Xin chen san wu niang (1967) - full transcript



Subtitles Realized By : Willy38 - ASIAMANIA

Full moon at the lantern festival

The streets of Chaozhou are bustling

Lanterns are raised

The city is enjoying the festivities

The golden dragon leads the way

Lion dance is in progress

Folklore characters on parade

Some are interested in pretty faces

A scholar from afar

has other things in mind

He pays no attention to women

But is interested in lantern riddles

This is Master Chen

This is Master Lu


You are so talented

You know all the answers

You flatter me

I'm not worthy of the reward

You're too modest

This is a small token

to liven things up

Please accept it

You're too kind

Please come this way


I'm most grateful for your kindness

I'm staying with a friend

I'll be leaving in a few days

That's such a shame

You're too kind


Miss Huang is here

Excuse me

Go ahead

Uncle Lu

What is it Wu Niang?

Uncle Lu!

What is it, Yi Chun?


... is after us


That's him!

Go inside!

Come back!

Master Lin

This is my house, not a brothel

Mind your manners!

Who are you?

I'm Lu

Mr. Lu

This is my house, how can you...


What do you want?

Mr. Lin

I beg your pardon

Who is the lady?

She's my friend's daughter

I see

Look at my robe!

You burnt it with firecrackers

Serves you right for getting fresh!

Getting fresh...

Miss Huang's beauty and talent

is known throughout Chaozhou

Your reputation is well justified

Well justified

You're shameless!


What do you want?

If you take liberties here

You know I will...

Miss, my name is Lin Da Xiong

Nice to meet you

My family held office for generations

My father is the inspector of Shanxi

We are the largest of the landowners

And the richest family in Chaozhou

I'm a candidate at the military examination

If you agree, I'll present betrothal gifts

If I remember correctly

You're already married

You're such a fool

Having more than one wife

is nothing... besides

For the Huangs to become our in-laws

It may not promote their social status

But Master Lin is humbling himself

Miss Huang will benefit...

Shut up!

You come from an esteemed family

How can you take such liberties

with the ladies?

You're quite rude for someone so elegant looking

Who are you?

Chen Bo Qing from Quanzhou

Chen Bo Qing?

Who the hell is Chen Bo Qing?

Look at you

You're nothing but a lowly scholar

You're asking for trouble

You should check around

Master Lin is not be trifled with

He is my guest

Please mind your manners

Who the hell is he?

How dare he be rude to Master Lin

He is...

Tell me

Or else don't blame me!

Master Chen is actually

Miss Huang's fiance


Something is fishy

We've been engaged at a young age

You may ask Wu Niang

It's the truth

If you don't mind

I'll treat you to a drink

No thanks

Watch your step!

He uses his power to bully people

He's a shame to Chaozhou

Are you alright, Wu Niang?

I'm fine

This is Master Chen

Luckily he came to your rescue

You should thank him

Sorry I lied about our engagement

I'm most grateful to you

I'm glad you're not upset

What a waste!

That bastard is loathsome

Something is not right

What do you mean? They were...


That old fool was hesitant

Didn't you see?


I think their engagement

is a lie

You're quite right

Take it easy for now

Let me check

If it's not true

We'll send betrothal gifts


Why not?

A girl must marry on coming of age

Please sit down


Master Lin is offering 1000 taels of gold

He's treating your daughter like a lady

You're quite right

Master, we can't accept the proposal

Don't be so short-sighted

Master Lin is a handsome fellow

He's rich and powerful

He's a good match for your daughter

Just the betrothal gift alone

Who else can offer this much?

That's not it. My daughter has been...

Don't mention that

Please tell Master Lin I have agreed

We're from a well born family as well

about my daughter...

I understand

Don't worry

We'll go through the proper rituals

And send the bridal palanquin


It's settled


I won't agree to this


Your father has accepted

1000 taels of gold as the betrothal gift

It's useless to worry

What can I do?

You should discuss with your mother


Yi Chun


Is that Master Chen?

Looks like him!

He must be looking for you


He doesn't know we live here

He can ask his way

He must be on his way to the west lake

and passed by our house

He chose to take shelter across from us?

Yi Chun


Give him an umbrella

I will

Master Chen

It's really you

Incidentally I saw you from upstairs

Is that your mistress?

I bet this is not a coincidence

You're mocking me!


This is from our mistress

Thank you so much

Where do you live?


Who is that?

I don't know

You have such a kind heart

Uncle Li!

Young Master

Why are you out in the rain?

I don't care

Young Master

Look at this umbrella!


It's nice, huh?

Did you buy it?


You found it?

