Xtro 3: Watch the Skies (1995) - full transcript

Marines travel to a deserted island to diffuse bombs, only to be terrorized by a deadly alien creature.

Men, hold on to your hats.

Ladies, hold on
to your husbands.

This is 22-year-old Melissa
meed of Brooklyn, New York.

The president of premiere
pictures, Walter shapiro,

says that the only other
actress around with this kind

of atomic star quality is
Marilyn Monroe herself.

And how does miss meed
feel about her big break?

Oh, well, I don't know.

We hear you
loud and clear, miss meed,

and we're sure you'll be
around for a long time.

Dateline bignada, Arizona.

Attention all would-be
martian hunters.

What you're looking
at are home movies

shot by nine-year-old biff
atkins of bignada, Arizona.

Several weeks ago, young
biff sold these movies

to this newsreel agency,
claiming that the object

you're looking at right
now was a flying saucer.

Well it looks like we've
all been bamboozled.

Just listen to what our
junior Cecil b. Demille

has finally confessed.

There was no flying saucer.

It was a prank I was
pulling on my friends.

We've explained to
biff that his prank

made a lot of people very scared

and he said he was
just having fun.

He didn't mean to get the
whole country in an uproar.

He's been thoroughly
punished, we can assure you all.

Don't be too hard on him, mom.

After all if uncle Sam is willing
to let bygones be bygones,

shouldn't we all?

Biff atkins is to be
commended for his honesty.

Like all true Americans, he
was willing to admit a mistake,

when he had to.

Mr. Paige!

Mr. Paige, it's Erica
stern from the daily news.

You sent me some photographs.

Are you alone?

Yeah, I, oh my gosh.

I'm sorry, miss,
miss stern, please.

Please, I'm unarmed,
please, come in.

I need to...

- Okay, all right, okay.
- We need to talk.

You're my only chance,
please, come in.

I mean no harm.

Step, yeah, thanks, just.

You're safe.

Close the door.

Sit down, please.

Looks like you need a doctor.

Not until the story comes out.

I know once it's out in
the open that nobody will

dare fuck with me then.

Who do you
thinks looking for you?

You name it, they're looking.

But enough with George Paige.

That's just a name
that I made up.

That's who I really am.

Lieutenant Martin kirn.

Explosives expert,
United States marine corps,

at least until a few weeks ago.

Lieutenant, sit
down for a moment.

I'm just trying to find this.

How's your wife?

We divorced, sir,
or we should be soon.

Yes, of course, my memories
not what it used to be.

The reason I asked you to
come and, yes, here it is.

I got a call from the Pentagon.

They've lined you up for
a bomb disposal operation.


This is classified.

And what we say
now does not leave

the perimeter of this desk.

It seems there is an island,

about 200 miles off
shore, unchartered.

During world war il it was
used as an internment camp

for Japanese Americans, after
that for gunnery practice,

and then apparently everyone
simply forgot it existed.

It was lost in the
files until finally,

some pencil pusher
unearthed the file,

and they decided
to make use of it.

They want to build a refueling
station, and the catch is

they're convinced there's
still live ammo there

just sitting around.

They need a team to go
in, find what's there,

and get rid of it.

What kind of target range
are we talking about, sir?

I don't exactly want to
end up with webbed fingers.

No, that was my
first question to them.

There are no nuclear weapons
involved and nothing chemical.

I hope this sounds
promising to you,

because they've already
decided you're the man.

Actually it does, sir.

I could use a break
from the classroom.

Well, it won't
be much of a break.

They've assembled a team
from your former students.

The list is there, I
think it's that blue page.

Is something wrong, lieutenant?

This is quite some list.

Corporal dermot Reilly,
sir, is a raving psychopath.

And Hendricks, I
wouldn't trust Hendricks

with a cigarette lighter, let
alone an assignment like this.

Well once these Pentagon boys

have their minds made.
I understand that, sir,

but they don't know
my students like I do.

Let me see if I can
make some headway.

The crew is set.

Lieutenant, they are
absolutely committed.

Well, that was an attitude

I knew something about.

It's what wrecked my marriage.

She wanted me to quit the
military but I wouldn't.

She couldn't take
living on bases anymore.

When it came down to it,

I chose the marine
corps over her.

I was in that deep.

Anyway two days later, the
Pentagon flew their guy out.

Fetterman, a spook military
intelligence, not CIA,

but a spook through and through

with that typical
spook arrogance,

like there wasn't one thing
happening in the world

he didn't know about.

