Xing yuan (1999) - full transcript

A young man, blind and dumb, works as an audio tape typist in a hospital and fostering a tender and sincere relationship with a beautiful but introverted nurse. When hit by a car, he is the sixty billionth human being to die on earth, and is on transit to Polaris, en route to a yet more sophisticated form of existence in Vega. Given a reprieve of five days and a chance to be reunited with his love on earth, he cannot reveal his true identity behind the temporary facade he must present to her. Both boy and girl eventually learn, through a tangle of difficult and miraculous events, how love and good things always find ways of creeping into people's lives when people are not greedy and least expect these blessings.

Guess the phrase I hear

the most in my life.

-Are you blind?

A blind man shouldn't be out!

Bingo! That's it.

I wanted to tell him

that a blind man can go out too.

But I did not say it.

Because I am mute too.

Good morning, Onion!

Since I've lived here for so long,

I know everyone.

Like this one who smells of alcohol.

He's the security guard, Mr. Wong.

A well-known drunk.

Hi, Onion!

You can tell I'm Chow? So quick!

Of course.

I could smell your perfume
from the entrance.

The hospital gave me a place to live.

Why? Because I work here.

Doing what?

Recording the doctors' verbal diagnosis.

I got this job thanks to
the Equal Opportunity Law.

The salary is okay.

There are many medical experiments
being run here.

So I took part in

a project to cure blindness.

The research hasn't been successful,

but Dr. Woo and Autumn treat me well.

Especially Autumn.

I wasn't born blind.

At eight years old,
I moved from Taiwan to Hong Kong.

I was the best in school.

A genius.

Then, problems emerged.

My eyes were always watery.

Everything I saw was blur.

One day, I went swimming
with the pretty girls from my class.

It was showtime. So I did the fancy dive.

From the way up.

But when I entered the water, my eyes hurt

and started bleeding.

It was too late
when I got to the hospital.

My retina had fallen off.

Then I knew that I've become blind.

That night, I came down with meningitis

and subsequently lost
the ability to speak.

My family members left one after another.

The noisy one ahead

is my buddy, Jumboball.

What the hell? You walk like a ghost!

7 Up with salted lemon, your favorite.

So much salt again? It's not good for you.

Can't you share?

You gobble everything down.

All right, your turn.

Stop flopping around. Here you go.

What's the matter?

It has problem breathing?

You mean you have a problem, not the bird.

I've known you for years.

I never knew
you understood the birds. What?


With such an appetite? No way!

What are you getting?

What are you doing?

Don't pass it to my bird.

Leave it alone. Come and bug me.

Come here, homework time.

Let me have it.

I dreamt of my ungrateful daughter again.

Salivating. Dead. Still on drugs.

You are better.


I'm queuing for a massage.

Have you got nothing to do?

Are you paying me or is it the opposite?



And that's the news for today.

In the next segment,

we will be introducing...

When I was little,

I wanted to call in to the radio to chat.

Ever since I became blind,

the radio has been
my connection to the world.


Hello, please talk.

-Ms. Autumn.
-Thank you, Fisherman.

-Doctor, your coffee.

Is Onion throwing up badly?


But he's a tough guy.

The last time it happened,
he didn't ask for help.

He even joked about it.

I noticed something.
Usually, you don't talk much.

Except when you talk about the patients.

Do you like music?

Like jazz, perhaps?

It's okay.

Don't you think

listening to classical music

and playing saxophone is pretentious?

Not really. The saxophone's pretty nice.

That's good to know.

I know how to play it.

Back in school, every time I played it,

my friends said I was pretentious.

When foreigners play it,

they said it's cool.

So, I often practiced

in the toilet.

Even now, my sax playing
comes with a taste.

I think I've gone too far.

I have two concert tickets for tonight.

Do you want to go?

I can't. I have exams.
I don't want to flunk it.

That's true.

Never mind, next time then.

After all,
failure is the mother of success.

Sorry. I'm sorry, Onion.

So sorry, I'm late again.

Have you been waiting long?


It is the 30th time

Ms. Autumn is cutting my hair.