You're excited


I was on my way to the West Lake

I was caught in the rain

I ran into a lady while taking shelter

She gave me the umbrella

You don't have to get so excited

It's worth nothing, but means a lot

Even if it's pouring

I won't get wet

The lady who gave me this

is from a distinguished family

Who is it?

On the night of the lantern festival

I met Huang Bi Jun at Master Lu's

The one you talked about yesterday?


Huang... what's the name?

Huang Bi Jun! What a coincidence!

A Miss Huang from the western part of the city

There's a pair of stone lions outside her door

Stone lions?

Stone lions! The Huangs?

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking

When your father was alive

You were engaged

to a Miss Huang from the western part of the city

That's right!

Your mother told me

When they exchanged the betrothal gift

We offered a precious mirror

In return

The Huangs sent a coral tree

Yes! The coral tree is indeed at home

What if Miss Huang is my fiancee?

Master, then what will you do?


When the engagement was agreed

Your father still held office

Now that he's dead

You have not made contact

The connection died with your father

As for the engagement

It may not be

The world is full of snobbery

It's hard to say

Now that you have brought this up

I must find out if she's the one

What if they renege?

What will you do?

I'll sue them

Don't be silly

They're rich and powerful

Before you file your complaint

You'll be beaten up first

Forget about it!

Mirror polish!

Do you need to polish mirrors?

You know how?


You really know how?

Of course!

Come in!

What's wrong with you?

Stop staring! Follow me!

Put it down!

Wait here! I'll get the mirror

This is the backyard

Stay where you are


You have the mirror

Is this your mistress' mirror?

It's mine! Do mine first

I'll get hers

Talking to me?

Want me to go upstairs?

I'm telling you to work on the mirror

And don't roam around


I'm here to...

Are you Yi Chun?

You are...

I'm Chen Bo Qing

Master Chen!

Why are you...

I'm here for...

What's wrong with you?

Stop chatting

Don't pay attention to him

I asked him to polish the mirror

Do you want me to polish a mirror?

No! Yi Chun, the mistress is looking for you

Run along!

You're dishonest!



This is the one!

You're bad


Be careful!

I will

Take your time, I'll get you some tea


The mirror inlaid with jade

I've seen it as a child

It's now a part of her vanity

and linked to my fate

The mirror remains while things have changed

I'm not who I used to be

Bringing up the engagement will be hard

After I polish the mirror

I'll have to leave

I won't get to see the fair lady

or talk to her

I came in disguise

I would have wasted my effort

I'll break the mirror

and see what will happen

Here's your tea!

You're supposed to polish the mirror

how could you break it?

This is ridiculous!

The mirror was a part of the family hairloom

How can you pay for it?


How could you entrust such a precious mirror

to someone like him?

It's not my fault

It's Yi Chun...

Did you bring out the mirror?

I did


I caught you!

What are you doing here?

Wu Niang

Why are you hiding in there?


Who wanted the mirror to be polished?

I told Yi Chun to bring out the mirror


The mirror is broken

You 2 brats go back to the study

I don't care who brought it out

You break it, you pay for it

I'm broke

I can never pay for that mirror

I broke the mirror

Please forgive me

Forgive you? Not so easy?

If you don't pay for it

I'll send you to jail

I don't have any money

That won't do any good

Get my name card

Father, the mirror is broken

Sending him to jail is useless

Even if I don't

I can't spare him

I'll work for you

And pay for the mirror

Work as a servant?


Look at you...

You can't do any chores

If I let you stay

I'd be wasting food instead



I can cook and clean

I can also read and write




The mirror was a valuable heirloom

You'll sell yourself as a page boy

for 3 years! Agree?

I agree

Chen Bo Qing serves in the study

as a page boy

He prepares the ink and pen

and continues his studies

Outrageous! You have no respect

Rotten wood is useless

A wall of dung cannot be soiled


Who taught you that?


My glasses! This is outrageous!

Such moral degeneration!

What does that mean?

You're hopeless!

Why didn't you practice calligraphy?

Chen San

This is for the teacher

Who is this for?

For the old master

Chen San

I thought this was for him

No, I saved them for you

Save them for yourself

What's with you?

I'm doing this for you

Look what are you doing?

You're both hopeless

Simply hopeless!

Master Meng

Yi Chun

What are you doing here?

Master Meng is gone

Yi Chun, fetch Chen San


Chun Tao

Leave those for me!

It's alright. I have nothing else to do

Where should I put them?

Give them to me

Chen San

What is it?

Sit down

The 2 youg masters

have driven Master Meng away

There's no one in the study

That's even better

Let's sit down and have a chat

Sit down!

Have some tea

What are you looking at?

