Xin qing guó qingchéng (2005) - full transcript

Come on hurry up

I can hardly move

Can't really move

My lady we cannot stop

The gang is still after us

We need to get to

Xian to be safe

My lady you must hold on to it

You think I don't want to move on

I just can't move any more

Tired and hungry

I just can't move

I can't really move

My love please
don't put your burden on me

I'm not any better than you

I'm hungry, thirsty and tired

What should we do?


Hurry up

Still want to go

What are you doing here

What should we do

Kwok what should we do

Move away move away

My lord what should we do

Take a sword

General Kwok

General Kwok help me

Are you going to be rebellious

Get down on your knees
when you see the Emperor


Asshole Emperor

Where can you go now

Ha it's seem that
we've got everyone here

Besides the asshole emperor,
we also have Lady Yeung

And her brother Yeung Kwok-chung

What's more, Kwok Chi-yee

Chop off their heads

And give their heads to General On

Must yields a good reward

Gonna be rich this time


Protect the Emperor

My lord I'm General Kwok

You go

I can put things under control for a while

Ng you go first

Ng you cover them


General do you have any commands

Are you deaf? Can't you hear

you need to cover the Emperor

I stay here


Hurry go now

I am here

Come forward if you have gust


I told you before

Not to eat so much

And keep in a good shape.
Look at you now

You can't even move. Our family

I really can't

This is the end of our family

You wait for me

It's all your fault

Sister catch up

I cannot move

Don't go

We're almost there sister

Emperor Asshole where can you go

I told you not to

Oh this is not for me

They came for you

Need to stay cool in situation like this

You let me go now

And I will reward you later

Thank you my lord

Are you out of your mind

You are in a life-threatening situation.
Don't think of yourself as the king

That's right

What's wrong

Tell General On

My love it's should be your turn

It's your turn


Yes you are good at it

Your best talent

They are really big

Great tits

Go for it

Two big brothers

You kill me now

But I am the beauty queen

You let me go

I want you now

Come over

My nose is bleeding

Mine also

Go for it

I can't hold it

It's not your turn


What do you want

What? What? What?

