Xin ti xiao yin yuan (1975) - full transcript

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Love is bitter and lovers suffer

Tears of the broken hearted

As deep as my love is

My woe is also great

Our love is predestined

Our hearts are forever bound

Though our love is deep rooted

The reality becomes so harsh that...

the flower of love eventually withers

Among a sea of strangers

How blessed for me to have you in my life!

Alas, a love that ended in pain

What a destiny!

What a life!

Who can understand my sorrowful heart

If I have no yearning for life

...whyever should I love

If I do have a desire to live

...then why is my love deserted

Who can I talk to?

If I do have a desire to live...

Then why is my love deserted

Who can I tell?

Great, bravo...

Very good...

"Lovers Destiny-Chen Feng-Xi"

Let's go...

Fengshian, just go and sing! Let's begin

To be at your side I'll follow

To love you dearly I'm so grateful

Blessed is me to have you with me

Time stands still when we are
in each other's arms

Tears flow at the time
when we have to depart

This way please...


The distance between us...

Please take a seat

Drink, Sir?

Anything is fine


Hold on

Why is it that just now when I came in

...all other customers ran away?

It'd be so irritating to her

All because we've hired a no-name singer

A loving eye contains so much to convey

The passing time carries so much thought

Even the Heavens will envy our love

A heartbreak for the innocent lover

A tiring heart...

She sings pretty well

That's the only reason why we hired her

But those bosses...

They all left without even listening

If you could kindly give her
this 1 0 dollar tip for me

Tears dwelling in my eyes

They fall onto the ground of woe

Woeful is me when love is away

Who gave this to her?

Ten dollars? From whom?

Tears dwelling in my eyes

It has fallen onto the ground of woe

Woe-begone is me when away from my beloved

Good, good...

Thank you, thanks so much

Now my sister will perform
the "Lethal Knife"

If she performs well, please tip us more

If she doesn't perform well,
please bear with us


Thank you, thanks so much

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

What a pity! A girl as charming as you

...has to perform on the street


Take them all...arrest them

Don't move

Officer, take it easy

Let's talk like a gentleman

This is none of your business

Don't move

Don't move


Yes sir

Take them


Take them all

Yes, get up



Charge them all


Hold on

Officer, maybe there is some
misunderstanding here

What? Who are you?

You should know better

But I'm the Police Chief


This area is under my control


Damn kid, maybe you've lived long enough


Lock him up



What do you do?

I'm a college student

What's your name?

My last name is Fan

The same word for trouble

No, not that word

Then it must be the same word for rice

Where do you live?

No. 1, Dongping Street

No. 1, Dongping Street?

Then...who is the Deputy Chief to you?

He is my cousin




You are so rude to the cousin of
the Deputy Chief

Bloody how dare you!

Apologize to Mr. Fan immediately


When you see the Deputy Chief...

please remember to put in
a good word for me

I'm sorry, I'm sorry

You all good for nothing, get out



Salute, salute...

Mr. Fan, cheers


I'm Guan Shaofeng, she's my sister, Xiuzhu

Nice meeting you

They are all my friends, my brothers

We are all poor people

Mr. Fan, if it's not for you

We'll be in big trouble

Those people are really nasty

In a troubled time like this,
a man as good as you really rare to come by

I admire you a lot

Brother Guan, let us be friends

Very good

That's more than I can hope for

Come on, a toast



Sister, have a drink with Mr. Fan


You sure can drink

So you are shy


Young Master

Young Master is back


Where's sister-in-law?

She is getting dressed

Coming, coming...I was getting dressed

We are waiting for you to dine outside

What? Dine outside

That's right, the daughter of
the Treasurer

...has invited us to dinner


Nice fragrance!

Lishia, let me introduce...
this is Fan Jiashu

The cousin that I've mentioned a lot

This is Miss He Lishia

Hello, Miss He

Mr. Fan, let's have dinner together

I'm very sorry, Miss He

I'm supposed to see a friend tonight

Never mind then. Some other time

I'm sorry

Lishia, maybe he's the first guy...

who has rejected your invitation, right?