Is that for Huang Gui?

No way!

He's not worthy

What do you think?

It's nice

The design, handiwork and colors are nice

You're making fun of me

No, I'm not


Of course

Are you lying?

Why should I! It's not for me!

Guess who this is for?

For the Master?

The old geezer?

It's for the mistress

She has no use for it

I don't know

You look so smart

But you're foolish

I know...


Master Meng

It's for you

Oh, for me

How nice of you!

Do you like it?

Of course

You can have it when it's done

Chun Tao

Huang Gui mentioned 2 mistresses

I have only seen one

That's Wu Niang.

The other is San Niang. She's married

Wu Niang

Wu Niang

What is it?

Nothing! I'm just thinking

Let me tell you

Wu Niang is engaged

You might as well forget it

That's not what I mean

What do you mean?

This is not the study

What are you doing here?

Don't get me wrong

You should know better

Go to the study, the master is looking for you

Chen San

Let him be

Let's talk

What about?

This is not the living room

What are you doing here?


I have good news

What is it?

The young masters

have driven away Master Meng

Why is it good news?

I'm not finished

Master Chen...

Say no more

Fine! I won't say a word

Alright! I'll tell you

Master Chen is a learned scholar

Your father...

I don't want to hear it

What a waste of time

I got excited over nothing!

Yi Chun

What about my father?

I thought you don't want to hear it

Just tell me

Now you want to know?

Forget it then!

Alright! I'll tell you

Your father appointed

Master Chen as the new tutor

The new tutor?

Xiao Liu, give it back!

You're the tutor now

But you don't look it

How should I look?

Tutors wear glasses

You need glasses to look like a tutor

What's wrong?

I can't see!

Get back to your studies

Her chamber is far from here

I'll send a message with the drawing

I need a messenger

I'll have to count on the boys

A drawing of flowers

and a pair of lovebirds

There must be a hidden meaning

I'll send him lychees

I send her a drawing

She sends me lychees

A pair of lovebirds

in exchange for joint branches

Chen San

Call him master

Why aren't you eating?

No! I can't!

This is for worship

I can't eat them!

Chen San

Let them eat it

I have more



No, you can't!

Let them eat yours

I brought this for you

I knew you'd be here, Chun Tao

What's the matter?

What is it?

This is the study, not the kitchen

What are you doing here?

That's none of your business

Come back!

Chun Tao!

Go study!

Chun Tao, come back!


Chun Tao

Master Lin

You 2 are perfect for each other

Have a seat, Master Lin

Is Master Huang home?

He's away


2 days ago

I want to see Madam Huang

Have a seat

Be studious and diligent

Have a sense of shame

Discipline yourself

And you can rule

Chen San

What is it?

Come take a look!

At what?

Come on!

What is it?

Please tell Master Lin

We'll have to wait for Master Huang


Your husband agreed to the marriage

And accepted the gift

If Master Lin had not been sick

He would have married your daughter


Do not hesitate

Let's do it

No! It can't be done!

It's already settled

Your daughter is getting married

What's the problem?

My husband is away

I can't make decisions

We must wait for him

It's just the same

How can that be?

He's the head of the family

It is out of my hands

When will Master Huang be back?

In 2 weeks

I'll send for you


I better go, Madam


Oh no!

What is it?

The tutor has fainted

Chen San!

His longing for her

Makes him pine away in bed

Chun Tao sends him medicinal bowl

Bo Qing reveals his love to Wu Niang

Chun Tao

I'm actually engaged to your mistress

My name is Chen Bo Qing


When Chun Tao heard the news

She left in a hurry

and told Yi Chun

Wu Niang was shocked by the news

Is he really...

Yes and he's ill

You should go see him

Yi Chun

He's resting in his room

I can't go to him

A broken heart needs a special remedy

But none is available

You should go see him!

The young lady is reluctant

The little matchmakers are anxious

Secretely they discuss among themselves

And come up with a plan

Go on! Don't worry!

We'll stand watch! Go on!

Go on!


What are you doing here?

Yi Chun is busy

I brought you water

You shouldn't have

If my mother finds out...

I better go


Put the water down


Not on the floor!


Since I saw you

I have been suffering

Now that I can see you again

I dare not ask for such and honor

When you came to my house

I thought it was due to our chance encounter

I didn't realize we're engaged

Now I know the truth

I'm glad we can meet

and we can talk

In front of me

You don't have to be modest

I heard you'll be getting married

I feel terrible

I wish you would reject me

So I can give up hope

Don't blame me

I didn't want to break the engagement

It was my father's idea

I must obey him

Meeting you that day

is breaking my heart now

We can never be married

we'll have to count on the next life


You better go!

