,
shrivels and wastes away #

-Thanks a lot for the flowers.
-You're welcome.

Nice hairstyle.

lt's a wig.
So people don't recognize me.



l didn't mean you, l meant Cem.
For dumping you and the baby.

l can't reach him. lt's been months.
He's hard to get hold of, as you know.

Don't worry, l'll sort him out.
The guy trashed our shelter!

However he managed
to con old Safiye Teyze..

Then he broke up
my best friend's marriage.

And the guy's been
unreachable for months.

-l saw your friend in Beyo?lu.

-ls Didem getting married?

-To that guy?

-How can she marry him just like that?
-What's that supposed to mean?

Adem found himself a woman
right after breaking up, didn't he?

So Didem is getting married.

C'mon, give me a break!
No one's seen the guy for ages anyway.

We don't know
what kind of shit he's up to.

Unlike Didem, he didn't find a lover
the moment they broke up. OK, sugar?

-The moment they broke up?

God! The guy's been chasing her
for months. You don't know that?

Didem didn't even look at the guy
because of her feelings for Adem.

She's only just come round to it.
With a bit of help from me of course.

OK, but Adem doesn't know.

Well, we don't know
what's going on with Adem either.

Just forget it. Didem and l
have talked about it for ages.

lf he loved her, he'd come and get her.
But not a squeak from him for months.

Meaning he must be happy.
And he's found a woman.

You don't know Adem.
He's the last of his generation.

l guarantee Adem wouldn't
sleep with anyone but Didem.

-Didem didn't even let Cem near her.
-So why are they getting married? Huh?

How do l know? She wanted
to give Cem a chance, l guess.

Or decided on marriage for convenience
when marriage for love didn't work.

Plus, if he really loved his wife,
shame he couldn't say so to her face.

How do you know he didn't try?
He did!

But when that jerk showed up and said
he and Didem were together and in love...

...he gave up on the idea.

-Yes, Cem!

-He said that?
-Yes, he said that.

-Yes, weird.

OK, so that's how it was meant to be.
Right, l'm off.

Don't tell anyone we're together.
Keep that mouth of yours shut.

But maybe...

...she's waiting for Prince Charming
to come and rescue her.

Answer, Ozan. C'mon! Hello! Ozan?
We have to find Adem now. Right now!

Your friend grabs his pizza
through the door. He lets no one in.

-We don't know if he's alive.
-Hey, don't say that!

Bozo! Man, what is this?

How's things, Bozo?
How's things, Haydari? Where's daddy?

-Where is the guy?
-Haydari, where's daddy?

l don't believe it!

-Adem! Adem! What do you call this?

Get up. lt's OK. Calm down. lt's us.
lt's OK, it's us. Calm down. lt's OK.

Adem, Didem's getting married.

No, no, no! Don't lie down!
No, come here! Come here! Wait!

Look, do you really love her? Huh?
lf you really love your wife...

...stand tall like a man
and go get her, OK? Now c'mon.

-She loves another man.
-No, she loves you. Now get up!

-She's marrying another man!
-No, she's waiting for you!

A woman who's cheated on me.

-Ali, does it make any sense?
-But the guy lied to you.

Things aren't like you think.
l spoke to Ayten.

l know these women.
l could write books about them.

No way has Didem cheated on you.
Got that? She's still your wife.

By the way, here's the mail
sent to your old place.

Bills, bank letters and stuff.
lt's all forwarded to me so you know.

-Ozan, forget bills for now. Now look!
-Remind me to give them to you.

C'mon, Adem. Snap out of it.
What did Didem used to say? Think!

Our love is a fairy tale
and Adem is my Prince Charming!

Don't ever leave the woman you love
to that shark.

lf l know Cem, he's marrying her
because he can't get through to her.

Where is the place?

-Out the way! Excuse us!
-Excuse us, friend!

Hey, slow down!
There's a baby on board!

What? You're going in alone?
No way, Adem. We're coming too.

No, l'll handle this myself.

-Adem, no! lt's dangerous.
-Ali, do what l said.

-Sorry, do you have a light?

-Good evening.

Hold it, hold it.

Hold it, boy! Hold it!