Captain fetterman
reporting, sir.

Captain, this is
lieutenant Martin kirn.

My assistant, j.G. Watkins.

Colonel, sir, may we
proceed with the debriefing?

Well, captain, the
lieutenant would like

to take you to lunch first,

his way of welcoming
you to California.

J the shadow, the
shadow of doubt

j still lingers, but
the sound is vague

j as each day, as
each day goes by

I quit, I've had enough.

Oh, what the fuck was that?

That was not the
fucking shot you called.

The fuck it isn't,
leave him the fuck alone.

I'm no good
at this stuff anyway.

You can't quit now, freak man.

He said he quit, so
leave him alone, asshole!

Since when did
you become his mommy?

Fuckin' prick!

Goddamn it, asshole!

Oh, oh, oh!

- They're rowdy.
- Shut the fuck up!

Who's in charge of these men?

- Excuse me.
- Come on!

Come on, baby girl,
get out of my way.

Get the fuck out of the way!

Banta, banta, put that cue down!

Right now!

- Prick!
- Reilly!

Reilly, everybody, fall in line!


Hustle, hustle it up.

Sir, I'd like you to meet
the people you selected

for your assignment.

Private dermot Reilly.

Wipe the smile off
your face, Reilly.

Corporal banta.


Private Hendricks.

Hendricks, show the
captain your finger.

How did you lose that
finger, Hendricks?

Sir, failure to follow
your instructions, sir.

And last but not least,
captain, private Friedman.

How do you do?

Just thought you'd
like to meet the people

first hand, captain.

Are you a team player, kirn?

I believe my record
speaks for itself.

The crew stays as it is.


I'll see you outside. Yes, sir.

And I'll see you at 0600.

By the way, she's off limits.

Say hello to your new co, boys.

Hey, banta, I'm your relief,

and, oh, what a relief I am.

Lieutenant tight ass is
calling some sort of meeting.

Hey, banta, that Watkins,
kinda pretty, huh?

Fuck you, Reilly.

Whoa, banta, slow down,
slow down, we have to talk.

How'd you end up in
the corps, banta?

Well, uh, I used
to be an ice skater,

and there was this other
ice skater, this bitch,

and I couldn't stand her,

so I hired somebody to
break her fuckin' leg,

so the judge he
gave me two options,

three years in the military
or a year behind bars.

So we're the lucky ones?

Yes, sir.

Actually, of all the those
people on this assignment,

you're the only one
that I halfway trust.

Fetterman agrees.

He's gonna be setting
up a base camp,

we'll be splitting
up into two teams.

I'll be heading one, you'll
be heading the other.

Thank you, sir.

No, don't thank us,
just don't prove us wrong.

So, Friedman, Hendricks, or
Reilly, which one do you want?

Ah, anybody, so long
as it's not Reilly.

Good, you get Hendricks.

Put the fucking rifle down.

Put the goddamn rifle down.

Huh, what's the
matter, get in there.

I'm fuckin' bored!

On second thought...

No, no, no second thoughts.

Maybe next time you'll
think before you speak.

Now, you'll both equipped
with metal detectors,

walkie-talkies, c-4, and timers.

We're not gonna take any chances

with sophisticated
detonation methods

on this goddamn island.

Whatever we find,
we're gonna blow up.

You with me?

Yes, sir.

Good, make absolutely
certain your area is clear

before you set your charges.

You know my rules, I want you
to check everything twice,

right, twice.

Okay, strong suggestion,

let Hendricks be in
charge of communication,

handle the explosives yourself.

I'd like to make a
point also, lieutenant.

This is the first
time in 50 years

that anyone has stepped
foot on that island.

Now, I assume that much
of the internement camp

was destroyed in the testing,

but if you should come
across any documents,

or let's just say any
remnants of the camp,

you are to bring
them directly to me.

Is that understood?

And it would be in
your best interest

not to look them
over too carefully.

What do you mean
in our best interest?

Exactly what I said.

You could say that's when
I started to get suspicious.

I couldn't put it all
together, but somehow I knew

this wasn't exactly
what I'd bargained for.

Figured I'd take
Reilly and Friedman,

make a sweep from
beach to base camp,

and I'll radio down when
everything's covered.

Sounds like a plan.

Jesus, captain, we must've
been pretty concerned

about those Japanese to stick
'em way the hell out here.

Yeah, yeah, I
guess you're right.