Well, everything has its first time

Good, good...

Mr. Fan

Have a seat. Get someone here


What will you drink?

Anything will do

Get Mr. Fan a pot of Shoumei tea

Mr. Fan, you're so early

I'm pretty free today

I know you're here to see Fengshian

By the way, when is her turn?

Since no one enjoys her show...

the boss doesn't want her here

You may go and meet her

She lives at No. 1 2, Xinglong Street

No. 1 2, Xinglong Street? That's right!

What are you doing here?


Aren't you Mr. Fan? The one who...

gave ten dollar tips to Fengshian

Come inside and have a seat


Don't be shy...

We are so honored


What's up?


Look who's here

Mr. Fan, please


Watch out, Mr. Fan

Are you okay?

Mr. Fan, let me dry it for you

It's okay, I can do it myself

Have some tea, Mr. Fan

Thank you

How do you know we live here?

I was at the restaurant today

Miss Yueqing told me

...that you folks lived here

How come Fengshian doesn't have
to sing today?

She is not famous, you see

So she's paid by the day

She stays home when there's no job

Sister, Mr. Fan has come all the way
to see us

We should get some good stuff to treat him

Don't worry about that, I've had my meal


Have a seat, Mr. Fan


Fengshian, show Mr. Fan around

I'll make some tea

Please help yourself

This way please

A very nice place

It's an ancestral place

Quite worn out now

So you've got a lot of books

Those are my dad's books

Have you studied?

My dad died early,
and no one else taught me

Although my uncle had studied too

But he wanders around all day long

...with nothing better to do

We live in poverty

I guess you have noticed that

By the way, thanks for
your generosity the other day

It's nothing, don't mention it

You don't look like a local here

I'm from Hangzhou


My father has a business in Hangzhou

I came here for the university

You're a student?

I'd like to study too


It's not a problem if you want to study

I have connection with a lot of schools

If you desire to study...

I can help you enroll tomorrow itself


Stop dreaming now

Mr. Fan, I'll be frank with you

Our whole family depends on Fengshian make a living by singing

If she goes to study...

then we will have no income at all

Mrs. Chen, if you don't mind

I think...I can still afford pay for your family's
living expenses

If Miss Chen really wants to study...

Mr. Fan, I think that's not
very appropriate

Please don't get me wrong

Honestly, I don't have any ulterior motive

If at any time you don't want her to study

...she can always quit school

Mom, please accept it

Mr. Fan

We really don't know how to thank you

Don't mention it, Mrs. Chen

Miss Chen

Tomorrow I will go to the
Mingde Girl's School process your enrollment

Miss Guan

Mr. Fan


I'm here to see a friend

Do you live around here?

Yes, not too far; around the corner there

For whom did you get this medicine?

My brother is sick

Please come in




Miss Guan, where is the medicine?

It's here

Please come up


Mr. Fan

Mr. Fan

For the past few days
he's been sort of in a daze

He has a high fever

He has to be taken to hospital at once!


The enteric fever has been
spreading fast lately

It's very dangerous

How much?

Twelve dollars

Brother, are you okay?

How is my brother?

He's okay, he just needs some rest

Miss Guan


Don't you worry too much

What your brother has got is enteric fever

The doctor said he's out of danger now

I've paid for all of the expenses here

This is the receipt

Mr. Fan, we...

This is nothing, don't mention it

I'll come to see him tomorrow



Don't get up

Get a chair for Mr. Fan

It's okay, Miss Guan

We have to

How are you? Are you getting any better?

Yes, I'm better now

Please have a seat, Mr. Fan

Thank you

You look much better now

Xiuzhu told me that you have paid

...for everything here, is that true?

It's really nothing, don't worry about it

But to us, it's a lot of money

I don't even know when I can repay you

As long as you take me as your friend

...the money is no big deal

To be honest with you

I can never be able to repay you

They say true goodness calls for no thanks

At last I have a friend as good as you

Xiuzhu, remember this

We owe Mr. Fan a lot

By the way, I've some money here

Please buy some nutritious food
for your recovery

No, we can't take that

Since we are friends,
why worry about the money

I owe you so much, how can that be?