San Lang!

San Lang!

San Lang!

You come from an esteemed family

with looks and talents

You're beautiful as a phoenix

I'm ugly like a crow

One should choose what's best for them

The betrothal gift is quite substential

My dear lady

As long as you're happy

I will not hold a grudge

San Lang...

I blame my fate

for being unable to marry you

I will never marry

to pay back this moment

San Lang...

Forget me and find someone else


Master Chen, please leave

Madam is coming

San Lang!

Hurry, Master Chen

If Madam finds out

We'll be in trouble


Chen San, how dare you...



You seem polite and decent

You should know better

and mind your manners

How can you come here?

Madam, I...

Mother, he's...

He's what?

He's Chen Bo Qinq from Quanzhou

Master Chen?

Are you related to Chen Zai

the former magistrate of Chaoyang?

He's my late father

How big is your family?

7 of us

Which 7?

My mother, my brother and his wife

2 sisters and myself

And who else?

You mentioned 6, who else is there?

It's 7 counting you

How can you include me?

We are engaged

I must count you in

I'm telling the truth

I know

The night of the Lantern Festival

we had a joke...

Sometimes jokes may come true

I hope so


I'm afraid

Afraid of what

Uncle Lu promised us

he'll speak to my father

But my father...



We were engaged while we were young

We have exchanged gifts

What you gave us

was that mirror

You gave us a coral tree

That's right

You have broken the mirror

Mirrors cannot be mended

No! I fixed it

I'll get the coral tree

Then your father cannot renege

Yes! The sooner the better

I'll go pack now

And leave at dawn

Take care of yourself

San Lang

San Lang

I don't know what to say

This jade pendant is a proof of my love

Please hurry back

And remember our vow

The 5th day next month is a lucky day


5th day next month?


The 5th day is lucky

Best for marriage, travel

assuming office and birth

Prosperous day for fortune

It's the most auspicious day

Very well



Of course it is!

We have checked the almanac

The almanac cannot be wrong

That's not what I mean

I'm saying it's too soon

We don't have time to prepare

Why not?

Money is the essence

It can take care of everything

Don't worry

I'll handle it


Why are we rushing?

We better wait

What do you know?

A day like this is rare

Tell Master Lin we'll proceed as planned

Very well. It's settled!




I'm trying to tell you...


To put it bluntly

This is a private matter

You don't have to worry

If you wish

Drop by and have a drink

We'll be honored, otherwise...

Master Lu is...

Madam, we are old family friends

Since your husband prefers the rich

And breaks the engagement

I will not get involved anymore

Do what is best for you! Goodbye!

Uncle Lu

Mother, I'll never marry

Wu Niang, what did you say?

One must be faithful

I will not marry someone else

I'm engaged to Chen Bo Qing

I'm part of his family

I will not marry Lin Da Xiong

This is outrageous!


You're still wet behind the ears

Yet you dared to disobey me

I'm telling you

You have no choice

- Miss... - Wu Niang...

- Miss... - Wu Niang...

The bridal palanquin has arrived

San Lang has not returned

I bid farewell to you

I cannot carry out my filial duty


It's time for the mistress to leave

Please change and get ready


Goodbye, Mother

Wu Niang

Miss! Miss...

- Miss... - Wu Niang...

Stop him! What are you doing?

What's going on?

Do you want to go to jail?

San Lang

What are you doing?

Miss... Wu Niang...

That's ours

I'm glad you recognize it

You're Chen Zai's...

Of course

I am Chen Bo Qing


San Lang!

Master Lin, I'm afraid...

Don't listen to him

This coral tree was stolen from my house

I have reported to the authorities

Lin Da Xiong

Just because you're rich and powerful

Doesn't mean you came frame me


This is the proof of my engagement

You can't trump up charges against me

If I say it's stolen, it must be stolen

You're caught red handed, don't bother to deny



Take him to the magistrate!


Master Lin, you can't...

Wu Niang

San Lang

- Miss... - Wu Niang...




Don't cry over him

You should know

The magistrate is my father's pupil

I can get him arrested

I can also get him out

You're a bully

Wu Niang!

I'll do anything for you!


Setting him free is no big deal

As long as you agree

Everything can be taken care of

It's true, Wu Niang

If you don't want Chen San to suffer


Wu Niang

Lin Da Xiong, you used your power

to bully a helpless girl like me

It's nothing to be proud of

Even if I marry you, I won't do it willingly

What is this?

I'm not bullying anyone

I paid you 1000 taels of gold

as the official betrothal gift

Shut up!

Master Lin!