So, man to man,

why is military intelligence
still concerned?

I only know what the
big dogs tell me, kirn.

They want to put a refueling
station on the island.

You and I have the dubious
honor of doing the recon.

Man to man, I was wrong
for insisting on those men,

but I like the way
you handle 'em.

I'm glad I can count on you.

As you were.

Hendricks, where
the hell are ya?

I need some help out here.

Kirn to base ship, over.

Kirn to base ship, over.

We read you, over.

We completed our sweep.

We're going to proceed on.

Make sure you follow
the trail we've left.

Bring tents, the huts
are pretty wrecked.

Over, do you copy, over?

We read ya, over.

I don't want you smokin'
that shit out in the field.

You wanna blow
your head off too?

Ya got me?

Yes, sir.

Oh, you're a riot.

Whoa, Friedman,
our retirement home.

Reminds me of lost
colony at roanoke.

Lost what at where?

Ah, in north Caroline
in the 16th, 17th century,

somethin' like that,

these colonists
spent the winter,

the next year when the
ship came to get 'em,

the entire colony was gone.

The only clue they had

was the word croatoan
carved into a tree.


I got a bite here!

Private, you're gonna
hit the fuckin' nose!

Come on, go scout cover.

Oh baby.

I hate to break this to ya,

but you went out of
style with ho chi minh.

Friedman, let me have some c-4.

Lieutenant, I got
some cover over here.

What have we here?

Base camp to kirn.

Everybody all right, over?

Hey, everybody all right?


We're all fine.

Look, fillings.

I don't think he flossed either.

Go get fetterman.

J must've turned it on
when you turned it down


J I hear ya talkin'
but talk is cheap

j you promised me gold

j I gotta try to
pull this around

j from you

whoa, that looks like blood.

What are you doing?

Find out what we hit.

You know, kirn's rules,

don't put your feet where
you ain't made a sweep.

A rabbit?

They got rabbits way out here?

What do I look like,
a fuckin' zoologist?


What are we gonna
do, let it suffer?


Somethin' happened to the music.

Hendricks, don't
take off like that.

You're gonna lose your fuckin'
legs as well as your finger.

It's fuckin' gone.


My fuckin' radio,
it's fuckin' gone.

People die, lieutenant.

They die in internment
camps, they die in San Diego.

You obviously happened
across a graveyard.

This many people?

Maybe there was an
outbreak of influenza.

Is there any
mention of influenza

in any of the records, captain?

The records I've seen,
lieutenant, are spotty at best,

but if you're trying to
suggest what I think you are,

you're way out of bounds to
even think the us military

would slaughter its
citizens during war.

No way.

I'd be the last
person in the world

to suggest something like that.

You told me to report
anything I find.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

No one has been here for 50
years, isn't that what you said?

That's right.


Now, unless my math
has gone way downhill,

I'd say that makes for 40 years.

Your math is
excellent, lieutenant.

It's your attitude that stinks.


I decided from then on

I wasn't going to show him shit.

I got together with my men
at lunch and told them to set

their walkie-talkies
to a different channel.

If they found anything, I
didn't want fetterman to know.

Guess what?

By sunset, we'd
found something new.

This way, guys.

Did you sweep the area?


What about these
houses, they all clean?

You check 'em?

All clean.

I found all these, like,
fish and things, like.

What the fuck was that?

All day we've been hearin'
it, ain't we, bantha?


Igor, it lives.

I guess this
explains the rabbits.

What rabbits?

Well, Hendricks
and I hit a rabbit

goin' down the road.

Since then we've seen,
maybe, 10 of 'em.

More like 20.

Must've been some big rabbits.

I figure they were
bein' used in experiments.

After the war, they
were abandoned,

and then they spilled
out into the jungle.

All it takes it two,

and pretty soon you've
got a whole tribe.

Lucky for them they
weren't lesbians, banta.


Why don't ya try me sometime?

What about that boneyard?

I think they were using people.

I think they were using
people as human Guinea pigs.


Lieutenant, wake up.



It's the wind, Friedman.

Up, everybody up!

Reilly, go with me, Hendricks,
you cover our backs!

Friedman, go get the others.

What, what are we looking for?

What's going on, where?

Where, where are they?

What's going on?

Ssh, turn out the lights.

Come in.

- Holy shit!
- What the fuck is this?

Where the fuck did
this guy come from?

Ah, man.

There's not supposed to be

anyone on this island, you know.