You want to fight

Come on

Yeah fight

No need to fight


What are you doing

Come to me together

Sister sacrifice yourself for us

It's okay to do together


Smooth as silk

I love it

No wonder the Emperor is so obsessed

Can even give up his kingdom

My lord stay cool

It's no big deal

Just a couple times

She will wash it away


What are you talking about

What are we waiting for

I want it right away

I go first

Let's see

My lord

Are you all alright

I really feel sorry for you

What are you doing

I'm having a good time

My lord we can't stay here for long

What if General On and
his people arrive here

We need to hurry up

We are in a rush come on

I can't move

I really can't

You go get something for me to eat


All the food that I brought
was eaten up by you

Naughty Place

My lord

I think there must be some people
living in this Naughty Place

Why don't we go inside and
get something to eat

And somewhere to rest

That's right

We've been traveling for days

It's time to take a break

Even if General On did not kill me

I would be exhausted to die

What are you people

Why are you coming to our place

This is the Emperor in front of you

Get down on your knee; How dare you

The Emperor

I can only see a yellow chicken


How dare you to be rude to the king

Oh no

This old fellow looks familiar

What old fellow

This is the prestigious

Ever winning General Kwok Chi-yee

Never heard of

Old Kwok

It's you

Can you recognize me? It's An

I can't believe it


Long time no see


Who are you

You really don't recognize me

I have treated your illness

I did your acupuncture points

Oh An


Oh it's you

Little fellow

Come over

Let me introduce my friends to you

Good idea

Come on An

The boss whom I always mention

Is this Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee

How dare you

I'm sorry my lord


Please meet the Emperor

Lee Long-kee

Lee Lung-chi

No it's Lee Long-kee

My lord


What's more

This is his woman


It's Lady Leung

He looks evil; not your business

My lord

What are they talking about

How do I know

This is the brother of the queen

The lady's brother

Yeung Kwok-chung

Yeung Kwok- chung

He is so fed up with himself

His sister is the queen

Oh I see

General Kwok


When did you know these villagers

Are they in On Luk-shan's party

My lord

You are mistaken

When I was in a battle fighting
against the invaders

I fell off from the horse back

An's old man saved my life

Or else I would not have the opportunity

To serve you now

I nearly forget to introduce myself

Don't get shocked

I am

The nineteenth generation of Dr Wah,

My entire family practice medication

Wah-on greets my lord

And the queen

And the evil


The lady's brother

I can't believe it

In this little place

There is a splendid person

My lord

My tummy feels hungry again

Can you ask them to make some food for me

You mention this

I feel hungry also


Get us something to eat

My lord

Why have you fallen into situation like this

The story goes like this

The reason why I have fallen into t
his mystery stage

Is only because
I need to safe place to hide

And wait for the rescuers

To fight against On Luk-shan

Don't worry my lord

This place is small


It's remote

No strangers would come here

Therefore your current location

Will not be known

Don't worry about it

That's right

A young man like On

Will never tell others about it


What is the matter with you my lord

We need food

Everyone is starving

Why don't you greet me?