Wu Niang

It's too late now

Only you can save Chen San

Fine! I'll marry you

Good! It's settled

Don't change your mind

I want to see Chen San

Alright, but you must tell him

you don't want to marry him

Make him give up, or else...



If he doesn't give up, I'll kill him


Wu Niang

Handcuffs and chains came off

Chen San was set free

He thought his name was cleared

and came to see the fair lady

Wu Niang! I'm free

We can get married

You're so quiet!

Wu Niang



Master Chen

You should go home


Go back to Quanzhou

What do you mean?

Don't you want to be my wife?

That was before

Things are different now


My father accepted Lin Da Xiong's money

I must marry him

No one can change that

Please go back to Quanzhou

Concentrate on your studies

If you want to marry the rich

You must feel nothing for me

When I took shelter from the rain

Why did you give me the umbrella?

I do good deads all the time

I make donations

Giving you an umbrella is nothing

You're not the only one

If you want to marry the rich

You must feel nothing for me

The other day in the study

Why send me the lychees?

Our backyards are full of lychees

We always distribute them

among the servants and maids

You're not the only one

The umbrella and lychees mean nothing

You're lying

You sent me to get the coral tree

Is that a joke too?

It was an excuse

to send you away

I was hoping you'll never come back

then I'll be rid of you

If that was an excuse

What about the jade pendant?

You said it was proof of your love

Did you lie about that too?

You're a poor scholar

I don't want you to die away from home

You can sell the pendant

And buy food when you're hungry

Are you telling the truth now?


The absolute truth?


I thought you are devoted

But I have no use for a useless fellow like you

San Lang

I may be poor

but I won't die from hunger

I dare not accept this pendant

Please take it back!

I'll never forget your kindness

San Lang!

What else do you want to say?


San Lang

Master Chen

San Lang

San Lang

Master Chen

Good! Well done!

Get lost!

What's with you?

Go away!

What is it, Miss?

Tell him to leave!

Very well! I'll leave

Yi Chun, watch over her!

Wu Niang is forced to leave her love

Heart broken

He may be alive

but he's sick

Your medication is ready

Drink up

Uncle Li

Nothing can cure me now

Young Master

My sickness comes from injustice

Unless justice is served

Even with the best medicine

I will not get well

Wu Niang sent the umbrella

I mistook that for love

A sudden storm

has broken the engagement

My dream will not be fulfilled

Perhaps it's in my fate


Uncle Li


Uncle Li

Take care of yourself

Return the umbrella

Give it back to Wu Niang

Tell her...

Don't feel bad

Take care of yourself

I will, go on!

I'll go now

Take the medicine before it gets cold

Master Chen is still here?

How is he?

He's suffering from depression

A broken heart is hard to cure


He wants me to

return the umbrella

So he can rest his mind

- Miss - Wu Niang

Watch your step


Master Lin

Where's the Master and Madam?

Inside! I'll announce you

Don't bother!

Tell them Master Lin

will come for your mistress tomorrow

The bridal palanquin will be here in the morning

If you make things hard for me

I won't go easy on you either

Wu Niang, don't be foolish

You must think of me


Madam, Miss

Can I say something?

What is it?

Rather than sending her to Lin Da Xiong

why not...

let her run away?

Run away?

Where can she go?

Before Master Chen goes home

go to Uncle Li

and find Master Chen

Yi Chun is right

But the wedding is tomorrow

What can you do?

Don't worry

I'll take care of it

He can't do anything to me


Yi Chun, go with your mistress

Take good care of her

Chun Tao


Why are you lurking around?

I am not!

Madam wants me to turn down your bed

Run along

Chun Tao

How is the mistress?

She has been crying all day

She's feeling better now

Run along


Master has gone inside

Let me go check


It's comfortable staying at home

But not when you're away

You must be careful

I will

The light is out

Come downstairs if all is quiet

Look at you

What are you doing in the rain?

is everything alright?

Yes! She's asleep

That child

You should go to bed

We have a busy day tomorrow

Having a wedding in the rain is such a drag

Chun Tao, you may go to bed

You should get some sleep

You should sleep early

There's nothing you can do about this rain

Get in

Who is it?

What is it?

Who's there?

Why don't you go to sleep?

Someone is out there


Who's there?

It's me

It's pouring

What are you doing out there?

Because it's pouring

I want to check the door

Such a good girl

Alright! Get to bed

Wu Niang escapes in th night

Searching for the poor scholar

When Chen San saw her

He forgot about his illness

They were overcome with emotions

They have so much to say

They have so much to talk about

The night is gone and it'll soon be day

The lovers' dream has come true

Together they return to Quanzhou

Together they've kept their oath