Everybody calm.

- I got a gun over here.
- Don't, don't, don't!

Hold it right there, buddy.

Hold it right there.
We're friends.

- Hold it.
- We're friends.

We are friends.

What's your name?

Nobody's gonna make
it out of here alive!

- I got this.
- What's your name?

We are friends.

- Come on, get him.
- Get him.

Nobody's gonna get out of this

alive. - Okay.

Move, Watkins.

Come on, move out. - Yes, sir.

Nobody's gonna get
out of this alive.

Nobody's gonna
yeah, all right, all right,

we heard it, we heard it!
Get out of this alive.

Watkins, rub him down
with a bar of soap,

disinfect the fucker, and
find him some new clothes.

Yes, sir.

Nobody's gonna get out of this.

They've given up on
the entire project!

What project?

- Friedman!
- Nobody's gonna get

outta of this. - Yes, sir.

Do you have something
else you could be doing?

I'm sure I could find something.

Well, why don't you go find it.

Locating something to do, sir.

Terrible party.

Well, I talked to him
for a couple of hours.

I didn't find out
a fucking thing.

What I figure is he's a pilot,

downed a plane around
here somewhere,

so tell your men to keep an
eye out for the fuselage.

Have you come across any of it?

- No.
- None of us are gonna

get out of this alive.

Tell them to look
for his shelter too.

He's gotta have a shelter
around here somewhere, right?

All right, people,
he's fascinating,

but we got a job to do, right?

How do you think the
old man did it, huh?

Livin' in the middle of
nowhere, years and years.

Eating what?

Birds, coconuts, rabbits.

And no one around to talk to.

Yeah, I know how that feels.

You know how that feels?

What are you kiddin' me?

I know how it feels to
have no good conversation.

Fuck you, Friedman.

If you're so smart,

what are you doin' here
in the first place?

Her name was carmelita.


kirn, yeah, we read you, over.

did you sweep the area?

Yeah, all clear.

Get it, get a move on.

Four, three, two.

Goddamn you, Hendricks!

You didn't fuckin'
sweep the area!

Fucking idiot.

We're practically
sitting on live ammo.

I'm sorry!

We could've been killed.

Why don't ya get mad already?

Jesus, you blew a
hole in the thing, you idiot.


It's concrete.

Hendricks, I don't
know about this.



Hendricks, what's
going on in there?

Jesus Christ.

Friedman, first aid.

Banta, banta, what happened?

What happened, what happened?

Something, I, I,
couldn't, it was green.

Okay, this is gonna sting.

You know, you remind
me of my grandpa.

After he had his stroke, I
used to take care of him,

give him a bath,
take him for walks.

They're sending
planes to stop it.

They're gonna wait until
he goes back inside,

and then they're gonna
cover it with cement.

That's the only way.

I know, okay?

I know all about it.

All right, I'm gonna
go get a razor,

and I'm gonna give you a shave.

I'll be right back.

I tried for over an hour, sir,

but all he does
is rant and rave.

Makes absolutely no
sense, but as you know,

all he has to do is say one
thing that does make sense,

and that's it, it's out
to the inquiring minds.

I agree, sir.

Well, he's old.

I can smother him, pass
it off as a heart attack.

Yes, sir, will do, out.

Where was the last
place you saw Hendricks?

Wouldn't it be better off

just leaving him
inside there, huh?


You're it.

Fucking great.

Mother of Christ.


- What?
- You gotta see this.

Did you find him?

Just get in here!

Don't leave me alone.

You're not alone,
you've got Friedman.

I got somethin', lieutenant.

Got it?


Give banta some light.

You all right?



All right, what's this?

Turn the light off, lieutenant!

Holy shit.

Whatever the fuck it is,
it's light sensitive.

What's up ahead there?

Let's check this out here.


You can stand up here.


Be careful.

Yeah, I'm gonna be.


Captain fetterman.

Captain fetterman.

The survivor got away.

He got.

Sorry, sir, I was
giving him a bath,

and I just left him for
a second to get a razor,

and then when I came back

he was gone.
I told you to come get me

before you did that, didn't 1?

Yes, sir.

You goddamned idiot!

You fucked it all up!

Base camp to kirn, come in.

Uh, this is Friedman.

The lieutenant's, uh,
not available, over.

Spread the word, the
old geezer got away.

He attacked Watkins.

Shoot to kill.

Shoot to kill?

That's an order,
Friedman, shoot to kill!