My lord

My lord

I need to eat

We haven't had food for a long time

I thought you have just eaten

Why are you hungry again

When did I eat

I didn't't mean food

I mean

I want that

My goodness

I know I mean my little baby

It's as small as a peanut

You can only have peanut

I don't want peanut

Others get stuffed

And I don't even get enough food

No way

I want it


Give me a good massage

My love I haven't had a good sleep
for a few days

Let's do it tomorrow

No way

I need it tonight



This is good

The lady's brother

This is bad for the king

He didn't't had good sleep these days

And it's terrible down there

He want that now

What should I do in the future

How dare you

Talk behind the king

This is the fact

This is what I mean

The lady inside

Is my sister

She is a woman

She needs to eat

You are right

Don't say that much

Let's see what they are doing inside

My lord

Over here


Higher and harder

It feels so good

Higher and higher

It's coming

Open the door now

Brother you are back


What are you doing

I was changing


Brother I heard the king is in our town

Is that true

You also know that

You don't even have a real pearl

The king brought Lady Yeung with him

The evil

Guess who else I saw

Who is it

It's Uncle Kwok

He is here


But they are in big trouble

They are hiding up in our village

I arrange them to live here

How does the king look like

He's really cool



Fat and with funny beard

Really cool



I want to see him

This is a golden chance

Of course


I think this time the king

Is not doing alright

How so

According to the nineteenth
generation of the Wah family

Wah-on anticipates

The nose of the king

Reflects trouble of the king

You mean

I don't know

Something wrong with him

He is not doing good in bedroom

What should we do

I have to see him tomorrow

You see

It's in chaos outside

You need to cross dress

Or else you probably would get raped

What about my breasts

Need to tie them up


Brother let's go

Tie them up

I know


Why this happens

You go first I need to use the toilet

Don't come over here


What did you find


Just a female corpse

It looks like

She's been raped

This horrible killer

Is cruel

An animal

To protect the women in this village



You need to fetch the killer

He cannot do away with this

My lord

I need to protect you

I am safe here

The villagers are protecting us

We need to protect them

As the king


This not too difficult mission

Is over to you now

Yes sir

I take the mission

Wow you are cool


Why does this kind of case

Happen in our town

We need to find out what happened


The murderer is so cruel

He must be a psyche

Yep a psyche

On, you fetch twelve strong guys

And wait for me in the village

Yes sir


Take care of yourself



I take a walk outside

And observe the life here
will be back later

You go alone

That's not alright

Didn't't you here what On said

The murderer

Likes women and backyard

I take a quick walk to the police station

Do be careful

My lord


Eat more

How come there is only one duck here

Give me two more ducks

You still want more


Get more ducks over here


We don't have any more ducks

There is only one in the whole village

We need to come up with a solution

She said she wanted to have more ducks

Be quick

My lady

Please be patient

I have already ordered someone
to go to the town

To buy you five cages of ducks

Five cages

You do it yourself

Act quickly

What else do you have here

Don't know why

I have a very good appetite here

Lady you look much better
without an empty stomach

Bright and radiant

I think this Naughty Place

Is perfect for you

Right this morning where
did you and the king


My lady

There was a murderer came
to this place yesterday

He raped a girl

And killed her

That's terrible

A Murderer

How does he look like

As the nineteenth generation of Wah family

I think this murderer

Has a strong urge in sex

Whenever he sees girls appealing to him

He has to do it


I happen to run into this guy

That would be wonderful

Mind your own business

Eat you duck

General Kwok

This murderer

Is so amazing

Have you got any clues as yet

Not yet

But don't you worry

I have already

Organize a security team

To ensure the safety in this place

He cannot flee away

He won't succeed


Of course

The future of the female villagers

Lies in your hand

If you have any plans to capture

This murder

Do let me know

I have time

Although I am not strong

Put it in this way

I am resourceful

Do let me know

What is the matter with you

You don't feel well

I didn't't have a good sleep last night

Bad dreams

I need to rest now

Excuse me

I go first

If you go for the murderer tonight

Do let me now

I will

Excuse me

My lady

I don't want to bother you now

Go that way


My god

The five cages of ducks are forgotten

Be quick



Please gather twelve strong guys

And get General Kwok

Good now


Let's see

Lady Yeung has swallowed
thirty bowls of rice

If this continue

She would finish everything on the town

Never say that again

Now the king is hiding
in this Naughty Place

We have the obligation to entertain him

And serve the Royal family

It's a blessing that one can
have a big feast

This is also a blessing to our place

Only to think in this way
don't take to long

Got you

Be quick

I have ordered Au

To fetch some strong guys

I hope you can catch the murderer soon

I tell you

Some ten years ago

I was well enough

To handle this murderer

However I am not that strong now

I cannot even take a long walk

I feel bad about it

From this wounds of the corpse

I can tell that this murderer
must be very strong

Even if I am helped by everyone
in this village

I guess

You think I don't know

Since I've been practicing
for nineteen years

I can tell that you are old but
you are still very strong

As long as you have the confidence,
nothing is difficult to you

The murderer

Is nothing

You can do it

Have you got the confidence



Nobody's here

I heard noises

Fa, why do you stop

Lin you go first


In the jungle

On the moss

My lord

May I greet the lord

As I know

You are also passionate to poetry

In this beautiful landscape

Is a perfect time for poetry

Even if I can come up with a perfect poem

Without you

It would also be meaningless

Right what is your name again

I'm called Wah See-ming

Wah See-ming

There is only one Wah family

What is your relationship with Dr Wah

He is my brother

No wonder

Nothing similar between us

His mother died early.
I'm born by step mother

No wonder when I was doing poetry

You showed appreciation

Children from step mothers

Are smarter

I agree with you

When I was six

I knew poetry very well


Why don't we do poetry now

Let's go that way

It's beautiful out here

What a perfect place for poetry

Well let's start

No one found on this mountain

Birds sing with rhythm

What kind of birds

No one found on the mountain

Man sing with rhythm

On this mountain

There are such kind of birds?

Let's check it out

What are you looking at

Go away

You want to fight

He's not after us

My lord

Don't get mad

How would I get mad

In public places

Doing such things

They just can't help it

Making out

In such a beautiful place

Feels completely different


My lord


Did you ever try that?