Thank you

Brother Guan, you're very forthright

Oh right, I have to go now

I'll see you some other day

The scenery here is so pretty

I often come here by myself to take a walk

Getting used to school life yet?

Yes, I've always looked forward to study

Will your family blame you
if they find out that've spent so much money on us

I've written to my mom about this long ago

She said I've done the right thing

I mean...what about the others?

The others? Who?

I mean your other family members

Ever since my father passed away's just been me and my mom

Just you two?

Do you like that?

But now, we've got one more person

What? One more?

A female

I'm not so concerned about her

But my mom likes her a lot

And since my mom is so lonely

So I brought her into our house

Fengshian, do you know who she is?

I don't know

She's the adopted daughter of my mom

What? Adopted daughter of your mom?

My adopted sister

So you're still single

You want me to be married?

You're teasing me


If there really is love at first sight

I guess...that's how I feel for you

...when I first saw you on the stage

Mr. Fan, it's all because of you

...that I could gain some courage

Come, a toast

A toast

My brother talks so loud

Talking is just like drinking,
all in one gulp

Nothing more

Or should I give you to him
as repayment of debt

I'm not talking to you

By the way

I'll check to see if the soup is ready

Mr. Fan, please help yourself

Sure, sure...

Mr. Fan, what do you think of my sister?

Miss Guan is such a charming girl

And she is pretty good in martial art

A girl as nice as her is rare these days

I'm a straightforward person

And I know it's the same for you

I want to ask you something

Yes, please

Are you married?


That's good

I would like to have a word with you

Either it's a yes, or it's okay to say no


I'll marry my sister to you, how's that?

Beg your pardon?

I said I'll marry my sister to you,
how's that?

I'm very sorry, Brother Guan

I'm already seeing someone

Maybe you know this lady too

She lives around here...Chen Fengshian


Miss Guan



Silly girl, why are you crying?

We should be frank to each other

And what is done is done

We can't ask him to dump Miss Chen for you

How silly of you!

Miss Guan

I'm very sorry

She'll be okay, she's just a little girl

But for all the kindness that we owe you

...I don't know when I can repay you

Young Master

Jiashu, how come you're back so late

Lishia is having a birthday party tonight

And she's waiting for you, you...

Stop nagging and go to change quickly

She's already called for you 1 8 times

Daughter of the Poland Ambassador

Thank you

Professor Yu

Miss He

Professor Yu, thanks for coming

I came right after I got off from class

I'm sorry, I have a friend here

I need to go too, goodbye

Mr. and Mrs. Tao,
how come you are here so late?


Mr. Fan, thanks for coming

Mr. Fan, what do you like to drink?

Anything is fine

Now she cares only for Jiashu

Hey, don't tease me

Come, have some wine

What would you have?

Deputy Chief

How are you?

Mr. Treasurer He, how do you do?

Papa, allow me to introduce

This is Fan Jiashu

How are you, Mr. He?

He's the one that you've mentioned a lot


Is he your cousin?

He is from Hangzhou

He came here for the university

A nice young chap

Thank you

If you really find him as a nice man

Then let him take care of
your Lishia, how's that?

Very good. Come,
I've got some guests over there...



Mr. Fan, let's go to that side


This is a very nice place

Have a drink


Miss He, can I have a dance with you?

I'm sorry, I have a friend here

Let's have the next dance, shall we?


Miss He, you're so popular

I guess the most popular girl in the city me, most likely

I don't know why I have so many boyfriends

This music is good

Yes, very nice

Why don't you go dancing with them

You don't know how to dance?

I do

But I won't dance with just anybody

Generalissimo is here


At ease

Generalissimo, what wind brings you here?

Wind? I took the train

The Generalissimo has just got off
from the train

He asked for a good place
to enjoy the night

I know your daughter is having a ball here


An honour indeed...Generalissimo, please

Where's your daughter?