Put kirn on.

Friedman, where is kirn?

Well, we, uh, found
this concrete block,

and Hendricks blew it open
and disappeared inside,

and, well, I guess
kirn and everybody else

went in to find him, over.

Well that's it.

That's it.

We're finished here.


Base camp, come in, over.

Hendricks' lighter.

Looks like some kind of animal.

I don't wanna know
what it is, lieutenant.

I just wanna get
the fuck outta here.

Reilly, calm down.

This place is givin'
me the fuckin' creeps.

We've gotta find Hendricks.

Right now, banta, I don't
give a fuck about Hendricks.

Get out of my way.


Hey, wait a second.

- Hey, listen, hey.
- Listen, I say

we got through.

- That's an order.
- Corporal, let's turn back.

You leave it alone, banta.


Come on, let's turn back.

Holy shit.

Can you believe this?

That's a typewriter.

A radio.

Take it easy, guys.

A fucking cow.

It's a dead Jersey
steer, whoa, what?

- Oh shit.
- Oh look there's a body

in here.

Banta, banta,
freeze, don't touch it.

Oh my fucking Christ, he's
been ripped to shreds.

Goddammit, give
me a hand in here.

Forget it, lieutenant,
he's fucking dead, let's go.

- What the fuck was that?
- Let's go,

let's go, lieutenant.

Come here, let's go.

Banta, come on!

Come on!

I'd gone in there thinking

it was some kind
of defense project,

but human beings couldn't
have made that thing.

Then I figured with
Hendricks being dead

that I finally had a
right to the facts.

The only problem was fetterman
wasn't around to give 'em.

The boat,
where's the fuckin' boat?

There's no fucking way off!

Stating the obvious again.

You know, I've had
just about enough of you.

You little Jew freak.

I'm gonna give
it to ya, goddamn!

Oh, yeah, well fuck you.

Shut the fuck up, both of you!

Here's the plan.

We're goin' back to camp,
we're all gonna post guard,

and I'm gonna find us a way
off this fucking island.

You saw that thing today, kirn.

You saw what it
did to Hendricks.

You think bullets

are gonna stop that thing?
Private, you shut

the fuck up now!

Get goin', move it.

They wanted the
lowest of the low,

and except for you,
that's what they got.

They figured that if certain
things came to light,

they might need to take measures

to make sure that
nothing leaked out.

You're all
considered expendable.

Yes, sir.

Does that include you?

I guess it does now.

Who knows?

Maybe all along.

What about this
thing we found today?

I only know the basics.

I know that it crash
landed in Arizona in 1955.

The military brought
it here for study.

Somehow they managed
to cover up the landing

and the disaster
that went on later.

Which was?

The life form inside
the ufo went crazy.

It started killing
everyone on the island.

The government couldn't
do anything to stop it.

They sent airplanes in.

They covered up the ufo,
the thing inside it,

with concrete.

Any survivors...

Were left to die.

That's what they
intend to do with us.

Maybe, but they didn't
have any way to communicate.

Now, you're sure
guardino's not in on this?

I don't know.

Kirn, aren't you
still on the island?

I'm here, but fetterman isn't.

He stranded us.

He what?

Stranded us.

Sir, I need transportation
off the island

as fast as possible,
do you copy?

Can you do that for me?

Yes, of course I can.

But what exactly
happened, what's going on?

If I told you, you'd
never believe it.

All right, hold your
position and stay on this line.

We'll have you out of
there as quickly as we can.

Yes, Martha, my tickets to
the music center this evening.

Are those eight or 8:30?

Are we being joined?

Well, the general said
something about, no dice?

Oh well, not to worry.

Okay, thank you, that's it.


Hey, hey.


Son of a.

Just call me gracey.

Come on, twinkle toes.

That fuckin' guy,
do you believe that?

Fucking prick.

Go get kirn.

You gonna be all right?

Get outta here.

Come here.

Come on, old man.

It's the old guy.

He's keepin' his distance.

All these years
he's been living here,

he survived that thing.

He survived those bombings.

I'll bet ya he's got a
safety zone somewhere,

you know, some kind of shelter.


And maybe he's tryin'
to lead us there.

So, how does it feel to be
a beast of fucking burden?

I don't know, you tell me.

They could've radioed ahead.

Could've taken the
Jeep up later, but no.

Tight asses always gotta
do it the hard way.

That's kirn for ya.

Go find banta, I'l
stay with the old guy.