Of course not

My lady is lazy

Only that we are escaping this time

She doesn't't even like to walk

How would she go outing with me

What does she know

Eat only

And then sleep

My lord

You are the prestigious

You can choose whoever you want

How could you choose her as the queen

I have to

She was not that bad

Beautiful and knowledgeable

And also understanding

But her brother

Has bribed everyone

And also changed my wife

Back then

When I was choosing the queen

There were tens to choose from

And after all

I have chosen the worst

You know

Everyone in the palace

Has opinion on her

Why the queen

Can eat so much

And never get stuffed

This is the point

You know

People working in the kitchen
have the strongest opinion

The chefs

Could have half day rest

But now they have only an hour

The lady used to eat little

Only a few bites of rice

But now

More than thirty bowls of rice

It's my fault

It's really my fault

How come my lord

You must have been fooling around

And neglected her

She feels lonely

And turn her appetite to eating

No No

You are wrong again

I wish I could fool around

Only with this lady

I can't do it

My lord

How could this happen

I'm getting more and more gloomy

How come I don't have the energy

My good brother

Let me tell you a secret

This is highly confidential

You can never tell anybody else

Or else you entire family would get involved


My lord

Is it that important

You can choose not to hear it

But you must believe it


I don't know where to start

This is embarrassing

My lord

What is the matter with you

Just say it

I'm curious

You tell me

If I tell you

Don't you laugh at me

Say it

I won't make fun of you

In this Naughty Place

I am the best at this


I tell you now

Have you ever seen a peanut

Not only have I seen a peanut

I have also eaten it

I used it to make peanut oil

Oh peanut oil

You know what

I have one here

Oh my lord

You brought along peanut

Don't say it


My little fellow is a peanut

My lord please don't feel bad about it

Don't be upset


I worry about this

Although I have plenty good doctor

How can I ask them about his

This is humiliating

I cannot believe

I cannot use it

My lord please don't get upset

My family has a powerful prescription

That can help it

My good fellow

My future

Relies on you

Let go

Don't go

How can I let him go again

This is bad

Let him go

You thought it's easy

To have such a customer

That's right

There are two guys over there

Cover up


Don't let them discover us

We get them

Don't go away

Come on in

This is horrible

How come there are monsters in daytime

My lord

They are not monsters

They are the notorious

Nasty four sisters from the Lee family

They are unbelievably ugly

But also incredibly lusty

They have also design

A trap for men

It is

A very tricky

Elixir of sex

Called "nothing left"

What is "nothing left"

"Nothing left"

Is something when men eat

They would copulate continuous

Until there is "nothing left"

Men had this elixir of sex

Would no longer be able to have sex again

Forever impotent

In severe cases, they would die

It's fatal?

There are such ghastly women

Too horrible

From now on

Whenever you pass through
the Lee's front door

Be quick

Don't let them spot you out

Or else

They would all be together

Drag you inside

You are getting more horrifying

Whenever I pass through here

Speak no more

It looks like they are coming hurry up


Everybody is here


Now let's have General Kwok to give command




As I estimate

The murderer will continue his killing

This Naughty Place has

Three exits



Yes sir

Yes sir

Put four guards in every exit

You got it

Got it yes sir

As for you

Yes sir

I need ten strong guys

We would expect him in the main street

I believe

This murderer

Kidnaps the victim in town

And brings her to the countryside to rape her

Then he brings her back in town

Do you all understand

Yes sir

Very good and what else

Nothing sir


I'm sorry my lord

General Kwok


Is that case

Getting any progress

My lord

Not much progress

But I believe the murderer

Will appear in the main street

Therefore I put all my man


To catch him

The arrangement is nice

My lord

As my experience tells me

I think

This murderer would do it again

He can't help it

If he appears

I would not let him go with all what he's done


You all are doing a good job

This case

Will be your responsibility

I hope you can

Solve the case as soon as possible

This place would become peaceful again





Did you see my lady

The lady

Isn't she bathing inside

I go fetch her

Oh great

Is she really inside

How do I know

You don't know

My love


How come you are eating again

If you go on like this

You would be like an elephant

My lord

This is all because of you

My love

This is because of me

Of course

Your brother

Is just a small thing

I don't get the joy on our bed

I can only turn my sexual desires to appetite

So I keep eating

I make it up to you

I give you massage

It's really tiring

That's only a small favor

My desire is still there

It's becoming stronger

If you can satisfy me

Or else

I will eat here

I am useless

I left to my own resort


What are you doing with all these books


I remember you said

Our family specialize surgical skills

Beside the ordinary operations

We can still make use of the skills

To enlarge penis

It's called

Penis Enlargement Operation


This operation

Gives fame to our family

And it's a really difficult task

But it's like magic

The operation can transform a tiny penis

Into the size of a horse's penis

With endurance

It sounds great

Will you do it


I'm best at

This operation

I have also written a thesis on it


As a girl

Why are you interested in this surgery

I belongs to this family

So I want to learn

What's more

This is the highest level of
our family's knowledge


Can you teach me

I also want to teach you

But this operation requires skills

Any mistake can

Make the penis expand too much

And the person would die as a result

This operation must be done


My left hand is not feeling alright

I don't think it's
appropriate to teach you

I haven't carried out
operation for a while


As my experience tells me

This is the best place for
us to put our men in

You two

Watch over the left side

And you two

Watch over the right side

Do you understand


Why don't you go immediately


General Kwok

I think watching over here

Is of no use

Instead of waiting passively

Why don't we go that way

I ask you

It is me who order

Or you

Do you read


Are you illiterate

I am now the inspector

Not the General

I'm sorry Inspector

That's right

Do you have any arrangement for me

Arrangement.... Go home and rest

All right?