I'm not very greedy.

I only wish for this to happen

for another 863 times in my life.

What are you thinking?
Did you fall asleep?

Did you take the apples I bought you?

You remembered my birthday.

I only told you once.

Thank you.

Someone said that I'm clumsy today.

No? Really?

I heard if someone has a disadvantage,

God will give them one advantage.

If you get a lousy body,

you'll get a good brain.

If you are not pretty,

you'll get a nice voice.

But why don't I get anything?

I'm just getting fat.

It's all your fault!

You're always giving me sweets.
They're so good.

What advantages do you have?


Right, you have more.

You can't see how ugly I am.

And you won't tell my secrets.

When I'm with you,

I feel particularly safe.

You are the only one I can talk to.

But if you don't want to listen, tell me.

You really don't?

You don't like it?

Don't rub your nose!

I'm just kidding. Relax.

Did you hear it?

I heard it again last night.

I don't know why but every time I hear it,

I feel relaxed.

Dr. Woo said he can play it.

But it's not him, I'm sure.

He can't play that well.

I wanted to go and find out
who was playing it for a few times.

But I didn't want to be nosy.

What if he stopped because of that?

Is it you?

It must be you!

"I don't play the saxophone."

Then who could it be?

It was a call

from far away.

He talked about his love troubles.

I feel great for him now.

I hope he can stay

with his beloved one,

forever and ever.

If you would like

to share your problems with us,

give me a call.

Let's have a chat on air.

I hope you can be relieved

of your distress and problems.

Actually, I've known how to play the sax
since I was young.

Because my dad played
in the Taiwan Orchestra.

I played the sax together with him.

I always performed
at the blind school too.

Ever since Autumn said she likes the sax,

I often played for her at night.

I don't want her to know it's me.

Even Dr. Woo couldn't attract her.

What would she say about me then?

I'd better not ruin her dreams.

Or she might just stop

cutting my hair for me.

Good morning, Onion!

I have to go, I'm late. Bye!

Is it good?

You are the first one to say that.

It's weird why the others don't like it.

I know, you are always on my side.

Did you hear it last night?

The sax.

I said I felt bad yesterday

and it was played immediately.

It happens every time.

A shooting star!

Did you see it? A shooting star!

Of course. How could you see it?

But I made two wishes.

Am I too greedy?

Tell you?

Okay, it's about you anyway.

The first one is for your eyes
to recover soon.

So that we can watch
the meteor shower together.

What do you think?

The second one?

Okay, I'll tell you.

The second one is...

I won't tell you.

No pouting!

No rubbing your nose too.

Do you know
what the meteor shower is like?

No? I'll tell you.

A meteor shower
is like fireworks in the sky.

Have I seen it?


I'm lying?

If you see a meteor gliding across
your face like this,

what would you wish for?

You have two as well?

I know.

You would want all the blind people
to recover, right?

That's noble of you.

And the second one?

Come on, say it.

Tell me or I'll tickle you.

What's the second one? Tell me.


The hospital's paging for me.
I need to get changed.

Move. Turn right.

Turn right, and again.

Straight ahead.

No, back up.

Move it, I'm late!

Oh, my god! I'm going to crash!

Go straight.

Getting off ahead, thank you.

Thanks, Onion.

Wait for me.

You look great, Onion.

I have to go, bye.

What's up? You look happy.


Oh, shit!

Call the police.

Wait, I can see. Where am I?

Am I dreaming?

Mr. Yeung Hei-chung, please come this way.


What? She's my friend. Get in line.

Congrats, you've hit the jackpot.

You are the 60 billionth human
to travel from Earth to Polaris.

Jackpot? Am I dreaming?

You are not.

This is the station to Polaris.

He read my mind. I must be dreaming.

It's not a dream.

You can see me, right?

You can speak. Speak.

I really can.

You don't remember?

You died in an accident.

When one dies, they leave Earth

and go to Polaris

to continue their journey
of learning and discovery.

One out of ten billion has the chance

to have their wish granted.

What's yours?

I wish to go back. I'm not ready to die.

I knew it.