Yeah, fancy place you got here.

Great, uh-huh, need those pans.


Hey, that's a cute rabbit.

It's your little pet?

Friend, friend, friend.



My friend, my friend.

Looks just like ya.



I got too much
shit on me, Reilly.

Hey, bozos, where are you?


Wait up.


What the hell?


Do I have to, come on, come on.




Who's there?

Who's there?

Who is it?


Christ, Friedman.

Oh god, oh god,
somebody help us!

Reilly, come on, Reilly!

We're right behind you, help me.

I don't know what to do.

- Shit.
- 1 don't know what to do.

I'm sorry. - It's okay.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what to do.

Get him back to the bunker.

I'm sorry, come on.

Reilly, we gotta find banta.

- Are you okay?
- She's gotta be dead.

I don't hear her
screamin' no more.

These must be old
stag movies, huh?

That's how you went so
long without sex, I bet.

I think it's pregnant.

Might be films of that
research they were doin'.

Come on,
Reilly, move your fat ass.

In a second, in a second.

I can't believe that
fuckin' thing still works.

It's a good thing it's German.

Friedman, can you fix
the fuckin' focus, please?

I'm tryin', all right?

You do that again and
you are a dead old man.

That's him.

That's the old man.

Sure as hell looks that way.

It's a chameleon.

We sat there for a long time,

nobody saying anything.

I kept thinking about
what I'd seen that day.

The way this thing just
didn't kill Hendricks.

It eviscerated him,

which was exactly what
we had done to its mate.

Couldn't figure out which
was worse, it or us.

What are you doing?

What does it look like?

I'm gonna find banta,
or at least her body.

Anybody care to join me?

Wish me luck.

Semper fi.

All right, watch your step.

Once you get in those goddamn
webs, you don't get out.

Don't worry, lieutenant,

I'm not goin' anywhere
near those nasty things.

They're everywhere.

Lieutenant, I got it.

That's an 86 on the phone.

What's that?

I'm outta here.

Ah, no, no, no, listen.

I think that's banta.

I'm goin' up the tree for a
better look, keep me covered.

All right.

Got me covered?

Yeah, yeah.

Can you see
anything, lieutenant?

Yeah, I can see.

It's torturing here like,

like she's some
kind of fucking toy.

Reilly, I'm not gonna
leave her like this.

We can't fucking
get to her either.


That fuckin' thing
isn't here anymore.

That's what I'd want.

Get the fuck out of here.

J oh the old gray mare

j she ain't what

j she used to be
knock it off, old man.

J ain't what she used to be
knock it off, old man.

J the old gray mare

j she ain't what she
I said knock it

the fuck off! - Reilly!

Reilly, put it down,
put it down, put it down!

I can't fuckin' take
this stuff anymore.

This fuckin' waitin'
for somethin' to happen

is drivin' me fuckin' crazy.

I'm gonna fucking kill somebody.

Reilly, you put that gun away.

I swear to Christ,
I'll shoot ya myself.

If they don't get here soon,

you can stick a fork
in me, I'll be done.

Yeah, well maybe I'm crazy,

but I'm more concerned about
what the hell we're gonna do

when we get home than how
we're gonna get there.

Yeah, knowing what
battle you walk into,

you are definitely out there.

Yeah, well what do you think?

You think we're just gonna go
back to our same little lives?

Well I know fetterman, and
I know what he's capable of.

I know what he does to
people who know too much,

and that means us.

I got the answer
to that right here.

A camera?

We take this and the film

and the papers the
old man saved up,

and we got right to the media.

They're not gonna hurt anybody
who's in the spotlight.

Let me see that.

You've been walkin'
around all this time

making a documentary, and I
don't know anything about this?


Friedman, you're a genius.

Well, I'm so happy we figured
out next month, lieutenant.

But we still got right
now to worry about,

and I'm gonna tell
you somethin',

they are not comin' for us.

What's that?

Hey, guys, we got
two choppers outside!

I've had a lovely time,
but I'd like to go now.


Old man, not again,
please, no more!

Take cover!

Fuckin' tryin' to kill us!

Watkins, behind you, go!

No, no, stay put,
we're safe here.

Fuck, I left the hatch open.

I left the hatch open.

I'll get it.

No, Friedman.

I'll get it.



Take the camera.

- Huh, what?
- Take the camera.

- Why?
- Go on, take it.


- He's fucked.
- Get the hell outta here.

Come on, move it! - Reilly.