Then I go home and rest

What are you up to

You old man why is it your business

Who is it

General Kwok are you okay

I'm alright. It's no big deal

He's gone


Don't you worry

It's just a minor injury

As long as

You apply this medicine on the wound

And take the medication

In three days

You will soon recover

This is not a big deal

On thank you so much

I'm old and useless

Got hurt like this

This is ridiculous

Don't say anything like that

Rest sufficiently

I ask Fa to help you apply the medicine

And I make the medication for you

Rest first

Alright. Thanks


Don't worry. I will take care of this

General Kwok, let me help you with this

Do I hurt you

It's okay

I'm old

Really old

And useless

When I was young

That murderer was no enemy to me

How could he hurt me

You just need to face the reality

What is the meaning

Of my existence

Mr. Kwok

You are not old

Look at you muscles

They are much better than that of young men

This is merely an accident

Next time when you see him

That murderer

World be caught by you

Let's hope so

Don't stop

Keep rubbing. It's so comfortable

It's my honor to have known you

You are much better than my woman

I like you a lot

My lord do you mean what you say


Can be proved by what I do

Who is it

It's me


What is it

I need your help

You come out first

Okay you go first

Right away

Brother you need to go and see a patient

It's Mr. Kwok

He was hurt by that murderer


Get the medication for him

You help me

What? With his kung fu

How come he would get hurt

The murderer must be very outstanding

Therefore I must say that

Whenever you go out

You must cross dress

Look like a real man

If you got caught by him

I would lose my face

Brother Wah

Brother Wah

It's terrible


General Kwok is drinking outside

Got drunk

Hitting people


Must be drunk


I'm not drunk

There's no wine

Wine, wine


Any wine for me


You are drunk

Wanna drink General Kwok

You wanna drink

Who are you

I want wine

I have wine in my place. Come over

You have wine in your place?


Don't lie to me

Yes let's go


Get the wine here

This old man is useless

Got drunk over a couple of drink

He's still in good shape

I'm pissed

That's been enough for us

I can't believe we got this prey so easily

And it's not bad

We can have it as long as we wish

Don't say more

Let's have him now


Still in good shape

How is it down there

Don't say more

He likes to drink

We give him more

Give him all

Great bring the wine


Fly away

Don't move

Go now and talk later

Stand there you all

Freeze till I leave

Or else I kill you all



You escaped from that four sisters

It was awfully dangerous

If I came late

And you fell into their trap

You would be dead

Nobody could save you


I have lost my face this time

Not only did I fool around

But also I got humiliated

Thank god that you have saved me

If not

I don't know how to face
others in the future

It's okay


Normally you would be crazy
like when you got drunk

But you weren't't just then


How do you know that

I know I have this problem

Therefore I don't drink

Unless I feel down

And got drunk

What do you think

It's no big deal

Wine helps your blood circulation

Every coin has two size

If you can make use of it probably

It would be very good for you

And it keeps you fit

Keep me fit?

What do I do when I got drunk

That's easy

You just need to do more physical exercise

To help you get rid of the alcohol

It makes you strong


I would do what you've just told me

I won't get humiliated again

Of course

Everything is past

It's getting late

I need to go


You need to rest

Don't think too much


Don't think too much


It's raining

Get un umbrella

I need woman

The evil man?

My lord what is the matter

Why do you feel upset

Is this about the rebellion

This is part of it

Things don't always get what you want

I as the king of this land


And knowledge

The greatest man among all

But my penis

Is just like a peanut

I can never be the real man

My brother

Can you understand this

My lord

As I was born in the Wah family

And with nineteenth years of experience

I do have some formula to help you

If you trust me

It's worthy trying


My future relies on you

My lord

You grabbing me like this

Makes me heart beats

Why don't we go home first

Go home


You are weird

Are you gay?


I'm just teasing you

What is it

This is in our family

The most powerful medication

Our ancestor have got the patent

It can help my penis


Do you believe in science


This is

As simple as

Like an egg

If it receives heats from the hen

It would turn into a chick

And then later become a chicken

I would put your penis on the medication

And let it grow

It will expand gradually

It only needs to take forty nine days

To complete

You have such and miraculous medication

Put it on me immediately

My lord

There's no need to rush




Only that much

My lady you are not full yet

I'm only half full

I ask them to cook more for you

Yes please do

Two more chicken

Your chickens are soft and juicy

They boost my appetite

Let me arrange it for you right away

Be quick

My lord

You are eating

Where have you been today

I took a walk around here

This tiny little place

Is so interesting

My only regret is

There are no rides here

Or any electronic games

What's the matter with you

My lord

Nature is calling me

You take your time

My lord

Why are you in such hurry

Come out

Who is it?