Lishia, come here

This is the Generalissimo


Very beautiful, extremely beautiful

She is so beautiful

How did you manage to get such
a beautiful daughter

What were you guys playing just now?

Go on, don't stop

Go on, I want to join in too


Give me my gun


Shut up

How noisy! I don't know dancing

Generalissimo, it's you who asked them
to go on

It's me?


Okay, okay, go on!

Let's start!


Miss He, I don't know how to dance

But I can sit with you

Sit please

What are you staring at, go dancing


Miss He, your dress is so pretty

What is that?

Miss He, can I have a dance with you?

Generalissimo, this is the home
of The Treasurer

Inviting a lady to dance
is a manner of the west

Plus there are so many
government officials here

I'll get you...

seven or eight chicks to play with

You're smart

Let's go



Mr. Fan, thank you so much

You're welcome

Miss He, haven't you promised dance with me?

Are you busy with your study lately?

Not really

Every time I call you're not home

I have something to do

What is that?

It's something personal

I've heard that you're dating a singer

How come you know everything?

I've also heard that...

all the boys in the city want to date you

Because your family is rich

And you're beautiful and clever

Whatever you want

You'll get it for sure, right?

Not really!

Not really?

Let's say, I want you

Then...take me as your only exception!

Fan Jiashu, can you tell me

Why am l...

not as good as that singer?

It's hard to say

But that's what love is

There's no reason for it;
and it can't be imposed

I guess that's called destiny!

Telegram for Mr. Fan


Young Master, your telegram

"Mom is sick, return to Hangzhou at once"

Is Hangzhou far away?

Not really...just a few days by train

Fengshian, take my word.
Don't be too upset

Once my mom has recovered,
I'll return at once

Maybe I'm too happy now

It's like dreaming. I'm afraid that...

I'll wake up from this dream once you left

And I can never see you again

Fengshian, I've a ring here

If you think I'm the man...

that you're looking for in your life;

Then please accept it

When I return from Hangzhou

...we'll get married at once

You don't mind about
my low status at all?

The sea may dry up and the stone
may fall apart

But as long as Chen Fengshian is
in this world

...I will be with her forever

Mr. Fan

Trust me

Thoughts of him linger on

Ties of friendship estranged

Night has become so lonely that...

I sleep only to see him in dreams

I've been missing him night and day

Constantly pining for him

Our love grows amid the distance
in between

Our thoughts are together amid
the hardship faced

The sparrow comes and goes

The tide rises and falls

It's spring again

With flowers blossoming again

Nature has come to a full circle

With another year going on to the next

The day of your return is not yet seen

A lover's away can nowhere be seen

With tears in dream
I asked for your return

May the stars lead your way back to me

With tears in dream
I asked for your return

May the stars lead your way back to me

Master, come here

Gusheng, how are you?


Have a seat...


Have a drink

I haven't seen you for a long time,
doing good?

It's all because of Yueqing


Yueqing is now the fourth mistress
of Officer Sheng

Thanks to her, as her master,
I'm now the Adjutant


Your niece Fengshian is
very beautiful, right?

The Generalissimo is looking for
a mistress

I should have thought about Fengshian

Chen Fengshian is really
an attractive girl

That's true!

If so...

That's my good chance for
getting a promotion

Think of a way

Of showing her to the Generalissimo

That's easy

How are you, Mrs. Chen

How do you do?

Our Miss Yueqing

Would like to invite Miss Fengshian
to her house

Fengshian, then you should go



Get the tea

This way, please

Have a seat

Sit! Sit!

Fengshian, you're here

How come it took so long

Get the tea, quickly

Sister Yueqing

Thank you

Why are you standing, have a seat



Generalissimo, let me introduce to you

This is the cousin of Yueqing

Good, very pretty

If she's not pretty...

I won't dare to introduce her to you

Sister Yueqing, l...

Address the Generalissimo, quick!


Miss Chen, our Generalissimo is
so nice that...

whoever comes in,
ain't willing to leave this place

Adjutant Ding


Get the sweets ready for Miss Chen


I'm sorry, Sir

I really have to go, mom is waiting for me

And I need to go to school tomorrow

Go to school?

