Xolo (2017) - full transcript

South of Italy. Rosa is a woman with a troubled past. Gino, Rosa's lover, is a violent landowner engaged in dogfights. When Rosa meets Nathaniel, a french drifter, her life takes a new, unexpected turn.

Based on a true story

Men like control.

They like to control
time, land and animals.

They like to control others.

Men call me when they lose this control.

I knew a man.

It was probably 10 years ago
but history repeats itself, constantly.

This man found a wolf on his land.

People used to shoot at wolves...

but he thought that
animals could be tamed.

“I want to walk around with a wolf
on a leash”, he said.

They lived side by side for years,
sharing food,

close to each other during the day,
separated by a cage at night.

When the animal seemed ready...

the man put a chain
around the animal's neck.

But a wolf is a wolf, it doesn’t change.

It cannot be tamed.

So the man fired a shot to its head.

He could have freed it, let it go…

but a man is a man.

The nature of things affirms itself
and men lose control.

That's when they call me.

Grass growing from cracks in the asphalt
for example. That is nature.

The question is:

are men part of nature?

I have a different idea about
the world.

I let it go.

I just say...


- How much?
- Full tank.


I don’t know.

It heats up.



How did it go?

As usual.

The bar.

The petrol station.

Is this for the whole week?

- Including Saturday?
- Yes.

Today I threw a lot of money away,

I bought a dog.

You should see its eyes, its head.

It’s nasty.

I'll go home,
I won’t stay here tonight.

- Alright?
- Alright, go!

- Is it the new dog that Gino bought?
- Yes, it's that one.

That's how he spends his
money then.


You need gasoline?

No, no.

My car is working better today.

- Are you French?
- Yes, I’m French.

Tu parlé français?


Love songs.


Love songs!

My name is Nathaniel.

I work in this area but
I’m moving soon.

What’s your name?




Nice name, beautiful.

Nice to meet you, Rosa.

Nice to meet you!

As we say in French.


Good bye.

I'll leave in two days,

do you want to come with me?

I put it here.

it’s worth a lot of money.
It’s a fighting dog.

It even killed a fellow.

Tie it in the shed and don’t you
ever feed it, ever.

They want to be paid to the last penny.
And I pay them to the last penny.

But this is daylight robbery.

They add to the weight but
are worth nothing.

I have to go.

- Is Gino waiting for you?
- Work is waiting for me.

Will I see you again?



How does it feel to kill someone?

You don’t know?

You never asked yourself!

Come here!

How much did you spend
on this dress?

You took it from the bar.

Do you need something?

Answer me.

How can I help you?

You need a dress?

Don't you have any more dresses?

Did you have to steal?

I sell gasoline, Rosa.

I’m ready to leave.


How should I know!

Gino bought a dog.

A dog worth a lot of money.

Yes. I know.

Let’s take it and leave!

No, I don't know.

- I’m ready.
- Yes.

- The dog?
- It’s in the trunk.

What the fuck are you doing here?

Where're we going?

To sell the dog.

Did you see that?

It doesn't seem that bad.


Who can we sell it to?

I know someone in the
dogfighting business,

let’s see how much it’s really worth.

This is the first time I've eaten out.


No one ever invited you
to a restaurant?

I mean, out?


No one?

I always lived in the countryside.

What about your family, Rosa?

I don’t have a family.

If we see a real restaurant,

I'll invite you.

I promise.

How much we got?

Three hundred and fifty, roughly.

One day's takings.

"Without heart we would
be mere machines."

Without heart we would
be mere machines.

I'd love to show you a wonderful place.





I have to start all over again,
leave everything behind.

And you got to help me.

I’m here Rosa.



How did you meet Gino?

At his petrol station.

I was looking for a normal job
and we spoke.

He helped me because I was alone.

Gino has a family.
Did you know that?

He has a wife.

Are you in love with me,

With all my being.

I've done bad things.

I don’t want to know about it.

I've done a lot of things
I have to tell you about.

You don’t know who I am.

You don’t know who I am either.

Yes I do.

There's a magazine in the suitcase.

I marked an article.

It's about Gino’s dog.

Its name is Csolo.

The name is Xolo, not Csolo.

“This dog killed and could kill again."

"It broke the chain...

and pounced on its owner.

Soon after it vanished without a trace.


Is it the same dog?

They became lovers and
now they're on the run.

They still look at each other with wonder.