Is me


What is it

There is something we need to ask the king

He is busy at the moment

Is the king

I feel so good

My I inform the lord

That we have gathered information

And there is nothing about our enemy

That's good

I have sent out many secret
agents to gather the news

Where is the king

General Kwok you are the smartest

Thanks my lord

Learn from him

General Kwok

When you are investigating

Don't reveal our true identity

Or else we would all get killed

Of course

Am I involved

Is that you

There is nothing concerns you now

Go out

Isn't't it delicious


It must be Fong who got these for me

It's her

Let's share the food with them

I bring them the food

This is the virtue of sharing

May I take my leave


My lord

This is great

Eat more

You try this

Sour and sweet

It's good

Eat more


My lord eat more if you like

That's not enough

Bring more over here


That's all in your room

In my room

In your room

On the table


My lord

The king has a problem

Always like crazy

Eat first



It's A not E


Please cooperate

You think you are playing

Please follow the doctor's instruction

How can I treat you my lord

Oh I get it

That proves the medication really works

Don't know if the king is
having any improvement

This is your medication

Makes me suffer like this

Just a small problem

Can be cured easily

Not a problem


You come from a physician family

You really need to help me

Let me be a real man

I try my best

You take off his pants


Yes you are a nurse

Mr. Lee

Don't be embarrassed

This is a hospital



Do it now

Be quick

Take it off

Please do me a favor

What are you doing there






My lord

Our family

Also study signs

Particular the sings showing on the face

My lord

You are in charge of the whole country

Your entire body is connected
with the whole country

You have a full forehead

Sharp eyes

Strong muscles


But what? Say it

I say it directly

This is the fourteen years of our country

The country is blooming

However your small penis

Drags the country down

And there is a rebellion

You are hiding up

Bad luck and bad luck

You suck

This is to say

As long as I have my penis enlarged

The situation could change

To fight back the enemy

And rebuild my country

You are so smart


You got to have me

This is not only for my own sake

But also for the entire country

As this is so important

I must help you out however

However what

Brother you really need to do it

Not that I am not willing to
help but my figures

How can I help

Let me be honest with you

It is blocked there

As of it has never grown up

Still it's like a baby

Not everyone can cure this

This time you have me

Is your lucky day

Let me use the best of my family

To treat you

It will be more powerful than that of a lion


Dr. Wah

Please do it right away

It's not that easy.
This operation requires much skills

I must be tested time and time again


My hand is trembling

How can I do it

Brother I have an idea

Why not I do the operation

And you guide me through

Don't even think about it

It's not that easy

You are not qualified

The king's dick is so small

If anything goes wrong

It would be total lost

It's very complicated

The place is so tiny

How much do you know about the surgery

How could you carry out the operation

Dr. Wah that suggests impossibility

Let me think

Let's see what Dr. Lee thinks

Who is he?

Who is Dr. Lee?

It's your uncle

The one who took care of
you when you were young

Who is Dr. Lee

Who is it?

So strange

Turn around

No way

If you don't

I would call cop

No way

I don't think you're with
good intention

Turn around

I'm me

Don't make trouble

Put it down. Who are you?