What for?

Me, I've never attended any school

If they don't treat you well over there

I'll close it at once

Fengshian, don't be shy

The Generalissimo is a very good man

Vice Chairman



I'm in a very good mood today

I'd like to play mahjong


That's a good idea, me and Yueqing,
Miss Chen

And Generalissimo, we have enough people

Sister Yueqing, I don't know
how to play mahjong

Don't worry, I'll help you

Come, just play

Adjutant Ding


Shuffle the tiles for her


Vice Chairman


Help her


Generalissimo, it's your turn

Tell me, how should I do this?

You should discard Three Circle

Three Circle


I've got two Three Circle here,
how can you pong?

My mistake

So if you don't pong,
Miss Chen will take the hand

Eight Bamboo

Officer Sheng, it's your turn


Adjutant Ding


Take a look at this

And tell me which should I discard


Officer, for what you have...

You should discard Five Circle

So I'll discard it!


Red Dragon

Hold on

Vice Chairman

Tell me if I should pong


Look carefully, or you've had it

You should pong...yes, pong

Then what should I discard?

Six Circle

Yes, Six Circle


White Dragon

Adjutant Ding


Which one should I get rid of?

I've studied it carefully

Among them all

You should discard Seven Circle

Seven Circle?

I don't have that

Then play Two Character!

What about you?

For me

I'll play Seven Character

Generalissimo, I don't have Seven Circle

Isn't Seven Character all the same?

That's right...

Miss Chen pong


Isn't this one Seven Character?

Never mind, they are all the same

I'm the one to decide the law here

My word is the law

Adjutant Ding


Put up a notice tomorrow, from now on...

Seven Character and Seven Circle
are all the same


Pay up, pay up...

What is this? You know nothing
about mahjong

How can you win so much money?

A moderate family can live on it
for a few years

I know! They are so strange

I'm scared

This isn't right!

Fengshian, it rings a bell

These people are so nasty

They can do the most horrible thing

Don't see them anymore

Try to return all this money to them


What did he say in the letter?

He said he has told his mom...

about our marriage

And his mom has agreed to that

Thank God

Did he write when will he return?

In these few days

Is it him?

Miss Chen, the Generalissimo
has a gift for you

This is the best pearl necklace in town

The Generalissimo would like you
to accept it

There is also a car out there
waiting for you

Please go get dressed at once

I'm sorry, but we are nothing to
the Generalissimo

How can we bother him like that?

All these expensive gifts

We dare not to accept

The money that Fengshian won last time

Please also return it to them


Send the men...

to close down their home

Execute the mother and daughter

Go now


Why all this hassle...

for just a girl?


If you do want to punish her

I have a suggestion

Anybody here? All dead or what?

Sir, what do you want?

I'm here for the census

Is there a singer here

...whose name is Chen Fengshian?

No, she has quit singing for a long time

Now she is a student

Bullshit, the census reports her
as a singer

Then she is a singer

There's a party tonight
in the Generalissimo house

Get dressed at once and come with me


No, Fengshian hasn't sung for a long time

Master, please

Get someone else!

How dare you say no?



Execute the old hag outside




Hold on

Fengshian, get dressed at once!

Go, hurry up

What happened?


Generalissimo, Miss Chen is here

Come, come...

What an honor! Miss Chen!

Generalissimo, Miss Chen has come

Don't be mad at her anymore

Come, come...


Sit, sit...

Please have a seat

Sit next to the Generalissimo

Generalissimo, she's such a charming lass

You should introduce her!

That's right!...go ahead...

I almost forgot, let me introduce to you

This is Second Mistress

This is Third Mistress

This is Fourth Mistress


This is the Fifth Mistress

My first wife has been executed
a few days ago

And this is Miss Chen Fengshian

She could be your Sixth Mistress


Generalissimo, a toast to you...

Miss Chen, Generalissimo has been so mad

...about your refusal to
the pearl necklace

I think you should drink with him an apology

No, no...