Move it!

Old man, move, come on!



Come on!


Oh shit.

Watkins, take this, take this!

Go, go, go!

Take my hand!

Come on!


Come on.



Hey, old timer, come on down.

There ya go.

Come on.

Come on.

When we first
discovered this thing,

I remember Reilly saying
it was light sensitive,

so maybe it was actually
powered by solar energy,

maybe that's why it
landed back in '55

in a place where the
sun was shining bright.

It was trying to
recharge itself,

and then it made the
mistake of thinking

it could trust the people
who'd stumbled on it,

the same mistake I
made with fetterman.

Semper fi.

Guard that with your life.

Look, we've got lots of
timber out here on the beach.

Maybe we could build
ourselves a raft.

We can haul the engine
out of the Jeep,

hook up a propeller, what
do you think, Reilly?

With all due
respect, lieutenant,

you're grasping at straws.

Straws are the
only thing we've got.

Yeah, well, building
a raft takes time,

and we got that
thing roaming around,

and we'd just be gettin'
started before it found us.

Jesus Christ, look at
this, hey, hey, hey!

That's c-4.

Don't fuck with that shit.

Blow us all up.

Wait a second.

The old guy just
gave me a great idea.

We did it!

Son of a bitch, we did it!

Let's just hope
that fucking holds it.

It worked for 40
years, didn't it?

Come on, let's get going.

The president has denied

allegations of an affair.

As for the sudden departure
of the first lady,

a white house spokesman says

she's just taking a
much needed vacation.


A much needed vacation.

That's about what I said
when my wife first left me.

You know, it took me months
to admit she was even gone.

You were married?

She was a very
good looking woman, your wife.

Hubba hubba.

I was almost engaged once.

Right out of high school to
my high school sweetheart.

We both went into
the service together.

Didn't work out.

He ran off with his
platoon captain.

Spokesman at camp Pendleton

have still not released the
names of the five marines

killed yesterday in an
explosives accident.

The deaths came during a training
session for bomb disposal.

The identity of those marines

and a Pentagon military advisor,

also killed in the accident,
will be released pending

notification of relatives.
Those sons of bitches.

Goddamn those dirty
sons of bitches.

My parents are probably close

to committing suicide right now.

My parents are
probably celebrating.

I'm gonna find those films.

They can dispute photographs,

but they'll never
explain away those films,

and I'm gonna find them.

I'll find 'em if it takes
me all goddamn night.

Hey, lieutenant, you're
really startin' to stink,

you know that?

You caught a whiff of
yourself lately, Reilly?

Oh, you're right, how
'bout we take a break?

Go down to the beach and
take a little swim, huh?

We're gonna be at the beach
just as soon as we finish.

I wanna float this thing
right down the stream.

Come on, lieutenant,

what do ya think, Watkins?

You wanna go down and
take a dip in the ocean?

With you?


Dressed in what?

I don't know, don't ya
have a thong on under there?

Yeah, you wish.

Come on, lieutenant,
what do ya say?

Go ahead, be back in 15 minutes.

Yes, yes.

Wanna come?

Nah, I got a lot of work to do.

Come on.

You're gettin' to be the
only one I can count on.


Come on!

Watkins, let me see you!

You probably remember
lieutenant Johnson.

As a matter of fact,

you probably know the
rest of the team too.


Wolf, come in goddammit.

Sorry, sir, what is it, sir?

Two down, three
others still at large.

Proceed with your crew.

Roger, heading out, sir.

Where are the others?

They're dead.

Lying to me, aren't ya?

No, no, they were all
killed in the air raid.

Where are the bodies?

I'll show you.

All right.

Where you goin'?

- Okay, just hold on.
- I can't get out.

No, hold on, give me your arm.

I can't move

my fuckin' hands.
We're gonna get you

outta here, give me your hand.

It's stuck!

- Come on, give me your hand.
- We're all stuck in shit,

you asshole.

Get me outta here, kiss my ass.

Go on, move!

There, in that cave.

It was sealed up
in the air raid.

Everyone died inside.

Johnson, get me some c-4.

Yes, sir.

How come you didn't
get 'em outta there?

You had the explosives with you.

No, sir, they had the
explosives with them, sir.

Captain fetterman.

Captain fetterman.

Go for fetterman.

Uh, we've
got a situation here, sir.

Smith is, well, he's stuck,
sir, in some kind of web.

What do you mean he's stuck?

Well, I don't know, sir.