General Kwok

We know each other very well

How could you not recognize me

It's Yeung

I don't care


No way

Why you put a sausage here

It's not sausage. It's my lips

How could your lips look like that

It's true

I have no idea

When I'm like this when I woke up

Me and my sister

Are both like this

She is like this too

What should we do now

I don't know you ask her

She wouldn't't come out

It would be disastrous when
the King sees this


Don't know why

Doesn't't matter

Can be fixed with one prescription

I remember once

I head was swelling like a pig

Is that true

Of course

Is this the problem after alcohol

What problem

Is real

Please trust me


Is that really true


Get her over here now

Wait for me

I'm going now


My god

Don't be seen by others

Let's go

This is amazing

The muscle is great

I really like it

This is much better than that of Tak

This is my ideal hero

This is fabulous

I really like it

General Kwok

What do you want

You want to hit me to death

My body is better now



Let say

These days you train my body

And get ride of my craziness

It seems that lately

I'm strong enough to kill a lion

Of course

I wouldn't't give you bad stuff

Training your body is great

That's right

I've got something for you

What is it

It's expensive

I'm a decent man

You won't want to bride me

No way

This is the good stuff from my family

To strengthen your penis

With ninety medication

From the east and west

Vitamin A B C and E

And detox ingredients

All the good stuff in there

Only if you have taken this

Can you be strong enough to
fight that murderer

As you mention

We haven't heard anything
from the murderer for ages

I wonder

If he's scared of me

Of course not

It's not the right time

I've studied

The four victims

When they were murdered

All were stormy days

I heard that in stormy days
the murder would

Be insane and slaughter


I think there's someone
highly suspicious

No way

You know that guy

Not surprising

Don't be afraid

I won't

The evil uncle


No way


One day

Suddenly thundering

I saw the evil uncle going crazy saying

I love women I love women

It got to be him

He's weak

I have fought with the murderer

He's strong

Doesn't't like him

There's something you don't know

Supported by literature and
empirical research

This is the disease triggered by

Named Inhumane

Besides killing


Would increase physical strength

Strong enough to kill several bulls


If I knew it's him

We don't need so much work

He has a backstage

The king is with him

So what

Same penalty for everyone

But he's in an important position

We will have our way to get him


You know a lot

No need to say


Let's see how we could get him


You're sick

Let go

Why don't you leave



Are you alright

Wake up

Really it's you

I won't let you get away from this

Admit your fault



You are the king


From the medication point of view

The more you calm down the more
successful the operation would be

Know that?