All five out of the last ten billion
said the same.

I can't revive you.

But you can return. You have five days.

It's better than none.

Listen up.

In these five days,
you are still you on the inside.

But other people on Earth

won't know who you are.

Because you're borrowing
someone else's body and voice.

They won't recognize you.

There's an important rule.

You must not tell anyone about this place.

You can't reveal your true identity.

Even if you want to,

you won't be able to.

You mean I can see and speak like now?

Yes. What's your decision?

The five humans before you who went back

ended up regretting it.

No, I won't.

Just let me see her.

This time, I won't only hear or smell her.

I can see her expressions
and movements now.

Even if I have to be blind
and mute in Polaris,

that's fine with me.

Because of her,

I learned what true happiness is.

When can I go?


Thank you.

Thank you, for talking to me.

Even angels get bored here, you know?

Stupid girl.

I told you not to talk to strangers.

Just wait until someone abducts you.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

People won't recognize you

when they see you.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm fine.

Mr. Wong, you've been drinking again.

You smell of alcohol.

The ophthalmology
is on the first floor, right?

Ms. Chow? You're Ms. Chow.

Your perfume smells nice.
You must be Ms. Chow!

Who are you? Can I help you?

I'm sorry.

May I know where Ms. Autumn is?

She's at the bus stop.

She's going to her friend's funeral.


I mean who...

I lived here before. Maybe I know him.

His name is Onion Yeung.

Onion Yeung? I am...

What date is it?

Today is November 14.

November 14? I've been away for 10 days!

Anything else?

No, thanks.

-Ms. Chow.
-What now?

Nothing, I just wanted to say

that you look good in uniform.

I know.

-Is this going to the cemetery?

Thank you, Ms. Lam.

Ms. Ng.


Joe Chan. Ms. Chan!

Wait, Autumn is not here yet.

She went early. Didn't you know?



That must be her. She's beautiful!

-And that must be Dr. Woo.

Why is he holding Autumn? Hey.

What is it?

Why are you so upset?
Were you close to him?

No, you stepped on my foot.

You're supposed to say sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's all right. What's your name?

My name? Whatever.

Whatever, were you close with Onion?

Me and him...

That's Onion?

You don't know him?

I do, but I haven't seen him
in a long time.

Do you have a mirror?

Yes, hang on.

Do we look alike?


Is he better looking or me?

You are.

Amazing, I get to come back
and be good looking too.

Nobody has ever said that to me, thanks.

You're welcome.

Jumboball, I've missed you!

What the hell? You walk like a ghost!

Do I know you?

You don't, but I do.

I'm Onion's friend.


I've known him for ages.

His friends are my friends.

Why have I never met you?

I'm his old friend,

from Taiwan.

From Taiwan?

A classmate?


Why didn't you attend his funeral?

Forget it.

I can't help crying.
It's better not to go.

I'm going. Do you need anything?

I would like to stay for a bit.

There's nothing left.

Shut the door when you leave.

"Insurance broker, Cheuk."

May I talk to Mr. Cheuk?

He's out. Can I help you?

Do you need insurance?

I wanted to ask if I buy insurance,

and I die,

will you indemnify the beneficiary?

Of course.

How much is the indemnity?

Depends on how much you buy.

Do you want to buy?

I have time.
We can sit down and have a chat.

It's okay. I just want
the indemnity handed out.

Because I...

My friend...

The one who bought insurance
from your company

has died.

Died? Mr. Cheuk is on leave.

You can call back in a few days.

Wait, hello?

You said you had time.
What about the chat?

In a few days...

I don't have a few days.


Are you here?

From now on, I'll take care of you.

My name's Cheuk. This is my name card.

Actually, I'm Onion.

My name's Cheuk. This is my name card.

My name's Cheuk.
This is my name card. I...


Who are you?

My name's Cheuk. This is my name card.

Any order, sir?

7 Up with salted lemon, thanks.

7 Up with salted lemon, sir.

I'll add the salt myself.

Mr. Cheuk.

Not many people ask for me.

It's mostly friends who do.

That is the nurses' dormitory.