“Are you truly mine?”

“Will this man be mine forever?”

They feel infinite joy.

But they know they're lying to themselves.

They remember old lovers.
Known feelings they experienced...

and they wonder:

“Will it end like last time?”

And they're scared.

They know we will take back what's ours.

More than that.

They're waiting for us.

This is what lovers live for,
drama, sorrow.

We are their tears.


That’s it, dead.

What do you mean “dead”?

That’s it!

Let’s walk.

What do you mean “walk”?
Check it again.

No. Let’s walk, it’s dead.

Come with me.

Are we going to walk?
- We will walk.

The suitcase.

- The radio.
- The radio!

The dog.

- The plant.
- And the plant.

Is that all?

Xolo, come. Let’s walk.

Let's go.

Do you have to run all of a sudden?

We're here.

We have to get here.

- It’s close.
- We could have fixed the car.

I don’t know how you do things in France,
but here we fix the cars.

That car was stolen.

And by the way, I’m not really French,
I’m from the Basque Country.

Where shall we head to?

- Show me your ass.
- Come on!

Let’s make love!

Shit! I forgot the money in the car.

He wants to pay 200.

He knows the dog.
He says it’s dangerous to keep it.

What shall we do?

I don’t know.

After we sell the dog we take a ferry.

I want to go to Turkey.

You have no idea what
we're going to do, right?

When the money's gone?

This thing about money is no longer
a problem for me.

Since I left France...

I tell myself:

“Tomorrow, tomorrow I will make
some money.”

And I'm sure tomorrow will come.

Did you have all the money
you wanted with Gino?

I had a place to stay and
some money, yes.

But he treated you like a whore.

That’s what you said, didn’t you?

I've worked with Gino.

He treats everybody like animals.

Maybe he’s right.
We're just animals.

We're a bit more complex.


Consider a man and a woman, as they are.

At the end…

How do you call it in Italian“l’essence”?

The essence?

What a person really needs
is just a fire to keep him warm…

and a glass of wine.

Don’t you worry, Rosa.

I’m here.

I can give you…

the essence of what you need.

Love songs?

The devil himself on the leash.

- Where are you heading?
- We’re wandering around.

- It doesn’t look dangerous.
- Who told you it’s dangerous?

- What’s on your mind?
- Nothing.

So much thirst in your eyes.

Gino told me about your thirst
but I didn’t think it was so much.

Are you thirsty?

I'm no longer thirsty.

Tell Gino my thirst
is quenched!

- Who was he?
- Just someone who wanted to buy the dog.


It’s not worth it.

Xolo, come.



If something happens to me?

Would you be ready?
Would you be by my side?

Of course.

- I don’t think so.
- Why?

Why didn’t you come when you saw me
talking to that man?

I didn’t notice him.
What do you mean?

I'm saying I'm alone,
exactly as you found me.

Didn’t you say you'll save me?

Calm down.

Stop it!

Calm down.

Stop it. Stop it, I said.

Where is Xolo?

Where's the dog?

Leave it alone, it killed a man.
I don’t want it with us anymore.

It'll starve.

Who gives a fuck if he starves to death!

We're penniless and you care
about the dog!

Where’s that damn dog!

That’s it, go away.

Stay by yourself.

Sure, it’s easy.

Fucking bloody dog!

Let’s stay here.

There's all we need.

A home,


A city all to ourselves.

Who was it, Gino?

Xolo. Where's Xolo?

Go, Rosa. I’ll come.

Don’t worry.

I'll come to find you.
Go, run, run!

I’m sorry.

I found the girl, we're coming back.

Yes, the dog is with us.

- The dog?
- It's free.

It’ll starve to death.

How was your trip?

Take that dress off,

I bought you a present.

Nothing happened, Rosa.

Everything is the same as before.

- How much?
- Eighty.

If you want, you know where to find me.

Looks like that boy is still following
you around.

Leave him alone.
You wanted me here, here I am.

Don’t worry.

Yes, I do worry.

Rosa, you can’t stop a heart,

it hears no reason.

You don’t have a heart,
you don’t know.

You think it’s your heart,
but it’s your head.

Go to him.

Go to him.

You're free.

Go to him.

Go to him. Get out!

You have to do something for me.

Here I'll build a cathedral for you.

For us to worship you.

They didn’t kill me, see?

No, they didn’t kill you.

I couldn’t just disappear.