Mr. Lee let's get started

The tools

They are over there

Get those

I'm operating not you

The tools

I'm the chief and you are the assistant


Who is the chief

You are


This is made of bamboo

It may look scary

But actually it's not



What is it

From the medication point of view

After we have taken the tranquilizer

You would not feel the pain

Isn't it

Yes my lord

Take this first

You've made a mistake

The tranquilizer is not to be
taken but swallowed


Must be accompanied by our family's

Highest state of tranquilization

Which is called the All Swallowed

Don't you move


Why are you standing there

Come and help me




Why doesn't he pass out

Hang on

Need to wait for five second





Brother he has passed out

Of course

This drug is very powerful

To him

As I said there's no need to worry

Are you ready

Operation begins

Load it


Hold it

This is supposed to be picking your ears

It's versatile

Everything is versatile

Come on

Let's go

You're a doctor

Take off that cloth


Put that it

You will see some creamy liquid

Let it alone

It's some dirty stuff

Put that it further

Be careful blood vessel

The purple one

Is the nerve

Let that alone

Go in further

The green one

Is blood

But it's been there for a long time

Leave that

Go in further

You shot at me


This is it

Take it out



Right it's here



Can you smell something bad

It's blocked for a long time so it stinks

Get all the dirt out

Clean it up


Pull that's right

This one

It's big

You are the real king

This is very successful

This would be recorded

I must write a thesis about it

This is a medical breakthrough

How should I name this

The king's golden rock


Why is he still unconscious

Six second to wake up

It's already three second

Three more second

Three two one

Wake up

Why is smoke coming from his mouth

This is the dirty thing inside

After the dirty thing is cleared

This is a normal consequence

It's normal



As large as that of a horse

This means the operation is su

I can't take it

What's wrong with him

Don't worry

This is a normal reaction

He's back to youth

His blood circulation is activited

He's a bit confused

I want woman


He's looking for woman

There's no woman here

You are a woman


Save his

Or else he may die

For the people in this country

And for the peace in this country

I will go for it

Got for it


What are you doing

You are a guy

I don't like guy

I don't like guy


Are you a guy or a gal

My lord

Check it out

Great tits

It's long

It feels so good

The king has changed

He likes that bitch


All guys are naughty

Sit down

What shall I do

Come over for a cup of tea if you have time

Have you got used to here

The tea is quite rough

But this place is nice


You don't look good

My experience tells

Your body is not balanced

You can tell that

Dr. Wah

You know

In the long night

I'm young and strong

Always thinking of a woman

To pleasure me


This is the nature of guys

You're well educated

You wouldn't like ordinary country girl

You know everything

You are amazing

Of course

I'm a radiologist

This is no big deal

Do you know

There're plenty good girls in
this Naughty Place


They are right for you



You know them

About sixteen to seventeen years old

Of course I know them

In this Naughty Place

A rural area

This kind of thing cannnot go public

They are not stunning

But they are cool


And tasty

Are you interested

Please come in

Please be seated

Make yourself comfortable

How do you think

Not bad

They're okay

Just okay

You're just boasting

How come

This is a private room

In grand style

Fine food and fine wine

What else do you want

Don't be hurry

The best is not yet to come


Trust you one more time

Alright drink it

I told you

There are four beauty queens here

They are young

The overaged would be eliminated

Fresh and tasty

You will like them

They are really freah

And tasty

Of course

Get them here

No need to rush

One more drink


They need to dress

Not yet ready

For you to do

That's right


And a bit complex


Come on

Can't hold it

This is the right time


Nice to meet you

What school are you come from

Your dance is just spledid

They know nothing

The School of Western Roaster Dance




Orchid and Bamboo

This is the


Uncle Yeung

Uncle Yeung


Pleaure him tonight

The good servants will be awarded

This award includes

A mansion

A sport car

And a tits shaper

Batteries not included


If the service is good

You will get something extra

Something extra


I leave first

The four beauty queens

Please enjoy yourself


See you

For so much time I spent

I can finally leave

Please be seated


Be seated

I give you massage



Uncle Yeung

This is not good

Please taste our wine


Nothing left

Nothing left

What is it

The wine is so good

That you don't want to leave any

I need to try that

Come on



A perfect wine

It's cool

Drink it

I feel so good

Hey baby

Baby wow ghost

Don't be afraid

I'm Mui am I pretty

I'm Bamboo

Are you alright

Don't be afraid

Are you alright

Get him on the bed


Help me

Dr. Wah




I will remember you

And you make you nothing left

Wah on

Nothing left

Nothing left

Nothing left

The evil uncle

Die in a joyful want

I have eliminated the evil
uncle for the country

I will tell the king

That you died of a hidden disease

Who would doubt the report


More wood to make the fire

I have added the wood


More fire

Add some more


Add some more

It's too slow

It's boiling

The fire is burning

Wasted my time

Now it's almost there

It's alright now

I feel so good

So hot

So hot


More fire


Add some more

Added a lot

The fire is burning

So hot

Too hot


Too hot

Too hot

Very hot

Very hot

Very hot

Is the heat right

You want more heat

My lady


My lady

It's hot

Too hot

This is not good

I have cooked the lady

Dr. Wah

Please save my love

She's cooked

I know

We are skillful

Please save my love


Don't worry

I will do my best


Oh no

It's only medium cooked

Still have chance

My lord

May I inform you

That General Ho has lead the army here

Please command

It's my time now

The army is here

I will get my turn

May I inform you

The army is on your side

Since On Luk-shan got in Cheung on

The king disappeared

I've took a look time to search you

I know you are all for the country

The army

Will pick me up in what time

And fight towards Cheung on

General Ho

What do you want to say

What are you hiding

In this critical situation

Please be straight

May I inform you

I was stupid

The general public has the same opinion

The rebellion is triggered

By the evil uncle

And the lady

Therefore we all urge to

Put the evil uncle

And the lady to death

To punish them

Or else

The troope will stay

I wish the lady was here

Close your eyes first

I count three

And open your eyes

I primose you will see
something surprising

Close your eyes first





My lord

Is she alive

My lord

I'm your love

Lady Yeung

My love

I'm your lady

Whether I'm alive or dead

I'm your love

I'm not dead

I'm alive

Ask her

Tell me

What is it

My lord

She is alive

She's not dead

As everyone wants the lady to die

I had a discussion with my brother


The lady faked dead by using drug

To deceive others

Dr. Wah saved my life

He gave me detoxification

To get ride of the impurities in my body

My skin

Is more radiant

My lord

Please look at me

Do I

Look better than before


No wonder you said I would see
something surprising

Really surprising

Come over

Let me touch you

My love

So smooth

My love come over

Fa come over

What do you look like

We are the sexy naughty three

My lord