Here's your water, Ms. Autumn.

-Anything to eat?

I had so much I wanted to say.

But looking at her now,

I can't say a word.

Mr. Cheuk.

How can I help you?

Oh, right.

Your friend, Yeung Hei-chung,

bought insurance from us.

And Autumn Yue is the beneficiary.

Are you Autumn Yue?

Strange friend, right?

He had a funny nickname.

You think it's funny?

I'll ask just a few questions
for the indemnity.

What's your job?

Nurse trainee.

Okay. How long have you known each other?

1 year and 26 days.

Amazing, you remember it exactly,
even down to the days.

What was your relationship?

I mean,

how close was your friendship?

Ordinary, intimate, lovers?

Why should I tell you?

Because that's very important.

If you two were intimate or lovers,

he might have killed himself

so you could have the money.

He would never kill himself!

He wouldn't do that.

He was tough, and full of life and hope!

Go on.

What's your relationship with Dr. Woo?

Who do you like more?

Are you really an insurance actuary?

Does it matter who I like better?


That's because...

You and Dr. Woo could've killed Onion.

My God! What did I say?

Have I lost my mind due to jealousy?

Mr. Cheuk,

you are the worst man I know.

The lowest, the most caddish pest!

Ms. Autumn!

I'm actually...

Fisherman, the towel!

Do you have epilepsy?

You'd better have a checkup.


You can't reveal your true identity.

Even if you want to, you can't.

It felt like you were there.

I could yell at him louder because of you.

Sorry about what happened.

I don't know how to explain it.

I am Onion and Cheuk.

It sounds ridiculous,

but it's true.

We don't disappear when we die.

We just live in another place.

Do you remember

you cut my hair 13 times?

You cut my right ear once too.

You asked me if it hurt.

Aside from this letter of apology,

I'm making this recording to be safe.

I am Onion and Cheuk.

Believe me.

I know it's ridiculous.

Remember the night before I died?

You saw a shooting star

and made wishes.

For me? Thanks.

I get off at ten. Let's have dinner.

Dinner? I can't...

How about supper?

-I won't trouble you.
-Not at all.

Really, I'm free right now.

Can I have the flowers back?

What? Such a cheapskate!

You gave it to me.

Did I say that?

Look at what you've done.

You want it? Take it!


I know it's for Autumn.

I could tell from your eyes
that day at the cemetery.

She has the day off, though.

It's a mess,
but I don't think she would mind.

Take it.

Out of pity?

It's for you, really.

I get it, thanks.

I feel great. Hope you are the same.

You will see her.

She's at her sister's. The address...

I know, she told me before.


Are you all right?

Why are you trying
to learn swimming so suddenly?

You used to yell
when I washed your hair at the sink.

I thought you're scared of water.

I didn't dare to do anything

because of my fear of water.

Until it was too late.

From now on, the more I'm scared,

the harder I'll try.

Hold on. Let me get a notebook.

That was deep.

I need to jot it down.

You're teasing me!

-Take this.

I bet you didn't dare
to confess your feelings.

And now it's too late. Am I right?

Do you think I won't splash you
because you're pregnant?

How dare you? Aren't you here for help?

Here we are.

I can't go further.

Three hundred dollars.

How far ahead?

Not far. Just follow the road.

What's up?

Tell me something.

What happened to my little sister

who used to be so strong?

Thanks for the compliment. I'm fine.


Was "strong" a compliment?

I thought it meant bad-tempered.

Come to me when you want to talk.

Let me. Stay still, Your Highness.

I hope you always treat me like a queen.

Dr. Woo?

I guessed right. You are here.

I was around the area

and decided to try my luck.

Guess it's my lucky day.

Around the area?

It takes at least two hours to get here.

Where were you?

This place is near the airport!

I went to see somebody off,

so I dropped by.

Are you that hungry?

You bought so much food to the airport.

Well, it's cheap there. So...

Never mind.

My sister.

Actually, I came to see you.

I was worried and wondered
if you're okay and eating properly,

so I bought some nutritious food for you.

I'll leave it here

and have a chat for a while before I go.