Come on...

I'm here to sing, not to drink

Bullshit...something's wrong with
my wine?



Execute her


No, no...

She is not complaining about the wine

But that she has never had any

If it's a matter of drinking

Then...I'll drink it for her!

Who are you?

I'm her uncle

Go to hell

I'm her uncle

You asshole! Kill him first!

Generalissimo, let him go, l...

You don't want him to die

You're pretty kind-hearted

I have an idea

Adjutant Ding


Listen, starting from here

Everyone has to convince Miss Chen
to drink a glass

Those who fail have to be executed

Generalissimo, maybe I can help you
to shoot

Go back to where you are

Go back


You'll be the next one

You drink or not?

Fengshian...please drink it!

I really have never had wine before

You drink it

Adjutant Ding




The Generalissimo is calling on you, go

Miss Chen, please drink...

Adjutant Ding


Heaven and earth, gods and goddesses

I have an eighty year old mother

And five beautiful wives
plus ten daughters

If I die

They will all hang themselves

Can you sacrifice so many lives

...just for a glass of wine?

Mom! It's my fault that you have to
hang yourself

Dad! Our family line is now broken

Okay, okay, I'll drink



No matter who you will execute

...I will not drink

What a character!

So you won't drink anymore

Over my dead body

Adjutant Ding


Get her mom here


If she doesn't finish this bottle

I'll kill her mom before her very eyes

Generalissimo, you can't do that

No matter what,
her mom is your mother-in-law

Miss Chen, in order to save your mom

Just finish this bottle of wine

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

You want to die

I'm telling you, without my order

You can't even die

I'm warning you

As long as I want to sleep with you

You can't die

Otherwise I'll kill your mom first

I'm turn on again

Cousin, Sister-in-law

Is aunt getting any better?

Yes, she is...Thanks

Leave it to me

I'll give it to a friend later on

Who is this for?

For Fengshian

Maybe you can drop that idea

She is now the Sixth Mistress of
the Generalissimo

If you don't believe that

Come with us and you'll know

Today is the birthday of the Generalissimo

Deputy Chief

Mr. Treasurer

It's been quite a while. How are you?

Good, thanks

You look good today

Where's your daughter?

She's over there

Generalissimo is here

Excuse me

Have a seat

Today is the birthday of the Generalissimo

And the first time that all of you...

can meet with his new wife

Please applause

Are you happy?


You don't like applause?


Go on...go on...

Listen, if any of you...

can make my beloved laugh;

I'll make him a General




What? Do you both know each other?


How can Mrs. Generalissimo know about me?

Then...make her laugh!


Mrs. Generalissimo,
now you have glamorous dresses

Precious food

And all the wealth that
you could have wanted

Of course you are very happy

But you know what?

There is a lady who looks just like you

She is so vain that she has forgotten
her love

And the oath she made by the lakeside

A lustful woman that will fall
for something new

Who is she that you're talking about?

I'm referring to my fiancee

A heartless woman

A shameful woman that will go with
just any man

What are you doing?
I asked you to cheer her up

And you've made her cry

Don't you want to live?

Generalissimo, you're mistaken

Just like me when I've mistaken my fiancee

She is actually laughing

Why did you say she is crying?

Is she laughing now?

Yes, she is now at the top of the world

How can she not laugh?

She spits blood

Fengshian has vomited blood



Take him out to execute


Hold on


Generalissimo, if you kill him
just like that

You might be acting too rash!

Your wife spits blood out of weakness

Just now we've all heard him

He didn't say anything offensive
to your wife

Just now, you have also seen
your wife laughing

Was she laughing just now?

Was madam laughing just now?


She's laughing, she's laughing

What's more, if you can actually
release him

Then the whole world will realize that...

you're a just man with
a sense of integrity

Then they will come to respect you more

Is that true?

Yes, yes

Okay, let him go


How is she?

She hasn't yet come around

Get the doctor


Don't just stand there, give a hand

Step back...

Miss He, thank you so much

Do you realize danger your action is?