-Someone should help.. What happened?

l've never loved any woman but you.

l've never touched any woman but you.

l don't know what l've eaten
since you left, or what l've drunk.

l can't be without you.
Nor can you be without me.

You can't be with that guy.

We have a history, we've worked at it.
Please don't throw it all away.

Come back, l beg you.

l don't know that man.

-Hey, who is this?
-What's he saying, Uncle Al Pacino?

-No idea. He's gabbling to himself.
-Son, l told you that girl was a slag!

Scum! How can you call my girl a slag?
Look at your wimp of a son!

What kind of talk is that, women?

-Who is that?
-What do you mean?.. Don't talk rubbish!

-The guy's beating it!.. Catch him!
-Come here!

Hi, old man!

Catch him!

-C'mon! Jump in!

-Where are you going, bride?
-They wrecked my wedding!

-Ali, stop!
-You're crazy, Adem! They'll kill us.

-l don't know the man!
-And you said you were a virgin!

Ali, stop!

-Are you OK? The baby?
-We're fine.

-l crashed the wrong wedding.
-The wrong wedding?

-They're coming back.
-They are too!

-Wait, there's a baby in the car!
-A baby? What?

-You also have a baby?

-You misunderstand.
-lt's not like that.

-What baby? l'll kill you!
-You've got the wrong idea.

-What wrong idea?!
-Just calm down!

-Hey, that'll go off!
-OK, OK!

Get off, uncle. l'm going to kill him!

He's our friend!

-That's Hilal! Hilal!
-How do you know my daughter?

l don't know your daughter.
l mean, l do know her.

Hilal was always at our shelter.

-We met there.
-Let's go see the dogs.


Sure we can go. My sweetheart!

Look, there's been a misunderstanding.
l'm sorry to the bride.

l don't know her. l've never seen her.

-My problem is something else.
-So what is that problem?


-Why aren't you checking the doors?
-l apologize, sir.

Have you seen the paper?
They've got their exes talking.

What do their exes say
about them getting married?

What on earth am l doing?

Forget that for now.

-Here, watch this.
-What is it?

l just want you to listen
to your heart, no one else.

-What's on here?
-A twit who can't love anyone but you.

Suzan Abla, shall we go down?

Don't cry, sweetie. Stop, stop, stop!

Oh my god, l wonder if it's important.
Let's see now.

That's the thug who hit Cem Bey!

Don't move!

Now look, my friend here
has something to say.

You've never been with my wife.
You lied to take her away from me.

And you believed it.

lt's the choices people make
that decide their fate.

You chose to believe me
rather than your wife.

You took advantage of us

Your money can't buy her.

But it'll increase my chances.

Now get out of here
or you won't know what's hit you.

You conned your way
into getting that shelter!

Wait till l expose your scam
and you won't know what's hit you!

You squatters are the real conmen!
That property is Cem Kanto?lu's.

-l'm reporting you to the Bar!
-Do what you like!

l'm reporting you to the Bar!

-Go ahead. Why are you waiting?


-Under paragraph ... of the constitution...



-Safiye Teyze left the property to you!
-No shit!

-That document's fake!
-Oh yeah? Here's the fingerprint!


Here's Didem!


What happened to you?

l thought you were happy without me.

Happy without you?

You know you always asked me
what your place was...

...among my family, my friends,
in my life?

You were right at the heart
of them all.

Ever since you left
l can't get anything together.

Everything slipped from my hands.

lt's like a hand is squeezing me here.
l can't even breathe properly.

l made such a mess of everything.

-You wrote that song for me?

Why did it take you so long?

l've missed you so much.

l've missed you so much, Didem.
l've missed you, missed you.

lt was never going to work.

l don't know how we got this far.

After all the hearts l've broken
l guess l don't get a second chance.

You did a great job.

Hang on, Cem.

Let me introduce you, sweetie.
Your worthless father!

The man who'll be paying us both
the compensation we need...

...to live in luxury from now on.

That's it from me, sonny.

They ran a story on the awards night.

Didem gets big mention
as Architect of the Year.

Never say never.

Love makes you do things
you say you never will.

When love's involved, don't brag.

l'm proud of you.