Since you're already here, come and sit.

Don't stand at the door like statues.

-This is Dr. Woo.

-How are you, baby?

It's a naughty one.
Doing flips all the time.

It's a handful.

How nice of you.

We live so far away and you still came.

It was on the way.

Stay for dinner then.


My sister needs to talk to someone.

Let me help. It's heavy.

Have you decided?

Isn't it a bit impulsive?

You should've been prepared

for these things
when you chose this career.

Years ago,

when my first patient died,

I thought the same way.

But I told myself,

many things are out of my control.

If you give up because of that,

you shouldn't have ever started.

Excuse me?

Are you hot or just doing facial
with the cool air?

It was just getting interesting.

She's quite funny.

Yes. She's simpler.

How about you?

I know what you mean.

The seniors say,

when you see patients die,

go and look at the newborns

and you'll feel better.

But he was not just any patient.

He's Onion.

You won't understand.

I didn't believe it before

until it happened to me.

I can't go on.

Let it out, you'll feel better.

Don't worry,

I won't leave so irresponsibly.

I'll stay until the end of this month.

I'll help the newcomer

get used to things.

I need time.

Give me time.

I think I can change your mind.

Thank you.

I feel much better now.


Who are you looking for?

-My sister?

What a crowd today.

I'm surprised so many people

are here at my rural home.

Are you dropping by too?

No, I came to see her.

I have to talk to you too.


I called you but they said
you were on leave.

Sorry about last time.

I want my indemnity.

I won't reject anything from Onion.

That's fine, but--

You are an insurance broker?

What is your name?

My last name is Cheuk.

Mr. Cheuk.

It's getting more and more complicated.

You came so far for the indemnity.
Very nice.

Stay for dinner.


What's this?

Watch it. You'll know.

I'll watch it later.

Mr. Cheuk.

Mr. Cheuk, he's calling you.

Mr. Cheuk.

You are really hardworking.

You're taking care of a case
even during your leave.

I want to settle this quickly for Onion.

Dr. Woo, you work hard too.

Are you on leave too?

Mr. Cheuk, I don't think we've met.

How did you know my name?

We've never met.

Since I'm doing insurance,
we need to know everything.

Onion died too suddenly,

so we had to check on people close to him.

Sorry, it's an occupational disease.
A blind guess.

Mr. Cheuk, you don't look too well.

Your lips are dark.

You're sick. You'd better get a checkup.

It's professional advice,
not a blind guess.

Just now, I queued up

and bought a cheesecake.

Let's have it for dessert.

Try it. You'll feel better.

Autumn hates cheese.

She only likes fruit candies.

The octagon ones in colorful cans.

I can't believe it.

An insurance broker even knows
what someone likes to eat?

I don't eat cheese.

How did you know?

Are you checking on me?

-You think I killed him?

How could I? I didn't mean it that way.

In fact, I am...

-He's having a seizure again.
-What's happening?

Is he okay?

Miss, do you have slippers?

For men or women?

Better get it checked
at the nearest hospital.

Just in case.

Where's Autumn?

She's in her room.

You made her angry.

I didn't mean to.

I didn't check on her. Please tell her.

Okay, sure.

You threw up everything you ate.

Have some cheesecake.


The doctors often suggest

to avoid heavy meals after vomiting.

No cheesecake.

Do you have something blander?

Have an apple.


Can we talk, Dr. Woo?


Can we donate Onion's money

to the hospital's ophthalmology research?

Onion's wish was to help those in need.


I can suggest to the hospital

to set up a fund for the blind.

How about that?

I always thought you were busy

and didn't have time to go to concerts.

Now I know.

I am quite jealous of him.

Sorry, it seems disrespectful
to our dead friend.

But I'm sure that

Onion wouldn't want to see you like this.

Are you free to go
to a concert tomorrow night?

Can we talk tomorrow?

I hope to see you tomorrow.

It's getting cold. Let's go.

It's late. You should go.

Give Mr. Cheuk a ride, will you?

Where's Mr. Cheuk?

I don't know what it is that you want.