You could be executed together with me

Why are you doing this?

I don't know

Anyway, whatever I did for you something silly that
carries no reason at all

Mr. Fan, now you know all about...

that has happened to Miss Fengshian

Damn, what kind of a world is this

Miss Guan, all I want is to see her
just for once

Stop it, madam

You damn girl...

Stop beating her...

I'm so mad at her...

Give way...

Calm down...

Don't stop me. She needs a good beating

I've tried so hard with all my connections get her a job
at the Generalissimo House

This damn girl has the guts to say no

Can you imagine how mad I am?


She looks a lot better today

She'll recover soon

Look at her, she doesn't look good at all

I've brought her all these treasures

She don't even look at them

I got them all for you

You really have no interest in them?

How dare you! If it was someone else...

I would have killed her long ago

What's there to see, get out...

Get lost at once

Generalissimo, didn't you mention about

...getting someone to
take care of madam?

That's right

Very good

What do you think of this maid?

Miss Chen

What? You know each other?

She used to live in our neighborhood

See, she speaks

You're good

Vice Officer


I'll keep her no matter how much she costs


What's up?

An urgent call from the North

They want you up there at once

What rubbish!

I've tried so hard to make my baby
speak again

Now they want me to go North?

Just inform them I'm busy

Generalissimo, the situation
there is critical

I think it's better for you
to call them in person

You all good-for-nothing

Miss Guan, how did you get in?

I am here as a maid

How is my mother?

She's keeping well.
She is staying with Mr. Fan

Miss Chen, Mr. Fan asks for
your forgiveness

He's actually right,
I'm a cheap woman already

How can I face up to him?

Please tell Mr. Fan that,

After my mother passes away

...I'll repay him with my life

Mr. Fan is very sorry for
what happened that night

He said, if he can see you...

and apologize to you in person;

Then he can die in peace

I know

You love Mr. Fan very much

Don't you want to see him?

Of all the days...

why it has to be today to go astray?

You're all good-for-nothing

Adjutant Ding


Go to the train station at once

Order the train not to leave

It has to delay for half an hour for me


Baby, I need to go North

I'll see what I can find there

And I'll get a train load of stuffs
for you

But, don't you try to see a man
while I'm away

This is a good chance

I'll inform Mr. Fan at once wait for you at the pavilion


Miss Chen, even if it's just for one word

Still you should go to see him settle the matter

Fengshian, I've wronged you

You can blame me for all you want

No, I'm at fault for letting you down

It's me that has let you down

No, you did nothing wrong

Let us flee and leave here


I'm no longer someone you met before

How can I flee with you?

I'm just here to return you the ring

I've hurt you in this life

Fengshian, think carefully

You can't waste your whole life with him

No, I will find my death

Then why don't you come with me

And leave this place once and for all



You're being forced into this situation

Do you still remember...

That I have my oath for you, I said

The sea may dry up and the stone
may fall apart

But we have to stay together forever

Fengshian, I love you

I love you even more than ever


Since the devil is not around

Let's leave here immediately

You go back to pack and inform Xiuzhu

I'll inform your mother and Brother Guan

Tonight at eight o'clock

We'll wait for you at the back door

Sixth madam, you're back





Where did you go?

Didn't I tell them that
I went to the temple?

The temple? Maybe you're mistaken

I just went there and no one is around!

You can't imagine the train
to have broken down

So you went to see your man

Tell me

Who is he?

I'll get him and execute him



Okay, I'll beat the secret out of you

I need someone here

Yes, Generalissimo

Take her out

Yes, take her out


Let's fight with them

Brother Guan...

Brother, let's calm down first

There are a few hundred of them

And there's only a few of us

Going just like that means certain death

So we give up?

No, let me go back there

To see how it is with Miss Chen

Then we'll think of a way to rescue her

What are you doing?

I got food for her

Miss Chen

Miss Chen

I'm Xiuzhu, I'm here to bring you food

Time creeps away without a trace left

My wish shines like the moon,
the bird sings for me

Mr. Fan, you really don't mind
about my low status?