It's like it's
just all sticky and

I don't know what
the hell's goin' on.

Do you have any idea
what he's talking about?

No, sir.

Where are ya?

Well, sir, I'm not sure.

We crossed a stream.

We're probably about
three quarters of a mile

from the pier, and I don't know.

Well, that's real
specific, Nichols.

Hold tight, we'll be there asap.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

I want you to blow a
hole in that cave entrance.

- Yes, sir.
- Move it!

I don't think I can do this.

Sure ya can.

Get in there.

It appears someone's
been in here, sir.

I knew you were
lying to me, Watkins.

Last chance, where are they?

They don't seem to
be around here anymore.

Get it off!


What's the matter?

What, the cave?

Ow, shit, you fucking

cut me, man.
Well, hold still then.

What the fuck is

this shit?
Where the fuck is fetterman?

Kirn, where are you?


Where are you?

Where are you?


Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Fetterman's here.

They're gonna kill us.

I know, I know, his
men are in the webs.

Shh, shh.


Listen to me,
they killed Reilly.

They killed, they wanted
me to take them to you,

so I led them to the cave.

Don't move!

Freeze, hold still.

- Right there, do not move.
- Turn around.

- Turn around.
- Do not move,

put your hands behind you.

- Get your hands behind you!
- Hands behind your back.


Wolf, what was that you
were sayin' before that,

what did you say, something
that Smith ran into a web?

Yeah, I don't know what it was.

It was some kind of
sticky web or somethin'.

Yes, yes, I see it now.

They're all over the place.

Tell me about it,
it's fuckin' everywhere.

Wolf, I want you
to come and get me.

Do you read, over?

I'll try, sir.

God, what the fuck
is goin' on here?

What the fuck is goin' on here?

It's okay, it's okay.

Come on.

It's all right, okay.

Just give me a second.

The cam is, the cam.

Okay, okay.

Is it okay, is it okay?

It's okay, the
camera's fine, Watkins.

I said the camera's fine.



Watkins, they're
all gonna find out.

Everybody's gonna know.

Even if I gotta jam this right
into their skulls, Watkins.

That's far enough, kirn.

Now, come on down.

They're all dead.

I found every single
fucking one of 'em dead.

Just like you wanted.

I'm not talking about those
worthless fucks with you!

I'm talkin' about my men!

What happened?

What you spent 40
years tryin' to cover up.

No, I'm not gonna be
accountable for that.

That's why I'm takin' you
back with me to explain.

Why don't you just
shoot me now, fetterman?

Go ahead, wipe your slate clean.

I'd love to, kirn, but
you're my excuse, man,

with your life.

Nice and easy, that's it.

Now, after you.

Go on!


Kirn, kill it, shoot it!

Kirn, shoot it, kirn!

Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!

Kill it, kirn, shoot it, kirn.

Semper fi.

I wonder, you know, I
wonder what it was thinking.

I know what I'd like to believe,

that there might be hope
yet for the human race.

He vanished almost the
second we hit the dock.

One moment he was there,
and the next he's gone.

Unfortunately, I didn't
take any pictures of him,

but I can give
you a description.

If you could find him, he'd
be the perfect corroboration.

Well, a corroboration
would be very helpful,

but I'm sure you realize this
is gonna be one tough sell.

But you gotta get a
helicopter out to that island.

I mean, the film, the
film will be there,

the webs, those bodies,
it'll all still be there.

If the government hasn't
already cleaned it up.



Stern, you will print the story?

If you can convince my editor

the way that you've convinced
me, sure, absolutely.

Well, coming up we have
Johnny sendum with the weather,

and Teddy lyons backstage with
last night's grammy winners.

But first, more on the saga

of marine lieutenant
Martin kirn.

Kirn, you'll recall,
was reported dead

in a freak accident
at camp pendelton

only to surface later
with a bizarre story

involving an unidentified
flying object

and a coverup plot by
the federal government.

Well, a court appointed
psychiatrist has found

that kirn is suffering
from paranoid delusions.

Moreover, the military
has come forward

with several witnesses
who testified

that kirn deliberately set the
explosion at camp pendelton.

That explosion, you'll
recall, killed five marines

and a visiting representative
from the Pentagon.

In addition, photographs
of the alleged ufo

have been proven fraudulent

by several specialists.
They're lying.

They're lying, they're lying.

They're lying!

They're lying!

They're lying, they're lying.

They're lying!

They're lying!