No matter what,

I won't let you hurt Autumn.

I don't have time, Dr. Woo.

Stop the car.

Do you want to vomit?

Thank you for taking care of Onion.


Hey, where are you going?

I won't let you go back and bug Autumn!

Will you please get in?

I'm not leaving.

I didn't ask you to leave.

I won't let you bother Autumn.

Let me go back with you. Okay?

Mr. Cheuk.

Personally, I don't like you.

But as a doctor, you are a patient to me.

You might get pneumonia
or trigger epilepsy.

Will you get in?

Thank you.

I must keep an eye on you.

Hey, you're wrecking my car.

Do you want me to call the cops?

You like her.

You do too.

I do.

She told me she cared about me.

You've been to our hospital?

Did she take care of you?

But the way I see it...

I think you've got it all wrong.

What do you mean?

Nurses always care about the patients.

Especially someone like Autumn.

But that's different from what you think.

I am not saying this because I like her.

I hope you get it.

Did she read the letter?

Would she believe it?

Maybe Dr. Woo is right.

She just pitied me.

She cared for me as a patient.

She never liked me.

I get it. You wanted me to regret, right?

How could angels be so cruel?

Good morning.

-Good morning.
-You didn't go home.

No, since I have a date with you,

I thought I'd better stay here
in case I oversleep.

-Where is he?

Mr. Cheuk. My car was locked.

He didn't leave?

Never mind.
Come inside, I'll make some coffee.

-Have a seat.

Can you give me a ride later?

Where to?

Anywhere, to take a break
and then go to the concert.


Did you read it?

You waited a whole night here for this?

I read it.

Good! So you get it?

I am sorry, Mr. Angel.

I was irrational last night.

You didn't hear a thing.

Are you okay?

Did you really read it?

You didn't miss anything?

I don't know what's written
in your apology card.

And this tape is blank.

But I accept your apology.

Please proceed with my indemnity

and stay away from me after that.

If you're free, come by for a visit.

We're in the ophthalmology department.

I know.

I specialize in the blind.

I'm always there. So I understand them.

Sometimes, I even try reading Braille.

Like Onion's diary.

I learned a lot from it.


I didn't know she'd react that way.

She even asked to meet tonight.

But not because of me.

She just wants to see Onion's diary.

But I never had a diary.

That was a bluff.

In order to meet her,

I need to get a diary.

Sorry, I didn't feel like staying.

It's okay.

The show was boring.

I'll take you home.

No, it's fine. Thanks for the ticket.

You're meeting someone?


Don't worry. I can take care of myself.

Give me a call if you need me.

Diary, oh, diary.

You can't write a whole diary in a day.

What the hell. There's no time.

I'm sorry I'm late.

It's all right. I was early.

This is...

I think you shouldn't see it.

I don't mean anything by that.

It's in Braille.

You know how to read Braille?

Sure, it has been more than ten years...

Because I specialize in the blind.

Could you read it for me?


Where do I start?

How about when you two met?



It was sunny."

That's it?

No, there's more.

"October 16, 1997, sunny, vomit.

Dr. Woo said it was a medical reaction.

A new nurse came to take care of me today.

Her name is Autumn Yue.

She is clumsy.

She kept saying sorry.

She made a mess,

but I didn't pick on her.

I even feel good about her."

Why am I not having a seizure
while talking about the past?

She still doesn't know who I am.

To her, I am just a stranger
reading Onion's diary.

Go on.

"November 2nd, 1997, rainy night.

Autumn said she'd come

to give me a haircut after work.

It's raining so hard.

She might not come.

She is already 49 minutes late.

I thought she wouldn't come,

but then I heard footsteps.

- 'Sorry, so sorry.'
-Sorry, so sorry.

- 'Sorry. I'm late again.'
-Sorry. I'm late again.

The 49 minutes didn't matter.

I was thrilled she came.

Finally, she finished cutting my hair.

I looked like an onion.

So she started calling me Onion
ever since."

"December 7, 1997, Sunday, good day.

It's the second time Autumn cut my hair.

Her scent really stood out to me today.