How is she today?

Not much progress

Generalissimo, I don't think
she can recover

Even if you're really mad

Still you have to tell me his name


Who is he?

A bowl of rice

Damn, I'll shoot you

No, Generalissimo...

Get off

No, Generalissimo

You're also good looking

I'm hurting all over

Come to my room to rub me some oil

No, Generalissimo

Take it easy, let's go

Please don't

Time creeps away

Without a trace left

My wish shines like the moon

The bird sings for me

Good, you have a nice body

I think you'd look even better when naked

Generalissimo, what are you doing?

Didn't you say to rub you some oil?

Oil? What oil?

No, Generalissimo

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

I want you to sleep with me

No, no...

No one dares to refuse me


I don't really mean that

I mean don't rush into it

Since you've bestowed me
with such an honor

I'm more than willing to accept that

But to get married I need to pick
a good day

And I also need red candles

How can I wait for this kind of thing?

Let's get married now,
and have the banquet later

No, don't do that

It's all for your good

If the girls from our village
need to get married

They must pick a good day
to hold the wedding

...or their husband will die from curse

Both my elder and younger sisters'
husbands died

My father's elder sister's husband died

His younger sister's husband
has also died

Death comes even earlier for the bald head

Generalissimo, how's that?

If you don't mind

Then I'll strip right away

No, I think we better pick a day

This is a good chance

Pretend that you will marry him

He'll be more off-guard on the wedding day

Keep a watchful eye on him

When there is a chance

Cover the lamp shade with a handkerchief

After we rescue Miss Chen

You will leave with us

Mr. Fan

Get a boat ready at the North Pier
outside the city

After we rescue Miss Chen

All of us have to leave at once

We can't stay here anymore

The biggest problem now the checkpoint inside the city

We need a car that wouldn't have to...

stop for inspection at the checkpoint

So that Miss Chen can
leave with us smoothly

The only way now to ask for help

...from He Lishia,
daughter of the Treasurer

Jiashu, you sound very urgent
over the phone

What has happened?

Miss He, let's talk over there!

I guess you know all that
has happened to Fengshian

We're going to rescue her

I think you know that I love you very much

It's actually to my advantage that
she's not around

I can understand that

Then why do you still want me
to help her?

I know this request

...may come as a bit harsh for you

But, I love Fengshian deeply

Miss He

Last time at Generalissimo's place
you saved me

Why can't you save her this time?

How strange that I will fall for you...

when I'm surrounded by so many suitors

I like none of them, but only you

Just do this for me then!

Give me the car keys

I'll drive myself today


Come on, drink...

Ladies and gentlemen

Today is the wedding day of
our Generalissimo

Let's raise a toast to him

Generalissimo, we propose a toast to you



Come on, come on...

Drink up

Generalissimo, I raise you a toast


I'll also raise you a toast

Let's drink...

Drink it...

Drink it...

You'll surely lose this time

Hurry up

The keys

Everyone, I'm almost done

I couldn't drink anymore

My darling awaits me in the chamber

Take your time

Get off

Watch out, Generalissimo



Don't worry, I'll fly up to her now

Take care

Hurry up

Almost done

What's there to see?

It looks like...

There's nothing, nothing to see at all

Come, we'll go inside

Forget about that

You look best this way



There are guards here

Let's go back to that route

Hurry up

Get me a stone

Oh damn!

Let me go

The Generalissimo's here,
who dares to throw stones

Who is it?


Let's go inside!

Who are you?

We're here to help you



Let's see what happened


Open the door quickly

Bump it open

This way

Hurry up, hurry up

Knock it...

Over there

Get them

Hurry up

Officer Sheng, Look

Mr. Fan, Mr. Fan

Hurry up

Let's go away quickly

All is here

Let's go


Don't move

Want to get away after slaying
the Generalissimo?

Arrest them all



Chen Fengshian, you're a curse

Don't move

The car is here,
let's go before they return

Upon hearing the gunshot

Let's go

Fengshian, Fengshian...

Sister, sister...

Fengshian, Fengshian...