Just when I was immersed,

I felt a nip on my right ear.

And then she kept saying,

- 'I'm sorry. Are you okay?'
-I'm sorry. Are you okay?

- 'Gosh, I cut your ear. Sorry.'
-Gosh, I cut your ear. Sorry.

- 'You're bleeding. Are you okay?'
-You're bleeding. Are you okay?

I shook my head and reassured her
that it was okay.

But she freaked out
and was about to start crying.

If I could talk, I would tell her,

I'm so glad she came.

That little pain didn't matter."


Stop reading.

I am sorry. Please burn it.


He spent a lot of effort to write this.

Don't you want to know more?

So what if I know it all?

You won't understand how I feel.

Onion was the only one who could.

He's dead. What's the diary for?

Don't you want to remember the memories?


You know what?

Just now, I felt Onion's presence again.

I used to think I just pitied him.

But when he died,

I realized how painful it is without him.

I've loved him all this time.

Why didn't I tell him?

I wanted him to know.

I wished he was the one playing the sax.

Why didn't I ask?

My second wish was to be with him.

Why didn't I say it?

Now it's too late.

Can I start over?

What's the use of memories?

Just one day.

Give me one more day.



You guys killed him! Why?

-It's not my fault.

He came out of nowhere.
It wasn't our fault!

Go on, scram!

I've got nothing left anyway.

I shouldn't have come back!

I shouldn't have. Let me go back.

Hit me!

I miss you so much.

You always miss me, don't you?


What do you want to drink?

Anything's fine.

Your daughter?

7 Up with salted lemon.

Thank you.

Easy there. You will drop dead.

Do you want to die?

No, I don't.

My neck is sore. Give me a message.

When are you leaving?

To Taiwan.

In two days.

Are you coming back?



You're leaving, so why stir things up?

You can't take anything with you.

I know now.

I wanted to see her.

If she's happy, I'm happy.

You've seen her.

Don't expect more.

Jumboball is right.

If Autumn knew
that Onion is leaving again,

she'd be upset once again.

What's that?

You wanted to open a flower shop, right?

Consider this an investment.

I can't take it with me anyway.
I can't use it in Taiwan.


I'll send you some next time.

What do you need over there?

I'm going.

Take care.


If you see my daughter,

help me take care of her.

I will.

Don't bug others anymore. Go quietly.

It's not fair occupying others' things.

Hello, you're on air.

It's me.

I can't hear you clearly.
What's your name?


Mr. Cheuk, what do you wish to talk about?

I want to say

that I've been wanting to call in
since I was young.

But I couldn't.

I'm leaving in two days.

I've done everything I need to.

This is my last try.

It's nothing special.

Since you've done everything,
do you feel good?

Better than how I felt a few days ago.

A few days ago?

You felt bad a few days ago, why?

Because I saw the reality of the world.

The reality?

Do you mean its ugly side?

No, the world is not ugly.

But the world is different

when you see it through the eyes.

Through eyes,

you'll have greed.

You want to have them, possess them.

The eyes fool you.


Tell me more in detail.

I would like to remind everyone
not to see with the eyes.

Quietly close your eyes

in this minute of silence.

Feel the world with your purest heart.

You may find things to be different.

When you feel the beauty

and happiness with the heart,

you'll have room...

for more imagination.

You seem to know yourself, Mr. Cheuk.

Could you hold?

We'll talk more.

Now, let's listen to some music.

To those tuning in,

if you've experienced something similar
to Mr. Cheuk,

why not give his suggestion a try?

Close your eyes.

It may help.

You startled me!


I shouldn't call you so late.

It's okay. What's the matter?

I know it is not scientific.

But I really feel like he's back.

Slow down. Who's back?


I feel his presence.

Very close to me.

I'm a doctor.
I don't believe in the paranormal.

I know how you feel though.

You're imagining things
because you miss him too much.

That's normal when a close friend dies.

Should I come over?

That's not necessary.

I know what you mean.

I knew you'd say that.

But I know it's not just my imagination.

Onion is back.

Okay, now.

Sorry for bothering you.

Good night.

Good night.


This is the real Cheuk.

The one we met is a crook.

I've checked.

He's on vacation in the States.

For your own safety,

don't meet him.

Let's report him to the police, okay?

No. He never came again.

Are you okay?

Take care of yourself.

This is my final night.

Why are you following Autumn?

You want to make her happy?

I can help.

That wasn't me.

The one who played the sax wasn't me.

I don't want to lie to you.

You mean Onion played it?

It was Cheuk.




"I don't play the saxophone."

Onion! Come out!

Cheuk! Onion, come out quick!

I know you're here!

Fine. You're not coming out, are you?

Are you okay?

What's wrong with you?

Do you want to kill yourself?

So dumb.

I should have known that you were Onion.

And you're the one who played the sax.


Stop right there, Onion!

I am not him.

Onion's blind and mute. He's dead.

Stop imagining things.

There are others out there for you.
Such a fool!

I am the insurance broker, Cheuk.
You know that.

No, you're not.

No, I'm not.

I am a liar. I tricked you.

Are you happy now?

You hated me anyway.

Tell me the truth.

Is there something you can't say?

Is there a special reason?

Why are you rejecting me?

I'm not.

I am not who you think I am.


That night,

you read one line from the diary,

but told the whole story
about Onion and I.

How did you know?

Unless you are Onion.

It's fine if you won't admit it.

I'm sure you have your reason.

Just don't leave me alone.

I am so careless.

I didn't realize who you were
until I saw all the proof.

I am so dumb.

You're leaving?

Are you going to leave now?

Yes, I have to.

You'll never see me again.

I am not anybody.

Forget everything. Onion is dead.

He'll never come back.

You must take care of yourself.


Just go!


I'm just going to take one more minute.

I have one last question.

If you were him,

seeing the one he loves in so much pain...

What would you want her to do?

Forget me and love someone else.

Live happily again.

Let go of the painful memories.

Okay! I'll tell him now.

I've forgotten his death.

I won't carry the pain with me!

I will love someone again.

And that person is you.

In my heart,

he has never left.

It's fine if you won't admit
that you're Onion.

I don't care if you're Cheuk or not.

Because I know, in my heart,

who it is that I truly love.

Onion, you listen up!

I love this person in front of me!

Don't go.

Don't leave me alone.

The meteor shower is happening tonight.

China is the best place to see it.

I'll be here with you tonight.

Onion told me

that your first wish
was for him to regain his sight,

so you could see
the meteor shower together.

I'm fine with you.

There's no meteor shower yet.

You're a good person. God will help you.

Really? Then help me keep Onion.

Stay with me forever, would you?

That's my second wish.

Onion had a second wish too.

But it's already impossible.

It's 2:30 in the morning.

Ten minutes to go before the peak hour.

I wonder if Mr. Cheuk
will call again tonight.

Hello, I'm Cheuk.

I appreciate the people who care about me.

I want to use this opportunity

to say something to my love.

Why not say it to her directly?


of fate.

When I hadn't expected anything,

I unexpectedly received her love.

When I wanted her or had a choice,

she hated me instead.

When there is hope,
there is also disappointment.

I am leaving soon.

I'm leaving with
the most unforgettable memories.

Be it laughter or tears,

I hope every bit of the memories

will remain with the person I love most.

I hope she'll carry on with her life
and be strong.

Five days is very short.

But I want to tell those who are listening

to cherish what you have.

Whether now, or in the future.

Even if it slips away,

I have no more regrets.

That's so touching, Mr. Cheuk.

If only you were my boyfriend.

Anything else I can do for you?

Could you play a song

for my beloved?


I don't want to get in the way
of the meteor shower.

Before I hang up,

I hope everyone
would close their eyes again.

Feel the person next to you
with your heart.

It will feel much more special.

Meteor shower!

It's the meteor shower.
I've fulfilled my first wish.

Make a wish, quick.


I did it last time,
but you're still leaving.

I can't be too greedy.

Remember, you'll return
when the meteor rains down.


I finally understand the meaning
of a meteor shower.

They are tears of the sky.